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Tiffany XXIV

                                                   BEAST OF BEAUTY
                          ...WHERE THERE VOICE IS NOT HEARD...
                               MACREMORE AND VANCE PALACES
                                                CHAPTER XXIV
                                                      SCENE I

     "How did you know? You’re a renown reporter, it is your job to know T-KAMB and such the like, so what will this report tell me? That they didn't do it, although I didn't have to do much research to figure that one out, I knew if T-KAMB had taken upon themselves to do this  Nicholas, neither of you would be alive, they would have simply set a bomb in the midst of you and been totally clear of you, so who has done this? Insiders, past the sugar, it was only made to look like outsiders, you have a death wish Mr. De' Burk? I do,  and graciously it has been granted, excuse me, I am dying Mr. Coogan, full blown aids claimed my life over three years ago, ah I know what you're going to say, I don't look ill, although that is true, I don't actually feel ill, but I've divorced my indescribable wife unto another husband, I've pretended my death to a hospital, to a meager cremation and at present not only am I dying I am for all pretend and purposes I'm dead, you Mr. Coogan, you is the only one to
see me risen, I hope I can trust you to keep it this way, yes, sure, ..good them I'm off to be buried in Africa, I hear Mr Coogan it is the birthplace of mankind and his death place, so you're telling me that our own has done this? So it's you with a death wish now Mr. Coogan? No, although I like you would
like to be in high places that I may see my enemies around and about me dispensing myself of them forthwith, isn't that how you see? Such an honor I assure you I don't deserve it, nothing goes as plan right? And our rest of heart and mind until, believe that Nicholas Coogan and you will sit in high places, seeing your enemies all around, even as the psalmist says"     >>>"None of this make sense Sioux and you know it right well, it is what Tristan Alyn wanted, it was his last will and testament, so this is it, all I have is a room surrounded with flowers and cards from well wishers and sympathizers left of my husband, is he even dead and if he's dead how will I bring closure without any form of funeral assessment. Tristan Alyn divorced you long ago Sura, I know how that sound, what will happen to his ashes? Africa, he has always believed her to be the cradle of mankind’s' birth and the grave toward it's physical death, Africa, that there no way to Jesus, to heaven without facing or passing through Africa on the way. You're going all the way to Africa, to, my god, I can'e ven get the words, I'm so sorry Sura, .....don't, don’t ever touch me, it's like he's being taken from me from all over gain what about me, huh Sioux? I know you think this is so unfair but Tristan Alyn believed a blood thirsty holocaust took your husband long ago, he want you to be free unto another, ...another you say, don't you mean his sweet, sweet Jude Aleksander, even that you all wait after your brothers' wife, not as you Sura anticipate, we would want you to be complete, to be happy, ...I'm complete, ...you are woman, wife, only a man, a husband will complete you, goodbye Sioux, I will be returning to America, back into the south were I'm born, ...what about Jude?" "Jude, what does Jude Adams have to do with me, he is my dead husbands' lover not my own? Nothing of that sort happen, all this time Jude Adams Sure is the husband Tristan Alyn has born unto you, forsake him and slay yourself unto an unending peril, my god, the things you people believe, I will not hear it, accept it, ...don't tell me, tell the passion burning toward his fulfilling you, tell that to Jude Adams newest heart that is as Tristan Alyn, unto you Sura Danielle forever,  so Sous Noel you say, but I'm sure Jude won't no more to do with all this nonsense than  I do, ..well if you Sura need anything from any of us you  know how to reach us, ...surely, blessed you  Sioux, ..bless you Sura as well.

                           ...AND THEIR WORDS TO THE END OF THE EARTH...
                                                                SCENE III


     -The acorns are falling Dear Sura, a creative imagination, with nonentity to forestall the pass time, nonentity into desecration. Unto thitherward I wonder, unto the distance accurately disposed of, this savage episode Sura, aching and blackening souls’ blood. To here they come dear Sura, yet to yonder places they're to fled, coming to travel abroad, others' having made this bed. I'll come
unto thy morning, I’ll bring a mischievous disregard, I'll watch it claim your wholesome outlook and dear one I'll watch you as you fall. Tis I'm unto my lover, then I’ve wondered still away, into thy sweetest warmth, there were farewells are safe.

With Love Eternal
Tristan Alyn, Deburk, (AAD3)

                          ...IN THEM HATH HE SET A TABERNACLE FOR THE SUN...
                                         ...DISSUASION FASHION CENTER...
                                                               SCENE IV

