Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XXII

                                                           BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                           ...OTHERS TO LONELINESS DOOR...
                                                           CHAPTER XXII
                                                                 SCENE I

{{{“So’le? My god man where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you for days, if you Derry
let me answer I’ve been right here, Petre's place, I just needed some time, as long as you know as
you’re taking time Kassel is worrying me to death after you,. I know, I know Derry man but it just can’t be help. Yes Sole you can help, please tell me this isn’t about her confiding her confusion of beliefs to you? You most of all know people have different degrees of faith, of belief, as long as she doesn’t have a campaign at being this antichrist Sole I doubt you’re to worry as much. What if I told you Derry I think it’s more to her unbelief, that I arrived at her parent’s house unannounced at asking for her hand in marriage only to learn they’re, Kassel and Kiefer with her, are practicing atheist? I'm sorry, say that again," as one mentally dragging brother Desrek along this path tangled with injurious, self-inflicting thorns once so potential with matrimony. "Ok, what are you talking about, do you mean hypothetically or is this fact, that you new this Sole all along? It’s fact, they’ve been atheistic all their lives. If that’s true Sole how did she manage to get involved with an abbott believer and now married to one, I mean is this to punish the parents? That’s Derry like asking me how did I fall for a non-believer, and is as well married, ah, to her? But like you and Key we meet, we liked eat other, now here we are, tell me what to do Derry man, I don’t know what to do, neither Sole do I, a question that's come Sole before marriage. We know Derry man, believers and non-believers are like light and dark to one another, that you’re to think she’s as ridiculous as she believe you are. That there’s little or no fellowship, between them, I pretty much Derry know what’s the spirit to say, what about every
fragment of my heart and I Desrek do mean every, what about the vows? I tell you what, hiding Sole from her, your wife now, isn’t going to resolve a thing, you need to talk to her, you only Sole know where her parent’s stand, what about Kassel, what does she really believe? Quote them with me Dare man, for richer or poorer, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, until death do us part, now where is my wife? Home, go to her, look, gotta go, I'm praying with you Sole, it's to fix everything, later."}}}
                                   ...YES THAT DOOR DEAR SURA...
                                                        SCENE II

     -"Who's there?" Stumbling out of bed at rushing suspiciously to a door knocking repeatedly at sizing up a glimpse through the peephole could Ashleigh Michelle only see the back of this persons'
head at being sure it was Anthony Dale. "Who is it? Who’s there? It's Vincent, it me Ash, it’s Vincent, I'm looking for you, I was told you lived at this address., ...my gracious Vince the time, do you, ...if that's you Ash, I simply want to talk, I'm so sorry about the party, I was a jerk. Look Ash you know I wouldn't do anything to hurt you, please, can we talk?  It's four in the morning Vince, I know love, but I had to see you, please, I couldn't sleep, I kept remembering what a jerk I was, please Ashleigh. Hey, come on Ash, it’s me, it’s Vince, thank you, ....I can't believe I'm actually doing this,  know this seem awkward but I couldn't get over how foolishly I acted. I admit Ash I was bitter but I didn't mean to terrorize you, ...it's ok, I was anything but, I mean I was thrown but not quite terrorized, good, then I am glad. This is Ash a fabulous place, you must pay a pretty penny to live here, ....you want something to drink? I'm afraid that's not possible, not Vince anymore, tell me Ash" what went wrong, ..no dink, you sure? Nothing went wrong Vince, I realized I was making a big mistake, ...so marrying me was a mistake? Come on Vince, um this water is cold at all, I think we were more into having a wedding than a marriage, I don't think we even considered the consequences, even that I already had a husband, ...an ex husband, and cut your frig up a little. Ash? I thought we loved one another, ...you've trapped me, ..ah sorry, we were in a fabulous relationship for over a year, it wasn't like we jumped into it, I know, ....I was too uncertain about my feelings for you, I thought it would be unfair to marry you feeling the way I did, ... and now? Now I feel I made the right decision, I don't Vince mean walking out on you the way I did, that was cowardice, although not marrying you because I needed a crutch to lean on, ...a crutch? That's all I was all that time some freaking crutch? I didn't mean it like that, ...I mean not marrying you for the wrong reasons. Isn't that Ash what lovers eventually become to one another, a lifeline to lean on? I know I really hurt you, I'm sorry for, I love you Ash, I believe I’ll love you always, but  guess you’re right. I better go, let you get your rest, thanks for seeing me at this insane hour no hard feelings right, none. Vince? Yeah, thanks for coming by, we really did need to talk, apologize even, it's a lot better than figuring a hiding place, see you at the center, yeah you too.”

                                   ....THAT ONE BOTH ADMISSIBLE AND CLOSE...
                                                                      SCENE III

     “How do we Key know we’re not trying to make something fit that just won’t, trying to force something Key that was never meant to be ? You don’t think Desrek I haven’t considered that,” chopping concerningly into her chocolate dessert had this been the hardest week for both of their love “that I lay awake nights thinking about it?” “Although Kas, there’s no force here,” “beyond having falling in love we’re free to make whatever choices we’re to desire or purpose after. “Beyond falling in love? You Key suddenly  a woman so i love with a man so inn love with all things divine, didn't you know once you’re so involved with that spirit, that gift your choices like mine would be extremely limited. Wow. My god Kas wow, what a manner of revelation, but can’t this being in love also be deceiving, how do you know it’s the real thing? Because Sole died both to gain and to maintain us, died from all mind and self seeking that we're to lay all things to this passions feet, especially Key if you’re to love them first, the authors and finishers of this literally unexplainable
intimacy. You don’t fall in love Key, you lose your heart to certain people, even places, things, “your heart Key, it’s purpose, desires, even it’s destiny, then you labor at being directed by the heart now so fallen to be entirely faithful, even vowed to that you love. I’m Key quoting Sole of course, from his college Thesis, the gardens I know, I know Sole  and I were talking the other day when I realize I like him Key was now referring to this none existence as them, or they. You’re surprised, no I’m completely envious, envious? Yes of your innocence in all of this and now Key yous, you too get to start from a clean, literally virgin slate, So if Desrek ask, will you marry him, will you Key like me vow all things that you are, heart, mind and soul into a physical, intimate relationship to him and die the best death ever? This is so incredible Kas activating tears along decorative eyes, features into a speedy sweep of both cheeks, “my god I’m crying here, not Kas that I haven’t cried before, chances are Kassel I will wed,  taking as to ready Kleenexes at dotting under both of her eyes, meddling Kassel Berlyn being a married woman now, so Kas what's going to happen to our parents intend for me  Jans Vinent Patrick Andrew Hollister." Yeah I had to explain such things, a Patrick Andrew Hollister to Sole he ask did he just hear me go from a prior engagement to marriage, I explained  we never married, how I left, I came here to live with you, how that too was an option, we were to marry or leave the order, he said I made it sound like an occult, probably Kars because that's what it was, but that's behind us now, you told about the birth control, no, but don't fuss, I will, the next it come up, I promise, even Key been praying about it, talk later? Yeah babe, love and kisses."

