Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XV

                                                  BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                ...YEA, HE IS ALL TOGETHER LOVELY... 
                                                     CHAPTER XV
                                                            SCENE I

     "That's just it, don’t think there’s a person here that couldn’t marry any person in this world and create a perfect marriage accordingly. Of course you gonna have to factor in age, gender, perhaps nationality for some, but other than that, you’re not looking for a perfect mate as sociality has thought forever, you never were, but rather a perfect commitment made in Jesus's blood. In other words make a choice of a spouse, this person in agreement with you, make a marriage vow conformably and remind heart, mind and soul faithful, even your blood will familiarize itself to this union creating you as one in all likeness, and inseparable. I know what most of you are thinking, researching the blood, but how is that possible? Yes the blood, and is why this entity all it’s own should’ve been spent so curiously and cautiously there are no words, why mankind’s first of all commission is that he or she find them yes of their opposite sort, a spouse, again first of all. This is why a decree of divorce is nothing but words on paper, it is the blood that has committed itself and there’s no undoing this issue of blood framing, validating and metamorphosing you two into this one as of the vows you’ve made for all eternity.” “I mean you guys have heard it called the living blood right? You just never thought of it as having it’s on personality and individuality that it’’s to leave a perfect, identifying mark, even a deadly one if mal-treated, or misguided, as you alone is to will it, yes even in and on your spouse.” “While our fifteen minutes are up don’t forget your, all Mr. Aggart,” with disagreeing mourns throughout a packed to the walls class that he’s to never stop telling them and teaching them, especially the sort off things they’re to never, ever consider “you can’t tell us stuff like this and leave us hanging, You guys know the rule, fifteen minutes is all we have for this little intermission,” “now I’ll you see guys by noon tomorrow. My word what a surprise,” that a kind Desrek Allum to gently bring a gladness to his very heart Kiefer Nicole into a priceless hug but were the entire gang there, Hain and André, Soledad and Kassel and most of all Kassel’s sister Kiefer whom Desrek Allum was graciously greeting. “Wow Mr. Aggart that was amazing, I can’t say I agree with it all
but wow.” “while you know Kiefer a man’s belief is his freedom, here we are attempting to surprise you and you surprised us, wow! That was amazing Desrek man you really see things different than us all, while thanks Sole man, I must say cousin Desrek I’m glad I came, yeah,” having Collin Hain’s hand when at first she could barely get within breathing room of him being this cautious was there a visible healing going on. Hey why don’t we go to the Venture-Cube, that new place right around the corner, games, pizza, dance and Mike night? That sound just perfect Sole, Kiefer? Yes, perfect,” as one finding herself more than overwhelmed with this man, this Desrek Allum truly what planet had he fallen off of bringing him not only to earth but to her and for how long? Lieutenant Aggart, Yes sir,” as one shaking with much enthusiasm a well groomed gentleman hands were the others put aside for now. “I’m Captain Norm, a member of this centers’ assessment committee, you probably don’t know this but their is talk of your class far and wide not only through this facility but this entire community. No sir you’re right I didn’t know, which would explain the classes getting so they’re, I thinking standing room only Lieutenant Aggart is the phrase you’re looking for. Excuse me Captain Norm but am I in some sort of trouble, no, of course not, we would like to meet with you this time tomorrow that we’re to discuss the basics of your curriculum at this center, you have a nice day.” “What are you thinking about? So he read minds too, no one need not to read your mind to know something has you completely bedazzle, you Mr. Aggart,” plaiting his fingers into hers at coming eye to eye with him, even a close, soothing breath “you bedazzle me, even us, while I’m gonna have to be careful about that aren’t I?” As one convinced captain Norm’s visit was more of a warning than an invitation to a promotion, how he’d possibly said too much, ruffled some feathers perhaps “Will you kind sir excuse me to the rest room, please be my guess, no do this,” as one plaiting one of his hand, their fingers into one the other at safeguarding her intimate placement was this manner of intimacy truly intimidating Desrek Allum in warm places deep within restricted for now lands that he would no doubt spend another night considering himself in love with a woman other than Maaseiah Adonai.

                            ... THIS IS MY BELOVED AND THIS IS MY FRIEND...

                                                                     SCENE II

     “I admit Cros I can’t understand Pepper as well as you but if I’m not mistaken he’s to think we’re to make this beautiful day all the more so through a long walk and a long picnic. Out by the water falls right ,girl, that astonishing oak? See, Cros, right again, ....since you haven’t Mill talked to me since that night, I was beginning to think I’d done, shhhhh,” passionately, even romantically slicing a single finger across his mouth to silence him. “I think I was just so overwhelmed by it all, what was I to say Cros I’m yet speechless and bewitched and, and, while I like your picnic ideal. It would Mill be exactly what the doctor is to order or something like that. You Cros want to talk about it, about her, her? The woman you’re to imagine when you look at me, you’re to remember when you’re with me and don’t tell me Cros there’s no such woman. No there is Mill such a woman, but she’s nothing short of a dear friend, one I haven’t seen or heard from unendingly and that is this weariness you see in men less no less regarding her, it is nothing more I assure you. he’s everything, excuse me, forgive me Cros but I overheard Spirit River speaking of her, what is that to mean Cros, that she’s, this dear friend as you described is everything? She, Tiffany Ann, is greatly valued by Spirit that’s all, she left an unwavering impression on him Mill that’s all. You Cros call her Tiffany but Spirit, he call her something else, a Maaseiah, all Cros with this distinction she’s highly valued. I say enough with this mystery woman, huh? Springing again into his stand at handing her his hand down to her at bringing her his way, did they a picnic to prepare. "If we’re Mill going to make the best of this day we best get started, you know precarious mountain weather can be, will you ever Cros speak freely of such things to me as you’re so trusting of Spirit River? That again Mill where you are Mistaken, it is Spirit
River whose to Milla speak of such things to me, but to try and explain Maaseiah in her truest spirituality, as Spirit perceives her. Then Milla with hope it’s not a sacrilege, that you're to even consider her as one of a pure divinity, could Moses mother, his sibling, even he, himself have thought, even Mill in a million years, how about a teenage Mary, even Mill her parents? No this is where we as men realize Mill the supreme and his merciful, intravenous dealings with mankind are past finding out and He and He alone according to prophets of old, chooses to whom He’s to reveal His Arm. And the fact Cros she is woman, certainly God wouldn't, no Mill, not at all, I think it’s because she is woman, otherwise forbidden or at the least restricted. Remember God only created one man, and then Milla made him a wife, for the sake of procreation right into the woman seed, that's Christ Cross. They created Him, woman as well, it was a mistake, how it’s been predestined from the foundation of the earth they marriage exist, sincerely Mill this has never been about the supreme appointing man supremacy over the woman or the woman over the man which is nothing Milla but a baneful infiltration, or cunning craftiness at deceiving many and sowing discord. I stood in my kitchen the other day and was reminded the way Jesus taught eachother, even our enemy is like we're one human family of resulted from six Millennia's Mill of the genesis marriage, again that's Jesus told us not to hurt or offence one another, we are one spirit, one flesh, one blood, prick one, we have suffered, so peter rasing that sword in the garden that night, had to absolutely terrify Jesus. Peter wa attacking his own brother. No this is about the entire Host of heaven who entrusted the woman, the woman seed (mankind) at bringing this Son into the world that it’s to now take this divine message concerning this identical Messiah at ministering it to the entire globe redeeming some out of the many. Now, pretty lady, how about that picnic?”

