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Tiffany XI



My Christ, what the hell!” Astonishing Christian Cros into a fumble out of the bed to the floor, at picking himself up, at getting aside the window for distance. "Calm down" finding his horrified response laughable at the least, this innocent squabble with him, had she sneaked into his room, even his bed unaware. "It's only your wife, I didn't mean to frighten you, what is this?” With a pounding heart of alarm in his throat, its panic blood, a flabbergasted Christian Cros couldn’t believe this intrusion of hers. "No" seductively swinging her lovely legs around at getting to her feet, at designing her naked self close enough to seduce him her riotous way "I only wanted to be with you, ---be with me, have you been drinking?" "NO!” shaking a finger of refusal, even a head of denial at her coming all the more close, tempting, alluring did this more than intimidate him. "You need to leave!" “Don’t come, leave, ---right, right this second!” "I won't go, ---you don't want to do this, please Mill, don’t do this.” "Cros, ---shhhhhhh, with an evocative as this touch to his trembling lips, did her inviting aroma alone stir Christian Cros in once stagnant places of intimate rage. "Look at me Cros, this is wrong
Mill,” sniffing into a wipe of his moisten nose, even a brush about an emotionally dampen cheek would Christian Cross never in a million years imagined this. “I'm no longer your husband, you shouldn't be here.” "Just look at me Cros, you
know you want to." “No!” As one as a enraged child covering his ears at laying his forward into a cold window away, could Camilla not believe what she was seeing, hearing. "No!” “No!” “No!” “Cros, now look at me, my harden breast, this pulsating for you flesh, blood, I’m not going to hurt you.” Cros, as to
finally bring his attention around to her at leaning in cautiously to kiss him, his trembling lips, those shut, oozing with tears eyes was Camilla wholly stirring in her allusive play, a trifling incantation as this burn into Christian Cros excruciating memory. It’s me, it’s your Milla wait, ok just wait!” Having eased eyes open at rightly screening her, this inconceivable creature of his starving loins, was
a torrid Camilla seemingly triumphant in this task "Since you are bare, it's only
fair Milla that I be a swell.” “Then I will help you,” one by one unfastening his bottoms at easing her hands down, under his shirt for to pull it free, did Christian Cros have to admit how incredibly vexing she indeed was. “Aw god!” Ah my god Cros, flabbergasted at how severe his scaring, soon gagging as one made ill, even teary eyed. “Ah it gets better, or worse, whatever, ---no, damn it no, I, had, had, I could keep it on, witness upon as one immediately grabbing her wrap, at fumbling about with hast to put it on , where you going?” “I mean since you want us to be together and all, you stay away from me, you, you, ---you what Mill, monster, you mad man?” No, you look at me mill, you see me,” angrily grabbing her at vulgarly squeezing her dampen cheeks at a making her see him, making her detest her the more cheeks as he would, “aghhhhhhh----, please Cros, god please don’t hurt me!” as one melting into the floor at his feet, this distraught, this overwhelmed with fear, with intimidation, perhaps even guilt had she never feared him before. "Milla?" “NO!” “You stay the hell away from me! “But you wanted to see me," "be with me, please Cros, please don’t hurt me, please I'm so sorry." "Go!" ”Get out!” Covering herself additionally did a once boisterous with intimacy for him Camilla stagger up and soon off into a sprint away, out, bursting into the nearest bath did she sob hard, uncontrollably first to her knees, then into the floor as she'd never been so distraught before. “I guess I showed her huh?” Walking over to the nearest mirror, seeing how horrid his scarring, especially the one side where it was barely recognized as human. “I still can’t believe that happen, swabbing a single tear from his cheek, even from below his mouth, its salty taste on his tongue, what possessed, come on Christian Cros,, you know what possessed her.” “I’m getting the hell out of here tonight,” having dragged her yet packed bags from the closet, Camilla couldn’t see how she would ever face Christian again, possible even herself, ah my god, ah my god, I had no idea he was that bad, flopping an emotional sort as herself onto the bed, here she was genuinely sorry, but here she was as well looking to run again. “Ah how he must have suffered, and now to be the mockery and off scouring of this entire community, and me, simultaneously swabbing both cheeks was he leaking profusely at how she’d failed Christian Cros additionally, even how she greatly detested the monster he’d become. “Did I call him monster, ah god, or did he call himself monster, I think I should just pack and go, what else is there?” “I should pack and go.” “Get thee hence Satan!” “Damn you!” “Damn you to hell!” Wiping, sniffing and turning, as so staring at the very door Camilla had escape through for her life, if she’d not called him a monster she did indeed treat him like one. “I can't believe she actually thought I would hurt her, that these severe scares have made me into a ravenous beast of some sort.” “I had no idea how much I’d missed her, how I long to be near her, with her, even inside her, please Jesus help me, help us, please hear this solemn prayer.”


