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Tiffany I


he Anamnesis and the spirit of 07/12/2003

     -When I took that killing tool Dear Creighton and released it so happily at securing our romantic future did its cold, pitiless projectile directly prick my foreskin. This blood, substance and truly I kid you not I yet hear, seemingly with ceaseless peril the hacking, cracking and sawing of that defensive skeleton releasing out of its skillful carcass what I’d labored life and living for twenty plus one years.

     -Then Creighton the fantastic, this literally indescribable, it was as though I was a caged bird being set free at soaring into the unknown yonder, yes wild, yes free and at a serenity dear one. For a certainty, an even more miraculous thing, I wasn’t alone, they were as birds themselves, yes by the thousands themselves. Yes all flocking toward this hospitable weightless-ness, this divine worthiness of songs, voices and tall tales. When dear Creighton just as abruptly a heaviness took place, a swelling vulgar ness. Truly a loutish even boorish spasm as one is to instead clip said wings and you’re not just falling but you’re being abducted and confiscated, consumed skin from skin, blood from blood, as so spirit and soul from spirit and soul.
     -It’s there Dear Creighton the great, glorious light upon which you’re to abide as this unthinkable tranquility that seem now only an arm length away. Ok stretching, extending hands and spread out fingers away grow all the more dim, dark and soon a black void. You could swear Dear Creighton you’re screaming your loudest scream, that you’re fighting your most urgent fight, as so is there this irritating, drilling and soul altering outcry at trying to rewind it all, have a change of heart. Then this resounding indistinctness Creighton, yes this escalating imprecision, this stripper of all things being human and you’re beyond lifelessness, you’re disaster-prone.

And He Became A Living Soul, He Became Adam, He Became Eve, He Became Espoused 

     -My most recent American horror story is the startling fact not only is it  heart breaking that most members of armed forces  commit suicide, for some odd reason are their loved ones as well struck heart grippingly with this mental form for debilitation of worthlessness  to hopelessness to utter despair. Doing a lyric of Selah, as they’re describing Christians , who are as well the persecution church in America and around the world, those hated for the righteousness they upheld despite the trial, horror  even bouts of martyrdom.   Therein is said, mention, how, we the Saints in waiting are desperate in this place, a place otherwise forsaken by the Creator God who hath them, if it wasn’t for Christ’s Cross, His Holy Spirit joining in and of course that one  the lest celebrated as is her bridegroom, Jesus, the Bride,  truly soon to ascend.    
      -Let look at the word, desperation, when I consider this word, and yes we’re all brought to this wilderness of  unreachable peace and calm, and bouts feeling completely lowly, the damsel in the distress both the female and the man, but until such the match is made, we’re admonished to trust, delight and commit and thus wait on him, the only God who hath and can thus resolve this man. It been years now, when Holy Spirit like a john the beloved being shown the apostate mother over all the earth that has nothing but man but epidemic of  holocaust constantly proven.
     -I too was shown a curious thing, how this inconceivable delusion began, this supposedly American Dream, dream being the primary, but whose dream or whose dreaming and for how long now and do they realize how many people have died, how many are dying as I write, with billions yet set in this kaleidoscope regarding the taking of life, and even here is mystery, mankind born sin and death, meaning the only thing of value, America, the west nothing but a satanic form of predatory lending,  it is then one’s one  immortal thing, the soul.
     -I know it seem insignificant, but one Elohim shaped man into a likeness of his imagine, he gave him a miraculous things, when He breath his own immortality into him,  this first ever Adam,  now a living Soul,  so death is the curse, so even if you kill yourself, you can’t escape death, it is appointed to all to die, that is cursed brought upon  all that is life, so like SHRINKS told this person long ago, there is no such thing as taking your life, the flesh goes back to the earth, the spirit back to God, but the soul , only God himself can resolve and have resolved, you’ve laid aside the inevitable, that’s all, I just don’t want to think about it, the immortal that morals forgot, Jesus Christ, the immortal, that mortals forgot, Jesus Christ.....      


       And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring,  Starring:  Nicholas Edin Coogan , Tiffany Ann Saurus,  (Maaseiah Adonai), Syefan Erin  Coogan, Susan Regina , Bradford Ean Coogan, Barbara Ann, Matthew Edwin Hymm and Erica Lynn, Christian Cross Artelon and Eve Lynn,  Spirit River Artelon and Reeese Dexter Leon Stuart  and Corranda Bren Aggart, Anthony Decorte and Ashleigh Michelle  Roget , Nun Connah Lue   

 The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

    Unto Rudolph James Saurus  and  Thadius Consuela Leathercoat was born their daughter Maaseiah Adonai  Saurus, twin sons, Ivar Icus Saurus and Agurus Ivar Saurus
     Unto Benard Reginal Roget and Virgie Denise Coleson was born a daughter Erica Lynn Roget and a son two years later Patrick Benard Roget

     Unto Julius Anthony Robinson and Diane Rose Sonnery was born a son Caliph Jonathan Robinson and a daughter Barbara Ann Robinson

    Unto Philippe Castro  and Rosary Antiqua Reer was born a son Desrek Allum Aggart,  a daughter Corronda  Aggart  and a son Soledad Maurice Aggart   

    Unto John Luke Roget and Kimberly Breen Lochay was born a daughter Ashleigh Roget, a daughter Trenice Aggart and another daughter Tatiana Aggart

  Unto Yon Enid Chow  and Stardance Lee was born their daughter  Sea Bellows Moon Chow and a Son Nun Connah Lue, Chow  
  Unto James Felton Scout and Brianne Canary Garrison was born their son Evan Charles Scout and a daughter Susan Faye Scout

 Unto Anthony Abraham Coogan and Cossie Ann Matheson was born their first son Bradford Elam Coogan, their second son Syefan Erin Coogan and a third son, Nicholas Edin Coogan
 Unto Matthew Edwin Hymm Senior and Phyllis Ann Deere was born a single son Matthew Edwin Hymm Jr. and a deceased sister Catherine Renée  Cloon    

Unto Dayson Peak Deburk and Robin Jaybird Longknife was born their first son Arise Sioux Noel Deburk, their second son Standing Apache Arrow Deburk, their third son Cheyenne Water Falls Deburk, their fourth son Marked Tree Hill Deburk, their fifth son Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth Deburk, their sixth son Lion Wolf Paw Deburk, their seventh son Medicine Bow Sign Deburk, and their last son Bronze Coten Field Deburk and a daughter Nesting Brave Heart Longknife

                                   You Just entered the African Juttah 2020
                                                    Tiffany Ann
                                        By: P. A. Bradford, Apostle
                                              Wr. 1992-1996

                                          LET HIM KISS ME
                                              CHAPTER I   
                                               SCENE I

     -"What the hell is she doing now?" Turning about, researching, were they as usual in this visual research after Erica Lynn. "It's about time, ---I think he really like me, ---he, when did you Erica get it down to just one? Yeah, yeah you two, just get in!" Flirting as usual Erica at Susan's their designated driver agitation pushed into the auto. “Girl I tell you, you and your men,“ as one starting the car, turning, backing them out, fussing at dawn catching them another morning leaving their favorite night spot. “Man what has happen now? There’s no telling, this is Hike's Peak, there’s always something going on.” Seeming this ritual of there’s, spending most Friday nights partying and the dawn of Saturday mornings rushing home to rest up for that nights’ partying as well. “I can’t
believe this, it’s what 2, 3 o’clock in the morning? Man this is crazy, damn it Sissy you’re barely going, moving, yeah, this is awful, people honking their horns and yelling profanity back and forth, like that’s gonna help them at all. I guess I'll go to sleep," with a dazed as this Tiffany Ann laying rather comfortably in the back as it was her turn, was Susan and Erica disagreeing to debating over the cause of this taxing build up.

