Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XIX


“He aswered the cries of Noah’s earth by literally destroying the planet,” barging

right into Tiffany’s office did a formal as this Deserk Allum rest his coat into a research

of hot coffee. “He then settled the cries of Israel by leaving Egypt desolate,” “as so did

he then respond to the cries of Sodom and Gomorrah May by burning them both to the

ground and last but not least he answered the cries of the towel of babel by tearing the

whole thing down and scattering the people,” “ even their languages accordingly “yes

Derry but in every instance he always left just the residue of mankind displaying both

his vengence of wrath and his grace.” “If only May he’d given up on us a long time

ago we wouldn’t be in this gigantic mess we call the earth of man,” “yes but this

wouldn’t be such the mess Derry if man would simply obey the supreme creator of us

all!” “Just where in god’s name have you been for the last past two weeks,” “don’t tell

me another visit to Paris,” “to Nicholas Coogan offices?” “No,” “and not at all to hurt

your feelings May but they’re both lost causes.” “Deserk,” stacking papers on her

desk into a stand “seriously,” “you can’t keep disappearing without a trace that’s

my job.” “I went home,” with a blow, a sip of his cup “I went to see the folks,” “to

May let them get a gander at me.” “Guess who came back with me,” “no guessing

games please,” “So’le,” “are you kidding,” “So’le is here?” “How old is he now?”

“Nineteen,” “soon to be twenty,” “you ought to see him May,” “he’s taller than me,”

“six five easily,” “and what a beaut.” “Well you know So’le have always been a

beautiful kid,” “you see Ronda,” “she know you’re back?” “Yeah, “yeah I’ll see
Ronda soon enough.” “I miss you May,” “I mean I really missed you,” “hardly a

second went by I wasn’t thinking of you.” “I can’t believe So’le is here and didn’t

make seeing me his first priority,” making it up, away to a sunny view out the window

were the months passing eeriely fast. “I was his first crush you know,” “well May I

don’t think he’s still as crazy about you as I am,” “of course just give him a few

seconds after he’s to see you again.” “So you changed your mind,” coming a sip into

a literally finished cup at close proxcimity of her ear, that vexing aroma of hers “about

coming home to Jermaica I mean.” “I don’t think I can leave this place,” “this place

May or him,” a witness that she’s to prance a cumbersome soul back to her desk, “a

very close,” “even May imtimate connection to this place?” “I know,” that she’s to

avoid answering him, “it’s the one thing in all this non sense of a world that make

sense.” “I better go,” “I told So’le I’m to meet him for lunch,” “there’s something

about a girl he’s dying to tell me about.” “May,” visibly was she her most distracted,

even dislocated emotionally “I hate seeing you like this,” kneeling as to design his

comforting, even companion forward into hers “come with me,” “no,” shaking a head

into a brush of escaping tears “I miss you so come with me huh?” “Maybe some other

time,” breaking out of this dissolving, even intimately involving union, “dinner then,”

“my place,” “seven o’clock,” “and I’ll do all the cooking,” “sure,” that at a kind

Deserk Ain exit she’s to finish off moist cheeks “seven it is.”


"I really don't want to do this," with a presistant Philip Mance persuading him out

for a night on the town Nicholas Edin didn't like public association much. Always
believing it would some how damage his rather business like, no-nonsense persuasion,

as one feeling if people saw him acting rather normal they wouldn't take him for the

high power, rather mysterious character he was, or proported to be. "You got to

lighten up my boy," making Nicholas take the lead did this outing grow all the more

strange with every step "there,"pointing a visibly jarred Nicholas Edin toward familiar

faces "there's someone we know," Refering to Ly Lnn, a recently aquainted, beautiful

Asian Attorney from the firm, "it’s Lynn I see,” "Lnn!” Waving, shouting em

barrassing Nicholas Edin that much more “do you Phil have to be so obvious?” "Yes

Nicko man of course,” “wow,” “you two really came,” "it's nice seeing you again too

Miss Chow" "You’re not all alone are you Miss Chow?” "Of course not," bringing a

curious Philip as to lead him, "Wren is in the powder room and Anita," "she's on the

dance floor," "wonderful," taking a seat as they were both lead “the gang is all here."

"So you guys here to have fun or to keep our seats warm?” "I'm gonna sit here and

wait for the counselor next move,""well Phil I’m sure they’re to be good and toasty.

"She has the hots for you Nicko man," witnessing Ly Lynn escort Anita to the rest-

room"I thought she had that for all the male species" "why you not like her?" Sig-

naling a waiter was Philip Mance apt to get his drink on "she's very beautiful girl"

"well Phil once I come to my senses mind you I have a very beautiful girl of my own",

"yes I know""but that is in America," "thousands of miles away," "Ly Lnn Mr.

Coogan is right here and now," "Phil," thinking he’s to have a lite wine opposite

Philip’s heavy duty embibe "you're budding again" "aw yes!” that he’s to grit a

cigar between his teeth, "promised I wasn't gonna do that didn't I?"

Although Nicholas wouldn't admit it did he find Ly Lnn Chow very attractive,
thinking all the more she would be even more attractive if she lost the attitude. A

gorgeous creature indeed, one of the most beautiful Asian females he'd ever seen, and

possibly the only woman beside Tiffany that had captured his attention this sensibly in

a very long time.


“What the hell you think you’re doing? Leaping up this deranged lunatic to the

opposing side of the bed “you were screaming,” “my god like someone was killing

you,” “I was only waking,” “what?” As one visibly disoriented did a hysterical Deserk

Ain pass researchful eyes around a soon to be familiar surrounding “what’s hap”

“why the hell are you,” “you’re mocking me,” “Derry!” Cautiously making a move of

concern his way “it’s me,” “it’s May,” “May?” With dreamy eyes of his glistening to

tears did he began this backward retreat toward a joint bath, “you need to leave,”

“Derry?” “Leave damn it!” “ Get out of my house!” Deserk?” Pressing a heavy heart

as this into a secured, bathroom door, “you’re really scaring me,” “Derry?” At that

moment lifting a drench by water face to the looking mirror was a devastated Deserk

Ain vaguely making sense of things “Derry?” “Please May just leave me alone,”

”please,” “you want to tell me what’s going on?” “May,” that she’s to grant him this

one mercy, this single pardon did he ease just as sedated by a severely confounding

nightmare into a seat “please just go,” “then I’ll call you later,” “sure,” spinning

stingy tears along artist features “sure.” "You know Mill I've done nothing but

think about it and I don't like it,"assisting her were they putting suit cases in the trunk.

