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Tiffany V

                                           Beast Of Beauty                                        

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020

                           Tiffany Ann By: P. A. Bradford, Apostle 
                                           Wr. 1992-1996 

                                                    Chapter V 
                                                      Scene I 
                                                 ...O My Love...

     -“I think I have like ten, no eleven pennies I’ll give them all to you Sye for your thoughts, like Nickie they’re any different than yours.” The flight seem everlasting, frustrating Syefan Erin so he imagined arduously, painfully the prospect of pulling out the hairs of his head. “I think Sye I’m going to say something you’re thinking, but wouldn’t dare say, well, ask, how did they know the contents of the conversation we had with Miss Aggart unless they could hear it as well? Which then Nickie mean if this has to do with the girls, then we have a leak, possibly a bug on your phone, but sye that's not possible, right? I know babe how frightening as that is, yeah, you're saying somebody been in my place, it’s the only thing Nickie that make since, ah there was a plumber by there a day or so ago, that’s the only stranger that’d been in the house, that’s Nickie, that you know of. {{{"Yeah, Brad hey, hey, you probably need to get out of there, meaning? Meaning Brad there’s no way those guy could’ve known the contents of our phone conversation unless, you know, ah my God, this is bad, ok, I’m leaving right at this moment, good someone will be there son to do a sweep, you talked the Barab, the boys? I did, thanks for asking I'm headed there now, Barb sad something about a picnic but I guess, I'll see, enjoy, yeah Sye, tell them you and Nickie said hey. Great Nickie, from a boring as hell flight, to a just as boring as hell cab ride, what if she talked Nickie, what if they tortured her so bad, she talked? I know Sye, I’ve considered that, I can only pray Sye that she didn’t, that if she did, it was all misinformation.” As one taking a deep breath instead at refusing to believe the worse, but o the extent of her injuries it took a miracle that she didn't talk.  “I feel so responsible for this Nickie, I know Sye, I do too, but the ones who actually attacked her are the real monsters here, we can’t forget that, you got find them Sye, we just got to. hey, they found it,” whispering passed the receiver, was it now apparent someone had sabotaged not just Nicholas phone, but his place, his life, how would he ever feel safe there again? I’m here, this is Coogan sir, on, no, we’re in Dallas, no, someone was attacked, we think it’s case worthy. I don’t know sir we just arrived, no, my brother Nicholas and I, well we were the emergency con, just as soon as I know sir, sir, yes, yes sir. A taste Nickie of what’s next for you once Petersen Law learn your whereabouts, excuse me."

                                    ...THAT ARE THE CLEFTS OF THE ROCKS... 
                                                             SCENE II 

     {{{“Hey babe they’re pulling up now, as soon as they’re done, I’m there, possibly in time for dinner, ok, Brad you be careful, having the specialist arrive at his home as well, did Bradford not trust what was happening, how that bug could’ve been a bomb, frightfully, how it still could be, “I’m not doing this without you, we’re not. Ok, babe I’ll see you soon, I love you, I love you too.” You guys come right on in, I’m Bradford Coogan, Syefan Coogan oldest brother, and this is where my wife, two sons and myself live, not a dog as yet, but we’ve made plenty of promises. You guys want something to drink? Water, soda, tea? No, well, I’ll be upfront here if you need me, how old are your sons there? Ah Jason my youngest is seven and Daniel my oldest is nine, with the wife and I at present going for a girl, at least we hope. So how long you guys been in this kind of work? To be honest since high school for me, used to work with my dad, Like here, right out of college, well like I said, I’ll be up front here." Reconsidering the night he told Barbara Ann, finding her in the kitchen, putting up lunch. Spinning her around to him, exciting her along a passionate kiss, truly how soft her lips, how alluring her scent, her release so inviting into those loud panting at him at a kiss to her neck running his hands into ready, steeping breast. Ah my god woman I can do this with you every day, all day,” missing her so permanently into his own piping flesh did he remember the boys were at school at stripping her right there, at seducing her yes, right there, teasing her into such the extreme arousal that would not for a million years be gratified. As well undressing this steaming stud, piping, erupting then both through and through at glorious tearing into places rigged and bribed into a blood delirium, “you is so burning hot, and you Mr. burning me up,” always the spectacular lover, climaxing and spinning them into a wholesome web of caroling, this their immortal love making. “It’s probably the kids, no, you stay, awaking them such a splendid hour as this were the boys ringing the door, hold your horses I’m coming, Bradford as just described, had two sons Jason and Daniel who reminded him of his two brothers, "hey dad, we didn’t think anyone was here," heading right for the frig as usual, a snack, something to drink, "where’s mom? Your mom is here but she and I need to talk, ah that’s, you did that?” A drawing of a space station, really neat, was Jason more like his uncle Nicholas showing off some of his artwork, "so you two think you can sit here for a spell? Yeah, I’m sure dad we have plenty of home work to do, good, perfect. There is Barb something I need to tell you, nall, the boys are fine, they, well , Sye just found, ah discovered Mikes death and his near death experience wasn’t so coincidental. I don’t understand, it was an assignation attempt, an assignation attempt? You mean someone purposely targeted both he and Mike and Barb possibly Tip seeing she would’ve originally been in the car with Mike, ah my goodness, I know, it’s impossible to believe. So does this mean they’re still targets, yes, and possibly everyone that is close to them, like Barb you and the kids. What are you indeed Brad saying? I want you to take a leave from work, get the boys relieved from school for a couple of weeks, you think? I don’t know Brad honey about taking the boys out of, well I do know, my mom always said to avoid an accident you avoid an accident. I don’t want to suffer any should of, would of, could ofs’ incidents when it come to you and them. Now I’m sure their teachers can assign them enough work to keep them informed until then, please Barb sweet heart, don’t make me beg. Look, suppose the near miss a day ago wasn’t just that, ah god, yeah, ahhh Mr. Bradford, hello Mr. Bradford, ah yeah I’m sorry, your house seem to be clean, your phones, all. Then well why did they bug Nicholas place and not mine? It was like they knew, or assume, his being an attorney at law as well, perhaps that’s it, well thanks you guys, have a nice evening, you too, Mr. Bradford, ah it’s Coogan, Bradford Coogan, you and yours stay safe.”

                               ...IN THE SECRET PLACES OF THE STARS... 
                                                           SCENE III

 “What is it?” I’ve been trying Brad to figure what to say, it’s just that you happen to mention your mother and I’m just not used to that. Well we did Barb have a mother, I know that dear, it’s just that little or nothing is ever, it’s complicated, one would guess Brad, the way you're ducking and dodging. Man, it is always so beautiful here,” exhaling into a lovely sky, settling into a dwindling sun losing itself behind a vast wilderness of trees and for now pinkish mountain peaks, how truly this heaven on earth. “You know Brad honey, a time will come whereas you’re going to have to tell your sons about her, Karsiann Coogan, that Barb was her name, she was the most beautiful woman to this day I’ve ever seen. She and dad, they were mad about each other, simply mad and what made them so special is that they made themselves this armor against all outside interference. They did what they believed was right by the Supreme, that faith they lived in, by, and nothing Barb prevented them, that alone made them simply priceless.” Easing off, away, even as he did say, leaving her standing the sizable balcony, Barbara Ann assumed that was all for now, but at least she knew something more of the woman that brought three of the most extraordinary men she’s to know, into the world, seems Karsiann Coogan was her name. “You coming, popcorn, sodas and movies? I’ll be right there Brad, look at that sky, I know honey, that’s what I was talking about, so stunning, their Brad honey not finding anything, is that good or bad? I guess you can say both, in a we still can’t let our guards down by underestimating them. Ok Brad here’s the hard question, how will we ever be safe again? The phone is for you dad, {{{hello, Bradford, yeah it’s me, Matthew, did you forget our appointment? Ah god Mat," having rushed into the phone hoping it was Syefan them, even the girls. "I completely, I’m in Greenway, miles away, ah rein check? Yeah sure, look ah, you haven’t heard from the girls have you, Erica I mean? No, no I haven’t, all I get is a phone message saying they’re out of town, she and I really had it out the other day, which is why I was calling her. To be honest Brad, I probably triggered the whole thing, so need I be concern? You sound anxious, ah, no, no, they just dropped everything and disappeared, Sissy too, so Sye is a little concern. Yeah, I know that feeling, to be honest Mat, I wasn’t straightforward with you, ah, there’s been some really, ah, man, I don’t know where to begin. It was all so inconceivable, like something out of a mobster movie, ah. a mobster movie? As to heighten his frazzled senses the more, was his hearing like glues to the phone and seeming with goo d reason. Let's just say Mat if you believe in God and prayer, please have at it, as often as you will, but other than that, our only hope is that Miss Aggart give us some ideal of where they are. “Miss Aggart? Ah long story as well Mat, well Bradford I believe in both God and prayer, please call me with any news, you know Mat I will, you too, that’s ok, right, I’m used to hearing Erica call you Mat, it’s fine, thanks Bradford, hope to hear from you soon. You told him I see, well, heard, I had too, it just didn’t feel right knowing how much danger Erica was in and not telling him you know, well, the boys are on pause waiting on us, I’m dear as usual right with my darling wife.”

                                  ...LET ME SEE THY COUNTENANCE...
                                                           SCENE IV

 “I don’t understand, what are you all, how, are, I don’t understand, how can you even know?” More than surprise to see Syefan and Nicholas Coogan approaching, knowing Nicholas as a well renown Lawyer, that Syefan was a well-publicized prosecutor for New York, in his business, knowing who the good lawyers were, was his business. Still, what the hell was either of them doing there, and who was this group of suit following them? "If you will Mr. Stuart, I'm Nicholas Coogan, I know who you are, what are you doing here?  Allow us, well myself, I will explain how it is we’re to be privy to such personal matters, well Mr. Coogan, I’m listening, first, do you know that Tiffany and Susan, Erica as of right now are all missing. Missing, just what the hell are you telling me, what just happen to Ron wasn’t random, but premeditated?” Noticing an even more disturbed Dexter Leon is to inhale, exhale into a seat, into a nervous rub of his hands and soon a sip at a coffee cup, neither of them were the law, and how did Corronda’s attack have anything to do with Tiffany in Austin Texas? “Ok, ok, I’m all broken heart and ears, talk to me, well we started paging Miss Aggart yesterday, wondering if she knew anything about Tiffany’s whereabouts, which was so important why? How close Mr. Stuart, its Dexter or Dex, how familiar are you with Tiffany, her fiance Mike? Ron and I doubled dated with them a few times, I was sorry to hear about what happen to Mike, wait," as to stand this tall, stunning at pushing past a serious Nicholas Edin into that urgent just past him. "What is all the commotion over there?" Seeing things are to heat up on Syefan side of the hall, like they knew things and were discussing things for their ears only, now spreading fast his bitter some sweet way, “but we, we, we don’t have time for this, you and I sir know that pager is the only lead, what pager? The truth is Mr. Stuart, the girls, Tiffany and her friends could be in just as much danger and probably the only lead to their whereas about is how they reached you, and us, and you? Yes Dexter, as I was explaining, we paged Miss Aggart hoping she could help with, just what are you telling me, that these punks went after Ronda for the same reason you tried contacting her? It’s a possibility we were inquiring about Tiffany’s whereabout’s from a bugged phone, ah a bugged phone? As in this is primarily your fault? Look, we know how you feel, ah so you know how I feel? Don’t you get it, for all we know Tiffany, Sissy and Erica could be just as injured or dead! So yes, right this very second Mr. Stuart we know how you feel or worse, if that’s possible, not knowing their fate. Let me Go, and you two, you stay the hell away from me, all of you, stay the hell away! Great!” Slamming his fist, even jamming it into severe pain, the one thing they’d tried to avoid. "Damn it! Now what? The young paramedic gave us this,” as one handing them a yellow piece of paper, probably important, "he said she whispered this to him, it says I Virgin, was she? Or Virgin I Sye, as in Island, my god Nickie you think? I believe she was trying to tell their where about's.” As those speeding toward a phone, knowing the girls could still be in a thousand places. All the exotic Islands they would past through, was this a good lead or another pipe dream? "Answer the damn phone! We need that beeper, it’s how Sye they reached us, how they reached him, Ronda and Tiffany would’ve stayed in touch, one of those numbers Sye would be their contact number. Ok, the genius orator you are, how good of a boxer are you? It’s evidence Sye in an attempted murder, with pending evidence unto a commitment of additional crimes against humanity. What the hell did you just say? It’s illegal for him to hold that pager, that’s what I just said, I’ll be right back, how long Sye has it been since you prayed? Remember how we used to pray with her? I will Nickie never forget, some of my best memories regarding her, well loving brother, put those memories to work while I put our works with our faith. We Sye placed Corronda in danger unknowingly, he's endangering them, Corronda's best friend knowingly, not Sye the same thing."