                                    ....EITHER THIS LIGHT OR THIS DARK....
                                                     SCENE XXI
                                   MON AMOUR, MON AMOUR
                                              PARIS FRANCE
                            MACREMORE AND VANCE OFFICES

                                                        Scene IV

     My Dearest Tiffany Ann, 

     How is this my love? I feel I need not tell you how much I price you and how truly I wish the dreams of you were real.Those whereas I awaken in thy warm bosom, inhaling your glorious redolence and making ourselves whole, as one. Do you marked the days as I? Counting them away one by one until that time that imbues mystery, chance, that time that will have it fulfilling and return you my precious, back to thy darling one. Pouring you like a spring of fresh living water throughout my eternity that I thirst not..

     Yes, my love, it is I who mysteriously wrote the poem. I sat one night remembering you, considering us our love, hopping eternity would lend us her hand suspending our forbidden love, our so passionate selves into it's spellbinding infinity. Yes love twas I who wrote the poem, even as I write this, thine art mine immortal beloved. Tell me it dare not compare to the love we hold so near, swear to me, that nothing on this earth or in the heavens can remotely compare except, the I am, that created us, this love and fashioned it there? The way it has fallen short of unveiling a heart felt so
splendous into an unwinding maze of lyrical song, travagance detachment. I'll live by it's death departing me painfully from mine own suspension unto thine immortality.

Love Always,
Nicholas Edin

My Dearest Nicholas Edin

     I rejoice well into the imagination of my mine, that you, as we dissolve this time betwixt us will return to ourselves recanting us as one unto a betrothal infinity. As also my dearest I rejoice even greater at the interruption that even as I, you mark our seemingly eternal departure daily. Time, my lost lover, one that is so unfair, and the distant between us simply treacherous. Oh how I trespass against it, aching to imperil you slain unto the intense burning repairing our lone everlast.

     But my love, it is you that is so sadly mistaken, for it is I that have written the poem, not you my love but I. It came to me like an impetuous conclusion, when I woolgather into the heaven's midnight and wished our love thereupon. I and none other beseech these heavens to pour out of it's ancient heart of two mortals like ourselves, to resolve us. Loaning them a page of grace, an agent of immense glory uniting us in it's roguish psalm, and thus said musical a bonus of it's own.

     Therefore truest Nicholas I wrote the poem, as surely as the day I'm birth forth unto your given chance and my departure is still without you. Where art my love gone deep? Forever? Return unto me and meet me in places awaiting thy conquering considerations. Thy perplex agreement to travel us from hither to there for always to be loved... To be confessed by a rapturous conjoining, gossip in the heart of fierced deliberations vanquished.

Love Always,
Tiffany Ann

     -"Hey Nicko man," bringing himself into Nicholas office unannounced into a seat was Phillip Mance always about Nicholas Coogan, the making of his everyday "what is it Phil? Nothing much, it’s just that you left this morning without a word, I see your concern Phil but don't come bursting into my office unannounced, that isn’t the first time I've asked. You're right Nicko man, I’m sorry, you seen Bji Mein, are you and your lady yet having problems, ...you see Phil that’s the paradox, when Tiffany and I are together we’re beyond extraordinary, extraterrestrial even, the most incredible thing on this planet, but," as one retrieving the letter at mindfully, mysteriously waving it into a stand, a perch into long crossed limbs, arms, a ticked perk his desk top, “but, but Phil when we’re apart like now, we’re a pending Titanic shipwreck most romantic. Ah I see, so this new aid, have you decided which of the young prospects will support us the most help?" Thinking it would be so darling if they wrote one to another as their phone calls thou pleasant were so often blank and impersonal. “Earth to Nicko!” With a knock of his knuckles to Nicholas desk at alerting him back into the now of going off explaining the unexplainable “no, of course not, I only Phil just return. I’ll decide before closing today, so" thinking that’s to send Philip Mance right off but did he sit in contemplation still "you want to know who I picked? If I Phil say yes and you gladly inform me will you leave this office? I like Jude Aleksander Adams, I think him to be the greatest addition. you do know Phil this is a test? You can't go making this decision because you like the way a person's name is pronounced or spelled ...is that is to insult me? I'm sorry, its just that I feel Macremore and Vance have us on trial here, they want Phil to see us perform not only legally but with predatory selective  skills, ...ok , I'm sorry Phil why, why do you like Adams above others? I can tell Mesure Coogan there is much on your mind I leave you too it," Phil, look don’t go please and did you just call me mesure Coogan? You’re right, I’m being an ass, why Jude Aleksander? It is once you Nicko man, take time to examine his file you’re to realize even as I that his credentials are as impressive as you recollect his name is. Ok, Mesure Phillip Mance, then apprentice Jude Aleksander Adam it is, ....what is that? You’re going to let me decide? It’s Phil decided, yes by you, have him here to conference by nine tomorrow morning, that's Nicko man just in time for ten o'clock court, ...exactly, see you both then, if not later Nicko man for drinks, ..okay, or later Phil,  for drinks,  ...thanks Nicholas for trusting me, ...you welcome, now get over to her, give Whren the news, huh? "

                                          UNTO ALIEN FABLES UNTOLD
                                                            SCENE V

     “A Mr. Artelon?” Having to move forward at speaking for her being stun speechless at the sight of Niegl Artelon, being bedazzling in appearance. "Yes,  Niegl Artelon, this is my brother, Spirit River, how may, ...we’re here to, we need someone, I’m sorry, do you know a Nadia Artelon? She is my sister, my ah twin, sister, she is reported missing,” did a concern for her Spirit River bring himself all the more into the door, into the view of two awaiting, inquiring officers, a heart gripping to stay calm, sign. Is there, has something happen to her? We need someone to come down Mr. Artelon and identify a body, beg pardon sir, we’re not saying it’s her body, it’s just a process of elimination. This process of elimination as you say officer, what are the odds that it’s my sister, we actually can't say, but with her reportedly missing hours now probably a fifty, fifty chance, if you will give us a minute,
this female officer thinking still, what striking man, one of the most striking she’s to lay her eyes on, a drop dead, gorgeous, middle eastern sort of fellow, stunning actually. the both of them. "Sure Mr. Artelon, take all the time you need, ...you heard what they said, this Spirit is just something they do, come on Nadia isn’t dead, not our Nadia, her whole life Spirit is ahead of her. Then these officers Ni at our door or not, where is she, why haven’t she called, she to never caused us needless worry before? I’m going to go with these officers, get this one mystery behind us, I won’t you to stay in case she call or come home, ....and if’s it’s her? It’s not I, if it is you call me, you let me know Nie right away, I don’t Nie want to wait and see it on your face Nie, you call me, prepare me, ...I will, I promise, ...I’m going to call Christian, ah Dr. Etzger again, ...good, but don’t alarm him, we;re certain, plus Spirit remember he’s in a fragile state, ...yeah,” wiping his nose with the back of his hand could Spirit not believe this was happening, that the last thing they’d come to America for
was die, was lose their only sister to Americans Dreaming. “Where, how did you find her? This female you’re about to identify Mr. Artelon, please Miss Officer, please, just call me Niegl, ...Niegl, se was killed when she and the passenger she was with veered off the highway over a revenue, did she, is there evidence she suffered much? I’m not a pathologist, or sir an accident scene investigator
but since I was first to discover them, I would guess they died instantly. They, excuse me, my throat caught a frog, may I ask who this other passenger was? I’m sorry Mr. Artelon but we can’t as of ye give out that information. Was it a male, a male around the same age as she? Yes, I couldn’t help but notice you have an accent, ...we’re from Jerusalem all our birth, we’ve only been in America a few months. I knew coming here but an older brother escaped here seven years ago a tragedy his own daughter,  leaving our home, our family, even our religion wasn’t good, but I never, ever imagine this. Let's not count this as a tragedy until it’s final, you guys wouldn’t have anything to drink would you, as I said my throat?”

