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Tiffany XXIII

                                                     BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                        ...HERE TO THERE THEY SCHEME...

                                                      CHAPTER XXIII

                                                FRANCE HOSPITALS
                                                          SCENE I

My Dear, Sweet Jude:

     This is not going at all like I'd plan, seeing you these last few days laying so close to death continually how can I dare prove myself through this identical death, sacrifice myself unto it so that my sweet Jude wouldn't have too? Ah this earth, it imperils me so, it's very existence as prison walls all round us that we need not escape, must not and yet we seep through the cracks unto another
time, that of our fellow man, a place not of our making. All I know sweet Jude, or that I think I know is I never gave him permission to taint my blood so. I never stood up and said yes, twas your freedom, yes kill me twas not the power that god alone inhabits. I went away once unto my own discovery and what I discovered was what I'd already known, that man is dead already. Spilling their cruel and unusual venom into my flesh, confusing my mortal life, my very protector to slay its' own self to ruin, welcome to the final holocaust they said!"

     Thou and thou alone was to have found me this day, yes, in a puddle of my own wicked blood, this with a confession of self infecting circumstances that I and not this killer instinct. That I alone take this, my last breath, claim it as it was birth to me my own. All I want to do now my sweet Jude is tear apart this flesh, pulling fort it's beating heart, washing it in the blood and water spilled from the inconceivable messiah of the supreme’s and give it unto you that I see life and living in your wondrous fair and yes sweet Jude kiss you to seal you there.

     Perhaps thrice, they told me, three years possibly, and this demon of man's most foul lust, sicklove and management claims the fantasies of yet another, thy sweet Allyn Tristian for certain. Slain apart unto an existence not of his folly but yours, not of yours, but his, the one hearing without ears, the one seeing without sight, the one loving, without a heart, the one treasuring with a worth pleasures only unto death. No wonder an empty blankness, darkness await these children of the damned Adam. I fear thee not dearest Jude, sweet one, you're all that’s' innocent, pleasant and fair, you're beauty untouched still and finding forbearance there.

      Ah wait for it, yes wait and find a splendous spontaneity engulfing your exploding bloods' ever last. Find her sweet Jude, the personality of thy loin and none other and spill yourself in those places reuniting that blood, replenishing it unto death do its part, come now sweet Jude, live, live unto the lover of thy heart, thy sweetest one. I so wanted to complete you Jude, I so purposed, but neither was I born or created unto it, although finding myself dissolved into it, your innocent affairs like those unattended, forgotten drips of replenishing waters.

    Those making themselves into your crisp flesh, into its molten infancy as one, created apart but now dissolved into a comforting sameness is not only what this lonely purposeless heart want but the one black, blank place all lonely hearts are after with apostate purpose. You're naturally fore born unto a sameness that is thy woman, thy wife look for her sweet Jude, it is there, and only there you'll find a mission born and created forth unto thee fulfilled, to my sweet Jude, thy sweet, STANDING, APACHE ARROW DEBURK III.

                              ...THEN UNTO REHEARSALS AND PARTNERSHIPS...
                                                                    SCENE II

      "He's dying," folding the astonishing parchment away at talking back to Tristan Alyn' visiting family, all wonders as he, all miraculous. "He has aids and he's dying, yes, ...he says something about going under cover, ...that Jude is how Alyn Tristan, well actually Apache Arrow De'Burk has written some of the most phenomenon articles for the Paris Globe. It is by setting himself on the front lines, I've always warn him that perhaps one day he would get in too deep, he awaken from a party during one of these trials with a syringe jammed into his right forearm, one Jude bearing the now infamous inscription, welcome to aids, the silent blood holocaust. That is where, I, Sioux Noel right, where sweet Jude come in? I was chosen as a suspect that he may get up close and personal with the gay community, ...to a certain point yes, ...and you Miss, what is your say in all of this? I'm Alyn Tristan's wife, ...his wife? I've been as much in the dark about this thing as you, ....he speak of suicide in this letter as well, as to flirt with helplessness, and how my near death experience alone is what has prevented him. It is true Jude, Alyn Tristan as you know him is very arrogant about Aids claiming his life, thinking he alone is do so, but we're believers Jude, you know what that mean?" Alyn, I mean Apache Arrow as you call him speak of a messiah, one given by the supreme that can wash his tainted soil, blood clean and bring me back as life. Yes, it bless my heart to say, that is his belief in the Supremes Christ, but Jude, if he claim his own life he commits murder and will cast himself into an even more outstanding, unrealizable peril, ...according Sioux Noel to your belief, ...I must Jude find him, this is the closest we've been to him in years, ....what am I to do? He loves you, he'll always find you, ....you're his wife, why is he not finding you? He doesn't have to sacrifice himself for me, but you Jude, he love you so much he's willing to die that you may live, that pure affections as holy spirits themselves may thrive. Me? Why me, indeed why now? My god man, don't make us say it! Say what? Speak now, free yourselves ...if Jude the woman is for the man and the man is for the woman and both are of God, created in this fashion by God, and the works of this body
know this right well. What happens Jude, I am Sura Danielle by the way, what happens when man decides the man is for the man and the woman is for the woman and spilling their blood so unnaturally creates a confusion in the body. One Jude Aleksander that twarps the life line, persuading it that which is good is now evil,  that, ....that Jude which is safe is now an enemy and causes the body, the life source to become its own worst enemy? So," attending the slightest spill, that emotional
intrusion into a safe distance apart, did they make sense unhappily, regrettably, "instead of the body protecting itself a web is tangled so profusely in the immune system, the blood, that in order to protect itself it unknowingly kill itself and herein a vicious intruder, his own man, aids is birth forth? And we Sioux Noel come mass murderers, even by our sicklove, ...yes Jude, because this killer instinct doesn't stop there, it goes forth as a wicked messenger to all life lines, a blood thirty leech whereas no blood is safe and thus no manner of life is sacred, not any more. Then you've read his suicidal confession? Yes, I was the one that published it, the Paris Globe, ...a brilliant heads up to all flowing, human blood, it's astonishing, the way your Apache Arrow has compared all nation kingdom, to nation building to farmers and us, the homophile to blood farmers whose tainted produce has sickened the blood intelligence unto man's very own extinction. Sweet Alyn Tristan will not harm himself, not now, he is harmed already by the authentic man induced point of no return. He know nothing he does will cause him more harm than the killer instinct possessing him up right now, he will find us all, he will not suffer us this uncertainty for long, he will find us, he will Sura Danielle find you, and you will see it and be glad."