                     ...LET ME HEAR THY VOICE, THY LIPS ON MY EAR…
                                                        SCENE V

     “My god Ron, what have we gotten ourselves into messing around with these people?” As one laying his head back into the stale beeping of the machine, the large tubing running into her mouth, her swollen black and blue visage, with eyes that seemed closed forever, “knock, knock,” seeing a stout Nicholas Edin is to move in although he’d warn him to stay away. "Look before you, don’t you think Sye and I kicked the hell out of ourselves when we learn of our folly?" Dexter Leon Stuart like the Coogan brothers were New York, bred and born, tall, flawless with almond color skin, all over laid by a wavy, flawless hairstyle, dress. “First I did, kicking myself, and then Sye did, blaming ourselves until we made ourselves sick, soon realizing as you will, the true blame was on the monsters who actually did this.” As handsome as one man could be in appearance Dexter Leon was very prosperous, a well known producer/director, one who’d just prior to this nightmarish horror asked Corranda Bren for her hand in marriage. “You Dex know them, her better than us all, do you believe she gave Tiffany up, that they did this manner of damage to her because she talked? Well, I don’t, I believe she traded her life for Tiffany’s and she would want you to do the same, then you know her better Mr. Coogan than you think. Hey we got something!” Racing themselves his direction it was the front desk of the Virgin Island Holiday Inn Gorda, having a message for one Corronda Aggart from a Tiffany Saurus, she would connect the call. “It’s ringing, come on you guys answer the damn phone, {{{“hello," inhaling and exhaling anxiously Nicholas was certain it was Tiffany Ann, with girl play in the back, "hello, , hello whoa, who is this, Tiffany, it’s me, it’s Nicholas, Nicholas?” Thinking suddenly she’d somehow dialed the wrong, boy, had she dialed the wrong number, “did I call the wrong, no, no baby this is Ronda’s pager, are you alright? Yes, am, why wouldn’t, what the, why are, look a lot has happen Tiffany since you left, a lot like what, what the hell is going on? Sye want to speak to Susan, no, no, he can speak to me, tell me what’s happening, now Tiffany, ok, trust me, ok, right now, please darling, hear my voice, please put Susan on the phone, Sissy,” as one digesting a certain reluctance into handing Susan Faye the phone, had Nicholas been most convincing, “it’s Sye, he want to talk to you, {Sye, what is going on, you’re scaring the hell out of us, is this some kind of Joke? No, something has happen, it’s urgent that you listen closely, you’re scaring me Sye, why are you guys answering Ronda’s calls?” Ok, what I’m about to tell you is going to sound strange}, Sye, hey is everybody there?{ First is everyone there, well Erica is about to, no!, she can’t stop her, stop her now! Ok, ok, Tif went after her, Sye, what the hell is happening? Corranda was attacked, attacked!” Catching a stunning look at Tiffany and Erica’s just as so, but who was attacked, why, what was happening? “Who was attacked? {Her attackers could be after you all}, her attackers could be after us, what! Is this a joke? You’re not making sense, it’s not some freaking joke, she’s in a damn coma, ah god, ah god} Sissy what! {I don’t think you should tell Tiffany}, just give me the phone, Sissy, I want to know what the hell is happening! Just wait ok, trust me, me Tip and wait. please, ok! {We’re already in contact with local authorities, they’re expecting you guys even as we speak, we contemplated coming for you guys but didn’t want to bring that manner of attention, someone should be there for you all soon, cal me from here, Sissy, yeah, call me from there, okay okay, right!} As you heard, its Corronda, they reached the boys by her pager, so we need to get home as soon as possible, okay but sissy there is no way they rached Sye and Nicholas through anything of Ronda's, well we ot to go, go, you mean to Texas?” Yes, yes, so, ok what did Sye mean about her attacker being after us? I don’t know, all I know is your best friend Tif is in trouble and we got to go, now! And that’s it Sissy right? I just told you baby what Sye told me, ok, please, let’s just go, how bad Sissy are we talking about? Bad Erica, she’s in a coma, Dexter is with her, and her parents are on their way, you guys should’ve seen my heart stop when I heard Nickie on the line, it was crazy, it' still Sissy crazy. How do you page Ronda ever in this world and get Nicholas Edin or Syefan Erin? Man, I thought I was losing my mind, then being as cautious as he was, so suspicious just made it worse. Ah the 7th precinct, precinct, why are we going to the precinct? Sye and Nicholas thought it safe if we have police escort, that’s all, my Christ, they’re after us, whoever attacked her, are after us, right? But how is that? None of this make sense, who the hell is attacking us? Which Tif is why I asked you to trust me, ok, Erica, ok, alright, whatever Sye and Nickie think is best, they’re the professionals, Tif, whatever ok, whatever, whatever, what freaking ever! Let's just go!"

                                         ...FOR SWEET IS THY VOICE...
                                                           SCENE VI

    “So how many hours of a flight are we talking about?” Turning now and walking toward their awaiting limo sadden Christian Cross welcomed passionately what was left of his living, breathing family. “Many hours Nigel you must know, we’re talking half way around the world, hey, it’s ok, I’m here, we’re all here,” presenting the youngest and the one clinging to him the most, only 15 years old, Spirit River, "you know he’s in his last years of high schools, scholarship offers from the moon and back, but all he want is to be with you. Well at his age Nie, he has plenty of time to decide, that was stunning Nadia, looking from heaven, I'm sure moma was Impressed. Really, thanks big brother, I just did what I knew she loved. Such a beautiful day, seeming it’s set aside just for her, the weather being just awful, but not today,” The twins were grown, both studying in the field of medicine, but Spirit didn’t only need a big brother, but a parent, something brother Niegl was incapable of doing. My brother has all this money, I thought surely by now, by now what Niegl, that’s his business, if he want to live with it, let him. Well to be honest Spirit I think I’ve found just the right research, reconstruction surgeon, we’ve been working on sketches and graphs, soon I will have a face again, be gorgeous like you guys again, yes big brother but as you will, not as anyone else wills you.” Although Spirit River was the spitting imagine of them all, there was this special thing about him, his eyes, their mother always called them, papa eyes, blue like the river, the middle name she gave him. How is papa, when is last time you guys seen him, you forget, papa won’t see us, say we’re too heathen, a reprobate, ah, I remember, you should, you’re the only one he’s have anything to do with.” These were Christian Cross remembered as they sat traveling along memory lane unto wondering now with both momma and papa gone what would the future hold. What news Cross of Milla? Like gramps, there isn’t much she’s to have to do with me, with us, she lives in France now, I haven’t seen her since Becky, you know. So is she remarried? If that’s your way Niegl of trying to see whether I agreed to a divorce, I receive papers, but I never signed them, like I said, not since Becky. Of all the surgeons Cross, why this particular specialist, he care, he doesn’t want to touch me, or my face unless he’s positively sure, and most of all he believe in the power of prayer and the miracle it’s induce.” So you’re saying after everything that has happen to you, you yet trust in prayer, in miracles, I’m sorry Niegl, but nothing has happen to me that doesn’t fall under the category of the original curse, in this world, as long as this world stand we will have tribulation, we will have death, with one exception, yeah, yeah, your name sake, Christian Cross.” {{{Hello Mat, hey we found them, h thank god, you’re thanking the right one, for truly this is miracle, so wht now, wl as we speak they’re arriving at a precinct in the Island, while Sye and Nickie are arriving in Miami to meet them, Miami, wow, I wonder if I could get there in time, there’s only one way Mat to know, learn Sye’s and Nickie EPA, and see if there’s a flight out from here that can get you there, or you could just intercede them in Texas, ah god first I got find someone to take my shirt, my patients for a few days, I’ll call you Brad when I’m on my way, alright their Mat, alright there. .

                               ...AND THY COUNTENANCE IS COMELY... 
                                                          SCENE VII 

     ”Hey there’s Sye, Sye! Yeah," waving happily at them both spending toward them, not just them, but as Dexter Leon witnessed, a group of suits all around New York's finest. “I can’t tell you woman how happy I am to see you," bringing her into a more than healthy hug, kiss, greeting the others, Erica who was gracious, but Tiffany, more resistant, arrogant, immediately demanded to know more. “So what’s the news on Ronda’s conditions, and just, while what is all of this? It’s protection, yeah Syefan I can see that, from what, whom, who is attacking us, why? From Tiffany the same people who attacked Miss Aggart, look let’s get back to the hospital, back to her, and I’ll explain better, trust you right? Because that’s what Sissy keep asking me to do, that although you’re not being totally honest with me, us, I’m to simply trust you. Or Tiffany trust me, Nickie said some guys were playing cat and mouse with you on Hike’s Peak the other day, yeah, so? So what if Tiffany it wasn’t just a prank, that they intentionally meant you harm, did harm Miss Aggart? I would Sye have to ask why, and how did Ronda get tangled into our web of who done it and why? What a stunning sky huh? Although Nicholas you’re probably the only one brave enough, you don’t have to sit with me, I want to sit with you, be near you Tiffany if you allow. This is about Mike isn’t it Nicholas? I, I really can’t say, about that tape, Ron got mixed in as you guys tried to reach me through her, as so did those looking to do me harm? When I was growing up Nicholas I, nor any member of my family wanted for nothing, papa was very convincing and if anyone got in his way, he simply moved them out of the way. We wouldn’t dare challenge him, such the giant of a man, but we knew there were things quite concerning about the way he gain wealth, we like held our breaths until we could get away from it all you know. They’ll never find what they’re looking for," a witnessed as she's to  make ready to move to another location, did Tiffany want to ride the rest of the way alone, “now whether they’re to stop looking and stop hurting or killing people while they search, now that Nicholas I don’t know.” One of the most stunning human beings in the world no question, and Nicholas Edin wanted her bad, needed her bad, but what she was telling him, was it insight or a warning or both? "May I help you miss? Yes, I would love a cup of hot tea, bag in, cream and sugar on the side, Oh, ah, some, mint cookies if you have some, yes madam, right away, thank you. “You Sye, you’re to ever know what’s on that tape, Mike is dead, Ronda beaten within inches of her life, you and Tiffany now running for yours, I mean that is what we’re doing right?" The stunning redhead among them all, those Syefan Erin had sworn himself against, red hair, pale skin and freckles, here his love Susan Faye was all of the above and he so entirely smitten, “I confess Sissy with all that is heart within me that this is so, and just when or what Sye are you going to tell Tip? She has to know what happen to Mike wasn’t accidental, would you doll be surprised if I told you I’m certain Tiffany won’t be the least surprised Mike's was an assassination. No, the only thing Tiffany didn’t expect, or couldn’t have planned for is what happen to Miss Aggart, ok Sye now you’re frightening me, like Tip set all this up, even Mike, you, no Sissy, not set up. I just feel she has a better inside understanding of what’s happening, I mean I saw how she was with him and why, perhaps she even know way more than we do. Still Sye how is that possible unless you're accusing her, or are you saying, because she and Mike worked so closely? I’m saying that yes, but I’m also Sissy saying this, that and the other, look, the fasten your seat belt light, good, I can’t wait to get off this plane, get into a room, a shower and pretty lady you, ah, good to know Syefan Erin is feeling much better.”

                                 ...TAKE US THE FOXES, THE LITTLE FOXES... 
                                                            SCENE VIII 

     “So Nadia what were some of the things describe him in one word, ha, describe Spirit in one word,” happily laying a reading aside for now, moving out onto the porch, overlooking a water port filled of people doing various things. “What a task Cross, what a task, I don’t know Cross, impeccable, and so smart, so articulate, and sincere, so sincere until it’s intimidating you know, because he doesn’t have to be, he just is, um, and you’re all ready, to leave Jerusalem I mean? Well it’s like Spirit say, Jerusalem won’t actually be God’s original city again until New Jerusalem reign, so, it’s not like leaving her is a trespass. That boy is so crazy about you, I don’t know if mom passed her alike sentiment regarding her oldest son to her youngest son, other than heaven, there is nothing he look forward to more than being with you. What about mom talked about doing her last days? I don’t know Cross,” as one rising from reading, getting to a particular drawer in particular, it was a recorder, that not only did Nadia know, but she’d seemingly recorded every word. “It was her ideal Cross, so you don’t have to feel as though you’re violating her, it’s all there, whenever she was awake, cognizant? It was Cross as though she knew you would ask or want to know, I don’t know how she did it, stayed away from you, she missed you not being here so much, we all knew, especially when Papa passed, it Cross had to be hell letting you go. So I can have these, yes, they’re yours, it was done for you, I think Spirit will appreciate them as well but I believe you should screen it all first. Its Nadia been so long since I’ve been around him, tell me more about him, about Spirit, I guess that if you could your brother, what about Niegl? Nie is Nie, very obvious and mulish even, and with all that money papa left him he doesn’t feel he has to be any different, let’s just say whatever Spirit is, Nie is the opposite, even the opposer. Ah, I see and you, my darling, beautiful sister, what is it she think she’s to find in America? To be honest Cross, I feel I’ve been given life, and since that very hour there’s something vitally important I’m to do with it. Something other than sowing the wind only to reap the whirlwind, I believe Cross you found I and therefore I can find it in you, you mean in who the Christ Lord Nadia is in me, yes that’s exactly what I mean. I’m going to go and see if Grand will see me, I’ll see if Spirit want to go, you guys be careful, there’s always something going on in that area, Grand refuse to move, you know how he is, ah yeah, I know exactly how he is, where you think Nie gets it from?”     >>>”I don’t Dex know what to say,” standing outside Corronda’s room, the glass cold to touch and too her forward, entirely visible, was there the beep, beep, beep of a now comatose Corronda Faye, and his heart so broken. “What need Tiffany is there you’re to say anything? If the same people who attacked Ronda, killed your Mike at least Ron has a fighting chance. I’m the one that’s sorry, I know what Mike meant to you, well Ronda is going to pull through, I see you guys married, with children and everything else you’re to want out of life.” Feeling truly disingenuous at saying, describing, at knowing all mankind has inherited upon birth is a curse of death that would perform itself as precisely as it will regardless of man- kind’s purposefulness. “That’s really encouraging Tiffany coming from you, may it be so, may it for now and forever be so. So where you guys able to reach Desrek, So’le? “I was able to reach Momma and Papa Aggart, they will be able to reach the others, I had Desrek on the phone shortly a few days passed. I was doing doing Ronda a favor, he rushed me off, couldn’t talk, I haven’t been able to reach him since, so good luck to Mar and Par Aggart. These Coogan fellows,”with both of them coming instead into a seat Dexter Leon couldn’t wait under Corronda Faye was well enough to be transferred to a hospice in New York. “I know how in high regard they’re held professionally, what about personally? I mean I can’t help but notice how the youngest one, Nicholas seem to favor you, I mean Tiffany most men, to be honest Dex I’ve been acquainted with Nicholas and his brothers for as long as Sissy has been in my life. They’re these outstanding gentlemen’s, real., you know, its true Nicholas has made it known he want more from me than mere association,” flawless, if one word was to describe, this single female born Maaseiah Adonai Saurus, her presence, her scent, her hair, her skin, her intelligence, those indescribable eyes, lips, even her warm breaths, miraculously flawless. ”But right now Dex I have nothing more, what, what are you looking at?“Ah, you hungry?” Almost laughing to say, but had Dexter Leon like most men she’s to come in contact with gone off dreaming about the limitless beauty she is, “you want something to eat, I’m told Dex the food here is really good, I could Tiffany eat a little something, good, I’m pretty much starved.”

