Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany II

                                           BEAST OF BEAUTY

                                      ...WHERE THOU FEEDEST...
                                                  CHAPTER II
                                                      SCENE I

     "Tip called yet?" Inquiring of an otherwise Erica Lynn entering the kitchen with her, soon getting busy refilling their crystal ice bucket, not really suspecting Susan's inquiry. "Not a word, what's up with you and, wait a minute, you don't think she would try anything? I don't know Erica," as one restocking the snack trays did they as usual on game day have company. "I mean it's possible, I thought she was much better, Tip haven't been much better since Mike's death, yes Sissy but don't you think hurting herself would be a bit Extreme. Extreme! Are you serious Erica? Mike is dead, it can't get no more extreme than that! My god!" Horrified at Susan's horror at laying all things aside into an urgent panic as this definitely Susan had never seen Erica this genuinely concern. "You're right, I’ll, I'll make some calls, yeah Erica, I'll call work just in case.  What a freaking game!” Like most Monday nights they'd gotten together with some friends and were watching Monday night football. New York Giants Vs Dallas Cowboys and it was a close game. The Giants ball 4th quarter 3rd down with 15 seconds remaining and the Cowboys leading by 3 points. "Man I knew this would be a nail-bitter, ...man, I hope they can pull this off" with brother Syefan Erin as well toasting his beer into a cheer. Their guess included Nicholas Edin, Bradford's wife Barbara Ann and Erica's friend Dr. Matthew Edwin. "Hey you Okay? I'm just having a hard time Sye getting into this game you know, I'm sure Nickie she'll be here soon, so you’re saying I'm that obvious? It's a compliment I assure you, I’m to hear Tiffany is having a hard time living with the reality of you and Sissy marrying. My birthday, in less than a month, though Sissy told her this wasn't to hurt her, that life Nickie was going on as life does, as painful as that is. We could always Nickie make it a double ceremony, I'm gain if you are, of course I'm gain Sye, although I'm certain Tiffany isn't having any.” {{{“Hey Corronda, Erica here, Tip wouldn't just happen to be there, right? No I haven't seen her or heard from her since earlier today, the last I spoke with her she told me she was having dreams about Mike, she seem really desperate, scary sad actually. Well what about her brothers Icus, Ivar, her mom? I even thought of trying them, don't, they and Tiffany are so estranged, there's no way she would go to them well you most of all Ronda would know how impossible they are, thanks, hear, sure, you're welcome, hey, call me either way, I'll do that."}}} Hesitantly replacing the phone could Erica hear the rattle of keys at the door, finding herself relieved even more when Tiffany entered right in. “Uh, Hello?“ With a quick glance of hers capturing Erica's directly and Susan's soon after could Tiffany feel the intense inquiry about them but she gave no explanation. Instead getting directly to her room, I mean what was she going to say? Oh by the way I tried killing myself today and the monster of Hike's Peak saved me?

                                                           SCENE II
     "Man I knew they wasn't going to pull it off, I just knew it, they should've went for the kick, nall Matt man you was the one screaming, run it, run the ball! Ignore them honey, I believe you," as one massaging his shoulders into a sensuous, blood stirring kiss, temptation as Erica Lynn in all areas is, would she and Matthew no doubt leave early. "I don't know, Sissy was talking about ordering Pizza, playing some games, you know since the night is yet young, ...could you Nickie at least pretend you're enjoying yourself, but this is me Brad enjoying myself, as if you didn't know, ah that’s cute, really cute, I'm gonna remember that one. We all Sissy know Nicholas' infatuations with Tiffany, but I’m the only one that’s to tell him he’s wasting his time; and just why would you say that? Ah it’s not that he and she wouldn't make for an incredibly perfect couple, I know, Tiffany is very finicky when
it come to men and dating, very. So how about we elope?” With warm inciting words seconds from hers, his engaging ambiance and marvelous stout build trapping her against the kitchen sink was Susan Faye being teased and blushed into a stinging admittance. "Ummm, that sound very tempting Mr. Coogan, when you want to go? Yeah right, you would never let me live it down, you're right as usual, ...where you off too so early Nickie man? It's still early man, yea while I am about done for, ---ask her, yeah Nickie man, ask her.”

     The Betzler Cancer foundation was having their annual Ball and the Coogan boys had been invited, Nicholas wanted to ask Tiffany to be his date but was reluctant to do so. He'd hoped the night would present the opportunity but it seemed all was lost. The Cancer Foundation was of utmost importance to them, they'd lost their father viciously to this deadly disease, and had thus vowed to do everything they could to help fight against it and find it's cure. Giving substantial donations, this Ball along would raise millions in cancer research, revenues.