                              ....O DAUGHTERS OF JERUSALEM...
                                                      SCENE III

     "So how did Brad take the news?" With a delicious spelling Susan Faye nestling close did husband Syefan Erin enjoy a deep inhale of her at wanting and needing her close at feeling eerie about most of the goings on. "He wondered first whether Stef had been truthful, but, I guess Sissy as well as to be expected, we made it to Nickie as well, know I been waiting for a perfect moment like one to you about it. To be honest tell he saw him he knew it, he just smile and said, Stef's and I said, no, ours, hers and mine, and then he said, asked, "what's his name? I mean here I was Sissy thinking with him, Jeremy will be a constant reminder of my betrayal,  but that all changed the moment Nicholas laid eyes on, asked his name, shook his hands as he introduce him, as Jeremy youngest uncle Nickie. I can't,  ...I know, it was what Tip would call a blessing, what we Sye should call a blessing, yes doll, a  blessing," designing a delicate figure of herself so perfectly into his gentle bosom did Susan Faye have the man of her dreams, an immeasurable contentment. "It’s working out, forgiveness, Nicholas accepting Jeremy, I want to thank you Sissy, I'm so blessed to have you, and now Jeremy too, ...no Sye, I'm the fortunate one. Just picture Stephanie as being every woman on this planet, I know you don’t want to, but we have to, not every man Sye would've taken responsibility for Jeremy.  For a baby son she was force to abandon to possibly a life of being an orphan, I mean,  you took her at her word, no questions asked. Then to bring him home to live with you, face it Sye, not everybody would’ve been that trustworthy, wouldn't instead used it's uncertainty as an excuse, no to have anything to do with him. Now Syefan Erin imagine every man on this earth is you, is to perform himself truly like a superhero but one more hearted, more compassionate, whereas his merciful heart is that supernatural gift he’s to share with an agonizing people as his own family, ....thanks babe that was beautiful, now I must go dive into urgent files, ....no more on Mike? Some, but more like a midst in the clouds of uncertainty than something concrete and what the world Sissy did I just say? I don't love, I'm in the kitchen to fix something for dinner, I'm just a witness that you did Sye, say it"

                                                                    SCENE IV

     “Did you hear me? No,” preferring not to hear him, as escaped to the balcony Desrek Allum truly having a hard time of his life at present. “I said you’re in trouble, you know that right? Trouble?” That he’s to come in at taking the paper into his seat, at finding an interesting morning read as the country was America, more like a snow cone in hell than a melting pot of differences but instead this touchwood pile of ideology. “All come on you know what I’m talking about, she really like you, yeah cousin Desrek, seem you’re to put to work the very words of your mouth in action. Actually she’s a kind girl whose been wired too tight, watch as soon as she wind down, I’ll be a distant memory, she's a kind kid, did he say kid? He said kid Sole man, I heard him just as you did, Kiefer is at least twenty five, meaning you’re only about two years older than she is, come on Desrek man stop trying to belittle this, this is serious and you know it.You’re right Sole, perhaps I should ask for her hand in marriage, what do you think Hain, you think Kiefer is to make a good wife? Hey I didn’t say go that far, but this is me Hain, a husband always looking for his wife you know that, I don’t wanna lead anyone on. So you’re saying you can’t date her a few times? "No, I’m asking why date her if she’s to agree to marry me? He’s messing with you Hain man, that’s putting his works where his words are, see? Wow! Yeah I see, I better go before I’m on the phone proposing to André or something, all right Kenny G the second, don’t forget about the dorm meeting, yeah. What do you think, he snapped back kidda fast didn’t he? I’m gonna go, follow him, follow him Sole? Yes, I don’t trust him, you remember how he was that morning? No, something tells me this isn’t over by a long shot, happy proposing, ...hey Sole man, you be careful with him, you find him in a weird place call me, better yet call André, “she’s the one Sole he must confide in, the man ought not be alone, remember? They weren't created that way and they can't live that way?”

                                               ...HERE THE POETIC SONG

                                                 ...WHEN WE MEET AGAIN ...

MY LOVE: The time will come for you and me, a season existence has set free,

where moonlit skies are rampant and wild and the majestic stars control our lives. Where

breaths are taken, no longer shall we breath, of inflamed emotions run loosely, run free.

When you my love shall look once, look twice, marveling at such awesome sights. No,

no sadness, no tears to cry, no, no sorrows, there exist no goodbyes, it is there all things

shall begin anew, recapturing relations close and true. MY LOVE...

                                ....WHITHER IS THY BELOVED TURN ASIDE....
                                                                  SCENE V

     “Yes but I’ve heard him on more than one occasion and I further ask do you really want to do this? You guys know I’ve been at this, in the church all my life, forty years to be exact and I’ve seen or heard nothing like it. His work, even the words out of his mouth have to be boarding on what the religious leader Nicodemus thought he saw and heard of the Supreme’s Christ and was so flabbergasted, so astonished. But you Norm said yourself he’s not certified or licensed to teach such things, especially to our young, we hired him as a military grounds expert not an evangelical instructor, believe me Morrison when I tell you he’s that, just more, more like Mr. Revelation himself. Speaking of Lieutenant Aggart, Lieutenant Aggart please, please come in and make yourself at home, please, ....what is this about my fellow officers, I have a querulous schedule as is? This meeting Lieutenant Aggart is about your ROTC class you must know that, of course that is why I ask as I did ladies and gentlemen because all is well with said class, not all Lieutenant, not all. It’s what you’ve chosen to do with the fifteen minute interim, the fifteen minutes quiet time the students are to take at the end of the class to reflect that you’ve taken as this surmountable advantage. I didn’t see it as taking, no I guess it is a form of taking advantage, taking an advantage of their ignorance surrounding the world around them to instead inflict knowledge. Isn’t it obvious Lieutenant what you call needful knowledge and we as this nation educators has sanction as their educational curriculum is far and wide. How did this happen Lieutenant, that is my question, how? The class and I got into a discussion one day about what it is we do with our free time and I told them how I’ve often been reprimanded for very controversial subjects and one thing lead to another and so, here we, I go again. We want the teachings to stop, you must know your faith Lieutenant isn’t the faith of us all, only a few actually, many are outraged that you’ve taken the liberty to teach their children things as provocative as this. It’s Captain what the class want, and I remind you these are young adult, old enough to marry and go into the military, both are forms of transformation one may not return as previous. I still argue Lieutenant they’re teens barely, how do they know what they want? You’re right of course, just think back to very moment your parents told you that very things, you're too young to know what you want, do you remember, do all of you present remember how wrong you thought they were, and right there they come your enemy. Every morning when they awake from sickness, disease and death ask them right then and there whether or not that day is a good day for them, how generous and courteous dying is. Today is the 18th of May Lieutenant you have until the end of this month to get your class back to their assigned curriculum or you’re to present your resignation, you are excused to your pressed itinerary.  I’m sorry, Kiefer, I know this is awful and everything showing up unannounced and all, but I’ve been calling and, you, ...maybe I should just leave, don’t, that just as she’s to get half way down the hall although was Desrek Allum feeling his worse, his most confused, would he stay in New York, would he go home to Jamaica or return to Germany? Kiefer, Desrek, I was trying to ah, surprise, actually I just left work and I’m famished at wanting to know if you will come out for lunch or something. To be honest I'm on a really tight, ah, shedule, walk me to my office, yes, sure, you look amazing as always, thanks, what or where did you have in mind? Ah, it's not like I've, I've never Desrek been this bold, okay, well just Key, take me to your favorite spot and we go from there, great. That’s just it Kiefer it all comes so natural for me, like it’s there waiting on the tip of my tongue both this cure and this curse, any way I just remembered how you don’t believe in a lot of these things, that’s because me and my sister Kassel were raised in a predominately atheist household. The tea, I said it’s really great, ah yes the tea, so what are your plans? That's just it, right before I stepped into you, I was trying to decide that very thing, my options are stay here, my sister and brother are here, return home, my parents are there, I could reenlist and return to Germany. So should I assume Mr. Aggart, the reason you’ve been avoiding me and not returning my calls is because you’ve been by these issues mentally pressed? That would Kiefer Bay so, ah help no, that wouldn’t be true, it was all meant to avoid seeing you and talking to you, and, ... so you didn’t find me irresistible and drop dead gorgeous and all of the above? You think Desrek what I’m feeling doesn’t make me nervous? I’ve never been this forward, but I'm really attracted to you and I want you to know that, ....not to parrot what you say, as to, truth is Kiefer I live you as well and would like to ask could we continue this later into perhaps a dinner date? I would really like that yes, walk you to your car? Please, to be honest I got to get as well, I just dropped everything and next I knew I was at your building, well inside your, ah, what time should I expect you? Eight directly, good, perfect, see you then, yeah, see ya."

