Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XXIV


"How did you know?" A curious Alyn Tristan help himself to Nicholas

breakfast hour, laying a report before him, “you’re a renown reporter", receiving

and handling said folder, "it is your job to know T-KAMB and such the like"

"so what will this report tell me?" Finishing his cereal into sip of a hot cup, "that

they didn't do it", "although I didn't have to do much research to figure that one

out", pouring himself a bowl of bran cereal, spooning in fresh fruit. "I knew if T-

KAMB had taken upon themselves to do this neither of you would be alive"

"they would have simply set a bomb in the midst of you and been totally clear

of you" "so who has done this?" "Insiders", a certain Alyn Tristan took a spoon

to his mouth, "it was only made to look like outsiders" "you have a death wish Mr.

De' Burk?" Whispering in, limiting eye contact, forewarning him. "I do and graciously

it has been granted", "excuse me" completely toppling Nicholas Edin "I am dying

Mr. Coogan" "full blown aids claimed my life over three years ago", "ah I know"

leading with his spoon, "you're going to say", "I don't look ill", "although that

is true" "I don't actually feel ill" transforming into a deepening thought, "but I've

divorced my indescribable wife unto another husband" "I've pretended my death

to a hospital", "to a meager cremation" "and at present not only am I dying I am

dead", "you Mr. Coogan" deciding he wanted more fruit "you is the only one to

see me risen" "I hope I can trust you to keep it this way", "yes", talking about

feeling weird, "sure" "I'm off to be buried in Africa" "I hear it is the birthplace

of mankind and his death place" truly finding Nicholas dumb did this plan seem

to make Alyn Tristan glad "so you're telling me that our own has done this?"

"So it's you with a death wish now Mr. Coogan?" "No" "although I like you would

like to be in high places that I may see my enemies around and about me dispensing

myself of them forthwith" "isn't that how you see?" Naturally intriguing Alyn Tristan

into a toast of his glass "such an honor I assure you" "I don't deserve it", "nothing

goes as plan right?" Taking his used dishes into his standing did Nicholas Edin

have an early meeting "believe that Nicholas Coogan and you will sit in high places

seeing your enemies all around".


"None of this make sense Sioux and you know it right well", to depict Sura

Danielle as being outraged, did she feel betrayed "it is what Alyn Tristan wanted,

"it was his last will and testament", "so this is it?" Spinning both of their attention

around her inventive apartment "all I have is a room surrounded with flowers

and cards from well wishers and sympathizers" "is he even dead?" Truly they

were not a trusting group "and if he's dead how will I bring closure without any

form of funeral assessment" "Alyn Tristan divorced you long ago Sura", "I know

how that sound" "what will happen to his ashes?" "Africa" "he has always be-

lieved her to be the cradle of mankind’s' birth and the grave toward it's physical

death" "Africa" freethinking him as surely as she disliked him "you're going all

the way to Africa "was a break down clear in her, tingling her eyes, her nostril,

uniformly fracturing her heart "to" was this grisly density a yielding seat "my

god" "I'm so sorry Sura" "don't" exhibiting a hazardous denunciation his way

"don’t ever touch me" "I know you think this is so unfair but Alyn Tristan be-

lieved a blood thirsty holocaust took your husband long ago" backing off of

course "he want you to be free unto another" "like you" accusing him forthwith,

"like Alien" "even Marked?" "I know you wait after your brothers' wife", "not

as you Sura anticipate" "we would want you to be complete" "I'm complete"

feeling the unkempt nervous in her arms at contemplating this suspicious cir-

cumstance, "you are woman", "wife", "only a man", "a husband will complete

you", "good day Sioux" getting his no non-sense traditions out the door, "I

will be returning to America” “back into the south were I'm born” seeing this

bringer of dissolution and doom off "what about Jude?" "Jude" swallowing

into a grimacing uncertainty, "what does Jude Adams have to do with me,"

"he is my dead husbands' lover not my own?" “He is the husband Alyn Tristan

has born unto you" "forsake him and slay yourself unto an unending peril" "my

god" despising him for a certainty, precisely detesting all of them for an entire

"the things you people believe" "I will not accept it" "don't tell me" backing into

regaining his steps "tell the passion burning toward his fulfilling you", "tell that

to Jude Adams newest heart that is unto you Sura Danielle forever.”



The acorns are falling Dear Sura, a creative imagination, with nonentity to

forestall the pass time, nonentity into desecration. Unto thitherward I wonder,

unto the distance accurately disposed of, this savage episode Sura, aching and

blackening souls’ blood. To here they come dear Sura, yet to yonder places

they're to fled, coming to travel abroad, others' having made this bed. I'll come

unto thy morning, I’ll bring a mischievous disregard, I'll watch it claim your

wholesome outlook and dear one I'll watch you as you fall. Tis I'm unto my

lover, then I’ve wondered still away, into thy sweetest warmth, there were

farewells are safe.

