Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XV


“That just it,” “I don’t think there’s a person here that couldn’t marry any person in

this world and create a perfect marriage accordingly.” “Of course you gonna have to

factor in age,” “gender,” “perhaps nationality but other than that you’re not looking for a

perfect mate as sociality has thought forever,” “you never were but rather a perfect

commitment.” “In other words make a choice of a spouse,” “this person in agreement with

you,” “make a marriage vow conformably and remind heart,” “mind and soul faithful even

your blood will familiarize itself to this union creating you as one in all likeness.” “I know

what most of you are thinking,” “researching” “the blood,” “but how is that possible?”

“Yes the blood,” “and is why this entity all it’s own should’ve been spent so curiously and

cautiously there are no words,” “why mankind’s first of all commission is that he or she

find them yes of their opposite sort,” “a spouse, “ ”again first of all.” “This is why a decree

of divorce is nothing but words on paper,” “it is the blood that has committed itself and

there’s no undoing this issue of blood framing, validating and metamorphosing you two

into this one as of the vows you’ve made for all eternity.” “I mean you guys have heard it

called the living blood right?” “You just never thought of it as having it’s on personality

and individuality that it’’s to leave a perfect, identifying mark, even a deadly one if mal-

treated,” “or misguided,” “as you alone is to will it,” “yes even in and on your spouse.”

“While our fifteen minutes are up don’t forget your,” “all Mr. Aggart,” with disagreeing

mourns throughout a packed to the walls class that he’s to never stop telling them and

teaching them, especially the sort off things they’re to never, ever consider “you can’t tell

us stuff like this and leave us hanging,” “You guys know the rule,” “fifteen minutes is all

we have for this little intermission,” “now I’ll you see guys by noon tomorrow.” “My

word what a surprise,” that a kind Desrek Allum to gently bring a gladness to his very

heart Kiefer Nicole into a priceless hug but were the entire gang there, Hain and André,”

“Soledad and Kassel and most of all Kassel’s sister Kiefer whom Desrek Allum was

graciously greeting. “Wow Mr. Aggart that was amazing,” “I can’t say I agree with it all

but wow.” “while you know Kiefer a man’s belief is his freedom,” “here we are attempting

to surprise you and you surprised us,” “wow!” “That was amazing Desrek man,” “you

really see things different than us all,” “while thanks Sole man,” “I must say cousin Desrek

I’m glad I came,” “yeah,” having Collin Hain’s hand when at first she could barely get

within breathing room of him being this cautious was there a visible healing going on.”

“Hey why don’t we go to the Venture-Cube,” “that new place right around the corner,”

“games,” “pizza,” “dance and Mike night?” “That sound just perfect Sole,” “Kiefer?”

“Yes,” “perfect,” as one finding herself more than overwhelmed with this man, this Desrek

Allum truly what planet had he fallen off of bringing him not only to earth but to her and

for how long?” “Lieutenant Aggart,” “Yes sir,” as one shaking with much enthusiasm a

well groomed gentleman hands were the others put aside for now. “I’m Captain Norm,”

“a member of this centers’ assessment committee,” “you probably don’t know this but

their is talk of your class far and wide not only through this facility but this entire com-

munity.” “No sir you’re right I didn’t know,” “which would explain the classes getting so

they’re,” “ I thinking standing room only Lieutenant Aggart is the phrase you’re looking

for.” ‘”Excuse me Captain Norm but am I in some sort of trouble,” “no,” “of course not,”

“we would like to meet with you this time tomorrow that we’re to discuss the basics of

your curriculum at this center,” “you have a nice day.” “What are you thinking about?”

“So he read minds too,” “no one need not to read your mind to know something has you

completely bedazzle,” “you Mr. Aggart,” plaiting his fingers into hers at coming eye to eye

with him, even a close, soothing breath “you bedazzle me,” “even us,” “while I’m gonna

have to be careful about that aren’t I?” As one convinced captain Norm’s visit was more

of a warning than an invitation to a promotion, how he’d possibly said too much, ruffled

some feathers perhaps “Will you kind sir excuse me to the rest room,” “please be my

guess,” “no do this,” as one plaiting one of his hand, their fingers into one the other at

safeguarding her intimate placement was this manner of intimacy truly intimidating Desrek

Allum in warm places deep within restricted for now lands that he would no doubt spend

another night considering himself in love with a woman other than Maaseiah Adonai.



“I admit Cros I can’t understand Pepper as well as you but if I’m not mistaken he’s to

think we’re to make this beautiful day all the more so through a long walk and a long

picnic.” “Out by the water falls right,” “that astonishing oak?” “Right again,“ hugging

him into his stout, smell good, feel good forearm was Christian Cros so astonishing

beyond any and all imagining and so very good for her, for any human being. “Since you

haven’t Mill talked to me since that night,” “I was beginning to think I’d done,” “shhhhh,”

passionately, even romantically slicing a single finger across his mouth to silence him. “I

think I was just so overwhelmed by it all,” “what was I to say Cros I’m yet speechless ”

“and bewitched and,” “and,” “while I like your picnic ideal” as one inhaling deep into
fanning curious eyes along a simply breathtakingly beautiful landscape could Christian

himself not honestly put into words the extraordinary way a once estranged marriage bed

performed itself with them in it. “It would Mill be exactly what the doctor is to order or

something like that.” “You Cros want to talk about it,” “about her,” “her?” “The woman

you’re to imagine when you look at me,” “you’re to remember when you’re with me and

don’t tell me Cros there’s no such woman.” “No there is Mill such a woman,” breaking

off their union into a seat along the steps that he’s to cut this awareness up at her coming

down into a seat along side of him, “but she’s nothing short of a dear friend,” “one I

haven’t seen or heard from unendingly and that is this weariness you see in me

surrounding her,” “it is nothing more I assure you.” “She’s everything,” “excuse me,”

showing himself remarkably estranged at her but was it as though she’s to read the

deepest, dark places founding and segmenting passions, his very heart. “Forgive me Cros

but I overheard Spirit River speaking of her, “ “what is that to mean Cros,” “that she’s,”

“this dear friend as you described is everything?” “She,” “Tiffany Ann,” “is greatly valued

by Spirit that’s all,” “she left an unwavering impression on him Mill that’s all.” “You Cros

call her Tiffany but Spirit,” “he called her something else,” “a Maaseiah all with this

distinction she’s highly valued.” “Enough with this mystery woman huh,” springing again

into his stand at handing her his hand down to her at bringing her his way for all eternity

“if we’re going to make the best of this day Mill we best get started.” “Will you ever

Cros speak freely of such things to me as you’re so trusting of Spirit River?” “It is Spirit

River whose to Milla speak of such things to me,” “but to try and explain Maaseiah in her

truest spirituality,” “and Milla with hopes it’s not a sacrilege her purest divinity and form,”

“could Moses have thought, even Mill in a million years,” “how about a teenage Mary?”

“No Milla this is where we as men realize the supreme and his merciful dealings with

mankind is pass finding out and he and he alone chooses to whom he’s to reveal his arm.”

“And the fact Cros she is woman,” “no I think it’s because she is woman,” “remember

they created her woman,” “how it’s been predestine for the ancient.” “Sincerely Mill this

has never been about the supreme appointing man supremacy over the woman or the

woman over the man which is nothing Milla but a baneful infiltration,” “or cunning crafti-

ness at deceiving many.” “No this is about the entire Host of heaven who entrusted the

woman,” “the woman seed (mankind) at bringing this Son into the world that it’s to now

take this divine message concerning this identical Messiah at ministering it to the entire

globe to again redeem some.” “Now,” as one compassionately handing his hand to her

lead would Christian Cros know from this point just how unenclosed about spiritual things

did wife Camilla truly want him to be, “how about that picnic?”


"So how did Brad take the news?" With a delicious spelling Susan Faye nestling close

did husband Syefan Erin enjoy a deep inhale of her at wanting and needing her close at

feeling eerie about most of the goings on. "I guess Sissy as well as to be expected,” “it’s

Nickie I'm concern about,” “I mean Jeremy will be a constant reminder of my betrayal," "I

realize that" " but I can't change what has happen," "I can't!” "I know," designing a

delicate figure of herself so perfectly into his gentle bosom did Susan Faye have the man

of her dreams at wondering just how would Tiffany Ann fair without hers? "It’ll work

out," "you're right" "if you can forgive me and accept Jeremy then hopefully Nickie will

find it in his heart to do the same." "I want to thank you Sissy" "I'm so blessed to have

you" "no Sye I'm the fortunate one,” “just picture Stephanie as being every woman on this

planet,” “I know you don’t want to,” “but we have to.” “Truly not every man Sye

would've taken responsibility for Jeremy" “for a baby son she was force to abandon to

possibly a life of being an orphan.” “I mean you took her at her word" "no questions

asked" "then to bring him home to live with you face it Sye not everybody would’ve been

that trustworthy," towering, extremely handsome with the most keen, daring look and

now with his eagerly to be good father to a little boy lost was Syefin Erin all the more this

brilliance without words, "nor that responsible.” “Now imagine every man on this earth

Sye is you,” “is to perform himself truly like a superhero but one more hearted, more

compassionate whereas his merciful heart is that supernatural gift he’s to share with an

agonizing people,” “thanks babe that was beautiful,” folding her, them into this reassuring

hug would time along prove just how extraordinary both finding Jeremy Allen and saving

him would prove to be.


