Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XX


"What is it? Turning from pouring a glass of milk into a horribly approaching,

performing Tiffany Ann, "you look like you've seen" "there's been a shooting at

New York Central," "what? Loosing thought of said glass that went plunging to

the floor shattering glass and milk all over. "Damn it" grabbing the paper towels into an

unrealizable denial, this broken mess "what do you mean a shooting?" "I'll get that,"

thinking an upset as this Erica would instead hurt herself “it's on the news.”

Interrupting regular programming to announce there had been a shooting at New York

Central Hospital. Now reporting that at least one person, believed to be a patient was

dead, as were at least two or three doctors wounded. As stoned faced as she was

dumbfounded did Erica crash into the edge of the sofa at knowing in the pit of her heart,

even in her very bones Matthew was in trouble. "Come on Erica," seeing how serious

Erica is to take these urgent events "there are hundreds of doctors in" "it's him," swabbing

at a tear, a leak just under her nose was she getting to that closet, her coat "I can feel it

Tip," arm by nervous arm did a hysterical Erica Lynn in this eerie manner of Deja-vu make

haste “it's him," "I got to get there," "I got to find him." "You need to dress" that she’s

to give a distraught as this Erica chase "I'll be fine" searching through her purse out the

door at displaying herself panic "were are my damn keys!” "I have mine,” having put on

her coat was a concern Tiffany Ann right on her heels “I'll drive you."

First Tiffany, then Susan was it now happening to her. What was even more ironic

she'd been talking to Ashleigh that same day about this very thing, how people enchanting

lives can be so brutally interrupted, had she sealed Matthew and her faith with those

words, with her fears? Was this that horrid nightmare so candidly unavoidable?


"Sissy!” falling urgently into the kitchen door after her "I think you better come,” that

she’s not to move fast enough “quick" "what is it?" Drying her hand did she leave a mess

in the kitchen , "there's been a shooting at New York Central" "of shooting?” “Isn't that

where Matthew work?" "My god!” did a disturbed as this Susan Faye go right after the

phone. “They say a couple of doctors have been shot," "dead?" Where the guys phone

going unanswered "no," "not dead," "injured," "there's no answer at their place," "god,"

shaking a head into a seat upon an arm rest this was truly serious. "You think it's

Matthew?" "There's no telling Sye," "there're hundreds of doctors there" "my word"

easing as well into a seat at not believing what he was seeing, hearing, “this is

unbelievable," "they actually took gang violence right into the hospital,” “Erica must be

terrified." "Don’t Tiffany have a mobile phone?” The only one of them besides the

Coogan brothers to have such a luxury ”yes Sye if only I can remember the number.”

{{{"Tip?" Turning off, even getting away that she’s to hear better “Sissy?” “Yeah where

are you guys?" "That's what Sye and I figured" "what about Matt,” “she doesn't know but

she think it's him," "it's his ward" "While what can I do?" "It's Sissy," handling an all the

more troubled Erica Lynn the phone “Sissy have they said anything more?" "Just that

some doctors have been shot", "that it has fumed into a hostage situation," "are you

all right?” “Erica?” “It’s Tip,” “my god Sissy you should see all the police cars,” “the

flashing lights,” “there's thousands here it seem." "Hey call me when you get some news"

"tell baby I love her," "yeah ok,” “you too!”}}}


"I can't believe this is happening!” Throwing popped corn into his mouth was Bradford

Elam like the others just as floored by the breaking news. "I can't raise Tiffany or Erica,"

"come here,” summoning her that she’s to come close to him, distinctively close "if they

know they're already there." "You try Sissy?" "Actually no,” "let me call her," "daddy I

can't sleep," did a sluggish at rubbing sleepy eyes Jason straggled into their room, "well

climb into daddy's lap" as one snuggling close to his father’s particularly warm neck. "I

keep dreaming that moma is gonna go away and never come back" "mom’s right here"

helping him at seeing her "see her talking to your Aunt Susan." "That's what Jeremy

said" again nestling in really tight "what did Jeremy say?" "He couldn't sleep," that a

motherly Barbara is to take him instead "see," tossing his soft mane into a comforting

proof "mom’s right here." "What is it?" "All something about what some kid said got him

kinda stirred," "what did Jeremy say? Sweeping his strands back into a smooch of his

forward, that kind scent, "he said his moma died and that if I'm bad my moma would die.

What's that?" That Bradford is to doubt what he’s to hear "no baby" again granting him a

reassuring kiss "moma isn't going anywhere" "are we talking about Sye's boy?" "Yeah" "he

and Jason had a disagreement today" "I didn't know it actually scared him" "he told Jay

you would die?" Showing himself gravely displeased at said insult "yeah Brad but he's only

a small child," "seemingly feeling guilty for his mother's death." "That’s sad for a child so

young," pleased at her baby falling asleep in her comforting breast "actually for anyone at

any age.” "Well I don't want him affecting our kids with his nonsense" relaxing into the
bed as the news rested their broadcast into a commercial break, “I know this is hard for

him like you say but I still don’t want him harassing our boys with his unsteadiness.”


{{{“Is you set on,” ”why?” That he’s to find his remote cut his set on accordingly

“what’s this?” “Something about a shooting,” “at a hospital Desrek if you can believe

that.” “I been meaning to tell you I really like your voice,” “especially Key when you call

my name,” “is that all right,” “that I call you Key?” “I like the sound of that as well,” “so

yes,” “sure.” ”So how did your modeling section go today?” “It was maddening of

course,” instead shutting the tube off into a comforting lay, even a slight yawn, “I can’t

believe we thought we could squeeze weeks of shooting into a days time.” “So what’s to

be done?” “Well we did consider Sole taking over the spot for me,” “but since we with

many short cuts Key got half of it done,” that he’s t to pause into a deeply relaxing stretch

and yawn at excusing himself “I agreed to give them a half of day tomorrow.” “I figured

I’ll still be able to finish packing,” “though I’ll have to catch a much later flight,” “so will

you still make it,” “I would love Key seeing you once more before I leave.” “To be

completely honest Deserk I can hardly wait myself,” “and you’re not just being,” with

their conversation again interrupted by a worrisome, eye oozing yawn “nice,” “right?”

