Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XVII


"Who is she?" "Whose whom?' Thinking he’s to get one final look at important

notes "the girl that is such the part of you," "Is my new friend Philip Mance trying

to tell me how very obvious I am?" "It is obvious to me,” “and" that he’s to direct an

excellent Nicholas Edin along a crowed resturant, "I'm certain to all the beautiful

broken hearted ladies that you are not the pursuer they desire of you". "It’s true

Phil,” digging into his satchel a little deeper as no stone was to go unturn " “I've not

come to France to find a girl," "nor in other cases a wife," "I've come for the

pleasure of the lawful quadrangle." "Then my newest friend also I ask" "does she

not have a name?" "Yes," tickle at Philiph Mance presistance did he not keep him in

suspense , "her name is Tiffany Ann and one day soon we will wed," "then no you’re

not the pursuer they desire." "Now for my next inquiry," as one opening as to lay

specifically before him the page of a magazine, "this is the courtesan," "what

is this?" With a bright, confident countance paling into a horrid white overlay, "is

this a joke?" Fixing those fashionable specks for eyes to this unbelievable factuality,

"Where the hell did you get this?" That at the sight of very elicit photos of his

nakedself revealed to the world did he accused Philiph right out. "It is I who ask

of you Nicholas Coogan". Turning the pages as to investigate further did he see his

most venomous betrayer, ‘Dissausion Magazine’. "This is a joke," thinking there

was some logical explanation, that he never posed for such trash, that someone

was to sabotage everything "I know this has to be.” "If so Nicholas it’s one that is
spread all over town," "you got to be kidding me," jarring him into an even

maxium sort of disbelief, of outrage and shame. “this is not me,” cutting his

stunning eyes outward and soon all around into relentless onlookers I” didn’t do

this,” packing his things into a lengthy imagination, an even more debilitating

awareness “I would never do this,” mentally abstracted at pushing from the

table into his coat, scuff “so where are you going" "to catch a thief Phil where else?”


"What time is Vincent shooting?" As one preparing that days photo shedule,"he's

in at noon," that she’s to continue her desperate study of some female mug shots,

"No Erica" pointing into her own notes “Jason Mark is down for noon," "no" dis-

playing her shedule specifically "he's in at ten walking with Bren." "So we're looking

at a crowd today or what?" "I would Erica definiately count on it," "didn't you view

the fan mail?" "If we open the showroom to the public like Sissy said it will draw

myriads." "What about Niemeyer?" "O god" dramatically snatching her notes into

plain view "that's who I forgot,” "I knew there was somebody I was forgetting."

“See!" sweeping worrisome stands away uselessly “her name isn't even on the list,"

"calm down" somewhat tickling Tiffany Ann "we'll work her in", "right she's only the

star of the freaking show." "Are you ok?" "You seem,” “I don’t know disjointed,”

“yeah Tip that’s a nice way of putting it," as one contemplating telling Tiffany

about Matthew's marriage proposal. "I guess I’m just nervous," "the showroom and

all,” “this is all so new for us.” “ Has Ashleigh made it yet?" "I haven't seen her,"

"how about this one Tip,” "Tynan?" Bringing Tiffany into a look at a certain mug

shot of a stunning oriental model, "wow!” taking her clipboard at finalizing an exit

"She's stunning," "get her in Erica for a view," "see if she can shot today" "today?"

"Yeah," pausing Tiffany mid her departure at encouraging a temporal head count

that was significant "we need as many on the walk way Erica as we can get."


{{{“I don't understand!” "that isn't what you," "her name is Ca,” “Artelon,"

worried as ever was Christian Cros at comprehending Carmilla’s seeming

disappearance, taking a flight, something about a big comission surrounding a

particular real-estate, had she not kept her promise in keeping him informed. ”Yes

it’s suppose to arrive there no" "yes but even if her flight was," "ah now it's not,”

“missen?" "Can I speak to someone in charge?" "I'm sorry but I'm very con," "yes,"

"I said yes" "she’s my wife,” "no," "she's traveling alone," "business." "No she's what

you would call a global real estate agent," "her client?" As one doing a search in his

shirt pocket "here it is," “a mister,” "of course I've tried reaching" "yes,” “a Mr.

Vermon P. Bass," "yes that's 1209 Criton Lane," “no Ohio,” "yes," "well I thank

you," "that's all I ask,” "thanks”}}}


“I’m Ly Lyn Chow,” enthuastically handing her hand at arriving unannouned

into Nicholas’ office “well as you can see Ly Lynn I’m,” “no I’ve been assigned as

your court Liason,” easily resetting an unwelcome hand of greeting “so if I can help

with anything.” “You can Lynn make sure you’re announed before entering this

office,” having influenced her into that exit was Nicholas Edin as they’d all

concluded a Mr. Attitude “no,” “I mean I did knock and I thought,” one of the most

stunning human beings she’s ever to lay eyes to, even a torrid as herself

imagination was he not backing down “you’re right of course,” “I’ll just let myself

out.” “i’m sorry,” catching her my her hand at making amends “Lynn did you say?”

“Ly Lynn actually,” “you will have to excus me Ly Lynn,” “something of enormous

importance has come up and I’m spent there entirely.” “Well how abaut a night cap

later,” “If we’re going to be working so closely together,” “yeah sure,” “why not?”

“just tell me when,” “where?” “The KIng Royal,” as one stretched both mentally and

physically into this little expected arrangement “about six or seven,” ‘which,” “six or

seven?” “Seven,” “then Ly Lynn I’ll see you there.,” “yeah, “sure.” “I’ can’t believe

you just freaking did that,” hoistering her into a corner away “hell neither can I.”

“Well what did he say,” god!” flopping into a seat at palpatating the entire event “he

smell you guys as good as he look if that’s possible,” “yeah,” “uh-huh,” “did he

agree?” “Yes,” “strangely,” “I mean he was his cold, distant self at first,” “then

suddenly this beyond description doll,” “taking and holding my hand and every-

thing.” “Earth to lynn,” “ah the King Royal,” “at seven,” “the King Royal,” l,” “you’re

going to a black Tie joint just for drinks?” “I should’ve said the local bar huh,”

“Nacies or something?” “Or something,” “anyway I have work to do as do you guys,”

thinking she’s to think of something at getting back to her desk, a note pehaps, no,

as a bright light coming on, Philip Mance of course, make him Nicholas Edin’s es-

cort, meeting them at Nacies instead..