     "Maybe you wasn't speaking the right language, just what language is that? What if we promise to donate a portion of the proceeds to cancer research? Make a giant issue out of it? Damn it, why in the hell didn't I think of that? It was right there in my face all the time, you know it just might work, I mean two of them are like brother-in-law’s and Nicholas, ah god Nicholas, he'll do it for the cause" I'm almost certain, I'll get right on it, you're a freaking genius. I viewed your Nicholas assimilation, a Legolas Caspian, I look, then I Ercia did a double-take, then Erica I did a triple, it was so good Erica, where did you find him? I didn't, Tip found him, send him to me, Ash gave him his model name, and I, I took him to style, make up, and fit him into one of Tiffany made for Nicholas Suits, and twinkle, twinkle little star,  that Erica is one of the most mesmerizing ads I've ever seen, so what is his name actually, Domnick, and I Ronda just hate it, that's why it acted out like a movie skit, so changing his name fit, so the question Ronda is where did Tip find him? No white man Erica has touched in places only of my husband dream as this man, that E-excellent ad, ah he put everything sexy about an ad, in the word sexy and do not repeat because I'm blushing and babbling, something Erica I don't ever, ah my god you really are Legolas Caspian smitten and that Ron should go on the next ad, you guys are doing so well, the teen ad with sole and friends are the phone still ringing? Yes, it actually is and more and more teens are coming in, I guess you say the Cherchez le femme ad will  be teen based, can you believe Fashion Present Ronda is only a few months old and completely our of control. I heard about what happen to Tiffany's Mr. Artelon, I know girl they said it happen as they dodged a deer, he car swerved and went into a ravine killed them instantly, the only good in the story ...not to be funny Erica and the deer? I don't, seriously, I'd had not considered it would be sad Ronda if after all that the deer was lost regardless, are you guys hiding in here, ...no Ash not at hide, you best look someplace else, hey I just wanted to give you guys a congrats on the E-excellent ad, wow Erica, who is he? Ah some drive by of Tips, I mean I didn't see it, but we know about Tip's eye, it's kind mesmerizing, ..same ash as I said, it's hard to look away from it, yeah like it grabs you, ..exactly guys what an ad supposed to do, ...yeah Erica, but it's more than that, it's unforgettable, ..yeah you guys just like Nicholas Ed, now Legolas Caspian, I heard Ash, you some up with that name, too brillant girl, too brillant, yes, I'm leaning into naming my son that in case you guys making plans, my son is Dillane, I already know it, Erica, ah Carrington and Covington,  boy or girl, ah, did we just name our future children? Yes, Mrs. Decorte and I love it, yeah me too, I'm off to find Tony for lunch did you tell him, I told him you  said he can't hide forever, yeah, i got another cologne ad, my own up my sleeve and I want him, ...you tell Mr. Decorte.         

                                                                    SCENE V

    -"You say Syefan saved your life? Yes but not like you think, he save me from a life of crime and prison, he took this young Iranian kid in" "what he learn he taught me until I was able to go to schooling and learn as well." There was a nice food shop about two doors from the hotel, a place
they always stopped for coffee, Tiffany couldn't get over how very different it was there and how she'd already become sick for home, Thinking she should've left with Spirit River and Niegel, or too Syefan advice and joined Nicholas in France, but Mike was dead and she just knew it. "I'd been accused as an accessory to theft where a man was killed, your Mr. Coogan proved I was only stupid decoy and they released me to him, I see, so you're very grateful, yes and very thankful to Allah, excuse me, but you're not much younger than Syefan, it is true there haven't been much difference in our age but in our wisdom, though Tifny I'm catching up pretty fast, ah I made you laugh, as if you're to be more beautiful, impossible. I guess see, no you don't I'm in debt to Syefan Coogan for my life and people can very seldom see that but it's ok, now you eat please so we continue. My husband, well Nicholas is gonna kill me if I insist on staying here much longer, actually Agurus Sye first. He's not bad, just think he is, he big pussy cat pur, pur, pur, that's all, ....you're kinda hilarious you know, why here you?  I'm thinking he special ops, am I Agurus to know what that mean exactly? It means if he doesn't Tifny doesn't want to be found, nobody on this planet can, Special ops, stand for specially trained, military missions, done by special forces using abnormal methods and resources. What Tifny have me suspicious, there is just no way you're to know his location up to this point unless he's with purpose that you know, ...you're saying my being here is coincidental, I'm saying that is very unlikely and a bit unnerving seeing who we're dealing with, ...you ready? Alway Miss Saurus, always.     >>>"We will Mr. Artelon be moving you into the rehab center and soon out the door, have you my visitor, Miss Saurus, yes, she said if yo ask she'll return about three hours past noon, thank, good to hear, rehab and out the door, you know Dr. Etzger you're free to return to America since out of any danger, well, I want to see how well rehab goes, even if it is more psychological than physical, your still my patient Mr. Artelon despite how rapid your healing, good day sir, I'm office to dinner and dancing, you too soon right? Yes, Dr, Etzger, ...right, you can't wait to get the stunner Miss Saurus on the dance floor, among other places, ..Dr. Etzger, I do have a wife, ....sure you do, and she return soon, I just know it! Thank you Dr, good evening son, good, blessed evening." 