                                    ...PLEAD MY CAUSE O LORD...
                                                    SCENE III

     -"Maybe I should do like Ronda and cut it all off, talk about a new look, it would be a whole new personality." Talking to her reflection in the mirror was it obvious to her from all the celebration that the guys were really having fun. “Even a tastier look for the new guy on the block, Mr. Christian Cros, of course Michael would really have a fit, think he's to haunt me now, let me put scissors to his  favorite playground. Then there's Nicholas, alias Nickie, they think I don't know, I wonder is there a way to tell if certain people of interest will haunt their loved ones if suddenly they find themselves dead." Easing over to the door and peeping out, the coast definitely appeared clear of Erica and Susan's come with multiple questions, sidled out quietly, making her way to the kitchen. "The last time I told Ronda I would do like-wise she herself literally threw a tantrum, what was her problem, she can cut hers, but I can't cut mine? She’s a haunter for sure." Opening the frig, looking for a small snack, there was fruit pudding, yogurt, milk and cereal sound good for a pre-sleep snack. “Ummm, what do I choose? Attempting suicide makes one hungry, of course what does talking to oneself mean, haunter or no?" Justly as one oblivious of Nicholas's silent approach of her was she making her quick-witted but noiseless maneuvers when abruptly this mild tap on her shoulder "O god Nicholas!" literally a fall into the refrigerator, at catching her heart into a mightier than normal gulp of her last breath, hell Nicholas Edin was already stalking her. "You frighten me half to death, ...I'm so sorry. that wasn't my intent, ...you did sneak up on me" hoping the girls wasn't around, was Nicholas Edin always so special, so incredibly designated and she his determined after designation. "Yes but I didn't mean to frighten you so." Unable to get over how much he resembled Syefan Erin, they were almost identical, Syefan a few years older. "I really need you, to, to ask you something," having to admit was he simply too gorgeous for words, so unthinkably without proper narrative, definitely a haunter most welcome day, nights, holidays, all of the above. “Can we sit?” An extremely handsome man indeed, alpine, stout and invitingly muscular, very popular with the women, what a magnificent doll, after one heart, hers. Both he and brother Syefan stood a few inches over six ft, they were both blond, although the hair tint differentiated as well as the style. Nicholas's hairstyle taking on a wiry, scurried look, making his sumptuous appearing that much more riveting. "There's a Ball at the Betzler Cancer Society Friday, this Friday" stuttering in his haste Tiffany knew where this was leading but she stood quiet, listening, wondering and inhaling as he smelled so delectable. “By the way did you call me today? I got this call around noon,” as one thinking oh, his god, was Tiffany Ann easily one of the most stunning women in the world, her bronze color skin, her beautiful silken chestnut mane, long, glistening in the light. Those sexy, somewhat golden bedroom eyes, golden, lazy, sexually alluring, her simply flawless figure. “Anyway the person on the other end really sound like you, I know, just how is it I'm to know your voice so well, right?” Tiffany's father was Jamaican and her mother Seminole Indian, the sleek combination made her extraordinarily breathtaking, so much so she was literally used to people from all walks of life who just stood in awe of her her truest identity. Then to have such a caring and compassionate innocence just made her sensationally unite, even priceless. "I guess what I'm trying to say, I'm asking you to accompany me, to be my guess, my date Tiffany, for the evening. You don't have to answer now, I mean, not unless you want too. I don't  know, with you frightening me so,” spinning off as to open her yogurt, stirring her spoon in, soon filling her tenacious mouth, staring directly into those sensational green eyes of his own, his expert attention. “So I don't know if I'm to ever forgive you, I guess, Okay, I'll love to go, ...great! I'll pick you up around seven thirty, the events begin at 8 o'clock, that sound good" yet filling her sumptuous itself mouth, was she proving herself all the more a benumbing temptress. "Good, by the way Erica and Susan are going as well, then Mr. Coogan, I'll see you Friday, ...good night, ...good night Nicholas, be, good." Receiving his coat to himself, his scuff about his neck, a hand into its pocket after his keys, what a fabulous male species all, all hers for taking. "By the way you're free to call me at any time, I just have to know, ..yes, I did, ..why did you hang up? I could Nicholas say because I heard your voice, okay, that’s fine, call me anytime, so I’ll see you Friday, yes, of course, truly you Mr. Coogan," patiently watching him depart, the hall, out the door, but had this little rendezvous been a long time coming, "you could haunt me any time." How it was then Tiffany was reminded of how Nicholas Edin Coogan had always been in her life, way back in the distant, not directing her, she never directing him but still there he was always. It was then she also remembered how tremendously compassionate he'd been at the hospital that night and when he escorted her home, she don't know, realizing such darling things seem to both thrill and frighten her some how, to simply terrify her.

                                 ...ALL YE THAT HOPE IN THE LORD ...
                                                        SCENE IV

     "I see somebody else need to take my advice," teasing Susan and Syefan about getting a room as he'd done with Erica and Matthew who'd seemingly taken his advice and left. "So is everything alright with you? Pretty much yes, I had my snack now I'm to get into bed Sissy and get some rest. I think I’m going home with Sye,” with Erica Lynn already gone, probably for the night, was Syefan Erin pulling Susan Faye right along, "I don't have to go if you don't want to be alone, are you crazy, and leave that incredible Syefan Erin alone for tonight, where is Susan Faye's Head? Go Sissy, I'm fine, ...I couldn't, well I saw you and Nickie talking, what was that about? An invitation actually, he want a date for some upcoming ball that's all.” This being the very thing Tiffany attempted to avoid, although it wouldn't be hard for her to explain to Susan that she'd been to Hike's Peak because she had a lot to think about. that she'd even agreed to attend the Betzler Ball with Nicholas. "So you did agree? He was literally Tip terrified at asking you, well guess Sissy where I’m to be this Friday night, the Betzler Ball? Good, I'm glad you two worked it out, yeah, he studded about a lot, but we end up in agreement, goodnight you two, do as I would if this was Mike Sissy dragging me home with him,  or Tip what you wouldn't do, right? Right, no regrets right? No, nome so far Sissy, good, love you see you in the morning, okay, I'll have breakfast willing and waiting, night, night Tip."   {{{Hello, wow, just how fast are you? Tiffany, am I dreaming? Yes, you're dreaming, I know that Nicholas because I'm dreaming too, ...I believe you completely, girl if you didn't read my mind just now, ...I don't know, maybe the yogurt was spiked and I can blame all this on being drunk with wine or whiskey. Goodnight Nicholas, glad you made it safe, can't have anything happening to you as well.You sure you have to go? Well, I know I caught you coming in the door, you got to undress, prepare for, too late, I'm already down to my underwear, the last button on my shirt, under shirt pulled over my head, I'm bouncing in bed, twisting and turning to get he covers from beneath me, there, I'm officially Tiffany Ann in bed. And, I have you to thank, ...me? Yes, I think I set a record, ..,you'll all alone aren't you, wishing you'd come home with me right? You can admit it, I won't tell anybody, I could come for you, nothing romantic, we could catch one of the twenty-four hour malt shops, just hang out ...goodnight Nicholas,  ....goodnight Tiffany, I love and miss you, my god so much."