"{{{Hello" hurrying to a phone ringing about thirty minues pass "Milla!” "my god

where are you?" Spinning up, off the mounting sigh of relief "I've been worry sick"

"well what did you," "yes but you've been gone for days without," "Milla I've been

calling all,” "that isn't", "I know but that," “listen to me,” “No mill you,” "please

don't do that to me again," "what do you think?" "I was terrified", "I thought some

thing bad had happen," "they,” “ they even told me Mill your plane was missing,"

"no just tell me when can I expect you home," "that long still?" "Milla you know you

don't have to do this," "we don't need the mon," "I know,” “I know,” flooping

disappointedly into a seat “you're not doing it for that." "It's that beautiful

huh?" "How many future prospect?" "It's that hot?" “Well maybe I should,” “ok, ok,

look I'm glad you convinced me to put the phone in," "I probably would’ve went,”

"just give me the number where" "no,” bringing that business card to plain view “I

have it right here,” “yeah I'll talk to you then," "don't worry me," "I love you too.}}}".

Spinging into that window, a now soothing calm could he once more enjoyed the

awesome landscape encircling his home. All the more apprecitive the un-

imaginable hadn’t happen to him again. With wife Carmilla still so immensely

attached to this hobby of hers, even this addition. Could Christian remember the

times he would rarely see her and like at present whenever she would go off on

these wistless adventures he would hardly hear from her. Inducing bad memories

would those disagreements ignite into heated arguments and accusations, that

possibly it was an affair, a blatant form of unfaithfulness.

The most massive falling out they had was the day before the tragic

fire accident with Christian learning Camilla was using birth control without his

knowledge and had possibly aborted one of their unborn children. Furiously,

outraged at her, convinced he never wanted to see or deal with her again did he

pack both daughter Becky and himself to leave. Never forgetting if he'd left as

he'd planned that night perhaps his darling Becky would still be alive and his

confining bruises some fictious hope of the damn.


“Tony,” as one moving off from Ashleigh and his conversation somewhat be-

mused, “what is it? Noticing he’s to walk suspiciously toward a steele gray 1976

convertible firebird, absolutely priceless. "I know this car!” shinning a delightful

awareness into Ashleighs’ own perplexity. "I have car keys" charmingly doing a

search through his pant pockets did he maintain this appoach, shake a black key

pad her directive "but no car," "this is it," “this have to be it. ” “ Tony I wouldn't,”

“what if it," "boop!” pushing said key pad amazingly did said car in question re-

spond, “ah my god!” Witnessing him open this stupendous antique car, start the

engine, yes even play like a child behind the wheel, "see I told you", "wow!” Peeping

in and all around truly fascinating herself, "I guess it is your car," “we've been

wondering about this amazing car Tony for weeks." "You can't Ash imagine the

times I've closed my eyes trying to remember were I left my car," opening the glove

compartment, doing a reasonable researched,"I wasn't expecting anything like

this", "but these keys told me I had a car somewhere". "It's funny though," "I always
thought I left it," "you know," hesitive at admitting was play time becoming all the

more serious "where I tried to hurt myself and here it’s in your,” “well in Dissausion,” as

one beginning to realize the painsaking obvious “parking,” "aw my god!” displaying a

literal jaw dropping awe that he’s to see the inscription ‘Dissausion Fashion Center’ in

plain, stomach sickening, even tear jerking view. "Please god tell me this doesn't mean

what I think it mean?" “Ash?” Noticing she’s to pass away regretfully restrain "I can't

believe this," turning the engine off, closing the glove compartment, the console at making

an exit out to her. "I did that to you?" "Ash please say something,” “I did didn't I," "I

tried killing myself on your job?" "What a damn loser." "Jesus is Christ Ash," all the more

distanting himself from her, from this indigestible reality "how can I ever repair the

damage I've done?" "Where you're going?" “That’s how you knew,” “I always wondered

how with us so estranged they found you and brought.” “You where out of your head

Tony,” “your senses,” "I can't stay here," backing down, even speedily away "hell I can't

face you," “Tony please let’s talk about,” "and I can't face those people in there,"

"you were alone Tony,” “frighten,” “you didn't know what you where doing." “Where

you ever going to tell me,” “you were going to take me in there without telling me?”

“Is this why you invited me here.” “No,” as this distraught lover did she sweep at

both cheeks of moisten strands, “I invited you here to spend more time with you,” “

I’m out of here,” “Tony,” that he’s to rush off, out soon disappearing behind a hugh,

concrete wall “Tony please.” Releasing the keys and locking the doors it where

these things Ashleigh thought were bound to happen as Anthony Dale became more

and more familiar with his once sordid past, one regretfully so painfully near and

just as heart wretchingly far away.

"What the?" Stepping from the elevator literally run over was Dissausion Fashion

Center like a mad house.,“what the hell is happen?” Catching a speeding Marian

by the arm, "something about photos that got ino the magazine by mistake," "what

photos?" “"That I don't know," "Ash!” With a panic Erica Lynn rushing upon her, "we

have a disaster," "yeah that's what Marian just," "you know those photos of

Nicholas," “of Tiffany,” "yeah," "O NO!” displaying a form of mouth gaping surprise

"are you shitting me?" "I shit you not," "how?" "That's one of the things I'm trying to

find out," "the other is telling Tip," "you mean she doesn't know?” "No I'm afraid

not," "while I just remember something I got," "all no you don't," grabbing a ready

to flee Asheligh Michelle forthwith, "you're coming with me," "why?" "What the hell

I'm I gonna do?" As one being pulled along regretfully "you stand outside the door,"

"something", "what's the name of that Burger place again?" "Now you're talking.”


"Tip?” "Yes," spinning around Erica’s directive could she see Ashleigh lerking

along the hall, "could I talk with you for a sec?”" "Sure,” laying all things aside

what did have Erica Lynn so stirred? “What is it?" "I need you to look at this," "page

seven,” “Ok,” gladly was it not unusual for them to give their comments regarding

certain articles. "Hello Ash," witnessing her give a slight waved into Tiffanys' hand

passing over her face, her mouth, into her countance growing more and more

terrified with the turn of each page. “What is this?” Noticing again Erica is to be

her most grave, even brushing at a gitty nostril, "Erica,” “tell me this is a," "I'm

sorry Tip,” "I’m really,” “really" "you're telling me this isn't,” "damn it Erica this

can’t be real!” Right?” "O god,” “O god,” hysterically leaping up this break-

down at trying to troubleshoot their way out, “this is freaking!” "How in the hell," "I

don't know" "what the hell you mean you don't know?" " I'm trying to" "Erica this is

a disaster" manically waving the magazine, "my god Nicholas is going to freaking

kill us!” “You were suppose to take the photos home with you" "ah so it's my fault!”

