Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XVII

                                                  BEAST OF BEAUTY
                               ...AS IT WAS A COMPANY OF TWO ARMIES...
                                         PARIS FRANCE COFFEEHOUSES
                                                       CHAPTER XVII
                                                             SCENE I

    -"Who is she? Whose whom? The girl that is such the part of you? Is my new friend Ozzie Bakeman trying to tell me how very obvious I am? It is obvious to me Nicholas and I'm certain to all the beautiful broken hearted ladies that you are not the pursuer they desire of you. It’s true Bakeman I've not come to France to find a girl, nor in other cases a wife, I've come for the pleasure of the lawful quadrangle. Then my newest friend also I ask, does she not have a name? Yes, her name is Tiffany Ann and one day soon we will wed into my happy ever after then no Measure Coogan you are not the pursuer they desire. Now for my next inquiry, this is the courtesan, what is this? Is this a freaking joke? Where the hell did you get this?" That at the sight of very elicit photos of his naked self revealed to the world by a Dissociation Magazine Article, flabbergasted, was Ozzie Bakeman meet firey accuasion. "It is I who ask of you Nicholas Coogan, as of 'Dissuasion Magazine’, This is a joke, where are cameras, I know this has to be, if so Nicholas it’s one that is n article spread all over town, you got to be kidding me, you see I pose for any this, this is no such permission, son of a bitch! This is not me, I didn’t do this, I would never Bakeman do this, so where are doing? Catching  sabotaging thief, well before you go to far off the brink, the reviewboard wan to see you, they already seen this, they're the ones who past to me, ah this is freaking Crazy, who Nicholas would do this, can only bakeman thin of one person that would have this manner of assess and gull, ...I'll talk to you later I got to go and salvage what of this I have left."     {{{Look alive people, here he come, it's hard to know people what know, Prem, he's just as shocked as all of us, thought it waa joke, ask about the camera's, wondered how could anyone get those kind of pictures. So whose the chick, she is just breathtaking, a beauty, then those golden eyes, that just keep giving, I don't  know, but along a brief clarity of knowing what possibly was the culprit here, she was in the bed with this breathtaking beauty, ...Bji Mein, whose been introduced to her call her goddess, what  we see here could be why. Yeah but the chances that this is a mishap, Phil, man, this is betrayal and his supergirl just can't be trusted, I hope not man, because what they had going made believers out of all of us, if y'all know what I mean.  "So Phil, who did this to nicko man? According to Bakean, the shocked that went into the real, only leave this stunner in he picture or the one behind the camera. The goddess, stunner the picture, Tifny, not, her, not her, so that mean the taking, look like something innocent that got out of hand, fallen into the hands of hundreds of thousands worldwide, ,,, yeah, well how many of you actually read the article, "sizzle sizzle, how to keep your man woke at night? These photo you all, fit as in you guys designed perfectly so, so not a mistake, ah right there investigator reporter.   {{{"I'm coming, give me minutes," washing her hand into a glance of herself in the mirror, there was a knockin at the door, of wondering who was the surprise visitor? "Sye, what a surprise, Tiffany, ah, I,  ...Sye come in,  ..right, right, remember I told you, ah, Mikes case come up again, I would come see you personally?" Right, and I Sye held you to that, ah, I need to first ask you, you Tiffany wouldn't dare go into this investigation alone, is Mike alive, have he tried to reach you? I feel Sye as though you should be standing in the mirror with me standing behind you, when you ask those questions, ...Tiffany I don;t have time for freaking games, you of all people know how serious all of this,  have Mike made contact with? No, okay Sye, no, but since you can't trust me worth a damn how do you even know that's the truth, okay, okay fair, it's just Tip, and why I'm standing here accusing you, your best friend Sissy remind me of the bella mafi in you and could put you in danger, that I explained to a really concern about you Nickie that is no longer any where in found, or was I wrong? You got us Tip and if you trust us, you will not go at this along, endangering all of us, love you , see you later. What Sye is gonna happen to Mike if he is live, will they come after him, even us again? That is why sadly Tiffany that buried should remind that way, and Sye if it was Brad or Nicholas, wouldn't you want to know? Yes, Mike is just as important, there's just the right way of doing this Tip and nobody else get hurt, and congrats on moving into a security building, again, Tip, later, answer your phone, thanks Sye, yeah

                                                              SCENE II

    “Tony,” as one moving off from Ashleigh and his conversation somewhat bemused, “what is it? Noticing he’s to walk suspiciously toward a steele gray 1976 convertible firebird, absolutely priceless. "I, I think I know this car, I have these car keys, but no car," "this is it, this have to be it. Tony I wouldn't, what if it," fitting the key in unlocking the door, amazingly did said car in question into Ashleigh Michelle mouth gaping awe, open right him, I guess you was right, ah my god!” Witnessing him open this stupendous antique car, start the engine, yes even play like a child behind the wheel,. "See I told you, wow that is your car, we've been wondering Tony about this amazing car Tony for weeks, you can't Ash imagine the times I've closed my eyes trying to remember where I left my car," as one opening the glove compartment, doing a reasonable researched, about, even his tossed in their wedding ring. "I wasn't expecting anything like this, but these keys told me I had a car somewhere, it's funny though, I alway thought I left it Ash,  you know, where, I tried to, ah hurt, ah kill. my, ah self, and here it’s in your, well in, parking, Dissuasion Fashion Center, ah Ash, please, god tell me this doesn't mean what I think it mean?" “Ash?” Noticing she’s to pass away regretfully restrain "I can't believe this," turning the engine off, closing the glove compartment, the console at easily making an exit out to her. "I did that to you? Ash please say something, I did didn't I, I tried killing myself on your job? What a damn loser, Jesus is Christ Ash, how can I ever repair the damage I've done, ...where you're going? That’s how you knew, I always wondered how with us so estranged they found you and brought you and Tiffany them to my hospital room, hell Ashleigh maybe I didn't want to see, ho damn convenient to have amnesia. You were out of your head Tony, your senses, I can't stay here, hell I can't face you, ...Tony please please let’s talk about, and I can't face those people in there, you were alone Tony, frighten, abandon, you hear me, I abandon you, you didn't know what you were doing. Where you ever going to tell me, is this why they're falling all over me with offers? No,” they love and appreciate us both, just want to help, you know that by now, Tony,” that he’s to push off, open an get into the car, turn the ignition into ramping up a sweet engine, "Tony, they're all waiting on you, ...waiting Ash to feel sorry for me ...and what, we don't that need that. What Tip tell you about us being one another's brother, there for eachother no matter what, Tony huh? I showed you my hiding place, so you know where to fine me, ...now you acting more like tony Decorte, no, you find me Tony, when you lose yourself again.'