"I've had two surgeons tell me it could be detrimental to my heart," “don't you even

care about the dangers?" "I could die," "no!” applying the lightest pressure to the

heart of him at facing a concern Christian Cros directly "they said you not die," "it's

new technique," "they can return you back to normal,""nothing happen to your

heart." "Aw Milla can't you just accept me the way I am," doing an emotional twirl

about did he sit into the steps "I love you Cros as you are," "but Christian Cros has a

chance to be beautiful again,” "you tell me you not like that?" "This is why we're

going to Israel right?" "The honey moon is just a front," "please Cros," contacting

him like so did she ease into a seat to him “we go," "you hear," "if you don't like you

no have to do nothing" "I don't like it," turning a clear look her departure "not at

all," "don't you trust me?" Continuing their get away was Camilla very adamant "do

you marry woman you not trust?" "Yes I trust you,""it's not your life," "it's mine,"

"you are my life Christian Cros,” as one cuffing his face directly to hers "all of my

life," “now we must make haste,” “there won’t be another flight out for days.”


"You wanted to see me?" Knocking slightly was Anthony Dale at Tiffany's

opened door, "yes," fastening her jacket into a stand was she with her hand streych

toward him happy to both meet and greet him "come and sit." "Kettes seems to think

you maybe ready for your own booth" easing into a seat upon her sofa along with him

at pressing cuffed palms to crossed knees "so I told him I would check into it." ."My

own booth?" Displaying himself a bit doubtful did he rub nervous palms into his

slacks "it's kinda sudden" having the most beautiful glossy grays was Tiffany thinking

Anthony’cheeks dimpled when he smiled like Nicholas as he too was an amazingly

attractive man. "Look! Springing to her feet such an amazing creature herself did

Anthony himself admire "there's nothing permanate about it," "today’s wednesday,"

"keep assisting Keetes until Friday," bringing her calender to a lay on her desk "and

Monday we'll give you your own booth and see how things go from there,” "how's

that?" "May I asked you something,” “did Ashleigh have anything to do with your

decision,” “no,” “not at all,” “then I’ll trust it,” as one getting to the door at making

an escape “Monday it is,” "good" loaning him her adorable hand that they’re to shake

on it was Tiffany Ann just as soon approched by a tall, young, stunning male who

could be no one other than Soledad, Corronda’s baby brother. “Aw my God So’le,”

taking his hand into a genle kiss of his cheek was Anthony making a clear exit “Derry

told me how grown you were but my god look at you.” "And you May,” “a business

woman,” “and just as astonishing as ever.” "Well come in,” “make a true visit of

me,” “at least you owe me that.” “Of course May,” “I’m glad to,” “you,” evidently

with astonishing eyes of his growing up and all aorund “and my god this entire place

is amazing.” “So be honest,” “how long had you freed the elevator before Erica, Sissy

and the others where all over you.” “Heck immediately,” “Sissy was trying to sell me

on an ideal of Erica’s,” “a mystery model thing.” “I tell you after seeing Deserk’s

colonge line and how incredible I’m very tempted.” “Well So’le it could more than be

enough money for school,” “not to mention rewarding,” “and just so I’m completely

honest it’s pretty hard work.” “Yah,” getting over into a view out of her office window

“speaking of Deserk Chocolate,” “the rising star when is the last you seen him?” “It’s

been a few weeks now,” “I think So’le he’s avoiding me,” witnessing him turn his

back into that window at crossing long limbs into a towering siloquette “yah he’s been

acting pretty weird even for Desrek,” “sort of incapacitated May almost,” “I don’t

think I’ve ever seen him this resign.” “Resign,” that she’s to find that assultion almost

laughable Desrek Aggart abdicated,” “that is weird.” “I’m having a party Thursday,”

“my twentith birthday,” “don’t inform me May whether you’re to come or not,” with a

defensive hand of inquiry going up “that way with Derry I’ll have deniability.” “And

something tells me So’le you think you need that,” “well May it’s like you say he’s

avoiding you,” “everyone if you ask me.” “I better go,” “I think I’ve alarmed you

enough,” “Ronda and I are going out for lunch,” flooping instead onto a seat to her

“she want to intoduce me to her husband Dexter,” “so May anything I need to know,”

“you mean other than the fact he’s crazy about your sister?” No,” “he’s one of a kind

So’le easily,” “and I’m not just saying that,” “I mean it with all my heart.”


Having searched through several of Tiffany's and Susan's designs Erica had looked

at so many wedding dresses she was becoming quite sick, even seeing them in her

sleep. All of the designs thus far had one thing in common, they all looked the same,

until now. Discovering what was possibly Tiffany's private stash, a folder marked

unfinished, a litle something buried deep into the piled papers on the desk in her

bedroom. Quite sure it was sketches she'd done a long time back as the pages were

old, and so were some of the designs.

Convincingly the mysterious outline capturing her attention featured a spectacular

wedding dress that wore spagetti strings. A literably unreachable gown dazzled of

spectacular lace weaving itself onto the stupendous laceless bottice, as so into a

downward sparrow at contacting the sleeveless underarm for a gorgeous trim.

Fitting tight about the laceless waist, this unite embroidery patterns itself along the

side of the dress then dazzles into a long, sensational laced gown, that dazzles itself

into an awesome laced train.

With a gorgeous veil quite tremendous garnished also of this peerless contrive

inspiring so handsomely the brides only glory at feathering along the shoulders.

Seemingly two layers of lace, one layer of satin, perfectly segmented mysteriously

revealing only the eyes. What made this wedding article even more breathtaking

was the design in the lace, it was almost like hands enfolding themselves over and

over as though even as the dress was fininshed, you could still see the hands of the

one creator.

Tickling herself into a mesmerizing, glowing touched to her faint heart

was she quite dumbfounded, thinking how truly, truly incredible it was indeed. That it

was both art and poetry, even more captivating than the Maaseiah gown she’d given

Susan Faye, one deserving the title "unending," as was inscribed to it. "Wow!”

“Now this is a wedding dress".

What Erica Lynn didn't know was it took Tiffany Ann only minutes to create that

design and even less to be persuaded it couldn't be. Not only would it cause a

small fortune, she could never get lace designed that it resembled the very hands

that created it. Believing so adamantly in marriage, truly having a mother who

believed in marriage and talked to her about it often. Was Tiffany again persuaded at

a very young age that marriage was as Erica retitled the mysterious dress, ‘Unending’.

A glorious union of divinity evolving into a reunion that last until death had she

designed this dress with that belief in mind. This was more than a pretty dress for

Tiffany Ann, this was her eternity.