"nall,” “that’s not," “he'll never believe I had nothing to do with this," spinning into

that window hands to hip so hurt by what would be a dragged out catastrophe .

"O god this can’t be happening!” Shaking a head at piercing tear gistening eyes

Erica’s failed state "not now," "not to him." "It's not that," “I mean when,” "you're

right," with surrendered hands flying up would Asheligh keep said comments to

hersrelf, "What about a recall,” “ a retraction?" "Sissy is working on that now!”

"isn't he in Paris?" "will he even know?" "We have a private subscription there,”

talking back to Asheligh trying to mend tattered bridges still,"yeah this was their

first article," with Tiffany managing herself better "it went out a week ago." "I

don't understand," yet as one thinking hard, stating the obvious, "how did this get

pass us?" "Who signed for this,” "hell approved it?" {{{“Miss Saurus" having brought

this urgent matter right into Tiffany office "theres a Mr. Nicholas Coogan on the

line two," "he says it's urgent}}}," "well here goes." "You want us to," "no!” “I want

you guys to figure how the hell did this happen!” {{{“Nicholas,” "what the hell is

going on at that place," "are you freaking trying to destroy me or what?” "Nobody’s

trying,” "how did this happen?” "It wasn't," "do you know they're threatening my

position," "my legal standing," "I could be disbarred for godsakes." "How in the hell

did you get these pictures?" "You set me up right? "I would never do that," “you

know I” "if something isn't done and soon I'm going to sue that black ass of yours,”

“and that damn company for every penny you got." "If you let me Nicholas I can,"

"I'm naked for god sakes!" "How in hell do you explain me stretch out barely

covered in a global magazine," "like I posed for some god damn play boy or

something?" "Are you people insane?" "You're not letting me explain," "I don't want

your damn explanations Tiffany," "I want it gone,” “disappeared like it never

happen. " "Nicholas please", "please I had nothing to do with," "yes," admittedly

she knew about the photos “I said yes I kinda knew about," "but I had nothing to.”

“what did you call me?" "What!" Unconciously dancing her tongues along gritting

her teeth at preventing a tortrous breakdown did she brush at the slightest spill.

"Nicholas you're upset and I understand that,” "of course we can do that," “but you

know I would never hurt you this way,” “hell us.” "God no!”” “We’ll working on a no

print,” “misprint even as,” "I didn't mean for this," "Nicholas" meticulously sweeping

both cheeks, had he possibly hug the phone up on her "Nicholas," “hello Nic,”}}} re-

gretfully replacing a dead phone. "We're sorry", with a just as distraught Corronda

Faye joining them, were they all bemusded at how this happen. "I think I know how

freaking sorry everybody is!” Fussing back at them had it began to rain, to pour, as

to rain on ones well plan parade. "Go," visibly crying into fold arms out the window

"everybody just get the hell out!” "This is bad I know," with Susan Faye instead

rushing in at all their departing "most of the stores are sold out," "and the ones

whose not say they only have about one or two copies." "Great!" All the more

spinning new tears along artist features "that’s just freaking great." "Have Nickie

called? "Yeah I just talked to him," "what did he say?" "That he's gonna sue us for

everything we got," "especially my black,” “whoring ass,” “he's furious" "he said that

there better be some type of retaction.” "I don't understand Sissy how did this get

passed us?" “It all arrived on Coronda’s desk with her approved article a few days

before the dead line ,” “she said now in hind sight she know she should’ve

questioned the photos but they and the article were pure perfection,” “even an

amazing marriage.” "I read the article," seeing Tiffany is to ready more kleenaxes,

excuse a blow of her nose, "splendid article," "do you keep your man awake at

night?" "Is it bad?" "Well it's about sex,” “climaxing and organisms you know

Corronda," "she's a brilliant writer" "very creative," “and the photos Tip were more

than the icing on the cake,” “way more.” "It's getting great reveiws," "hell we sold

five thousand more copies than we usually sell," "they love it." "You got her

working on the retraction?" "Make sure they know he knew nothing about the

photos." "How am I gonna fix this Sissy?" "Time,” "give him time to calm down,"

"explain it to him." "He said they're threatening his position," "to disbar him," "can

they do that?" "Sye says no," "I mean we look at it as a fabulous article and they

see it as a scandle.” "They were right here Sissy,” pointing at bringing a letter

draw to her view, “right here under lock and key,” “how did they make it to

Corranda’s desk,” “to publishing?” “Well Tip we are talking about international,”

“we’re not as stict with them,” “they have complete atomime is that what you’re

saying?” “Have Sye seen it?" Noticing she’s to come again into her seat, that desk

top “yeah he's seen it," "what did he say?" "He said that is as much of his brother

he's ever seen!” Actually tickling herself, "it's not funny," catching herself “I'm

sorry." "Knowing Nicholas it's probably the most his mother has ever seen of him,"

again bursting Susan into a laugh, Tiffany with her "ah god I know it's not funny."

"A few inches to the left here or there,” again did they find this a laughing matter, "

“well I'm glad you're better, "it'll work out." "He's never gonna forgive me," coming

up, out. as to walk Susan to that exit "I can feel it," "yes he will," "you'll see,"

“Nicholas loves you.” “and that name calling,” "he didn't mean that either,” “you’ll



Truly for things to have been so heretic that morning, the fashion show with

standing room only was simply brilliant,of course the majority was there with

purpose to view live Mr. Nicholas Coogan strunting his now very famous stuff.

"Wow!” Able even in this immense crowd to catch Erica’s expert eye "who is that?"

“Aw that's Anthony,” “Anthony?" "Anthony?" As one researching her list, "no he's no

model,” “he's looking for me," "well damn it does he want to be? "Back off ok." “I

thought it was time I stopped running," "plus I forgot my keys." "I want you too

met someone," by stout arm into her stout arm at bringing him alone "this is really

some place!” "Erica I would like for you to meet Anthony Decorte", "Tony this is

Erica" "hello Anthony,” graciously loaning her hand was he indeed the right height.

"So you want to be a model?" "I'm afraid I haven't thought about," "we'll feature you

in swim wear" doing a complete walk around him as to size him up was Anthony

Dale an astute exactness "o no," "no swim suits," "excuse me," "I kinda told him not

too," "why?" "Well I don't see your tall handsome doctor strunting his naked stuff",

"Matthew is no model," "excuse me ladies please," "it is flattering to have two

beautiful women fighting over me," "I think", with their tedius arguments fading at

Anthony instead becoming somewhat distracted by a stylist. "Where did he go that

quick?” Has he strangely disappered without a trace.


