Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XIX

                                            BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                     ... I WOULD LEAD THEE...
                                            CHAPTER XIX
                                                 SCENE I

     -“He answered the cries of Noah’s earth by literally destroying the planet,” barging right into Tiffany’s office did a formal as this Deserk Allum rest his coat into a research of hot coffee. “He then settled the cries of Israel by leaving Egypt desolate, as so did he then respond to the cries of Sodom and Gomorrah May by burning them both to the ground and last but not least he answered the cries of the towel of babel by tearing the whole thing down and scattering the people, even their languages accordingly “yes Derry but in every instance he always left just the residue of mankind displaying both his vengeance of wrath and his grace. If only May he’d given up on us a long time ago we wouldn’t be in this gigantic mess we call the earth of man, yes but this wouldn’t be such the mess Derry if man would simply obey the supreme creator of us all! Just where in god’s name have you been for the last past two weeks, don’t tell me another visit to Paris, to Nicholas Coogan offices?” “No, and not at all to hurt your feelings May but they’re both lost causes. Dare, seriously, you can’t keep disappearing without a trace that’s my job, plus we launch Desrek Chocolate, I went home, with a blow, a sip of his cup “I went to see the folks, to May let them get a gander at me. Guess who came back with me, no guessing games please, Icas are you kidding, Icas is here? How old is he now? Nineteen, soon to be twenty, when he heard about Sole's marriage he just had to come, you ought to see him May, he’s taller than me, six five easily, and what a beaut. What. I'm just surprised you, ah that Ivar did come as well, he's bogged down with campus and work, said to tell you hey, send plenty of pictures. “Well you know Icu have always been a beautiful kid, the both of them, way they are your brothers, so, choir here, you see Ronda, she know you’re back? Yeah, yeah I’ll see Ronda soon enough. I miss you May, I mean I really missed you, hardly a second went by I wasn’t thinking of you. I can’t believe Icus  is here and didn’t make seeing me his first priority, well May I think he’s as crazy about  Sole wedding as I am, of course just give him a few seconds after he’s to see you again. So you changed your mind,” coming a sip into a literally finished cup at close proximity of her delicious smelling ear, that vexing aroma of hers “about coming home to Jeremica I mean. I don’t think I can leave this place, this place May or him, a very close, even May intimate connection to this place? I know, it’s the one thing in all this nonsense of a world that make sense. I better go, I told So’le them I’m to meet them for lunch, there’s something about a Kassel  he’s dying to tell me about, I thought I knew everything surprising about them both, you know Ron think she's my future wife, Sole pending sister in law, ...May,” visibly was she her most distracted, even dislocated, this was all high priority news, especially on of twin brothers being in town. "I hate seeing you like this, come with me,” “no, ...I miss, you miss me, so come with me, okay i;m sit here with my feet on you desk until you say yes, Dare, pleas no, maybe some other time, dinner then, my place, I'll order out, seven o’clock, just you and I, those log heads are too busy to notice anyway, sure, and Desrek, I head what you said about your future, wife, if one more of you get married before I do, I'm killing somebody, got you, see you at seven, bye love, oh, got you some more chocolates, later.   {{{Hello dad, it's me, Maaseiah, just listen, thanks for Icus, but you own me more, way more, I want Mike, his case is reopened, whatever you know I want to know, thanks again dad, I would like to see Ivar as well, bye, dad!}}}

                           ...AND BRING THEE INTO MY MOTHERS' HOUSE...                                                                                                          SCENE II

     -Things Tip said still blowing your mind? Sye, your food is getting cold, you know how long we waited even in reservation, and the new wine, you haven't even tried it. Tip said something about Mike, I don't know if was just in passing along languishing pain, a mistake Sissy, or intentional, but she did admit her father had something to do with what's going on with Mike. What, you sure Sye you didn't misinterpret her? The place is really crowded tonight, yes, the music is so soothing, ...I don't want to spoil date night, but perhaps you've been right about Tip all the time, ...she Sissy could've been Mikes inside man, well, person, to be honest if her father found out, that he was her fiance that could've saved his life. I never thought of it before and you Sissy, you tell me, but none of actually saw Mike after the nightclub that might, think, we only went on what we were told, he ws dead, beheaded, closed casket, all, but Sissy in reality, I don't know, actually we don't know what happen to Mike ding or after the crash, wow, my god, Sye you right! Not only, if his was Tip's dad, that could be why targeting us just went like cold turkey Sissy, it just stopped, that mean my christ, Mike could very well be alive, you think Tip know, that he is I mean? No, I don't think Tip know no more than we do, that her suspicious are equal to ours. Tiffany told me like, if without shedding of blood, without dying there is no remission, who can then Sissy, fall in love? Do you know how miraculous that is, it mean Sissy every time I tell you I love you, I'm equally saying I'm willing to die for you, and me Sye, when I confess my love, ...it's Sye, like the bible quote, for God so loved the world he was willing to take on flesh and suffer a horrible death to prove His Love, now Sye us making the same sacrifice to prove our love to Him, His people. So are sye gonna tell the captain your suspicions? In a way yes, not as to incriminate Tip, she's been enough already, they're clueless of her involvement and I prefer it stay that way let, as so her dad's involvement, which will turn attention to her as well. Really, Sye, I always thought Corronda brother and Tip never happen because of her father's threatening interference, even violent, so what are you saying? What if Tip dad, suppose his overbearing protection, reached out toward Mike moved him out of the picture to keep him from Tiffany, how scary would that be? You know that Sissy would be scary as hell because now you're talking Nickie, I mean if Tip's dad even still, dangerously target any man getting close to her, I didn't consider that scenario Sissy, and to be honest, Nicholas' involvement, I really don't want to. But, but I know, that's not gonna make it go away, and Sissy, it's strengthen our proposal that Mike might be more misplaced than dead. So who you gonna talk to first, Nickie, the captain or Tip? Definitely not Nicholas, he is nowhere near this neighborhood,  like he's on another planet, I guess, ....you don't know she's contemplating leaving? Leaving and going, ...word is home, what she Sye considered right after Mike died or whatever happen to him, you know. I know this is a question to a question, but what you think? I think she's changed Sye since you all talked, it's apparent, like there's hope in those gold eyes of hers again, well that's good right? Yeah, it also mean Sye she trust you, which is also good,. So babe the new wine, yes, no? It's really dry Sye, more than any I've had, ....yeah that's what I was thinking, but dinner was delicious, you want dessert, home? I want to walk, you know, wrapped my arms into my husband's arm and just walk, ...you know how sexy that sound, yes Sye, damn sexy, lets do it, ...I have an even better I ideal, pay the carriage to follow us along our walk and give us a lift back, so Sye double sexy, that is so perfect, I love it, I absolutely adore it, this night will never end."     >>>"I really don't want to do this, you got to lighten up my boy, there, there's someone we know, it’s Lynn I see, Lnn!” Waving, shouting embarrassing Nicholas Edin that much more, keeping a low profile just flew out the door. :Do you Phil have to be so obvious? Yes Nicko man of course, wow, you two really came, it's nice seeing you again too Miss Cho, you’re not all alone are alone? Of course not," Tren is in the powder room and Anita, she's on the dance floor, wonderful, the gang is all here. So you guys here to have fun or to keep our seats warm? I'm gonna sit here and wait for the counselor next move, well Phil I’m sure they’re to be good and toasty, then. She has the hots for you Nicko man, I thought she had that for all the male species, why you not like her? She's very beautiful girl, yeah as equally beautiful as her suitor NonConnah Lue is handsome, you Phil know how he is about her, plus, once I come to my senses mind you I have a very beautiful girl of my own, goddess, that's what Bji Mein says, yes I know, but that is in America, thousands of miles away, and relying on a promise Phil, that I would wait and remain faithful. Ly Lnn Mr. Coogan is right here and now, Phil, you're budding again, two headed lily I may add, just a little while you ago you were permanently on Tiffany's side, ah yes, promised I wasn't gonna do that, didn't I? Do you dance? If you're asking me Phil no, ...no, no, Nicko man, it's just that I've never seen you dance, well nothing here has given me a reason to dance, ..perfect answer. Ah, here come Bji Mein and Mrs. Niemeyer Kroff, she's only her for a few days, when all things are well with you and your girl, Tiffany, she can come visit as well, yeah, Phil, watching her on the dance floor, thinking Ly Lynn was a very beautiful, Asian woman, that NunConnah Lue would do well her with her, or so Nicholas Edin thought.

