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Tiffany X

                                                  BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                 ...COME WITH ME FROM LEBANON...

                                                    CHAPTER X
                                                         SCENE I

     “My god Nicholas Edin where the hell are you?” Standing her office window, studying the pouring rain, a bite of her perfumed thumb nail on her tongue, it had been days now since Nicholas's god awful, deadly explosion. Understanding his anger at Syefan but what was the purpose of his baneful treatment of her? “Earth to Tip,” that she’s to wave a package her way “I have the samples, really, that was quick, yeah Tip Kinda told ya!” Remembering that day as it was yesterday and how Nicholas's evil look seemed to pierce her clear through unto her soul, never seeing him like that, hoping never again, a look almost wicked, this wickedness really intimidating her. “Well I told you how good they were, here’s the proof, did you tell Sissy, not yet, I thought Tip you and I could take a look first, you know, privilege ourselves.” Of course there was no excuse for what Syefan had done, he had to be out of his head, his heart and his head, there wasn't any other excuse for it. “Is that code Erica that she’s not here, ah she’s here, but is she also not here You know kidda the way you were just now, only more feeble, or twisted or something like that. So when are you guys going to tell me what’s happening, I mean it doesn’t take an expert Tiffany to realize there is more than trouble in
paradise. They just married and they’re on the brink of this parting of ways already, I doubt Erica it’s that serious, at least I hope it’s not. So what happen?” As one completely obvious of how Nicholas would ever forgive Syefan, that the way he went after him, plainly he wanted to kill him, or so he thought, hell even them!“Maybe you should Erica wait and let Sissy tell you, it’s clear Tip you know, why shouldn’t I? Tip, come on, if I’m to tread softly at least I should know why. I said ask her Erica because these are the things that could really wreck a person's sanity, forever and it's the word forever word that terrifies me. Nicholas' intended marriage some years back fell apart Erica because Syefan and Nicholas’s fiance were having an affair, and if I hear anything of it in this center I'll fire you in a nano-second, you van't fire me, we have equal shares, well I think Sissy will agree with me.” hell I'm trying to get my head around the fact Nicholas was engaged? Engaged Erica Lynn and only a few hours from marriage before she called and cancel the entire thing, wow Tip, Nicholas engaged to marry someone other than you, I know I felt the same, disappointed, even jealousy, why? Come on Tip you know why, you and Nicholas Coogan are simply meant to be, you mean like you and Matthew? Yes, ah I guess, I guess you’re right about that. So shall we?” Making ready as though she’s to unveil such the mystery did Erica Lynn wonder whether this match made in heaven was also true for Susan and Syefan. Meaningfully that this little discrepancy of theirs was only a bump in the road, just the slightest, jarring impact temporarily forking their path.

                                 MY SPOUSE WITH ME FROM LEBANON
                                                          SCENE II

     "We need to talk, talk about what? What do you mean about what? Us Sissy! You and I, my god!”
pitifully contacting a painful temple at getting a better look at her face to face, the stinging rebuke she was. "We're not courting any more Sissy, we're husband and wife, and just how convenient Sye that
is for you!"Was there here no manner of sympathy lost toward Syefan at thinking how he'd indeed planned marriage in the midst of a landslide betrayal. "Don't answer, {{{Dissuasion Fashion Center, Susan, speaking), I would have to check that order but if I'm not I'm not mistaken that is correct}}}, turning off from husband Syefan responding negatively did he appear as one who’d not slept in days. "We can always Sye get an annulment, I look into it several time, an annulment, is that really Sissy what you want? Look! Witnessed upon as one holding the phone into her seat was a resentful Susan Faye truly as one getting back to work. "Look, I know Sissy I made a mistake, I may as well murdered my baby brother, even you, Stef at that matter, because Sissy that's all betrayal is, a manner of homicide, don't!" Evenly infuriated by the phone's endless interruptions did he need to get this confession out or off as it was such the tremendous weight on them both. "Please don't, don’t answer, ---this is a business Susan here, ---damn it!" As one spinning off into a slam of his fist was wife Susan faye making these tormenting trials worse than any imagining. "What the hell do you want from me! I want my wife, I, I Sissy want some support, well Sye you made this bed, you're now to lie in it, ...do you really mean that? You don't mean that, ...I don't know what I mean any more, I don’t know how I feel, or what I’m suppose to think. Ok, ok maybe this wasn't a good ideal, I'll see you at home, I won't be coming home, ...what? I won't be there tonight, ...that doesn't make sense Sissy and you, ---well I'm sure that's exactly what your brother has been saying these last weeks. What happen is between me and my brother damn it! It has nothing, nothing to do with us!" "You are a betrayer, that has everything to do with us! My god Sye you, you hurt me, never in a million years would I have though you would do something like,  ...I'm going, but when you leave to spend the night some place else you Mrs, Coogan remember the vows you made," backing away sorely preoccupied was he breathing fast into a bellowing disengagement at not realizing his own despairing strength, that will make you a betrayer s well, remember the day we got married, what were they Susan Faye? For better, for worse huh? For richer, for, ---I know them all too well Syefan Erin, thank you., ok then Sissy, do what you have too, maybe I deserve this, ...maybe you do. You are my wife, my first, last and only, and I have all the respect in the world for you, I do love you, I will not lose you, not over some petty misunderstanding, “ I will not Susan Faye lose you.” “You see, I didn’t come here to divorce my wife, right now pain has it's gritty little hands all about my heart, ---it's tearing it apart!" "If I didn't care, if I was CARELESS! My precious darling wife, I doubt very seriously it would hurt this freaking much. No,” shaking a daring, crying head, as so look her directive were they both emotionally handicapped by these demoralizing issues. “If you leave me, that Mrs. Coogan will make you the betrayer, you baby, not me, ---you and since you love me, you will forgive because love is forgiveness and that, that is the strength of my greatest trials, awaiting your forgiveness!