Dex?” “Please don’t be angry with me, please, I called the hospital and learn you’d been released, I, I would’ve called, but you knew I would’ve declined.” “My god look at you, you look,” taking her hand along a clear inspection at pausing long as he’s to realize comments about her appearance was possibly the last thing she wanted to hear, “absolutely stunning Ronda of course.” “My hand,” “yes the last time I saw them they were all bandaged,” that he’s to fortune them into a soft smooch, fortune her as he’d worried so much after her. “Can I come in?” “Well the place is such a mess with all the packing I’m doing,” as one working nervous hands into fitted denim pockets was Dexter Leon quite the foxy reappearance himself, this big mess really, so you’re still off to Jamaica?” “No,” “I’m not, that’s off, I just don’t want to stay here, don’t need the reminder, I see of course.” “I really miss you,” that she’s to decline his attempts at brushing her yet scared face did Dexter Leon understand completely “I miss you Ronda something awful, how about dinner or perhaps, ---Ronda?” Witness about as one gone off immensely into a far away dreamscape at being her most uncanny “I’m sorry what?” “I was suggesting we have dinner this weekend or,” thinking for certainty that if he and Corronda really had a chance they would possibly have to start over, like from scratch. “I could pick you, ---Ronda?” Noticeably again had she dozed off like into never, never land at Dexter being concern after her mental state. ”I’m sorry Dex yes, dinner of course, I was thinking Sunday, that I could pick you up around six or seven.” “Are you sure you want to do that?” “Excuse me?” Literally flabbergasted by her response was Corronda Bren truly not herself, as she was a completely different person. “I don’t understand, Sunday evening will be fine
Dex yes, you’re not Ronda just saying that to get me out of your hair?” “No, I miss
you too, so much so all I want to do is cuddle into you forever and never let go, if you know what I mean ” additionally witnessed upon as one instead declining rather abruptly behind a ready to close door. “Ronda, it’s just that now Dex isn’t a good time for me, of course, of course I understand” tall, almond and just as delicious as he appeared, so well groomed, so equally dramatic, was Dexter Leon Stuart as so a man so superior than them all. “Then I’ll call you for more details concerning Sunday’s dinner, goodnight Dex, yeah,” seeing she’s to close the door right away was Dexter Leon unexplainably confused, like he’d both seen Corronda and actually not found her at home a toll. Hum, that was peculiar, as one gathering himself mentally at getting to the elevator, it was weird, and he and Corronda were never, ever weird. “Dexter?” Happily at right away taking and shaking his hand at the coincidence they would meet this way, “Desrek,” still as one visibly bemused at the paradox now deemed Corronda Bren, what had just transpired between them? “I was just leaving, did you see her, I mean she came to the door and
everything?” “Ah yes, we talked, at least I think we talked, ---it was weird right?”
“Yes, not to be rude but kidda like she wasn’t all there.” “Ron can get like that
sometimes, the sizable ordeal she’s to suffer I guess, like she’s to think on these
things, those things being us, that she’s to really concentrate to get it right.” “She has agreed Desrek to have dinner with me Sunday eve, I really would love to spend some time with her, maybe if we made it a double date she would be more comfortable.” “That’s why I like you Dexter, perhaps that’s why Ron is so crazy about you, you seem to know exactly what’s to make all better the situation despite how perilous Ronda is to find herself, yes, I would love it, good, then I’ll see you then, yeah, see you then.”


"Camilla won't come out of her room!” Rushing assuredly toward Christian who was sitting at the breakfast table reading and listening to Nadia and Spirit River rather interesting conversing, "And what Nigel, that's my fault?" "Did you do something to her?" "Something like what?" "If you must know she came to my room last night unannounced, we had a disagreement, it's really none of , what did you say to her, do?” “What the hell Niegl is this all about?" Sorely suspecting Niegl’s aggressive innuendoes at displaying himself disturbed forcefully at Niegl’s .possible conspiring ways. "Were you mean to her?" "No I wasn't mean to her," then why is she so upset?" "Calm down and speak English!” "Why should I?" "Forgotten your native tongue Christian Cros?" "I haven't forgotten," angrily dotting tense fingers into the dining table at correcting him, was everything Niegl did, even breathe out of complete spite. "But we're no longer in Jerusalem, this is America, and most Americans speak English, plus it'll help your brother, ---ah what brother?" "I speak what I please, and you should be glad somebody want you, he didn't mean it, maybe he's right," brushing at an uneasy nostril was Christian
Cros again noticeably distressed not only about he and Camilla but as well
he and Tiffany Anna. "No he’s just mad about being here, about not
getting his way. Christian?" “You know how he is, ---yeah, what about Tifny?" "Tifny's gone," as one laying his napkin at folding his paper under his arm into readying an exit as this, truly where was Tiffany Ann? “Perhaps Spirit forever.”
<<<“Yeah,” “Yeah I’m dressing what’s up?” Pulling on a T-shirt was Soledad hurriedly dressing for a 1 o’clock pm interview “hey, can you hear me?” “Yeah I hear you, look have you and Kassel decided on a date yet?” “No,” that he’s to
move into a mirror imagine at deciding which tie would be perfect “why, you have an ideal?” “How about Sunday evening, Sunday, why Sunday?” “Well I just ran into Dexter, and Ronda promised to have dinner with him Sunday and he’s to think it’ll work better for her if we make it a double, and now Derry you’re to think why not a thee some,” as one opening the door to him was Soledad Maurice truly styling this glamorous look. tall, stunning, quite the eye catcher. “It sound good, I just have to check with Kassel, wow, where are you off too?” “I could tell you Derry, I know but then you would have kill me right?” “Man I love that suit, you should, it’s one of Mays and you kidda foot the bill, are you kidding me?” “You better be kidding, I can’t afford Dissuasion, especially not Maasieah, my being this tremendously sharp Derry says yes indeed you can.” “Ok I want my card back,” seeing him to the door had being this generous to him before caused Desrek Allum a pretty penny, heck he was still paying off those loans. “Am I smiling?” “I’m serious, look I ordered it long, meaning you can wear it as well, ah that’s cute, really cute,” seeing him right out that door would Derek Alum truly consider diminishing this manner of charity as his brother‘s taste was more than costly, “ It could be an early wedding gift, you mean instead of the double deck yacht I was gonna get you, no whose being cute?” “I want that card when you return!”