                          ....THAT WE MIGHT SEEK HIM WITH THEE...
                                                     SCENE VI

     “That’s just it you guys I don’t want to be afraid anymore, I’ll tell you what I believe, I believe Fashion Present Dissuasion will be above anything we’re to think or believe.” Laying in bed the night before trying to have her fill of Nicholas's most precious gift, what could Tiffany Ann say, she'd like other nights, virtually sanged him asleep. "I know everyone here want me to explain myself, this feeling of mine, but I can’t, I just know, thus I say we put her out there in a no holds barred fashion and wait for a latter rain form of return." Every night they either talked or sanged, well she sanged, Nicholas couldn't sing, then there was this sweet tug of war, whether Nicholas had himself written the mystery poem. “I must say I agree with Sissy and will put my newly awarded income on the line for collateral, that if FPD don’t have the return she and I are to foresee then I’ll forfeit my salary for an entire year, my word Erica, you’re serious aren’t you? As serious Ash as a heart, attack and believe me I know exactly what that is, if you've loved and lost then so do you." Of course she say he found it in the trash, but Tiffany thought, why would anyone throw such a piece of art work away? “Well Ash if you can do it, I can as well, I mean the homeless shelters around here aren’t that bad, ok they’re like hell on earth but you get my meaning right, what can't we do for FPD? What about you Tip, I know you’re gain, these manners of risk taking are right up your alley, the woman who just saw Nicholas Edin Coogan off to france? Yes, Ash and sing him to sleep every night, not every night and thank you for telling my business, ...wow, you sing too, where does it end with you, it's doesn't Ash, I'm that gift from god that just keep giving, well hell Tip I believe that. Ok Tip then you can use the fact that you just lost the sexiest man in this world to France, I haven’t lost Nicholas and just what the hell are you all talking about, any way, forfeiting annual salaries and all? So you do admit he’s the sexiest man alive, Erica! Ok! Ok! You just don't tell me enough, so that's Tip what you get from my guessing, yeah like you tell me so much about yo and stunning ass, Dr. Hymm! What's to tell, he haven't touched me or had me at his place since I told him about the near pregnancy and he broke down in he bathroom the other night ...hey Erica in case you ask, yes, you said all of that out loud and thank you very much for sharing. So we all just agreed to put our next annual salaries on the line for the entire Dissuasion spring and summer collection, hit or miss, ...hit or miss Sissy, you mean whether it’s to sink or swim? Yes, but it’s a success and I'm but positive it will be, we keep our salaries plus a modest raise all, we hair a professor journalist, all, ...then yes, of course, whatever you guys think is best, you see Tip don’t think the shelters are that bad either. Well Ladies let’s do it, we’ve all agreed to forfeit our annual salaries for a year, Mere you get to work on an impossible schedule for us all and you Erica and Ashleigh have complete autonomy, and Tip, I want Coronda Aggart, get her for me, now I’m off to home, I am a wife and mother now. What the hell did we just do? I think Ash it’s like putting a sharp razor blade to the wrist, both of them, it’s just take a little longer to bleed to death. While at least ladies we’ll all die together and be together hell or highwater, forever, ...well isn’t that just peachy? Yeah Tip, really,  thanks, what you guys no group hug? How about one of you songs, ...sorry I only do that for Nicholas Edin Coogan Attorney at law, you guys have your assignments, get to it, ....can she really sings, good as any celebrity artist and better, just name one ash, .so now I, really, don't say it Ash, okay, just don't even go there but she sings to nicholas, how the hell will li ever top that? Yeah well all the more Ash, welcome to my world."

                                                         SCENE VII

     "Ash! ...Ah god" Speeding into this get away at the sound of his voice, as so rushing her hand into her purse at not looking back was she still a distant from her car. "Please baby talk to me, please, leave me alone Tony! ...Ashleigh please, why are you doing this? Don't, come near me, ....okay, okay, just run from me , you know I would never hurt you, ....don't come any closer Tony or I’ll shoot," pulling a pistol forward in a timely, professional manner was a terrorized Ashleigh Michelle more than capable of protecting herself. "What?" With dark eyes of his strengthening into a heighten awareness, as so hands raised. "What is this Ash, you gonna shoot me? Come on, you gonna hurt somebody with that thing, ...I'm gonna hurt you damn it Tony if you come any closer, ...okay, I'm going, I'm going to leave the papers explaining my release the back of your car. I'm going Ash but you know I’m innocent, you know I am.” Seeing she’s to scramble into her car, speedily locking the door, was she speedily backing out and getting away at not hearing a word he was saying, my god if you're there, as one picking the papers up, "please, I beg you, help me with her,  please god, please.     >>>“So how did the proposal go? That’s cute, only it didn’t, this is not Sole meant to deter you or cause doubt in you but there’s something about Kiefer I just haven’t been able to figure, I mean th meeting but go on. Don’t get me wrong, she’s wonderful and beautiful and all of the above, ...it’s Dare probably the nightmarish scenario Kassel is to describe of their parents, ...nightmare? According to her they’re the worst, most frightening pair in the world, she used the word, monster, I wanted to go to them, ask, share with them my plans for their daughter and Kas was like there’s no way that’s gonna work. So what do you really think it is? I don’t know look what went down with you and Hain? He kinda caught me and he wasn’t happy, he was at the library, he was doing research, research
Derry on Sodomy and HIV, on Solomy, really? What are his chances that he could’ve contracted Aids? I mean I never even considered that, you know Derry there was talk and I haven’t been able to shake it since I saw him. Talk? About Jesse Noble being gay, about him having aids, ...but if you and especially Hain knew about this guy why didn’t you keep your distance? Don't you mean why didn't Sole keep his distance? You’re not going to the center today? They called, ask if I could be at yet another committee meeting, that a substitute would handle my class, my god Sole, what was I thinking, I’m not licensed for this. I  don’t have any credentials and I’m certain that is what they’ll going to use against me, me and my big mouth. You’re only doing Derry man what you think is
not just right but righteous, that which has for years now come naturally holy spirit with you and there’s nothing man can do.” “You and I both Sole know that,” “but you’re talking about a people,” “an entire system and society that is fastly becoming anti-christ at being amazed how they’re to reap corruptions sown, I just keep hearing in my head, be careful how build upon anther man foundation ...yeah Dar man, whose builder and maker is God. Look, just so you know, Kiefer dropped the news that her parents were devout atheist and just as readily moved on, ..atheist, wait, when did you talk to Key? Today, when she took me to lunch, ....when she took you to lunch? Yeah, explained she'd never done anything so brass, but she's heads over hill in love with me and she couldn't help herself, later, stop it, she didn't, Derry, she didn't right, details later, my brother is having an affair with my fiance's sister, wait a minute, atheism, now that would really explain the things  huh holy spirit?"