                                    ...LOOK FROM THE TOP OF AMANA...

                                                        SCENE III

"Nicholas!" Opening a door knocking to him was this to Erica Lynn the sweetest surprise, Nicholas Coogan had returned. "Hello Erica is Tiffany, yes," you look different, something about the hair, yeah, something, let me get Tip for you, thanks," restively feeling his hands at limits to sit did he
instead stand at walking over to a particular wall painting of several getting his attention. "Tip!" Rushing in like she'd seen a ghost did Erica Lynn have the most amazing news for her "I'm in here, --girl guess whose here? My god Erica calm, ---Nicholas, ---Nicholas is here? Don’t you play with me Erica, girl he look so damn fine, all I wanted was a camera, god he give me chills, go, go, I'm going, my god! Tiffany!" As one finally about to take a seat did he greet her appearing to him instead with a stand, welcoming smile,  "Nicholas it is, ...I hope you don't mine that I just stopped by, no, I don't, --what, you don’t, what is it? Oh, it's just that you look so refreshed, ah, I got back in town this morning, I've been tending to business all day, I wanted to call you, I decided I would stop by instead, well I'm glad you did. Please sit, I don't want to sit, I think I’m too, too ---if you don't mind Tiffany I want to apologize, you know for being so terrible to you these last weeks, it was completely unfair. Apology accepted Nicholas of course, ...I just can't Tiffany get over how perfect you look, I think I miss you even more than I’d imagined” displayed as one needing to draw close to her, wanting to touch her, to inhale her deep, even to bring her into those now uninhabited spaces of indescribable intimacy. "I've also Nicholas missed you as you say more than, ---tomorrow night, I’m sorry I completely lost my, ah, will you escort me to dinner and theater? Les Miserable is playing and I would love it if you would attend with me, ...yes, I would, ah like that, ..good, well it's getting late, please don't leave, ...to be honest Tiffany tomorrow seem too long to wait, ...exactly, that's what I meant, I could dress and we could get out some place. Is it pretty lonesome here without Susan? Pretty much, so where you want to go? I don't care as long as I'm with you, you're not going to disappear on me again are you? Your god Tiffany as this witness, I could think of nothing but getting back to you, ---ahhh god Tiffany I missed your mouth, ---my mouth?” Seductively examining and just as soon clearing a tear escaping was Nicholas Edin snappishly as one welcoming this unspeakable, designed smooch of her, this burning to be one with them, a intimate hug. "I will never leave you again, god help me I can’t, as thy prisoner in love baby most crippling to my very blood, I could never leave you again.”

                                  ...FROM THE TOP OF SHENIR AND HERMON...

                                                                       SCENE IV

     "I'm glad you're here, not for long, the office just called, something about Mike's case and, anyway, I thought you wasn't coming home. I came to apologize, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, you have your reasons Sissy to be angry, to be angry Sye yes but to be indignant and foul no. What can I say? You are right, this is basically between you and Nickie, ...well, he won't speak to me still, he
probably will never speak to me, come on Sye, you can't believe that, it’ll pass, you'll see, and I'll be right here baring both it's pain and joy with you. I love you Sye, ..there's something else Sissy you don't understand, I didn't tell you before the wedding on purpose, I made certain we were married first, I guess I was afraid. It doesn't matter," folding herself within the keen, incredible man Syefan Erin was at designing his powerful hand into the most heartfelt smooch ."You came to me today Sye needing your wife, needing her shoulder to cry on and I treated you awful, no, I’m the one that's sorry, like you said Sissy we'll get pass this, right? I better get, knowing the commissioner Sissy he’ll soon have a car sent for me, you gonna be here right? You know I will, just don't keep me waiting, I won't be long.”