“You sound really tired why don’t we talk more in the morning,” “I have a better ideal

hold on while I splash water on my face and wake myself up,” “Deserk,” “nooo,” pouting

like a baby did he sound so adorably cute “I don’t want you to go.” “So I get to meet this

special friend of yours huh,” “Tiffany?” “Tiffany is more like her business title,” “her name

is actually Maasieah Adonai,” “wow,” “yes,” “and I take it she’s as extraordinary as her

name?” “Ahhh she’s a looker yes,” “yeah I bet a looker,” “according to Sole she’s

indescribably beautiful,” “that no one can really hold a candle to her,” “so come on,”

“come clean.” “Deserk,” examining this eerie silence at thinking he’d done exactly what

she feared, fallen asleep on the phone “ “Desssss,” “rek,” “ok how about Mr. Aggart,”

“hel, loooo,” “good,” “byeeeee.”


With Legends of the Fall starring Brad Pit being one of Ashleigh’s' favorites, was it

a very romantic film attracting all Anthony and her attention laying them into the comfort-

able sofa all cuddled into occasional kisses and tender consoling at sorely playing them-

selves about this lover's nest

Having no ideal of the rather increasing concerns enveloping New York Finest hospital

instead renting a couple of favorites at snuggling down to a bowl of hot pop corn and hot

play was this just as Ashleigh warranted. As those invariably adoring this priceless quiet

time was Anthony Dale at vowing to himself there would be no more of his paranoid

philosophies, no more of the M word, for a while at least find himself unspeakably



It had been hours now and the only good news concerning Matthew's situation was

their abductors was allowing those wounded to be treated. Now as far as their demands,

they wanted a helicopter on the roof and fifty thousand dollars in non-consequential bills,

"yeah let them spell it" did this kid officer comment compassionately they were only

children, some Latino teens who'd gotten in too deep.

It would soon be out of their hands did he explain additionally to a waiting to exhale

Erica Lynn, that once they hit the roof S.W.A.T. would take over at showing little mercy

toward those unwilling to surrender. With this kind officer keeping them up to part was

Tiffany regularly on the phone keeping concerned family and friends updated. With

sincere hope it wouldn't be much longer, truly not as yet certain if Matthew was among

the wounded did Erica as was sensible want to see that beautiful, adoring face of Dr.

Matthew Edwin Hymm.


"Hey I forgot to tell you" with a gleeful as this Anthony Dale against his better wishes

passing through a traffic light at getting Ashleigh Michelle home. "I cut some guy's hair

today right," "he stand and look in the mirror and he suddenly start crying." "Crying?"

Displaying herself her most astonished, even amused "I'm thinking aw damn I'm toast,

right?" "When suddenly Ash he grab both my shoulders and he start shaking me and

saying "thank you man," "thank you," "do you know how long I've been trying to get my

hair just right?" "You're kidding" "no," "no," "that's not all" "he kiss me", "kiss you?"

Sitting up to better comprehend this uncanny story, "right on the cheek" "and everybody's"

"what the hell has happen over there?" With Anthony’s attention, even his breath taken

right away into all the flashing lights was something major happening indeed "it looks like

the hospital," with the both of them snaking their necks at seeing, at comprehending.

"Hey what's happening? As one inquiring of a passer by "where the hell you been man?"
"There's been a shooting at the hospital," "a few doctors shot" "somebody dead," "some

even held hostage,” that he’s to skim through the crowd some better "thanks." "Man it

looks like every cop in New York is over there” "you know I think that's where Erica's

fiancé work," "Erica?" That he’s to do like this mental research "ah the tall beautiful

brunette" I see you’ve noticed,” "yeah well don't get your dandruff all up." "I work with

some of the most beautiful woman in this country," "heck the world," "but Ash I'm only in

love with one" "good save." “Was that,” squinting beautiful blues at thinking she’d seen

Tiffany, even Erica in midst of the crowd. "Let's pull over,” “see if we can find out any-

thing," “yeah that’s exactly what this scene need,” ”more by-standers.” "My god that was

Tiffany I saw,” unfastening her belt to all to ready this these ill gotten greetings “and

look!” cutting a just as expert curiosity all around "there’s Erica,” “I wonder who else is

here" "Tiffany?" "Ashleigh?” “That she’s to see at believing her eyes, hear at believing her

ears, that even a gorgeous Anthony Dale was escorting her “what are you guys doing

here?" Witnessed as one answering an unappreciative question with one "does this mean

Matthew is in there?” “I mean we were just passing through" "Tony was taking me home"

"so is Matt in there?” "I'm afraid so,” folding arms of weariness into the massive confusion

at as well greeting Anthony Dale "this is incredible" shaking a head at all the lights, all

patrol cars, they couldn’t believe they’d been completely oblivious of all of this. "So any

more news?" At a poorly approaching Erica Lynn, "no" that she’s to wonder visibly of

Ashleigh and Anthony "we were passing by," "we had no ideal any of this was happening"

"ah it's been a few hours now." "We heard some doctors might be shot," "yeah", rubbing

her chilled arms into another fold was this simply too much, "that's what they say," "no

news on Matt?" That a tedious as this Erica Lynn is to instead move up, a ways off "She's

persuaded he's one of the wounded” "god"! hearing with others on lookers ducking,

dodging and bobbling their head was that gun fire and even minor explosions? "Were

those gun shots?" "Maybe," "it's hard to tell we'll so far off," as those yet getting behind

various parked autos was this surreal scene even more heighten "did he say it's over?” "My

god I think It's over” Celebrating with a just as marvel as this Tiffany Ann "here he comes

now," "is it true?" "The assailants are down," wasting no time getting good news to these

very appetizing bystanders, Tiffany Ann and Erica Lynn. "I think it's over" readying his

radio unto a better confirmation "it'll be a little while before I can get you in there", "but I

think it's under control" "I'll call Sissy," "ah I hope he's all right" squeezing Ashleigh's

consoling hand were these vexing moments yet to be over for Erica Lynn "god please let

him be all right".