                                                 ...TO THE BED OF SPICES...
                                                             SCENE VIII

    “It just can’t be that bad honey just tell me,” caressing a pressed to the limit Collin Hain hands into hers at encouraging him how he’s to spill it all but how could he? The last time I saw Jesse Noble was right before, I came to New York, we were in the Library, it was barely visited when one thing lead to another and he kissed me, kissed me Dre right on the mouth and although I was shocked I walked away not really knowing how to feel.” Wearing huge, dark locks of curls accenting just as dark briers, eyes, was Collin Hain a very, very attractive young man, just so innocent and very cleverly made. “What do you mean you didn’t know how to, ah feel? I mean one of my purposes for coming to New
York Andre was to meet with him, to consider just what that kiss meant if anything, then are you telling me there was something between you two?” Ingesting hard and painfully to say but was Collin Hain trying to tell her how he’d end up in a homosexual relationship with Jesse Noble? “I can’t tell you Dre what a mistake it was to trust him,” how he not only lead me on but abused my trust, even my body in ways I could never, ever put into words, nor would I ever want to. Are you, what are hain doll trying to tell me, were you sexually active with this guy? If Collin you can even call it sex, it's so not you know, it's sodomy, but is that what you’re telling me? I’m telling you not just him, that he brought friends alone and one thing, Dre., don’t turn from, please, I need you most of all to understand. I know I made a horrible, what about HIV huh? They’re here, who's here? Remey and Ce’ce,  Rem , Ce’ce!" Coming into both their stands readying to greet them as surely as she talk about bad timing, how about the worse timing in all the world. "I invited them as a surprise, just Sole grin and bear it, hey you guys, ah look at his face, he is surprised, ...what on earth are you guys doing in New York? While we’re married now and we thought why not come here and see Solead Maurice for our honeymoon, ...married? My goodness, ...where is Sole by the way? Well he and his girl Kassel are out actually planning their wedding, ...so he’s really doing it, he’s gonna marry a girl he only just met? Will you guys excuse me, ....you’re all right, you don’t look good, I don’t feel really good, I best hurry, I’ll come with you. Something she ate. I hope not, seeing she and I Ce, just ate the same thing and having a gig tonight that wouldn’t be good at all, not at all. So you're still at with the fiddle, yes, of course, I can't live without it, wouldn't even try. Show, tell, Cece man, how you like it here? I'm amaze, it truly is larger than life here, what about you Hain? You're here to stay, I don't  think I can do that, ...the right persuasion, you'd be surprised Ce, what you're capable of. Still Hain how much do you miss home? Hey, she alright? She won't say, she's locked in a stall, crying, won't say what's wrong, you guys have a fight? ...More like a disagreement, I'll get her, you guys order. I wished she told us Sole wouldn't be here, I mean that is Cece why we come, we'll just stop by his place after we leave here, please sir, we ready to order

                                                       SCENE IX

    -You coming? No, Bij, I catch you guys the next time, yes, Nicko man you say this, and say this, then why you Bij Mein keep asking? I know, ah, about, friends, Amerka, Nicko here, Paree, stop let me beg. One cocktail, no more, two cocktails, ....okay, you, right, maybe it'll help me sleep, that Nicko man and a juicy woman, ...I don't have it like you Bji, ...you have them females, line to line, pick one, ...I have Bji Mein picked one, Tiffany Ann. Tifny, most beautiful seen, she there, Nicko here, I wasn't, I'm faithful Bji, I made a covenant with Tiffany that we can do this, and I don't plan on breaking it. Okay, okay Bji Mein hear you, ...yeah, but is Bij Mein listening, are his eyes wide shut? Such crazy saying Nicko, come to me, I love you, ...you love me? Yes, Bji I do, good, okay love is trust, ....right Bji, love is trust. This is Leona, and this with Leona, is Brit ty, hello Nichlas, taking his arm a wrap about hers, something she, like most of the women had been waiting a while to do, following Bji and his company to a table. "Yes Nicko man. look others come join, we wait Leo or we get to bar? Just get me Bji, what you normally get, I need to call my, ah Tiffany, so I'll be right back, okay Nicko man, drink wait you, ok, good, {{{"Tiffany, no, I," holding his ear, off, away that he may hear better. "I said I'm out with Bji Mein and not believing it, he'd been asking and asking, "what about you, I'm at the hospital, excuse me, did you say hospital? Nothing like that, we're seeing a guy, ah, this guys Nicholas Ashleigh know, attempted suicide in the mens restroom last night, ...ah god Tiffany, we talking a gun, no, pills, if Miss Barleck hadn't been there, well you know, Ash isn't saying much, but Mrs Barleck recognize him from attempting to visit her, Matthew says the few times he woke, he didn't remember anything, not even his name, so we elected to take times sitting with him. So you guys are at a club sounds like it, ....that's Tiffany Bji Mein favorite past time, all of them really, I don't know how they get anything done, I promised him one or two drinks and I'm out, so I'll call you from my room, your room, more like your penthouse, yeah, yeah but nothing Tiffany without you in it, ...okay babe call me later, ...so Tiffany you can call me that, but I can't call you that? I love you, bye."     >>>What is it? Ah, Desrek gave it to me, just say Dre if I hadn't read it and believed it I wouldn't be here, I would be in hell, from committing suicide, Sole too, not in hell perhaps, I pulled, I threaten to kill  him as well, ...Hain, I know, I was insane, you sure Dre I can't convince you to stay? You know I'll be back, ...ah thank god, you don't know how good it feel hearing you say that, ...be careful Hain, you have such a tender heart, which draw his kind to you ...come back to me," taking her hand into a precious smooch, right into her soft, feel good cheek, "that's all in the world Dre I want right now, come back to me ....hey Andre,  yeah, forgive me, for betraying us, ...see you soon, okay, safe travels, ..bye Hain.     >>>And Mr.  Nicholas Coogan know what I heard, they're discussing offering you a more permanent position, this liaison mess ws just to get you, I wouldn't worry no on is going to make me do anything I don't want to do. What about that property, that building I ask you about, it's available if you want it, but as I told you, it's gonna cause, you, ...Nicko man, I invest, what tell me,  a design shop, so Tiffany will feel comfortable visiting here, fill it up with designs by her, this her's, the killer suit, yes, it's Tiffany's and you Bji people are always asking, you in Phil, ...yes, I think I just decided, FPD, France, so what you gonna call it? I'll that up to her, thank you guys for this, I france to be more an acquaintance than a rival, if you guys know what I mean, really smart Ncko man, really smart." 

                      ...I AM MY BELOVED AND MY BELOVED IS MINE...
                                                        SCENE X

                              MACREMORE AND VANCE OFFICES

     “So whose Macremore and Vances new fall guy? I think I saw him out with Bji and Phil's night crew, don’t you mean Marmore and Vances, Ginny Pig, as if Price there’s a difference. New York bred and born, a Nicholas Coogan, what’s so strange about this guy is his field of law is litigation, he’s come all the way to France to litigate one of the richest men in the world out of one of the most tangled murder conspiracies in decades? So no a murder case, it's assisted suicide and I've been there, done that, if anyone can convince them this Nicholas Coogan can, believe me, he one of those and more. I don’t know Cooper when all else fail, yeah I might of known you Preston of all people would find the positive into the mission impossible. I was with Mr. Vance when this guy was interviewed, I also sit with him on a few of this guys court proceedings, Preston Muller is right about him being able to litigate and man what a genius at it, and I’m not exaggerating when I say the entire court, yes including the judge were all smitten into a manner of vexation. All come on Bakeman, you don't like anyone, especially foreigners, so you're saying the same thing about this guys?  What, Keither man you didn't hear me just now? Yes, hell yes, I wanted his autograph and his biography, all now Bakeman man that’s good, that’s really good, that man a trophy, award or something, don't go in their Law man, especially if you're hating on the new guy, what new guy I been vacation, then pardon the alert, I, still, you, Bakeman, you was that impressed by him, of course, I like the word bewitched by him, but yeah I was that daunted by him, ask me and I say Macremore and Vance know exactly what they’re doing with this guy, gotta go. It wouldn’t be the first time right? They are the expert in all of this, and you Preston the babysitter right? His room is all clean, crisp and covert, his penthouse, okay, saying is a room is like saying saying Macremore's stunning foyer is a restroom, catch you guys later, What?, His bio, I still haven't gotten over that, you really like that ey, hey Bakeman you gonna eat that? Yes I’m going eat it, didn't I tell you to leave for work a little early so you can stop for breakfast as well. I, want, what do I have to do to get in the penthouse? Ah Nicolas Coogan, be, that's Law be a Nicholas, ...I keep hearing about this guys, I guys I'll sit in one of his Lits and decide for myself, there, Bents mam, half, please stop and get you own, thanks Lawson, whatever."

