Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XXV


“It is I” clarifying herself hopefully to Jude Aleksander was Sura Danielle

knocking on his door “Mrs. De’Burk” opening to her, displaying himself as

one severely ghosted over “how did you” “I asked around” “please”stepping

back to her allowance, was she the last person he expected to see “come in”,

“I’m impressed” did her eyes grow upward and outward this inconceivable

suite “please” welcoming her all the more, sitting as she would “sit” “I'm sorry

for my belightedless Mrs. De'Burk” “please call me Sura” “I'm leaving the next

morning for America Jude” “but I couldn't go without seeing you first” finding

that remark intimidating as was apparent “seeing me” “I know about the dreams”

“the dreams?” Never would he confess to such a thing “yes Jude the dreams”

“those of you and I confessing ourselves” “our one heart to each other” moving

up, off rather nervously “would you like something to drink?” Of course he did,

his mouth, throat had never been so dry “then it is true?” “What” “please” leaping

into his outrageous denial “tell me” following him into the kitchen, into fetching

that well deserved drink, “please Jude” “I have to know” “we're meeting outside

a playhouse” pouring and gulping his glass rather speedily “and we're both needing

and denying one another when we decide to go and talk” showing himself all the

more calm, affirmed “it is there we confess” “so how do you really feel?” It was

her flawless caramel skin, her long silken brunette hair, those long thick lashes,

and her scent, that vivacious aroma of hers “about me” “this?” It was then

Jude experienced a bitter silence on his tongue, one that wouldn't swallow

itself away at his drink, “it is all true” “the dream I mean” blinking watering

eyes, sniffing at a creeping nostril and fainting into the nearing seat “I've

been unable to sleep” “to eat” unlike her tall, dark and audacious Alyn

Tristan. Jude Aleksander was tall yes, quite handsome, but was he of a

light complexion, even his eyes were a limited shade of gray “I pick up the

phone a thousand times a day desiring to call and explain this” “knowing

nothing of this” “comprehending nothing of this magnitude” “I'm lost” “so

very” “it’s ok” coming back to her senses, rushing and kneeling to him “what

is happening to us?” Stinging eyes, nose spilled over unto his wiping “its' ok”

thinking of something marvelous to tell him “no” as one earnestly tried, tested

“this is not ok” “I'm frighten to death” “I can't move” stretching manly palms

her way “look at my hands Sura they're shaking like a leaf” “Sweet Jude is

so beautiful” fine tuning those trembling hands, that quivering blood into a gentle

whisper, tickle on his ear “so stunning is Jude Aleksander” cautiously, perma-

nently flaxing and untangling him into making two as one, “I don't know how

Sura” laying a tender fore-head to her own “Alyn Tristan always said I was

impossible” “willing” breaking off this sizable wedlock, talking and listening

back to her “humble” getting to him additionally, again taking those feeble

hands, fixing them unto her warm breast, “but always impossible” “marry me

Jude” before he could indeed say no “marry me Jude and take me into yours”

shaking a non-sense head, snatching his hand back “please I cannot” “can’t

Jude or won't?” {{{Yes Arron” talking into the speaker phone, suspecting
her suspecting him, “will you please come to my suit and escort Mrs. De'

Burk out” “this is your answer?” Clamoring for the receiver, indeed pre-

venting him “yes you’re to make sure she is with proper transportation”}}}.


Syefan hadn't told Susan but he was very concern. Almost three says had

passed since Agurus told him he and Tiffany were out the door to catch the

next flight, he'd lost all contact with him sense. He now had to consider the

possiblilty they'd not reached a flight in time and was now stranded in the

middle east in the middle of what was being labored The Gulf War, with

chemical war pending.

This wasn't good and although he'd been as honest with Nicholas as

he could be, trusting his friend Agurus who was truly a professional and a

gensis when it came to heated deliberations such as this pressing urgency.

Syefan was yet pretty scared, he was also facing the reality things could be

far worse than either of them could imagine and he wondered if Agurus

could protect Tiffany, especially now with both his and Tiffany's life

hanging in the unbalance, but so was there intense prayers and faith,

reorganizing this identical unbalance, this his rest.


“So you gonna tell me or do I need to guess?” Rolling over into her

curious husband bosom, “it's Tip isn't it?” “Yea” swabbing at a worrisome
strand of hers, “is it bad or do I dare ask?” Toucning his weary outlook

unto her own burning unknowing “It could be” “I haven't heard from

Agurus in literally three days” “last I heard they where in route to the

airport” “since then Sissy there has been literally nothing.”

Granting her darling husband a very passionate kiss, bringing him,

and for the moment keeping his warm life in hers, she said nothing but

snugged all the more close “it’lll be ok”, “things as you know Sye always

work out for Tip” “I have a feeling this will as well" "I hope so” relaxing

instead into her priceless warmth, closeness, resting his once weary head

into her closeness, yes pondering that actuality “I hope so.”


Tiffany grew terrified, clinging to Agurus's loan person once more as

bullets once again ricocheted through their transportation, grabbing her

hand and whisking her from the car she and Agurus tore out running and

stumbling down a hill. As she glanced back toward the car, ignoring Agurus

telling her not to, the car was rent of bullet tears as also the driver. They

where now being chased by these ugly, angry assailants who apparently

wanted them dead.