"Hello sir" inducing himself upon a stone face gentleman busying himself

fidgeting scissors rather quickly through a gentleman's hair. "Are you next?" "No I

was just watching," "I'm Lendo and you are?" "Anthony," "Anthony Decorte," "ex-

cuse me,” pausing momentarily in his haste at hearing well "did you say Decorte?"

"Yes,” gladden by this gentleman’s interest "yes I did," "the Tony Decorte?" "It's a

pleasure sir," again stopping everthing into a fierce shake of Anthonys' hand. "I

should’ve recognized," "do you want to do the honors?" Handing Anthony the

sissors at his aquaintance with him, "oh no," waving the gentleman off into a seat

away "no, "I'm just observing," "So you have heard of me?" "O sir!” "what pro-

fessional stylish haven't heard of Tony Decorte?" "You said you shouldv'e re-

cognized me,” "ah yes," releashing the gentleman in question did Anthony take a

seat in the barbar’s chair. "I did a show with you," "some years back,” “you were

surpreme," "the star Mr. Decorte of the show." "Would you do me the honors?"

Already in his chair did he yet inquire Anthony’s approval "aw yes sir," please,”
"then it would be a pleasure for me" "I will make all the others jealous when I brag",

"So this is where you disappeared to,” "this man Ash remember Tony Decorte" "said

he did a show with me some years back," "well isn't that something?" "He's

gonna style my hair,” "well I'll get back to the show," "you have fun", "yeah" so

pleased that he'd come in contact with a more positive part of his forgotten pass,

was this a better day.


"How in the world did she get pictures of him like this?" Flipping through the

now enfmaous magazine additionally at not believing it. "It seems Erica caught

them sleeping and couldn't resist," "I'll be sure to check her for cameras for now

on," "Come on Sye," climbing into bed with this darling, darling man "it's not

funny," "Erica was really broken up over this.” "Well I hoped she learn a lession,"

"the way Nickie is stretched out in this second photo I know my baby brother is

thanking god for sheets." "You think it's gonna hurt Tip and his relationship?"

Relaxing into his smell good, feel good neck, "it's hard to tell," "Nickie has a hard

time forgiving himself," "that goes double Sissy for anybody else." "Well I told her

to give him time," "yeah two," "three years," "he's can't be that sinical," "not only

can he be he is." "It's not fair Sye," "Tip had nothing to do with it," "it won't

matter," "Nickie feel all incidents can be avoided," relaxing all the more into this

soothing marriage bed “and he's feeling double about this rather embrassing epi-

sode." "How can he be lawyer and believe that?' "How Nickie is in front of a jury

has little or nothing to do with his real life." "Nickie’s career is a job," "that's all"

"and he's damn good at it," "he know every crack", "every tittle" "every trick Sissy",

"and he's excellent." "Hell I've broken down emotionally myself at times listening to

him," "ah stop it” "Any way," yawning hard, long was this connforting lay getting

the best of both of them “Nickie is a professional orator," "simply astounding,"

"and with his knowledge and passion concering the law," "his belief," "he's priceless

and that Sissy is why he's in France now." "I'm telling you," "he can be your best

friend or your worse enemy," "and if you cross him," "he's finished with," "he’ll

never have to see you or talk to you ever again," "that's simply how he is" "his

patience," “his decisions are as adament as stone." "For instance," coming up to the

side of the bed at keeping him awake, at even comtemplating a drink of water

"when he vowed himself to Tiffany," "any woman Sissy in Paris," "it doesn't

matter if she's a god damn goddest," "not that Tiffany isn’t,” “she don't stand a

chance" "his focus Sissy is just as presistent as his patience." "That's unbelievable,"

sensing she’s to feel concern for Tiffany, their unstable relationship "maybe," "but

it's true." "Look, " having a miniture frig in the bedroom did he search out bottle

water "and this is off the record", "Nickie didn't have a girl friend until he left for

college," "and that wasn't until after he'd been there two years." "What am I

saying?" That he’s to offer her a sip of water at her decline "I'm saying Stef was his

first woman," "Tiffany his last," "or so he'd planned," "you can't be serious,” "as a

heart attack my dear." "There were even times we thought," "you know", "nall,

elevating herself into this steamy conversation by her elbows "you all thought

Nickie was gay?" "Yes,” "I mean there was no other explanation," "so what are

Tip's chances?" "The same Sissy as my own," relaxing again into Susan’s summery

warmth "very slim.".


Imaging that though everyone else had put this rather embrassing incident be-

hind them, it had only begun to hunt her. Feeling at a lost as so was she and

Nicholas's relationship, hell their marriage. Refusing to speak to her directly,

the firm was on the case until a sufficent retraction had been executed. How would

she indeed explain she had nothing at all to do with this thing if she couldn't touch


All with the exception of the fact she should've burn those damn pictures and

there prints as soon as Erica made their existence known. Although it was too late

now, the rather disgracing damage had been done, Tiffany couldn't believe this was

happening, she couldn't help but hope it was some appalling nightmare that needed

to end. But she knew better, hearing Nicholas scream all his tremendous angar

and fears at her, shouting his injurious obscenities, made the whole thing

grievously real.

Watching the morning move into the evening did she need to be home, or

perhaps a long ride out to Christian’s place, surely she was of no assistance there.

Then it was the thought of that locked drawer, she couldn’t sake it, she hadn’t

checked it. Having the stangest feeling the pictures Erica had given her were

exactaly where she’d left them. That if that was true, this wasn’t a mistake at all,

but sabotage. Yes but was it to sabotage Nicholas and her relationship, or to

generate publicity and celebrity for the center, and who would knowingly do such a

thing? Maybe she was reading to much into all of this as Susan had suggested, and

she and Nicholas soon would be as lovey, dovey as they once were, surely and hope-

fully she was.