The open hands about the veil covered the brides innocence, ghosting her mystery,

protecting her glorious adventing. The welcoming hands about the shoulders touched

and adored the bride. The stretched hands under the arms are lifting the bride. The

enfolding hands about the waist passionately holding the bride while the crossed hands

about the dress in itself surrounds and enfold thebride. Hence the praying hands

about the train carry and keep both bride and groom into their eternity while the lace

fashioned of hands not only creates an indescrible dress, they shaped and mold

togetherness forever.


“Am I spoiling your plan,” “you know that you’re to avoid me forever?” “Solly told

me you possibly wasn’t coming,” getting up displeasingly to the sink, empying his

glass, “if I’d’d known,” “what?” getting in his way, in his face did this move visibly

intimdate him. “you wouldsn’t have come my word Derry what is” “you did

something to me that night,” responding aggitavedly under a lessen voice did he dig

tense fingers into that counter a stout back to her , “did something,” “ a spell May or

some other
vexation,” “are you listening to your,” “don’t mock me,” “damn it!” Visibly plucking

large drops from his chin away“don’t laugh at me.” “Desrek please,” that she’s to

make an ounce of sense of two friends gone horribly bad, that he’s to at least face her.

“Do you remember the last thing you said to me before you fell alseep,” “no,” visibly

doing this research through her memory back, “not really,” “you asked me to hold

you,” “to May make love to you,” “you’re saying you don’t remember that?” “Perhaps

I was tired,”easing into a chair, a seat away did he again refuse eye contact “even out

of my head,” “or May remarkably into mind for moments after you said that we were

at it,” “at it?” “What,” “we were making love and something I will never be able to

explain was so explosive and evolative in me that I was howling it out seeming through

every particle of being like wild beast,” “a horrific confiscation May but at the

same time this bedazzling ejectulation and the next thing I remember was you

laughing me awake.” “I don’t know what that was but that wasn’t me,” “it was a

horrific metophomise of the most private parts of man’s sector consuming me whole,

mind, body and soul and you were making mockery,” “I was waking you up from a

dream,” “you were panting and screaming,” “you do know nothing happen between,”

“not May until you awaken me and I was still bedazzled for days,” “so consumed

I thought I was having a nervous breakdown,” “that I’d lot all se.nse of reality.” “I

embassassed you and I’m,” “don’t,” visbly aggitaed even more did raging emotions

spike a volitile response in him “don’t come to me with that crape,” “you’ve crippled

me,” “my god May in ways,” “my god.” “me,” “I crippled you,” “I’m sorry Deserk

about what happen,” “or about what you think happen but I was asleep two bedrooms

away.” “For days now May I didn’t know what to think,” “so you thought I’d sexually
assualted you and laughed about the “that’s just it May I didn’t know,” “the last thing

I remember from when you suggested we,” “we’” “ you know,” “was you waking me

up out this unexplainable invasion,” “or outburst hell I don’t know what,” “hey you

guys we’re about to cut the cake,” “yeah,” as to avoid Corranda coming after them

both “we’ll be right there.” “We better get back to,” “can it,” “can making love really

be that overwhelming?” Well I’ve only given myself to one person and yes it can

get breathingly, even heart and blood wrenching consuming, even Derry the howling

like a beast part.” “We better get in there,” hearing they’re to sing the happy birthday

song “have Nicholas ever proposed marriage to you,” “I mean when he wasn’t cap-

tured into one of those earth and mind boggling confiscations,” “yes,” amused by a

better performing Deserk Ain assessment at rejoining Soledad’s birthday party “he

has,” “and how May did you answer,” “really I didn’t,” “then don’t you think you



"What is this?" "I just don't know if I'll be much of a wife now Dex," "about

five months ago babe you didn't know if you would live and here the woman I love

live." "As so four months ago you didn't know if you would stay in New York and

here you stay," signaling a left turn had Corronda really enjoyed herself at Soledad’s

party, "Three months ago Ronda you didn't know if you would work or write ever

again and here you are the fasting growing fashion center in this nation and in parts

of world top publisher." "I don’t know about you baby but all I want to do is wait and

see just what great things Ronda and Dexter finally being married is going to bring.”

"Like all things you was so uncertain about Ronda now behind you this union of

matrimonial is going to be so fantastic the sky isn’t even the limit,” “please baby"

taking and shaking her resting hand into an agreement. "You remember when just

marrying” "I have scares now Dex" easily bringing her hand back to herself at

remembering the most horrific threater of her life. "Let me see them Ronda,” actually

pulling the car to the side of the road at being his most dramatic “touch them and I

will kiss them and fade them straight away" “Can’t you see that despite how horrific

this has all been we’re Ronda not only looking at a new dawn we are that new dawn?”

“That with this ring" "ah god Dex you’re gping to make me cry,” doing a research

through her purse for kleenexas “you have made me cry." "You know I really enjoyed

myself tonight,” “I still can’t Dex can’t believe how grown that boy is,” “it seem

like only yesterday I was offering him only a few dollars to wash my car.” “And that’s

only half of it” having dried her leaking cheeks, nostril so enchantingly “he’s also

serious about a certain girl,” "he’s kinda young isn’t he?” “Yes Dex but he’s Desrek

brother and is greatky influenced by him,” “especially his campaige of abstinence,”

“we both where,” looking off sordidly, even expectingly. “Do you Ronda trust me,”

“yes,” “of course I trust you,” “good,” “that’s all wanted to know,” “I never would’ve

gave myself to you Dex,’ “let alone married you if I didn’t trust you.” “Good,” “then

before we get home I have something to show you,” “me?” Happily contacting herself,

“don’t ask me what because it’s a surprise,” “but just you wait.”


Rushing unannounced into Tiffany's office at laying the sketch on her desk, to

her direct attention "I'm not going to ask you where you found this?" Thinking

she’s kill Erica for sure "my god haven't I told," "ok! "ok! dancing around

emphatically Erica knew Tiffany’s offense but she also knew she had to have that

dress. "I'm sorry I went through your things but Tip that is the most incredible

wedding gown I've ever seen.” "it's a fantasy Erica," placing the questionable sketch

out of view "not a dress," getting up, over did she rub her arms into a look out,

seeing the morning traffic was at it’s daily stand still "something I imagine our god

would have always wanted the man and woman uniting in holy matrimony to be."

