Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XX

                                              BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                                  CHAPTER XX
                                                      SCENE I

     "What is it? Turning from pouring a glass of milk into a horribly approaching, performing Tiffany Ann, evidently something has happen. "You look like you've seen, there's been a shooting at New York Central, what? Damn it,  what do you mean a shooting? Erica!  I'll get that mess up, it's on the news, I wa schannel surfing," Interrupting regular programming to announce there had been a shooting at New York Central Hospital. Now reporting that at least one person, believed to be a patient was dead, as were at least two or three doctors wounded, some critically, "I see that look, Erica, there are hundreds of doctors in, it's him," swabbing at a tear, just under her eyes, her nose, did sh have the eerie feeling it was him, it just figured, their nightmare in paradise, all the others had, had there's."I can feel it Tip, like Deja-vu on the heart, the brain, it's him, I got to get there, I got to find him. You need to dress" that she’s, I'll help you find something, where are my damn keys! I have mine, I'll drive you. Oh god Tip what if you hadn't been, if we hand't been gcar pooling, while I am and we are  It this how it felt that night, what fearing the worst but hoping for the best, when you don't know Erica, it all you have, that and your faith, you trust, that some kind of way no matter what happen, god manages to squeeze out of it, what your heart desire. Though for you Tip that end up being not mike but Nicholas right, it would seem Erica yes, but only as I let him  get the best of me, my marriage, for me you know, there is no turning back after that, for him as well. Ah ny christ, how are gonna get through this, by telling them who you are, that your husband, a Dr. Matthew Hymn.possibly a victim is in there, that Erica is our right of passage."

                     ...THE COALS THEREOF ARE COALS OF FIRE...
                                                    SCENE II

     "Sissy! I think you better come, quick,  coming, what is it? Look, there's been a shooting at New York Central, ah, shooting? Isn't that where Matthew work? My god! They say a couple of doctors have been shot," "dead? No, not dead," "injured, but they don't know, ...there's no answer at their place," god,you think it's Matthew? There's no telling Sissy, there are hundreds of doctors there, my word this is unbelievable, they actually took gang violence right into the hospital, Erica must be terrified, Don’t Tiffany have a mobile, car phone? Yes Sye if only I can remember the number, it's Brads old phone I'm sure he has it. {{{"Tip?" Turning off, even getting away, but not far away, seeing Erica was on the verge of hysterical, even that she’s to hear better “Sissy? Yeah where are you guys? We;e here, and she's, Erica is comparing this to Mike's night,  yeah,that's what Sye and I figured, what about Matt? She doesn't know but she think it's him, she also think it's turn, since you and I already had our near miss so to speak It's his ward, I think she's gonna be a little disappointed if it ot him, Tip! Well what can I do? It's Sissy, ...Sissy, have they said anything more? Just that some doctors have been wounded, some pretty bad, that it has fumed into a hostage situation, so they're bringing a negotiator in, are you all right? Erica, please don't answer that, ...it’s Tip, my god Sissy you should see all the police cars and ambulances,the flashing lights, there's hundreds here it seem, who would shoot up a hospital,  ..well Tip I heard lately about a ruckus at a funeral, somebody start shooting, some were shot, some people died, at a funeral Tip, so this is a step up I guess, hey call me when you get some news, tell baby I love her, yeah ok, you too!”}}}     >>>"I can't believe this is happening!” Throwing popped corn into his mouth, enjoying that they'd finally got the boy ready for the bed baths, homework, all. "I can't raise Erica or Sissy come here, sit, be calm, if they know they're already there You try Tip? Actually no, you know she has my old phone, Nicki idea, then let me call her, ....daddy, I can't sleep," did a sluggish at rubbing sleepy eyes Jason straggled into their room, right into dad since phone was on the phone. "Well climb into daddy's lap and see if I can help, ...I keep dreaming that moma is gonna go away and never come back, look mom’s right here, see her talking to your Aunt Tiffany. That's what Jeremy said, what did Jeremy say? He couldn't sleep, see, mom’s right here. What is it? All something about what some kid said got him kinda stirred, ...what did Jeremy say? "He said his mom died and that if I'm bad my mom would die. What's that? No baby, moma isn't going anywhere, ...are we talking about Sye's boy? Yeah, he and Jason had a disagreement today, brought me and Sissy both to the school, I didn't know it actually scared him. He told Jason, you would die? Yeah Brad but he's only a small child, seemingly feeling guilty for his mother's death, that’s sad for a child so young, actually for anyone at any age. Well I don't want him affecting our kids with his nonsense, I know this is hard for him like you say but I still don’t want him harassing our boys with his unsteadiness.”

                           ...WHICH HATH A MORE VEHEMENT FLAME...
                                                                  SCENE III

      "I can't believe it, I keeping looking into this glass Icus saying to myself, I can't believe it, believe it babe, we're now four married couples, It is weird Iva just hearing you say that, when we go into our room, and close the door, we officially be on our honeymoon as well, ..and there I fear Icus y brother we stop sharing and telling eachother, everything, I can agree to that. I want to call my sister, Lake so bad, I know I can't, but I'm just that excited. Hey lets go hang out in the lounge, we can't have liquor, but there's music and dancing, ...we can have wine, .. we just married, they'll let us do that, only one glass each, hey and some cheese and crackers our last supper into consummation. Hey, why so sad, we'll meet you guys in there,  ..I could husband ask you the same thing, are yo sorry we did this? No never, it just, I'm unsure, about my body, I still Drea feel so, not, clean, ah, unease, ...look,  and I'm being honest, if all I get out of this collin hain for now, is that we no longer have feel weird about holding each other close, that expectation alone hain make me as happy as to digest for the longest, I now your wife, ..Hain, we're married, I know, oh my god I know, and I can't to tell Sole, he called me earlier, said he and Kassel would see us for breakfast, so we'll tell him then. Do you how magical this trip is right now, that we're all celebrating our marriages, we and friends Sole we've known since kindergarten and this, this beyond amazing ship, ah it's on leaning in the territory of unspeakable, let's go, find the others, Cristen being young, marriage worshippers, I heard Tiffany described our ad that way, and I loved it, that is kinda nice isn't it, it's perfect."