                               ...WITH THE KISSES OF HIS MOUTH...

                                                    SCENE II

     -"Looook!" Suddenly letting out the most horrifying screech, her eyes stretched, jaws dropped at her pointing and leaping literally from her seat, "it's him! Who?" With a now ruffled Susan and Tiffany anxiously investigating was Erica Lynn hysterical at grabbing Susan's head, turning it to the direction she was most anxious, causing Tiffany Ann at hanging over the seat seeing as well. "Are you guys freaking blind? Ah my god!" With eyes beaming into her own jaws dropping, quite traumatic made aware, did Susan Faye indeed see as well, "it is him. Who? The monster!" With Erica bearing a cunning grin suddenly Tiffany too began to see him, "ah god," sighing sorrowfully, even sickly into a hand over the mouth, it was him, the Monster of Hike's Peak, two-face they all called him, the pressed traffic had caught him as well. “Just try not to look you guys, don’t stare, what’s that other thing they call him? Two faced, it is said for one side of his face Erica is as beautiful as any man would hope and the other side is horribly scared and contused.” People were very cruel to him, the girls had only heard of him and by dares peeped in on where he lived, this is the first time they'd actually seen him, he wasn't but a car over from them, to their right. "I wonder Tip How do you know all of that? I wonder who looks best he or his dog? Ah leave him alone, don't you guys think he has suffered enough? We were only kidding, ---god! I bet he could just die. Ok Tip" winking an eye at Susan that this was their chance to get the best of Tiffany Ann "here's your chance, my chance for
what? You know, yeah Erica’s right, you always befriending people, let's see you befriend that, yeah, I bet you won't go over and ask him his name. You guys are crazy" instead shaking her head into a much desired rest down into the back seat was Susan and Erica being their silliest. "What is the damn hold up? Hey!" Summoning one of the motorist as if he’s to know better them all, was the unknowing unbearable. "You know what's wrong? A really bad accident, about five cars, it's all on WKL 101. Thanks," as one responding to a nod of his head did Susan get busy finding the station. "Five cars, there's no telling how long we're gonna be here, yeah I wished I'd left earlier with Mike" as one peeking out disorderly when suddenly her car door open and she began walking toward the monster's car. "What the hell?" Jerking around quite astonished, turning, as well through the rearview and side mirrors watching carefully. "Is she crazy? I don't believe it," gravely suspecting Tiffany's insane gesture, contemplating her every move as she’d undoubtedly lost her mind. "My god she's actually going over there.  ..Ah my god!" As one approaching the car did his dog begin barking rather frantically at causing her to be spooked somewhat. "What am I doing?" Those very words, that very fear squeaked in her tighten throat, “he's gonna think I'm mad, hell I think I'm mad." He'd reclined his seat and couldn't see her as she pursued upon him, but his dog alerted him to the point he rose and looked toward the window, right into her face. "May I help You?" Tiffany thought she would die, she was, she was dying, she'd never done anything so stupid in her life. She thought she would fall right there in the street, in the traffic, her knees were weakening, her legs trembling, her heart was in her throat, her stomach, she was sick. "Miss, is something wrong?" Gulping hard, god! She hoped she'd hadn't swallowed her tongue, for she couldn't speak, she couldn't make a freaking sound. "Miss?" Being of utmost concern after her, that she’d abandon her own vehicle, came upon him a stranger among all strangers "are you alright? Uh huh," as a sort of hiccup.  “No, no, my friends, they, sort of, you,” displaying herself terrified, not because she felt threaten, but somewhat dumbfounded, he wasn't a monster, but quite the gentleman, one speaking with such grace, such passion and with a darling accent, only forceful when he ordered the dog to be silent. "I’m sorry, sorry I bothered you," instead backing off, retreating did Tiffany get back to the car as quickly as her weak legs would go. Diving into the back seat, covering her head in shame, she'd made a damn fool of herself. “Ah my god, are you insane?” The both of them jeering her, bursting their sides, it was so hilarious, did Tiffany's throat began to tighten the more, eyes tingled, heart pounded as she felt such the idiot. It would seem she got back just in time, she could feel the car moving faster and faster, getting as far away from him. "You can raise your head now, yeah he's made his turn, he won't come for you until nightfall,  Ha, ha, ha," slowly unveiling herself into a push upon their seats was Tiffany herself wondering what mental breakdown inspired her to do such a thing? "My god I can't believe I did that, tell me I didn't just do that? Ah you did it" Erica as did Susan yet taunted her, herein making their way home as quickly as possible. Obviously their not realizing the accident which held them up for hours. All the police cars and ambulances they were passing was an accident involving Susan's man friend Syefan Erin and Tiffany's fiancé, Michael Day, one of which had been killed. They paid very little attention to the wreaked cars, the massive chaos, but how could they have known?

                          ...FOR THY LOVE IS BETTER THAN WINE...
                                                    SCENE III

    -"Ahhh god that was incredible," as one dreaming from an amazing shower, a plush velvet towel
finding her soft, butterscotch skin remarkable. "Not all the hot water Erica Lynn, I assure you, man,” that even with his scares, he was almost beautiful, imaging he was so dark and mysterious, his hair, those thicken briars, his deep eyes, even his voice, so eloquently accented. "The monster of Hikes Peak is no monster, god, how juvenile am I? He probably think I’m a lunatic, well,” as one free falling into the bed, fluffing her pillows, trying to figure whether it’s to be a book or television, or was she to tired for it to matter? ”The thing good about that is he doesn’t know me from Adam.” {{{“Hello, ---Brad? What you, well what kind of, no, but, ok, ok, no I, did they hit, what did, we’ll be right there, yes of course.}}} There’s been an accident," flinging the light on, the warm, soothing covers from Erica Lynn relaxing so, at stirring her awake, barely ” That was Brad, Mike and Sye has been in an accident, an accident?” Did a concern Erica Lynn quietly ponder what she'd seen as they drove through the accident that morning, all of them thinking surely people had died. "I guess I should drive, right? Did Brad say how bad they were?" Yet fixing herself was this hearten news, most concerning, even nerve wracking, but was Tiffany Ann convinced all was well, how it simply had to be. "Nall Tip, that's what I’m afraid of, I'm sure they're all right, doing the accident this morning you guys, I did see a car that resembled Mike’s car, maybe but don’t Tip let your imagination run off with you.” Sissy, short for Susan, was the oldest, 27 years liked acting as though she was boss, but she was quite the little pushover the others liked to think. "I Sissy saw something similar but I was too frightened to say," Erica Lynn, three years younger than Susan, now she's another story, she was arrogant, spoiled and needy, she always needed a man, not just any man, just any rich man. "Just what did Sye say really?" Tip or Tif short for Tiffany Ann was a very serious person, too serious to be so young, only 23 years old but had she meet and fallen in love with one Michael Day Harmon they were to wed in one month. "He said they’d been in a serious accident and we needed, ---serious, he used the word serious?" Since Tiffany met Michael, she has been persuaded he is the man for her, that it is their destiny to be together forever, “and you Sissy took that as everything is ok? Nothing about this night, this morning Sissy has been ok, ...breath ok Tip, just breathe, I’m just focusing on the positive here, that’s all we have, where did you say Michael work?” I didn’t Erica say, although he’s an investigator for the FBI, I thought you knew that, yeah Sye say he’s only recently transferred to the drug division. “Wow how serious is that? So serious Erica he felt the only thing missing in his life was a wife and children, so you and him Tip seem to hit it off, yeah, it’s why people always refer to us as a perfect couple, if he’s went off and got himself hurt, I’m gonna kill him myself, now Tip that’s an even better look at this, my God is Christ Sissy I hope you’re right."