                                     ...WHO WOULD INSTRUCT ME...
                                                       SCENE III

     “What the hell you think you’re doing? Leaping up this deranged lunatic to the opposing side of the bed, unfamilized with her, horrified all around.  “You were screaming, my god like someone was killing you, I was only waking, what?” As one visibly disoriented did a hysterical Deserk Ain pass researchful eyes around a soon to be familiar surrounding “what’s hap, .why the hell are you, you’re mocking me. "Dare, it’s me, it’s May,  ...May?” As to recollect along dreamy eyes of his glistening to tears did he began this backward retreat toward a joint bath, instead ashamed, getting away. “You need to leave, Derry? Leave damn it! Get out of my house! Okay, okay, you’re really scaring me,  but I'll go, a witnessed of him lifting a drench by water face to the looking mirror as to vaguely make sense of things. Please May, just leave me alone, please, I will be find, I will find you when I feel better'"  I remember this is what was happening with him right before you  return, I want discuss it now, I can't, I'm sorry I frighten you, now, please respect my wishes Maaseiah and just leave."     >>>"You know Christian I've done nothing but think about it and I don't like it,"assisting him were they putting suitcases in the trunk, leaving the Brightville center off to Jerusalem. "You had two surgeons tell you it could be detrimental to your heart, don't you even care about the dangers? I could die, yes,  but Spirit the plane here, the travels we've done since, could have equally claimed my life.
I want do this, now in awareness of those photos Spirit I feel I have to, have prove God. Remember when disciples ask Jesus about the ma born blind, who'd sinned, Jesus said ...none Christian, but that God's will be done, proving that he is God and all that. Supreme father haven't given us a spirit of fear, but Christian a Spirit of power, and of love, and of a sound mind, thanks for that, I want to be brave for you, ..and you are, ...now you have your own packing to do, you have a plane to catch, and will see me for my seventeenth birth, yes, and we spend every second in celebration, go, go, I want to talk to Niegl and Nadia now."  What is this, these tears young lady, I know, it's crazy, you're gonna be fine, God wills it I can Christian feel it, me too, and you know how wreckless my beliefs can be, thank you both for your blessings, ...take care of for me, ...deny him nothing good, goodbye, goodbye with love."

                           ...I WOULD CAUSED THEE TO DRINK OF SPICED WINE...
                                                                    SCENE IV

     "You wanted to see me? Yes," fastening her jacket into a stand was she with her hand stretch
out toward an uncertain Anthony Dale happy to both meet and greet him. "Come and sit, ah Kettes seems to think you maybe ready for your own booth, your own assignments, so I told him I would check into it.. My own booth Tiffany, I mean Miss Saurus, no, Tiffany or Tip is fine,  but yes your own booth? It's kinda sudden, ...look, there's nothing permanent about it, you're still in trials, it'll jst be while managing your own booth, today’s wednesday, keep assisting Keetes until Friday, and
Monday we'll give you your own booth and see how things go from there, how's that? May I asked you something, did Ashleigh have anything to do with your decision, no, not at all, then I’ll trust it, maybe I ask you as well, can I keep you listed as one of my walkin models, for times, I may need you, you have a pretty good following from your last showing, ...you have my word, then Monday Tip it is, ...good" loaning him her adorable hand that they’re to shake on it was Tiffany Ann just as soon approached by a tall, young, stunning male who could be no one other than Soledad Maurice, Collin Hain and her nearly long lost brother, Icus, Ivar, my So’le, hey Tiffany, look who I have with me, Icus, ...Derry told me you return with him, hey May I missed you, taking themselves into a long, splendid hug together, into and feel of one the other,, could Tiffany not believe like she was dreaming, but it was so real.  You are so pretty, so, so  Pretty, ah, Tifny, my Lord Icus. you are a man now, yeah, ...I can't get that out of my head, ..I can't shake it, Hain and I have a few errands, I thought you two could do lunch Tiffany or better, ah soledad thank you, and just when am I gonna your beautiful as Desrek says, fiancee? Soon I promise, you did get the wedding invitation? Yes, thanks, we all did, okay well you and Icua enjoy, ....you and Hain as well  ...come in Icus,  make a true visit of me, at least, of course Maa, ah Tiffany, I’m glad to, you and this entire place is amazing.” “So be honest, how long had you freed the elevator before Erica, Sissy and the others where all over you,  Heck immediately, well don't be surprised if pictures come of it, don't worry we don't cast without your permission, they were trying to sell us on a mystery model thing, ii say Icus if either of you reconsider it could more than be enough money for school, not to mention how rewarding, yet, just so I’m completely honest, it’s pretty hard work.” “Yah, how in the world did Desrek Alum persuade you, Dare you mean? Don't be so formal, when he told me about Sole's wedding I just to come and see for myself, so have any ideal what you want to eat? Witnessing him turn his back into that window at crossing long limbs into a towering silhouette, Tip brillant, brillant brother she never thought she would see again. I don't have a clue, I'll just take your lead, any speaking of Dare, I ask him, well more like begged, begged dad, and hear I am. How is he, Derry? You must know something, no Tifney it lady's first, nice office by the way, I say you must, Dare has been acting pretty weird, since we return, sort of incapacitated almost, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this resigned, resign. You know, Thursday, the wedding day is both Soledad's and Kassel birthday, no, why is this elevator talking so long? You kidding, people are lined up to get in here, that mean, Tiffany they can celebrate both birthdays and their wedding anniversary at the same time. You have a female interest, a girl, wife,  ,,,,wife? No, but still keeping myself until then, ...I can't believe you're here, but at the same time I can't believe Ivar isn't, ..you know papa wouldn't let us both leave, what would be the initiative for our return? Is he mean you two? He acts like a father may, sometime good, something bad, we act likes son, sometimes good, sometimes bad and as soon as I'm home, I will send Ivar to you, that's the deal we may ..I love you Maaseiah, and I'm so glad to be here with you."