You’re trying to burn them into memory Brad or what?” Sipping a third cup of

warm milk, anything that could help her sleep. It was now 2 o'clock in the morning

and she and husband Bradford had gotten very little rest. “I can’t believe it,” “I just

can’t.” “Which part Brad is so unbelievable your brother nakedness or Tiffany’s,”

“will you stop it with the jealousy card!” “So your inability to put the article away

has nothingto do with how astonishing Tiffany is in there?” “Look the entire thing is

extrardinary,” “even the article itself,” “I mean did you read this?” “Oh I read it,”

“it’s almost as damaging as the pictures themselves,” “Corronda Aggart,” “how

Brad do we know she didn’t write that article with those pictures in mind,” “it’s too

absolutely intertwine to be a coincidence.” “Come on Barb,” “Ronda would nver do

that to Tip,” “Ronda?” “Since when Brad do you call her Ronda,” “it’s what Tiffany

calls her.” “ Well I’m ready for the house to be rid of it and you just won’t let it go,”

be rid of it,” “yes,” “I don’t want it to fall into the hands of the boys,” “do you?” “No,”

“of course not,” “but to throw it away like it’s some play boy trash,” “well ask your

brother Brad,” “you really think Nickie want us to keep his most embrassing day

view as a sovenere,” “no,” “I guess not.” ‘Well Dissausion has made it’s mark with

this one I tell you,” “they’re going to have to keep it up or fall by the wayside.” “You

mean do a ricey article like this monthly.” “yeah Barb,” “or something very close,”

having finally got themseves into bed, a long awaited slumber. “I mean they

wanted the world’s attention well hell they got it,” “now to keep it.” “Erica is some

photographer isn’t she?” “And with that Corranda being such s great writer,” “well

Brad you have to admit although against their will they had two extraordinary

models as well,” “yes,” closing his eyes into a much desired sleep “they did didn’t

they.” “What about it?” Thinking he’s to tempt Barbara Ann into a seditious night cap

as themselves steamy orgasisms, “you wanna keep your man awake tonight,” “I

never Brad thought you would ask,” happily giving and offering herself to husband

Brad, “sizzle,” “sizzle Barb indeed.”


"So was Tiffany really angry?" "At first yes," "then it was more fear Matt than

anger," "I mean Nicholas threw a frenzy," after finally giving into their amazing

manners of lovemaking at now intertwining those bare essentials together as one.

"I'm sorry I was so uptight at first," “but Tip seemed really worry," "it could be over

for those two?" "I hear you babe," running his finger along the curve of her perfect

back at comforting her, "but I think you're exaggerating," “I doubt Nicholas will

take it that far,” "well Matt you wasn’t there,” “you didn't see Tip’s face," "I did and I

really think they're in trouble." "What are you doing?” That she’s to leap from the

bed entirely, search out her things, “Erica?” “I think I should go,” “be there when she

get there,” “aw baby come back to bed" "I’m serious Matt,” slipping into her
panties, her bar at beginning her redressing "this is my fought,” “will you forget it,"

raised into his elbows at convincing her his way "it's done baby," “there’s no

undoing it,” "now come get some sleep." “You and I were incredible right now

right?” “Beyond Incredible,” “now get,” “we shared things Matt,” “personal things,”

“right?” “Right,” “ok what if someone had a camera hidden whereas they totally

violated those intimate privicies and open them up to the entire world?” “Look”

girting himself with the bedding into a seat to her “I’m Erica not being unfeeling, or

incompassionate,” “I know how this isn’t just about photos here but a violation of

of ones intimate privilages,” “that you really feel bad the way it all got out

of hand but knowing Tiffany and Nicholas they’re going to work this thing out,”

“now come back to bed please,” handling his darling hands that he’s to bring her

back "it'll be alright I promise," "you promise?” “Yes,” springing up as to grab her

and bring her back into their amazing bed “yes,” “yes I promise.” "Now were you able

to get Friday’s evening off?" "Yes," snuggling into the amazing warm neck of her

own superman, "Sissy said that would be fine," "so what's the plan?" "It's a sur-

prise," "just a hint," teasing him right into that incredible, edible ear "shhhhh

sleep,” smooching her danity nose at nozzling his cheek close into hers, "just sleep."


“So you’re telling me all this time,” “all these travels were never about real

estate?” “The ones in the past Cros yes,” “but the ones just recently no,” “I’ve

been at the California Brightville science institue,” “their burn/reconstruction

center.” “All Mill for my benefit right?” “Please don’t be bitter about this,” “you go

behind my back Mill,” “inquire of things I’ve put behiund me for seven years now.”

“You remember the night before the fire,” “how we had this massive agrument be-

cause you were then as now sabotaging everything?” ”Cros I love you,” “and I’m

vowed once again at spending my life with you,” “but I’m so desperate to give

something back.” “The last thing I’m to do is satotage us, this, “we’ve been given a

miracle,” “one I suspect like to Job being restored to his former glory,” not at all

used to Carmilla making reference to the bible. “i know Cros that sound strange

coming from me but believe me Job’s story made a lot more sense after we lost

everything dear to us.” “these surgeons Cros are at the top of their field,” “if they

can’t do it they know others who can,” “one Cros just so happen to be located in

Jerusalem.” “Jerusalem?” “Yes,” “one of the greatest reconstruction surgeons of all

times.” “You can Cros look at this gift,” “yes directly in the mouth and refuse it,”

“but don’t pretend with me that you haven’t considered this,” “ of course I’ve con-

sidered it,” sitting into fidgety hands, a just as ambiguous sensibility “I’m human

being and subject Mill to all it’s imperiments and desire.” “But do I Mill,” “do we

dare hope in man,” “in his long list of probabilities, possibilities and failures,” “can

we withstand the disappoints it will ensume.” “You’re afraid to hope,” sitting as to

enclosure his nervous hands into hers, that daring eye to eye contact “is that Cros

what you’re telling me?” “No,” leaping up. off until a barely lite fire place, “I’m

terrified.” “Of course I want to be healed from this,” “to be as we were Mill before

the fire,” “but the thought of going under the knife Milla to do it.” “Do you know

how many people are lost annually, some Milla enduring the simpliest, same day

sugeries and here you are talking about hours, even days.” “They know what

they’re doing Cros,” “they’ve worked with victims with scarring a lot more

detrimental than yours.” “Of course they’re only going by my own description

which is why they want to meet with you,” “with us personally.” “It’s Cros about

fifty or sixty miles or so from Long Beach,” “we could easily visit Spirit and the

others while we’re there..” “So we leave a couple weeks earlier,” “say our goodbyes

from there,” “be on our way home to Jerusalem.” “I will Mill have to think about

this,” “of course,” “I know it all seem to be moving so fast,” “yes,” “really fast.” “I’ll

see you for lumch later,” that a vexatious Christian Cros is to escuse himself

right well, “yes,” “for lunch.”