                                                        SCENE VI
     "What time is Vincent shooting? No Erica, here it says, Jason Mark is down for noon, no, he's in at ten walking with Bren. So we're looking at a crowd today or what? Erica you know, you need to inform all of them of these changes, you how fickle they are, don't want to lost them before we get them. Your question, I would Erica definitely count on it, didn't you view the fan mail? If we open the showroom to the public, like Sissy said it will draw dozens. What about Niemeyer? That's who I forgot, I knew there was somebody I was forgetting. See!" Sweeping worrisome stands away uselessly “her name isn't even on the list, calm down, we'll work her in, ...right Tip, she's only the star of the freaking show. Are you ok? You seem, I don’t know disjointed, yeah Tip, that’s a nice way of putting it, I guess I’m just nervous, so much going on, the showroom and all, this is all so new for us, hey, wait, why aren't you a wreck? Has Ashleigh made it yet? I haven't seen her, she supposed to bring Tony, yes Erica I heard, can't wait to work with him. how about this one Tip, Tynan? Wow, look at the slant in those eyes, she's stunning, get her in Erica for a view, see if she can shot today, ...today? Yeah, picture her on Vincent's shoulder, ...whoo, ...plus we need as many on the walkway Erica as we can get, including walk-ins, you know girl, how I love walk ins."     >>>{{{“I don't understand, that isn't what you, her name is Ca, yes, Artelon, yes, it’s supposed to arrive there no, yes but even if her flight was, ah now it's missing, can I speak to someone in charge? I'm sorry but I'm very con, yes, I said yes she’s my wife, no, she's traveling alone, business. No she's what you would call a global real estate agent, her client? Yes, here it is, a mister, of course I've tried reaching, yes, a Mr. Vermon P. Bass, that's 1209 Criton Lane, no Ohio, yes, well I thank you, that's all I ask, thank you so much.”}}} Hey Niko man, Bji, so what is said? I'm under review until the dust, the Haboob rather, instead settles, ..the center? Nothing, it's like they stopped answering phones, pages, even Tiffany's private phone, nothing, and that just makes things even more frustrating. Bakeman said you in shock, not know, ...right Bji man, I, keep asking myself,  ....ah why is Phelps on this board twice, that with s and no s, ah I see. Then. let me put an initial here, and that'll settle that, still Bji man, I keep thinking, how did this slip past her, how do you in the end explain that? Leave all conclusion Nicko man until you talk, that is best, yes? I guess Bji man, but I'm still waiting for someone to come and say, ah here nicko man, we got you or to just wake from a nightmare that is too real to be real. Your new co-people Nicko have question, but under, ah, scrutiny, no question, only what behind the back, ...I know Bji, what you trying to tell me, people love to believe the worst about the supposedly good? Tell me Bji about the Phelps with the s, ...ah infant, vehicle death, to make a sample of him, lost his, number one son, so sadness Nicko man come from him, he is contagiously ritten through, this warning you    ....and Bji his plea? That on you, ...which Bji, should get most symphony, how many people because of such fast pace lives make this mistake after mistake, aren't all pots and kettles in likeness? The people must see, though unthinkable, forgetness, distraction, these are all human traits.   >>>Ash, ...Tony, you're back, I couldn't stay away, ...Tony is back you guys, ..yes, do with me as you will, ...Wonder, get over, I want Tony, dressed entire three piece, the E-excellent suit, down to bare feet as in standing on rustled leaves, then while she's tossing leaves at at him, come shocked, in his hand is an open jewelry box, a mystery engagement ring, that he and his girl, Tynan, looking into made so tickled about. That you guys is gonna be the first shot, for the E-excellent cologne, I want it to read, what's the mystery? E-excellent cologne, awaiting your mystery men, now get your orders in, now please Wonder tell me you got all of that? I did Miss, Saurus, I got all of that, okay let's do this now, now, ladies, get Tony and Tynan to hair and makeup, I need Tynan fitted to the Erica, Princes, ball gown, this is action now! ....I told you," whispering at a stun as the rest of them Ash's ear, mesmerized as Tiffanny is to call off this stunning ad so craftily, to magically, "when she's in her  groove, she's unspeakable,. My heart is racing, I can't wait Ash, to see what she's to do with Desrek Alum for his Desrek Chocolate, Cologne ad, so you better get ready Ash, that one ad is gonna put Anthony Decorte on the map, Disasion style, go, huh? To makeup Ash, I'm sure he'll appreciate having you there, go, go! ...Sissy, you just missed it, Tip just set up Ash's Tony for her first, new E-excellent cologne, it was beyond genius Sissys seeing her like that, ...I got here Erica as quickly as I can, you know I wanted to be there, ....that's just it Sosh, Tony showed up out of nowhere, said something like, do with me as you will, and Tip went into her expert mode, no worry, you can sit in on the shooting, I want you there, at least Erica I still have that, okay see there in about 15,  ...I'm there, thanks."  {{{Hello" hurrying to a phone ringing about thirty minutes pass "Milla! My god where are you?" Spinning up, off the mounting sigh of relief,  "I've been worried sick, well what did you, yes but you've been gone for days without, Milla I've been calling all, that isn't, I know but that, listen to me, no mill you, please don't do that to me again, what do you think? I was terrified, I thought something bad happen, they, they even told me Mill your plane was missing, no, just tell me when can I expect you home, that long still? Mill, you know you don't have to do this, we don't need the mon, I know, I know,” flopping disappointedly into a seat, her argument of wanting nd or needing her own money. "It's that beautiful huh, how many future prospect, it's that hot? Well maybe I should put in, ok, ok, look I'm glad you convinced me to put the phone back in, I probably would’ve went, just give me the number where, no,” bringing that business card to plain view, a number he's literally rubbed from the card being anxious her. “I have it right here, yeah I'll talk to you then, don't worry me by keeping me unaware, I love you too, now that part I don't miss."}}}