                             ...MANY WATERS CANNOT QUENCH LOVE...
                                                         SCENE IV

     {{{“Is your set on, why?” There's breaking, something bad has happen, I see it, what’s this? Something about a shooting, at a hospital Desrek if you can believe that. I been meaning to tell you I really like your phone voice, especially Key when you call my name, it that right? Dessss'rek
yes say it again, you so silly, ...is that alright, that I call you Key? I like the sound of that as well, so yes, sure. So how did your modeling section go today? It was maddening of course, I can’t believe we thought we could squeeze weeks of shooting into a days time. So what’s to be done? Well we did consider Sole taking over the spot for me, but since Key he's on a cruise or his honeymoon and we with many shortcuts Key got half of it done. I could have sworn I just saw Tip, ah Christ I did, there's Erica as well,  where you say this happen? The Medical Center, "Yes my name is Erica Hymn, Dr. Matthew Hymyn is my husband, no, he's one of the surgeon on call duty in the trauma center, no, no more news than anyone else, .. actually only months, we're newly married. That's, true part of the stress of being a doctors's wife,  but it's the last place I thought he would have to worried about getting shot. Yeah, well we only hope negotiations go well and this living nightmare is over, Mat, honey, if you're seeing this, we're praying for you and all others, love you babe, stay safe." Ump, she did really good, ...she is Desrek really pretty, that's one of the ladies you work with? Is there no wonder Mr. Aggart you virtually live at the center, ...whose that one?" That's May, ...your May? My, ah, she's even more pretty, ...speaking of which, I agreed to give them a half of day tomorrow, I figured I’ll still be able to finish packing. I’ll have to catch a much later flight, so will you still make it? I would love Key seeing you once more before I leave, ...to be completely honest Deserk I can hardly wait myself, and you’re not just being, nice, right? You sound really tired, why don’t we talk more in the morning, you Key arrive in Germany again? About two months after you, ...I have a better ideal, hold on while I splash water on my face and wake myself up, Deserk, nooo, ...I don’t want you to go. So I get to meet this special friend of yours huh, Tiffany? Tiffany is more like her business title, her name is actually Maaseiah Adonai, ...wow, yes,  and judging by what I just saw, I take it she’s as extraordinary as her  name? Ahhh she’s a looker yes, ...yeah I bet a looker, ...according to Sole she’s indescribably beautiful, that no one can really hold a candle to her, that's a crush, talking, okay crush, come on, come clean. Deserk, Desssss, rek, ok how about Mr. Aggart, hel, loooo, good, byyyyyyyyyyy"}

                           ...NEITHER CAN THE FLOODS DROWN IT...
                                                     SCENE IV

     -"You hear that, you hear that right? Yeah, trying to figure it is police or ambulances?" With Legends of the Fall starring Brad Pit being one of Ashleigh’s' favorites, was it a very romantic film attracting all Anthony and her attention laying them into the comfortable sofa all cuddled into occasional kisses and tender consoling at sorely playing themselves about this lover's nest, Man it to contraction without asking what has happen" I'll pause and check fews new in the other room, you not gonna believe this, Erica is being interviews, hwhat, yes, a shooting at New York General. Erica husband Tony work there, see, see there she is, look over there, isn't that Tip? Who you calling., Sissy I hope, my god, shootings in the hospital, there only one good, it's a hospital, Sissy, het glas I got you, they just interviewed Erica on the news,  what, yeah, Tony I was trying to enjoy a movie, but sirens were just going I cut the set on and there she was, ...ash saw the interview erica, ven sa Tip in the background, Is her, is Mat ok, do we even know, we ...don't and to make it worse, I think it's turn into a hostage situation, ...ah, ah, I see her,  there's Tip too Okay Sissy, I'm gonna go and see if I kind enjoy this day off, call me if any change, I'll do the same, okay babe, good night, Tony too."     >>>"I'm gonna kill my brother, does that count! An hour of Wedding Counseling, look, mu girl Erwin and I have known since day once we would marry, here's our chance and we're not going to miss it. Erwin is that how you feel, you 're ready to marry, be a wife, with children, here a wedding Chapel far from home? No, no I don't but my parent madam are like allothers, my friends they date boys they have sex with them, get pregnant and have abortion, turn to the drink,, to drugs and come come suicidal, but they have parents who only tell them marriage is wrong, no, parents are wrong, I love Icus Ivar, I want to be with him and have children but only after we're married, be responsible, parents may say that's wrong, god, the bible say it right, its fear god more than parents, who madam do o fear?  >>>We got approval, what did yo say to them, it wasn't me, it's Belize, she was perfect,  reminded them about the horror teen are outside of wedlock, ...so the newly weds don't know, how can they Ivar, they haven't come out of their room,  ..hey Drea and I will see y'all in the chapel promptly at three we are getting married,  ...we're getting married you guys, yeah Hain we know, it was our idea, ...later, and watch where you going, ...Drea, I got him, ...I'm thinking hang out at the pool until then, ...alright there bro Icus, don't be late for your own wedding/funeral, ...ah, funny, ...funny cute actually, later scary cat."

                                                                        SCENE V

     -"Tip, go, go, I'll be, no, you wouldn't leave me, plus that cute ambulance driver has invited me to come and sit with him, well, they kinda all have, .. you Erica as well."  It'd been hours now and the only good news concerning Matthew's situation was their abductors was allowing those wounded to be treated. Don't make me laugh, Tip, really, that's what they said really?" Now as far as their demands, they wanted a helicopter on the roof and fifty thousand dollars in non-consequential bills, and no this wasn't  just a scene out of a movie, "yeah well, let them spell it"  They only kids and barely that, some Latino teens, got in too deep Mrs, playing cops and robbers, well cop, hospital and heist, So  Talking them out, could take some time, we're getting their parents, most can't say to that, one boy burst into tears at mention of parents, so, not long now."     >>>"Hey I forgot to tell you, I cut some guy's hair today right, he stand and look in the mirror and he suddenly start crying. Cry, I'm thinking ah damn I'm toast, right? When suddenly Ash he grab both my shoulders and he start shaking me and saying "thank you man, thank you, do you know how long I've been trying to get my
hair just right? You're kidding, no, no, that's not all, he kiss me, kiss you? Sitting up to better comprehend this uncanny story, sounding more and more suspicious, "right on the cheek and everybody's, are like what the hell, anhe pay me, really tip me, told me he'll see me in a few days and that was it. Looks like the hospital, is still stopping the news "Hey cut that up he look familiar, "what's happening? Where the hell you been man? There's been a shooting at the hospital, a few doctors shot, somebody dead, some even held hostage, word id it's kid though, that's parents gonna talk them out, thanks. Man it looks like every cop in New York is over there, you know  him, Ash, he look familiar? No, I. sorry, he didn't,  shooch, over, this floor is getting a little unfriendly, I tried to tell you  that. Kids they say, that one situation you don't want your parents to find you in, ...yeah, it'll better if the get arrested, even get sent to death roll, ...Christ, that's his name, Christopher Benson, that guys just now, that's his name, ..my god Tony,  ..I just had  memory, but who is he? Probably one of my old customers, I guess I'll see if I can find him, see what he know, o what our next movie? "A river runs through it, also Brad Pit, only on this one he dies, ...ah he died on the last one, yeah but he was, old, his life was over, you couldn't even tell he was him? Okay, lets have at it, before my being this too close to you, start causing problems, what kinds of problem, .. child problems... wooo, how old is this? I don't think I've seen Brad that young? He look like a baaaa-by."

