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Tiffany XII



“I thought you heard me, I ordered out, your breakfast is getting cold, Tip?” As one easing into her room, into that mirror reflection just behind her at kind-heartedly approaching her, the funk she appeared to be. “You want to talk about this, this isn’t about Mike is it?” “No Erica, not Mike, it’s Nicholas,” as one having to admit she was quite fanatical about life, but never her sex life, although it was painfully clear she was out of control. “I think we’re going a little too fast, almost like a bad ride, it’s timing on a Ferris wheel you know.” “I don’t understand Tip, I think you guys are great for one another, that’s not Erica what I’m saying,.” “Nicholas Edin is astronomically beyond description and he feel a million times that way about me, I don’t know.” “I just feel like it’s all so without consequences and sharing your most intimate relations Erica should never, ever be without consequences, ---believe me Tip I learn that the hard way.” “So are you saying Nicholas isn’t trustworthy?” “Because I have to disagree, you know what, at this point Erica I don’t know what I’m saying, thanks for breakfast and I ‘ll see you at the center.” “You sure, because right there Tip, right there I was beginning to think you and I were about to have a serious moment, ah wouldn’t that be ashamed, it Tip would be tragic, now you sure because I have a real good shoulder here that seldom get usage, thanks, I’ll see you later.” “Look, whenever Nicholas declare his love does he mean he’s in love with me or he love being with me, all tangled into our hot passionate and ravenous selves.” “Have he Erica, or will he ever consider me wife material?” “To be honest Tip, seem like those are all questions you’re ask Nicholas, but to let those poached eggs go cold is ashamed, they’re so delicious, and here’s your hot cup, I reheated it for you.” “Why is everybody so nice to me lately?’ “First Mere and now you, she’s a god sent I have you know!” As one hollering down the hall after a retreating Erica Lynn was Tiffany thinking how she could easily skip the center and instead get out and see Christian Cros. “She’s Tip a spoil rich kid who has never suffered a day in her life, that’s it, that’s why you hate her.” ”I don’t hate her, I’m just uncomfortable around her that’s all, see you later, yeah just as long as you remember Erica Lynn Cunningham no one is exempt from hardship on this planet.” “Now how do I slow things down with Nicholas, let the relationship deteriorate, but isn’t that sabotage?” Talking to herself, despising this manner of uncertainty eating away at
her, that although Nicholas was incredibly irresistible she just couldn't believe how she was throwing herself so uncontrollably at this man. “Just step back, right, cancel some dates, don’t make any new ones, see how that work.” <<<“Earth to Sye, ---heyyyy,” waving a cheerful hand at meddling Syefan Erin ability to simply get lost dramatically away “remember me, the wife?” “I need to talk to you about something, ---ok, I'm listening" witnessed upon as one rising from his sitting to the sink, pulling a drawer open and from it a letter. "I need you to read this and tell me what you think, what is it?" "You need to read it, it's hard Sissy to explain, it's from her, isn't it?" "If by her you mean Stef, yes it's from her, why would I want to read some old love letter?” As one disturbed bitterly could the news from this mysterious parchment not be at all good. "It's not Sissy a love letter, it's something else, something important, I need you to trust me, please, ---ok," that at a sweet surrender as this agreement along a gentle pinch of his cheek at reassuring him, the husband of her dreams. "I'll read it, good, I'm gonna go, we'll talk later, I love you Sye, whatever this is we’ll endure it together, I’ll call you about lunch, ok, you be careful as always.”


“I know Kiefer he’s my brother and I love him so dearly but that isn’t the reason why I listen to him.” “I listen to Desrek because when I do it help me to understand why the world is the way that it is, why people are, and unless or until God’s kingdom come, it has been fate to be so, how without Christ’s Cross there’s just no undoing it.” “The world you mean, who want to undo the world?” “It’s just fine, maybe if people would stop trying to fix it so, no, only if you live a middle to upper class lifestyle in America or the free world Kiefer can you declare the world fine.” “So what are you saying, I’m selfish, that I’m self centered, no, I’m saying God’s Christ took a curse and made something astronomically beyond this heaven and earth, the most unpronounced earth to heaven wonder, now his redeeming blood call on us to do the same with the curse we’re born into.” “Wow Sole, wow!” “Until Christ’s cross happens to us we’re human being, and the human being is cursed to see the world only as it pleases, or explain it only as it justifies their way of life or death, because here Kiefer you can’t have one without the other.” “You can’t have one with ---hey, hey, for one thing stop talking about me as though I’m not here, and each of you Sole are free to have your own opinion.” “Remember, the Christ died that all mankind be free to make his or her own choice, ---well Sole I like Dexter and Ronda’s ideal,” as one coming up into a staggering approach at reaching out her beautifully manicured hand to him, such the stunning intimidation as she, “shall we dance?” “I, Don’t, you know, do that, ---you don’t dance?” “I never, I didn’t learn, ---maybe you need to take a break from all that bible crap and learn to dance, ---bible crap?” “What, you, is that how you see it?” “I’m going to the restroom and to the bar to get me something stronger than tea to drink.” “Wait a minute, how old are you?” “According to this ID. Mr. Bible, I’m way than old enough, it was nice meeting you, your sister and all, and you. I’ll see you tomorrow.” “I’m sorry you guys, ---Kiefer is leaving already?” “She is my sister, I’ve never seen her like this, there’s no need to apologize, the need is to change the subject.” “Good because I see a quiet little area over there where we Soledad Maurice can practice, you’re serious, you gonna teach me to dance?” “I would be more than happy too, ok you two , you better behave yourselves, we’re watching, especially me, I need some dance tips of my own.” “Thank you Desrek, this has been wondrous, make me believe I have, we can make something extraordinary out of what was a very dark place.” “Yes, that when god made you a cactus you learn how to produce the most astonishing floras possible. “Wow, where you get that from, just now, just as you said what you said, May always found it strange.” ‘You know, how a thorny, needle ridden cactus could bud and release such beautiful flowers, I thank you too sis, this night has been good for us all.” “You’re not leaving are you?” “Yes, my date is gone, and I have such an early morning, so I bid you all farewell.” “Dexter, my best man,” as one handing his hand to him, was Desrek Allum something of a paradox to them, and so good, so strangely good. “Keep up this best work, yeah Desrek man, you too, Thanks, I think I’ll meddle Soledad before I leave, you better hope he doesn’t curse you out.” <<<“Details, details, I want details,” rushing unannounced into Susan office a witness to a suspicious letter waving rather spiritless in a solemn Susan’s grasp. “Tell me you guys got more than sheet burns, but the sun as well.” Stephanie was dying from breast cancer, being diagnosed some years back she wasn't far from death’s bed and thus needed someone to take her son. “Would this be bad timing Sissy or what?” “Or what Erica is a better description,” springing up into that window, that look out, did Erica Lynn as usual have poor timing. “I could always come back, no, no , you’re fine, ok, but are you and Tip suffering from the same elements?” “I mean Nickie and Sye are brothers, you two could be, what are you talking about?” “Those troubles Sissy in paradise, what else?” “I just hope it isn’t contagious, that’s the last thing Matt and I need, trouble in paradise Erica indeed.” “Well you want to talk?” Going on to tell Syefan she’d forgiven him for not being there for her as he'd promised, that the days and days she waited that eventually turn to years were sometimes unending and unbearable. That the birth of their wonderful son Jeremy, his being so alive and so precious had forgiven all of that. “Tip and I came this close to having a more than serious conversation believe it or not,” how she loved him, always have, always would and should’ve been honest about this love from the beginning.” “Tip says she and Nickie are moving a little too fast, I think she’s feeling guilty about Mike all over again, you think she’s to ever get over him?” “What, what are you, Tip and Nickie, --I don’t know Erica, but Nickie is a fine supplement, I hope she relinquish all old acquaintances and let healing assimilate them likewise.” “So you want to talk about it?” “Yes, yes Erica I do but with Sye, we have a mountain of decisions to make.” “Well can I at least be the first to view the vacation photos, I mean I did get here first, ---Erica!” “Ok, ok, look I think Tip is gonna call it quits with Nicholas, possibly move back to Jamaica, ---are you serious, what make you think that?” “Because Sissy that was her plan right after Mike died, yeah but Nickie has changed all of that, not Sissy all of it, haven’t you been listening?” I've always told Jeremy about you, the incredibly sad letter continues, always shown him your pictures, there is no doubt Sye he will know you when he see you. He will see you want he? He need you, besides you and Mrs. Clara, my assistant, he doesn't know anyone else, without you he’ll be forever lost. “I’m sorry Erica I can’t think on these things now, I better go, meet Sye, you’ll be all right until I return right?” “More than all right, well I’ll see you later.” “Ummm, pictures, here, you’re going to have to get them developed, there’s nothing provocative right, you guys are not doing it on any of these, right?” “You think I’ll be giving them to you, you think I want Sye and our personal sex life on the front cover of Dissuasion Magazine?” This is my request and my last vow to our son, as I have given him to you, his loving Father, please I beg of you do not fail him, he love and await you. “You do Sissy know I hired an assistant right?” That she’s to see a rushed as this Susan Faye to the elevator at not really wanting to see her go, to see her so unexplainably tensed up. “Yes, Ashleigh Roget right?” “So you do listen to me, ---eh-h-h, not really, I got your memo, well that’s even better, you actually read it.” “Ok well, tell Sye I miss that pretty face of his, I will baby, later.” ---Truly my love, there is still so much I could say, but they're empty words now, goodbye my love, I look forward to the time we shall meet again, until then be safe, be loved and believe you where my only love. Stef...