"And Tip like all fantaies if enough time and sacrifice is spent," ”come on Erica,”

"you can't be serious!" "Any way no one besides me was ever suppose to even see

this," taking and waving the article unpleasantly at her "it's sacred forgod sakes" "I

don't care Tip I want that dress" "you don't get it do you?" Resting aggitatively into

plams flat to her desk at explaining "the Adonai Erica was never a dress" "it was a

dream" "a fantasy in the form of a wedding dress." "You have no ideal what it means

to me," flooping quite stirred into her chair, that desk "you simply see a fabulou

wedding dress that you've never seen before" "never Erica imagined""but it's a

picture," "of hands," truly dumbfounding Tiffany Ann to speechlessness. "I see the

hands Tip," "I see them shaping and forming something beautifully eternal." "I

know," displaying herself proud "you didn't think I saw that" "that's what make it the

most extraordinary thing I've ever seen," taking the sketch as to admire it all the more

"the Adonai," "tell me Tip,” “what does that mean?" "In the Hebrew language it's

another name for god" "see!” "It could be the ultimate wedding dress of all times,"

"come on Tip," "we're fashion designers," "that make us creators," "we can create

this dress." "This fantasy," "you," "me," "Sissy," "even Ronda,” “we can do it".

"Erica," as to for the last time talk some sense into her "it would cost a fortune and

time consuming," "we don't have the time." "The lace alone,” again easing the

drawing back itno her care "it's hands woven of hands and their diversity," "why are

you smiling?" "I just thought I would never see the day Tip you would talk yourself

out of a project," "especially one as challenging as this,""aw god,” spinning around

into this flesh and mind consuming maze dubbed Erica Lynn “you’re really gonna

make me do this?” "So marriage can never be as god intended," "it can never be

Adonai?" "No," displaying a hand over the face frustation at her "yes,” "heck I don't

know" "so?” “So Erica leave my sketch and my sanity and get out!” "I kinda wanted

to show" "don't make me choke you Erica Lynn," "ok calm down," with defenseive

hands up was Erica Lynn to fan the fire "we'll show it to Sissy together," "for the last

time Erica Lynn stay out of my stuff!” "That child," that Erica is to make a clean get

away easily, too easy in fact had she slready made copies?

Contacting so passionately the sketch in question, thinking how she'd completely

forgotton it. The Adonai was as stupendous as Erica conceded but like she told her

it was never suspose to be a dress now wondering was that true or something she'd

always told herself. Truly if it was never to be a dress, why was it a dress? Not a

painting, or passionate love poem, but a tremedous indescrible wedding dress truly

holding it own and it's own holding it.


"I can't do this," pushing a healthy dinner plate away into a miserable composition

“I don’t understand what’s wrong?” “Not too take much of a gamble here Tony but

I’m pretty sure it’s what you said ealier,” “how as being married we,” “no make that

me,” “I’ should’ve shook off the most unthinkable manner of betrayal and simply

remembered and obeyed my vows.” “I mean was that a proposal,”"is that Tony what

that rather puzzled conversation was all about," "even your way of proposing we

continue the marriage" "no!” “to be honest with you Ash I don’t know what that

was.” “Obviously I wasn’t as dedicated to those vows as I should’ve been,” “I mean

here I was Ash still up to the same old games,” “tired foolishness.” “I spoke those

vows true enough but I definately wasn’t ready for them,” “not Ash like I am now,”

“I’m gonna go,” getting up, arm by arm into her jacket. “I was innocently thinking

out loud,” "I take it all back," “come on Ash what about dinner,” “we’ve been

planning this for ages?" "This all mean something Tony and I just don’t think I’m

ready,” “mean something,” “something like what?” “Don’t shut me out Ash" "if I

offended you I'm sorry." "I don't know what just happen," that she’s to open that

door, make an exit "I think you’re talking about committment and I’m so far away

from that now," "how far?” That he’s to influence her decision to vacate all the more.

I didn't mean to run you away," "I am not the only woman in the world Tony,"

turning back that she’s tospeak her heart. "God Ash, I know that, what you think I'm

preying on you because I have no one else," "the I can't lose you or I'll die crape?”

“My god Ash if I lose you it would hurt me tremendously so," "and there would be

times I would probably wish for death but out of despair and pain I would live." "I

know there was time I or the other me didn't understand the difference or I was too

much of a,” “ok Ash I’ll admit it I'm madly in love with you” “and I would re- marry

you just like that" that at the pop of his finger. “Do you Tony even know what

marriage is,” “do I,” “heck does anyone?” “I mean why in the hell Tony do we keep

getting this so terribly wrong? “We ash,” “we Tony, mankind?” “Not only is divorce at

epidemic proportion but domestic violence, husband and wives Tony who once swore

to the supreme God in heaven and to his own fellowman that they’re to love and care

after one another forever and it’s a miracle it’s to last a couple years without them

killing eachother.” “Is that what frightens you,” “you dasmn right it frightens me,”

“man inability that despite the trials and tribulations they’re to stay faithful to the vows

they make,” “that they’re to never, ever lose sight of one another.” “Goodnight

Tony,” “yeah,” sorrowfully,” painsakingly seeing her right off “goodnight.”


OK,” “ok I’ll open it,” perch handsomely on his desk top was Nicholas and Philip

mance in disagreement over a strange package arriving for him “but if it’s a bomb,”

“nvrmind if it a bomb,” “we’re,” both,” “what the hell is it man,” getting up, over that

he’s to see that mystifying Nicholas Edin straight through “I mean I just saw your

entire life flash before eyes?” “It’s a ring,” “ah,” “the wedding kind,” “my word Nicko

man it’s priceless,” having taken it from his sedated gasp “but so is she,” “she,” at the

tip of his heah did he direct Nicholas’ attention into the door that he’s to admire the

most astoishing creature standing there. “ Hey,” at this slight wave to him was

Nicholas Edin emotionally petrified “your reception said I’m to come right in,” “hello

there I’m,” “he’s ah,” “ah Philip,” soon coming to a stumbling, fumbling form of

sense “this is,” “ah Tiffany,” delictely bringing her hand to his warm, expert mouth,

“it’s a pl;easue I assure you.” “I won’t be,” “I don’t have long,” “I mean my flight

leaves just over a few of hours,” “Phil if you will,” “yes,” as one whose to abruptly

remember his manners, “good day to you Miss Saurus,” “and to you.” “This is a

surprise,” coming around as to seal himself behind this sizeable oak desk was Nicholas

