Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XXVIII

                                                       BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                         ...FOR THERE IS NONE TO HELP ...
                                                          CHAPTER XXX
                                                                SCENE I

      "What the hell!" Frightfully tossing the cover off, away into a desperate sprint, Tiffany was screaming, she was in trouble, "Tiffany, honey open the door, you hear me honey?”Grabbing a locked knob, banging, hearing the shower water and her screaming, "Tiffany honey, I, I, can’t help you unless you unlock the door," as one spinning around his glorious place in search for the perfect weapon soon ramming a fixed shoulder into the door finding a brick wall, did he instead kick, and kick until the door flew open. "I'm here, I'm coming  ... I can't wash away this blood"! Trembling with fear at bringing her dripping hands to him, did Nicholas think frightfully she'd cut herself, that she’d cut her wrist, something  "THIS BLOOD! No, no honey", stumbling into the shower waters after her, at examining her wet hands, wrist, exhaling a sigh of relief, that it wasn’t blood, that she wasn't bleeding. "There's no blood, Tiffany, no, no, no, no, look at me, look at me, there's no blood ok, see  it's only water, come on, let's get out, ....NOOOOOOO, I got to get this blood from me, it wasn't my fought, CAN'T YOU SEE! IT WASN'T MY FREAKING FAULT! Yes, okay darling, I see, I see! You see his blood? It wasn't my fought, you think I wanted this, you, you, ---Tiffany look at me, that’s it, look at me, there is no blood honey, no look, no, look at me, that's it, do you know who I am? This, this, BLOOD! Tif-fa-nyyyy? .....Can’t you see it? "No," as one finally able to get her out, at possibly getting a towel on her, even a robe, how he may have to call for help, get to the intercom. "We're getting out, there is no blood, ok, there is no blood, no one is blaming you, ....you're not blaming me? No, no honey no, you know who I am? Tiffany! Tiffany! Look at me? Oh god! O god Agurus, the blood, it's all over you, it's pouring all over you! Tiffany! Damn It! You look at me damn It! NOW! Right Now! Honey, listen to my voice, that’s it, that’s it, who am I Tiffany, who am I? O god Nicholas, is that, is that, ...yes, yes baby it's me, see it's me, It's Nicholas, O god please help me, Shhhhhh baby, I’m helping you, I’m here for you, No! No! You can’t be here, ...yes, honey I am here, Nicholas is here, ,,,it can’t be you, ...yes, it’s me, they, Olaf brought you to me, remember? It’s really you? That's right, look at me, touch me, it’s really me, now baby please, come on, let's get out of here, ...Nicholas? Yes its' me, it's me Nicholas? Nicholas, O god, my god Nicholas it's all over you, the blood, the blood is, ---Tiffany damn it, there is no blood" “YOU HEAR ME, there is no blood!” No, no, no, don't look down, you look at me, and you repeat after me, “there is no blood, there is no blood, ---there is no blood, ,,,it's only water, ...it's only water, ...that it's," as one wrapping her trembling, cold nakedness into a bathrobe like so, was she finally getting it, how it wasn’t blood at all, but water, even a shower. “Nicholas, yes honey it's me, ...there is no blood, ...right, that’s right, there is no blood, thank good, there is no blood. I have you, I love you so much, ...I'm cold, tired and you feel really warm, ...good, come, com close, good, I got you, I got you."

                           ...THEY GAP UPON ME WITH THEIR MOUTH...
                                                            SCENE II

     {{{"So when is your coming? But this is us week, I looked forward since you go US again and again , I'm sorry but this hard Meyer, for me, is it for you? When, when to expect you? When, there is no, can't break away soon as that? It is when, when? No, it is only I miss you my queen, not possible, you know I can't leave this firm, be, be, because it would, as to say jeo' par' dize my standing. I care about you standing, I know how popular the career, Myer, Myer, can I, no can, Okay, Okay! We don't fight, I said I not fight, I don't want another escort, ah dinner special, I want, I, no I know, I, I said this I know, ok, won't be sad, this is promise, I love you much too, right, no, is said, is done."}}}  Not Philip Mance such the good idea, nothing go as first plan, it is Bji Mein Paui fault, all. Come on that's not true, how is this lover boy fooling me, lover boy? Last night what was her name, what will be her name tonight and the night before, who Bja is the lover boy now? Niemeyer had the job, to land her here, with the husband, but no, she love America, she love this, Dis suas place. They prejudice at her is to say, she not like they belittle her, then the job offer to turned down. Did you mean Dissuasion, haven't I heard of that before? Sure, please, Nicholas E. his girl and my girl the same, the same? No, not the same people, the same place, workplace, I wish I had never knew such place. The scripture tell us Bja, when we've done all to stand, stand! Stand and what pray tell Philip Mance is this meaning? Don't give up, I'm guessing Bja Niemeyer is more than worth the wait, agree, yes, ah much so, to try and put words on her, to help the, the of, comprehend, she is very much worth, stand as you say. Still here Philip Mance, here, this cordially invited, ah to ce le brate, the Cliftons, Niemeyer and I, this escort. I get to play her, all the other see she be the jewel of all, now lost to me, to Cliftons. I know, I know, there is Pet'en, one of Paris's most famous for fashion, a precious gem is she to be, but still Phillip Mance, no Niemeyer, you see, no Niemeyer! Ok, ok, no Niemeyer, but Bja man, a Pet'en."

                                       ...AS A RAVENING AND A ROARING LION...
                                                                     SCENE III

     "Has my brother decided? I got the Artelon house off the property, so when we moving back? We? Yes, we, Spirit, I been doing this for seven years and more, but Christian is no longer spector hiding away from ugly, cruel people, his charmed life is back. Plus, this is not a back keeping you company, it's about returning to the only second home I know, I'm not crazy about being, Nadia is no longer here, why should I be? Then you are serious, you are returning to the artelon house with me, did  you Christian, while screening possible buyers you have an offer from the paris globe, ..,as in Spirit the paris globe, france, the deburks all? It will blow your head, even the heart what they're to so with it, they to build it up and make it the first of Nuptial, Prenuptial dorms for the projected like myself Christian, young marriage worshippers, and what Spirit an astonishing one the Artelon, MOuntain Wilderness area would make, all Christian, allied with Tifny, FPD, Fashion center, the shoe ad, France, her Paris cherchez la femme dress salon, it featured these now famous young worshippers, Soledad Maurice, the interview the ball the other night, are you saying he's one of Tifney's ...yes, her Desrek Alum, his brother Soledad Maurice, it's christian as it's meant to be, yes, and you right, the Arteon Estate would perfect and we Christian could stay on as supervisors and spiritual mediators, you've really planned this out. We'll see I'll get on the phone with them as well, if that's what they're planning Spirit, I can't wait to be apart it, what a blessed to take the mind, the heart off of such taxing times."     >>>"I Have a delivery for you, A Mr. Medicine Bow, Deburk, ...ah, she's done it again, what do you mean, this is not the first time? No, exactly this time last week the same thing, ...a woman is sending you flowers, candy and chocolate cologne samples, stamped beware, who? A glorious one I'm yet to meet, name, Tynan, ...you are yet to meet, as in a blind date, situation? Yes and I fear brother, I'm already smitten, I think I'm in love, ah look at such the beautiful arrangement and it smell so incredible as it look, see, the sting, label on the flowers, ...yes  I see, Tynan, and I'm Spirit a little concern, people are really unkind and cruel, ...and there are some Saber, like Ty, just as good, ..Ty, so you've nicked her? I'm surprised Lion didn't tell you guys all about this, ...Lion, so you're saying he's in on this tickery? No, and it's not tickery, it's these wonderful flowers, along with delicious candies, and samples, all with a hand written, so adorably personal, mystery, riddle Saber, I like to call mission butterfly. No, no I'm gonna sit for this, I don't like it, since Sioux published Apache's, blood farmers, into Soledad Deburk rise, his last interview on gun violence, invitation into the genesis marriage of the world's teens, we've never Medicine been so inundated with deadly threats, especially T-Kamb. What's if this is is one of them, don't they recruit girls as well, what if this is that? It's not, ...how do you know that, you don't know that, cleverly and subtly as the devil, this could Med man, be a set up from the get go, to win your trust all right into a bombing. Okay, okay, okay, what can I do Sabertooth Deburk to satisfy this burning curious, mistrust of yours? I say put specialist, investigator Cullen Veneer on it, ...and who Saber is that? You say his name like I know him, ...I Medicine, know him, he's good, fair and trustworthy, ....how would such a thing playout? She won't know a thing, and if she does, and you spook her Saber, frighten her all of this away, I'm going to be so furious with you. I don't want to know, satisfy you, Paris Globe, all others, but, me, I Saber want the mystery into the end, ...okay got you, getting right on it, ..Saber please, don't spoil this for me, it is a very special thing, like she know my heart into it's inner workings, ...I got you okay, I got you."   >>>"the Omega gown? It's from Dissasuation Bridal wear, something sacred Tiffany created years ago, and for some reason, I can't figure Nun Con'Nah she has elected me to wear it, she said all of them are married, with other one wedding between, so wearing would be a favor plus it would be a great review for Dissuasion Wedding Now, Manhattan Bridal store. With some sworn to secrecy, word is, this wedding gown is the single on of all such gowns, this entire world, if so, then I'm like why me? I, tried, and close your ears from this, your heart Nun, I mean it, so I tell I her I don't deserve it, I tried to seduce her man, ah husband really and she say, so has many others, including like her roommates she says, one who's now married to Nicholas' brother, Syefan. So Nun it seem, said specality, will arrive the Cherchez la femme dress salon today and I, like you are in and out for measurements. So we go together? So you can see the Omega, before the wedding no? You're in at noon, put that on your itinerary and I'm in the afternoon, I must tell you, what I've heard about Tiffany, wedding gowns are her specialty. I've Nun seen and dreamed about her Maaseiah Wedding Gown, I just don't see how she's to top it, ...I guess you will see, this afternoon, I'm going to take the rest of my bagel with me, get to the office, get some work in before dress rehearsal, huh? Hum, I guess you can call it that, it's the fitting, ...I love you, I miss you already, and can't wait my, Lyn, to see you again, bye my stunning bride to be, humm, you taste like strawberries, so sweet, hummm, ..go, go, get out, I got to shower, bye, love and kisses Nun, as well"   >>>Have a look brother, take you a gander, Tynan has done it again, only this time Saber delivers it and he's fusing, fusing, fusing, so it'll make you happy, though I'm to know, nothing, nothing, nothing. What are talking, ...you got your investigation, a Mr. Cullam Veneer, you know him? I've meet him, once, when Sioux hired him, and once doing a conference, he seem really nice and very, very professional, ...so brother Lion, what you think they'll find, really? Probably nothing Medicine as serious as you think all this is and hopefully nothing near the dangerous vicinity Sabertooth think this is, ....he's going to spoil this for me, for both of us, I can just feel it, and you two and the world will go on like nothing, happen, you read the car yet, enhanced the mystery, figure out the riddle of its own, pandora box? No, would you, please, read it to me, ...you want my voice, or what I think hers is, stop, just read it Lion Wolf, so I can I hear it."

