Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XVIII


“Model for me,” “you wake up with an astonishing black male over your bed and

all you can say Maaseiah is model for you.” “Come on Derry I have a new Colonge

coming out and you would be perfect,” making herself ready for breakafast in bed, the

full tray, the hand and face wipes, this astonishing male waiter sitting on the edge of

the bed. “Come on Deserk three months,” “four at the months “four months all nall

I,” “four days of shooting top,” trying a bite of crispy bacon into a sip of a hot cup “at

five hundred a day.” “Five hundred a day?” Getting into a mirror at perfecting

perfection “I could even name it after you,” “Desrek Chocolate.” “You’re serious,”

“four days of shooting,” “five hundred a day,” “and my own colonge line.” “Well it’s

my project,” “I can do with it what I want,” “so what say you?” “Desrek Chocolate,”

seeing how that sound rolling off of his amazing tongue, “I would need you there no

later than today by five,” “if not I’m to find someone else.” “Of course,” flooping

happily onto the bed in agreement “sure,” “how can I say no?” “By the way a Erica

called,” “said it’s urgent,” “what you mean an Erica called,” seeing he’s to make this

his desired exit “how did she even,” “I kinda called last night,” “left word you were

here,” “you what!” “Desrek!“ “You know that they wouldn’t worry.” “Telling Erica,”

cleaning her soiled hand of toast and jelly,” “you may as well called the New York

Post.” {{{“Erica,” getting right to this urgent matter “Desrek said you called “Christian is

here,” “what you mean Christian is there,” “your Christian,” “Tall,” “dark,” “and devilishly

mysterious.” “Erica it’s too early in the morning for,”. “he’s been here a couple of hours,”

“he’s in your office right now.” “My God,” casting the cover off at considering her

dressing, “you’re serious,” “yes,” “as a Nicholas Coogan heart attack.” “Cute,” “I’ll be

there as quick as I can.” “Tip got company already I see,” “that Sissy isn’t just company,”

“O,” “look again but very discreetly,” “who is that?” “It’s Mr. Hike’s Peak himself.” “Mr.

Artelon,” “here?” “And Sissy if I had the nerve I would go in there and convince him at

being Dissausion’s mystery model,” “Dissuasion has a mystery Model,” “when the heck

Erica did that happen?” “Ah just as Mr. steaming, dark and cryptic inquired of Tip.”

“Which Sissy remind me,” “so Ash was it the boss screwing up the assistant or the

assistant screwing up the boss?”“What on earth Miss Cunningham are you talking about?”

“The photos,” “we now know they didn’t come from Miss Saurus’ desk,” as one bringing

Susan to clever suspicion “so that leave only you.” “It was my faught,” “Merecal found

both the article and the photos in my assignment drawer and we know the rest,” “Three

days without pay?” “Make it five Ash and I’ll see you and Merecal Monday.” “What in

god’s name,” “Tip wouldn’t let me fire her,” “Ashleigh?” “You heard it Sissy from

her own mouth,” “yea but Ashleigh?” “Hear comes Tip,” “wow that was quick,” “yeah is

he still here,” “willing and waiting,” “so how I look?” “Is that a trick question?” “Please

god,” pressing her hands together into a prayer, “make me a fly,” “so I can sit on Tip’s

wall.” “You is so insane,” shaking her head into a tickle at exiting well “yeah Sissy like

you weren’t thinking the same thing.”


“My god you are here.” coming right into a sensous hug of him, “I botched up

the,” “you know,” “I know you told me you didn’t want o see me again,” “I know,”

displaying himself extremely well groomed, even model caliber “and I’m so sorry,” “I

know I hurt you,” “that I hurt myself.” “I was trying to say goodbye and it,” “good-

bye?” “Camilla and I are leaving,” “first to the Brightville Science Lab,” “I don’t

know if you’ve heard of it,” “it’s in California and after that we’re off to Jerusalem,”

“to live Tifny,” “as in I won’t be coming back,” “not for a long time,” “that’s the

farewell I really messed up.” “ ”Jerusalem?” Easing fold arms, a just as foiled aware-

ness into a seat “that sound so permenant,” “ I love her Tifny and I’ve chosen to spend

my life with her,” “we just want to make a new go of it.” “So this Brightville Science

Center?” Moving up to the coffee maker, thinking she’s to ready both of them a piping

cup “what is it?” “Ah it’s one of the laregest Scientific labortories in the world,” “one

Tifny specializing in every form of health related element in the world.” “I’m to con-

sider reconstruction surgery,” taking his cup at Tiffany returning to that seat to him,

“Brightville will be my first stop.” “But you hate hospitals,” at a blow into her hot cup,

that she’s to sit it aside for now, “seemingly that would go even more paramount for

surgery.” “Yes,” getting up, over to that looking window out and down five floors,

“that is true,” “then why Christian would you,” “of course I understand why,” “I

mean is this really you or her,” “Camilla?” “Certainly Tifny I want a stab at a more

normalized life,” “yes even if it’s in the dark,” “normal Christian?” “Just promise me

you’re going to take care of yourself,” coming again into her a tall, brillant humani-

tarian “only Christian if you promise me,” “you know you’re to be your most

cautious,” springing up, adorably close to him “I don’t mean to frighten you but

there’s something dark,” “even deadly stalking you.” “I’ve been seeing it,” “yes,”

that they’re to know eachother this well, those whose minds were as one ”since the

very day Camilla walked back into my life,” “the reason Christian I rememeber that

day is because Nicholas and I celebrated our three month anniverary.” “The question

now is,” “is it stalking me or Milla,” “and it is what took Becky from me?” “I Chris-

tian keep having this reoccuring vision where I see children in the kingdom of heaven

running and playing, and being as happy as happy can ever be described,” “that is

what claimed your little Becky.” “You is so amazing Maaseiah,” “what a phenomena

imagery,” “that’s just it Christian I don’t think it’s an imagery at all,” “I think it’s as

real as you and I.” “I just don’t think children are born simply to mature at in-

creasing hell’s populace but the supreme is to claim some for his heavenly throne.”

“Walk with me to the elevator,” presenting himself that she’s o enfold her arm into his

own “pray for me Maaseiah that I’m even going to attempt this move without you at

the helm.” “So does going to California mean you’re going to see Spirit and the

others,” “yes,” “that is a part of the plan.” “I’m to pretend Tifny through the

entire ordeal that you’re sitting at my right side holding my hand,” “so if you feel the

slightest,” “unguarded distrubance don’t be alarmed it’s only me.” “You be safe my

friend,” “really,” “really safe,” “and you Tifny,” “Maaseiah,” “you be this safe as



"Wow you're quiet tonight" peeping up to a sorrowful Erica Lynn from a sip of

her glass "sorry girl," "gotta lot on my mind" sitting with Ashleigh Michelle in their

favorite night spot, "IMAGE". "So how did things go with you and Dr. Matthew?

"Pretty good I guess,” defuntly stirring her olive around her drink. "What do you

mean you guess?" "Matt asked me to marry him," "yeah I know" flirting at giving

attention to one guy in particular "you know?" "How in the hell Ash do you know?"