Agurus screamed for her to hurry, to run faster, “if they catch us they’ll

kill us” pulling her along suddenly they happen into and felled quietly upon

their hiding place, the earth as far as could be seen was devastated with war

and it's gruesome carnage. Falling to his knees behind a hiding place he pulled
Tiffany down as well cautioning her to silence as they crawled on their belly

passed them not making a sound, no fear of that as their hearts were in their

mouth, their throat.

Taking their terrorized fleeing, Tiffany couldn't remember when she'd

been so frighten and so exhausted her thighs, legs were all cramping yet

Agurus scared for their lives pulled her faster. It was here, strangely, unbe-

lievably but yes here Tiffany Ann happen upon a familiar place, an accus-

tomed stead from her youth, feeling Agurus hand release her unto his con-

tinued fleeing away. Although running instead to this familiar place, falling

to her knees Tiffany found her memories burrowed and sown into the earth.

As she peeped therein a bouquet of the most beautiful pinkest roses bloomed

right before her eyes “beautiful” she sighed.

To one side of them laid a beige silken, laced handkerchief fold to per-

fection and too the left something completely dark, oblivious, she murmured

the word beautiful as the flowers took their most eloquent blossom, joy and

peace filled her heart. Standing in this unexplainable intermission to her running

again only to find herself looking down the weapons of her angry, unacquainted

enemies. Screaming loud, unfamiliar words they fired upon her quickly, without

an ounce of thought was their naked aggression tearing and burning her flesh,

that blood and soul’s ever-last.

Ripping her flesh to the bones, casting her vital fluids to the four winds

did this violent assault scattered her to the earth below when just before she

felled in the far distance she could see him, the look of horrid despair in his
screams, in his marvelous eyes, as so in hers. He turn so slowly and faded

into the distant. It was then her horrid screams and screeches pierced the

perverse hour and she crashed to death upon the earth. Although could she

still hear his novel lamenting, his oblivious chanting, “Now!” screaming for help

was Tiffany lifeless in his arms, her beautiful golden eyes barely open. Her glorious

soft strands dangling about his stout arms, he was terrified, crying even. Tiffany

had experienced what they called a violent dream, and she'd gone into shock

Drawing her ever so close she was cold and ugly like death in his arms

Instructing his cousins to pile on as many warm blankets as possible trying

to raise her body temperature as this seem to be the answer.

Clearly was Tiffany unresponsive, she was dying and trembling in a

cold sweet, her teeth actually chattering together, her soft body like ice in

his arm. This vision of loveliness, of humanity was now laying so helpless be-

tween life and death. A petrified Agurus couldn't help but remember the

promise he'd made not to Syefan, Christian or to himself but to Tiffany, his

promise that he would get her home, but not like this he was horrified, not in

a pine box.

This of course wasn't unusual after someone had endured what Tiffany

had for the first time. Even the trauma to her head could have been a

party to it. All he knew that she was possibly the most precious thing he'd

ever had the pleasure of knowing and he prayed to Allah not to let her die.

Tiffany didn't know it but it was Christian who'd set up that private flight

and Agurus could feel his deep lamenting after he received word they'd
not made it. He could hear his tremendous dying over the phone, that

and his especial love for her, lost as she was yet in such peril.


Nicholas sat in solace as the rather renown Clifton case unfold before

him. He listen quickly and curiously to the prosecution accusation and

rebuttal. He couldn't believe to what limits they'd gone to prove his client

guilty of a crime he'd not committed and to what extreme they'd gone to

gather what appeared to be only circumstantial evidence. Though it

sound good to the jurors and the court itself. What they had so far was

like buckets with holes unable to hold water let alone the longevity of this

very prestigious man whose life laid in the balance of their ugliness and


They knew it Nicholas thought or they where half-witted lame brains.

They couldn't be serious coming to him with this bogus case emphasized

by their rather presumptuous court-acting and expect a guilty verdict.

They had to be kidding Nicholas imagined or it was a rather clever scheme

to force his teams rather brilliant court liaisons into bumbling slothfulness

and exertion. One thing was for certain they couldn't be trusted either

way and he and his team had to stay on their toes until the prosecution

revealed their true hand.


“Don't let them fool you”, lifting a spoon to his mouth was Nicholas Edin

forewarning Bjamein, Jude “what do you mean?” Peeking up from his spoon,

was Bjamein clearly intrigued “come on Bjamein think” pointing to his temple,

readying his glass, “this is what is being called the trial of Paris's century” “you

don't actually believe they're gonna trust fumbling idiots” “I don't know” vaguely

giving this some thought “I” “I guess I didn't really think about it” “then think”

“because that's what I need all of you to do” “they want us to just hand them

this win?” “What are they trying to gain by making us think they're stupid?”

