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Tiffany XXV

                                              BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                               CHAPTER XXV
                                                     SCENE I

     “It is I, Mrs. Deburk, ...but how did you, I still have Alyn's contacts I'm impressed, come in, please, sit, I'm sorry for my belightedless Mrs. De'Burk, please call me Sura, i'm sure Jude we're on first names basis, I'm leaving the next morning for America ....catching up with your things ..yes, but I couldn't go without seeing you first, the times, talks and acquaintances we've had,....seeing me, yes, I hate to be going so far away fro you, I'm not ashamed to admit, my heart ache with regret, I also admit I know about the dreams Jude. The dreams? Yes Jude the dreams, those of you and I confessing ourselves, our one heart to each other, like at the theater that night, would you Sura. like something to drink? Then it is true? Please Jude Aleksander tell me” he smoothing caramel skin, overlaying these perfectly, master artist features, acorn strand, wipe around to one side even as she sat, with atha betwitching aroma one word, a finding him, besheehing him, sorely after him, Sura Danielle  was bedazzling him, heart, mind and soul. "Please Jude, I have to know before I wander so far off, ...we're meeting outside a playhouse, like that special night, we're both needing and denying one another when we decide to go and talk it is there we confess, I confess to feelings I never for Tristan, let alone a woman, his Sura Danielle. So, how do you really feel?” about me” “this Jude, all of this? you nver have to speak to me again, never see me, it is only that I know, ...it is all true, the dream I mean, my throat is so dry, you sure you want nothing? I've been unable to sleep, to eat," unlike her tall, dark and audacious Alyn Tristan even his Tristan Alyn, Jude Aleksander was tall yes, quite handsome, muscular, but was he of a light complexion, even his keen, piercing eyes were a limited shade of gray “Shamefully Sura I pick up the phone a thousand times a day desiring to call and explain this some way, knowing nothing, comprehending nothing, I'm lost in an ocean of withering intimacy I guess so
what is happening to us? Do I even want this, do you? I'm frightened, I can't move, look at my hands Sura they're shaking like a leaf, ...I come, I kneel, sweet Jude is so beautiful, so stunning is Jude Aleksander. I don't know how Sura, even as I set my forewarn to yours, Tristan always said I was
impossible, willing, humble, so, so humble, but always impossible, As I kiss the tears of your sweet eyes, marry me Jude, please, so I have you as want and even the supreme is please, I always like you jude seek most of all to please Him first.  I cannot, even as you kiss me, and touch and love me and it is incredible in places never thought possible, I can’t, ...can't Jude or won't?” {{{Yes Arron, will you please come to my suite and escort Mrs. De'burk out, she has a flight to catch, you're to make certain she is with proper transportation."}}} This is your answer? Jude, look at me, I can't you're crying and I will never forget it, I can't see this, hear this, please Sura Danielle have a safe flight and a blessed, good life. You're leaving me? Jude, please don't walk away from me, Jude, I need, I need, ah god, what is happening, why is he is doing this, oh god help me and thanks for your help."