                               ...IT WOULD UTTERLY BE CONTEMNED...
                                                          SCENE VI
     "You guys are crazy, down, papers sign, mailed all, married, all of you? That's not just jealousy, that's insanity, ...as in we're jealous of you that we got married, all of us, ...you must think you some great celebrity, either that Icus or or he thinks he's god. Nall, nope, don't believe it, i want proof, well there's sole the guy who performed the service,yeah, the one that screen us along a talk section you believe us don't you Kassle Berlyn, I do, and I think it's incredible, ..hey don't encourage them,  well here, pulling out the guns here, I made copies, now while you read and weep, me and mine will get something to eat, ,..yeah sole man, read and weep. I my as well be reading their obits, their father is gonna kill them and then com after hain and I for bringing them here,  ...they actually did, we're all Kassle Married have I ever asked you about living in Germany, what, why are you laughing, I'm serious, they can't run, e can't run, ah yes can, all of us kind, as a matter of fact if we hurry we could be there waiting on Desrek, with, with, Kiefer joining months later okay, okay it's not funny anymore, I told you, plus I'm hungry, lets get to the breakfast bar, huh?   

                                      ...WE HAVE A LITTLE SISTER..                                                                                                                             SCENE VII

     "Can we get this done a little faster?" Fussing of those attending him was Matthew Edwin disregarding at belittling his own flesh wounds, he'd been shot in the shoulder, nothing serious, shot as he'd saved a nurse's life, leaping toward her and knocking her to the floor did the bullet go straight through him. "That's good, come on Spencer is that necessary? I know, Matt, always a doctor never a" "Matt? You're shot, it's nothing it' nothing  spencer tell her it's nothing in the words of your husband Erica?" Witnessing her panic into a hard cry, not able at reaching her "don't cry, Spencer tell her it's nothing, it's a flesh wound, this shot,” lifting a syringe to eye level “to prevent infection, something for pain. I thought I'd lost you" sweeping both cheeks into her chin although it wasn’t serious was Matthew as she suspected hurt "I just knew you was, you know. Come here, Erica! Seeing she’s to instead resist would he struggle to get to her instead,: “you didn't lose me baby,” that he’s to wrap himself into this wondrous creatures’ neck so tight, yes inhaling her in, dissolving her like so, never, ever letting her go, “shhhhh, no no, look at me, see I'm fine, it's nothing. Get up here, I love you so much."     >>>"A penny for your thoughts, I'm Tony still captivated by what just happen at the medical center, and how extremely fast it all happen, yeah that was really something, ironically just this afternoon Erica was giving me an urgent song and dance about how afraid she was that a merciless act of fate would take Matthew away from her before they could Tony fulfill their plans, ...well isn't Ash the reality of each and everyday? I suddenly don't want to be alone tonight, then my dear you don't have to be, okay I'll ask the hard question and we make the hard decision together, which one of us is going to give up their apartment? I been thinking about, as a matter of fact all the way here, I saw we take a pencil and paper and way all the pros and cons, and we go from, really Tony you want me to think we're grown up? I can only  and will only Mrs. Decorte speak myself, while my place is the closet, ...perhap but mine is the largest, master bath, all, I guess we'll see, I guess we will.     >>>"This place is insane, this balcony alone, ..yeah I can wait to, ah, okay Mr. know my destiny better than myself, my first love, what about Christian? What about, I don't, ...the guy you almost saw at the center the other day ...you want me to determined a true love of yours regarding someone I don't know? That's, that's  ..he's the burn guy, the monster of hike's peak  ...okay what the hell, just, did I just hallucinate, ...Dare! What, did you just ask me are you in love with two face? Don't call him that, ...when May, when the hell did this happen, and why, O why May am I just now hearing about it? It was right after Mike died and I wa having a hell of a time, and I went to Hike's Peak to, ah, ah, walk off of it's mountain and he, he stopped me. My, my god May, you know so much than that, I know, but i wa out my head, my heart even Dare my spirit, all I know if he hadn't been there, I would be in outer darkness, then the judgment, then the lake of fire,  and because of ll of that, you think you're in love, with May the burn guy? Well, it may not be all that ridiculous, and why pray tell is that? His name is Christian Cros,  ..as May in Christian Cross, that is this guys name? Yes, his parents, well his Israeli/Arab father named him Christian Cros, and with your name being Maaseiah Adonai, I see how that make sense, ..are you Desrek Alum Aggart laughing at me, no, no, because he has a younger, teen brother, vert spirited and spiritual name Spirit River, ..stop it May, just stop, what I'm telling you,  ..you can't Dare blame me for their names, I didn't named them,  so, so, a Christian Cro and a Spirit River stopped you from doing the worse ever, ever May, agai never and now they're candidates for your first loved, ...see, see, you are laughing at me , May, May, no, it's a grimace, why are you so determined it's not this Nicholas Edin, Coogan, why May, why? I don't like the the way he overwhelms me, mind, body, soul, hell blood, everything, ..every thing dare off to such heights not of this planet, he by me as well, .. so as I was in that dream lately with you? Okay," feeling nervous hands along her arms as she walked the length of the balcony looking into and feeling an unusual oneness with the sunlight . "Yes dare, like that, suppose May that is your marriage bed period and there is just no undoing it, possibly why you was so determined even unknowingly to have one bearer and May it's not either of us, it's him, it's Nicholas Coogan, so that's what I tell him when he's bedazzled out of head and heart along organisms and crying how, why? Do yo mind love if we change the subject? ...The sun Dare, ....what of it? There is something familiar about it, ...you mean May besides it like us is of a substantial coincidence, as to be shaped or spoken into existence by Supreme God? Yes, and no, there's something else, something there close and yet out of reach, have patience, it will come to you I got to babe, I still have so much packing, and they'll be back early to load me up and meet me at the airport....don't leave me Dare again, and again and yet again! Stay out of the troubles May the indecisive heart, be sincere to it, trust, delight and commit, it as God, will direct your path, light feet, it's apath, I'll you from the airport, don't miss my call, now give me a hug, surely May I need it, I need it so bad."