                                                                   SCENE VII

"What the?" Stepping from the elevator literally run over was Dissuasion Fashion Center like a mad house and see to realize oth good reasons, what the hell is happen? Something about photos that got into the magazine by mistake, what photos? That I don't know,  ...Ash, we have a disaster, yeah that's what Marian just, you know those photos of Nicholas, of Tiffany, your Erica immortally sworn, no, hell,no, no, no, are you shitting me? I shit you not, how?I watched them burn Ash, proofs and all, so this is not, how teh hell this happen? That's one of the things I'm trying to find out, well we are, the other is telling Tip, you mean she doesn't know? No I'm afraid not, the other mystery is all the lines been jammed, probably because or the picture, ...while I just remember something I got to do, all no you don't ashleigh Michelle you're coming with me, why? What the hell I'm I gonna do? You stand outside the door, something, looj, what's the name of that Burger place again? Now you're talking. Tip? Yes," spinning around Erica’s directive could she see Ashleigh lurking along the hall, which wasn't odd they, these two and their shenanigans, like kids even. "Could I talk with you for a sec? Sure, what is it? Ah, this, I need you to look at page seven, and eleven, Ok, Hello Ash," like she had to see this, witnessing her give a slight waved into Tiffany's' hand passing over her face, her mouth, into her countenance growing more and more terrified with the turn of each page, sniffing and wiping tears away. “What is this? Erica, tell me this is a, ....I'm sorry Tip, I’m really, really, ...you're telling me this isn't, damn it Erica this can’t be real! Right? O god, O god, this is a freaking, a freaking, how in the hell, ...I don't know, what the hell you mean you don't know?  I'm trying to, Erica this is a disaster, stop crying damni it and talk to, my god Nicholas is going to freaking kill us! Tip, I watch you burn those pictures, the proofs all, ...ah so it's my fault? Nall, that’s not, ...he'll never believe I had nothing to do with this, my house, my bedroom fergodsakes Erica, Dissuasion Magazine all me, me, me, ...ah this is freaking crazy! spinning into that window hands to hip so hurt by what would be a dragged out catastrophe, crying to heart melting terrified of being unable to explain it. "This can’t be happening, not now Erica, not to Nicholas Edin, it's not that, I mean when, you're it's right,  your babbling Erica Lynn, you look me straight in my eyes and you tell me damn it this was a mistake. Your god and mine Tip, when I watched them burn, that was the end of those pictures ....What about a recall, a retraction? Sissy is working on that now! Isn't he in Paris? Will he even know? We Ash have a private subscription there, hell he helped seal it, this is their first article, it got to them a day ago, so you two, this is like a double dose of betrayal. I don't understand, how did this get pass us, who signed for this, hell approved it?" {{{“Miss Saurus, there's a Mr. Nicholas Coogan on line two, says he's been calling forever, says it's urgent}}}. Well here goes, you want us to, no! I want you guys to figure how the hell did this happen! {{{“Nicholas, ....what the hell is going on at that place, are you freaking trying to destroy me or what? Nobody’s trying, how did this happen? It wasn't, do you know they're threatening my position, my legal standing, I could be disbarred for god sakes. How in the hell did you get these pictures, you set me up right? "I would never do that, you know I if something isn't done and soon I'm going to sue that black ass of yours and that damn company for every penny it worth ever, you hear me, ever! If you let me Nicholas I can, I'm naked for god sakes! How in hell do you explain me stretch out barely covered in a global magazine, like I posed for some god damn play boy or something, are you people freaking insane! You're not letting me explain, I don't want your damn explanations Tiffany, I want it gone, disappeared like it never happen I wamt you you to freaking fix this! Nicholas please, please I had nothing to, ...did you they existed? Yes, I didn't hear that, I said yes I kinda knew about them, I threw them into, wha, what did you call me? Stretching near to tear eyes back, unconsciously dancing her tongues along gritting her teeth at preventing a tortuous breakdown waiting disastrous shores. "Nicholas you're upset and I understand that, of course we can do that, but you know I would never hurt you this way, hell us. We’ll working on a no print, misprint even as,  I didn't mean for this to happen I'm just as devastated," "Nicholas" meticulously sweeping both cheeks, had he possibly hug the phone up on her "Nicholas, hello Nicholas}}} "We're sorry, I think I know how freaking sorry everybody is! Go okay, everybody just get the hell out! This is bad I know, most of the stores are sold out, and the ones Tip whose not say they only have about one or two copies, but they will remove them from view. Great, Sissy! That’s all just freaking great." "Have Nickie called, yet? Yeah, I just talked to him, what did he say? Ah god sissy what else? That he's gonna sue us for everything we got, including future profits, especially my black you know what, he's furious, said that there better be some type of reaction, that Macremoe too is looking into a suit, I don't understand Sissy how did this get passed us? I burn those photos myself, the proofs, all, what Erica said and now swear were the totality of their existence, so how huh, how  the hell did this happen? It all arrived on Coronda’s desk with her approved article only a few hours before the deadline , she said now in hindsight she know she should’ve questioned the photos but they and the article were pure perfection, even an amazing marriage. I read the article," seeing Tiffany is to ready more kleenexes, excuse a blow of her nose, it was raining again only this time it didn't help, not even misry was company. Splendid article, 'do you keep your man awake at night? Is it bad? Well it's about sex, climaxing and organisms you know Corronda," "she's a brilliant writer" "very creative," “and the photos Tip,of two of the most stunning people this planet, were more
than the icing on the cake, way, way more, like it was  all planned that way. It's getting great reviews, tied up the phone lines, beepers for hours, hell we sold like five thousand more copies than we expected, with others on backlog, ..that we know Tip can't out until it's all revised, but they love it. You got her working on the retraction? Make sure they know he knew nothing about the photos, they imposed upon his privacy. How am I gonna fix this Sissy? Time, you know that Tip look how far you've come since Mike, and how many days now I wanted to Sissy walk out in front of a car and end it all, even knowing outer darkness, eternal hell await, I just should've gone home. Just give him time to calm down, explain it to him., he said they're threatening his position, to disbar him, stuff like that, can they do that?" "Sye says no, I mean we look at it as a fabulous article and they see it as a scandal, without his knowledge, his permission sissy that's exactly what it is, ...I know babe, I babe.
They were right here Sissy, Erica cried while they burn in the fire, accused me of burning millions of dollars, how did ashes Sissy make their way Corranda’s desk, to publishing and ? Miss, Saurus, sorry, ah we'r ready to shoot the E-excellent, ad, do you really Wonder need me there, couldn't just view the prints later? I'm coming thanks, it's tale my mind off, I'll be right there. Well Tip we are talking about international, we’re not as strict with them, ...they have complete atomime is that what you’re saying? Have Sye seen it? Yeah he's seen it, what did he say? He said that is as much of his brother he's ever seen! It's not funny, I'm sorry." "Knowing Nicholas  Sosh, it's probably the most his mother has ever seen of him, ah god I know it's not funny, few inches to the left here or there, yeah sissy how may people are damning those sheets, well, I'm glad you're better about it, it'll work out. No Sissy, He's never gonna forgive me, my fault or not, how did it past me,  that's nicholas's question, where they come from, how did I not control the situation? But honey you thought you did, this is was done intentionally Tip, this was to sabotage you, even nickie. Still babe, I can feel it, yes Nickie will forgive you, you'll see, he loves you more than existence itself, and that name calling, he didn't mean that either, you’ll see, see you at the E-excellent shooting, I'm right behind you, thanks Sissy, I love you Tip, ...you welcome, sissy, if you think this was intentional then we need call a conference and fishing, I'll agree an hour for dismissal, a mandatory meeting, people can go home from there, thanks Sissy, perfect, ...see you soon."

                                ...THY NECK IS AS A TOWER OF IVORY...
                                                           SCENE IX

     "Wow! Who is that? Uh, ah, that's Carter,  ...Carter, Carter,  ...nall Erica girl, he's no model, he's looking for me, ...well damn it does he want to be? "Back off ok, hey darling man, I want you too met someone, I think" that by fitting his stout arm into hers at bringing him alone, was an impatient Erica Lynn fiercely calculating just what to do with him, a type of Desrek Chocolate himself? "Mannn, this is really some place, ...Erica, I would like for you to meet Carter T. Rightwell, Carter, this is Erica, ....somebody quick, I need cuffs in in Tony's pant legs, an inch or so, quick you guys, quick! So you Carter, want to be a model? We're Carter, having walk-in interviews, I need a Nicholas Coogan, you don't know him, but your look, build, a few highlight here, there ....I'm afraid I haven't thought about it, ...you do Carter know where you are? Yes, Erica, ah, my girl here Merecal workplace, ...I'm just saying, see that beauty right there on the floral wall, that's Nguyet and she Carter having just now caught a glimpse of you; can't wait to whisper sweet nothing in your ear. My girl Erica is standing right here, if she doesn't mind sharing such things, babe?. Ah, what can I say? Please Mer, I just need three shots of her whispering in his ears, totally as is, ...I have like 15 until lunch, ....thanks, ....Nguyet, scrumptious Carter T. here, love at first sight, you, him, is coming shyly, shyly Carter, make it last, he's to lean in, costlessly your darling cheek, ask you a very important question, only to have you whisper gently in his edible ear, then you two playfully brush, blush temples, my entire shot. First Ash's or should I Erica, say Tips, Nicholas? Now my Carter, ....excellent you two, I love it, now strike her locks gently, parting from her delectable ear,  a tickle there ....what's your point Mer? Well, I don't see your tall, handsome doctor strunting his around here, ...ah Mer I got him, he just don't know it, you mean like Nicholas Edin? I mean ask Ash saw it, just as Dr, Matthew Edin was descending down that long hall right there, toward me the other day Mer, so amazing, I'm just waiting to see what Tip is do with it, thank you two, amazing, wow guys, amazing. You Mer and Carter have a wonderful lunch, here, on me, ...wow Erica,  a hundred dollars foe lunch, yes, Carter might as well reap the benefits of a shot like that, thanks again Carter,  enjoy, remember Mer, Tip love walk in shots like that, it's too keep us busy at least until we fix this mess with Nicholas   ...okay guys, I'm ready for Maddix  and Creston, you two get over here ....Nguyet, you can take your break, thirty okay."

