Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XIV


"We need to talk" taking Camilla's hand at leading her away from the rest of the

family, completely dumbfounding her as Christian rarely spoke to her now for him to

gently take her and lead her his way was Camilla somewhat castoff. "What's this?"

Unsociably raising the suspicious journal to eye level what manner of wicked contentions

was she up to now? "It's a written description of my life for the last six or" "I know that

Milla,” “how did it find it's way into my bedroom?" "Of course I placed it's there" moving

off into fold arms at explaining how their charmed lives had been reduced to question-

able words on paper. "I thought it was time for" "time,” "time for what?" “I don't know

Cros,” ”time for us to stop kidding ourselves," "to possibly stop blaming ourselves"

"punishing ourselves" "I don't know." "Why you never me told me you was there," "why

all the damn secrecy?" "I've asked myself that question a thousand times" as one displaying

herself emotional did she prance around nervously at explaining both her folly and what

could be their triumph. "Why?” "Why?” "Why?” "There's no answer," "none," brushing at

a nearing nostril did she settle into a window seal simply aghast at justifying why she’d

abandon her husband so. "I mean why is my baby dead?" "Why Cros does my husband

hate me?" "Why couldn't I come hurting and dying into that room to be with you?" "I

don't know why" "I don't know," plunking her cheeks of chubby tear drops would these

indigestible horrors ever be these things of the past?" “You tell me why?" "You can't can

you?" Accusing him into a stand, into an additional fold of tight, tense arms, a just as

damaging look as she knew he was suspicous of her most of all . "Knowing you Cros you

think it's some trick" "some game," "well it's" "I don't feel that way" displaying himself just

as misplaced as herself, just as abstract did Christian need this dismissal of charges to

finallly let forgiveness reign. "At first it was hard to consider" "but I don't feel that now"

"to be honest I don't know how I feel." "Well neither do I" "I just want the damn pain to

stop you know," "after seven years Cros I just want," "shhhhhh" that he’s to appear com-

passionate enough at pulling her into his stout, warm bosom, into that wondrous feel

good, smell good neck, that he’s to treasure her, this his immortal life. "Shhhhhhhh,”

consoling wife Camilla as tenderly as this did his wet whispers feel her ear, his curious

nose her neck unto this fascinating spoor of hers, "it’ll pass.” "I'm sorry" that she’s to

instead recollect herself, this extremely pivotal moment at making a much needed exit "I'm

gonna go,” “wipe my face." “Sure,” that he’s to release her, the warmest feelings he’s had

for her, heck for any woman with the exception of Tiffany Ann for a long time.


"Wow you're here early," “first I want you to know I’m still not speaking to you,”

easing into a cheerful seat on top Tiffany's desk was a nosy, somewhat perky Erica

Lynn on the prowl. "So what's

happening with you?" "I've told you not to sit on my desk

and need I remind you,” “you just walked into my office. "Ok let’s rephrase,” “I’m not

Tip talking to you on a personal level just business only,” “wooo Tip these are good,"

"give me

those" forcefully yanking personal sketches from her prying eyes was this really

beginning to look like a regular day at the office. "Fussy," "fussy."

"What is it Erica?"

"I'm just checking on my room mate that's all." "Come on," after

readying an exit was she

easing all the more Tiffany's way at as Tiffany would say picking for juicy gossip her brain.
"Laying all jokes aside," "bets

even," "I can tell something is wrong," "I don't want to talk

about it. "You're sure?" "I'm

sure Erica ok." "Look Sissy got a little secret going you

know what's up?" "No I don't

know what's up," "you do know Erica every question you

just asked me was personal,” “what can I say, “I don’t hold long grudges. “Ok how about

lunch with Ashleigh and I," "you mean Erica so you can pick my"

vaguely casting a

strange look at the door just as Erica spun around into a very despondent Nicholas

Coogan's face that causing Tiffany’s sudden tongue tying "hi Nick," sensing a higher

than normal tension did a fleeing Erica Lynn certainly close the door behind her. "First

how did you leave?" Un
fastening this flawless overcoat arm by arm at releasing it was a

passive Nicholas Edin in the first place getting to the bottom of this little charade they

were playing. I called a cab how else?"