                                           THE SUICIDAL CONFESSION
                                      BY: APACHE ARROW DE'BURK III
                                                            SCENE III

     Suddenly all manner of projects, strategies and proposes are made, maybe even a quarantine, but whose to be quarantine?" For how long?" For even V.I.P.s' from every walk of life have confessed to this manner of farming. There's even a purpose to close their green houses, to relinquish the blood farmers rights to practice this deadly choice, this act of liberty. NO! they cry and marched still, they have the right to continue cultivating blood eating plants. The medical boards, governmental organizations simply need to find a counterbalance to divert this killer instinct just as they'd done with teen and unwanted pregnancies, just as they've done with alcohol and drug abuse.

     Soon how to resolve this blood eating circumstance, holocaust were no flesh, no blood is safe becomes the American nightmare of the decade. One that by the year 2000 is affecting the hetersexual community in an alarming rate,130%. Affecting other countries, Africa for example, 6000 blood farmers dead a week, that's a week. This with this manner of farming practice in the multi-thousands by teens, a large fraction committing suicide, millions of teengers to die around the glode annually, 10 million in China. Whether blood farming is an act of freedom, suicide or murder are the questions indeed, "YOU'RE KILLING ME", that's five or six suicides ago, AAD3...

                                         ...HER DEVILISH PLOT REDEEMED...
                                                 NEW YORK, NEW YORK
                                                            SCENE IV

     -Which of my twin sons want to explain this? Apparently father doing a favor, or helping our fashion center sister, we had no idea it could come as popular, even reach us here, we meant you no disrespect. What is this nonsense about you being teen prenuptials, even futuring girls here of such intent, ...yes father storms are brewing, we need to bring the fisheries in, ..Pepe, are you saying you had no idea we were dating? Dating son Ivar is one thing, getting too serious while all your career is within reach, that is another matter, then what about them, what about leading them on, giving them hope of such manner when there isn't one? Surely father you don't believe we  didn't talk to them first, this can't happen, I don't know what, or who did this, but it won't happen. Pepe please don't say that, don't go off blaming Tifny, or, ...Tifny? Ah Maaseiah father, as a fashion designer her name is Tifny, this was our decision, ours and our lades, ..ladies you say? They're silly, teen girls still in schools, still their mothers breast, we talk about this later, must focused on driving, beat this killer storm. I blame, I blame myself, I listen to myself, to you two and to Maaseiah, she abandoned us long ago, why then does she have anything to say about how we live our lives? Icus, I've never heard you be so silent, tell me, what is it you're contemplating so still your heart? Only father Ivar's question, did you not know of our dating and our being so serious, just father reconsider thyself at our age again, could your parents tell you when or with whom you wasn't in love and marriage? I see son Icus, I see, that is a good analogy, perfect, I hated when I met your mother, fell so in love with her, ad all the parents say was that it had puppy love all over it, ah son, twin sons of mine, I was plenty mad, hurt, ah yes."