                             ...THY NAME IS OINTMENT POURED FORTH...
                                                             SCENE IV

     "And we are here you two." Trying to remain calm and encouraged little did they realize the horror awaiting them as they parked their fancy mobile, "there's Brad and Nickie," seeming the closer they drew to the hospital's entrance the farther it was away, “and they Sissy don’t look all that promising, I don’t think I’ve seen Brad’s face so long. That was quick you guys, you can thank gas pedals over there,” with Tiffany's heart pounding harder and harder, as did Susan's, did Bradford grab her at rushing her down a long hall. “But where, he asked me,  ...Nicholas," refusing to be touched, thus followed so tenderly of Nicholas Edin, Tiffany just started to weep. As she continued she could see Michael's mother crying, his father trying desperately to calm her, his sister's were also sobbing. This terrified Tiffany the more, all she wanted at this point was to see Michael, was to know that although he'd been injured, he was very much alive. “Ah god, my god, I need your help,” sensing intensely this wasn't the case, did a horrid fear tighten her throat along escaping warm to cold tears down her cheek, her neck soon feeling faint. “I got you,” of course Nicholas Edin who'd followed so close captured her as she lost all control, helping her to a seat. "Where is he?" Passing, looking tenderly, yes sickly into Nicholas's equally lost demeanor, his being there to help, "Where’s Mike? My god Nicholas just tell me ok, he can't be dead, he can't, I, I got to, to find him. Tiffany!" Striking at a single driblet of hers at taking her hand, at leading her into a private observation room he'd studied and studied how best to do this. "I don’t know how, damn It, I told Sye, I, I couldn’t, I was just with, he's not, my god Nicholas" did an astonishing creature beyond words Tiffany Ann style Nicholas Edin so nigh to her.  Swiftly clasping her breaking self about his stout neck, his kind embrace, smell, obviously to prevent him so overwhelming to near tears himself. “Shhhhh, I’m here for you,” ideally closing his eyes into this enormous closeness, her soft silken mane, that baby smooth skin, indescribable scent, her generous helplessness and needing her, this so much, himself. "Something bad, ---No!" Jarring the head did a single finger of hers fly up at accusing him "No! No, you can't tell me that, you can tell me anything but that, please Tiffany, you won’t, look, something bad has happen, Tiffany!” Gulping hard as one staying close to her, as to talk sense into her, even into himself, this greatest trials of Nicholas Edin’s life, of theirs. "Mike, he, he didn't make it, the crash was, was, but I was just with him!" Tiffany? Her flying out that door, "no! Don't you see Mike isn't dead, why in hell should I believe you? I don't even know you, he isn't, ---Tiffany! No Damn it get out of my way, Nicholas! Look, I'm not lying, I'm not mistaking, my god I only wish I was, please! No, I don’t even know you, no damn it, no! Please stop saying that and let me help you, Tiffany!" It was then Tiffany Ann looked at those hands, at Nicholas Edin Coogan getting dangerously close to persuading her that her life as she knew it, as she'd made it even from birth was now gone, over in a matter of seconds. That Michael Day Harmon, her lover and friend was at this very moment waking up on the other side of life, into an unending peril, emptiness and uncertainty, perhaps even a void blackness, hell she didn't know. "I don't believe you," harshly swatting tears away, into a seat, hell a stand, into a quick get away, that she's to even run "why should I believe any of you, and what about Sye, is he dead too? Come to me Tiffany please, .no! You see Nicholas this isn't happening, this is only a dream," shaking a nonsense head along a wicked growl at testing her dry lips, this silly smirk, there was no way she would believe this.  "A freaking nightmare, I'm not even here, this is not even a hospital, ---Tif-fa- ny? No! Damn It! Mike will come, you'll see, he's late sometimes but he always, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT?" Hollering explosively toward a pitiful, as well crying after her Erica Lynn, it was then Nicholas Edin signal Erica to get help, as it was apparent Tiffany Ann was breaking down.

                            ...DRAW ME, WE WILL RUN AFTER THEE...
                                                      SCENE V

     -It was as though someone had cut off life and not only was it dark but there was none living, it was empty and void, vacant and soundless. Suddenly Tiffany was running, running toward the little light she could see, this ray of hope, but it grew farther and farther away. All about her was pain, sorrows and distress, forget the light, she thought needing only to lay down in the dark emptiness and die but death fled from her as well. It was the point and state of uselessness, the very birth of denial and depression and she was so consumed.

                                                          SCENE VI

-“My god Brad, how will we ever get through this? How will I ever explain this to Him? Mike dead, I can hardly form those words.” Syefan Erin was in and out of consciousness, it was horribly unattainable to her that they'd only left minutes before, inconceivable it was that the shortest span could make such a horrid difference in so many lives. “First Sis and I can’t believe I’m saying this, patience, it’s our closest ally in such trials and faithfulness. It would seem Sissy Michael was one of three people who died when a tractor trailer truck spurn out of control, they say it was the worst traffic accident in years, with a seven year old and his father perishing also. I saw a commercial recently, just one of those things, how our number one killer are accidents, I just feel Brad as though we’ll never get passed this you know, but we will, and somewhere inside sitting dormant Sis you’re to realize that as well. Your feelings Sissy are understandable, right now you’re totally distraught over Michael's death and Sye your lover, best friend as well lying so close to that death, thus you refuse to leave his side. I’ll admit Sissy it’s not much getting over it but getting past it, even now, though we’re to deny it, we’re getting past it. I keep thinking Brad if he'd rode with me as we'd planned he wouldn't be in the hospital, but possibly Tiffany would be. They left early as they wanted one another’s advice concerning a major trial early Monday morning, Tiffany even said while we waited in traffic how she wished she'd rode with Mike, ah god, waited in traffic, while they both laid dying. And you Sissy don’t know what the rush was since it was only Friday? No, just that a truly involved Mike went on and on about a tape and how he didn’t know when they would be able to touch bases again, I’ve considered that too Sissy, seeing my brother this way. Though then Tiffany could be the tragedy and that would be even more devastating for Nickie, I mean as we speak he’s so beside himself over her, they’ll possibly have to sedate him and put him into a bed alongside of hers. You just don’t know do you? It’s like there’s this predator just waiting for the best opportunity to get you, like fish Sissy caught in a net, remember? Yeah, it’s hard to say what was gnawing at Mike so, this trial Brad was equally important to them both, yeah Sye being the prosecutor for the district, I know they wanted to make sure the case they were working on got their undivided attention. That’s a saying from the bible right? Right, Solomon one of the wisest men ever describes how men like the fish are snared in a net when they least suspect it, that Sissy would mean life and living, even America is the bait, or Brad being deceived into thinking this is life period, I’ve known, ah been listening to Tiffany too long I guess. Yeah, Michael Day Harmon FBI Drug Division would bring them in and Syefan Erin District Attorney would make sure they stuck around like 40 years to life, yeah Brad and look where that got them both, ah my Christ, Mike dead, Tip's wedding Brad, Tip's marriage”