                             ...I'M UNTO MY LOVER, THEN I’M FAR AWAY STILL...
                                                        FRANCE, PAREE,
                                                               SCENE VI

     -That just it Sissy, by the time I left Jamaica by dad was a quadropidic of indecision making, god and mom, as one, the drink, his family, then his friends, all pulling him in all these directions, possibly why my leaving slipped right past him. It all drove him to the into madness, I have no doubt he was suicidal. until the point losing my mother, her demanding unconditional love of god, one of the demons on his shoulder, plucked off, was a great burden lifting off of him. Tip, how did she die, your mom? She went off a pier, the lake garden, accident foul play, took two days to find her, some even say suicide but my mom believed the outer that Jesus sissy threaten to toss those like thieving their way into heaven, lay in wait for suiciders, something about a live vision where she momentarily end up there and described it as being a withering away helplessly along a black void she sissy wouldn't wish upon her worst enemy, I know some reveal, right? Completely, I only ask about your father, because Sye says you let it slipped that your father possibly had to do Tip with all this confusion about Mike, ...that and Syefan realizing Tip, I know, none of us actually saw Michael Day beyond the night club that night, right? We only went by what was told us, close casket all, ..exactly, exactly, ...it Sissy sound like a conspiracy, yeah, Tip it really does, possibly why the case is again open. Yours Sissy of all the offices have the best panoramic view, well, don't forget Tip, I tried to convince you, that this be your office, ...no, you are acting CEO, so it yours. I just has no ideal you can see us coming and going, Vincent is here, ..yeah you heard the latest, he and Ash got some kind of got left at the altar or a runaway bride thing going on. That remind me Sissy, Nicholas and I got this fun thing going on, we're writing back forth who actually wrote the poems we been sending each other. When just the other day I wrote him, how I want to add a clause to our marriage vows, we did it Sissy, Nicholas and I, before heavens throne, host witness, spoke the vows upon each other.  Officially we're married and you dear sister is the first I'm to tell, ah Tip, I could hug your neck to death, can I call a group hug, if, if you do, you can't reveal why, okay, I'll save it then, ah Tiffany I'm so glad for you and Nickie, so glad. So what's the added clause? That he promise me one thing, that he will never, ever Sissy cease to hold me tight into the beast, it's a hold me claus, ah Tip, you don't stop being incredible do you? Since the gang is all here Sissy, I better go, we're upon another edition deadline, that remind me, how about a poetry corner? This subscription of Nicholas, The Paris Globe has one and to be honest sometimes Sissy it's the first thing I turn to, heck I love it, you, just past it by Ronda and Erica, ...okay, love and kisses Susan Faye Coogan,  ...yeah babe, love and kisses, to you as well, Tiffany Ann Coogan, sound good doesn't it? Yes Sissy it really does, see ya."     >>>"I just can't get over it, last night Alyn turn out to be such a, ...yeah," whispering an agreement his way in his haste to shut his work off as Tristan Alyn didn't as yet want Jude Aleksander to know of the private work, not just yet. "When are you going to share it? Share what? You know,  you know I hate for you to come in here! All right, all right, I'm getting out see, ...so what time are you to be at the firm tomorrow, ...nine, ...nine, why so early? I actually don't know, but a court apprentice so early mornings are to be expected I guess, can I stop talking from behind this door? Not yet, ...well I'm going straight to sit in on a murder case, I hear Alyn the American Attorney Liaison is really exciting to watch, a Nicholas Edin Coogan, ...my, ah, then Jude you'll be right at home, your best work, the best man. Alyn? I'm serious, what are you working on that is so fantastic even for me to view? Not now Jude please, ...I know something is not quite right with you, ....that’s Jude your problem, you're always thinking and leaning unto that thought without proper clarity, ...just tell me it isn't serious, ... okay, it isn't serious Jude ok., now get some sleep, you have a huge day tomorrow. I trust you, I know Alyn sometimes I'm very eager, but I still trust you, ...yeah Jude" rolling onto his side, yawning and rubbing his sleepy, itching eyes, here feeling Jude getting comfortable in bed one under cover, one atop covers, did they simultaneously reach their night lights..   

                                                         SCENE V

     "Can anybody tell me just when is a child not a child?" Dubiously pondering the jury's remarks this was Nicholas Edin’s stinging inquiry. Standing a tall, unutterable delight at the defense table, his strong arms stretch before him and suspiciously fold, his trademark whenever he had something very clever, very ingenious in the making. "My client has been taught by society, even by her parents who are pro-abortionist that it's legal to kill your unborn child, now I know some of you are saying but her child was born. That's why I present the question just when is it society we're destroying non-human flesh, souls even verses when we're destroying a human life? And if this question presents quite the dilemma imagine how confused our children. How many mothers after they've aborted fetuses as they say are distressed unto an unknown peril wishing they'd made a better decision? These are their confessions, their cries and horror, is this how we save lives by ruining lives? Or is this how we make
ourselves better, easier, by shooting the wounded, ducks in barrel all? I heard something ladies and gentlemen the other day that was kind of funny" as one laying the incriminating folder down of this
simply magnetic smile of his was a prancing back and forth Nicholas Coogan simply bedazzling these courts, men, woman, questionables all. "When in reality it was sort of ironic, how the police of an American town searching for a man responsible for bombing an abortion clinic were one person was killed. Now, don't get this wrong, I feel sorry for all who died in that clinic that day  or do I mean for that one person who died. The reality is, did this man not commit murder in a place where murder is legal? know, I know there are pro-abortionist who would try to eat me alive but the picture I present is what if this man thought since abortion rights had the legality to commit murder then so did he. Yet where's his defense? Now stay with me, he has none because he committed illegal murder, say it with me people, illegal murder, while my sixteen year old client is on trial for her life because she's accused of committing an illegal murder, because she went into a hotel and performed a medical procedure rendering the same ugly results. I as her attorney, you as her judges, right into the law all told her she could, even her parents belief told her she could but my client didn't know she couldn't go to a hotel and murder her child that she had to go to a doctor, an abortion clinic and let them do it instead. Further I know what you're thinking, it's not the same, well because a male child isn't a man does that mean he will never be a man? Because a female child isn't yet a woman does that mean she will never be a woman? Because I stand before you a man does that mean I was never a fetus? And because the fetus growing, breathing and living inside it's mother womb hasn't developed into an infant does that mean it will not at it's time appointed a new born baby? Does it mean it isn't human? I contend people the only way that a fetus doesn't form into an infant and that infant into an adult is, if it's life is exterminated, if you cut the fetus off their life source off, and my dear people, judge, because we call it a fetus instead of an unborn, because we call it abortion instead of murder, and because we call it legal instead of unlawful, aren't our children intelligent enough to know they're indeed the same? Thankyou your honor, thank you, jury."