                                          …THAT SPOIL THE VINES...
                                                         SCENE IX

     ”Then what Nickie if anything did she mean?” Pushed into a restaurant booth, brothers Syefan and Nicholas, with Susan Faye, Erica and one who’d finally arrived on the questionable scene Dr. Matthew Hymm accompanying them, “I don’t know Sye if she was being insightful or cautionary, I mean isn’t that Tiffany Ann Saurus, the cautionary tale? Yeah, but I’m surprised Nickie you’re to admit it, that she’s like this beast of beauty all rolled into one, but aren’t we all?” Biting off of Erica’s bread stick just as she was, it’d been a long time since they’d been this warm toward one another, “in reality Syefan aren’t you describing mankind as a whole, I mean you’re talking to a doctor/surgeon and Tiffany is to play both sides, well perhaps all according to her life experiences, truly lest we deceived ourselves. I thought I was your best friend,” rushing into the kitchen, a quick research of the complimentary breakfast Nicholas always prepared for them at finding a baby brother somewhat aloof, “is it Tiffany? Right, don’t forget Nickie this has to be impossible for her, give her this time, this space, I know it’s hard, but don’t forget, those things worth having are. I keep Brad saying the wrong thing, damn it!” At this stage Nickie, what’s the right thing? Time, as long as Tiffany know you’re there if she need you, here, what is, ummm,” deliciously stinging his lip, a soothing cup of hot chocolate, just what he was looking for and more, "hey, that’s good, didn’t know you had it in you, from where Nickie I’m standing, I see this better than you, and what I see is it’s all going to work out, Amen, yes Brad, Amen.”      >>”They were coming down, that’s what District Attorney Syefan Coogan told me, and to be honest I believe him, that’s just it, he said they have a good ideal who this is, and that the evidence they have against them we’re talking life sentences to death penalties regarding some of the more prolific drug cartels ever. This isn’t something new Carter, this is a case they’ve been working on for decades with leads recently bursting this thing wide open, which Coogan say is why they’ve become so lethal. No I’m not saying Ronda nor I are still in danger, but why all of a sudden that seeming impossible regarding these monsters is totally conceivable, man I’ll be glad when all this rain stop,” as one standing in the window, the hospital lot was always so filled up with either patients or visitors, finding it calming, that although Corronda refuse to see him, only family, in only a day she would be well enough to be transported to New York General, they were going home. {“No, no she’ll only see family, but her prognosis is great, even amazing the doctors, who is that, is that, Lan? Yeah, yeah put him on the phone, hey there slow poke, Dex, man is that you? Who else Lan, what a god damn slow poke you are? Ah man it’s good to hear from you, so how’s that stunning other half of yours? Fantastic Lan man, she should be going home soon, not just New York, but home, home, man that sound so righteous, but look I got to go, so keep me posted, you know I will, I love you Dex man, we, we love you, tell Carter I’ll call him again tomorrow, and hey, I love you guys too"}.     >>>"Pick up your tongue, teasingly waving a red flag Erica’s way, well it wasn’t a flag but a dishcloth, but was she gone off the deep end dreaming Nicholas Coogan, “was I that obvious, blowing into her cup, a bite of her toast, had they all be placed at Nicholas foot step, his door, his pad had become this little hide away. "Any more obvious Erica and that towel would’ve been too small for the both of you, girl I can’t help it, he is so damn hot, and Mat, just what Erica temperature is he? Ah come on Sissy, you know what I am saying, it’s Nicholas Coogan, yeah well I think you need to call your man and tell him about your heat problem, she’s in heat, what else Sissy is new, he did look amazing, it’s Nicholas Edin Erica, of course he look amazing, I would love to design mens wear for him, I would love to do to do a lot more than that for him, you know still can, can what, design with him in mind, huh, you're right, make him my muse, exactly Tiffany Ann, exactly, just use your imagination.

                            ...FOR OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES...
                                                         SCENE X

      “So how did it go with Grand? Unlike anything Nadia I’d seen or heard,” as one pulling the photo in particular from his pocket even at bringing an as usual non-chalant Niegl attention this way. “I had no ideal he was such a light, so spirited and wise, that he worships the Christ of God, Jesus, wait a minute, Grand saw you, Cross and I yes, we went for the purpose of Cross persuading him to America along with us, he decline, we knew he would, but he was mightily generous, not a grumpy old man like you Nie supposed. To be honest Spirit I can’t say I’m surprise, you’re talking about Cross, Grand has always treated him as though he’s god gift to mankind, perhaps Nie he is, and only Grand is to know and realize that. I thought that description Spirit only fit your Christ Lord, yeah, but though many Nie are called, there are those, like Cross who are chosen, and he isn’t my Christ Lord, but that of all mankind born cursed, all. He gave you this? That photo of the entire family yes, man we were so young, you was still an arm baby Spirit, and look at Marma, she seem so happy, we all Nie, seem happy, and perhaps for the shortest times we’re to have such moments here we were, happy. What did Grand say really when Cross ask him about America, I mean in how many ways did he get cursed out? Grand simply described his position as being the City Of God, where the Christ Lord would one day set up his kingdom reign, he wait such a miraculous day as this. Only he’s to be long dead before then, yes, but Cross knew such a thing was of no concern of Grand, that for the sainted of Christ to be separate from this reality, despite how harsh is to be present at this Heavenly Lamb’s reign in heaven with him, so I guess you can say he’s perfectly persuaded. Well you two better finish packing, our flight is in less than three hours, the going away celebration at the dorm Nadia, you coming? No, what about Jacobs? We’re to say our goodbye’s doing lunch, just like that, you’re to say goodbye to the man you want to marry? Marry? You spirit didn’t hear that, thus you cannot then repeat it right? Right, and you, what are you thinking? Sorry, as one bitterly throwing up hands of surrender into passing into the next room afar, had Niegl completely forgotten sister Nadia was keeping such things mostly as a secret. So Jacobs proposed to you, I will not Spirit speak of such things to you, who are you? Your loving brother, yes, my youngest, I don’t need his permission do I? I’m sorry,” such a stunning Jewish/Arabian female, simply flawless, just as intelligent, a medical student, Spirit wondered but wouldn’t dare ask, of her plan for this sweetest of her heart Jacobs Abraham Ham. “This is most trying, so is the subject Spirit regarding such matters, I don’t mean to be so short with you it’s just that Jacobs and I are yet arriving at the perfect solution, if Spirit there is one. You could beloved sister tell Cross, let him help you arrive at such the textbook remedy, you know how brilliant he is at such things.”     >>>”Look you two, I been thinking, there is one place we can all go for this time and be just as comfortable, I’ve already checked, though it’s on the market it’s still vacant, our grandparents place in the valley, we wouldn’t have to worry about anyone knowing about this place. Man Sye the boys would love it, as so Barb, back to school for them, work for her, and commissioner Brenton can’t complain about the overhead, Nickie, ah, sound great, like Sye said, but convincing the girls, especially Tiffany, remember how she carried on about coming here? I’ll leave that to Sissy, she listens to Sissy, so we’re all in agreement, yeah it sound perfect, just perfect, good, I’ll pitch it to Sissy as soon as I get back, you guys can let me out right here, you look stunning Sye, thanks Nickie, see you in a couple hours. What are your thoughts? Ah I was just Nickie thinking about what memories being at Papa’s place will bring about, ah, I mention mom, well actually I quoted her to Barb the other day and it simply generated a firestorm of inquiries regarding her. Well what did you tell her? That mother was the most beautiful woman I’d ever in my life seen, like Tiffany, yeah, like Tiffany, that Nickie, her heart was evenly special, she and dad both, Karsiann Coogan, that was about all, so I just know being at papa place will again induce such the like inquiries. I don’t know Bro what you expect me to say except it’s about time, so you’re saying you’re ready to tell Tiffany, what’s there Brad to tell, why have we made such a big deal out of our wonderful mother being an interracial female? I don’t think Nicholas that’s the indiscretion we’re most concern about, but that we have interracial blood running through our blood, yeah Brad but if you really think about it, so do we all, yeah well, I just don’t see Barb taking it so well, you know. Well,” as one just as fashionably dressed making ready to exit the cab to his destination, would Nicholas in only a few hours have that long anticipated and regretful meeting with ex fiancée Stephanie, man what an undertaking, “I think you’re wrong about Barb, I guess Nicky, we’ll soon find out huh?”See you later celebrity lawyer, take care, you too, you Brad as well."

                                           …MY BELOVED IS MINE…
                                                         SCENE XI

    “Nall, nall, what the hell is that! That’s what I’m,” Syefan on the phone becoming rather loud at disturbing the entire house, what indeed had him so stirred up, so viral? Well sir, they’ve already made an attempt on Miss Aggart life’s, ah I see, nall,nall I see" seeing a concern Susan Faye is to come in, close, at rubbing a concern of hers along his tense shoulder, back at calming and reassuring him. “We don’t know if that’s related, well what about Mike, he’s dead you guys, and don’t forget what killed him left me in a coma for weeks! Bastards!” My god Sye what is it?” Slamming the receiver like so, he couldn’t believe with all of the trouble they were apparently in the commissioner was barely taking any of it serious."They’re going to get us all killed, that’s what, they got mike killed and now freaking us, I’m sorry," inhaling and exhaling into a tickling whisper at watching them from afar was a getting straight out Nicholas Edin moved at their amiable closeness, something he wanted for he and Tiffany. "Brad, I’m ready," as one taking a quick look through the mail, his rain coat, that briefcase into opening the door at shockingly bringing himself face to face with the impossible, “ah my god Stef!” Well so much for talking myself into knocking, look at you, what the hell are you doing here? I, I came into town a couple days ago, I tried to reach, Stef!” Hello Brad I didn’t think I, yeah, right,” as one distastefully maneuvering around her, out, man truly when you think you’ve seen, though or even nightmared it all, well Stef shows up at your door. I thought you was in Australia, I was, but now i'm here, so can we talk? I mean that’s why I’m, wait, I’m sorry talk? I don’t know Stef about all of that,” shaking a head of uncertainty at her, at getting pass her, boy what perfect timing, somewhere to bury a shattered heart. “I was just, I mean I was just, I know Nickie this isn’t good, although it’s urgent! I see urgent, and that stef supposed to mean what to me?” I see you’re in a hurry, so just tell me when would be a good time? Please Nickie, I need this favor, please, hey Nickie, you coming! I’ll be right there, I got to go, Nickie, contacting him his arm, laying this guilt trip upon him directly, how in god’s name could this be happening, how could seeing her help? Why are you here! It’s urgent, or else, or else what Stef? Ok, Ok, you want to meet, talk, where, talk about what? I mean it’s only Stef been like three years since you left me at the alter! I’ll wait for you in the truck! It’s, look I’ll be dishonest to say it isn’t good seeing you, its good Stef to know you’re alright after all these years, I know I have a lot of explaining to do, no, actually you don’t, look I don’t want to hold you up, where would be a good time to sit and talk? I, I don’t really know, well here, here’s my information, I’ll be here for a while, it’s where I’ll be staying, call me, please, we loved enough to marry once," as one glancing back just as she's to make the door, the exit, did a run through of heart, mind and soul momentarily lock eyes, that appearing of being off course deeply, with Tiffany Ann.  Truly not trying to be nosey, but was it apparent whoever this person was, she was at this point wearing Nicholas Coogan heart on her sleeves.     >>>”Come on Nickie man, it’s not like she was dead, I know, she called off our wedding Brad the night before, giving no true explanation and just disappeared, now over three, really nearly four years later she want to talk, say its urgent and all, we live in two different world's now. I know Nickie it sound crazy, but you always wondered why, yeah, well Brad, that was then, I stopped wondering why some time ago, hell I’d finally accepted the fact it simply wasn’t meant to be you know. Well all that Nickie sound good and fine, but the reality is Nickie you still don’t know why, I mean all you have are assumptions, I don’t see where it’s to hurt to just talk to her, it’s already hurting, the moment I locked eyes with hers, it can only get worse I assure you. Tiffany was there, what you mean Tiffany was there, I mean I looked around and she was there, like she heard everything, well it’s not Nickie like you didn’t have a past, surely she doesn’t think that. Man Brad, every time you think the worse can’t happen, or that it already has, that lightening can't strike your heart twice, it’s just on pause, damn it Brad man, it’s just on pause. Urgent! Now that word is just struck in my head and my heart, I mean it's Stef, the one woman Brad in all the world I thought could be my wife. I never asked you, why you think she did it, you think there was someone else? That’s Nickie why you should see her, talk to her, she did Brad man sound really desperate, I really hate seeing her like that, I guess I will see her, settle this, settle this once and for all, good baby, that's all I'm saying.”

                                                     …AND I AM HIS…
                                                            SCENE XII

     “Well Grand have you ever thought about it? America?” I have a mountainous living there that you would simply treasured, heaven is my home, but Hikes peak is my past time until then. “Tempting my sweetest boy, tempting, he that is by pure blood Christ, Lord, Jesus, make this his dwelling place soon, yes, yes Grand, yes, but not before the final despot is to make it his first, don’t forget Grand some two third of this city Israel is to perish under his reign, getting over to where Spirit River was, this, tall stunning brother of his going through Grands trinkets and photos, this manner of memory lane quite precious, “being parted from this worrisome flesh doesn’t frighten me, ah grand I know, you would have left this side of the city for Momma side ancients ago, if you feared, …you should take it,” referring to Spirit River falling in love with a group picture of them where he was yet an arm baby, it is grand most precious, I’ve never seen Mar, this young, bright and spirited, take it, have it, it’s to be treasured by you. Grand, if only you’re to see, it’s like a piece of heaven descended down for the reason that we’re to make it our home, it is beastly as well, all things here will be until that final, great day, but is it just as miraculous. I love you my sweetest boy,” with Grand Judas Tree being such the reminder of their papa, older, grayer, wiser, but this beauty of an elderly man all the same, “you walk in forgiveness and thus the entire world is thine own house, family, your neighbor, even your enemies your friend, this is why youngest one,” that he’s to gain Spirit River attention most of all, those amazing blue eyes of his, “this is why only a few can follow the Christ Lord, his love is much more than they’re to comprehend ever, only a few. Grand, would it be an insult to ask, well, you’ve always loved the Christ, treasured him, as you say, his way, loved it as only it can be, what happen to Papa? How did his understanding of saintedness become so seared with.” as one on guard, as though he expected to be reprimanded, more so than made aware of such urgent matters, Spirit River as well, “for like of a better word, heathen practices? Be still thine beating heart, there is no taking of offense, it was simply what the Christ Lord warn of us most of all, the taking of two masters and serving them both heartily, it’s like being pulled in opposing direction continually, it’s madness, so it drove my son, your papa mad. I fear thine own brother, Niegl borders the line of such perilousness you must know this, yes, yes Grand, I, while, we fear this as well, I’m with much concern of him, will keep him in prayer always, perhaps coming with you to this special place as you say, will help, will amaze the very spirit in him unto a penitent heart of Supreme Gods. How Cross did you do that? That is the closest I’ve been to Grand ever, the most of his voice, even his heart I’ve heard, the most of his face I’ve seen, I didn’t know him as such the holy spirit, he is light and Cross, like you there is no darkness, like us Spirit, I will never forget this day, never, good Spirit, neither will Grand.”      >>>”I’m sorry Nickie,? as one readying his hot cup unto an additional sip, he could not believe what he was hearing, or what he thought he was hearing, did you say Stef? As in the one who planned this inconceivable wedding with you, the married life, those 3 point children and only moments prior to that wedding alter called the whole thing off and disappeared traceless, that Stef. She was Sye standing at the door, poised to knock just as I readied to leave, I’m sorry what door, this your door? Yes, Sye this door, my door, stop being so silly, silly, ah I’m being silly, you’re welcoming afresh an emotional breakdown to a heart attack back into your life but I’m being silly, who? Thinking the eggs and toast he, they were having was simply divine, how it’d been some time since he’d had such a delicious breakfast, “I’m sorry who cooked breakfast? The girls silly, ah, Tiffany, this is great, ah, your ideal right Brad, that he meet with this, this, Sye, ah Stef, yes, it was, only because Nickie is still heart spent with inquiries about why it all fell apart Sye the way it did, maybe you can take pleasure in the misery of Stef trying to explain the disaster she made out of everything." As one taking his plate up, his cup, making this his exit, was such the accusation like a punch or kick in the stomach of Syefan Erin, that he’s to take pleasure in Stephanie’s, even Nicholas emotional lapse. "Hey, as a big brother coming right up after his seeming so distraught, knowing he'd taken his being overprotective a little far. "I’m sorry, I guess I was yet fretting over, just be careful, double-minded people Nickie are truly unstable, like I told Brad, she seem really desperate, maybe I can help, you know, yeah, maybe you can and that just like my generous brother."