                                       ...YEA, THAN MUCH FINE GOLD...
                                                               SCENE II

     {{{"My god Agurus, I'm on pins and needles, ...this is not Agurus, who is this? Shut up and listen, by now Mr. Janzzen will realize he's been lead into a trip, a bargaining chip Tiffany Ann between me and her father, they already endured one attack, ...they're alright, your Mr. Janzzen protects her like all the men in her life, like she's a priceless treasure that she is, the only problem, those luring her here, have decided perhaps Tiffany Saurus is too much of a prize to just hand over, she has worth way more precious than gold they say and the friends and relatives Mr. Janzzen thought he had, have come a den of murderous thieves and getting Tiffany out will cause him his life, no doubt. What can I do? Now that Mr. Coogan is the perfect question, your brother, Attorney, has access to a private jet, France Air, get it here, and I'll get her there, Janzzen will deliver her to me, I will deliver her to you and if you're thinking whether she's worth all of this, ...No, I know specialist Cullen., I know her worth, all of us do, ...no passengers, just the pilot, I have a military pass he shouldn't have any problem, mission crossover, that's all he need to know, announce, you welcome, over and out!"}     >>>“So you gonna tell me or do I need to guess? It's Tip isn't it? Yea, is it bad babe or do I dare ask? It could be, I haven't heard from Agurus in literally three days, last I heard they were in route to the
airport, since then Sissy there has been literally nothing, until now, that call right there, I'm gonna need Nickie and that France Private Jet of his, I gonna get on the phone to him right, why Sissy at least try, hey since you woke you feel like hooking up some coffee? Yes, and Sye I just wanna say, it'll be ok, things as you know Sye always work out for Tip, I have a feeling this will as well,I hope so, nicholas can;t lose her, hell sye we can't lose her, so hope thou in god, got you babe, thanks!" {{{Sye? Inhaling and exhaling himself awake, a hard, dry swallow into a rest of his elbows a glance the clock, thinking this couldn't be good, it was too early, ...talk to me bro I'm all ears. Look, I know how this gonna sound, but alias Micheal day just called me, what, what are talking, he's in Jerusalem Nickie, one of the things bringing and keeping Tiffany, look I don't have time to explain, she's in imminent danger and need your access to the private jet to get her out! So, and I'm sleep as hell, here, you're telling me not only is Michael his alias alive, but he's in Jerusalem and Tiffany is with him, tiffany is not with him, she's with Agurus but he need Mikes and your help nickie if he's get Tiffany out alive and unharmed, okay, you can freaking ban me as your brother or kill me later, can you move that jet or not? Tiffany life depend on it, the military pass is crossover, jet pilot only no passengers, got it sye and I'm leaning toward killing you, disappearing you and leaving us all wondering about until death us all part, bye! My life is a freaking nightmare, why do I even try to live it, why an why isn't anything like it supposed to be? >>>Terrified, clinging to Agurus's loan person once more his doodging of bullets ricocheted through their transportation, whisking them her from the car, running and stumbling down a hill, move tiffny,movem don;t look back, just go, go! A glance the car and driver cousin Ahem, was rent of bullet tears, they're coming, you got your phone? If they catch us they’ll kill me, they gonna sell you to a high, high bidder, your golden eyes, all, come, come, let me see the phone, good, good, you see hanger right there, that is where your misters will find you yes, tell me yes, 'yes, I been shot, ah god, ah god, what can I do? Get to that hanger, look at me, all I want from you is that you reach that hanger, no, 717, 717, ...say it, 717, if you love me, and I know you do, get  there, get here now, call misters and no matter what you hear, you promise me, tifny, you me,  I promise, no matter what I hear, no go, and Tifny send your angels for me huh? See you Heaven aggie, today you're there.' go, go! Falling to his knees, making her promise, no matter what she hear, even his squalling and squealing in torture, beautiful he at a distant, she at distant sigh of the most beautiful flowers. Reminding of a dream she had, when she awaken and the neighborhood where she grew up was over run with all panic people, it was America's exodus, when seeing the house where she lived as a child cause to make this detour, this mad dash not for the door, but right into the back yard where she watch this right out of the earth, like magic before her eyes the sudden blossom and bloom of a bouquet of pink flowers and a single word of response, like right now, she sighed beautiful. To one side of them laid a beige silken, beautiful, beige, embroidered handkerchief fold to perfection and too the left something laid a bible and something, oblivious, not in evil but mysterious then back just as suddenly this outbreak of chaos, of people, running, hiding and screaming for their lives, screaming, agurus screaming, she's held her ears so tight it was wonder they weren't bleeding or where they, something was damping her cheeks, her neck, even into her breast, maybe it was like Jesus that day, pierced in his side as to be pierced in his heart did empty of both blood and water,  of both blood and tears.

                        ...AND IN KEEPING OF THEM THERE IS GREAT REWARD...
                                          THE COURT HOUSES OF PAREE
                                                           SCENE V

     "If you say no company please, Nicholas Edin, I'll go back inside, ...I wouldn't dare Jude, look at the sky, love it so that bones he has broken are all healed somehow. I'm just sitting in solace the Clifton, the prosecution accusations and Jude rebuttal. Yeah I couldn't believe to what limits they'd gone to prove his Mr. Clifton guilty of a crime, any crime and to what extreme, them most of it circumstantial evidence, exactly, good eye, hear Jude, exactly. I think my girl is up there Jude somewhere, going there, coming here. yet wait to escape, i stand here and wait patiently your assurity of faith and prayer.Our assurity Nicholas Edin, faith and prayer has great changed trajectories across the heaven, this earth of most miracles overlooked or not counted as miracles at all. Did you screen jurors as well, well though it sound good to them, to the court itself, what they had so far is like buckets with holes unable to hold water let alone the longevity of this very prestigious man whose life laid in the balance of act of ugliness and greed. I just kept saying, they were half-witted lame brains, how they couldn't be serious coming to you, Nicholas Edin. with this bogus case, how it emphasized their rather presumptuous court-acting yet they expect a guilty verdict. I said it as well Nicko man, that they had to be kidding, it was a rather clever scheme to force our teams rather brilliant Manassas into a bumbling slothfulness and exertion. One thing Nicholas was for certain, they couldn't be trusted either way and our team have to stay on their toes until the prosecution booms out, as surely they did, Yeah I like her, Ms. Shiban, she has made all our jobs so easy, speaking of which Jude, I'm sorry Nicko about Bji Mein, it's not phil like I blamed you, he's a grown man, married with a mistress with a possible kid on the way, why would he be at all stressed?  That's funny Nicko man, brilliant and funny, you like her don't you? I like, I see you Phil like Ms. Shiban, unless she's married, ...no she's not married, ...you see Jude how quickly he knew that? Stop you, I'm barely over Whren,  ...sorry, you're right, but I have contemplated asking her out, see I knew, ....I have flowers to send, ...well Jude that's a good ideal, see you two later.