With Love Eternal
Alyn Tristan Deburk, (AAD3)


Corronda and Erica were laughing and sharing stories about how they'd

persuaded their husbands Dexter and Matthew to pose for the businessman

portion of the male calendar, the fall and winter months. About how they

wanted to get the famed Coogan brothers to pose as well. Erica went on

to tell Corronda how she'd been trying to get them for years, "ah", Corronda

enlighten dubiously, "maybe you wasn't speaking the right language" "just what

language is that?" "What if we promise to donate a portion of the proceeds to

cancer research?" "Make a giant issue out of it?" "Damn it" leaping up hastily

into that brilliant ideal "why in the hell didn't I think of that?" Intensely pacing the

floor at pondering Corronda's gleaming brain child, "it was right there in my face

all the time" "you know it just might work" "I mean two of them are like brother-

in-law’s and Nicholas", "aw god Nicholas" "he'll do it for the cause" "I'm almost

certain" encouraging a fading Erica Lynn "I'll get right on it" "you're a genius, speeding

right out “a freaking genius.”

Corronda had another rather clever ideal which involved presenting a

children corner of the calendar as well. The male children of Dissuasion’s

employees. She'd signed at least a dozen children already, including Susan's

son Jeremy. These were the times she really loved her job. Never regretted

leaving one of the top Publishing firms in New York. This was her business

and she was very good at it, a renown publicist not only at her best, but at

her home.


There was a nice food shop about two doors from the hotel, a place

they always stopped for coffee. Tiffany couldn't get over how very

different it was there and how she'd already become sick for home.

There was still little doubt in her heart Christian was dead but actually

finding him with such little help presented another problem.

"You say Syefan saved your life?" "Yes", a distant Agurus answered, "but

not like you think", "he save me from a life of crime and prison", "he took this

young Iranian kid in" "what he learn he taught me until I was able to go to

schooling and learn as well", "I'd been accused as an accessory to theft

where a man was killed" "your Mr. Coogan proved I was only stupid decoy

and they released me to him" "I see", "so you're very grateful", "yes", "and

very thankful to Allah", he finished his lunch, "excuse me", at sipping her cup,

"but you're not much younger than Syefan" "it is true there haven't been much

difference in our age but in our wisdom though I'm catching up pretty fast", tickling

her, seeing her smile for the first time ever, "I see", "no you don't", "I'm in debt

to him for my life and people can very seldom see that", "but it's ok" "now you

eat please so we continue".


"So ask me", Barbara insisted of she and Susan's very private luncheon

"did you read Ronda's memo concerning the male kids of Dissuasion?". "Yea

I got that", wondering off momentarily into the ambiance "and?" "well I don't

know if it's a good ideal", "come on Barb" "I think it's an excellent ideal" "you

are a part of the Dissuasion family now" "and so are the boys" "I mean it's not

like they're posing nude or anything" "I think they'll like it" "I'm only at the firm

two or three days a week for three to four hours as a psychologist" "Barb", a

tickled Susan lean in "she want to present them as the next generation of Coogan

men", "I simply love it", "so I presume Jeremy will be posing" cautiously biting her

fork, "yea he will", "I asked his father and he was quite happy about it", "come

on Sissy", a bizarre Barbara talked under her breath "you don't know what he is"

"excuse me?" "I mean he could be anybody's son" "you're kidding right" "my
god you're not kidding?" Pompously, offensively exhibiting herself, “look if

you don't want Jason and Daniel to participate that's fine" "but I will not have

you badgering that sweet little boy" "what do you mean badgering?" Stirring,

fairly sampling her wine, "I've only said what others are thinking" "what others

Barb?" "There are no others", "there's only you" "as far as the rest are concern

he's our son and he is a Coogan whether you like it or not" "what does Nickie

think about his new found nephew?" Barbara was all the more arrogant, "leave

him out of this Barb" talking about pushing all the right buttons "he doesn't know

does he?" “If you and Sye is so proud of him Sissy why doesn't his uncle know

he even exist?" "That's our business" infuriating Susan Faye into her stand, into

a fling of her napkin to the table, yes getting her out "I'll tell Ronda how you really

feel" "you know jealousy really does becomes you Barb.”

Barbara sat quietly pondering Susan accusation that she was simply

envious. She had to admit she had some rather disturbing feeling about

the boy but she wouldn't call it jealousy. There was no way of telling

whose of them this child was or if he was either and to her that spelled

bastard. Even if he was a Coogan he wasn't legitimate and was therefore

unqualified as a Coogan descendant as far as she was concerned.

It was here Barbara pondered the thought of allowing her sons to enter,

she couldn't let that little sham of a Coogan get all the credit. Although

she detest the ideal of him being placed on the same level or class as her

perfect little Coogan sons. This possibly couldn't be helped, she was to

accept the inevitable or have a long, drugged out fight with Bradford about

the whole thing.