My Dear, Medicine Bow,

     -I can see you and you say I am blind, I can hear you and you say I am deaf, I can feel you here, there, up, down and all around and you say you’re this distant away from town. I say I’m crying and you say its laugher, I say I’m dying and you say I’m very much alive, I say I’m gone and you say I’m near, I say I hear you and you say, you’re nowhere near me. Your skin is like silk, your tongue like milk, your blood like honeycomb and your substance on mine this priceless imbibe, I know that you are mine and you say not this time.
     -I came to find you and you say you’re not lost, I seek to be near you and you say you can’t be found, I long to know you and you say you’re unreachable, I’m  keeping you here,  yet the window is open, I’m keeping you near me, yet the drapes are blowing and I just know it.  I say I love you and you say it’s heartless, I say I adore you and you say you doubt it, I say I’m coming for you and you say that’s impossible.  I say I must have you and you say dream about It, I say I’m nothing without you and you say I’m all things regardless, I say you’re countless and you say prove it, what am I? Love, Tynan

                                    ...I AM POURED OUT LIKE WATER...
                                                              SCENE IV

     -"It's Nguyet right?" As one asking of a benumbing creature, opening her office door to her entry, did Barbara ann recognize her from Dissuasion Fashion Center. "I was just finishing up here, unless you really need to, a few weeks ago I was beaten, raped and sodomized and that's the first time I've ever admitted it. Well, that's the reason why you’re here, the reason Nguyet I’m here for you, please sit, I rather stand, well that works too, you have a really nice office, yes, Mrs. Coogan has been very generous. I promised Erica I would come, as so did I talk with Mrs. Stuard , ah Corronda, yes, I know her, them both well, how do you get past something like this? You get passed it Nguyet only if it’s never happens to you, though now that it has, you get through it more than over it, excuse me, sadly enough Nguyet, I know how that sound. Although we go on with life as life for as long as we have it, one day at a time, simply. even regretfully goes on, yeah kinda like nothing has happen, right? Right, look, I don’t know how Mrs. Coogan, but that is truly encouraging, good, that’s why you’re here right, to be encouraged. As you already know, I would gather you're a very brave young woman, as so determined, you're back at work, you're admitting this malicious act happen to you, and only you. There are survivor rules Nguyet and thus far you've conquered the second and the third, I want you to realize most of all though the majority of us take a see no evil; that's hear no evil approach, meaning Nguyet we walk around with blinders and earplugs to it all. This is a very bad world we live in and bad things happen despite our efforts of good, now the first rule is that you don't blame yourself, You see no matter how you look at it, if you were raped, then you was forced against your will, that mean you had no choice in the matter, your rights and will, your body was all violated. Your attacker is the nefarious one, that's Nguyet, the mental patient and once you know that then you can truly heal yourself of this one menacing thing of all, guilt. I've never really trusted shrinks, I always wondered how could a flesh and blood person help resolve my problem?" Noticing a sincere Nguyet wipe herself still, this direct approach was truly the way to go. "'No offense, none taken, you are free Nguyet to think as will, to say as you will, we’re not friends although perhaps one day we will be, is that a good assessment? So you wonder how can a person with problems of their own solve your problems, well you see Nguyet, that's not what I do, I listen to your problem, I tell you what I think. I listen to what you think, but you, you will solve, or lets say resolve, you will resolve your own problems, only you can. You see Nguyet I learn just as much from you as I hope you learn from me, but I'm not going to sat here and pretend I'm god, I'm not god, no man is. Miss Saurus, well Tiffany told me her grandmother told her this one thing, that trials and tribulation will come for as long as we live. How they can be one thing or the other, a stumbling block or a detour, then you she said, you know what to do with a detour, you find an alternate route, but stumbling blocks are only for Satan's glory, don't let him have it. Wow, I like that, thanks for sharing that, I will Nguyet if you allow me, become a trusting friend that will help you determine how best to solve or live with the reality your life turn to now. Then you are good, as good Mrs. Coogan as everyone say, good evening Mrs. Coogan, thank you, good evening Nguyet and thank you for sharing. “What about the authorities?” As a still one not turning from that exit to shyly look Barbara Ann in the face, but Nguyet just knew Mrs. Coogan wondered whether she’s to get the police involved, make a statement? “That is all Nguyet a decision you’re to make, it make no never mine to me whether you do or whether you don’t, good evening Mrs. Coogan, and Nguyet to you. I will ask you Nguyet, how well do you know this person and if well known, would you be interested in joint sessions? You don't have to answer that now, just think about it, you'll be surprised how many of them convince themselves they've done nothing wrong, thanks again, you're Nguyet welcome again."

                               ...AND ALL MY BONES ARE OUT OF JOINT...
                                                        SCENE V

     "Did I ever wife, tell you, I love your neck, especially, right here, ah, that tickle, stop it, I can't, you're so pretty, the way your edges curve around the line of your neck, what color is your hair anyway? Burnt Auburn, burt auburn, so somebody burnt my baby's hair, yes, my mom's womb when she had, now go  to Hain, he look really sad and stuff, which is strange seeing we're at the airport that's ot take him to his wife. My lord is christ I'm whispering into your equally edible ear, but i hadn't consider that, ..so, you gonna go to him or you're pester me some more> Say that again, the word pester, I like the way your lips form into a sweet, lickable kiss, okay, okay you don't have elbow me, violent  woman, you shouldn't make yourself look so delicious, I'm going, but you own me and I'm cashing in every token of it's love affair.  Hey Hain man, you see that astonishing, burt auburn hair woman right there, diva even, see seem to think my friend Collin hain is a little bit said, seeing in a couple hours he'll be with his own amazing wife, so what my dear cousin is the matter?  Why is my soul cast down down and all? Yes, please pray, tell and hurry, you see her over, that's my unresistable wife and I can't stand being this close and so far away from her. Can this cousin as yo say, Soledad maurice, bring his ear close to my whisper? I don't how to be a husband to my wife, when I get the slightest bit close, she also to me, all I can remember is that assault, and I can just tell Sole, she's Andre, she's reliving by her own imagination, as well.  I know cuz, that's a bit heavier for one chew, but you ask and I gave. you Hain ever had a love affair come a lust affair? and stop using your fears to make unfair assumption upon Andre, but lust that's a sin, not, hain, for  or toward your spouse, you see Kassle over there now that she is my wife, i sit and imagine what I can do to her, from cute painted toe nails, right into how her smooth hair curve around those dainty, perfumed ears of hers. Now I'm gonna get personal, Now that andre is a your wife, all of her body know yours, what are some of the things Hain, you imagine doing to her, she now being your wife? There are some things I've imagined to do, ....and they ache right in the pit of you, right, and they could never, ever be satisfied until now hain, until now, right, ah yeah, right, now that Andre is my wife, her body now mine and my body now hers, ...and Collin Hain for as long as you two live, and there is never, ever nothing shameful about having a lust affair with your spouse, thanks cuz for clearing that up, ...feel better? I'm imagining the thing i'm to do with my wife, from her sweet, painted toes, to the way those, edible, ringlets of hers touch and kiss her perfumed neck, like so, ah yeah, I feel one hundreds percent better, look, you think time she see me, like a movie, she's gonna run toward me so I can catch her up into arms, yes, but only as you Collin Hain, so lated to see her, run toward her first and catchup like that,  as to never let go, only for a time, you must ...you're really, sorta good at this, ..and so will you cuz t the more you walk by the spirit of the marriage bed they designed, than fear and abnormality, so will you, so will you, wow, that's us, sound like our time, yeah see you guys on the plane cause Sole man, we're going to Jamaica, we're going to girl, we going to Jamaica, we'r going to my wife."     >>>"The doctor is in the house I see, yeah, he’s been working like doubles, so whenever he’s to get a few minutes break he’s to make wise use of it. Look a Kellar magazine came the other day, I just saw that, are we talking get away or honeymoon or both, prayerfully Sissy both. I talked to Tip earlier, I told her I would tell you hey for her, so how did she sound? To be honest Erica, not that good, well she’s with Nickie now right? Right and that is the only good thing to report, here, here it is, what are you contemplating, meaning Erica where? You promised you’re not going to laugh? Laugh, why would I say? Egypt, ah come on, you’re pulling my leg, no, no, I was watching a History Channel the other day and they made coming there and being in the presence of those Pyramids just seem heavenly. My Christ you’re serious? Very, and what does Dr. Hymm say? The one that’s asleep and I get exactly what I want, or the one that’s barely alert and I really get what I want, I see chances are you’re going to get what you want. So did you talk to Ash? Yes and she all but admitted something did happen, but what? Anyway, she promised to talk to Barb, and she did, how you know? I saw her getting into her office as I was leaving earlier, ah, good, again that mean something indeed happen, well with Barb she’s in the right hands. I better go, today is the day we find Jeremy a new daycare, new, what happen? They packed up Erica with little warning and left town, so loved it there, now back to the training board, wow look at those mountains, it’s wondrous there I hear, Italy, I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, but Tiffany being there seem to spoil that some how, go Erica, you should never miss France. I better get back, I told him I wouldn’t let him over sleep, I could but I’ll just get fussed at, have fun deciding, yeah, you and Sye do good finding the perfect daycare, you're next, especially if you get to Egypt, yeah, well we'll see,” Sissy aren't we yet avoiding the elephant in the room, we're going to have talk to him, to Vincent, and hat kind of conversation Erica would that be? There is only one that know what happen that night and she is only that can talk sine to him, talk him in getting help anyway, wouldn't getting arrested help, when has it ever Erica? Later, choose wisely.
                                      ...MY HEART IS LIKE WAX…
                                                     SCENE VI

     "What, you're not escorting her to the hospital? Mr. Veneer is with her, that may not be good enough, this is not over, this wasn't an accident, you know this, someone Bronze, intentionally forced her from the highway. Someone Anne, don't you mean T-KAMB? It could have been an ignition thing, I don't know, I know Bronze it’s up to you whether to have it investigated the more, only I'm to warn you. It is no matter what manner of shocking thing you're ever to see or hear, T-KAMB will never, ever cease to amaze. Especially when you're to learn the manner of persons actually following them, like Jokam, and his brothers Myra, Omri, ...wait a minute, you mean you knew this all along, if that’s true Anne, where does Tyler Bishop fit into these suspicions? Ah my, are you, ah my Christ you thought she was T-kamb as well, right? What we Bronze believed is she was either to recruit you or set you up for the kill, for the kill, you mean like in murder, Tyler Bishop was to murder me? Apparently she reneged, so you set us up, let me go, look you’re not going to hit or hurt me, so let me go. This wasn’t to hurt you, but protect you, so you and Tyler were being monitored at all times. Monitored! Monitored! Do you know how that sound, are you listening to yourself? Tyler’s life could still be in danger Bronze regardless of how you feel about he,r T-Kamb isn’t going to like the fact that she didn’t deliver you go. I'll go to her but if I see you or any of those meddlesome goons of yours I’ll deliver my own self to T-KAMB, ...don’t be stupid, I know you’re angry, that you even feel betrayed, but I’m not your enemy Bronze, they are okay, T-Kamb is. Who all know about this, does Sioux know, Apache, even Saber Tooth? We, they all know, ok, we didn’t want to get in your way, but we didn’t want you to get hurt either ....and Medicine Bow? You guys stay away from me, Bronze,  no, hell I mean it, how much fun you all must of made, we didn’t make fun, not a one, not ever, we love you, we want you to be safe. Whatever Anne man, so we could’ve been killed, that’s what you’re telling me, that Ty is yet in danger and you knew all along but you didn’t think I was mature enough to handled it? Since when Anne is Medicine more mature than me? It wasn’t that we thought you immature, but in love, in love Bronze meaning nothing we told you about Tyler would’ve made any sense, but would’ve incensed you against us all, like at present. You know what I’m telling you is this truth, if none of what just happen hadn’t happen would you have believed Tyler was T-kamb and you was her first male initiation? Then why, why didn’t she go through with it? I believed Bronze she loved you more. More, more Bronze than the chaos and cruelty T-Kamb was offering her, I don’t know, I feel so thrown under everything and everybody I trust, I don’t know, that was not intentional.  I free, I still don’t know Bronze how all of this will turn out, but I know it will do Tyler a world of good if she’s to awake from this nightmare with you at her side, you think? Yeah, sure, as long as you, I'd not lost my heart to her as such as you thought, still, what do I say to her, when she look to me? Believe me, you going to know exactly what to say, and just your being there will kind of say it all ok, ...ok, but I'm still mad as hell, well hopefully Bronze Cadence Tatiau arrival will help brighten your heart into your day,  ...no doubt you had her investigated as well, what about Medicine''s mysterious Tynan or where you so busy tending to my business you lets his slip right, don't wait up for me older brother, as one would say, I'll be there until she's released to the Paris Globe, ..yeah, drive careful, or perhaps in the line of what just happen you should let Clarion drive you , we'll see big brother, it's getting late, get home to wife and family, stop worrying about me, that's in my angels hands now."