                                           ...FROM THE LIONS' DEN...
                                                        SCENE V

     “You’re serious, you’re really Sole thinking about asking for this girl’s hand in marriage? If you come with me for sure, come with you, what kind of proposal Sole would that be with me as third wheel? Anyway you’re talking about Jamaica and I’m wasn’t, no, no, she’s here, Tassel live right here, in New York. New York, then how the heck did you two meet. Easy spring break of last year, she and most of her class was in Jamaica partying you know, so she’s a party girl I see? No, not as you think, she was making fun time of a spring break, it wasn’t as disorderly Derry as you’re to imagine,  Look," contacting his loving brother resting hand at truly appealing faithful and sincere to him, did it seem like his little worrisome brother grew us really fast. “I have Ronda’s blessing, I just want you to met her, plus she’s not coming alone, she’s bringing her older sister, Kiefer Bay to meet me as well. So,” as one easing back precariously at suspecting little brother Soledad’s true intentions, who was getting the hook up here? “A blind date, whose blind Derry man, these are good, trusting people, You’ve only Sole known her a year how can you be so certain? Maybe brother, that grown up, sort of wisdom you persuaded so of Ronda, need I remind you? She told you about that? Yeah, what else did she tell you? Are you going to grant your little brother his wish list or not? Wish list, ah I like that, really, so this Kiefer person, my blind that date, is she available? I don’t know about all that Derry man, I’m busy trying to get my own foot in the door you know, she’s as pretty as you, this Tassel person? Kassel, and I like to think Sole I’m more handsome than pretty, but yes, Kassel Berlyn is pretty, in a drop dead, gorgeous sort of way. What’s that, what?” That all of sudden depressing, faraway look, I don’t know Desrek man, as I was describing her to you I considered her as one whose been abused, as one mistreated mentally, even socially, and what make you come, ---possibly Derry by her parents the most. And this Sole is an assumption? Could be, but in so many ways Derry it’s apparent, she’s happy, but is she just as sad, connected in ways very impressive but just as disconnected, doublemined? I don’t know, she could be saying the same to her sister about me, no Sole I doubt that, sound like you’re her opposite, meaning is she equally yours. Then you’ll come with me? I’ll come with you so this Kiefer person won’t as well feel the third wheel, but the marriage proposal is yours Sole and yours alone, you done? Ah yes, that was worth the money though right? But yeah, we can go, let's get out of here!”

                                    ...FROM THE MOUNTAINS OF LEOPARDS...

                                                              SCENE VI

     "Ummm," researching and inhaling his wife delicious cooking at coming in indeed for a look, perhaps even a taste, was Barbara Ann the greatest cook. "So what did Sye say? Nothing much, he was too fatigued, could hardly stay awake, ah he and Sissy made up, though. What are you cooking that's smelling so good? A recipe for baked clams I got from Sissy, Sissy," thinking how divine it all smelled but how did Susan Faye know such things? "I didn't know she cook, you didn’t know she, Sissy is a great cook, her grandmother taught her. It's not that disappointing is it?" Referring to the sudden long face of Bradford Elam moving off sordidly at one misplacing oneself, "just hoping the
brothers work it out. They will, now taste, ummm that's good, hot, hot, but good, almost as good as you" contacting her at her lovely waist into designing himself a darling kiss of her neck, her ear, lovingly tickling her, did he suddenly wonder about his sons. “Dinner my good sir will be ready in
thirty,” pushing off into fitting on hands mittens, checking her over, it’s load of corn bread muffins. “So you really believe there isn’t much Barb to worry about? I mean Sye does keep saying it’s just a big misunderstanding, that if Nickie speak with him, you don’t think that’s to spoil your dinner?” Seeing he’s to take a tall, cold brew from the frig, “no,” sitting into that kitchen table to her, cracking the top open into a face altering sip “not at all, I do this all the time remember, yeah I kidda forgot whose appetite I was talking to, where are my sons? Ike's place, where else, anyway Brad what you think he’s to tell Nickie that’s to make this difference? I couldn’t Barb begin to guess, but Sye seem to think it’s to make all the difference, and I do Barb mean all. Like he know something even more revealing and if only he’s to have his chance you know. Maybe Brad this isn’t about he and Stephanie at all, suppose it was only made to look as though they’re the betrayers, you know with us looking through a glass darkly, kind of, well honey at this point only god, Stef and Sye knows.”