"Are you alright Mr. Decorte?" Kettets concerned himself of a sickly Anthony,

"yes I'm fine", "thanks", "I haven't been getting much rest recently", pausing into

seeing Vincent Steele entering in, "well you're quite young to be so distrubed",

Kettes prepped Vincent, "I guess you're right" "the usual?" Kettes inquired of

his silent customer "yes with a little more off the top" smiling into that ideal "my

girl insist", "we have to satisfy them now don't we?" "Yes" "we do" "I'm gonna

take my break" hearing a burst of laughter as he departed Anthony couldn't help

pondering whether or not that was on his behalf.

Being quite exhausted, desiring to close his eyes if only for a second he wondered

into the break room. He hadn't been getting much sleep recently as he'd told kettets.

Being overly concern about Ashleigh and having very strange dreams or memory

reoccurances, he was really beaten. The dreams where about his parents and his sister

and their tragic deaths. He was contemplating going to Missouri to visit their grave site,

Barbara told him this would possibly help. Right now he was happy the couch wasn't

being used so he could lie down.


"Wow you don't know how good that feel" a tense Ly Lnn relaxed into Nicholas

massaging her shoulders, his noticing how very uneasy she appeared. "you not only
have magic words Mr. Coogan but magic hands, she smiled of his taking his seat

to her, "I think the prosecution is doing a good job" "what do you think?" Getting

to right to business, "I think you're right but as Mr. Macremore would say it's just

not good enough".

Secretly admiring him if he could read her heart she thought he would

know she simply ached to have him belonging to her and her only. That she

simply trembled to feel his massive coming all inside her hotness. Ly Lnn

didn't know what was going on back home with his girl friend but Nicholas

Edin was exhibiting suggestive passion. He was opening up in ways he never

had before, like the pleasant massage, his intimate appeal along simply riveting.

“Like here", a breath-taking Nicholas Edin lean into her, pointing into said docu-

ments, not suspecting a thing, bringing her back, "what are you doing?" Deeply

mistrusting her moving said intuition away, alluring him with her delicious,

quite edible eyes, mouth, those both touching his curious regard, it was here

Nicholas contemplated just the slightest taste of her irresistible tongue, juices,

within seconds those lewd thoughts were panicking his breath and burning him

into an uncontrollable arousal, "I can't", taking necessarily to his feet at putting

distant between them, "I'm really attractive to you Nicholas" "I have been for

a long time" not taking no for an answer was she equally taunting him "I thought

you felt something for me as well” “if I Ly Lnn have given you the wrong impression

I'm sorry" "I can't" all the more backing out of this scandal so intentional "I can't

even want to do this" "but you want to” playing his lapel into a hot, inviting help-

lessness, getting horribly in his face, "I'm going to go to my suite" maneuvering
around her to his case "I guess we'll talk later" "what she don't know

can't hurt her" following him to the staircase “I will know Lnn” “I will



Nicholas laid in the dark, only a towel wrapped about him as he'd recently

stepped from the shower. He was still in shock over what transpired earlier be-

tween he and Ly Lnn and he was crying it had confused him so. He'd rushed up

stairs to his pallor, pulled all the blinds, stripped himself naked, wailing hurriedly

into a cold shower, that cooled his relentless exhibition slowly but surely. Although

this angry and frigid water fall was no consolation, it was here he knew for a

certain he missed Tiffany beyond any description.

Tears shimmered down his torn disposition, his boiling over, coughing

and choking himself to death. Aching vigorously, wiping endlessly this wet

regret issuing from his exploding emotions, forevermore he pained terribly

in want for her. Cearly Nicholas Edin had never missed any human being so,

never did he distress so over Tiffany Ann clearly being close to another woman

all the more intensified this extravagant breaking to pieces.

Although Ly Lnn was quite beautiful and possibly sexually fulfilling she

wasn't Tiffany, never has been, never would be and it was time he realize

that, time his lust realized that. Casting his hand over his disordered

visage, momentarily suspecting the hour, he raised slowly, approaching

the closet to re-dress and reluctantly return back to court.
Nicholas Edin couldn't wait until the demanding Clifton case was behind him.

It was then he would decide whether he would continued at Macremore and Vance,

he was really becoming sick for home and for his only love. Nicholas and Ly Lnn

both knew this was bound to happen. Each of them unable to prevent their intimate

attraction toward one another.

Ly Lnn had never been this forward with any man but as she told

Nicholas she couldn't help herself, she ached to have this voluptuous

creature coming inside of her. Though Nicholas Coogan's faithfulness

deterred a mating so inevitable, Ly Lnn was persuaded a day would come

when she would have him issuing like coal burning in her erotic, wet fomenting

and nothing would be had but their eternity.


"I like it" Susan reviewed Ashleigh's ideals concerning the upcoming fashion

show "well I know it's not hers" "believe me it's good" assuring her was a bright,

knowing Susan Faye "I saw some of the designs Tiffany faxed in this morning"

"she's really good" "Tiffany is at her best when trials are at there worse" "I want

to know if I can help finish some of her designs?" "I don't know” gnashing a lip

of aching curiosity her way her, "Tiffany is very particular about those things",

"have you ever transferred a sketch into a pattern before?" "Not since school"

“this is why I want to try" "good" bringing a teachable Ashleigh Michelle into her

work area "the main ideal is to fine the artist unite statement" "their keenest

volume keeping it but never losing the originality of the sketch or the skeleton"
handing her a folder, "we'll do these together and you'll know exactly what

I mean".