                                ...WHO CAN UNDERSTAND HIS ERRORS...
                                                               SCENE VI

     -Hey hey, hey, there you go, hey there, I'm Orloff, you don't know me, but I was assigned to take this flight with you, , hey, hey, hey,"  gasping and jerking quickly, inspecting her body for wounds. "I thought I was dead, I, I, I felt the bullets tearing my flesh, shhhhh, no, no, no, it was dream, that's all, a dream, no, no,  no, this was real, it was real, shhhhhhh, look at me, it was a dream, I promise Tifny that's all it was, how do, I felt the bullets, I felt them tearing me to pieces, Agurus, I heard his screams until my ears bleed, I bleed all over myself, the bullets, all, .....here, look at yourself , no wounds, no bullets, your being here mean it was a horrible, terrible night scare, ...what about Agurus screaming, was that a dream also? I'm afraid Tifny that was real, I'm so sorry, I know what he meant to you, can I have some water? The kleenexes are there, get your face all wiped up ....where are you taking me? France, ...no, no I can't go there to France,  I won't go,  then where?  ...Ah, America, New York, I'll get a cab from there, that is not the instruction I have been given, it's your mister Mr. Coogan, France, Macremore And Vance, is we're to deliver you, ...Orloff right, I live in New York, that is my home, I want to go home, please, I can't do it, face them, these people right now, I can't, if I'm your responsibility, you can come with me, stay with me until, until, I hurt too bad, too , too, bad, please, can I just go home? Please. Here we go, a nice cup of water, I know you must be starved, ...first, what is this? Oh, that's a ring and, and I had to tell them you was my wife, to keep you safe, and Oloff you just happen to have a ring laying around? Yea, sort of, ok, I won't argued with you, thanks, but I don't need it anyone, our ETA? If we're Tifny to refuel, we arrive at 6:00 pm, if not, half that time, 3:00 pm. My god, Aggie dead, Mike is alive but may as well be dead, he's trapped and my god I can believe I left Christian there, thank you Olaff, thanks for taking me home."     >>>“Don't let them fool you, .....uh, look whose sober, ...what do you mean Bji mein, well Nicko man think about it, this is what is being called the trial of Paris's century, an exaggeration no doubt, but still you don't actually believe they're gonna trust fumbling idiots,  I don't know, I, I guess I didn't really think about it, then think, because that's what I need all of you to do, they want us to just hand them this win? What are they trying to gain by making us think they're stupid? They want us to become nugatory” Philip Mance readied his glass, inactive, exactly, exactly! What do you think Miss Chow? I think Philip is right. our strength is our legal erudition, agreement and resolve, we don't sleep on cases, that's our wall and foundation, if they can penetrate it, even weaken it, we will easily lose this case, I agree, well, I don't even know why I'm on this case, same reason Jude we're all on this case, you're training to be one of the greatest trial lawyers of all time, all of us are, on that note we have to be humble enough to take one anothers criticisms and opinions, what Bji mean is we all Jude, have a lot to learn, that's why we're always training even when we don't know it.”