                             ...AND MY BELOVED IS MINE...
                                               SCENE XI

     “O it’s you , I been waiting to ask how did things go with you and Matt the other night? They
didn’t, I went home and went to bed, but you been waiting on him forever, that you’re to spend some quality time together and you went home instead? I told you Tip I’m tired, which mean I’m to make some changes,  it was a dinner date so still no chance for contact, Erica, he's trying to do right by you, you know, since you told him about the near pregnancy. You really Tip think that is what this is about? I really do,  I was beginning to wonder if Matt and I are gonna make it? Who else then Erica, you're getting to old for this mess, too mature about the actual truth about love and marriage, it was ever of man, like all good and perfect descending down from heaven marriage is ultimate. Look, did you hear about what happen last night? Ah yea, pull my heart out why don't ya Erica, some poor guy tied to off himself, I heard about that. Ash, Miss Barleck seem to think you knew this guy, what are talking about? Yes, she said he tried visiting you, are you all right?" Speeding past Erica, Merecal to the nearest restroom, knowing Mrs Barleck was talking about her Tony and how she hated him even more if he's done this madness. "Ash, you, I guess Tip that answers that huh? Ash, it's Mer, you alright, ...hell no I’m not all, right,” spitting herself into an abrupt convulsion, but was everything she’d put down minutes passed just at that very moment coming right up, rather vulgarly  “What the hell was he thinking? ...I don’t know but I heard Ash he took enough pills to kill an elephant, felled and messed his head up pretty bad, said he died at least three times, once in the ambulance, what was that? Ah god tell me this isn't happening, please god, of all the places to off yourself, damn it Tony, damn it! What's going on, is it true,” unbuttoning as to remove arm by arm her priceless Maaseiah line, jacket, had Susan Faye barely made it into the building, hearing the latest tell, tell drama. “Some guy tried killing himself? Yea it's true, there's something Sissy even more concerning, I think Ash knew him, yeah she's sick in the restroom about it all right now, ....how, does she know him? I don't know, all I know when I told her she couldn't get the restroom fast enough, O god, let me check on her, Mer is with her, ...you tried calling the hospital for information? Only his immediate family, who ever the hell they are, ...okay, well Erica, what about Matt? The same Mat I stood up for dinner the other night, if he has Dr. in front of his name and his last name end in Hymm, yes Erica that Mat, maybe he can help with information,  I’ll call him ...and why are you standing Matthew up? Ah, we both are, ah, dodging eachother, this failed attempt Sosh to avoid the inevitable, that's according to Tip,  ....Ash, it's me, Erica,  Ash---leigh, are you still in here. I’m here,' as one coming into the sink,  did she at Susan’s notice splash water on her face, grab papers for wiping and dying,."I'm ok, so you need the rest of the day off? No! I'm fine, just fine, god I look a mess, I need my purse, so you did know him? I rather not say Sissy ok, well you can go if you need to, sure, that’ll be just freaking lovely. We'll know more about his condition soon, Erica is calling her Dr. Hymm, thanks Mrs. Coogan, you're welcome, just doing what I can to help you both, thanks again, Ash just know, we've all us at one time or another been there, later, less than a year past, Tip lost her fiance while mine lay close to his death bed."

                                   HE FEEDETH AMONG THE LILIES
                                                         SCENE XII

     "Hey-ey-ey-ey, there-er-er-er, lone-ly girl,-rl -rl  ....thanks Erica for the o so sweet musical interlude, you're welcome Tip of course, so how you doing, I'm fine, thank you very much, ...yea, yea sure you are" flopping onto Tiffany’s desk at all the more taunting her, knowing it was the one thing Tiffany and she disputed about the most, Erica Lynn sitting on her desk. "Now on a more serious note, ...what is it Erica? ...Girl if something that fine, gorgeous and sexy was to leave me for a year or more I would definitely need a doctor. Good, you got one, now go bother him. Ok, you're right, I guess I could be mature enough to make a vow to celibacy for, let's say, a year or two, ha, you wouldn't last a day. See, Tip, I could be offended, yeah you could be, but you're not because you know I'm right, ...perhaps, ....now get off my desk, off, off,  are you, you here on business Erica or simply to provoke me into killing you? Okay, if you insist, according to Sissy, I'm here Tip for your spring sketches, of course I'll understand if you've fallen behind trying to say farewell to that deliciously, goddess, man, you really are incurable aren’t you? Here take these and as usual Erica Lynn Hammon, I recommend a cold shower, it's not gonna, mines on the brink Tip, surely you must know, too much use, how’s Nicholas'? Perhaps I use his and dream of what I'm missing you instead of me being with him, unless you’re saving it for yourself and all. That’s it Erica, get out of my office and next time call for an appointment, wouldn't that Tip be like a punishment? Erica Lynn, please,  okay, fine, so did you hear? hear? Some guy Ashleigh know tried killing himself last night, right here Tip at the center? Seems if Mrs. Barleck hadn’t been burning the night oil so to speak, he would’ve got his wish. Yeah ah, Mer filled me in earlier, broke my heart in two, so who is he, what’s his name? Girl, only Ashleigh knows and is being rather caustic about the whole thing, that’s terrible, yeah, well Sissy had me call Mat, see what he can find out, so I'm waiting to hear from him, I’ll see you later. E-excellent, how does that sound for a cologne, the Coogan brothers? Excellent, it's what their mother told them the letter E, in Elam, Erin, Edin is for, wow that's special, I'm creating a cologne, Desrek Chocolate and I don't want Nicholas Edin to feel left out, so I been racking my brain. This is for Nicholas, ...yeah Erica,  ...and not the Coogan Brothers, yes, I plan on using three different scents, as in it's three of them. It's perfect Tip as always, I can't wait to smell it, preferably, get out Erica ...what, I was going to say preferably on Nicholas neck, chest, those incredible arms, I'm going, but you started it, got me all stirred up and stuff ,,,don't they have a class for people like you, hey my door was open last night on purpose when you sanged Nickie to sleep. Yeah, well, Erica pray for him, he's having a worse time with this separation than me ...and Tip, it's only been a few months, Erica, I pretty much look for him to just show up at anytime, he's that stressed. You Miss, better get to the presses so to speak, yeah, later babe, let me know what Dock, Matthew, says, I will."

                                      ...THOU ART BEAUTIFUL, O MY LOVE...
                                                                   SCENE XIII

     “Now I wonder what’s happening over there, she better be thanking Mrs. Barleck and not scorning her, I know that, Ash is so terrible when it come to people skills. Of course, that’s why I hired her for the hardnose she is, but this, Mer said the only regret Ash showed is that he tried to kill himself here and not someplace else. So is everything all right Mrs. Barleck? Ah yes, everything just fine dear thanks." you sure, you look upset, no, I'm fine, well I'm glad, feel free to come to me with any problems you might have, and oh Mrs. Barleck, good show, you saved a life last night. Yes, that she’s to perk right up at realizing although Ashleigh more than hurt her feelings, taking her crown was Erica Lynn instead uplifting her along this haylow. "I did didn't I, I just happen to see him go into the restroom but not exit, frighten to death myself at what I would find, surely enough Miss Hammon there he was; as death on the floor, bleeding and all, yes, it was all really brave of you, thank you dear child, thank you very much.     >>>"So Dre didn’t come I see, no she still didn’t feel well, by the way man that was amazing. it’s been a while Hain since I heard you play, wow! Yeah. thanks of course, I have one more set and then I can get away with you guys, I think first of all we should go and check on Dre, yeah sure, I’m possibly Cece, the last person she want to see. What is going on with you guys? Real life, you that Hain only as governor pilate asking Jesus what's truth, I want to ask Hain, what's realize life. ...I don;t, a stubborn, stupidity. How long are you guys here for? We wanted to stay what’s left of our honeymoon but suddenly André is anxious to get back, ....to ah, get back, you mean to Jamaica? I, we thought Hain she was here to stay, even to get married, ...yeah you two, so did I, I did something really stupid, I mean really, really stupid, careless, unforgivable actually, look, I better get back, you guys gonna wait for me right? Sure Hain man we wouldn’t miss it, something unforgivable huh? Sound like a third party, yeah, sounds like.