“Wow it look as though everyone in the nation is traveling today.” Still having

something to smile about, truly something to avert the regrets of the saddest day of

their lives was Nicholas and Tiffany arriving at the airport only minutes before his flight at

really not having enough time to sit. "I Tiffany wasn’t able to forget that little vow

scene,” “I mean I know what you meant,” “ you’ve entered into a very intimate relation-

ship without marriage vows,” “to a man who isn’t a bit as faithful as you,” “I ” “I” “I

love you Nicholas,” ingesting hard at swallowing away immense emotions stinging her

nose, her eyes into overflowing "and this is as you say vow or not forever.” “Last night

when I climbed into you,” “into us Tiffany and each moment in time became so incredibly

profound," "my god I tried getting lost there. ” “Lost you hear me,” "there inside us,”

“inside ourselves so,” “so we wouldn't have to face,” "my god just tell me I'm doing the

right thing," “yes,” nodding an agreement as this into his forward would a distraught as

himself Tiffany Ann miss him in ways unthinkable and wish upon his presence in ways

unspeakable. "This is so hard," "tell me some more about that gift stuff," "Nicholas honey

everybody's watching us," "tell me you love me" "I love,” launching a kiss of his amazing

mouth, tongue into her, into those priceless, pleasurable words an unforgettable intimacy

as themselves in love. "Ah god I almost forgot" that he’s fumble into his coat pocket, pull

forth a beautifully wrapped gift and a pink envelope to deliver to her directly "this is a

poem I found," "someone threw it away" "It says Tiffany all things that has prevented my

words from our beginning into our forever." "I love you Miss Tiffany Ann Saurus," "I

love you guys,” giving his family, his brothers a last wave goodbye at throwing her an

adorable kiss did Tiffany as they all witness him disappear into the distance sense parting

would be infinitely harder than she'd anticipated at yet feeling like a soothing spirit itself

his darling redolence lingering so near. “I’m sorry baby you gonna be all right?” Fitting

her into a shoulder to shoulder hug to be honest none of them in attendance actually

believed she and Nicholas relationship despite how genuine would endure this long

distance challenge. “Yes Sissy I think I am,” suddenly remembering the suspicious

envelope, one now smeared by a single tear drop of hers, perhaps even of his at easing

into a seat right there in the terminal that truly with her sight hassling through a vision

blurred by new tears could she read barely the address, MY LOVE…. “Is she all right?”

“Of course not Sye,” “would I be,” would you,” yet displaying her distaste that Nicholas is

to do this now, truly with Tiffany yet being this vulnerable but what time would be a good

time to abandon a fragile, even still with questions relationship as this? “But we’re talking

about Tiffany,” “I’m sure she’ll find away,” “she always Sye find a way.” “Did you hear

me?” “No,” as one wiping simultaneously both cheeks beyond both ears was an escaped to

the balcony Desrek Allum truly having a hard time of his life at present. “I said you’re in

trouble you know that right?” Trouble?” That he’s to come in at taking the paper into his

seat, at finding an interesting morning read as the country was America, more like a snow

cone in hell than a melting pot of differences but instead this touchwood pile of ideology.

“All come on you know what I’m talking about,” “she really like you,” “yeah cousin

Desrek,” “ seem you’re to put to work the very words of your mouth.” “Actually she’s a

kind girl whose been wired too tight,” “watch as soon as she wind down I’ll be a distant

memory.” “She a kid,” “did he say kid?” “He said kid Sole man I heard him just as you

did.” “Kiefer is at least twenty two meaning you’re only about three years older than she

is,” “come on Desrek man stop trying to belittle this,” “this is serious and you know it.”

“You’re right Sole,” “perhaps I should ask for her hand in marriage,” “what do you think

Hain,” “you think Kiefer is to make a good wife?” “Hey I didn’t say go that far.” “But

this is me Hain,” “a husband always looking for his wife you know that,” “I don’t wanna

lead anyone on.” “So you’re saying you can’t date her a few times,” “no I’m asking why

date her if she’s to agree to marry me?” “He’s messing with you Hain man,” “that’s

putting his works where his words are,” “see?” “Wow!” “Yeah I see,” “I better go before

I’m on the phone proposing to André or something,” “all right Kenny G the second,”

“don’t forget about the dorm meeting,” “yeah.” “What do you think,” “he snapped back

kidda fast didn’t he?” “I’m gonna go,” “follow him,” “follow him Sole?” “Yes,” “I don’t

trust him,” “you remember how he was that morning?” “No something tells me this isn’t

over by a long shot,“ “happy proposing.” “Hey Sole man you be careful with him,” “you

find him in a weird place call me,” “better yet call André, “she’s the one Sole he must

confide in,” “ the man ought not be alone remember?”



MY LOVE: The time will come for you and me, a season existence has set free,

where moon lit skies are rampant and wild and the majestic stars control our lives. Where

breaths are taken, no longer shall we breath, of enflamed emotions run loosely, run free.

When you my love shall look once, look twice, marveling at such awesome sights. No,

no sadness, no tears to cry, no, no sorrows, there exist no good-byes, it is there all things

shall begin anew, recapturing relations close and true. MY LOVE...


“Yes but I’ve heard him on more than one occasion and I further ask do you really

want to do this?” “You guys know I’ve been at this, in the church all my life,” “forty years

to be exact and I’ve seen or heard nothing like it.” “His work,” “even the words out of

his mouth have to be boarding on what the religious leader Nicodemus thought he saw

and heard of the Supreme’s Christ and was so flabbergasted,” “so astonished.” “But you

Norm said yourself he’s not certified or licensed to teach such things,” “especially to our

young,” “we hired him as a military grounds expert not an evangelical instructor,” “believe

me when I tell you he’s that just more,” “more like Mr. revelation himself.” “Speaking of

Lieutenant Aggart,” that he’s to whisper into the crowd of them how the subject matter of

their meeting had arrived on schedule as they’re to be careful about what they say and

how.” Lieutenant Aggart please,” “please come in and make yourself at home,” “please,”

“what is this about my fellow officers I have a querulous schedule as is? “This meeting

Lieutenant Aggart is about your ROTC class you must know that,” “of course that is why

I ask as I did ladies and gentlemen because all is well with said class,” “not all Lieutenant,”

“not all.” “It’s what you’ve chosen to do with the fifteen minute interim, the fifteen

minutes quiet time the students are to take at the end of the class to reflect that you’ve

taken as this surmountable advantage.” “I didn’t see it as taking,” “no I guess it is a form

of taking advantage,” “taking an advantage of their ignorance surrounding the world

around them to instead inflict knowledge.” “Isn’t it obvious Lieutenant what you call

needful knowledge and we as this nation educators has sanction as their educational

curriculum is far and wide.” “How did this happen Lieutenant,” “that is my question,”

“how?” “The children and I got into a discussion one day about what it is we do with our

free time and I told them how I’ve often been reprimanded for very controversial subjects

and one thing lead to another and here we,” “I go again.” “We want the teachings to

stop,” “you must know your faith Lieutenant isn’t the faith of us all only a few,” “many

are outraged that you’ve taken the liberty to teach their children things as provocative as

this.” “It’s Captain what the children wanted,” “they’re teens barely,” “how do they know

what they want?” “You’re right of course,’ “every morning when they awake from sleep

sickness,” “disease and death ask them right then and there whether or not that day is a

good day for them to die,” “how generous and courteous dying is.” “Today is the 18th of

May Lieutenant you have until the end of this month to get the children back to their

assigned curriculum or you’re to present your resignation,” “you are excused sir.” “I’m

sorry,” “I know this is awful and everything showing up unannounced and all,” “but I’ve

been calling and,” “you,” seeing Desrek Allum is not pleased at all was Kiefer Sheridan

contemplating like this double-take at slinking embarrassing enough right away “maybe I

should just leave.” “Don’t,” that just as she’s to get half way down the hall although was

Desrek Allum feeling his worse, his most confused, would he stay in New York, would he

go to Jamaica or return to Germany? “I’m sorry Kiefer please,” “Kiefer,” that she’s to

finally stop, turn his directive at being a bit disgruntled at him as well, truly how rude and

defunct, how was this her fault? “Come back please,” “are you sure?” “Yes,” “please,”

“lets talk,” “actually I just left work and I’m famished at wanting to know if you will come

out for dinner.” “Sure,” “wait right there,” “I’ll get my shoes and things,” “you not going

anywhere right?” “Right here I swear.” That’s just it Kiefer it all comes so natural for

me,” “like it’s there waiting on the tip of my tongue both this cure and this curse,” “any

way I just remembered how you don’t believe in a lot of these things,” “that’s because me

and my sister Kassel were raised in a predominately atheist household” “excuse me,”

“what did you say,?” “The tea,” “I said it’s really great,” “ah yes the tea,” “so what are

your plans,” “that just it,” “so far it has been in likeness to someone bringing a living

stream of water into a class of thirty teens.” “The flow of living water Kiefer is to re-

main,” “as so the ravenous with thirst kids they’re just forbidden to drink.” “What?”