"You don't see any danger in that?" "No more

dangerous Nicholas than anything else,"

pushing off, up into her files, into a momentary

glance out the window was a once sunny day suddenly quite cloudy as she and Nicholas

were at this razzle, dazzle again. "Are you playing

some type of game with me? Yes

Nicholas," slamming the cabinet like so did she cast choice files to her desk at despising

his insinuation, his abrasive conclusion "I

like waking up screaming and using my most

private self to play games." "Don't do this

damn it!" At dotting an anxiety-racked as

himself finger into her desk would he not as usual be

made the villain here, no not this

time. "You're like a god damn Dr. Jerkel and Mr. Hyde," "one minute I know

you and

love you and we're spectacular together," "the next you're

completely oblivious to me."

"One moment Tiffany you're this top executive that can do

anything and the next you're

shaking in your god damn boots." "Well who in the hell Nicholas

ask you to give a

damn?" Snatching Kleenexes free was Tiffany Ann again

breaking down at caring after
huge spills designing magnificent features at she and Nicholas again in a heated brawl.

"Ok, "ok maybe that was a bit much" "I still can't help Tiffany feeling we're playing a"

"look no

one is playing a game with you," "I got some problems." "What kind of

problems?" "Problems ok?" Such

the stunning human-being Nicholas always treasured of

her, indescribable actually, a

trophy model beyond all but was she just as tormented. "My

freaking headless boyfriend like to pay me visits!” "I'm

right here," as to draw his

marvelous self so close, so compassionately into a seat to her coming along a sofa with

attempts at explaining “talk to

me." "If it's a game Nicholas it's the game of life and

death," "darkness and

light," "it all come to me in the most gruesome," "horrifying

dreams," "and no matter Nicholas what

I do" "or how I do it

as soon as my eyes close

they come rushing in," "tearing me and ripping me," "even

Nicholas blaming me." "Then

you're telling me the nightmares in question are about

Michael?" "Yes," "Maybe you don't

want to let him go," “just maybe Nicholas you didn’t hear me,” ”I’m not holding to him

he’s holding to me,” “but he’s Tiffany no longer here,” “because a person is no longer has

a physical body doesn’t mean they can’t be a party among those who’s there most expert

association.” I don't know,” ”all I know is that he keep blaming me for it," "what do you


"I mean in the dreams," witnessing that she's to reach wipes at bringing them

close, at

passionately setting fancy, drizzling eyes into a nervous fold of her kerchief "like

it’s all my fault,” “but Tiffany you had nothing to do with Michael's death,"


"you believe that don't you?" "No Nicholas

I don't," casting the closeness of his off into

this undistinguished stand into a window, into cloud now pouring rain and lightening up

the sky "I mean I don't

know," "maybe," "what maybe Tiffany?" "Michael was murdered

and unless you was behind the steering wheel of that tractor trailer you had nothing to do
with that" "there are

many ways Nicholas to kill a person you must know that." As

imagined by Tiffany Ann plenty of time was Nicholas Edin a darling gorgeous man, a man

she felt not deserving her craziness. It was here Tiffany so wanted to tell him to run, to

run really, really fast away, to escape for his life, even for his sanity, but how could she

when she needed him so desperately? "Come on baby why are you torturing yourself?"

"My god I love you so much," graphing her

expert chin at bringing her face to his face,

eye to dancing eye at planting her head to his soothing shoulder "I need you beyond

description." "So the nightmare last night Tiffany when you awaken

kicking, screaming,

and terrified that was about Michael?" "Yes," "what about him could have been that

awful?" "I don't

want to remember,"

"I don't Nicholas want to talk about it any more."

"Ok," “you’re right,” wiping long strands away into

the back of her neck at smooching the

texture and revitalizing bouquet of her hairline would leaving her for any length be trying

at the least


Ah thank god you’re here,” falling dramatically and helplessly upon his brother’s neck

was Soledad Maurice more then glad to see him that he’s to help him with this disaster.

“My word it’s raining cats and dogs out there,” “I don’t think Derry it’s any better in

here,” “where is he?” “He’s sleeping now,” “you really think he was raped,” “what about

the medical center?” “He says no,” breaking again into a hard cry was Soledad Maurice

truly floored heart, mind and soul regarding these unprecedented events, “come on Sole.”