"Nicholas was waking out of a dead sleep and stumbling to a

door knocking, "it's me", "Lynn" "I'm sorry" looking upon a riveting

bed dressed Nicholas Edin peeping through his door, "I don't know

what got into me" "you're a professional and you respect profession-

lism" "for as long as I can remember Lynn I've had this complex

about covering myself from the soles of my feet to the hairs on my

head" "my purpose in this was to cover up what so many people

were mesmerized by" "a single thing called beauty" moving aside

to her entry, at his sitting bringing her into a seat "I remember all

the special treatments I got in school" remembering his starved

tongue, that thirst for caffeine he got to the kitchen "at home"

"everywhere I went because of what they saw as glamour" "and

no matter how I covered it up Lynn it would ooze out somehow

and I would be praised" "worshipped and seeked after" "not be-

cause I was human" eyeing her coming into his presence after him

"not because I had a heart and couldn't survive unattended of hu-

man companionship" "or that I was even good" "but simply because

I had the other greatest treasure” “beauty” "I saw how others were

mistreated and cast out because they supposedly had none" "I

don't know why I'm telling you this" handling her a hot cup equal

to his own, "I've never told anyone this" "not even Tiffany" "then

one day I saw her Lynn" coming into another seat "she was the

most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my entire life" "there was no

human being as perfect" "she stunned me breathless” “speechless”

"and god she hated me" tickling adorably at that admittance "hated

you?" Blowing her cup, enjoying this lovely out-come "no matter

what I did" "how I did it", "when" "where" “she Lnn despised Nicholas

Coogan and I loved her for it" "I treasured her" "I mean I went my

own way" "god I had too" "but all the time I dreamed of spending my

life with her" "I eventually met someone" glancing away into that reality

"got engaged" "of course that didn't work" "and though it maybe an ugly

way of looking at it" "when she lost him" "her fiancĂ©” blowing his cup

into a cautious sip "it gave me a chance to have her love me” "or for

me to prove my love to her" "I mean when the supreme hath declared

the man ought not be alone he had Tiffany and I in mind" "in this life

time Lynn she is all I've ever wanted" "ever" "someone to love me"

"the man" "the human being", "the failure" "perhaps even the beast

inside the beauty" "that is an amazing story" realizing amiably the

time "testimony" "you're right" "you're like a platinum boy to all the

woman" "and it's worth it's beauty and fame beyond gold" "that's

what I'm saying Lynn" tilting into a jeopardous connection to her

"if there was no beauty would you desire me just as much?" "If
there was no beauty?" "That's an excellent question" "we are a

people who walk by fame” “beauty and mystery" "I don't think it's

me you want Lynn" "not me the person", "but me the fantasy" "and

I'm more than that" "you are Lynn more than that" "we're eternal

and in a second we sacrifice it to the temporal" "it is a perfect re-

flection Nicholas Coogan" getting to her feet, taping her watch at

suggesting the time "I think you should share it with her" "she hated

you for your beauty and you loved her for hers" "good night Nicholas"

seeing her to the door "goodnight Lynn".


Ashleigh was relieved to see Anthony was resting comfortably, she

stood at the foot of his bed thanking god she'd not lost him, hating herself

for being so damn stupid. When she saw him lying like dead on that floor,

the paramedics working profusely to save him, it was then she realized she

couldn't loose him, she'd lost everything else dear, her child, a dear friend only

a couple months back, herself.

Now her stubborn pride almost caused her the only man she ever loved,

who now knew how to return that love. Dr. Novilian said Anthony suffered

a memory overload, it was something like a seizure but not as severe. He'd

regain consciousness moments after he arrived, Ashleigh then anguished face

the first he saw. Staring erratically about his surrounding Ashleigh grabbed

his hand to direct him, his glance was uncertain first, suddenly he whispered
her name, murmuring, what happen? She smiled and told him he was ok,

passionately fondling his dark mane, and glancing this lover of her heart,

watching him doze into another sleep, she confessed her deepest love.

“He was still suffering mentally and therewith needed much rest”, the

doctor was giving her explicit instructions, “he didn't need to be distress

at all”, Ashleigh was amazed how she kept everything on a business level,

knowing her attraction for Anthony Dale. Prescribing upon Ashleigh the

more that she would schedule him for a C.A.T. scan, to be certain of no

long term damage, for her to be certain he keep the appointment, Ashleigh

still couldn't get over how truly beautiful her lover was, she couldn't wait to

get him well and again home.