Noticeably Kiefer Sheridan is to have that same astonishing look she had the end of his

class the day before, this look of awe yes, but enthusiasm as well, “you’re right,” “you’re

incurable,” “what an analogy that just was,” “how perfect and expert,” “how Desrek as

you say right off the tip of your tongue.” “So should I assume the reason you’ve been

avoiding me and not returning my calls is because you’ve been by these issues mentally

pressed?” “No,” “that wouldn’t be true,” “it was all meant to avoid seeing you and talking

to you,” “and,” “you” “so you didn’t find me irresistible and drop dead gorgeous and all of

the above.” “I think Kiefer it’s rather that I did and just became,” “of somewhat,”

“nervous is that it?” “You think what I’m feeling doesn’t make me nervous?” “I’ve never

Desrek felt anything like this before,” “and like you I’ve,” “excuse me anything like

what?” “Awe my,” pressing fingers to her smiling mouth quite remarkably was Kiefer

Sheridan quite gorgeous, with slanted eyes and yes a mouth alone to die for, of course

milk chocolate skin Desrek Allum imagine was so edible, hair so silken. “I just talked too

much didn’t I?” “Actually not enough,” “I’m in love with you,” “isn’t it obvious,” “I can’t

stop thinking about you,” “day and night Desrek,” “in the shower,” “on my job,” “you

know stuff like that.” “Ah I see,” “stuff like that,” “do you mock me,” “a girl whose to

pour her heart and soul out completely?” “No,” “would I do that,” “would I Desrek Allum

Aggart do something that like?”


“That’s just it you guys I don’t want to be afraid any more,” ”I’ll tell you what I

believe,” “I believe Fashion Present Dissuasion will be above anything we’re to think or

believe.” Laying in bed the night before trying to have her fill of Nicholas's most precious

gift, what could Tiffany Ann say? The poem was exactly as Nicholas had said. Was it

indeed filled with all the unspoken romance, silent passions and hidden languages that

often prevent affairs found by this thing called immortal love. “I know everyone here

want me to explain myself,” “this feeling of mine but I can’t,” “I just know,” “thus I say

we put her out there in a no holds barred fashion and wait for a latter rain form of return.”

Displaying itself this professional work, possibly by Nicholas Edin did it have two other

rather lengthy segments, both beginning with the initial, My Love. Perfect did Tiffany

think the work, as so it's author have at it root Nicholas and her most peculiarly. “I must

say I agree with Sissy and will put my newly awarded income on the line for collateral,”

“that if FPD don’t have the return she and I are to foresee then I’ll forfeit my salary for an

entire year,” “my word Ash you’re serious aren’t you?” “As serious Erica as a heart

attack and believe me I know exactly what that is.” Why would someone throw such an

extraordinary piece of work away? What a waste of time, passion and adoration. All the

deeply felt, desperately intense emotions of love and it's torrid affairs maybe lost or per-

haps wistfully cast away. “Well Ash if you can do it,” “I can as well,” “I mean the home-

less shelters around here aren’t that bad,” “ok they’re like hell on earth but you get my

meaning right?” All the more convinced Nicholas himself wrote the poem, that he'd

cast it away thinking what they'd found was possibly lost, or what he and Stephanie had

lost, now that again found so excessively, that perhaps even she’d cast it off, perhaps even

Christian Cros. “What about you Tip,” “I know you’re gain,” “these manners of risk

taking is right up your alley? “Excuse me,” that not only was she on an entirely opposite

page but a completely alternate planet, “ok you can use the fact that you just lost the

sexiest man in this world to France but Tiffany only this once.” “I haven’t lost Nicholas

and just what the hell are you talking about?” “So you do admit he’s the sexiest man

alive,” “Erica!” “Ok! Ok!” “We just agreed to put our next annual salaries on the line for

the entire Dissuasion spring and summer collection hit or miss,” “hit or miss,” “you mean

whether it’s to sink or swim?” “No if it’s a success we keep our salaries plus a modest

raise,” “then yes,’ “of course,” “whatever you guys think is best,” “you see Tip don’t think

the shelters are that bad either.” “While Ladies let’s do it,” “we’ve all agreed to forfeit

our annual salaries for a year,” “Mere you get to work on an impossible schedule for us all

and you Erica and Ashleigh have complete autonomy,” “now I’m off to home.” “What

the hell did we just do?” “I think Ash it’s like putting a sharp razor blade to the wrist,”

“both of them,” “ it’s just take a little longer to bleed to death.” “While at least ladies

we’ll all die together and thus be together forever,” “isn’t that just peachy?’ “Yeah Tip,”

“really,” “ thanks.”


"Ash!" "Ah god" Speeding into this get away at the sound of his voice, as so rushing

her hand into her purse at not looking back was she still a distant from her car. "Please

baby talk to me," " please,” "you leave me alone!" Walking backward at keeping her

hand in her purse could she see him merging from the dark shadow this bringer of agony

even death. "Ashleigh please," "please talk to me," "don't," that he’s to prevent her at

coming a little closer, at clarying how things had gone so horribly wrong with them being

in love, "god don't run," "Ash,” “you know I would never." "You come any closer Tony

and I’ll shoot," pulling a pistol forward in a timely, professional manner was a terrorized

Ashleigh Michelle more than capable of protecting herself. "What?" With dark eyes of his

strengthening into a heighten awareness, as so hands raised, that she’s to threaten him to

this manner. "What is this Ash," "you gonna shoot me?" "Come on Ash," that she’s to

listen to his voice, trust him, even have compassion for him at instead turning her intimi-

dating guards down a bit. "You gonna hurt somebody with thing" "I'm gonna hurt you

damn it Tony if you come any closer" nervously fidgeting with her car door at keeping an

eye, a weapon pointed at him that she’s to safely get into her automobile and on her way.

"Ok,” "I'm going," that he’s to make these manners of back strokes at realizing how

serious she was, how dangerous, that she possibly would shoot him. "I'm going Ash but

you know I’m innocent,” “you know I am.” Seeing she’s to scramble into her car,

speedily locking the door did she as well burst into hard, overwhelming tears at seeing

Anthony Dale’s mouth moving but was she speedily backing out and getting away at not

hearing a word he was saying “So how did the proposal go?” “That’s cute,” “only it

didn’t,” “this not Sole meant to deter you or cause doubt in you but there’s something

about Kiefer I just haven’t been able to figure.” “Don’t get me wrong she’s wonderful and

beauiful and all of the above,” “it’s probable the nightmarish senario Kassel is to describe

of their parents,” “nightmare?” “According to her they’re the worse,” “most frigthening

pair in the world,” “I wanted to go to them,” “ask,” “share with them my plans for their

daughter and Kas was like there’s no way that’s gonna work.” “So what do you really

think it is?” “I don’t know look what went down with you and Hain?” “He kinda caught

me and he wasn’t happy,” “he was at the liberary,” “he was doing reseacrch,’ “research

Derry on Sodomy and HIV,” “on Solomy,” “really?” “What are his chances that he

could’ve contracted Aids?” “I mean I never even considered that.” “You know Derry
there was talk and I haven’t been able to shake it since I saw him.” “Talk?” “About

Jesse Noble being gay,” “about him having aids,” “but if you and especially Hain knew

about this guy why didn’t you keep your distance?” “You’re not going to the center

today?” “They called,” “ask if I could be at yet another committee meeting,” “that a

subsitute would handle my class,” “my god Sole what was I thinking,” “I’m not licensed

for this,” “I don’t have any creditials and I’m certain that is what they’ll going to use

against me,” “me and my big mouth.” “You’re only doing Derry man what you think is

not just right but righteous,” “that which has for years now come naturally holy spirit with

you and there’s nothing man can do.” “You and I both Sole know that,” “but you’re

talking about a people,” “an entire system and society that is fastly becoming anti-christ at

being amazed how they’re to reap corruptions sown.” “I odn;t think I’m going to anothe

meeting,” “I’m going to my class dop what is it I do and all the fire and brimstone fall

where it may.”


“It just can’t be that bad honey just tell me,” caressing a pressed to the limit Collin

Hain hands into hers at encouraging him how he’s to spill it all but how could he?” “That

the last time I saw Jesse Noble was right before I came to New York,” “we were in the

Library,” “it was barely visited when one thing lead to another and he kissed me,” “kissed

me right on the mouth and although I was shocked I walked away Dre not really knowing

how to feel.” Wearing huge, dark locks of curls accenting just as dark briers, eyes, was

Collin Hain a very, very attractive young man, so innocent and very cleverly made. “What

do you mean you didn’t know how to,” “I mean one of my purposes for coming to New

York was to meet with him to consider just what that kiss meant if anything.” “Are you

telling me there was something between you two?” Ingesting hard and painfully to say but

was Collin Hain trying to tell her how he’d end up in a homosexual relationship with Jesse

Noble, how this was thus the end? “I can’t tell you Dre what a mistake it was to trust

him,” “how he not only lead me on but abused my trust,” “even my body in ways I could

never,” “ever put into words,” “nor would I ever want to.” “Are you saying,” with

readied tears forming into each of her eyes as she began to imagined to get a mental

picture of what Collin Hain was saying was he tearing her heart to pieces, “were you

sexually active with this guy if Collin you can even call it sex,” “is that what you’re telling

me?” “I’m telling you not just him,” “that he brought a friend alone and one thing,” “Dre.”

“Don’t,” that she’s to despise his touch most of all, that she’s to even despise him. Truly

how could he take something as special as themselves in love and obedience to this love

and spend it so horribly, so foolishly. “I need you most of all to understand I know I made

a horrible,:” “what about HIV huh?” That she’s to lessen her voice into a keen, careful

look about the restaurant as she was as a surprise to him expecting some of their closest

friends and there just as she now feared they were. “They’re here,” “whose here,”

“Remey and Ce’ce,” “Rem and Ce’ce are here?” Coming into his stand ready to greet

them as surely as she talk about bad timing, how about the worse timing in all the world.