                                     …HE FEED AMONG THE LILIES…
                                                        SCENE XIII
    “That’s what I’m saying Sissy, whoever this person was, there was, is, or at present is something really serious going on, I mean all I could see if that Nicholas has a heart, she was wearing it. I never knew he’d been serious about anyone Tif but you, Brad called her Stef, and showed himself really unfriendly and i mean really. "Hum,  laying that aside Tif for now, I need to talk to you two about something, is it Dissuasion? No, Sye says we’re all for safety purposes going to be relocated to their grandparents home in Valley Press, that it’s all for a little while. Then Sissy I must ask, what is a little while, because they said the same about Nicholas’s place, yeah, yeah I know, and isn’t that going to set us back even further, we were supposed to begin interviews this week? Yeah but I don’t see Erica how that’s to prevent it, we’ll do like the boys, get a cab to work every morning, if it work for them, it’ll work for us. Sye says it’s a really nice place, two stories, six bedrooms, just as many baths and half baths, just any and every accommodation imagine, how we’re to be really comfortable there. Tiffany? Seeing she’s to go off a dreaming, Susan nor Erica thought things were right with her, that it always seem as though she had something under those clever sleeves of hers. “So Tif may I ask how did it make you feel if anything realizing Nicholas is that close to someone, breakfast Sissy was delicious as usual,” as one getting to sink, not as yet answering Erica Lynn, sadly contemplating a whole nother day of nothing to do, how boring. “I Erica would be lying if I said I didn’t feel the least bit envious, but that’s like natural right, I mean how naive are we if we’re to think men of the Coogan caliber didn’t as Sissy said have a past, even Erica your Matthew, I mean have you at least asked him? No, and after you Tip just described the hole in Nicholas’s heart by the name of Stef, this other woman so mysterious, I’m not going to. Sissy, who was your highschool sweet heart? This heart break by the name of Christopher Michael Johnson, I mean we weren’t sweet hearts I like most of the females at school, some males too just wanted him to be. Erica who was yours, Jason Mark Carver, we were really close, attended the prom together, the one I lost my virginity to, I guess you Tif say we drifted apart after that. Now you, who Tif were you in love with, hands down it was Desrek Allum Aggart, Aggart, you mean, yes, Ronda oldest brother, he’s the one I would marry, have children with and grow old with until he abandon me to a lifelong career in the military, that you guys is the hole still in my heart, Michael filled it somewhat, but it’s still a wound that flares up every so often, especially since Ronda is in such peril, meaning he'll be here soon. Nickie, I didn’t know you was standing there, yeah Susan, Sissy, ah Sye want to see you, Tiffany could you and I talk? Ah out back,” pointing behind him Tiffany could only wonder how much of their conversation he’d heard, that it was ironic, he’d overheard her, them, just as she’d over heard him days prior. “It’s always so stunning after a storm huh? Yes,” as one inhaling, exhaling gently, did Nicholas find Tiffany Ann Saurus such the miraculous female did she come into a seat just as he..“I was thinking the same thing, I know Tiffany you came in on Stephanie and I the other morning, I want to explain what it is you thought you saw, ok, but why Nicholas do you feel I need an explanation? That’s simple, since you lost Mike I’ve made it clear I want to be a part of your life, and I wouldn’t want you to think I’m double stepping that offer or request if you will.” Stephanie was to be my wife, she’s the one single female on this planet I’d decided to spend my life with, although the reality of that frighten me half to death, I’m the only one that seem to realize making such a sacrifice of my one, single heart, well, it was supposed to. My mother Karsiann, she always remind us how King Solomon compared love, yes, I remember, to death, love, marriage, as the singleness you are is to give way to the merging together of a significant other neither of you, what you were prior would hardly if ever exist anymore. "Wow, how extraordinary, now you remind me of her even more, the most wondrous woman Tiffany to ever walk this earth, That’s unlikely Nicholas seeing my mom alone is to fit that description, right, right, I want to be a part of you, of your life, and if you allow me, let me Tiffany in, I will never, ever let you go, I promise, never. At least that is what I explained to Stephanie doing lunch today, with her coming to terms with why it’s hard for her to make the necessary sacrifice for love and marriage. I remind her it’s not something you contemplate, you just fall knowing that this person is the one person in all the world that’s to capture you, and appreciate you into that darling seizure until death alone part you. "im flattered you spoke to her of me, but just how it is Nicholas you’re to know, I’m that person? Nickie, hey, can I see you for a moment? I’ll be right there, the same way Tiffany you’re to know and trust I’m that person, that all we have to do is agree and divine intervention will take us from there, and what does Nicholas Eden Coogan know of divine intervention? Easily, my father was, my mother too, as so my grandparents and now my brothers, nephews, as so Tiffany, you, so I guess you can its divinely hereditary.

                                            …UNTIL THE DAY BREAK…
                                                           SCENE XIV

     -“I’m curious Tif, how much you think we have in our savings? Enough Sissy to begin our own modeling agency, why you ask? You know that, because I’ll wedge it all, if you’re to tell me your thoughts, I mean I’m dying to know what you and Nickie talked about, yeah, me too, all my dough too, I couldn't even sleep last night. Keep your money both of you, he asked me to marry him, and let divine intervention have its perfect work, later you guys, ah, where are you going? Business, I’m taking a cab like you said, ah Nickie, what did you say? That’s easy, I asked him what did a Coogan like himself know about divine intervention, and he said for him, it’s hereditary, imagine that you guys, later. Ok, sissy please tell me you know what she’s talking about, I’m lost, that by heavens host, she and Nicholas are meant to be, or so Erica, that’s what Nicholas think, meaning he’ll never fail her, never, ever, no matter what, wow, how amazing, what a promise, yeah, amazing, lets hope it rub off on his brother, or Sissy his friend, well, acquaintance.     >>>”What about Dexter?" Helping a now released from the hospital Sister Corronda with her packing had big brother Deserk Alum rearranging her flowers and well-wishing better for travel getting her out ,home.  “He had nothing to do with these things, he's trying to find the punks who did this, he feel s though you;e blaming him, which i crazy, will you please!" Witnessed upon as one touching and massaging her temple into its pounding would a persistent Desrek Alum back himself down as was obvious. "Ok Ron, ok you're right, it's none of my business. Finally, you see! I just hate seeing you like this, please Desrek just leave me alone!" Angrily fluffing her pillow into a rough lay of her head was Desrek's truth like piercing knives targeting a harden heart, “I've made up my mind, I no longer want to speak about it, ok, ok it's your life, I'm glad you finally realize that."     >>>{{{”No Mar, it’s just so evident she’s making the most important decision in her life out of possibly the worse pains and anger ever instead of a pure heart. It’s a recipe for disaster as Sole would say, so what did they decide about Dad’s feet, I hope not another surgery, they’re still running test is all they’ll say, but if surgery it’s to be their last option. That mean they’re figuring which option or procedure is most lucrative, yeah, yeah I know, he’s right here if you want to talk to him, just tell I said hello, that I love him and Ronda is fairly well I guess you can say. Speaking of which I best see if she need anything, ok, son, thank you for being there for her, and we should be there no later than Tuesday noon, ok, mom, see guys then.}}} >>>“Thanks for this Sye, no need for thanks we did this as a tradition with our parents every year,  we Sissy only knew what it meant to have a real tree, I didn’t expect tree valley to be crowded, yeah, did Nickie dodge a mistletoe so to speak or not? Hey, come on you guys let's get serious, sir, yes sir!” Saluting Syefan Erin like so did they all burst into a laughter, did Susan Faye always admire Bradford’s darling family, just imagining how one day that would be she and Syefan Erin. Ok, seriously whose the best at this? I Sye like to think I am, having the family, doing this once a year, ok, no argument Brad here, have at it, as Susan Faye is to count these dreams off, a good marriage, a just as good relationship, and a beautifully healthy family at admitting it’s been sometime since Syefan and herself talked of wedding plans.     >>>”How Cross can I choose?” Look at Pepper, he has already chosen, ah I like it, yeah only Spirit we’re going to need heavy equipment to get that in the house, that the more they moved about did people begin to point and whisper at the Monster of Hikes Peak being in their midst. “He human and he’s beautiful! Hey, hey, not to let that bother you, look at Pepper and I, we don’t let it bother us.”

                                      …AND THE SHADOWS FLEE AWAY…
                                                                SCENE XV

    “I admit Sye he does a very good job of it every year, the boys and I just stand back and watch, okay Syefan and your silly group, silly huh, that's you too Brad, giggly then, got it down to three choices. I've always thought the more fragmented it is the more stunning, yeah Tiffany, mom always thought that as well. But the only way to tell is to untie it and stand it up, girl look,” as one mockingly elbowing Susan Faye like most the tree lodge once they get a glimpse, showing herself just as distasteful did Erica Lynn begin to see Christian Cross as well, “it’s the burn guy, two face, Christian, Christian  is here? What da, she know him?” With all of them now piercing a stark curiosity at a made happy Tiffany Ann wasting no time getting to him, well them, the burn boy, a stunning boy, and a beautiful shepherd.  "My God Christian it is you," coming right into a hug of his neck and smooth along the corner of his mouth, now this beauty to the beast of Hike’s peak, was everyone pretty much seeing and saying it. “Well Hell Sye, I guess so" none of them could believe what they were seeing hearing, like it was all a dream. "It’s so good to see you, I just can't believe it, excitedly hugging him into another intimate kiss, it’d been a long time since anything had given him this manner of care. Tifney, my god is supreme, what are the chances of discovering you here looking so amazing as always, as my dearest friend does you, ah, ah I have someone here, this, this is my youngest brother, Spirit River, and of course Pepper you know. Hello Spirit,” handing her hand for the shaking did such the gentleman he was bring it instead along a wondrous kiss, it is the pleasure of my heart, Miss Tifny, what a beauty you are, well thanks, don’t tell me you guys are tree hunting as well, yes, I have an older brother Neigl, and a sister Nadia, waiting at Hikes Peak for us to do just that, their first Christmas in America, their first Christmas Tree, will you Miss Tifny join us, they, all of us, want to meet you, well I have friends with me as well, will you meet them?" Unpleasantly letting her take lead the way into a hard swallow, reluctant did Christian Cross not want to confuse Spirit River, practicing what's preached he guessed. “You sure this is ok? I’m very sure, I have great friends, guys, hey you guys, I have someone I would like you all to meet, this is Christian Cross Artelon, and his baby brother, Spirit River," bringing her adorably close as she’d seen nothing like them, a beast of beauty she figured, how stunning they both were. "I’m Erica Lynn, my pleasure Erica, I’m Susan Faye, these two are my roommates, a pleasure of course, this is Bradford Coogan, Mr. Coogan, his wife Barbara Ann, and their stunning two sons, Jason and Daniel, it is Mr. Aretlon great to finally make your acquaintance, and yours Mr. Coogan, I’m Syefan Coogan, handing his hand forth with hand they wondered about the monster of Hike’s Peak for years, and here they were being introduced to him, actually that’s district attorney, which Mr. Coogan is possibly why you seem so familiar, I don’t have to tell you what an amazing person this woman is, so I’m not at all stun that she’s to have such amazing friends, good evening to you all, and to you Mr. Artelon they all sound off simultaneously, what the hell just happen, that just happen right?"      >>>”Well So'le is Ron pretty much grown I don't know how you're to stop him, not so grown Desrek he no longer listen to mama and papa, ok, whatever, just so you know I warn you. What is going on with him now? Scholarships, even an NBA offer, you're serious, he's that good? He's Ronda that good, you know I could call the parlor here, have them come up and do your nails for, no," easing down into bed was she putting her nail kit away, at really not wanting to be bothered especially by any outsiders, "I really don't want to be bothered with strangers right now. What you think, you think he should accept an NBA offer? That's a trick question right? It'll destroy him, the physical and mental abuse alone Ronda would ruin him for life. Knowing you, you actually told him that, no, although I should, but he haven't asked me, probably Mr. party pooper because he already know what you're going to say. You're way too strict on him, me?" "You the one who won't let him come to New York to see you. I don't know Desrek if I can stand him seeing me like this, it isn't something you flaunt around like it's a trophy, don't sell So'le short, he know Ron exactly what this is, he's a really wise kid, one of the wisest I know, don't under sell him short so." "What about Mr. big Stuff, what's going on with him?" Witnessed upon as one kicking his feet up into a lay upon a comforting sofa "what's Germany like really? It’s about people Ronda, rich people, poor people, hurting people and people pretending they're not hurting atoll. You know me Ron I don't believe I live in a house but on a street, not just a city but a state and justly so an entire earth." "There's only one, one man both male and female," two types, yeah I know, believers and unbelievers. What I hear in that Desrek Alum is that you're still saving yourself for that one that got away, you heard that really? So how is May actually? I'm not talking to her or was that Desrek a reminder? Yeah," snuggling in all the more comfortably was he releasing a long, strenuous, tear jerking yawn, stretching accordingly, again snuggling in like so. Just what am I to read behind that? Whatever Desrek!”