"That was awesome Nicholas", gladden into a sit across

from him, re-ordering Nicholas's opening remarks was Bjamein

Paui Kroff "you never cease to amaze me man" shaking his head into

a readied his plate did Nicholas Edin remain charmed, silently not giving

his astonishing opening a thought, only Tiffany Ann at this point. He'd

been trying to reach her the last few days, frighten as he heard news

there was a chemical scare in Israel and all surrounding areas be-

cause of military upheaval, all manners of terrorist attacks. He didn't

know what he would do if something happen to her, and it was then

he promised himself if by grace she get out of this and return to his
arms he would never let her go..."Nicko?" Playing and toying into

his dreaming away "remember us?" Bringing his guess closer

“I have someone for you guys to meet" "this is Mananas Shiban

Lerevis”, Philip was introducing a long lost love interest returned

"hello Mananas” first standing, at taking her hand, re-entering his

seat was a gentleman Nicholas Edin, as was Bjamein and Alyson,

Wren's replacement "what a charming name” embracing her name

was Alyson pleased, "it was my great grand father's name" "Man

would be a great addition to our team",. "really" deciding he would

attempt to eat something "yes", "she's a specialist in criminology"

"I hear that's hard work" "welcome to Paris", "thank you" "thank you all”

"your accent?" You could always expect that from Bjamein Kroff "German",

"how charming", "and yours?" "Ah" tickling a blush right into him ,”Somalia

Africa", "Nicholas was about to tell us how he keep his personal life separate

from the court place" sipping his glass was Jude Aleksander returning them

to the interesting party at hand "I was about to what?" Having no ideal "yea

Nicko enlighten us" “enlighten you huh?” Laying his spoon aside into a wipe

of his hands, his mouth, "I put what I need here", patting his friendly briefcase,

and here "pointing equally to his head, that temple, "what I don't need behind

those doors I don't carry here or here" posing additionally "surely you've

heard of disassociation" "ummmm” a finger to his chin was Bjamein with Philip

jeering into a tickle "well it's like cutting off whatever doesn't apply to the

moment" "therein focusing on the import and time in question", "my surroundings"
"my goal or purpose not deviating until my sole objective is accomplished"

"then I turn off" "and I turn on the moment" "damn it Nicholas you

sound as though you're a machine" "no" "he sounds like a genesis who

masters the machine inside us all", stunning indeed was Mananas Shiban

"yes" "well I'm not a machine" sipping his lemonade, "but the mind can

be trained to function as a machine" "how do you think machines are

created?" "Computers are nothing but a technical analogous of the

human brain" " fascinating" again was Manassas exalting him, "the

creator creating the creature to be a creator", "as grandfather would

say", "exactly" "stop it" picking in her plate “the both of you” “you're

frightening us" laughing at Philip Mance was Nicholas Edin simply

transfixed by the exhilarating creature who loved and knew his every

word, “what’s so funny" barely managing her tray, Nicholas hasten

at helping her, "thanks", "yeah", "we where just talking to the machine",

Bjamein, as did Philip poked fun, "don't start that again" "what did

you think about the remarks?" Who wasn’t giving up that easy,”

Bjamein Paui Kroff? "For a brief second I thought I saw Rehhen

attempt at waving a white flag" smiling and commenting into her sitting,

"it was brilliant", "but I'm sure the counselor know that", "right?"

Clearing his throat, finishing his soup “what is that foul creature on

your plate?" With a simply splendid accent did Philip Mance turn his

attention to Ly Lynn’s dish, "it's delicious" "want some" putting a fork

full in his face, "no" backing off, out completely, did it smell like fish "no
way" shaking his head, "it won't bite" "you bite instead” “you ever heard

of black Angus beef” “well this is the same concept only this is fish”

“Muddy flounder” “that’s just not right” all the more declining, “not

right at all.”

part two


Tiffany couldn't help becoming alarmed as Agurus seemed to be in a

heated discussion with one of his contacts. Though she couldn't understand

a word they were saying it was obvious it wasn't good news. It was raining

outside, the streets barely visited. They'd spent most of the day searching for

signs of Christian Cros, the last hospital on the list rendered disappointing

news as they'd not seen or heard of him.

"Tifny", charging right in with a look so cumbersome that it frighten

her the more, began packing "we can't say any longer", "what do you

mean?" "What has happen? "The threat of chemical war is causing outrage

through the land", "Vero", he hand her bag to her "my cousin said whoso

ever isn't out of Israel in the next few days won't be able to leave for months".

"But I can't go", backing into a high-quality wonderment, "we have too",

"what about Christian?" "He want you to go" "what do you mean he want

me to go?" Clearly testing him "I mean he would" "do you know if he even

want to be found? Panicking was Agurus busing himself the more "do you

know he doesn't?" "Tifny" passionately bringing her, surprising her as he'd
avoided even the image of physical contact "he want you to leave",

"now" "while it's safe" “you found him" "I didn't say that", "you didn't

have too" "where is he? "He doesn't want to see you" helping her with

her things, "he want you to go home", "now" slightly contacting her

sorrowful response "no", sweeping her cheeks, backing off "I won't

go" "Tiffany” grabbing her shoulders ”we have to go" "he knows you're

here", "he says he's fine" "you're lying” "in the name of Allah I'm" "he

won't see anyone" "he's hiding" "I'm sorry" "he said something about

a dream", "remember the dream", "the man that didn't have a face or

something" frightening Tiffany Ann into a jaw dropping astonishment,

knowing. "I must see him", uselessly lining tears from golden eyes

"my god he's alive” "you spoke to him?" "What did he say?" "He blamed

me for your danger" "and I blamed him" "now I need you packed" "we

need to get out of here", "I can't" "not without him" "Tifny please" fixing

another direct hold to her "he made me promise" "please".