                                ...THE ACORNS ARE FALLING DEAR SURA...
                                                             ... SCENE V

"Just so you, so it doesn't come a shock, Vincent and I talked the other night, ...so what did he want? I mean he didn't threaten you? No, he came to apologize for the party, for being such an ass he said, he came. I'm sorry Ash, he came were? To my place, I see, so you let him into the apartment? Yes, he knocked, asked if we could talk, promised he wouldn't harm me, ah I see and you believed that? I had no reason to believe other than what he said, Vince was good to me, ...I don't trust him Ash, I want you to stay away from this guy, so you're ordering me around now? Come on Ash, that wasn't an order and you know it, I don't like this guy, ...and what? I'm supposed to dislike him Tony because you're jealous? I'm not jealous, he's a jerk Ash, you are precious to me and he's dangerous, just how would you know that? I just know, ...I told you he apologized ....and I'm telling you he didn't come here so you all could share I'm so sorries, he wants revenge, ....you're being paranoid and you're frightening me, ...good, you should be frighten, no Tony, I'm not gonna let you do this, do what Ash, he know we remarried? I'm telling you what this guy want is something you can't give and what he'll take is something neither of us can afford ....you're not making sense, I'm finished, ...wait a minute", sit down, what! Just who do you think you are? I guess that wasn't an order either, huh? Ash please, people are staring, then Tony, let me go Tony, let me or I'll scream, what is wrong with you? Tony, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I've decided to see Dr. Lockinair, she's gonna assign me a shrink, I'm wrestling ask between who I was and who I am, and it scare me that you might not be around, ...I will not abandon you again, remember, I repeated those vows and I meant them Tony, I really did, ...then you're come with me? When I can, yes, I'll be glad to, good, thanks, I love you Ash, so much, ...love you too, so much as well, we'll gonna beat this, we really are."

                                   ... A CREATIVE IMAGINATION...
                                                      SCENE VI

 {{{"No, why aren't you returning my calls, why no one seem to know where you  are, all of the above? It's because you've heard, concern and you're on a plane here, ...ah yes and no, yes you're on a plane but not to here, or yes, you're coming but haven't boarded as yet? I in Jerusalem, ah Israel, ...that would mean Tiffany you went to Mr. Arteon while he's on his honeymoon, why would you do that? Christian lost his only sister to a cra crash n Florida like three days, Spirit called so devastated, ask me if I would accomplied him here for the memorial, I didn't know what happen with you until I arrived here, sissy was paging to a phone time I hit the terminal, ...but knowing, you've since rerouted the flight and you're on your way here? Nicholas, when woke in that hospital after they'd did god knows what to me, I was crying like a baby, begging them to find my wife, to get her to me, I had to have her, Tiffany, that's you. Look here, my condolences to Mr. Aggart and family, sincerely I can't imagine a lost like that, come close with Sye, but still, Tiffany I need you here, I need you, please call me when you on your way, bye, ..okay, bye."}}} Well Phil, that's one mystery solved, that was Tiffany it's just Phil that I really need her right now you know, she's in Jerusalem, as in Israel? Yes, Phillip Mance as in israel, a funeral, a dear friend lost his sister, she didn't learn of my fate until she arrived there, and that's Phil because she's so terrible about answering her phone, I know, she's, it's written Nicholas Edin, all over your face. I agree with Phil now Nicholas tht she know she will get here just as soon, there were Nicholas four words that mother would say and when she would say them you knew that all would be right with the world. It will work out, this she would say
and amazingly everything, all around cloudy, would brighten. You Alyn, have a girl, siblings? I have a wife, her name is Sura Danielle, and Phil there are six other brothers, all younger, my mother
is Pawnee, my father, Sioux, Apache, Alyn Tristan is my publisher name, I was born Standing Apache Arrow, the third and all my siblings are given early, native American titles. Otherwise, perhaps it will not do for you Nicholas Coogan, those four words as it has for me, but its' my most special gift." "I'm afraid Alyn you're right, they render little satisfaction to my aching purpose to simply tear into my Maaseiah Adonai, ironic that is her birth name, her mother Seminole indian
All I want this world is get completely lost there, withing her silk hair, cottoney skin, perfume
neck, all, all forever, I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so blunt, she's a fortunate woman," no, it is I Alyn who's the fortunate one, made of God, Jehovah God, that's what her name mean right? And she Tristian hate it, disallow any mentioning of it, how did know that? Well I have a meeting to get to, I need to be more compassionate yes? Well Philip, you did lose a great and personal friend, ...and the heart Nicholas Coogan want what the heart want and for you, that's your Tiffany Ann, your Nicholas, Maaseiah Adonai. Doing her worse heart dilemma lately, it is said, Tiffany responding to king solomon comparing love to death, looked at my brother Syefan and said if without death and dying, without shedding of blood, there is no remission, who then Tristan can fall in love, really missed up his head up for a while, that would, i comparison only God's love is sincere having commended it by dying or us.  I don't see you as married, most don't but Sura Danielle and I been married three years now, any children? For some reason escaping her, ,me and medical science no, only God knows I guess, You Nickie probably thought I was more Jude Aleksander's type? No, he only wish I was, I been using Jude for research, his consent, but I think along the line he wished there could be something else, but no, I love my sura and not only that, I'm not persuaded along such perversions. I need to call her though, I guess I'll get to, it, your girl really said that, about falling in love I mean? Yeah, like I said it really send my brother's mind and heart to wondering,  mine too I guess, and now Nicholas my head and heart, i mean it's really something to reconsider, yeah, falling in love isn't so routine is it , it never was, but standing on that amazing mad aware even more, off to call my lady love Sura Danielle is it, nite, nite, yeah, goodnight!"