                     ...THE ACORNS ARE FALLING DEAR SURA...
                                              PARIS FRANCE
                                                    SCENE VI

     "So how did it go? Was the Prince of Paris as invigorating", Alyn Tristan put his jewelry away, glancing at the reddish, brown, gorgeous reflection captured in the mirror, thinking when would he be honest with innocent Jude, he called him. "You could say that, he's, what are the words? Ah, synthetic without fault although my question is, who is Alyn Tristan Deburk? What do you mean? I sense you're getting farther away from me instead, you sense, I've told you about that clandestine imagination of yours yes Jude saw him as also you've told me abstinence is better than sacrifice although I'm now to think perhaps it's a ploy, that Alyn Tristan De'Burk never find me, never make me unto his lover as one, you're not making sense, I frighten you don't I Alyn, even tempt you? You have no intention of ever touching me, of ever knowing me except by this stinging forbearance of yours and not sacrifice. I'm flesh, you think I don't want to be touched? I'm a heart you think I don't want to be felt? I'm human, why do your human despise me so? You're being unreasonable again don't you Tristian Alyn run from me, I want to see you don't do this, you are as perfection, leave me
to my bath, please. Two years Alyn, two and you're still giving me crap about abstinence, have finished the article, I'm ready to share it with you, it will totally Jude, redefine this relationship, it won't be long now I promise you, hear me sweet Jude? It won't be long now.”

                                          THE SUICIDAL CONFESSION
                                      By: APACHE ARROW DE'BURK III
                                                             SCENE VII

     -I saw this implausible act of denial right before I did it, at the time I was watching old footage about the gay and lesbian moment in America. I remembered one scene in particular, a young dying male screaming to both the medical and political boards "YOU'RE KILLING ME". Immediately I thought no! you're killing yourself, and now you've killed mankind.

     -Is this not like the heterosexuals in this same country, this identical world blaming these identical boards for both ancient and recent sexually transmitted diseases? It is here I am to know that sexual promiscuity in this country, in the world affecting multi-millions is the most perpetual holocaust, a new ritual of Russian Roulette, that's five or six suicides ago,

                         ...CLASHING THROUGH DAMATER DUE PROUD...
                                                            SCENE VIII

     "Talk to me, ah it's like an office party, though I'm completely against it, Phil has waste little time planning a celebration, inviting Wren, Lynn, Bji Mein, and some of the others over for a private party, and I'm just Tip so out of it you know. Is my darling nicholas coogan being a party pooper, yeah, some Tip I'm like walking on a cloud with elation of having you and some time, like now, this long distant between really get me down, I should've come with you, Sissy and all of them are saying it, what are you telling, me, you on your way here? I didn't say that, only that's a good idea, and because it's so good, you Nicholas Edin is so good, that I'm strongly considering, ..you know there Tip the getting of the Cherchez la femme ladies euphorium off of it's feet, see that slip my mind, that's a perfect reason to spend time there, I'll call you as soon as I get it all set up, don't keep waiting, don;t Nicholas keep us waiting, I'll be there soon, bye babe, love and kisses.  Hey, where you Nicko run off too? Everybody talking about the case, yea Phil I know, but I had to talk to Tiffany, ah, tell her the good news, ...no Phil, not really, ah Bji Mein is here, ....yeah and his wife, Niemeyer, they're spending more time, it's this special thing with you and your lady, even Ly Lynn and Nun Connah, are holding it together. What you mean me and my lady? This long distant thing, you too are so faithful, so in love my god, proves to so many it, true love is worth it, tell me Nicko man you never notice, you never notice since you come, it's all changed? So how does it feel Nicko man to win your first?" Bji Mein, I was beginning to think you're relocated or something, no just spending good time with the wife, ...I know Bji, but I think you're be finding that out real soon, ...you're talking about the Clifton case, exactly, look I want to talk about this, but I have a meeting with chief Vance, ok there Nicko, you sure you're ok? No, I miss my girl, real bad, but news is the New clothing center is to bring here, ...so,  Nicholas Edin it's working out as you planned, your Tifny girl, home away from America home, yea" Bji Mein just I planned and you and Macremore and Vance realized, ...hey, just following the money, hey you guys enjoy, I'll be back just as soon."

                            THE SUICIDAL CONFESSION CONTINUES
                                    By: APACHE ARROW DEBURK III
                                                       SCENE IX

     The gay and lesbian community in America and the world is liken unto a farmer who has decided he know better then nature and instead of cultivating his garden with natures' water he uses blood instead, human blood. Now because he uses human blood and not natures' water he's found to have the most inconceivable garden in all the land and eventually in all the world. Not only is this farmers' garden simply fascinating, but it's fruits and vegetables are the sweetest, the most plump and the largest.

     People had seen nothing like it ever before and they're so overwhelmed, so very engrossed. Soon the farmer confess, he confess that the reason why his garden is the fairest in all the land, in all the world is because he uses human blood to cultivate his gardens instead of nature's water. The farmer is astonished, he is not alone, there are multitudes and multitudes practicing this very same thing and are loving it, simply worshipping it. They're those even born to deny what mankind call nature, what the creator call a turning away from natural affections, a natural farmers use, that's five or six suicides ago, AAD3.

                            ...AT HEADMOST THIS CLACKING UNHARMED...
                                                                   SCENE X

     "Good evening Miss Chow, Mr, Lue, I'm glad you all elected to come, ...it is good Mr, Coogan to see you again, congratulation on your win today, ...thank you, ah, I would Mr. Lue, well, ah Nun, ask your thoughts about the Clinton case, or are you at all familiar with it, Mr. Clifton's case? Come to think of it Nicholas, I'm very interested, glad that you ask, ..would you two excuse me, save me a dance, surely Nun, surely. So what are we watching?, Robin Hood men in tights, I remember this, it's Mel Brooks parodized version of Kelvin Costner's Robin Hood, The Prince Of Thieves, yeah, these guys are hilarious, I thought this would be one to like to watch, ...you Lynn and that stallion Mr. Lue huh? Well remember what Trin said, if you can't be with Nicholas edin then reinvent the one the yet, a quote I heard she stole from a FPD cologne ad, Desrek Chocolate, nearly got me in all sorts of troubles, I don't know that, ..yeah, isn't that his Ladies, Fashion Center, FPD, Nicholas' Lady, it is, so from Trin come you guys like a double insult, so crazy. So when does those two come so hucky, doory. Nicholas asked Nun about the Clifton case, so I guess they all piled in, what about the Clifton case, even if I could say, I could say to you, so a change of the subject here. Wedding bells for you guys? As far as Mr. Lue is concern yes, I know lyn you like most of us would much rather marry Nicholas  Edin, ord is his girl is coming, for the Cherchez la femme project, word is lynn we can partly  thank you for that, partly yes, and I've kicked myself enough, you don't know, maybe her being with lighten the attention toward him, or Felicia increase it all the more I vote increase it, m as well."      
                               ...AS FLUFFY FEATHERS LYING DOWN...
                                                  JERUSALEM ISRAEL
                                                          SCENE XI