                     ...AND REJOICETH AS A STRONG MAN TO WIN A RACE ...
                                                 SCENE VI

     "So ask me, how you always, did you read Ronda's memo concerning the male kids of Dissuasion? Yea I got that, and? Well I don't know if it's a good ideal, come on Barb, I think it's an excellent ideal, you are a part of the Dissuasion family now, and so are the boys. I mean it's not like they're posing nude or anything, I think they'll like it, ...I'm only at the center two or three days a week for three to four hours as a psychologist, yes Barb your own beautiful office, wing even, you could start taking appointments outside the center, I keep telling you. Anyway Ronda want to present them as the next generation of Coogan men to promote the kids center, I simply love it, so I presume Jeremy will be posing, of course he will. I asked Sye and he was quite happy about it, come on Sissy, you don't know what he is, ....excuse me, I mean he could be anybody's son, you're kidding right, my god you're not kidding, how pompous, offensive. Look if you don't want Jason and Daniel to participate that's fine but I will not have you badgering that sweet little boy, what do you mean badgering? I've only said what others are thinking, what others Barb? There are no others, there's only you, as far as the rest are concern he's our son now Barb, he is a Coogan whether you like it or not, ....what does Nickie think about his new found nephew? He doesn't know does he? Are you crazy, Jeremy and Sye saw Nicholas off to France twice now, he's actually proud of him and to be honest I don't give a damn what others think, they don't love our lives, we do. I'll tell Ronda how you really feel, you know jealousy really does becomes you Barb, wait a minute, actually it does, I remember how crazy you went you learn your children grand mother is just as African as she is European, tell me Barb have you and Brad ever been that close to separation and divorce, America is immigration personified, get back to your roots then question Jeremy's blood lineage, bye girl, I hope you change your mind, Jer is looking forward to seeing his cousins again, hey, hey young man, hold that elevator, thanks." 

                        ...HIS GOING FORTH IS FROM THE END OF HEAVEN...
                                                               SCENE VII

"Are you alright Mr. Decorte? Yes, I'm fine, thanks, I haven't been getting much rest recently, well you're quite young to be so disturbed. I guess you're right, the usual? Yes with a little more off the top, my girl insist, we have to satisfy them now don't we? Yes we do, I'm gonna take my break. > "Wow you don't know how good that feel, you not only have magic words Miss Chow, but magic hands, I think the prosecution is doing a good job" "what do you think?" Getting to right to business, "I think you're right but as Mr. Macremore would say it's just not good enough" Though the doubt Nicholas you've spread is so think they can't see nothing in fro of them but Nicholas Coogan constantly coming after them, I think they're gonna ask for a plea deal. “Like here, this document here, ....what are you doing? I can't, ....I'm really attractive to you Nicholas, I have been for a long time, I know nicholas by your avoidance you feel something for me as well, if I Ly Lnn have given you the wrong impression I'm sorry, I can't, I can't even want to do this, but you want to? I'm going to go to my suite, I guess we'll talk later, what she don't know can't hurt her, I will know Lnn, I will know and that knowing that will hurt us all, including Nun, remember him, Lynn, huh?"    >>>{{{"Come on babe answer the phone please, please Tiffany," laying  in the dark, only a towel wrapped about him a recent step out off the shower. {{Brad, Nickie, yeah, I been calling like Sye, well I got your message, I'm find, back to the biggest career case, sound like you got a cold, that ain't catching even through the phone, I don't know Brad, as a man thinketh so is he, remember dad always that? Man Nickie it good to hear your voice, yours too Brad, so when you coming home again? Hey, like I was telling Sye transportation work both ways, you and he can finally take that trip to France you two always dreamed about, ...and is it Nickie, it is dreamy, The castle we just relocated, I imagine Brad there's nothing better but heaven itself, no exaggeration, none at, man Nickie that sound just incredible, well brad just let me know when you ready, I do have access to a private jet, I know Nickie man, that's crazy amazing by itself.  You talked to our girl, ah Tip lately? I'm laying in wait right now for her, call, I made a request last night Brad and I felled asleep listening to her sing mama's favorite, "On Holy Ground, ...I heard she can really sing, ...she could sing professionally if she, ...hey, hey, hey Brad, that's her now, so call you gain soon, okay Nickie, goodnight  .hey beautiful, ...hey beautiful yourself, wow you sound really good, ...good news? Some, strangely the missing wife has been traced back to the states, really, she Tiffany talked her husband into going, I'm sorry, someone knocking, hold on, please Tiffany don't go anywhere, 'I right here, ...what is going on, I had an extra cup of hot chocolate thought you would want it, we've strunk up movie night, ...no, no to both, I have Tiffany on the phone, ...okay, another time, ah, then  ,,,hey, I'm back, sorry about that, an invite to movie night, well don't let, ....girl you hang this phone up I'm walking to Jerusalem, it's that bad huh? Plus just got through bragging to Brad how I have access to a private jet and guess who suddenly popped into my head, desperate, rich man with a private jet, don't put nothing past him, all I'm saying. How are things home? With Brad you mean? He didn't say, but I rushed him off to get to you, tell me something really good, ...ah Christian surgery left him flawless, ..surgery, I thought he was there for his honeymoon? Yes, that and reconstruction surgery, ....you're serious, he's no longer the monster of Hike's Peak, ....no Nicholas, no more two face, it's a miracle, the Dr said it was as if the wounds were purely cosmetic, ah, like makeup that just washed away so easily, said the scarring had acted as cocoon, just miraculous. So I'm supposed to think, your still being there is to investigate the missing wife? Yes and Sye send someone to help, Agurus Janzzen, ..Agurus is there? Yeah, and beside being very funny, he's a good investigator, is he there with you now? Ah no, we're done for the day, ...just where are you? My hotel room, you are being really nosey, ...making sure you're behaving, I always behave, what about you, girls knocking on your door and stuff, there are no words to express how much I miss you, ask me what am wearing, ...ah  Mr. Nicholas Coogan, attorney, at law, what are wearing please? A towel, right out of a hot shower, ah, there I go love yarning, I have poem, a poem, yes, Failing Nights,  Tristan Desburk gave it to me, said he didn't write it but his brother Sioux Noel wrote, his first try, and it's Tiffany, its says everything about our situation right now, you ready? Yes, I am,

Failing Nights
Scene VIII

-My Dear Maaseiah, wake Nicolas, did I doze,  .....it says Maaseiah? Yes, weird huh?