“They want us to become nugatory” Philip Mance readied his glass “inactive”

“exactly” waving his fork, nodding is head excitedly “exactly! “what do you

think Miss Chow?” “I think Philip is right” “our strength is our legal erudition”,

"agreement and resolve” laying her preparations aside “it's our wall and foundation”

“if they can penetrate them” “even weaken them we will easily lose this case”

“I agree” toasting his glass was a cheerful Nicholas Edin in agreement “Bjamien”

noticing his suddenly funk at the raise of his glass “I don't even know why I'm on

this case” for same reason we're all on this case” clearly knowing how Bjamein

felt was Jude explaining both their sides “you're training to be one of the greatest

trial lawyers of all time” “all of us are” readying his fork with delicious pasta, with

whatever Nicholas was to have “on that note we have to be humble enough

to take one anothers criticisms and opinions” raising his glass into a brilliant

toast was Nicholas Edin graciously agreeing “what Jude mean is we Bja all

have a lot to learn.”

Bjamien was the youngest on the team, barely twenty-three and

Nicholas felt one of the most brilliant. To have his legal wisdom at such a

young age, well he was a genesis who would one day be a rich genesis.

He was born off the coast of Somalia and had been on the team a few

months now, he was a great addition to the team. A sure brilliance.

Bjamien Paui Kroff was tall, dark and stunning. He had the most

smoothest, dark, flawless skin Nicholas thought he'd ever seen, and his

African accent embraced by his deep sultry voice made him far more

interesting than others. He'd drawn very close to Nicholas, spending most

of his time with him or around him and Nicholas felt honored to be his

patron, his imperfect role model, though Bjamein Paui thought Nicholas

Edin Coogan plenty perfect.


“So where you going to tell me you're leaving?” Welcoming herself in

the more at meddling him, was a yet busy Anthony Dale almost finished

packing “I'm out of here by afternoon tomorrow” stepping over the mess

he’d made “so I've heard and not from you” “you sure you don't want me

to come along?” Looking up unappreciatively “no” “I'm not sure” “but I

need to do this alone” “what” “what if you have another attack or some”

“I'll be fine” noticing how her wondrous scent, those equally bedazzling

blue eyes all the more bewitching him, the very orgasmic lust in him “I

can't help but think Tony I've pushed you too far away” “what if you

don't want to come back:” “is that what this is about?” Standing into

once bent, tried legs, getting to her, adjusting her along his warm,

safe embrace “don't you know I will never leave you Ash” kissing

her delicate hairline, that inviting ear, neck, “make love to me Tony”

“no” propelling instead into his delectable mouth was she not taking

no for an answer “Ash” jerking her into attention, certainly making

space “not now” “don't you realize how long it's been?” As if he

didn’t know, Anthony Dale ached for in ways unexplainable how

could he not know? “Yes Ash I” “I want you Tony” rushing to

unfasten his pants, his shirt, kissing his anxious for her chest “no”

pointing a keen finger and look of disapproval.her way “I can't

ok” “you just gonna have to undrstand” “I can’t “why” “Ash”

daring her, that she’s to put those explosive hands, eroticism

on him “what did I do this time?” “You did” concurrently as

a man both standing and falling “all I know Ash is that I feel so

damn confused” “so misplaced” getting again into his last minute

preparation “and I got to get past this” “I got to do it without

depending upon you so much” “so yes” “my god yes” although

showing himself undoubtedly frustrated he turn to her, tangling his

fingers into her jacket, pressing that jaw, that warm desperate

breath hard against hers “I ache for you” toying with and just as soon
smooching and osculating her delectable mouth, breath, biting himself

deeply into her incredible tongue, yes bringing them, their raging blood

into dramatic regions so limited “don't do this to me” tearing himself

away more undecided than ever, throwing up defensive hands “ok”

trying to both understand and comfort him, a darling Asheligh Michelle

designed lustful fingers into his broad, haired chest, soon fasten his shirt

“I’ll see you when you return” “Ash” directing her getting straight pass

him “I found you before” “I will always find you” “so”wondering after his

get away instead “how can I help?”


Once Tiffany's eyes focused she glanced about her surroundings,

gasping and jerking quickly she inspected her body for wounds. “My god”

she shook into tears pouring down her confusion, cast the covers away

and stumbled onto the floor. Setting forth the most horrid scream at

Agurus speedy pursuit, “what are you doing?” Helping a yet frail Tiffany

back to bed “where is this place?” “My parents home” “let me help you

back” “what happen?” New tears, warm, to cold evidenced this horror

of hers “I thought I was dead” “killed” “I felt the bullets tearing my flesh”

“shhhhh” Agurus felt her ear, her special scent conformably approved her,

kneeled into her sitting “it was dream” “that's all” “a dream” additional tears

released themselves “no” taking her hand unto herself “no” “this was real”

“damn it” “it was real” gently touching her chin, bringing tear glistening
eyes his way “look at me” “it was a dream” rising to and researching

her into her stand “I promise Tifny that's all it was” “I felt the bullets”

swabbing her nose suddenly pulling at his garments, “I felt them tearing

me to pieces” “I know” beholding this astounding creature, explaining

as only he could, turning her into a full length mirror, causing her to

model herself all around “here” “look at yourself “no wounds” “no

bullets” without further hesitation did a faded Tiffany Ann set herself

passionately upon his neck, again crying as this was an invincible advent

“it was a horrible” “horrible dream” reverancing her as a man deeply

in love “a terrible night scare” “what about the bus” distressed enough

at being right in his very breath “was that a dream also?” “I'm afraid

Tifny that was real” “aw god” untangling her into an additional seat,

did that reality upset her all the more “but you wasn't hurt” “Tifny

wasn't hurt” touching what was becoming a nervous, painfully parch

throat “can I get some water?” “Sure you can” pulling Kleenexes as

well “let's get your face all wiped up.”