     "It's good to see you're up, is there any word about my wife? I'm sorry there's not but there is word of your sister, the doctor lied apparently. There is an emergency, ah, I will raise them and let  you talk to them, what is it you're not tying to tell me? Phone, {{{"hello, Cros, I been trying to reach you, what is it, what is happen? It's Nadia and her friend Angus, they were in an accident, something about a deer, they're dead, we're making arrangements to have her flown there, there''ll be services in only three days. Stop stop., an I dreaming  this, are you Niegl telling me, my, our only sister is dead? Yes, I'm so sorry Christian, me and Spirit both are, we're so hurt,. they think an attempt to dodge a deer a deer send the car over a ledge, they were killed instantly. My god Christian, I'm so sorry, we are so hurt by this this, so we'll be there were you are in only hours, ..and I'm not dreaming, because nie, I kee having this dream, like last night, I dreamed Camilla died, that the fire I rescued her from years ago actually claimed her, I told Dr. Etzger, he said it only dream, ah,, you don't know, she's missing, when I won't from in recovery only days ago, she's was no longer at the hospital, ....what,  Milla is missing too> Only a day ago i got into a argument with the doctor that my wife was dead and they weren't telling me because of my rehabilitation,  I don't believe you, Cros, no, no, hell nall, I don't believe you, give me Spirit. Spirit he won't believe me,  ...it is true Cros, Nadia and Angus are gone away from us, Angus memorial is noon tomorrow, we caught a flight, with Nadia remains, we bring her home where you are.  I'm sorry Christian Cros, but it's true, it's all true, police come and take Nie to see, her, then Nie come and bring me to her, the good, she was with Angus, her future husband, and death was said Christian to be instant, hopefully, prayerfully she is with Him, now, we will see you, may please leave this phone? I'm sorry too Spirit River, I know what Nadia meant to both of us, as I explained to Nie, there is bad news still, Camilla is missing, and I'm seen her death by fire, many times, why Cros is this happen? Only God knows, lean not unto thy own understanding, in all thy ways honor him, and he will direct thy path."

                              THE SUICIDAL CONFESSION CONTINUES
                                     BY: APACHE ARROW DE'BURK III
                                                        SCENE XII

     Then there's an uproar, people and lobbies against farmers using human blood instead of natures water. The protesters are screaming it's just isn't natural, it's a sin, a blasphemy. Although the blood farmers cry aloud in various riots around the world that they have the right to use human blood in their own gardens, green houses if they want, I mean this is America?"

     Soon the decision of whether or not to use human blood in gardens around the world become a question for the president, the supreme courts, and various worship houses, clergymen. Eventually the farmers win, they're only practicing their rights to do what they want in their own gardens, green houses. They don't know what all the fuss is about anyway, this is their preference, their birth right, this is their freedom of choice. Come it hell or high water, it's about time somebody defied nature, it's blood intelligence, what does it know?" That's five or six suicides ago ...AAD3...

                  ...DOWN TO HER GOOD-FOR-NOTHING MOUND...
                                                   SCENE XIII

   "Was I hit by a truck?' Frowning and painfully peering up into a strange light, along a rub of itcy,tingling eyes,  a message of a pounding temple, when by a clearer focus, frightfully he was laying in somebody's hospital room, "no, no, no, you must rest Mr. Coogan, what is happen?" What had happen indeed, one minute he’s laughing in front of a TV screen and now he’s in a hospital bed, swallowing a dry, bitter mouth, throat into that strictly baffling him. "We don't rightly know as
yet Mr. Coogan, a doctor will be with you shortly, feel, I feel so, yes, I know, we had to work fast to get as much of the poison out of your system as possible poison, a Ly Lnn Chow, Philip, ah Bji. I know, if they were at the same party chances are they're in here with you, will you check please? I much rather stay here with you, but 'll see what I can do, Mr. Coogan, I'm sergeant Morris Mr. Coogan. this is my partner Mr Scotts, can you tell us the last thing you remember? Remember, it’s ok Mr. Coogan, no, it's not I wake up dying, crying in a hospital, ah, I remember a party, I remember laughing eating ...and Mr. Coogan, what about before the party did anything suspicious happen prior to the party? Suspicious, I am a criminal attorney, where are my friends? Is anyone seriously hurt? Please, we had two DOAs" "two, who, what the hell is happening? You must remain calm, ...calm, one second I'm enjoying a private party, the next, ....you, you need your strength, the over-dosed drug can be detrimental to your heart, Miss Chow, was she one of them, ...Miss Chow, a Mr. Felsenthal”, the investor searched his report, and a Miss Novenlian, dead? O my god, please wake me from this nightmare, I need a phone, I need my wife, Tiffany, I need, I need a phone, my wife. {{{Yes put him through, Spirit, what's wrong? I can't understand you Spirit, calm, calm down, I, Niegl what is it? Nadia is what, my god how? I am so sorry Spirit, ah that breaks my heart, does Christian, yes, I just spoke to him, we're flying her home, will come Tifny, will you meet us at the airport and come too? I know your being here, and Christian seeing you  will feel so much better. You see Tifney Camilla is missing too, ..what you mean missing? When Cros woke from recovery she is not found even yet, I know, I should cal someone, but I had to talk myself in, into it, ah just give me all the information and I will do my best, again Spirit I'm so sorry, so I need to reach Christian as well, okay, okay, I got that right here, he wouldn't believe Tifny, had to hear from me, iI love you Spirit, will see you soon."}}}