“Hey.” bringing a cup of juice into Tiffany’s think tank “hey,” “I hope Erica I

didn’t wake you,” “no,”: “I heard you up,” “thought I would come in here and

apologize for the 100th time.” “I’m glad you came in here, raising from the

breakfast table to a kitchen drawer, “I have something to show you.” “it’s Erica all

there,” laying a photograpth envelope to and for her view, “the prints Erica and

all,” “they were as I suspected all still in my desk,” “under lock nd key.” “But I don’t

understand how is that possible?” “I gave you eveyrthing Tip I swear,” “god as my

witness.” “I know,” “I believe that,” “but somebody else Erica had to have made

copies before you hand them over to me.” “Regretfully Tip there’s only one person

that come to mind,” “yeah I know that too,” “Ashleigh.” “Ah god this is still my

fought,” “If’d I never shown them to her,” “yes Erica,” “if you’d never taken them in

the beginning.” “If you’d never hired Ash, or Corronda for that matter. “if we’d

never opened Dissausion Fashion Center,” “and Erica if Nicholas and I had never

end up in bed together,” “girl please,” “bite your tongue,“ “hell I’ll even bite it for

you,” at tickling them both somewhat. “Seriously there are some things Erica that

just can’t be avoided,” “seemingly this was one of them.” “So I give Ash her walking
papers,” “no,” “whose to say it was intentional,” “well I know she simply despise

what you and Nickie have,” “so Erica does many others.” “yes even at the center.”

“No we pretty much know how this happen,” “a pretty sleezy article,” “some pretty

sleezly pictures.” “Ah believe me Tip those photos of you and Nickie are no where

near sleezy,”.”nor Corronda’s article,” “it’s all nothing short of miraculous and I’m

quoting some of our worse critics. “Ah god I can’t get Chirstian off my brain,”

massaging her temple out of a worisome headache. “I know how that sound Erica

with Nicholas and I being in such peril,” “but Christian is so dear to me and I’m

telling you something isn’t right with him.” “Well whats stopping you from

dropping everything and going to see about him?” “That’s just it Erica,” “nothing is

stopping me,” “I’m just being chicken regarding what I might find.” “He don’t call,

write,” “you’re serious?” “No,” “but we were in great peirl the last I saw him and he

hasn’t made not one attempt.” “If Tip he really knew maybe no news regarding him

is good news seeing he doesn’t want to put you in danger.” “Go to him,” “see about

him,” “Sissy and I can hold down the Fort until you return,” “if Tip you return,”

playfully jarring a shoulder into her “I think you know what I mean.” “And Ash and I

sense Merechal will yet have a job when I return?” “Merechal.” “what does,” “ah she

being Ashleigh’s assistant,” “you sure you never did detective work.” “actually Erica

no I’m not.” “You and I better get some sleep,” “you have a long day and I have a

long,” “mysterious ride to consider.” “Well I hope you find him well,” “and Tip as

beautiful as you’ve found him to be,” “thanks Erica,” “yeah,” “goodnight,” “yeah

sleep tight.” “don’t say it,” “I wasn’t going to.” “I think Matt is gonna ask me to

marry him,” “what?” “Yes.” a private dinner a few nights from now,” “tremendous

Tip scretcy,” “I’m most certain,” “well congradulations,” “yeah,” “I guess,” “you

guess,” “no really I’m all places at once excited,” “good,” “very good.”


"So what you think?" "I'm thinking damn that sheet," with a frolicsome Ly Lnn

celebrating Nicholas’s new found fame with some of the others girls at the firm.

“Here he comes," "uh,"uh, "uh, discretely hiding the article behind her back, "Mr.

Sizzling hot," disportingly referring to the second installment of the article, ‘When

It Sizzles,” “It Sizzles,” and the most poplar photograph of all. "Girl he is too damn

fine for one person to be," "so who's the girl you think?" "I think she's lady luck to

be posing with this incredible superman," instantly enduring a cheerful high five

from the rest of them. "What time is that meeting?" Keeping her eye on the clock

was just Juanita’s way "eight o'clock," "be there or be fired.” "Wooo," with a

dancing Claire cutting a particular page free, "I think I'll put this on my wall right

next to Brad Pit," "ha!, "Brad wish," were they all again agreeing through

celebrative high fives. "So what's for lunch besides food?" Was Wren also cutting

her a slice of Nicholas Edin as they were all beginning to do "I want to go to that

new rest on the walk," "I hear the food is good and the male waiters are even

better." "Well I'll catch you guys at lunch," “need sissors” seeing Ly Lynn is to

caress the magazine close to her bosom, “I’m undecided whether I want to cut mine

or not,” “well,” tapping her watch a fleeing Ly Lynn’s way, “don’t forget the

meeting,” “yeah I know be there or be in the unemployment line tomorrow.”

“You know what’s it about right,” “yeah crowd control what else,” “crowd control

Lynn,” vaguely displaying the magazine in question “and sexual harassment,” “yeah

but the question remind Wren,” “whose harassing whom?”


"Hey,” “my name is Tiffany,” “Tiffany Saurus," "is Christian here?" "Ah yes!”

“he’s here," "wait here I’ll get him," with astonishing eyes of hers researchingup

and all around was the house still as grand and as beautiful as ever. Thinking

Christian's sister was a tad older than she expected but truly as beautiful, how

he'd told her he was expecting them not long after He and Spirit River return.

“Tifny" did an amazing Christian Cros rush a shake of his hand into a well

welcome, feel good hug. "Come!” More than pleased at seeing her, at the

opportunity to visit with her. Truly one of his mounting regrets was he and Camilla

getting off to California and just as soon Jerusalem without saying a manner of

farewell to her did he happily lead her into the sitting room "”My Christ what a

surprise," taking as not to release her hand at sitting as she did sit “I've been

thinking about you a lot and well here you are!” Examining from afar could

Carmilla see straight forward why Spirit River was so taken with her as she was a

breathingly, ravishing creature, one very well aquainted with Christian Cros. Truly

what did such a benumbing, even bewitching creature as herself have in common

with her castaway of a husband? "Milla," that he’s to remember most of all, get

right after her, even bring her alone "this is Tifny," "Tifny,” “this is my wife,"

"Camilla," "your," "your wife?" Thinking at best she was his sister or another

distant realtive, but never his wife "my gosh it haven't been that long," "O no,"

tickling him, them both quite lovely "Camilla and I were-re-married a few months

ago". "O! backing sensibly into a seat "I was going to say," "I thought I was fast." "

“I've heard a lot about you," sitting close to husband Christian Cros, even taking his

hand into her lap "you know how you left quite the impression on Spirit River," "of

course Miss Saurus I can see why." "Well Spirit left quite an impression on me as

well," "he is really something," "I really hate I missed him," “and if you don’t mind

it’s Tiffany.” “If you remind me Tifney I'll give you the number and you can call

Spirit,” “I’m sure he’s to be quite tickle, “that would be great." "So where's Mrs.