"Can we get this done a little faster?" Fussing of those attending him was Matthew

Edwin disregarding at belittling his own flesh wounds. He'd been shot in the shoulder,

nothing serious, shot as he'd saved a nurse's life, leaping toward her and knocking her to

the floor did the bullet go straight through. "That's good" evenly was he rushing them as

he had emergencies of his own, like reaching Erica Lynn for one, as she had to be panic.

"Come on Spencer is that necessary?" "I know, throwing up a hand of surrender "I know,

"always a doctor never a" "Matt?" "Aw god you're shot" easy to see the blood was a soon

to be hysterical Erica Lynn in like this backward spiral "it's nothing", working his fingers,

even his wrist at persuading her did he wonder how did she get to him so quickly.

"Erica?" Witnessing her panic into a hard cry, not able at reaching her "don't cry" "Spen-

cer tell her it's nothing" "it's a flesh wound" “this shot,” lifting a syringe to eye level “to

prevent infection,” “something for pain.” "I thought I'd lost you" sweeping both cheeks

into her chin although it wasn’t serious was Matthew as she suspected hurt "I just knew

you was," “you know.” "Come here,” “Erica!” Seeing she’s to instead resist would he

struggle to get to her instead,: “you didn't lose me baby,” that he’s to wrap himself into

this wondrous creatures’ neck so tight, yes inhaling her in, dissolving her like so, never,

ever letting her go, “shhhhh,” sweeping weary strand of hers away, “look at me baby" that

she’s to cast dreamy, tear glistening into his own "see I'm fine," "it's nothing.” "I love you

so much," smooching his delightful mouth, neck, ear at wrapping herself additionally into

this ceaseless life span, this their immortal love.


" A penny for your thoughts" with a kittenish Anthony pulling them into her parking

garage had Ashleigh been completely quiet all the way home. "I was just thinking about

what just happen," "and how extremely fast it all happen" "yeah" considering how serious

it had all been, even dangrous "that was really something." "You know what's even more

sardonic,” with a stunning Asleigh Michelle platting this whimsical look into a twist of his

fingers into hers “just this afternoon Erica was giving me an urgent song and dance about

how afraid she was that a merciless act of faith would take Matthew away from her before

they could fulfill their plans," "wow!” As t give this stining reality abstract thought "that is

ironic" "that Tony there were instances whereas she wanted to simply grab a minister and

march right into that hospital and marry him on the spot" "Ugh" nodding a playful head

into a far off smirk were these his sentiments as well "my kinda of girl" "Tony?" As one

reassuring this delicate braid of his hands in her "I suddenly don't want to be alone

tonight," "then my dear you don't have to be" hurriedly unfastening himself into a touching

soothing kiss and endearing hug, this their timeless sequel.


"Have you ever thought about modeling?" "No," being his most sincere, even

favorable was Mrs. Clifton one to impress "I leave that to my fiancé" "well there

goes my next question." "Mrs. Clifton?" "Bryn" folding her long, pretty legs toward him

at all the more funning him "please Mrs. Clifton" clearing his throat disappointedly at

ingesting that clearing into a better mood "you don't seem to understand your husband is

on trial for his life." "Aw darling are you always this serious?" "Do tell me who design

your suites,” not taking Nicholas serious that she’s to instead play into his priceless

lapel, “they’re simply fascinating." "Mrs. Clifton please," "you said you had something for

me" "and I do," rearranging her sitting that she’s to shimmy that skirt more along

appetizing thighs to him. "Good day Mrs." "I was only kidding with you son," instead as

one seeing her to the door was Nicholas Edin displaying himself his most emotive "you

must forgive me but you're so damn cute" rubbing and pinching his cheeks into a com-

partment of her briefcase at pulling a large white envelope forward, "I have this,.” "it

will Mesure Coogan with your expertise prove my husband’s innocence and that you are

the best attorney in all of France." "I chose you Mr. Coogan because I like you" "you are

priceless," easing from her tip toes into a friendly smooch to his cheek at truly startling
him, "and he smell just as magnificent too.” “Good day Mr. Coogan," "I'm certain I will

see you at the ball tonight,” getting straight out was Mrs. Clifton such the wondrous older

seductress "don't disappoint me son" “you wouldn’t like me when I’m disappointed.”

Unveiling the envelope just as she cleared the door, photographs, those of Mr. Clifton

and a young beautiful female who wasn't Mrs. Clifton. Individually dated that there’s to

be no mistake of their legitimization, shaking his head into slitting his blind at casting

a prying awareness along the extensive law firm at contemplating not only Mrs. Clifton’s

exit but who were the ones just as curious as himself.

Moving into a mirror as one arm by arm putting his jacket on at considering the

games these people played with one another lives would he need to see Chief Vance

immediately. Although the case was far from being won Nicholas didn't know how these

photos would affect it, whether they would help or hurt although right now they were a

welcome detour to the maze of events Macremore and Vance had tangled themselves into.

Truly would such revealing evidence act as a form of icing on the cake so to speak for

either side of this law dilemma. Clearly, what a punishment for the crime of adultery, life

in prison or by Americas standards death by lethal injection.


Laying easily sedated on Doctor's Etzger operating table at feeling nothing but the

beat of his heart that was in his mouth. Recognizing Camilla barely, was there this

uncertain suspense premeating from her watching him from afar all with a challenged as

this Christian Cros not wanting to lose sight of the only familiar presence again Camilla

was. Clinging to this very reality as he passed into the unknown, highly formidable

darkness at having agreed to reconstructive surgery did he feel all the more Doctor's

Etzger test dummy, perhaps even Camillas.’

As one easily lead to an impressive waiting area would a very competitiveCamilla

spend his time in talks with real estate clients as this alone had become her one pleasure.