     -Dear Maaseiah, the failing nights are laying a foundation of solitude and isolation is all but drilling lastingness and continuance has to offer. It is those encounters you hold fast, as well their well-versed voices, chatter and laughter and soon. Just as soon a sunup bring on its heel an even more drooling after dark than lonesomeness. How to spend this great imperilment I beseech thee, this dismal archenemy and my sole heart it's sitting duck?

-Although this night judiciously contiguous and adjacent to impending regions. Another half sown apart and away from me by an inevitable yet unyielding loathing, where art thou immortal life, love, when art thou? We're discovered tend toward our cognition, we're blasted with shamefacedness and yes leaning there where we will not, or it's perhaps cannot, we're incapable of realizing the heart of man, his kind.

-However beloved who is to care? Capable instead are we at comprehending the heart of the Supreme, whose heart upon which I'm twin. Yes I'm twofold and retrieved as one anguishing extensively in the direction of my undying one. That we neither overdraw nor desist but hope for one the other, summoning ourselves to an appointment of performing singleness.

-This night so distinctive, imperiling me so, breaking down a given up soul, hark tis a voice "remember from whence thou art broken and mend, mend it say mend and bring thyself again.” Accounted for and absorbed, a sharp, eerie silence in my shadow's blood. He is those fallen in love, I heard you so well, a cup of trembling, overflowing and spilled.

-Today thou begun a voyage into the bewitching hour, collaborating with time's duration on its intended cower. En route for eternity art my love gone deep, how deep my love, indeed what character, which stage, as I'm to discover unremittingly thy loathsome fate? Yes thou art mine immortal, the occurrence of a wild yonder breeze, recover thy beloved again, I beseech thee. 

     ahhhhh, is somebody crying, helloooo, Tif-fa-ny, helloooo  ...so this Tristan guy said his brother wrote that? Some years back he said, his first try, ...it's like he's reading my heart ...our heart, plus he used my name, ...well it's in bible, right? Yes, but Nicholas that's still really curious, plus he gave it to you, like he knew, send it to, you have to send it me, ...I'd plan to do just that. okay let me see what song I want to fall asleep on? That was really sexy, you reading me poetry while still in your bath towel, ...what are you wearing Mrs. Tiffany Ann Coogan, Fashion Designer, ..Coogan huh? I'm wearing my pink paties, and that's all I'm saying, song mister? Surprise me, since that poem was such a spector itself,  beautiful, haunting, 'l'll do Celine's, the heart does go on....

                                                               SCENE IX

     "I like it, well I know it's not hers believe me it's good, I saw some of the designs Tiffany faxed in this morning, she's really good, Tiffany is at her best when trials are at there worse, I want to know if I can help finish some of her designs? I don't know, Tiffany is very particular about those things have you ever transferred a sketch into a pattern before? Not since school, this is why I want to try, good, the main ideal is to find the artist unite statement, their keenest volume keeping it but never losing the originality of the sketch or the skeleton, we'll do these together and you'll know exactly what I mean. Whose in early sessions, Beverly if I'm n mistaking, well check, because she's really late, I;m think I'm switch her place with Raphness, their sets are pretty close, if that's Ty what you wanna do, yeah, so no time is lost, I'll do that, later you guys.  Raphness, it's you, I need you front and center okay? No, no, just move the trees, and one of the benches, and I need like a dim, light, spot light, thing, off Raphness with jacket, want it over the shoulder, want you grooming yourself like in that store window, raking your fingers through your hair, three, four poses, I got ya, ..I got what I need, three or four poses."      >>>"Nicholas was waking out of a dead sleep and stumbling to a door knocking, "it's me, Lynn, I'm sorry, I don't know what got into me" "you're a professional and you respect professionalism. Lyn, Lyn it's okay, Tiffany and I did poems and songs until we fail asleep so I'm over it, that coffee smell so good, I'll dress and join you, ...is that Bji, what wild horses got him up so early? That would be the The Stallioness, Niemeyer, ...well, come on Nicholas, we're waiting, coming, we all Lynn, have those stories right? I've never told anyone this, not even Tiffany, then one day I saw her Lynn, she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen in my entire life, there was no human being as perfect, she stunned me breathless, speechless and god she hated me,  Hated you? Absolutely hated me, no matter what I did, how I did it, when, where, she Lnn despised Nicholas Coogan and I loved her for it, I treasured her, ...he's up too? Yeah Nicholas, I just talked to Phil, we're meeting we Mr. Clifton at noon, ...I mean, I went my own way, god I had too, but all the time I dreamed of spending my life with her. Then my eldest brother falling for her roomate didn't help, I eventually met someone, got engaged, of course that didn't work, and though it maybe an ugly way of looking at it. When Tiffany lost him, her fiancé, it gave me a chance to have her love me, or for me to prove my love to her, I mean when the supreme hath declared the man ought not be alone in this life Lyn, he had Tiffany and I in mind, for sure, she is all I've ever wanted, ever, someone to love me, the man, the human being under all the glimmering human, the failure, perhaps even the beast inside the beauty and here we are madly in love, marriage and eventually a family, I guess, ....that is an amazing story, testimony, but you're right, you're Nicholas like a platinum boy to all the woman and it's worth it's beauty and fame beyond gold, ...that's what I'm saying Lynn, if there was no beauty would you desire me just as much? If there was no beauty? That's an excellent question, would we be having this conversation, we are a people who walk by fame, beauty and mystery, I don't think it's me you want Lynn, not me the person, but me the fantasy and I'm more than that you are Lynn, more than that."