"You mean you didn't suspect a thing?" "No," being dishonest apparently "not

really," "come on Erica," "all the secretcy," "the urgency,"and privacy," "it had

proposal written all over it." "I guess you're right,""hell I wish you'd told me" "yeah

like you're surprise," yet flirting at giving a wave this admirer’s way. "Matthew is

what twenty-six?" "Twenty seven," "ok he's a surgeon," "that proves he's very

determined and goal oriented," "I bet when he was very young he knew he wanted to

be a surgeon" "have a fine home," "drive a fine car," "as also have a beautiful wife

and 2.1 children.” "preferrably Erica a son and a daughter," "you, the children and

the pet are the only things missing my dear." "Think you're smart huh?" "know it,"

at tossing a green olive into her mouth "ok if you're so smart how did I answer?" "O

that's easy," "you appeared uncertain,""that you're not ready for that type of

committment" "that you possibly need a little more time." "Yeah well you're just

guessing”, flooping back conceitedly "I guess right though huh?" "He just want

to mess everything up," "how is that?" "Aw Ash come on!" “Like yesterday," "when

I got into Matt's place he was stepping out of the shower drenching wet." "That

strong, broad bareness simply ravishing seconds before he wrapped himself all pretty

in a bath towel," “well,” spinning a sip along the botton of the glass into a blush away

“let's just say we were really late for our reservations."“Man!” having really aroused

herself with that fierce tale "I so love getting lost in those huge hands of his," "if we

get married we'll lose that," "and whose Erica to say except your own doubts and

fears?” "Maintaining a monogamous relationship,” “which you and Matthew have is

the first proof of marriage" "it's Erica the authentication of romantical com-

mitment,""huh?” Really tossing Erica for a loop as she hadn’t realized this manner of

Ashleigh Michelle “it’s your endless love validated." "I did Ash have an older lady to

tell me it's really what you put into it," "that you have to take care of yourself," "that

spontaneity is only one of the keys." "She actually Ash told us that there is not a

natural, opposite on this earth that you're incapable of making an inconceivable

marriage with if you're both intensely persuaded and sacrifical" "Sacrifical?" Had

their conversation spurn into something very interesting "yeah," "willing to give all,"

"to love," "marry unconditionally" "forever." "Wow Erica,” thinking of Anthony

and their failed relationship, heck marraige “that's putting it simple." "So you're just

chicken," "you're probable right," "but if I am we all are.” “Although Mrs. Saurus,"

"Tip's mom always talk to us about marriage," "that we should never enter into it

hastily or light heartily" "that we should spend time studying those vows and what

they all mean," "you know Ash before." “She said we should consider the fact that

person will be our love mate until death due us part" "that separation or divorce

shouldn't even be considered," "that the vows we make are legally and spiritually

binding." "This Mrs. Saurus was serious," "yeah Ash but so is marriage," "that's

true," "too many people treat it like it's some game and if you don't play well you can

just get out," "most even do it just to plan and have a fine wedding for show,""now

that's it.” “That's Ash what I mean,” "that's what Mrs. Saurus was trying to tell us in

so many words," "that it isn't a game." "That Ash it's sacred," "an eternal

relationships at it most sensitive and volitile." “She went on Ash at explaining how

god only created one man,” “that he created him in a garden of eden,” “both male and

female,” “ and both Ash most assurely husband and wife,” “that any other man is a

rendition of the doom,” “ that broadway leading to death,” "boy if Tony could

hear this," "hear you." "You know that fine car that's been in the parking garage for

a couple weeks?" "Well it's gone," "yea I know,”"well damn do you know every

thing?" "No," quite tickled by Erica’s response. "It was Tony's car" "your Tony?"

"Umm," as one thinking deeply out loud "that's funny we always thought it belonged

to that guy who tried killing himself." "Isn't that Tiffany?" "Yeah," "who's that doll

she's with?" "I think his name is Desrek" "he'’s Ronda’s brother," "he's quite good

looking," "hell he's gorgeous," "his facial hair so creative," "sexy." "They look good

together," that she’s to stroke pale flames "it's been nearly a month," "is Nicholas still

holding a grudge?" "I'll be right back," "Tip," roughly patting Tiffany’s shoulder did

she really startle her "god Erica!” caressing her panic heart, "you scared me," "don't

creep up on me like that" "I'm sorry but what are you doing?" "What you mean what

I’m doing?" "Why are you here with him?” "All get serious we're just friends," "we

had dinner ,” “talked about a cologne line and decided to night cap here." "What

about Nicholas?" "What about him?" "This Erica has nothing to do with Nicholas.”

"Have you guys broken up?" "If Erica it’s any of your business Nicholas haven't

spoken to me in nearly a month.” "You know how much he love you," "no Erica,"

"I don't" "and I don't want to talk about it ok?" "Well have fun," "thanks," that

she’s to smugly give a toast of her glass "I will.” "Well?" That Erica is to even be

seated first "well I think there's definately trouble in paradise," "I wouldn't say

trouble," again thinking Deserk was drop dead gorgeous "just a switch of the draw,"

"and a very nice one at that." "Hey," leaping on the defense as this couldn’t be what

it seem "wake up!" "Nickie reallylove Tip," "yeah and he has a good way Erica of

showing it." "Come on this scandle thing was serious," "he almost lost his job,"

"he could’ve been disbarred." "Do I have to remind you she had nothing to do

with it," " that punk probable won't,” " "he's no punk!” Thinking really serious

whether or not she would have to intervene, “oh excuse me,""that breathingly

beautiful hunk of super flesh," "either way he's not playing fair and that's Erica not

love," "not the miraculous we're all searching for."


“A thousand times May I’m sorry.” that an offended Tiffany is to hurriedly get her

things and get out, “I was tempted,” “I desired to kiss you and I did,” “look I know

where the line is with you,” “I’ve always known,” “even May when were childeren.”

“Come on,” bringing her to a sit that he’s to kneel to her, persuade her. “You like

being here and I May like having you here,” raking siken strands of hers behind each

ears ” ”I won’t make that mistake again I promise.” “Maybe Derry,” researching his

nonchalant ability to crawl to the top of the bed “just maybe this is asking for too

much,” “shhhh,” ”come,” directing her that she’s to come up into the bed with him,

“come on,” “at least let me hold you until you’re asleep and then perhaps I can get

some work done.” “You’re sure about this,”cuddling into his feel good, smell good,

into this invincible creature called man stout, safe bosom, “look I know how you feel

about this Nicholas Coogan character,” “I don’t like it!” “but I know,” “now isn’t this

nice,” “it’s incredible.” “So you’re telling me in all this time Derry there’s no special

someone?” “Yes May of course there is,” “you know how long it’s been since anyone

has called me that,” “about as long May as it been since anyone beside you has called

me Derry.” “Sleep,” smooching softly her literlally edible hairline, temple, nose “you

know it’s going to be a best seller,” “what’s that,” “the cologne,” “I plan to present it

like it’s a box of Chocolates.” “You smell so good,” “feel May so good,” “don’t pull

back,” “please,” “I miss you,” “I just want to be close to you,” “that’s all I swear,”

“that’s all.” “You were about to tell me about her,” “who really know May,” “I mean

relationships,” “especially in the supposedly free world,” “ are nothing less than this

rollercoaster ride right?” “Various kinds,” “always visited,” “the ride is always up and

down with perlious twists and turns.” “Sometime treacherous and sometimes ex-

tremely worthwhile and insightful,””but a roller coaster no less,” “what is there to

really tell,” “it just never changes,” “never.” “Suppose you’re the one Derry that’s to

change,” “what you mean?” “Ah don’t do that,” swirming about ticklish at him

playing in her ear . “I mean the way you are with me,” “that’s different May,” “yes

but why?” “Because you’re different,” “no because Derry you think I’m different,”

“he broke the mold with you Maasieah you may as well face it,” in denial were they in

little arm, hand wrestle, “it’s just simply so.” “Sometime May,” “whether we’re to

believe or not,” “there is given to mankind on this earth one of a kind,” “that there’s

to never be another,” “and Maasieah you’re it,” “now pleaseeee,” roughly smooching

her hairline, “go to sleep.”

"So how long you're gonna hold this grudge?" With a lovely Philip Mance joining

Nicholas for lunch, "what grudge is that?" "Tiffany," "that is her name right?