                                                              SCENE VII

     "They're coming, they're right behind me, it is pulling my heart out to tell her, to see her like this, there are times Erica Lynn I so hate this place, it' cruelty to men, this is one of those times. I remember Nicholas, a great friend once assuring me about the unknown, told me not to lean upon my own understanding, but in all my ways acknowledge him, God, and he would direct my path, whatever that mean. It was Tiffany right? Right, where does she get it? It's faith, it's a quote from the bible, the bible? See, I never knew that, what is she waiting on? It's like she's expecting him to come, she is, that's what she told me, none of this is real to her, her Michael, late sometimes, but as always, will come. No,ooooo, hell no, leave me aloneeee, nooooo, I want Mike! Give me Mike! Ah god, I knew it, I knew she would put up a fight, hey, hey, hey,  look at me. Look at me, it's me Tiffany, it's Nicholas, you trust me, they're to help, ...I hate you, this is your damn fault, I hate you, get away from meeeee, I, I HATE ALL OF YOUUUU! You go with her, stay with her, I'm gonna see if I can reach any of her family, Jamaica right? Yeah, I have no idea how, but I think Nickie I know someone who does, okay, well I got her and wild horses Erica can't pull me away."     >>>"My god in heaven Brad, this is really happening," swabbing both cheeks simultaneously at coming upon Syefan Erin still, bruised frame, just this look of not being there. "I can't wake up from this, you sure Brad, I can't? With much regret Sissy no, I mean not to alarm you but I can’t help imagining what if it was Sye in that morgue you know?" Truly with Tiffany Ann already designing her wedding dress, from the look of it, it would be some of her best work yet, 'The Maaseiah,' she named it. "There’s no harm Brad, I’ve considered that a thousand times, Tip and I trading places and not to sound merciless but better her than me." The three girls were models and fashion designers, they were becoming some of the best, seemed it wouldn't be long before they'd be working for themselves. “You think it's true Brad, that every time a person dies it rains?" This was their plan, even from high school, to own their own unisex modeling industry, indeed the models, the designers, the schools, the works. “I mean with a pouring, blinding and splashing rain right outside Sye’s window, make it seem as though all has gone wrong not only with him but with the world and I tell you so soothing that is, you know, in a misery love company sort of way. Yeah, yeah, but if that was true Sis, then everyday it would rain, although perhaps it’s to do exactly that, only when certain people die, you know. You think there’s really a God looking down, controlling us? There’s a book Sissy called the bible filled with lots of people, prophets and testimonies about that very thing, there’s even those Sis who would make you think he isn’t just above us but right here, by his spirit, in our midst, in Susan Faye, our heart. I had a mother, well, parents Sissy that believe exactly, which remind me, I better go check on Nickie, make sure he and Erica are ok in all of this, ..okay, what a joke sis right? It’s raining so hard Brad I can’t see nothing but car lights, ---yeah I hear it." {{{"Hello mar, no it’s me Sissy, I’ve been calling you, for, Sissy, is something wrong, you sound, it’s Sye mar, he was in a really bad car accident." Knowing Syefan Erin about four years now had their relationship been on and off until recently, the last two years they’d been pretty hot, so steamy there was some talk of marriage but nothing permanent. "Car accident?” As one arm by arm shaking her sweater off, was she in fresh from the grocery store, "well is he ok? They say he’s ok, got some lung damage, which explain the breathing apparatus spiraling out of his mouth, although mar, Tiffany's fiancé, you hear me mar? He was killed, killed, my word darling did you say killed, the accident was that bad?" Although with Syefan Erin so busy Susan Faye would be fortunate enough to see him more than twice a week, they were always disputing that very thing. "Yes Mar it was that bad, ah my god, that sweet child, oh my lord indeed, most of the damage Syefan sustained is a minor concussion and a few ribs, so he really appear to be worse than he look, at least that’s what the doctors told me earlier. Look, will you tell Beth and Tate, I would call them but they’re never there and they never return my calls." Of course Susan couldn’t help turning toward the door, overlooking the nurse’s station and rushed to and from medical staff wondering about the others, even these loud announcements. "Well you know honey they got that college thing going on and all, for sure I’ll tell them, I’ll have them both to call you. Tiffany’s intended dead, what is this world coming to? I love you mar, I love you too baby, you take care of yourself now, I'll pray for Sye, talk to you later.”}}}

                                                                      SCENE VIII

     -"You got to come back to me," as one tucking a non-responsive Syefan Erin in, fixing his light, refreshing his water cup, not unusual but was Syefan's brothers Bradford and Nicholas were at the hospital as he arrived. "You can’t leave me, not here Sye, not alone," they were very close, the three of them were all the family they had, their mother and father both deceased, no other known relatives, they knew of. "Here come Brad and Erica now, no Nickie though, I guess they couldn’t get him to leave Tip, I can’t blame him, I don’t want to leave you, ah I so love you. God I can’t believe it, I can’t," as one pulling Kleenexes free unto a distraught Erica Lynn, at hugging and reassuring her, at crying this hard with her, poor Erica was shaking her head and sobbing.  "How's Tip?" Imaging the worse into averting a spill, did said inquiry burst Erica into additional tears "she's not good Sissy, not at all, they finally sedated her, god, how she must be feeling. Nickie is with her, god Sissy he is so good with her, ..yeah, I know, you know, what you mean you know? It's no secret to me Erica how Nickie really feel about Tip, well he's gonna take her home. You think? Nall" as one shaking her head sensibly at realizing the answer to the question she was about to ask was it just not possible. "Her family can't know right? Jamaica, they're so far away, plus she's the only one that know how to reach them, which Erica isn't good. I know, I tried though, even called her friend Ronda, but nothing, not yet anyway, he was Sissy decapitated, did you know that? The same Mike Sissy that was only a few minutes ago laughing, dancing and joking with us, no god I didn't, please tell me she doesn't know that. Nickie had too, she insisted on seeing him, that this was all trickery, it was really bad, scary as hell bad! Well what she really need now are her friends, ---yeah, how's Sye? I think he's gonna be alright, I'm gonna go check on Tip, try Ronda again," inhaling long, deep at calming herself, even readying herself a more upset than ever Erica Lynn got to her feet, tried fixing herself. "Good, she'll want to see one of us when she wake, you sure you're ok? Just go, I'll be fine, go! My god this storm is something else, like its tearing down the building,” walking over to the window it was still raining, storming, the thunder seem to cut through all the conundrum like it was all a horrible nightmare, a bloodcurdling dreamscape but it was all too real. Michael Day was dead, Syefan Erin was on his deathbed and Tiffany Ann was threatening a nervous breakdown, even Nicholas with her, all this in an evil day's work. No matter how they would wish the day could be redone, what was, was and nothing was going to change it, time, chance and death had spoken, their recent wish splendidly performed.