Moving away from this ubiquitous influencing, not believing Christian

wouldn't see her knowing she'd come all that way. He was alive and that was

the good news, she didn't know right off what he meant about remembering

the dream, but she knew one day she would {{{“what do you mean some-

thing is wrong with her?" Leaping drastically into that phone conversation,

startling his on-looking co-workers, "I don't mean physical", was Agurus

explaining both of their faith "perhaps spiritually" "he won't see her" "what do

you mean he won't see her?" Swelling furiously at an imcompassionate
Christian Cros, "I mean he won't and she is refusing to leave without

him", "put her own", executing himself a perilous Nicholas Edin did

a curious Ly Lnn catch his eye, send him to a distant window, "it is for

you", "no”, she shook, ran, "as you're after your friend" "this friend Tifny

is after you" "as you're urgent about bringing him back" he hand her the

phone, {{{“he won’t see me” “Tiffany" turning at hearing her, at ideally

persuading her "you're out of time there baby you must get out" "did

you hear me he won't see me" with that horror tightening and toughening

her throat did she sound terrible "I know” blinking his own stinging eyes,

raking additionally his creeping nostril into the ceiling "baby come home

to me" "ok" "just come home to me", "I can't believe he won’t" "Tiffany”

thinking fast, productively “just knowing you're there must mean something”

“please honey come home to me” “to Nicholas" "Tiffany" interrogating a

silent receiver "Tiffany" "we will see you soon" ending the call were they

completely out of time "I believe Lnn she exist in a humanity we're only to

dream about", talking back to a nearing Ly Lynn Chow, closing the receiver

"god damn it!" was there an unquenchable outraged in him, "she still doesn't

see me does she?" "She sees everything and everybody but me" unknowingly

swatting at a facial intrusion "she see you Nicholas” "she trust you" "she trust

that the world is all right with you" laying a comforting hand to his arm, with

a faultless concern helping him "that you are all right with the world", "goodnight

Lynn" bargaining right pass her, them all, "goodnight Nicholas.”

It had taken Agurus and his company less than two days to find him

and without them Tiffany knew there was no telling where she would be.

It was then Tiffany paused in her packing and pondered if most Americans

were as naive as she, did they venture into foreign lands, even hostile

countries thinking America was more than a country, that she's actually the

world? Tiffany thank god for friendship, it was that which caused this man

to leave his charmed life to come to her need and now rescue.

This was an excursion and adventure she would never forget. Israel

Jerusalem was somebody's home but Tiffany was thankful it wasn't hers.

Though she painfully regretted leaving there without Christian Cros, without

even seeing him, she knew as he, that destiny brung them together once before

and it was likely it would again, soon she hoped cutting the light out in the room,

asking god to keep him safe, them all safe.


Anthony was reluctantly opening his door to an inquiring Ashleigh

Michelle. He'd been avoiding her as much as he could, not wanting to d

eal with the issue of them, not really knowing what to say. He was

assessing their relationship if you could call it that, he was very confused

about Ashleigh up and down, in and out attitude toward him. "I was just

leaving" getting from the door into finishing his dressing.

"Where are you off to?" "A black tie affair", "banquet", "Danielle asked

me to come", "O I see, "well you really look awsome, "it's only dinner
and dancing as far as I'm concern, he fashioned his thick dark mane in

the mirror. "So did you want anything in particular?" “No" tinkering into

his things "I was just checking to see if you were alright", "I'd been calling

you for days and you know". "Yeah" he got pass her, "I'm sorry about

that", "I really didn't know what to say to you Ash", "wow you smell really

good too", "thanks" "what do you mean what to say to me" "you know" "right

before my attack we'd called it quits or something like that" pulling a gifted

bottle of wine from the frig. "Not exactly quits" bitting into a delicious red

apple, "I said I needed time" "that we both Tony needed to step back", "to

actually consider the relationship" "yeah well I knew it was something like

that" "look I would love to stay and remisenst about our roller-coaster affair

but I have a date", "yeah" swallowing her sweet juices, spinning off toward

the exit with him, "I'll see you tomorrow then", "yeah", talking back at ignoring

her, pulling a door locked.


Agurus and Tiffany where unable to leave Jerusalem that night. Spending it

rather with his cousins, they hoped the next flight wouldn't prevent them. It seem

all flights departing the middle east where booked to full capacity. Agurus

though he didn't alarm her was in doubt he and Tiffany would get a flight before

the widespread exodus's curfewed. He feared they could be there forever.