                                ...THE LAW OF THE LORD IS PERFECT...
                                                            SCENE X

     "What happen to you for Dr. Novilian? I'm sorry, I lost track, sissy and I were doing sketches, as I realized I tried to call, she set me up to see me Coogan, here, so that's a win, win, you wanna go out, stay in? I want to enjoy a really hot bath and let you lotion and massage me down and then do whatever you like, ...what I like? And you Mrs. Decorte is going to remember you that when you running from me? I don't run, ah you run, that time i had to pull you down from the walls, or did you forget? Didn't happen, did happen, that's okay you can Ash run all you want I love chasing you, how did you get so damn good looking? Well I could ash ask my parents but they're no longer here, I could help you, I don't need help, not just yet any way, humm somebody knocking, humm, saved by the knock, may I help you? Tony, it's me miriam, yout sister, my sis, my god, it's true, you, you have amnesia, may I, ah yes, please, sorry, is Ash here? The bath, she's in the bath, this is a really nice place, that ceiling is incredible, I brought photo albums just in case, well you look damn good even if you don't feel it, no, I feel find. What changed your mind? what changed my mind, ah Ash told you about that? I was be an ass, caught up in my own mess, I'm sorry, so what was at the, Mir,  Ash, well come here and give me a hug,  so you just had to tell him, ....tell him? top acting so innocent, ..no mire you stop, okay, I was going out of my head unknowing, I asked about my only and ash told me the last she saw and or heard of you, that's all, it wasn't meant for harm, you're here now,  ...and I'm here to stay, Janyce and I packed everything up and we just come here, how you like those apples big brothers? Ah, I know I just burst in on your evening announced, those albums are yours for as long as you and I'll you tomorrow.  It was Mire really good to you see you, two Ash, and thank you for staying with him when no one else would, and mighty incredible brother seeing you, and you Miriam as well, tomorrow then, later. Look, she brought photo albums, yeah, I'll dress so we can look, ...ah nall you don't, you think I'm overwhelmed I forgot, come here sexy, lotion and then whatever, whenever and however, go ahead run, o see  in your eyes,  you can hide to Ash, but I'm gonna find you, you smell delicious by the way ...where is Ashleigh ...where is Ashleigh, ...where is ashleigh!"

                                 ...MAKING WISE THE SIMPLE...
                                                    SCENE XIV

     "That was awesome Nicholas, look I have someone for you all to meet, this is Mananas Shiban
Lerevis, hello Mananas, what a charming name,  I am Alyson, it was my great grand father's name" "Mananas will be a great addition to our team, I'm Nicholas,welcome,  Bji Mein  it's really nice to meet you well, Manassas is a specialist in criminology,  ...I hear that's hard work, welcome to Paris, thank you Mr. Coogan, thank you all, your accent? German, how charming, ....and yours Bji Mein?"Ah, Somalia Africa, I am Jude Aleksander, I was about to,  what, you are to enlighten, huh Nicholas? I put what I need here this smart head of mine, what I don't need behind, those locked doors I don't carry here or here. Surely Jude you've heard of disassociation? It Jude like cutting off whatever doesn't apply to the moment, focusing on the import and time in question, my surroundings,
my goal or purpose not deviating until my sole objective is accomplished, then I turn off and I turn on the moment at present, damn it Nicholas you sound as though you're a machine, no, he sounds like a genesis who masters the machine inside us all, yes, well I'm not a machine, but the mind can
be trained to function as a machine, how do you Jude think machines are created? Computers are nothing but a technical analogous of the human brain, ...fascinating Mr. Coogan, the creator creating the creature to be a creator, as grandfather would say, exactly Ms. Shiban, ...stop it Nicko man, the both of you, you're frightening us, what’s so funny? Thanks, yeah, we were just talking to the machine, no, no, Phil, don't start that again, ...what did you think about the remarks? For a brief second I thought I saw Prosecutor Rehan attempt at waving a white flag, it was brilliant, but I'm sure the counselor know that, right? Sir, you okay? I, actually, no I;m,, I just this overwhelming, excuse me, Nicko man you need me to come? What is that foul creature Jude on your plate? It's delicious, seafood want some Ly Lnn, I love to share, ....no, no way, ...it won't bite you bite it instead, you ever heard of black Angus beef, well this is the same concept only this is fish, a Muddy flounder, that’s just not right, That's Jude not right at all.  {{{Sye, hey, ah, you heard from her, from TIp, no, but judging by the panic in your voice, ah I don't much charge on this satellite phone,  look I was in the middle of lunch, with my entire legal team, being introduce to a new e, when it like my heart felled out of my chest, worried about her, about Tiffany. I'm in rest room splashing water on my face trying to recollect, I tell you what you be calm, she's in best hands, ..yeah Agurus I heard, ...Nickie, I know you and Aggie bump heads alot, but you and I both know he's the best person for them, let me reach him, confirm things and het right back at you, ...before you do, what is the real reason keeping Tiffany in Jerusalem, it is Mr. Artelon's missing wife or Mr, Artelon himself? I  know, I know Sye that's a question for Tiffany herself, you reach her, have her call, ...yeah, you must definitely brother need to hear her voice, okay, olay, then let me Nickie get right on it, call you back soon.}}} 