Edin yet as disjointed “I don’t undertand what is happening,” “even what this is,” that

he’s to unpleasantly display the ring in question, “it’s to match mine,” hurrying

toward him was she displaying a ringed finger, “you did Nicholas ask me to marry you

and this is my answer.” “Was that Tiffany before or after out last meeting where I

could’ve sworn we call it quits,” “you Nicholas said some things yes but I believe

we’ve started something that you can’t quit,” “not Nicholas for a million years.” “you

never should’ve come here,” “this is wreckless of you,” “it’s what you least expected

and that’s why I’m here,” “so this is an engagement ring?” That he’s to seal the box,

at her witness push it to the side, “I didn;t know that made such things,” “for men that

is,” “you know I can’t keep it,” “it’s yours,” “keep it.” “ Look you think you can get

away,” “show a girl around Paris,” “buy her some dinner,” “I can’t begin to tell you

how,” “how busy you are,” “a high power lawyer like yourself,” easing into a seat just

across from him “you got to have something better than that,” “you right,” raising a

reciever to his ear “I’ll some changes to my shedule,” “if you Tiffany would wait for

me in the receptionist area, holding cuffing the reiever into her exit “{{{yes Merial,” “I
need you to cancel Grey,” “and I’ll let you know about Couleur,” fitting it into his

desk drawer at taking another look at this questionable gift “yes,” “thank you very


Part Two

"So you and Dr. Hymm agreed on a date yet", Ashleigh wondered after

Erica, "No! "No! not like that", "he wants you Reeka", she describe her

shoot "he has to have you" "ok! "ok! that's some better", "I wished Tip

would get her ass down here" "she's so much better at this" "you want me to

show her?" "Yeah", Erica watch Ashleigh walked out and over and in a

second she was touching Bernido and taunting him, actually exciting him,

just as Erica imagined, "that's it! "that's what I mean" "shoot", "shoot that"

she yelled to the photographers, "that's what I want" "damn! girl you're

good" "well I had some training in that field of modeling about two years

ago" "excellent teacher" "well feel free to help whenever you like" "I like

Reeka" "but she lacks passion you know", "I thinks shes pretty shy" "that's

a lot better Reeka", Erica clapped her hand, telling them to take five, "you

ask me something" "I asked about your wedding date" "I haven't decided"

Erica studied her schedule, "I tell you with so much craziness going on some-

times I want to grab a minister charged into that hospital and marry Matt right

on the spot" "you know before some damn devious twist of faith take away

all the hope we ever had" "all nothing is gonna happen", Ashleigh was eating

banana chips. "Oh yea", Erica heighten, "what planet you live on?" "in Italy an

unsuspecting air craft send at least ten people plunging to their deaths just

yesterday", "what about their plans to marry?" "To bare children?" "To do all

the thing we've planned somewhere in the future" "what about that miss smarty?"

"Remember I was there when Tiffany's financ'e Mike died" "and I'm still trying to

swallow that one" "I was there when Sissy's now husband laid so near death"

"I was there only a week ago when my best friend lost her child and almost her

life" "don't sit Ash and pretend we can control faith because somebody lied to

you" she wrote into her notes, "it controls us", "that and fear" "my god",

Ashleigh tickled, "calm down! "I am sorry", "but it scares the hell out of me

that at any given second my very charmed life can change for the horrid worse"

"let's get back to work", Erica called out, seemingly mad at the world, "I used

to be as equally blind as yourself", she marking off assignments, "not any more",

"I guess I never see it that way", "see it", Erica heard well "you are a victim",

"subtract the casualities from your life and you would be a married woman with

a beautiful three year old son" "I know that hurts but that's reality" "yeah you're

right" she nod, imagined, "come on ladies and gents let's do this", Erica bustled,

"like you I have a love life,” “and I want to go home early tonight"!


It’s just that you act as though you’re angry at the world,” “no Phil not the world

just him,” “I mean not only is he the best thing tocome out of New York in decades,”

“you know there are those Phil who predict he’ll be running Macremore and Vance in

only a few years.” “Laying all that aside,” “look at her,” “have you Phil in your life

seen anything that extraordinarily perfect,” “we could wish and dream a million years

and never get anything remotely close to that,” “I doubt Alex if there is anything

remotely close to that,” “you see that’s what I’m saying.” “Wow what a lady in deed,”

“are you kidding Phil,” “that’s no lady,” “that my boy is the answer to every man’s

fantasy whether he’s to admit it or not.” “No all I’m asking,” “what did you see when

you saw those photos,” “did you see something indecent or obscene?” “What do you

think Erica saw when she walked into my room that night,” “something revolting,” or

something beautifully rare.” “You know how crazy she is about you,” “about us,”

“she would never intentionally hurt us.”: “If you Tiffany is trying to tell me I’ve truly

over reacted I know that,” “I’ve had a radically, even a perverse time admitting it but

I know it.” “My god you’re so beautiful,” that he’s to fit his napkin to his lap at lunch

being served “and you’re right.” “I can’t believe you’re here.” “I’d just spoken to Sye

before I last saw you,” “and I knew everything he was telling me Tiffany was right on

the money,” “you know how to shake this offense loose and get us back on the right

track but there was this vengence in my heart making it so black I frighten even

myself.” “I know I hurt you,” reaching across the table at taking her hand into his

was this pleasant reunion highly publicised, “that I broke you in places Tiffany rcently

mended and I’m so sorry,” “I was out of my head,” “moma always told me confusion

is the equvilent of chaos and that chaos is nothing less than man walking around with

his righteous head cut off.” “You see,” “stay with me,” “at least the rest of this week,”

“today is,” that he’s to pause into a shake of head downward into a sip of her glass. “I

can’t,” “Erica is gonna kill me as is,” “you don’t trust it,” “trust me,” “I mean I don’t

blame you,” “I’ve acted so carelessly.” “I love you,” contacting his stout hands, those

equally stout eyes adoringly “and I’m afraid to admit I need you,” “more Nicholas

than I’ve ever needed another human being,” “I would never hurt or sabotage Nicholas

that I treasure more than mere words could ever say,” “and the question is do you

trust that,” “me, “hell us?” “Lets get out of here,” pulling as to throw his napkin onto

the table into a stand “I want you to see something,” that she’s come up, out to him

agreeable, “yes,” “sort of my home Tiffany away from home.” “We should have just

enough time,” checking his time piece was he escorting them both out “your home

away from home huh?” “Yeah,” smiling agreeably, adorably, as only Nicholas

Coogan could “you’ll see,” “No monkey business I assure you.”


((("Yes this is Mrs. Coogan," "well does he need to go a hospital?"))) Frighten by a

phone call from Jeremy’s day care, (((“I don't know,"))) coming to her feet that she’s to

prepare an exit, get over to the school, to him "(((just wait," "he's probably frighten," "I

can be there in five minutes.”))) Doing a research through her purse at finding her keys, at

explaining to Marian she had an emergency, that she’s to cancel her noon appointment

with one Kimberly Nolan. Kimberly Nolan was a world renown wedding coorinator just

fit for Dissausion whose new appointment would be set for later or the following day.