Tiffany could hardly believe it, it was so real, she thought, so very real

although as Agurus had persuaded her it had to be a dream for there she

sat still among the living. Plainly getting herself to the nearest window, the

nearest look out and see, judging by the sunlight it was a wonderful day,

Agurus people had a very handsome home and although she knew Agurus

possibly wouldn't tell her she was certain they were there for the long haul.

Doubtful what would she do in such a foreign land and for how long would
she be stranded there? Christian may as well see her, she hoped, she wasn't

going anywhere, any time soon.

As Tiffany all the more test her balance she could see Agurus talking to

an older imagine of himself, possibly his father, and a beautiful little girl who

ran and jumped into his arms very elated to see him as was the young lady

escorting her. It was then Tiffany glanced down at her hand noticing an

unfamiliar ring on her wedding finger, becoming very estranged she gazed

upon the rather charming jewel pondering it's purpose. “Where did this

come from” hearing the stairs she hasten back to the bed.


“Here we go” “a nice cup of water” tucking her in, sitting into her just

as promptly, “I know you must be starved” “come to think about it I am”

“but first” raising a ringed hand to his eye level “what is this?” “Oh that”

showing himself most theatrical at finding it an ideal time to straighten her

room “it’s a ring” “and” “and I had to tell them you were my wife” “to

keep you safe” “and you just happen to have a ring laying around?” “Yea”

at folding away those extra blankets was he such a glorious appearing creature

“sort of” “ok I want agured with you” “thanks” “I'll get you something to eat”.

Tiffany didn't know if she had this guardian angel of which her mother

often told her watching over her or what. But here was another man willing

to sacrifice his life for hers, a stranger. Another tall, dark handsome mystery,

with gorgeous curly hair and large perfect eyes accenting glorious extented

He too was a beautiful man and she felt blessed to simply pretend to

be his wife for a week or two. Now laying that aside she was ready to find

Christian, she'd not come all that way and almost died to have him resist

her. He would see her or else she would make his living a greater misery.


{{{“Is there any word?” A concern Nicholas Edin glued his ear to

the receiver, “no” Syefan sadden somewhat “I'm afraid we've lost contact

with that area for a few days at least” “why in the hell didn't she” “come on

Nickie” “she didn't know" “no” “no Jeremy” “moma don't want you playing

with that” “moma” pondering immensely at Syefan otherwise conversation

“who on earth are you talking to?” “Jeremy” calling him to the phone “come

here and talk to your uncle Nickie” “hello uncle” “hello” feeling strange did

Nicholas show patience “who's” “who's this?” “Are you my uncle Nick”

“did you win your case?” “Put your father back on the phone” resting his

feet to the floor “here daddy” “he want to talk to you” “yeah” welcoming

himself to Susan’s famous cookies “what the hell is going on?” “Jeremy is

Susan and I adopted son” “my god when did you guys decide to adopt?”

Bracing himself for the worse, all the more starling his little brother, his

very heart “he’s Stephanie's son Nickie” “Stef” “my Stef?” “Yeah”, “Sissy

and I went and got him about two months ago” “two months ago” and he’s

just learning about it “I've barely Sye been gone two months” “and what
do you mean went and got him?” “How in the hell did you end up with

Stefs' son?” “Jeremy” wanting to clear their conversation of him “I think

I here mommy” “go and check for me” “Stephanie wrote me some time

back Nickie asking if I would take Jeremy and raise him because she

wouldn't be able too” “excuse me” displaying himself as one gravely de-

praved “why wasn't she able to?” “At the time she had advanced ovarian

cancer” “and she wanted Jeremy to be with his father if she passed” “his

father?” Was this really happening, was he hearing right? “And she has

cancer?” “Stef has cancer?” “Well how is she?” “Is she in the states?”

“I mean how long will you keep him” fearing these manners of inquiry from

him the most “by the time we reached her Nickie there was nothing neither

of us could do” “you here me” knowing his brother very heart, mind was

breaking to pieces “I'm sorry Nickie” “how long?” Squeaking out very

revised words, emotions held painfully in his throat, truly not believing his

ears, “she passed right after we arrived in Sydney” “I'm sorry Nickie”

sniffing and swabbing at his own disruption “I know I should have told

you sooner” “I just didn't know how” “did you guys give her a proper”

Managing barely could Nicholas not believe he’d lost yet another to this

relentless assault “I mean” stretching burning eyes, face and a fierce ingestion

skyward, thinking this was the kid she was talking about last he saw her

“the best” “so he's named Jeremy?” “Yes” “he's a wonderful kid” “How

old is he?” “He turned four a month back” sweeping determined cheeks

of his own “four” breathing again although yet to contain himself “cute is
he?” “Gorgeous and very smart like his mother” “Susan” “she's all right

with this?” “Yeah” “Jeremy and I are blessed to have her” “wow things

do change” “you gonna be all right,” “cause for me thoughts of papa return

and I had a hard time shaking them?” “Aw yeah” enlarging himself all the

better “you know me” “look Sye I better go my lunch is up” “call me if

you here from Tiffany” “I will” “you know I will”}}}.