O Beloved
“Nall, it’s probably Sole, he said he’s to, ---May! Ingesting rather hard that particular assumption at being flabbergasted coming face to face with a too stunning for words Maasieah Adonai.” “It’s May!” Ahh, Tiffany!” ---Hello Derry, coming into a delicate kiss to his cheek, did Tiffany Ann seem and smell as incredible as he appeared. “I mean Desrek, no, Derry is fine, won’t you come in, it’s who, it’s me, Tif, ---Tif!” That she’s to rush happily into a great comforting hug and kiss of her best friend in all the world. “My gracious to life what a surprise, so you see him, you see Desrek, isn’t he a doll?” “Ah yes,” thinking he was much more than that, tall, dark, stunning, and with a creative artwork of facial stubble, truly how sensational. “It was nice Desrek seeing you again, and May, you as well” “So what in God’s name brought you here?” As one happy at taking her hand and leading her best friend this way, as they had much to discuss, it would no doubt take forever. {{{“Yes, yes hello,” with this being a yet stun Desrek Allum rushing to get the phone, had it been only a day of Tiffany trying with all her might to avoid Nicholas Coogan at showing up here unannounced. “Why aren’t you guys answering the phone?” “May is here, she’s Sole even more beautiful than any imagining, simply dazzling, I was dumbfounded, tripling over my tongue at being this wacky, man I hope I wasn’t starring at her.” “So May is there, yeah, Ronda and I both were busy greeting her, well?” “Well what?” Remembering the fact Maasieah w as nothing but hair and legs accented by the most awesome golden brown eyes last he saw her. Although she was much more now, much, much more at simply paralyzing any efforts he’s to make toward her. “Ah now it’s what, remember Derry man how you’re to for the first time tell her how you feel?” “I think Sole I’ll give her time to get her foot in the door, ---so are you still coming?” “Since Derry man I’m waiting on a flight to Jamaica probably not, ok, in a manner I’m to understand fully, where the hell are you Sole and why?” “We’re eloping, ---Ok, ---what the hell did you just say?” “Calm, down Desrek man,” that he’s to chuckle out loud at Desrek dramatic response, but was brother Soledad pulling his leg and how menacing. “It’s Hain, you remember cousin Hain?” “Of course Sole yes, well he's to come to New York but he want me to come home first, help him convince aunt Laura and get his things together and all.” “We’ll probably be roommates, take a few classes together, stuff like that.” “You do know what a, wait, aren’t we brother Soledad for getting something, that new appointment of yours?” “No I’ll be back in time for that you’ll see, I can’t miss that, my whole life and career depends on that meeting, right?” “So tell me more about May, she didn’t come to see me, but Ron, my god Sole, I’ve never seen anything like her in this world.” “She gave me the sweetest kiss on the cheek, man she look and smell so magnificent.” “I wasn’t only struck dumb Sole but useless, I didn’t speak for fear it would come out psycho babble or something like that.” “Well my flight is boarding, I’ll possibly see you guys again around Thursday, and just remember Desrek, she’s still the same Maasieah you used to eat dirt with, you just had to remind me of that right?” “Are You kidding?” “That story is hilarious, yeah, yeah well, you be careful and be back on time, ok, ok, got ya, bye, ---look!” “Tell mom and dad I said hello, I gotta go, later.”}}} <<<"So has Susan decided upon a cover?" Discovering Erica Lynn busying herself examining the latest photo shots was the day getting along regardless of various mishaps. "Not yet, what else is on the agenda today?" "I hired another model yesterday, Cotton, ---whew!” Viewed
upon as one wiping supposedly sweat from her brow, at shaking off soiled fingers at how tremendously hot this new guy. "Seen him huh?" "Ah yes, he’s simply, what?" "Exhilarating, well I want to get shots of him on the run way, him and Talsa" as one handling Ashleigh Michelle a particular photo of this Talsha person, although she was at work, was Matthew Edwin, the problems he was having instead on her mind "yeah," "Talsha, they would Erica look gorgeous together
“Don’t Ash pictured them not so much together, Tip want the image of a dog and cat fight between them, ummm, that would be amazing.” “You know what?"
"You and I Erica, we speak the same language, yeah lust, yeah that too." "Hey!" As one leaning into a bright idea as she’s to have just the slightest, alternate thing under her sleeve. “Speaking of unimaginable beauty, what's up with those
photos, you know Mr. immortally sworn?" "I don't know" as one finding dis-pleasure with what shots they had was Erica thinking they were to begin again from scratch and how she needed Tiffany there like right at that moment. "Am I seeing yellow here?" "This is truly not the Erica Lynn I know, I just don't know where to go with it, I mean if I had their approval of course I have the grandest idea, but since I don’t maybe I should just shred and toss them.” “Look next time
Nicholas is here why not slip it to him, you know concealed in an envelope, just see what happens." "I don't know Ash, all come on, you're not going soft on me are you?" "I'll hate to see such a master go to waste, we can at least have fun with it, ok Ash we'll do it and if he sue us, by the way what are you eating Ash that smell so good?" "The last of my brunch, want some" uncovering said specialty that Erica is to view at first hand was Erica more hungry than usual at again contemplating whether or not she was pregnant being over a month late. “Is that gravy, you’re not allowed to have gravy are you?” “It’s gravy but not the way you think, you want some or not?" "No, I better not, but speaking of Nicholas Coogan we can always work at Burger Bar," "you know if he disagrees and sue us and, what you mean gravy but not the way I think?” “You wouldn’t, you’re not just fooling yourself are you?” “He won't sue us, will he?" "Well Nicholas is one of
the highest paid attorney's in upstate New York, I think I'm getting the message, and I think Ash it's about time." "Although Ash Nicholas is very kind and damn beautiful he's also very ruthless, he doesn’t play, he’s kinda sense of humorless that way."