                        …TURN MY BELOVED AND BE THOU LIKE A ROE ...
                                                            SCENE XVI

    “Hell Sye nobody want to say, but it’s a hit, somebody knew where, how and when, and we’re positive they’re the ones who attacked Miss Aggart, so somebody knew know who they are. You’re saying these guys are responsible for Mike, that this dangerous form of hide and seek we’ve been playing is over? Come on Coogan, who did this? Why in the hell Beets do you think I know, why Coogan? It’s just a little person, that’s all, this is about you, it’s about Harmon, and especially it’s about Miss Aggart, personal as hell, those your folks, right?. Is that Truman why I’m here, you think I know, that I’m going to roll over at knowing? Well I don’t, I wouldn’t do this, it smell a little too much of being against the law, I don’t do that, I don’t take the law into my own hands, think the hell again! What about guessing who done it? Who are you acquainted with that has this kind of power, know how, like the one who lifted that tape huh? Just anyone Coogan couldn’t get that close to the Celestials, either a damn good under cover, or a family member most revengeful? There you go again Truman, thinking I know something I don’t, well how about something Coogan you simply suspect? I know that much about you, ok, there is a little something I’m not certain of, but I need time, ok, but how much time are we talking about, this hit Coogan man could be only the beginning, suppose the Celestials retaliate? Apparently Truman man whoever did this fail to take that into consideration, or foolishly Coogan man, welcomed the challenge, deadly challenge, so I’ll hear from you in a couple days, or sooner, yes."     >>>"Tiffany," turning over suddenly, horribly a glance around his fashionably bedroom, hoping to god she’d not left without a word not after the web of fascinating intimacy they'd stumbled, wrested and tussled into. “Tiffany, hey, you in there, will you talk to me, ah, see me, Tiffany, please? That's not even my name, wha, what are, I’m sorry, not that we, you know, but that I put you under so much pressure, I, I couldn’t Tiffany think, ah, of anything but finding you and keeping you once I did, please baby, don’t call me that, if I hurt you, well you did, I know, “ingesting that feeling of absolute dreadfulness etching sickly along the pit of his stomach, that she’d lost her virginity in such a hostel way. I, god I know, I couldn’t, I don’t know what, what just, ah happen, but don't run, ah, hide." Stretching a thorny throat of stinging emotions skyward, at designing that sorrowful look, a forward into that door of unaware to be honest, he didn’t know how to explain what he was feeling. “It's just, I’ve Tiffany never done anything like that before, I always wanted it to be special, and, and, you don’t have to explain what just happen.” As one glancing herself in the mirror, yet to put her clothes on, was everything about her, from the soles of her feet, to every chestnut, silk like strand on her head, simply flawless. “I knew what I was doing, I saved myself Nicholas for someone special as well, I guess we both got what we intended, please can I shower and we talk later, please? Yeah, sure, I’ll use the other bath, see you this evening, Tiffany, I know you don't want to hear this but I love you, I love you so much, I just need you o know that." Hearing the emotion in his voice,  new tears come streaming down her face along setting the shower, how had she shared this part of life with a stranger, but couldn’t with the one man she’d pledged her life and wedlock too? “How damn insane am I, what the hell was I thinking, what if I get pregnant? My god, I lost myself to him, to Nicholas Coogan, ah god I need you, I need you so much, Desrek is here now, and Christian, just what is he to me, ah god, I can't undo this can I? Ah god, ah god,please don't forsake me!”     >>>"Don't look at me like that, I tried to tell you and in so many ways Sole so did she, I try not to imagine how terrified she was, how Sole so extremely close to a horrific death she was, the torture and, I'm tired of Ronda treating me like I'm some kid! I'm going to go and, and freshen up, call Kassel and I don't know catch a nap or something, will you talk to her? I have Sole talked to her, that was the warning I was giving you at the airport, that this talk didn't go so well for either of us. Then let her know I'm not leaving without seeing her, that my life, it's pending career will all be on hold until she see me. I'm not a freaking kid anymore, I know that Sole, I told her that, you did?" As one brushing a leaking nose, cheek like so, did tears ready themselves along an extended wipe, blow of his nose right into that mirror image. "You told her that? Yes, Look you're right, as one laying a comforting hand of reassurance to his shoulder was Soledad Maurice everything Desrek Allum had earlier described to big sister Corronda Bren and more, no longer this snooty nose kid but an ingenious, spiritual, quite wise young man. "Go to my place, call your girl, get some sleep and I'll call you if things here change, this is all Sole going to pass you know this, thanks Derry man, thanks."

                                                            SCENE XVII

    ”It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” the morning brought the brisk cold and more snow, at considering how majestic as it fell, as the mountains and hills soon glisten in it’s marvelous whiteness. Thus this view from the living room window was simply mesmerizing, as was the playing of Christian favorite Sandy Pattie’s, Bethlehem Morning. “What about you girl, isn’t this your favorite time of year, you know where you get to freeze your balls off? Don’t look at me like that.” The pine tree standing gloriously embellished with various trimmings, the flames from the fireplace adding even more fascination, a moment seemed summoned by eternity. “I know girl I miss her too, I so wanted to keep her, I just didn’t know the words you know, they she greeted me, the wonder she made me feel. I mean look at me, I know, my scars seem to be of no never mind when it come to her, another gem making her so invincible a human being.” A dreaming away Christian Cross had to admit the sublime engagement it’d all become reminded him more of Tiffany and the magical time they’d spent together the eve prior, even she and Spirit seeming to hit it off so extremely well, again, made it all seem so meant to be. "Let's make a snow man, are you serious, you know how long Spirit it’s been? you done it, I Christian Cross, not so much, okay, okay, let me dress for the weather and I’ll be right with you.”      >>>“They’re gone to the mall, Leon drove them, don’t worry Nicky, he love driving them, the boys went as well?’ Checking the refrigerator for lunch meat did a turkey on rye sound simply delicious, perhaps a glass of tea or lemon, some chips, could Nicholas Edin thinking about her all that day not wait to see Tiffany Ann. “So how did it go with Stephanie, if you don’t mine me asking? Of course Brad I mind you asking, she talked of an affair, about three months, worth, stop kidding, I’m not, Stef was unfaithful to you? There’s more, she got pregnant and there’s a three year old kid, ok, ok, Nickie, you’re only punishing me for asking, no, you’re serious, your kid? Seeing Stef and I were never intimate, I walked out as she suggested we try and make a go of it all. I know, don’t even Brad try and make sense of it, it’s lopsided, lopsided is the word. So what did you get me?” Grabbing playfully at Susan’s bag, at bringing her instead into a delicate kiss, did he have a long day of meetings ahead of him, where’s Tiffany?” Obviously the only one finding it strange not seeing her, that she was only slacking behind, I don’t know, we thought you guys were all together, no, she said she didn’t want to go, that she would catch us the next time, if she’s gone off I’m gonna kill her myself! What’s wrong with Leon? Investigating quickly did Nicholas Edin notice the most appalling and disturbing look on Leon’s face, Sye, hey Sye!” Sensing in his gut something wasn’t right at calling out and getting out to a well distracted by a phone conversation Syefin Erin, "ah my god, Sye?" Screaming, running and stumbling into a sprint after him, when just as soon this explosions, fire and blackness that suspended he car some twenty feet into the air. "Ah my God, Nicky, Sye, call 911, ah my god!”  Getting passed the hollering, crying females, with said explosion hurling Nicholas back from his feet, at leaving Syefan Erin lifeless a few feet ahead of him, I’m, okay damn it, I’m ok, get Sye, get Sye,” laying his head to chest, repeatedly calling his Sye at pulling his vest, tie, his shirt apart, Syefan Erin wasn’t alright, he wasn’t breathing, he wasn't responsive and all Bradford Ean was thinking, that he hope he still knew how to do this, folding Syefan's head back, mouth open into in three covered breaths, fitting his hands one atop the other, pumping his chest, efforting to bring his life back, "Come on Sye, damn it, don’t let them do this to us again, to you, Nickie, I’m ok, I just hurt my hand, I think it’s broken, Sye, is he breathing? Syeeeeeeeeeee! I got him Nickie, I got him, he’s breathing, I got him, I got him, Sye, hey, look at me, can you see me, Sissy,” with stunning, glazed over eyes filling with tears, his mouth, words filled with worries over Susan Faye, was the fire department, and ambulances filling the streets all around. “Shhhhhh, hey, I’m here, I'm right here," fitting his damaged head into her soft, warm lap, was this so inconceivable, why the bomb had delayed until all except Leon departed the car no one would know, even once they thought about it. “Sissy, I’m here baby, I’m right here, listen to my voice," seeming disorientated had Syefan Erin for a short time been completely lifeless, as in dead, as in a near death experience. “I don’t know where Tiffany is, I know Nickie, I know, but we’ll find her, let them help you and we’ll find her, where could she be? Ingesting into a dry swallow at laid back into the ambulance, his leaking eyes set into the top of the vehicle, so tears his cheek, his ears, even his nose, just as he dozed off as need be, unconscious for the ride.

                             ...BY NIGHT ON MY BED I SOUGHT HIM...
                                                     SCENE XVIII

    “I can't ask you Ron what's wrong with you because it's so obvious, it's like being deadly ill and refusing to medicate oneself with your loving family watching painfully, helpless, all don't be so damn text book, I told him not to come, so did mom and dad, he should've listen. You brag Desrek about how mature he is yet he come off as a hard headed kid. Well this hard headed kid Ron as you say told me to tell you and I quote he's not going anywhere until you see him, that his career, his life is on hold until you do. You're lying! He doesn't understand Ron how it is you think you can trust me with this tragic episode and not him, and he's pretty damn hurt because of it. You think you're hiding the dark side of the world from him, protecting him maybe, Sole remain this close to the Supreme Ronda because he is so familiar with that world. There's something else, Sole is talking to me not only as a man in love, but a man Ron on the verge of marriage, marriage? I maybe off the beaten by Christ's Cross path here but perhaps these are things he want to discuss with his big sister. I know Ron how hard this is not by experience but because you've allowed me a front-side view, now if only you allow our baby brother who is a man now, how perfect is that? Maybe you're right," witnessed upon as one again sweeping moisture from under both eyes at realizing she could no longer deny Soledad Maurice his responsibilities in these things despite how horrid they were. "So where is he? Tell him of course I'll see him, he went to my place for a little R and R but I'll tell him, you're doing the right thing, yes," that she's to as well reconsider her ill treatment of Dexter Leon, even Tiffany Ann, that she was blaming everything and everybody but the true miscreants, "I realize that Desrek, thanks to you, well love, you are my sister too.     >>>”I can’t believe you did that, wait a minute, I, I thought I was your friend, not now Tifny, that’s on hold, on hold until you beat the crap out of me right?” As one being awaken from his sleep by loud screams, laughing and cheering, following said nuisance did he find Spirit River and Tiffany Ann sitting in front of some TV game really having at it and at each other. “So that’s not cheating? No, no, no cheating, that winning! Ump, Ump,” clearing his throat at bringing their attention instead his way, so started the blame game, “you see I told you, you was too loud, it was Tifny idea, ah my god, I can’t believe you did that, you little ingrate, ok, ok, who’s winning? I would be if your brother wasn’t such the cheat, no cheat, Tify sore loser, sore loser! “Well I’ve never, the way you play, you never, ever will, how about some sandwiches you two, something to drink maybe? Sound good, I’ll help, sore loser, you better be glad you’re a kid, yeah, promises Tifny, promises, “You shouldn’t have, what? Ah, well I knew he would love, it’s an early Christmas gift and speaking of Christmas, I simply love that snowman, thanks, another first for Spirit River. Still Tifny, you’ll gonna spoil him you know, ah come on,” as one doing that famous thing she does at wrapping her arm into his, her cheek to his. Was this something Christian treasured beyond description, her cottony skin, insatiable scent and priceless, even edible seduction, “now what’s on Christian Cross Christmas list? Ummmm,” with a finger dipped with chocolate in her mouth, at readying it until his thirty, hot, tongue soon riveting his blood straight through, what indeed had Christian done to bring such a prize as this into his life? “How about Tifney a woman that has everything, ah, a woman that has everything, ummm,” again nursing that scrumptious with chocolate finger, was it now his term and he was madly in love again and again. “That Mr. Artelon is going to be a hard one, I don’t think so Miss Saurus, not if you know exactly where to look and you know exactly where to look? So you’re saying, since you know where to look, that you’ll help me though it’s all for you? What kind of dressing do you like on your sandwich?” Just as soon awarding him this unforgettable smooch just at the corner of his mouth at stirring Christian Cross in places thought retired, mightily stirring his blood among others things. “What was that for? Um, I don’t know, sometimes a single dip of chocolate Mr. Artelon can be a gift everlasting, Tifny!” Exploding over was a wild and crazy Spirit River rushing in after her, taking her hand, rushing her this way, out, away, “you got to see this, hurry, hurry, you got to see this!”