Martha?" "She only come twice a week now that Milla is here" "so I assume you all

got out of that fix pretty well," "yes," "everything is great," thinking she wasn’t that

convincing, that Christian Cros would see straight through all the pretense,"the

business is booming," "no everything,” "business?" "Tifny is in the modeling
business," "well I can certainly see why," "I rarely model," "I'm an executive at a

booming modeling agency," “a desiger/choregrapher with two other friends." "We

feature unisex models," "our own line of designs," "a monthly magazine," "the

works." "wow!” "you have been busy," "yes I'm surprise you had time to come out

to see us at all." “Well,” rising as to look and research quite astonishing

painting.”you can actually thank your husband for that.” “I’m afraid I don’t

understand,” “I’ll explain it to you later,” at whispering a tickle in her ear did he get

up to this busily inquiring Tiffany Ann. “Some tea Tiffany,” “biscuits,” “to be honest

Camilla that sound very tempting,” “then you’re to excuse me.” “What on earth

Christian Cros have you done?” playfully punching his shoulder into a floicsome

tussle of themselves “You're shocked right?" “that’s puttinh it mildly,” "so you think

I did the right thing?" "Oh god Christiian don't ask me that" “if you want it you’re

to have it,” seeiing she’s admire one painting in particular, ones sorely reminding

her of that dream she and Christian admitted sharing seeming ancients of years

ago. “I better go,” “go.” “what about Tea,” "I don't think she's too happy with me

being here," "she's just in unfamiliar territory", "yea I can tell." "Leaving so soon?"

Seeing Christian is to instead walk her to an exit away. "Yes I've plenty to do," “it

was nice Tifney meeting you,” “and You Camilla as well.” “I have disappointed you,”

“no,” “brought me back to reality perhaps,” “whatever Christian that is.” "Tell me,”

undoubtedly raking soft strands behind each of his ears “Nicholas isn’t my faceless

man is he?" "I can’t answer that,” “I don’t think Tiffany anyone can,” “except you,”

“your sincere heart.” “There is something else I can tell,” “no I just can’t believe I

got this so wrong,” “ it was even Christian stronnger than the last time I sense you

were in tremendous danger.” I better get,” “I miss you so much,” planting a

passionate forward permanantly into his did stinging tears spill along artist

features, “need you so much,” ah god if only you knew how this day was supose to

go,” turning into an unspeakable landshape of trees and a heaven pink with a

setting sun at brushing determined spills along her cheeks, nose, “how you and I

Christian would spend it in cuddling remisniscence,” “how we would finally make

love,” “you know,” again talking and listening back to him, “the only amazing way

you and I could make love.” “I don’t know out by the water falls,” “I mean Nicholas

and I are unspeakable together but what you and I would have Christian would be

more on the line of extra-terrestial right.” “What are you doing,” saying?”

“Although again I come to you,” turning as to play into his stout bosom, that feel

good, smell good neck, ear “and again you send me away,” “I‘m saying I love you,”

“that I ache for you in places Christian I fear even my proficient husband will

never,ever discover.” “I know you being in love and married,” opening the car door,

reaching and pulling kleenexas free.“ah god help me” ‘I feel I’m in this astronomical

rewind and I’m again Christian standing at that pinnicale with purpose to leap to

my death.” “You stop this,” brushing at and inhaling harshly his own nearing

emotions at roughly shaking sense into her, “you hear me,” “you stop this.” “They

have plans for you Maaseiah you couldn’t in a million years comprehend,” “who has

plans for me.,” ”and how do you even know that name?” “You best go,” sensing

Camilla is to come out to the porch for him, “i sit along in my room most nights

wondering why do you,” “Christian Cros hate me so,” “Tiffany please,” noticing he’s

to endure what could only be described as physical torment, “please go,” backing

off, away from her, from these unrealizable circumstnces “and don’t come to see

me again,” “please.” “What are you saying?” Hardly able to hold back a flood of

mouting emotions “I’m saying get out of here,” holding the car door open to her,

“don’t come back,” “please Tiffany.” Not witnessing her decline, but being the

hardest goodbye of his life did he turn, walk away at making this, Christian Cros’

most heinous death of all unconsiousbly disgestible. “Then I wish you and your new

wife the best,” being her most senical as to fall on deaf ears did she do an

emotional stagger into the car, “goodbye Christian,” swallowing hard, bitterly at

releasing did he in this bitter farewell not look back. “Goodbye forever.”


“Tiffany,” easing into a seat at the bar with her,”I thought that was you,” “what

are you doing?” “What does it Derry look like I’m doing?” “It look like you’re about

to get stoned as hugh as that night cap is,” “but the Tiffany I know don’t drink,”

“let alone get stoned.” “How long has it’s been Desrek since you’ve supposedly

known me?” “Long enough Maaseiah to ask you to get out of this place with me,”

“that we go somewhere and talk,” “remiscience over the old times,” “huh,” “what do

you say?” “Come on,” taking her by her arm at getting her out of that place, “trail

me to my place,” “no funny business.” “I promise” throwing up hands into that

amazing smile of his. Following this kind, truly incredible friend of hers, was

Tiffany regretting how wrong she’d been about Christain, how wrong and of course

how forward, really what had gotten into her. Thinking that maybe that’s why

she’d offended Christian so and why he’d denouned her completely, never wanting

to see her again. Evenly so none of that pervented feeling that he was heading for

extreme danger, even dark waters and there was nothing she could do, nothing

that is but pray, hope.. “Wait right here,” arriving at her car window, “this

key doesn’t seem to be working.” Feeling as though she was in even worse places

than the twlight zone, perhaps the outter limits, truly with neither Nicholas or

Christian wanting anything to do with her, she was definately on a downward

sparial Talking about taking a detour at coming to a fork in the road,.”good”

finally was Desrek through and motioning at her to follow. Thinking inquiring of

Christian about the faceless man ordeal was she hinting at him that possibly the

abrupt reunion with wife Camilla was an extreme way of avoiding the obvious,

that if anything truly angried him, it was that. “And what about your lady

friend?” Opening Tiffany door at escorting her from the car,. “Jennifer is out of

town and Monique is warking a twenty-four shift.” “Ah two of them,” “yes but lets

not tell them.” “I hope there’s food Desrek because I’m pleny hungry,” “of course

there’s food,” “what kind of morone do you take me for.” “Well you are Corronda

Aggart brother,” “a point my dear friend well taken.”