                                                         SCENE X

     "Hello sir" inducing himself upon a stone face gentleman busying himself fidgeting scissors rather quickly through a gentleman's hair. "Are you next? No I was just watching, I'm Lendo and you are? Anthony, Anthony Decorte, excuse me,” pausing momentarily in his haste at hearing well, clearly it couldn't be, even was he under view, by this expert barber? "Did you say Decorte? Yes, yes I did, the Tony Decorte? It's a pleasure sir," again stopping everything into a fierce shake of Anthonys' hand, bringing much attention at the high regarding  of his semeing famous name. "I should’ve recognized, do you want to do the honors? Oh no, no, I'm just observing, so you have heard of me? O sir! What professional stylish haven't heard of Tony Decorte?" You said you should have recognized me? Ah yes, I did a show with you some years back, you were supreme, artist even, the star Mr. Decorte of the show, would you do me the honors?" That he's to sit his own chair allowing Anthony showing how highly he thought of him, we'll talking autographs areas. Ah no sir, ....please, it would so pleasure for me, I will make all the others jealous when I brag. I'm a recovering, I'm, suffering from amnesia, I'm sir not myself, I would hate to, to, i understand, still you come the right place, I have an open, please say you will fill it as soon as you're ready? I will, as soon as I'm ready, I will count it a pleasure, thank you, thank all you, I will join you  soon, you not disappear on me? I can't my wife Ashleigh, she's a model consultant here, ...real pretty that Ashleigh, see you soon then? Yes, I promise.     >>>"So this is where you disappeared to, this man Ash remember Tony Decorte, said he did a show with me some years back, well isn't that something? He was so excited he sat his own style chair and instead asked me, Ash said it, was all I could think about, I mean it was so wild I expected people to start asking for autographs, I know, you told me, Ash, before you return, what did  you mean about abandoning me? Abandon you babe as in breaking the covenant marriage,  you know, for better or worse, in sickness ad in health, until death, when you got in trouble, I ran Tony rather than forgive and help you. What was my crime, do you know? The release papers where in my glove compartment, ...until a month ago, you was accused of, of ah," as to clear her throat away, the nearing blue skies coming all the more cloudy, it looked like rain. "Ah rape and murder, serving Tony a life sentence, I didn't want to admit it, but your being here Tony is a miracle, that is so scary. This victim, did I know her, do you even know? It was some random girl you'd been messing with, one of a few Tony, thus the divorce papers, whose threat only seem to make you worse. Thus Ash the righteous abandonment you're apologizing for ...there's nothing Tony righteous about abandon, it literally got you killed, destroyed us, ...I got to get back, you coming or ...no, meet me at my place Ash when you done here, and we'll take the car out, ...I like, no, I love the sound of that, ...I love Ashleigh Michelle Roget, I saw your name on the list in their, you dropped Decorte or you never carried it? Of course I carried it and starting now, as when I go back into the building," as to lean into a darling, stirring of blood and private places kiss of hopping more of what that night would bring, "I will again, ...Ashleigh Michelle Roget, Decorte love you as well, drive safely,  ...yes madam... what's that look? When I said that I suddenly remembered, thought, ah my god my parents? You have none, taken in a drowning when you was only seven, what about siblings? Ashleigh babe, we need you, I'm coming, tell you later, ...okay, see you then, ....bye."

                              ...BY THE GATES OF BATH-RABBIM...
                                                       SCENE XI

"How in the world did she get pictures of him like this?" Flipping through the now infamous magazine additionally at not believing it, for clarity, I they did include stunner Tiffany Ann. "It seems Erica caught them sleeping and couldn't resist, I'll be sure to check her for cameras for now on, come on Sye, it's not funny, Erica was really broken up over this, crying all, well, I hoped she learn a lesson, the way Nickie is stretched out in this second photo I know my baby brother is thanking god for sheets, yeah sye while millions of woman is cursing them. You think it's gonna hurt Tip and his relationship? It's hard to tell, Nickie has a hard time forgiving himself, that goes double Sissy for anybody else. Well I told her to give him time, yeah two, three years, this duration of France. He's can't be that sinical, not only can he be, he is, it's not fair Sye, Tip had nothing to do with it, when she learn of  them she tossed the into fire, prints and all, hell Erica watched, said it was like Tip burning millions of dollar. Yeah, yeah Sissy I know, but it won't matter, Nickie feel all accidents can be avoided," relaxing all the more into this soothing marriage bed that was finally he and susan faye Nicholas proposed happy ever after. "And he's feeling double about this rather embarrassing episode. How can he be lawyer and believe that? How can he sissy be a lawyer and not think that? How Nickie is in front of a jury has little or nothing to do with his real life, Mr. save himself for marriage, Nickie’s career is a job, that's all and he's damn good at it. He knows every button, crack,  every trick Sissy and he's excellent. Hell I've broken down emotionally myself at times listening to court deliberations, ah stop it! Any way, Nickie is a professional orator to fault, simply astounding, and with his knowledge and passion concerning the law, he's priceless and that Sissy is why he's in France right now, Macremore Vance recruited your brother-in -law, now they're safeguarding him against Dissuasion Fashion Center until they're satisfied, thus the buy back Magazines. offers. I'm telling you, he can be your best friend or your worst enemy and if you cross him, he's finished with, he’ll never have to see you or talk to you ever again. That's simply how he is, Mr. sweet heat or iron heart, his patience, adamant as stone, I know Tip though sigh, and if anybody can out wait Nicholas Edin Tiffany can and Sye, she will, ....okay, just don't place bets Sissy, that'll be too easy money, as one yarning into moist eye of needing to fasten, into this dream wife asleep, ..way too easy money."