                    ...TIS TREACHERY I TELL YOU, RAINE IS THIS NAME...
                                                           SCENE XIV

     -"How is he? Mr. Adams is stable now, though he has suffered a light stroke and is possibly without speech, among other things we simply won't know until more testing. How could this happen, this was a private party for god sakes, how could this happen? That we don't know Mr. De'Burk the Policia is here, they're asking questions, what do I know? When I arrived they were all unconscious, ...it would seem Mr. Deburk, they all owe you their lives, please, just tell them what you can, be very precise. I was there as a party to Mr. Jude Adams, I'm Alyn Tristan Deburk, ....what if anything do you recall Mr. De'Burk? I'd changed my mind about attending the party when I knew I'd made a promise and should keep it, Jude, I mean Mr. Adams, left explicit directions so there wouldn't be any misunderstanding. Once you entered the building Mr. De'Burk was there anything unusual, any small things a toll, ...besides a fabulous looking Jag left running all to itself, no, ...and what happen next? You didn't detect a tag, ...no, I proceeded regretfully to the address, I knocked once
and there was nothing except the play of music, I knocked again and again there was nothing. I was thinking perhaps I was at the wrong address when I helped myself to the door knob, opening slowly as not to alarm anyone unnecessarily, moving right in, immediately I thought someone was playing a joke, what, you didn't think? No, not that I was walking into a room full of dead people, my friend included, when I realize it wasn't a joke I ran immediately to find my friend, he was breathing but barely, this is when I got myself to the phone and called for help. There was nothing strange about this party? Other than the party was actually dead? And you say were a party of Mr. Jude Adams, other than him you knew none of the others? That is correct, and what did you say this relationship with Mr. Adams is? I didn't say, although he is a very special friend, friend? Yes, the kind Jesus said he would lay his life down for and now us, if all is forgiven, if all enemies are forgiven, all we have are brothers, sisters, relatives and friends."     >>>"No, this calm you have Icus husband tell your on edge wife all about it, ...it's as you suspected, don't you get it? The explanation Belize is that we are married, sure your father will be angry, your mother, but said angry worsens if were not married, yes? The unborn, it is the fruit of our marriage bed, there is nothing bad here, we are going to be parents, now I know that's scary but not anything bad. I'm glad we talked about this, I was fainting,, no, no faining, not good for you, not good for the unborn, just over a month and we go to the parents, get you in prenatal care and all that, prenatal care, what is it that you know? I know that I love you, that I'm not sorry, are you, are you Belize at all sorry? I don't like the secrets, the hiding away, but making you my life husband no, I'm not sorry. This belief Icus your mother had in great spirit, holy, and all, will you tell me more. did you get a bible like I suggested? I did, it is right here, good, we'll spend so many hours a day, this will tell us, then I tell you what I know of my mother.  Over here bro, did you bring it? you sure about this area of the Gem? You ask that Ivar and I answered, that, where is Dame, she's in after school credits, if she does well and she will, she can be released early. I want to know the pros and con of joining the local authorities, you mean a policing officer? Only beloved if we elect to remain here, there's getting back to New York, to Sole, even our sister Maaseiah, I'm, we are Belize weighing every option now that we are, you know, I'm to meet Dame, we're going to the pub, you all coming? I'm to the library, if you want Belize, ....yes I will go with you Ivar, okay, then Icus meet us there, straightly, I will, ...I don't like it, well as your brother-in-law said, we can always go into modeling.

                               ...A RESIDENT TO THIS LAUGHING STOCK...
                                                  PAREE HOSPITALS
                                                         SCENE XV

    "I told you what I remember, I was talking with friends, laughing over a movie, and the next I know I was waking here, have anyone tried to reach her, Tiffany Ann Saurus? After answering the police questions for what it seemed the one hundredth time Nicholas was released, they'd all been severely drugged by Rohypnol, large amounts of the date rape drug was found in all their systems, only the fact that Wren and Sergio was actually dead, was the gnawing at them, their hearts that wouldn't go away "I'm to hear we have you to thank for our lives I rather think you have god and perfect timing to thank Mr. Coogan but I won't turn a gift down. How is he? ICU instead of a morgue, I guess I won't complain, though he's lifeless, simply lifeless, so you're off to home I hear, I don't think I ever want to go home again, that's not location here that is, home is where the heart is, and for me Mr. Deburk couldn't be more accurate right now. There is call for you Mesure Coogan at the desk,  finally I found her, Tiffany? Ah sir, I'm as well as to be expected, I don't know sir, yes some type of sleeping agent, that's the quandary surrounding the whole ordeal, we don't know why we were attacked so, yes, I've heard something of T-Kamb sir, what? Are they owning up to this attempt, this double murder? Yes sir, while I don't know that much about them", To Kill A Mocking Bird, T-Kamb, this Nicholas wrote on the loan of paper, handling it to Alyn Tristan, seeing him give a signal, nod of approval, "I'll bring him with me sir, me? thank you sir."}}} You're to bring him with you? You Mr, Deburk, they've feted you with saving us, they want award the hero, ...Jude, Mr. Coogan is more dear to me past finding him, I will not leave his side. Mr Macremore said to tell you he's sorry, you know about Jude, what does he Mr. Coogan want us to do? It seems as soon as we get ourselves together he want to see us in his office ....do you trust him, them Mr, Coogan, so you trust them? If you'd asked me that Mr. Deburk, it's Tristan, if you'd asked that a day ago I would have said yes, but now, I don't know,  the Clifton case involves a lost of money switching hand, and right now I believe somebody we trust just tried to kill us, did kill us. Well now Mr. Coogan, I don't know who to trust what is this about T-Kamb? You've heard of them? I'm a renown investigating reporter for the largest paper in France, of course I've heard of them, heck I've tried getting in deep with them but they're impossible even for me, it's sort of ironic Tristan, I knew I was coming to Paris to do a lot of things but getting dead wasn't one of them, even watching my friends die, my heart is broken, I just don't like this, I
think there's something they're not telling us, surely Mr Coogan, Nicholas, there's always something they're not telling us, it would be good, if it is T-Kamb, at least we'd know who this enemy is, why and what to expect, at least Nicholas we would know that."

                                                   ...THE SUICIDAL CONFESSION...
                                                BY: APACHE ARROW DE'BURK III
                                                                   SCENE XII

     Soon none of the bickering, the marching matters, the tainted produce is now on the open market and it is as common and unsuspected as that produce cultivated so naturally with water. An earthly choice, ideal, travesty having no respect to statue, tongue, gender nor agedness. Then the worse happens, 41 farmers who ate blood tainted produce are diagnosed with a rare cancer, not before long five hundred blood farmers are dead in five month in America alone.

     Although this is not the worse thing, since this manner of produce has a blood intelligence all its' own and is again on the open market not one ounce of mankind’s vital fluid of life is safe from this flesh and blood killer instinct, that's five or six suicides ago, AAD3..