“He says he’s never gonna leave this room,” “that someone might see him and that would

be the end you know” “how will he ever get passed this?” “That’s what he keep asking me
and,” “and,”: “shhhhhh,” that by the base of his neck he’s to both caress and console his

distraught little brother around to better actualities especially after what’d they endured

recently. “Remember Ronda,” “huh,” “remember Sole what she just endured?” “Now

think about how she was at dinner Sunday night,” “remember?” “Yes,” ingesting into a

nod of agreement to him was Corronda Bren recent ordeal sadly but honestly the best

example for all of them right now. “We better get him out of here,” “take him to the

house,” “he does Sole know once he bath and wash all the evidence away it’s gonna be his

word against there’s.” “He doesn’t care about that,” “he doesn’t want any of this made

public,” “any of it,” “what if we Sole bag up all the bedding,” “the glasses and silver-

ware?” “Yeah but would that even be admissible?” “Probably not but at least we’ll know

we’ve done something.” “No what the hell is he doing here?” Wrestling and pushing him

into the next room that he’s to bath, dress as they’re to get out there “he come to gloat

right,” “to tell me he told me so?” “Look at me,” “I’m going run you a hot bath,” ”no

medical center right?” “Right,” “you bath,” “you put these things on and we get out of

here,” “get out of here?” “We go home,” “I can’t go out there I told you someone

may,” “no one is gonna see you.” “ Look Derry brought a cap and dark shades and once

you’re in the car you can hide down ok?” “Yeah sure,” “ok,” “once you remove your

clothes I want you to hand them to me through the door.” “{{{Yes I want to report a

robbery,” “yes the Grady’s Inn,” “no I’ve already talked to the front desk,” “they told me

I need to make a police report.” “What are you doing?” Terrifyingly lessening his voice at

Desrek Allum actually calling the law as Collin Hain would more than kill them and him-

self at that matter. “I’m making a police report,” “if those guys are still around I want

them to be alarmed seeing the police here and everything,” “yes but if Hain see them
you’re gonna send him further over the deep end,” “now I told him you have a cap for

him,” “some dark shades,” “are you serious?” “Yes room number five twenty four,” “look

I have a meeting to get to,” I’m a ROTC examiner,” “around what time can I expect

you?” “Very good,” “yes,” “no thank you.”}}} “Good they didn’t ask for my name,” ”a

cap and shades?” “Yes,” “he won’t leave the building without them,” “my god Sole this is

really serious,” “yeah like the part where he put a loaded gun to my head Derry wasn’t,”

“got you and I’ll get him a cap and shades,” “you think I need to get a cape as well,”

“don’t play ok,” “don’t play,” “what?” “Heck I was serious.”


"Hey-y-y" whispering softly to Tiffany wiping herself awake only minutes after falling

asleep in the car did Nicholas Edin more than have a surprise for her. "You know where

we are?" Smiling at a darling Nicholas Edin who was firing with anticipation did he

witness her rise slowly, peep out, pass him. As one seeing only trees at first, then a tall

stone gate, flowers and headstones, rising and falling, it was the cemetery, more than that,

more frightening had Nicholas Edin driven her too the very memorial park where Michael

Day had been laid to rest. “What is,” soon as one stirred literally out of her wits,

breathing fast, panic "why are we here?" "Come on I'll show you" having parked the car at

this commission did Tiffany raise a guarded concern his way at out right refusing him.

"No" shaking her head at keeping her hand to herself there was no way this was

happening, no way she was getting out of that car "I don't think so." “Tiffany!” Getting

out at coming around to her side Nicholas Edin wasn’t taking no for an answer, that he’s

to hand his hand at encouraging forthwith. “I can’t move" shaking her head at skirting
closer to his now vacant side was Tiffany more intimidated by these things than he’d

visualized. "Are you afraid of Michael,” “is that it?" "No," "I don't think so,” "then baby

come with me," "trust me," "please." Witness upon as one inhaling uneasily into a manner

of alarm was Tiffany Ann at ingesting hard into that admission chase new tears designing

her nose, her mouth at anticipating this open to discussion request. "Do you want him to

hunt you forever?" "Of course not!” "But I can’t,” “I just" "look!” "I love you," "and

whatever Tiffany baby hurt you hurt me for we are one" "we can't have much of a

marriage if we can't put this part of our life behind us" striking at a moist strand, that

veiled cheek of hers could Tiffany Ann be the most wonderfully, striking being he’s to

ever lay eyes and heart to "we might as well call it quits right now" "I don't know about

you but that’s the last thing in all this world I want.” Sitting quiet, still at anticipating

Nicholas yes crying, wiping, again considering his darling reasoning, his referring to the

problem as being their problem and not just hers. "I know this will help you" "I know

because when my father died Tiffany it helped me." "Tiffany?" Standing into now stiff,

aching thighs at loosing that direct contact, that he’s to throw up hands of surrender, of

defeat at getting back around to his side of the car. "You really think I can do this?”