Syefan had spent the last fews months trying to figure out how he

would break the news of Jeremy and not only Stephanie, but her death

when suddenly there was no time like the present. It went better than he

expected, also as painful. He did know his little brother and one thing he

wasn't, was alright. He was painfully horrfied at the news of her death, it

was sorrowfully obvious.

Syefan wasn't at all surprised, he knew Nicholas still thought of Stef,

even often sometimes, this is way telling him was so damn hard. Although

like every other dilemma facing him and his family they always found a way,

if not around it, then through it. It was best to put it out front and make it

disappear that they also learn from father Coogan.

They'd lost the mother they never spoke of to a massive heart attack

when she was only thirty five years old, they were young boys, Bradford

only 9 years old. Their father never brung another woman into the house

but talked of their mother and their relationship very often. About how

much they loved one another, encourging them to get married only for

love, true love he reminded, the love that conquers all.

Of course the boys never truly believe such a love existed, but Syefan

knew it did, because he had a wife who loved him unconditionally and

that he felt was this true love of which their father always spoke. Through

this the boys were almost positive this is why their father of only 37 years

old, never remarried, because he could never love or be loved as he felt

his darling Cossie Ann had loved him.

Despite their troubles and there was plenty, their mother being

dignosied with heart diease early in their parent's marriage, they endured

them together. Their vows in holy matrimony would be tried to there

fullest and they would come forth spelling like roses because their love

was the true love that conquers all. A love without condition, their love

would survive those things better and those things worse, and they, his

boys were the only reason he didn't die alone with her as he deeply


part two

“So if Clifton didn't do it whom?” Laying it all out on the table “what

Nicholas about Mrs.Clifton?” “Who else?” This was Jude’s conclusion

“and who better?” “Good Senario” talking with her fork “but not Mrs.Clifton

I assure you” “she was at a beauty salon” was Ly Lynn certain of that “the

paper trail and over ten witnesses verifies it” “so” ideally getting back to

the question at hand “was she killed and all the evidence pointed to Clifton
the guilty party,” “or was she killed purely to frame Clifton?” “Framed”

that sound ideal to Bjamein Paui who had others sitting at their sizeable

dinner table to agree “what's the difference?” Readying his fork Jude

Aleksander wasn’t as convinced, “guility is guility” “no” and this was

Bjamein’s clarity of things “see if the evidence was planted to lead to

Mr. Clifton it can then be unplanted leading instead to the real assilants”

“I'm tired of this place” drastically speeding off of his own subject, “yeah”

seeming to know and agree at what Nicholas’s to mean “it's getting to be

a little too much” “I want to disagree with you Phil” did Bjamein Paui

glance darling dark eyes of his about the huge dinning table “I mean it's

superb and all” setting his spendid dessert just right “but sometimes

I swear I can feel the walls closing in on me” waiting on the edge of his

tongue “and all the service” “it frightens me sometimes” was Jude instead

wiping his hands into his finish “like I'm losing myself” “losing me” “all

you cry babies” pouring her a fresh glass, “I've never lived so glamourous”

“and I will possibly never see the inside of a castle as marvelous as this

ever again let alone live in it” “I don't know Alyson” “I kinda feel like the

guys” “I mean I know we were brung here for safety purposes” also quite

finished was Ly Lnn having her say “and for the sake of the case” fanning

stunning eyes of her up and all around, shook disagreeably “but this” “it's

a little too much” “I mean” “don't you feel like we're being watched” “stu-

died” “I have doubts about my privacy in the bath” “yeah me” “hold up”

did otherwise hands of Nicholas Edin fly up, “I didn't mean to start
paranoial here” “I don’t think you you did Nicko man” “this place is

spooky” agreeing all the others was this not Nicholas’s ideal “spooky”

explaining was Bjamein Paui “man” “there have been times when

I've walked up to that Goliath of a door and thought it might be locked

and I wouldn't be able to get out of this place” “you too” was Phillip

Mance just as convinced “See?” Ready at sipping the last of his glass

“that's what I'm talking about” “para-noial” “O I guess Nicholas this

giant domain doesn't frighten you?” Pointing his fork into Manassas

inquiry “not frighten” “I may get uncomfortable at times” “what?” Making

a simple story a ghost story was Phillip truly stirring things up “the strange

noises at night right?” Joking at them all was Jude amaking his departing

“I think we're frightening the ladies” “ha” all of them finding that literally

laughable did Manassas pounce “I think you guys are more frighten than

we are” “I think we should move back into our apartments” was Ly Lnn

contemplating a delicious looking, smelling dessert, “what about you Nicholas?”

“Aren't you ready to leave?” “I think we need to remember why Lynn we're

here in this first place” “that somebody tried to kill us” “did kill Wren”, “Sergio”

“and what castle hell is our reward,” endorsing and laughing the others Phillip

Mance wasn’t as indoctrinated “are we suppose to believe this is safe?”