                       ...THE STATUES OF THE LORD ARE RIGHT...
                                       ...JERUSALEM ISRAEL...
                                                  SCENE XV

     "Maybe it not what it seem," talking to herself, Tiffany couldn't help becoming alarmed as Agurus seemed to be in a heated discussion with one of his contacts. Though she couldn't understand a word they were saying it was obvious it wasn't good news. "Tifny, began packing, we can't say any longer, what do you mean? What has happen? The threat of chemical war is causing outrages through the land, Ahem, Vero, my cousins say whosoever not out of Israel in the next few days won't be able to leave for months, ....but I can't go,  ..we have too, ...what about Mike, hell, my friend, Mr. Artelon is still here? I talked to him, he want you to go, what do you mean he want me to go? I mean he would, ...do you know Tifny if he even want to be found? Do you know he doesn't, didn't you tell me I couldn't be this close unless by his help? Tifny, he want you to leave, now, while it's safe, your Christian friend as well, the news about his wife is not good, not at all good! You found him? I didn't say that, here, here, this personal, you pack this, ...you didn't have too, where is he? Specialist Cullen doesn't want to be found by you or anyone else, this information gathering wasn't to bring you here like this. He doesn't want to see you, he won't see me, no Tifny, he need you to go home, now, ....no, I won't go, ....we have to go, this is our exit, he know you here, he say he's fine, ...you're lying, in the name of Allah I'm, he won't see anyone, he's hiding, under this cover as you say, I'm sorry. He said something about a dream, you remember the dream, the man didn't have a face or something, what? Agurus, stop packing and look at me, I must see him, my god he's alive, you spoke to him? What did he say? Did I not just say? He blamed me for your danger and I blamed himself, now I need you packed. we need to get out of here, stuck for months don't that frighten you? I can't, not without him, Tifny please, please!"  {{{“What do you mean something is wrong with her? I don't mean physical, perhaps spiritual, he won't see her, what do you mean he won't see her? I mean he won't and she is refusing to leave without him, or seeing him, put her own, it is for you, it is your mister, ....no, ...Tifny, as you're after your friend, this friend Tifny is after you, as you're urgent about bringing him back, your mister want you back. {{{“He won’t see me, Tiffany, you're out of time there baby you must let Aggie get you out of there... did you hear me damn it Sye, he won't see me, I know baby and I'm so sorry, come home to me, ok, just come home to me, I can't believe he won’t, ...Tiffany, just knowing you're there for him must mean something, please honey come home to me, to Nicholas, Tiffany, Tiffany, ....we will see you soon, okay Agurus, even if I  have to pick her up, dragging her, we're coming, we're getting out!"     >>> "It's just that I believe Lnn she exist in a humanity we're only to dream about, god damn it! She still doesn't see me does she? She sees everything and everybody but me, she see you Nicholas, yeah Nicholas I agree with Lynn, she trust you, she trust that the world is alright with you, that you are all right with the world, that it sacrifices itself for you, so she can them sacrifice herself for it, for them, you really Mr Lue believe that? You see nicholas you see how superhuman these trials and urgencies concerning her make you, you are unstoppable right now, and being hers and she being your is it's magnetic force. Lynn, you coming? Goodnight Nicholas, good night you two, thank you both, ...thank you too god for watching over, keeping and protecting what's yours, our Maaseiah Adonai and thank for the grace of knowing her and loving her."
                                        ...REJOICING THE HEART...
                                                      SCENE XVI