"What in the hell is wrong with children today?" Pulling from the garage, blowing at an

incoming car almost hitting her. That was the nurse, Jeremy had gotten into a fight, the

nurse couldn't stop his nose from bleeding. "Where she’s going" seeing a just as pressed

Barbara Ann get pass her did it seemed she was heading for the school also. Everything

had gone so well with Jeremy, of course Susan knew there would possibly be many days

like this one, or perhaps not, anyway, this was just her first.


"He's in here," "we were finally able to stop the bleeding. "Shhh," kneeling as to con-

sole the beautiful light blond treasure he was beginning to be. "I'm here" additionally com-

forting him did he caress her neck really tight like "mommy's here." “What happen?" "He

and his escort to home had a disagreement when Jeremy was pushed crashing into a desk"

"if I'm not mistaking it was his cousin Jason." "Jason?" Considering immediately that,

that was why she'd seen Barbara getting to the school as well. "Well I thank you,"

ajusting the big boy he was becoming into her arms just right. "Barb?" That they’re to

arrive at the same exit simultaneously "did you hear?" "Jason why did you fight Jeremy?"

"He said my moma would die," hesitating concerningly did both Barbara and Susan

understand all the better "well did you apologize to Jeremy?" "I don't want too," "you’re

in enough trouble already Mister you better mister," "I'm sorry" that little Jeremy is to all

the more hide his face into Susan’s neck "I'm sure he's sorry too, " apologizing to them

both did they make that the end.


"So how are we doing?" "It's slow" getting at a distant at closing for the evening did

the slow days make his job at the center a real drag. "You need some help?" "No" as one

taking the broom in hand beginning this daily ritual "I can manage,” ”hopefully this will all

change when we open her to the public,” “I’ll have customers coming out of my ears "So

you have plans?" "I'm sure you have plenty of offers.” "What's on your mind Ash?" "How

about we rent some movies,” “snuggled up to a bowl of popcorn and make it an evening?"

"How long will you stay this time?" Pausing conceitedly into his work, did he press on "I

mean we haven't finished one date Ash,” "not without some type of dispute spoiling it all."

More gorgous for one man to be, I mean you could stare at him all day and night and not

grow tire, Anthony Dale was just that stunning. "So what's going to make tonight any

different?” "Anyway Ash I've told you what I want,” “it’s not like I’m gonna change my

mine,” additionally halting his timely get away "therefore you're welcome at my house any

time." "We don't have to do that tonight do we?" Grabbing a hold of the broom at coming

adorably close, tempting "I mean get re-married," "no not tonight," dotting her perfectly

artist like nose just right at getting back to his chores "but soon.” "So how about we

discuss it over dinner?" If it was possible did Anthony Dale indeed smell as good as he

looked. "Dinner?" "Then it's a date," sweeping his dark mane behind a single ear at taking

the broom, helping him with his work. "What?"That she’s to intrigue his suspicions along

a dumbfound expression, "I'm wondering what I am to do with you that’s all" "believe

me," twisting a single finger into his bountiful bosom teasingly "if there is one person who

know what to do with Ashleigh Michelle it’s Anthony Dale Decorte".


"Well Marian I'm back" sitting Jeremy to Marian view just right "wow whose this

precious doll?" "This is Jeremy and he'll be spending the rest of the day with us",

"Marian?” That she’s to realize suddenly, even calculate "you have children right?" "Yes I

have a four year old daughter and a two year old son," "hum" with a curious finger to

chin at her thinking Dissuasion did have space enough to create their own child center.

"Get me a list of other mothers," "make that parents here and the ages of their children."

"Sissy!” That a tardy for days Tiffany Ann was to barge right in "I have something to

show you" "he is such a beautiful little boy” "yes he is," "so where's the fire and whose the

blame?" "What?” That Tiffany in to lose all concentration into again figuring little Jeremy

Allen "you have something for me?" "O this" laying the now eminent sketch to her view

was Susan even getting out of her sweater "my god Tip," "this is incredible," that with a

limited view Susan was to note it’s value "did you do this?" "Yeah", attending again to

Jeremy Allen getting into his left over lunch and beverage "a long time ago," "wow the

lace is fabulous the way it dances about the dress only in specific places," "title?" Truly

knowing if Tiffany Ann design it, it was bound to have a just as benefiting label. "The

Adonai," "wow!” "Erica seen this?" I know she’s been crazy after” "O my they're hands!"

With a hand over the mouth response did a stunn Susan Faye finally get it "the lace is

woven of hands," "my god Tip it's astonishing." "Speaking of Erica she’s the one that

took it from my private," "unfinished files," "I told her it's more of a fantasy than a dress,"

"that it would cause a fortune to make" "would be very time consuming," “but I promised

her I would show it to you regardless "Well," noticing Tiffany is to pile on the excuses

could they alone not stop this now pressing task "I admit this is a dress that couldn't

belong to just one person" "hel----lo!” that she’s to wave a starry eye Susan back to her

senses, “it belong to me,” "O I love it" "hell I adore it" "It would be hard getting the lace

fashioned so," "right" agreeing instantly maybe that would kill the whole deal , "that's," "I

said hard Tip," "but not impossible." "If not we could as Erica said consider another

design for the lace," "O no" doing a research through that lengthy address book of hers

was Susan Faye already on a mission impossible. "It’s the creative design in the lace that

lend the dress such an extraordinary prominence" "it embellishes the entire thing." "Hell

let's do it," "not you too," “Jeremy?” That she’s to tease him additinally at bringing his

guarded attention their way although was he of no assistance “can’t you help,” “tell them.”

"Ok I agree it would be expensive," "and Tip very time consuming" "but do you realized it

would be priceless and the envy of fashionist around the world." "And guess what?"

"We'll have Kimberly Nolan here to supervise it all" "it will be great Sissy until they steal

it," "it's your design," "they can't steal it." "It’ll have your name and Dissuasion written all

over it" "and you my dear will be the envy of the fashion world," "I mean they went batty

over the Maaseiah gown just think how they’re to be over the Adonai.” “Find Erica for

measurements," surely there was no use as this think cap manner of Susan Faye was her

most adamant "and get copies," "no,” that she’s to realize the dangers in that "no copies,"

"let's set it up in that empty space on the other side of photography," "very private and

personal", "trust no one" having found that particular contact she got to dialing the phone,

"I know someone who can do this lace and keep her mouth shut," "I'm feeling this," as one

doing a muscial interlude in her chair was it moments like this, heck ideals as this worth

coming to work for. "Hey,” that a not as approving Tiffany Ann is to make that exit

“don’t forget,” “keep this under your" "what about Kimberly?” "Aw I trust her." “look

additionally cuffing the reciever would Susan turn this utmost responsibly over to assistant

Marian. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you went away for a few days,” “so where were you

or need I ask?” “I went to France,” “to see Nicholas,” “you went to France,” “yes I went

to France,” “to Paris,” “why does everyone have such a hard time believeing that?”