‘I invited them as a surprise just grin and bear it.” “Hey you guys,” “ah look at his face he

is surprised,” “what on earth are you guys doing in New York?” Coming again into a seat

to them all was this some surprise, truly would all of his and Soledad’s friend leave Ja-

maica for New York?” “While we’re married now and we thought why not come here

and see you and Sole for our honeymoon,” “married,” “my god,” “where is Sole by the

way?” “While he and his girl Kassel are out actually planning their wedding,” “so he’s

really doing it,” “he’s gonna marry a girl he only just met?” “Will you guys excuse me.”

“you’re all right you don’t look good,” “I don’t feel really good I best hurry,” “I’ll come

with you.” “Something she ate,” “I hope not,” keeping his eyes fix on the restroom area

did Collin Hain know exactly what had made André Nicolette sick, the same reeking

details that’d sicken him for what has seem forever. “seeing she and I just ate the same

thing,” “having a gig tonight that wouldn’t be good at all,” “not at all.”


“While I tried this blood ideology on some of my other teachers and they said it’s all

hog wash,” “that’s because the things of the supreme are foolishness to those who don’t

believe.” “You must realize man live in a very fragmented world,” “that‘s because that

which would fit the pieces together perfectly is that they’re to reject the most,” “so a large

piece of the puzzle remain missing,” “right captain Norm?” “I’m afraid so Lieutenant

Aggart.” “So what is a puzzle with pieces missing?” “It’s not just abstract it’s incom-

plete,” “it’s worthless,” “that’s what it is right?” “A piece of art for some but still incom-

plete and thus garbage for others,” “right,” “but how could they have gone so long before

knowing this?” “How many people have to die Lieutenant Aggart before they realize the

abstract puzzle isn’t a work of scientific art but deception,” “that it’s missing part isn’t

missing at all just cleverly hidden,” “even sabotaged?” “That remind me of the story sur-

rounding the man born blind,” “you know how only one man had to be born blind that the

Christ made a spittle for his eyes and made him see.” “How only one man then had to go

the cross and die and how only one man have to believe,” “but can that one man’s belief

condemn us all as one man belief saves him, while another unbelief condemns him meaning

unbelief is without proper merit,” “right Lieu,” “where did he go?” “Maybe he had others

assignments to get to,” “now finish saying what you were saying,” “he’s saying if belief

unto redemption is possible for one man,” “just his belief alone,” ”that’s all,” “then how

can we excuse not believing.” “What about this puzzle thing,” “how do we find the

missing pieces,” “we don’t,” “don’t you see we have the complete puzzle from Genesis to

Revelation because that is type of supreme he is. Although refusing to be told,” “to be

lead,” “refusing to believe we’re just oblivious of how to assemble it properly,” “almost

like a child refusing help to tie his shoes because he want to do it himself yet because of

his lack of knowledge he’s failed.” “Then again once we learn like Lieutenant Aggart it’ll

no longer be a puzzle but divine illumination and why he refer to all us all as being a

genius” “even gods.” “Look do either of us know where Lieutenant Aggart live?” “I

mean suppose he doesn’t come back,” “how do we find him again?” “I did hear as rumor

that the committee here is pressuring him regarding this class and the things he’s to tell us

even teach us,” “that it’s not a part of the curriculum,” “we got to find out where he live,”

“we just have to.”


“So whose Macremores and Vances new fall guy?” Don’t you mean Ginny Pig?”

“As if Price there’s a difference.” “New York bred and born a Mr. Nicholas Coogan,”

“what’s so strange about this guy is his field of law is litigation,” “he’s to litigate one

of the richest men in the world out of one of the most tangled murder conspiracies in

decades?” “I don’t know Cooper when all else fell,” “yeah I might of known you Phil

of all people would find the positive.” “Well I was with Mr. Preston when this guy

was interviewed,” “did I also sit with him on a few of this guys court proceedings,

“Muller is right about him being able to litigate and man what a genius,” “I’m not

exaggerating when I say the entire court,” “yes including the judge were all smitten

into a manner of vexation.“ “All come on Bakeman,” “would this include you also?”

“Yeah,” “hell yes,” “I wanted his autograph and his biography,” “all now Bakeman

man that’s good,” slicing a crisp piece of bacon through the air at celebration, “that’s

really good.” “You were that impressed by him,” “of course I like the word bewitched,”

“but yeah I was that daunted by him,” “ask me and I say Macremore and Vance know

exactly what they’re doing with this guy.” “It wouldn’t be the first time right?” Checking

his time piece into a stand, a visible get away “they are the expert in all of this,” “and

you Phil,” “you’re the babysitter right?” “His room is all clean, crisp and covert,”

“catch you guys later,” taking an additional sip of a coffee cup drawn warm did Philip

Mance have important court issues yo get to. “What?”“His bio huh?” “You really like that

ey,” “hey Bakeman you gonna eat that?” “Yes I’m going eat it,” “get your own.”


“O it’s you ,” not waiting to knock as it was urgent business was Ashleigh door open

for the walk in at Erica finding her standing, starring out the window, sipping on a cup.
“I been waiting to ask how did things go with you and Matt the other night?" "They

didn’t,” “I went home and went to bed,” “but you been waiting on him forever,” “that

you’re to spend some quality time together and you went home instead?” “I told you Ash

I’m tired,” “which mean I’m to make some changes, “ ‘I just don’t know if Matt and I are

gonna make it that’s all.” “Look did you hear about what happen last night?" "Ah yea,"

“some poor bastard tried to off himself," "I heard about that" "Ash," that she’s to get more

concerning, more telling as Ashleigh had only heard the least of it "Miss Barleck seem to

think you knew this guy" "what?" Considering horribly her night in the parking garage

with murder suspect Anthony Dale how he’d come into the center, right up to Mrs.

Barleck’s desk. "Yes she said he tried visiting you" "O god! Sickening unintentionally did

she strangle on her cup at coughing her eyes and nose to spilling "are you all right?" Did a

smitten as this Ashleigh Michelle get past her to the nearest restroom "you sure she said

it's the same man?" Arched over a toilet could she hear Erica following behind her as this

was some happen chance, some juicy piece of gossip "she's pretty certain," "you sure

you’re all right?” “Hell no I’m not all right,” spitting herself into an abrupt convulsion, but

was everything she’d put down minutes passed just at that very moment coming right up.

“What the hell was he thinking?” "I don’t know but I heard Ash he took enough pills to

kill an elephant" Closing as to sit on the commode at this stillness, not believing this was

happening, especially there, especially to her. "Girl they said he died at least three times,"

"once in the ambulance," “what was that?” Indeed were other models coming in, gossiping

about the latest drama at hearing Ashleigh stomach rupturing did they clear out of the

restroom as quickly as possible. “Ah god tell me this is happening,” “please god,” was

Ashleigh Michelle beginning to feel as though her whole intestine would explode, that
truly out of all the buildings he could’ve chosen. "What's going on?" Seeing Erica Lynn

was to stay at this arch in her door way at meeting her at her arrival was this a sign alone

something was wrong. "Is it true,” unbuttoning as to remove arm by arm her jacket had

Susan Faye barely made it into building at hearing the latest tell, tell drama. “Some guy

tried killing himself?" "Yea it's true," “there's something Sissy even more concerning" "I

think Ash knew him" "what?” "How?" "I don't know" "all I know when I told her she

raced to the restroom," “threw up everything.” "O god let me check on her," "you tried

calling the hospital for information?" "Only his immediate family who ever the hell they

are," "what about Matt Erica?" Getting at a distance from her after Ashleigh Michelle at

reminding Erica Lynn they did have like this inside person at thinking that was a good idea

only she wasn’t speaking to Matthew Edwin, hadn’t for days now, but this was urgent

"maybe he can help" "yeah," “I’ll call him.” “Ash?” Entering into the restroom after her

did boss Susan motion to the others to leave as she wanted to be alone with Ashleigh

Michelle. “Ashleigh are you still in here, “I’m here,” as one coming out at making it to the

sink did she at Susan’s notice splash water on her face, "I'm ok," "so you need the rest of

the day off?" "No!” Calmly blotching her face into an inhale. exhale would she not take

these urgent matters to the extreme that she would forfeit a days work. "I'm fine," "just

fine" "god I look a mess,” “so you did know him?" "I rather not say Sissy ok," "well you

can go if you need to," "sure,” that Susan is to make an exit just as she’d been her most

courteous only Ashleigh counted it more as one meddling into her affairs than displaying

genuine concern "that’ll be just freaking lovely."


"Hey-ey-ey-ey" "there-er-er-er,” “lone-ly girl,-rl -rl" singing as she barged right into

Tiffany's office as usual this unwelcome sort, "thanks Erica for the sentiment" looking out

into what had become a stunning day was Tiffany wondering how was Nicholas and Paris

France fairing "and O the sweet musical interlude." "You're welcome Tip of course" "so

how you doing," "I'm fine thank you very much,” "yea,” "yea sure you are" flopping onto

Tiffany’s desk at all the more taunting her at knowing it was the one thing Tiffany and she

disputed about the most. "Now on a more serious note,” “what is it Erica?" "Girl if

something that fine,” “gorgeous and sexy was to leave me for a year or more I would

definitely need a doctor." "Good,” "you got one now go bother him." "Ok you're right,"

"I guess I could be mature enough to make a vow to celibacy for," playfully setting a

questionable finger to chin would she more than have fun at Tiffany’s intimate obstruction

to simply worry her accordingly until Nicholas’s return "lets say a year or two," "ha!”