“No Cros, pleaseeee, seeing he’s to favor her by making ready to splash her with a huge snow ball, had Camilla come out only to see what all the fuss was about. “I only came, I just did my, pleaseee, ----aghggggggg god I can’t believe you did that, I begged you and everything, ---there are no innocent by-stander Milla doing a snowball fight, ---no innocent huh?” As one coming down the stairs, dripping and wiping, soon digging into the snow at seeing he and spirit take off running, would she get them back. “You two can run but, ahhhgggg, ---pew, ---pew, agh, god Niegl, now that’s not fair, three against one, --- make that two,” coming with her hands weighed down with sizeable snowball an tickled Mrs. Martha watching from the upstairs hallway. See, that’ what you get,” being able to pound a flipping, tripping Neigl did she nor Nadia not have any mercy, ---Mercy, ---Mercy, I’m your twin brother, ---my twin brother didn’t care when he pounded his sister so hard, ---ok, ok, I give, I give, swear you’ll help us get Cros and River, I swear, ---you swear, ---I swear, I swear, just let me reload. “ “Man it’s been a long time since I’ve had this much fun, I haven’t had so much fun in my life, ah we’re watching you, I’m ready, loaded and ready.” “So where the heck are they?” Evidently Spirit and Christian Cros had hidden themselves well, but they had Niegl with them truly he could figure them out. “A snow angel, who made, I need to do, aghhhhhh Niegl, nall, nall , ---that big headed, ---you traitor!” I can’t believe we trusted him, ahhhhh get it out of my shirt, my back, it’s freezing, Niegl you coward, you traitor.” “Ok guys we give, you win,---come out, come out wherever you are, the shed, they have to be in there somewhere, come on, no, lets create us some shields, hey good idea, don’t move or say anything but River, is trying to make a sneek attack to your left, I never knew something so cold and so wet could be so much fun, got ya!” get him good really, really good, aghhhhhh, Cros is, no, no, Cros, I’m suppose, ahhh I get you, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” <<<:And you Niegl wanted to stay in the house, the last one down for hot chicken noodle soup get to mop all the floors, I know you all heard that, is Mrs. Martha serious?” “She’s smiling rather cunningly so perhaps she’s serious.” “Hot soup.” hurriedly undressing to redress was Spirit River and the others thinking right now anything hot sound extremely tempting. “Milla?” That a yet captivated Christian Cros is to knock at her door at bringing her down to hot soup and possibly more melodrama. “Milla are you coming?” “You’ve ruin me Cros how can I come?” “You not gonna let a little snow ball fight spoil your day are you?” “I’m going to get you back Cros, a time when you least suspect it, I’m going to pay you good, now that’s my girl, don’t keep us waiting.

I Will Rise And Go About The City And The Streets
”Have you talked to her recently?” “No not since the dinner and it’s like living with piercing knives in my heart, ---yeah, been there, don’t ever want to be there again, you?” “yeah me, engaged remember, as one showcasing a flattering hand with a gold band attached, was it yet so unbelievable that brother Denton was engaged, seriously no doubt. I know it’s hard for you guys to phantom but Dex its real, it’s so real, you’re serious, you only gonna have water? Hey, although we seldom listen but no doubt heard, you know what mom would say. Yeah, if this supreme is for you” as those talking, responding simultaneously, had it been a long time since he and his brother has spend this kind of time together. “With you, there’s no power, especially on this earth that can stand against you.” “Not Dex even a horrified as she maybe Corronda Bren, right?” “I probably already asked but how did you and Sophia meet?” “You’re not going to believe me, but it was at church, church?” As one amusingly taking a sip of his water glass into a glance about a fabulous, restaurant with just as stunning as themselves guess.” “I know, I know, but actually it was a wedding, Clair bellows, Clair?” As one literally strangling to clarify, to comment, were the stuart males, as so many of their graduating class in love with Clair Bellows. “What on earth, no why on earth were you at clair Bellows wedding?” Surprisingly enough Dex I was invited, I still don’t know how that invitation found me which Dex remind me.” “Being at her wedding was like being at a class reunion I kid you not, most of our graduating class was there.” “You know who she married right?” John Jason Motley, ah come on now Dent, you got to be kidding, the class clown, goof ball?” “Yeah but quite the wiz kid/tycoon now I tell you, man that’s just goes to show, ---Dexter, I thought that was you, my word it’s Desrek right?” “Yeah, right, you remember my brother Denton, yeah, as on happily shaking his hand, though was Denton a little thrown off course.” “It’s Ronda brother, the one fromGermany, ahhh, yes. yea of course, ---join us, I would but I w sonly just leaving, a working dinner actually.” “So how is she, how’s Ronda, Ron is ok, I just dropped Sole off, the youngest.” “Man, Sole is here?” “Yeah, tall as a tree, couldn’t wiat o get here, to her, to us actually, I now I see aquainted some how but Ron spoke so often of you guys.” “Come on take a seat for a moment there, I can’t really, Sole just called, so I was rushing to get back to him and all.” ‘Everything ok?” Ah yes, he just need a ride, we’ll possibly go and rent him a car tomorrow, then he won’t be so dependent.” “It was good seeing you gain, if you don’t mind I’ll bring Sole around so he’s to finally meet you.” “I’ll like that really, good, then I’ll be in touch, yeah thanks Desrek, yeah you guys enjoy.” “Ronda was right, about what?” About him being the most sincere person she’s ever met, yeah well check out that accent.” “Well between Jamaica and Germany, you know, well I just hope with both brothers Desrek and Soledad here that’s to help Ronda right alone.” “No sisters huh?” NO, just two younger brothers, her parents own a neighborhood Grocery back home, so they’re all pretty disciplined, well known.” Thanks Les, it reallt feel good talking about her, you sure you and Sophia can’t stay?” Forever you mean?” “Ah man I’m pretty sure Sof and will be back here real soon, Ronda will get herself back and you’re be calling me, lining me up to be best man, me right, your baby brother?” “yeah, no one Les man but you, alright now, just remember you said that.”



“Nicholas Coogan attorney at law right?” As though he’s a celebrity at shaking his hand, pushed tight into an overly crowded elevator Nicholas couldn't help wondering that as of Tiffany and his recent phone conversation what had her so crossed, so heartless
and thus unrelenting? “I’m sorry but with Attorneys a dime a dozen in this nation what make you choose such a career?” “Destiny I guess man, my older brother Syefan Coogan is district attorney, you’ve possibly heard of him, yeah I have, that was my next question,” “that and how strange the weather been lately.” Deliberating at how mean he'd

himself been did he

hope Tiffany wasn't playing games because he didn't have time for

games at worrying
immensely that maybe he'd unknowingly triggered this recent funk. “I

was in court today,” “saw you in action,” “it’s a gift with you,” ”only the guys you’re

defending are crooks themselves,” “you know that right?” “It was nice meeting you,”

handing his hand additionally did the inquisitive gentleman seem impressed at gladly

giving his hand,” “have a nice day,” “yeah you too.” “Although Mr. Coogan can you hand

me your wallet,” “my what?” “Everybody remain calm,” displaying a gun at bringing the

elevator to a complete stop was this a clever than usual robbery “be calm and nice like

Mr. Coogan here and this will be over in only a few seconds.” “Ah god man tell me

you’re kidding,” “loaded gun here,” “not kidding sorry,” “if everyone will past this tote

around after you’ve donated all your prized possessions this will take no time at all” “Ah

man what freaking timing,” thinking he’s to catch Tiffany now or be forever trying to

reach her could Nicholas not believe he was being robbed and at gun point. “Could I man

make a request,” “could you at least leave us with all our Id’s and credit cards seeing it

take forever to get those things back?” “You guys heard Mr. Coogan,” “just empty your

wallets and purses of bills, rings, watches,” ”keep your Ids,” ”your credit cards I don’t
need them,” “how about that?” “Yeah thanks,” “I want to thank everyone for their

generous donations,” “I’m going to unlock the elevator,” “get off all by myself without

either of you making a sound for at least ten minutes,” “again thanks.” “As for you Mr.