                                 ...OF THE JUICE OF MY POMEGRANATE...
                                                          SCENE V

     -Nall icus man it's just that you appear so unimpressed your first time ever in America, in New york city, what hain man should I been running and dancing along the side of the car here? Causing them all to break in laughter, this smooth, copper skin, hair, grey eyes, tall, brilliant as a model, even his heart, stunning friend of there's, living such a restricted life, they still couldn't believe was actually there. That was a good one Icus man, so hilarious, but since you brought it up, I know somewhere were we can go and still have fun sports, karaoke, dancing and just hanging out. Sound like fun, but no passing around the business, I explained to Belize I wouldn't have too much fun without her, actually I said none, I tell what Icus man, whatever happens in New City, Sole's night out, stays put. Belize, huh, how you guys meet? Erwin Belize, and yes, if you are wondering , yes, she is as amazing we her name roll off the tongue, look at whose sounding like a true romantic, what about Ivar he has a girl? Ivar forbid me to say, I'm not to speak of him, it is as if he doesn't exist, keep his name he say, his business off of my tongue, because he look like father, ist is like he's my boss as well. He has a girl, one from the dorms, really pretty, but, only Belize pettier, like at that, I think I'll say her name, Dameile, when she not around, Dame for short, Dameile Caleb Lamed he fight me all he want, only lose as always. This is limousine, like you rich Soledad Maurice, are you rich Soledad Maurice? Ah nall, but got a friend, whose of the household of Saurus, now, you ask of being rich, ah not me, uh, oh, we best pull over, empty our pocket to the driver and walk, the rest. So Icus, Belize, how did you two meet? It began with my friend Harrison, you know Harrison, he so hyper ,so they call him Hare, like a bunny rabbit, Belize is his cousin, come stay with him, when come to last prom, I ask her, she agreed, we been together since, perfect right, but, but you guys, it is true or is it only what  I tell you? I only been here like a few minutes and not want to leave, you Hain is so blessed,  you get to stay with soledad, but not, I, Ivar like held hostage until, well, not, really, but like example, ah we know, because, hey look we're here, ...because what?...what's that Icus? so this how it feel as to arrive as the star of the show, ... you said know, ..I sorry, we know because if you look closely, Ivar is there, and so is his and your girl, what, seeing his eyes, his nose, cheeks all fill with tears, greeting him as to open the door and help them out of the car, though this was Soledad's night, here was the surprise of all Icus Ivar life, ...Ivar, but how, Dame, miel, Belize, ah, my, look at you, look at all of you, how, how is this possible, i keep asking of myself, father, he insisted, get ourselves together and get here, tonight, Sole's night, Hain, your Andre is here as well, thank  you Ivar man, that's so great this is so great, ...hey you guys we holding up traffic here, let's get in, ..papa did all of this? He mention Maaseiah, so it's about her, probably got to thank her as well, ...you seen her? I have, been to her fashion place, it is such an amazing grace as she is, ...yeah well, I can't wait to see her, ...I know, i felt that way as well, this si a night of unforgiveness, then Icus perfect, Soledad is so deserving."                 
                   ...HIS LEFT HAND SHOULD BE UNDER MY HEAD...
                                                   SCENE VI

“Am I spoiling your plan, you know that you’re to avoid me forever? Sole told me you possibly wasn’t coming,” getting up displeasingly to the sink, empying his glass, was she the first person he needed to see but last person he wanted to see. If I’d’d known, what Dare? You wouldn’t have come, my word Derry what is, .... you did something to me that night,” responding aggrievedly under a lessen voice did he dig tense fingers into that counter a stout back to her, so agitated . ..“did something,  a spell May or some other vexation, ...are you freaking listening to your, ...don’t mock me, that's he to leap dangerous into her face, literally put his hands on her, reconsidering that kind of trouble, catching himself instead, damn it!” Don’t you dare laugh at me.” “Desrek, what, do you remember the last thing you said to me before you fell asleep, ...no, not really, crawling miraculously into bed with me, you asked me to hold you, to May make love to you, you’re saying you don’t remember that? Perhaps I was tired, even out of my head, ...or May remarkably into mind for moments after you said that we were at it, at it?” “At what, we were making love and something I will never be able to explain was so explosive and volatile in me that I was howling it out seeming through every particle of being like a wild beast. This May horrific confiscation, but at the same time this bedazzling ejectulation and the next thing I remember was you laughing me awake. I don’t know what that was Desrek Alum but that wasn’t me, ah us, ...it May was a horrific metophomises of the most private parts of man’s intimate's sector consuming me whole, mind, body and soul and you were making mockery, I was waking you up from a dream, that Dare, you were panting and screaming, you do know nothing happen between, not May until you woke me and I was still bedazzled for days, so consumed I thought I was having a nervous breakdown,” “that I’d lost all sense of reality. What a stunning starry night, and this lite breeze Dare, this new spring, just so amazing. I embarrassed you and I’m, don’t, don’t come to me May with that crape, you’ve crippled me, my god May in ways, my god. ...me, I crippled you, I’m sorry Deserk about what happen, or about what you think happen but I was asleep two bedrooms away, should've have stayed, or I did, sound like you was drugged or something, you're dare blaming me and you're angry at me because of  dream.  I know that's what you say, ...no Dare, that's what happen, ...for days now May I didn’t know what to think, so you thought I’d sexuall assaulted you and laughed about it to your face, little miss save herself for marriage cause it's sacred? That’s just it May I didn’t know, the last thing I remember from when you suggested we, we, you know,  then you was waking me up, out this unexplainable invasion, or outburst, hell, I don’t know what, ...hey you guys we’re about to eat cake, ...yeah Ron, we’ll be right there. We better get back to, can it, can being married like that, be that mentally and physically overwhelming? I really Dare don't want to answer that, please, it's just too personal, but it's me May, and we're outside, just us and God, ..and Dare that unspeakable sky, full moon, ...I’ve only given myself like that, to one person and yes it can get breathingly, even heart and blood wrenching consuming, .even Derry, the howling like a beast part and that's all I'm gonna say and if you tell,  we better get in there. Have Nicholas ever proposed marriage to you, I mean when he wasn’t so bedazzled into one of those earth and mind boggling confiscations of yours? What is with you and these personal questions, but yes, he has ... and, okay, just one more question, one, how May did you answer? Really I didn’t, ....then don’t you think you should, ...I should what? Call him or go and find him, Paris May is phenomena, and tell him, yes, yes, you will marry him, elope even,  ..with that look, you're, Dare, you're, ...yes, I am, I'm serious, ..well I don't know to be flattered or disappointed ...and now Tip, I'm trying to shake off a little too much information, I know, I know, I asked."

                    ...AND HIS RIGHT HAND SHOULD EMBRACE ME...
                                                    SCENE VII

     "What is this sudden lost on your face? I just don't know if I'll be much of a wife now Dex, about
five months ago babe you didn't know if you would live and here the woman I love live. As so four months ago you didn't know if you would stay in New York and here you stay, three months ago Ronda you didn't know if you would work or write ever again and here you are the fasting growing fashion center in this nation and in parts of world, it's top publisher. I don’t know about you baby but all I want to do is wait and see just what great things Ronda and Dexter finally being married is going to bring to humanity's table. Like all things you was so uncertain about Ronda now behind you this union of matrimonial is going to be so fantastic the sky isn’t even the limit, please baby, ..wow, what? I just Ronda got a glimpse of us as married with children, ah, that was so remarkable, it just inundated my mind somehow, ah, us parents. You remember when just marrying, ...I have scares now Dex, then let me see them Ronda, touch them and I will kiss them and fade them straight away from us forever and ever. Can’t you see no will you Ron, please see, that despite how horrific this has all been we’re risen above, we're not only looking at a new dawn we are that new dawn? ...Obviously Dexter Leon, with children on the way, ....yes, yes, how with this ring babe we will do the impossible, and you gonna make me cry, ..then here are your tissues madam, now give me couple, they're mine as well. You know I really enjoyed myself tonight, I still can’t Dex believe how grown that boy is, I mean seeing Sole when he come, even Collin Hain, but Icus, it' like he grew up overnight, and so damn handsome. I mean it seem Dex like only yesterday I was offering the three of them only a few dollars to wash my car, you know. And that’s only half of it, don't tell Tif, Icus too like Sole, like Hain is also serious about a certain girl, ...they'll  all kinda young aren't they? Yes Dex, but still, old enough to be married with children, these are Derry's folks and they're greatly influenced by him, especially his campaige of abstinence, we all where. Do you Ronda trust me? That's silly Dex, of course I trust you, good, that’s all I want to know, I never would’ve gave myself to you Dex, let alone married you if I didn’t trust you. You not only stayed with me Dex no matter what, you took me as your lifetime partner, after all of this, I know that sound more like appreciation but my heart absolutely adore you. Good then, before we get home, I have something very special to show you, me? After this unspeakable night? Just don’t ask me what because it’s a real special surprise, but just you wait."    >>>"What Tip am I looking at? A double wedding dinner, Erica and Ronda's, ah my Tip, you read my heart, I been banging my head knowing there's something we ought to do you know, those two married now, Erica married, what planet are we on Tip? I know right, take a look at these plans and tell me what you think, I still need help Sosh with floral arrangements, we might as well , like Nicholas' have it here, ...keep on Tip we gonna have us a regular ballroom, yes, that's exactly what I was thinking, eventually we could even Sissy rent it out for such special events, well, take a gander and let me know. Tip, still nothing from him, from Nickie, no, ...but Desrek Chocolate has the oddest ideal, I can'r believe I'm repeating it, that since I left Nicholas' marriage proposal hanging in uncertainty land. How I should take it upon myself to find him and deliver my yes answer in person, I told him Sissy, I didn't know whether to be disappointed or flattered, yeah I got that as soon as you said Desrek Alum said get ye to Nicholas Edin, but Tip that just prove what a dear, priceless friend eh truly is, yeah, I so hate t hat about him, ...that funny, call you later about the double dinner party, okay, later, Oh, and thanks."