                                     ...WHOM MY SOUL LOVETH…
                                                       SCENE XIX

    "You're serious, you're really Sole thinking about asking for this girl's hand in marriage? If you come with me for sure, come with you, what kind of proposal Sole would that be with me as third wheel? Anyway you're talking about Jamaica and I wasn't, no she's here, Kassel live right here in New York, New York, then how the hell did you two meet? Easy, spring break of last year, she and most of her collegiate class was their partying you know, so she's a party girl I see, no, not as you think, she was making fun time of a spring break, it wasn't as disorderly Derry as you're to imagine. So what you gonna have? I am hungry, I want pasta, this is a pasta restaurant, never been my favorite, then why here? Because brother I love it's yours, I'm having pasta as well. I have Ronda's blessing, I just want you to meet her, plus she's not coming alone, she's bringing her older sister Kiefer to meet me as well. So," sitting back precariously at suspecting little brother Soledad's true intentions at how the matrimonial plot thicken "a blind date, whose blind Desrek man? These are good, trusting people, you've only Sole known her a year, how can you be so certain? That grown up, sort of wisdom you persuaded so of Ronda, need I remind you? She told you about that?" Smiling handsomely upon him did Desrek Allum wonder what else did Corronda Bren confide in his stunning as ever baby brother. "Yeah, what else did she tell you? Are you going to grant your little brother his wish list or not? Wish list? Ah I like that, really, so this Kiefer person, my blind date, is she available? I don't know about all that Derry man, I'm busy trying to get my own foot in the door you know. She's as pretty as you, this Kassel person? I like to think Derry man I'm more handsome than pretty, but yes, Kassel Berlyn is very pretty, you know in a drop dead, gorgeous sort of way. What's that? What? That all of a sudden depressing, far away look? I don't know as I was describing her to you I considered her as one who's been abused, mentally, even socially, what make you come to, possibly Derry by her parents the most. And this Sole is an assumption? No, in so many ways Derry it's apparent, she's happy, but is she just as sad, connected in ways very impressive but just as disconnected, I don't know she could be saying the same to her sister about me. No Sole I doubt that, sound like you're her opposite, meaning is she equally yours. Then you'll come with me, I'll come with you so this Kiefer person won't as well feel the third wheel in all of this, but the marriage proposal is yours Sole and yours alone."      >>>“I can’t believe this,” crying on her soon to be brother in law shoulder, Syefan’s recovery was so good, he could be released within a couple of hours, “it’s Brad like a horrible manner of de’javu, so, why did the bomb stall, and where O where is Tiffany Ann? Why did it stall? They’re running test right now so they can tell us exactly that, it was Barb either perfect timing, or it was remote activated. My god, I can’t believe this, this is the second time they’ve come close to killing Sye, my god, if he’d been only moments, hey, hey, he’s ok, better, they’re going to release him soon, and Tiffany? Just where the hell is she, suppose these monsters Brad, have her some way? We can’t Sissy think that, we must be positive, it’s the only sanity in times like these. In times Brad like these, go find Barb and the kids, I’m fine, thanks, I’ll do just that, you need me to get you something to drink first? No, no, I’m fine.      >>>“Sissy, I’m right here, I thought I heard you, something to drink, helping him with a drink of water, with the exception of a few scares, did Syefan Erin appear fairly well, Nickie? Nickie is fine, the explosion killed Leon and we don’t know where Tiffany is, she wasn’t with us, said she had something to do, How long before I get out of here? Well I guess we can page them and ask them exactly?” Tiffany was asking me about that truck last night, she wanted to know whether it was an automatic, was it good weather wise, you think she’s in the truck? Ok, that would explain how she left, but now Sye where is she, get Nickie, Brad, I, I have a good idea where she maybe, hey, Sye want you two. Say he may know where Tiffany is, said she was asking him about his truck last night, the truck, you know Nickie I can’t remember whether it was there. They’ll going to release me as soon as they get my vitals, I think Tiffany took the truck, and I think I know where she took it, Hike’s Peak, the burn guy, ah my god!” With a sweet awareness as this lightening Bradford’s countenance right up , did it as well leave Nicholas' rather bedazzled, Hikes Peak, the burn guy?“That’s it, what’s it, what are you guys talking about? That’s right Nickie, you wasn’t there, Tiffany introduced him to us the other night at tree lodge, the burn guy, the monster of Hike’s Peak? Yes, a Christian Cross Artelon, can’t forget a name like that, he and his brother, but the how the hell does Tiffany know this guy? You Nickie gonna have to ask her that yourself, but we were just as bemused then, as you are now, I would you two bet the bank that’s where she is. Commissioner is moving us now Sye as we speak, so we can get her on our way to Green Valley, this is crazy you guys, we know Nickie, we felt the same way, especially when she left with them, left with them? But we were all there and we were all introduced to him as her friend, and you Sye think she would risk everything to go to him, spend time with him? I don’t know about all that Nickie, just that I think that’s where she is, I do too.”

                           …I SOUGHT HIM BUT I FOUND HIM NOT…
                                                          SCENE XX

    "Dex? Please don't be angry with me, please, answering a door knocking to this tall, stunning harasser of her, Dexter Leon Stuart, did he immediately jump on the defensive. “I called the hospital and learn you'd been released, I, I would've called, but you knew I would've declined. My gracious look at you, you look," gently taking her hand along a clear inspection at pausing along a stinging realization that comments about her appearance was possibly the last thing she wanted to hear. "Absolutely ah, my hand, ah yes, it’s just darling, the last time I saw them they were all bandaged, can I come in? The place Dex is such a mess with all the packing I'm doing, so you're still off to Jamaica? No, I'm not, that's off, I just don't want to stay here, don't need the reminder. I see of course, I really miss you," that she's to decline his attempts at brushing her yet scared face did Dexter Leon understand completely, though was she herself, such the vision. "How about dinner or, Ronda? I'm sorry what? I was suggesting we have dinner, this weekend or something," thinking for a certainty that if he and Corronda really had a chance they would possibly have to start over, like from scratch. “I could pick you, Ronda?" Noticeably again had she dozed off like into never, never land at Dexter being concern after her mental state, "I'm sorry, ah yes, dinner of course, I was thinking Sunday, that I could pick you up around six or seven, are you sure you want to do that? Excuse me?" Literally flabbergasted by her response was Corronda Bren truly not herself as she in was a completely different. "I don't understand, Sunday evening will be fine Dex yes, you're not Ronda just saying that to get me out of your hair? No, I miss you too, so much so all I want to do is cuddle into you forever and never let go, excuse me but did you just flirt with me? I don't know did I?" Tall, almond and just as delicious as he appeared, so well groomed, so equally dramatic, was Dexter Leon Stuart such the superior alpha male, so above suitors, all. If I seem distant, it's just that now Dex isn't a good time for me, of course, then I'll call you for more details concerning Sunday's dinner, goodnight Dex, yeah." Seeing she's to close the door right away was Dexter Leon unexplainably confused, like he'd both seen Corronda and actually not found her at home a toll. "Was that the twilight zone or what?" As one gathering himself mentally at getting to the elevator, it was weird, and he and Corronda were never, ever weird. "Dexter?" Happily at right away taking and shaking a pleased to see Desrek Allum, hand at the coincidence they would meet this way "Desrek," still as one visible stirred at the paradox now deemed Corronda Bren, what had just transpired between them, if anything? "I was just leaving, did you see her, I mean she came to the door and everything? Ah yes, we talked, at least I think we talked, it was weird right? Yes, not to be rude but kidda like she wasn't all there. Ron can get like that sometimes, the head trauma, the sizable ordeal she's to suffer I guess, like she's to think on these things, that she's to really concentrate to get it right. Well she has agreed Desrek to have dinner with me Sunday Eve, I really would love to spend some time with her, maybe if we made it a double date she would be more comfortable. That's why I like you Dexter man, perhaps that's why Ron is so crazy about you, you seem to know exactly what's to make all better the situation despite how perilous Ronda is to find herself. The answer is yes, I would love it, good, then I'll be in touch with you for details, I love her Desrek man, and I plan on helping her through to the end, that end, until death do us part, I Dexter Leon, I know, remember you got my vote."      " >>>It never fails does it, Tif always end up the center of attention? I’m sure Erica it just seem that way, she’s just so damn spoil, now Erica how can you say that after all she’d through, Tif haven’t been through no more than anyone else." Shaking a head of disagreement, did Barbara know that was the green, eyed monster of jealousy more so than Erica Lynn, although Barbara couldn’t tell what it was Erica had to be envious about. Here she was, this beautiful young lady, with a successful career ahead and a stunning young surgeon making his way in their direction pursuing her. "I got here as soon as I heard, how is he? They’re fine, Sye is being released even as we speak, Nicholas was treated and released, so what happen, I heard it was a type of explosion?" Instaad thinking Erica Lynn fortunate, Barbara wished she’d put her career and studying before marriage and having a family, straightly getting married her second year in college. Getting pregnant two years later, with the exception of beginning a career in psychiatry she has known nothing but marriage and children. “You probably Mat want to sit, it was the car, that we’d just vacated some ten, fifteen minutes earlier, ah my Christ, are you freaking kidding me! No, why it held up, authorities are still figuring that out, Leon our driver is dead, my Christ Erica, my Christ, my Christ, who are these people, what, what are these people?” Honesty not that she didn’t love Bradford and the boys, being a wife and mother, now that she had them she wouldn’t give it up for nothing, was she just pondering the single life, the seeming greener grass, as always, as normal.     >>>“May I help you? With a single Latino female answering the door, were they beginning to think no one was home, did Nicholas stay back, as Bradford and an agent went after Tiffany Ann, yes I’m Bradford Coogan and we’re looking for Mr. Artelon, is he here? O Si, he is here," as to make room for their entry at bringing them into a wondrous to beyond foyer, there was no doubt Tiffany was there as Bradford’s truck was in plain view as they arrived. “So we meet again, ah yes, Tree Lodge, Tiffany’s friend, a Mr. Coogan, want you come in, she’s in the Den making fun of my brother. It's good the whether has broken that you’re to make such a trip, this is a beautiful place, simply breathtaking, well you are most welcome, most welcome, Tifnay someone is here to see you, excuse me, having her to turn back, stand at realizing Bradford Erin and some stranger had come all this way, this couldn’t be good, there was no way this could be good. Brad, Tiffany, is, has something happen? They’re relocating us, so we had to come after you, but how did you know I was here? Sye, said you was questioning him about the truck, he figured it from there, ah, I see, ah I love you guys and will see you again soon, yes Tifny soon, as soon as it’s safe. I don’t know Brad, aren’t I just as safe here, I don’t know if I want to leave you, eye set to his eyes at taking Christian's hand, at refusing to leave, did she feel most comfortable there. "There has Tiffany been an explosion, Leon is dead, Sye had to be revived, and Nicholas, and Nicholas, noticing a horrible fright come upon her face at mention of his name, that he’d met with some tragedy. No, baby, he’s alright now, he’s right outside waiting on you, a car bomb? Swabbing her chin, unto her cheek, did a loving Christian rush to help with such sentiment, tissues in hand. “So it’s imperative sweet heart that you come with us, it’ll be ok, Spirit and I will be just fine until you’re made safe again, I will leave you for a short time. that’s all, ok, we’ll be in prayer for you." Seeing her, them straight out that door, could Christian Cross not believe how much peril his loveliest friend in all the world found herself in, that she and the best of friends were running and evading assassins and people, loved ones and friends were dying.

                                               ...I WILL RISE NOW...
                                                       SCENE XXI

    “Tiffany still isn’t talking huh?” Looking out for the one thousand time at a reserved Tiffany Ann who’d made the extensive deck her constant pastime had she said no more than ten words since they’d arrived in Green Valley three days passed. Lord help me, I miss Mike so much, I don’t get this, they killed you, they prevented Sye, just what was this latest attack about, huh?” Thinking this vast wilderness deemed Green Valley was a lot like Hike’s Peak, with the exception of the mountains, did Tiffany find it quite medicating. “An astonishing day isn’t it?” Seeing she’s to pierce nothing more than a listening ear his way, at seeming to appreciate his appearing that much less. “I don’t Nicholas have any explanation for Christian, I didn’t Tiffany ask for one, this is so awesome, to Nicholas have grown up in such a place, yeah with a world dying all around you, that’s what my mom would say, that’s uncanny, my mom Nicholas too. You know, she just didn’t want us deceived by it all, no matter how tremendous it was yet the curse of death, men like fish caught in a net, I would Tiffany love to meet your mom, your parents, mamaRoo, short Nicholas for Ruthann, one of the most beautiful women in this world, with a heart of gold. With a dad Nicholas, who was the very opposite, hated her for her spiritual faith, but depended on her as his rock of Gibraltar, is what he despised about her the most. So how did you meet him. Mr. Artelon? I got lost stumbling and fumbling around Hike’s Peak, trying Nicholas to find my way back to Mike and Christian found me, encouraged me, and set me back on track so to speak. Sye and Brad describes him as a really nice guy, I’m frighten Tiffany, I’m sorry, Nicholas, frighten? That you’re not going to let us finish what we started, there is Nicholas only one way, why i been kicking myself, that we can finish what we started, then marry me, I can’t give myself, my body to a man unless he’s my husband, then Tiffany marry me. Marriage Nicholas for as long as I can remember has always been as sacred as the Christ Lord Himself, hey you two, Sissy say come and eat while it’s hot, we’ll be right there,” smmoth and subtry as a serpent coming upon a delicate, flesh stirring, blood heating, bite of lips, it's delicious tongue, rousing him in at limits places, this her exit, was that a yes? Like that night Nicholas, I don't know, it's almost like sonce Mike, I'm sleepwalking though life and can't be held responsible, you know, so a warning, you probable should get and stay away, so," right along an exhaled of staying back for now, at fastening  again upon he too die for scenery, thinking was had been easy had come all the more difficult, "that's a no."     >>>"What's the urgency, or are you Nie simply trying to spoil the holidays for everyone? Look I’ve never celebrated Christmas, so why would I Cross, be a hypocrite at celebrating it simply because now I’m in America? You right, why should you? Though Nie I can think of two reasons, Nadia, and Spirit, maybe if you for just the shortest space forget about yourself, that is Nie what true love is all about. Tell me something new, my Christ, you sound exactly like her, he’s not your Christ Nie unless you with a sincere heart serve him, his people, all people, friends and enemies alike, ok, ok, damn it! You watch your language! I’ll put off Florida until after the New Year, satisfied? Then like it or not, Nadia, Spirit or not, I'm going, yeah, yeah Nie, that is satisfactory, is that why you hated her so much? I didn’t hate Mamar, nall, Nie, you just treated her like you hated her, tell me, where is the difference? And you Cross didn't hate her, them, for what they did to you? I guess you Nie hated them enough for us both, forgive as you ought, forgive Nie man, that too is sacrificial."     >>>”I’m late,” coming into a private moment of she and Susan being all to themselves, did Tiffany think it was time she told someone her concerns, what you mean late? Late Sissy late, noticing her sniffing, wiping, had Tiffany been with said concerns for a while, it was good she was pouring her heart out, trusting someone. "Well how long? Ah at least two months worth, I can’t be pregnant out of wedlock Sissy, I just can’t, hey, hey, shhhh, we don’t know baby ok, the first thing is to get tested. I thought you and Mike were never intimate, ah god Sissy what am I going to do? Look, I’m going out with Sye today, I’ll grab a test, Sye, he can’t know, no one, I’ll be discreet ok, come on baby, no one will know but you and I, now you calm down and let’s see what the test say and take it from there, ok, yes,” sweeping under both of those dazzling eyes of hers, truly Tiffany didn’t know where she would be without Susan Faye and even Erica Lynn, who had her good points, and of course, hoping again soon one day, what a friend she would have again, in Corronda Bren.