"You wouldn't last a day," "see I could be offended," "yea you could be but you're not

because you know I'm right." "Perhaps," polishing her nails into her silk blouse was Erica

Lynn more happy at teasing her best friend so "and then again perhaps not." "Are you

here on business Erica or simply to provoke me into killing you?" "Ok if you insist I'm

here for your spring sketches,” “of course I'll understand if you've fallen behind trying to

say farewell to that deliciously,” “gorgeous man." Pausing long as to consider a now

shame faced Erica Lynn bursting into a laughter at always being on target whenever it

came to one Nicholas Edin Coogan "god you really are incurable aren’t you?” "Here take

this,” roughly pushing the folder into her bosom at getting her closer to that leave did

Tiffany have as Susan had assayed to at their last meeting a pretty full schedule “and as

usual Erica I recommend a cold shower," “mines on the brink Tip surely you must know,”

“too much use,” “how’s Nicholas?” “Perhaps can I use his,” “unless you’re saving it for

youself and all,” “that’s it Erica good day,” getting out, away as Tiffany Ann plainly

insisted was Erica reminded of the terrible events that had happen the night before. “So

did you hear?” Disturbing Tiffany just as she was getting back to work would she more

than look for something for throwing at her “hear?” “Some guy Ashleigh know tried

killing himself last night,” “right here Tip at the center?” “Seems if Mrs. Barleck hadn’t

been burning the night oil so to speak he would’ve got his wish.” “So who is he,” “what’s

his name?” “Girl only Ashleigh knows and is being rather caustic about the whole thing,”

“that’s terrible,” “yeah well I’ll see you later,” “yeah Erica,” “later.”


“Now I wonder what’s happening over there,” “she better be thanking Mrs. Barleck

and not scorning her,” that in this scenic route back to her office did a talking to herself

Erica Lynn witness Ashleigh who seemed to be having a rather heated conversation with

Mrs. Barleck, how knowing her she was probably telling Mrs. Barleck to mind her own

business. “Ash is so terrible when it come to people skills,” “of course that’s why I hired

her for the bitch she is,” “but this,” “this was wrong.” Of course if all their suspicions

were true, if it had not been for Miss Barleck, this guy, whoever the hell he was would’ve

died. Absolutely they weren’t at all that surprised Mrs. Barleck was working late as she

often did, Ashleigh being as merciless as she was demanding. "So is everything

all right Mrs. Barleck?" "Ah yes,” that she’s to shy away into her work scrupulously but

was it apparent she was instead breaking down “everything just fine dear thanks." "Well

I'm glad," patting the receptionist desk at getting her attention did Erica Lynn want her to

know they were most gracious. "Feel free to come to me with any problems you might

have," "and oh Mrs. Barleck,” "good show,” "you saved a life last night." "Yes" that she’s

to perk right up at realizing although Ashleigh more than hurt her feelings at instead taking

her crown was this pleasant manner of Erica Lynn instead uplifting her. "I did didn't I," "I

just happen to see him go into the restroom but not exit,” “frighten to death myself at

what I would find,” “surely enough Miss Hammon there he was as death on the floor,”

“yes,” “it was all really brave of you,” “thank you dear child,” "thanks very much." “So

Dre didn’t come I see,” “no she still didn’t feel well,” “by the way man that was amazing.”

“it’s been a while since I’ve heard you play,” “wow!” “Yeah thanks of course,” “I have

one more set and then I can get away with you guys,” “I think first of all we should go and

check on Dre,” “yeah sure,” “although I’m possibly the last person she want to see.”

“What is going on with you guys?” “So how long are you guys here for?” “While we

wanted to stay what’s left of our honeymoon but suddenly André is anxious to get back.”

“get back,” “you mean to Jamaica?” “I,” “we thought Hain she was here to stay,” “even to

get married,” “yeah,” “so did I.” “I did something really stupid” “I mean really,” “really

stupid” “unforgivable actually,” “I better get back,” “you guys gonna wait for me right?”

“Sure Hain man we wouldn’t miss it,” “something unforgivable huh?” “Sound like a third

party,” “yeah” “sounds like.” “So were you even gonna say goodbye,” “I don’t owe

you anything,” hardly able to close her suitcase it was so stuffed but was this André

Nicolette’s answer to Collin Hain’s obscene practices to just go, get away. “Just like

you felt you didn’t owe us anything when you did what you did. “So this is my punish-

ment,” “don’t you think Dre I’ve punished myself enough?” “I literally blew my head off

for god-sakes,” “look the last thing I want my leaving to represent is a manner of punish-

ment as you say,” “but now we both know why Moma Laura didn’t want you coming to

such a bad place.” “Like Dre there’s a good place on an earth not so much the supreme

has forsaken but one who’ve mightily forsaken him days without number.” Although you

go,” ‘I want you to go,” “to reflect Dre on our lives at present and once you’ve decided

you find me,” “that’s all I ask Dre is that you find me the one man wanting to spend what-

ever significance remain here with you.” “That is so lovely,” “I can’t tell you how much I

hate you let them touch you,” “how I hate they abused such a sincere, kindhearted into-

macy as Collin Hain” “which is why I’ve been more angry about this than anything.” “It’s

ok to be angry just don’t Dre make decisions that will hunt us for the rest of this life

through or by that anger.” “I love you so much,” designing wayward strands along the

artistry of her face did Collin Hain believe himself deceived and made estranged from this

life by this demon called Jesse Noble in ways indescribable as it was taking away every-

thing dear to him even the love of his life. “And you would trust me to touch you?” “Yes,”

“Eventually,” as one backing up. off even into a necessary exit for fear André Nicolette

would do exactly that it being the last thing Collin Hain thought himself ready for. “I

mean of course I’ll need some time but you Dre is this trust,” “this vow,” “don’t forsake

me forever that’s all I’m saying,” “don’t André honey forsake me,” “us,” “forever.”

“Collin wait,” tearing into the hall after him was André in much peril trying to explain her

side of this coin so segmented as she and Collin Hain in love, marriage and betrayal. “I

understand Dre really I do,” “plus I have a dorm meeting to get to and I promised Sole I

wouldn’t be late,” “he worries about me,” “a little too much at times.” “ As long as you

understand Dre I’m gonna need you to come back to me,” ‘”I’m gonna need that a whole

lot,” “you guys have a nice,” “safe flight,” “tell Rembrant and Murphy I’ll see them later.”

“Collin,” “I hate it too Dre that this happen,” “but I can’t take it back,” “god how I wish I

could then I never would’ve seen that look upon your face when I first told you,” “that

look Dre I’m seeing right now,” “you sure you gonna be all right?” Calling down from the

top of the stairs at seeing a non-responsive Collin Hain get straight away that despite how

miserable she felt about leaving him she simply couldn’t stay, she just couldn’t.


“So,” “so,” “so is he here?” “Yeah,” not taking his eyes off of all the office com-

motion but was the entire firm up and in great alarm with gossip about Macremore and

Vance’s new recruit. “It would definitely seem as though he has arrived.” “My word,”

looking from her office as this witness with him was Macremore and Vance in a fracas

of hurried people running to and fro. “You would think a famous entertainer or some-

thing is come,” “I mean what is so different about this guy,” “clearly beside your

belief he’s a mold breaker?” “He’s from New York,” “it’s been a long time Lynn since

anything good has come to this firm from New York,” “see him,” “ah yes,” “I see him,”

“and?” “And I just have one word,” “yummy,” “ah god Lynn I love that,” “wow he truly is

something to see isn’t he,” “now Lynn imagine he’s as good as he look,” “I’m to instead

Jake imagine no one is that good I assure you,” “mesmerizing isn’t he?” Nicholas Edin

Coogan huh?” “A stunning name for a stunning superman.” “What Jake is our take again

on love at first sight,” “you see that is exactly what I said,” “truly give me your bios,”

“memoirs and all.” “Wow,” getting over, again into her seat did a curious Ly Lynn Chow

understand just by one glance at this guy what all the disturbance was about. “With this

eye candy things are ideally looking up,” “married?” “No,” not married,” “but not
completely without a very interesting playmate,” “model caliber Lynn and beyond,” “like

himself I see,” “well all I can say is Mr. Coogan is very welcome to Macremore and

Vance.” “Something I said?” Easing into a seat along side of him was Christian simply

not into this picnic thing. “I want us to make it official,” “will you Milla consider re-

marrying me,” pausing delicately but was Christian Cros with belief that now that he and

wife Camilla had so with explosive wedlock re-christen the marriage bed that may as well

do likewise with said vows. “Will you be my wife.” “All that is holy Cros are you

certain?” “As or even more certain Mill than the first time I asked.” “If you think about it

it’s the only thing that make sense,” “we could even drive into town this evening and make

it official.” “This evening?” Rubbing nervous palms against her slacks into a stand, a long

awaited indecision, “ok well I could possibly Mill get someone to make a house,” “no!”