That she’s to come out, up to her feet at fitting moist, worrisome stands behind dainty ears

seeing she’d not come to complete terms concerning Michael’s death could this be the

ideal supplement, all "yes,” “I know you can" "I’ll do it," “I got to do it,” "remember I

love you" "I'm right here if you need me" as a direct witness this was hard for Tiffany Ann

still did she approach the head stone slowly and carefully at always peering back, at always

making for certain Nicholas was as promised there. “Michael Day Harmond,” reading the

headstone out loud did she kneel into desiging fingers along each letter at finally realizing

their perfect romance had come to this, his decaying remains “I know I should’ve come

sooner,” “I looked for you at the hospital and all but I couldn’t find you.” Turning away

as to give her some privacy could Nicholas Edin hear her talking, not so much at under-

standing her but that she was very affected, that she was yet crying. “My god for all I

know you could be standing right here beside me,” “if you are do you really want me to

believe this is all my fault?” “Of course we knew the dangers,” “you and I both,” “but we

thought the success of bringing Papa and the others down out weighed the danger.” “Or

are you trying to warn me,” “are you Michael trying to tell me this isn’t over,” “that my

friends,” “love ones and all,” “even Nicholas Edin are all yet in danger?” Peeping at his

watch it would seem Tiffany Ann had lots to say seeing at least twenty minutes or more

had passed when noticeably she’s to touch the head stone at walking toward him when she

suddenly broke into a sprint at leaping, sobbing right into that safe, valiant embrace this

their immortal lives. "Shhhhh" “I’m here with you,” “I’m always here with you,” "you

was really brave Tiffany,” “really,” “we gonna be ok” "you promise,” entangled so

dramatically, even fantastically into this unspeakable super man was he and he alone the

manner of fail-safe who could easily make all things for her all right "yes," “I promise” “I

promise Tiffany with all that is heart in us both.”



“I’m so hot for you,” “feel me Barb I’m shivering,” taking dinner preparations from her

grasp at biting her where she lived and bore both their breath, life was husband Bradford

Elam finding his wife, her present condition as this blazing manner of aphrodisiac luring

him to their sizzling places of absolute fulfillment. Anchoring her with the most serious

kiss, one seizing her very blood boil was he allowing nothing to prevent him of the

stunning wife who was melting away so specially at his ponderous drama. "You're so

beautiful" stunning as ever was Bradford enticing Barbara Ann into this web of explosive

love affair they’ve always without any obstacles managed to be. "You know that right?”

Sweeping away as to kiss her specialist shoulders, unto more than enchanting breast

astonishing Barbara Ann so vehemently did he slip her covers down to the unveiling of her

precious belly, this inconceivable unborn that if it was possible was this firing manner of

Bradford Elam who was stirring her vital fluids of life into a heighten stage of rapacious

flesh soliciting awfully a scandalous yet merciful conclusion. "I want you so much it’s

frightening and aching to my blood” with hot whispers as this striking all the more this

critical issue sweltering right dead in the pit of them were they both anxiously thinking,

awaiting that she nor her unborn stood a chance of Bradford’s vigilant aim to consume

them both into himself. “Ah god how am I suppose to live without you,” as one climbing

his massive curves and reprehensible cause into her hot, wet places, at exploding one

another, wailing, hollering cry inside and out to say this was good was a perilous saying

all it’s own, this, they were unredeemable. The excessive love maker they were at

dissolving one the other so ferociously, infinitely. Additionally at launching their aching,

breaking selves into this blazing lust of never, ever land a mercilessly, maneuver dashing

them to pieces at entirely molding them melodramas of overwhelming howls and

squabbles. The great lover Barbara Ann was, the seasonal , expert swordsman Bradford

Elam himself, two genesis like reactive forcefully at this blazing zenith of invigorating

spikes and sparkles throughout, this their immortal love.