                                              ...I CHARGE THEE...
                                                      SCENE VIII

     -"Tiffany, Tiffany Ann Saurus, guess what I found?" Rushing unannounced into Tiffany's office at laying a sketch on her desk, to her direct attention "I'm not going to ask you where you found this my god Erica Lynn haven't I told, ....ok!, ok! dancing around emphatically Erica knew Tiffany’s offense but she also knew she had to have that dress. "I'm sorry I went through your things but Tip that is the most incredible wedding gown I've ever seen, even the Erica, ballgown Tip, can take a seat to it, ....it's a fantasy Erica, not a dress," getting up, over did she rub her arms into a lookout, seeing the morning traffic was at it daily stand still, trying to imagine Nicholas, even missed singing to him. "Something I imagine our god would have always wanted the man and woman uniting in holy matrimony to be, and Tip like all fantasies if enough time and sacrifice is spent, ...sacrifice, did you, come on Erica you can't be serious! Any way no one besides me was ever suppose to even see this, it's sacred for god sakes. I don't care Tip, I want that dress, Mrs, I didn't a wedding want a wedding dress? You know what I mean  ...you don't get it do you? The Adonai Erica was never a dress, it was a dream an imaginary thing in the form of a wedding dress, any way making it, loses that invulnerability, plus  upi have no idea what it means to me, you simply see a fabulous wedding dress that you've never seen before, never Erica imagined, but it's a picture, ...of hands, I see the hands Tip, I see them shaping and forming something beautifully eternal, I know, ..not just hand Erica, my mom hands, designing her only daughter's wedding gown, ...even more unspeakable then Tip, but you didn't think I saw that, that's what make it the most extraordinary thing I've ever seen. The Adonai, tell me Tip, what does that mean? In the Hebrew language it's another name for god, as not to abuse or transgress his authentic name, see! It could be the ultimate wedding dress of all times, come on Tip, we're fashion designers, that make us creators, we can create this dress, the creator created the creature to be a creator, you wrote that right here, Tip. We ca this you, me, Sissy, even Ronda, we can do it. Erica, it would cost a fortune and time consuming, we don't have the time. The lace alone, it's hands woven of hands and their diversity, would take forever and cost a fortune, why are you smiling while I'm telling you no? I just thought I would never see the day Tip you would talk yourself out of a project, especially one as challenging as this, ....ah god, Erica Lynn Hymm, you’re really gonna make me do this? So marriage can never be as god intended, and if not, shouldn't we all just fall over dead right now, over done? Because that's what you're telling me, it can never be Adonai? Ask Sye what I said to him only days ago, how King Solomon describes love as death and dying, then ask me Erica that question. So Tip is that no, yes, heck you don't know? I know one thing about you, you care Tip, you care about marriage more than I can put into words, and look at us, we're all serendipitously
following your lead, we've done good and we, Dissausion, deserve this dress to honor our obedience, there, I said it. Leave it, Erica, leave the sketch, you didn't make copies right? Right, but I kinda wanted to show, ...don't make me choke you Erica Lynn, ...ok calm down, we'll show it to Sissy together, if we do this, and that a huge if, it'll have to be one of the most private project ever, I don't won't this leaking out, if, when they copy it, it'll be after the Adonai is the world most idescribale wedding dress ever, and, and for the last time Erica Lynn stay out of my stuff! What this? Call a peace offing, I shot the kids little shig dig light, their bachelor. bachelorette party, which =remind me w have wedding tomorrow, ..I know how you love group pictures, those are priceless, ..wait, is, that,  yes, Ivar and his girl Dameile, and Icus girl, well, Hain's as well, but you know her right, they all  joined Soledad and Kassel Berlyn, those picture, seeming a celebration of of Eden, are beyond amazing, just call me and let me know Tip what to do with them, amazing, I seen then since they were young teens, those are the most bedazzling young men Tip I ever laid eyes on, and you know how many models I siff through daily, ...thanks Erica, ..yeah." 

                                   ...O DAUGHTERS OF JERUSALEM...
                                                      SCENE IX

     -You plan to never speak to me again? To be e honest Hain in light of what I know, I'm, as one clearing her throat, as to clear this fog her head trying to fine the right, the less offensive to say, "I'm having a hard time finding what right. Am I to then gather Andre you're here more for their benefit than ours? If there's Drea still an us? When it wa suggested we get here in time for Soledad's wedding, i couldn't wait to see you, be with you, ...but? This has Hain been the most wonderful light of my life, I can't think of anything greater except when w celebrate our own wedding, what you think? Hey you guys,it's chilly we taking the party inside, alright Ivar man, be right there, if I Drea read you correct you just said yes to my marriage proposal, ..I wouldn't Hain want to do anything right away, but once senior years is done and the parents can no longer hold it over head that I'm under age, that Hain we are. Soooo, you sure you wanna live here, in New York? Yeah, if possible not that far from cuze over there,  I see how light his conversation Hain has made you, and I'm glad to be the once to like brunt such heaven loads. I'm going to spend the rest of eternity Jesus' reign into God's kingdom come, making up this heinous transgression against us, The twins are just electrofied being here, ..speaking of which beloved, what do you know about Belize and Dame, I basically know them from school, nothing other, I guess know that'll change, but other than that, I know Hain just about what you know. Come, I feel a few board games coming on, yeah, the hyper atmosphere all around seem to call for it, exactly I must as you, and Hain change the subject, is your decision final, no charges. I fear I would Drea have a hard time proving anything right now, but no, I'm satisfied with my decision, god says vengeance is his, he will repay, precisely Hain why Jesus suggested we pray for enemies, yes, exactly."    >>>Yeah Ivar but even if we agreed, i can't see Pepe doing the same thing, we can't even use extra money as an excuse, he's just gonna say we don't need it, yeah, I'm not that fun of the idea of modeling any way.  I think it'll be fun, ...yeah I don't know if Derry told you  guys but Tiffany, well, maaseiah talked him into his own cologne line, Desrek, and it's sound out for five hundred orders already. See like I said, Icus, I think it'll be fun, think of Maaseiah doing a clothing line, you and Ivar, with your names on it? Okay guys, scrabble, monopoly or twister, really; Soledad man, how kind either of their game compare yo twister, lets cut some music on and get a game a twister and play until we fall out, the only way a night this wonderful guys can ever end, ever!           