{{{"Nickie this is Sye again, look I know I'm the last person you want to hear from, please Nickie there is so much about this situation that you don't understand. I know, I know, none of which is going to excuse what has happen, but that which will help you understand why, please Nickie, I miss you, call me, better yet come by. It's not going to just go away not unless we do as mom, father taught us, we confess it, forgive it and we forget it, please Nickie.”}}} Listening to that message possibly for the tenth time, a message killing a distraught Nicholas Edin so harshly, so apparently, he was beginning to like it. There wasn't anything he could think of that would cause his brother and his lover into fiancee of three years to betray him, nothing he cared to understand. "My lord I was beginning to think no one was here and you’re not dressed I see, it’s good I’m early, huh? We’re still, I thought we, ...I tried calling you, I decided not to go, ..well can I at least come in? I wouldn't be very good company," testing and blinking those marble eyes of his alone an unaware,  even a turn away from her direct assessment, was Nicholas Edin emotionally feeling his worse. "Did something else happen? It’s just that I been looking forward to this evening, to seeing you,  ...enter in at Tiffany your own risk, I was just fixing a snack, you want something? No thank you, I still love this place," framing a dazzling awareness of hers up and all around, at unbuttoning her coat into a seat, arm by arm releasing it to him, into a seat. "It's so, I don't know, lovable, ...by the way Tiffany you look stunning, well you did Nicholas say les miserables, ..I'm sorry I had to cancel, did you, have too? Look at me, please, it's ok, ok, there'll be other times, I hope. You sure you don't want any?" Conveying the stalwart breed he was into a clearance did he witness Tiffany thrusting off what could’ve been discomforting shoes to stocking feet. "Come, I make a mean ham on rye, I'm reminded of that night, when I lost Mike, ah god I'm sorry, no, no, that's ok, that's the night I come to know Nicholas Edin Coogan, I would like to use your bath, sure, you know where it is." Busying himself all the more Nicholas Edin was possibly thankful Tiffany was paying a visit, maybe it would help get his mind and especially his heart off that horrifying him right now. "So how can I help?" Popping a cherry tomato into her sultry mouth at tying an apron on, was she as well sporting one of his, Nicholas's shirts to a pair of his house shoes. "Could you  hand me that onion? You know what? Halting everything into a wipe of those manly hands of his was Tiffany presence, it's incredible close and smell more tempting and thus challenging than he’d anticipated. "Maybe this wasn't a good ideal, what is not a good idea? This Tiffany Okay! Why Are you freaking, making me do this! Look at me," slithering her way between him and the sink was Nicholas Edin instead as one declining the enticing gesture Tiffany Ann always was. "Calm down ok and look at me, you need me to be here, I can't feel you inside me. Come on Tiffany don’t, don’t do, don’t okay, don't do what?” As one getting directly into his marvelous decline, that delectable ear at seducing him her way, neck, his soothing, warming breaths on hers. "I can't Nicholas feel you inside me, ..what are you doing? Laying his weary, crying head, to hers thinking the last thing he wanted was to take advantage of her, have her be sorry the morning after. "I see, so you think you can resist me? Where you going? Why Nicholas Edin Coogan are you terribly aroused? Terribly, excitedly, mighty tempress, so where are you going, where you think I'm going? Don't you want me? More Tiffany than any imaging, always, forever, then come, have me.

    ---Ahhhhh, no, no, I was playing! Too late pretty lady, I'm coming for you" With a vexed as this Nicholas giving her splendid chase, laughing, crashing and clashing them upon the bed were they sparring and toying with one the other this specialty of ill-tempered blood. Hastening to disrobe her, to have her flesh and boiling over lust to be one with his, this scorching organism could Tiffany feel his harden arousal pressed against her blistering sentiment until just the intriguing lyrics of both of their unclothing was morbidly stirring alone. “My god you’re so beautiful" was a spicy, scorching nakedness simply superb throughout them both "So amazing Tiffany" tearing into her at wrestling amorously with her was Nicholas Edin instead breaking up at falling, even moving away at being at this prompted forfeiture. "Nicholas?" Designing her especial nakedness directly into him, into his marvelous back, that vivacious neck, ear, scent at discharging his very blood to boil. "I can't feel you inside me," launching again at this bite of his ear at seizing that luscious tongue of hers was she as a voluptuous songs propelling him directly into this one at consummating their insatiable lust along a fierce foreplay at penetrating an amazing discovery of one the other's erotic identities.
     Memorizing, yes indeed fantasizing at each anguishing thrush of him discovering her hot, sweet wetness Nicholas Edin was so good at this. Detected continually as one taking her hard, strong, and as they willed were Tiffany's insane tattling a relentless devotion to this excellent man striking her blistering walls. Evidently eating at her fiery bosom a luscious infraction ingeniously maneuvering his lustful overtaking Tiffany Ann found herself lost, lost in love, lost in unparalleled passions as Nicholas Edin Coogan. Inconceivably but were they paramount utterances of heart quarrels at
renovating defective confiscation. That interpreting a fulfillment critically overmastering at collapsing into shivering climaxes, falling into one another arms, a rapid explosion vibrating intensely throughout them both. An emotional but soothing zenith to their erotic high-rise, she, this premium of serenity at soon dozing into a sleep that's been preventing them both for days and days were they this unified in flesh and blood simply what the doctor indeed ordered.

                                                             SCENE VIII

     "Is this thing between Nickie and Tip really serious?" Laying her reading aside at cutting her lamp out was Bradford Elam as a husband having gotten the boys to bed, snuggling in, inhaling, and fixing  her close.  "I don't really know, I hope so, but he blew up at her as well, still I think she would be really good for him, don't you? I don't know Brad, like I told you before, I've never really trusted Tiffany, suppose Sye is right on the mark with her, that Mike could be dead because of her, you said yourself Brad, how he's seldom wrong. That's seldom Barb, plus, look at what we thought about Stef, just Barb perfect for hm, for Nickie, I just mean, well to me she's this mysterious person that we know so little about, we're Barb talking about the same Tiffany Ann you attended a year of college with, that you knew as a good friend once? No, an acquaintance perhaps, but Tiffany and I Brad were never friend, did you Barb have any, any what? Non white friends? That's totally unfair Brad and you know it, we're not discussing your mother here, right? You mean the way you freaked once you suspected her skin color, please, it was just a question Brad, that's all, but you're right, I'm being silly, I just think he could do better. What is all this negativity about Tip coming from? Anyway Barb, to be honest here, there is no doing better than Tiffany Ann Saurus, the most wonderful, trusting, honest woman this planet, yeah, a wonder woman Brad or a wonderful woman, pick one, she's just Barb too real to be true, ...my sentiments Brad exactly, if you're going to twist what I say negatively, I'm through with that subject, I just hope both brother work things out."