     -"I was just leaving, where are you off to Mr. Jude Adams? A black tie affair, banquet Sura Danielle asked me to come, O I see, well you really look awesome, it's only dinner and dancing as far as I'm concern, that's okay right, it's Tristan Alyn's widow, so I was Nicholas, just checking to see if that is alright? In my head and heart I'd been asking you for days and you know, hey a widow is allow to go away from all previous vows, I think whatever come of it friendship or more she's blessed to you Jude, we all are. I'm sorry about the unknown about your Tiffany but this is time when faith and prayer are at their most worth. Well, as i said, you look and wow,  you smell really good too, thanks, it's all hers, your Tiffany Maaseiah male to cologne, we've gone crazy copying you, both, right? Good, blessed evening Jude, you too Nicolas  may the news from you lady love be all good and miraculous. Not exactly quits, Phil man, but we're biting our nails at the end of seat cushions, do we even want children this soon, but we stay at each other, what else is to happen right? You here us Nicko man, Bji Mein perhaps pregnant, well his lady, wife, ...only I said I needed time, that we both Phil needed to step back, ..this is your wife you're talking about, what is stepping back from bringing children into an intended family? Actually well we busy at each other days and night, we're considering the relationship, ..the marriage Bji, yeah well I knew it was something like that, ...is he drunk? Sorta yes, ...Phil there is no sorta drunk, did you forget we got count in less than an hour? He in there like that, he'll be serving time, what the hell where you two thinking, I can stand in for him,
for any of the members if need be, well thank god Manassas we have you. This is not over Phil, but look Nicko man, Bji here, Bji Mein Kroff, I would love to stay and remisenst about all my rollercoastering affairs, but I have a date, Nguyet is here for two days, two days only Nicholas Edin,
yeah, I can't tell you Mr, Kroff how much I hate hearing that, ...what, did you say that? I said I'll see you tomorrow, if not later tonight, movie night, yeah, can't leave Mr, Clifton waiting, remember him while you burying wife Niemeyer in those drinks, I'm ready Ms Shiban, and thank you ahead of time. Phil, I think Nicko man made at me, said I drink my wife, I feel sick, I don't feel good, come on, lets get you to the bathroom, thank you Phil man, but Nicko man, mad at me, said I drink my wife. >>>{{{What's the worse scenario Ivar if we tell him? Shopping for prom tonight, Belize asked this question of me, you know, now that she know our plan, I don't know, I know Icus we stay away from eating and drinking anything he has a hand in, so you think we were drugged? Don't you, how else Icus could Pepe have moved us about so easily at will? Our Pepe can be a scary man at times, ....at times, like there are times Icus when he's not so intimidating? Just when are we going to get our sister involved, or are we to rain upon her fashion extravaganza a sudden Ivar twister storm? I haven't told you, but Tiffany is still out of reach, some business about friends, even a mortuary in Jerusalem, so as soon bro as we can talk to her, we tell her and get her blessing. I'm curious, what did you tell Belize? I told her, we just plan to sit down with father one day and just tell him and she suggested we do it all together, Dame as well and I believe she's right, it, ...well Icus their presence may bring even more clarity and balance to our decision making. There is no turning back, accept what is happen and move forward accordingly, ...right Ivar, it does, it make sense, we made a decision and we're willing to make whatever sacrifices to see it all through, your teens sons Icus can't be more goundup than that, right, toast to that, funerals or wedding suppers, right big brother, right, I toast Icus as well."

                            ...THE COMMANDMENTS OF THE LORD IS PURE ...
                                                          SCENE XVII

     -We're only a little while from the airport, we're fine until the morning, your Christian friend, ah Mr, Etzger said he is really secure, ..thank you Agurus so these men are your cousins? Yes, they think since all flights departing the middle east are booked to full capacity we have the slightest chance with one of their inside persons, then all exodus's curfewed. What Aggie about incoming flights? The same fate, I know you think of your nicholas, his access to private jet, your Syefan, first thought of it, but no, there is one way, you stand by me, by us, all the men you see here, know their faces they my help, they are your help, whether we come home or force to stay, remember their faces. So Tifny, are they, I never see you remove them, I tell them, I'm sorry, your eyes, contacts or no? No, they are real, well good you can't sell them, everything here for sale, I know, it is good I still have family and
roots here, your Syefan thought of this when he send me to you, you look tired, and hungry too? Come I have perfect place for you and while you rest, I'll get you something to eat, here, call your Misters, Tiffany bad news is  we stranded for months good news is we escape the belly of the next craft but don't tell you Misters that, huh?     >>>"You really look tired, why don't you come to bed? I have just a little more to do, how did your meeting with Sissy go? It was ok, so what was the big mystery? Come project by Corronda Aggart, at the center she wanted my advice on, the kids corner, modeling project? How did you know? You forget Sissy's husband is my brother, what's the big deal Barb, it's a sports proposal for the children, they want to feature the boys with Jeremy as the next generation of Coogan males, come on Brad, not you too, ...wait a minute, are we talking about the same thing? I'm talking about that boy and his legitimacy, so that's the bigotry just what the hell Barb does that have to do with him posing with our sons, his cousins? They don't even know his true identity, they only have her whoring around word for it, he could s easily be Nickies or something other she slept with, ..not nicholas, they were never intimate, Nicholas aved himself until marriage, so you turn a blind eyes, a deaf ear and a half of your harden heart to the last six or seven months? I don't even know if that make sense, maybe if you  put that book down and listen to me, stop pretending your hear, that is not happening, that Sye and Barb have this amazing little boy for a son, jealously Barb, really, don't we know better? Jeremy is Sye's son for god’s sake, and you don't know that, now if you mean I wasn't there when he was conceived
you're right, don', don't you patronize me, you can't be serious about this Barb, my god! "I hope you didn't tell Sissy this, you did didn't you? My god Barb you're a goddamn bigot. I am no bigot, he isn't
like our boys that's all, and like our boys you mean? He's a six  year old bastard, right Barb? I only mean he's on a different leve, that's what I mean, ...level? Is that you Barb shrinking yourself for best explanation level, what the hell does that mean Barb, what, the fact he's born out of wedlock?" "You can't be that damn grievous, aren't we full of name calling tonight, we have two beautiful sons who will continue the Coogan generation, he can't prevent him Barb, surely you didn't think your our sons would be the only male heirs, that is not what I meant. I won't Barba have them subjected to this, this mental disarrangement of yours, you hear me Barb? You know I love you more than words can say but there is no way you're gonna teach our son's this nonsense, they're my son's too, and this, this is pure bigotry Barb, my god why can't you see that? I will not allow it. not in this life and not in my children's life, I don't see it as bigotry, whatever, but they're not posing with him, you can't stop him, from being a Coogan, my god is christ if only you could see it, but blind by jealousy, see what, what are you talking about? How much Barb Jeremy resembles Jason, hell cousins, they could past for brothers, even twins, a likeness like Sye and Nickie, but maybe that's it, you can see it and that only make you even more bitter at him, I'm done, my son are posing and you can get back to your precious book!"