“How long are you going to punish your relationship with her?" "What do you mean

punish?" "She have called you every other night for over a month,” setting his meal

from the tray to the table “and you refuse her", "that is my business Phil,” readying

as to sip the last of his tea, "it was you," "you gave her the news" "she knew only of

this mishap moments prior to you right?” “You know I thought you was the most

unselfish person I'd met," as one squeezing a lemon wedge into his tea glass "now I

know it is your ego that is more important" "You don't know me,” showing himself

immensely rattled at him “you don’t know me Phil at all,” "we've been roommates for

a few months and now you know me?" "Don't patronize me Phil please.” "So you

gonna write her off just like that," "just like one of your unworthy opponents?"

“Look,” cutting eyes, a threatening fork like a sword at him "we can have lunch," "we

won’t Phil discuss my personal life." "What a pity," that Nicholas is to hurriedly get

his tray away with him "and here I was thinking you where perfect.” "I'm warning

you Phil,” displaying himself quite irate at Philip Mance “stay out of it," "what if

something Nicko man happens to her," "you know while you're here being an ass,"

"what then Mr. Smarty Pants?" Storming off at Philip’s inuendoes, first there was

Erica calling, insisting she was the blame for this mess, then actually paying a visit,

remining him of what a jerk he was being, this Deserk character and now Philip.

Although what angered him most was the fact he knew they were all right. Truly

Nicholas Edin couldn't believe he'd allowed something this contrary to come between

Tiffany and himself, that he'd been so cruel, so unbending he didn't know how to repair the

damage, that calling it quits was much easier.


“Ronda,” looking immediately into her watch, additionally into that wall clock, “did

we have an appointment,” “no appointment Tif,” taking a seat was she not her

pleasant self “I just wanted to talk,”“ok well make it quick I was on my way out.”

“You and Deresk are seeing a lot of eachother I here,” “yes,” hesitively dd Tiffany halt

her work momentarily “talk Ronda about getting straight to the point,” “what is that

about?” “You of all people know Deserk and are close friends,” “friends?” “Aren’t

you spending nights at his place?” “Friends Ronda do that or did you forget” “my god

Tif you and Deserk aren’t teenagers saving yourselves for marriage any more or

have you realized the implications,” “or the complications of what you’re doing?”

“Believe it or not Ronda it’s not like that,” “Derry and I talked just last night about

lines that couldn’t or wouldn’t be crossed.” “Plus he has girls,” “two of them he

doesn’t need me.” “Tif,” “do you really believe you could spend this manner of time

at his place if that was true?” “It‘s all make believe,” “let me guess Moniqe and

Anjelica right?” “Look I know it’s hard for you to understand but he’s just being a

really good friend now,” “Deserk is still in love with you Tif,” “he’s still saving himself

for you,” ”saving himslf,” ingesting a hard, thorny realism into growing breaths of

panic, “as in celibacy?” “I don’t understand there was no signs of that when he first

came.” “That’s Tif because he knew everything that was going on with you through

me,” “but now with Nicholas out of town and that relationship being on the rocks he

thinks he has a chance.” “No,” still this head shaking, unimaginable form of denial

“we’re just two friends being there for one another and that’s all.” “No Tif he’s

courting you,” “think just for a moment,” “the breakfasts,” “the lunches,” “the

dinners,” “how many nights Tif have you stayed at his place?” “Deserk is courting

you,” “I know he’s being everything you need him to be and he’s pretty much taking

what he can get but he isn’t just expecting more he want it all.” “How god damn blind

am I?” Moving angrily into that distance away “it’s not blindess,” “he’s everything

you need right now without the strings,” “the attachments,” “and he’s Ronda the

sacrifical lamb right?” “You said line,” “like a borderline” how far have you guys

gone?” “Ah not that far,” “a forbidden kiss,” “though he literally rocked me to sleep

the few nights I was there,”“Tif,” “I know,” “I was wrong,” “this is wrong,” “but I

can’t just drop him.” “Well I’m gonna go,” “I know Tif you know what to do,” “yeah

I got a feeling Nicholas is coming back wedding bells and all,” “good,” “goodnight,”

“yeah Ronda thanks.”


"What are you," “you haven’t Ash return my calls,” "you haven't been to"

"tell me things Tony I don’t know,” leaving the door open to his entry did she get back

to the TV set “it’s called avoiding you.” “Haven’t they Ash through this great tragedy

offered us a brand-new start?" "They?” “They Ash,” “the divine super powers that

be.” I was Ash just at Brenda house,” “we went to the threater and to the Maphasis

tonight.” “When she arrived home she invited me in and one thing Ash lead to

another until she offered me her bed and everything that goes with that.” “I was

intensely Ash captured into the moment,” “this astonishing woman,” “that astonishing

foreplay nothing was preventing me, us, of wild, unbridle relations until I realize Ash

she wasn’t you,” “she wasn’t the woman I loved,” “the woman I’d vowed myself unto

death to.” “Is that it?" Leaping up conceitedly as to lead him to that door, “you

said you were never going to tell me about the marriage," "is that Ash because you

feel that chapter of our life is over and done and there’s no hope or what?” "It was

going to hurt too god damn much Tony how about that!” "I lost you," melting fast

was she swabbing at hugh tear drops dividing and conquering"my husand Tony,” “the

father to my unborn child,” “my lover and friend in one giantic,” “unbelievable

swoosh." "Then Tony I lost my mind," "you was gone," staggering emotionally into

a seat "my life was turn around in ways unspeakable and I was lost away from any

manner of sanity." “When you return and was starting to get,” “to,” "I didn't know

what to tell you,” attending carefully a thorny throat into more kleenaxes “or what not

to tell you" "I didn't want to involve,” "what do you want Ash," "now," "from me?"

"I don't know," spinning old tears to new along artist features. “I think I’m too tired

to know,” “if you let me Ash I want to be the husand I’d intent on being before all hell

broke loose.” “But don’t you see Tony we’re nolonger those people,” “it’s like we’ve

been postmarked return to sender,” “the potters house,” “like Tony we were apart of

this unforseen recall.” “That we were remixed therein and reshaped and now we’re the

same but are we just as different,” “that we’re going to have to be made familiar with that
difference or be cursed into this unthinkable form of repeat.” “I don’t know if you

understand all,” “of course Ash I understand,” “but do you love me,” “are you willing

that we’re to reaquaint our,” “yes,” ingesting a thicken manner of honesty, of

sincerity, “yes Tony if you’re willing then surely I am.” “God Tony I could sleep for a

week,” relaxing eyes closed into that sofa as an entire was she wiped out “then why

don’t I Ash run you a hot sauna,” “only that you’re to relax,” patting her hand into a

darling smooth, “then I‘ll stay with you until you’re asleep,” “how does that sound?”

“Great,” thinking this tall, phenomenonly handsome husband to be was reading her so

extremely well “that Tony sound like heaven.”