                                       ...WITH ONE CHAIN OF THY NECK
                                                                SCENE IX

     “You think Kassel figured what it was I really wanted, and that frighten her off? No,” sipping the last of his tea glass which was mostly sugar was he and brother Soledad having a late lunch, “how can you be so certain? Because Sole the last thing young men your age want from a girl is a marriage contract, believe me she doesn’t have clue. I hadn’t considered that, my god, plus you said she told you her sister had to cancel and that she really wanted to wait until she was free to join you two. You’re asking for something to be wrong when it isn’t, you’re right, I’ll just take a deep breath and shake off this nervousness. You think Ronda is gonna change her mind about leaving here? Why, did she say something to you? No, well, not really, which remind me Sole if, or when you and this Kassel person wed where will you guys make home? I try not to think about that, I mean Jamicha has always been home, and moma is gonna have a fit if I choose New York. Parents are like that Sole at first, a change that's going to redirect their children unto other parts of the nation or world, but they'll get over it. Yes Derry for sure, I can tell how over it moma is everytime she speak of you or Ronda, I take it you haven’t told her what you’ve told Ronda and myself? I don’t know Derry man, I thought I would wait to at least until the first born and break it to them. I don’t know Sole man since you’re making such the step perhaps it’s time I be honest with the one woman I would love to marry. Back to that fantasy huh? When are you going to see May? What make you think I haven’t, because when it come to her Derry you’re pure chicken, always have been. It’s that Maaseiah is delicate and things with her have be handled delicately, word is Sole though she’s has rebound it wasn’t that far from home court, yeah,” as one unnervingly chopping into his now chilled soup, had he and Maaseiah, (Tiffany Ann), relationship be as complicated as any imagining. “The chicken man loses another round, ah, nall there’s no lost here, May has never been one to rush such things, I have plenty of time, just how long Derry has it been? Forever Sole man and a day, I hope at least this time you’re to explain to her how you really feel, why you think Sole I’m so up close and personal with you and your attempts,” reaching into his inside pocket that, he’s to draw forth a pad and pen at tickling his brother mightily, I'm keeping note at how good you are at getting the girl of your heart's dream, yeah well, it's to work to your behalf then if I'm successful then, huh?"

                              HOW FAIR IS THY LOVE MY SISTER, MY SPOUSE
                                                               SCENE X

     “I can‘t feel you inside me,” arriving her home a dynamic fascination unable to keep his eyes
or hands off of her at walking her to her door was a frisky as this Tiffany soon whispering a tickle of herself into his ear at morbidly stimulating a yet aroused as this Nicholas Edin Coogan. "I can't feel you inside me," opening the door, pulling him into the house, into her bed room, not letting him go, With his overwhelmed by this mighty trempress, self,  penetrating his fuming lust into a piping heap at devouring him fast and furiously a hotheaded foreplay stumbling and fumbling them into that steamingly awaiting them bed. Come inside me, ahhh, come inside, me," tearing this throbbing, eager, tussling them throughout, into their undressing to have and be inside one another still. My heart is yours, my blood and flesh, this feasting upon, within at stripping one the other bare, at tearing into private, pulsating flesh and fluid of life this titillating, tantamount meeting of intemperate creatures as themselves in love.     >>>“Ah god what should I do,” peeking into the Refrigerator for a drink, even a snack at bearing urgent and substantial news, at yet debating whether she’s to wake Tiffany Ann or not with said news at rushing without thought into Tiffany's’ room. "Ah my, soom flabbergasted at what she found, obviously two beautifully exposed persons all tangled into one another, was it indeed awesome to see, easing the door close thinking funnily if Tiffany could just read her mind, easing the door closed, would she more than kill her. Easily and ardently this witness to stunner as the day he was born, Nicholas’ strong, hairless chest, those delicious large muscular legs from his feet straight up to the tip of his tight, barely covered ass. "Wow!” as one displaying mouth covering awe did a stun Erica Lynn especially remember Nicholas' strong, shapely arms being draped passionately about Tiffany's beautiful small frame, as so his grand, candidly carved legs packaged so entirely about hers and how picture to model perfect.

     Thinking if only she had her camera as they were truly this picture perfect at easing her way out "you go girl" funing, fuming, wondering how can something that beautiful, that legendarily artist keep itself so hidden. Discovering Nicholas Coogan as one even more fascinating than she'd imagined would this vast temptation be literally impossible to shake off into day years more of dreaming. Whew, I knew that man was incredible," yet as one fanning herself, walking and thinking how right a cold shower would be at reaching again into the refrigerator to get a cold drink instead. Unable to resist the burning enticement, the most erotic thing she would ever catch on camera did Erica go into her bag with hopes she could sneak back in and snap what would be photographs of the most exceptional and wildly sensuous coupling of lovers yet to be seen, plus Tiffany Ann wouldn't actually kill her, right?.