                               ...CLEANSE THOU ME FROM SECRET FAULTS...
                                                              SCENE VII

     “So where you going to tell me you're leaving? You was the one Bev telling me you need your space, I wanted to tell you Dom, your ad is really bad ass, really, everybody is crazy about it, the E-excellent gonna sell off the roof. Thank you, the Adonai was pretty bad butt itself, I didn't know you knew how to setup and run an ad like that. I was Bev gonna be out of here by afternoon tomorrow, so I've heard just not from you, well when you told me to step back, that you want space, how far away did you want me go? I mean if your Ad is done, you don't want to come along? No, I'm not sure, the Ad still need to be modified, ah edited, it's only for a couple of months, I guess, I'll be fine until then, but this Bev isn't just about you, we're a couple, I mean right? When I heard you was leaving , I couldn't help but think Dom I'd pushed you too far away, then I was like, what if he don't want to come back. Is that what this is about? Don't you know I will never leave you Bev, I love you to much to just leave you, or did my sudden popularity cause you to be concern, babe, I'm still Dom, right, I admit, I mean I never seen you look this good, I didn't even know you could look this good, yeah but in the end Ty we know it's all smoke and mirrors along the best dress, makeup style and pose, some shots that take all day, then it's a passing fad, even as one is to hallucinate, better yet a Masquerade Ball, last for hours them it over, what about after the ball Bev, when the charade is all over, what about then? When I glance back at my corner, now barren, I want no one but you Beverly Madison Jordanian standing there, so do you, or will you have my back, be in my corner, catch me when I fall?  I do, until death do us part and all of that, I wasn't expecting such extremes, ...I love you so much, ..go, go, that's the third time they've called you, I'll be right here, okay, I'll be right back, right back."     {{{"Isn't it time Ivar we report him missing? I been thinking really hard brother, suppose Pepe wasn't all the more kidding about the Strait of Gibraltar, suppose he continued without us, suppose his releasing us lately to Maaseiah, egging us on and on about our future plans, tell me Icus, you didn't consider any of that? I Ivar don't, ...yes, yes you do, you grew up with the same shady, dealing father as I did, who we think threaten any future marriage candidate from our sister and pushed our believer mother off of home pier. I really never believed that, ah you didn't? First time Icus I heard of it, she walked off or she was propelled, and our mother wasn't suicidal, she was holy spirit. So are you saying Pepe is gone, no return? How long did he say his business in the strait would take, a year, two years? I don't know Ivar whether to be relieved or terrified, he is our dad, good or bad, okay mostly bad, but still our dad. I think he maybe at the root of what' happening with Tiffany, with this Coogan guy she's either married to Icus or close to it, Pepe has always disappeared such people from her life, a;ways. I don't know, I maybe wrong and one of his fisheries is just taking longer than normal, we got rehearsals up the river and back, valeri victorian speech, Mister Class president, graduation, prom, and we gonna be so late? You still didn't answer my question and I'm gonna wonder about it Ivar all day long, do we report him missing, are we that alarmed? No, not yet, and if this all turn bad and we're asked why? It's not unusual for out dad to go on these fisheries for days, weeks at time, plus, Icus, Pepe know how to take care of himself, now stop looking at me with those eyes to die for, says so your girl, well, wife, and lets go, Icus Ivar, let's go!"

                                                                 SCENE VIII

{{{“I can't tell you Sye how long I been both contemplating and regretting this call, ...probably Nickie as long as I been anticipating it, ...is there any word yet? No Nickie, no and I'm afraid we've lost contact with that area for a few days at least, you said the private jet arrived back safely, yes, it's manifest intact, why in the hell would she take that chance, was this about locating Mike all the time? That Nickie I don't, come on Sye, stop it, stop it please, okay, the death of Mr. Artelon's sister and she hitching a ride along it's Jerusalem's mortuary that was all legit, we know that now and once she got there, there's was the question of his missing wife, whose news nickie is good, Tiffany just didn't want him doing his recovery and days mourning, ...dead, so his ife is dead also, is that in any way a huge coincidence? No, no Jeremy son, moma don't want you playing with that, ... man sye if that doesn't sound off world or planet, listen at you being a dad, Brad I'm used you but and sissy, I think i feel the jealousy hairs rising on my neck. Jeremy, look come here and talk to your uncle Nickie, he's not feeling very good, ...hello uncle, ...hello Jeremy, you remember me? Yes, the airport, my uncle in France now, another country, did you win your case? Some really good friends and I are still working on that, well we miss you uncle Nickie, I hope you feel all better, thank you, pray for me, I will, my momma Stef, and my momma Sissy, learn me too, love you, love you too buddy. Here daddy, he want to talk to you, yeah, he is amazing Sye, now I'm really jealousy, well your sister in Barb really hates him, actually hinted he's not a Coogan and isn;t worthy Nickie to be on par with her sons. He’s Stephanie's son she says but whose to say he's mine, co eon don't be so upset, you know what a bigot Barb can be, their is no telling how man hundreds of pissy boots gonna be lying wound when Tip and I start producing Coogan male. Yes” “he's a wonderful kid, the spitting image of Brad's Jason, Brad said like you and I, they can past for twins, hell that, that only embittered her, while she can't stop him from being what and who he is, so we're just keep her up with Tip, in prayer. Having him, Sye, is the reminder of the lost of the mother we  never speak of to a massive heart attack, only thirty five years old, Sye,  just think Bradford was only like 9 years old when her heart just stopped like that, then papa only a few years later they Sye won't get to know our children until they ascend to heaven, well at least nickie, there's that hope. Sye what you think really, I know through contact Agurus before he died did deliver her to a hanger, the numbers 717, and for all we know Nickie she was airlifted from there, ..you think she's with mike, you think Mike have her, I think Tip is your wife, and she wouldn't nickie do anything, anything to jeopardize that not with you and definitely not with God. I want, no, brother I love, I need to know the last thing you Sye you said to her,  ...I pleaded, and I heard Agurus plea as well, that she consider Nickie consider not only those she loved, but those who love her, i pleaded that she run to me, that she Nickie run to you, nickie, hey you okay? Ah, just getting myself together here, I'm falling apart, like I said, Agurus and I both pleaded that she get back to us, to you Nicholas, especially, and that's when she agreed to leave Jerusalem, ...so you heard her agree to leave, ...yes, I then Agurus again promised he would get her out, and Nickie he did, we just don't know where she went from there, there's that and an assignment, a code perhaps concerning her called Oloff , like a crossover Nickie to Oloff and that is where my investigation dead end ...okay, well let me let you get back at it, thank you Sye for saving my girl, ...our girl Nickie, Agurus' oracle, that's how he saw her, ..wow, that's not the first time, you remember that guy, Tristan, who saved us, he has an alike affiliation with Tiffany, who he Sye haven't even met, that pars on, as an oracle, what is an oracle any way, like Jesus, God's right arm, and to whom Nickie is the arm of the Lord revealed, to his holy oracle, stand brother, as Papa would say  ...yeah Sye and when you've done all to stand, stand therefore!"     