                               ...THY NOSE IS AS THE TOWER OF LEBANON...
                                                                 SCENE XII

     -I have the replacement photos, since no ones naked, they might throw them back at me, but here's the one I got of Matthew, with his permission, as he descends along the hall, my favorite, but even more sexy Tip, here's Nguyet and Carter T. so, so, just sexy fun." With the buy back offer a welcomed success by 80%, imaging into a creaking with flames, fireplace that though everyone else had put this rather embarrassing incident behind them, it had only begun to hunt her. "Why not Erica used them both, even a third, ah, Tony's E-excellent, they all fit this article as well, Mat on the prowl for his, Carter T. and Nguyet these, stunning flirt, and the ultimate, Tony's E-excellent is proposing permanence or is he not, ....and she Tip is back, incredible, man, incredible." Feeling at a lost as so was she and Nicholas's relationship, hell their marriage, now on hold indefinitely, of needing even more to run to Christian Cros. "Do you know Tip how long I debated right outside your door, I don't blame you Erica, you did your right, we both did, somebody right here, my haters, Nicholas', both, playing our friend sabotaged it, and I'm narrowing it down just as you are, right?"  Refusing to speak to her directly, the Macremore firm was on the case until a sufficient retraction had been executed, truly, how would she explain she had nothing at all to do with this trainwreck, if she couldn't touch him, not even his ear? "Tell me you got some ideal who did this? I do, but like you Tip I want so much evidence stacked against them, no questions ask, even whether or not those proof were in with the photos like I thought? Exactly Erica Watson, Erica, ..ah Watson? Sherlock Holmes and Watson girl, oh, I see, while let me get this to Ronda, who will run it by Sissy and her by you before anything is made final ever again., Tip," with the both of them being pretty sure how this happen, one Erica described lately as counting Tiffany her rival, the only one having the kinds of access to screening loopholes, to pull this off. "I'm leaving, it's hardly noon I know, but I got to do this, you stay on this heading Erica you got my approval, ..well just initial Tip here and sign here, I'm taking no chances. If you see him, tell him the one that's madly in love with him becoming a model for her, Tip, said hello, my mystery to masquerade model, ...if I Erica as you say I see Christian Cros, I'll tell him, ...I'm not joking, ah I know,Christian may think so, but I know."

                          ...AND THE HAIR OF THINE HEAD LIKE PURPLE...
                                                      SCENE XIV

     -You’re trying to burn them into memory Brad or what?” Sipping a third cup of warm milk, anything that could help her sleep, it was now 2 o'clock in the morning and she and husband Bradford had gotten very little rest. “I can’t believe it, I just can’t. Which part Brad is so unbelievable your brother nakedness or Tiffany’s, will you stop it with the jealousy card! So your inability to put the article away has nothing to do with how astonishing Tiffany is in there? Look the entire thing is extraordinary, even the article itself, I mean did you read this? Oh I read it, it’s almost as damaging as the pictures themselves, Corronda Aggart, how Brad do we know she didn’t write that article with those pictures in mind, it’s too absolutely intertwine to be a coincidence. Word is she wrote the article before knowing the pictures existed, plus, Ronda would never do that to Tip, ...Ronda, huh? Since when Brad do you call her Ronda, no dandruff rising, it’s what Tip calls her. Well I’m ready for the house to be rid of it and you just won’t let it go, be rid of it, yes, I don’t want it to fall into the hands of the boys, do you? No, of course not, but to throw it away like it’s some playboy trash, well ask your brother Brad, you really think Nickie want us to keep his most embarrassing day view as a souvenir? No, I guess not, well Dissuasion has made its mark with this one I tell you, they’re going to have to keep it up or fall by the wayside. You mean do a ricey article like this monthly? Yeah Barb, or something very close, I mean they wanted the world’s attention, well hell they got it, now to keep it. Erica is some photographer isn’t she? And with that Corranda being such s great writer, ....well Brad you have to admit although against their will they had two extraordinary models as well, yes they did didn’t they. What about it?” Thinking he’s to tempt Barbara Ann into a seditious night cap as themselves steamy orgasisms, that were right there at the tip of anxious, unrelenting lust. "You wanna keep your man awake tonight, never Brad thought you would ask, sizzle, sizzle Barb indeed, bring it right here!"

                           ...THINE HEAD UPON THEE IS LIKE CAMEL...
                                                      SCENE XIV

     "So was Tiffany really angry? At first yes, then it was more fear Matt than anger, I mean Nicholas threw a frenzy but who Mat, wouldn't right? I'm sorry I was so uptight at first, but Tip seemed really worry, it could be over for those two? I hear you babe," running his finger along the curve of her perfect back at comforting her, Dr. Matthew Edwin wife now and he yet to digest it all. "But I think you're exaggerating, I doubt Nicholas will take it that far, we are talking about Tiffany Ann, ...well Matt you wasn’t there, you didn't see Tip’s face, thus her heart, I did and I really think they're in trouble, especially Mat he already being like millions of miles of away. What are you doing? Erica? I think I should go, be there when she get there, see the sexy ring here, ah you're married now, baby, come back to bed, ...I’m serious Matt, ...Erica I hear you but we're no longer courting, ...this is my fought, will you forget, I 'm sorry, wrong word, but it's done baby, there’s no undoing it, now come get some sleep, us both." “You and I were beyond Incredible just now, right? Ok Mat, what if someone had a camera hidden whereas they totally violated that intimate privacy and open them up to the entire world? Look” girting himself with the bedding into a seat to her, taking those perfumed fingers into a darling kiss as they both were, just this darling married couple. “I’m Erica not being unfeeling, or incompassionate, I know how this isn’t just about photos here but a violation, that you really feel bad the way it all got out of hand but knowing Tiffany and Nicholas they’re going to work this thing out. Look babe, you know they are, in your heart, now please, come back to bed, hold me, let me hold you, please,, they're madly in love Erica, it'll be alright I promise, ....you promise? Yes, yes, yes I promise, now were you able to get Friday’s evening off? Yes, Sissy said that would be fine," "so what's the plan? It's a surprise, but if  you climb back into bed, I just might, ...just a hint, shhhhh come," smooching her danity nose at nozzling his cheek close into hers, feeling the pressure he had to admit, promising Erica, but they'd rediscovered each other, they were the example. "Just sleep," ....you could Mat come with me to Tips, ....and if you get there and Erica commit another worst, wake her, after it was impossible for her to get to sleep. That could babe be another reason she's not answering her phone, now good night please, and, no sneaking out once I'm sleep, promise me, Erica Lynn, promise, ...good night Mat, I promise, okay?"

                                  ...THE KING IS HELD IN GALLERIES...
                                                            SCENE XVI

     “So you’re telling me all this time, all these travels were never about real estate? The ones in the past Cros yes, but the ones just recently no, I’ve been at the California Brightville science institute, their burn/reconstruction center. All Mill for my benefit right? Please don’t be bitter about this, ...you go behind my back Mill, inquire of things I’ve put behind me for seven years now. You remember the night before the fire, how we had this massive argument Mill because you were then as now behind my back, sabotaging everything? Cros I love you, and I’m vowed once again at spending my life with you, but I’m so desperate to give something back. The last thing I’m to do is sabotage us, this, “we’ve been given a miracle, one I suspect like to Job being restored to his former glory,” not at all used to Carmilla making reference to the bible, which had the feel as duck being out of water. “I know Cros that sound strange coming from me but believe me Job’s story made a lot more sense after we lost
everything dear to us. These surgeons Cros are at the top of their field, if they can’t do it they know others who can, one Cros just so happen to be located in Jerusalem. Jerusalem? Yes, one of the greatest reconstruction surgeons of all times. You can Cros look at this gift, yes directly in the mouth and refuse it, but don’t pretend with me that you haven’t considered this, of course I’ve considered it,” sitting into fidgety hands, a just as ambiguous sensibility “I’m human being and subject Mill to all its faults and desire, but do I Mill, do we dare hope in man, in his long list of probabilities, possibilities and failures, can we withstand the disappoints it will insume.  You’re afraid to hope, sitting as to enclosure his nervous hands into hers, that daring eye to eye contact, one eye lost to said scar, as so most of his left side, "is that Cros what you’re telling me? No, I’m terrified, of course I want to be healed from this, to be as we were Mill before the fire, but the thought of going under the knife Milla to do it. Do you know how many people are lost annually, some Milla enduring the simplest, same day surgeries and here you are talking about hours, even days. They know what
they’re doing Cros, they’ve worked with victims with scarring a lot more detrimental than yours.” “Of course they’re only going by my own description which is why they want to meet with you,” with us personally. It’s Cros about fifty or sixty miles or so from Long Beach, we could easily visit Spirit and the others while we’re there. So we leave a couple weeks earlier, say our goodbyes from there, be on our way home to Jerusalem, I will Mill have to think about this, of course, I know it all seem to be moving so fast, yes, really fast. I’ll see you for lunch later, yes, for lunch.”