                         ...IT IS MELTED IN THE MIDST OF MY BOWELS...
                                                               SCENE VII

     "What's wrong?" Finding him, a touch to his muscular, bear back who’d creeped out onto that inexpressible balcony this bitter streak of guilt, "I can't help but think I took advantage of you just now, no, don't you know Nicholas I needed you climbing into me, coming into each other, healing us mind, soul and body. You are so, it was so wordless, so unspeakable you are the most beautiful, special thing, just look at me, I’m trembling just trying to get the words out , ......shhhhh, there are no words, only the explosiveness we came moments ago, ..just tell you're okay, that this is all okay? Shhhhhhh, you feel Tiffany, smell so good, look Nicholas at all this incredibleness. We could you know, could what? We could Tiffany make a home here, raise a family here, you're kidding right? Tell me you’re not serious, Nicholas, what about my home in New York, my friends, my career for God sakes? Your friends Tiffany will always be with you, your job, well it's where you make it and your work, that's in that creative mind of yours, your priceless heart, it's who you are, period. You've already opened a fashion place, grand opening and in only days and people are lining up to be apart of it, Macremore and Vance ar included with them, they’re always looking for new projects to finance. Just how much thought have you given this? Don’t be upset, I’m not, yes, you are, I can hear it in your voice, ok then what about your work? What about Syefan, Bradford? My work Tiffany is like yours, wherever I am, Macremore and Vance have already offered me a partnership, whoooo, what? I, I, I, don’t understand, so you’re telling me your future here is decided? No, god no, that's not it at all,  Don't you know Tiffany I would never make a decision like that without you? I meant Tiffany having the ability to live and exist any place on this earth and beyond it as long as we're together, then yes my mind is made up. Come on honey, we can live here, New York or Alaska I wouldn't care as long as I'm with you. You're right, ok, I'm sorry, I don't know why I got so upset, it's ok, I love you remember, I vow to spend all that this life has to offer with you, now I need you to eat something and get dress, where are we going? I made an appointment with a Dr. Norwes, you know I hate doctors Nicholas, no baby, I didn't know that, I don't want any doctors, please don't make me don't even insist. Tiffany, what happen in that shower early morning wasn't normal, I know that,I told you a really bad nightmare triggered it, it was more than that Tiffany, much more, look, there have been times in the uncertainty of all that has happen that I've been so afraid for you. So greatly intimidated that I could taste it's bitter torment tightening my throat breathless, my heart killing me but Tiffany I promise, I've never been as frighten as I was last morning. As helpless, god as my witness I thought I'd lost you, that you'd lost yourself, please for me. I need you well,\I need you to be safe ok? Dr. Norwes came highly recommended by Barbara herself, please baby we need to do this, please, ok, ok, I can’t believe I’m letting you, you know, that you talked me into this, no one could, mom, dad. Those two nod head brothers of mine, well now I know without a doubt you really love me. You take the shower, I’ll see if I can convince Talls to make us a late breakfast or an early lunch, what say you? May I come in? How may I Mr. Coogan be for good service? I see you’re busy, maybe we’ll just go to, no sir, Talls is here to accommodate you, please let him do so, an early lunch, can you do something like that? Brunch, yes I can. I know just what to do and how, lots of fruits, I see there sir, porch eggs, these are some of the things I know she’s to enjoy, very well sir with swiftness and speed. Tiffany, hey hon, you ok?” I'm fine, its' only my spilled bag, It’s Agurus’ letter. Ah God help me. Tiffany? You're pretty quiet in there, you almost finished? We're gonna be late baby, Talls has brought us a brunch, ...yeah, I'll be right out, I don't want to rush you but we need to hurry, I thought after we see Dr. Northwes we would just spend the rest of the day seeing the sights, even go back to th garden park. Tiffany? Yes, the sights,I would like that, yes Bates, sorry to disturb you Mr. Coogan sir but a Mrs. Jordon Bass is here insisting she see you, ....if her timing was any worse, Sir? Ah yes, tell her I'll be right down, very good sir, ....it would seem I have a guess, please darling hurry, I will, I'm looking forward to the garden park, good, hurry!

                         ...MY STRENGTH IS DRIED UP LIKE A POTSHERD...
                                                           SCENE VIII

     -Blinking, stinging, tearing eyes open along a blurry vision and the sound of siren and such commotion all around, into up close questions by emergency personnel, what, whoa  ...can you sir tell your name? Ah, god my mouth is so dry, ...Soledad, ah Aggart, and what day is this? Ah, friday, I think, and the year sir? What is going, what is going, Kas, why are cryin? You felled Mr. Aggart, hit your head, you was unconscious unto now, ...babe, babe, I'm alright, come on, come on, stop crying, I'm, ...will you Mr. Aggart come up, yes, into a seat right here, your vital are fine, how do you feel? I feel okay, ...okay as in you need medical care or okay as in you're fine on your own? Kas, look, stop it, please, I'm fine,  ...it happen so fast, one moment we were talking, laughing, you gave me chase, I thought you was playing, but you wasn't, you'd fallen, hit your head and you wasn't moving, I thought you was dead,  I thought you was freaking dead! Just like that Sole, I thought, ah god, I thought  ...I need you to sign here, ...but I'm not, I'm fine, a little knot, headache, but I'm fine, ...thank you Mr Aggart, feel better, if not just get a local med center, thank you, thank you both. What the heck happen? Drea told me all the siren commotion was here for you, I couldn't get down here fast enough, ..I'm fine, I felled the pool's edge, hit my head,  ...he was stone dead Hain, like here one moment and gone the next, ....hey, hey, hey, calm down or you the one gonna need medical help, babe, look at me, I'm okay, I'm sorry that happen, but I'm fine, ...Hain, get to your wife, see you two for dinner, ...you sure, you're not being big headed? Me, big headed, really, Hain? Go, let Drea know I'm okay, accidents happen, but thankfully my divine guards were on duty. I can't believe that just happen, I can't, just like that, and all our plans Sole nothing but dust and wind just like that, what kind of crazy, missed up world is this? Where you going? I need a drink, I'll be in the lounge, ...Kas, will you wait? I'll come with you, Kas, wait!"     >>>"Mrs. Bass, to what do I owe this charming surprise? It was my belief Me sure Coogan that you of all people knew how highly important the Lennord case is to me and this firm, then you believe right. What is the hold up? I'm afraid that is something you need to ask the board, the Lennord case haven't been assigned, it's still in the board's consideration. I was told Me sure Coogan the hold up is because of your uncertainty whether or not to handle such a case, then I assure you Mrs. Bass you've been misinformed, it is true I've had some, that there's perhaps a minor drawback but the board know it has only to assign my team the case. I see, it would seem I have been played the fool, though may I ask of your pull back as you say? No you may not, it is between me and who will possibly be my future client, ...then I will say no more and good day Me sure Coogan ...and a good day to you Mrs. Bass. What is going on? Who was Ms. Powerhouse? Mrs. Jordan Bass, and powerhouse Tiffany is a good description ah, Macremore and Vance bow to her every whelm, that's Tiffany until now, your cloak, it's kinda chilly out, I'm not my darling all certain, but it would seem Macremeore and Vance Law are having repercussions about a certain case entrusted to their care and are using my improbability to state the obvious as their cowardice pretext. To Nicholas state the obvious? Are you ok? Your eyes, I'm ok, ah just had a hard time, you know, deciding what to wear I guess, when I get anxious, I get itchy eyes. Good, for moment I thought you was telling me, deciding what that to wear made you cry? That does sound a bit accusatory at all, who said, I was questioning you. I can't wait to see this man Tiffany, this client of theirs, this Mr. Lennord, I want to talk with him, that's look him straight into his eyes while I talk with him, examine how he answer my question,  before I make any type of decision. Though as I explained of Mrs. Bass rather aggressive inquiry, whether the case is approved, that it was the board of Macremore decision to make, not mine. You think they will, decide that is? I want to set a date, I'm sorry, ah, we have the marriage, now the wedding, right? I know Tiffany how you feel about having an intimate relationship out of a wedding, okay I admit watching Ly Lyn and Nun Con'Nah plan there's I'm a little envious.  You bring this up now, first you want me to relocate to paris, and now this, then you wonder nichola why it it I feel like I'm in the freaking twilight zone here. I;m sorry, Tiffany, I'm sorry, I didn't think, the last thing I wanna do is pressure you, I thought you would love planning a wedding that's all, our wedding. I found his letter, I'm sorry, Agurus, who else? I found his letter just now, it was spilled on the floor here, yes, Mr. Thompson, we're going to the Medical District, Dr, Norwes, thank you   ...okay, what does it say? It was private, personal just for me, come on Tiffany, you know I'm more than just some other guy in your, I've wanted to make you my wife forever, have never, will never love another. Trust me, I know you trust me, what did it say? I don't think I'm ready to say, as long as you know honey, you are more to me than I can ever, ever put into words,  ...you know why Nicholas you are such a good kisser? I, I, ..it's because you always kiss me with the anxious that you can't hardly wait to kiss me, every time, it's indescribably sexy, I think I'm in love for the time in my life, and sometimes Nicholas I want let down these winds and shout it out to all of them, I dare you, Mr. Thompson? Yes, I dare you Mrs. as well, ...ok, her goes, "I'M IN LOVE NICHOLAS COOGAN AND I WANT THE WORLD TO AH, TO, AH, KNOW IT! Wow, that felt really good, ...I don't know, I think I can beat it, yes, I know I can, here goes, ...I'M IN LOVE WITH NICHOLAS COOGAN AND I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW IT! Ah, you is so bad, that was so bad, what, that wasn't louder than yours? Mr. Thompson, ah, yes sir, yours was much louder, ...you think you is so, smart, that I'm forgiving but I'm not, okay, okay another chance, pleaseee? Okay, once more but I'm warning you, there is a guess room in your suite, ah, no she didn't, Mr, Thompson, yes sir she did it, ....okay, okay, even the heavens gonna hear this, I'M I'M I N LOVE WITH MAASEIAH ADONAI FOREVER AND A DAY, AND I WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW IT! Now where's my trophy? Would you instead settle for kiss? Are you serious, that's better than any trophy this entire planet, Mr. Thompson? Some privacy there sir, and you know me so well."

                        ...AND MY TONGUE CLEAVETH TO MY JAWS...

                                                 SCENE IX

     -Well, I can tell you really enjoyed yourself, why, cause I won't shut up about it? That Tony and you're like glowing, I still don't know how she knew that would make all the difference, obut she knew, well doll husband, she is your sister.  I don't Tony know anything definite, but we could be having our own bundle of joy, ..what? Tony, tony, hear me, all the symptoms are there but, sometimes that can mean something else, ..what about the pregnancy test? I can, we can go and, ...no, no, no, I want to do this the old fashion way, appointment, you and I go in together, hold hands, kiss and hug through  to the news Tony, good or bad, that sound so sexy, crazy. There something else, some bad news on the back of good news, I've Tony missed carried before, ...missed carry, meaning I have a child buried somewhere? Meaning you have a son, his name is Caspian, and he's buried with his grandparents, your parents, the ah, same cemetery, ...you was waiting for me remember, yes, and since Mire know, I didn't want it to slip, and you be taken my surprised, ...Caspian, I named him right, I think I know that, I've always like that name, ah my god Ash, I always loved that name, did I just remember something? So what kind of complications where there and is that the real why, they're taken these precautions? All I care to say Tony is that it was really a lousy time for me to be pregnant and for us to have a child, so you're telling me losing him was a good thing, is that's freaking crazy or what, ...she's trying to say you was a freaking horror house of husband and all that got to her and made her miscarry, what the hell! What I told you guys you need a locksmith, I can in on you two to prove it, I'm sorry i tried to call, both of you, I need to do laundry, or should I go to a local mat? I'm going out, I need to walk, get to air, Tony, ...I'm okay, Ash, I'm, okay, okay? Sis, ah you need me to help you, no, Joshland is here, he'll help me, ...talk to you later.  "I'm sorry, I know that was bad, ..what the hell were you thinking? The same thing you been thinking since he his lost his memory how there's no way in hell cross fingers prayers all that we the old tony back, hell this world ash don't even want that. So we result to cruel and unusual punishment? I said I'm sorry, I meant it, I better get started, I put a load in and go to the grocer, you need anything back, ...you mean Mire, make you list? I' calling a locksmith and getting extra keys made and if you misplace them, you are no longer my sister, as in law, did I lose a few points just now? You're freaking right, look if you don't mine, I'll just go to the store with you, ...what about him, Tony? He's fine as long as he know his way back right? That Ash couldn't have been easy, but it has to done, I was wondering, ...you, you're right, I'm going after him, there's no telling what he's thinking, my list is on the frig, and here's my card, need your list sis, not you card, put my load in if I'm not back glas too."     >>>>'Sole, hey look at me, no, are you, are crying, .....shhhhh, just hold me Kas okay, just hold me, ....I'm holding you sweet heart, I'm holding you, ..I saw something while I was unconscious, between Kas here and there I guess and it's kinda freaking me out, ...saw something good, bad? I can't say, not yet babe, I can't say, I just wanna lay here in you, your heartbeat, your sweet, soft navel, ...shhhhh I love you, I got you  ...I'm so sorry I scared you like that, ...it's okay, like you said, accidents happen, ...I just to need to hold you so tight right now, it's okay right? Sole, Sole honey, you're scaring me, why are you crying? I'm okay, I'll shake it off, I'm okay, I am okay."     >>>{{{"Well insisting on being  a liaison baby brother, tell me more, well Mr. Vortect Gertaine Lennord is a prestigious oil tycoon whose entire family meet with a vicious death about two months prior. His spouse along with his three children had all been butchered by a knife right out of the family's kitchen, a knife which only had Mr. Lennord's fingerprints. He of course proclaimed his innocence, while there was very little evidence to support his claim. Not usual Sye in cases like this he'd lost millions recently in a very bad investment and thus reeked of suspicions and gossip. So there were vicious rumors that he was on his way out and through an angry rage took out his mad frustrations upon his entire family, slaughtering them. It was all described to be a gruesome crime, simply heartless, especially involving children. Well as you can guess, Lennord was tried, convicted and literally sentenced, with a 100 million dollar impending bond before a trial, it's a criminal case Sye I know, it could be one of the toughest cases the team could try, not that I'm intimidated, O no Nicholas my brother, why would you be? Its' just that whenever you think of your field of expertise and that trial being the greatest, the Lennord case could be this one. I have Nickie one question, are you prepared to lose? Ah, perhaps, ah what kind of question is that? An honest one, you can't try a case of this manner Nickie and not realize it could actually get away from you, that Mr. Lennord could be guilty and if not, it's not to prevent him from being found guilty. So you take this case, you know what you're holding in your hand? No, what am I holding in my hands? His life Nickie and your career, even Macremore's polished record, which is possibly why they're to reconsider. Ah my god Sye, you think you know everything, isn't that why you called me? There is one thing I don't know, how is that stunning for words future sister in law of mine? Stunning and Mysterious as Ever, yeah , that's Tiffany Saurus isn't it?}}}  