Coogan I’ll see you in court.” “{{{Yes,” that before he’s to clear the elevator was

Nicholas freeing a sizable cell phone at getting help immediately “my emergency,” “we’ve,

“we’ve been,” “no robbed,” “the theatrics building elevator,” “no,” cutting his eyes along

the hall they’d all worriedly and noisily settled into was Nicholas on his mobile phone as

soon as the robber hit the elevator door “about ten to fifteen,” “no he had a gun,” “loaded

or not I’m glad to say we don’t know.” “He ran toward the third floor stairs,” “yes

thanks very,” “Nicholas Coogan,” “yes thanks.”}}} “They’re sending a patrol car,” “so

did you know him?” “Me?” “Aw no I’ve never seen him before,” “he acted as though he

knew you,” ”no he acted as though he wanted to know me and then made it all a

mockery.” “Where you going?” “You can’t leave the seen of a crime,” “here’s my card,”

“Nicholas Coogan attorney at law I’m out.” “Thanks for what you did in there,” “getting

him to leave our Id’s and credit cards,” “that was smart,” “yeah now he can go find him

and they can share the bounty.” "I thought I told you I was busy," "look," tall, gorgeous

and explaining himself

was a clement Nicholas Edin surprised he’d actually caught her his

very reason for leaving a crime scene. "I don't know Tiffany what's going on but after all

we've been through I think I have

a right to know." "I don't have to explain a damn thing

to you" pulling her coat

off sleeve by sleeve at hanging it was she displaying herself as one

immensely betrayed by him. "Ok besides being unfairly illicit on the phone earlier have I

wronged you or something?" With emerald eyes as adorable as he was suspicious at

appearing to look right through unto her very soul were his inquiries just as intimidating.
"I'm sorry," "I don't know what's

wrong," stretching burning eyes, a thorny throat

tightening her confession skyward as she knew she had to call this whole thing quits. “I

think," "I think

Nicholas we should you know," "no honey I" "I think we should slow


down," "for a while anyway." "Slow things down?" Out rightly subduing her


lessening a distance apart, at bringing himself this close to comforting her indeed the last

thing she wanted. "Please Nicholas don’t,” unavoidably backing

away was Tiffany this

paramount puzzle of disengagement and peril at performing her worse "please just don't,"

"but you're crying!” "yes Nicholas I’m crying," "my god

why?" "I don't know why" "I

don't freaking know why!” “I just know it's over," "what's over?" "Baby you're not making


"don't do that" skipping off again at cutting a look like a sword at him as though

his touch alone is to sicken her beyond exploding "just don't." "It just isn't going to

work," the most awesome creature Nicholas Edin is to in his life time know, love, why

was this happening and why to them, this very special couple?

"I had

the best time of my

life last night" "I lost my heart to you long ago but

last night I could swear Tiffany I lost

my soul." "For the first time since we've been

dating" having to get this right into a tough

swallow as he's to be so honored to be her man, as to as well one day for all eternity be

her husband "you," "you told me you loved

me for god sakes and now it's over," "my god

Tiffany why is it over?" "I don't know,"

snarling terribly at him, at warm, to cold tears

spreading themselves freely could she not explain in pure, simple words why she was so

hysterical "I can't," "I

can't explain it now," "just leave me alone!" "Tiffany" "please

Nicholas if you care about me just go."

"Did I do something wrong?" Turning back at a

desperate, rational solution, treasuring her to a degree

inexpressible Nicholas didn't know

about himself but Tiffany

wasn't making much sense, although was she too upset to be
sensible. "No," as one roughly pulling tissues loose into a seat at being honest about how

Nicholas Edin was simply every woman’s dream boat. "You've been perfect," "just

perfect,” “then

help me understand this," "I can't," "can't you understand that damn it I

can't." "I know

it's doesn’t make sense but I need you to go," "just go Nicholas please,"

"ok," backing into

an innocent enough surrender was leaving her the last thing he wanted

to do at regretfully granting her this insane plot. "I so hate Tiffany seeing you like this,"

"if you need me call

me," "no matter what time Tiffany you find me."

Sitting emotionally

stagnate in her office for the reminder of the day, not receiving calls,

not seeing anyone,

crying and sobbing uncontrollably at times Tiffany was loosing her

mind, that was the only

explanation for what she was feeling “There’s been a robbery on the third floor,” cutting

Tiffany set on into an intensified seat did Erica Lynn not realize the catastrophe she’d

walked in appraised Tiffany Ann Saurus ”a robbery?” As one lessening a show of herself

as there had to be tall, tale signs of her weeping her eyes out. “Yes Nicholas was there,”

“but Nicholas was just here,” “we’re talking Tip about thirty,” “forty minutes ago,”

“there,” “there he is. {{{“No it wasn’t the professional thing to do,” “leaving a crime

scene but I had an urgent matter to tend to,” “I left my business card.” “There were those

convinced Mr. Coogan you knew him,” “I did not know the perpetrator and was robbed

just like the others.” “You convinced him to take only money and jewelry at leaving the

people Ids and credit cards,” yes,” pushing them further down the stairs at getting away

from them to an urgent court appearance did the press, their cameras really love this superman, “yes

I did that,” “maybe that’s why they thought you knew the guy.” “My word Tip he is so

damn incredible he give me goose bumps every time,” ” how do he get his hair that way?”

“You know we probably can’t get Nicholas Coogan but we could easily copy his adept
vogue to one of the models.” “Copying Nicholas Edin,” “truly when gods made him they

broke the mode,” “Tip?” Turning suddenly at realizing she wasn’t responding at fanning

inquisitive eyes all round, was her jacket gone, her purse and brief case which were all

signs she was as well gone.


"So what you gonna do?" Inquiring at she and Syefan's lunch sitting as time scruti-

nizing impatiently the rest of their lives was of the essence "so you

read it?" "Sad to

say Sye yes," "it's," "I know" "it's almost unthinkable." "They need you


mingling into his amazing stare with hers, that comforting touch to his hand truly what

sparkling all the better at seeing him with green eyes did Susan Faye have. Evenly least he


that gorgeous strawberry blonde mane pinned scurried about, those perfect facial


all accented by the most darling diamond ear pieces. "I don't understand," "are

you telling me Sissy to go?" "Yes go" "what else can you do?" "She

need you Sye," "your

son need you," "I know that but," "but what?" Evidencing a striking

Syefan leaning over

to her, into this passionate grip of hers at clarifying this improbability, "Stef isn't only

Sissy asking

me to be a father to Jeremy but she's asking you to be a mother," "have you

even considered that?" "God yes!" "yes I've considered that," "for hours in my office I've


nothing but consider the whole matter and how it would affect all our lives."

Although aren’t we

Sye talking about an innocent child," "one who doesn't deserve any of

this madness?" "I see you

have thought about this," relaxing instead back what about

Nicholas Edin most of all, how in Christ name would he justify not only his and Step-

hanie’s affair but now Jeremy Allen, their illegitimate son?” “ May I help you?" Arriving

at their

request that at again exemplifying Susan's agreement would Syefan then waste no

time but get to Australia as soon as possible. "So I should go?" "My yes," "as

soon as

possible," "I'll even go with you" as to relate cautiously, but was that exactly what Syefan

Erin not only wanted but needed. "If you think that

will be" "yes," "my god Sissy yes" "I

wanted to

ask you but I was afraid," "no I'll go." "God!" attending a disturbance in his

nostril like

so, as this was overwhelming news that not only was Susan agreeing but to the

point she would support him all the way. "You don't know how happy this make me,"


positive about this?" "No but Sye I know this child need

us," "and we need him,"

"to be there for him or we and this marriage of ours will never forgive ourselves.”

“When,” wiping tense palms into his face, his hairline worriedly was this going a lot

easier and speedier than he’s to imagine with Susan Faye being in such agreement. “I

mean how soon should we go,” “as soon Sye as we’re to get a flight.” “You do know

Sissy that besides our initial marriage vows this will be the most demanding undertaking

we’re to agree upon,” “and like those marriage vows Sye it’s a leap of faith upon which

we’re both in completely agreement,” “how did you Sye think I would respond?” “Extra-

ordinarily beautiful and just as maternal I never Sissy would’ve guess,” “what a sweet,”

“sweet surprise,” “ hey,” “we’re

going to Sydney Australia.”