“Are you sure May about this?” “Yes,” leaping into a sun setting just over the trees,

“it never should’ve happen Derry and you know it.” “Don’t do that damn it,” not as

ususual displaying himself acrimonious was this an alternate Deserk, ”don’t tell me

what I know.” “All I know May is that I’m spending the most fantastic time I’m to

imagine with the one person on this planet I love the most.” “Whose to say that unless

we’re congential,” “that unless May we through intimate manners of organisms spill

and mingle blood issues it’s to have no sincere merit,” “that it’s impossible to help

eachother through hard times othewise.” “I’m tired May,” springing up this adorably

handsome asolute right to the side of her “I’m tired of people like Ronda telling me

what isn’t right,” “what May isn’t allowed,” “I not only know what I’m doing but I’m

satisfied with what I’m doing,” “well Derry my god help me because I don’t know,”

disgruntled by their conversation did she move again into that park bench “it’s all

beginning to feel like a paradox.” “Do you May think about Mike often?” “A Day

Derry doesn’t go by whereas I don’t wish I could bring him back somehow,” with

stinging nostrils activating eyes to glistening tears “not a single day,” “so is he and

Nicholas that dissimilar?” “Well Mike not only loved life, but he really respected it as

having a manner of control over him,” “it was like he knew this earth only has

certain allowances and he was ready to spend them so to speak,” alternately brushing

both cheeks “you know before they,” “the offer exspired.” “Now Nicholas Edin,”

“with him Derry nothing is in control of his destiny but he himself,” “in his world he

is god,” “and he can spend this eternity he has created for himself as he wish and

desire,” raising again up, away, again a glance into the sun at this beautiful decrease

“he is Derry very arrogant concerning such things.” “He’s still not receiving your

calls?” “Not only my calls but he’s refusing any manner of dealing with me,”

additionally after fast spills, “Sissy is to say Sye is to say it’s not him, that it’s

Macremore and Vance not wanting to Jeprodize the Law suite they’re to have against

Dissuasion,” “you know depending on a suitable retraction,” “but I’m not sure I agre

with that.” “Now May tell me how playing by naturals supposedly rule book,” “that

getting and having all your supposedly Ducks in a roll have made plenty sense of it

all.” “According to Ronda and I’m sure Derry the others I’m being selfish,” “that

I’m the ruin and you’re the sacrifical lamb.” “Even itf that’s true since when does

choosing to be a sacrifical lamb for those you love and trust is a sin,” “if I’m not

mistaken it’s not only encouragaed by supreme Gods but commanded.” “You see,” at

this delight of him at especially caressing his cheek “this is the side Derry Ronda

refuse to see,” “just when did no non-sense Deserk become so wise, especially about

spiritual things?” “I better get out of here,” “I have mandetory meeting I’m to get to,”

“what is it Maaeiah you’re to think?” “I think Derry you’re so special,” addiionally

rubbing his furry cheek into those bewitching eyes of his, “That no one deserve you,”

“especially not me,” “although Derry that isn’t my decision is it?” “I have you,”

“goodnight,” “good night to you May,” seeing she’s give that final wave back to him,

“be safe.”


"I'm gonna tell moma," "tell moma what?" Breaking him from his morning reading

"Jason is feeding the dog again dad," "well let's not wake moma," "she's sleeping,"

"and you," pointing a finger of warning his way, "you behave yourself young man."

"Tell a tail" licking his tongue out at meddling older brother Daniel "all right the

both of you calm down," sippinghis hot cup into a glance at his watch "so you guys

about ready or what? "Where's moma?" "Let's not distrub mom," sitting them each a

plate, a glass or milk, juice each to drink "she's not feeling all that well," “so we’re

gonna be nice enough to let her sleep.” "What's this dad?"making non-sense of his

imperfect pancakes, "you know what those are," "I want moma!” "Ok,""ok,"

kneeling into him at comforting "ok but only if you promise to be nice and quite,”

fitting a finger of silence to his mouth “you can go in and kiss her goodbye for the

morning." "What about lunch?" "Moma always fix" "why don't we do like the last

time?" "You know you're a good dad, as one taking his bill gracefully, "well thanks

alot Danny for the support" "thanks dad" at loaning the slightest kiss to Father

Bradford’s cheek. "Are we Dad still having the party?" "Yes Danny we are, "

assisting little Jason with his coat, that back pack "it's your mother's birthday" "and

we want to announce the baby," "what's a baby?" With little Jason stillling fooling

around with his luch money at fitting it into his pocket "I told you a baby is someone

smaller than yourself," “a new addition to the family right dad,” “Yes Daniel,” dis-

playing himself impressed at them both was Bradford Elam a proud father. Indeed

with the two of them disagreeing alot, like siblings aften do, but sometimes, like this

time they would say the darnest things of support. "Get your things and we’ll kiss

kiss momma,” “and dad the little baby bye?" "Yes Jason the little baby too, cautiously

escorting to the bedroom, "hun,” easing into a seat along side of her "not now

Brad ok," "no honey the boys are hear," "I can't Brad," sordidly brushing this little

family reunion off was Barbara Ann feeling her worse "please," "are you alright?"

"Just a little sick at the stomach that's all," "goodbye boys" barely raising her head at

displaying some signs of normacy "have a good day." "There now you boys go on,"

escortingthem both to the door, even the porch "you don't want to miss your bus",

"bye dad," "Dannny don't forget to hold your brother's hand and escort him to pre"

"you better tell him to wait for me,” "he's always running off," "Jason you wait for

your brother now,” "you guys be good" thinking he’s to hear Barbara Ann calling

after him "be careful.” "Barb?" Abscent from the bed did he head straight for a

knock at the bathroom door "are you sure you're alright?" Thinking he’s to notice

driplets of blood on the floor was Bradford the mounting panic, "Barb," "what’s

goingon in there?” Frightfully in worse pain she’s to imagine ever, that it felt like

an elepant was stepping into her chest an event incresing with every breath the

"something's wrong!” this unbear chest pain with increasing abodomial pangs to

match cuts in ways unspeakable "something's wrong with the baby," "I'm bleeding

Brad,""I need help!”.


.. "You wanted to see me,” “Deserk Tip is missing,” “what did you say to him?”

What do you mean missing?” “The last you saw him Tip what was said,” “please?”

Nothing in particular,” I mean we decided perhaps we were getting a little too close

for comfort,” “Desrek and I met in the park Thursday evening,” “we sat there for

hours talking,” “getting to meeting on time I left him there.” “Well Tif here it is

Tuesday morning and no one has seen or heard from him since,””including you

right?" “What happen to this letting him down or out easily,” “it wasn’t Ronda like,”

“you see I knew something like this was bound to happen,” “sometimes Tip you can be

so wrapped into your own mess you can’t see anybody elses.” “Look I’ve admitted I

was a little nieve about Desrek underlining purpose,” “but Deserk is a consenting

adult Ronda meaning all this will not be laid so easily at my door.” “You think he was

suicidial,” “that he would harm himself?” “No,” "he was quite please with what we

decided,” “and what Tip did you two decide,” “that Ronda we will deal with our

relationship as it please us.” “What are you trying to prove,""that friends Tip can

actually be friends" “there are a few things Derry want from you, but friendship isn't

one of them." “And what my god Ronda are you so affraid of,” “that Derry and I just

might find something other than firiendship?” “People get hurt around you Tif,”

“even killed,” “I just don’t want Desrek in something he can’t handle.” “People get

hurt,” “you’re talking about youself,” “about Mike,” “and O my god look at how

Nicholas’ career is now wagingin the balance of uncertainty,” “all my faught right?”

“Deserk is a big boy now Ronda,” “he isn’t the little boy you watched over when you

little.” “No,” laying his over coat over an awaiting chair, “I thank god I’m not.”