                                  ...LET THE WORDS OF MY MOUTH...
                                                        SCENE XII

     {{{"So you are, you are Collin Hain as I counting the days until we're together again? How romantic, how surprised Andre wife, you sound? Do you know how hard it is not to drop all things keeping me here, tossed them into air this free and run to my beloved husband, ah tell me something good, really, really good, distract me from such insanity, ...I love you, I miss you more than words can describe and these meger hours we are apart are nothing compared to the eternity we have just ahead of us. Drea, beloved, we can do this and in the words of cousin Soledad Maurice, whose own marriage got us into this, and yes I'm both blaming and thanking him, we are beloved wife doing this. Which Soledad remind me, prom is coming up, do I not go, or go alone, what do you think? I think yes should go, and no Drea, don't go alone, whose asked you? I know plenty have, too bad Icus nor Ivar are free, yeah, but those are not the only boys you can trust, what about cousin Ignacio? Iggy, well I admit he's the one that look the most like you, and Sole but he haven't asked, plus he and Coralay are really close, but Sole perhaps not so close she'll attend the prom with him. I could call, tell him our situation, ask for you, see if he has other plans, or would that Drea be too weird? You know I could fly in ...okay there Mr. money bags  ...hey Dissausion assigned me as Sole to a Desrek Chocolate Ad, The Almon Breed, so speaking of Mr. Money Bags, ...please beloved don't present this scenario if  you're not serious, ...I tell you what, I have finals, if I move them into an early private session, I can do this, heck, I'm gonna do this, okay let me go, I need to get to the Dean Office right now, I mean my grades are good enough right? And look, what if I get Soledad and Kassel to come as well, wouldn't that Andre, ...be like a paradise come true, ...wow, sweet wife, never heard it, okay, okay, let me get to work, bye Collin Hain, love, and kisses, okay, I won't inflame the others until it's all final, ah I'm so glad I asked, ....love and kisses to you as well, babe, later."      >>>“So all attorney's in attendance, dinner to movie night, if Clifton didn't do it who and whose asking that question? What Nicholas about Mrs.Clifton, who else and who better? Good scenario, the best place to lay the blame, but I assure you Phil she was at a beauty salon a standing bi-weekly appointment, and the paper trail and over ten witnesses verifies it. So Countess Larkin was killed and all the evidence pointed to Clifton the guilty party because he's guilty or was she killed purely to frame Clifton? Framed, that sound ideal too Bji mein, only what's the difference? Guilty is guilty, no, see, if the evidence was planted to lead to Mr. Clifton it can then be unplanted, leading instead to the real true assailants planted so well, intended with such excellency, is there such a thing as a perfect murder and is this it? Good question Jude, now what's the answer, still? I'm tired of this place, yeah, it's getting to be a little too much, I want to disagree with you Phil, I mean you guys are superb and all, but I swear I can feel the walls closing in on me. Then all the personal service, it frightens me sometimes, like I'm losing myself, losing me, ....all you cry babies Jude Aleksander,  I've never lived so glamorous in all my life and I will possibly never see the inside of a castle as marvelous as this ever, let alone live in it, ....I don't know Alyson, I kinda feel like these guys, I mean I know we were relocated here for safety purposes, and for the sake of the case, but this heaven on earth, it's a little too much. I mean, don't you feel like we're being watched, studied, I even have doubts about my privacy in the bath, ...yeah me, ...hold up okay, okay, I didn't mean to start paranoia here, I don’t think you did Nun man, this place is remarkably spooky. There have been times you guys, when I've walked up to that Goliath of a door and thought it might be locked and I wouldn't be able to get out of this place, a night at the wax museum, ...you too, ...See? That's what I'm talking about, paranoia, uh, I guess Nun this giant domain doesn't frighten you, which remind me, are you married? Not frighten, Ms Shiban, I may get uncomfortable at times, even curious, what? The strange noises at night right? No, how about the feeling like you Nun have come into my room, sat on my bed, and when I turn to like greet you, there's no one there, .....no, no, no, Lynn, what hell did you just say! .Me too, Jude over here, me too, only to have it feeling as though someone is slowly from foot of the bed crawling toward you, perhaps all sexy like and you can see the impression upon the covers yet see nothing there, ...that's it, y'all can find me in my room, packing, Ali, are you serious? Jude is kidding, ...so not kidding NunConnah Lue. Okay, okay, I think we're frightening the ladies, ha, I think you guys are more frighten than we are, well it was Ali and not one of the males who went packing, are you guy serious? I think we should move back into our apartments, the Macremore Houses, what about you Nicholas, aren't you ready to leave? I think Tiffany went home, I would after a near death, there's no place like it, home, my Manhattan apartment, hers , yeah, excuse me guys, I'm almost positive, she went home. Ah did he with sparkling, tearing eyes just say, ...we need to remember why Lynn we're here in this place, that somebody tried to kill us, did kill Wren, Sergio, I'm yet to completely wrap my mind around