                         ... AND GO ABOUT THE CITY AND THE STREETS...                                                                                                      SCENE XXII

    “What are you trying to tell me damn it Sye, why did you bring me here? That Tiffany trying to safeguard her father could’ve rolled over on Mike and I, trying to protect her father Sye, what does that mean? Tiffany’s father is head of the Celestria,” placing a questionable file along his reach, were both brothers Syefan Erin and Bradford Ean really acting strange, even bringing him to some out of the way coffee shop “and if Nickie she’s working for his cause, that makes her a form of Bella Mafia and one of the most dangerous women ever, Tiffany, you two are trying to tell me Tiffany is like some mafia assassin, that Mike is dead because of her> First the burn guy and before I can wrap my nightmare heart about that, now this, we, we, now that's with two hits on you Sye and one on her best friend Corronda? We know how it all sound Nickie, but reading that file you’re to learn she’s tied up in a deadly conundrum in more ways than one, just Sye what does than men how in the hell are you going to convince me this? To be honest we don’t know whether she’s the one working for or against us, like she's the one Nicholas they’ve had those villains taken out the other day, or she’s the one that cause the explosion, which would explain why she so conveniently wasn’t there. Ok, ok, laying all of these mad accusations aside and they are mad.  I’ve heard you Sye say Mike had to have had an inside person to get this close to the Celestia, that there’s Sye just no way the kind of inside job that was done on them could’ve been some regular joe. Would it then Sye completely behoove you two imagined just for a second, that person was Tiffany, and, and, Sye, you just figured out who their primary target is? Like on Hike’s Peak that evening before, in Mike’s car that deadly night, in Leon’s car the other day, as so who they were looking for when they attacked Miss Aggart, ah my Christ, you, he Sye be right. What I get from Tiffany regarding her father, even as we stood out talking just yesterday, is that he wasn’t a pleasant man, nor was he an honest man, a person she’s been cautious of and avoiding all her adult life. If Nicholas all of that is true, if Tiffany participation in this, is that she put a hit on those gangsters that assumption alone Nicholas which is unthinkable, mean she’s still lethal. I’m sorry you two, I don’t believe it, Tiffany is avoiding this man for the identical reasons you’re accusing her, because she want no part of his deadly connections and corruption. Let’s say Nicholas momentarily you’re right about her, about Tiffany, how do we explain any of this, that Tiffany is a trader, but against her father, not for him, that she used that father and daughter relationship to get close to him, and eventually used it against him, which you two could be why she now fear for her mother and brothers. “What is that look? They’re missing Nicholas and presumed dead, what? Yes, nothing was going to be said until there was more proof, ahhhh god, how long now, have you suspected? We suspect it was a retaliation hit, it’s just going back and forth, they hit her and she hit them, and they hit her, where Sye does it stop? That Nickie babe seem to be the million dollars question and the most concerning, no, you two got this all wrong and don't come to me again until you get it right, I got court, i got to go!"      >>>“You have to remember Tiffany there are all kinds of chemical imbalances that can throw a female cycle off, and I shudder to think what of the millions of dramatics caused your, but these test are pretty accurate, you're not pregnant. But look, you didn’t tell me you and Mike went all the way, that’s Sissy because we didn’t, I’m sorry,” seeing an awkward Tiffany Ann is to grab her coat for going out, if indeed Tiffany had not been intimate with Mike, how could she have thought herself pregnant, or so did the plot thicken, this Christian? What Tif are you, I can’t Sissy talk about it now, please, I’m going for a walk, yeah, stay close by, we can't get overly trusting, I know, thank you Sissy so much, you're welcome so much.”     >>>”I just think Hain it’s unfair, I mean are we a couple or not? We are, ok but you’re moving to New York for an undetermined amount of time without us at lease discussing it, that don’t sound like a couple to me. Look I can’t explain it, I just need this time, please Drea try and understand, would you, if I Hain decided I would just up and leave, go to my dad’s in Cuba, no explanation, just needing some time, would you Hain understand? Ok, ok, you’re right, you’re right, since you put it that way, you’re welcome to come with me, is that Hain what you really thought? Honestly, honestly? No, I just feel, I know, so damn guilty, just call me whenever time allow, Drea!” That she’s to get away angrily, down the stairs, through the kitchen, the garage to her car, Drea, please, you know I love you, I, I, it’s ok, Hain, I have these test, prepping is going to keep me so busy, I’ll hardly miss you, I guess, hardly miss me you guys, arriving at her drivers side window, that stunning grin of his, would Andre more than miss him, you better behave I know that, I can sweetheart tell you the same thing, call me when you get there, I will, and as often as I can, you better, or we’re through, later, yeah kiss, kiss, Hain, I really do love you, me too, h love you. ah too"

                                             …AND IN THE BROADWAYS…
                                                                 SCENE XXIII

    I’m just saying there is so much you don’t know, I know Tiffany what I shared with you the other night wasn’t some one time fling, like you, that part of my life is very important , private, and though neither of us understood it, I believe we both wanted it to happen, even needed it to happen. All that maybe so but still you have no ideal Nicholas what you’re getting into and the Monster of Hikes Peak does? I know Tiffany you’re departed in ways unspeakable and you think who better to know you, to understand you, he’s not the only one like you so severely scared. I have this heart with an urgency after you that says there’s no doing this without you, I’m fooled because I’m in love with the woman I love? Yes I said it and you understood it right well, you can’t run from this, to him or no one else, I believe Tiffany you and I have been running away from each other forever, I think you know that as well as I, yet here we are together. Ah god Nicholas you’re not making sense, aren’t I? How long Tiffany have you loved me? What? You heard me, god, this is so crazy, we weren’t strangers the other night, we were finally lovers, even husband and wife, we didn’t Tiffany simply stumble into one another, but into a marriage bed. Maybe it’s true, I don’t know you Nicholas Coogan, perhaps you are my faceless destiny. Excuse me, what is that to, nothing, I got to go, Tiffany? I got too, please Nicholas, please just let me go! I don’t want to, I swear you don’t know me, now please, If I Tiffany say Papa Celestial what would you say? What do you know? More than you think I know, how, how can you know and still, and still love you, want you? You’ve always been a part of my heart Tiffany, meaning I’m dead without you, so it’s not like I have a choice, can’t you see this is what I want, that I know exactly what I’m doing and why I will never fail you? I know that’s what you believe with all that is heart, mind and soul within, like peter the day before the Christ was taken, he meant exactly what he said, that If need be Nicholas he would die for the Christ, when the Christ knew in only a few hours he would deny even being acquainted with him, not once, not twice, but three term, yes, Tiffany but what is the true morrow of peter’s denial that went from fear to faith, to being martyred for his love of the Christ Lord, just as he promised, because perfect love, sacrifice Tiffany castes out all fear, his flesh as weak, then his spirit took over right? I wouldn’t be able to hear your screams, I wouldn’t be so entirely associated, even engrossed with their grieves and sorrows if I wasn’t perfectly in love with you.” I got to go, I promise Susan I would go to the center with her today, ok, but eventually Tiffany you’re going to have to give me an answer, will you marry me amd spend that time only with me? Yeah, I know,  have a good day Nicholas, you Tiffany as, wait, you said that wasn't your name, it's Maaseiah, Maaseiah Adonai, so just as stunning as you are, if you say.”    >>>"No. do you know how long it’s been since I’ve won a prize out of a bubble gum machine? Not to Mat tell my age but it only caused twenty-five cents, ah my god, it’s a ring, ah so, so, it, look how real it look! Look how perfect it, fit, will you? Will I what? Will you marry me? Stop playing, I’m not Erica playing, nor is that a toy ring, what? Look at it again, ah my god,” eight alone mouth gaping awe a response filling her eyes simultaneously, was this the last thing in all the world Erica expected, “I knew it, I knew it, it, it, ah my god Mat, are you, you sure? I mean marriage is so serious, as so Erica Lynn is life and living, but how, how did you, you know, arrange it? For a real diamond ring to come out of a gum machine, like a magician, it was just a little switch-of- rooh, I’m still Erica Lynn waiting on my answer. I don’t, I mean you sure Mat, so you haven’t thought it? Of course Mat I’ve thought about it, of course and? You’re, It’s, you’re not Mat just asking me to be your wife, but to, to have children, raise a family and, and? And Erica Lynn you never thought it? I don’t, you know, know if I’m ready for that, am I making sense to you at all? I think Erica you’re telling me no, you’re just trying to do as discretely as possible, I, would, say ah, well, I wouldn’t call it no, I don;t want to say no, ah, what Erica would you call it? More Mat like a yes but not right away, but this, spreading her manicured hand, finger, now sporting this priceless engagement ring, being so fragmented with her answer she didn’t know whether to keep it or return it. I “The way you did this was so clever, so romantic, I sat for hours trying to figure something not so routine and I came up with this, or that, I Mat don’t know what to do, you know since I’m not ready,” sadly, taking the fantastic jewel off, fitting it back into the clever bubble gum globe, I think Mat I’ll just let you keep it until you know. Until you Erica give me a better yes. I got to go, I’m already late, yeah, sure, thanks for lunch, you’re welcome, ah, call you later, yeah, sure, later?

                            …I WILL SEEK HIM WHOM MY SOUL LOVETH…
                                                             SCENE XXIV

    "No Tracy how about you do it more along what Mere demonstrated, then take your lead from Cornelius, he has his, not Cornelius," as one whispering in meticulously to her was Merecal already privy to the do's and don't about the modeling scene. "He like to be called Nellus instead, whatever his name let's get this done people we do have scheduled!" As one yelling out instructions with an attempt at getting to Christian, to Hike’s Peak for what was now dinner plans was Tiffany handling as to regret an unwelcome call {{{"This is Dissuasion, Tiffany Saurus speaking, Tif? My god Ronda!" As one ghosting over horribly, emotionally at growing quite intrigued did tears design themselves along her cheeks, chin accordingly. "My word Ronda is that you? It's me Tif, it's Ronda, ah thank god," displaying a crippling release at dropping into a seat, no a stand, no a seat, into an excited prance about. "I've been so worried, I mean are you ok? How do you, what can I do? Tif honey calm down I'm fine, do you hear me Tif I'm fine, Tif? I hear you, I'm sorry it's just so good to hear your voice, so are you in Jamaica? What? O no, no I'm home, as a matter of fact I got here only hours ago. You'll never guess Tif whose here with me, guess?" Smiling off solemnly, even playfully was this the most wonderful surprise of all she and Ronda not only talking but kidding about. "Yeah you'll never guess, I don't know Ronda, I don't have, Desrek, Desrek is here! Desrek? Ah my god Derry is here? Sole too if you can believe it. You're right, I don't believe it, I thought he was in Europe, well he was, there's more, he's here to stay, to stay?" Thinking how close, magically close she'd been to Desrek Alum but what was Corronda talking about his staying as he made it clear to her he wouldn't, not even for her. "But I thought you, I changed my mind, I'm staying, well I want to see you, I mean when can I see you? While not just yet, I want to get settled in you know. Look! I know you're working so we'll talk later, I love you Tif, Tif, hello, yeah Ronda me too, talk to you soon, I'm not reaming this right, talk later love, me too, love you too."}}} Thinking Coronda was the last person she expected to hear from was Tiffany to yet return the receiver at getting back to urgent work, and out to Christian, that she wouldn't miss and ws she taking Nicholas proposal for granted? As well was she thinking. "Are you ok, Miss Saurus? Some water," that she's to swallow and touch at a thicker then usual ingestion along celebrative tears causing the slightest tickle did Corronda sound just like herself. "Thanks Mere, and yes we can get back to work now, you sure you're ok? Yes, I just heard from someone unexpectedly," that it was then strangely enough did a very forcible remembrance ad nauseam, even an at eerie reminiscence regarding Christian Cros literally overmaster her and suddenly she wasn't all right. "Miss Saurus," seeing her frailty at helping her to a seat was Merecal as so other on-lookers this concern moving and getting after her. "Should I call for help?" Kneeling a hand clasp into Tiffany's hand along that chair to her, to this truly emotionally bereft of physical strength Tiffany Ann who'd just as so burst into tears uncontrollably. "Miss, Tiffany, I'm of," springing up, off into a dressing booth for privacy at pressing a forward hard against that wall was Tiffany Ann as one again crying deep into the pit of her belly not only because she'd heard from Corronda. Although that she'd not heard from or kept her promises regarding Christian Cros and what they, how she and him alone should truly be the fervent, wrought-up of intimate relation Nicholas Edin so sought after of her. How at this very urgent reality she should drop all this non-sense, all these quick-witted illusionist called sense and sensibility and get out immediately to him. "I'll give the crew thirty minutes," as one easing a bit close for comfort was Merecal Faithe truly at odds sensitively as she'd never seen either of them, the supervising staff this hysterically reverent, even socially vulnerable. "Miss Saurus, do you need, thirty minutes Mere is good, and please just call me Tiffany or Tip, please, do you need me Tiffany or Tip to get you anything else, anyone else? Yes, please get Attorney Nicolas Coogan on the phone, please, {{Nicholas Coogan, may I help you?}, Nicholas?} Anything else Miss, ah Tiffany, No Mere, you've been plenty of help, just give me a few more minutes and we'll get back to work, then I'll see you in thirty as well, I brought you more water, yes Mere," smiling festivity, even cautiously after she'd exploded ecstatically was the news of Corronda, of even her brother Desrek, a time of celebration not sorrow, "thanks a lot," Tiffany, yes yes it's me, what wrong, are you crying? I am, I am crying, where are you, you need me to come? I'm scared, I'm Nicholas really, really sacred, I'm coming, I'm on my way, no, I so need you to but no, we are one now aren't me, aren't we nicholas? I can hardly understand you, tell me where, you're at work, you at Dissuasion! I'm coming, I won't be here, I'm off this phone, I'm getting on the elevator right now, Tiffany, listen to me, I think you're too upset to drive, babe, babe, you hear me, Tiffany, Tiffany, hey, you still there? Nicholas, thinking she sw Nicholass edin past the door, getting only a glimpse, but what would he be there, had something happen to Sye and she couldn't call, "Nicholas! Ah god good, Sissy, were is Tiffany? She called crying, said she was scared, she called you? Yea, I could hardly understand her she was so upset, she was leaving, I told her she was too upset to drive, it was you, me, I don't understand, my thoughts Nickie exactly when did tiffany start trusting you like that, Sissy, where would she go? Merecal was with her wit her, perhaps she heard or know, good, thank you, because I think Sissy she met Mr. Artelon as she was hanging by a thread over a ledge, me too Nickie, me too."