“Deserk!” “my heaven were have you been?” “To France,” doing a spin around at

displaying himself entirely, “and as you can see Ronda I’m fine.” “France, as in

Paris,” “yes,” as in Maaaeiah’s finace’s Nicholas Coogan.” “Derry,” “don’t May be

so alarmed it’s not what you think,” “Everytime I saw you so hurt by these presents

events I felt so criple, so May helpless,” “and one thing that’s to drag my heart long

is feelings of helpless-ness.” “I mean somebody had to tell this guy he didn’t deserve

you,” “that no man on this planet does,” “but regardless he May have you, “hook,”

“line and sinker and if he’s foolish enough to lose you,” ‘to jepradize the next best

thing to paradise,” “May,” thats she’s to rush pass him conceitedly,” “May” getting in

her way, handling her at haulting this fast break. “Who the hell you think you are

meddling into my affairs?” “Your friend,” physicaly roughing it out with her “and

it was all worth it,” brushing her moisten cheeks at fitting her this darling about this

priceless compassion “please don’t be angry it was so worth it.” “Worth it,” “what you

mean worth it?” “Come and let me tell you about some of the amazing things I saw

there” convincingly leading her his way was Desrek Ain visibly encouraged, “how

about lunch?” “Anyway May you’ve got to go to France,” “to Paris,” “when I tell you

what I saw,” “what I experienced,” “you won’t be able to resist I promise you.”


Not only could you feel their rather compassionate embracing, but you could here

the power of it clashing upon one another with a hysterical Bradford Elam falling

hopelessly crying upon his brother’s neck "There was so much blood," passionately

consoling him into a seat at whispering words of encouragement-"I’m sorry about this

Brad,” “but Sissy and I are here now,” “it’s gonna be alright,” with Barbara Ann

enduring hours of surgery unto a recovery from a critical statsis in ICU Syefan hoped

he wouldn’t have to eat those words. "The baby is gone," wondeirng up, away off

awfully misconscrued “say they couldn’t save them both,” “ and so they saved Barb

instead" "but they almost lost her too,” “still could lose” “you look at me," roughing

him along his neck at getting direct attention "Barb is going to make it," "death has

done it's bidding here,” spinning new tears to cold did Syefan Erin know he had to be

convincing "he will not take her as well." "I don't know Sye what I would" "you'll do

nothing but believe god for her life" as one shaking Bradford at his shoulders for

attention "you hear me," "you believe for her life." "What about Nickie?" "He need

to," "I've talked to Nickie" "he's going to get here as soon as he can" "here!?”

Meticiously swabbing his nose into a brush of a moist chin "that's what he said."

"Now why don't we go into the chapel and pray for Barb," "no,” thinking the last

thing he wanted to do was leave Barbara alone "I don't want to leave her," "I'm

here," with a persuasive Susan Faye caressing his hand into that burning uncertainty,

"I'll come right after you if need be." "The boys," in this additional panic at

frightfully remembering "somebody,""Tip," by a sustaining grip of his shoulder was

Syefan Erin bringing him right alone "she went after the boys," "they should be here

soon," "Barb had just told me that if anything happen to her she want me to have the

boys," "well nothing is going to happen to her,””right?” “Yeah,” sniffing hard was

brother Syefan Erin truly the encouragement brother Bradford needed “Barb gonna to

be alright,” “they couldn’t save the baby though.”


"Who is she?" "That would be the fiancé," "5'8,9 about 110 lbs, "yeah with a

knock-out bod" "and hell the most beautiful light brown hair ever, "perfect facial

features" "make you wonder what the doc see in" "ouch Massey," "damn it that

hurt," rubbing his throbbing arm after she’s to pinch sense into him, "I mean see in

her," "as in inside her." "That if Dr. Hymm is to marry her shes' far beyond her outer

appearance right?" "I'm gonna get an ex-ray," yet attending that physical assault

"if it’s permanant I'm suing you." "Erica talk to me," "come on baby you’re

frightening me" having come right to his job, into his working office "it’s Barb,"

“ok what about Barb?" "She almost died tonight" brushing both cheeks into a look

into the busy streets below "what!” "My god how?” Knowing how Erica was about her

friends, but did that concern seldom include Barbara Ann. “I don’t know Matt it just

seem like every situation in that hospital brought rushing back everything that happen

to Mike,” “then Sye and all I could think was not again,” “please god not again.”

"Barbara is in really good hands I'm sure she'll be fine," “she lost the baby

Matt,” “again baby I’m so sorry,” comfortingher at a lay of his forward into hers, a

comforting rub of her shoulders "I don't think I want to be alone," "shhhh I'm here

now,” at a taste of her darling hairline “shhhh,” “you’re with me now.” “You think

you can get off early,” “like now?” “I’m sorry about all of this,” “Barb and the baby

but tonight babe is my night." "You know you really frighten me," "I know," seeing

he’s to make ready for departing, his beeper, stethoscope and white jacket "but the

only thing I could think about Matt was getting to you." “I love you,” smooching her

forward unto that delicate nose, “but I have got to get to work,” “I know,” “walk me to

the elevator?”. This was that something missing, Erica Lynn running to him,

instead of being disarranged by fear and mistrust, to her knight in a sparkling

stethoscope this their immortal life. “I can trust Matt you’re to leave as soon as

possible,” “I’ll come to you as soon as is possible yes,” manuvering into a specia;

smooch of her, “you be safe,” “you as well Matt.”


"You could stay you know.” “I though you were sleep,” at an attempt to get out

without distrubing her “I think it felt so good having you near me I just laid silent.”

“So why Ash do you think Anthony Decorte found you that night?” “The night of your

incident you mean,” “I guess you can call it that,” “what other reason Tony than to

make amends.” “That’s what you really believe,” “because I keep thinking about how

convenient it was that Tony Decorte had a bottle of sleeping pills so readily available.”

“So you think you came with intent on taking your life,” is that what you’re saying?”

“I lay awake most nights Ash and besides trying to make a life with you,” “the woman

I love there’s other reason for living.” "I'm going to go," getting his shoes as to fit

them to his feet , arm by arm into that jacket "what if I don't want you to go" "I mean

your being here tonight Tony has been so special I don’t think I want it to end just

yet.” "I ask you something Ash" "I ask you what do you want from me,” "can’t you

please just be with me right now" combing her fingers through his soft waves at biting

his warm lips, breath, that delicious tongue, “Ash,” moving her off at comprehending

just what was happening “what is this?” “It’s me,” with that kiss becoming a tanti-

lating vexation throughout him entirely “Ash,” laying a comforting head to hers was

Anthony Dale with torrid blood piping hot “you’re tired and very vulnerable,”

“shhhhhh I’m gonna go,” “no I’m going,” smooching her ear into a tickle “I’ll see

you tomorrow,” “no,” “shhhhhh.” “tomorrow.”


"Have you seen her?" "No Brad and I'm not going to" "what is this about

Nickie?" "Trust Brad," "look don't start ok," "I know Nickie,” that he’s to sip his

barely warm coffee cup “but my baby brother is living and dying according to an order

that tells him he's in contol of his own life," "hell destiny." "Tell me Nickie if we

were in control do you think I would’ve chosen this faith for my wife and myself?"

"You think we would even be in this hospital?" "You never know man," "that's all

I'm saying Nickie” "you never know when it's going to come," "how it's going to

come," "which of your loved ones are next" "you just know it's coming." "I know

I'm going to be sorry but what are you saying?" "I'm saying you are fooled if you

allow things" "horrible things as this to go unsaid and undone between you and the

woman you love," "I don't want my brother to be fooled." "She hurt me Brad man,"

wiping his hands into thinking it had been a long time since he’d had a backed

potatoe"I mean really hurt me." "No Nickie," as to lay a comforting hand to

Nicholas’s "Tiffany didn't snap those shots," "she didn't place them in that

magazine" "she didn't Nickie make sure they arrived in Paris France just in time to

destroy you," "actually no one did" "not intentionally." "This Nickie is what your

brother mean when he say don't be fooled into thinking you're in control". "There's

a part of me Brad that want to go to her and hold her and never" "my god ever

let her go" "and still there is this part that is desperate to hate her the way this

mishaps has hated me and caused me insumountable pain and embrassasment" "I

know," "one is my relentless pride that is hard to kick against," "the other my

compassionate heart that is far easiler to deny but with endless reprocussions

right?” "I see you've thought this thing through well", "yes and I know exactly

what I'm to do" "good," as to pat his shoulder into agreement, “that’s all

I wanted to hear.”