that, that mean Macremore house has a breach at the least, right? And what Alison, castle, casper, hell is our reward, are we supposed to believe this is safe? Did you just hear my testimony, then Judes, Nun? I just feel if we take a wrong turn in this place we could be lost forever behind hidden walls and such, ...yea, I guess you're right if someone wanted to make us disappear there's truly enough secret places in here. Okay now, now you guys are talking haunted castle, ah we were there Nun Jude and Lyn's testimony,good catching up  ....yeah, and I say Nunconnah we get our divorce papers, I consent, ...come on now guys, nobody said anything about divorcing this castle. I want a divorce, I need a divorce attorney, plenty here, just the ideal they follow us wherever we go freaks me out, yeah right up, what's that about? All I know is Niemeyer and I hardly found a place of peace when last she was here, Nguyet and I as well, ....please, don't bring your mistress into this, it's sickening Bji Mein okay and I already have a freaking headache. I believe there's something they're not telling us, something like what Phil? Excuse me,  Bji Mein, did you say Niemeyer? Yeah, that's my girl, ..no that's his wife and Nguyet his girl, at least get it right, ....what is your problem? She's, a model, right? You know Meyer? I  know of her, I'm familiar with the fashion center  where she works, New York city, co-CEO TIffany Ann Saurus actually hired me for legal work , ...Tiffany Sarus, Nicholas Edin's girl, wife, girl, ....excuse me,  yes, you heard right  ....well hell she's just one of the most astonishing women I've ever laid eyes on, ...yeah, Manassas we all know, ...that Nicholas Coogan that just left the table has a goddess, woman like that? And I thought he was mastery before, yeah, that line, that line Man you just described, after those banned photos, that line is wrapped all around this planet and he doesn't let it phase him one bit, now how even more sexy as hell is that? Dissuasion, yes, FPD, if you can't be with the man you want, then assimilate the man you're with, that cologne slogan began with him, Mr Nicholas Edin Coogan, just how far behind are you on your FPD, subscription? What a coincidence, yeah it is, ...it's strange, he doesn't seem her type at all, wow, talk about a double take on the power couple.     {{{Pepe, are you receiving his transmission, we'ere about to get the calvary sent out after, come, who do you love, it's on a fourth day wout a word, hit us up as soon as you get this, love you Pepe, if you love me, I'll hear from you soon.}}} So what you guys think, can you even get away, ummm that strawberry lemon-aid is good, of course I want to, and like you Hain I probably can, but when I tested with Kas, she didn't seem to happy, is she Sole, man, is she all that happy about being a part of our group? I admit not that happy Hain man, but I think it's the group, ah Kas is really struggling with belief issues, something as Derry says we should've dealt with before the wedding, the marriage and all that. YOu gonna eat, order anything else? No, no, I'm stuffed, ..so what that really mean, belief issues? Kas was raised as an atheist and I only found out like a month or so before the wedding, so yo knew, yes, kinda, I insisted on meeting her parents and that is where i got the heads up, so she didn't even tell you, was she going to?  Probably not Hain man, look we're not talking about an annulment are we? That's one way to deal but I love her, and Kas does now believe there is a God, which Hain I know isn't all that, with totally surrender, spiritual transformation, ...but Sole doesn't all come with belief first? Exactly that't's it exactly and that's the glimmer of hope I'm holding on to, I married this girl because for as long as have here on the planet I want her to be the one, you know. Look I've know you all my life, not one time have I not Sole seen you get exactly what you want, god fulfills the desire of your heart, of our heart and it's not stopping with Kassel, Berlyn, Sole, he just used you to turn her from a life of godlessness. Still, wow Hain, contemplating flying into just for the prom, Andre is so blessed to have you, there Kas now, hey babe, wow don't you look gorgeous, wow, wow, ....thanks love, hello Collin Hain, ..hey, you better bring that hug, that chee, looking and smelling so beautiful, stopping traffic I know. Soledad told me about dropping in on Jamaica for Andre's Prom, I passed the dates to my boss, and my professors and I should what's possible in about a week, and there a highlight, it kinda looking good, ..great, fantastic, I mean we had such fun on that cruise, ...unforgettable Collin Hain, just unforgettable, if this trip could come only it's halfway point, we're still bordering, ...what is it, ..that couple, I think they're coming over here, ...please forgive the intrusion, you all are from the France, Paris, Cherchez le femme Ad, correct  ...yes we are, ..I told my darling her but she didn't believe me, that article changed every for us, we're now saved, married and looking forward to a family, ...we're even taking a stab as one would say at modeling ourselves, I mean in person you guys are so glamorous, again pardon us, with hope maybe we'll you all at FPD, good, blessed day, ..marriage worshippers, that's what they're calling you guys, again thanks. Marriage worshipper, like sound of that, the power of one Ad huh?  Yeah, let's get out here Hain mn before they start forming a line, unless you darling girl want something, I did, but I think you're right,  I know somewhere more private, are we come celebrities, sure seen that way."   