“Man if we take a wrong turn in this place we could be lost forever” “yea”

having to agree “I guess you're right” “if someone wanted to make us

disappear there's truly enough secret places in here” pushing his plate and

into a look skyward at again studying the castle's illustrious magnitude. “I
say we get our divorce papers” pushing himself from the table was this

Jude’s remark “I consent” they all together consented “come on now

guys” had Nicholas Edin started something unintentional “nobody said

anything about divorce papers” making this his leave as well did Bjamein

have a phone call to make “I want a divorce” “just the ideal they follow

us whereever we go freaks me out” “yeah” lighting Phillip Mance right

up “what's that about?” “All I know is Niemeyer and I hardly found a place

of peace when last she was here” pointing a dark, serious look, finger

their way “I believe there's something they're not telling us” “something

like what Bja” “excuse me” suspecting that name in particular “did you say

Niemeyer?” “Yeah” celebrating his tall, exquisite self all the more “that's my

girl” knowing he knew her “she's, a model” “hey” was this some coincidence

“you know Meyer?” “I know of her” “I'm familiar with firm she works for

in New York” “Yeah” helping him at saying “Dissuasion” “what a coin-

cidence” “yeah it is” Nicholas was thinking it was him he'd seen at Erica's

party, again pointing Nicholas’s way “that is the Tiffany you're to love?”

“aw my god she's like the most awsome thing ever I'm to see or imagine”

but what about Niemeyer Nicholas wondered, what about this stunning

African queen of his own? “It's strange” “you don't seem her type at all”

“I could talk to chief Vance about all of this” repacking his case “no Nicholas

you can't” quickly imposing on his thuoght “well not unless you go to the

hospital” stretching his large hand of curosity along a perfect chin, “hospital

Lynn?” “I thought you knew” cutting her eyes around at all the others who
sadly knew “you never said anything” yet clearing his note aways “knew

what?" “Vance has been in the hospital over a week” helping at explaining

“he has pancreatic cancer” “he has what?” Stopping everything, presses,

timetables and all as a stunn Nicholas Edin immediately made both his

stomach and heart sicken, actually sink him into a sizeble heaviness “aw

my god not again” first this horrid news of Stef, now Mr. Vance “we all

thought you knew” laying a comforting hand to his shoulder was Bjamein

Paui only to help “is damn cancer gonna kill us all?” Crashing an angry fist

most horrid into the table, “damn it” soon storming himself out of the room

“wow” never seeing him this angry “he took that rather hard” “I better go

check on him” “Nicholas Man lost his father to pancreatic cancer” at this

finish at getting Nicholas things together “I don't have to tell you how close

he is to Mr. Vance.”


Startling Ly Lnn with his outage did an evaporating Nicholas Edin

violently, explosively slammed his fist “that damn disease has murdered

more of my loved ones” “I'm so sorry” turning, rushing into and abruptly

transmitting Ly Lynn permanately into his horrid self, hurriedly devoting

this sweet life to his horrid death did Nicholas Edin in only a second

realized he had once again entered into those places of abstience, of

sacrifice. Albeit at this very inflicting second being as one standing

on the highest pinnacle screaming and crying with only this amazing
seductress coming to his rescue he didn’t care.

With an inviting touch, finger to her chin, soon just as desperately

designing her inviting mouth, exacting this wondrous, now unreliable

outlook, eyes, Nicholas kissed her before he knew it, striking her zealous

fever where it lived and purpose after this single one “I want you”, laying

a desperate head,warm, panic breath to hers, her darling ears, scent

again unto that fervent, quite eagar mouth “I need you so much” bitting

and tearing at her neck, that exhilarating spoor casting them into an injurious

foreplay, a blazing urgency that would not be quenced, to feed of her and

enrage her into his own a sexually hazardous Nicholas Edin tore at her

bosom a blistering opponent "no take me” wrestling biting and ingesting

him into anxious sacrements so outfitted, obviously testing his slight denial,

his runnning from her still, did she by enslaving every fiber into her hot

advances helplessly Nicholas Edin indulged himself, obsessed by these

seething flames firing up in the very pit of him, the serious blood of him,

those needing a deliberate, malicious eruption, he became a mutinous

fellow, stripping her with every bite, striking and seducing her with

every captivating imperilment, dissolving her right up.

“You are so delicious” stripping her as will, as both of their unlimited

fluid of life willed “so damn good” anxiously releasing her awsome bosom

into a desire for her so immense, so detrimentally approving was Nicholas

Edin and Ly Lnn Chow entangling themselves into this inconceivable web

of unruly seduction and what a mangled insolation this was to be indeed.

The way she melt into his hand at every morbid notification, she was

shivering, flawlessly was she quaking and crying, exploding was she at

begging him to take her, to have her.

Quickly seeing to his own undressing, Nicholas was provoked by this

unsettling hungry to finish this insanity once and for all, these unguarded

affections, this infectious hungar insulting his natural objection, that one

now infecting him throughout blood and being forgetting all things, promises,

vows alike. Ly Lnn being so overgrossed, so aimless imagined they'd wrestled

one another to the floor, to the soft, black carpets a senuous lay, that their grapic

relations unrestricted, a forbidden force as both their hardness, harassed their

naked selves expoding them both into loud mourns that intice their hot, wet

selves all the more. “I always want you this hot”, Nicholas would bit her,

“always this outraged” he would swallow her loud bellowing and ingest her

into himself as one.