                            ...BY THE FLOCKS OF THY COMPANIONS...
                                                          SCENE V

     "Damn it girl, you drive me insane," heated even before she and Matthew got through the door, was Matthew stirring into Erica's ample bosom heightening her woman-hood into a seething, erotic foreplay. Uselessly wrestling with the door she was all over Matthew's neck, his chest, that pesky, tickling tongue teasing his ear, devouring this her steamed lover right up. “Ahh god Matt, not, not my ear, no, no!” With his burning flesh pulsating rapaciously within Erica's insane seduction, harassing him, his fierce blood so intently they both felled to the floor laughing, courting as the door gave in never stopping their hot, extreme over burning. “Nooo, ah god, not, not my,” managing the door closed with his foot was Matthew Edwin unbending in his full- bodied wrestle with his sexually
madden lover to have him bare and taking them as she willed. “You feel and smell so good, so edible,” ideally with vigorous subtly to make themselves as one this night, tearing her open, pulling himself apart it was here Matthew hasten to unfasten, untie and undress this marvelous lover of his loins. “Look at you, my heavens Erica look at you,” just as soon discovering her piping lust, those ripe steeps just faultless unto his taking, indeed thinking she would explode, she was, she was exploding, with Matthew hot, wet mouth collecting her there, ate and ruin her there. This flaming intensity alone tantalizing so fiercely her already inflamed deliverance, it was for certain, Erica Lynn was discharging without him. "Ah god Matt, I'm coming, ah god you're trying to kill, me, I'm coming without, no you're not, I'm right here, you know me baby, I'm right here." Fluttering anxiously his stone overlook at melting her into the sexual web, rage of this handsome, hot betrayer, retarding any normalcy. Ideally so good to him, so very good to the very blood of him, sanity at aching wholesomely within every delicious ounce of her sweet, wet wall, finding a temporal fulfillment, a timely explosion quite perilous for sure. “You’re killing me, Matt, where, where are you?“ Loving the way this man kissed her inside and out, the way he found her places of intimate obscurity, of privacy she imagined getting lost in his masterful love making, this ingenious ruination, indeed those
hands. “Ahhhh god I want this always, always Matt just like this,” with those powerful hands now directing their voluptuous path into wild abnormal indulging, igniting both their walls at penetrating every ounce of flesh, bone, blood they soon collapsed so splendidly exhausted, so amorously disengaged.

                                         ...IF THOU KNOW NOT ...
                                                     SCENE VI

     "Nicholas and Tiffany, Nickie has been after her forever, of course Mike had to die, but who better to see her out of this untellable nightmare?" Laying in bed teasing between her fingers Syefan's blonde strands of hair resting her naked bosom, yes talking to herself. "My god I'm so happy for her, well, them," here pleasuring  Syefan's stout nakedness now so preciously entangled into their amiable calm Susan couldn't help but ponder whether Tiffany had been honest with her. “Man I hope she and Nicholas find each other as it’s clear how he truly love her, she him, admittedly, oh god Sye, should I call her or not, and just what will I say?” Suspecting the phone, anticipating calling her, did she passionately kiss Syefan on the temple, snuggling all the more into this delicious man, here thinking how awful it would be to lose him, how very unbearable. “Man I came so close to losing you, that fear is still like a bitterness in my blood that just swallow away, ”shhhh, sleep baby, sleep," wiping and blinking back tears at how losing Syefan Erin was something she hoped she would never have to live with, although she'd come close, too close.

                                       ...O THOU FAIREST AMONG WOMEN ...
                                                         SCENE VII

My Dearest Camilla:


     It all seem broken now, cast unto the winds at toss, tumbling about endless heed, as
though all in the world is lost. I’ve hope upon it still, upon it still I wish, that such
perilous time enduring, would not be my end as this.
‘It all seem broken now, dissolved and smashed to hell, upon it’s hearten heart, upon
it’s mockery and will. However it’s looked upon, whenever this one doeth see, tis nothing
but treacherous blight, it’s coming after me, tis nothing but treacherous blight, it’s
coming after me." CCA, Apb

     "I think I miss her Pepper, a woman I don’t even know,” as one having sat into the wood pile
for a while now, did the nearing night, truly impress the sky, then impressed Christian Cros. “I know you thought I was talking about Milla, but no, I’m talking about Miss Saurus, Tifny, and how I’m barely able to get her out of my mind, even her scent. I don’t know girl what I feel about Milla, or even if I feel, she left me long ago and that seem to be that. It all seem broken now, a poem I’ve been writing since day one, a poem I’ve been inspired by my experience with Tifny to finish. You know Mrs. Martha want me to send it in for publishing, her not realizing poets are a dime a dozen. I’m thinking about going to see her, can you girl picture me walking into a modeling agency? "Woof, woof," yeah but is that woof yes, or woof no, I know, I know, I would stick out like a sore thumb, anyway Mrs. Martha is leaving, meaning dinner is ready and god forbid we let it get cold.”

…It all seem broken now, ravaged, thrashed and harmed, without an ounce of notice,
without an authentic mourn. By a multitude that lived there, there so nigh his heart. A
multitude that walked there, spilled from his tears the blood. Now a worthless existence,
refusing to go his mar. CCA…Apb

                          ...GO THY WAY FORTH BY THE FOOTSTEPS...
                                                    SCENE VIII

     "So what you think? Are you kidding Tip? It’s amazing, so what inspired you to do this?” Thinking it was time to show Erica and Susan her newest creation, was Tiffany Ann always considered to be the best designer among them. ”I could tell you Erica but that would be too much like sharing an ideal with you, and you stealing it and making it your own." Known well for stealing, altering and style lifting someone else's work, as so taking all the credit was Tiffany unusually taking a chance with Erica Lynn. “So when are you going to present it to Mr. Harmon for spring collection? I’m not, I’m through with him, he’s full of nothing but broken promises, no if I have it finished in time will you wear it to the Ball? Are you kidding, you’re freaking kidding, right?” Astonishing Erica additionally, was this so unlike Tiffany to first present a new design so early in it’s creation and to secondly offer its presentation to Erica Lynn of all people. “But why me, you do know how incredible that gown is right, and that I hate you for coming up with it before me? Yes I know, which Erica is why I’m asking you to wear it, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there’s lots of work to do and only a short time, so will you do the material? Me? But you’re a better material analyst than I am, perhaps but I trust you with this, I don’t know why, it’s just a feeling I have. What color Erica, I mean I’m seeing a bronze, green gold mix, see that’s why you should do the material. Let me design a jacket, a breast to waist, removable sheath, ah that sound absolutely gorgeous but you Erica don’t do jackets, I’ll do a breast to waist cloak on this gown in a red second Tip and be the envy of the Beltnzer Ball for years to come. You Erica in a jacket, even a short cloak is going to be worth it all, okay, let me run it by Sissy, let her give her expertise and we’ll meet in the conference room at eleven right after lunch. I know what Sissy is gonna say, she’s not going to like the ideal of a jacket with this gown, but the one I have in mind, it’s going to be flawless and such the envy I assure you. Then Erica that’s what we’ll call it, Envi, ah my god girl you is so incredible, and we’re going to be so rich, so very, extremely rich.”