Though it wasn't of grave concern for Agurus, he still had family and

roots there, he didn't know how Tiffany would take the news that they
could possibly be stranded for months. Agurus and his cousins really thought

Tiffany was beautiful, and if need be her tan skin would make it easy for

her to pass as a native of the mother land. That too was the greatest of

Agurus's concerns, he feared if surrounding terrorist learned her true

identity she would be a good target and welcome revenge against

America. Just any small militant group desiring to provoke more naked

aggression. He had to get her out of there, and soon.


"You really look tired" massaging his tense neck, "why don't you

come to bed?" "I have just a little more to do", Bradford seemed dis-

pleased "How did your meeting with Sissy go?" "It was ok", she walked

out "so what was the big mystery?" He followed "some project at the

center she wanted my advice on", she put him off the more "the kids

modeling project?", "How did you know?" "You forget Susan's husand

is my brother" "what's the big deal Barb" "it's a sports proposal for the

children" "they want to feature the boys with Jeremy as the next generat-

ion of Coogan males" "come on Brad", she grew distasteful, readied the

bed "not you too" "wait a minute” "are we talking about the same thing?"

"I'm talking about that boy and his legitimacy" pulling her tooth brush,

readying the water, "what the hell does that have to do with him posing

with our sons?" “His cousins” "Come on Brad” "they don't even know

his true identity", "just where the hell you been the last six or seven months?"
"He's Sye's son for god’s sake", "you don't know that” murmuring

with her mouth full, "if you mean I wasn't there when he was concieved

you're right", "don't! cutting mean eyes at him, "don't you patronize me"

"you can't be serious about this Barb" "my god! "I hope you didn't

tell Sissy this", "you did didn't you?" "My god Barb you're a damn

bigot" "I am no bigot", spewing her mouth at detesting him "he isn't

like our boys that's all", "and like our boys you mean? "He's a four

year old bastard" "right Barb?" "I mean he's on a different level" "that's

what I mean" getting into bed, reamining her stubborn self "Level?"

Intensing Bradford Elam in way of exploding "level?" "Now what the

hell does that mean Barb"? "What?" " The fact he's born out of wed-

lock?" "You can't be that damn grievous", "aren't we full of name calling

tonight" "we have two beautiful sons who will continue the Coogan gene-

ration" clearly not understanding her animosity "he can't prevent that

Barb" "surely you didn't think they would be the only male heirs", "that

is not what I meant" "I won't Barba have them subjected to this" "this

disarrangement" "you hear me Barb?" Pointing a piercing finger her way,

direction, "you know I love you more than words can say but there is no

way you're gonna teach our son's this nonsense", "they're my son's too"

pulling the covers tighter, jarring a head at comforting herself "it's pure

bigotry Barb" "my god why can't you see that"? "I will not allow it" "not

in this life and not in my children's life" speeding out, off "you have to believe

that", "no", "no" "you're wrong", "I don't see it as bigotry" "but as

my opinion", "yes" bringing him back into this heighten breadown,

"your opinion Barb", "not mine" "not our son's", "yours", "and as far

I'm concern it's gonna remain your opinion", "whatever" "but they're

not posing with him" calling at him getting additionally awy "you can't

stop him from being a Coogan Barb", "he was born one and he'll die

one" "whatever" pretending not to hear him, turning and snuggling under

the covers

Bradford remorsefully shook his head and left her to her blackness. He

wasn't at all surprised, Barbara was raised under very strict to the book rules

and it was hard for her to turn from that. If there was anything about his wife

he didn't like it was her socially elloquent yet strict traditions. It was the area

in their lives and marriage wherewith they never agreed. Barbara was a bit

of a bigot, he knew that when he married her, that she place people at certain

levels of worth, judging them according to their short comings.

As far as she was concern, this child Jeremy would never be good enough, he

could never protray a true Coogan. In her eyes he would always be this want to

be, and there was nothing to be said to change how she felt. Bradford knew it

wasn't fair, that it was almost sickening but he loved her and vowed in that love

to accept the good and the bad. Although her teaching her discrimitive traditions.

Her selective theorem to their children, it was there he drew the line. He simply

wouldn't allow it, his father taught him to be fair to all men and this is the spirit he

wanted instilled into his own children.

"Jude!" anxious than ever Sara Danielle got pass the crowds to him,

"I thought it was you" "how are you?", "I'm well, separating himself, "and

you?" "As well” moving into a clearing with him. "So how did you like the

play?", "It was intriguing" "it’s good seeing you" "would it be asking too

much if we could get away from here unto the nearing cafe?" Getting in

his way was a charming Sura Danielle "no” "of course not" soon following

her through the crowd of varying people both getting to and from the

playhouse. "I miss him so dearly I fear I have to say" sitting with his help

"although it is you I've truly missed" "me" misunderstanding her, sitting

carefully "I don't know what it is" "but I haven't been able to sleep", "to

eat", "yes" a light coming on was Jude Adams "you too" "I mean it's as

though Alyn Tristan has given you his heart" "and me" necessarily opening

his menu, "his passion", “not only for life” growing careful at what he might

unveil “love” “but for you" "My god" releasing a warming scarf at disbe-

lieving and reconsidering the entire thing "are we both loosing our mind?"