“So what do you think?” “I think Mr. Lamonte if I hurry I won’t be that late for lunch

after all,” “ok it was test,” “a test?” “A test a trial for the SSDO,” “the what,” “excuse

me,” “the Stand Still Deliverance Organization,” “it’s an affiliate of the FTC fund.” “The

SSDO is dedicated to helping especially legally all the young adults falling by the way

because of a careless religious and judicial system.” “That Mr. Coogan is why we need

you,” “why you would be perfect for this project,” “you’ve already displayed your affinity

for people by what you did in that elevator the other day,” “and now here with me.” “It

was Mr. Lamonte in that elevator you told me lawyers were a dime a dozen,” “yes,” “but

there’s only one of you Mr. Coogan,” “only one.” “It’s there also Mr. Coogan you told

me how being an attorney was possibly your destiny,” “I’m here to confirm that by the

way of the SSDO.” “What you don’t know Mr. Lamonte is I’m off to Paris,” “to a three

year internship there,” “I couldn’t help you if I want to.” “Did you say three years?”

”No Mr. Coogan I assure you that’s not it,” “I’m telling you working for the SSDO will

be your greatest benefit,” “and you’re to decide that for me? “I could possibly Mr. La-

monte get you thirty days at the least,” “two months at the most,” “you just had to have a

loaded gun didn’t you,” “loaded,” “but not with real bullets,” “blanks,” “and I’m simply

suppose to take your word for that?” “You are my attorney.” “I hear Mr. Coogan what

you’re saying about this internship and being off to France,” “but could you at least come

to one of the meetings,” “see what the SSDO is all about?” “Have you Mr. Coogan heard

of the FTC Fund,” “just vaguely in passing or something like that,” “you’ll be surprised

how many people are to have that same response.” “The Children are the foundation of

every nation,” “but in America it’s as though she’s like this gigantic monster that feed

mostly off of the children,” “they get swallowed up easily with no way out” “I’ll present

this affidavit to the judge,” “I’ll even mention how you are Mr. Lamonte is an affiliate of

the FTC, SSDO that he’ll perhaps have leniency,” “Paris France,” “man we definitely

didn’t see that coming” “I kidda Mr. Coogan made a promise,” “a guarantee actually,”

“how I could,” “how you could deliver me right Mr. Lamonte?” Sorting through his

briefcase at getting out Nicholas could hardly believe the length and depth of what this

middle age man had put himself through at recruiting him and his legal skills for a charity

organization that could barely offer him anything other than a pat on the back. “Again a

gross miscalculation Mr. Lamonte on your part.” “yes,” “I just can’t believe I was so

wrong about all of this,” “so very wrong.” “Look Hain all I’m saying if you continue to

avoid aunt Laura she’s going to hop a plane and be here, yes knocking on this door in only

a matter of hours.” “Hain?” “Are you even in,” that he’s to roughly swing the door open,

take the phone from Desrek Allum grasp at shutting him up first of all, then at lessening

his mother’s concern. “You possibly should call an André and a Jackson Webb while

you’re at it,” “are you going to try and,” having the door instead slammed in his face had

Collin Hain for nearly a week now been shut up in his room barely eating, barely existing

really. {{{“Hello Mom,” brushing a single tear designing his chin was speaking to his

mother and especially his girl friend André two of the hardest things he’d regretted

suffering through but cousin Desrek was right how if he didn’t speak to them they could

easily show up on his door step. “No Moma it’s that I been busy with auditions and things

like that,” “no Mar I haven’t broken up with,” “ while it’s like I was telling,” “hello

Collin?” “Dre?” “Yes I was here paying your mother,” “I’ve been calling and calling,”

activating additional at the sound of her voice tears would he go to great lengths at not

breaking down right there on the phone with her. “I’m,” “you know on the,” “ trying to

get on the pay,” “are you all right” “you’re,” “are you crying?” “No,” massaging a thorny

throat of emotions pouring even more tears along craftsman facial traits could he melting

as mightily as he was not deceive her for long. “No these guys sleep you know,” “the air

blasting and all.” “I saw Jesse the other day,” “Jesse Noble,” “he said he saw you,” “that

the two of you had like a disagreement,” “that you would possibly explain.” “Collin,”

seeing the phone is to go null and void was André Nicolette more positive than his mother

Collin Hain was hiding something from her, that just now in all reality he was crying. “Are

you still there,” “Collin?” “Yeah,” roughly clearing his throat would he take Jesse’s con-

versation with her as a warning of how easily this could all unravel and what a horror

that would be for him. “I,” “I don’t,” “not over the phone ok,” “yeah but I didn’t even

know you and Jesse were acquainted let alone friends,” “we’re not friends,” thinking,

hurting and aching to the point he could just die as he had at all points wished for but to

no prevail. “Jesse Noble is no ones friend Dre and you,” “you just stay away from

him ok,” “just stay,” “keep your distance from him.” “I’ve decided I want to see you,”