                                ...AND THE MEDITATION OF MY HEART...
                                                         SCENE XIII

     “I could talk to chief Vance about all of this, no Nicholas you can't, well not unless you go to the
hospital, hospital, Lynn? I thought you knew” cutting her eyes around at all the others who
sadly knew “you never said anything” yet clearing his note always “knew what? Vance has been in the hospital over a week, he has pancreatic cancer, he has what? Cancer of the pancreas, it's really serious,  thought you knew, is damn cancer gonna kill us all? Damn it, I think lost my appetite, wow he took that rather hard, Mr. vance is Nicholas mentor, he would even be here, I better go
check on him, Nicholas, Lynn just told me how close you are to Mr. Vance, I;m sorry we had to bring such bad news doing already taxing trails. That damn disease Manassas has murdered more of my loved ones than I  can count, it's just so unstoppable, ...yeah his own beast in all this beauty unspeakable right here beauty, Don;t let me spoil your dinner, well, i want you to know, I know Tiffany,  ...you know Tiffany how? She used the law firm I was working for to deal with the magazine incident, I met her at the fashion center all. Excuse me but when they told me what she is to you, I was, ah, shocked, ...shocked,? May I ask how did this impossible happen? That's funny, though i know Manassas it's not at all meant to be, I been in love with Tiffany Saurus, I could say since the foundation of the world, that about i don't know, six or so months ago she reciprocated said feelings, I won't do this Manassas without her, I'll walk away from it all just as easily I daily contemplate at the drop of a hat, she is my everything and this, this is all nothing in comparison, I think I'll take an early night, be all the more refreshed in court tomorrow, goodnight Ms. Shiban, sleep tight as they say, don't let the Caspers around here, bite, huh? Lynn, you startled me, did you hear that? More than you know, he told me something similar and take from he mean it every blood drop of his heart, how incredible it it have someone care about you like that huh. You think Lynn it happen to us all, or a selected few? That's a little Man, like te bible describing these two ways, one broadway and we're all looking for love in all the wrong roadblocks an there's the narrow, strait only by self sacrifice will we ever reach this point, and you know Man, how we're too much in love with ourselves, no place for anyone else, on that prevailing note, I have a phone call to make to the a love like that hanging by the thread of my uncertainty but Man, no more, no more at all."     >>>Sye? Jeremy is talking to you, ah yea son, now that's beautiful, let me see now, that's mommy, and whose that? That's you daddy, oh” you're right, I think moma sissy is laughing at us, now what's that little black thing? Ughhhh, sometimes daddy's don't know anything, well mr smarty pants? That is my dog Bennie, but you don't have a dog, I will one day want I momma Sissy, yes Jeremy, as soon as we can persuade your father, see I told you  ...oh, so I'm the bad guy? You're the good guy, momma Sissy? Yes, is it okay that I lke daddy, call you mommy and not momma sissy, yes, I would love that, I love that too, daddy you love that? Yes, Jeremy I love that, I'll go draw a fish tank, with big fish, small fish, maybe like my dog Bennie it come true as well, see you later daddy for my bath, okay, okay see you then. Ah my god I have tears, he's really something isn't he, yes he is, he is our sunshine. I imagine the heartbreak leaving him Stephanie suffered through, he says he's gonna draw Bennie until he come home I guess we need to take him to the pet shop so he can find Bennie, I guess so, come on Jeremy we got a party to get to, see you for dinner, bye daddy, kiss, kiss, bye son, kiss, kiss to you and momma dear