"Is this at all possible?" "I went to the playhouse with hopes you Jude

would be there" "Alyn Tristan confessed how you treasured it so", "I'm

overwrought with you Jude" "I can't help myself", "it's like a blazing flame

burning right dead in the pit of me that will not be quenched but by you"

"and I you" showing himself purely infected, "which is the strangest thing

of all" "I talked to Sioux Noel recently" "trying to lean unto this understanding"

"I mean if there is a heart truly akin to Apache Arrow and our Alyn

Tristan heart”, “it is his”, "and what was his comment?" "He suggested

I discover you Jude and see if you were after me as well" "is this insane?"

taking a better hold of Jude’s hand, inspecting his faultless fingers, soon

peering into his wondrous indigestion of her, "some kind of phenomena

way Alyn Tristan has made this happen" "his faith", "his honest”, “inconceivable

passion", "I don't know Sura", "but I'm so alone without you", "I want to spend

time knowing you", "touching you” cautiously feeling the soft, tan attention

given him, "whoever this is" "whatever" "I want it" "I want it to last forever",

Opening her eyes from having that dream again, the one whereas she

and Jude Adams were pouring out of their innocent hearts one to another.

As a matter of fact she'd been having that dream every since she and

Sioux Noel disputed about this very thing, he'd cursed her or so it seemed.

She was glad it was only a dream and that she would be on her way home

on the morrow. Here putting both Alyn Tristan De'burk and Jude Adams

behind her. Although it seemed for certain she couldn't out run her heart, it

was indeed as Sioux Noel said with a strong purpose to belong to husband

Jude Aleksander Adams.


Leaping suddenly at knocking Tiffany now horrorstruck to the

floor, equally blanketing himself over her, did a horror-struck Tiffany
suddenly hear the ricochet of bullets ripping throughout their surroundings.

Spread over by a quick thinking Agurus could she hear the breaking

and shattering of glass, followed by the loudest most horrifying screams

and squealing she'd ever heard, those screaming her and clinging her to

Agurus for dear life.

The loud shooting itself was deafening and inspiring panic and it

was then Tiffany saw her life like a panorama passing before her

memories. Her parents in Jamaica, her friends Coronado, Susan and

Erica. Her charmed life and the ideal she would never see Christian

or Nicholas again. The stupidity, insanity that had brought her there

all it's entirety flashed in seconds before her mind’s eye as the terrorizing

moment warrant both their death, suddenly light and mayhem turned to



Feeling it safe to enough to raise his head, with extreme caution Agurus

glanced their environment. There where people shot, some injured

by broken glass, mourning and crying, glancing down at Tiffany was

Agurus terrified at blood glancing her unconscious self. Shaking her

abruptly and asking after her did a marvelous relief elate him at those

golden eyes opening to him, kissing her forward and hugging her

neck before he knew before it, additionally pulling her into his warm

stoutness, holding her tight at her trembling, crying at being glad

to be alive, she welcomed his adoring rejoice.

Tiffany could feel the wetness from her crying against his shirt, thankful

that both he and she was still among the living. It wasn't long before

police, as well as medical attention was surrounding them, and although

many had been wounded, some seriously, no one had been killed, no one

thus far.

At Agurus talking to one of the officers he kept Tiffany hand tight in his

grip, her person drawn close to him. Tiffany again didn't know all they said,

although it didn't take a genesis to realize it was because of Agurus speedy

and intelligent surveillance of their surrounding and an even quicker response

that they both where not severely injured or even killed.

Agurus caring and watching over her as though she was a priceless treasure

was becoming quite captivating. Inspecting her beautiful visage, lightly startling

the cut on her forward. "I'm ok", Tiffany captured his hand, his uncertain out

look, loaning to his cheek a gracious thank you kiss. Just as soon was Agurus

flagging a cab to lift them out of there, promising her he would get her home,

“us home” she reminded him, a simple escape now turn mission impossible.



Thinking to himself Agurus couldn't believe there was a terrorist attack

against a bus upon which he thought he and Tiffany would be safe, that they

would blend in with fellow domestics. He couldn' believe how wrong he'd

been and how closed they'd come to being violently killed. He couldn't help

but ponder what a coincidence that out of all the hundreds of buses in and out

of the west bank, theirs would be the one so violently assaulted. Coincidental

or not Agurus sadly reflected, that attack surely destroyed any plans they had

of getting out of the mother land any time soon.

They were in route to the airport with possible passage on a private

flight that would have at least taken them to a free air zone. Now Agurus

couldn't remember when he felt so helpless. He didn't know if he could

keep his own relatives at bay for another month or two, let alone other

threatening parties. Lending Tiffany a gracious expression he didn't want

her to see their depressing dilemma, he could only hope for the best and

pray for a miracle.

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