“Yeah!” Respomding negatively to a door knocking "pepper and I wondered when

are you coming out to play?” “No just yet Milla ok,” “no Cros it’s not ok,” barging

in was she not going to take his mopping around sitting down “you can’t hide from

this,” “I’m not hiding,” “and you could have a Million years Mill and never figure this

out,” “why don’t you try me,.” “I rather not.” “ I’m packed Mill,” “I’m ready to go

meet you doctor friends.” “Yes but you of all people Cros know you can’t run from

those you love,” “I don’t love her,” “can’t you tell Milla when we come so close

together that we not only can hear one another’s heart but we become one another

heart beat that I love you and you alone.” “No this is about her believing she’s in

love with me,” “that I’m the face in her faceless destiny,” “how that belief is tearing

her right up,” “tearing me Milla right up.” “Then why don’t you Cros tell her what

you just told me.,” “she won’t believe me,” “not for a second,” “what if you told her

exactly the way you told me,” ‘as sincere.” “No,” “plus I don’t Milla ever want to see

her again,” “what?” “Yes,” “I never want to talk with her again,” “Cros I see the way

you treasure her,” “no it’s better for her if she forget I even exist,” “and how Cros

will you forget?” “I just got to believe she’ll be ok,” “give herself to her own hus-

band.” ‘You’re tearing your heart out can’t you see that,” “even Cros her heart?”

“That means she’ll never be fit to love anyone other than you,” “as so you her.” “I

have some reading Mill if you don’t mind,” “I do mind,” “you look at me Cros and tell

me what is going on.” “How did you even meet a woman like that.” “I’ve never seen

anythingh that beautiful in all my life,” “that Cros generous,” “I mean the way she is

with you.” “I doubt if I’ll be hungry but summon me when dinner is ready,” “Cros.

please,” “it’s not me Milla,” that she’s to come close at consoling him, at kissing his

tears away “I belong to you” clinging to her as for dear life, “I’ve always belonged to

you.” “Did you at least tell her,” kissing his ear, his soft dark mane, into a clear

look at him “does she know you’re leaving?” “I said goodbye,” caressing her even

tighter into his stout bosom “thats I had to do,” “say goodbye.”


“Did you call him,” “did you call Nicholas?” Sitting a bountiful plate of pasta

before her, silverware, a wine glass, “he said he think it’s best we go our own

way,” “yeah well he didn’t mean it.” “Ronda told me about the article,” “the photos,”

he’s still brewing that’s all.” “I don’t Derry think it’s that simple,” “you know how

we vowed to save ourselves for marriage,” “yeah,” “a childhood prank no less.” “Not

for me,” sending a tear spiriling along her face “I’d done just that,” “right up until I

meet and gave myself to Nicholas Coogan.” “Ah god Maaseiah I’m sorry,” “so that

mean Nicholas Edin wasn’t just a fling for me, “he was my husband.” “First he go

days refusing to talk to me,” readying her glass for a sip,.”and now the most

special congential relaionship I’ve ever had, avowed to have is over.” “No Maasieah

it’s not,” “how many times Derry have I asked you not to call me that,” “it’s mean

made of Jehovah God and I doubt he made a mess like me.” “Then who then can be

made of God,” raising his voice into her haste away “we’re all this gigiantic mess if

you ask me.” “Come on Tip I know you’re hungry,” knocking at the guess room

door, “look your moma gave you that name so don’t go blaming me.” “Look he love

you Maasieah,” “he would be a fool not to,” “any man would,” “he’s suffering from

blind pride,” “can’t see,” “therefore he can’t judge properly.” “Don’t you know what

an extraordinary woman you are,” “hell the only reason I didn’t hit on you is be-

cause you’re just too much,” “a man would drown and never see the glow of

imaginary light again because Maasieah you’re that phenomenonly real.” “You

better not be sleep and have me talking to myself,” “to this lifeless door,” “I’m not

sleep,” opening the door to her plate, that glass,”and that is the most remarkable

thing anyone has ever said to me.” “Yeah it takes a real man to admit he’s part

chicken.” “Thank you,” with a slight kiss to his dark, smooth cheek, “goodnight,”

“yeah good night to you.”

...I nolonger can sense it cares, My Heart.. I'm convinced it has lost it's

dares, My Heart...


"Ash were we ever married?” “what are you talking about?” "You know the

dreams I said I've been having?" Having lunch together as they’d planned was

Anthony visibly in this manner of funk "living across the street from my past."

"Well last night if possible Ash these things grew all the more weird,” chopping in

his salad away. did he have a doozy "You and I Ash were in a chapel,” “a fancy

wedding," "we were bride and groom." "Tony,” “I know Ash what you gonna say,”

“they’re all just dreams," “but you are the main one Ash confirming they’re much

more,” “like repressed memories coming to light and life.” ." "Will you just look at

me Ash and confirm directly whether we were ever husband and wife.” “Ash please?”

“The ceremony happen about three days prior to all hell breaking loose," "I'd made

plans toward an annulment but the ride was so wild it just never happen" "Another

one of those thing you weren’t going to tell me right?" "Were you?” “I don't know,"

"what you mean you,” “ everyrthing was happening so fast,” “and they’ve always

said it’s better if you’re to rememeber on your,” "Tony!” Seeing he’s to get up, out

"first you’re dishoest about us being fianced and now actully we’re husband and

wife and still you refuse.” “Tony please,” “I don’t want you to go,” “please stay and

lets talk.” “And what Ash will you not tell me,” “I can’t believe this,” “you treat me

like I’m a distand friend,” Ok lover, but I’m really your husband.” “Look all this is

happening really fast to me also Tony,” leaping up at having a critical discussion

with him, “your life isn’t the only one that’s been turn upside down.” “Do you

know,” swapping both cheeks was she melting fast, “huh?” “Do you have any Ideal

how it felt not only loosing you, but loosing you to a life imprisonment,” “to possibly

a death roll,” “first you Tony and then her,” “her!” Sniffing and swabbing new,

stinging spills of his own “yes Tony her,” “our little Jennifer.” “ah baby I’m so sorry.”

ingesting hard. bitterly, “I’m so sorry.” arriving back to her if she’s allow him at fitting her

permannatly and lovingly about his stout, comforting neck, “shhhhhh I’m so sorry.”

er if she’s allow him at fitting her


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