(((“That is just it Melvin I couldn’t get to you if,” “you wouldn’t believe if,” “ok

Jerusalem,” “yes Mel as in Israel.” “Well I’m married now,” “make that remarried and

we’re here for the honey,” “Christian,” “I’m sure you’ve heard of him I mean we’ve only

worked together for about five years.” “You think I don’t know how important all this

is?” As one stirring cream into a hot cup of coffee along a seat “no,” “I,” “I wouldn’t say

impossible no,” “but I at least need forty eight,” “ok,” “ok twenty-four,” “just give me a

chance.” “Well Cythania isn’t me and you know it,” “yeah we wouldn’t be having this

conversation if she was.” “How much?” “All you could get at least two hundred thousand

more,” “it maybe grown over but picture it when it’s not,” “better yet Mel cause them to,”

“yes easily I assure you.” “It’s nothing short of setting a mental picture in their heads

regarding how that little stretch could easily be another garage,” “a working one,” “ a

storage,” “even a guess house.” “It would make a beautiful one overlooking that amazing

scenery,” “I don’t know,” “I guess I think like a reconstruction artist.” “There’s just

Melvin so many options when you have open land as this,” “that’s all I’m saying,” “the

possibilies are endless.” “Of couse,” as one yawning and stretching into a relative calm

did the sitting sofa seem very inviting, “and I think I’ll close my eyes Mel if only for a

moment,” again yawning, stretching easily, “as soon as is possible yes,” “uh hah you


“Don’t hide from me” having draped herself with a towel even in the shower waters

was Corronda Bren yet avoiding this one thing, that she and now husband Dexter Leon

where to consummate the marriage. “Dex I’m trying to take a shower,” “I have an

important meeting this morning, “and I’m trying to talk to you” moving into the steamy

streams after her at ruining a priceless suite, shoes, severely astonishing her. “Are you

insane?” “You’ll ruin that suit,” as one hiding herself from him as she’d done the few

weeks they’d been married, not so much herself but embarrassing scares, was Corronda

by this extraordinary intrusion sorely intimidated, “Yes I’m insane for you,” “after you”

“even for you.” “What are you doing?” That the towering. proficient stud Dexter Leon at

getting his way was to tug and pull at her relentless cover “I can’t ok,” that she’s to in-

stead find a dry towel at blotting uselessly his drench for now suit “and look at you,”

“you’re,” “Dex,” “shhhhh” as one delightfully in her ear, unto that squeamish neck and

bare shoulders. “Dex this is insane I” “you taste so good,” did his warm, intimidating

mouth, even the height and validity of his ferocious melodrama charge boisterously those

private places of hers, “ “I said no Dex,” as one in this arm wrestle with him at pushing

him off, away had he never been this forceful. “We’re not Ronda leaving this shower

until,“ “until I what Dex?” Having grabbed another awe-inspiring hold of her “you can

stay in here and catch the death of your cold,” getting pass him, or more so through him at

re-en-forcing her drape the more “but I’m getting” “you’re talking about this?” Did a

menacing as this Dexter Leon bite into the slightest scare right above her right breast into

activating specific areas in her to moisture “come on Ronda show me ok,” “let me see

them,” “kiss them,” did these boisterous undertones of his frequent riotously her secret

parts into her seriously engaging his trembling lips, their fiery petition, unto what could

send them both soaring into this web of enticing flesh and blood merriment. “That’s all I

want,” “just to see where they hurt you,” laying a comforting head into hers, a kiss each to

seeping with tears eyes, cheeks “my god I miss you so much,” “ache for you so much"

touching and kissing her into a provocative hysteria as this, this scorching eagerness at

encouraging her to bear it all. “Just don’t hide from me again,” piecing an evocative look

at her from a smooch of her once damaged fingers, this launching upon a tingling all over

and through bit of her mouth, again that invigorating tongue. Keenly was a monstrous as

this Corronda Bren rendering her elevated person into a desperate for her Dexter Leon

sweeping her into his stout embrace, yes carrying her to their marriage bed, this their

indestructible reliance.


"Do tell,” “what was that?” “You Ronda,” “your being in never,” “never land,” “aw I

was just reminded of Dex,” “he came into the shower this morning,” “multi-thousand

dollar suite Tif,” “shoes and all,” shaking her head into a gleeful awareness “he is so

insane.” “Well how truly good for you,” “was it Ronda the first time you’re to be intimate

since the,” “you know,” “yes,” “it was,” “and it was Tif as though he kissed,” “I mean

literally loved and romanced all those ugly scares away you know,” “I have no ideal

what I was so afraid of.” :”So have you met her,” “Desrek new friend Kiefer I mean,”

hoping her two brother are to find something just as wonderful “that’s Key Tip for short.”

“I mean I thought Sole was batty over this Kassel person,” “but Desrek he’s getting there

like real fast and in a hurry. ” “No I haven’t met her,” witnessing Corronda get up to her

overcoat, her purse at readying this fanciful get away “but like you Ronda to hear him go

on about her.” “Where you off too?” “I told Dex I would meet him for lunch,” “I think

Tif I’m to tell him I don’t want to wait for children,” “what you think?” “I think the

astounding shower performance this morning was only the beginning as you two are going

to have nothing but good times with intent to conceive,” “good,” displaying herself her

most unassuming, even gratifying “that’s exactly what I thought.” “God you were the

last person I expected to be here this morning" having arrived in Erica’s domain early at

thinking she would be a no show. "Well Matt persuaded me to come" "by the way" did a

sparkling as this Erica Lynn point into a stunning as herself Dr. Matthew Hymm lending