“And what is Mere doing here?” “Excuse me but you told me I could bring her, and you Tip thought I meant that literally?” “What is it with you and Mere?” “I just don’t like her that’s all, all, that’s all.” “Anyway, she’s here, so when you get through doing what you’re doing with her, come and see me.” “Mrs. Hammon doesn’t like me very much does she?” “Let’s see Mere what you’re to do with those two over there,” as one looking into her watch did Tiffany consider how it was she seem to be training an assistant of her own “you only have these pieces to work with, and Mere about fifteen minutes, twenty at the most, go!” "Hello ladies" coming a darling as usual upon Erica Lynn and now Ashleigh Michelle was this exquisite character of Bradford Elam looking to have a one on one with brother Nicholas. "Bradford?" "And how are you?" "Ah this is my new assistant, Ashleigh Roget, Ashleigh, Bradford Coogan," as one as Erica at gladly offering a shake of her hand immediately did she think she knew that name at imagining further, even that superior look. "Its' nice to meet you, your last name sound so familiar, he's Nicholas and Syefan brother,” ah yes," as to familiarize herself gleefully at all the more re-addressing the stout hand of this amazing hunk of the male species, as she was yet to release Bradford’s hand. “That's it, now I remember, how can a girl forget you Coogan men?” “I mean wow, are all you guys as gorgeous?" "It was nice meeting you, Ashleigh” as one meticulously retrieving that hand of his did Bradford Elam have other, more pressing matters to tend to. "Is Tiffany around?" "I am sure she's in her office, Nicholas haven't been around?" "No I haven't seen, ah, he and Tiffany were doing lunch, ---thanks, see you guys later, yeah nice to see you again Mr. Coogan." “Woo girl, I’m tingling all over and through, what a sexy, sexy man,” as a seductress standing about 5’9 at weighing about 110 pounds, well built, model caliber, was this Ashleigh Michelle Roget way of flirting about. “Girl I remember when I used to have the most insatiable crush on Nicholas Coogan, as do Syefan, well that crush Ash is happily married.” Having the most beautiful blue eyes, all accented by this literally edible short black with golden brown streaked hair style, Ashleigh Michelle was a striking creature indeed. “ Yeah Erica girl, ummm, he’s fine, they all are, as though Ash you’re to speak from experience no doubt, whatever, you like me know those Coogan men have always had, ---whooh!" As one contacting a pounding from her chest heart at being pitched a photographic bomb shell. "As the joker would say stop the press!” "Damn it Erica, talk about pouring gasoline on a blazing fire, this is him!” Dotting the risqué photo like so had Ashleigh not viewed anything this morbidly gripping in a while, where in the hell did you get this, "Wow!" "Yeah, it's Nicholas Eden Coogan in all his glory, I flicked them while he and Tiffany slept yesterday, damn it, now I know I hate her, yeah well get in the longest god damn line." "So they have no idea?" "Nope, none, ---nope huh?” "I mean can I buy this?" "No you can't by it, are you nuts?" As snatching the photos from her make her so tickle at wanting more, at encouraging more. “Hell Erica, I am now, you do know this would be perfect for a fragrance, you weren’t kidding, you are crazy." "I can't use those, not without their permission." "What you call it?" Immensely teasing Erica Lynn’s photographic expertise but did she know Erica had to have a title of this for this record money maker. “Come on, you got to give it a name, immortally sworn, as I think he and Tiffany are forever, ---“eh, that's rich, you like that huh?" "I like it, I really like it, I think you should use it, especially the one with the sheet barely covering his for all the ladies gusto." "No, and let me see, no, can't, not even Ash if I had a death wish, and believe me something that god-damn fine and extraordinary is worth dying for.” "Let me give you an example, about two months ago the lot of us were forced to live under the same roof for a month," "Syefan Coogan,” "Bradford Coogan and yours truly Mr. Nicholas Coogan, although Bradford and Syefan weren’t at all shy about showing of their beautiful bods, the only skin I saw on this man were his wrist,” that she’s to physically demonstrate at folding her sleeves back, at displaying her wrist as this was the explanation of the century. “As so his ankles, no shit?" "Believe it he's pretty shy, of course god only knows why, I mean look at him, he's even more perfect than I
could’ve ever imagined." "So what you gonna do with it?" "Wow I think she's good" as one looking through a mug shoot of projected models did a stunning Asian female get Erica’s direct attention, we could really use her, yeah, she's cool." So?" Hastening on about those incredibly enticing photos Of Nicholas Eden would Ashleigh Michelle not take I decline as absolution.” “I really don't know ash, I been kind of beating myself up about it all, but I'm thinking about surprising them.” "You know just let them see them and see how they react, not so much them, but Tiffany, there’s no way I handle Nicholas’ response, hey!” As one checking, as so tapping her watch as it was time, "it's time, it's time for the photo shoot, you haven't meet Nicole have you?" "No I haven't" as one seeing clearly where Erica is to place the now famous photos, that they’re to get down a long hall to their noon appointment. "He's one of our best photographers though,” as one playing bumping shoulders with her, did Erica feel she and Ashleigh would have a good, meaningful relationship, “he should spend more time in front of the camera, he's gorgeous, Nicholas Coogan gorgeous?" "Girl please?" "Nobody's Nicholas Coogan gorgeous but Nicholas Coogan.”


“Yes,” Sitting in a window, anticipating another long day it was beginning to snow again just as the grounds were beginning to show signs of life at hearing a presence behind him “When did you Christian decide to give up on Tifny?” “Please Spirit, I don’t want to talk about Tifny, it’s snowing again, not only Spirit I sit snowing, but there’s a winter storm warning whereas temperatures could drop dangerously below the freezing mark. “I know Spirit how much you fortune her, but I have the strongest feeling, even in my gut that she’s gone about a life of her on and perhaps we should do the same.” “I’ve Christian not only seen the way you’re to admire her but how she too is to imagine you, you in love, marriage, it could never, ever be Spirit, whether I’m to accept it or not I have a wife in Camilla as long as she live.” “I still can’t believe it, the one thing I could Spirit look forward to, whenever I feel pushed into a corner, gagged and bound, was Pepper and his long problem free walks.” “You know, a few hours of breathing time, but this aggressive whether now prevents that.” “You have a covenant with Camilla, nothing else, a pledge identical to the one all mankind is to have with this world.” “A cursed in heritage broken the moment we’re to vow ourselves instead to the Supreme’s Christ, whatever vows went before as our old selves are no longer legal or binding.” “And just how the hell Spirit do you know such things?” “You know Christian how I know, how nothing gone before this new covenant is now obligating, you know how I know, how Creos we both know.” “Tifny, as so Christian our Maaseiah will never, ever leave us, ---what?” Arching a look of amazement, even a reverence his way was this his kid brother or no? “What did you just say?” “You know it, the first Christian you saw her you knew, just like you knew I would see and know.” “Are you Spirit trying to tell me what I think you’re trying to tell me, ---that she’s a representative of Jerusalem, of the Supreme’s Christ manifested in the flesh?” “I’m trying to tell you Christian she will never leave us, goodnight, ---good, you drop the astronomical on me,” having terrified his brother’s once restive heart, blood so that they’re to even imagine such things let alone speak of them. “And now it’s goo night?” “I hope you’re to have a better night, than the night before, you have areally nice, incredible home here, but come spring I’m moving to Long beach with Niegl and Nadia.” “Spirit?” “Flesh and blood hath not revealed these things, only Holy Spirit.” “Is there something else?” “Yes, there is, if Christian she is Maaseiah what does that mean for us, for this country?” “ How about Spirit, this world?” “It simply mean Spirit the end like never before in biblical or mankind’s history hath come, as so this unpronounced beginning without end.” “But you know Spirit you can’t go spreading these manners of rumors around right?” “Why Not?” Their not realizing it, but was a prying Camilla at coming with attempts at saying her farewells keeping herself covert at listening, as to hinge upon every word, “whose Christian going to believe our report?” “And to whom Spirit is the arm of the Lord revealed?”