“come to you,” “I really miss,” “while I’ve decided we should possibly call it quits,” “I

mean I’ve been avoiding,” “you’re breaking up with me,” “that’s why you’ve been,”

“been,” crinkling and breaking into itty-bitty pieces at handing the phone again to his

mother was she running, crying and hurting into the bath room away. “You need to stop

whatever you’re doing Collin Hain and come home hurting that poor girl like that.” “I’m
gonna go Moma,” “I can’t talk so I’m just gonna go,” “Collin,” “baby,” “are you crying,”



"So will I see you tonight?" Still a bit perturbed at Matthew Edwin about the night

before, with plans to attend a very lavish dinner party to which he'd been invited by one

of his colleagues had Erica Lynn really put herself out preparing for a long, splendid

evening. "I don't baby want to promise you and then I can't deliver," "look why don't you

go to my place" "relax," "kick up your heels and I'll get there as soon as I can." "You're

not gonna take someone else’s shift?" "No," "that I can promise" "as soon as my two

surgeries are done I'll be home and we can have the whole night and morning to our-

selves." "They're calling me now babe,” I got to go,” “I love you.” Instead had she

spent what was to be a terrific night out on the town at the hospital, honestly with Dr.

Matthew Hymm on call was he instead summon there doing their route to the party, justly

was Erica Lynn so furious at him all she wanted to do was throw both that phone and him

right out the window. “Knock,” “Knock,” “you wanted to see me?” It was those three

words, were they the most habitual in their correlation all with Erica Lynn beginning to

wonder was she getting old and tired or what? Never taking this kind of pressure for any

man, this manner of desolation, this kind of stress. “Earth to Erica,” “hey you called me,”

“said it was urgent,” truly in the past whenever men like Matthew couldn't deliver she

easily found somebody who could. “What in God’s name is going on with you,” getting

to a dysfunctional Erica Lynn actually banging her head to her desk was this the emer-

gency? “Dr. Hymm Ash who or what else?” “Him and that demanding job of his,” “we

barely get any time to ourselves.” “While you knew that when,” “do people really marry

doctors?” “Do doctors Ash really get married?” Seemingly now as one serious about one

man in particular for the first time in her life did an anxiety ridden Erica Lynn think

banging her head on her desktop the most proficient necessitate or simply what the doctor,

a Dr. Matthew Edwin Hymm had prescribed. “I guess those that do Erica do so knowing

they’re marrying one already married to a medical career,” “I mean what do I know?” “Is

this why you called me because I have a hunky date waiting that we’re to begin what I

hope will be a special evening.” “Sure,” “excuse me what the hell is sure?” “I talked to

Tiffany the other day that although we couldn’t Ash have Nicholas Coogan how we could

easily with one of our own male top models copy his dexterous technique,” “you know

anyone like that?” “Wow,” “copy Nicholas Coogan,” “what a great undertaking,” “where

does the science and governmental authorities stand on human cloning again?” “Now I

know these things with Matthew got you tinkering on the edge but copying Nicholas

Coogan what a dream land,” “even Erica a la la land idea.” “So you couldn’t get Tip to

release immortally sworn I gather?” “I haven’t even asked her or shown her the photos,”

“I’m reminded how I would feel if that was Matt and I you know?” “Girl please those

photos would’ve been publishing history months ago.” “So can I go,” get things rolling?”

“Yeah Ash go,” “now are you sure or should I get you to sign a release form just in case

you have amnesia in the morning?” “No go,” “have a nice night,” “hum trouble in para-

dise,” “excuse me,” “I said I have to meet Matt at his place myself,” “I truly regret getting

out in all this rain but I guess he’s worth it,” “see you early,” “yeah,” “early.”


"I don't understand the last week has been unexplainable," "we’ve been so good

together," "of course Milla as friends but we got alone," "my god why are you leaving?"

Having packed her bags, brought them alone was a flight pending at Camilla doing what

she promised she wouldn’t do, that’s leave. "I thought this is what you wanted?" "Me?”

"I must admit Cros what we’ve had these last few weeks is more than I thought could ever

be but I've accomplished what need be and there is nothing else," “at least we’re now

friends.” "There’s nothing I can say, “do?" Displaying himself abnormally upset at her, at

this decision to abandon him, them once more Christian didn’t know if his heart could take

it "nothing Milla I can do to convince you what we have here is even more special."