Tiffany a kind wave. "Well aren't you Erica Lynn the lucky one," "his wounds will put him

out of commission for a week or two so we can really enjoy our honey moon." "Excuse

me" that Tiffany is to do like this amazing double take "honey moon?" "Yeah" Showcasing

to eye level a hand that was sporting quite beautifully a wedding band "we did it Tip," "we

eloped" displaying herself as one boiling over with excitement completely "I know I still

can’t believe it myself,.” “ah my god,” that she’s to give Matthew Edwin another gander

at him holding up his ringed finger as well. "I don't believe it." "Ok" that she’s to prance

around at stopping the press, planes, trains, express mail and all "I can see you," "well

actually I can’t really see you,” “I mean we are talking about Erica Lynn here,” “but how

did you persuade Doc Hymm?" "Aw come on Tip after the horrid events of last night it

took very little persuading" "ok the dress," "the Adonai" "of course that's still on." "As a

matter of fact,” as one doing a research through her notes "I have the prices for the
materials right here as Tip did Sissy find someone that can do the lace." "We'll do it's for

the company," "for the wedding department grand coming out," “everything's happening

so fast," flopping conceitedly into the nearest seat this flabbergasted "but for the best

right?" "Yeah,” but could she, Tiffany Ann literally pinch herself as this spinning her

around the room really fast like had to be a dream. "I’m so happy Tip I could explode"

“hey I want you guys to help to me plan a reception" "big," "marvelous." "I'm happy for

you Erica," congratulating her did Tiffany feel additionally as though this was all a

fantastic dream-scape, that she was the only one left of them who wasn’t married, which

was very ironic since she was the first to get engaged.

There was Michael Day, the deceased fiancé she believed she would always be

infatuated with, then there was Nicholas Edin, possibly her high school sweet heart she

was now engaged to marry. Tiffany Ann engaged to Nicholas Edin, as to do like this

mental redouble, as so was there was the town’s outcast Christian Cros, the one Tiffany

really wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Honestly least she forget Desrek, her

lifelong friend who wanted nothing more on this planet than to spend the rest of his life

with her.

Clearly if she and Michael had not delayed those few years for things to be just right,

although it wouldn't have prevented his death. Justly they would've lived as husband and

wife and possibly had a child doing the almost three years they'd been instead engaged.

Frightfully she a mother, a single mother at that, how indeed would that be?

This was fast, Susan was now married, and although he wasn't her birth son, Susan was

also a mother, as a matter of fact, a very good mother. As evidenced was Erica of all

people now married and judging by the tone of things she wasn't going to wait to have

children. As so had Corronda and herself just moments ago discussed not only how re-

markably intimate Dexter and she had been but that they wouldn’t wait for children.

Everything was changing, everybody, the things they once had in common wasn’t so much

fading but metamorphosing along a new epoch really fast like. Which suddenly reminded

her she like Corronda had her own appointment with destiny, Desrek was leaving, hell at a

glance into her watch in only a hour or two, she had to get to the airport like now!


"Ummm Vincent is back,” fanning curious appreciation along a sizable modeling

agency was Vincent Steel seemingly making his way Susan’s directive. The tall stunning

Italian they’d hired weeks ago with some big emergency coming up had Erica promised

him they would keep a spot open whenever he could return. Of course Susan didn't know

why he was finding her and not Erica, hoping he didn't return only to resign, they had a

dead-line to meet and to be certain as far as males Vincent was a potential top model.

"Mrs. Coogan," "yes," smiling at granting him a gracious welcome at the shake of her

hand "I'm told I need speak with you," "your secretary informed me that you're possibly

considering a day care,” “ right here in the modeling facility." "It is something Mr. Steele

I've given some thought yes," with Susan being all the more intrigued at why or what this

beauty and child care had in common. "I'm a single parent and if there is any possibility

that my three year old son Kalen can actually come to work with me and be cared after

professionally that would tickle me quite pink." "Ah yes," that she’s to blush agreeably at

leading him to a seat "I'm making a list," "we're to have a meeting," "you're certainly
welcome to come" "to voice your opinion.” “I have the list right here as a matter of fact,”

readying him a pen was Susan’s ideal regarding a Dissuasion child care facility spreading

like wild fire. “If you will just place your name, the number of children as so their ages,”

“I don’t know what gave you this ideal but for me I tell you Mrs. Coogan it’s a godsend.”

As one intimately folding her into a deeply rooted smooch of her hairline was Desrek Ein

one of most passionate men besides Christian Cros Tiffany was to know “I didn’t think

you would make it” “Ronda explain how you had Miss Rogets appointments as well as

your own. ”No I’m here,” “and Desrek as usual you smell really good,” easing into a seat

this close to him was Tiffany suspecting after Kiefer who appeared to be a no show. “If

you’re looking for Kiefer she couldn’t make it,” “she’s in some to live or die for meeting

that she just couldn’t get out of.” “You’re a business woman May,” checking in his

various totes was he very well packed “you know how that is.” “Why don’t you come

with me,” “to Germany,’ “to Edinburg for a day or so,” “don’t even think it about May

just do it.” “I can’t tell you how much trouble that got me in the last time,” “you don’t

know Derry how tempting that’s to sound still,” “which is why I must decline.”

“Anyway,” playfully patting his knee would she miss him in ways not yet describable

“three’s like this crowd,” “I don’t know May,” “maybe I’m to get my hopes up

unnecessarily,” “I may never see her again.” Yeah Derry like she has an even more

immaculate answer to this relentless despondency called life other than Deserk Nicol

Aggart,” “you’re it,” “the mold was broken,” “and I think she’s to see that.” “All right,”

folding her again into a tremendous hug of himself would he never let her go, “Desrek,”

“ok I’ll call you as soon as I land,” “and look,” shaking a finger out of a keen, accusatory

look to her “you better stay out of trouble,” “I mean it May,” plucking away a single tear

designing his left nostril “you and Ronda both.”


“You said his heart would withstand it,” “that it was strong as a bull’s heart!” Dis-

playing herself hysterical, actually as one in this all out wrestle/tussle with them trying to

rush her from the screening room. It was happening, the worse scenario of them all,

Christian’s heart had stopped beating, his E.K.G. had flat lined and they were shocking

him for the third time. As one coming through other, more dangerous operations just fine,

did it now seem all over, that their stupendous rejoicing had transpired into an awful

matrix of profound horror and Christian was gone.