                                                 SCENE XI

     “What the astonishing eve huh? this incredible place you’re to have, Cros.” Sincerely as one beginning to realize getting next to Christian with purpose to seduce him would be harder than she anticipated. That if Carmilla wasn't so positive that it was beneath any woman to love him she would think Christian Cros was indeed in love. “Will Christian Cros ever speak to me, or is this treatment of silence his best man? Cros, I hear you Milla of course, there just isn’t much to say that’s all, well did Niegl tell you the sizable amount already being offered for the Artelon property? Who is she, should I be as jealous? What, what are, you, ...plainly I see it, painfully I deny it, but Christian Cross is in love, so tell me, be honest, maybe then you well quit fantasizing over what could be but is not. I'm not having such a conversation, the Artelon property has always to me Mill been simply priceless so
no amount of money truly bares it’s justice. Spoken Cros like a rich a man I assure you, still. who, what has you so hoodwinked? Then that Milla mean you will get a sizable bonus yourself, does it not? Well Cros, as Niegl made plain when we arrived here, this, my visit here isn’t simply about real-estate but family, about Cros, you and I, if that's even possible with you being in love so, stop it, okay, I said I'm not going there!" All the more convinced there was one thing she had over this dream woman, being as one actually there with Christian Cross and although this strange spectre had his heart, she would have him and his fortune. "Family you say, don’t Milla make me laugh, there haven’t been an us, we, or you for that matter, nearly eight years, please it’s too late in the night for such foolishness. Before you're off to dreaming of her asleep, it is Spirit's Tifny, and isn't he just heads over hill in love with her himself, with your love as well? To be honest Milla, there isn't a male nor a man on this planet that won't at one time or another find themselves utterly in love with one Tiffany Ann Saurus, good night wife, sweet sleep, ...had enough talk have me?" Don't you dear mean accusations? Fastly blinking back tears, although Carmilla felt this manner of control she couldn't help but wonder who this mysterious Tifny person was and how could she warn her to stay the hell away from what's again hers! "I miss her Cros so much, there isn’t a night that goes by I don’t lay awake thinking about her,  ...you, you shut up about her, you never gave one damn about her and you know it, my daughter Rebecca was nothing to you, nothing but your ace in the hole, of banks rolls, I dare you. What the hell do you know Cros, huh? You sit out here the rich monster man for all to see, fear and admire for both it’s beauty and beast and you think you know me. Yes Milla I do, you’re the same woman that left her husband to die in a puddle of his own scorch flesh and blood, aren’t you? I see where this is going, going don’t you Mill mean gone, as in far, far away? I tell you what,” as this witness that she’s to get away pretty churlish at him, that she’s to even storm up, out “I’ll save you some time and grant you an even larger bounty, why don’t you take the Artelon property for yourself. For me it has served it's purpose, it’s your Mill, you can have it, do what you want with it, but you not included right? Is she really as special as you say, like the most wonderful woman in the world, and what she's to say about you giving her castle dream away? Tiffany is a heart person, she doesn't give a damn what make up this place, she only care about it's occupants, as in being heads over hills, Carmilla care about me, about Spirit, about us all, she we would die for one the other, and blink."

                           ... HONEY AND MILK IS UNDER THY TONGUE...

                                                          SCENE XII

    "Yes, yes, yes, thank god for showers," not believing how truly awesome the hot shower felt against her worn nakedness, intensely cramped muscles Susan nor Syefan had been able to find much peace or rest since this ordeal with Nicholas. They'd not did much of anything, but this, this was heaven, the way the soothing springs poured about her tired face, surely her drain, nude flesh, her long shapely legs, actually a delightful relaxation “May I join you?” Descending upon her quickly, biting and licking at the words coming out of her mouth, kissing and caressing her wet, naked back, neck at agreeably spinning Susan Faye into a manner of madness, consummating this inflamed arousal. “Sye, ah Sye," that he’s to set positively those darling greens of his her way was a heighten by these abrupt extremes Susan Faye overbearing with cramp toes and fletched limbs with limits at entangling his wet, blonde mane into her witless grip. "Ahhhh, I miss you, I so missed you," as this frolicsome affair scorching about her neck, those ears exciting a perilous after him bosom unto electrifying her belly, that delicious navel, so senselessly was there a riveting contagion as this. One quivering her soul at wowing an already maniacal overbalance and Susan Faye was dying,. Easily was she one overtaken, yes seized up into a fluttering, feverous mess of bellowing melo-drama as surely as he. Simply bewitching at displaying himself as one nearing her at limits person was Susan Faye fainting away so
engrossed in this lovers rapacious possession of her. “Look at you," fanning seductive eyes up
and down her drench with steaming falls glistening body “I just want to devour you and never, ever let you go,  "I love you so much" a demanding eroticism, at designing her around to himself a final release into an excessive over burn responsibly striking them in places of electrifying calm .