                              ...ENJOINING IN DESSERT SPOON ANG...
                                                        SCENE XIII

     "That feel so good, so relaxing, you’re so beautiful and all I want Barbara Coogan is to satisfy you, then make love to me, I miss you, but i'm here darling man, I'm right here You are sure about this? I'm sure I want to be with my husband, I need t feel him inside me, uh, oh, say it again, bite me here  husband, and light my blood fire throughout, send me raging, the delectable lover you are, come, even our bed must miss us. Bradford, ...yes, I'm sorry, do you want coffee or tea? What happen just now, It was like you dozed into a sleep, yet your eyes were open, ...I was flirting with you, and you with me, like we used to, as a matter of fact I'd taken you Barb into my arms and we were racing into merry orgisms before I woke, I know you're well enough, it just that it was such fun, I feel well enough, more than well enough, you're sure? I'm sure Brad that I can't to have you tearing our way into me, all over and through me, ...you do, don't you, you have that look,  ...I Brad have that feeling too, come to me like in your dreams and begin and finish me, I just said blistering for me wife, that even our bed must miss us, surely Bradford Elam it does, but not anymore, not for a long time, ..say it again, so I bite those words right off of your tongue, ...have me, come into these erotic for you places, come, and come and come!     >>>"See, I told you she would come, Tifney, we are here, I got as fast I could, just in time, they're calling us, we're boarding, ..this Tifny, this is Niegl, Nie, this is Tiffany, only born, Maaseiah, ...Maaseiah, I can hardly believe my eyes, I mean that you are here, ..I'm so sorry the both of you, here, I kept this you, her obituary, so you will Tifny know something of her, thank you Spirit, just let me, you two are so brave, may I help you Maaseiah, ...no it's carry on, well here we go, loing Nadia has pulled our hearts out, but having you here Tifny is a pleasant path to healing. She is so beautiful, so beautiful Tifny she could come as a model like you, if you want, ah, Tifney, I could take your seat, so you and spirit could sit together .please Tifny, allow it, yes, Niegl, that would be generous of you, you are very beautiful, and generous, coming to our brittle heart, this rescue. When Spirit river said you would I so little doubt, doubted you even exited, though Camilla  as well gave witness, ....she too Tifney, is in much peril, first Christian sister, then his wife, so have his friend there as you, will no doubt bring comfort. I told you Chief Aggartore he refused to leave his friend, Jude Adams' friend side, . For the first time, but if you suspect this T-Kamb, he, Tristan Alyn Deburk seem to be the beat person to work with, he's been after them quite some time. I see Monsieur Coogan, so you trust him? I trust what he told me,  other than that I know Alyn Tristan no better than K-amb, why sir? Who would attempt the massacre of an entire team of Macremore attorney's, two innocent people are dead, one the intended of Philip Mance, who would do such a thing, chance Macklemore's fury? Questions upon questions I know my boy, ...this is truly some place, I send a limousine, I welcome you and your fellow attorney's here, the Aggartore castle until things are Mr. Coogan, figured, I pray you will be most comfortable here, all the others are here, resting well,  "forgive me sir just what is this all about? Right now, it's about saving your life son, your team and the case of the century, ...is there more news about T-Kamb, have they confessed, have anyone? Sit down son, let us talk, Mr. Vance, the Chief you call him, knew it was possible something like this would happen, especially when and the wa you won that murder case today, your skills have concerned them, their case against Clifton, not so open and shut."

                                        ...WAY DOWN FAR AWAY THEY GO...
                                                               SCENE XIV

    -How is it here, Haifa Jerusalem? Beauty and Beast Tifny but also Beast and Beauty, so often they are one in the same, can only co-exist but they insist and have taken millions of lives in the process, Haifa is a port, north of the Mediterranean, if you look out of your window, Mount Carmel is coming into view, ...I see it, the center where Cros is are immaculate with landscapes and the terraces of the Bahá'í Gardens, when just as soon you're to see the gold-domed Shrine of the Báb, then Tifny shops, galleries and restaurants, stuff like that. You Spirit are plenty changed, it is as though you come a man, even a spiritual lead over night so filled with passion and wisdom. I know, I think it's always been there, come all the more independant it gradually reveals itself, when you a loved one, especially Tifny one as precious and innocent as Nadia, you understand why it is emphasized the last enemy of man to be destroyed is death, ah how I wise today was resurrection day that I not endure the suffering of the lost of my sister, even now Tifney it is impossible, that the sister I was with days past sprouting her plans for the future is gone as suddenly as that, we truly have no future but His, God's right? Right, why we're called on to more than anything else to trust, in the Lord, delight also in him,  an commit to him, and he will direct our path.  What did he say? He said our destination is on the right, thank you for being here, something else I have a hard time believing, well believe and I can't wait to see the look on Christian face."     >>>"Well, that was the first case of it's kind Monsieur Coogan to receive a not guilty plea in all of France possibly the entire civilized world, hell I've even watched some try, I've sat as assisting lawyers on some of those trials, listening to remarkable openings and closing remarks still no rectitude, it was always a no win situation, well until now son, you did it, we know not how son but the verdict is the same. How long before we learn of Miss Novilian and Mr. Felsenthal murders, and of those who attempted to kill us as well? I thought we might start with the caters and go from there, no Mr. Coogan, you have vcta case to try and win, that's exactly what they want, ...pardon sir? They want you to come distracted, ...excuse me sir, they want me dead, ....well we can't have that now can we? I'm sure I won't have a problem doing both, no! no! no! Mr. Coogan, sometimes you don't listen, ....Chief Aggartor, who are these people? Why weren't we warn, given a heads up, something? They are very prestigious people who stand to lose millions if Mr. Clifton goes free, I can't began to tell you the urgency of winning this case, excuse me sir, if the firm's well being is imminent danger why aren't you and Mr. Vance not trying this case, Sir? Tell me Monsieur Coogan, have you ever seen the wings of a butterfly, sir? The butterfly Monsieur Coogan is one of the most beautiful flying creatures, to whom is paid little glory or attention because supposedly it poses no real threat, you Monsieur Coogan is like that butterfly, so beautifully
fragile and so gorgeously innocent, sir? Ah I'm sorry Monsieur Coogan, but we've played this game with these people so often that I fear they know our hand before we even play, they plainly son see us coming, know what to expect, but you, your stratagem alone, they're fumbling idiots by simply anticipating you, I've seen nothing like it and neither have they, Exaggerations will get us nowhere sir, oh no son, not at all, you and Mr. Vance are some of the most superior attorneys, ..,sir? Don't let me frighten you, my word, you look as though you've seen a ghost, you just made a comparison I just, son, we know what we are doing and we are assured you Monsieur do as well."