Replaying like an ill gotten panorama in her head the despairing look on Doctor's

Etzger face as they pulled the life saving instruments from his still, lifeless body. Trying to

revive him for over ten minutes was Camilla thinking even if he lived there would be a

chance of brain damage, this and how wrong she’d been about this entire ordeal. That

Christian was right, they should’ve just left well enough or good enough for now alone,

that now like their daughter Rebecca he was dead.”

"Sir," noticing Christian Cros was to have some moment after he’d laid so still, so dead

"his right hand," "what?" Reentering a dismayed as this Dr. Etzger losing what could’ve

been his best illustration yet "his right," “we have a reading sir,” was yet another attendant

reassuring him, them all that Christian Cros’ vitals were normalizing." Having to know for

a certainty before he’s to inform the wife was a slowly performing Christian Cros

squinting lessen eyes to them. “We thought we lost you there son,” “for a while sir you
did,” tasting a dry, stale mouth were the last few minutes really weird “I mean I was here

and then I wasn’t.” “There was even a moment I was standing up there,” bringing their

direct attention to the observation room just above.” “I was actually watching all of you

down here, working on me” “it was madness and glorious all at the same time,” when

sudden he heard a very familiar voice, surely Maasieah’s voice, one telling him simply

“come.” “What Mr. Artelon a fantastic ghost story,” signaling that they’re to inform the

wife, get her there ASAP “one I’m sure will marvel Mrs. Artelon seeing such the stunt has

given her a scare as well.”

...I AM A WALL...

Ahhhhhhhhhh god Nicholas?” Feeling his hot lips and breath on her breast, her belly,

her thighs at peeing through her sleep, as so the sight of blonde strands at being awaken

by a morbid performance flaming her flesh, raging her blood. Was this piping hot manner

of Nichlas Edin stinging her privacy, twisting and converting her smelting being, yes

entangling her so fiercely at furthering his brutal accuracy. Purposely gnawing at this

wondrous surrender, this delectable, unyielding, never-ending feed Tiffany Ann. "Ah my

god how?” "When did," “shhhhhh,” did a riotous as this lover bend and flex her incon-

ceivable nakedness to his flaming will, a splendidly curved model at finding these places

of indescribable explosion, of fantastic conjoining. With such a rigid agreement as this

spiraling itself deep within the glorious magnificence of her tormented walls, these

feverish blood rattles of perpetual devotion, a fantastical zenith most indefinable Not so

much who or what but how? How even Nicholas Coogan, yes her most ultimate superman

could be in two expert places at once, Paris the city of amour and Tiffany’s delirious
blood’substance amour’s city?


"This is great" moving off quite pleased of the photographs Nicholas was sharing

with him, "I knew that hag was hiding something." "I would sir like to keep those if you

don't mind," seeing he’s to instead perfer them as his own. even lock them away privately

"well yes of course my boy," “you are the one she trusted,” "I guess you should keep

them." "Yes,” knowing for a certainty Chief Macremore really had something other in

mind “I guess I should.” "So on a better note," "are you going to the ball tonight?"

"Regretfully yes sir yes I am," as one getting instead to that exit was all of Chief Macre-

more eyes on him, on him and those now revealing photographs. "I’m afraid Mrs. Clifton

both send and gave me a personal invitation I don't think I want to disappoint a lady like

herself.” “Well son," that he’s to celebratively grant Nicholas a hand around teh shoulder

agreement "I can see why you're such an important part of this firm," "you're smart,” “and

you catch on quickly," "well son if I don't see you in court today I'll see you tonight" "yes

sir." "I like it" rushing upon an exiting Nicholas Edin, into a exhilarated shake of his

hand at referring to his hair style as he’d been the one encouraging him. "I admit Phil you

were right this time," "I told Steward what I wanted and it's as I wished," "did I not tell

you this?" Coming right into Nicholas’ office after him was Nicholas new stylist not the

only thing on Philip’s to do agenda "look Wren and I are having lunch,” "she's asking Ly

Lnn to join us," "can I count on you?" "I don't know man," "I have a lot of paper" "come

on Nicko" "that will be here when you come back," moving a stack of papers away at

easing into a seat upon Nicholas’s desk. "It's only a friendly lunch," "come on what you

say?" "First you know I hate you sitting on my desk, “secondily I say if I stay around you

much longer Phil my girl won't know me," "I'll look like me but I'll sound like you" "then

she be fortunate girl.” "So what of the lunch?" "For you," "I'll do it for you," “what say

you for me?” “For Ly Lnnn too,” “she pretty girl,” "then I’ll se for you lunch,” “good

Nicko," that Nicholas is to see him right out, get right to work, to unimaginable deadlines.

"This why I love you," "then will you stop it with this Nicko carp", "sorry,” “I mean" "see

you don't know my name" "Nicholas!” that he’s to cheerfully grab his shoulders "Nicholas

Edin,” “see you one o'clock this Nicholas Edin”


"I like Florence better," "ok baby that’s nice," snuggling into this prize wife of his, even

this fruitful relationship was Matthew Edwin about done for "really nice,” yawning and

stretching sedately of an inebriated by exhaustion sleep. “What say we sleep on it ok?"

"Sleep!” Designing a seductive osculation of herself along his stout, tempting bosom “we

have no time for sleep." "You see this?" Raising the covers at revealing how he, nor his

love joy could take any more of Erica Lynn Roget Hymm "it has babe taken as much of

you as it can tonight" as one again cuddling into an incalculable culmination as themselves

"shhhhh it's not that funny.” "How many children should we have?" "Ten?” "Ten!” As

one again laughing out loud was Erica Lynn as she’d described to Tiffany days prior her

happiest ever "Tomorrow baby" nestling into her feel good, smell good, most rewarding

breast "I love you now go to sleep," "you go to sleep I'll lay here Matt and meditate

on the wonderful life we’ll have," "that’s good too.”

Adoring the gentle smooch of his expert hands, fingers, along the massive arms
keeping her so close, so married and so soon. Now to tell mom and dad, they would no

doubt kill her but was Matthew Edwin the greatest death of them all to die.