                                               ...STIR NOT UP...
                                                    SCENE X

     -OK, ok I’ll open it,” perch handsomely on his desk top was Nicholas and Philip Mance in disagreement over a strange package arriving for him, oh what could it be? But if it’s a bomb, ...nevermind if it's a bomb, we’re,  both, ...what the hell is it Phil man? I mean I just saw your
entire life flash before eyes? It’s a ring, ah, the wedding kind, my word Nicko man it’s priceless, but,  so, is she. She,” at the tilt of his head did he direct Nicholas’ attention into the door that he’s to admire the most astonishing, goddess creature standing there. “Hey, your reception said I’m to come right in, hello there, I’m, ah,  ah, he’s ah, I'm sorry, I don't,  he's Philip, Mance, ...yes, right, that has never happen before. ..Philip Mance this is, ah Tiffany, Saurus” delicately bringing her hand to his warm, expert mouth, as to kiss into a greet, even that she's even real. It’s a pleasure I assure you, I won’t be, I don’t have long, I mean my flight leaves, I'm here overnight, Phil if you will, ...yes,” as one whose goddess, ah good day to you Miss Saurus, and to you, Me'sure Mance. Well Tiffay, this is an explosive surprise, and I mean that literally, what is happening, even what this is, it’s the right that's a match to mine, you did Nicholas ask me to marry you and this is my answer. I'm a bit thrown off a cliff, let along a lop, was that Tiffany before or after our last meeting where I could’ve sworn we call it quits. You Nicholas said somethings yes. but I believe as you, we’ve started something that you, that none can just quit,  not Nicholas for a million years. You never should’ve come here, this is wreckless of you, ...it’s Nichlas what you least suspected and that’s why I’m here, so this is a yes I'll  marry you engagement ring?” I didn't know they made such things, for men that is, ...I figure Nicholas Eden if the Bride in wedding can sport something so sexy as a jewel trinket until vows are made, why not the Bridegroom, why Nicholas, not you? You know I can’t keep it, it’s yours, keep it, no string attached, getting refitted for our pinky, but I want you to have, I don't know if I ever told you but,  anyway, you think you can get away, show a girl even Nicholas a friend around Paris France, buy her some dinner, ...I can’t begin to tell you how, how busy you are, a high power lawyer like yourself, you got to have something better epilogue than that,   ...perhaps you're right, I’ll make some changes to my schedule, if you Tiffany would wait for me in the receptionist area, holding cuffing the receiver into her exit “{{{yes Lyrical, I need you to cancel Grey, and I’ll let you know about Couleur, yes, thank you very much. I feel as though I've committed a grave injustice, actually feeling like she could slithered into the local sewage and just die a long, miserable death, why on earth did she and Desrek Alum talk herself into this? "Just try to remember Nicholas, before we were lovers," thinking Tiffany Ann was as usual mesmerizing into breathtaking, the direct effect she'd had not only on Phillip Mance, but apparently on his assistant Lyrical who never, ever allowed an entry without announcing them first. "Well, even if we weren't friends, we were at least, acquaintances, so let's say, this is more business, than pleasure, I guess. Actually Tiffany speaking of business, I do have such a proposition for you, for Dissuasion Fashion that is, ...splendid, then this trip Mesure Coogan won't be a complete hoodwink into foolery, on my part, that is."

                                           ...UNTIL HE PLEASE...
                                                   SCENE XII

     "So you and Dr. Hymm agreed on a move in date? No! "No! not like that, he wants you Reeka, he has to have you, but you not so such, only that you are tempted,  ok! "ok! that's some better, better,  ah I wished Tip would get her ass down here, she's so much better at this, you want me to show her?" "Yeah", Erica watch Ashleigh walked out and over and in a second she was leading Bernido and taunting him, actually exciting him, just as Erica imagined, that's it! That's what I mean Reeka,  shoot, shoot that,  ....now I need you ash to move out, Reeka move, follow Ash's lead, that's what I want, ...damn! girl, I had no ideal, ....well I had some training in that field of modeling about two years ago, excellent teacher didn't like it much, ...well feel free to help whenever you like, ....I like that Reeka, I like that a lot, ...only with a little more passion you know",  yes, a lot better Reeka, okay you guys you on break for lunch, we launch tonight, so no slackers, ah, ah, I love the ideals, so remember the drop box. "You ask me something" "I asked about your new house, when, where, will there be a moving party? All that, ...I haven't decided, I'm sorry, it's yes to the house, ah, we meet in a couple days to close, and we're headed head on into a moving party, Ash, just as soon. I tell you with so much craziness going on sometimes I want to grab Matt and move into our neighbor's stunning tree house,  just he and, and it'll work seeing we're hardy there and all we need is hugging space, you know what Erica, all the CEO's and Leading ladies at FPD, say the darndest thing and I so love them for it, That remind me, Tip challenge me if I' to have slightest chance of talking her, well, she said something to Sye, like a riddle i guess, and I have to figure it, before she'll load me her expertise, where is she anyway, ..so what was it, did she say to Syefan Erin? You know you can Ash call him Sye, like everyone else, ...no way, Syefan Erin is my high school, crush, and if  you ever tell, anyway his name played a huge part in that, bye, I'm going to go drag my husband off, later, ...ummm, did you just give me an idea? not to scare you, but we really do Erica have right now, ...later, ....yeah, no slacking, don't be late?

                                                         SCENE XIII

     “If you Tiffany is trying to tell me I’ve truly overreacted I know that, I’ve had a radically, even a perverse time admitting it but I know it. and, well, uh, I lost my thoughts. You’re so beautiful, I was just as stunned and wondered why I like Phil didn't lose complete use of my tongue, as so other of my senses, simply bedazzled. I’d just spoken to Sye before I last saw you, and I knew everything he was telling me Tiffany was right on, you know how to shake this offense loose and get us back on the right back Seeming Tip, there was this vengeance in my heart making it so black, like just now, I frighten even myself, still don't know if I can be trusted with your heart. Ah, I can hear him now, ....I'm sorry, hear?... Ah, nothing, ...I know I hurt you, that I broke you in places Tiffany recently mended and I’m so sorry, I was out of my head, my heart even. Momma Nicholas always told me confusion is the equivalent of chaos and that chaos is nothing less than man walking around with his righteous head cut off, ...yes, exactly. pinch me Tiffany please, I can't believe you're, stay with me, at least the rest of this week, today is, ...I can’t, mightily I want to, Erica is gonna kill me as is, only,  wait, you Nickie said something about business, now that could keep me, like I'm scouting out the best way to improve FPD. Then believe me beloved when I say, what I have is exactly that and more, still still I feel I need to, as a matter of fact we have just enough time, let's get out of here, huh? I'd began a project with Bji Mein, Phillip and, well, Macremore and Vance actually, this sort of your home Tiffany away from home. Yeah, yeah we should have just enough time, your home away from home huh?” “Yeah, but more yours, when you see it, you're gonna understand and if you think you love me now,  you’ll see, no monkey business I assure you." They were doing it, her god as Christ, her best male friends Desrek and Christian Cros, she and Nicholas were doing it, they were mending and it was just this simple, precious thing. So Nicholas on a scale, one to ten, and I know you only been here for month is comparison, ...how different is Paris from New York City? There are times Tiffany I admit, you can actually forget, but it's like France is one genre of living other than New York, but they're in the same category, you can't replace New york with Paris, nor vice, versa, ..I missed, a day didn't go by I didn't want to call this hole Paris thing off and get back to you, that mean these last weeks have been the hardest Tiffany of my life, ...of Nicholas both of our lives. Look Sye said you said something to him, well you asked him a question that changed his perspective on everything he has believed all his life, ...Tiffany, that's all his life, ...may I ask what was that? True love Nicholas, like King Solomon was being made in comparison to death, I soon, well, I asked, if without shedding of blood, without death and dying, there is no remission, how then Nicholas can anyone fall in love? Wow, genius, brought tears Tiffany to my eyes, ours, to our eyes, so goes the saying then, I love you to death, right, ...until death do us part, but only when you find humility, forgiveness, do you Nicholas love sacrificially. You know what was my thought just now? Yes, I do how will you ever let me go, with mine Nicholas instead being, how will I ever leave you?"