                                            ...I AM BLACK, BUT COMELY ...
                                                             SCENE IX

      "So we, I mean I’ve been contemplating for, are we to make any stops? Tiffany? No of course, you just want to get home and not even that." Persuading Tiffany to come home, that there was nothing she could do there did everybody notice how great Nicholas Edin was with her. "Man the heavens really open up and poured out, there’s flooding everywhere, even some cars stranded, I hope we’re some of the lucky ones." None of them knew why, why such a wicked work had performed itself so brilliantly and so perfectly within their lives. "A very poor choice of words I know, ...I just keep thinking how angry He must be with me to allow this to happen, I guess I’m not so special after all." It was here in the hardest ride home of her life, the street lights raising and falling periodically mimicking her own burning uncertainty Tiffany Ann was reminded of things her mother said. "Regretfully, even unthinkably Tiffany we all die, I mean I’m in no way trying to justify what just happen, I despise in ways unexplainable what just happen, only it’s not that unusual. You know what my mom always told me? How mankind is forever under attack of the beast, how some attacks are near misses, some hits and some like this one mocking my very sanity, ruining my eternity were direct hits, those unmercifully and fiercely mastered. I don’t think I can do this, if Mike is dead I want to be dead too. I’m alive Tiffany, live with me, ...I don’t even know you, but there was a time you didn’t know, you know, Mike." Having arrived them safety to her house, could it as easily been a horror house, as it held such terrifying implications for Tiffany Ann, there was just no way she was going in there. "You just don’t understand do you? You see Nicholas when I walk along this drive, up those stairs and turn the key, and open the door it’s to mean I accept the fact that Mike is gone, that my life will never, ever be the same, I can’t do it, I won’t do it, take me back, Tiffany!" Thinking he was to sit there in the car with her for as long as it took, did he instead take the keys from her grasp, exit the auto to unlock and open the door for her. "Now I don’t know if that’s to help or hurt," coming into her car door, window of convincing her, hearing her lock the door instead, "I only baby, ---don’t! You’re not, you don't have that,” arggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, ...I'm so sorry, ah god, swabbing both cheeks instantaneously this Nicholas Edin digressing along the passenger
door after her, after her screaming and screaming. “Look, all I’m trying to say Tiffany is you’re very special to me and I’ll do anything for you, just name it, ...I feel like I’m trapped the very top of this once raging roller coaster, that I’m screaming in ways indescribable and no one hear me. I hear you, that’s what I’m trying to tell you bab, Tiffany, I''m sorry, Tiffany, I hear you, see me, I hear you, I, I think I always have, and will, I always will. I can't, I just can't, then come home with me, no, not that, I have an extra bedroom with a bath, you can stay as long, ...I can't do that, I won't do that to. Then unlock the door, unlock it or I'm driving you to my place, remove this door, Tiffany, please, I'm here for you, unlock the door, please .thank you, ...wait, what are you doing? I'm picking you up, unless we're to spend the night in this car, I'm carrying you into the house, ....noooooo, nooooo,  you don’t, you can’t do this Nicholas please, ...look at me, I’m with you, don't fear, I'll stay with you for as long as you need me, ..I hate you for this, WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!! Well I love you and I'm your friend. Now, your bedroom or, ...you put me down I'm just gonna run, and run, and run  ....and I'm just gonna chase you, and chase you, and Tiffany Ann chase you, until you get so tired. So here, right here in the living room? I hate you for doing this, I hate, you, so, much, ...don't see me like this please, please Nicholas don't see me like this, ...I won't turn from you, I won't, I'm in this with you, hate me all you want" as one delicately making her comfortable on the sofa, did an emotional Tiffany Ann breaking into a hard cry, mangaged to pull her long, damp hair into a ponytail, hating more than Mike's death was Nicholas Edin seeing her so vulnerable. "Please leave, thank you, now can you just, go? What you wanna watch?" Cutting the TV on, helping get her shoes off, finding a blanket, tucking her in. "Now, you want anything, need anything? Just leave Nicholas :GET THE HELL OUT!" Although she was sitting in foresight she was running with dead ends at every turn and Mike wouldn't be there to stop her from going over the deep end. "I'm so thirsty,  ...water coming up, ‘look, Imitation Of Life, do you know Nicholas how long it's been since I've seen, seen, ‘Imitation Of Life? What's Imitation Of Life?" As one sitting a glass of water before her, seldom is she to call his name, did he love hearing it roll off of her kissable tongue, mouth and lips. "You're kidding right, ah my god Nicholas tell me you're kidding, right? Tell me about the movie, ...no, you got to see for yourself, ...you hungry? You got to be, I can fix all types of eggs, I'm a pretty, good, ...don't, ah cry, I know what you're thinking and why, don't, I, like you're to sip your glass Tiffany, digest a little at a time, digest a little at a time that Mike is dead, that is so crazy! I hate this so much, you're hurting like this, and it eating me, ..okay look, if I'm to watch this with you, you at least could tell me something. That’s what I’m telling you, there's no way Nicholas you could've lived in the Saurus household and not watch ‘Imitation Of Life,’ I tell you, there's just no way."

                                       ...O YE DAUGHTERS OF JERUSALEM ... 
                                                              SCENE X

     -{{{"Yes Tif but you know how dreams are, they're simply that, dreams, I just think you put too much faith in them, that's all." With Mr. Harmon allowing her to work from home would she have this luxury at least until she felt well enough to return. Having nightmares that Michael was calling her just as she'd feared that very night, telling her to come to him, that he missed her and couldn't go on into eternity without her. "I know Ronda how you feel about dreams which is why I'm sorry I shared it with you, I didn't mean to make you angry. I’m not angry, it’s just that I've been screaming inside every since that night and I just want it to stop you know. It seem Ronda every time I close my eyes Mike is there waiting behind the darkness, commissioning me to come, to follow, to come so we can supposedly finish what we started. I can't Tif begin to tell you how awful that sound, just heartbreaking, how about a shrink? Maybe you should seek out professional help ...and just Ronda what are they to tell me I don't already know? They'll prescribe some drugs that will only escalate or frustrate the problem and I’ll be worse off." Imaging she knew what Michael wanted and since life had been so miserable without him, she was considering joining him. "How long has it been? You always ask me that, three months and twenty one days, now why you always ask me that? I don’t know, is Nicholas Coogan still single? If Ronda he's waiting on me he is," evidently as one understanding what she needed to do, she wanted her Mike, and she didn't want to live without him. “How about you waking up in his arms and all? Well I’ll admit I’ll probably never get that alluring scent of Mr. Coogan out of my head, even my stirred up blood, but that isn’t Ronda grounds for a relationship, I told him if he left me there, it would make it all real and I couldn't bear it, so he stayed. I still Tif believe you should tell someone, a shrink about the dreams, maybe then they’ll tell you Michael doesn’t want you to die, how it’s you who don’t want to live without him. How those dreams Tip are your own horrid fears, cowardice because the pain of living without the fiancee is becoming so unbearable, okay, Ron, didn't you just shrink me? Whatever Ronda, the incredible darling Mr. Coogan is or not I'm not nearly ready for another relationship, don't know Ronda if I'll ever be and if so it wouldn't be a Coogan. I can't tell you how much I hate him seeing me so vulnerable, so helpless, I cried and hated him for that. Yeah, yeah like me you never like those Coogans, I know, I simply remember some of the things you said He said and did that night, which mean he really like you, to be honest Nicholas didn't tell me anything I didn't already know,  he just confirmed it, ...good night Ronda, yeah love, you take care."}}}     <<<"Hello,“ as one cutting a curious eye a visiting Syefan Erin’s way, of all people to call him, to confide in him, ..."I can barely, hear, Tiffany? Tiffany is that, hello, hello, it’s, I could’ve sworn that was her, you can call back, yeah only it’s saying unavailable, that was Tiffany, since when Nickie do you know Tiffany’s voice? Ok," as one folding his jacket over his arm at preparing to get out, to get to court on time, had they had a good enough of a visit. "If you’re serious you can always call her at home and if Sye I’m wrong? Explain what happen, why you called, look I got to go, same time tomorrow? If my schedule Sye doesn’t change, yeah, hey, don’t stress so, call her, yeah see you tomorrow. Look I just realized, tonight is game night, come over, maybe you could talk to Tiffany then, wouldn’t that Sye be too obvious? Who Nickie the heck cares, it’s time you stop hiding behind all the what if’s or what could or should’ve been with Tip, you didn’t kill Mike, no but I wished him dead plenty, that Nickie doesn’t count or Sye does it? He’s, well, he’s gone and Tiffany is free again, so I‘ll see you there, if she turn me down cold you got my back right? Yes, always, I can’t believe you thought you had to ask, she can’t Nickie deny you, she’s without excuse, see you later, yeah later, apparently you haven't been around her lately, yeah, yeah, but you're Nicholas Edin Coogan, undeniable.”