Reminded of Tiffany who’d seemingly disappeared on them again at being a no show at

the center, no phone calls, that she wasn't even answering her home or auto phone. With

sincere hope news of she and Matthew eloping wasn't sending her off the deep end con-

cerning her inability to forget Michael and what could’ve been. Neither she nor Susan

had said much about it, but they were yet concern, very concern, so concern that Erica

doubted she would beat Susan to Tiffany's apartment that next morning so they could

really find out what was going on.


"{{{This is Nicholas" switching around, away anxiously listening for any word con-

cerning Tiffany Anns' recent disappearance. "I hate to say this Sissy but what about Mr.

Artelon?” Glancing his surrounding, not desiring to interrupt the hurdle his team had

going at discussing a better strategy, "we all know how taken with him she is.” “There’s

word Nickie he's in Jerusalem Israel on his honey moon," "honey moon?" Thinking that

was the most absurd news at hearing her better, "you did Sissy say Honey-moon?” “That’s

what his house keeper said", "that he left for California and from there to Jerusalem about

three weeks ago" "I don't understand," displaying himself his most concern what could’ve

triggered this new found disappearing act "where could she be?" "I mean have you guys

really put your heads together?" "What," "I mean," “look I pretend as though it’s insigni-

ficant but I know how close Tiffany is to Ronda’s brother, Desrek,” “what about him?”

“Or should I,” “he is Nickie the last to see her prior to this,” “Desrek admit asking her to
Germany with him,” “that she could spend a few days away from all of this,” “but said she

said it was so tempting she had to decline.” “And we Siissy believe him why?” “Well he

would never jeprodize her safety,” “and he’s pretty honest about her,” “if she was with

him he wouldn’t hesitate making it known.” "I don’t know Sissy did something unusual

happen recently that could have triggered this whole thing?" "Erica and Matt eloped,"

"Ronda and Dex aren’t only married but threatening to have children just as soon," not

sharing but did she and Syefan had a more than inquisitorial addition to their family,

namely Jeremy Allen. "Although Nickie this things about Mr. Artelon being not only

married but on a honey-moon," "that Sissy is the strangest of all,” appearing quite

troubled, thinking there were things happening between them he felt neither Tiffany nor

this Artelon person would ever understand, including themselves. "I got to go," being

singal mostly by Philip Mance tapping his watch time itself was of the essence "I'm Sissy

going to get a leave," "I'll be there as soon as I can arrange it?" "You think that's wise?" "I

mean Sye is to say the Clifton case will be one of the biggest of your" "Sye is right" was a

poorly performing Nicholas Edin thinking he and Tiffany were more married than engaged

"and it is" "but I think I need to be there when she is to surfaced and not Sissy thousands

of miles away}}}.


What is it?” Sitting straight up in bed at setting a more than grisly look her way, truly

startling her, "you cut your hair,” that he’s to play this suspicion along her clever layers

again immensely alarming her "your long beautiful,” “where am I?" Casting out and

all around horribly this unaware the length and measure of Ashleigh’s sizable bedroom
"my place," that she’s to contact him barely at helping him "you're at my place." "No this

isn't your place," roughly casting the covers off did he speed to the nearest window at

comprehending vaugely his whereabouts "Tony baby you're scaring me,” "am I going

crazy?" With fast, hot tears shimmering along this despairing look to her “Ash?” "No!”

Having come to him for to help him did a absent-minded Anthony Dale observe carefully,

even suspiciously her taking this hold of him at leading him, "of course you're not crazy."

"I don't know who I am," "or where I am" "yes you do,” "you just called me Ash,” “who

Tony is Ash," “what is she to you?” "I'm so tired,” as one instead sitting as to twist and lay

his head gently into her lap," "I'm so tired" yawning this counting on manner of relaxation

therein did an abnormal as this Anthony Dale fall into a deep, abiding sleep.

Combing dark tresses of his along his ear Ashleigh didn't know what to think, say or

do, that maybe she should even contact the hospital, get in touch with Dr. Locklinair. As

one again cradling him like so Ashleigh didn't know if she was losing him or finding him,

that perhaps they were doing both, losing their failed serves and finding themselves so

much more approved. Wiping the corner of both of her eyes at him now laying limp

in her lap did she feel a pleasant treasure after him, one she knew would never, ever be

broken apart as was evident of them being this pledged together. Thinking, perhaps even

hoping something good always come from things so horrid, that surely always joy come

once a morning could she honestly keep him, this magnificent discovery exalted Anthony

Dale Decorte this emotionally bankrupt for her, for them, for their unrestricted devotion


"You gave us a scare," "I scared myself," "well it's done" opeing his window shades

into a blinding, even discomforting sunlight. That with only patches of hair advancing

from the bandages on his face a sluggish as this Christian Cros couldn't talk much, heck he

could hardly think, but was everything about this present situation reminding him of very

familiar, even hostile places. "It won't be long now," refreshing his water, his florals,

even readying his attendant light "in a few weeks you're be good as new," "Cros?" That

he’s to dose right off but did she have pressing matters to discuss "can you hear me?"

"Yes" "well I was thinking since you're better and is in such good hands," "you remember

that property for sale in Texas?" That she’s to as well ready him a hot, refreshing bed bath,

something that always brought him into the now "I wouldn't be long at all," "it would be

only a week or two at" "don't leave me," did abrasive tears as this spiral along tight,

discomforting bandages, especially those which had guarded so unrefined his single heart.

"Milla" more groggy than he’d been in the past although he’d endured a major seizure

only a few hours past whereas Christian had yet to be himself. "Ok!” Instead tucking him

all the better into his covers would this not be as easy as she’d anticipated “I hear you,”

"you just calm down" "get some sleep and I'll be right here." "You promise," making that

grip of his hand in hers all the more permanent was the night light growing dim at him

passing into a sleep, "of course,” bringing his tight grip into a convincing smooch of her

warm, soothing mouth “I love you Cros,” “I’m here for you I promise."