“And?” “And I gave Nicholas an engagement ring,” “one Sissy to match this one,” raising

a ringed finger to her view “aw my god you’re saying the engagement is back on?” “My

lord Tip this is astonishing,” “his arrived Sissy just as I did,” “he was so dumbfounded by

it all,” “god you should’ve seen his face. ” “What?” “I mean how did you even,” “it was

something Desrek said,” “actually something he asked me and one thing lead to another.”

“He didn’t ask for your hand in,” “no,” “nothing like that,” “I know you and him,” “well

he and you have been really close,” “he asked me to stay the week,” “Nicholas did,” “but I

told him I had to get back here,” “anyway Sissy you told me it would all work itself out

and you were right.” “Hey!” Directing both of their attention a tinkering head, slumbing

Jeremy’s way, “you better lay him down,” “so let Sye know,” “yes,” as one genuinely

happy for her and Nicholas as they made the best sense of them all “you know I will.”


"So Mr. Artelon you’ve decided to have the operation?" "I'm still not sure," "I have

many questions" "well please,” “ask away.” "I've been told by many an other specialist

that this rather extensive operation could be deterimental to my heart," "yes," "as any such

undertaking would be.” “Although Mr. Artelon I've been viewing your files and though

your heart was weaken considerably after your accident your heart is now" "if I maybe

frank" "as strong as an ox" "see,” shaking his hand into a better grip that she’s to en-

courage him right alone "you not worry." "I see," "can I get additional opinion from your

staff, here?" "Ah yes Mr. Artelon" "get as many opinions as you like" "but if your con- ]

stitution to live is just as strong as your heart then the operations will be a success." "You

say operations,” "as in more then one" "just how many would there be?" "That would be

impossible for me to tell without an extensive exam of areas wounded and even then It

would be a guess," "thank you Dr. Etzger,” that he’s to shake his hand, make a this

untimely get away "we'll be in touch." "Please sir take this with you" "it's a notebook

collection of some of our most successful work" "please look through it and be en-

couraged." “Where are we going?” “I thought it was decided.” “I want to get something

to eat I’m famished,” “then Milla I want to go and size up the Artelon house,” “this isn’t

just a hospice right,” “but home and family for a long time.” “Which remind me Mill we

don’t talk of starting a new family,” “I mean now that we’re married again it’s something

to consider right?” “Yes,”wrapping his arm tight about hers at leading him this way,

“right,” “but let us save such things until after the operation,” “you know when you’re

strong and mighty again.” “ My god I can’t believe we’re actually here,” inhaling long,

climately was the Jerusalem skyline a breathingly beautiful article all it’s home,” “we’re

actually here Mill,” “you and I together as husband and wife again,” “what a miracle huh?”

“what a miracle indeed.”


“Look Nicko man we understand with your lady visiting and all you been on planet

astonomical but can’t you come back to planet earth now.” With Tiffany failing that she

and Nicholas were to maintain a celibate relationship unto the wedding had they instead at

Nicholas Edin seducing her along these astonsishing quarters stimulated her into a pro-

vocative receivership. Truthfully had said entanglement been so emotionally over-

whelming, plainly this crashing, biting and scratching form of locked into a bloodthirsty

combat. Excitedly were they both these caterwauling, quaking manners of orgasisms

at pulsating every oracle of human being throughout. An alluding to ferocious con-

nubiality so immensely flesh and mind shattering had Nicholas Edin broken away

running, hiding himself at safegauarding what mental normalcy there’s to be left.

“Nicholas,” wrapped into his comforting bed sheets was a just as increased, as erotically

augmented Tiffany Ann knocking at a locked bath after him “I’m ok,” so wrought-up by it

all did new tears spin along artist features “what was that huh?” Splashing cold water to

his face as he was seemingly a party to a malfunction of emotions “what the hell was

that?” “It was us,” cutting, stretching tingling eyes, a just as readied nostril, tense throat

skyward at explaining, at plucking away a single driblet “that was Nicholas and Tiffany,”

“no,” glancing intently at that mirror image did he fill his palms additionally “that was be-

yond me Tiffany,” “beyond us.” “Well if you think you’re going to hide in there inde-

finately,” “no not indefinately,” “just until I straighten out this perplexity so lecherous in us

both.” “Earth to Tiffany,” “Desrek,” jerking, inhaling horribly at expelling, at clasping her

panic heart “how long you been here,” “just now,” “I knocked but you didn’t,” “my god

where were you just now?” “I took your advice,” springing up, away at bringing herself

back to sensible territories “I went to see Nicholas,” “so that’s where you were,” “Ronda

told me you were missing in action,” “I’ll admit France did come to mind. “I’ don’t want

you to go,” having escorted Tiffany by a Macremore and Vance private Jet all the way to

New York was Nicholas Edin yet fastening a tight embrace of her into a steamy merger as

themselves. “I have to go,” platting a passionate forward into his on “as so do you,”

“Nicholas,” “please,” “let’s do it,” “let’s get married right this moment,” “it won’t.” “I

can’t, shaking a declining head into his own “you can’t,” being simply mind-boogling

together, even earth and heart splintering how could they say such the farwell? “You keep

saying you can’t,” displaying himself somewhat put out with her “not now,” “why not

now?” “Or is this engagement Tiffany simply a safety net for you,” “even a failsafe?” “For

us both Nicholas if we’re to be our most honest.” “Yeah how did you and your girl meet

anyway?” “Well Tiffany and I grew up in the same neighborhood,” “attended school

together,” “even a few years at the same college,” “although we only just made an intimate

relationship of it all,” “it’s still in it’s infancy really.” “She’s one astonishing lady but you

know that right?” “So you two are highschool sweet hearts who’re just now finding one

another,” “yeah Phil,” “something like that.” “You’re leaving,” “yes but how did you

know that?” “You’re going back to Germany, “right May again,” “Germany is home to me

now,” “you know it’s where I’ve spent most of my adult life.” “You don’t know how bad

Derry I want to ask you to stay,” “about May as bad as I want you to ask me to stay.”