“So what do you think?” “He could die you know,” “death could finish him.” “It’s

just a series of surgeries,” that he’s to attend his baby brother directly, as so the twin

sister that was entering in. “And whose Spirit to know about death,” “it has millions

of ways to claim you,” “yeah Niegl but puttig oneself in arms way make his job that

much easier.” “So what do you think?” “I think it has Camilla written all over it,”

“that again Christian is to risk it all for her.” “This can’t Spirit, Nadia be only about

her,” “don’t either of you think Christian want the opportunity to be normal,” “all

come on Niegl you’ve been here long enough to realize no one knows what that is but

the supreme,” “certainly not us and certainly not a man as vulnerable as Christian.”

“He’s taking a hugh chance,” “and the way Nie he’s to suffer mentally do we even

want to imagine that?” “No doubt you two think this is my faught,” “having per-

suaded Camilla back,” “Spirit and I aren’t laying blame here,” “we’re simply concern

for our brother.” “How about overly concern,” “Christian,” responding as though

she’s caught performing herself covertly “we thought you left with Camilla,” “no she

had business in town,” “didn’t need me along.” “Why weren’t you guys truthful with

me from the beginning,” “I mean if you have concerns let’s iron them out right here

and now.” “The question Christian is why?” Why now?” “Yeah and if Camilla wasn’t

back would you still be doing this.” “Don’t get us wrong Christian,” “we want you to

be happy most of all and if reconstruction sugery is that road then by all means travel

it but if this is about making someone else,” “it’s what I want,” “yes Milla being back

has had some influence on this decision but I was already contemplating or imagining

such a move,” ”it’s just that with her I won’t be a lone ginny pig in some science lab.”

“You appeared to,” “I know Nadia,” “at being so content,” “I’d come to terms with

destiny’s choices for my life,” “learning or simply accepting she knew what was best.”

“Although now it seem as though Milla and I both have been given a new chance why

not an over all manner of renovation huh,””why not?” “A New face,” “back to

Jerusalem to live,” “that’s another thing Christian you always told us the promise land

wouldn’t be fulfilled as promise until the Christ reign that until then it’s just another

graveyard.” “Thank you little brother for reminding me of that,” “although I think if

Milla and I are to make a real go of it,” ”the Artlelon property is nothing less than

perfect.” “You’ve changed,” smiling wondrously at him at realizing, “you’re not the

same Christian Cros we left behind only months ago,” “and is that Nadia so terrible?”

“I mean if it’s a change for good,” “for Christian what you think is good,” “Re-

member this isn’t the first time you thought making a life with Camilla was good as

you say,” ”suppose it just isn’t meant to be and there’s no telling whose to die this

time.” “That’s Spirit a cold, calculating way of looking at it but regardless of all your

concerns and even your well wishes it’s my decision to make and having said that I

have packing to do.” “Spirit?” “What,” bittelry reponding to sister Nadie coming afte

him “you hurt him,” “no,” I frighten him,” ”perhaps I even frighten some sense into

him,” “I have my studying Nadia,” “as so do you.”


"I'm telling you Sissy she stood there in that floor, at her desk so desolate,"

"not moving," fetting hoplessly about Susan’s office was Erica truly concern about

Tiffany’s seeming breakdown "not living for over an hour.” "I have never in all my

life seen anything like it,”"It was as though Nicholas came in a grim reaper of some

sort and ripped her heart out and all that was supposedly light and life and she was

dead." "He murdered her Sissy," “just as if he’d pulled a trigger,” "calm down,"

pulling as to hand an upset to tears Erica Lynn kleenexes. "I sat there on the edge of

my seat so wanting to help her" "I ran to her but she wouldn't let me near her" "and

she just stood there," “her eyes down and black as coal" "I glanced away for a

second," "for only Sissy a second it seemed and she was gone." "Well apparently

she's ok," "she's at work," "that doesn't Sissy mean she’s ok!” “I agree with Erica,”

“Nicholas really did a job on her this time,” "she's packing" "what do you mean

packing" cutting a clear ear of disbelief Corranda’s directive "packing Sissy" "as in

so long, "see you later" "goodbye." "That bastard!” Spinning stinging emotions

anew,"that freaking bastard,” "I can't imagined just what he said to her" "I don't

know what he said but as far as Tip is concern she's feeling all the pains and

heartache as one who just married and divorced in only a few months times." "What

you mean?" With a concern Susan Faye easing onto a edge of her desk, "my lord are

you saying what I think you're saying?" "A bride in waiting," "promised from birth,”

“nall that can't be." "What about Mike?" With a rejoining Erica Lynn thinking she’s

to understand what they were saying "it never happen," "what yo mean it never

happen?" “It Erica never happen,” "then how in the hell could we not know?" "What

do we really know Erica about a persons sex life?" “Ronda is right,” ”beside what they

tell us or what they allow us to believe,” what do we know?" "Sye told me how cruel

Nickie can be but I couldn't believe it," "wouldn't believe it," "that bastard,” moving

into what was poving to be a beautiful spring day "it’s just as Sye said." So where

she’s going?” “I don't think Erica she even knows," "away from here," “there must

be something we can do,” “hell say to let her know there’s no place like home,” “that

we Ronda are her home.” There may not Erica be anything you or I.” “or even you

Sissy can say or do but I know one person she just might listen to,” “you mean your

brother Deserk,” “I’ve seen them together,” “she really seem to trust him.” “I’ll get

right on it ladies and keep you posted.” “What if Erica I told you that Tip wasn’t the

only one in that relationship saving themselves for marriage?” “Then Sissy that could

only leave Nicholas,” “my god that would explain why he’s so shy,” “even Erica why

he’s so unforgiving regarding those photos.” “You do Sissy know how extremely rare

that is,” “that both of them were celibate until they surrendered to one the other that

night.” “But wouldn’t that Sissy give credence to how important this relationship is to

Nicholas,” “how he like Tip can’t write it off so easily,” “ Indeed Erica it would,”

“and is it that final ace in the hole so to speak left to play,” “I don’t think they’re out

of the game at all,” “that it’s just somebody’s bluff,” “Nicholas Edin’s to be certain

and Tip to do is call that bluff.” “Who you calling,” “Tip,” “see if she want to go to

lunch,” “talk,” “I don’t know Erica mend bridges to these lovers sure fire reunion.”


"So how did it go?" Coming in easily on a packing, ready to depart Nicholas

Edin "Bradford told me" "we said our goodbyes," "I don't understand" easing

vaughly sedated on a bed of Bradford’s guess room. "I thought you two were to make

up" " my god Nickie tell me you're not that senical" "Tiffany is an amazing woman"

"then Sye you have her," getting his bathing gels, shaver and such the like from the

connecting bath "that isn't so hard is it?" "What is this Nickie actually about,” "those

photographs or you actually thinking you can push every dear thing away and still

live?" "This Sye is about me making this life whatever I purpose," roughly handling

and slamming a packed bag closed "I will have a woman," "a wife Sye I can trust in

all things or I will not have a woman at all." "This didn't happen Nickie on pur-

pose," "yes," "just like you and Stef right?" Studying his watch at getting his bags to

the door, thinking he had just enough time "if people Sye gave a damn about other

people more than themselves," "perhaps that would be the difference." "How Nickie

about people practicing that preached or promised" "what about her," "what about

Tiffany Ann?” “ You persuaded her to love you," "hell to wait unto an eternal mar-

riage for you" "and someone makes this," "this mistake Nickie!" "Tiffany doesn't

deserve this,” “she shouldn't lose you as well." "What do you mean?" As though he’s

to come to some sense about someone other than himself, “Tiffany was lost Nickie,"

"tremendously lost," "hopeless and you came and changed all of that." "You made

her believe in love and life again and you've taken it because you know you gave it."