                                                             SCENE XIII

     “If it’s at all possible Tiffany you’re even more beautiful at early morn, my god is it raining? Easing into elbows along a well sort after, deserving stretch was it yet to be light "yes, pretty hard, you're getting dressed? Yeah I can't stay," redesigning a cute strand from her lovely doubt leaving her, that remarkable marriage bed they’d made though mesmerizing, wasn’t as easy as it seem. "A big case in only a few hours, they're already babe, pagiging me, ...still don't like you calling me that, ...then I'll remember that Miss indescribable, ..ah god you sure? I am afraid so," maneuvering himself into a chair across from her, she being such the mighty temptress still, but Tiffany was falling asleep again, “why don’t we meet for lunch, hey,” kneeling along side of the bed to her at saying his fare well, soon as one playfully blowing into her gorgeous face, waking golden, brown eyes to him. "What I said miss sleepy head is why don’t we meet for lunch, ...that sound's good," stretching, swarming at waking up that with Tiffany being such the phenomenon intimacy was Nicholas Edin this tempted to climb into those seething places of hers all over again. "The Pub then, about 1:00? Ok I'll, if I'm held up in court I'll call and we'll make plans for dinner, ...noooo, I wanna see you before then, Ni- cho- las? Yeah, ...my god it's a rainy morning, I know wonder woman, but I just can't, you can enjoy it though, give me all the sweet details when we meet later, ...shouldn't I walk you to the door or something? Remember I love you, I truly hope so, I've never done anything like this before, ah god did I say that out loud? Neither have I, and yes, I said it out loud, see you soon, ...wait, what?" A man engaged, in a relationship three years prior, a virgin still? Nall, she had to hear wrong, right, wait a minute was she questioning her or Nicholas past relationship, of intents to marry?     >>>{{{“Dexter Leon here, my word, do you have to be so serious? This is a business, I’m to be, as professional, I’m not the same Dex,” swabbing both cheeks simultaneously had calling him this way been such the breaking, aching debate in the very pit of what was left of her tattered heart. “Neither Ronda baby am I, are any of us needing and loving you, look I want to see you, I miss you something awful. I miss you as well, but I just don’t, don’t what, think you’re ready? I fully understand that baby but how can you trust it? You can never Ronda confide in anything which has at it root fear, of course we’re afraid, but look how far faith irregardless alone has gotten us the victory. Of course Ronda I won’t rush you, my god I’m so glad just to hear your voice again. There’s talk Dex I could be released as early as next week, Monday or Tuesday, just tell me when babe and I’ll be there. I better get off of this phone, it was very nice Dex hearing your voice as well, then Ronda you’re to call again soon, soon Dex with what’s left of my heart I promise, then Ron for a certainty I’ll be waiting by the phone.”}}}

                         ...A GARDEN ENCLOSED IS MY SISTER, MY SPOUSE...

                                                            SCENE X

     “I just need you to sign off on these and I’ll be out of your hair,” arriving at work early, preparing the circuit to perfection Erica was hiring an executive assistant that they'd all went to school with. “Any calls Mere from his Coogan, I’ve got to get used to that new name, she won’t be in, said she would possibly see us Tomorrow.” This professional too was a fashion designer with modeling skills and accordingly would be a great addition to Dissuasion, maybe that would be the speech she would pitch to Susan and Tiffany. “Perhaps she and hubby Mere made up, made up? Trouble in paradise already I see, that’s why Erica I’m never getting married.” Ashleigh Michelle Roget, and Erica couldn't wait for her impute toward their next publication of Fashion Present's "Dissuasion,  "if Mere I only had a million dollars for every time a person whose now married with children has said that. Boy wouldn’t we be rich," having quite a load of forms for Erica or anyone of the Ceo’s to sign did Merecal want to get this chore behind her. What about Coten, anything from him?" With Susan as acting CEO, Tiffany President and Erica Lynn Vice President all of them had the same leadership power that thus far presented no problem, between beast of friends. “Yes and what a beauty, I may add, came but you were out, he went down stairs for a morning snack is what he said, I want him prepped and ready Mere as soon as he return. I’m not going to have any slackers on my pay roll, I don’t care what a knock-out they are,” thinking of course Nicholas Coogan being the only exception, along hoping Ashleigh would take a slight pay cut. “My god Mere, how long is this gonna take, who normally does this? Mrs Coogan of course, you right Mere, got to get used to hearing that, I kind of think I knew that though, okay just point the lines out you want me to sign, and we'll get this day started."

                                           ...A SPRING SHUT UP ...