                                         ...LEANING UPON HER BELOVED...
                                                                 SCENE XIV

     ((("Yes this is Mrs. Coogan, well does he need to go a hospital?"))) Frightened by a phone call from Jeremy’s after school care, seem Jeremy has been hurt in a scuffle (((“I don't know, just wait, he's probably frighten, I can be there in five minutes.”))) Doing a research through her purse at finding her keys, at explaining to Mrs. Barleck, she had an emergency, that she’s to cancel her noon appointment with one Kimberly Nolan. Kimberly Nolan was a world renown wedding coordinator just fit for Dissuasion whose new appointment would be set for later or the following day. "What in the hell is wrong with children today? He's in here, we were finally able to stop the bleeding, shhh, kneeling as to console the beautiful light blond treasure he was beginning to be. "I'm hee, momma Sissy here. What happen? He and his escort to home had a disagreement when Jeremy was pushed crashing into a desk, if I'm not mistaking it was his cousin Jason. Jason?" Considering immediately that, that was why she'd seen Barbara getting to the school as well. "Well I thank you, Barb, did you hear? I did, Jason why did you fight Jeremy? He said my mommy would die like his mother, like al mothers, ...well did you apologize to Jeremy? I don't want too, ....you’re in enough trouble already Mister, fighting, exchanging violence for words, you better, ...I'm sorry, I'm sure he's sorry too, Jeremy? I miss mommy, let get you home, daddy Sye will be there soon, .later you guys, love yall, love you aunt Sissy, safe driving ...you Barb as well. "

                     ...THERE THY MOTHER BROUGHT THEE FORTH...
                                                       SCENE XVI

   "So how are we doing?" "It's slow" getting at a distant at closing for the evening did the slow days make his job at the center a real drag. "You need some help? No, glad to see you though, then Ash tomorrow there'll be such an influx the place will be overrun. I’ll have customers coming out of my ears, so I think I'm gonna start appointing dates and time, so you have plans? You mean Ash other than finding you, aren't we still trying to get with child, a thought making my all day, everyday? I'm Okay, okay, I'll bite, happily, what's on your mind? How about we rent some movies,” “snuggled up to a bowl of popcorn and make it an evening? Let me see, favorite movies, cuddled into my warm, juicy wife and hot popcorn or Ashleigh Michelle vice, versa," more gorgeous for one man to be, I mean you could stare at him all day and night and not grow tire, Anthony Dale was just that attractive, gray eyes and lashes to die for. 'There's just no way I can say no to such delectable temptations, it's a date, What?" A witness of his sweeping, dark, worrisome strands away, being suspicions what was going to happen once  he found Anthony Dale of old again, would this fettest with past memories post do it? "I'm wondering Mr. Decorte what I am to do with you that’s all, believe me, having anxious feelings in heated places, if there is one person, one beautiful wife who know what to do with Anthony Dale Decorte, it is wife Ashleigh Michelle Roget. I love having you right here in reach, love Tony coming here and flirting with you, so are carpooling or should I meet you at the house, meet me, first one Anthony Dale there is the decider for the night, ..uh, the decider, well Ash pardon my feet being thrown up once and arms fold across my chest by time you get there, okay the Tony Decorte, it's on,     ...love you see you then baby!"

                                                       SCENE XVII

     "This, Mrs' Barleck is Jeremy and he'll be spending the rest of the evening with us, hi Jeremy, Mrs. Barleck, you have children right? Yes I have pre-teens and teens, a daughter and two son, ...hum, I have an ideal, get me a list of other mothers, well make that parents here and the ages of their children. Sissy!” That a tardy for days Tiffany Ann was to barge right in "I have something to
show you, he is such a beautiful little boy, yes he is, so where's the fire and whose the blame? What?” That Tiffany in to lose all concentration into again figuring little Jeremy Allen, as to forward to the future of childbearing with Nicholas Edin.  "You have something for me?, O this" laying the now eminent sketch to her view, was Susan even getting out of her sweater, still able to see the genius of this mad aware article. "My god Tip, this is incredible, did you do this?" "Yeah, a long time ago, hi Jeremy. you know who I am? I'm aunt Tif, I'm so marry your uncle Nicholas,  ....wow the lace is fabulous the way it dances about the dress only in specific places, title?" This Sissy is the original Adonai, so the one on display, was, while, nothing like this. "Erica seen this?" I just know she’s been crazy after, ....oh my they're hands! The lace is

woven of hands," "my god Tip it's astonishing, the hands of the creator? Of Sissy of the bride's mother, how ingenious Tip,  ...speaking of Erica she’s the one that took it from my private, unfinished files, locked away Sissy from prying eyes, I told her it's more of a fantasy than an actual wedding garment, that it would cause a small fortune to make, would be very time consuming but I promised
her I would show it to you regardless "Well," noticing Tiffany is to pile on the excuses

could they alone not stop this now pressing task, this sensational world, come class wedding artifact "I admit this is a dress that couldn't belong to just one person" "hel----lo! It belong to me,” "O I love it" "hell I adore it" "It would be hard getting the lace

fashioned so," "right" agreeing instantly maybe that would kill the whole deal , "that's," "I

said hard Tip," "but not impossible." "If not we could as Erica said consider another

design for the lace," "O no, no, no, bite your tongue and all, " doing a research through that lengthy address book of hers was Susan Faye already on a mission impossible of a super wedding dress. "It’s the creative design in the lace Tip that lend the dress such an extraordinary prominence, it embellishes the entire thing, you the designer know that, that was your intent. Hell let's do it, lets go forward full speed ahead and not look back "Ok I agree it would be expensive, but do you realized it
would be priceless and the envy of fashionist around the world. And guess what? We'll have Kimberly Nolan wedding coordinator here to supervise it all, it will be great Sissy until they steal

it, and that is equally why none outside this office was to actually see it.  It's your design, they can't steal it, once your seal is on it, and those who try, we''l bleed then dry, after the mak  Omega, Adonai, we'll need the extra money,  ...the Omega, Adonai, what you think? I like it, it’ll have your name and Dissuasion written all over it and you my dear will be the envy of all of them, hell us I mean they went batty over the Maaseiah gown just think how they’re to be over the Adonai. Find Erica for
measurements, and get copies, no, no copies, jusy one sissy would decease it's value, I just feel that. Okay no copies,. let's set it up in that empty space on the other side of photography, very private and
personal, and Sissy trust no one. I know someone who can do this lace and keep her mouth shut, yeah if only my mom, ...my aunt Re'cieve , my aunt Re'cieve Sissy could do it, I trust her like my own mother, okay Tip, we give the project to her first and if not, I have a back up, I'm feeling this, ahmy god we have our first private project as one, does that Sissy include Kimberly Nolan? Ah, I trust her, Tip, look missy, don’t think I didn’t notice you went away for a few days, so where were you or need I ask? I went to France, to see Nicholas, ...you went to France? Yes I went, to France, to Paris, why does everyone have such a hard time believing that? And? And I gave Nicholas an engagement ring, one Sissy to match this one, so you're saying, my, you’re saying the engagement is back on? My lord Tip this is astonishing, his arrived Sissy ready to wear just as I did, he was so dumbfounded by
it all, god you should’ve seen his face, wanted to cuss me out and send me away. What? I mean how did you even attempt such a, ...it was something Desrek Alum said, actually something he asked me and one thing lead to another. “He didn’t ask for your hand in, no, no, nothing like that, ...I know you and him, well he and you have been really close, Desrek and have always been close but still Sissy just as far away. He asked me to stay the week, Nicholas did, but I told him I had to get back here, I uh, how, Nicholas Sissy is procuring as an investment, an appendage to our fashion center in France, ...Tiffany, ...I know, his idea, call it my home away from home, showed me the building and ground work, Tip, i know, all amazing Then for some reason Sissy, I told him for now I want to fill the dsplay window with shoes, extravagant, priceless shoes along an opening soon sign. I now, i know it just leaped out from, but didn't you Sissy at one time want to design shoes? A one time Tip yes, I love it, okay while here's your chance, you and shoe expert  Ronda, this is now the two of you project. Paris, even France, I hope Dr. Hymn's ready, because Erica Lynn gonna have children, I know, the entire flight I smiled and even chuckled about that, anyway Sissy you told me it would all work itself out, Nickie and I and you were right, Hey! You better lay him Jeremy down, so let Sye know, you know I will, hey I'm thinking about cutting out a few yards in here, for an employe kids center, think on that Tip as well, and we'll bring all this up next meeting, ...alright love, I got to get home, unpack, tell Erica I'll see her around five, okay Tip, ...so it's official, you and Nickie engaged? So wedding, no? Yet undecided,  ah yeah, Nicholas tried that while I was there, ..wow, how the table do turn, wow Tip, wow! I know right, see you later, Sister, friend."