                        ...WITH NONENTITY TO FORESTALL THE PASS TIME...
                                                             SCENE VII

     -"Have you Mr. Coogan seen anything as stunning as Mr. Aggartore castle? I suspect Ly Lynn I never will, not unless I'm blessed to ascend to heaven, I mean look at that sky cascading along this vast wooded area, I been meaning to ask, how is Nunconnah? He's fine, he wasn't in any danger, he didn't drink while he was there and he left early, Nun is really particular about his diet, everything he does eat, drink, I guess you can say, play, is all planned out, no spontaneity huh. I think I'm gonna do a Tristan, ..I'm sorry,  ..yeah, I said I couldn't but, since I can't see I can at listen hear her voice, ..ah you thinking about calling Tiffany, yeah, lynn, it's called love, don't stay out too long, it's chilling while we stand here, goodnight, goodnight Nicholas,  {{{Tifny, it's your Nicholas, ...hello, hey darling girl, I just needed to hear your voice, I, ah, ah, it's, Tiffany, what's wrong? I'm, so, I'm not there, with you, that's what's wrong, ...you know I hear this, do this, you crying,  can't, ah, okay you start me to singing, and you know I sing as bad as you single wonderful, see, are you  laughing at me, well, you do sing awful, ...awful? You said I sing okay, ... miss you so much, I've never Nicholas miss no one so much, I ache in missing you, ...me too lovely, so much it was all i could do just to hear your voice, ..the memorial is tomorrow, so I guess I can get a flight out then, that sound good, but, I want to you stay for as long as Spirit and ah, ah, Christian need you, well that's very generous of you, but Nicholas, I don't want do this anymore, I don't be apart from you, ...I feel you, ah god how mightily I feel you, I can probably sing now, any request? If you really fell like it, there's this song moma used to sing, called, holy ground, one Nicholas o f the most stunning song in Christendom,

weeeee, are standing -ing-ing-ing,-ing-ing-ing-ing -ing-ing-ing-ing-ing-ing
on holyyyyyy ly ground, nd-nd-nd-nd-nd-d=nd-nd-nd-nd-nd-nd-nd-nd-nd-nd
and I know o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-  that there, re-re, are angels els -els-els els
allllllllllllll  around -d-d-d-d-d

let-et-et-et ussssssssssssss    paryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jesusssssss nowwwwwwwwwww
for weeeeeeeeeee areeeeeeee standing-ggggggggggggggggggg
in his presence
on holyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, ground.

                                        ... NONENTITY INTO DESECRATION...
                                                               SCENE VIII

     "This is Coogan, it's Tiffany, girl where the hell are you? I really can't say, ...can't Tiffany or won't? I really need the names of those hospitals, did you call Nickie? I song him to sleep like a baby, his request, your mother's song, On Holy Ground, very ironic seeing I'm I'm Jerusalem, you're where? I'm here Sye, I'm here in Jerusalem, ....and just how the hell did you explain that to Nicholas before you lovingly song him to sleep? Mr. Artelon and family are here, his sister's memorial, well is so damn,  freaking convenient for you, so you know a few of his fellow attorneys were attacked, two dead and one yet recovering? Okay, another question, did your overly protective father just try to kill my brother, did Tiffany kill a Wren Nouvilian and Sergio Felsenthal, all like it some kinda of freaking game? You've been so concern about this Christian, about this enemy who says Tip he can get you Mike, what about, him, what about Nicholas. huh? This has nothing to do with Nicholas, yeah, if you believe that you are messed up! Look, I didn't call to be lectured, especially not by you, yeah Nickie told me about you not trusting me anymore, I really wrestled not to bust out laughing in his pitiful face. I'll give you the few names I have, but it won't do much good unless you're actually there, what the hell am I saying? You are there, hello, hello Tip, are, I'm here, sorry, ...I can call you with more on tomorrow, ok that'll work, I'll wait for your call, Tiffany, you're not trying this on your own? This is crazy,  look, you can get out of there, go to Nicholas, he need you, I can send an investigator, hello, Tip, hello, do you, I know just the right guy, I can call him right now, ....I'm already here Sye, ...are you nuts! You have no idea what you're doing, it's much too dangerous, you gonna get yourself killed, Mike, if he isn't already dead. It's not Mike, Sye, ...what? It's Cullen Veneer, you didn't even know that did you, all time he was undercover? It's done Sye, I'm sorry but it's done, I'll talk to you later, ...Tif-fa-ny, don't hang, Tip , damn it, Nickie is gonna freaking kill me, shut up and think Syefan Erin, Agurus, Agurus Janzzen, he's familiar with that area being born and raised in Iran. Damn it the inconceivable dream boat and blackish nightmare Tiffany Ann Saurs the beast of beauty that keep giving, I can't believe this is happening, and how the hell she know that name, a Cullen Veneer? I didn't even know that name!"