                               ...OF THE FLOCK AND FEED THY KIDS...
                                                         SCENE IX

     {{{"I noticed you didn't get much sleep last night," responding to a now silent receiver was Syefan Erin spouting his misgivings at Susan worrying herself so. "Sissy, I heard you" inhaling and exhaling decorously did she with concern know where this conversation was going, "and? And it was nothing, it was Tip right? Baby, I know neither of us can remotely imagine what she must be feeling but no one can help Tip but Tip. I think she tried something last night Sye, I don't think it was the first time, and I don't think it's the last. Tried something, you mean hurting herself? No Sye, I mean killing herself, I think Tip is suicidal, I know I would be. Tip is going to be fine, you'll see, her returning to work has to be a good sign. I hope you're right, but don't you Sye feel the least bit guilty that Mike died and well you didn't? You mean like you're feeling guilty that Tip's' fiance died and yours didn't? Mike died Sissy because his body succumbed to a deadly impact, I lived only because my body withstood it's injuries. there is no divine selection going on here, it was a terrible, terrible accident. I best go," growing all the more uncomfortable at a disconnected at the heart Syefan Erin just not getting it, just not being good for her right now. "I don't want to keep the girls waiting, I love you," all to better the truly foggy conditions they'd apparently wondered into "and I you, perhaps Sissy if you said it with more feeling, good day Sye, yeah you too."}}}

                                     ...BESIDE THE SHEPHERDS' TENT ...
                                                           SCENE X

     {{{"Hello Nicholas, Tiffany here, look something urgent has come up that could actually take me out of town and I simply will not be able to be your escort after all, sorry, bye."}}} “So how many times Nickie have you listened to that message? You Sye don’t want to know.” What a sad, sorrowful day, as one standing on the balcony of his high rise apartment, his brother Syefan Erin joining him, was this Nicholas's contemplation. Although it was mid December, in New York City, it could be worse. "I knew it was too good to be true, I just knew it. yea," making him something more than disappointed but angry, even flabbergasted "a vacant excuse. If not Tiffany Sye man, then who? Aruggggg! I could just scream," wait a minute, she left a message on your answering machine for a reason, ..now you thinking, ...yes Sye, to, to avoid talking directly to me, ...yes, how very clever was that Nickie indeed. I'll just place the Betzler ball back in her court, pretend I'd not received her message at giving her the opportunity to refuse my request personally, hummm," granting his little brother a long, celebratory kiss, was brother Syefan Erin so proud of him, not realizing how terrified this all made Nicholas Edin, having to face Tiffany Ann, directly. "I never told you Sye, never told anyone, but several times the night of, Tiffany told me she hated me, even something like she didn't want me to see her that way, whatever that was. Vulnerable Nickie, she didn't want you to see her having such a need for you, meaning she's as well intimidated by you, Tiffany, intimidated by me? You Nickie is one of the best men I know, you have waited for this woman through impossible bouts and trials, just the ideal of seeing her fall in love and come so close to marry another. Still you stood firm, never wavered and believe me, Tiffany Ann like the rest of us know this, you and she Nicholas Edin Coogan are simply meant to be, so call your big brother, let me know what happen. I will, .good to be hearing from you then."

.                           ..I HAVE COMPARED THEE, O MY LOVE ...
                                                    SCENE XI

     {{{"Great, I get up the nerves and no ones answering the phone," with the phone now in it's fourth ring when just as suddenly, {{{"hello, yes, hello, yes, may I speak to Tiffany? Oh yes, hold on"}}}. Clearing his heart from his throat, not knowing exactly what he would say, only that he wouldn't take no for an answer. {{{"Hello, hello Tiffany, how about dinner and a movie, excuse me, whoa, who is this? This is Nick, Nicholas, it's still very early, I could pick you up in about two hours, how about it?Ah, no" shaking her pretty head into an abrupt denial as this, would leading him on be the last thing she’s to do "I don't think, come on Tiffany, tell me anything but no. I really miss you, I would love to see you, spend time with you. Miss me?" Puzzling her into a research of the phone receiver, didn't he get her message, and if so, why was he asking her out and carrying on so? {{{"Hellooo, Tiffany, yes I'm sorry, yes, yes it's a date? Yes, I guess, why not? Fantastic, great! I'll see you in a couple of hours then, yeah.}}} Don’t look at me, all I did was answer the phone. what the hell Erica just happen? That was Nicholas, ah Tip I know, I wanted to say no, needed to say no, but only yes would come out, said he needed to see me. That he missed me, that alone moved me in a way that, that brought my tongue, how could I say no to that? Well Tip, it's only dinner right, possibly a movie, what can that hurt, right? Don't play Erica, we're talking Nicholas Coogan but, but you're right, I can do this, right?" Throwing Erica for a loop along a ball of confusion as Tiffany is seldom this open with her, this trusting, as different as night and day, they didn't talk men, let alone this dream boat, Nicholas Edin Coogan.