The Watchman That Go About The City Found Me…
Scene VI

“If you Ron don’t want to disappoint him then don’t cancel , ah god Desrek, as one getting her laundry done, was this her most dreaded task of returning home and such a sizeable load. “I’m sorry but how would you know?” “Never think Ronda I know nothing , I know some things, I meant Desrek about dating, courting, what do you know about that?” “Things,---Alright things.---look when you convinced Sole and I you was returning with such the surprise we were assured it was some girl, perhaps even a wife, what, it just didn’t go right?” You could Ron say that yes, then I’m sorry, because if you loved her then she had to be something special.” “Look, I know the idea of getting back into the manner of relationship this Dexter Leon represent Ronda is a bit intimidating but this guy doesn’t strike me as the kind simply trying to get into your pants.” “Leave me and my pants Derry out of it, now you’re getting too damn personal.” “So you didn’t decide to save yourself for marriage, that Ronda was your choice and yours alone to make.” “All I’m saying it seem like the right choice because once you gave him his walking papers, he instead ran not from you, but to you.” Why don’t you put your claims where your mouth is and come with me.” Sounding strange now that she’d been violated so, actually beaten , raped and left for dead. But she knew where Desrek was going, she just wanted to push him a little further alone. “That’s with us, make it a double date, ---that’s ironic because that’s exactly what Sole and I were planning to do, you’re kidding right?” No, although you can’t let Dexter know, we’re to pretend as though we’re all to end up at the same restaurant, at the same time.” “We Desrek?” “Sole’s friend Kassel and her sister Kiefer, ah god you’re so devious, I love it, well I love you, I better go, Sole is going to a couple of campuses and he want me to tag along, so Ron you be calm and just decide what you gonna wear, tell Sole I said hey, yeah I’ll do that, later.”


“You don’t answer your phone anymore,“ drawing much attention in their loud
greeting of one another, their laughing and hugging, had it been over a month since
they'd each other. “It’s been like a month, well I knew you wouldn’t be too far
away, from Tiffany Ann, so how about me acting as a third wheel huh,” “huh?” "Yeah, well since Nickie you don’t answer your phone anymore I better take what chance at seeing you I can.” “You know I wouldn’t mine that at all Brad but I’m here to tell Tiffany how we’re to cancel lunch, man I missed you,” as to playfully punch Nicholas Eden rather hard into his chest "come on Brad man, yeah you've always been a wuss, no I just don’t like hitting old people" looking stupendous as always with a darling cashmere coat thrown over his arm at sporting a delicious three piece tweed suit, luscious at being chocolate mixed with almond, emphasizing his gorgeous complexion and blonde mane. Was the snug jacket accented down its front with four large almond with chocolate trimmed buttons, all with a marvelous quarter neck fitted shirt accenting an almond silk in its appearance, truly delectable . “Should I be surprise you’re to offer me just the slightest chance and snatch it away just as soon, that is not what I did,” “seriously one of my cases ran over, you think I want to cancel on Tiffany?” Pleated on each side did the especial jacket gathered at the waste, so unite of course at italicizing Nicholas Edin’s simply perfect physic. Of course with those expert hairs mousse askewly and rather awkwardly about at having no real control, did his a la mode appearance from strong shoulders to feet toot another tail at his ravishing style attracting much due attention. "Have you talked to Sye recently?" "Is that really why you're here?" Getting down plights of stairs was a hurried Nicholas Eden pushing through a door forward. "No," "I'm here because I missed my little bro and wanted to see him, it would seem Nickie all other attempts failed." "I haven't seen or talk to him, why you think I'm not answering my phone?" "This thing Nickie between you two it can't go on forever, do you hear me Nickie?" "It can't go on." "Can't it Bradford, I don't need him, he doesn’t need me, remember the promise Nickie," witnesses upon as one out of a frustration as this rolling those darling
eyes of his, skyward at trying to get through Bradford En trapping him so. "Remember?” "I remember!” “You don't have to remind me," "well?" "Well what Brad?" "So what's to be done?" "If I knew the answer to that I would be a genius," "Sye says the letter you found was still sealed, is that true? "Look!” that he’s to get around Bradford whetted interrogation to that delicate sprint of his, even to Tiffany Ann "is it true Nickie?" "I don't want to discuss it anymore!” "We need to talk about this,” crossing in front of him at preventing him additionally was Bradford Ean unbending in his task to mend this family feud. "Anybody ever tell you how cute you are when you're angry?" "Don't do that," cutting a look, even a finger as a sword at Bradford playfully striking his chin "that's not funny, godddd!” "Everything’s a freaking joke with you, no Nickie, not everything, like the fact Nickie that we need to talk, the three of us, “that we need to get this settle." "This thing isn't just going to go away all by itself, and I Bradford say there's nothing to talk about,” "Nickie, No Brad!” That they’re to shuffled along this long hall in this disagreeable tussle and ruffle about had Nicholas Eden seemingly, even angrily had his fill "No ok!” "Come on Nickie Sye admit being with her once, he know it was a major mistake, he tried fixing it but Stef wouldn't let it go, threaten to tell you." "I'm not freaking ready ok?” “That's final!" “Ok, ok!” "Calm down, Nickie, will you wait a damn minute?" "I'm sorry this happen" dancing into those near to tear eyes of his baby brother was Bradford sincerely his saddest that his brother
had this persistent wedge between them “I’m really sorry, so is Sye this isn't over, there's your girl, you call me," “I mean it Nickie, I mean it, you call me, if you don’t want me waiting outside your office door, then you best call me.”