                                            ...UNTO THITHERWARD I WONDER...
                                                     THE AGGARTORE CASTLE 

                                                                 SCENE IX

     -"I think it's her {{"Tiffany, god where have you been? Two days I been calling, they know anymore about the attackers? We don't rightly know, look why haven't you returned my calls? No Jude suffered a heart seizure and Philip as well as Ly Lnn, Tiffany, I know you, what are you up to? If you're still in Jerusalem then, I,  because I know, no because I know you Tiffany I know when something isn't right, I can, I can barely, where are you? Wait, wait a minute I didn't hear, you, Tiffany what, are you in flight, no, no, are you in a helicopter? No, I don't trust this, not when you're not being completely, ok, ok then tell me where you are? What does Sye has to be with this? I haven't
talked to, Tiffany, stop avoiding the damn question, no, the last I talked to you, you was in, what, so now it's wife, first his sister, now his wife, do you know how damn curious, go! What? Yes I'm upset, I'm freaking in the dark here, go where Tiffany? I'm, so his missing wife is why you're in a helicopter in Jerusalem? No, no, no, don't hang up, what? I can't, I can hardly hear you, Tiffany? Hello, Tiffany! Damn it, damn it! She was in a helicopter Tristan I'm positive, plus her being in Jerusalem has gone from Mr. Artelon's sister being dead to his wife being missing, tell Jude I'll meet in the car, I got go call Sye, she mention him like he has something to do with this mess she's in, why do fools fall in love? Because Nicholas Edin, we're fools, perhaps, ....right. right, Tiffany Ann Saurus, may not come when you want her to, may not come on time, but when she come, she's every goddess woman."

                                                 ...UNTO THE DISTANCE...
                                                               SCENE X

    Just tell me brother and be honest, how close did you come, telling him? Really close Ivar man, what wrong with me? Nothing you just has a thrust to prove him wrong, i felt it too, but we can't, there's no telling what he'll do, relocate us overnight, hell draft us, sell into slavery, .sell us in slavery? Yeah to get the upper hand, yes, can't get that deterred by him, we can't tell him anything until after graduation, and if we Icus, do this right, we can even do that from France. Well he's asking about the proceeds from the modeling gig, it's okay Icus he know we cruised with soledad and hain, that's is how we got home. Icus, Ivar Saurus, did you do anything wrong? No, okay stop acting like it, you're to obvious, gotta go, told Dame I'll meet her at the shopping center, don't forget we have that gathering at Drea's tonight, her parents won't be there, so it ought to be nice, I wish Hain had come with us, I really miss him, stop that, that's what phones are for, call him, tell him about our plans door france, see what he, ...Drea has probably done that, yeah, that's from her, now he can hear it you and perk it up a little, these are happy times, ..happy day Ivar man,  ...hey even better, happy hour, I told I'd help with the fishery, so I'll be there until six, okay, I guess I'll meet you there. We got check from Dissuasion today, I know, we long as the ad does good we'll get those, let dad have them, maybe he'll be convince we can make money doing it, I'm burning here, bye,  ..be careful, yeah, you too.    >>>{{{Dropped off the planet I said of Desrek Alum, or just took off into space, no, I'm here, my assignments, my classes, although Key I don't know how long these classes, I as soon as my students start showing more interest in god, seem everybody grow a little uncomfortable. While it's open min class right? Yeah, we decide what we want as a curriculum not adolescents anymore, most think biblical studies is my influence, but not it's what they influence upon this free time and I just indulgence them, happily Desrek Alum I'm sure. I don't know how accurate, but a few years back I heard an evangelist warning parents about sending their daughters off to college, any college, that they'd come back lesbians for sure. I read it, the blood farmers article no doubt, what did you think, scary as hell, it's like being able to spread 4, 5 stage cancer as early as a sexual encounter, yeah, I told my kids the other day the rectal area is not a sex organ, Key, it was remarkable how one by one they all slowly come to the reality, they never realized that, that's it for expulsion of body waste, nothing else, the class just went dumbfounded silent, and I just released them early. How did this happen, how did we get this mancial about the natural functions of our bodies? I'm tired, your day is just starting and mine's ending, shower and bed, call you tomorrow, yes, please and don't you forget, love and kiss, goodnight! 