                                 ...AS TIRZAH, COMELY AS JERUSALEM ...
                                     MACREMORE AND VANCE OFFICES
                                                       SCENE XIV

     “Something I said? I want us to make it official, will you Milla consider re-marrying me, will you be my wife? Are you certain? As or even more certain Mill than the first time I asked, if you think about it, it’s the only thing that make sense, we could even drive into town this evening and make
it official. This evening? Ok, well, I could possibly Mill get someone to make a house, no! What’s the rush? We take our time Cros and we could at lease have a private ceremony, you know with at least a few of our family members present. Most of our family Mill are thousands of miles and hours away,  I don’t want to wait, Ok,” that he’s to find a manner of reasoning as Camilla was adamant about making it a big deal, you’re right, we’ll get on the phone, make a few calls, a few invitations and have a wedding, how about that? Yes,” coming a more than inviting smooch into him, into this one man in all the world she’d ever married and now to renew said vows was astonishing all it’s all, yet curious, what was the rush? A thousand times Cros yes, a fall, spring wedding, how marvelous Cros indeed.”

                            ...TERRIBLE AS AN ARMY WITH BANNERS ...
                                                   SCENE XVI

     -"It's Erica, well Erica I really have a lot of catching up to do, spring fashioned pressed  ...simple, straightforward, what did you Ash say to Mrs. Barleck? I told that old hag to mind her own damn business, what else? And just what business Ash would that be? Well like I told boss Susan Erica I rather not say! Then by all means Ash, let me say it for you, your business Ash wondered into this building, your business then attempted to kill himself by pouring a bottle of sleeping pills down his throat. Then Ash, if it wasn't for Mrs. Barleck tending to your business he would be dead, I think that about sums it up" "I don’t understand, what are, ...Mrs nosey ass Barleck Ash, as you say, saved your boy's...Mrs. Barleck did that? Who do you think got him the help he needed and stayed with him until said help arrived? I didn't know, I, I guess I need to apologize, ...while you're at it Ash apologize for all the other hundreds of times you've been unjust and ugly toward her. I know Ash, I hired you for your coarseness, but change this attitude or leave your letter of resignation on my desk, you know whenever you're not so damn busy.     >>>“So have you and Kassel set a date yet, that’s strange Derry because I was about to ask you the same thing of you and Kiefer Bay, ...now that’s funny.” Seriously have you? Our six month anniversary is coming up in three weeks, we’ve set it for that day. So will the monsters Kassel paint of the parents be there? I don’t know, but I don’t think so, I don’t even think she’s to tell them. I’m seriously Derry thinking about going to see them for myself what do you think? You do Sole mean completely against Kassel’s will? Ummm,” responding behind him to a ringing door bell was Desrek Allum getting up and soon out as their guess Corranda and Dexter had seemingly arrived. “If I tell you that’s possibly not a good idea will you go after all? Probably,
“The perfect, perfect couple and I’m so jealous of, should I tell him or will you? You go on, you tell him, come on guys tell me what? Dex asked me again and I said yes,” happily spreading the fingers of her left hand toward him was Corronda Bren sporting an astonishing engagement gem “wow! Sole, yes I heard, and what is that smelling so delicious, that would be home made pizza and hot wings, you know the ultimate party food, and where’s Collin Hain? I thought he would be here. He had a gig tonight,. said he’s to get here as soon as possible, how he doesn’t want to miss you guys good, I haven’t really seen him, he’s always in some rush whenever I do.”


     I’m frightened, I thought you were asleep, don’t tell me I gave my bed up for nothing, I’m serious Desrek, all this is going incredibly fast. You’re telling me, so you feel it too? Let’s just say Ron if I’d accepted a proposal to marriage just a few dinners ago all three of us would be engaged right about now and could get married around, we could have a triple wedding when only a month or so ago it seemed impossible. What you guys doing up? Ron here was relating to me how fast all of this is going, you know the wedding proposals, the marriages that will follow, stuff like that when only a few months ago who knew. Speaking of which Derry, and now you Ronda, I don’t think I’m going to marry Kas unless she introduce me to her parents, that juice look really good I think I’ll have some. I mean it can’t be as bad as she’s letting on right? Or baby boy it really could be, I mean this is America, the very epitome of persons who practice freedom and liberty without consequences, do you know what monsters that’s to make out of people? I’m going to call Dex, you do know it’s like three in morning, yes, that’s the fun of it, it’ll be like it was when were teens, ok, be sure Ron and let me know how that go. I’ve decided, and it going to be meet the parents or no marriage, I’ll take Kas to Jamaica to meet mom and dad, sorta break the ice, then on to meet her parents, while I’m back to bed, goodnight, yeah Sole you too.”     {{{“oooou, wake up babe it’s me, Sole? What time is it? Look I couldn’t stop thinking of you, of our decision to marry, I think I just needed to hear your voice ok, don’t be too angry at me. Ah god I’m not angry, this is sweet, so sweet, tell me, what’s on your mind? I need you Kas to drop everything, everything babe,  and come to Jamaica with me, drop everything, what are you talking about? I want you to meet the parents before we get marry, then from there we could go to Jersey and meet your parents, you know get our parents blessing. I keep telling you Sole there’s no such things where my parents are concern, they’ll curse us more than blessing us believe me when I tell you this. Key got me on this weird assignment anyway, I can’t get away anyway time soon, I thought we’d decided we would just do this, make the proposal final, wed and Sole get on with our lives as we alone see fit. Look I’m going back to sleep, it’s for the best I assure you, I’ll call you sometime tomorrow, you get some sleep now."     >>>"You’re quiet this morning, so when are you two leaving for mother Jamaica, we’re not, Kas says Ke-ke have her on like this impossible assignment and she just can’t get away. I’m sorry, I know how you looked forward to going, well don’t be sorry I plan to meet Kas parents regardless, the mystery is really tearing at you huh? It’s Derry eating me alive. This is so good, your meals are so good, why is that? I spend a lot of my free time preparing meals in the mess hall how else? Did I hear you tell Ronda Ke-ke proposed marriage to you? Yes, So what did you answer? I didn’t, I really haven’t spoken to her since, this is about May isn’t it? May, who Sole is May? Maaseiah of course, look I know she’s possibly one of if not the most extraordinary woman on this planet but she’s engaged, so what, we’ve been engaged before, we?
I mean we Sole as in mankind, we’re always engaged to one thing or another, one person or another, did you tell Hain breakfast was ready? He grabbed Coffee and a bagel and got out, said he had more research to do, while tell Ron I’ll meet her at the center, yeah, sure.” {{{Hello Key, yeah your soon to be brother-in-law here, I need your parents Jersey address, no it’s for me, I just want to be courteous enough to at least send them an invitation. Yeah we’ve set a date, our six months anniversary, three weeks from today, clever huh, yes I have a pen right here, the mountains of Montana huh? No she told me she had an important assignment I just didn't know it was out of town, all right then there Key thanks, yeah, yeah you too.”}}}