“I can’t believe they’re still taking about that robbery,” ”this is New York,” ”there

must be one every ten or so seconds.” “Yeah Nickie but this isn’t about that robbery,”

“this is about you,” “Nicholas Coogan attorney at law,” “the baby brother if this Districts

youngest Attorney,” “that is what all this is about.” So Syefan didn’t tell you why he had

to cancel?” “Said he couldn’t say just yet but that he and Sissy would explain once they

return,” “return?” “Again Nickie he didn’t say,” “but I tell you I’m tickle to death at being

at lunch with at least one of my best friends in all the world.” “Not to belittle that at all

Bradford but I’m not here just for lunch,” “or for restoration,” “but for clarity.” “Re-

member Syefan is suppose to help me,” “even us Brad understand why this has happen”

“but that Nickie isn’t the only thing bugging you is it?” “No,” “it’s just that I have only

hours before I’m to leave for France and god only knows where Tiffany is.” “Erica say

one second she was there in her office viewing the news with her and the next she was

disappeared without a trace.” ‘Ah god why does she hate me so,” “what we’re to

have Brad,” “be?” “That like you Brad and Barb,” ”like Sye and Sissy what Tiffany and I

must have is this pure destiny but she’s not having it.” “That Nicholas my love is why she

isn’t having it,” “because she know,” “knowing is that terrifying her the most so she’s to

escape with all her life.” “However just like you Nickie I wouldn’t allow it even if I’m to

make camp right outside her place,” tickled to tears at the very mention, the very thought

at visualizing Nicholas Edin camped, tent, sleeping bag and all right outside Tiffany’s

door. “I’m sorry,” hardly able to talk at laughing, but was Nicholas Edin equally tickled as

he’s to imagine this very thing. “{{{Yes Nicholas Coogan here,” shaking a tickled as this

head, glisten to tears eyes his yet thrilled by these theatrics brother’s way, “excuse me he

what?” “The robber,” “he Mr. Coogan dropped everything he took here at the Manhattan

precinct with a note which reads, “in care of Attorney at Law Nicholas Coogan.}}}”

“What is it?” Witnessed upon as one suddenly distraught was Bradford Elam himself very

concern, “is everything all right,” “Nickie?” “It would seem Sye our mystery robber is at it

again,” “he,” “wait a minute,” giving Bradford the wait signal what on earth was Nicholas

talking about, the mystery robber? “What is happening/” “The guy yesterday,” “the rob-

ber,” “he took all our personal items to the Manhattan precinct and left it Brad to the care

of yours truly?” “Why is he Nickie so determined to involve you in his little masquerade,”

“I don’t know,” “but I have a feeling that is what the authorities are going to ask.” “I

better get down there,” “you want some company?” “Sure Brad,” “why not?” “Who

knows,” “I may need bail money or something,” “then perhaps Nickie I shouldn’t come

being broke and all.”


“You sure about this?” “Aren’t you?” With Niegl and Nadia watching the weather

closely, they were finally moving to

Florida, yes as soon as it stopped snowing and

temperatures rose above freezing they

would say goodbye to Christian and Miss Martha at

beginning their own lives.

“I’m just saying that now Nie with Spirit tagging along I’m

beginning to ask what’s wrong with staying right here?” “You Nadia is welcome to stay

here,” “Spirit also but I can’t stay here,” “I can’t,” “I won’t live with him and you know

it.” “You keep saying that but you refuse to say why,” “I would think Nadia you of all

people know why,” “but papa is dead,” “and as far as I’m concern so is all his lame brain,

even in some cases Nie diabolic medicaments and prescripts,” “not Nadia all of them.”

“Either of you guys seen my English,” “what I should’ve knocked,” ”what’s going on?”

“Of course not,” “and the last I saw it Spirit was in the hall right outside Christians’study,”

“what is up with you guys,” “why it is your conversation always become hush,” “hush

every time,”

”that’s Nie every time I come into the room?” ”I hate that,” “I mean you guys

have no idea how much I really,” “really hate that,” “Spirit?” “No Nadia,” “Christian is the
only one who listen to me,” “who respect every thing I’m to say.” “I’m not just a kid any

more,” “I grew up in the same nightmare scenario with Papa as you two which made me

grow up mighty damn fast.” Receiving word from boyfriend Angus that he was in route

to America, of course Christian was

very uncomfortable with this, what was his family

thinking? They barely had anything,

possibly lending their life's income to put him in route

to America simply because he

thought himself in love.

“You know I don’t care if either of

you hate me,“ ”come on Spirit we,” “like papa hated me,” “but don’t pretend,” “that was

the one thing to respect about him,” “he hated me and everybody,” “no make that every-

thing within close proximity of him knew that for a certainty.” “Spirit please,” “what

Nie,:” “you’re to deny everything or give me the deserved explanation?” “How about

you,” “you’re my friend and all Nadia tell me in the light what you and my brother whisper

about in the dark? “My Christ what are you so afraid of?” “What is going on here?” A

witness how Spirit River is to be his most tense, even unrelenting as Spirit is never so

obtuse. “Who knows,” “just talking out of his head again, “and they’re talking behind my

back again as always and I want to know why,” “that’s all why?” “Look it’s late,” “every-

one has had a long, exhausting day why don’t we call it a night,” “I see it you know,” that

he’s to target with fierce accusations brother Niegl’s great escape most of all, sister Nadia

after him “it’s right there Nie on the tip of your tongue,” “you want to say but will wait

until you and Nadia are again in the dark.” “Why don’t you do as Christian said and say

goodnight,” “you said I wasn’t your brother earlier,” “what did you mean by that?” “Is

that why you and Nadia were whispering so?” Christian?” “Goodnight the both of you.”

“and you young man,” “what is this really about,” “you heard him,” “you pretended not to

but you heard him!” “Papa hated me,” with an astonishing look of his piercing glistening
with tears eyes Christian’s way at breaking his heart in two “but he wasn’t the only one

was he?” “I hate this place,” “Spirit!” “No!” speeding off somewhat hysterical Christian

could only imagined what Niegl and Nadia had said, or done, or not said “just leave me



“Nall it’s probably Sole he said he’s to,” “May,” ingesting rather hard that particular

idealology at being found instead flabbergasted at coming face to face with Maasieah

Adonai, the last person in all the world he expected to see “it’s Maaseiah,” “hello Derry,”

“I mean Desrek.” “Derry is fine May won’t you come in,” “It’s who,” “it’s May,” “its

me,” “Tip,” that she’s to rush happily into a great, comforting hug and kiss of her as she’d

missed her something awful. “My gracious Tip what a surprise,” “so you see Desrek,”

“isn’t he a doll,” “ah yes,” thinking he was much more than that, tall, dark and a creative

artwork of facial stubble was he stunning. “It was nice May seeing you,” “and Desrek you

too.” “So what in gods’ name brought you here?” leading her this way did she and her

best friend Tiffany Ann have so much to discuss it would no doubt take forever. “Wow!”

With this being Desrek Allum rushing to get the phone response had it been only a day

since Tiffany's bout with Nicholas that at successfully

avoiding him was she for much

needed moral support showing up unannounced at

Corrondas' door.