It was here Ly Lnn imagined Nicholas tremedous sniffness would site

her erotic outrage and siezed her to morbid stirring so titanic her very being

would quake in his voluptuous emerging, suspending them into exruciating

copulating. That his loud love mating would be purely renderous as he rose

and fell so envincingly into her extreme excitement, her skittish cries and

shivering lamenting would magnify and surrender with every ingensis

stroke of his wondrous companionship. She could but wish his soul

possessing harassment would fulfill them unto an everlasting conjoining
rendering them always this one.

Although and suddenly this was not going at all like Ly Lnn imagine,

he'd indeed kissed her, stripped her and bit her in places not even her

own, but he'd also close her up, away and he was running from her,

getting away from this like it was a matter of life and death. Ly Lnn was

anxious after him, pulling and wrestling with him to be filled up of them both

but Nicholas Edin had seen his tremendous folly, his obsence disorder and

he'd withdrawal, run from her and locked himself away, crying and beating

himself to more death for this unbelieveable dishonor, this ernest but una-

cceptable breakdown and Ly Lnn who now locked away with a door

between them was failing at persuading him that this was not wrong, that

it was not a folly, that they were two people who painfully desired and

deserved, she was crying, but her pleas failed on what would seem deaf

ears, her manic cries go on without true principle.


“Sye?” Calling at his dreaming away, “Jeremy is talking to you”,

“ah yea son", reaching unto his drawing “now that's beautiful” “let me

see now” “that's mommy” describing his drawing “and whose that?”

“That's you daddy” “oh” seeing things a bit more clearly, tickling Susan

Faye “you're right” “now what's that little black thing?” ”Ughhhh”, growling

at his father’s unknowing, taking his drawing away “sometimes daddy's

don't know anything” immensely thrilling them both “well” modeling

him instead his knee “what is it Mr. Smarty pants?” “It's my dog Bennie”

“but you don't have a dog” “I will one day” “want I mommy” “yes”

exacting a smile into finishing all their lunches “as soon as we can per-

suade your father” “oh” showing himself playfully as one betrayed “I'm

the bad guy” “no daddy” aligning an unforgetable hug, kiss upon his

father’s neck, soon getting out “you're the good guy” “he's really some-

thing isn't he” swatting a possible tear away Syefan watched Jeremy

get to the other room, “yes he is” bringing a concoling rub to her husband’s

shoulder “I imagine leaving him was the hardest thing Stephanie had to do”

“he says he's gonna draw Bennie until he comes home” also exacting

creeping emotions his way “isn't that sweet?” “I guess we need to take

him to the pet shop so he can find Bennie" fixing her jscket on reading

ll their leaves “I guess so” “come on Jeremy we're got to go” “see you

for lunch” she was saying her goodbyes “bye daddy” coming a kiss of him

right on the mouth, “bye son.”

Syefan didn't know if little Jeremy knew how very expressive that kiss

had been to him. If he had any doubts about bringing him home despite

what others would say or feel itt was then he realized he'd indeed done

the right thing by both Stephanie and his son. He was the most darling thing

and although Susan statement startled him he too realized her leaving Jeremy

was a worse reality than that cancer eating her alive.

With each passing day Jeremy reminded Syefan more of Nicholas. His
unrelenting vitality and especial compassion. Heck, Syefan remembered, Nicholas

kissed their father on the lip clear into his teens, neither of them thought it strange.

Syefan felt he truly had a prize if Jeremy was anything like his uncle Nickie. They

where falling in love with this kid, he and Susan, and judging by Jeremy's passionate

hug and kiss he was falling in love with them.


"Jude! getting to him through a crowed bar was there a show of concern

"I got here as soon as I could", "I know this isn't protocol, sitting with enough

urgency as Nicholas Edin “her name is Sura Danielle” “some kind of way Allyn

Tristian has sealed us as one and there is no breaking asunder, “yes” remebering

that in particular, not thinking before he spoke “he said something about leaving

his wife unto another husband, “he said” was Jude Aleksander mentally thrown

away “what you mean he said?” “Nothing” frighfully canonizing his promise, but

was this a black ct out of the bag. “wait a minute you talked to him” “saw

him” “and” as Jude had done before him he ordered a green salad, a light

beverage “I've promised him” “tell me what did he do” leaning in his intriuged

hearing, heart “say?” “That he is dead” spreading light butter on a warm bread-

stick “and will spend it’s burial in Africa” “she came to me last night” “right

into the castle walls” “yeah” not forgetting what he’d himself seen, imagined “I

remember seeing her” “for a brief moment I grew tremendous thinking it was

Tiffany Ann” sening that to be strange indeed “they really resemble “how do

you do it?” “How do you faithfully stay so far away from her?” “I don't” “it
only seems that way” showing himself marvelously disapproved, depicting