                                     ...ACCURATELY DISPOSED OF...
                                      DISSUASION FASHION CENTER

                                                      SCENE XI

     "Yea, I was suppose to talk to Miss Saurus but I can't find her,  I was told to see you instead, well what did you need? She talked to me about posing for Dissuasions male calendar, ah yes, Erica lit up and did you decide? Well I'm no model, you don't have to be, all you have to do is strike a rather glamorous pose, reveal a few of your hobbies and we do the rest, I hope you say yes, we want as many of our male's in it as possible, I'll do it, a few free days coming up, great! Yea, July, splendid, I'll be sending memos throughout the agency instructing you guys when and where", "well ok" backing out, off, remembering to offer Erica his hand "thanks" “no Domnick, thank you  ..the answer is yes, I've said it before, if you truly want to assimilate Nicholas Edin, he's it Erica, I doubt you're to come close, ...he's shorter, ...only a two inches or so, but his build, his look, the Maaseiah male wear, cut and highlight and your eye, he'll be ready just in time Erica for your E-excellent ad, Domnick, what do I do with that name? well you can't erica name him Nicholas Edin, what about Legolas, huh? yah, I heard that somewhere, for your ad his name is Domnick but Legolas, Legolas Caspian, damn ash that's damn good,  that's damn perfect, E-excellent, Cologne, fea. Legolas Caspian, girl do you know how close you come to a raise right then? Apparently Erica not close enough, goodnight, goodnight, tell Tony, I haven't forgotten him, that he can't hide in the style shop forever, I'll tell him, how much longer you gonna be here, Mat is pulling an all nighter, I'm in  no hurry, swing by for dinner, you serious? See you in about an hour, I'll be there, okay girl, later, later     

                                      ...THIS SAVAGE EPISODE SURA...
                                                 JERUSAlEM ISRAEL
                                                        SCENE XII

     "Well Mr. Artelon, you're you again, ...nurse, get Mr. Artelon a mirror, ....no mirrors, you're quite perfect sir, well I salute you doctor for a job well done, may I return to my room now? "Mr. Artelon ....please doctor, there's is nothing more you can do, I'm most sorry about your, like I said there's nothing more you can do, but Mr. Artelon, look you proved your theory, your damn guinea pig is per-
fect, now leave me the hell alone!!! "Mr. Artelon I must insist you refrain from this rather choleric demeanor", he motion to the nurse to leave them, "help us get you back to your feet", "feeling sorry for yourself just isn't going to cut it, Feeling sorry for myself, my only sister is dead, my only wife is missing and I down the road, I'll  be okay but right now, did I not ask you to leave me? It's just that the scares Mr. Artelon simply wiped away, as though they were purely cosmetic I know doctor, just as you said, like someone was playing a joke, only that person can be god, ....those scares simply crumbled into dust leaving your skin as newly-fashioned and as smooth as the baby’s bottom. I have to get ready for a mortuary, thank you Dr. Etzger for coming all this way, for being here directly, if you think I can help you explain this, I can't, only God's know, until then it's a miracle Dr. Etzger just as curse took my sister and probably, undoubtedly why it is said, God, works in mysterious ways. {{{Father, where are we? We're only days from the the Strait of Gibraltar, you two slept straight through it, better than I thought, sir? Okay, i called the school, since you two are so advanced in your classes they released you from school early, honors and all entact, they're just mailed through to the house, Pepe what about prom, graduation? We had plans, ...I'm talking a year, maybe two,  Pepe we can't be, one, two, years away from, ah, ah, our friends, no, this isn't right we have our, ...your what, you are my sons, I say what's, whats, ...we're god's both by the curse of the first adam and we're kept here by the second Aam, the last, ....spoken just like your mother,  the wisest woman on this planet, if only I'd known before, before you know, ...Pepe, you  just don't understand," both a terrified by being virtually kidnapped by their deranged at times like this father, Ivar and Icus were heart sick, "what? Give me on reason why you two can't come this yacht with me for a year and I can turn us around and have us home by midnight, ...this just isn't right Pepe, we're our own men now,  young yes, still learning yes,  but our own, did you not attend your graduation, your own prom? I know you did Pepe because you and mom have told us enough, yes, sons I did, both, but I wasn't a genius in my classes as you two, I made an offer, give me one good reason, Icus, I can see it laging on the tip of your tongue, ...father. ...Ivar, it's not right, we'd plans for graduation, for the prom, ah put your hearts back in your chest and stop aiming them at me, I was only joshing you, we're only about six hours from home, but I do want you to consider to come sailing with me,  The Strait of Gibraltar after graduation, a year, two at most, just think about it, but for now , you Icus go down and bring those steaks, that salad up here, and you Ivar, I  made us something to drink, go, go you two, I'm starving,"