                           ...O LORD MY STRENGTH AND REDEEMER...
                                                    SCENE XV

Jude! I got here as soon as I could, I know this isn't protocol, her name is Sura Danielle” “some kind of way our Tristan Alyn has sealed us as one and there is no breaking asunder no matter how I try, fight, and wrestle, “yes, he said something about leaving his wife unto another husband, what you mean Nicholas he said, he talked about such things with you? Nothing, ...wait a minute you talked to him, saw him, and I've promised him, tell me what did he do say, is this not Nicholas Edin my life and death as well? That he is dead and will spend it’s burial in Africa, ....where Nicholas his ashes now roam, the widow, Sura  Danielle, she came to me last night, right into the castle walls, ...yeah, I
remember seeing her, for a brief moment I grew tremendous thinking it was, ah Tiffany Ann, they really resemble, how do you do it, Mr Coogan, how do you faithfully stay so far away from your lady love? I don't, i only seems that way, everyday begins with a hope, that day we will be reunited, without giving up, then I surround all I see, hear and feel, early morning to night with memories of her, I am the first breath that she has ever taken, and she's mine, and although I'm not worthy, but
who Jude, is?I say if your very soul purpose is after this Suar Danielle Jude find her, compete her and never let her go, never Jude, never let her go. It not just a fantasy, and there is nothing on this earth
like unto it, nothing, I promise. How? How do I birth off this fear and discover her a woman I've never known but since birth I've known her? The body of your heart does what comes natural daily, who trained it that way? Your discovery of her Jude will take the heart of your body by it's hand and lead you through unto a glorious morn just know Jude,  remember that making love to thy wife is man's greatest act of, humanity, there is no greater selflessness, vow yourself to it's sweet, sweet victory."     <<<"You like it? you growing hair on your chin, I know, last I glanced the mirror, it looked so naked, my face did, if you Lyn like it, I keep it, if not, I let it go, whewwwwww, I don't know, I'm kinda in between about it, ...okay what are gonna order? Can I tell you something first, yes, shot, as they say, yes, yes Lue I will marry you, what, ah, what? When, when did you, just now, god this witness, just now, I just saw how wonderful you are and I want that in my life, I want you Nun in my life. You have no fever and I'm not dreaming this, I did have seafood salad earlier, this is not a negative reaction, Nun Connah Lue, guess what? What, you and Ly Lynn Chow are getting married, then lets go, ..let, where are we going? I want to buy you jewelry but I also wanted you there, is that okay? Yes, get it the first time, exactly, just like in the movies, but only for real this time. Mother said her advisor saw it in the Tarot Cards, I warn her to stay away from such foolishness, that it borders witchcraft, but since father died, she's been searching helplessly this way, then we'll keep her in our prayers, thank you Lyn, that is most gracious, Ly Lnn Chow, guess what? We are getting married, you sure this is not a dream, stop it with eyes Miss Chow you are creeping me out! Okay, okay you think that's funny, I got ya, you have to sleep, isn't that like a backstabber, coming after someone after they're sleep, call it what you want the future Mrs. Lue, just know I'm coming for you. You don't scare me, uh, hu, we'll see whose care is this, I didn't know you drive? It's a rental and I been driving since my early teens, you knew, you just messing with me, you drive? Not in another country, it all look upside down, after a while you get used to it, it's not as scary as it seem, come on try, ....no, no no, we wanna beat the store closing, you gonna do it, you gonna wear a ring? You buy one I'll sure as heck think about it, ...I buy one as you say Ly Lynn Chow you sure as heck better so some better than think about it. We're really gonna do this , having doubts already, haven't been thirty minutes let alone an hour, I was speak rhetorically, then yes, rhetorically, this time next year we Lynn could be parents, isn't that just so wild?" 

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