 >>>"Your fiance said you were horrified at the fact your hands were bloody and you were screaming it wasn't your fought, the truth is I remember very, all I know is that I felt a strange sensation in my hand, or upon it, like it had fallen asleep. So I rose from bed to go into the rest room to run some cold water on it when I decided I would shower instead. The next thing I knew blood was everywhere and I completely panic, horrifying him, ah Nicholas. You witnessed a brutal death of an acquaintance recently, yes", sniffing at tears creeping right under her nose, along an intense swallow, wiping,thinking it wasn't all as cloak and dagger as she expected, wondering where instead was Barbara Ann? "He was brutally killed by militant soldiers who wanted us both dead, and how do you feel about this? How do I feel, ok how do I feel? Let me see, I went running off to this god forsaken place, not realizing the consequences of my actions and a beautiful young man was massacred because of it. So I feel damn right stupid, guilty, frustrated, all of the above Doc do you Tiffany know what blood on the hands implicate? Yes it's more spiritual than anything," seeing she's to relieve several Kleenexes from the box, Tiffany Ann was one of the most extraordinary appearing women she'd ever seen. "It mean when you cause the death of one person, when you cause their blood to be spilled, then their blood is upon you, your hands, you are responsible, blood for blood. Then you are Miss Saurus a spiritual person? I was raised in a religious setting, that's how I know the implications of bloody hands, does this mean you feel responsible for Mr. Janzzen's death, and therewith feel his blood is on your hands? I don't know", as one impatiently, even nervously folding and unfolding her wipes, could she from where she sat Nicholas Edin was still on business calls. "I think it is safe for us to assume with the type of mental reaction you had last morning that indirectly you feel you've committed a grave atrocity against this man and you therefore should be punished. Yes, true but Agurus has forgiven me, but I will never forgive myself, what do you mean he has forgiven you? He wrote this letter", as one actually pulling a parchment forward, with her wiping and leaking still did it instantly become stain with new tears. "May I see the letter? Nicholas asked me the same thing, but it is no, it's only for me, well what exactly does the letter say? I just told you it's only for me, if I wouldn't tell him, why would I tell you? The letter is only for you, ok, in the letter he forgives you? Yes, Agurus said it wouldn't be my fought if for some reason he didn't make it. Well, there you go, no reason for, they are the words of a living man, one who'd not seen death, how can I know them, how can anyone know them? You can know them Tiffany, I mean I can't argued with that logic only that you are the only one that can trust and put faith in those words. Ok, how do I do that? How? First, by considering the person he was, his love, his passions, his fears, by considering who was the man who wrote that letter and whether or not they're the words of a desperate man or a sincere one, ok Tiffany? It's Maaseiah, my birth name, for some reason I want to tell you that, Maaseiah Adonai, thank you for trusting me to know such an amazing name, and what does it mean? Ah it's of my mother's Christian faith and it mean made of Jehovah God, and yes I know what you mean, I have a friend who does what you do, I trust she would tell me the same. I want to see you again Friday, if you Maaseiah, can I call you that? If you need to talk with me for anything before then, and I mean anything Tiffany, you call me, you only need to dial this number and it will find me no matter where I may be, alright? Yes, alright, thank you, is there something else Miss Saurus? I don't know what it was so urgent in me that you should know my birth name, I haven't shared that with anyone, including your husband to be? Right including him, and this Agurus person, right, I never told him, though I wanted to, then Maaseiah all it was, was a need for you to tell somebody, then I'm glad I let him talk me into this, you've been most helpful, then for a certainty I'll see you the same time Friday."

                                                              SCENE X

Did h tll you? No, nothing, and you said he was breakig down, the worse Hain I've ever seen him, I had to digress from my own panic to sooth him, he kept going on about something he saw, something he couldn't tell me, or not yet, well he seem all better, look at him, that million dollar personality, smile and charm of him, just look at him. And you Collin Hain, i had no ideal you could dance like that, you dance as well as Sole sings, my parents were dancers, my aunts, uncles, others, I grew up all around dancers. I bem intend to you, all the wive tonight Kassel look as flawless as you, for you to choose those individual styles of gown, each colors so perfectly for them, then the hairstyles and all, I know, there was a lot of crying, group hugging singing and dancing, i haven't had so much fun, bonding with other females since, to be honest I've never have, ...you sure you're in the right profession? I'm saying, surely FPD fashion can use you as well, yeah, that's what Sole says, well ask? {{{Let get everybody attention, we have three couples tried for the king and queen honor tonight, those are twin brothers, Itcus Saurus and his girl Belize Nolvilai, twin brother, Ivar and his girl, Domelian Blackstone, there's our late Collin Hain and his our girl Andre Lavarious, so what we'll do is place all three wins in this jar and have Mrs. Lothman to come and pull out a winner for us, let's give an applause as she come an if you're thinking about skipping out you should know, we have rising star Soledad Aggart and like the now famous open mike night, he's going to serenade his wife Kassle Berlyn, live on this stag with his stunning version of stand by me, again give Mrs. Lothman a hand , well let me give this selection a little twirl and the winner is, drum roll please, now let me see, this is, Itcus Saurus and his Belize Nolviai, please step forward for the crowning, again give a hand for King and Queen, Itcus Saurus and Belize Nolvaiai, and thank you there, Mrs. Lothman, there you have it guys, the benumbing couple if I may so say so myself, King Itcus and Queen Belize, we'll intermission as we get them on their throne, and get Mr. Soledad and wife Kassle on this stage, give another hand, a big welcome as they come!"     >>>"Ah god, I'm so tired, ....so we did over do it at the museum? No, no, no! I had the best time I've had in a long time, I been, ah Nicholas thinking about my family a lot, Sissy, Erica and Ronda, why don't you call them, see how everybody's doing, I don't know, I'm thinking about something more personal. Just what would that be? Please don't tell me you're thinking about going  home already, i knew, asking you to relocate here, only spooked you? Well I called my travel agent today and I could be out of here by noon tomorrow and there no later than Friday evening, what do you think? I rather not say, where you going? Up front, find  movie, look what about that session about Soledad Aggart with at the Paris Globe, I thought evn that would keep you here a little, since your grand opening apparently won't. The opening is down, all the Dissuasion fashion, glamour wear the lamar's ball has virtually filled the store with limitless, priceless appear,  ....and this bed wear, that you make you tiffany, your flawless body just benumbing with temptation are those your design, wil they be a part of look for the woman? They are Mr. coogan my deigns with you, that burning me up lust totally in mind, so they're personally and erotically what you think, what I think huh, what I imagine a blistering as this lingerie encounter dissipated into your contagious organisms, ...keep em coming, you are so turning me on with every edible, word, of this edible tongue, I will tear into you tear into me please, bite and lick all my at edges places, ...stop, stop , stop, Nicholas please, stop, my god why, , what's, you're crying, ...I saw something, I saw him, you saw him, I saw mike, when I stuck my head from the car, and i began to stutter it was because i saw him. Tifany how, how would,  it was him, okay, he say me as well, I know, I know it was but a glance, it was him, and, and, I was nicholas just now to run to America, I was to run to Jamaica  ...with hope he would follow you there as well. I'm sorry, I love you nicholas ore hand anything but there a part of my heart that still has a whole in it, and it's him, it's like settling things with him, and until I do, I'll never be whole, neve be fully yours and i want to, I so want to, please, please will you help me, ...help you as in release you to him, how do I even do something? Just say you'll be here until Nun and Lyn's wedding, I mean you did persuade her to parade as a fashion event, persuaded to wear what you describe as the Omega gown, the phenom wedding dress of all time. I know Nicholas you're t hiking if that's so, why loan such glory to her, that glory is mine, ours, our wedding,  .but there was never going to be one was there, a Nicholas and Tiffany wedding and you awarded the Omega to her because that's as close to a wedding we're going to get, right? Goodnight, I guess I'll be taking the guess room tonight, please Tiffany, don't disturb me, I'll use the time to think on all of this, ...this is not Nicholas you loosing me this is me finding us all the more better, does that make sense? Good night, Tiffany, and I mean that." {{{Sye, yeah you wanna tell me what's going? What so you mean Nickie? Tiffany and I were caugt up in one of our world quaking moment, only an image of seeing Michael, ah, this Collum Veneer danced around in her head and shocked the hell out of us both, so he's here, like he's sye freaking stalking her? Would you calm down ....no Sye, I'm not gonna calm, i pulled my wife out of the showers kicking, screaming and crying that she Agurus blood all over her hands, this guilt trip down horror lane she was on ah my god Sye how terrifying. So Nikcie, she's blaming herself, could he be here, is he here, the last i talked to him he was here, in the states, the last time you talked to him, why are you Sye sill talking to this guy? Rumor has it Nickies that Mr. Artelon wife is actually alive and is being held somewhere, possibly for ransom, yeah Tiffany said something about that, something, what? She said while she was talking to Mr. Artelon on the phone she got like this flash in her head that his wife possibly wasn't dead i paid it little no attention, well if she is alive, he's the only that can find her, look, and I only found this out recently, Mr. Veneer, as in Mike, does security to investigative work for the paris global, ..ah sye you got to be freaking kidding me, freaking great, so he is here. Sye, I'm not gonna lose her to him, you hear me brother I'm no going to lose her to him, why i'm here Nickie to help, just what would that be? Look she just asked me to help her, so possibly after Mr, Lue's wedding Tiffany is possibly coming back there, so Sye just be there for her, and I'm just gonna have to trust that, that and the fact she's my wife now, I wouldn't jeopardize that, I'm going be crying in them morning, I'll getting off this phone, talk to you again soon."   