                                           ...AS THE TENTS OF KEDAR...
                                                         SCENE XI

     "I see the rain is gone, perhaps Pepper and I can take our walk after all," if you look for him, you could find him every evening about 5 O'clock p.m. playing catch with his German Shepherd Pepper. They were more than just pet and owner, they were the best of friends and one another’s protector. "Se Mr. Artelon, it has turn into a stunning day, make me want to walk as well." This evening was no different, except it was Monday and every Monday they would go to Hikes' Peak, about a five mile walk, inhaling and living that wondrous day through every fiber of being alive. "You're right and you're welcome, it's simply too much of a stunning day to waste." Known to his neighbors as that burn man, and to others as "The Monster" of Hike's Peak or two-face, his name was Christian Cros Artelon, he was of Israeli/Arab descent and had come to America for one reason, to be alone. “No I was only kidding, I have much work still, then there's the homework you see, but you go, you and Peppe." Wanting to live his remaining life on the ocean, this with his favorite pet a German Shepherd and his house maid, Mrs. Martha. Surely Christian Cros didn't like what he'd become but he liked the fact he'd finally become content with what he'd become. "You've convinced me, pulled my leg and all of that, but first another brownie and we're off to see a beginning spring." Little did Christian Cros know, the incident he had on the highway with that strange woman would drastically change both their lives. Giving much thought to the unusual circumstance what he cared to remember was she was a very beautiful woman, one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen, he figured she was playing a joke, the laugh as typically supposedly on him. "The sun is beaming alright but I wonder how wet it's to be, I know, I'm talking to you like you're the person, but that's because I know you like it." Dragged to safety by firemen he later forgave for saving his life had he sustained severe scarring attempting to rescue his three year old daughter from a burning apartment building where she perished, seven years had since passed. "Hey girl!" playing with and patting German Shepherd Pepper was the grounds not as unbearably wet as he'd anticipated "how about a walk? Wuf, wuf" dancing around like so if someone had told Christian Cros this is what his life was coming to how in a millions years he wouldn't have believed it, "is that wuf yes, or wuf no? We won't be gone long" calling to Mrs. Martha who was sweeping the porch, seeing her nod and smile into a wave would she possibly be gone by the time he returned. “Man what an amazing day," it was a beautiful fall to spring day, awesome, the air was brisk and fresh coming right off the stunning waterfall. The naked trees of glorious compromise, their tall, swerving limbs so powerful, so free, seemingly tearing into the heavens, knowing with whom to worship there. Christian felt good, life was good, it had taken him seven painful, regretful years to decide to live and to enjoy life, knowing when he died, he and his darling daughter Becky would be reunited forever.

                                          ...AS THE CURTAINS OF SOLOMON ...
                                                              SCENE XII

     "Hum, that's unusual, an abandoned, “you leave me alone, you, you bad dog, go on leave me alone! Pepper!" As one slapping his pant leg, kneeling into her obedience, valuing her did Christian Cros despite his efforts have a trespasser. "That dog should be on a leash" viewed as one finding and modeling her way out of the shrubbery where Pepper had apparently chased her. "This is her home and you're trespassing, I am minding my own business, you would do well to mind it away from that edge. So it's you,” soon as one stepping into a clearing, at him displaying himself aloof that they
were doing this dance again. Look Pepper, it's the highway mistress, we've got to stop meeting in such awkward situations, now why don't you step away from that ledge before you hurt yourself. Maybe I want to hurt myself," audibly and visibly upset, crying even, was the perilous situation she was in deliberate to the point she was suicidal now come frightfully apparent. "Maybe I even want to die! Now why would you want to go and do a thing like that? It's none of your freaking business! I see, but you're killing yourself on my mountain that is my business. It's him,” as one wiping all to better herself, even to free herself, what a quagmire indeed that he’s to find himself, the midst of mystery's greatest trials, indeed. “Mike, my fiancé, he died and he's been calling me to come to him, here,” as one romancing that very reality, even insanity did she turn again into an amazing sunset, just above a deadly abyss at the edge of her feet. “To our favorite place, so we can be together forever, this is the only way, ...so he didn't love you? Yes." turning hateful at him, even violent at gnashing the teeth at him, at that very accusation "Yes he loved me, whoa, what kind of a damn question is that? Hey!" Cautioning hands of his flew up at regulating the pressed as this hour, that she was indeed this close to getting her ludicrous wish and the signs of these times welcomed it. "Hey, Calm down, all I'm saying if he loved you he wouldn't be telling you to hurt yourself, let alone kill yourself, ah what do you know?" Maneuvering again into the awesome pink yonder did Christian grow silent at addressing the uneasy situation. This beast of beauty he'd deemed her could easily fall and that would be her end, how if he tried saving her he could fall as well. "I don't know, I keep asking him how, but he won't answer, god he won't answer, he just tell me to come, to come after him, Mike?" Sightless turning into the abysmal edge with mangled thoughts uselessly reaching out into a void, her feet slipping, her balance, running, diving was Christian pulling her to the earth just prior to her plunging to her death, only, abruptly, now what? "No, damn it!" Pounding a stinging fist into the brute force of him, of course it didn't matter he wouldn't let her go, "let! Me! Go!" Screaming, kicking and fighting him, "woof, woof" with Pepper dancing and barking was all this frantic, flailing and screaming causing Christian to be so disengaged, so mentally throttled about his next move. "Quiet Girl!" He could only hold her, trap her until she got tired, herein thinking this would draw unwelcome parties for sure. "You suppose to be helping me, showing me how to figure this out, I'll get you to your car and we'll decide things from there, how about that?" Lifting her into his stout arms, breast, carrying her to the car, standing her at managing the door, sitting her lifeless, soundless, there. “Why didn't you mind your own business? Ah believe me Miss, I wanted to, now how does home sound? No!” Rudely shaking the head at him, at grabbing a powerful arm of his, a sturdy decline, even disapproval, as stunning as she was stunning. "Don't take me home, please don't take me home, come on girl, Woof, woof,” running and leaping into the back seat after her master's call, this while Christian sat contemplating his next move. Asking him pointedly not to take her home, he had no idea where she lived anyway. “Ah god Mike,” seeing she’s to lay across the back seat, as one fearing getting the police involved would raise unwarranted suspicions did he uneasily drive her to his house, "I'm so numb without you, I wouldn't have felt a thing."