                                        ...ENLIGHTENING THE EYES...

     -"Jude, Sura Danielle, I thought it was you, how are you I mean since the ball and all? I'm well, and you? As well, so how did you like the play just now? It was intriguing, it’s good seeing you, would it be asking too much if we could get away from here unto the nearing cafe, drinks, talk? No, of course not you some big Attorney now, really, really busy and all that, it just Jude that I miss him so dearly, I fear I have to say, although it is you I've truly missed since the ball, ...me? I don't know what it is, but I haven't been able to sleep, to eat to leave, I'd send all my things ahead to America only Jude they arrived these weeks now totally without me, my moms basement even Maybe it true, insanely, miraculously, ..I don't Sura understand, ...I mean it's as though Alyn Tristan has given you his heart, tha's what I call him, I know others say the opposite. It's just, my god Jude, he told me this, that his heart was now yours, that I was now your wife and you wa snow my husband, maybe that's all this is, those mesmerizing, faithful heart words of his. Then i'm affected as well, so are we both Sura loosing our mind? Is this at all possible? I went to the playhouse tonight with hopes you Jude would be there, my Alyn Tristan confessed how you treasured it so, I'm overwrought with you Jude, I can't help myself, it's like a blazing flame burning right dead in the pit of me that will not be quenched but by you ....and I Sura by you, which is the strangest thing of all, I talked to Sioux Noel recently, trying to lean unto this understanding, I mean if there is a heart truly akin to Apache Arrows and our Jude Alyn Tristan heart, it is his, and what was his comment, what Sura Danielle did he say of such bedazzlement? He suggested I discover you Jude and none other, see if you were after me as well, is this insane, is soux Noel the wisest even beyond Alyn, instead insane? Some kind of phenomena way Alyn Tristan has made this happen, his faith, his honest, inconceivable passion even in death, I don't know Sura, I'm so alone without you that I know, I want to spend time knowing you inside and out, touching you, whoever this is whatever, grace or insanity, I want it, I want it to last forever."

                                             ..ENDURING FOREVER...
                                                       SCENE XIX

     "Quiet and still! Leaping suddenly at knocking Tiffany horrorstuck to the floor, equally blanketing himself over her, what is happen, shhhhhh! Suddenly hearing the ricochet of bullets ripping throughout their surroundings. Trust, okay, trust," spread over her by a quick thinking Agurus the breaking and shattering of glass, the loudest most horrifying screams and squealing she mightily clinging him, Agurus mightily clinging for both for dear life. ah god this, shhhhhh, quiet," the loud shooting itself was deafening and inspiring panic right into her entire life as a panorama passing before her memories, Jamaica, friends Coronado, Susan and Erica, would never see Michael, Christian, no Nicholas again. The stupidity, insanity that had brought her there, all it's entirety flashed in seconds before her crying mind’s eye as the terrorizing Shhhhhh, I got you, i got you," feeling it safe to enough to raise his head, with extreme caution, "you okay, you fine, glancing their environment, there where people shot, other injured by broken glass, mourning and crying, look at me, hey, hey, Tifny, with blood glancing her unconscious self, has she been hit, was she dead, had he failed this horribly. Tifny, shaking her abruptly and asking after her did golden, crying eyes ease open to him, ah thank you allah, I though I'd lost, I thought I was ascending, this ceiling began to open, a brightness, an angel began to descend, then I was again here, no, no, we're okay,  you, helping Tip come up, were they all assessing the damage, anybody hurt bad? No, a few flesh wounds cuts from glass, a miracle I tell you cousin, Allah watches, ...let me see this, ...I'm ok, you shield me perfectly ..I'm sorry I ran your angel away,  it wasn't time I guess, ...you hear this cousin, you think you speak of Allah, thank him yes? Golden eyes here, see heaven open, brightlight as sun shining through, then angels ascend, only I call her name, run him away  ...perhaps Gabriel huh, ah, Micheal, so does this change our flight or what, you Ahem, still get us home? Since we all should be dead, saved by golden eyes angel, she is the miraculous cousin, here, not I, not I at all, ....forgive me Tifny for such misjudgment, there is a terrorist attack against the safehaven I thought, I thought Tifny, you are not safe, as soon as night, tell no one we blend in with fellow domestics, this is all wrong for you, I know these men, I know how they think, did you reach your misters? No, I fail asleep, ....then come with me, I can't leave you alone, ....I don't understand, ...I could have put you in more danger with that angel story, no more mentioning, ..okay, ...who is your father, Tifny, why okay, why would he intrigue their worth of you, beside these incredible eyes, that is? You taste the gyros, the lamb? It's very good, good for you, your Michael spoke of him but I little attended it, I won't alarm you, there is a battle here, only now, it's for you. Those Tifny who want to hurt your father, those tifny who want to help your father, the information sharing bated you right into this tug back and forth of you, and Cullen Veneer is to come after their main target. The people I said you can trust, you can't, they want you too bad, as soon as possible we escape them, escape them all, until then, you stay close, you play alone, anything goes wrong, you reach your misters, reach them Tifny, reach them!" 

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