"So what’s to be done about her?" "Why are you asking me?" Having rushed an unwelcome sort right into Christian’s sitting room was Niegl just as accusatory, just as upset as the morning before. "You brought her here, you do know her coming here was about more than selling the Artelon property?" With an English accent dragged about with ancient Hebrew monologues was Niegl Artelon a very astonishing male, an ideal beau no doubt
who gave very little credence to said magnificence but was he more the intellectual, the academic scholar. "I Niegl gathered that easily although I don't know what you expect, the Camilla I know doesn't care about anyone but Camilla,
not me Niegl, peeking through a blind into a grand view of the pristine landscape accenting his home now pinned beneath inches upon inches of yet falling snow. “Not even our daughter when she was alive, if you knew she was this way why marry her, I’m not Niegel speaking of the Camilla I knew at our wedding, but immediately afterwards.” Christian?” Witness upon as one paused so witlessly into his brother’s admirable research at designing the perfect response perhaps Niegl wouldn’t be the nightmare custodian after all. "Because Niegl I wasn’t wise, wise enough to know I couldn’t change her, truthfully a person’s will is set literally in stone from birth until it’s surrendered spiritually.” “Anyway what is your concern of this?” “looking about a tall, dark, easily beautiful younger brother that he’d not seen or even spoken to in seven years, he resembled this kid he loved, but now, Christian did know. "You conspired with her to deceive me?" "It wasn't as that, I thought Christian I was doing the right thing, you were all alone," displaying himself mighty with guilt, singularly with a precious, invaluable authenticity, it was apparent he meant well. "Camilla is your wife, my ex-wife, right, your ex-wife, but does that mean you not love her still?" "My life Niegl is my business, through unthinkable, even immeasurable trials it’s what I’ve made it, you shouldn’t have interfered.” “You're right," brushing a single tear from the corner of he is right eye that with surrendered hands he’s to allege to this manner of folly, truly a man’s role. "I'm sorry, but Camilla still refuse to come out to eat, drink, please just speak with her, you promise to stay out of my concerns and I'll speak with her, ---I promise" as one nodding cautiously into a retreat, unto a hook so kindheartedly released was this to Niegl the best addendum, Camilla’s own husband, “truly Cros, I promise.” <<< “Milla, knocking rather cautiously at her bedroom door truly after the nightmare scenario they’d had recently Christian Cros was certainly his most cautious. “This is Cros, are you ok?" “Mill,---are you ok in there?” “Hey we’re concern about you, come to dinner, please,” “just come out to me, I mean we need to talk--- anyway, knocking again softly at awaiting a response did he labor for naught at wondering whether she’d slipped off or out without their notice, just you and I, no Cros, just leave me!" "Milla, are you crying?" "Please don't cry, come on Mill it was just a big misunderstanding, let’s not hurt each other anymore.” “Ok, what?" “You gonna stay in there forever?" "Not forever,” as one laying in bed, stretching her neck, her crying eyes, even her uncertainty of what’s she’s to do next, where she’s to go, into this stunning overhead vaulted ceiling, and light fixture. "Just until I leave tomorrow, well planes are grounded Mill, ports Mill are closed, and you lie!” "Why, ---you think I want to keep you here?” That under a lesser voice, even a whisper obvious there was no underlying reason to be anything but genuine with her, the sooner she left, the sooner his life, despite how fragmented, is all his once again. "Why would I lie"?" "Cut your set on, there's just too much snow, I am not lying, ---Milla, it’ll be days, maybe weeks, ---then I'll be in here for that time." "Milla!" ---"Look, you think I, I don't have time for this you hear me!” “Come on Milla,” feeling himself guilty that possibly he’d been too harsh on her the night before, that he’d been cruel even and especially unusual was this his especial apology.” “Please, even the others are wondering after you, Spirit, Nadia, you know you’re the sister she never had, Niegl especially, ---and you Cros?” That she’s to sit her elbows along a brush of both cheeks , did Camilla mostly care about how this wayward husband of hers felt. “How do you feel really?" "I'm here Milla, yeah but what is that to mean?" It had been a long time since anyone called her Milla or even Mill in that respect, Christian was the only one ever to call her one or the other, she wouldn't admit it but it brought back passionate memories. "I know you're hungry, why don't I fix us some dinner, grab a bottle of wine, some glasses, bring it into my study and we talk, how about that?" "What do you say?" "I'll fix us a plate, it'll only take a few, ---you waste time Cros, turning onto her belly a view out the window was it obvious Christian was indeed telling her the truth would Camilla exaggerates pressed antics seldom met to their limit. "I don't want anything from you!” "Milla, ok, maybe I went too, you're being childish, simply childish, ok" with an aggressive toss of his hands at displaying his frustration with her was he at the end of this hanging rope, as was obvious in his voice, in his rowdy response was there a display of annoyance with her. "Have it Milla’s way, you win, you stay in there and starve for all I really care!”