"Maybe Cross it’s special all the more but only because we found forgiveness," "we not

blame as we did," "we not find love," folding a sweater over her arms at advancing this

leave all the more, at getting to a cab blowing for her "not falling love,” "see Christian

Cros is shocked right?" "Not think I,” “wife Camilla need this falling love," "my word"

displaying herself so displeased at struggling with her bags out the door, was that a growl?

"You’re so unfair," "so very unfair.” “It is you Mill who is unfair,” coarsely assisting her

with those loaded bags was this a lovers quarrel, was he and Camilla in their first in many

years lovers spat? "You despise my touch," "you loathe my compassion," "you Mill reject

any intimacy I display toward you," "how can we find this falling love Milla if I can't touch

you?" "Trust you Mill to touch me?" "You not see good at all," coming a close dare right

into his very face, that warm, somewhat panic breath that she’s to dive right in, indulge

herself long of this incredibly edible steed. "No,” getting around him, away from him in-

stead at summoning the cab driver all the more would she take this otherwise departure "it

is you who will not allow the touch," "you Cros who hate me." "You are right," all the

more flushed at her leave being all the more finalized would being without her be this

traumatic as he’d open himself wide and allowed her, the imagination of his lovely wife

right in. "I am afraid," "I’m not the man you married," "nor am I Cros the woman you

married," "my dearest love neither of us are as we once were," "there are scares Cros that

cut us deep," "change us so we not be the same ever." "I have ugly marks already," "the,

"the book," that she’s to remember so passionately, conclusively although were her things

being packed into a trunk by a timely chauffeur. "It tells of my forever scares Cros does it

not?" "Does it not tell you were they are," "how deep Cros they're cut and how very, very

horrible.” “Don’t leave me Mill,” “not now,” “not ever,” “please run to me not from

me,” drawing himself close enough at plucking a single driblet away was Camilla now

more beautiful than she'd ever been, as so was this intimate fellow, Christian Cros her

gorgeous, intermediate gatecrasher. “I don’t won’t to be alone another day in this life,”

“never again Milla without you” “never again,” having drawn her close into his arms,

about his neck into his heart, neither of their aching, breaking lust could prevent them any

longer at whisking her from her feet into his arms, up and just as abruptly away. “I’m not

going to hurt you I swear,” “I will hold you” “and love you and come again into my wife.”

Plainly up the staircase and on to renew their marriage vows by a consummation, indeed

an orgasmic jubilation at extreme, volatile currents at bridging indeed a damaging flood of

crippling emotions were these rough seas all the blood and flesh marks of a fierce, allusive

affair exploding into an unthinkable bed of matrimonial bliss. “Cros,” “I’m frighten,”

“what,” “what if I can’t do this right?” That this is that something, that someone
Christian Cros had awaited these seven years for, never giving himself to another at not

counting himself as Tiffany's faceless man. “I’m here with you,” “I will Mill love you and

you me,” “I will give myself to you entirely and you to me,” that this was his, the wife that

had been so viciously ripped from his immortal love, from their eternal ceremony. No this

was his, the truest of passion dynamically and expertly molding them into this likely to ex-

plode singleness.


"I'm going to get my shower" grabbing her at her waiste at preventing her, at burying

his head into her belly, at wrapping his arms, himself about her entirely. "What is it?"

Laying a cheek of hers into his soft mane, at consoling him plaiting himself into her so

was Nicholas Edin this priceless, gladly received interruption. "Nicholas?" “I've already

shared things with you Tiffany I've shared with none other," "that's because we’re two

who’re now learning how to be one I doubt we'll keep secrets." "Hey" reshaping him that

he’s to face her directly, that he’s to unlock and open to her even the vexatious of his

mysterious heart "come on what's wrong," “you’re not changing your mind about us are

you?” “No,” “god no,” “you’re no were close,” “I told you baby we’re forever,” “that

this,” “you and I Tiffany are for all eternity,” “believe me that’s in my blood,” “so much so

my blood type is T. A. S. believe me.” “Your blood type huh?” “No I think I’m afraid,”

“you know the closer I get to the due date of my departure,” “I didn’t think,” “no you

didn’t think,” “that’s because you were so busy thinking about me.” “I tell you what since

you forgot yourself to care so after me,” “then I’ll Nicholas forget myself to care for you,”