“Anyway if I make it back within thirty days I can reinlist and yet maintain my military

rank,” “you know not to carry her on your shoulders,” “you see I could be angry at you

for saying that to me but since you’ve suffered as identically whose May better qualified,” “right?” “You don’t Nicholas think the supreme of us all like man is looking to signed documents do you?” “He’s looking at our hearts, he’s weighing the vows of those heart, how sincere they are and how faithful we’re to remain to them, that make us more married Nicholas than any two people on this planet.” “I finally got to meet her,” “So’le’s friend Kassel,” ”like Tassle May but with a K,” “they weren’t alone,” “Kassel brought her older

sister Kiefer,” “I must admit May we hit it right off,” “haven’t been able to stop talking to

one another since.” “I can’t tell you how jealous Derry that make me,” “about as jealous

May as you and this Nicholas guy make me,” “but we’re only human right?” “Anyway

May her international studies are going to take her to Edingburg Germany for about four

or five years,” “before you ask I only learn this recently,” “after I’d decided to re-enlist,”

“anyway we’re to see where it’s to lead.” “I better go,” “I haven’t even begun packing,”

“have dinner with me tonight,” “a flick,” “sure,” “but you’re to come over to my place

after would,” “you’ve never Deserk been to my place.” “That’s because May I never

thought you really had a place,” “I thought every evening under the cover of night you

simply ascended back to heaven.” You see,” “that is so sweet I can’t even respond,”

“then until tonight,” “I love you Deserk,” “and I Maaseiah you,” “more than words could

ever say,” “later,” “yes,” around eight,” “then eight my dear lady it is.”


“So Where Mill do you think we’re gonna end up?” “The Sky cross,” “no not such

much you and I but mankind, civilization as an entire?” “How on earth Cros would know

that,” “it’s such the hypothesis, “ “that’s for the god’s to decide,” “but see Mill the god’s

as you labor them are so entertwined with man, even the eternal faith of both mankind and

this supreme’s coming kingdom,” “then Cros that is your answer,” “is it not?” Using her

tongue to position her straw into a sip of delicious lemon tea. These are weird questions,”

“even alleigations,” “does this have anything to do with her?” “You mean Tiffany?” “No,”

“more along a dream I had nights before.” “I looked in a dream Mill whereas I saw the sun

in all of it’s strength move from behind a mountain and speak to me,” “declaring and I kid
you not,” “let my people go.” “The sun itself,” “I know how it sound,” “the question is if

it’s to have any value what does it mean?” “”You are Cros talking about the most

phenomenon manner of exodus ever recorded, an example of the supreme as you call him,

calling his out, away and how that nation’s govenment refused, even violently so and was

decimated” “but what does that have to do with us,” “in this day and time?” ”I thihk Milla

that is what I just asked you. I mean the phenomenon way Jaboc’s house end up in Egypt

and the phenomenon way this supreme would withdraw them so to speak.” “America,”

“especially the church does have many similaries to Israel in Eqypt. A Supposedly godly

society desposited by the supreme’s Christ, one that has grown to astronomical size in the

four hundred plus years she’s just been replenishing. When a day appointed came whereas

this purpose of the supreme was no longer to serve heathen god’s and their ill purposes he

called them out as you sid decimating them as a country, a world leader. This dream Cros

doesn’t have anything with us being here,” “in Jerusalem does it Cross,” “no,” “believe me

I have no delusion of any sort at being here,” “it’s the surgery,” “the honey-moon,” “and

to began a new.” “Anyway that dream isn’t so much about Israel’s faith which is sorely

determined as so the faith of the supreme’s Christ’s church/bride.” “We better go,”

standing that she’s to stand had he really filled himself, “I won’t to be at Doctor’s Etzer’s

early,” “get this Mill over and done.” “So you’ve decided,” displaying herself quite happy

was this fantastic news, “we Mill,” “we’ve decided.”


It’s just that you’re literally in tears May talk to me.” “Nicholas and I had the hardest

time Derry saying our farwells that’s all,” “I mean it literllaly torn both of our hearts out
completely,” swabbing her cheeks, her nose likeso had she really beat herself up. “I

know these were things he decided long before he and I became this issue but that doesn’t

make it any less easy.” “Well May you know how hard it is here,” “that has to be double

bringing an additional party into a questionable relationship.” “Yeah but don’t you Derry

think this wouldn’t be so hard if we wasn’t so hell bent on living according to mankind’

ordiances instead of the supremes.” “I mean I know Christ promised we’re to have tri

bulations here but perhaps if we wasn’t so unindated with making this something it’s can

never, ever be.” “If May we weren’t with attempts at setting up roots here,” “yes,”

“excactly.” “I mean instead of Nicholas being in France after a career that’s to come to

nought we should be on divine missions where we’re to make a difference.” “Missions,”

that he’s to imagine jokingly at finishing a superb dessert, “what sort of mission?” “I mean

there are all kind.” “What do your regiment do Derry in peace times,” “party all day,”

“sleep all night,” “what?” “I get your point,” “no,” “we do everything we can to serve the

people,” “those surrounding areas May don’t want for nothing.” “Now tell me do you

sometimes wonder where they would be without you all,” no,“ that he’s to sicken visibly,

“please don’t even let me imagine that.” “Although May you think it’s what the Apostle

meant when he’s to declare saints shouldn’t marry,” “that if they’re to contain themselves

they’re best off single?” “I think with this world Derry being an enmity to all things holy

yes you’re to reconsider bringing others into this madhouse.” “But you want to marry

right?” “Yes but the only woman I could imagine marrying May was you and with that

now this improbability,” “I don’t know.” “Well if it mean anything I think you’re to make

the perfect husband,” “you don’t have the delusion about this world Derry other’s have,”

“you know you’re to live by a timetable of death,” “that the American Dream is nothing
other than a dream,” “will be nothing other than a dream,” “one that’s impossible to come

true it being in total contrast to all things the supreme intended.” “I tell you what if you

and this Kiefer person decide to make a go of it,” “and it’s still your decision,” “settle

upon careers Derry where the two of you are to work hand in hand,” “gathered even at

the hip if need be,” “this,” passionately touching his hand into a meaningful eye to eye

contact, “despite what others say or think.” “I’m gonna go,” “I have a week of shooting

for Desrek Chocolate May I’m to accomplish in one day,” “then there’s packing.” “Why

don’t you call him?” Arm by stout arm puttinng his coat on, making this leave “tell him

how you feel,” “because there it’s only about 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning “yeah May but if

he’s in love like you’re in love you really think he’s alseep?” “Hey,” that she’s to come up

at seeing him out, at button by button fastening his coat “how about I come by tomorrow

after work and help you pack,” “I‘ll like that,” displaying himself overly joyful by that ideal

“I’ll like that alot.”

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