“What’s the rush?” “We take our time Cros and we could at lease have a private cere-

mony,” “you know with at least a few of our family members present.” “Most of our

family Mill are thousands of miles and hours away,” “I don’t want to wait,” taking her

hand into a delicate kiss like so Camilla couldn’t help but feel this wasn’t simply about

Christian Cros being his most passionate or romantic, but was he running, running really

quick and away from something, or perhaps someone. “Ok,” that he’s to find a manner

of reasoning as Camilla was adamant about making it a big deal, “you’re right,” “we’ll get

on the phone,” “make a few calls,” “a few invitations and have a wedding,” “how about

that?” “Yes,” coming a more than inviting smooch into him, into this one man in all the

world she’d ever married and now to renew said vows was astonishing all it’s all “a

thousand times Cros yes.” “A fall,” “spring wedding,” laying her head back into his neck

at designing a look into an astonishing mountainous area, water fall was her reemergence

fairing better than any plans, than any for a certainty “how marvelous Cros indeed.”


"It's Erica," "well Erica I really have a lot of catching up to do," opening the door at

allowing Erica’s entry regardless of her being pressed to the limit. "What did you Ash say

to Mrs. Barleck?” ”I told that old hag to mind her own damn business what else?” Getting

again into her seat, that time consuming inquiry was that exactly what Erica suspected a

making her so crossed with Ashleigh Michelle "and just what business Ash would that

be?" "Well like I told boss Susan Erica I rather not say!” "Then by all means Ash let me

say it for you," "your business wondered into this building," "your business then attempted

to kill himself by pouring a bottle of sleeping pills down his throat." "Justly Ash if it

wasn't for Mrs. Barleck tending to your business he would be dead," "I think that about

sums it up" "I don’t,” displaying herself immensely snarled at Erica’s seemingly indig-

nation but what was Erica talking about? “What are,” “she saved your boy's life Ash,"

"Mrs. Barleck?” Ghosting sedately into a lengthy imagination but what had she down,

how had she downgraded the one person she should’ve lifted up? “Yes Mrs. nosy ass

Barleck,” "who do you think got him the help he needed and stayed with him until said

help arrived”” “I didn't know," "I,” “I guess I need to apologize" “while you're at it Ash

apologize for all the other hundreds of times you've been unjust and ugly toward her,”

“change this repugnant attitude Ash or leave your letter of resignation on my desk"

backing into a close of Ashleigh’s door behind her was this a side of Erica Lynn Ashleigh

had not seen and hope would never see again "you know whenever you're not so damn

busy.” “So have you and Kassel set a date yet,” “that’s strange Derry because I was

about to ask you the same thing,” “now that’s funny.” “Seriously have you?” “Our six

month anniversary is coming up in three weeks we’ve set it for that day.” “So will the

monsters Kassel paint of the parents be there?” “I don’t know, but I don’t think so,” “I

don’t even think she’s to tell them.” “I’m seriously Derry thinking about going to see

them for myself what do you think?” “You do mean completely against Kassel’s will?”

“Ummm,” responding behind him to a ringing door bell was Desrek Allum getting up and

soon out as their guess Corranda and Dexter had seemingly arrived. “If I tell you that’s

possibly not a good idea will you go after all?” “Probably,” that he’s to call after Desrek

Allum rushing out, to the door could Soledad Maurice just soon hear him greeting their

expected guess Corronda and Dexter Leon coming over for dinner and a night of games.

“The perfect,” “perfect couple and I’m so jealous of,” “should I tell him or will you?”

“You go on,” “ you tell him,” “ come on guys tell me what?” “Dex asked me again and I

said yes,” happily spreading the fingers of her left hand toward him was Corronda Bren

sporting an astonishing engagement gem “wow!” “Sole,” “yes I heard,” marching right

into a complete hug of her neck unto a shake of Dexter’s hand at congratulating her, was

this a sweet, unite proof all it’ sown their sister was healing really well. “And what is that

smelling so delicious,” with a gentleman Dexter Leon helping her with her jacket Corronda

hadn’t talked anyone but she felt as though she was on a highway in the fastest move auto

at things simply going this fast for her, getting her, she and Dexter onward or simply out

of the way. “That would be home made pizza and hot wings,” “you know the ultimate

party food,” “and where’s Collin Hain?” “I thought he would be here.” “He had a gig

tonight,.” “said he’s to get here as soon as possible,” “how he doesn’t want to miss you

guys“ good,” “I haven’t really seen him,” “he’s always in some rush whenever I do.”


“I’m frighten,” “I thought you were asleep,” “don’t tell me I gave my bed up for

nothing,” “I’m serious Desrek,” “all this is going incredibly fast.” “You’re telling me,”

moving up into the kitchen for a drink of water knowing a concern Corronda Bren would

follow did Desrek Alum more than understand were his big sister was coming from. “So

you feel it too?” “Let’s just say Ron if I’d accepted a proposal to marriage just a few

dinners ago all three of us would be engaged right about now and could get married

around,” “we could have a triple wedding when only a month or so ago it seemed

impossible.” “What you guys doing up?” Rubbing sleep out of his eyes into the kitchen as

well did Soledad Maurice have a taste instead for orange juice.” “Ron here was relating to

me how fast all of this is going,” “you know the wedding proposals,” “the marriages that

will follow,” “stuff like that when only a few months ago who knew.” “Speaking of

which Derry,” “and now you Ronda,” “I don’t think I’m going to marry Kas unless she

introduce me to her parents,” “that juice look really good I think I’ll have some.” “I mean

it can’t be as bad as she’s letting on right?” “Or baby boy it really could be,” “I mean this

is America,” “the very epitome of persons who practice freedom and liberty without con-

sequences,” “do you know what monsters that’s make out of people?” “I’m going to call

Dex,” “you do know it’s like three in morning,” “yes,” “that’s the fun of it,” “it’ll be like it

was when were teens,” “ok,” “be sure Ron and let me know how that go.” “I’ve de-

cided,” “and it going to be meet the parents or no marriage,” “I’ll take Tas to Jamaica
to meet mom and dad,” “sorta break the ice,” “then on to meet her parents,” “hile I’m

back to bed,” “goodnight,” “yeah Sole you too.” {{{“oooou,” as one rubbing her nose

into a glance at the clock at wondering who in the world was calling her at that hour

“wake up babe it’s me,” “Sole?” Backing into a seat against her headrest at yet being

confused but had he awaken her out of a dead, refreshing sleep “what time is it?” “Look I

couldn’t stop thinking of you,” “of our decision to marry,” “I think I just needed to hear

your voice ok,” “don’t be too angry at me.” “Ah god I’m not angry,” “this is sweet,” “so

sweet,” “tell me,” yawning hard, long at jerking moisture from ready to alert themselves

eyes at thinking Soledad Maurice was yet nervous about their decision making thus he

couldn’t sleep. “What’s on your mind?” “I need you Tas to drop everything and come to

Jamaica with me,” “drop everything,” “what are you talking about?” “I’m want you to

meet the parents before we get marry,” “then from there we could go to Jersey and meet

your parents,” “you know get our parents blessing.” “I keep telling you Sole there’s no

such things where my parents are concern,” “they’ll curse us more than blessing us believe

me when I tell you this.” “Key got me on this weird assignment anyway,” “I can’t get

away anyway time soon,” “I thought we’d decided we would just do this,” “make the

proposal final,” “wed and Sole get on with our lives as we alone see fit.” “Look I’m going

back to sleep,” “it’s for the best I assure you,” “I’ll call you some time tomorrow,” “you

get some sleep now.” “You’re quiet this morning,” “so when are you two leaving for

mother Jamaica,” “we’re not,” “Kas says Ke-ke have her on like this impossible assign-

ment and she just can’t get away.” “I’m sorry,” “I know how you looked forward to

going,” “well don’t be sorry I plan to meet Tas parents regardless,” “the mystery is really

tearing at you huh?” “It’s Derry eating me alive.” “This is so good,” “your meals are so

good,” “why is that?” “I spend a lot of my free time preparing meals in the mess hall how

else?” “Did I hear you tell Ronda Ke-ke proposed marriage to you?” “Yes,” getting at

taking his plate, his coffee cup to the sink was that exactly what Kiefer Bay had done

untimely putting the ball in his courtyard. “So what did you answer?” “I didn’t,” “I really

haven’t spoken to her since,” “this is about May isn’t it?” “May,” “who Sole is May?”

Maaseiah of course,” “look I know she’s possibly one of if not the most extraordinary

woman on this planet but she’s engaged,” “so what,” “we’ve been engaged before,” “we?”

“I mean we Sole as in mankind,” “we’re always engaged to one thing or another,” ”one

person or another,” “did you tell Hain brekfast was ready?” “He grabbed Coffee and a

bagel and got out,” “while tell Ron I’ll meet her at the center,” “yeah,” “sure.” {{{

“Hello Key,” “yeah your soon to be brother-in-law here,” “I need your parents Jersey

address,” “no it’s for me,” “I just want to be courteous enough to at least send them an

invitation.” “Yeah we’ve set a date,” “our six months anniversary,” “three weeks from

today,” “clever huh,” “yes I have a pen right here,” “the mountains of Montana huh?” “No

she told me she had an important assignment I just didn;t kno it was out of town” “all

right then there Key thanks,” :”yeah,” “yeah you too.”}}}


"Hey to you" greeting as so entering into the mail room with Susan Faye on her hills

was Tiffany as well after the inspiration they always received from fan mail. "Erica just

told me some troubling news" "some guy attempted suicide?" "Yea," positioning an ink

pen behind her right ear this long time habit was said news spreading like wild fire
throughout the center. "It's true," "no one we know huh?" "Not us," "but it seem Ash-

leigh know him and is being quite the little ass about it" "like he almost died but we should

feel sorry for her.” “Well that sound like Ash all right," "what is with her?” "I Sissy never

knew," sorting with her through plenty of mail again for the innovative projects they could

induce was this attempted suicide that days’ drama. "I vaguely remember her from school

but what I do remember wasn't good.” “I don’t know Ashleigh always struck me as being

very superficial and I've seen nothing that tell me Sissy she's any different now.” "I've

always felt sorry for her," "you know," "that she just didn't get it." "Yeah," “I must admit

Tip I completely agree.” “Anthony Dale Decorte,” “ I did some research,” “that’s the

guys’ name,” “I don’t know why Sissy but that sound dimly familiar,” “you know what?”