                                                         SCENE XVIII

     Exhaling awake what she looking a curious Anthony Decorte in the face, ah hello, hello, ...whoa,  ....ah, you don't know me, I'm Tiffany, ah, Ash, you have no idea what I'm talking, The center fashion, I'm a friend of a friend, and I elected to come Anthony and sit, ah with you. I seen you here before, yes, a few days ago, what did you say your name is, ah, Tiffany, thinking there was a time, in better times than this, Anthony was a very handsome, latino looking male, even a tom cruise caliber, did she imagine him in Tom Cruise's shades. "Ah, look here, lunch, I guess I ah, could you stay instead, tell me more about this friend that's a friend ...Tip? Ash, ah there you are, I was just telling Tony, ah Anthony here, I was a friend of a friend, this, is her, this is Ashleigh, ....I don't know ladies what I did wrong, but with two such beauties looking over me, perhaps there is something I did well as well?  You, miss rushing out the door, when I saw you I thought I was still dreaming of Angels, no angels just a persons that cares, ...right, like an angel, ..I will see you again? I'm sure Ashleigh will see to it, your lunch is getting cold, enjoy, ..nice meeting you Tiffany, ...ah, my friends Erica and Merecal are parking, they as pretty as you two? We're all ah, Tony, if I can call you that, we're all in the modeling field, ...well that ah, Ashleigh, took the mystery right out, so how do you know me? Ah, we, ah, been married for three years now ...okay, okay, where are the camera's because this Ash has to be, it can't be real, but it is, I see on your face, I think lost my appetite, because if I'm somewhere trying to off myself, after losing someone like you, I was trying to escape, though temporal, a  nightmare, right into the throes of eternal hell and damnation. do me favor, turn your head well I kick my own ass. Ah, here they are, this is Erica Lynn, and this is Merecal, ah Faithe ...who named you that, Merecal Faith, your mom or your dad? My mother, I never knew my dad to this day and why am I telling a complete stranger that? What are we having for lunch, it smell delicious? How long have you two known my wife? Your, huh, wife? That's what this model, angel just told me, ...Tony is my husband, ah, three years now, I had the papers, ah divorce ah paper, but I, never, ah, I never signed them. Here, take this, we gonna go, ah, you need anything, call this number, and I'll do what I can, you coming back, tonight I mean? I don't know, ah, I have plenty of work, we're to launch our first edition magazine tonight, tell you what, I''ll call, if you answer I'll come, if not, I'll see Tony for lunch tomorrow, ...thank you ladies for coming, you most think highly of Ashleigh, ...you welcome, yeah, goodnight, ....thanks again ladies.  You Ash, going back, he has tears in his eyes, like I told him, I'll try to get back, ..since I'm here, I think I'm gonna go and sack Dr. Hymm, he hate when I just show up, so see you in about an hour,  we launch tonight Erica, don't forget, ...never Ash, ever!"     >>>“So is Nickie really getting a feel of Paris? With Sissy much regret, I was telling Erica, he's worse off than me, ....I'm so sorry Tip, I know this have to be impossible, yeah, even more Sissy than either of us expected, so does he know how long, you know? Ah he's not sure, could be a year, could be three years, well I hope you guys make it work, yeah well Sissy we gonna try. Look you need anyone to talk to call me anytime, thanks," although did Susan’s suggestion for reasons escaping her all the more flood thoughts of Christian Cros in, which was strange seeing they were instead talking about Nicholas Edin “Isn’t that Ronda? Yes, who's that guy with her? Ah that's her brother Desrek Alum, tall Tip, dark and scrumptious, sculpture, think he’ll model? Who, Desrek? So he's the fragrance guy you was talking about, 'Desrek Chocolate,' Tip, wow, he's more than gorgeous, yeah, that's Desrek Alum” as one made to reflect agreeably although did Tiffany have to admit what a sensational stud Desrek Alum was himself, and how that look on a cologne, would make them both rich. “You Sissy, told me to get Ronda, now come and tell her what you gonna do with her, Ronda,” Waving a cheerful greeting her directive was it as though Desrek Alum was invisible at Tiffany keeping her promise at how she wouldn’t speak to him ever again. “What are you guys doing here? May, I missed you the other day, ...ah, yeah, Desrek, Mrs Coogan over there want to know have you ever thought about modeling, can she dare borrow you? You don’t know it Tif but we’re not here for that, I'm here to apply for the publishing position you Miss lady offered me, actually it was her over there, well she's right, Fashion Presents Dissuasion need a professional writer that will rapture the company into the top magazine slot and I'm that writer. I told Sissy we can't afford you but she didn't listen, well Tif, let me be the judge of that. Set me up for a presentation, hire me and I'll put this company on the map world wide, you're, she’s serious isn’t she? You damn right I'm serious, your company Tif is advertising for top executives who are ready for a change and ready to make a difference, I'm it and Sissy knows this. Ok, well let's find Erica, she's in charge of that, she's Miss fashion magazine, actually launching today, well tonight, so look who has perfect timing. ..this is really some, place Tif, I'm really impressed, really, I was not expecting anything like this, ...okay here come Erica Lynn, I’ll catch you guys later, ..love you May, yeah, love you too Desrek Alum, then why don't you marry me and rid us of all this mystery and regret? I would Desrek, if you would ever have it, but remember,  you won't, later you two, hum, I guess she told you, she always does sis, she always does. I have something though she can't say no to, you know Derry, Tif has suffered enough, no playing games with her, yes madam, yes madam indeed, I'm gonna look around, find me, yeah, behave yourself ....so that's Desrek Alum? He is something flawless."

                                                            SCENE XIX

       "What's this? Ah how sweet, wait, what's the occasion? Erica my god where on earth! If you look closely, that your bedroom, they're good aren't they? It's,” stumbling and fumbling over her own tongue with disbelief but was this an amazing gift both enriching and scandalous. “It's, “wooo!” "Wait a minute you didn't show this to the others? Of course not, but Tip that's sort of not true,  ah Ashleigh Michelle being the exception. "I call this one with the sheet immortally sworn, he's Tip the rather perfervid immortally sworn beauty and you the immortally sworn beast. I can't believe this, so does this mean, ...you actually sneaked into my room? I wouldn't Tip call it sneaked, I kinda barged in with urgent news and there you guys were, I had no idea, ah, I'm a photographer Tip I couldn't resist, it was so mystical, it was, it was, all hell Tip it was Nicholas Edin, I couldn't help myself,  I plead temporary insanity, ....wrong hand Erica. When I walked in there and your cover was so erotically blown and so amorously told and I saw that gorgeous ass man, his strong, naked limbs stretching from his barely covered ass, this picture right, ah,  those stupendous arms of his and
how they passionately treasured you and you them, it was exceptional, I couldn't resist. So you want copies to send to him? God no, he'll kill us, he'll sue us, then kill us, only he’ll probably have a baby first, I kinda figured that, so I included the prints. Mr. Ravishing wouldn't go for it huh? Nicholas is so protective of his body, so shy, how long were you in my room? Yeah tell me about it, I just did, as one lighting the fireplace, though it was pretty warm, Erica hoped it was because Tiffany felt a chill, a draft. a chill. "I'm his girlfriend and I can count the times I've actually seen him,  you just a little, nude, ...have you, so about how many times? Bye Erica, you gonna thrown them in fire aren't you, ah come on Tip ...Erica! I can't chance it, ...ok, but I could've made millions off of those photos, yea but dead people don't need money, got yah, but it wasn't just that, I don't want everybody looking at him, he's yours Tip, and mine, right? All you may as well be burning millions of dollar, but like you said, dead man tell no tell, neither do they Tip have a need for money,  ...feel better? No, not until I get many drinks that's gonna have to do, bye Miss burn the most special pictures ever of Nicholas Edin , bye Miss I never should've taken pictures of Nicholas Edin, in the first place, ..ditto woman, ditto!"  {{{“What you mean Key you gave him our parents address? I mean the sweetheart he is Kas, wanted to send, ...ah wake up, he’s going over there, don’t you get it! Are you trying to spoil this for me, hell for us, you and Desrek as well? You know Kas I would never intentionally, he’s probably knocking
on their door right now! I got to stop him, get to him, damn it I’m in Montana you gonna have to do it, get over his house, stop him. Why don’t you try calling him or paging him first, maybe he was sincere, you know Kas you’re going to have come clean and tell him why you, hello, Kas! Kas, what the hell! Kas!"}}}     >>>"Hey man you’re beeping. yeah, thanks, {{{"Okay, Key, I tried him, Sole, he’s not answering as I suspected, you got to get over there, and say what, do what? You know you gonna have to tell him why he can’t meet them, ...yeah fine, are you going? The last time I just showed up at their place unannounced I wasn’t, it, was a good, ...Key please, you got to do this, I’ll go, I’m leaving now, what do I tell him though? If he's home just call me, I'll talk t him, okay, I’m gone.}}}     >>>"Mr. Diaz? Yes I’m Mr. Diaz, hi, I’m Soledad Aggart, I’m engaged to your daughter Kassel, I wanted to meet the parents, get your blessing, June! You better get in here with the quickness, what is all the commotion? This young man, a Soledad Aggart says he’s engaged to marry Keifer, ah Kassel, ...that’s strange seeing Kassel is already married, Kiefer as well at that matter, planned from birth you see. Why don’t you come in Mr. Aggart, I bet you’re asking where are our manners, we were about to have lunch please join us. So are you a practicing Atheist as well Mr. Aggart, as we are, as our daughters Keifer and Kassel are? Engaged from birth? Yes, that was, well is the only stipulation of them going off to college and such, Kiefer been married, what doll? Like two, it's three, three years, and Kasael, is set for spring of next year, so you're Mr. Aggart, leaning into adultery with talks of marrying either of them. Adultery is a biblical term, no, it's an act, when a person is unfaithful in marriage, what's to drink over there Mar? Ah, where is my head?'