"You think you rather see her hurting," “she is hurt Nickie," "all of us are," "we’re

all of us hurt by this,” "this thing we call life that is actually a vicious form of deso-

lation “even Nickie damnation.” “Look baby I'm sorry for all the things gone bad," as

one gently and sincerely contacting Nicholas’s sorrowful heart "I'm sorry that I was

the one inflicting that pain," "I'm sorry about papa," "about moma and Stef."

"Tiffany is your greatest treasure you must Nickie see that," "the greatest treasure of

us all,” “yeah Sye for how long?" Meticiously getting at a single tear dormade

emotions activated "who the hell knows Nickie," "for this very second," “perhaps Sye

you're right," visible brushing at a tingling nostril "maybe I’m being a damn fool and

need to call her or get to her right now but it’s all still my decision. "Don't Nickie

intentionally fail, " “that’s all I’m saying,” “stop pricking yourself and prick instead

this sizable unforgiveness,” “call her,” “or even as you said go to her,” “ tell her

how you really feel.". “I’ve decided Sye,” “I’m not saying you haven’t touched on

very important issues here and there but I still think it’s better Tiffany and I go our

separate ways.” “Ok,” “alright,” displaying himself quit agitated into surrendered

hands, ”if there’s nothing I’m to say to convince you what a mistake,” as one getting

out the door pass him “how Nickie you’re to consider no one or nothing beyond

yourself.” “I thought you loved her and that is were I plead this much deserved

pardon,” “but since you don’t your decision to completely abandon her,” “us all

Nickie make all the sense in the world.”


“I brought Chocolates” rushing to a door knocking obviously hoping it was a

returning, apologetic Nicholas Edin, believing it was. “You better be glad you did or

else there would be no getting in here, researching the hall still at taking the box of

candy to Deserk Allum entry. “Ronda told me how well packed you were,” noticably

sitting wth her legs fold into her did she tear right into the box. “So where are we off

too in such a hurry?” “You know right after Mike died I knew,” “you knew what?”

“That none of this Derry was going to work,” “that there was this something,” “I don’t

know as clear as day and just as illusive.” “Tell me what does it mean when the

heavenly host tell you a day is to come whereas you’re not to want for nothing,

”wouldn’t it have been easlier to simply say a day is coming whereas you’re going to

die?” “I mean aren’t we Derry talking about paradise on earth,” “that single one

we’re all dying to get to and can only be realized by the seed of Jesse?” “Actually May

I believe in paradise on this earth,” “yeah well when you find it please inform me.”

“Her name was Monique,” “we were to name our first son Deserk Jr. and our first

daughter Angelic, hence Angelica.” “I’d taken a leave this particular day.,” standing

with his back to the wall at telling his deepest, darkest, most harmful secret “I’d

placed an order at the local jerewry store months in advance,” “the most stunning

engagement ring,” clearing a thicken throat to otherwise sit into a rub of heighten

nervous settling into stout palms. “I’d meet Monique only nine months prior,” “she

was still in basic training,” “the advance version,” “we met May and hit it right off.”

“I’m not just being condesending when I say she really remind me of you,” “not your

beauty persay,” “but who can compare to that,” “right?” “No it was her heart.” “she

had the most genuine heart,” “the kind May you could trust for life.” “I loved her,”

rushing stinging emotion to the for forth, “and I’d not been able to feel that way about

anyone,” “they’re on the mantle behind you,” that he’s to search out tissues for

wiping. “Anyway I was only a few minutes from the base when I recieved word

somethng had gone horribly wrong at basic that day,” “that someone had fallen,”

“broken their neck in three places.” “Ah my god Derry,” as one displaying jaw

dropping awe, “you know those feelings you get when you hear something like that

and you just know it’s your loved one,” “well May for some reason I didn’t get that

message.” “I didn’t have a clue until I got into my place, cut on the news and there it

was,” “a tragdegic accident claiming one of Americas hopefuls,” “a gross neligence

had caused one cadets life,” “a Moniqe Levon Bradshaw,” “leaving two others

injured.” “You want to know May what was the weirdest,” “most errie thing of all?”

“Being at her place,” “seeing how or imaging her last hours here,” “how she’d laid

out that particular day with complete hope in a tomorrow that didn’t come.” “Ders-

rek,” “no!” Springing up, off was this, this heinous admission simply something that

had to be “let me Maaseiah do this,” “I haven’t done this with anyone,” “let me at

least do it with you.” “Of course being in the military,” “and having gone on some

pretty dangerous, deadly missions,” “seeing many of my fellow Marines maimed and

killed,” “even May what I had to endure with Ronda,” “but I’ve never May felt a

pain,” “I don’t know an agonizing bewilderment,” “a,” “there’s no way Deserk you’re

to describe it,” leaping up as to ready her own wipes did stunning eyes of hers glisten

with new tears. “There are no words in mankind’s varied languages that’s to give

direct crevence to what you felt.” “I was packing seemingly only moments later,” “I

was leaving May,” “like you I was headed home to Jamaica,” “to moma I guess,”

“you know just before I was detoured to here.” “I hate May thinking of it his way but

you and Ronda’s tragidic ordeal kinda saved me,” “ I don’t know reinterated some

perspective I guess.” “I just don’t know why her,” “and May whether our plans to

marry and like so produce a family was that targeting her so violently,” “you know,”

“yes,” “what if she’d never meet you,” “or Mike me?” “Yeah I do know,” “sadly,

“truly I know,” when just at that moment granting Tiffany Ann a spooch into the top

of head was he leaving. “That May,” “everything we’d plan was my paradise on

earth,” “strayed a bit from his plan,” “altered May violently,” “even vagardly,” “but

it’s here,” “it’s just a matter of that son of prediction in a world where there’re myrids

choosing the right path.” “Ah so it’s that’s easy?” Seeing him to the door, holding it

open to his exit had Deserk been his most heartfelt “do you May mock me?” “Thanks

Derry that you’re to find me worthy,”seeing he’s to inspect her well packed bags pass

her kind benenolence. “Thanks May you’re to be this close,” “this reachable,”

“touchable,” “I think you should tell Ronda,” that he’s to get right out, away, “yeah,”

at a wave of his hand skyward “enjoy your chocolates.”


The style, the glamour, the vava-voom, is here, gleefully shaking her head

at both reading and enjoying another's of Corronda's creative articles. The one thing

frightening Susan Faye was that somebody with big bucks would try and steal her

away. Corronda’s work as usual was simply enthralling, the words, the passion,

the creative thought, she was fabulous hence was it Susan’s main goal to get

her more money that her salary wouldn't plunged far beneath her special gift and

unexpendable value to the company.

Despite all things both trivial and paramount Dissuasion was growing and

prospering quicker than any of them could imagined, truly as one moving into a view

from her office window. Growing it was almost too fast for them to keep up, of course

they had friends like Corronda and Nicholas even if against his will who were putting

them on the map in France and various other countries to thank, was a well sort after

dream coming remarkly true.

“{{{Hey babe,” as one returning husband Syefan’s call “this is Sissy returning your

call,” “I’m free for lunch if it at all possible wth you,” “call me huh?” Thinking of

Nicholas and Tiffany, even the more than failed conversation Syefan was to have with

him, truly how unforgiving Nicholas was, a scarely form of arrogance. Believing

instead heighten confidence Tiffany was a tower, a defense city with walls like flint,

that if she could endure Michael’s death and rise above as remarkly as she had, that

perhaps she would as well brave heartily Typhone Nicholas Coogan. An astonishing

spring day at making all things new, that said newness may spread it’s wing like an

eagle and completely renovate the lost cause the last few month had been to all those

so unfairly contaminated.