“I thought that too.” “So is Nickie really getting a feel of Paris?" "Regretfully yes," "I'm

so sorry Tip,” “I know this have to be hard," "yeah,” recessing disappointedly at tossing

prickly strands off of her neck as they were so worrisome at times “even more Sissy

than either of us expected." "So does he know how long," "you know?" "Ah he's not

sure," "could be a year," "could be three years" "well I hope you guys make it work,"

"yeah well Sissy we gonna try." "Look you need anyone to talk to call me any time,"

"thanks," although did Susan’s suggestion for reasons escaping her all the more flood

thoughts of Christian Cros in which was strange seeing they were instead talking about

Nicholas Edin “Isn’t that Ronda,” “yes,” displaying herself delighted would Tiffany waste

no time getting to her as this was more than the sweetest surprise. "Whose that guy with

her?" "Ah that's her brother Desrek," "ummm" tapping a pen to her teeth another habit of

hers but was Susan Faye getting the neatest ideal as Desrek Allum was quite the doll.

"Tall," "dark and sculpture friendly think he’ll model?” “Who?” Not at all taking Susan
serious, indeed Desrek model, what on earth was Susan talking about?” “You know that

new fragrance ‘Bell’ wouldn’t he Tip be simply perfect for that?” "Desrek?" “Ah come on

Sissy,” "my god Tip he's more than gorgeous," "yeah,” as one made to reflect agreeably

although did Tiffany have to admit what a sensational stud Desrek Allum was himself. “I

guess.” "Ronda!” Waving a cheerful greeting her directive was it as though Dresrek

Allum was invisible at Tiffany keeping her promise at how she wouldn’t speak to him

again. “What are you doing here?" "My word Tif this is very impressive" did a cheerful

Corronda take both of her hands into her friend warm, seasonal embrace at crossing yet

another controvertible bridge in her life. "May,” “ah yeah Desrek Susan over there want

to know have you ever thought about modeling?” You don’t know it Tif but we’re not

here to see you," "well excuse me," "I'm here to apply for the publishing position," as one

instead laying a sizable resume into Tiffany’s hand was Corranda more than serious and

anxious to get to work as soon as possible. "Fashion Presents Dissuasion need a pro-

fessional writer that will rapture the company into the top magazine slot and I'm that

writer." "Are you kidding?" "We can't afford you," "well let me be the judge of that,"

"set me up for a presentation," "hire me and I'll put this company on the map world wide."

"You're,” “she’s serious isn’t she?" "You damn right I'm serious," "your company Tif is

advertising for top executives who are ready for a change and ready to make a difference,”

"well that's me." "Ok," "well let's find Erica,” “she's in charge of that," "this is really some

place Tif" with astonished by what she was seeing eyes growing up and all around was this

the last thing Tiffany could’ve imagine, let alone dream, Corranda Aggart of all things a

FPD author . “I’ll catch you guys later,” hearing his promise to catch up with them later

had they apparently lost brother Desrek to a model research of his own.

Will this Cros be as clever as you anticipated?” With the silhouette of her splendid

nakedness simply arousing to his stingy flesh slithering about his heated thighs at again

arousing the tremendous, at vast anxiety manhood truly overwhelming them. Where he

and Camilla both cuddled into warm flesh and thick warm blankets in front of an

amazing fireplace. “Will this Cros prevent her,” “keep her from taking you at her

will?” “What are you talking about?” Away dreaming as he’s to imagine a day he and

the wife he’d mostly adored again in love, into some of the most scorching intimacies

at climbing their urgent selves into wondrous recovery of thrilling blood. “Come on

Cros,” bringing a delicate nose to his, those warm, inviting breaths “talk to me about

her,” “why do you fear her so?” “I don’t,” “it’s not what you think Milla I assure you,”

“you didn’t rush us into a marriage bed all to spite her?” “Is this Milla really happening”

dancing a marvelous awareness about hers “yes” upon a gentle though evenly sweltering

kiss did new tears wiggle along his cheek, his nose simply evincing them both. “Who is

she Cros,” “or should I ask what is she?” “What did Spirit mean at calling her Sia

Maaseiah?” “Mill please!” Pressing his forward aggressively into hers at petitioning

she desist these cutting exams regarding Tiffany Ann. Tossing and wrestling a tear

of his phenomena lovemaking into her abstinence discovered this alluring surrender,

this defense melanoma at extremes, a biting submission of benumbing adventure

at igniting an excruciating at flaunting and tossing them into a vicious, screaming

even torturous sea of lovability. "Ahhhh god Cros you're trying to kill me,” "I’m

shivering through and through,” “crying,” “I’ve never cried before.” “Who is she Cros,”

rolling him on his back at pinning him down that he’s to answer her morbid accusations.

“Is she this immense,” “blistering organism tauntingly exerting this looming sexual

fabrication of splendid mixture as Christian Cros.” Intensified all the more at Camilla's

anguishing cries did he launch himself a gratifying, neurotic freshness into her aroused

breast. A terrorizing eroticism at this explosive climax of horrendous harmony “ah god,”

“ah god,” “ah god,” a theatrical concert of pulsating flesh, blood and breath of life. Or

was this a mounting lost of control, of sanity even of human awareness, was this a good,

beyond narrative death. “She’s mystery,” tasting the salty tears rolling off his nose into

his mouth upon a stare into the ceiling, “as surely Mill as the divinity of Genesis through

Revelation are all this ancient mystery,” “so is Maasieah Adonai,” “now please,” turning

on his side away at spilling new tear along artist features did Christian Cros know the

answer to Camilla question. The one whether this marriage bed was as cunning, no, it

wasn’t, but had it amplified to his quaking vulnerability this impenetrable destiny of

Maaseiah and himself all the more. That since he’d discovered her, there was no getting

away from her, they were one, the same as in the beginning and just as immobilized.


"What's this?" Doubting the sizable envelope a suspicious Erica Lynn was handling

her, opening it did it appear to be another sealed envelop bearing a thinking of you card

whereas all of them had signed. "Ah how sweet" glancing at an awaiting Erica Lynn

was Tiffany Ann all the more enraged with anticipation regarding the rest of the gift.

Intrigued that is until said elation was turn to a jaw dropping, hand over the mouth awe

the second she was filled with some of the most racy photos of Nicholas Edin all with
her naked body accenting. "Erica my god where on earth!” "They're good aren't they?"

"It's,” stumbling and fumbling over her own tongue with disbelief but was this an amazing

gift both enriching and scandalous. “It's, “wooo!” "Wait a minute you didn't show this to

the others?" "Of course not,” as one crossing her finger behind her back that she was lying

apparently but it wa sort of true Ashleigh Michelle being the exception. "I call this one

with the sheet immortally sworn," "he's Tip the rather perfervid immortally sworn beauty

and you the immortally sworn beast." "I can't believe this," that she’s to press them

immediately into her desk drawer or maybe under lock and key is best truly what to do

and how to do it? "So does this mean,” "you actually sneaked into my room?" "I wouldn't

Tip call it sneaked, "I kinda barged in and there you guys were." "I'm a photographer Tip

I couldn't resist," "it was so mystical" ”priceless even," as one probing about undecidedly

at mitigating this expert explaination "it was," "it was,” "all hell Tip it was Nicholas

Coogan I couldn't help myself" raising her left hand at pleading her cause "I plead

temporarily insanity" "wrong hand Erica." "When I walked in there and your cover was so

erotically blown and so amorously told and I saw that gorgeous ass man," "his strong,”

“naked limbs stretching from his barely covered ass," "those stupendous arms of his and

how they passionately treasured you and you them," "it was ardently exceptional," "I

couldn't resist." "So you want copies to send to him?” "No?” "God no he'll kill us" "he'll

sue us then kill us" "he’ll probably have a baby first,” “I kinda figured that so I included

the prints.” "So Mr. Ravishing wouldn't go for it huh?" Easing into a seat at having the

hard part over but this was Erica Lynn would she of course poke fun. "Nicholas is so

protective of his body," "so shy," "yeah tell me about it.” "I'm his girl friend and I can

count the times I've actually seen him nude," "so about how many times?" At a rest of her

elbow into Tiffany’s desk "bye Erica" "aw come on" “Erica!" "Ok but I could've made

millions off those photos," "yea but dead people don't need money," "got yah.” {{{

“What you mean you gave him our parents address?” “I mean the sweet heart he is

he,” “he wanted to send,” “he’s going over there don’t you get it!” “Are you trying to

spoil this for me?” “You know Kas I would never intentionally,” “he’s probably knocking

on their door right now!” “I got to stop him,” “get to him,” “damn it I’m in Montana

you gonna have to do it,” “get over his house,” “stop him.” “Why don’t you try calling

him or paging him first,” “maybe he was sincere,” “you know you’re going to have come

clean and tell him why you,” “hello,” “Kas?” “Hey man you’re beeping“ “yeah,” keeping

his attention into the window, into the scenic route all around and about at being pretty

sure who it was calling but was this all a noisome sore gnawing unendingly at him that he

simply had to be rid of. {{{“He’s not answering as I suspected,” “you got to get over

there,” “you know you gonna have to tell him why he can’t meet them,” “yeah fine,” “are

you going?” “The last time I just showed up at their place unannounced I wasn’t,” “Key

please you got to do this.” “I’ll go,” “I’m leaving now,” I’m gone.”}}} “Mr. Diaz?”