                                                        SCENE XIII

     "O my what is happen?" When Mrs. Martha saw him carrying her she didn't know what to think, what was happening, it just wasn’t rightly comprehensible . "Thank god you're still here, she tried to throw herself from Hike's Peak." Hurrying in at Mrs. Martha holding the door, at speeding her up the stairs did Tiffany now sound asleep appear as delicate as she was unbalanced. "That poor littlest one, she's exhausted now, I’m afraid when she wake she will not be happy, such a pretty girl. It is good you found her, yes but what do I do with her?" Quizzed at this snappish circumstance getting him farther and farther up the staircase, laying the darling of her across a priceless bed, finding and measuring a cord, a stout rope to bind her hands, her feet as he didn't trust her. "Come girl let's get to the bottom of this, Huh?” As one returning to her car Christian decided to search through the purse he'd seen for ID, for anything that would help him better understand what was happening and why to him of all people? "This doesn't mean you can bring some stray fellow home, right, we got that straight, right?" Soon learning her name was Tiffany Ann Saurus, that she lived at 22HL Lakeview Lane. Needing a phone number was there none so far, this he thought was more strange when taking his research further he soon heard a loud scream, “arggggggggggggggggggggggggg! “One buckling him in his very blood, bones "god!" Taking off immediately, rushing into the house, getting through the door, pass Mrs. Martha who was ranting on in her Spanish gibberish, something she did whenever she was upset. Just as abruptly up those stairs, in that bedroom "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" Furious at her hands being bound, her feet, "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO? THIS IS KIDNAPPING! YOU BASTARD! YOU FREAK!" Fiercely scuffling against the restraints, but to no prevail she was now a captive, the monster of Hike’s Peak hostage. "I'LL KILL YOU" crying and wrangling on and on, what indeed had Tiffany gotten herself into? He could rape her, kill her and totally disappear her. "Be quiet, or I'll gag you as well, YOU LET ME GO, DAMN IT!!!" Gnashing out brutally at him, had Tiffany not considered how vulnerable she'd made herself, how perilous her predicament. "YOU LET ME GO!    ...So you can throw yourself off the mountain? Yes, if that's what I want, it's my freaking, well it's my mountain and I will not have you doing such a stupid! Stupid thing! YOU WON'T HAVE, JUST WHO, WHO IN THE HELL ARE YOU! Look! You be calm, no fighting, screaming and maybe I'll un, YOU LET ME GO NOW DAMN YOU!" Wrestling and tussling bitterly was she angry and violent enough to do more than bodily harm to herself, but to him "DAMN IT! ....No!" As one instead backing out, making ready to close the door behind him convinced bringing her there wasn't the grandest idea after all "not until you calm down, ...I'll, I'LL KILL YOU! I'M GONNA KILL YOU FOR DOING THIS TO ME! Whatever!" Rolling evil eyes of his own into that exit at making the stairs downward it had been a long time since he'd seen anyone so angry, indeed, so self-destructive. "You can go home Mrs. Martha please," shaking his head as he meet Mrs. Martha's curious waiting at their end, at their staring quite fazed at one another "I'll figure something out. She's afraid" as one agreeably getting her things did Mrs. Martha know how truly uncomfortable this ordeal made him, Christian virtually being a hermit. "Well so am I" sitting into the sofa, nervously fondling his hands truly Christian Cros wasn't at all happy with what he'd found, he lived a private life, finding solace there, now this. "Now she want to kill me, you, but you, you helped her, you, what is that word, res-cue her, ...yes, only she didn't miss Martha want to be rescued. What the hell was I thinking bringing her here?“ As one fretfully getting into the frig after a drink, thinking this one had problems, “you know I could go dump her on the hospital lawn, someone would find her, or better yet take her to where I found her and call 911, yeah like she'll sit long enough for the cops to come. Well, I best as you say go, dinner is ready, eat before it's too cold," witnessed as one again starting up the stairs did Christian Cros also figure he could tie her down in the car and take her home he did have an address. “You sure you want to go back up there girl? She just may bite both of our heads off." Noticing her screams grew quiet, noticing she was such a beautiful, beautiful thing, did Christian imagine her crying, sobbing uncontrollably, was she also angry and frighten as Mrs. Martha said, possibly most frighten of her own self-destruction.

                           ...THEY MADE ME THE KEEPER OF THE VINEYARD...
                                                                  SCENE XIV

     "It's good to see you didn’t blow a gasket?" As one laying pretty lifeless on the bed, silent, her eyes were open, tears, useless tears escaping still. "I know you’re not going to believe this, or even care but I know exactly how you feel." Greeting her rather calmly as he felt deep sorrow for her, sitting on the bed to the feet of her, rolling and cutting her eyes at him, when suddenly she kicked him landing him right on the floor. "Aw now that's cute, so you ready to kill me, or are you ready to be released? Okay, first I can't get you to shut up, now you're speechless, I found your address, I'm taking you home. No, please no, ...may I ask why not? You're the freaking genius that brought me here you figure it out! Aw that's easy since you're so grateful and all, ...grateful! Why in the hell should I be grateful? You should've mind your own damn business! I tell you what, I'll drive you back to that ledge and let you jump, only right before your skull splash against the waiting rocks below you're gonna realize the mistake you've made only it'll be too freaking late! That's not what he want, how would you know? If he love you he doesn't want you to hurt yourself, let alone kill yourself, think about it? That's all I've done" with new tears running  down, under this sorry, pitiful sort seen wiping her cheeks, her chin into the pillow, "is thought about it, I don't want to live, not without him. Well you’re gonna have too, Nooo!" Argggggggggggggggggggggggggggg,” as one Wrestling about the bonds once again at enforcing a useless battle, although did he have her fix quite well. "You calm down, please just calm, ...no don’t, please untie me, please, I won't do anything stupid, my wrist are hurting. You're gonna behave?" Focusing a daring glance at her did Christian instead display this literal cruel response "yes, I promise ok? Anyway I believe you, you make sense, you can't go killing yourself, it's not what he want, maybe it's what you want. Maybe he is waiting for you, but not for you to kill yourself you know, the day of your assigned appointment. Perhaps you're not to forget, you know, what the two of you had together," sincerely his words were precise, his voice heavy, their wise lurid accented rather perfectly. "What you’ve shared, maybe that's it, ---he keep calling me" sniffing at this brutal breakdown at cutting Christian deeply, how could something so extraordinarily designed, her flawless skin, those indescribable eyes, be so terribly haunted? "I can't sleep without him calling, telling me to come, then you tell him to let you go, ...what? Yes, I mean I am no doctor but if he's calling you to join him, you need to tell him it's not time just yet, ...yeah, well that's insane, no more insane than you leaping to your death with intents to join him. Untie me, now damn it! I guess, no I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be cruel, you were a stranger, you were out of control. Thank you" as one massaging tried wrists, ankles was Tiffany relieved to know Christian didn't mean her any harm after all. "I want to hit you, even strangle you, although I guess I need to thank you for saving my, ...I didn't save your Miss, I only stopped you from jumping from a cliff, only you can save your life, I don't know by finding a better way, a positive way to deal with your friend's demise. These things that you tell me, what make you the expert? I am no expert Miss, but I've lost a loved one, and myself once. O, and did you kill em?" Pausing Christian witlessly at clearing a sudden tightness of emotions in his throat, as so tingling in his eyes, in his nostril. “My wife thought so, you're gonna behave now that you're released? I might, you best do," handling the rope with which he'd bound her as a reminder, more than folding it, was he all the more threatening her that she was to behave or else. "I'm sorry if I offended you, it was anger that's all, I can tell I’ve insulted you and you was only trying to help, showing yourself quite wise. Really, I didn't mean anything by, ...are you hungry? Yes, maybe, ---are you still enchanted with killing yourself? I guess it can wait until the morning, I'm only kidding, who are you, my guardian angel or, ...I am going to set you a place for dinner, there's a bathroom right through there," as one pointing out an exit at making an end of this bizarre scenario of when loved ones die and supposedly haunt you down for it. "You can clean yourself up, you come down the stairs, keep right and you'll find the dining area."