Passing just as soon away into dream land Christian Cros couldn't believe his ears, his

yet faint heart, barely out of the operating room was an inconsiderate Camilla talking

about leaving him alone with strangers. Coming closer to dying, way too close for

comfort was Camilla the one person he wanted to see, hear and especially commune with
as she was right now his one living, breathing proof of life. Helplessly falling into a

manner of deep repose was this Camilla’s way of punishing him still, of getting him back

for all past failures, even Rebecca? Hoping she would keep her promise and not go off on

some real estate manner of goose chase for some reason did Christian fear the worse.


"Nicholas?" Throwing the covers off at thinking, hoping what had just happen wasn't a

dream at hearing running waters that were directing her toward the bathroom, "what are

you doing?" "I give you one guess,” actually pulling her into the shower waters with him,

into a biting, crippling kiss of him as one seeking to discover her as ferocious with

unbridled lust as himself. Ingesting her insatiable breath and tongue right within the very

life and death of him. That with these hot falls creating them this delight some fantasy, a

slashing into their places of indescribable foreplay, biting her neck, her invaluable scent

at arriving himself into her pleasurous bosom, his favorite place to be. As one again

bustling her into a desperate bite of her silk strands, her perfect back, butt, a fondling that

was always an electrical force riveting throughout her very being, this climbing up just as

steamed walls. That with every delectable bite of her, of them Nicholas Edin propelled

them back into a ruthless manner of seduction, creating themselves an enchanting song,

a pleasant discovery of her savage confinement, achieving a less than graceful meeting, an

erratic connection. Nicholas Edin jolting them awake of a ruthless compliance, sending

their very souls out crying in manners evading the most accessible swallow. A parade of

spontaneous pleasures and posture, annexing them into a bombardment of prohibited

assemble, affirming yet again their essential crusades.

"So how do you do it?" "How do I do what?" With an otherwise Nicholas Edin

cracking his paper into another section had Philip Mance joined him for an evening of

intermissions. "How do you court a woman that is thousands of miles away,” "How?”

"Let me put" "how do you go without it?" "Without it" bringing his read down at

disliking where Philip’s somewhat impersonal inquiry was going "you have to have sex

yes?" "No Phil,” all the more undoing his tie did a hot shower seem deliciously rewarding

"not the way you think" "what the way I think," "I'm taking of nature here" with a French

accent irritatingly inflexible could Nicholas understand him a lot better than before. "What

happen to you for lunch?" "I had Wren," that at a show of manly palms each he’s to

explain his side "I had Ly Lnn and no Nicko" "something came up I just couldn't make it,"

bending as to untie his shoes as well, as to twist them loose again after this streaming

embellishment. "Ly Lynn is so ready for you and you for her right?" "Wrong Phil," "I

have a girl," "in America," "in New York.” “I need to have one here as well," as one

button by button unfastening his shirt, his belt would he all the more flatter Philip Mance

"is that what you're saying?" "I'm saying how is that possible?" "I cannot" "no Phil,” "it's

not that you cannot," "you will not," taking his shoes into his hands at this stand, this

desire get away "you choose not" "I obey Nicko man that’s all" "well Phil I believe." "I

believe that only to a certain extent does nature control us," with Philip Mance folding this

relentless curiosity along Nicholas bedroom door at actually listening to him "then it is up

to us to control nature" "and how does one as Nicko say control nature?" "With a made

up mind Phil," "heart," "that is all." "We're to pray Tiffany would say that we're not lead

into temptation," “which is expert,” “but we have the power ourselves to avoid certain

temptations." "Plainly Phil,” having come again close at explaining his side of this lovers

triangle to be “I don't want a sexual relationship with Ly Lnn" "I don't want any manner of

relationship with her except the working relationship we're to have," "thus I don't lead her

nor myself on.” "Well she was very disappointed," "I can’t help that Phil," pulling a T-

shirt overhead would he dance into the bath instead at readying a hot sauna. "I won't do it

Phil," "I won't lead her on." "Look this life is complicated enough at living single,” “then

you’re to bring in say a perfect match,” “then to remedy an impossible hunger for called

Phil the lust of the flesh you’re to complicate already complicated matters?” “I got to get

ready for the ball,” “as,” at a slight contact to Philip Mance’s bosom at bringing him into

the now was Nicholas Coogan if possible all the more this paradox "Ok I'll apologize for

you," "good Phil,” yawning and stretching into his appointment with relaxation did

Nicholas hope a wanton sleep wouldn’t instead overcome him "you do that".


While most eyes where on Mr. Nicholas Coogan at some being simply flabbergasted

that he’s to transform perfection into magnanimous was his in a meticulous way on Ly

Lnn Chow who was simply astonishing. Designing rather remarkably a lengthy, tight red

gown lending a striking, very enticing split at unveiling her long, sensational legs. A

fabulous allegory of beauty highlighting this unpronounced fashion statement to wit Ly

Lynn Chow that though it pained Nicholas Edin to recognize was she simply taking his

breath away. Although as one remaining his pertinacious composure did this one pray, tell

stir him in ways irresistibly seducing. "And good evening to you Mrs. Chow" "hello to

you Mr. Coogan" “well,” as to hand her a fold of his arm at escorting her to the dance

floor "since we know one another so well may I," "surely Mr. Coogan you may.” “You

look very beautiful tonight" cavorting an exhilarated to be his dance partner Ly Lynn

across the floor did they make for a priceless couple. “I will Miss Chow if you allow

apologize for standing you up for lunch," "I know you are a busy man Mr. Coogan

therefore I was not at all put out".

Not staying long at the rather glamorous function, had Nicholas Edin indispensably

loan Mrs. Clifton a dance or two, paid honor and respect to other guess and future clients

and was out within the hour. Never the socializing type did being there cause him to miss

Tiffany as this immense loneliness for her bore deep on his mind, in his heart. Clearly with

her being missing now for more than twenty-four hours did the thought of never finding

her, or never seeing her again make him sick in ways unexplainable, irreversible, she just

couldn’t be this lost, she just couldn’t be.

additionally cuffing the reciever would Susan turn this utmost responsibly over to assistant _______________________

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