                             ...DRAW ME, WE WILL RUN AFTER THEE...
                                         .                 SCENE XII

     "Was rain in the forecast? I only ask Sye because it's just got really dark, like midnight all of a sudden," observing clearly how very sad Susan looked as she fold clothes, did Tiffany know she'd really disappointed them at lunch the day before. "I wouldn't know babe, you pay more attention to those things Sissy than I. Sye, hello Syeeee, you said you wouldn't fall asleep, that's exactly what you're doing. Okay, okay," stretching, yawning hard, long at coming to the edge of the bed to her, that he's to even help fold clothes. "Just what you need me to do? Just Sissy baby give me something to do, that will probably wake me up, all that’s left Sye is my personals and I don't need help with
those. Something to drink then, to the Frig here I go, or is that here I come? Hey Sissy you gotta see this, it didn't just get cloudy suddenly, it's an eclipse, an eclipse? Yeah, you better come, see this, you know they don't last long. I want to apologize for earlier, I'll be damn right proud if you sister wore it, wore it, my wedding dress, ah god Tip is that why you thought I asked? I see why you was so mad, no, I was so mad Sissy because you still got Sye, and Tip you thought I wanted that stunning wedding dress as well, right? Ah baby I'm so sorry," folding a come emotional Tiffany Ann, into her loving arms, neck, asking about the wedding dress wasn't as Tiffany thought, though now that she'd suggested it. I love you, I want to wear it, it's the most amazing thing Tip you've ever made, yet. Seeing a just as touched Syefan Erin standing distant, filled cups in hand, so proud that they were working things out "and I want you and Sye to have it, it'll be my wedding gift to you two. Ah, I better get dressed, I have a date with the most eligible bachelor this entire city, you have fun, yeah I know Sissy, be careful with him, right? Right, goodnight you two, you sweetheart as well.

                       ...THY CHEEKS ARE COMELY WITH ROLLS OF JEWELS...
                                                         SCENE XIII

     "Ok, Sissy what just happen? I know, at first she wasn't having any of it, I was thinking she just wasn't ready, {{{"I mean Matt, it's only been three months., or that perhaps she was just jealous, and the next we're discussing men, ....and Erica is that strange? Tip is a virgin, ...excuse me, ...nall," seeming to choke up on the phone, truly tickling her, just knowing this would be his response, she having Michael Day they being engaged. "I know Matt just knowing that make her all the more astonishing right? If that's possible, I mean I've seen the way you look at her, ...I don't think so, come on Dr. Hymm its ok, be honest, ...ok, yeah, but who Erica doesn't look at her that way? Yeah, it can't be easy baby being that attractive, you should know, I know Erica Lynn has a mirror reminding her of just how stunning she is as well, right? Well Mat, I’m glad you called, ...and why is that? Because I really needed to hear your voice, ...yeah, you acted Erica as though you barely recognized my voice, don't be silly. So are we on for tonight? Ah they're calling me babe," peeping into a jarring him to attention beeper, was Matthew being summoned hurriedly, this doctor, surgeon on call. "My patients are calling me, I'll call you back, alright? Yeah Matt, alright."}}}

                                 ...THY NECK WITH CHAINS OF GOLD...
                                                      SCENE XIV

     "Not that it's any of my business but was that Nickie on the phone earlier? If by Nickie Sissy you mean Nicholas Coogan, yes, it was." Although hearing the doorbell maybe not, hopes that Nicholas would renege on their date speedily, faded. "Who is it?" Equally witnessing Erica get right to the door, it was Nicholas Coogan all right, pleasuring him from a distant, did he look good as usual. Relaxing his fine coat, Nicholas was wearing a chocolate cashmere shirt, collar-less, trimmed of the v-neck line and long sleeves of pearl. Fashioning a close fit, it vivaciously romanced his stunning build, highlighting his streaked wires perfectly.. With his sharp slacks a bit lighter in tint, flowing gloriously about his long powerful legs, it was here he moved so easily, as though he was gliding. He was as always too much for mere narration and this frighten Tiffany so, she could find herself very attractive to this one, for he was darling perfect, darling. "So have you Nickie had time to consider my offer? No, actually I've been so busy at the office, but I haven't forgotten," performing himself as usual, as to smile and politely declined, of course Erica wouldn't give up. This was one of the purposes she was attending the Betzler's Ball, she'd planned an extended article about the Coogan brother's and their generous charities. It was Erica's intention to make it the primary story, with Litigating Attorney Nicholas Edin Coogan, Prosecuting Attorney Syefan Erin Coogan, and CPA agent Bradford Elam Coogan on the cover.