                           ...THEY PIERCE MY HANDS AND MY FEET,..
                                                               SCENE XI

     -Crates, hey wake up man, is everything alright? Tyler i still in surgery, ....ah god Bronze, what time is it? It's early yet,  who else here? Mostly family, ...so what is her status? They don't know, she was critical and in need of brain surgery, letting off pressure, I shutter to say, they said that the second she arrived here, I don't know what that mean, it just frightens me. I mean will she be disable after this, will she have her mind, her voice, will she ven walk again? I'm sure she will recover fine, we're praying and believing the Supreme greatly for her, so it is true, Jokam and his brothers are responsible for this, I mean am I befriending the enemy by befriending them? I'm afraid I don't understand that inquiry, I don't know Crates, or don't I want to say, ....who is all of them? Don't e alarmed, they are my brothers, wow, how many is, eight in all,  Bronze Coten is privileged to be in New Africa most of time, but he is here. We're Crates, is that shot for Socrates? It is, why can I call you Socrates? Anyway we're believers, faithers, so we'll be in the chapel summoning a miracle if you need us. I know the rumors concerning those three, Joakim and his brothers, I know they're suspected of being T-kamb, if you know this why are you and your sister dealing with them? Like Regan Tyler is to say, it's all vicious lies and rumors if there's no proof, this is true, this is also my burden, ..right as weigh in your disproof. Look, what make you so Socrates certain this wasn't an accident? Some has said, feared, it's too much of a coincidence to be an accident, plus , ...ok, ok, I was there, there, as in an accomplice? There a bystander, as to screen what was going on, by the time I realized what was truly happening it was too late, the damaged as one would say, done, I know how that sound, but I just feel urged to be honest with you, ...I'll be in the chapel, inform me of any changes, I will, I promise.     >>>I talked to sye in case he knew anything, he said it is recently rumored, Mr. Cullum, your, Mike does investigative work for the paris globe, so chances are you did she see, ...but Nicholas there, then just as my appointment and ah yeah you can forget what I said, if there a whole in my heart it's idecision and since my mind is made, so is my heart. What is that you're working on, since you like them so much, I'm reading that lustful heart at me an creating look for the woman's own lingerie, what's formal without all those sweet, little pick apart laying so ready to activated right underneath picabo pickapart, edible lingerie and if you Mrs, hottie keep putting those images, now edible, like my tearing y teeth, into, see in my head, I'm gonna be late for the most important legal conference of my career thus far. Which remind me, can I catch a ride with you this morning? You coming with me to the firm? You know you can, they would love having you there, ...no, thanks, but I'm going to ask Mr. Thompson to drop me at the dress salon, I'm meeting Ly Lyn before her court sessions, ...ah, Tiffany, Sye also said, there is a possibility Mr. Artelon's wife is alive and is being held possibly for ransom, now I don't know what you should do with that, I, didn't really ask. So as with fear, trembling and possibly regret, you Tiffany having a sudden change of direction isn't because you realize instead being here actually place you more so in Mr. Veneer's vicinity than distants afar? Meaning Nicholas, you don't trust my decision making? You is so good at that, ...how hot does seeing this, in the edible, make you? You mean, imaging you in that, my mouth, teeth digging into you and all, I could use a ice cold shower in my pocket for the day, so ,please put it away. I do trust your decision making but honey, ...I don't like that sentiment either, sorry ...ah sweetheart? You did admit Tiffany you was being completely dishonest about returning to the states, when in reality you were contemplating, ah you know, ....I'm just over it, like cold turkey, I'm freaking over it and you can charge this sudden disconnect with the painstaking fact, Mike, Michael Day Harmon, never, really existed. What? I don't know since we have a few minutes, ...yes, could I get another look peek and be excused to the restroom, Nicholas, Edin, you think I'm gonna let you waist even one of our steamy encounters you are sorely mistaken, down, down boy, I meet you in the car, you is so bad with yourself, well you don't have you as a wife, wait, did I even say that right?"

                                                       SCENE XII

    {{{"Let me get this right, you and Kas were playing by the pool and you felled and knocked yourself unconscious, ambulance came and everything, are you alright? I'm good, but look while I was unconscious I saw something that's just not possible, and I broke down as vulnerable as a baby in Kassel's beast, her lap the other night, it was not pretty, scared her even more to death. I saw the bride reigning in heaven, first I witnessed the antichrist in great prowess throughout the earth, nothing, no body could stop him. Then I was made to see the bride sitting in her reign, and Desrek man, it was her, it was, it was, ah, her, Tiffany,  excuse, say that again, when I saw the brides identity it was, her, it was your May, ...you saw this, while you was unconscious? Yes tears are running down eve now as I say, and not only so, she had in her possession Desrek, the stone cut out without hands, ah my christ Sole. Yes, the same one that King Nebuchadnezzar saw and Daniel saw as he was shown what this king saw and Desrek, there's more, you breathing? ...I'm trying, it, this specialty stone, it had the surface of a meteor, it looked like a meteor and when she released, ..released it, you witnessed Maaseiah as the reigning bride, having the stone cut out without hands in her possession, even when she release it? Yes, and, and when she did, when she readied to release it, I heard a voice say in my ear, and Desrek I quote, this is the antichrist murderer, ...which mean Sole, Jesus' second return into his Millennium reign. Ah my god Sole, I have tears in my eyes on top of tears, my heart is fluttering, I'm heating up for god-sakes,  that mean Desrek, Maaseiah Adonai isn't just her name it's who and what she is,  only in heaven, after this wordless celebration, she's called, Lord Urusalem, ....Lord Urusalem? Yes, I researched it, it mean city of peace, with Jesus being Prince of Peace, it mean that just as we Desrek, picture Jesus at God's right hand, we Sole picture her, at his left hand, that just as Jesus ws given to intercede for the saints, the reign Bride  is given to intercede the tribulation saints, i saw that as well. You always Desrek treated her like she was special, both staying near her and just as well far away, treating her his sacred, ...yeah, that's Sole, because I knew something about May was special. But nothing like this, nothing nowhere close to this, ...you think she know, that she has any clue, that, that's why she's so funny about her birth name? No, no, I doubt it, and the name thing is just her not wanting to grow us being called god, I guess  ...look is it possible for us to see things Desrek, we're not supposed to? Well it is written in the word all the more doing end times, all the more by grace gifts, we see, hear and understand all the more, and stop calling me that, it's freaking me out  ..stop calling you Desrek, that's your name yes, but how often do you Sole call me that? That reveal just left me speechless Sole, my god is christ, good, because I don't plan to repeat it and I don't want you to either, seeing her, your May that way, doesn't that mean as Jesus was god manifested in the flesh, she's the Bride manifested in the flesh or something? Ah, I'm late for after class studies, I got to go, but yes, Sole, something like that yes,  bye, and take care of  yourself  ...okay, we'll talk later.}}} Uh, that was odd, babe, is that you I hear? Hey, I didn't now you was here, I just now darling slipped in quietly as not to wake you so I could bring you breakfast in bed, ....breakfast in bed, okay give me like five, I'm in bed, eyes closed, completely oblivious and then you slither and slide in with steamy surprises, okay, okay here I go!"   >>>"Hello ladies and gentlemen, good morning Miss Saurus, there's been rumors for days you were here but we were disinclined to believe them, good morning Manassas, Mr. Kroff, Nun Con'Nah, Phil, how are you? You are flawless as always, ..thank you, so doll of a husband I'll see you for lunch, please do, ...good day all, ...we were Nicholas, just as you possibly heard from across the room discussing the Lennord case, yes Nicholas what do you think or should we keep waiting? I think Bji, I can't believe I missed a day of Tiffany designing lingering by things of this torrid mine of imaging her, for this, but sincerely, I'm tired of people asking me that, so I will response as usually with a no comments. No comment, really? That's Nicholas Edin like pleading the fifth, unfair and cowardice, ....cowardice, really, well thank god Mr Watson, you don't sign my checks. There's just the rumor Nicholas, you're the hold up, don't tell me Mr. Lue, Mrs. Jordan Bass, right? I think she love you Nicko man, you Bij Mein and Phil there, think every woman love me, even those your own. As usual I think you're both wrong and well, Mrs. Bass just have plenty screws that are loose and I Nicholas Edin Coogan seem to be one of them. That isn't nice, perhaps not Manassas but every bit as true, ...it maybe true but it's not nice, say that Man after she visit you right out of a hot shower and accuses you of the wrong doing, that is Macremore and Vances'. Come on Nicko what's the secret? I'm sorry Phil, now there's a secret? Yeah, yeah, this, to that, to her and you know what it is, ...there isn't one I swear, there's always one and you are the one in the now, and I just know it. I am the one Phil whose pretty damn tired of taking the fall everytime Mac and Vance are just the least tardy, therefore I'm about to bid you all a good day, court is nearly in session. Why, I mean check my brain if I had her I would love my bed as well, excuse, so how many times a day Phil are you tasting your foot, I mean are we even on the same planet right now, let alone the same case load? No, no, it's just that you, well she's the heart breaker girl friend of all men, all, ah Tiffany, only just got here, so you can bid us all you want, we will not accept it, Phil, are you still having coffee with your liquor? Excuse me to the, ...yeah, yeah, you speak of Jordan Bass, only let us see you get past Mrs. Clifton there, ...yeah, Phil, but Mrs Clifton doesn't intimidate nor scare me. Whereas lies the problem, excuse me, ...you, your gift to the woman and all, ...right, that's Manassas why I saved myself for marriage and married the first woman I felled in love with, cause I'm such a play and loverboy, courtsian as they say. So you saying y'all don't feel it, feel what? As duck out of water, like you don't belong, though all surrounding you are with attempts, team, at persuading you, that surely you do belong, excuse my phone. {{{Nicholas Coogan here, yes, madam, I heading your way right now, Mrs. Jordan Bass, I think I have been introduced to her, yes madam, that was it, she made mention of the Lennond case, really snagged my ear and all, as I look at my itinerary for the day, I have like thirty or so I can spare,  yes, madam, let me grab a cup of joe and I'm right there.}}} Good session, see you guys at 1:00 sharp, opening remarks, the Besson case, but the Lennon case is yet to be released to us, ...ah, divide and conquer until then I guess, later you guys."


                                                          SCENE XIII

     -"I'm seriously hain contemplating not attending graduation and just returning to the states with you, mom say it's fine with her, whatever I, well, we decide. Am I hurting you, laying on your back like this? You can never hurt me little girl, I don't kno nine month pregnant I could, yeah but nine month pregnant you couldn't lay on my back like this. So, so what? So Collin Hain Aggart, what you think? Do you really Drea want to miss your graduation? No, but I care more about being separated from you, than being present at graduation, then I'll just stay here until then, my parents would love it and I'm sure your mom would love to see you walk with your class, ....but Hain, what of your classes? On, hold, indefinitely until I return ....you never told me that, ...it's only some music classes, Jazz and such, I'll pick that back up in no time. Plus I have to start thinking like a married man, and soon perhaps a father, just as I did when I asked and married you, so that's settle, you walk with your class. We honeybun leave for New York just as soon, and possibly Paris, I heard the others talking about that, I mean living in the states is already like a fantasy for us, but France Sole. Becoming apart of the Paris Globe, of New Africa and all that, there's nothing beyond it but heaven itself, but Collin Hain heaven itself, I know, I know, I just shake my head and smile everytime I think about it.You, this marriage bed has made me so hungry, glad you mention it, we're all meeting for dinner, and guess what Mrs. Aggart, I call the shower first ......ahhhhhhhhhh, you got me, it's about time, ah, how long you been planning that one, ah, no, I don't trust you, get off me woman, okay, I'm gonna shake you off, I could join you, yeah but that's not a shower, that's a change venture of a marriage bed, I'm not falling it this time, ..ready, set, go! No, no, no, what you mean ready, set, go? I already called it, just play fair, it ain't gonna kill you, it haven't killed me all this time. Kassle said she really believed Sole was dead, do you know how scary that is? Yes, said he broke down mightily about it last night himself, said he cried, climbed into her and cried like a baby, said he kept going on about seeing something, but, he, ...where you, ah no, no, no, you really think you slick, no, you stand right there, here's your robe and all, ...I can't believe you got me like that, you is so bad, you beautiful but you bad wife, I don't believe you.     >>>"Don't Lynn, please don't, if you do, i'm going to as well, Tiffany, I've never seen anything like it, the lace kinda look like hand, ...that's stunning bride because they are hands, ...what, ...yes and I'll tell you all about it only if you stop crying, ....okay, okay, I'm done. Like I only told Erica, I designed this magical dress when I was only seventeen. Even then, I crafted it in a way that it appear even as I wear it, that my mother's hands are intertwined all though it's entirety, her hands design it, formed it and are keeping it, us, all together. There is a poem that goes with it, I call mother dear, Chère Mère, here Lynn, in French, wedding now name for it, your wedding dress, ...an invincible gown, woven hands, a mother dear poem, all Tiffany for your mom, ...not, Lyn just my mom, for mother dear period ...okay, okay, okay no crying, but when I tell Nun, he will cry as well, he's really sensitive like that, at first I hated that about him, now Tiffany is the part about him I simply eat up, I still, don't know how I deserve this, Lyn, just think, God so loved the world that he sacrificed everything unto us a divine son, because he found us worthy, surely this phenom of a dress, as Nicholas say, isn't greater than that, not even close, I know that lynn, because nothing is great than God's love for us, that's perfect, now Erica our lead seamstress and the others will be tomorrow, she will give you and it another fitting and that's it beautiful, asian princess, now it's Dissasasion time, I can't thank you enough, this is tiffany beyond all I ever imagine, and just think, you still have your wedding, your honeymoon with that delicious Nun Con'Nah Lue, and then Lyn, eternal happiness that never, evers fades, tarnish nor divorces of itself, now you better run, you have court in less than forty minutes, Tynan, Tynan, please come, com, help, help!" {{{ "No, no, she's trying to say something, ha, her mom, go get her mom, she at throat, she's probably, thirsty, Tyler, do you know me? Yes, she nod yes, that mean her head is alright, Crates, lets go, here come her, family, we'll right outside the door, ...ah man I guess y'all prayers work, according to god words and promises Socrates prayer always, the prayers of a righteous man profit much it says. And the unrighteous? The prayers of the unrighteous, unless they're repentant, asking God's forgive can't, won't reach God, that's what Christ Jesus Cros is for, hey, what say we go to the cafe and get us something to eat. So, you're mainly station in New Africa, what does that mean? Well just look at as the continuance of Dr, King Dream, all of this babel began there and it's there and it's surrounding Judaism and Islamic regions it will end. Those not worthy to escape Armageddon, need safe haven, like the escapees of Israel are to get to petra, New Africa will be an alike haven for the young marriage worshippers and all other who want to escape the desolations of the America, the world as we know it, so write now it's at the schematic stage but with so many millions beginning to fund it, it won't be long before it's all realized. i hear all you guys are married, if so what was you interest in Tyler in the beginning? Not, that, though I'm not married, ...excuse me, the comey, the phone, Bronze Coten here, oh, hello Tatiau, it is good hearing from you, ..I receive your flowers and invitation to dinner, yes, I would love to dine with you, discuss the nuptial and prenuptial, then I will pick you promptly at 8:00, love and kisses until Tatiau until then, love and kisses to you Bronze as well, goodbye. As I was saying, my brother Medicine and I are the only ones who're yet to marry, and Tyler had more so those feeling at me than I had at her, what to drink? I'm admiring this lemon-aid, I think Bronze I will have this as well, so did you Tyler was a recruiter for T=kamb or you only suspected? I began to realize there was an affiliation there, but nothing like that, like this, I mean what if she had gone through with it? Well ,I learn the Paris Globe Socrates had us under it's screens of security all the time, ..what does this mean for Tyler and Joakim now, do you have any ideal? You're asking me, just as such the trouble maker, you are asking me, trusting me? Just as we can make bad decisions Socrates we can make good ones as well, do you know how long since I've had a cheese beef, burger? It's always Turkey, and I'm so enjoying it, ...well I know why you ask, they'll, T-Kamb will be looking to get revenge on them, yeah explaining the police security, but once that's done, i guess one of these dorms, I mean after whatever incarceration time. The Tyler I knew loved school. learning, she want to be an instructor herself one day, so yes, higher education is her thing, mine to I guess, so I guess you can show us where to sign up. Does she know how much you care about her, Tyler know, she just like to kick the dust of it back in my face that's all, but it's no matter, right, love is sacrificial. You know, right before this happen there was rumor, she's pregnant and one of the upstanding, Paris Globe, spirit leaders the culprit, though now of ever touched us, ...I can only Mr. Deburk say, I hop not, I hope that it was all a hoist, but if now, as I said, I'll even sacrifice to be here for her."