                                                              SCENE XVI

     -“Hey.” bringing a cup of juice into Tiffany’s think tank of a lovely, grand office,  “hey, I hope Erica I didn’t disturb you, no, I heard you stirring about , thought I would Tip come in here and apologize for the 100th time. I’m glad you came in here, raising from her desk into a drawer, the file cabinet, “I have something to show you, it’s Erica all there,” laying a photograph envelope to and for her, it wa them, Erica' priceless, immortally sworn. "Coronado said it's like they magically appeared on her desk, she didn't questioned it being anxious to help, well like I told you Tip,  I gave you everything Tip,  I swear, god as my witness. I know, I believe that and again you'll watch me burn them, but somebody else Erica made copies before you hand them over to me and me like now to the fire. Regretfully Tip there’s only one person that come to mind, yeah I know that too, Ashleigh, you described her as counting me her rival. But if I'd I never shown them to her, yes Erica, if you’d never taken them in the beginning, if you’d never hired Ash, or Corronda for that matter, if we’d
never opened Dissuasion Fashion Center and Erica if Nicholas and I had never end up in my bed together, ....girl please, bite your tongue, even his tongue, hell I’ll even bite it for you, ...seriously there are some things Erica that just can’t be avoided, especially when the trusted are working against you, seemingly this was one of them. So I give Ash her walking papers, no, .. no Tip, why no? Because who's to say Erica it was intentional, how could not be? Well I know she simply despise
what you and Nickie have and that was before she accused you of pushing up on Anthony Dale. We, we pretty much know how this happen, a pretty sleazy article, to pictures, ah believe me Tip those photos of you and Nikki are nowhere near sleazy, nor Corronda’s article, it’s all nothing short of miraculous, so I’m quoting some of our worst critics. ....I can’t get Christian off my brain," massaging her temple out of a worrisome headache, with Nicolas Edin on it, with a questionable Christian Cros stirred in,  “I know how that sound Erica with Nicholas and I being in such peril, but Christian is so dear to me and I’m telling you something isn’t right with him. Well what's stopping you from dropping everything and going to see about him and what my recruitment question? That’s just it Erica, nothing is stopping me, I’m just being chicken, what will find? He don’t call write, you’re serious? No, but we were in great peril the last I saw him and he hasn’t made not one attempt. If Tip he really knew maybe no news regarding you is good news seeing he doesn’t want to put you in danger, go to him,” “see about him, just don't tell Nickie I told you that, Sissy and I can hold down the Fort until you return, if Tip you return, I think you know what I mean. And Ash and I
sense Merechal will yet have a job when I return? Merecal, what does, ah she being Ashleigh’s assistant, you sure you never did detective work? Actually Erica no I’m not, sure, you and I better get some work done, plus you have a long drive to consider, I hope you find him well, and Tip as
beautiful as you’ve found him to be, thanks Erica, yeah, look, Mat is taking me on a private diner, we're married Tip, so I l keep asking, what is it now? Just be patient with him, he's a man in love on a mission to you give you whatever he think Erica you must have, another striking off the list of heart desires Erica, be patient and be thankful, bye, I'm on a mission to find Christian, ...drive safe."

                           ...THIS THY STATUE IS LIKE TO A PALM TREE...
                                                   SCENE XVII
                               MACREMORE AND VANCE OFFICES

     -"So what you think? I'm thinking damn that sheet, you know if you get caught with that, here he comes, uh, uh, uh, discretely hiding the article behind her back, into a push into her draw, a review to suspension if they're caught "Mr. Sizzling hot," disportingly referring to the second installment of the When It Sizzles, It Sizzles,” and the most popular photograph of all. "Girl he is too damn fine for one person to be," "so who's the girl you think? I think she's lady luck to be posing with this incredible superman, what time is that meeting? Eight o'clock, be there or be fired, wooo, I think ladies I'll put this on my wall right next to Brad Pit, ...ha!, Brad wish, so what's for lunch besides food?" Was Wren also cutting her a slice of Nicholas Edin as they were all beginning to do, something the firm had forbidden along a costly retraction  "I want to go to that new rest on the walk, I hear the food is good and the male waiters are even better, well I'll catch you guys at lunch, need scissors, scissors over, Lynn you need to keep you t voice down, I’m undecided whether I want to cut mine or not, well, don’t forget the meeting, it's about this right here y'll freaks trying to get into Nicholas Edin paths, we know Mrs, Laurel,be there or be in the unemployment line tomorrow, it's more about crowd control crowd control Lynn, like get your lust in order, no sexual harassment, yeah but the question remind Wren, with this , with all this delicious reveal, whose harassing whom?”