                            ...SET ME AS A SEAL UPON THINE HEART...
                                              JERUSALEM ISRAEL
                                                    SCENE XVIII

     "So Mr. Artelon you’ve decided to have the operation? I'm still not sure, I have many questions well please, ask away. I've been told by many an other specialist that this rather extensive operation could be detrimental to my heart. Yes, as any such undertaking would be, although Mr. Artelon I've been viewing your files and though your heart was weaken considerably after your accident, your heart is now, if I maybe frank as strong as an ox. See Mr. Artelon, that is little the issue here, my colleagues and I have examined and examined your brain scans and yet to explain it. That it is your scars for years  have acted as a cocoon, meaning underneath your skin is baby smooth, as though the scars are totally cosmetic. We'll know more doing the surgery, but your skin have been under complete repair these few years, do yo Mr. Artelon understand what I'm telling you? Once we remove it, this scar tissue, it's to be as though now of this happen, this burning and it's like that not only on your face, but wherever you have scar tissue. I tell you, we're hard pressed to say, some more than others, but it's a miracle, but that medically and scientifically unexplained Mr. Artelon, normally is. I have rounds, I'll let you share the amazing news with the wife coming in  ....thank you Dr. Etzger, we'll be in touch. Please sir take this with you, it's a notebook collection of some of our most successful work, nothing as miraculous as yours, still look through it, past the time and be encouraged. ...I think I found something Cros, you'll to eat, ...good I’m famished, ...my god, I can’t believe we’re actually here, we’re actually here Mill, I have to keep reminding myself, you and I together as husband and wife. Again, now we're home Jerusalem, what a miracle huh? What a miracle indeed, and they're still Mill weighing in, wait until I tell you what Dr. Etzger said, I'm talking Mill, if you believe, just a miraculous as Tifny's Erka,  pictures, just as unbelievable."

                                         ...AS A SEAL UPON THINE ARM...
                                                             SCENE XIX

     “Look Nicko man we understand with your bedazzling lady visiting and all, you been on planet
astronomical but can’t you come back to planet earth now.” With Tiffany failing that she and Nicholas were to maintain a celibate relationship unto the wedding had they instead at Nicholas' Edin seducing her along these astonishing quarters stimulated her into a provocative receivership. Truthfully had said entanglement been so emotionally overwhelming, plainly this crashing, biting and scratching form of locked into a bloodthirsty combat. Excitedly were they both these caterwauling, quaking manners of orgasisms at pulsating every oracle of human being throughout. An alluding to ferocious connubiality so immensely flesh and mind shattering had Nicholas Edin broken away running, hiding himself at safeguarding what mental normalcy there’s to be left. {“Nicholas,” wrapped into his comforting bed sheets was a just as increased, as erotically augmented Tiffany Ann knocking at a locked bath after him “I’m ok,” so wrought-up by it all did new tears spin along artist features Erica's allocated superman Nicholas Edin.  “What was that huh?” Splashing cold water to his face as he was seemingly a party to a malfunction of emotions, even a bewitching, namely Tiffany Ann. “What the hell was that? It was us,” cutting, stretching tingling eyes herself, a just as readied nostril, tense throat skyward at explaining, plucking away a single driblet. “That was Nicholas and Tiffany, no, that was beyond me Tiffany, beyond us. ...well if you think you’re going to hide in there indefinitely, ....no Tiffany, not indefinitely, just until I straighten out this perplexity so lecherous in us both.”}  >“Earth to Tiffany, ...ah, Desrek,” jerking, inhaling horribly at expelling, at clasping her panic heart, man was she gone away mightily, recollecting she and Nicholas last explosive hours together. “How long you been here?  I knocked but you didn’t, ...my god where were you just now? I took your advice,” springing up, away at bringing herself back to sensible territories, having agreeing to have dinner with him, but it was too early, ...he'd just caught her off world. “I went to see Nicholas, ...so that’s where you were, Ronda told me you were missing in action, I’ll admit France did come to mind.  >{“I’ don’t want you to go,” having escorted Tiffany by a Macremore and Vance private Jet all the way to New York, was Nicholas Edin yet fastening a tight embrace of her into a steamy merger as themselves., only to not let her, not let her escape.  “I have to go, as so do you, Nicholas, please, ...let’s do it, let’s get married right this moment, it won’t take  ...I can’t," shaking a declining head into his own, soon making space, brunting the accusations that were sure to come. “You can’t, you keep saying you can’t, even Tiffany after placing this priceless jewel on my finger, ..just not now, ...why Tiffany, why not now, tell this refusal has nothing to do with Mike's case being reopened, Sye told me. Meaning this engagement Tiffany is simply a safety net for you, even a failsafe? For us both Nicholas perhaps, ....I don't understand. ...I mean, if we’re to be our most honest."}  >"Yeah how did you and your girl meet anyway? Well Tiffany and I grew up in the same neighborhood, attended a year of high school together, even a few years at the same college, although Phil, we only just made an intimate relationship of it all, it’s still in its infancy, really. She’s one astonishing lady, goddess as Bji Mein describes, but you know that right? Seeming Phil, all my life, ...so you two are highschool sweethearts who’re just now finding one another, “yeah Phil but more college, but yes something like that.  >"You’re leaving, yes, but how did you know that? You always Dare, you’re going back to Germany? Right May again, Germany is more home than Jamaica, you know it’s where I’ve spent most of my adult life. I know and I think I've counted it as my rival every since, you don’t know how bad Derry I want to ask you to stay with me, ...about May as bad as I want you to convince myself of reasons not to leave you. Anyway, if I make it back within thirty days I can re enlist and yet maintain my military rank, even be promoted. .As long as you know not to carry her on your shoulders , ....you see May, I could be angry at you for saying that to me, but since you’ve suffered as identically, whose May better qualified, right?"  >{"You don’t Nicholas think the Supreme of us all like man is looking to signed documents, do you? He’s looking at our hearts, he’s weighing the vows of it's true intent, how sincere they are and how faithful we’re to remain to them, that make us more married Nicholas than any two people on this planet. Of hearts crying aloud, Abba Father, Eli, see if there be any wicked way in me and lead me, us Nicholas in the way of everlasting, believe me beloved nothing else on this planet profits.  .{"I, admit May Sole's new sister in law Kiefer Bay, make me want to reconsider leaving even you,  ....well if so Dare you better make up your mind before reenlisting, ...but I can’t tell you how jealous Derry that make me, ...about as jealous May as you and this Nicholas guy make me feel, but we’re only human right, spiritually we can shake off, out, right? Anyway May coincidence or not, her international studies are going to take her to Edinburg Germany for about one or two years, now before you ask, I only learn this recently, only May after I’d decided to re-enlist. Anyway, we’re to see where it’s to lead, I don't know mighty friend it seem decided, we Mr. Desrek Alum Aggart not believing in coincidences and all that.  ...I better go dearest, I haven’t even begun unpacking, have dinner with me tonight, a flick, sure, but you’re to come over to my place after would, you’ve never Deserk been to my place. That’s because May I never thought you really had a place, stop it, ...no, no, I thought every evening under the cover of night you simply ascended back to heaven until it's again daylight and all that. You see, that is so sweet I can’t even respond,  then until tonight, I love you Deserk, and I Maaseiah love you, more than words coul ever say, later, yes, around eight, then eight my dear lady it is. Dare, tell me why I couldn't do it, ...do, flee to a nearby justice and marry Nicholas Edin as he suggested before we parted ways? Sissy did it, Ronda, hell even by a miracle Erica Lynn, Soledad, Desrek is married now, this unforgettable ever wedding. I know you," as to walk away to wiping along tears getting down her face, into tissue, even the sunlight clearing the widow. "Everyone May, you just named married their first loves or those they thought were their first loves ...okay and Nicholas isn't my first love and only the heart Dare knows it right well, is that what you're saying? I didn't May say, you did, ....did you just turn a sincere inquiry into a stressful bedazzlement all the more, why in hell did I even ask you? I'm not, ...you're not? I'm May not your first love, okay why you Dare say that so matter of fact? Because you're right, I, neither of us May believe in coincidences, Nicholas is the only man you will ever marry, this inedible surreal tearing my heart out, I know that now, so do you, you're May just yet to admit it, ah, to yourself that is  ..here's your purse, see you for dinner, ...yes, see you."