                             ...BUT MY OWN VINEYARD I HAVE NOT KEPT ...
                                                      SCENE XVI

    "Erica is gonna be so green with envy, I can just taste it." Finding her way Christian home was very impressive and very large, the furnishings and paintings very eloquent, seeming straight from the page of a better homes and garden magazine. "I hope you like baked chicken, wild rice, yes, good, Miss Martha make the best. By the way, my name is Christian Cros, I know" smiling excusably at her as usual response that all are to have at the annunciation of his name. "Mine is, ---Tifny, I know that as well, Pepper and I kinda went through your purse for ID and stuff” as one placing her plate and silverware before her was Tiffany watching Christian as he cautiously sat to eat in a shadow that concealed his mutilated visage even more. "I hope you don't mind, no, I know I placed you in a very precarious position. So who was it?" Thinking how delicious it all smelled, looked as she’d barely taste her plate, but was she somewhat curious "the love one you lost?" "Ahhh" reconsidering into clearing his throat, resting his fork, his manly palms into a wiping cloth, did he prefer not talking about such things. "It was my daughter, ...my god I'm so sorry, ...her name was Becky, short for Rebecca, she was only five years old," that in light of a taste of his glass was there sheer wonder in his eyes, even his at odds heart at recollecting. "It was a house fire, some faulty, electrical wiring" necessarily cutting that admittance into a distance away had Tiffany open wombs seldom ever spoken of, mention names nearly forbidden. "She'd just Tifny began preschool, is that how, you know, you got? Yes, some type of explosion after I ran in after her, firemen pulled me to safety after half my flesh was melted away, I hated them for a very long time," hastily sweeping both eyes as such memorabilia cut him to his heart so, did Christian Cros seldom speak of such things, especially to strangers. "The gall Tifny they had pulling me out instead of letting me die with my daughter. What?" Having re-evaluated her fork into it's fill was Tiffany yet to take her first bite, but was she all the more inquisitive "no wife? Camilla" shrinking low arrogantly but did just the mention of that name apparently sour him through and through. "I haven't seen her since my first night in the burn center, I was screaming outside, inside, the pain was unbearable. The wound of my daughter's death and those in my flesh, it was maddening and she was the only thing left of married life. I could barely see her you know" playing his silverware into an eerie unaware at him apparently flinching in his spirit was Tiffany getting the entire sordid story at how horridly wrong it'd all gone. "One eye was wrapped and the other damaged, but I could hear her, ah god could I hear her, killing me softly with her fears, her betrayal and all the what ifs.” Inevitably seeing after a single tear escaping down was Christian Cros’ mangled heart laid open for all to see and hear, this beast of beauty itself. "How living with me would be too unbearable, rendering too many bad memories, how I should’ve saved Becky first. My god" was this too intolerable, too grievous to be concrete at her imagining touching his resting hand at comforting him. "I'm so sorry, ....that was long ago Miss, it's not much of a hindrance most of the time. Come to think of it, it was a good reason for her to get out of the marriage, she never liked me much, it being an arranged affair, but she loved my money pretty well. An arranged marriage?" As one looking to deliberate another issue Tiffany sat listening, pondering Christian near bitterness picking at her food. "I didn't know people still had those, in some cultures, like ours, some religions it's still mandatory.”

                      ...TELL ME, O THOU WHOM MY SOUL LOVETH...
                                                  SCENE XVII

     “I can't go home, what about your family?" Growing quite uncomfortable, picking at his food, was Christian not at all surprised at Tiffany's resistance still, even cowardice "won't they be worried?" Christian Cros hair was shoulder length, very dark and very straight. He was charmingly build, very athletic, very well groomed that even with the inauspicious injury he was an attractive man, his head always tilted to veil his wounded side. "Can't I stay just tonight?" Witnessed upon as one clearing his throat into that apparently uprooting him was Tiffany Ann being her most selfish. "Do you know the
chance I am taking just having you here? Of course you don't, we live Tifny in two separate worlds don't we, you and I? God forbid if something happen to you on my mountain, people don't like me Tifny, they tolerate me because I'm rich and I'm private, but they wouldn't hesitate crucifying me. What’s gonna happen?" As a priceless one raising questionable shoulders at Christian peeping and cutting his marvelous eyes at her, again such the stunning gentleman despite his scarring, "I've promised to behave, I don't know miss, I really think you should go home,” just as he raised from the table to the sink, scrapping his plate, yet contemplating her strange request at talking back to her. “Face this, I really think it would be best where all are concern, what can I say? You're right, I'm just being a chicken, a chicken eating chicken. I'll lead you through the trail" earnestly taking her plate as well, getting additionally to the sink was he a paradox as presumed, but nothing as they'd imagined, nothing indeed. "No you don't have, yes, I have to, well I can't argue, ...you should be good from here," pulling his truck to the side of the curb, with Tiffany pulled to his side, insisting she allow him to at least lead her to the highway, Tiffany didn't know if it was because the woods were dark and after a while all the turns and stops appeared the same or he just didn't trust her.  Although who was this man? “You Tifny be safe, ...yes, I know my, way from here, ...you want to say so long to the pretty lady? Well thanks, you're welcome, again Tifny, be safe." Just as well waving her off, through the rear-view mirror seeing her until her light disappeared into the night. what a day he pondered as he watched her drive away and what a woman he thought further. He had a friend at best, even if only for a moment. "Well girls she's gone," making a U turn just as he pondered the lights from her car fade and fade, "yeah, we'll probably never see her again, still I think our lives are somewhat changed because we meet Tiffany Ann Saurus, huh girl, huh!"

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