                                                          SCENE XI

     "If you have any plans for lunch cancel them" charging into Tiffany's office was Erica Lynn quite the disappointing news, "and why Erica is that?" Fixing her desk as usual from her prying eyes, hands, at hiding her private things. "I came early so I could be free for lunch, well Sissy isn't here and I am gonna need your expertise at the shooting. Don't sit on my desk, can't someone else do it?" Unfolding at inspecting certain fabrics did Tiffany already have her entire day planned out perfectly "I’m meeting Nicholas, well," as one resting a play into elbows upon Tiffany's desk, as usual the tease and flirt about Nicholas Coogan. "Even I can understand how eating lunch with that beauty this earth could be of invincible importance, still don't know why he won't model for me, and what Mrs. Hammon, you're punishing me for that? So you can't get somebody else? Sorry Charlie, I really need you, plus I have a new addition to the managerial department, as always diving into Tiffany's well designed, available chocolates, "my assistant that you need to meet, You? Erica Lynn Hammon has an assistant? Yes I do, you mean you're going to share your spotlight with somebody else? I got's to see this, well you will darling, O and Tip, feel free to bring Mr. wild, beautiful and glorious with you, wouldn't mind watching him feed, Erica! See you there, ...yea, yea, yea, one by one taking her shoes off, hearing them strike the carpet, not taking her eyes off of the various patterns, "see you later. Hey" getting that worrisome head back in at reassuring Tiffany of their urgent appointment, she being so mesmerized by her work or was Erica being a jerk? "No later than 1:00 O'clock, ...I understand boss lady, ...boss lady? Ump, I could really get used to that, ...hey what about Merecal, we’ve been contemplating Erica giving her more responsibilities?” Witness upon as one investigating this one fabric in particular at actually molding it along her stunning figure, priceless figure, with flashes of seeing her in bed with that goddess man, dancing in Erica Lynn head.  “Nall, Mere is all wrong, how would you know Erica unless you’re to give her a chance, still love, see you at 1:00,” that she’s to tap her watch accordingly at not letting expert Tiffany off the hook, "you’re welcome to bring Merecal but Tip I’m depending on you, ...okay, but when I cancel on Nicholas, I'm blaming you know who." Flopping disappointedly into a seat at laying her pet project aside for now, was she as one paging Nicholas, that instead of him canceling she would have to scratch their lunch plans, but there was dinner and a playboy, bed to look forward too, right? “Merecal, yes Miss Saurus, please Tiffany will do, don’t you have run way experience? Yes, I’m flattered you remembered, although it’s been years since I’ve attempted such a thing, well today seem to be your lucky day. I’m afraid I don’t understand,. how would you Merecal like to work more in Photography, even the Showroom?” Always keeping a special project for herself, spring fashions would be in soon and she had just the design she would make and model for Dissuasion first walk in Fashion show. “Whether you’re to realize it or not Tiffany, that was the position I applied for, then Mere I’ll meet you in the showroom no later than 12 noon, is that possible for you? Sure,” that she’s to cut eyes at her daily calendar where the hour of 1:00 was left open for lunch, where admittedly she has her own date planned, "that’s completely possibly, then Miss Faithe, I’ll see you then, it is Faithe right, that is your last name, yes, it is, alright see ya.”

                                              ...A FOUNTAIN SEALED...

                                                       SCENE XII

     -"So what are you planning today? Is that why Mill you're up so early?" Sipping his hot cup just before cracking his paper into another article, not admitting having her showing interest in him again, was intriguingly curious. "If I remember correctly wild horses couldn't get you up before noon, you didn't answer me, ....I have no specific plans, ..how about we go out for a walk, take some favorite foods, have a picnic or something? What do you want Milla?" Lying his paper, trust, obviousness and all things else aside was Christian not falling for this let’s all just get alone attitude, she couldn't be heart trusted and that was that.  "I mean really what is it that you want? What do you mean? I mean Camilla, you haven't been able to look me directly in the face the month you've been here, avoiding me at all cause and now suddenly you want to have a picnic. Let me give you a little advice, take the Artelon estate and be on your way, ...that is still not an answer for lunch, ...okay a picnic, just you and I right, O and the precious dog you love to hate? What is it Milla you think is going to happen? How about friendship? Come on Milla we're not friends, we haven't been much of anything for over seven years. Now if it's money I've given you that, ...don't patronize me Cros, I don’t need your money, I make a good living of my own. That’s good because Milla I've actually paid you the Arelon estate to leave me and my family alone, well like I said, I don't need your damn money ok! Then there's nothing else to say, ....is this your plan Cros? Pulling the paper down from his view, giving him the face to face stare that she since the fire, never could, "become as ugly as those damn scars on your face, to be as unforgiving? How does twelve thirty sound? We could set it up by the waterfalls, that priceless forever view, ....you mean it, you’re not just being conceited? Twelve thirty Mill and I’ll even bring the wine, ...thanks Cros, you won’t be sorry.”     >>>“I know little bro, why I can’t sleep what’s your excuse? Ronda told me she talked to Dexter yesterday, that she called him and had an encouraging conversation with him, that’s good right? Yeah, great, what are you drinking and why aren't you sleeping? I thinking some pretty lousy lemon-aid to be honest, I know, I normally make my own, I will for now on, ...her speaking again with Dexter are all signs Sole she’s getting her head and heart back, that she’s getting back to normal. I finally talked to Kassel, so I guess I'll be sleeping better,  the date is back on, so what you gonna do? You know Sole, what I’m gonna do, I’m going to be there for you simply because you asked. Kassel said her sister Kiefer is saying the same thing, that she’s setting her up for a blind date, so is that why you couldn't sleep, that Derry man, and a bad dream, I saw the entire country getting ready for war, especially the children, there were a lot of floods and fires too. Those Derry are contrary one against the other, yeah I know, I said the same, anyway a lot of people died, especially children. I’m going back to bed, you know Derry where to find me if you need me, look, why don’t you call her, knowing May she’ll love hearing from you, yeah, how did you? I notice you noticing me, that's how, ...I probably do just that, later, yeah Derry man you too.”

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