                                        ...AND SHE HATH NO BREAST...
                                                            SCENE VIII

     -I know Icus Ivar what you are dreaming, good, I love the thought of my wife like God knowing my thoughts, the intents of my heart and thus it's desires, reveal it to me. Splendidly it is that this cruise never, ever end, exactly, you knew my thoughts Erwin Belize so matter of fact, I know them Lord for they are the same as mine. It is fear you think? No, it's the marvelousness it has made of us, even of our infantile marriage beds, ...look  the dolphins in place, well on the other side,Collin Hain swore he saw a whale, though none of us could. How long love do you think we're to keep to ourselves, it is that we're no longer boy and girl friends but married?  I would think merciful Belize until graduation, that's beloved if pregnancies hold off that long, you'r not feeling a bit under the weather,  ,..no I have an anxious wonderment springing and gushing up out of me that has Icus Ivar name all over it. I'll race back to our stateroom so you can create all these erotic ways of showing me, I call the elevators, then love I'll take the stairs, last one there,  makes the bubble bath or readies the shower, his or her choice, ...on the mark, get set and go!     >>>Ah you are so cheating, I don't care how close it is to the hole you can't purposefully knock it in, that's cheating, what kind of pool Ivar are you playing? You see, that's why I like bumper pool, bumper pool isn't real pool, you just like the bells and the lights, Dame, Dame, where are, ...come on you guys, one of you, no, Dame's right, you 're cheating, ..you two thought about,  you and Icus/ I know hain, we're coming upon Jamaica, yeah, are you two staying or returning to New York?  Well he won't talk to me about, ah it, did you see that, it just rolled over the hole, well used the fact that you're like 15 minutes older than him, funny Hain, what about yo Andre? That's really not a question for me, I'm going back for the rest of the semester and graduation at least Ivar that's what I tell myself, hey getting married is the thing, mismangling it, that it screws over our parents plans before we're are of age, that's the only pending tragedy  here. Wow, ah if I cut on my recorded, will you say all that again, ...no, no, so I can play for Icus, ..you know and understand everything I just said, you're just in denial, ...to be honest Ivar what has really changed, besides no you have a marriage bed between you, you, we were already close as the dickens, how is it then we can't go on about our everyday  lives, as nothing has happen? We're talkin a few months, not years,  ..so that mean you're getting off in Kingston, no Ivar, that mean we're all getting off, we're all peas in a pod remember, if one awol, we're all highly suspected. We're grabbing some goodies for our room, see  yo at dinner,  ....and we're talk about this more then right? As in we'll let Icus know this is our plan yes, later, ...hey babe you ready to go as well? Yeah, but let's the aquarium first, yes just as I promised, we're all meeting for dinner, and we're exiting the cruise in Kingstonton, so that's like final, yes, ah, Andred said it will draw suspicion upon us all  if we don't, ..yeah, that make sense." 

                            ...WHAT SHALL WE DO FOR OUR SISTER...
                                                      SCENE IX
                                               PARIS FRANCE

     -"Have you ever thought about modeling? No, Mrs. Clifton, I leave that to my fiancé, well there
goes my next question." "Mrs. Clifton? Bryn, please Mrs. Clifton, you don't seem to understand your husband is on trial for his life. Ah darling are you always this serious? Do tell me who design your suites, these priceless lapels, they’re simply fascinating. Mrs. Clifton, you said you had something for
me and I do," rearranging her sitting that she’s to shimmy that skirt more along appetizing thighs to him, along a cross of legs, ...good day Mrs. ...I was only kidding with you son, you must forgive me but you're so damn cute, too damn cute I have this, right in the compartment of this briefcase,  as to pull a large white envelope forward, this the something I have,  it will Mesure Coogan with your expertise prove my husband’s innocence and that you are the best attorney, well Macremor's Legal Liaison in all of France, I chose you Mr. Coogan because I like you, you are pricelessly edible as you  smell magnificently. Good day Mr. Coogan, I'm certain I will see you at the ball tonight, don't disappoint me son, you wouldn’t like me when I’m disappointed. Perhaps you can bring this fine finance along, I will Mrs.Clifton do what I can, ...beautiful, I look forward Monsieur Coogan until then."  >>>"That still Kassel Berlyn doesn't explained why you're crying, and on our honeymoon, ...wouldn't you, didn't you hear me? Sole thinks his wife can come pregnant any day now, not knowing she's on a regiment of birth controls pills, please Key, please don't make me say that again, someone may hear. If that's true Kas, you just gonna have to tell him, and explain your career is more important right now than raising a family,  ..then Key why marry? That's what he's going to ask, why marry if you're not ready to take it all the way to next levels? Look, you'll figure it out, you're smart Kas that way, but crying about it isn't going to change a thing, you know that, too many problem before you  are passed away now, because that's what happen with time. So what's happening between you and Desrek Alum? You mean other than I'll meet him in Edinburgh in two months? I can't believe it, you're doing something so brave, so far out there, well Desrek Kas, like your Soledad is so worth it. I wouldn't dare ask how is your honeymoon, but how is that cruise? Amazing, everything here Key is so amazing, what a grand, unspeakable wedding present, then to make it even more indescribable, Sole's three married friends are here, well they've gotten married since they got here. I mean you  know Hain right, Collin Hain? He and his Andre are married now, but, but, I just remembered I probably shouldn't say, so keep it under the radar so to speak.Okay, okay but you did say all of them, married now? To be honest it's why they all agreed to do the Fashion Present Dissuasion France, Shoe Ad, it's what afforded them, two thousand dollars for what only took a few minutes. I better go, we always meet for them if we don't see each other no other part of the days or night, and I gotta find something to wear, so Key you say tell him, and then explain why? Yes, you're a married couple now, and secrets of this sort Kas, could be deadly, even divorcing..later, enjoy!" >>>Ladies and gentlemen, down here and above, screening we are ready." Laying easily sedated on Doctor's Etzger operating table at feeling nothing but the beat of his heart that was in his mouth. Seeing into the onlookers just above, whispering and carely recognizing Camilla, was there this uncertain suspense permeating from her watching him from afar and the sound of children in play all around his head. May's swirling, twirling, staircase, did you say something Mr Artelon, only putting Christian in daze, instead of rendering him unnecessarily unconscious, could he talk to them an they to him. Not that clear but hearing children in play, perhaps even his little becky, he was reminded of Maaseiah seeing children in play in heaven, just below w stunning staircase. I can Dr, Etzer hear children in play, ...well that must be quite pleasant,  ....it is sir, surely it is,  ...you see here, Dr, Vice, it is exactly as we suspected, ...remarkable, it's as though the scaring is just melting away to baby smooth, even ageless skin, ...yes, even still his entire face, and body possibly will be no different, ..and we're getting this all, yes, ..but glance up a bit and see their faces, they are all is awe ...is that you Becky, ...it is family, it is Rebecca , I see you, ..ah, well, I hear you,  ..tell me about it, is Jesus there? He is, he's holding both of our hands, don't you feel it? Yes, yes love I do, I thought it was my friend and it is, do you see mommy just above? I see father, many faces, long, short, light, dark, crying, laughing but not one is my mother. Well huh, sh must have taken a break, rest father, just rest, I'm holding your hand, thank you darling, I am really tired, thank you so much, becky,  bec...cy."     >>>(((“That is just it Mel I couldn’t get to you if, you wouldn’t believe it if, ok Jerusalem, yes Mel as in Israel, well I’m married now, make that remarried and we’re here for the honey, Christian, I’m sure you’ve heard of him, I mean we’ve only worked together for about five years. You think I don’t know how important all this is?” As one stirring cream into a hot cup of coffee along a seat, was Christian in recovery, the surgery going perfect, even miraculous no, I, I wouldn’t say impossible no, but I at least need forty eight, ok, ok twenty-four, just give me a chance. Well Cythania isn’t me and you know it, yeah we wouldn’t be having this conversation if she was. How much? All you could get at least two hundred thousand more, it maybe grown over but picture it when it’s not, better yet Mel cause them to, yes easily I assure you. It’s nothing short of setting a mental picture in their heads
regarding how that little stretch could easily be another garage, a working one, a storage, even a guest house. It would make a beautiful one overlooking that amazing scenery, I don’t know, I guess I think like a reconstruction artist and don't forget to show the pictures I send you. There’s just Mel so many options when you have open land as this, that’s all I’m saying, the possibilities are endless. Of course and I think I’ll close my eyes Mel if only for a moment,” again yawning, stretching easily, “as soon as is possible yes, uh hah you too.”)))