“Yes I’m Mr. Diaz,” “hi I’m Soledad Aggart,” “I’m engaged to your daughter Kassel and

wanted to meet the parents at getting your blessing,” as one having practice this meeting a

million time was it thus far going as he’d planned “June!” “You better get in here with the

quickness,” “what is all the commotion?” “This young man,” “a Soledad Aggart says he’s

engaged to marry Key,” “Kassel,” “that’s strange seeing Kassel is already married,” “Kie-

fer as well at that matter,” “plan from birth you see.” “Why don’t you come in Mr. Ag-

gart,” “I bet you’re asking where are our manners,” “we were about to have lunch please

join us.” That it was then a regret began to grow thick and even thicker in his throat as

Soledad Maurice was reminded of how Kassel Nicolette forewarn her parents would be

more a curse than a godsend. “So are you a practicing Atheist as well Mr. Aggart,” “as

we are,” “as our daughters Key and Kas are?”


{{{“That is not the quote you gave me earlier,” “yes by a difference of at least two

hundred dollars,” watching from the kitchen widow had Christian Cros distance himself to

that long mediation on the front porch, that prized rocker of his. Not at all regretting the

fact he’d included her into some of the most phenomenon manner of intimate consu-

mmation of human flesh and sizzling fluids and breaths of life. “While can I speak to the

agent I,” “a Janet if I’m not,” “while how can the two quotes have a difference by such a

large margin?” Knowing what happen in that room that night was less about her and more

about Tiffany seeing nothing like that had happen between them before nor in the two

weeks past, heck they’d barely shed a word or touched hands. “I can’t help but feel Mill I

owe you an apology,” “why don’t you go to her Cros,” “stop waiting for her to come to

you and you go to her” “that’s not possible,” shaking a weary head at refusing such a

challenge, “why Cros?” Taking his hand into her warm lap and engaging proximity “tell

me why,” “why are you so mesmerized by this woman?” “I mean why was Spirit so vexed

by her? “I don’t Mill want to talk about it,” “don’t want to Cros or can’t,” “like it’s for-

bidden or something.” “My god I hate the way you sit around imaging your life,” “your

every existence Cros,” “even your eternity without her.” “Do you know how that make

me feel,” “aah god Mill the last thing I want is to hurt you,” leaping up off at roughly
handling worrisome strands at sweeping them behind each ear was her constant ac-

cusations piercing at the least. “But most of this weariness concerning her is that you’re

to imagine,” “do you really think I,” “Christian Cros would marry,” “would enter into

something so spiritually consecrated to me simply to spite a woman I scarcely know?”

‘I believe Cros for the first time in your life this woman has made you clumsy in love.”

“Clumsy in love,” “what the hell Mill is that to mean?” “I’m going to get the hot tub

ready,” “I’ve Milla been imaging us in there together for days now,” making his way

up the stairs pass her, “please don’t keep me waiting,” “I miss you,” “and I so Mill want

to climb into that I miss.” {{{“Of course I went.” “I wouldn’t tell you I went and

didn’t,” “no one was there?” “Look Kas even if your fears prove to be exact this was

bound to happen,” “I don’t know either of them that well but they don’t take anything for

granted. especially marriage.” “This is a disaster and you’re simply trying to let me down

easy,” “maybe I should call them,” “ask them if they would just not confide in him,” “tell

them he’s mad man or something. “I know this is the last thing you want to hear but if he

did go over there it’s all going to work out regardless as he’s crazy about you,” just

crazy,” “you have to believe that” “I still Key can’t believe you didn’t suspect a thing

when he asked for their address,” “ok I’ve beat myself up pretty bad but this isn’t about

that,” “its about you not coming clean to him,” “not telling him the truth.” “You mean

Key like you’ve been the big sisterly example and told Desrek Allum,” “I’m going to get

my shower,” “you be safe and be careful,” “and don’t worry,” “this isn’t as bad as it


“I’ll never forget the day Maaseiah’s mother came into her house looking for her and

three others and found us sitting in her prayer closet with her bible in our lap readying

ourselves to pray.” “I was the oldest nearly six,” “my best friend and at the time future

wife Maaesiah was nearing four,” “while my cousin Hain and my youngest brother

Soledad were both nearing three.” “You have to remember this is what she’d been

teaching us all alone,” “it was nothing for her to take our hands right over a tub full of

fresh bath water and lead us into prayer our not knowing then she was making us her

prayer warriors.” “Anyway once she found us all she said to Soledad who was still

wearing his shoes was always remove your shoes,” “how she didn’t allow shoes in her

prayer closet.” “So you can see Maaseiah and I learn at an early age how the most

important thing in the temple is the alter of sacrifice, of repentance, reconciliation and

thus salvation.” “That even if you destroy this temple,” “yes the alter and all you’re to

remember there’s an eternal alter shaped and mold by the Supreme’s Christ blood right in

your knees,” “in your heart and thus out of the words of your mouth.” “This is why what

this Supreme Christ did was so imperative,” “why he told the religious leaders and the

Samaritan woman that if they destroy the temple of the body the supreme hath ordain that

in three days an even more invincible, indestructible temple of the most of high would

emerge.” “One my sisters and brothers in creation not only eternal but interchangeable

whereas our humble,” “sacrificial surrender of the temporal would all the more create us

this identical to him temple of eternal sacrifice and glory.” “I want to thank you all for

being here,” “for listening to both Maaseiah and myself,” “for giving us a platform this

astonishing to speak from,” ”may the supreme keep you and watch over you goodnight.”

“Captain Norm,” “I can’t believe you’re actually here,” “so my eyes wasn’t deceiving me,”
“no Lieutenant and I can’t say I’m surprised to see you,” “the SSDO is perfect for you

and I imagine by you,” “wow what a testimonial.” “Look who I brought with me,” that at

least a dozen or more happy teenagers are to emerge from the crowd at making this all the

more a glorious surprise. “O my god May it’s my entire class,” “you didn’t think you

would get rid of us so easy did you Lieutenant?” “Yes I admit I did but thanks you guys

for proving me wrong.” “This is my friend and pastor Maaseiah Adonai,” “Maaseiah this

is my commander,” “and Maasieah I hope his friend,” “yes of course,” “and this is my

ROTC class,” “as so are they my friends.” “You’re angry at me for stealing your

testimony,” “no,” “plus they gave you an even deeper revelation,” “it was amazing.” “So

was your testimonial May about the day you knew the Supreme’s love was happening to

you.” “How you cried and cried because you knew no one on this earth would under-

stand and thus you would live a life of ridicule.” “I just want you to know I understand

May,” “I always have and I always will.” “I never told you Desrek but when you se-

parated us and went into the military,” “and from there to Germany I had a really, really

hard go at it,” as one sniffing to brush away a single tear carting along craftsman features

would this confession be as honest and sincere she’s to be since Desrek Allum return.

“There possibly wasn’t a night I didn’t cry,” “I know it’s what I parent thought was

best,” “how the closeness we had being as young as were was unhealthy but I cried a lot

back then.” As one keeping his eyes on the road at arriving them both home safely was

Desrek Allum vision beginning to blur to the extent he could hardly see at wiping his

cheeks into his shoulders. “Of course Ronda and I drew even more close,” “then

Sissy and Erica happen,” “then as you know Michael Day,” “and now Nicholas,” “yeah it

would seem May our parents little scheme worked,” harshly sweeping a single chin to

cheek had Desrek Allum regretted more than he could describe actually listening to them.

“Although you must know you wasn’t alone,” “that this keeping them apart scenario has

been impossibly heart-wrenching for us both,” “man what suckers for our parents we both

were.” “We were kids Allum,” “and they,” “they just did what they thought was best,”

“best for them May I assure you,” “and it’s been a long time since anyone has called

Allum,” “it was really soothing,” “even May ambulatory to hear.” “You have been a true

gentleman tonight,” “walking me to my door and all,” “I’ve missed you Derry,” as one

planting a kiss to a freshly shaved cheek was Desrek Allum the one that not only got away

but was at present escaping still “more than I really realized.” “May,” “I’ve committed

myself to him and sealed said vow by my own flesh and blood,” “truly Desrek what the

supreme hath brought together let no man,” “even you,” “even me put asunder.” “It will

be a very long time,” “if ever before I forget this night,” “by the way I like your new

look,” “it’s very scrumptious,” “and stop looking at me with those intoxicating eyes.”

“While you never did like facial hair did you?” “Goodnight May,” “goodnight Allum,”

“sleep tight,” “I know, I know,” “although I like to say,” “don’t let anything May besides

me bite.” “Ummm how cute and sexy,” “it’s unusual for a man who look as incredible as

you and is just as sexy to think the way you do,” “especially Allum to say the things you

say,” “I’ll see you soon May,” “yes soon.”

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