                               ...AND THY BREAST TO CLUSTERS OF GRAPE...
                                                          SCENE XVIII

     -"Hey, my name is Tiffany, Tiffany Saurus, you must be Camilla, his wife, ah Spirits writes, told me a a lot about you,  is,  Christian, here? Ah yes, he’s here, wait here, I’ll get him. I'm feeling Erica greenish envy coming on, this house is still as grand and as beautiful as ever. “Tifny" did an amazing Christian Cros rush a shake of his hand into a well welcome, feel good hug of enduring a peck on the cheek. "Come! My Christ what a surprise, I've been thinking about you a lot and well here you are! Milla, this is Tifny, Tifny, this is my wife, Camilla, ...it seem Cros she already know, Spirit River told her? I've heard a lot about you, you know how you left quite the impression on Spirit River, of
course Miss Saurus I can see why Well Spirit left quite an impression on me as well, he is really something, I really hate I missed him, and if you don’t mind it’s Tiffany and beauty, even in the eye of the eye of the beholder, truly is Camilla, sin deep. I’m sure Tifney, Spirit is quite tickle, keeping in touch, to be h ones Christian, we both are. So where's Mrs. Martha? She only come twice a week now that Milla is here, ....so I assume you all got out of that fix pretty well, yes, everything is great, the
business is booming, no everything, business? Tifny is in the modeling business, yes and we Christian just launched our first national to international magazine, don't say it, I'll get you one in the mail as soon as I can. I rarely model though, I'm an executive at a booming modeling agency, a designer/choreographer with two other friends. We feature unisex models, our own line of designs, so now a monthly magazine, the works. Which Christian remind me, Erica told me tell you she is still waiting for you to join us, her mystery to Masquerade model, ...while, be sure to tell her Tifney, I'm rightly fattered, yeah knowing you would say that she then said, tell him I am entirely serious. So you have been busy, ...yes, Maaseiah, I'm surprise you had time to come out to see us at all. You can Mrs. Artelon, actually thank your husband for that, I’m afraid I don’t understand, it's Tiffany, my name that is, and I’ll explain it to you later, some tea Tiffany, biscuits? To be honest, Mrs., it's Camilla, please, ..that Camilla sound very tempting, then you’re to excuse me. What on earth Christian Cros have you done?” playfully punching his shoulder into a frolicsome tussle of themselves it was as a dream, but Tiffany Ann was actually there. “You're shocked right? That’s putting it mildly, so you think I did the right thing? Oh god Christian don't ask me that, if you want it you’re to have it, I guess  I better go, ...go, what about Tea? ...I don't think she's too happy with me being here, ...she's just in unfamiliar territory, yea I can tell, I know the feeling. ...Leaving so soon? Yes I've plenty to do, it was nice Tifney meeting you, and You Camilla as well. I have disappointed you, no, brought me back to reality perhaps, whatever Christian that is. Tell me,” undoubtedly raking soft strands behind each of his ears, stirring him places he wouldn't admit, finally getting back and losing her at the same time. “Nicholas isn’t my faceless man is he? I can’t answer that, I don’t think Tiffany anyone can, except you, your sincere heart. There is something else I can tell, ...no, I just can’t believe I got this so wrong, it was even Christian stronger than the last time I sense you were in tremendous danger. I better get, walk out with me, I miss you so much,” planting a passionate forward permanently into his did stinging tears spill along this meeting of both of their cheeks, "need you Christian so much. Ah god, if only you knew how this day was supposed to go, how you and I Christian would spend it in cuddling reminiscence, how we would finally make love, you know, the only amazing way you and I could make love. I don’t know out by the water falls, I mean Nicholas and I are unspeakable together but what you and I would have Christian would be more on the line of extraterrestrial, right? What are you doing,  saying? Although again I come to you, and again you send me away, I‘m saying I love you, that I ache for you in places Christian I fear even my proficient husband will never, ever medicaid. I know you being in love and married, help me, I feel I’m in this astronomical rewind and I’m again Christian standing at that pinnacle with purpose to leap to my death only to arrive here face to face within inevitable reality, that you are my faceless destiny. You stop this, you hear me, you stop thism, they have plans for you Maaseiah you couldn’t in a million years comprehend, who has plans for me., and how do you even know that name? You best go, ...I sit along in my room most nights wondering why do you, Christian  hate me so, ...Tiffany please, please go, since you love me so much, don’t come to see me ever again, please. What are you saying? The things you make me feel, make me see and, and, ah want, they're not yours, but hers, Mill, she is my wife, ours is a marriage bed now. I’m saying get out of here, don’t come back, please Tiffany, don't ....then Christian I wish you and your new wife the best, do you really, after that little stunt, after those intimate graphics you put in head, burning me right now? Goodbye Christian,  ....goodbye Maaseiah, forever.”

                       ...I SAID I WILL GO UP TO THE PALM TREE...
                                                  SCENE XIX

     -You see this, read it, Tip's Walk Along Stories, the Last article? Ah my god Sissy so amazing she, took Mat's photos and others of him I had, but the one, his descent down what she now call Disasusion's Hall, Walk of Fame, she broke down so amazingly who is he, where he come from and what's his relations Sissy to the stunning women of fashion at presents dissasion, of FPD, I read it Sissy, and I couldn't put it down, Erica, Erica, and I read it again Sissy and couldn't stop, Erica, hello earth to erica I read as well, was floored by it, and left wondering, hoping she'll do the same with Syefan, Bradford and Nicholas, hell with all the men as she say of the FPD, keep this going Erica, catch them all as they descend this walk of fame she call it, give her the incentive to do more of this, and we're launch a monthly, no, I think because Sissy it's so popular we do a bi-weekly, that mean I'm going to be filling your desktop with lots of person photos to screen, okay, I love it, ah that her, I know Sissy, it's like she descended from heaven, you know sosh, that pretty such what hr name, Maaseiah Adonai mean, right? I shutter in my heart, my blood and bones to think Erica, where is she? If I'm not mistaken she finally got out to see Christian Cros, so I did hear yall discussing that as I walked in, just as longs as she's not out there Erica investigating Mike's mystery death to resurrection, anyway, a bi-weekly magazine Erica on top of everything else is gonna be demanding, believe me Sissy, you're only reassuring me, I'm gonna be as busy as Dr. Matthew Hymm introduced with Trauma centers, I got you girl, is there Erica something else, you stand dazed? No, just hopping Nicholas and Tiffany work things out, I Erica Lynn, believe, Nicholas And Tiffany or whatever her name are meant to be, so I know they're differently gonna work thing out, okay, I have Mat's promise, it's a short story, but now can I have yours, yes, I promise Nicholas and Tiffany will one day soon, come husband and wife into multiple children, thanks sosh, see you later.     >>>“May, I thought that was you, what are you doing? What does it Derry look like I’m doing? It look like you’re about to get stoned as huge as that nightcap is, but the May I know don’t drink, let alone get stoned. Wait a minute, a doing a double take myself, what are you doing here and how long has it’s been Desrek since you’ve supposedly known me? I was in the parking lot next door with some friend talking about cars, I saw you come in and long enough Maaseiah to ask you to get out of this place with me, that we go somewhere and talk, ...reminiscence over the old times, huh? Yeah, what do you say? Come on, trail me to my place, ...no funny business Desrek Alum, ...I promise, did Erica call you? Erica? I know Ron send you after me, no, those Coogans then, I got it, Sissy called you then, that would only leave Nicholas, but since he's not speaking to me, May, hey, you believe in God or coincidences?   “Wait right here, this key doesn’t seem to be working, there's alway my place, Desrek! Feeling as though she was in even worse places than the twilight zone, perhaps the outer limits, Venus even, while men are from mars or some other. Truly with neither Nicholas Edin nor Christian Cros wanting anything to do with her, she was definitely on a downward sparrow, with always, MIA, Desrek Alum to the rescue, talking about taking a detour at coming to a mountain of forks in the road.”Good, finally,door open, ....and what about your lady friend, those kind of surprises? Jennifer is out of town and Monique is working a twenty-four shift. Ah two of them, yes, but May, lets not tell them, I hope there’s food Desrek because I’m plenty hungry, of course there’s food, what kind of morone do you take me for? Well, you are Corronda Bren, brother, a point my dear friend well taken, but, but May, in my defense I'm also Soledad Maurice brother, the most together young I know, using Sole huh okay, I'll give you that one, hey, I like your place, ...thanks, I deigned with myself in mind   ...cute, really cute.”