                                          ...IF SHE BE A WALL...
                                                    SCENE XI

     -“Don’t hide from me” having draped herself with a towel even in the shower waters was Corronda Bren yet avoiding this one thing, that she and now husband Dexter Leon were to consummate the marriage. “Dex I’m trying to take a shower, I have an important meeting this morning ...and I’m trying to talk to you” moving into the steamy streams after her at ruining a priceless suite, shoes, severely astonishing her, coming and coming after her no matter what. “Are you insane? You’ll ruin that suit, ...yes I’m insane for you, after you, even for you.” “What are you doing?” That the towering. proficient stud Dexter Leon at getting his way was to tug and pull at her relentless cover, what did I tell you, there's nothing so bad that's to keep from you, I want to see you, kiss you. I can’t ok, you’re, Dex, Dex this is insane, ...you taste so good,” did his warm, intimidating mouth, even the height and validity of his ferocious melodrama charge boisterously those private places of hers, melting the slightest screen between them. "I said, I , I , shhhhh, baby, baby, we’re not Ronda leaving this shower until, until I what Dex? You can stay in here and catch the death of your cold, but I’m getting, you’re talking about this?” Did a menacing as this Dexter Leon bite into the slightest scare right above her right breast into activating specific areas in her to moisture “, ah god  dex, ag, ag,  ag,  show me, let me see them, kiss them,” did these boisterous undertones of his frequent riotously her secret parts into her seriously engaging his trembling lips, their fiery petition, unto what could send them both soaring into this web of enticing flesh and blood merriment. “That’s all I want, just to see where they hurt you,  ....I miss you so much Dex, ....ache for you so much, just don’t hide from me again, ever Ron again."

                            ...WE SHALL BUILD UPON HER A PALACE OF SILVER...
                                                                        SCENE XII

     -"Do tell, what was that? You Ronda, your being in never, never land, ah I was just reminded of Dex, he came into the shower this morning Tif, multi-thousand dollar suite Tif, shoes and all, I will never, ever forget, he is so insane.” “Well how truly good for you,” “was it Ronda the first time you’re to be intimate since the,” “you know,” “yes,” “it was,” “and it was Tif as though he kissed, I mean literally loved and romanced all those ugly scares away you know, he said he would and he did. I have no idea what I was so afraid of, ...your pride was afraid of dying to humility. So have you met her, Desrek new friend Kiefer I mean? That’s Key Tip for short, I mean I thought Sole was batty over this Kassel person, but Desrek he’s getting there like real fast and in a hurry.  No I haven't met her, but like you Ronda to hear him go on about her. Where you off too? I told Dex I would meet him for lunch, ..I think Tif I’m to tell him I don’t want to wait for children, ...what you think? I think the
astounding shower performance this morning was only the beginning of good time good times into conception good, that’s exactly what I thought, yeah now Tiffany Ann Saurus get your head out of my marriage bed, well Mrs lady after all the juicy details ask.   ...God, you were the last person I expected to be here this morning, Matt persuaded me to come, hey Ronda, hi girl anf bye, got a date with my man, ah, glad Mat is aright, ..thanks ...by the way" did a sparkling as this Erica Lynn point into a stunning as herself Dr. Matthew Hymm one arm cast, lending Tiffany a kind wave. "Well aren't you Erica Lynn the lucky one, his wounds will put him out of commission for few weeks or so we can really enjoy our honeymoon. Blessed good Erica, I thought the working honeymoon was a little maddening any way. Ok the dress, the Adonai, did Sissy tell you? Oh, yes, and there was shouting and dancing, as a matter of fact, I have the prices for the materials right here, Sissy told me about your Be'lieve person. Still, I did some checking on my own, soooo, how did she convince you anyway? We'll do it's for the company, even for the Bridal department grand coming out worldwide, that she just piled on and on, sorta like you but more convincing. Yeah, I’m so happy Tip I could explode, Sissy told me about you and Nickie, so wedding or not? We could fix it so all you and Nicholas would have to do is show up at least three events into the Wedding itself, what say you?Three and are you Erica forgetting Nicholas Edin is in France? Still Tip, say yes and I'll, we, Fashion Present Dissasuation will make it happen, the wedding of a lifetime. Tip, serendipitously the Omega Adonai could be your dress of all dresses, ....no, no, that is not my dress, it was never my dress, ...you can innocently say Tip that wasn't your intent. To discover it now, ...I didn't Erica, you did, okay,  make plans to go ahead with it, ..again you and Sissy,  ....just as you and Nicholas fall again into a marriage proposal, for that I blame Desrek, And now a wedding, no Tiffany, there's nothing coincidental about any of it, no divine intervention at play here at all. Three functions into the wedding, ...rehearsal dinner, ...wedding supper and the evening dance, three functions into wedding  day, Tip, hel loooo,  Tip!  And you say all Nicholas and I have to do is show up? Yes, okay, okay, I still have to pass it by Nicholas, still I have a millions things to do, Nicholas need three suits, and a Wedding Tuxedo,  and I Erica need three gowns besides the Omega Adoni, I'll be designing and shopping for days until Christmas.  ....Mrs. Saurus, there's a Desrek Alum, yes, yes, thank you. {{Hey, hey yourself, ...why did I get you to meet me here? After Desrek Alum, all these years of knowing, loving and leaving me, you ask that question, really? I know, you want me to forget everything you just told me about fools falling in love, you're Dare on your way back here," as one staring an Erica Lynn eye to eye, she waiting with measuring tape, pins and needles, that the Omega Adonai fit her just perfectly, even as she talked Desrek Alum into coming and rescuing her from all of it. "And we're going to make our happily ever after together, in spite of God, family, friends and busybodies right? If I can't cry you can't cry, how is that anyway fair, no, I'm not, I just sipped hot coffee and it distorted my voice, what you mean I don't drink coffee? Bye Dare, you take care, you are all I have, and call her, call Kiefer, bye,"}}}.  Sissy wanted you Erica fitted to the Omega gown, not me, ...yeah, but that was before it would be your phenomena wedding dress, anyway, the way you explained the laced hands, as of your mom crafting it, it make even more sense. So where is Desrek off to? Germany, and I'm the fool who let him, he leave me a lot Erica, but I let Desrek Alum leave me a lot, that's only Tip because you love him, if you didn't love him, you wouldn't let him be free of you? Now be still, you know I love sticking you, so don't give me a reason, ...I can't believe I let you two talk me into the most complicated wedding garment ever, ...first making it, now wearing it, argggggggggg, I'm gonna hate you Erica Lynn for a long time after this, yeap, that's Tip just what I figured." 
                                           ...AND IF SHE BE A DOOR...
                                                         SCENE XIII