                                                            SCENE XIV

     ...So Mr. Deburk, it's more like you're visiting France, because you actually like in Kenya? Exactly, have you Tatiau ever considered living somewhere other than America, I mean of course before now? No, I must admit when i read your offer it was just a passing things that brushed against me and that was all the contact we had and no more thought was given to it, but when you invited me to sit in conference at FPD Fashion, I then knew how truly, deeply serious you were and my heart just leaped up, out, whichever way you want to say, ..what eve it is Mr. Deburk why don't you just say it? Your eyes are just so mesmerizing, both alluring and dangerous, ...as is your everything Mr. Deburk is, intoxicating, I'm sure  ..my everything, you say? I don't think Tatiau anyone has ever been that generous as to compliment, thank you, I hope you're enjoying your lobster, I am thank you, and you? Most definitely, if I'm not Tatiau mistaken, we did agree to a free name basis , or have I been, dishonoring you all this time? I'm, no, you're right, we did agree, I guess I'm a bit nervous, ...why? I'm sorry, ...why are you nervous? I really don't know, I guess I'm so make a good impression, who would you Tatiau approach the young marriage situation, surely the offer Mr. Deburk made is the best answer, Then how would you start, even where would you start, ah, getting funded, right,but at the same time you have to have a plan on paper, something tangible even if it's just the skeleton or barely even that, I mean I fear we are already at a lost of time, they're coming, I mean everything they see him, hear him, it's like bells of summoning them going off  and they're coming, Dissuasion is hardly keeping up with he calling in, ...yeah, the same the Paris Globe, I still can only believe it, we watch this beautiful young man ask billions of young to pretty much follow him as he follow Christ, ..and Tatiau it's like they all said, ah okay,  where do we find you? Both Bronze amazing and intimidating, desert, I;m sorry, will me, Tatiau, be staying for desert? You mind if I ask you, Tatiau? Ah my mother said she just cut the name Titania short, and when instead with Cadence Titiau, ...very creative,  ...no, no it's not creative? No, on desert, you asked about desert, then, the night being still young, will escort to a dance? I have friends celebrating a birthday, I kinda told them if I had time we would swing by, ..sure, I'm not ready to be without your company so soon anyway, ...again so generous, ...asking of name, your's is, Bronze Coten, right? It's Bronze Coten, Field, ..let me help you with your chair ...and all of you have such artist names? Correct, my brother Apache Arrow, is the only who elected to have an alias as Alyn Tristan, Alyn, thank for be so honest, when I only sat contemplating how best not to end this night, I'm glad we feel the name. I need to stop and make a visit at the hospital, a victim of T-kamb, I guess you say kinda felled in our lap so we been keeping a close eye. T-kamb, to, kill, a mocking bird, kinda clever, yes, Tatiau as clever as they are deadly. Take it from one whose been ensnared by one of their hooks and this young lady we're going to see was the intended bate, now we're hoping the pregnancy was a malaise as well."     >>>Ah leave him alone, he's riddle-struck by a mystery, Tynan, ...the flower, candy, mystery? I didn't tell you medicine but it didn't take Mr. Veneer long at all, i''m taking only days to figure out how, what, where, how and why, you already Ann man said how, and this is a chapel guys, talk be do it quietly. So you Saber been dragging my heart aloof this made aware? You said all such research for us, for ourselves, that if it's all games and fun you want to know nothing, so that's all this is, games, riddles and fun, according to Mr. Veneer findings it's all just that. This is all serious, someone is sending you flowers? Yes, Sioux, all with a genius riddle I've deemed mission butter, as to make fun of one of  nature's most precious mysteries, ...is that Medicine woman or butterflies? Ha, Ha, Ha, Lion, make all the fun you want but Saber says I must be the only one of you doing something right, seeing this has never happen before, the gift, includes, Maaseiah's chocolate colognes explaining why our little brother smell so damn good, ....chapel, Anne careful, ah sorry, ...you're wearing Maaseiah's Chocolate line, man you are going up, going up, Sioux man, I am grown, ...which one, the Almond, ah, Collin Hain, I haven't tried that one yet, I want some, ...that sound Lion like an issue between you and yours wife, I'm told it make woman follow you everywhere, I can't do that to my sister-in-law, guys, guys, you're laughing out loud, it sound really special what's she's doing in the dark right, I mean you're yet to meet her right, ...you scared me there Sioux, when you said in the dark, I thought you was referencing Maaseiah's recent lingerie line, I think Sioux brother, you're forgetting for one, I dare I consider such things, I'm not married, but thanks for the reminder of what I'm missing, I'm out, I'm gonna run by Bronze's, say he's to spend the lounging about.     >>>Aw, why are you biting my hand, it shouldn't look and smell so good, ...you know you gonna have not shave, that facial stubble make you look blistering delicious, and I'm sorry Tony Decorte i just can't have it, I'm sorry about the none pregnancy, sorry, after that amazing into heaven of trying, I wish I could stay, tangled into these hand these mighty arms, a the nutrients we're ever tony need, forever, you make me feel so good, so safe, so centered, I guess I'm trying to say, we're perfect and speeding into perfection, ditto babe to everything you're saying.  is there anything else you can tell me about Caspian, or does remembering him Ash, those time I was such a monster according to Mire a little too much?              



     -Who's there forgetting it's my off day? It's Medicine and I didn't forget, open the door Bronze man, I need to talk to you, this my lounge day man, talk about what? Tynan, okay, the mystery gift, riddle, really Bronze man you got me spilling my business in this hall? Okay, okay, if that's really you, what did dead keep along side his bed for night protection? A bat, Bronze man, now open this door so I can kill you. Sorry Med man, can't be too careful these days, just use Tyler and company as an example, you want ice cream, some pop corn, you pregnant or on a timeout? No, I'm off the very day tatiau begin working at the globe, who the heck fixed that schedule, huh? Speaking of which, really, you hav clothes everywhere, it's my bedroom Med man, not moms nor yours, how the date go? Lets just say, she and I both kept coming uu with reasons why it shouldn't end and I come only itches from being on my knees asking for her hand i marriage, and right now I'm doing everything i can to distract from the phone, a propals date perhaps,  I know, I know, that chapter haven't been written, now of them have been written yet, you and Titiau are yet in the imagination state, if you too showed to be so instinct, what you want to bet, she's at work dodging her office phone, as well, wishing for your call, and trying not to call you.  No doubt you heard about my mysterious mask marauder spinning webs of flowers and chocolates both edible and cologne samples, so you two yet haven't met? ah could you put on some plants you lounging around, what you don't like these floral prints, I don't like imaging wha may be peeking at or falling out at me. You come to, to my flat, my day off, my lounge round day, yet here I am leg by leg putting on pants, ....look I am thinking, about asking tatiua to be my escort to the cherchez la femme grand opening, wedding, why don't you do like a switch and used a flowers o invite this Tynan? I can't, I don't know how to find her, didn't you  say Me. Veneer  on the case, surely he know by now how to find her  and ho impressive that's to be for her or bronze again, it's to scare her away, but the news from Mr. Veneer is it' all fun and games, so no foul play, thnk ai said now Med man, you know to reach, her, ..and you Bronze with godo ideal, ony the wedding is in on night, yes, just enough  time, ..you are gonna call her? No, I'm to tak my own advice, invite her florally, what is there more Med man to think about?  'm sure like Tatiau she's a beauty beyond repair, ...that's not it, once we meet all this these riddles and mystery will stop .don't you know yourself? Not as creative as you are, as creative as this Tynan has shown herself to be, well invite your girl, ...or I'll invite her, ...she is Bronze really, pretty, what you gonna do, I'm going to the floral shop with you, I'll be going through your fig until you get ready, we could call it, ...no, too impersonal, ...come on, you're my brother, so I know you got some romance in you, ....you better be right about me, Med man, don't worry, I am.     >>>You told them that? But you Nihcolas don't feel like  duck out of water, I do, ah whenever I'm at that place, making be here all the more miserable, well that's us Tiffany, we are one, prick you, remember, prick me, ah us, I just don't want them turning on you because of me, another reason I should just go home, at least move out the castle, are you serious, you love  it there, absolutely love it. I don't like this Tiffany, are you telling me what is so painfully obvious, ..that you Nicholas have an entirely multinational team, because Macremore and vance are to sam face that thy are prejudice? It make sense of something Mrs. Clifton said to me, and tried to smooth over, whether or not Tiffany my finance is a non-white, not believing what I thought I was hearing, my response must have told in my voice because she quickly changed the subject. The only part ta doesn;t make sense, ..oh only one part doesn't take sens to you, ..well their great white hope is still a white male, ...or tiffany what appear to be a white mother, even a white son, my mother was as much african american, as she was white american, ...wow, if they knew that they just may review and resign from every offer Nichols they've made up to now. Nicholas, don't be so long faced, their meanness shouldn't bother you one way or another, yeah I know, but I'm sorry to admit beloved it does, it really does, ah, Nicholas, please, this isn't worth these priceless tears, they're not worth them, only Tiffany you wasn't there, you didn't see what my parents had to suffer because of this kind of ugliness, I got to get back, you okay back to the shop, the castle? I am, okay, ...love you, can't wait to get back to you, ..you know we got that fitting late? I  really don't feel like it, how about early tomorrow, in the morning, please, I beg you? Okay, see you, ...see you later sweetheart.  {{{"My god, they send us an entire relocation packet, all expenses paid, however can they afford this or I'm looking at and questioning a gifted horse ro whatever it's said? father gave us this,  this what is, it's a card access to our inheritance, it's banks and saving accounts with our names on them, all, this mean our relocation to France is done, sound and paid for definitely, not Ivar including our wives wedding dowry, we can donate to the nuptial, prenuptial dorms and have plenty, ...you have done this, as I look to the heaven, you heavenly father has worked us a miracle, the wealth of the wicked is stored up for the just, as so it is father, God, as so it is, on to graduation, just another hill done, and we're gone, we're gone, ah my god france, Itcus, we're moving to france, becoming a part of the paris globe, i don't know whether to laugh, cry or both, sit down  or shout and dance, it is ashame to be happy? I doubt for it is written, the joy of the lord is my strength, ....better call Belize with the news of it, good, I'll call Dome, when my chores are done, so I can just lay and lay for all of it's enjoyment, twin brother, yes? We're going to live in France, I know, such a mission impossible, turn miracle, go, go, go tell your girl, ..but I was gonna call her, ..no, such news should be face to face, go, I'll cover for you, if Pepe ask, go, I see as with momma shouting hallelujah the loudest all the way there and back!"           