                                     ...WE WILL MAKE THEE BORDERS OF GOLD
                                                                    SCENE XV

     "After what Sye said he saw, he and Sissy both, the heavens are stunning tonight." Although it had proven to be an awful day, Tiffany thought the night was sensational. A beautiful starry sky and a full moon gave the darken moore a mystic incandescence. "You said Tiffany there was nothing in the local or national news about an eclipse? No, and if I’m not mistaken Nicholas they can’t just suddenly appear, well it does belong to him, as he will, so, yeah, right” Stunningly having this astute gentleman escort her through the streets by the hands in route to the theater made it a very romantic gesture indeed. “So what was it they saw really? I mean I don’t know, neither do you right? We weren’t there, well actually Nicholas momentarily I was, I peeked out slightly and saw as well, brought their attention right alone." As one soon giving her insight, pointing and directing his attention into the heavens, their marvelous constellations, there was to her no closer way to be with God. "Especially Nicholas, one like it, one phenomenal twilight will happen the unprecedented moment the Prince King return with her. With her?" Adamantly holding her ground, her heart, but Tiffany was really impressed by this superman seeming to be dissolved by every word of hers, or perhaps it was her mouth. “Do the stars and eclipse truly hold mysteries we’ll never understand? No, not that we'll never understand, holy lords will not leave us ignorant, which is why I Nicholas Edin simply think it’s all a lower compartment, a lesser floor of one of the Supreme’s many mansions, therefore not a mystery at all.” All the more proving to be very considerate of her, only asking the right questions, still out spoken at times, very veracious. "I hope I don't get in trouble, but, so you believe Mike is there, right? Like at dinner he told Tiffany how truly beautiful she is, oddly right into her heart's blood and that she was very important to him, passionately, frightening her to death. "Actually no, Mike like most people Nicholas are not that much of a believer, god is just one of those lesser things of many, many other things, I'm just being honest, been kicking myself numb in some ares for that one." Telling, explaining to her further how he knew she'd not remotely gotten over Mike, but he wasn't attempting to replace Mike or move into his space, how he didn't think that was possible. “I wasn't Tiffany expecting that, actually I'm floored by that answer, to be honest you talk as if you’ve been there, perhaps I have, though the written word of God is the next best thing Nicholas to being there. He, the Son did say, to see Him, is to see and know Heavens Father, ahhhh, you're laughing, are you Mr. Coogan making fun of my beliefs? That wasn’t a laugh I assure you, an unconvincing smirk maybe, how even more remarkable you are which is literally impossible and I'm Tiffany Ann just elated about it!" Again as one shouting happily through the streets, getting utmost attention, was Nicholas Edin as happy as could be. "Well, He did Nicholas walk on water and calm the sea, waves with his hands, okay, okay, I'll go alone, but if you don't believe Mike is in heaven, which is why Nicholas I been kicking myself. But that Tiffany is not your fault, it can't be if we're all individual doing our faith process, no, kicking myself Nicholas, that I wasn't more honest, ...so we’re all pretending? Yes Mr. Coogan, that we don't know our own Creator at all, that one said to give and take as easily as that is said, we as hath been declared in the bible, look through a glass darkly and think that solves our bouts of ignorance, this excuse, but since Christ, despite that, ours Nicholas is an evolution of knowledge darken only at our rejection of it. I received your message concerning the Ball," as one spinning them way off the subject, not surprising her at all, it'd lasted a while and Tiffany appreciated, that. "So I hoped Tiffany this date would change your mind, when you called me earlier I must admit I had my doubts you'd received my message, that you was ah, ah, gone crazy.” Determining shortly how Nicholas Edin was to have a great sense of humor, mostly talking about his brothers and how very far they'd come from being lousy kids. “So you been there? Non-convincing huh? Yeah, what if I told you Nicholas I believed we’ve all been there at one point or another, that all human life, first begin spiritually, and develops immorally along a cursed blood line, even as we're born?“ That loosing their father to the violent disease cancer, their mother to a heart that just stopped one terrible night, had in some way helped put decent direction in their lives. “So the sooner we get our offsprings to him, all the better, maybe I have, have what? As you Tiffany say, maybe I’ve been there, ah I can believe you’ve been there, look Tiffany at how beyond description, how extraordinary you are, that's including your heart. You Mr Coogan is a tiny, bit incredible yourself because flesh and blood did not reveal that to you and boy are you so forgiven, good, so what are we going to see? I don’t rightly know, huh? I like surprises, how about you? Yeah, sure., so we decide once we get there. I'm at odds with agreeing with you, so you have something in mind? No, no, not that. I feel really encouraged to tell you something I've told no one, okay, I guess, my, well our mother and father, themselves were believers and that Tiffany, their punishment and you, this stunning, benumbing creature is this sweet to bitter reminder. Punishment, there is only one culprit here Nicolas and you're not gonna like it, the womb, where the human being is procreated along a curse of death, the horrid is as the days of Cain and Abel, we doing it to ourselves. You just said, your parents timely deaths is why Bradford is such a stunning father and husband,  that Syefan  makes Susan Faye such a perfect matrimony to be, that you Nicholas Edin is a perfect example of what all young men should be, forgiving, loving, endurable, even that most perfect, in love, so their sacrifice gave way to three wonderful men, ...amazing, now ai must have you. So what we gonna watch? Do you really want to, you got to stop doing that, doing that? Reading my mind Mister, tall, and expertly stunning, will you marry me? Okay now I  know I said too much, ...who are you Tiffany Ann Saurus really? I could tell you, but you see that little diner right there., I would much rather go there, sit, have some tea, coffee and what you can't repeat ever, a slice of apple pie,  ....my answer, will you marry me? I guess we'll see huh, I don;t know Miss Saurus but that is so not a no, good, now come, my mouth is watering just thinking about it, ....mine too ...yeap mine too."

                                                     ...WITH STUDS OF SILVER...
                                                                     SCENE XVI

     {{{"No Matt she still isn’t here, while for the hundred time tell her I called, you know I will, yeah you too."}}} “Was that Matt again?“ Having called the house repeatedly, looking for Erica did Susan feel sorry knowing she was out with Paul a new model at the agency. “I really Sye thought she was serious about him, Tip and I both, I mean it's clear as day he’s crazy about her, proposal crazy, before Matt the only thing she actually cared about was what she would wear and what shoes would match. Yeah but you know what has happen, Right? Evidently the accident put a little scare under her feet, a Sissy sort of wake up trimmer and now with time she’s back to her old self, back to her old games. I truly Sye hope not, I really admire Matt, he’s the best thing to happen to her period, man these damn heart games Erica like to play, you know it's not just Erica Sissy, you know that. I know just now Sye I had a good mind to tell him where she was and who she’s with, but I couldn't, for his heart's sake. you know. Speak of the devil, that’s Sissy probably her now, guess Erica who's been calling and calling, said you two had a date plan,”as one jumping right on her about Matthew, just this furious with her, not believing she would treat Matthew like crap. “He mentioned something okay," roughly moving her gloves, getting to her room, knowing what mommy Sissy would say, do, "but it wasn't final. You know one day somebody is going to do it to you! Ah do what? Treat you like dirt, pull you though it's muddy waters stunning outfits and all, ah please, I don't want to freaking hear it, I thought you were serious about him Erica, you thought! I never said I was, well forgive me, i've never known you to date a guy longer than one night, ah that’s cute, just stay out of my damn business! Ahhh, I just don’t know what to do with her, hey, I know, come here, I want to hold you, get some sleep, it’ll be okay, I don't know Sye, yeah babe you do, it'll be fine, just relax okay, I love you, I want to fold myself into you, come here, get into these covers the future Mrs. Coogan and relax, the future Mrs Coogan, huh? That sound about as good as you Mr. Coogan, look, yeah, I don't believe you, show me."