     "Ummm, Vincent is back,” fanning curious appreciation along a sizable modeling agency was Vincent Steel seemingly making his way Susan’s directive. The tall stunning Italian they’d hired weeks ago. "Mrs. Coogan, ...yes, ...I'm told I need to speak with you, Mrs Barleck informed me that you're possibly considering a day care,  right here in the modeling facility. It is something Mr. Steele
I've given some thought yes, I'm a single parent and if there is any possibility that my three year old son Kalen can actually come to work with me and be cared after professionally that would tickle me quite pink. Ah yes, I'm making a list, we're to have a meeting, you're certainly welcome to come, to voice your opinion. I have the list right here as a matter of fact, if you will just place your name, the number of children as so their ages. I don’t know Mrs Coogan, what gave you this idea but for me I tell you, it’s a godsend, I must admit Vincent I didn’t think you would make it in time, ...Ronda explained how we're desperate for the appointments, the end of the week  release. So I’m here as one would say with bells, ...you smell really good, ah god, did I say that out loud? I'm glad Mrs.Coogan you like it, it's of your brand, the E-excellent cologne. I had no idea we were past the trial stage, we're not, these are just samples, but the orders are backed logged. Well, I certainty can't wait to get that for my husband, he is the E in excellent  matter of fact. Something about the letter E in he and his brother's middle name I heard, yes, Tip, well Mrs Saurus is very creative like that. Well father Vincent be sure and spread the word about the kids day center and I'll work to get it going as soon as possible."     >>>"If you Mr. Aggart looking for Kiefer Bay, she couldn’t make it, I'm her assistant, she’s in some to live or die for meeting that she just couldn’t get out of, she asked me, Clara to beg your pardon, pass you this cared, ask you to please be in touch and that she's on pins and needles until she hears from you and I can' blame her. So off to Germany, to Edinburg, an you smell good too, ..yes that's my cologne line, Desrek Chocolate, while Mr, Chocolate delightsome man, my name and contact is just below Kiefer,' anyway, I will relay that you got off fine,  fine, i said, ah fine, have a safe flight, I hope I didn't already say that, good day, bye I have one question as I walk away fro that amazing looking, smelling, that mazing man how in hell did you Kiefer, I don't know what to do with him even if i had a chocolate desserts for dummies book? How girl, how? Lord have mercy and have a need, find and pray for a reason to call me for any of them the length of a dictionary of all languages, ah yes, got you covered."

                                                          SCENE XIV

     -“You said his heart would withstand it, that it was strong as a bull’s heart!” Hysterical, Christian’s heart had stopped beating, his E.K.G. had flatlined and they were shocking him for the third time, the worse scenario was pulling all their own hearts out. "Sir," noticing Christian Cros was to have some moment after he’d laid so still, so dead, he was again coming alert, dead but alive, born again even. "His right hand, what? His right, we have a reading sir, his vitals are normalizing." Having to know for a certainty before he’s to inform the wife was a slowly performing Christian Cros squinting lessen eyes to them, awake from a moment of being passed away. “We thought we lost you there son, ...for a while sir you did, I mean I was here, an operation gone miraculous and then I wasn’t, there was even a moment I was standing up, the observation room just above. I was actually watching all of you down here, working on me, it was madness with me trying to return and glorious all at the same time as I stood so close to reigning in heaven , when sir, sudden I heard a very familiar voice, surely Mill that of Maaseiah's, telling saying come. What Mr. Artelon a fantastic ghost story, yes a fantastic feature, one I’m sure will marvel Mrs. Artelon seeing such the stunt has given her a scare as well.”     >>>"What are you, argggg," buckling, twisting and stiffing under a riotous, bloodcurdling invasion, pleaseeee, ....pleaseeeee, I can't take,  take," peeking through eyes drowsy with tears, of sighs gulped deep of his mouth, that expert tongue, her breast, her belly,  that raging, eroticism of blood, this blonde haired, sweltering villain, Nicholas Edin Coogan, ...Nic, co, lassss!!!" A fierce, entanglement of brutal accuracy, her navel, her thighs, the height of organisms .... what are, ...when, did," “shhhhhh,  I want you so bad, ....a feverish, erupting of maddening devotion, what? How? How even an ultimate superman as Nicholas Edin could be in two expert places at once, France the Nation of Amour and Tiffany’s delirious, collapsing, sweet wall, the core, the towering heaven of it all?

                                       ...AND MY BREAST LIKE TOWERS...
                                                            SCENE XVII

     -"This is great, hell this is my innocence" moving off quite pleased of the photographs Nicholas was sharing with him, was Mr. Clifton was surprised but to be elated . "I knew that hag was hiding something. I would sir like to keep those if you don't mind, well yes of course my boy, you are the one she trusted, I guess you should keep them. Yes, I guess I should. So on a better note, are you mesure Coogan going to the ball tonight? Regretfully Mr. Clifton, yes sir yes I am," as one getting instead to that exit was all of Chief Macremore eyes on him, on him and those now revealing photographs, was nicholas edin being promoted, demoted or both, like fixed into a quagmire, a fall boy himself? "I’m afraid Mrs. Clifton both send and gave me a personal invitation. I don't think I want to disappoint a lady like herself. Well son knowing that alone, I can see why you're such an important part of this firm, en as a liason, you're smart, and you catch on quickly, mighty quick, here's my hand son and if I don't see you in court today, I'll see you the ball tonight, yes sir. I  like it" rushing upon an exiting Nicholas Edin, into an exhilarated shake of his hand at referring to Nicholas' hair style, as he’d been the one encouraging him. "I admit Phil you were right this time, ...I told Steward your stylist what I wanted and it's as I wished, did I not tell you this? Look Wren and I are having lunch, she's asking Ly Lnn to join us, can I count on you?" "I don't know man, I have a lot of paper, come on Nicko, that will be here when you come back, it's only a friendly lunch, come on what you say? First you know I hate you sitting on my desk, secondly I say if I stay around you much longer Phil my girl won't know me, I'll look like me but I'll sound like you, then she be fortunate girl, then thirdly, Ly Lnn's most trust Nun ConNah Lue is Phil right over there,  okay stop it,  I have a girl, she's his. I know, I know, that's what you say, but I see you look at her,  I look at her phil because as you say she's a pretty girl, but its stop there, ...so what of the lunch? For you, I'll do it for you, but only if you ask Lue as well, it's not kill you Phil t just as as him, okay you right, then Phil I’ll see you for you lunch, meet you there, good Nicko man, Bji Mein as well. This why I love you, then will you stop it with this Nicko carp, ...sorry, I mean, see you don't know my name, Nic, cho. las! Nic, cho, las Edin, see you one o'clock, this Nicholas Edin, later Phil Mance.  {{This Nicholas Edin Coogan, Maremore and Vance, Charting A Private Transport from New York To Paris, needing to know your ETA, ...that ETA Mr. Coogan is 4:00 P. M. Paris Air, copy that, ..thanks bye}}}  I overheard, how you got coming? It was to be a surprise, but Mrs. Clifton after she invited to the Ball, suggested strongly, I wear my New York Fiance On this arm right here Phil man, come you freaking believe Tiffany is on here way here, Tiffany, Brighton man, and I can't to get that gown, woooo, boy, forgive me and all,  I forgot I was talking out loud,