“How about now Tracy you do it more like what Merecal here showed you!” “Take your lead from Cornellius, he has his, not Cornellius,” whispering in meticulously to her was Merecal already privy to the do’s and don’ts about the modeling center “he like to be called Neal instead,” yelling out instructions with an attempt at getting to Nicholas’ place on time for what was now dinner plans was Tiffany as well handling as to regret an unwelcome call at realizing they had phone monitors for this very thing. {{{“This is Dissuasion,” “Tiffany Saurus speaking, ok, ok, that’s better, "Tif?" "My god Ronda!" As one ghosting over horribly, emotionally at growing quite intrigued did tears design themselves accordingly. "My god Ronda is that you?" "It's me Tif, it's Ronda, ah thank god," displaying this emotional delight into a seat, a stand, no a seat, into an excited prance about. "I've been so worried, I mean are you ok?" "How do you, what, what can I do?" "Tif honey calm down, I'm fine, do you hear me Tif?” “I'm fine," "Tif?” “I hear you" yet as one wrestling with uncontrolled emotions attacking her calm did she motion a few minute break to made just as estranged on lookers. "I'm sorry it's just so good to hear your voice, so are you in Jamaica?" "What?” "Oh, no, no I'm home, as a matter of fact I got here only hours ago." "You’ll never guess Tif whose here with me, guess?” As one smiling off solemnly, even playfully was this the most wonderful surprise “yeah you'll never guess, I don't know Ronda, I don’t have a, Desrek, Desrek Allum is here!" "Desrek!" "Ah my god Derry is here!" "You’re right, I don't believe it, I thought he was in Europe, well he was, there's more, he's here to stay, to stay?” Thinking how long it’d been since she’d seen Desrek Allum but what was Corronda talking about his staying as she’d made it clear she wouldn’t stay. “But I thought you, I changed my mind, I'm staying, well I want to see you, I mean when can I see you?" "Well not just yet, I want to get settled in you know.” "Look!” As one instead ending the call at considering the fact Tiffany was at work and possibly her busiest but she just had to call, timing was everything. "I know you're working so we'll talk later, I love you Tif, yeah Ronda, me too."}}} Thinking Corronda was the last person she expected to hear from was Tiffany to yet return the receiver at getting back to urgent work. “Are you ok, Miss Saurus?” “Some water,” that she’s to swallow and touch at a thicker than usual ingestion that at celebrative tears causing the slightest tickle. Overwhelmed, did Corronda sound just like herself, not worn, worried but seemingly filled with the same force and friendliness that made her Corranda Bren Aggart. “Thanks Mere, yes we can get back to work now, you sure you’re ok, yes, I just heard from someone unexpectedly.” That it was then strangely enough did a very forcible remembrance ad nauseam, even an at eerie reminiscence regarding Christian Cros literally overmaster her and suddenly she wasn’t all right. “Miss Saurus,” seeing her frailty at helping her to a seat was Merecal as so other on-lookers this concern after her. “Should I call for help,” kneeling a hand clasp into Tiffany’s hand along that chair to her, to this truly emotionally bereft of physical strength Tiffany Ann. “Miss, Tiffany,” “I’m of,” as one springing up, off into a dressing booth for privacy at pressing a back hard against that wall was Tiffany Ann as one again crying deep into the pit of her belly. “Come on Tip, get yourself together, this is madness, my god nothing but madness.” This emotional breakdown wasn’t only because she’d heard from Corronda, although that she’d not heard from or kept her promises regarding Christian Cros. What they, how she and him alone should truly be the fervent, wrought-up of intimate relations she and Nicholas Eden was. “Ah god help me, if you’re there, please have mercy on me and help me.” How at this very urgent reality she should drop all this non-sense, all these quick-witted illusionist called sense and sensibility and get out immediately to him. “I’ll give the crew thirty minutes,” as one easing a bit close for comfort was Merecal Faithe truly at odds sensitively as she’d never seen either of them, the supervising staff this hysterically reverent, even socially vulnerable. “Miss Saurus, do you need, thirty minutes Mere is good, and please just call me Tiffany, Tip or Tif, please.” “Well, do you need me Tiffany or Tip to get you anything else, anyone else?” “There’s a Mr. Coogan waiting to see you,” showing herself expressive with emotions but was she now more calm at wondering was she’s to get Merecal to call and cancel her date plans with Nicholas but had he arrived already. “No Mere, you’ve been plenty of help, just give me a few more minutes and we’ll get back to work, and Mr. Coogan?” “A few more minutes, ---then I see you in thirty as well,” “I brought you more water, yes Mere, thanks.” “She is so crazy,” smiling festivity, even cautiously after she’d exploded ecstatically there was the news of Corronda’s brother Desrek, how he was one of the most popular boys in high school. That he was her, then Maaseiah but Tiffany’s first ever crush, “Derek Allum home to stay,” leaving her to go into military training did he soon get stationed in Europe, in Germany where they eventually lost touch with one another. I thought we would always be together, that we would even marry and bring beautiful, wonderful children into the world, but that was my childish aspiration no doubt, Desrek Allum, boy I can’t wait to see him.”