                                  ...WHILE THE KING SITTETH AT HIS TABLE ...
                                                                  SCENE XVII

     "Will you Tip past the berries please, what about the cream? No, no cream." Now into the following morning did they all sit quietly about the table eating breakfast or making notes, Tiffany could tell there were bad vibes between the two of them. Truly the only thing she cared to remember at this point was how tenderly Nicholas Coogan had kissed her the night before, really sneaky, fiercely intimidating. "I said the berries Tip not the cream, what dreamland are you in this time? Ah my darling, forgive me, you did go out with that fine ass Nicholas Coogan, what dreamland wouldn’t you be in? And please, please for me, take your time, so how was it anyway?Ah that man Erica as you say, is so incredible, not to discredit your Mike, yeah, I know, but where Tiffany has Nicholas Coogan been all of our lives, right, all of our lives, for all of time? Strangely enough Erica, actually I hated for the date to end, he's simply paralyzingly special, you know. That's enough Tip, so leave her alone Erica, can’t you see she’s smitten, plus she doesn't whore around like you, who's smitten? You are, hello, earth to the woman who dated Nicholas Coogan just last night, ...very funny Erica Lynn, ha, ha. But Tip, you just said you hated for the night to end, ...I did not, ....yes, yes you did, ..so you saying I read your mind. Maybe you and Sissy are right, what am I doing? What I said I wouldn’t do, Tip, listen, please stop and listen, it's okay if you move on with your life, you of all people Sissy can't, even better not say that to me, how the hell would you know, how, next time you're so cuddled into those cover with him, how will you ever know?"

                                                            SCENE XVIII

     {{{"I really enjoyed myself too," with the phone wedged between her right ear and shoulder was Erica flirting, giggling and casting her bare feet upon her desk. "While I don't know about tonight, I’m still reeling from last night you naughty, naughty boy you. Ah no! I'm not serious about anyone, to be honest I don't believe in it, that's more my friend Tip, I could give you her number. Aah god you're so nasty, Matt!" Responding out of a gaping mouth at bringing those long legs to the floor, even into the search of her shoes. "Let me call you back, how long you been there? Are you playing with me Erica? No, of course, who was he? Who? The phone damn it Erica! Just a friend. just another boy friend right? The night was great, I set a record? It was nothing, it was nothing you say, it just happen, you tripped right? What Damn it Erica!" Slamming his fist angrily into her desk top only inches from her, it may as well been her chest, her heat, actually both of there's. "What just happen, or is that suppose to make me feel better, that I have a girl Erica who trip up and screw other men? It wasn't like that, did you sleep with this guy? I told you, did you sleep with him damn it Erica? Yes, yes I, I did,” ingesting and sniffing into nearing emotions at feeling her most complex, confused even, never in a million years would she hurt him like this, never, not Matthew Edwin, please not him. "But he doesn't mean anything to me, ah god Erica do you know how that sound, what is that even to mean? I don't understand this, I'm, what, sorry, are you Erica even capable of being sorry? No, hell no!" Dismantling her coming after him was she more emotionally torn than she would ever let on, begging, pleading not him, not Matthew. "It was a mistake, damn it Erica, that trifling conversation didn't sound like a woman who'd made a mistake, I heard you just now ,okay, okay Matt, Okay, I really care about you, if that's true Erica none of this makes sense, if I Matt was out of my head, mind for a, I was wrong about you and that, that, hurt,  ,,,,Matt, Matthew please," as open following him right out the door, hoping Sissy wasn't somewhere around, this, close. "I can fix this, I, look, obviously we got our signals crossed somehow, we're not looking for the same thing, Matt, wait please, I admit, ah so now you admit? I admit that what I did was really stupid, reckless, I didn't think, I didn't think about your feelings, or his, Matt, goodbye Erica, ....please don’t do this, please, I, you what, you love me Erica? The worse day of my life, ever" a witness to her holding the elevator into this dramatic break off, up, men just didn’t quit Erica Lynn, they just didn’t, plus Sissy alone would kill her, dead. "Let's talk about this, don't leave angry please, let’s just talk, just let me go, like you did last night, remember? I can't, okay, I, damn it girl! Damn it, what the hell were you, if you would just let me, what have you done, huh? Damn it! Damn it Erica, what have you done, to me, to this guy, to yourself? Ah god I can’t, how would I ever trust you again if it's that easy, I wondered about people who can change a lover as easy as they change dance partners, do you know scary that is for me? Please Matt,  you please Erica, I got, I got to go."

                                                           SCENE XIX

      "May I Tip come in, have a word? Since when Sissy do you have to ask? Of course," sitting in the mirror suspecting her hair for split ends, remaining silent at first, did Tiffany Ann have inquiries of her own. "Can I ask you a question first? Yeah, please, first Sissy I want to apologized about getting so upset the other day, while you had a right, no, no Sissy I didn't, it was stupid and envious, "well apology accepted, now what's the question? Do you think it's too soon, you know, for me to have feelings for someone else? Who is it? Come on Sissy, please, the question. it's Nickie isn't it? Ah my god Tip he's been in love with you forever, like since high school, What? Okay, I don't know about all that, I just wanted to, ....well no, I don't think so, it's only Tip natural, ...I understand and respect nature, but I can't Sissy help feeling guilty, you'll never Tip forget Mike, never, but he's gone and well you're here, I know he would see it that way. You say that Sissy with such ease, that Mike is gone, how do you know that, I mean isn't that just some popular aphorism? Yes, and though I can’t say I know how you feel, I only Tip know how I felt seeing Sye lay that close to death himself and as painful as it is Tip, life goes on regardless of how much it hurt, and if it was Sye instead you would be telling me that, and you Sissy would instead spike me. So who is he?{Thinking, the monster of Hikes's Peak, maybe}, I can't say, yet, I just wondered what you thought. Hey" bending directly into Tiffany's gorgeous mirror image, again those amazing golden brown eyes, such the stunner human being, "I'm very proud of you, you have really been brave, keep it up, ...I think Sissy we all have, you and Erica, Syefan, Bradford and Nicholas " actively touching Sissy resting along her vanity mirror, of her departing just as soon, turning back, "I Tip think you're right, let's keep it up, right, right, lets!