memorably his grand folly the night before “I imagine constantly that I am

the first breath that she has ever taken” “and although I'm not worthy” “but

who is?” “Then Jude I suppose I'm every breath” pausing in an admirable

forfeiture, soon limiting the distance between them directing his path “every

heartbeat she will take unto our eternity” “if your very soul purpose is after

this Suar Danielle Jude find her” “find her and compete her” as one evidently

incontestable, even unswerving “yourself” “there is nothing on this earth

like unto it” “nothing” “I promise” “how?” Thoroughly having Nicholas

Edin just where he wanted him Jude Aleksander sat at this lost still, “how

do I birth off this fear and discover her a woman I've never known since

my birth?” “The body of your heart does what comes naturally daily” re-

minded of his and Tiffany’s such the like rapturous union “it will take the

heart of your body” “it's hand and lead you through all the desolation” giving

a display his own palms “confusion and darkness unto a glorious morn” “just

know Jude” “ remember that making love to thy wife is man's greatest act of

humility” “sacrifice” how did he know this, who was this man and where

was Nicholas Coogan “there is no greater selflessness” “no greater forbearance

than to surrender” “than to unlease your truest identity so lecherously to

thy” streching his neck at seeing, at knowing, “wife” “excuse me is that

Lynn” “yes” turning with him into this research, “I did see her and the

others come in” contracting personally this horrid anxiety of his so visibly

startling Nicholas Edin his way “maybe you do need to talk to

her” “she hates me Jude, settling back down “she want nothing

to do with me” “so you heard” spilling his glass, tending to his mess,

herein remembering his salad “heard what?” Ly Lnn resigned today”

signaling the waiter at helping with this mss “she's off to Florence

to work with her fiance'e” “financ'e” now was this shocking news or

what?” “Everybody think it has something to do with what happen

between you guys last night", "nothing happen between us last” “Nicko”

pulling a seat, placing his glass “I thought that was you” “what's this

about Lnn resigning?” Asking both Mr. Know it and tell it all. “Is it true”

“she's off to work with the fiance” “you know he's here” not wanting

her to make this decision out of anger “who is here?” “Juan Connah

Lue” “a stunning fellow if I have to say so” “I got to talk to her”

spinning himself up, away “something not quite right happen between

those two” suspecting Jude knew something quite tasty “he didn't

say” eating his salad, he just Phil didn’t say.


“What Nicholas” angily jerking hereself apart from him an outraged

Ly Lnn was being pulled by him into a private place, “you found me now

what” pulled curtains to their privacy “we need to talk” “you know about

last night” “last night” all the more ready to mock him, his unbelievable

performance “let me see” “we” “as in you and I were making

extreme love finally” “finding ourselves as we should” “hell pos-

sessing one the other” “and suddenly you freaked and ran” “for

all I'm concern you raped me” “raped you” “it didn't get that far

Lnn” “yes Nicholas” angrily swatting a tear escaping, "yes my

god it did” “keep” forewarning her that they wasn’t alone “don't

you know you touched me” “hell kissed me in places my fiance'e

don't even know exist” “what” rememebering her voice, her calm

“kind of man are you?” Dancing around him erratically, this unheard

of disloyalty “No damn man” “no human being for that matter could

find himself in such intimate peril and then get up and walk out” spinning

around toward the sink, the mirror, digging his palms and tense fingers as

she mightly, contemplated every sordid action “that’s run Lnn” listening

to her striking insults, suddenly was he focusting instead on the eerie night

peeping through the restroom window one fading him into a screeching,

dark distant seeming all over again “are you freaking human or what”

“Are you freaking gay” “is that it?” “My god that's it right” “you're gay

or something like that” “yeah Lnn” displaying himself a horribly indigestion

that would explain this” “then how could you possibly explain this?” “Ah”

remembering he went black and cold as death, this into a trembling helpless,

he knew for ceratin he wouldn’t last until the morning “you can issue it out

but you can't deliver worth a damn” “I know you're upset” “that Lynn is

understandable” “we're two friend that got too close” “ah” throwing up
ugly arms “too close” “that's what you call it” “you were melting

all over my hot bare flesh like butter on hot toast” “hell taking me

into places that has never existed” “taking yourself Nicholas” “then

all of sudden you bail” “I'm possessed up so freaking” swabbing

her leaking cheek “I'm blistering” “my god without you and you bail”

“what did you want me to do Lnn?” “You mean you don't know?”

I couldn't” “I got to freaking tell you“ “stop this” contacting her tenderly

about her neck, that ugly withdrawal “you stop this” “it was mistake”

it was his eyes, those accenting his blonde wires perfectly, some of the

most god awesome eyes ever, “that’s all” “you think I wanted to run

from you” “I wanted you Lynn unlike any human being is to want

another human being” taking his dramatic hands off of her at getting

himself out “a damn mistake is all it was” “hey Nicko” catching Nicholas

just as he exited, getting behind him “were you going man” “you're gonna

get freaking drench” throwing up an otherwise hand, taking off from the

night spot walking in the cold, pouring rain “what is up with him?” “I don't

know Bja” was Phillip Mance more concern for his American colleague

“it's not good” “I better go get him” handing a concern as himself Bjamein

his glass “this is not the time nor the weather for this.”

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