"So what do you think about a dinner party?" Relaxing into a lounging as himself Barbara Ann at entangling their fingers alike. "It's been a while since we've had anything to celebrate, now your birthday and a new addition to the Coogan family, I think it's perfect timing." "I don't know" turning off, away as one coming into a seat aside the bed was Barbara Ann living in an alternate reality that could more than ruin their marriage. "What's wrong?" Backing into a seat to her at pushing a pillow behind his back for comfort did a concern Bradford know something was getting at her. "You've been long faced since we got home, you're not happy about the baby?" "I know it's a huge, ---don't take this the wrong way but Brad you’re right, I'm not sure about this baby." "What do you mean?" "Is something wrong?" "No," striking his marvelously distressed face at calming
him but was Barbara Ann in the best health she’d been possibly in her life. "I
was waiting Brad for the opportunity to tell you I’m going back to school, I want to
work on my degree in Psychology, and what?" "I don't understand, you don't want
this child?" "We’re to consider adoption?” “I don't know, you don't know, my god Barb are we talking about abortion here?" Having leap right from the bed into a hand to waist stance unclear but was Bradford Ean already displaying his displeasure at the very hint. "I mean how else Barb can you not have a child
that's already conceived?” "Ok," with surrendered hands going up unto her own limited space did she being a mother of two and a career woman of course have the best justification. “You're right, but," ---but?” "I know it's sound bad, but it's a bad time Brad for me to be pregnant that's all, that's all?" "I see that's all, don't you think this conversation, no this decision Barb is a little too late?" "I know" nervously biting her lip into an alternate seat away at realizing it was a long shot precariously in the dark but was Barbara Ann’s mind made. "This is something we should’ve discussed a while a, just what Barb would you do if you didn't have this choice?'' "You don't understand, it's not your body, yes Barb it is!” "You hear me?” "It is!" "You’re my wife, you're now my flesh and blood, prick you, that child and I bleed damn it!" "There’s no need to get so upset, ---I can't do it" witnessing a side of husband Bradford Ean not never but such the rarity as he was such a gentle sort was he this upset even mangled, "I can't stand for an abortion.” "You still don't understand “You’re right, I don't understand, make me understand, help me
Barb understand how we’ll become our unborn child’s worse enemy, huh?” “Your
safe womb its' grave, ---I can't make you understand, it's not you I tell you, not your body.” ,” knowing heartily there was no way she was going to convince Bradford Elam to kill their unborn child did a desperate Barbara Ann try this perilous waltz additionally. Not caring what specialist said, or how clever they were with their medical science did Bradford Ean believe what was a child's life at birth, was a child's life the second of conception. “Can't you persuade me with your persuasion, make me Barb insane with your selfsame insanity?” "Form these hands" displaying a resentfulness of open palms at demonstrating, at chasing right after her getting around him, away to the bathroom, to a desired hide away as this. "My heart my child’s killing tools." "By the way!" As one hollering through unto that now slammed door was Bradford more hurt by this ideal than Barbara Ann could’ve ever imagined, although had hse simply fooled herself. "That this is my body crap is a freaking cop out, an excuse Barb for genocide." “You leave me alone,” feeling the slightest disruption in her belly now rushing her to vomiting into that commode had these trying events made her sick, “you refuse to hear my side Brad, just leave me alone.” “your side, your side is death, murder, can’t you see that!” As one standing literally a guard over that resistant door was a yet upset Bradford Ean wiping and blowing his nose at thinking something wasn't right, that he knew his wife Barbara Ann wasn't persuading him that she wanted, even needed an abortion to go with their expert marriage. So you’re saying you want some strange killer hands reaching

into your safe womb to cut and kill away our unborn child, damn it Barb!” We’ve read the horror stories, how these babies are mutilated, crying, kicking and squirming, as one tearing off a fold of tissue at easing up into a seat at thinking perhaps she shouldn’t have told him, “hoe they fight to live,” that his not knowing about the unborn and thus the abortion wouldn’t have hurt neither of them, or was she simply fooling herself? “I can’t hear you, are you, I can’t do it Barb, adoption maybe, and that’s a huge maybe, but abortion, no, no way, there has to be better way, a better solution.”



“And you Niegl expect us to believe you joking us so?” Truly indiscernible and intoxicating were only two of the words describing sitting about the dinner table surrounded by once very distant relatives. Sincerely with their joyous laughter as a musical interlude at reminiscing the old fables and tall tales of their elderly relatives. “I only repeat that Momar and aunt Nanny said, Nadia re---mem--ber, yes?” “I recall Niegl it scare us to death, that we dared not sleep.” “Mainly the tale about uncle Amman and the flying sheep, how about Aunt Sara and the headless visitor, that he carried a female’s bleeding head under his arm, and Niegl your incredible way to mimic them so incredibly well. “What of you Spirit, what tale bedazzled so much?” “I don’t recant the parables you speak” it was most fascinating that they all were learning to laugh again at Christian like the others having to use their napkin more for their laughing, crying eyes than soiled hands “But I recall tales of long departed relatives returning to haunt the living, even into the bed at night after them.” “What do you mean?” “You most Nie know what I say and don’t go reminding me, ---I remember the story about uncle Amman and the flying sheep, was it always so hilarious, can I join you guys?” “Please, the food is delicious, Mrs. Martha make the best stuff bell peppers,, you best have some before it’s all gone.” “ Than k you Cros, I want to apologize for the foolish way I acted, ---there's no need," did they all simultaneously agree into remembering what they were all laughing about "So what was so funny?” “Ummm, this is good, ---no, Neigl was giving us his impression of uncle Amman, you know when he thought he saw the, yes, the flying sheep, that was a good one.” "Although Cros how about when aunt Hanna swore up and down, even laying her hand on a Bible, "yeah!” “Yeah!” with an excited Spirit River leaping nearly out of his seat to be the first one to say "armed angels at the foot of her bed, that she kicked one and he tumbled over unable to get backup" bursting them in all likeness along a foray of laughter, was this that something special Christian Cros had been missing for so long and indeed how long would it now last?