                                                        SCENE XVI

     -I was told to find a tynan for help, and how many I help I have an invitation from the paris globe to the wedding opening, but I don't if I can afford anything here, well, one, I'm sorry it's Tatiau, the Paris Globe get a huge discount here, is this invite from the global news center itself, or more personal? It's from, ah, ah, god his, name, is, ah Bronze, ah Coten, then lets find something worth to that name, I know, he is so heart crippling gorgeous, all the Globe's male are as you say unspeakably stunning, but one thing he won't expect is you wearing this, something akin to his name, what do think? All the gowns unless personally ordered are sized from six to eight, now if you don't, ah like, Tatiau, you alright? I've never seen anything so amazing,  it's Bronze, yes, just as he is  ...you're saying I can wear that, it look something a queen would wear, lets see, what size are you, ...an eight, ..look at that, so is the dress so meant to be, Tatiau wouldn't you say,  you can wear it shoulderless, of with this cloak simply edible cloak. I say Titiau with the shoulder throw, not only does it add a little picaboo to you, it mean every time Bronze the gentleman is to insist upon it, it bring him close to your smooth, edible, perfume neck, and again he just can't wait  ...uh, hu, like that explanation, then Tynan the cloak it is, If look a further ahead to the right, I need you to pit a perfect lingerie, lingerie, what does this have to with undergarment? It's being prepared Tatiau, I don't know if you know, but the paris globe believe in what they call Juttah vows, meaning they can their female, anywhere, whenever and however they want, you like bride could come into this wedding, don't get the edible kind, edible, they have, never mind, what would you choose, ...what did I choose, edible, I would love to have y Mr. Deburk to bit me in my places whenever and wherever, your Mr. deburk, yes, Medicine Bow, though we're yet to meet, ah yeah, those lashes that go on forever and when he does open his eyes,  all you see is blue sky,  ...ah my god you're her, you're the flower, candy girl, the whole publishing building is gospeling about it, you have completely slain him, hell them all, how so clever, what made you think of it? What me think it? So this i your choice, I like it, not, edible but still, what goes on in marriage beds stays in marriage beds, well you  tynan have pretty eyes yourself, you Asian? Cambodian, the Bride, Ly Lyn, she's asian, so pretty, her slanted eyes, like an Asian princess, well her finance, Mr Nun Con'Nan, that is such a fine asian male, eyes to die for, but look at yor eyes, grey, smoky, really the color of my gown, have you meet Mrs. Saurus, Coogan, the one Tatiau responsible for all of this, talk about eyes, her Toti, are golden, brown, did I just give you a nickname? Sorry, it's okay, I kinda miss hearing it, ...well her eyes are a little lighter than the color of your dress, so remarake, she is too, if you think the Globe men are breathtakingly beautiful, so is she, so amazing, and Her husband,  Attorney at law, Nicholas Coogan, drop dead gorgeous, that's why Tatiau, uuh, did I stick you? No, ...anyway you gonna see a lot of an amazing looking people in and out of this place, it's an affiliation  of the US, FPD, fashion center, you know what, why am I telling you this? I forgot you was there for that huge conference, yes, but I didn't know this was there's as well, ...my eyes and wandering heart just grows, and grows with it, it's so astonishing, I'll tell what's gonna be beyond astonishing, the wedding, it's like royalty Tatiau,  just wait, ...may I ask about a styling shop? Yes, though we will have one here, for staging models we don't as yet, I'm going to the one in building across the street, the Monae, I been watching their clientail and it's impressive what they do.'     >>>{{{"Please don't tell me hello Erica from a Dissasion phone, what are you still doing there, Sissy and the others as well, right? Dammit and you guys swear you love me, dalm down Tiffany Ann Saurus, Coogan, they could only fit us all on a late flight, so we're here three more hours, then on a flight to there, ETA eight o'clock Am, sharp, what? It's not like you're not ready, as so Nickie, the dress salon all ...it's not that, ah, I think a lot just changed here and it's getting more and more cloudy, as of a major storm, I can feel it, see it Erica, it's coming. I mean, we so need this Wedding Extravaganza of an opening ...and it's happening Tiffany as we speak, like everything else, at record speed, still, is it okay Tip I didn't understand anything you just said? Yeah girl, get in a hurry, all of you and get here, I think Nicholas just realized I may be a little too brown skin for his career in France, ....wait ah, what the hell that you just say? Nothing, I'm just tired working day and night, this wedding, ...that should be yours, ..please I hear that from Nicholas enough, ...well Tip he's right, ..says the best friend who eloped, ...wait is Mat coming, yes, but not with us, he'll arrive in time for wedding, ..plus it's not even about Mat and I, that is your specially made mother's day/wedding day, wedding gown ...I see it as ours, all of ours, us, our mothers, all, okay. Look, don't forget your ideals for the lingerie shop, as I said, just do them with your measurement and your husband lustful mind in design then we'll fit them to order, ...and you'll be surprised of what comes out, please, please call me when ya'll on the way, ...I will babe, I will, ....okay, okay, just hurry, rescue me!"}}}  "Tiffany, ....I thought I saw you, are you stalking Nicholas and I? Yes and no, ...and that is a ridiculous answer Mr. Veneer or whatever the hell your name is, ...turn look at me, ..you see I know, if hearing your voice make me shiver, seeing you eye, to eye. Just leave me alone, it's gone on like you're dead, just as you planned, so live with it, I am. So you're babe, honey, not gonna see me standing right behind you, the phone area? No, I guess I feel the same way you felt in Jerusalem, when you refused me, over and over, again, I was terrified for your safety, my being out of your life as dead and buried keep you safe. So Mr Veneer you say, please, just go away, please, or I'll place a restraining order on you,  go to the authorities, ...then as you wish,  ....Mr. Artelon wife, what do you know? I know Tiffany that's a question you need to ask your father, just keep me out of it. I love you and I miss you Tiffany, so much. Please don't do that, I'm his now, hook, line and sinkers, I'm happy, I'm even content, so you say, got it all together, only as you're powerless to even look at me, can't say that's really convincing. Bye Tiffany or should I say, Maaseiah Adonai, meaning I wasn't the only one going by an alias, now was I? Stay away from him, from Nicholas, from me, I'll deal with my father my way, ...madam, were you talking to me? No, yes, have the phone, I'm done, I'm done, excuse me, ...breath Tiffany, you can't splash water on your face, you'll mess up your makeup, ah my god. I can't believe that just happen, and he's right, I wasn't going by my own name, but, but I wasn't working undercover, either, or was I? Am I, am I just as guilty as he is? Why couldn't I look at him? Starring in those golden, blurred by tears eyes, wiping her long, acorn strands to side, always a signal she was nervous or a bit upset, a slight brush both sides of dampen, caramel color, well Nicholas would say, flavored cheeks. You is Maaseiah Adonai so beautiful, crippling and astonishing to so many, but what is that worth in this world if you're a none white? I'm coming, responding to someone knocking on the restroom door, I'll be right out."     {{{"I'm just getting plenty of you today, huh? Guess what was waiting on my desk, another gift packet, flowers, candies, both kinds, more of the riddle and only this time Bronze with an invitation to the wedding extravaganza? You're kidding, no, so not kidding, ..hey, what can I say? Brilliant poets and minds think alike, well see at the grand opening, we can decide what to wear together. It's black tie dufus, Bronze, there's no guessing in that, ...the hair salon then, get all dallied up, yeah, see you then brother, I have sweet candies, colognes and riddles to ge to, ..then I leave you to enjoy. 

My Medicine Bow Sign

     I’ve only lived a short time yet I’ve lived forever, I’ve only known a few people yet I'm known by everyone,  I only have eyes for you, yet my vision isn’t clear, I miss you so much, though I little miss you. I was born into this world without a say from me, my parents loved and I was born, what about you? I’ve found you, ah my god I’ve lost you, yet here you are right beside me, inside me, you and I are one, yet I am alone, I am alone. 
     -I know who made you and you say no way, I know where you come from and you say not that place, I know who you are and you say that’s not me, I know that you are mine and you say not this time. I can see you and you say I am blind, I can hear you and you say I am deaf, I can feel you here, there, up, down and all around and you say you’re this distant away from town. 
    -I say I’m crying and you say its laugher, I say I’m dying and you say I’m very much alive, I say I’m gone and you say I’m near, I say I hear you and you say, you’re nowhere near me. Your skin is like silk, your tongue like milk, your blood like honeycomb and your substance on mine this priceless imbibe, I know that you are mine and you say not this time.
     -I came to find you and you say you’re not lost, I seek to be near you and you say you can’t be found, I long to know you and you say you’re unreachable, I’m keeping you here, yet the window is open, I’m keeping you near me, yet the drapes are blowing and I just know it. 
     I say I love you and you say it’s heartless, I say I adore you and you say you doubt it, I say I’m coming for you and you say that’s impossible.  I say I must have you and you say dream about It, I say I’m nothing without you and you say I’m all things regardless, I say you’re countless and you say prove it.
     -I say I’m clueless without you and you say how flattering is that? I say you’re gone away from me, this butterfly to the yonder breeze and you say you are right here light breaths from me. I know that I lost you, this bitter to sweet rage in me, that misses you dearly, this is how I know you are mine and you say, all the time, one Heart Breathe, Beat away, thine own, Tynan, now, where am I? 

    -As I said before Med man, it's stunning, ...yeah the globe want to publish it in poetry's window, but like I told them it's not mine, it's hers, even if that, you did tell me your stylist gonna work me in? Yeah med man, yeah, i'm just saying look at this wait, ...anyway I agree with you, you need to talk Tynan before you even think about publishing that, it's so fitting, mission butterfly, as Med man in, impossible right, the ins and outs, up and down, even seesaw uncertainty of relationships, right, ...ye, but working it all out in the end, so now it's your turn, right? Flowers, chocolate, Maaseiah's perfumes samples, and your own riddle, I can't wait, ..that wait may be long, I do a little poetry, but riddles, nall, Bronze man, don't even go there. You know, if she wrote this, she wrote it right out of her heart your heart it's target, ..I know that and that's the part, that so intimidating. I brought something for you, what is this, whose picture is this? I can tell you I got that from boss man, Mr. Veneer, ..are you, are you saying this is Tynan? I thought it was about time you saw her, wait a minute, is this cheating? Cheating really, you don't think she know how you look, up, down, and all around? She is that stunning and she's a model for the FPD Center, on commission here, the cherchez la femme salon, meaning when we go there later, you probably gonna see her, they're expecting us at 10:00 sharp, I told you she would be beautiful, she look like an asian princess, she is exquisite 
wait a minutes how do I know this isn't som mockery of your? You don't, ..Mr. Deburk, ready for you,  what are we doing? I have black tie wedding to attend, very special lady, ...and you bro,  just gonna trust your brother, ...beautiful, she is that alright ..but on commission, hello Tynan, can't wait to meet you. I'm ready for you mr. deburk as well, so what are we doing? What he, ah said, ...go ya! That's your lady, think so, yes, you think so, what one of those mail order brides , do they still do that? I some countries, legal and illegal guess the most are looking for tat green card . how do know when one actually care about you or your credentials?      >>>You know I'm trying read this, ..no you're not, you're thinking about what those stylist said and you trying t bury in it that magazine, of course they can be right, but Med man, they can right about any such person of unaware come into our lives including Tatiau as well, ...do you think Tynan is a digger for gold or the heart? I can only assume bronze as with your lady love we can only know with, so be careful lest they take our heart, well hurry up time, I'm poised with wedding vows in hand and heart. I'm talkin to you, talk t me, I told you to drive, when you drive Bronze you don't need to talk so much, plus you are beginning to sound nervous, perhaps a glance in the mirror when you ask me such questions. Nall I'm pretty positive Cadence is the real thing, who? That's her name, haven't you, Cadence Tatiua Pittman, and soon Deburk, ..pretty name, only without the Deburk part, ah, wow Med man, that was hateful, nall it just sound that way cause the truth hurt. How you think it is really, being married? Really, Cot, man, you have several, married older brothers and you ask one whose as green as you about such things, you do know who you talking to right? So no thought, no imagination, all I tell you is how feel anticipating speeding tim with her and that's nervous and elated at the same time, and I think Cot, an, once you put give it and put it out there, everything else just come natural, it's what's this it, the hart Bronze Coten Man, the heart, a man is what his heart is.