                                     ...AS ONE THAT FOUND FAVOR...
                                                      SCENE XIX

     -"I like Florence better, ok baby that’s nice," snuggling into this prize wife of his, even this fruitful relationship was Matthew Edwin about done for "really nice,” yawning and stretching sedately of an inebriated by exhaustion sleep. “What say we sleep on it ok? Sleep!” Designing a seductive osculation of herself along his stout, tempting bosom, was a yet firing erica wanting more.“We have no time for sleep, you see this?" Raising the covers at revealing how he, nor his love joy could take any more of Erica Lynn Roget Hymm, but she didn't know if they played a little. "Tt has babe taken as much of you as it can tonight, shhhhh it's not that funny. How many children should we have?" Ten? Ten! Tomorrow baby, I love you,  now go to sleep, ...you go to sleep I'll lay here Matt and meditate on the wonderful life we’ll have, that’s good too,  ....that's good too.     >>>"What is it?” Sitting straight up in bed at setting a more than grisly look her way, truly startling her, just this look of being lost, confused. "You cut your hair,” that he’s to play this suspicion along her clever layers that'd styled months past, again immensely alarming her "your long beautiful, where am I? My place, you're at my place. No this isn't your place, it isn't our place either, what is, ...Tony baby you're scaring me, am I going crazy? Ash? No! Of course you're not crazy,  I don't know who I am, or where I am, yes you do, you just called me Ash, who Tony is Ash, what is she to you? I'm so tired,” as one instead stretching into a hard yarn, a twist and lay his head gently into her lap, again passing into a sleep, "I'm so tired, you think I should call Dr. Locklinair, isn't she on call for you twenty-four seven? Combing dark tresses of his along his ear Ashleigh didn't know what to think, say or do, that maybe Anthony Dale needed help, Tony babe, you think I need to all Dr. Locklinair? Why are you calling Dr. Locklinair, sleep okay, just sleep, ...okay, okay, I'm so tired Ash, why am I so tired?"

                    ...SOLOMON HAD A VINEYARD AT BAAL-HAMON...
                                                            SCENE XX

    -"Something is happen, I know, they're saying Maaseiah, that Tiffany is missing, I want to assure you brother they will find her. Though Icus I fear if we mess this up any more than we have, we give PePe reason to worry or come suspicious, even investigative, we can forget him ever trusting us in the manner ever again.  I have an idea, you Iva return home, the Soledad's wedding, everything done, I'm come only days behind you, Tiffany, well, Maaseiah have need of me, I call, and will return as soon as I am done, okay you're right it will only draw suspicion, we will pray for our sister that our mighty god and her mighty loving friends will as usual fix this. Good brother, good and wise all the time.  I best be, i'm married now with children pending, we all are now, decision making isn't about us alone, a lot, a whole lot, are in weight now. I'll be excuse to the restroom, before the theatre, beloved, Dame, you need you coms, no, I think I'll go the concession stand you want anything? Just popcorn I guess, soda, the usual. We are a few days married now, any regrets any of us? Yes, yes, Icus Ivar, ,,yes, but not like that, I could say yes, that I didn't do this sooner but seeing I'm only eighteen, there is no sooner than that I guess. I then hate I, we didn't wait until after graduation, but that's only weeks still, so , no, no regrets, no taking it back, this is all a dream come true. I think I regret not planning and having a wedding, your's Sole, Kas, we will never forget it, never you guys right? Yeah, but you can still have a wedding, as soon as you can tell your parents, your mothers, sisters and aunts, the both of you will be happy to plan weddings and like you're here for me, I'll be there for you, we, Sole I both will be there for you all. What you Andre, why are always so still, so silent, you want a wedding? I got what I want, since the day I laid eyes on Collin Hain, I wanted him for  a husband, ..yeah, ...yeah, I never told you that huh? I loved you mouth most of all, ...my mouth? Yes, then these thick curls, then everything else, like these hands, I love your hands, and can't wait to put a jewel on it. So wedding or not you guys, I got what I always wanted, look, you two need to keep your distant like you used to and stop referring to Icus and Ivar as husbands, once we're back in Kingston, easy for me since Sole will be in New York, but everything for as far as one can see, meaning outwardly is the same, haven't changed, right you guys? I was thinking the same, want to give the same warning, we can't Belize let nothing slip, can't make any mistake, like Icus said, it's only three weeks, we can so, we, can do this.     >>>"You gave us a scare, I scared myself, well it's done" opening his window shades into a blinding, even discomforting sunlight, that with only patches of hair advancing from the bandages on his face a sluggish as this Christian Cros couldn't talk much. It won't be long now Cros? Can you hear me? Yes, well I was thinking since you're excellent and is in such good hands, you remember that property for sale in Cyrus? I wouldn't be long at all, it would be only a week or two at, don't leave me, Milla,"  more groggy than he’d been in the past although he’d endured a major seizure only a few hours past Christian had yet to be himself. "Ok! I hear you, you just calm down" "get some sleep and I'll be right here, you promise? I love you Cros, I’m here for you I promise. I killed the twins, Spirit river, they were glad to hear how well your're doing, ..good Mill, that sound really good, you read, I'm gonna do some reading,  shhhhhh, rest is healing Cros, rest."

                             ...EVERYONE FOR THE FRUIT THEREOF ...
                                                        SCENE XXII

     -"Nicholas?" Throwing the covers off thinking, hoping what had just happen wasn't a dream hearing running waters that were directing her a curious ear and look toward the bathroom. "What are you doing? I give you one guess,” pulling her into the shower waters with him, into a biting, crippling kiss of him, a ferocious, unbridled coupling. This time with you has been so amazing," these hot  falls, a bite of  her insatiable tongue a delightsome fantasy into indescribable foreplay, Nicholas, Nicholas, biting her neck, it's enticing cent, as to dive right into such pleasurous breast, those his favorite, NO, no, look at me, I want to see your eyes,"  this has been incredible you , are incredible, ..I can't get enough," a bustling, electrical force,  riveting currents through and through an eroticism of propelling  them up these steamed walls, a delectable, seducing romanticism quite priceless."