"My god Desrek where are you tonight?” “I’m going home,” “to Germany,” ”no

Jermaica,” chopping concerningly into a prime meal going cold “I’m to help mom

and dad with the place,” “the store there.” “You know Deserk I’ve had intention of

asking you about your plans to make a career out of the military,” “something happen

Ronda,” readying his tea glass did he sniff into teary emotions subsiding “something

really bad,” “something like,” “something I haven’t been able to talk about until

now.” “The names Moniqe and Angelica Ron weren’t just figments of my imagi-

nation,” “Monique was the name of my intended bride,” “of your bride,” “what”

“Angelica Ronda was the name of my supposedly first born daughter.” “What on

earth Derry are you talking about?” “Perhaps a major, major injustice or a major

misjudgement on both of our parts.” “Desrek,” gently laying a comforting hand to his

retreating away, down “I’m sorry but you’re not making sense.” “She felled,” “she

was performing a climb,” “a demostration Ron for newbyies when something went

horribly wrong.” “When she felled she broke her neck in serveral places killing her

instantly,” “god,” as one displaying a genle hand over the mouth response into a lost

of her own appetite, “my god Derry,” “why didn’t,” “tell someone,” “I was bringing

her Ron,” “to introduce her to you as my bride.” “My twentyfifth birthday was that

weekend as so Monique and I wedding date.” “Then Ron not only was Moniqe gone

so horribly,” “but you were in the hospital near death with Maaseiah running and

hiding for her life,” “it seem as though evey facet of my life was under some signifi-

cant violation,” “so I packed and got here as soon as possible.” “I plan to ask May to

Jermaica with me you think she’s to come?” “But I thought Tif had her own plans

for returning home to Jermaica,” “yeah but most of those plans Ronda are completely

without merit,” “you just lost your fiancĂ© Derry how much merit can you bring to Tif’s

dwindling situation?” “So what did you and Dex decide,” “we married two nights

ago,” kittishly displaying her left hand that was wearing a diamond wedding ring

“and you have the nerve Ron to question my motives?” “I know,” playing into as to

adore her charms of eternal committment “Dex and I just didn’t want to wait any
longer,” “and you think Ronda I didn’t feel that way with Monique,” “that whatever

limited time we had on this earth we needed to spend it together.” “I’m so hurt,” “so

sorry Derry but the answer is no,” “I doubt very seriously Tif will abandon her

faithfulness to Nicholas,” “it’s not,” “right,” all the more pushing that spoiled dinner

away into wiping his hands “it’s isn’t just a courtship with her but a marriage,” “yes

I know,” “but he’s being such the gigantic ass about this whole thing simply Ron

because he can.” “It’s not Deserk completely unheard of,” “all relationships have

their problems,” “these on again off again spats,” “yeah Ronda that roller-coaster

symdrone I like to say.” “There’ll be someone else,” “don’t roll those amazing eyes

at me,” gently slapping his hands at reassuring him “I know it’s not what you want to

hear,” “but it’s every bit of truth.” “I don’t want there to be someone else Ron why

couldn’t he simply loan me this single inclusion,” “my decision,” “my choice?” “Or

do we Ron really have a choice or it is all predestine down to a particular person?”

“Only Derry for some,” “you know many called,” “but few chosen,” “I believe Deserk

like Tif said those chosen lives are repeatedly interfered upon by supreme gods,“some-

time Derry even violently.” “Then by chosing her,” “or by her Ron chosing me caused

her, her life, you know that’s what youre saying?” “Perhaps Derry perhaps not,” “you

see here,” “right here at this moment Deserk is our opportunity to comprehend fully a

mirror reflection that’s both light and dark, that’s both luminous and illusive and

there’s nothing but faith, hope and love that’s to truly be done.” “I guess I Ron like

millions around the globe just want the pain to stop,” “the agonizing desolation,”

“yes,” again laying an agreeable hand to his, “I said something similar to Maasieah

as you call you her, and what she said was just like the supreme heard the cries of
Israel in Egypt he hear the cries of all nations around the world.” ”That Derry just

like he heard the mournful laments of Sodom and Gomorrah he hear the cries of all

wailing walls on this planet,” “that he’s coming,” “that we may not like how he’s to

deal with such crimes against humanity but he haven’t Derry forsake us forever.”

“Yeah,” brushing at that stinging his nostril to spills,” “a single tear that’s to design

artist features “that sound just like May alright,” “a pure,” “sustaining hope in the

land of hopelessness.”


"Look whose that new guy in the salon with Keetes?" "Tall," "dark," "unspeakably

handsome," "with the most unspeakable grey eyes ever to see," “you know the type,"

"want the type" getting into Dissuasion’s main file drawers was Erica and Asheligh

doing the same. "That’s Anthony" "Anthony?" "Actually Tony Decorte," "the Tony

Decorte?" "What?” Truly astonishing Erica Lynn to attention "you didn't tell me he was

the world renown Decorte." "I know," "he's suffering from a head injury that caused

acute amnesia," "so he's trying to come back." "Wow!” that Susan’s inqury and Ashleigh

honesty is to get all the more fasinating "I saw him on a talk show a while back," "he was

incredible." "You know I thought he looked familiar," "man I would love to have him do

swim-wear with Vincent" "yeah ladies but didn't he get in trouble,” "something about rape

and murder?" "He was totally exonerated a couple of months ago" "now that I didn't

know," waving a file of her choice there directive was Susan Faye getting out "DNA

testing and a well sort after confession from the real murderer" "he was completely

vindicated." "Guys," as to revisit seriously the given revelations "Mrs. Coogan please,"

"he really need this break" "aw don't worry," "yeah Ash everything's fine." "You know

him pretty well right?" Putting on her think cap could having the late Tony Decorte at

Dissusasion be very benefiting "I used to Mrs. Coogan be engaged to him,""please,” “as

much as I like being called that,” “please stop,” “Susan or Sissy will be find.” "Well

speaking of engagements," bringing gently Erica’s hand that they’re to all the more

congrdulate her "let me see that ring one more time," "it is Erica so gorgeous isn’t it,"

"So Mrs. Hymm to be when is the big day?" "We haven't decided yet,""though Ash I was
thinking May," "ummm," "May is good,""I found out just last night ladies Corranda is

nolonger an Aggart,” “she’s a Mrs. Stuart,” “apparently she and Dexter Stuart married a

few evening passed. “So how did things go with Sye and Nickie? "He called the whole

thing quits the other night," "told Sye he'll be staying in Paris indefinately.” "I knew

something went wrong with Tip the other night" "and Erica you were right,” “what is

wrong with him anyway?” “It’s hard Erica to say but Tip is as you described devestated.”

"well isn’t it better to learn his staying power now," "than to marry him and have him

wimpout so severely." "Of course you’re right Ash,” “I mean I can hardly believe we

knew him at all" "yes Erica but who do we really know?" "I better get,” “I’m meeting Sye

for lunch,” “anyway ladies live long enough," "get this life knocked completely out of

you and the one helping to pick up the pieces continually is the one" "that's whether

we’ve appreciated them or not.” “So Sissy does this mean she haven’t changed her

mind about leaving?” “I can’t only Erica like you hope,” “I got to go,” getting away

speedily into a wave back to them “where would she go and what about this Desrek

person? “To be honest with you Ash after losing her first love and now with Nicholas

Coogan having flown so far south of Tip being north there isn’t another man on this

earth that’s to stand a chance,” “not even the insatisible doll Deserk Stuart is.”

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