                                                   SCENE XVII
     -"Did you forget about me, about meeting for dinner? I'm sorry I probably did, I'm just not that hungry, well, I'm famished, I wait for over an hour, mind both phones, well nicholas make up your mind, you want me to work, you don't want me to work? This not about that and you know it, there is a time to work Tiffany and there is leisure time, to be honest after what happened earlier I didn't think you wanted to be seen with me, not in public, ....what are talking about? This is drawing is amazing Tiffany,  it's a prom dress I sketched long ago, but I never finished it, ...ah, so, what's going on, we're past being cynical, so just our with it, so we can got eat. If Nicholas, I'm not good enough for Macremore and Vance than perhaps I'm not just the priceless artifact you, all treasure after all, ...and this design of a suite, Tiffany? Something new with something old stirred softly into the collar, the buttons, black, tie all, that is now Nicholas your wedding suit, this? But it's, ...no, that just the sketch of it, it's been finished,  it's hanging right over there for your fitting, if you want do it now, ...no, I want all pencil, stencil and paper down, I want your hand in mine, yeah, right there and I want my wife to come to dinner with me, you can pause all of this Tiffany. It'll be here when we return, I ate by myself a lot when you was in the US, I'm not doing it while you're here and I'll be glad to try on that awesome, awesome suit when we get back,  getting it off is gonna be the problem, please, Thompson is waiting, ..okay, okay, okay, ...thank you, thought about you all day, couldn't wait to get back to you. Look, you remember that photo of my parents that Barbara had such a problem with? Yes, when she learn her Coogan sons weren't as blue blood as she thought, but like all Americans Nicholas, multicolor, yes that one. I rushed off from you earlier feeling and acting awkward because I needed to get word to Syefan to get a copy of it to me, I beloved then took it to a photo and frame shop. Now, that same picture, is hanging this beautiful frame my office wall and when someone ask, I'm waaay too happy Tiffany to tell them those are my parents and my brilliance extends from my brilliant parents. Nicholas Coogan, nall you didn't, yes, and I'm sorry if I made you feel in any way insignificant, that can never, ever happen, you are one of the most priceless being on this plant, one it's great wonders Maaseiah, all it's own and if you allow me, if you help me and take this lead of me, I want treasure you into the last breath I take, Mr. Thompson this witness ....here, hear Mrs. Coogan, hear, here,  ...then forgive me darling man, ...ummmm, that kiss is always so damn sexy, tearing, trembling and aching all through me, do it again Nicholas Edin, for the rest of my life!"     >>> "So, what you think? Well I Bronze asked Mr. Veneer, what does he think? He said, we abandoned her, T-kamb get what it want, if we support her, a tution into a beneficial career, it's what's T-Kamb despise and regret more than anything. That's about what Socrates said when I asked him, only you Sioux should've seen his face when I asked, he felt so honored and dishonored of an answer when I asked him, but he gave an like Mr. Veneer answer. So did you procure you a date for tonight, did you even check the comey  dating cite? You mean Bronze since Maaseiah Adonai is taken, married and all? So brother is that a yes or no, does the sun see extra bright to you? I have a date, an acquaintance of Merianna's, I think you meet her, Ann's birthday, ...I met her, she's Meri's sister in law and If I remember, she really like you. Well you can calm it with the match making, this Bronze is not that, then when, when will it Sioux be about that, you're the only one of my older brothers not married, you say that at me Bronze as if you tell me what I don't know, when I marry it will not be by an arrange of my family, but god's heart to mine and he and I bronze, the brother I love know what that is, So I need you to start on a tution packet for Tyler and her brother's, and her brother? Yes, we're not leave anything for those sharks, when come to the globe I want us to for T-kamb one missed opportunity after another and the percentage we get from funding Mr. Deburk alone will more than fund the nuptial, prenuptia dorms. You know she will be there tonight, it's the grand her opening of her Paris dress salon, Maaseiah doesn't know me from Adam, plus she was there, her FPD center and we made no contact, ...actually no, maaseiah was here, Maaseiah wa in pras dpingthe that conference, that's why I didn't see her? All I know, she was here, while we were there, she was here working on the grand opening that is tonight,  just be careful  Sioux noel or you find your coveting another's wife, thanks for head up, now what that packet? I'm on it, lightening speed even, she you and Meri tonight, ..you're escorting Cadence Tatiau right and Medicine his secret flower, candy girl, ah Tynan?  Really Sioux, more Asian, princesses looking, I put that picture in his hand and he couldn't put it down, while, if she's as pretty as you say,  who's to blame him, already, alright then, later, yeah, you too."     

                                              SCENE XVIII

     -"I followed you, come out to tell you, you are missing the grand opening of cherchez la femme and it first of many to come phenom weddings that you is grand host of. Ly Lynn father is speaking, Soledad song and the wedding dance is next and none Tiffany can believe that immeasurable gown she has on, fastly becoming an eighth world wonder itself. Erica said the same as you, since it's that gown, that this should've been your amd my wedding, yeah, but that has past into hopefully another opportunity, maybe our daughter will have such a wedding, huh? Even this dress you have on, also getting much attention, so many comments, what color is this? It's a green, ah pistachio, ...and this is your design?It's mostly Erica's design, therefore Nicholas the tight fit, only this back of the neck, rose pebble shape, is my origart addition, and of course this odd color, in question. I know I keep asking about all of this, but, it's just that I had no ideal, you are so incredibly talented. Nicholas, I know how expensive seaside property is, how highly valued, the here in Paris, I can't imagine what you're paying for this building. To be honest, as I Tiffany image us up her, this balony just like this, looking out across the ocean view of a Paris skyline, I just couldn't resist. I, I, keep thinking Nicholas, tears and all, how I really hurt him, I mean I really did and it's tearing me up inside, my heart is like wax, melting, all. Now I can't get the imagining of it out of my head, I, I can't get over how cruel and unfeeling I was, even after knowing he'd sacrificed everything to keep me safe, everything Nicholas, even to keep us safe. I couldn't even look at him, he asked, even begged, what the hell is wrong with me, what the hell does that say about me? I couldn't even turn and look at him, the man I'd just risked my life and did risk Agurus's life to see, to prove, ah god Nicholas, I don't know, I only know that if Michael Day ir Cullen Veneer is alive, I just with such insolence picked apart his heart and slayed him all over again.  I guess, you right, I need to get back, you coming? You go ahead, I'm right behind you, ...come, I want to be there when they throw the rice and when she throw the bouquet, so come, hurry, .plus I want dance ...I'm right there, I promise, ..ah, how my face look, crying and all? Flawless, golden eyes and all, ...go, go, I'm behind you.  Hello everyone, I'm Soledad Maurice, I want to bring everyone to attention, although the newly wedded request is my version of the song, 'Stand By Me,' thank everyone, thanks. I want to ask my bedazzling wife Kassel Berlyn to come and join us, thanks again, I present for the wedding dance, newly wedded, Mr and Mrs. Nun Con'Nah Lue, ...Mrs. Lue, ...Mr. Lue, you smell and look so incredible, and I so feel like asking you to pinch me, this might is so impossible, but my heart, blood is so infected with it Lynn, I'm to take that wonderment as to mean this is so phenomenally happening. I am new husband, crying happy tears because I can't believe I'm now married to Nun Con'Nah Lue, ...everybody, everybody please, come, join us ...Mrs Sissy Coogan may I have this dance? Take my arm Erica Lynn, I wanna dance with my temptress wife. ...Meri, would you, tickled Sioux, too, I've never been to a grand opening wedding before.  I feel like cinderella at the ball, so I can't imagine how the bride must be feeling, I been to weddings before, but nothing like this, no where near this ...yeah,  Miss Maaseiah Saurus, it's host, is kidda magical to mystical like that, just this indescribable heart that infect so beautifully Meri everything she put her hand's, it's sweetheart too, ...so how long have known her? I've never met her, but I like to think Meri, I've known her all my for all that is eternally my life, ah what a stunning job, escort me over for something to drink, ...Ah, wow speaking of Mrs Saurus, I think she's about to sing, yes, yes she is singing, can she, sing I mean? I believe she can do anything she want and do it excellently well, ...wow, Whitney Houston's, I will always love you, and just as flawless, even better, I guess that answer that question, to look like a goddess and sing like an angel, she is as remarkable as say.     >>>"The eiffel tower is the first thing I'm to visit, you  know once we get all fitted in and stuff, ...the entirety of Paris Ivar is a relic with ancient fame, just being there is a wonderment all it's own, Let alone you guys, making a residence there, ...it's Hain beyond imaging and y'all excuse me while I don't believe it until we're actually with a residence there, you so right, Itcus man. I hope you all remember right now y'all Tiffany is there, husband and all, ...well, Maaseiah anyway, ...yeah Hain but by the time we make it there she'll probably be back in the states. Have you all told her about all of this? According to Desrek Alum, the of tribe of the Paris Globe, while it's alias Tristan Alyn Deburk, count his May, Tiffany as some type of oracle. I never understood, what does that mean? Desrek said it's what prophet Isaiah is referencing when he ask to whom is the arm of the word revealed, and the answer is to his oracle, well Jesus is his right hand,  ...and one day the Bride will be his left hand, so I guess either can be considered an oracle. I never Hain saw the Bride in that manner of reign, but it makes sense, even John hearing it said, that the spirit and Bride sayeth come. As in bidding some to the marriage supper, so it make sense ...even you all that one day she could be dubbed Lord Urusalem, ...Lord Urualem, that sound like Jerusalem, what that mean Hain man? Ah, like, city of peace, ....again Hain man,  it make sense, Lord Jerusalem and Lord Urusalem, prince of peace and city of peace. Okay you two, come on, more, more about that unspeakable Paris, grand opening, wedding, ....unforgettable, right Kas, totally, make me wonder, is it sacrilegious to have two weddings, that event was so incredible. Yeah, yeah Mrs lady, but you had a beautiful wedding, we are the only ones Kas, weddingless, ...weddingless, Belize really, is that a word? I told you, if you want a wedding that's fine with me, just plan it without me and show me where to stand doing it. I'm sure these ladies here, especially the way Kassel hooked you all up for the prom, ...would love to help you all. What about you Dome, ...how about you guys a double wedding, how much crazy fun would that be? It would be even more crazy fun if Drea here, make it a triple wedding, ...ah my lord. Drea, I'm so sorry, you're always so quiet. Could we do this, could we rise to this mission impossible and have a triple wedding? I don't know about you guys, but that sound so crazy, it'll keep us totally busy until graduation and relocation, you all are serious, a triple wedding? I mean it's no different than a single one, just three bride's dresses, standing along side of each other and repeating the vows toward our husband, that take what? Less than thirty minutes, the rest is like planning a big party, we can hire a wedding planner for that, I've alway wanted to say that, we can hire a wedding planner for that. It may be a little more simpler, we are Dissasuasion staring marriage worshippers, my sister Mrs. Stuart is top publisher is already dying for our cruise ship honeymoon story, while ya'll sister, Tiffany is CEO, the whole world, would you guys, absolutely eat this all up, no. Absolutely, call the FPD Center, get them involved from the beginning, Collin Hain, just know, if we weren't already married, I would marry you for that suggestion right there, alone. So let's hold up all our glasses into a toast, we gonna do this, now everybody say it together, we gonna do this, ....yeh, yeh, yeh, ....okay then, lets get Dissasusion on the phone."      

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