                                  ...THIS MUNDANE EXISTENCE BELOW...
                                                             SCENE XV

     -"I got it, we get to the Paris Globe, that's where we go, ...first Icus the Paris Global is a publishing company not a place to escape to, second it's in France, so pray, tell, what are you talking about? Yes, I been looking, researching, the Paris Globe is affiliated Ivar with Desrek, well of Captain Aggart's after classes studies, the college dorms, ...okay let's say you make sense, that Desrek can somehow get us in, you talk at France as though it's another state or city, how do we get and afford two young, teen married couples, with possible offspring on the way in France? I see the Desrek, Sole connection, yes, yes, Icus but they're also infatuated with Nicholas Edin's Maaseiah collection for the male, ...it says that, it actually says that? Read it, ...If you can't be with the one you love, assimilate the one you're with, introducing Desrek Chocolate, the Maaseiah Male Collection! Desrek Chocolate, ..yes, as in Sole's Desrek. ...And not only New York's, Tiffany Ann, but France's Maaseiah Adonai, we're already feets in the door we just didn't know it. Ah my Christ, that's why you wanted those articles, I beat my chest trying to figure it, ..beat your chest, how creative, ..this is it, ...wait, wait, the money, ah, for this? We just earn in under an hour, enough money that three couples went on a super cruise, the best time we had Icus all our life, we will never, ever forget, we use our sister's Dissasusion, in more ways than we count, right? Ivar, we know what do come graduation, we take this plan, put it to both Sole and Hain's head and we're talking the amazing awaiting in the pending  yonder, I could kiss you for this, it's a release and a relief, when do we tell the girls? We reach Andre, make a plan, come together her place, break this all down, our Ivar graduation plan, ...finally Icus, but, but I can't help but feel Maaseiah is gonna be blamed for this. She talked Pepe into letting me join you and the others, Maaseiah is safe, but look timeout is over, I got to get to Mr. Glover, prayer and patience brother, prayer and patience, ...ah reach Andre, reach her, ...I will, I promise,  you a genius! That brother of mine is a genus, ...talking to yourself? Yeah, I heard Leonard it's okay as long as you don't answer yourself or something like that, ..what is going on with you guys, it's like you been trying to solve a mystery since you return, ....return? Yeah, didn't you two, and your girls go to New York for a wedding? It's kinda all here, you guys are part of a France, Cherchez la femme shoe ad that's caught on fire and your classmates are beginning to wonder where to go sign up and stuff. Sign up,  we posed for a single ad, and that was that, ...well don't be surprised if your fellow student body and some faulty members don't lineup needing autographs, ....wow, this is an amazing article, who you telling? I told you, now could you? Could I watch? Sign it of Icus Ivar what else? Ah, yes, sorry, ....thank you, now to find the others, ...thank you Icus, ah Ivar, later, ...nuptial, prenuptial
dorms,  that's what we gonna need, the more young people follow our lead, O, Ivar Icus, can we like have your autograph!"    {{"Sissy, one question, where is your ex room mate, Co-CEO, Tiffany Ann Saurus? All I can tell you and you're not Erica to repeat it, Christian is in trouble and she had to go, see went to Mr. Artelon while on his honeymoon? Ah, forgive me Sissy this discretion, she went to see Christian while he's on his honeymoon in Jerusalem? Tip is gone to Jerusalem? It's something about his sister's death, I'm not Erica suppose to say, ...my, how sad, ...yeah, it's get worse, she and her fiance both. Tif think Erica as simply as dodging a deer on the road, ...okay well that makes sense, ah, the phones are ringing off the hook, the, ah Sissy, Cherchez la femme, teen, shoe ad. The what? You don't, that's Sissy the name of our France outpost, store,  'look for the woman,' Cherchez la femme, ...wow, that's clever. Well, that shoe ad she decided to shoot using Desrek's brother Soledad her brothers and their wives, girls, sold like hot cakes, even faster, with the phone's ringing from various young people wanting to join them. Even vow to marriage, Sissy to, ah, businesses wanting to interview them, that one ad just made those teen couples the most popular this country and France and they Sissy were here in and out in under an hour. I had no idea so many young people were interested in marriage these days, ...to those stunning teens in that ad yes, they look incredible, who don't want gods and goddess as knights in wedding attire? Still Sissy, I'm impressed, what's that? That's breaking news, something happen, that's international news, France, ah my Christ, Macremore and Vance, and there he is, there's Nicholas, ...looking so damn good Sissy as usual, ..{{{Yes, sir, do we have any leads on who could've done this, there are rumors that T-Kamb could be involved, have they taken responsibility? To be clear Mrs. Winsum, there is just no evidence at this time to separate one suspect from another, but we will find these killers, bring them to justice,  Me'sure Coogan a word please, is it true you lost two of your colleagues? It is true, it is also true if it had not been for the fast pace action of one Tristan Alyn Deburk, the Paris Globe, possibly none of us would be here. Thank you Me'sure Coogan, we pray your continue recovery, there you have it, a deadly attack by drug tainting and poisoning, two of Macremore and Vances attorney's are dead, with one yet in critical condition, this is Winsum reporting, SWE news, Paris international}}}  I bet that Sye calling,  (((Fashion Present, Susan Coogan speaking,  I just saw Nicholas being interviewed, breaking news, I know, Erica and I saw it Sye as well, did he just say if it wasn't for this Tristan he too, ...yes, they too would be dead. My lord, what kind of case do they have him on? Sound like some of this Michael Day stuff, yeah Sye followed him right to Paris, thankfully that can't be traced to Tip. What is she saying, have she talked to him? Wherever she is I'm sure she just saw what we saw and will get in touch, keep in touch, I guess, okay love, I guess I'll try again, you as well, you Sissy, I will, ...have Tip call me when she's back, ..yes, I will, Sye, you're not thinking this is the long arm reach of Tip father regardless do you? No, hadn't crossed my mine but since you Sissy put it that way, ...ah, I sorry I caught you into my net of hysterics, but Tip open to me about her father lately and to be honest Sye don't put nothing past him, ...bye, babe, ...wait, see you for lunch? I don't know yet, I'll call you, ...okay call me, bye."        

                                               ...AN INDEFINITE NEVERMIND...
                                                                    SCENE XVI

     {{{"Miss Tiffany Saurus, you have an urgent transmission at the admissions desk, Tiffany Saurus you are wanted in admissions. I'm Tiffany Saurus, hold please, when light is green speak, thank you, hello, Tif, it's me, Sissy, my god what perfect timing, we just landed in Jerusalem, ...Tip, there was an attempt made on Nicholas' life, ...I'm sorry, I can't hear, Tip, Nicholas is in trouble, two of his co-attorneys are dead, whoa, who, what happen? Someone tainted their drinks with enough drugs to kill, and did Tiffany kill, Nicholas credits his life and others to a Tristan Alyn Deburk, ...Deburk, the Paris Globe, Deburks? I just signed a contract with them, well, Nicholas and I, ...I don't know babe, but you need to call him, he's probably trying to reach you, ...okay, okay, I'll do that, Tip, be really, really careful, it's beginning to feel as though all is gone wrong with the world, bye Sissy, thanks, I'll call you back soon, ...you promise me, ...I do, I promise you, bye for now. Tifney, I'm okay Spirit, let's get out of here, find Christian, ...Niegl? Right behind you two, I'll go to deliver Nadia and you two go to Christian, I'll meet you there, ...so Spirit, how far are we from the hospital? It's a transplant center, the northern Mediterranean and we're Tifney like a couple hours away, it was more bad news, first our Nadia, then Tifny, Christian's Camilla and now your Nicholas husband. I know Spirit, but trust and we lean not unto our own understanding, you do know why your sister is dead? Yes, a curse of death was able to claim her as the automobile she was in left the highway and went over a ledge that both Angus and her bodies succumbed to, something that happens to hundreds of thousands of motorist daily. Do you Tiffany think said curse has claimed Milla as well? There so no way Spirit we're to know that, we pray she is safe and for reasons not urgent at all, she's out of reach and that's the hope in this tragedy we bring to your brothers, right? I meant it when I said it, you and your Niegl have really been brave in all of this, ...this Tifny, this is a global transmission phone, satellite, you can easily reach your Nicholas, ..,thank you, and when it's time Spirit I will, but not yet, I can't believe I'm in Jerusalem, ...yes, Maaseiah were Jesus once walked, ..and will Spirit walk again. Yeap, I've seen it, I seen him again walking in the midst of his people inquiring of the wounds in hands, just as written  ...those Maaseiah of which he suffered in the house of his friends, ...us Spirit river, you and I and all this loved by God, world."     

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