“Tiffany?” “Are you here?” Finishing her shower at making herself at home was Nicholas's Eden fabulous bath worth a mountain of delight. My god I needed that,” reaching unto a healthy bathrobe were the plush, soft carpets like cotton under her feet at her attempts not to get them too wet. “Tiffany, babe,” displayed as one stretching her neck to see, ears to hear did Tiffany realize what was the door unto a sudden appeal after her throughout the place. "I'm here, I hope you
like Chinese,, it's my favorite," having hurried into a short, translucent night retire
that barely covered her naked butt Tiffany Ann didn't know about Nicholas Eden but food was the last thing on her mind, domesticated food that is.“You’re here sooner than I thought,” exiting the room nearing the dining area she could see what was becoming her tall, strong, handsome man setting the table. I was afraid I would be late, the line at the resturant was unthinkable, had he just at pouring the wine made a glance toward her. “Is that for me?” That he completely admired her rather intoxicating ascent at him over pouring a glass into a mad dash after a wiping cloth. “Ah god I’m so clumsy, look at this mess,” additionally as one sorely anticipating this riveting inducement called woman Tiffany Ann’s yearning ascension upon him didn't rest until she was standing right above him. “Looks like someone need some help,” peering from her fashionable, even edible feet upward her long shapely legs, that stunning nakedness did a longing for her Nicholas Eden stop what he was doing at making a move instead upon this gratifying creature. “You areTiffany so beyond all things,” designing a kiss of his amazing mouth, that every bite of that fiery lust began this rapacious ascent up those cunning legs at tickling her so vivaciously to arriving at that essentially succulent tongue, it’s luscious mouth . "My god,” laying a trembling manner of himself, his forward into hers, the twittering over the edge orgasms they both were would dinner have to wait. "You're so damn , ahhhhhh girl you drive me crazy!”Feeding dramatically off of her neck unto her edging for a feed of his tongue breast, this just as invigorating scent at having his fill of this voracious creature “I still don’t know how I even got here.” “Ah god Tiffany what you do to me, youre beyond heaven and earth,” thinking what an unbelievable gown, the way it wrapped itself tight about her wholly memorable nakedness with a glossy sheerness enlightening her brown, quenched for his intense thirst nipples did he bite himself a gluttonous hunger as this so desperately into spinning Tiffany Ann upon aerotic explosion so helplessly. “I’m the one frighten, you, frighten?” Sweeping this steeping beyond
measure passion hunter off into non-sense babbling was Tiffany spontaneous with
bedazzlement “ah god I can’t take this, shhhhhh, baby it’s me, it’s Nicholas, I broke down at work today Nicholas,” maneuvering out of this erotic beyond narrative foreplay were the hours passed yet laid heavy on her pulsating heart.
“I was so confused about us, about this very thing, ---about us?” “This is us
Tiffany, simply what’s meant to be,” displaying himself this madden intimacy
at swigging a mouth and tongue full of her into his longing to couple in her darling
adoration at being carried off passionately forever. “Now come to me, I ache for you in places I never thought I had, ---I’m dying there, Tiffany please, come, come to me forever, is this forever?” With a single tear drop designing the unutterable, inexpressible creature she was, even this mounting seductress at designing his wordless appetite for stirring about her fiery walls.” “We Tiffany have always been forever, is this for me?” Designing a blood heighten play into his stout, amazingly manicured, muscular chest, was all to slay her inconceivably so. This expert swordsman of himself at masterfully taunting their wildest, sexual fantasies. So miraculously dissolving as to resolve, the itching, throbbing, smoldering thirst right dead in the pit of severely intimidated human beings. Ah gos how incredible you are, ---we, it’s we, how incredible, ahggggggggg, that incredible, arggggggggggg, so amazing, so damn amaz---inggggg. That it would be here, yes at their most ferocious discovery of one the other, yes here that neither he nor she would ever be the same, but ever this beyond description interaction, this their immortal continuation.


“So are you coming or you gonna make us beg?” Sitting in his study, hearing his company playing one of their favorite games hollering at him to come and join them was Christian instead thinking about Tiffany and how he was so convinced she would come to him that very day. “Come on Cros, not the silent treatment, Christian Cros, are you even listening to me?” ”You gone off dreaming about
her again right, this Maaseiah person, what the hell Milla do you know about it?”
“I don’t want to play your damn, stupid games! Having struck a chord, a very touchy one but was Christian again feeling Tiffany Ann was gone away far from him, her heart, becoming one with another heart. “I know nothing but what I see in your eyes wondering after her, that she’s important to you, spirit told me her name, her real name.” “But I’m here with you, all of us are, don’t that Cros count for something?” As one trying to shake it off, pretend it wasn't so, trying to remain positive, but was Christian to finally realize what he was feeling honestly was Tiffany Ann, actually Maaseiah Adonai, giving herself intimately to another. "Come on Cros," grabbing his hand at pulling him her way, was Camilla right about one things, they were there enduring the impossible with him.“Where are we going?” "I’m sorry where are we going?" "I need a partner," "come play with us" "you used to be the best at solving the mysteries, I assume we're playing clue,
exactly, what about Spirit?" “Spirit is good Cros but I want you, you want me huh, where do you want me?”Is that a flirt, are you flirting with me?” “Only Mill in those eerie dreams of yours, well I’ve never been so insulted in all my days, whatever Mill, whatever.”<<< “I got here as soon as I could, Ronda had me all, ----there isn’t much Derry to get excited about,” as one disappointedly arm, by arm putting his suit jacket on, at packing himself up, getting out, off. “It’s basketball scholarship, they’re only offering me a three to four year athletic apprenticeship,” knowing for a certainty how brother Desrek really felt about the National Basketball Association (NBA) was this news more bitter than sweet. “Because So’le you go to school on a basketball scholarship doesn’t mean you have to play for the pros.” “I know,” as one hating to see his little broken so disappointed, so broken in two, that his dream for all times was over. “And I’ve considered that, but this is the school where I wanted an academic scholarship, not some damn Georgia Tech.” “Is this about you Sole, or her?” “You think an athletic scholarship isn’t something to be proud of.” “I know Desrek there’s Yale, even Harvard, but I want to attend school with Kassel Berlyn, so sue me!” “Although I don’t want to be seen as nothing other than a basketball jock, I don’t get it,” being a suspicious character at easing a seat upon the nearest table top was Desrek Allum more than tossed about this awkward predicament. “How could they not Sole consider your academic scores?” “They’re off the chart, they did, it’s just at this time they only offer me sports, ---you know what?” “I just don’t believe that, they have a kid whose phenomena in both and since you’re, you know, ---what, black?” Yes Sole, since you’re black, a very skilled one at that, I would go back in there and tell them your suspicions, don’t you Derry man mean your suspicions?” “Whatever Sole the brother I love, you want this or not?” Perhaps they can do like this half and half, a two year athletic student-ship and a two to three year academic one, now imagine your career opportunities.” “I’ll do it, and if they turn me down, I’ll do a lot of crying and begging, but I’m young right, I’ll get over it, right?” “I’m going to call, get an appointment to see these guys again, maybe Mr. Metes, my guidance counselor can sit in, give his proposal, ---now you’re thinking positive again. “Well I’m famish, I’ll be in the cafeteria, be there Sole man or be square, nall Derry man, that’s square, please don’t go around saying that.” ‘Did you talk to the misses about Sunday?” “Kassel doesn’t see a problem with it, but her sister Kiefer may have some scheduling problems, so we’re like waiting on her.” “You need me to call her, put some fire behind her?” You would actually do that?” “Ah nall, I just thought it made for interesting conversation that’s all, see you later, yeah the café, be there or, I was just kidding.” “Ok, ok, you’re kidding, but maybe Kiefer’s butterflies got meeting you written all over them, I’ll think about it, just Sole think, ok, ok, thinking about it, that’s good enough.”

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