                              ...I WILL TAKE HOLD OF THE BOUGHS THEREOF...
                                                           SCENE XX

     “Yeah Mill, Pepper and I wondered when are you coming out to play? Not just yet Milla ok, no Cros it’s not ok, you can’t hide from this, I’m not hiding, and you could have a Million years Mill and never figure this out, why don’t you try me,. I rather not. I’m packed Mill, I’m ready to go meet your doctor friends. Yes but you of all people Cros know you can’t run from those you love, I don’t love her, can’t you tell Milla when we come so close together that we not only can hear one another’s heart but we become one another heartbeat, that I love you and you alone. No this is about her believing she’s in love with me, that I’m the face in her faceless destiny, how that belief is tearing
her right up, tearing me Milla right up, my being the cause of it. With you Cros hurried into this marriage bed as a deterrent, yours, hers, both? I hope you don't believe that, ah but I do, but if what you say is correct, then why don’t you Cros tell her what you just told me, she won’t believe me, she is Mill to convinced, too cemented, not for a second will she hear me. Sometimes Mill, I know I shouldn't say it, but I wish we'd never met, but then she's over that cliff dead. What if you told her exactly the way you told me, as sincere, no, okay, no, plus I don’t ever want to see her again, what? Yes Mill, I never want to see nor talk with her again, so the sooner we leave here the better. Cros, I see the way you treasure her, no it’s better for her if she forget I even exist, and how Cros will you forget? I just got to believe she’ll be ok, give herself to her own husband, you’re tearing your heart out can’t you see that, even Cros her heart. Hell mine if what's to prick yours prick mine, Cros, and that Camilla Artelon, that is the most sincere thing, most sexy admittance you've said to me ever? That means she’ll never be fit to love anyone other than you, as so you her, I have some reading Mill if you don’t mind, I do mind, you look at me Cros and tell me what is going on, how did you even meet a woman like that, over the cliff, what's that even about? I’ve never seen anything, it's that she has a charm, a, ah, mesmer, ah bewitching, ah beauty, but also a priceless, child like innocence, it's pure forgiveness Mill, all our life we've seen nothing like her, ...exactly and Spirit River Cros knows it. I doubt if I’ll be hungry but summon me when Mrs. Martha have dinner ready, Cros, please, I hate seeing you like this, just go after her, ...go after her? Mill, that is not for me to do, ...then who Cros, who know her better? Mill, that is so adorably selfless of your own sweet heart but I belong to you, I’ve always belonged to you and Tiffany know that now. Don't you mean Maaseiah and Cros because you refuse to call her that, that is what she is, regardless of various labels and labors attached to her. Well did you at least tell her, does she know you’re leaving? I said goodbye, that's all Mill I had to do, say goodbye, that wasn't just goodbye Cros, you released her all alone, along darken paths plenteous the heart and you her only lamp of guiding light gone out, something I read behind, Spirit River, That reveal Mill is why I released her, God, precept upon precept, line upon line is our single most guiding light, a gate. Even Mill a path made straight because holy lords said yes to coming flesh themselves and dwelling among men to their blessed, bleeding death, all men reconciliation; and that Mill I read behind Maaseiah, only now like all men, looking Mill for authentic love, getting tangled and detoured along torrid places, all the wrong places, that Mill is not me, I will not be just another charade, I'm not Maaseiah, god, God is, He Mill made her, now, summon me for dinner, ...I will, sure I will."

                                                       SCENE XXI

     -“Did you call him, did you call Nicholas?” Sitting a bountiful plate of pasta before her, silverware, a wine glass, Desrek Alum felt himself doing so much better with her."He wouldn't speak to me, soon he left a message, saying he think it’s best we go our own way, ...yeah well May, he didn’t mean it. Ron told me about the article, the photos, he’s still brewing that’s all. I don’t Derry think it’s that simple, you know how we vowed to save ourselves for marriage, swopt mud engagement rings? Yeah, can't forget, a childhood prank no less, not for me, so this is what you was cooking that smell so good? Anyway, I’d done it, all these years, saved myself, just like that, right Derry through Michael Day, right into when I met and gave myself to Nicholas Edin. That mean Dare, Nicholas Edin wasn’t just a fling for me, he was my husband, and all this is like an ugly divorce and ripping apart of something indescribably sacred to me. I can't believe this is happen Dare, I thought this time so untouchable, signed, sealed and blessed, blood all of it. First he go days refusing to talk to me, thanks, my mouth is so dry, and now the most special congenital relationship I’ve ever had, avowed to have, is over, what to me is impossible. You of all people Desrek Alum know that for me, a severed marriage except by death, is impossible, so like I keep saying, this not a mistake, this can't be happening. That's why beloved Maaseiah Adonai I keep telling you, no, it's not over? How many times Derry have I asked you not to call me that, it mean made of God, Jehovah God and I doubt he made a mess like me, then like Jesus washing Peter's feet, who then May can be made of God? We’re all this gigantic mess if you ask me, and will be, until our will His Son and our Son is lost to His, Elohim God. Now, here, taste this, some of my best pasta, and don't tell me you a vegan, ...every creature Derry, that God made is good and is profitable for food as long as it's received, moderately I may add, with thanksgiving and prayer. ...Amen, May, thank you for that reminder, now, come on, I know you’re hungry. Plus, holy spirit, gave that name so your mother would past it on to you, so don’t go blaming me for using it, look, he love you Maaseiah, he would be a fool not to, any man would.  Nicholas Edin Desrek is just any man, like you, like me, he was saving himself until he make me as his wife, ....then doll, that's what I mean, rejecting you has to be tearing him up, out, away into pieces May indescribable, not for a million dollars or years may would I want to be him at ant given time. This suffering from blind pride, can’t see, therefore he can’t judge properly, you know what an extraordinary woman you are; a man would drown and never see the glow of imaginary light again, you’re that phenomenally real. Now eat before you fall asleep, before it's gets cold, ...I’m not sleep, and that Dare is the most remarkable thing anyone has ever said to me, yeah it takes a real man to admit he’s part chicken. You want some garlic bread? Yes, thank you, May, please, please don't cry, ...you think I want to? I can't explain it but I lost a dear friend and mentor tonight, so, so very special, I went to him and he send me, packing as one would say  ...and that's not a metaphor about you and Nicholas Edin? ....I'm just gonna go, ....go, in your shape? No, take Sole's room, he's hardly here, he has the dorms, ...you sure? I don't want drama with these girls of yours, ...goodnight May, I love you, so mush I dare say  ...I love you too, Dare, ...if you can't sleep, you find me, I'll see, and by the way, it melts my heart May, every time you call me that, Dare, you come to me if yo need, me ...sleep tight, Dare."

  ...I no longer can sense it cares, My Heart.. I'm convinced it has lost it's dares, My Heart...

                             ...AND THE SMELL OF THY NOSE AS APPLES...
                                                     SCENE XXII

     -You  have tears in your eyes Mrs. Decorte, as so do you Mr. Decorte, I look into all these stars and I wise one thing, that, I never been, it's not, ...well if you Ms. Decorte is going to say you wish you'd never been born, this you see Ash can only be inherited by he human being that's Ash ever been formed the mother's womb, ....I covet heaven then, which is strange Tony because I never have, never in my lifetime has it ever crossed my mind, heaven, god, ..the fault Ash, in our hearts, but Tiffany love, changed all of that, right? Right, god live with her, and here by various acts of grace and mercy shape and molding us I guess Tony into the man, the husband and wife, married Tip would say with children he alway meant for us to be. Then my lovely wife, losing my memory whether or not Ash it's return doesn't matter if we're babe being made new like this, ....look, look, look, ah, that's ....a fallen star Ash, do we make a wise, no, not if god stuff is making hsi will of our heart, huh, right? So beautiful and o overwhelming and you're right Ash, it's like, looking at the world, ah, afresh, you missed carried, wait did you? I just has like a flash back and I'm running ash down a hospital wall, horrified of the call I jut got, of the things t remember, ..yeah but we were just Tony discussing children, well, sorta, so it's so, it's true and how far, how far was you Ash, if I can ask, please. I was in like my second trimester, I'm so sorry Ash, boy or girl, did we even know? Ash, babe, look at me, if it's too hard just don't tell me, I'm sorry I remembered it I guess, ....no Tony we're grateful for al memories good or bad, right, it was a boy, when we buried him, we buried hm as Anthony Dale Decorte Jr,. after his father. There'll be other times, as a matter of fact, it's been on mind since we parked, we could look at as christening the car along our wedding, ...then Mr. Decorte lets not talk, about it, I love you so much, come, come into in my lover and show me." 

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