“{{{“Why aren’t you

guys answering the pnone?” “May is here,” even

more beautiful than any imagining,

simply dazzling was Desrek Allum not only dumbfound but was he at being so sensibly

wacked unable at taking his eyes off of her. “Ronda and I both were busy greeting her,”

“May is there,” “well?” “Well What?” Remembering the last he saw her and the fact

Maaseiah was nothing but hair and legs

accented by the most awesome hazel eyes

although she was much more now, much, much more at simply paralying any efforts he’s

to make toward her

. “Aw now it’s what” “rememeber Derry how you’re to for the first

time truly let her know how you feel?” “I think Sole I’ll give her time to at least get in the

door,” “so are you still coming?” “Since Desrek I’m waiting on a flight plane to Jamacia

probably not,” “say that again,” surprised into a seat what on earth was Soledad talking

about with them having boo coos of collegic responsibilies still? “Ok in a manner I’m to

understand fully where the hell are you Sole and why?” “We’re eloping ok,” “what did

you just say?” “Calm domn Desrek man” that he’s to chuckle out loud at his dramatic

response but was baby brother Soledad Maurice pulling his leg “it’s Hain,” “you remember

cousin Hain?” “Of course Sole yes,” “well he’s to come to New York but he want me to

come home first, help him convince aunt Laura and get himself together and all.” “We’ll

probably be roomates,” “take a few classes together,” “stuff like that.” “Aren’t we

brother Soledad for getting something,” “no I’ll be back in time for the dinner you’ll see.”

“So tell me more about May,” “she didn’t come Sole to see me but Ronda,” “my god

she’s amazing I kid you not,:” “ I wasn’t only struck dumb Sole but useless,” “afraid to

speak for fear it would come across as psycho babel or something like that.” “Well my

flightis boarding,” “I’ll possibly see you guys again around Thursday and just remembe

she’s still the Maaseiah you used to eat dirt with,” “you just had to remind me of that

right?” “Are kidding?” “That story is harlirious.”}}} "But Tip it’s easy to see you're not

well" patting the bed at directing her into a seat a bit closer at realizing her friend was in

even more trouble "I'm sorry,"

slicing stinging, crying eyes away was a dismal as this
Tiffany Ann realizing perhaps this wasn’t such the greatest idea after all "You're the one

Ronda that have endured,"

"you know," "it's ok Tif,” "he’s everywhere as you say and

always so merci

ful." "so are you still dreaming about Mike?" "Sometimes," "I can only

imagine how you feel," "I

mean I know pain is pain but what Tip I lost I'm finding," "but

you,” “no Ronda you're right"

"it's ok." "My god you've met

someone," "someone

doesn’t Ronda come close," at sweeping her cheeks into a look into Corranda's lovely


collection did they always seem to bring a soothing calm "you love this guy?"

"Love" twisting into a wave off of denial at thinking perhaps she should get a collection of

her own, a hobble at least. "I loved

Michael," "yeah but now," "I think so," "sometimes I

don't really know" "I think Tif you do know," "you look me directly in the eyes and tell me

you're not in

love with this guy," "I will do nothing of the sort." "You're intimate with this

guy aren’t you?" "My lord this is serious,” “Ok," as one bounching off with both

enthusasim and expertise at knowing her best friend would Corronda get to the bottom of

all things mysteious. "You poor baby," "it was bound

to happen," "yeah I know but so

soon after Mike's death I feel so guilty" "yes while

you'll feel better," handing off

Kleenexes to her at comforting her Corranda couldn’t wait to hear who this secret guy

was. “So who is he," "someone I know?" "Yeah it’s someone you know" nodding into a

clear uncertainty as she knew Corranda Bren always had like this inexplicable aversion for

the Coogan men, "while?"

"It's Nicholas," "Nicholas?" "My word you mean Nicholas

Coogan as in Syefan’s brother?" "Wow Tip he's

really something," "I remember he really

cared for you" as one getting up, getting

dressed to go out at not believing of the men

Tiffany’s to trust so privately it would be Nicholas Coogan. "Just who are you fooling

Ronda you never liked the Coogans?" "Heck

only because they never gave me

the time of day," “yeah right I noticed what time

Bradford wished it was when I intro-

duced you two." "Dex kinda told me what you did

for me," fixing on colored lips did she

glance back at Tiffany at forewarning her of the vows they made to one another, how they

had to stay faithful to them and none other "are we going some place?"

"Tif?" Contacting

her eye to eye once more at being her most serious was Tiffany to never do such a thing

again "that was really dangerous," "you don't

need to be doing things like that,"

"remember what these guys did to me," "hell to Mike,"

"I remember," "it's why I did what

I did," "but that's all behind us now." "Remember Tif

the promise we made," "yeah," "that

we would never be like them," "I remember,"

"good" sitting at fixing her panty hose on

was she and brother Desrek attending one of their friends wedding reception "now gettin

g back to Nicholas Coogan he's

always Tif had it for you," "now how does this look?" "It

seems Ronda everybody knew

that but me" "that's because the two of you were too busy

looking for love in other

places." "What's with these Coogan men anyway?" "By the way

I heard about that robbery he was in,” ”how he even worked things for the better,” “I

don't know much about it,” “I haven’t seen him or talked with him since although Ronda

is that a trick question,” “about the Coogan I men,” ”ahhhh I know if.” “who am I kidding

right?” “ He's' gorgeous as hell for god sakes," "yeah and I Ronda iconsented he


marry me in an instant," "Ronda seriously I share

things with this man," "this strange man

that only a wife should share with her husband."

"He in return share things with me,"

"private,” “personal things that a husband should only share with

a wife." "I know how

you are about monogamy," "about marriage Tif," "this is why you

and Nicholas should be

perfect for one another." "I mean what I hear about this Nicholas

Coogan is that he’s far

from being a player," designing herself to a mirror imagine at getting her style right

Corroanda couldn’t believe she was being this encouraging about Nicholas Coogan but

Tiffany was a best friend "that all

manner of celeritous women literally throw themselves

at this one and he just won't bite."

"Truly Tif I don't think Nicholas Coogan is playing

some mind game with you," "I be

lieve he would marry you just as you say,” ”in an instant

as you say," "and stay faithful

to those vows accordingly." "You're not just saying that to

make me feel better?" "No,"

"if there's one of a kind of man Nicholas Coogan is it," "he's

the best thing that could

happen to you now." "Look Desrek and I are going to a wedding

reception," "my first since the

incident," checking her hair, the style, knowing she needed a

cut and soon, "come with us," "I

won't be intruding?" "Believe me the thought of being

out with my brother isn't very

inviting?" "So where's Mr. Stuart?" "I talked to Dexter

only a few minutes before I called you,” “he just showed up like you at my door,” “he

looked and smelled so good Tif,” “god as my witness I didn’t want him to go,” “I actually

told him that,” “you told him that?” “Yes,” “how I wanted to fold and plait myself into

him and never let him go then I ran into the house.” “You ran into the house?” “I ran,”

“so what you

plan to do about that?" "While before I ran he kidda made,” “we have dinner

plans for this Sunday but I don’t know you know.” "Look" getting mightily in Corronda's

way had she fixed herself up something beautiful at making them both feel better "this is

Tiffany Ann," "I know what

Dexter Leon mean to you," "I also know what you mean to

him." "Ok,” “ok you're right" "he's been calling to reaffirm the date but I haven't been

available," "the

next time he call I'll speak with him,” “or Ronda you could call him," "ok


noon I'll call him," "reaffirm the date for Sunday,” “now Tif that we have our

futures settled you're coming with us or not?” “You mind if I just lay around here for the
rest of the day,” “you mean so you’re not to practice what you just preached,” “nall I’ll

see Nicholas tomorrow also I just don’t want the pressure right now you know,” “believe

me Tip,” “I do know.”


“Look Spirit I know I’m possibly the last person you want to see or hear from but give

me just this minute,” “I want to apologize for last night,” “it wasn’t Spirit as you pre-

dicted.” Having come onto the front porch, into that cold, chilled rocker would a just

as crossed at him Spirit River purposely not a say a word to him at all. “You see Nadia

and I were discussing whether or not we’re to remind here or move to Florida when I was

expressing how I wasn’t going to live with Christian,” “I know Spirit
how you feel about

him so I lessen my voice trying not to offend you.” “Just why Nie do you hate him so,” “I

don’t hate him,” “nor Spirit do I hate you,” “I can’t explain how much I love you,” “how

important Spirit you are to me.” “You said I wasn’t your brother,” “what did you mean

by that?” Tall, dark and indescribably beautiful was Spirit River as indescriptly keen, even

wise, wise beyond all the their years. “That we’ve never been treated like brothers nor

have we Spirit had the opportunity to carry ourselves much like brothers but I’m hoping

your move to Florida with Nadia and I will change all of that.” Momentarily noticing a

Silhouette of a close by Christian Cros making an exit did Niegl know this conversation

was well with him. “So what do you say?” “I know Nie,” “excuse me you know what?”