                                       ...FOR LOVE IS STRONG AS DEATH...
                                                              SCENE XX
                                                     JERUSALEM ISRAEL

     -"Mrs. Hymn I'm to tell you, your kids are here, ..I'm sorry Mrs. Barleck, my kids? Just come here baby, you gotta see this, I've not seen anything like it,   ...Soledad and friends, shoe commercial, reading off of Tiffany's note. "I'm right behind you Mrs. Barleck, ...believe me Mrs, Hymn you gonna want your camera for this,  see, see, ...ah my god, ...have you Mrs. Hymn seen a group of kids so beautiful, in your life,  no, no I haven't ...Soledad, Hain, you guys, ah, Andre, Tiffany must have called, you, ..yeah something about Paris, France and a shoe ad, ..she also mention cash money, ...got it right here, for you who, well this Mrs. Barleck,  does how don't know me, ...we know you Erka, you are Maaseiah's friend, ...well Icus, it's Tiffany, here it's, ah, only you guys are a little too early, do this, go to the local store, ...but there are, ..grab, ...grab come snacks, be back here in exactly fifteen minutes, okay thanks you guys so much, ...I was reminding you, I know Ash, vendors down stairs, but I want to catch them coming off the elevator, along walk of fame, and this little charade will guarantee they'll be totally clueless when they again enter  ...now why didn't I see that. So we're doing shoe ads now? Yes, Sissy and Ronda's project, and what's this Erica about Paris? All I know Ash is that the shoe ad is for Nicholas' investors there, get ready you guys, here they come and on my mark, do it, snap pictures of this group until you can't. You know what Ash? These are young intended couples, there must be a way to exploit that, ...you could add to the ad as credits, scrolling Erica like at the end of a movie, ...Tip,when did you, ...just now, ...performance credits Erica, starring, coupled Soledad and Kassel Beryn,  straight down the line, ..I told you Tip these are such awesome kid's. Even when miss Barleck who see's everything, saw them all she could say was Mrs. Hymn, you have to come and see this, Then soon, Tip it got so quiet, as they commanded all attention, I'm talking church mouse quiet, right Ash?  ..Don't forget you guys this is a shoe commercial, I got a three months contract with the company they're wearing, nationally and internationally so when this add blow up, and it will,  as in mind the hot lines, they being coupled will make them all more interesting, good catch Erica, but as I was no renegotiating sho contracts, this is temporary until Sosh and Rond step up, no pundit intended. Cherchez la femme, that is the name of the France store, ...look for the woman ...and Tip no doubt thought of that, ...yes, exactly, I didn't Erica know you speak French, only a little, ...and do you get it, the title? Whether you're looking for the woman in you or whether guys are looking for their woman, it all stops here. Woo, did we just frame a slogan, I don't know Tip about w, but sound like you did. Will some of FPD's representatives be relocating briefly to France, Paris and if so, Tiffany where do I sign up, you gonna leave Tony here, when he too Ash as Tip just said of these wonder kids, is about to blow up? That's excellent guys, now I need you all in that patch of grass over there, with the park scene, don't worry your pretty little dress, ...it's all synthetic, shoes off, but placed where they matter, so you're in park heaven, your favorite guy, girl, it's a mayday, playday, and though your friends are present, you're so into one another, they are barely notice. Lets bring in the props, make as sexy as can be,  olay, ookay, now give me fifteen minutes of it, I like that Ius that's sexy, come on, how flirtatious can you get? That's it, I like that lift Hain,  ah yeah that swing is, Sole is divine,  loving it, ,,loving it, Nicoli tell me you got it,  ...I got it,  thanks you all, ...now Ivar come and give your big sister hug, well all of you, a group hug everybody my twin brothers Icus and Ivar are in time, and Soledad just had that amazing marriage. ..Are we gonna conference with them or let them go? Ah conference I really want to know what they think. So did you may convince him, convince papa to do this? Me? I thought you Ivar, even Desrek, ...he went to mention you, then caught himself, ...I admit Ivar we were on the phone for about five minutes and you Ivar was mention, then he did it for you, ...perhaps. thank you all for this shot, so this is? This is my girl, Erwin, Belize, ..I'm Damilian, Ivar doesn't think I know it, but Dame for short... as I was saying, you guys are so phenomena, thank for your help and if you see Mrs.Barleck she has your pay, cash or check., ah see before you  leave we want you all to join us a few minutes in conference, Erica, me? Yes, Erica want  your input, it's as important as the shots themselves,  ...gotta go, got a dinner date, I heard your sister was pretty, she's a lot more than that."

                                  ...JEALOUSY IS CRUEL AS THE GRAVE...
                                                          SCENE XXI

    -"That what they said Mill, that's the wounds are literally cosmetic, and the scar tissue has acted like a cocoon until healing, they've never seen anything like it, ...they said that? Their excpt words Mill they'll know more doing surgery, but this appear to be a miracle as well. I told Spirit and the twins, I was able to reach Tif, well Maaseiah, but when I do, it just prove Mill out labors aren't in vain, that the god who promise is totally faithful. what of your news, I can see it love oozing out of you. I could cross say a great opportunity has presented itself, but this Cros, your surgery gravely outweigh it, so I rather wait until after you're in recovery."      >>>"We're actually gonna do this, we are doing it, our cruise ship is right there, Soledad and Kassel already boarding, they invited us, we did the modeling gig for this, to afford it, ...they want us to come, plus one of the stops is Jamaica, we can even go home from there. Please don't say it again, hearing that Ivar everytime is a party pooper, my heart, blood, my everything, please just stop it. Belize and I are thinking about it, thinking about what? Come on let's board, Hain, Andre, you want to tell him, they have a wedding chapel onboard and we're thinking more than sharing a cruise with our friends, this Ivar could be our honeymoon, plural, as well. You go back home married, PePe is gonna kill you, kill us both, dead and pushing up roses in no time, you know this, ...yeah, but what PePe doesn't know, right, right big bro, who's gonna tell him, you and why would you? You want to be with your lady in a special way, I do too, and I know us, for all of us that mean marriage, but I'm telling you, you're asking for a lot of trouble, What if all these ladies here, get pregnant? Tell me Icus brother, you thought of that, please tell me you thought of that? Here, our names are here, our rooms, I mean Icus, when Maaseiah learn what we did with the two thousand she paid us, we're supposed to be in New York with her, not on some cruise getting far away Didn't Ivar my brother, according to you, we're on cruise home, only without saying goodbye Icus  ...and yes, I thought about the pregencies, if, when that happen, we're made, proof is we're married, and there's nothing to be done then but congratulations. Okay, Erwin Belize, do you, ..do you,  do I, ...I forgot to tell you, he's trained and licence to do this, to enter us into marriage, ...but here Ivar, in the hall? You know you can't change your mind, you agree to this, it's spiritually and legally binding, this is not a joke, this is nothing to play with. You are agreeing to be married with children to Icus, Ivar, Saurus, until death do you? Which Ivar could be for ten years, ten days or ten minutes, fate decides not you, and not those vows, god, fate decides how long, yes, it is for as long as I live I wanna spend it as Icus wife and what ever come of it, okay, I'm positive, I am for sure, Then the both of you, get unpacked, I'll meet you in the wedding chapel, Hain, Drea, yall gonna actually do this? The same go for you, get to your rooms, get unpack, me and Dame will do the same, see y'all in about thirty minutes, and brother Ivar, born together, we die together, then let them be good deaths to us all, ....so you say twin brother, ...so you say!

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