                                      ...ACHING AND BLACKENING SOUL'S BLOOD...
                                                                    SCENE XIII

     -"How did you ever find me? It wasn't hard, I've always Sura known where you was if I needed to get to you, ah how very commendable, I know you got my letters and I know that you know the distress I've been in. And what about me Alyn, what about my distress, what about Sioux Noel and your othe brothers? I flipped ok, when that doctor looked into those test and verified I had full blown aids and possibly three years at most to live, I didn't think, hell I couldn't think, all I know I was in hell, I couldn't come to you, hurt you. Yes Alyn you could, that is what those marriage vows say, mine anyway, I'm thy wife, that’s' what I'm here for, my god if you need to hurt me with your pains then hurt me, if you need to embitter me, depress me, my god do it at my side, in my heart, in our pleasures marriage bed, were together we can find completion, and absolution darling Tristan, we can discover a door opening to that joyous morn. Jude Adams said you would find me, I thought I knew you but this man, man Tristan Alyn, that you love seem to know you better than, Jude Adams, wait
you've seen Jude, talked with Jude? Sioux Noel and I both, ....he is conscience? He is very
well, even Trist better than you ...my god, my god, it's happening, what's happen, what's happen, tell you won't run from me ever again. My heart, my sweet Tristan Alyn, ...I've missed you too Sura, I so want to climb into your places and have you mixed in mine, ...then come, no, I can't, this is about as close as we get ever again, ...please Trist don't tell me that, we'll be careful I promise, there's no being careful, I'm contagion my sicklove can only stip and pick you flesh, bone and blood dead, ...yes Tristan Alyn, until death do us part, ....I  can't, I won't ...I ask you not to run from me, Sura, when you look at Jude Aleksander, look at you husband and when Jude Aleksander look at Sura Danielle, he looks at wife, what, i'll be damned before I let you decide that for, ..don't say that, please don't say "Tristan, don't leave me, please, ...your husband is dead, you are Sura released to another, Jude Aleksander Adams, stop saying that, please, stop, saying, Tristan, ....don't,  ...goodbye Sura, ...Trist, pleaseeeee, Trist! Ah my god, {{{Hello Sioux, he was here, yes, he just made the door and he's worst off, I tried to convince my being his wife, this was the best place, he said y husband is dead, and Sioux gave me as wife to Jude Aleksander, you remember at the foot of the cross where Jesus mother and a young john stood, and Jesus gave her to be john's mother, and gave john to be her son, Tristan just did that with me and Jude, I'm not his wife and he is now my husband, how insane is that? It sura remind us how desperate and helpless he is, did he give you any ideal where he is now? No, but he's mention by that Attorney lawyer, saying the survivors are alive only with Tristan's help, that maybe a good place to look, don;t let what he said bother you, I'll try not to, but Sioux, you wasn't here, he was really serious and thought he was right in making this offer, we'll get all this straight when I find him and Sura, I will find him"}}}.

                                            ...TO HERE THEY COME DEAR SURA...

                                                            SCENE XIV

     -{{{"Susan, I'm sorry I woke you but I need to talk to Sye, I woke, getting up, it's Nickie, ...yeah Nickie, you have any ideal what's going with Tiffany? How should I know? We talked earlier, I swear Sye she was in a helicopter, in Jerusalem, do a mortuary Mr. Artelon's sister, and what made me even more suspicious she was pure avoidance with one exception, you Sye. Well at least Nickie you know she's in Jerusalem, that was shocking news for me, but everything she's telling you about Mr. Artelon is true, his sister Nadia Aretlon was killed a few days past, so has a missing person been issue concerning his wife, a Camilla Aretlon, now why it sound as though she's in flight in a helicopter, that I don't know, I hear of that Sye, but if you'd talked to her last night you would know there's something else altogether, she sound Sye like she's in real big trouble. I tell you what, I have an agent friend there, in Iran, Agurus Janzzen, I'll see if he can look into any danger surrounding the missing wife, but the sister's death bore no foul play, look like an open and shut case of fatally dodging a deer. Look you know Nickie I'm gonna look after Tiffany like she's my own,so you stop stressing and get well, I heard that Castle you guys were relocated to is for like a better word killer, it's Sye what I imagine a mansion in heaven to be, I kind you, you and Sissy need come for your anniversary, a million dollar anniversary, my saving, pensions, her mine, our children into great grands, yeah Nickie man, I'll be giving that a lot of thought, look give Brad a call, Mr. too import to reach, I told him I would tell you that, okay, I'll do that when I break for lunch, ...look stop worrying, I love and I got, Tip, later, okay Sye, thanks, ...as a matter of fact I'm gonna get her there you, ...alright miracle man,  alright.     {{{I can't do this Ivar man, do you know how close, I know, ....I did too,  ...so you still gonna tell me he's not suspicious? No, you right, he's suspicious, and an expert investigator, he's gonna fine us out, ..so we just tell him? Yes but not out here, not this far away from home, we won't see Jamaica nor our wives ever again, {{{I did tell you two I was hungry, yeah Pepe, we coming}}
so yes we tell him, but I Icus decide when, where and how, but as i told you days ago, stop carrying yourself like you done something wrong he read you everytime, .. you have a son or daughter on the way that's to celebrate Icus man, ,,,you right, inhaling, exhaling relaxing, you're right, ...ready Icus man, set, go!" 