“I know I wasn’t Papa’s son,” “that I’m a seed of adultery,” “what on earth are,” “he told

me ok.” “Papa told me,” “one night he lead me out to the shed,” “his eyes and cheeks

bones were filled with tears,” “and his arms Nie with blankets and pillows and he told me

he couldn’t stand the sight of me

being a product of my mother’s,” “of his wife’s in-

fidelity.” “I’ve cried a lot,” witnessed upon as one brushing at a persistent tears

designing artist features of his even those of his brother Niegl being so touched by this

heinous testimony “but never as hard and as long Nie as when I cried that night,”

“I cried so long,” “and so hard,” ”I thought I would cry myself to death.” “I kept waiting

for you,” “or Nadia,” “even Mamar to come and save me,” “I even cried that Christian

Cros being this far away would come but I guess I cried myself asleep instead and the

morning came and Mamar I believe to save my life send me to Uncle Ammon to live.” “I

got so every time a man would come around I would wonder whether he was the one you

know,” “so when Mamar died I felt such the disaster inside because then I knew I would

never know.” “Do you know who he is?” Witnessed upon as one flicking a single tear

designing his nose did Niegl know perfectly well who this person was but couldn’t or

wouldn’t say. ”Nie?” “No Spirit I don’t.” “I keep trying to wrap my mind around Mamar

being unfaithful to Papa,” “that alone is staggering,” “then not knowing the identity of this

person is even more hopeless.” “We better get in to breakfast,” “you know how Mrs.

Martha is,” “sure,” “by the way Nie I don’t blame you,” “that’s good Spirit because I

blame myself enough.” “Ah god Derry you frighten me half to death,” having stood

over the bed for the longest watching her sleep as she was such the creature at riveting his

blood straight through. “I brought you lunch,” “I mean breakfast,” “Ronda told me you

like eggs,” “poached eggs “ “she had me to fix you,” “there’s French toast,” “while you

enjoy.” “Would you stay Derry and talk with me for a spell?” “I really May have like this

interview,” “the local community center is hiring an ROT-C,” “while I guess I have a few

minutes.” “Good,” “god this is delicious,” “I didn’t have a poacher I just did the best I

could.” “No doubt Derry you over heard Ronda and I discussing my mangled relation-

ships,” “I know May sometimes walls not only have eyes,” ”ears but they talk,” “and

Derry if it could as you say talk what would it say?” “Time May,” “that time, patience and

hope heal all wounds despite how paramount and insistent.” “I better go I don’t want to

be late,” “it’s to set the worse example,” “an ROTC instructor huh?” “It’s May until I’m

to decide what it is I really want to do,” “don’t forget kid’s need help to,” “need good,”

”spiritual mentors,” “you think May evil has respect to a person’s period of birth or

generation?” “No,” “I know he doesn’t,” “god’s people Derry even in and from the womb

are all ripe unto his cunning craftiness.” “I think you May should call your Model

friends,” as one about to clear that door into an exit had Desrek Allum not lost his ability

at being such the expert friend to her “you been here all night I’m sure they’re worried.”

“You were watching me sleep weren’t you?” “Of course.” “always,” “and how did I do?”

Striking the most lovely stretch at the neck pose was being back in her presence such the

unspeakable, inexpressible pleasure “on a scale May one to a trillion you were completely

off the chart.” “I’m sorry May about your FiancĂ©,” “sorry you had to suffer that lost

alone,” “no one May should have to suffer a thing like alone.” “I tried to come,” noticing

she’s to sit her plate aside into a meticulous whimper did Desrek Allum despise the fact he

couldn’t come to her in greatest hour of need ”I tried to get to you.” “I just couldn’t no

matter how I tried,” “May?” “I’m ok,” “I hear you,” “I guess I just wanted you to know I

tried,” “you have a nice day,” “yeah,” “thanks Derry.” “No May thank you for being

here,” “for trusting me,” “I better go,” “I love you May,” “I always have and I possibly

always will,” “again I just wanted you to know that.”


“No news with her is good news right?” “She need her tail kicked,” “that’s what she

need,” “perhaps Erica that is what Nicholas is planning calling her so,” “I mean he could

kick my butt as often as he want.” “I’m going to Ash pretend you didn’t just say that,:

tickled into a shake of her head at her Erica just couldn’t believe how inconsiderate

Tiffany was being, that another day was nearly gone and they’d not heard from her. “Did

you ever find out what got Sissy and hunky as hell husband Syefan out of town in such a

hurry?” ”Nall,” “eveything’s Ash hush,” “hush with those two,” “have you seen these

prints they’re amazing.” “I can’t believe the difference between Tip being there and when

she’s not my god what an eye,” “come and look at this” having her eye stuck into a

magifying projectile at summoning a lethargic Ashleigh Michelle her way did they finally

have something to work with. ”Wow these are,” “is that,:” “yes Nickoli,” “the damn

photograher,” “apparently Tip persuaded him,:” ”of course Tip can persuade anyone

they’re so mesmerized with her.” “You think she’s to persuade Nicholas to let us use

those streaming photos?” “That Ash I don’t know,” “but I’m to find out,” “you decided to

let her view them?” “Hoping she’s to Ash see them as the tremendous work of art as we

do and talk Nickie into signing a release,” “I mean at least we can dream.” “He

knows,” “yes Niegl I heard,” ”you handled him,” “yourself right well,” “I’m proud of

that.” “I think Christian it’s time he know uncle Ammon is really his father,” “yeah,” “you

know how he is Christian,” “how smart at being right on target he is,” “it won’t be long
before he figure it out.” “He asked did I know,” “I just couldn’t tell him it was uncle

Ammon,” “I just couldn’t form my mouth at admitting Mamar had been unfaithful to Papa

with his own brother you know.” “Yeah, sure Niegl I know,” “I told you,” “you did

good.” “The weather is breaking,” planting fancifuls eyes up into a sunny, nearly spring

like sky after so many days and inches of snow was the sun shinning again “meaning Nadia

and I have some packing to do,” “and Spirit?” “I don’t know,” “did we ever Christian

think he would leave you now that he has you?” “There was a time Niegl I would’ve

agreed but Spirit appears to be as crossed with me as he was with you,” ”only Christian

because he think,” “no he know we’re hiding something from him,” “this is your

opportunity to break that ice hard pride and tell him.” “Don’t forget Spirit and uncle

Ammon were close,” “he might take it as a plus that he’s his father,” “and what Niegl if

Spirit decide he want to instead go live with this father?” “We could lose him you know,”

“I don’t know Christian if the choce here is that we’re to lose him to a betrayal or the

truth I rather lose him to the truth.” “Spoken Niegl not only as a loving brother but a

friend,” “you go pack,” “I guess I’ll talk to him,” “tell him.”


"What it Reinhorn?" "Ah it’s nothing" noticing she’s to snoop around more than usual

did she at turning back into her work in all reality have the most juiciest gossip eating

away at her that just wouldn’t wait. "Its written all

your face," "possibly whispered all

through the firm," as one accusing his female court

liaison, was Patricia Reinhorn a

ravishing blonde beauty responsible for keeping

Nicholas Edin's back especially in the

courtroom. "I hear you're dating," "yes," “and?” Looking for one file in particular

Nicholas couldn’t believe how impossible this single task being in a hurry with trying to

catch Tiffany at home.” "Well flatter us will you Mr.