                     ...WAS TO BRING A THOUSAND PIECES OF SILVER...
                                                        SCENE XXIII
                                DORM LE MACREMORE AND VANCE

     "So how do you do it? How do I do what? How do you court a woman that is thousands of miles away, only Nicholas Edin, only? How? Let me put, how do you go without it? Without it you have to have sex yes? No Phil, not the way you think, what the way I think, I'm taking of nature here, what
happen to you for lunch? I had Wren, I had Ly Lnn and no Nicko" "something came up I just couldn't make it, I'm getting Tiffany here and what happen to Lue, did you Phil even invite  him? Ly Lynn is so ready for you and you for her right? Wrong Phil, I have a girl, in America, in New York. I need to have one here as well, is that what you're saying? Because if it is and you can't live with how I live my celibacy away from Tip, then Phil we can't be friends.  Don't be angry with me, I'm saying how is that possible, Nickpo man? I cannot no Phil, it's not that you cannot, like Tips say, jesus wouldn't have told to stop, if we couldn't turn from temptations, so it's that you will not, you choose not, I obey Nicko man that’s all well Phil I believe. I believe that only to a certain extent does nature control us, it's natural senses then it is up to us to control nature ...and how does one as Nicko say control nature? With a made up mind Phil, heart, that is all. We're to pray Tiffany would say that we're not lead into temptation, which is expert, but Phil, we have the power ourselves to avoid certain temptations. Plainly Phil, I don't want nor do I need a sexual relationship with Ly Lnn, I don't want any manner of relationship with her except the working relationship we're to have. Meaning, Phil, I don't lead her nor myself on, well she was very disappointed, I can’t help that Phil, I won't do it Phil, I won't lead her on. Look this life is complicated enough at living single, then you’re to bring in say a perfect match, made in heaven even, then to remedy an impossible hunger for called Phil the lust of the flesh you’re to complicate already complicated matters? I got to get ready for the ball, as, I pray Tiffany make it in time, the paradox, Nicholas Edin coogan, if that's Philip Mance’s how you see it. Ok then, I apologize for you, to Ly Lynn, good Phil, you do that and make sure you tell her, the lunch date was with you, Wren her and Nun Connah Lue. Okay Nicko man, you angry, no, phil more disappointed than angry, I got to shower, you know we're out of time, what Phil are you wear?"

                                 ...MY VINEYARD WHICH IS MINE...
                                                      SCENE XXIV

     "I will fill this arm Mr. Coogan until your stunner finance many say, take it away," while most eyes where on Mr. Nicholas Coogan at some being simply flabbergasted that he’s to transform perfection into magnanimous, was Nicholas's attention drawn meticulously on Ly Lnn Chow who was simply astonishing. With a power struggle Nun Connah Lu on her arm, was she designing rather remarkably a lengthy, tight red gown lending a striking, very enticing split at unveiling her long, sensational legs. A fabulous allegory of beauty highlighting this unpronounced fashion statement to wit Ly Lynn Chow Mesure Coogan, and good evening to you Miss, Chow, you look very beautiful tonight, Mr, Lue, Mr Coogan, I will Miss Chow if you allow apologize for standing you up for lunch, but I heard on good accord that you Mr. Coogan would instead follow suit. I beg your pardon Mr. Coogan, I'd not been informed, anyway, I know you are a busy man Mr. Coogan, therefore I was not at all disappointed, ..good, great to hear it. Mrs. Clifton, how about a dance or two, as to paid honor and respect to other guess and future clients, as you lead me to the floor, I was told you're never the socializing type be to honest with such expectations of Tiffany Ann appearance, I feel I should shake the dust off us both and be fit, to show her the best time. How did you and your lady love did meet? I would ove to tell you, I've know her all my life, though I have long her that long, I have love her all my life. I am myself Mesure Coogan with pins and needles all over and through, this anxious to meet her, exactly, that's exactly how I feel as I watch the entries ways for her participation. You dance Mesure Coogan I would say as fascinating as you look, but that would be a far advance  statement, Where did you learn to dance, my mother, Karsiann would say I been dancing with her, learning since I was an arm child."
                                            ...MY VINEYARD WHICH IS MINE...
                                                                 Scene XXV

     {{{"Hello Sissy, ...Nickie, there was nothing, we still couldn't find her, I hate to think this way Sissy but what about Mr. Artelon? We all know how taken with him she is, there’s actual word Nickie he's in Jerusalem Israel on his honeymoon, ...honeymoon, as in he recently got married, honeymoon? That’s what his house keeper said, that he left for California and from there to Jerusalem about three weeks ago, I don't understand, where could she be? I mean have you guys really put your heads together? Just a much as you, I'm sure, what, I mean Sissy, look I pretend as though it’s insignificant but I know how close Tiffany is to Ronda’s brother, Desrek. Or should I, ...according to Corronda, he is Nickie the last to see her prior to this, Desrek admit asking her to Germany with him, that she even made an offer of Jamaica to him, that she could spend a few days away from all of this, ah, pressure but said she said it was so tempting she had to decline. And we Sissy believe him why? Well Nickie like you Desrek would never jeopardize Tiffany's safety, and Ronda say he's pretty honest about her, if she was with him he wouldn’t hesitate making it known.  Did something unusual happen recently that could have triggered this whole thing? Erica and Matt eloped, Ronda and Dex aren’t only suddenly married but threatening to have children just as soon, the last we saw her Erica and I talked her into an old, indescribable deigned of a wedding gown. An unveiling Nicholas that took her back to the days of the mother, which remind, me, Tip long lost twin brothers are here, even did a shoe ad for her, ....where are they now? Strangely on what they're calling a private cruise, that will eventually arrive them back home in Jamaica, a private cruise huh, isn't that suspicious? Although Nickie this things about Mr. Artelon being not only married but on a honeymoon, besides Sissy her brothers sudden inclusion in her life, that is the strangest of all. You know by now she didn't make ball, she didn't even show up at the airport, meaning she stood me up Sissy, Tiffany wouldn't do that. I got to go, get off this phone, I'm going to get a leave, I'll be there Sissy as soon as I can arrange it? You think that's wise? I mean Sye is to say the Clifton case will be one of the biggest of your legal career, Sye is right and it is, but without Tiffany Sissy, this is nothing, it all fade to black, it profits nothing without her in it, I need to be there when she surfaces and not thousands of miles away Even more concerning Sissy, Mike's case being open, is this our greatest fear that she has gone searching for him? As regretfully as you say Nicholas, I did I ask Sye about that, he said he doubt it and is praying this is not that, not even close  ...alright pretty sis, see you soon, okay Nicki, be careful, safe flight."}}}


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