                        ...YET TO YONDER PLACES THEY'RE TO FLED...
                                                  SCENE XV

"We need to talk, we have nothing to talk about, do you know how childish all this is? I know I need a man I can trust and one domnick who trust me, what's that suppose to mean Ty? I trust you with all my heart, there is nothing more imperative than that, but this isn't about whether or not we trust one another, It's about fear, fear, yes Ty fear, you're afraid of me, afraid of us, look I know how I hurt you, but I tell you, I'm through with that. I don't know what the hell you're talking about, i have y modeling show,  if you are honest with yourself Ty, you know what I'm talking about, okay honestly, it's not working, we're not working, is that honest enough for you? You don't mean that, I mean exactly that, why Ty? Because I'm trying to protect the woman I love? Protect me, what make you think you can protect me Dom? Things were working just fine up until recently, this has nothing to do with Ross, anyway I told you I have a million things to do? I know, me, I got the modeling skit, my modeling title is Legolas Caspian, I'm the new E-excellent ad, if you can't Tynan be with the one you love, assimilate the one you're with, ...wow, that's sexy as hell, yeah, they're looking at making millions world wide. I told you Dom I thought things were moving too fast, that we weren't ready for this, our modeling careers and all, ...don't you see what you're doing? One day prior to this Ross guy Ty, you told me you loved me, that you needed me, I know exactly word for word Dom, what I said and I didn't know what I was saying. Right, you tripped over your tongue somehow issuing the wrong sentiment, look, just leave me, get away from me, ..okay, okay, there's your crew, ....I'm go find mine disappear for a while. I love you" "I miss you I dom but I still think we need time, time for what Ash? Time to regroup,  to think, hell I don't know, I just want to be left alone, for a while anyway. If that's what you want, yes, it's what I want, for now anyway,  well you know Ty, where to find me, miss me okay, really Ty miss me!"

                               ...THE HEAVENS DECLARE THE GLORY OF GOD...
                                                                 SCENE XVIII

   How was talk with your brother? Ah, refreshing, hand me the steak sauce, good, so you trust better what going on with your girl? TIffany is actually my wife, we just haven't come out yet, she trying not to make a big deal I guess, ...she is one intriguing, I can't wait to meet her, ah, Tristan, if Tiffany Ann is anything she's intriguing as hell as guess you ca n say.  I tell you're uplifted, it actually showed in court today, you're really good, I guess that why they required, or should I say, requited you Nicholas Edin from as far as New York. I guess so, what about you, did you talk to or see your wife = your brother heard from you, Both , I ent to see her and I called them, informed them how they can reach me all, so I guess you say I feel a lot better myself. To be honest i'm really Tristan man just hoping for a good night sleep, I could pay someone. Well, Nicholas that all winds down to admitting what it is keeping you woke at night, if it's your wife, your Maaseiah Adonai, please don't say tha in from of her, ...got you, anyway she's in good hand with your brother right? Right, so you right that's one less worry, though I can't discuss with you, the case is going the way I like, that's the second worry, I don't know Tristan if I really want to adhere to the Macremore and Vance three year apprenticeship  ....good evening you guys, may I join you two, ...please,  that what was missing, the company of a stunning woman, thank you Tristan, ..you're welcome, Ly Lnn, ah don't let me stop your conversing, ...I'm sorry Lyn, you smell delicious, may I ask,  to be honest it's Nicholas' fault, I'm sorry, ..it's Tiffany Adonai, fragrance for the woman, and Tristan if I has a mission dollars for the many time I've said today, it's from her private collection,  ....yeah,  Lynn, it's what she wears , I can smell, it's so mightily alluring, i mean Nicholas like I perhap need to find a cooling shower, your girl, sorry wife, truly is good in all she does, wife, when did that happen? Sorry Nicholas this bog mouth of mine, they're keeping i t to themselves sweet girl so don't go spreading it, well it ws rumored, ah, some eavesdropping, so, but I got it, don't be a gop't be a gossip, but nicko man, this third deal, that's nothing to worry about, I'm sure that's easily fixable once your mind is made. you you know. , you right nothing to lose sleep over. Mr. Lue, Mr Coogan, I'm glad to Lue you are well, this is Tristan Deburk, the risain Deburk, of the paris globe? I just finished reading your  blood farmers, you better watch your back, sit Lue, please, sit, I have an oracle M. lue, whose famous for rubbing people the wrong way with the truth, when someone as you did warn her, she described how non-suspecting, a army of angels engulfed her all around and through, totally floored even her, it was as to say, over their, why, any enemy would have to come through them, not that no harm could come, but God alone would avenge it you see and in in their right mind want God as enemy? I wold suspect mr. Deburk no one, I men is the god of all god's, right!And he's neem proving these six millenia.I'm going to get back to sessions, i guess I'll see you guys there, yeah Mr. Coogan d, see you there.  i got to grab my junk and get back to my place, it ws plenty nice meting an supping with you two, many blessed days ahead for you, you too, Mr. Deburk, ah and keep up the goodest work, thanks it nice Mr. Lue to have t least one fan, what's that prophet who thought he too was all alone and learn it was hundreds of others, if I'm not mistaken that was the prophet Elijah, brillant analogy, thanks, thank you Mr. Deburk, good evening."   

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