Coogan," stirring her hot cup into a

tense work of long, crossed legs was she displaying herself all about his private life quite

the busybody. "I don't understand," "flatter you?" "It's just that we've worked

around you

since forever and you," as to choose her words wisely was there rumor all around the firm

not only concerning the at gun-point robbery but how he was now head over hills about

one female in particular. "Well you never had a

female interest before," "is this Reinhorn

going somewhere with a purpose?" "Is there something

wrong with us?" Withstanding him

which wasn't easy his being just as callous as he was

empathetic would she eventually

speak not only her heart but the injured heart of them all.

"With me?" "I'm afraid I don't

understand,” “although if you're saying what I think,” “wait," "what are you're saying?" "I

do believe I work with some of the

most beautifully intelligent women in this country if

that's your inquiry," "none of which

seem to be your type?" This, this little infraction turn

major was her problem but why wouldn’t she just come out and say it and stop beating

around infamous bushes? "I don't

understand Reinhorn,” “just where is this


Having explained to Nicholas Edin that the last she saw the file in question it was on his

desk was Nicholas beginning to think she was mistaking. "Who is she," "if you don't


me asking?" "Her name is Tiffany Saurus," "she's a

fashion,” “model designer," she and a

couple of her friends just a took over the Manhattan theatrics building.” "wow!" Easing

comfortably into a another file with a fraudulent way of assisting him was she going after

more yummy details "I bet she's

awesome," "yes," "she's very unique." "I also hear

she's a

non-white,’ "excuse me," severely questioning that ear but was Nicholas hearing

right, had their decent conversation just hit a major bump in the road?” "I don't Reinhorn


this," "ok her mother is Seminole Indian," "her father is Jamaican," "she's only one of
the most beautiful

women in the world although that beauty doesn't remotely compare to

her heart." "Come on Reinhorn,” ”what is this?” “When did you,” "what does my love life

have to do with

you or any of the others?" "It's nothing," "no" with a riveting as this

Nicholas Edin halting

this dramatic exit of hers had she touched on a subject perhaps she

wasn’t prepared for, again Nicholas Coogan love life. "Talk to me," "if you don't know

Nicholas damn it I can't tell you," "ok

Chloe you started this so can we be honest here?"

"Your own kind Mr. Coogan

is that honest enough for you?" "She is woman Reinhorn,"

"I am man" "what other

kind is there?" "Good day Mr. Coogan," "and to you."

“Why are

you bursting up in here,” “you want to comment on my love life as well I bet?” Talking

about unbelievable, bigotry in the work place, that not concerning his

position there but

his private, privileged love life. “No I came to ask you what did you decide about the

Macron case but tell me please what have you done to get these female sharks so stirred

up?” “I think Charles there are those who’re to call it simply falling in love,” “although,”

“and let this be a warning to you,” “there nothing simply about it.” “I guess I should’ve

got their permission or something,” “or something Nicholas is right,” “hear tell it’s one of

the women behind that new Dissuasion Fashion Center,” “yes, it is,” “while which one, “

the tall, sultry brunette,” “the strawberry blonde beauty,” “or the every man has a dream

and she’s it bronze number?” “That Charles would be the bronze,” “she is my dream,”

“one,” smiling a shake of his head of him into a glance along the entire firm


couldn't actually help thinking that at least they knew how to

be concern, to get on fire

about something, now if only they could suspend this identical courtesy in the courtroom.

“The bronze number huh?” ’Whew we!” “She is something to both smile and talk about so

Nicholas talk to me please,” “can’t,” “I’ve never been so rushed Charles for time in my

life.” “Then how about dinner,” “my expense?” “Come on Nickie man I need details,”

”then I’ll call you,” “I promise.”



“You didn’t tell him but why Christian you had the best opportunity,” “while this thing

Niegl isn’t as easy as you think,” “perhaps you’re right,” “knowing Spirit if he’s to know

Papa isn’t his father then he’s to possibly figure uncle Ammon is,” “although Nie he isn’t,”

“I don’t understand.” “You remember that night Nie it stormed so we knew for a certain

the house would come down and kill us all?” With the roaring sound of the waterfall just

behind them was Niegl beginning to understand why Christian had lead them away from

the house, from prying ears. “Of course I remember because Mamar was going around

covering our heads in case the windows blew in.” “Eventually papa came to my room,”

“grabbed me and dragged me up the stairs where he and mamar were and sit me on the

bed.” “He said God is mad at me son,” “as mad as he was at Jona’s disobedience and I’m

afraid if I don’t obey him he’s gonna,” “this very night tear this house down,” “us in it.”

“As he said that Nie I looked at Mamar and she at me,” “then he said God son is asking

me to make a sacrifice of my son,” “my eldest son like he asked Abraham to make a

sacrifice of his son and like Abraham I want to be obedient.” “Again I looked at Mamar

and she at me at wondering Niegl what did any of this have to do with me,” “that possibly

Papa would send me out into the storm and I wouldn’t be seen of or heard of again you

know.” “Then he said,” “God has asked me to bore him another son,” “that I’m to

sacrifice my oldest son to my wife and bear forth him a son,” “that my mother would no
longer be a mother but temporally a woman see,” “that he was to call this new son Spirit.”

“I remember Niegl just as he said that a fear boiling over and up from the pit of my

stomach crammed itself right within my throat just as tears began to trigger alone both my

and Mamar cheeks as we both knew what Papa was planning and how preposterous, how

deranged this plan. “Then he said son,” “if I don’t do this,” “if you and Mamar don’t do

this,” “then I fear all of our faith will be worse than Jona’s.” “My word,” with huge drops

of tears designing maestro type facial traits were these things too eccentric to be authentic

“are you telling what I think you ‘re telling me?” “I couldn’t allow Spirit,” “nor you and

Nadia to continue to believe a lie,” “so that’s why you and Mamar had that gigantic falling

out just before you went to uncle Sarons, “ I didn’t,” “no Nie I couldn’t have much of a

relationship with her after that,” “that she allowed papa to do something like that.” “I

knew papa even at that age Nie was capable of some heinous things but I never could’ve

imagine that.” “I know Niegl this doesn’t come as such the shock to you,” “nor Nadia,’

that you both had your suspicion,” “that,” “that is possibly the conversation Spirit walked

in own the other night.” “That my brother Christian isn’t just my brother but my nephew,”

“that he isn’t Nie just my brother but my son,” “my god Christian,” turning a look of

horror upon him how would they make Spirit River understand this madness, how would

he ever forgive either of them? “How will you ever tell Spirit?” “I’ve laid awake the past

few nights Niegl calculating that very thing,” “that not only is he of a seed of adultery but

incest,” “that he’s really my son.” “I think Christian I’m going to be sick,” drawing a frail

manner of himself closer to the falls spitting first and just as soon falling to his kneels at

throwing up the contents of his belly. “All that is Christ what a nightmare,” “what if

Christian he already know,” dipping as to bring puddles of the clear, pure waterfall to his
face, his mouth did Niegl realize that as intelligent as Spirit River, as inquisitive how he

possibly had his own suspicions,” “what if he know and all this is just a little game of cat

and mouse?” “No,” “I doubt that Niegl,” “Spirit don’t play those types of games,” “if he

knew he wouldn’t only let us know but let us have it before he’s to cut off all ties with

us.” “As impossible Christian as all of this is,” “as fantastical,” “ he has to be told,” “but

how Niegl?” “I’ve found it physically and emotionally crippling telling you who had these

suspicions yet you’re puking in my pond,” “how will I ever tell him?” “I know you

Christian and just like with me you found the best opportune place and time,” “with Spirit

River,” “ because Christian he’s Spirit River there is with him such a place and time,”

“you’ll see it and seize it,” ”mark my words.” “I hope you’re right,” “the supreme

as my witness Niegl I pray you’re right.”

possibly had his own suspicions,” “what if he know and all this is just a little game of cat

and mouse?” “No,”

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