                            ...HE SHALL LIE ALL NIGHT BETWIXT MY BREAST...
                                                               SCENE XX

    {{{"Matt? No it’s that damn answering machine again, hello Mat do you hate me this much, if you're there please pick up, please?" With three days now pass Erica's worse trials and gossip still there was no manner of interaction with Matthew Edwin. "They say talking to yourself is alright as long as you don't answer yourself, Tip, so are you going to be Nickie’s escort to the Ball or not? I kinda Erica told him I would be, yes, that's what you're whispering about? Did you or Mike ever go out of your relationship? Coming into the kitchen, thinking she'd just have a bagel, sip of juice, get out and find Matthew, find them before the others knew. "I mean that you know of? Not Erica that I know of, what's up with you, Matthew did that to you? No,” as one loaning Tiffany that estranged, far-off, even pitiful look, would she be her most honest, “I Tip did it to him, the Paul guy right? My god Erica what are you thinking, how many times have I told you just as they’re sex organs they're for marriage, for reproduction and can't be, shouldn't be toyed with, how entire nations have been lost. I know Tip, I know, I better go, you think he'll ever forgive though, only true love Erica can tell. love, like practicing what billions of love songs only sing about. Just ask yourself Erica, where is your heart, what is chasing Matthew Edwin away only to now chase after him, truly about, is it your love or your lost?  {{{“Hello Matt, I know I’m the last person you want to hear from, look I really need you, need to talk with you, see you, please call me.“}}} "my love or my lost, what the hell does that mean? Rumor is they caused quit the scene this publicized breakup, so you think Tip she's really hurt, or is it that lost of control she had? Or Sissy she thought she had well losing is a part of loving, so Sissy, maybe losing Matthew will cause Erica Lynn to love a man and be faithful only to him, the way she suppose too, soon married with children, now whose dreaming, the one Sissy believing in miracles. {{{"Yes, Will? I'm pulling from the drive now, I don't know, in about thirty, yeah I know, yeah I really owe you one, right, thanks again."}}} Thinking it wasn't easy persuading William at again zooming the highway in her pricey hot rod, but did he confide in her how Matthew would be at a moving party that very night, and so should she be there.
                                     ...MY BELOVED IS UNTO ME ...
                                                      SCENE XXI

     "My god it is him, I don’t believe it!" Barely believing her eyes, it was Christian Cros, he seem to have just finished his shopping. “I’ll be right back,“ thinking she would never see him again although Tiffany had to admit she and Corronda driving out his way to attend a wedding shower she couldn't help thinking about him, but she never anticipated seeing him. "Christian! Wasting no time, getting directly after him, clearly startling him, a hug, kiss. "Tifny, while how are you? Fine, I’m stun, I didn't think I would see you again, especially so, is something wrong?” As one lifting his box of groceries at growing uncomfortable at the clerk staring unending at them both, this apparent, beast and beauty. “So where's the wonder pet? Ah, she's in the truck,” as one swinging his silken hair around, was he as usual shadowing his scarred side, at Tiffany being such the paramount creature, very stirring to his blood. “So what Tifny bring you to never, never land? Excuse me, Ronda! Ron, yeah, I'm, hellooo, yeah, over here,' waving at and directing her friend did Christian Cros take this opportunity at visualizing what an astonishing seductress Tiffany Ann was indeed, how she smell just as excellent, what titillating wonderment. “While I'm in a hurry Tifny, I better go, it was good seeing you again, yeah, you too, actually Christian my friend Ronda is here with me, would, I am Tifny in such the hurry, perhaps another time, place," he’s running, hiding again, my dearest Christian Cros, what will I ever do with you? Who was that? A friend, ummm, kinda cute, I found the wine, finally girl, I thought I would have to try another brand, okay what's wrong? What you mean? Best friend To Tif-fa-ny, it’s nothing, let's go huh? Okay, but that's nothing has a lot of something written all over it. His name is Christian Cros, what’s Christian Cros? He is, that’s his name, the burn guy, ah come on, we’re not talking about one of your dreams right? The wine Ron, the party, ah yeah, okay, okay, okay, hel-lo, ah, right, humm these chips look really good, you’re serious, the burn guy name is Christian Cros, Ron? Okay, okay, alright, it‘s just really weird that's all, just so you know, the burn guy looked kinda fine, I'm just saying."

                                    ...AS A CLUSTER OF CAMPHIRE…
                                                           SCENE XXII

     "{{{So! So what? So how Tip did you like him? He seem nice Ronda, handsome, but I’m just not interested." Laying in bed remembering the horrible time she'd had at the party, how she couldn't help thinking about Christian Cros and how incredibly lonesome he must become at times. "Come on Tif, I kidda made him a promise, a promise, what kind of a promise?" Thinking here was this beautiful person unfairly trapped inside of an unpleasant life, mocked and misunderstood by people who didn't give a damn whether he lived or died. “You haven’t even told me his name, who is this guy, why does everyone think I’m to date again or die? I mean do I have a dating game contestant written across my face, even my back? Calm down, it’s not that bad, just a double date that’s all, Dex and I, you and Carver, it’s only one date." As one again staring at the ceiling crying herself asleep one more night, it was now one day before the Betzler Cancer Society Ball, she would spend most of tomorrow deciding what to wear. "Carver huh, how can you Ronda make such a promise without me? I don’t know, I thought you two would be good together, I mean he’s really a great guy." Nailing it down to two possibilities, both dresses being designed by Susan were they very extravagant, cleverly as a promotional strategy toward their own up and coming Fashion Center, all three of the girls decided to wear some of their own designs. “No matter how impressed they are with us Ronda, most of them only want this one thing, right, he’s possibly wondering am I as good as he think I look, just the thought of that make me sick." Anticipating a long, boring night, though Tiffany had to admit the reality of being with Nicholas Edin again, of going as his special date did hold a certain pleasure to it, even hope. "That maybe true Tif but when has it been ever I’m to sell you short, there’s no way I would set you up with this guy unless he was as sincere as you, yourself." Of course Tiffany Ann didn't know what would happen to either of them, Nicholas, Christian nor herself. That there was one thing about life she'd learned the hard way, the more you took a hold of it, control of it, the more it controlled you instead. "So what say you? It’s nearly a week away, come out, have a good time, never speak to him again or instead, fall in love and marry him, I would probably have to give Nicholas Coogan an answer first, huh? Yeah, he asked me to marry, just for fun, but, but if Tif you said yes, he'll marry you in a nano-second, ...yes Ronda, but never again, you hear me? I’ll do this Ronda this one time, I don’t need you setting up blind dates for me, yes madam and yes madam, I get your head is already filled with another prospect, and Tiffany Ann Saurus, know me so well, or should I say Saurus, Coogan?"Not if you ever want to speak to me again, goodnighttttt, yeah sleep tight."}}}

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