                                ...WHEREOF EVERYONE BEARETH TWINS...
                                                                   SCENE XX

     "She burn them, as to cry on Ashleigh's resistant shoulder, Ash, she was so cruel about it, she made me watch her toss Nicholas Edin into the fire and burn, can you believe that, that she did that to, immortally sworn? I would love to pat you up, and sing, lullabies Erica but we're pressed into a schedule that's going on without us. Did you not just hear what I said? I need a drink,  ...and you'll get one, after we celebrate launch, Miss Aggart, Erica, made some minor changes, ...it's dead, I can't think, she burn him, I told her Ash she may as well be throwing millions of dollars into the fire ...and what Ash did she say? Dead people don't need money, don't laugh, that is not funny, your laughter Ash is betrayal, I know. I know, but you have to admit, see, see you're laughing, ...not a laugh, a grimace, I'm not a betrayer like you, ...you can call me that all you want, but I told you not to give them to her. Isn't that your Dr. Matthew,  quick, quick, camera, that long hall is perfect for it, ...perfect, perfect, incredible, now look off shyly like you always do, yes, yes, again at me, all powerful strone, yes yes, now here Ash, put that away. Dr Hymm, what a surprise, why I can only Erica leave so many messages, I'm gonna lay down in your office until you're ready, smooch, smooch, ...well, okay, ...come for you just as soon, ...okay sweetheart, okay. ....Ouch, why in the hell are you pitching me? You still didn't introduce us, ...sorry, I was caught into the twilight zone he stepped out of or I stepped in, so you wasn't expecting him? Helllllll, nall, that's Dr. Matthew Hymm, although I'm so Ash, impressed, I, wow, wow, we really are a couple, ....you do know Erica there are hundreds of women who find you so indescribable bless or lucky to have him, right? That you could have him, to instead go home too, but he come, find you and sleep on your sofa until you're ready, I'm just saying you need to think of that when you're playing the dodge him game, ...and you missy should take your own advice, Amen, amen, babe, you wouldn't have a pillow or two? I'm right behind you, ...thanks, ...my name is Ashleigh by the way! Ah my, Erica, you  must've forgot, as one checking out the shots Erica's camera, did Ash get an eye full of immortally sworn all of them, apparently Erica forgot, "I guess she forgot to delete them, humm, I feel like doing you a great favor rica Lynn with Tiffany Ann pushing up on my man, and this is just perfect, ,,,talking to yourself at such a young age? I admit Erica, I can't the deal I made Tony out of man, so are you hoping Tony answer or that the phone just ring?s I have an ideal, go to him if that's what you want Ash, either, or, so let's this done so we can get to our men, huh? Yes, Erica Lynn, I agree.   

                      ...AND THERE IS NONE BARREN AMONG THEM...
                                                          SCENE XXI

     {{{“Of course I went. I wouldn’t tell you I went and didn’t no one was there? Look Kas even if your fears prove to be exact this was bound to happen,” “I don’t know either of them that well but they don’t take anything for granted. especially marriage.” “This is a disaster and you’re simply trying to let me down easy, maybe I should call them,” “ask them if they would just not confide in him, tell them he’s mad man or something. “I know this is the last thing you want to hear but if he did go over there it’s all going to work out regardless as he’s crazy about you, just crazy, you have to believe that” “I still Key can’t believe you didn’t suspect a thing when he asked for their address, ok I’ve beat myself up pretty bad but this isn’t about that, its about you not coming clean to him, not telling him the truth. You mean Key like you’ve been the big sisterly example and told Desrek Allum, little to no comparison, we're not engaged, probably Kas, never will be, I’m going to get my shower, you be safe and be careful, and don’t worry, this isn’t as bad as it seem, liar, liar Key, your towel on fire.”}}}

                                    ....AS A PIECE OF POMEGRANATE...
                                                          SCENE XXII

     -“Captain Norm, I can’t believe you’re actually here, so my eyes wasn’t deceiving me, no Lieutenant and I can’t say I’m surprised to see you, the SSDO is perfect for you and I imagine by you, wow what a testimonial. Look who I brought with me, O my god May it’s my entire class, you didn’t think you would get rid of us so easy did you Lieutenant? Yes I admit I did but thank you guys
for proving me wrong. This is my friend and pastor Maaseiah Adonai, Maaseiah this is my commander, and Maaseiah I hope his friend, yes of course, and this is my ROTC class, as so are they my friends. You’re angry at me for stealing your testimony, no, plus they gave you an even deeper revelation, it was amazing. So was your testimonial May about the day you knew the Supreme’s love was happening to you. How you cried and cried because you knew no one on this earth would under-stand and thus you would live a life of ridicule. I just want you to know I understand May, I always have and I always will.     >>>"Perhaps Mat if you're to look at me, tat Erica was the best night to morning I've ever spent with you, all platted and tangled you, ah, like that, with the both of us falling asleep on the Sofa, it's like to make space Mat, we just climbed into one another. I love you Erica, and what time we have left, I to spend it with you, just like the beast night and morning ever, , marry me, I can't ...Erica, ..I can't Mat except you agree we can children right away, ...what, you work in a trumama center, I just watch my best friend Tip go mad with the lost of her fiance, wha sissy, a maddening house as well until hers recovered, knowing we suffer this way Mat we know, right here, right now is all we got. Do you know how cry incredible that, all i can say is look whose going to be planning a wedding, ...no, I don't want a wedding, I want the ending of the last miracle 34th  street movie, when she woke Mat Christmas morning magically married, a huge diamond on her finger and a new life in her womb, tat Mat has alway been my happy ever after not with santa clause making it all come true, that's God in heaven, but thats' mine, I love you too Mat, so much and the answer is yes, I'm gonna get dressed and get you home, mazing grace erica, all of this right now, that's because Mat, we finally realize all we truly have is right here, right now!

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