                                                  ...I SOUGHT HIM...
                                                        Scene XXV

 “I found your note Miss Roget,” as one grooming herself in the mirror, was Susan Faye again considering whether she should dye her hair something other than red, its natural color. “Did you hear me, Erica, I heard you,” seeming to hear the creek in her voice, did it cause Susan Faye to move rather seriously into the direction of the bathroom stall. “What is going on? You’re not Sissy going to believe even if I tell you, well isn’t that why you told me to meet, he asked me, who ask you? Mat, he ask me to marry him, ok, let me guess, those tears are not tears of joy, huh, tears of freaking stupidity,” Charging out of the stall, straight into the mirror a stunning looking brunet, whose makeup liek her emotions, indecision was all over the place. “I turn him down, can you freaking believe that! I turn Mat down, I spend the last few months mooning and dying over him, horrified that I’d lost him, even lost him to someone else, he pop the question and I go, and you go? I’m not ready for marriage and children and creating a family, you know, all that. First you need to calm down, I don’t think it’s as bad as you, ok Sissy, tell me how the hell it isn’t? Because Mat is crazy about you, it’s not Erica like he’s going to go and ask someone else, he know you possibly need some time. I was horrified and pleasured as hell as the same time and I don’t even know why, just that I was horrified, we’re talking Matthew Edwin. And you're Erica a single female who live a pretty individualized life, of course you was horrified, so you’re saying you were? Wedding and or marriage jitters Erica, that’s normal, that’s all it was, your being in here with this much regret proves it, I believe you’re right, of course I’m right, now let me help you fix your face so can get back to work, oh, something is going on with Nicholas and Tiffany, he just left here looking for her, after she called him crying and being highly upset, Tiffany had a scare the other day and I'm beginning to think it has Nicholas Edin Coogan written all over it, and if so Syefan Erin is gonna have children before I do, I'm just saying! What is his problem with her? H doesn;t trust her, especially after all this madness that is happening, as in Erica Lynn he suspect and blame me, Tif, did Nicholas find you, you talked to him, you know you really freaked him out? Not that it's any of business Sissy, but I'll call him, what is Erica, why you so upset? I turn down a proposal today, doing a delicious lunch, with a delicious man,  Matthew ask you to marry? Wow Erica Lynn, as to smile into an exit, causing Erica to warm up as well, it was like Sissy said, it's not that he was going to ask someone else, meaning her not now, was as good as a yes I will marry.     >>>{{{"I can’t believe Miss Lady I’m agreeing to this, you say you love me right, and? And that Key is why you’re agreeing to this. Look you’re the one Kassle Berlin went and got yourself literally engaged with a man you hardly know, keep me out of it. It’s only dinner my gracious, it’s not the end, maybe not for you, you know how I am about dating, even worse it’s a blind date, and not just with him, his entire family, not his entire family, don’t be so dramatic, his sister just went through some really hard stuff, she need the release this dinner will bring. Man where is my little sister, you sound so ground up, that’s the Soledad in me, that’s the effect he has on me. Soledad, who in heck names their son Soledad, well Key, they could asking a similar question, who in heck names their daughter Kiefer? Or even Kassle Berlyn, I guess, and his name again? Desrek, Desrek Allum, and I tell you Key, if he’s even remotely anything like Soledad you’re in for a real treat, yeah, that’s exactly how I feel, trick or treat, you is so impossible, you know you’re beginning to sound just like her, well you know Kas what that mean, that you big sister is on the verge of suicide, you better not, I’ll kill you myself, ah, it’s ok that you kill me, I just can’t kill myself? Bye Key, talk to you tomorrow, yeah, yeah I know, you got to call your baby so you two can talk each other to sleep right, gooood, night, good night jealous sister who can't take it.”}}}

                                    …BUT I FOUND HIM NOT… 
                                                 Scene XXVI 

      “Well someone’s happy,” as one moving into the direction of loud laughter, was Syefan Erin pretty certain it wasn’t Susan Faye, that left Erica Lynn or Tiffany Ann, “is that Tif? I don’t know Sye, I’ve never heard her laugh, but someone is quite tickle. “What is so funny you guys, Rat Race, ah my god it’s hilarious, Whoopi Goldberg, ah my god my side is hurting, I’ve seen that Nickie it is really funny, have you crying laughing, Ah My god, I can’t believe that, can you believe that? Unknowingly but had a tickled Tiffany Ann cuddled herself rather adorably close to Nicholas Edin who found her more and more irresistible by the seconds. “I’m going to get Sissy, it’s that funny huh? Having a seat beside Tiffany Ann, was a just as hysterical Erica Lynn an alternate sofa away. It wasn’t long before Nicholas Edin found himself just as painfully tickled. “Hey you coming? They’re watching rat race you, I know Sye there’s a lot going on but we need to decide on a date, don’t you think? Sometimes honey it’s all I think about, I don’t even care if there’s to be a wedding anymore, just get the vows out of the way, unto spending our lives together Sye as husband and wife. Well,” as one coming into a seat at bringing her into a seat upon his lap, was Syefan Erin just as forthcoming about them getting married. “I been thinking about the holidays coming up, we could Sissy have a wedding, wedding dinner for the thanksgiving, or for Christmas. We’re talking only a month or two away, believe me Sye that’s all I need, a wedding dinner, yes, we just say the vows and celebrate from there. You have been thinking about this, a Christmas wedding, do you know how wonderful that will be, I just know how wonderful it’s going to be spending the rest of my life with Susan Faye Coogan,” carefully bringing her into a wondrous, flesh stirring kiss, Susan couldn’t wait to get started planning for the holiday of all that’s gone before.  Goodnight you guys, amn Tip, you, you just gonna quit the movie just like that, Sye went for sissy, I know, but I had a long day I'm so tired, please don't leave on my behalf, I'm not, so we not gonna talk about what happen earlier today, good night, Tiffany,  Tiffany, please don't come after me, why you treat me like you hate me? Because Nicholas, it must be because I love you so much, and I hate you for that, for what happen, I refuse what I need from you, that's running me crazy and you can't make me, yeah that makes plenty of sense!"

                                                        Scene XXVII 

 {{{“Dr. Hymm speaking, hey darling, it’s me, Erica, I know this is your emergency line, hello,” finding the phone line utterly silent was the guilt of turning him down truly gnawing at her. Mat are you still there? I’m here,” ingesting into a hard swallow to say, she wasn’t able to reach him because he’d been avoiding her. “What’s happening Erica I’m powerfully busy, ah, I thought we could meet for dinner or something like that, a night cap, I would really like to see you. With all I have before me, my schedule, it’ll be around breakfast before I’m free, well I’ll take it. That Erica wasn’t an offer, I’m just, just, Mat, I got to, you sure? Yeah, yeah, well will you call me once you’re free, please? Yeah, if that’s what you want, ok then I’ll talk to you, then.”}}} Did you finally reach Mat?” Yeah, but he couldn’t talk, he on shift until the morning, yeah and I know just who should be waiting on him as soon as he does. You really think? Yes I really think, Mat is in love with you Erica, meaning his heart is smitten, he miss you just as much as you miss him, he’ll forgive, you two will get over it and find a way to resolve it all, I’ll do it, I’ll be waiting right there, I missed him so much I couldn’t stay away and there the apologies commences. Good because dear, stunning friend of mine, I have a Christmas wedding dinner to plan, whose? You’re looking at her, ah my god! Well does Sye know? He better, my Christ Erica he’s only the groom, you know what I mean, it was Erica his idea, you see what I mean, if you don’t faint, it’ll all work out. Wow don't you look stunning, wow that pant suit Sissy is incredible, that's one of yours? It is, could I shot it? I mean at the center later, I'm wearing it Erica, yeah, so I'll shot it with you in it, you're serious? You're seriously Tip, asking me am I serious?That's gonna sell, and with ou it, it's sell like hotcakes, good morning ladies, so what is Mr. nicholas cogan having for breakfast, Coffee Erica thanks, ah a to go cup, Sye already gone? He is, alright you ladies have a fantastic day, ok Nicholas, you as well, you can breath again Tip, look up and even speak, he's gone. It's not Sissy what you think, good, because I think the most wonderful man in this world who is beyond Tip crazy about you, keeping giving you his heart and you keep stepping and stomping on it, which is so unlike you, please do me one favor, don't make Sye right about you." >>>"Yeah," pulling on a T-shirt over his head, was Soledad hurriedly dressing for a 1 o'clock pm interview ," I'm here, dressing what's up? Hey, can you hear me? Yeah I hear you, as one bringing himself close to what has easily become Soledad's bedroom, was his baby brother settling in rather well. "Look have you and Kassel decided on a date yet? No, that he's to move into a mirror imagine at deciding which tie would be perfect with his choice of shirt "why you have an ideal? How about Sunday evening, Sunday, why Sunday?" "Well I just ran into Dexter and Ronda promised to have dinner with him Sunday and he's to think it'll work better for her if we make it a double. And now Derry you're to think why not a threesome?" As one opening the door to him was Soledad Maurice truly styling this glamorous look. tall, stunning, quite the eye catcher, heart breaker, "It sound good, I just have to check with her, wow, what modeling agency are you off too? I could tell you Derry, I know but then you would have to kill me, right?" "Man I love that suit, you should, it's one of Mays and you kidda foot the bill, are you kidding me? You better be kidding, I can't afford Dissuasion, especially not Maaseiah, and you better not let her hear you call her that, well my being this tremendously sharp Derry says yes indeed you can afford Mays. Ok I want my card back, I'm serious, look I ordered it long, meaning you can wear it as well, ah that's cute, it can be an early wedding gift, you mean instead of the double deck yacht I was getting you two? Now who’s being so cute? What’s up with that anyway, this name stuff? Seeing him right out that exit would Desrek Alum truly consider diminishing this manner of charity as his brother's taste was more than costly. "Well Maaseiah changed her name long ago and she doesn’t like being reminded, with you Desrek as an exception? No, it’s that we were, were, were what Desrek man, lovers? We were close, but never intimate so I got used to calling her Maaseiah, look the way you Sole look in her suit May should be paying you, that's Derry our suit, I want that card when you return!"

                                                            …TO WHOM I SAID… 
                                                                    Scene XXVIII 

 “Did you see him, did you see Dexter? Yeah,” sadly arm by arm removing his coat, lying it against the sofa at moving instead into the bedroom to finish undressing. "So did you tell him? I guess you can Leo say I tried telling him, you tried telling him? Yes, I tried, immediately he took me to the bible, how it’s a lifestyle cursed by god. He’s changed, since he went through what he went with his girl Ronda, Dex is really changed. A curse, he used that word, no, he just warn me about living on the opposing side of God’s will, something Leon even sincere saints don’t consider. I can tell it really bothered you huh? Of course it bothered me,” as one taking his shoes off one at a time at looking for his house shoes, they’d not as yet been intimate, and having his doubt is possibly why. “I grew up knowing to fear God, that’s to reference him and, well you know Leo I’ve always had my doubts, what Dex told me only made me reconsider those doubts. Well don’t you love me more? I love you yes, what that mean Leo more is that I’m not going to do anything to hurt that I love. I want to marry you Dimitri and spend the rest of my life with you, what is that? Seeing he’s to present to him a jewelry box, that a now gently weeping Leonardo Vincent is to present matching rings to him. Don’t do it," spinning new tears along his cheek, nose, even along his neck at uselessly wiping, getting up, away,“ I can’t take that, I can’t, can’t marry you, why not? I thought we had that decided, because two people of the same sex Leon can’t marry, not in the divine, sacred way God intended. So you failed me too, just like all the rest, this isn’t failure, ah don’t speak to me! Stumbling hurtfully into the bath, slamming and locking and the door, could Dimitri soon hear the sound of glass breaking, “Leo, don’t do this, what you think you doing? Open this door, the only thing I can do, I won’t live without you Le, you hear me, I won’t do it! You just told me you love me right, ok, how can you hurt me by hurting yourself, if you love me? That’s where you were wrong, I’m not going to hurt myself, I’m going to make myself bleed until there’s no more life gay or straight left in me, whatever of those two you choose. Is a choice Le, to live without God in your life and that's cursed, this life and the next, if we can do this Le the wrong way, we can do it the right way. There’s an urgent call for you sir line 5, {{{hello, he’s locked himself in the bath, threatening to kill himself, hel, who is, it’s me De, I turn him down and now he’s threatening, you turn who down? Him, Leo, well what you want me to, ok, ok, I’ll be right there, the dorm, Hillard building right? Yes, room 29N, hurry, please hurry.”}}     >>>”Be my Bridesmaid, is that you asking Sissy or Syefan? I want it Tif to be the most astonishing wedding dinner ever, please help, and so my dear Sissy it shall be. I think first you should decide upon a color pilate, wait a minute, what about our families and friends? I just frightfully realized, I don’t see no reason Susan Faye why they can’t come, we’re doing less and less hiding since the last arrest. I think we can pull off a wedding dinner for you without incident, ah it’s going to be the best I just know it, what’s the best Sissy is that in a couple months you’re going to be Susan Faye Coogan, ah my god Tif I love the sound of that,” having to cuddle on her bed with her, did a tickle Erica Lynn wiggle her way in as well, 'say it again Tip, pleaseee. “I hope Tip that mean we can all go home soon, which Eria Lynn remind me, Ronda called me at the center the other day, ah my god, she’s that well, yes, and after my apparent emotional breakdown I learn how she has changed her mind about moving back to Jamaica, which was greater news still. I’m thinking cream, light and medium pink for colors, is that too predictable? No, not at all, I have just the right attire, not too fancy, not too reserved, ah my god you guys, this is going to be so much fun, Dissuasions first ever project of many to come, yeah like Mat and I wedding. This place is so fabulous Sissy, especially the back wilderness, I would have it right here, I mean it’s fitting just because Sye and others were raised here. Which remind me, something rather odd has been going on with Barb and Brad since we arrived, my lord, Sissy, you’re right, you’re so right, they’ve been keeping their distance and not just from us, but from one another, Sye think so as well, well one thing those two are good at is marriage, they will work it out.”

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