“wouldn’t that Tiffany make us perfect in love?” “But what if I can't do it?" "You
can do it," "I'm serious Tiffany "what if," "shhhhhhh,” coming close amorously at slipping

a gentle finger over his lips, at designing him with her into a pillow pushed into her back

seat, his ear into her pleasant lap. "Nicholas baby you have a gift,” "something rare and

special', "it isn’t something you’ve earn," "nor is it anything anybody has given you" "but

something you were rather born with" "something," designing a beauty, an assurance as

herself a play along his stout fingers, would she make a moderate endeavor at explaining

how she saw him. "Something baby as natural as the breaths you take and nothing can

take that from you" "not even your fears." "You see it comes to you almost like a natural

reflex whenever you need it or unknowingly summon it," diving into those glistening

greens did she have his undivided attention as what she was saying whether it made sense

to him or not flowed from the one mouth he treasured the most."it dwells Nicholas deep in

your heart" "Within your being waiting for you to act," "to become" "this is what those

big important men saw," "they saw a gorgeous man with a splendid gift that when you

stand before people Nicholas. " "That when you speak to them this stupendous gift comes

pouring out and people are amazed," "they're dumbfounded and convinced," "no not

because you pour out words but because you've poured out the dearness and loveliness of

your heart." "Even Nicholas their heart" "it’s a special gift and all you have to do baby is

breath," "just breath Nicholas Coogan,” “just breath." "Just breath huh?" “While you just

come here" wrestling, tickling and enclosing her again about himself so permanently, the

sheer beauty and glory of this superwoman was he and Tiffany Ann as he’d always

imagined this without fault equivalent. "How did I ever get along without you," "did you

practice that?" "No," "one Mr. Coogan need not practice the truth," "it was beautiful,"

"simply beautiful,” “and true.” "How did you," "I mean you saw right through me," "I like

to think I actually saw you Nicholas not through you,” “you don’t have to consider the

breaths you take nor are you to pause at considering the man, the humanitarian you’ve

become,” “you simply is.” “Although I feel that way as well Nicholas,” ”like what did I

do to deserve this,” “to deserve you,” “I don’t think Tiffany it’s what we did,” “but what

he did,” ”you’re surprised right” “you want to know who he is?” “I know Nicholas who

he is that when things as this get abundantly above all we can think,” “imagine or believe

then are we to humbly give him the praise and glory.” “Hey guess what?” “What?” “We

just spend our first entire night together and there wasn’t the slightest peek out of you”

“my god you’re right,” “you’re right ah my god,” “I guess going there yesterday did help.”

“I kinda heard you talking to him if you don’t mind what did you say?” “Or am I prying

to,” “I told him Nicholas about that night at the hospital,” “how I tried to find him and

couldn’t” “how I was sorry I’d not visited him sooner,” “you know stuff like that.” “Did I

tell you I’m defending the guy who held us at gun point?” Having rushed out of bed to an

urgent bathroom interim Tiffany simply had to hear this odd story. “How on earth

Nicholas did that happen?” “He said he work for a company called The Stand Stll,” “the

Stand Still Deliverance Organization?” “Yes,” “how “how the hell did you,” “it came to

me in a dream a few nights back,” “are you serious?” “Yes,” “as I awaken from sleep I

heard a voice say The Stand Still Deliverence Organization,” “he wanted me to use my

skills as a trial lawyer to help all the kids being lost into this legal abyss,” “my lord you

really dreamed that?” “I guess that confirms it,” “I wanted to help him but I’m off to Paris

and,” “I’ll call,” “see what I or the Dissausion Fashion center can do to help,” “so don’t

worry your pretty little head.” “You could call Charles,” “Charles Neal,” “who is Charles

Neal,” “he’s one of my court Liason,” “he’ll be more than glad to help you Miss Bronze

one.” “Huh?” “It’s a long story,” “well I’m gonna shower and find us something to eat

I’m starving,” “happy hunting,” easing back under warm, soothing covers it was unlikely

Tiffany would find anything of value in his literally abandon kitchen “I haven’t bought

groceries in weeks.”


“I keep seeing him dead by a self inflicted wound,” “come on Sole don’t think like

that,” as one dressing hurriedly to get out did brother Desrek know the precarious

conditions surrounding Collins was dire that possibly they would have to get his parents

involved. “You gonna have to talk to him,” “I know you don’t want to,” “that every time

Derry you’re to talk to him it’s to form like a dagger in his heart right at you but if you

don’t he’s gonna do it,” he’s gonna kill,” “heyyyy,” “ok, “ok,” “I’ll talk to him,” “I’ll see

what I can do ok?” Following him relentlessly around his room at convincing him was a

caring Desrek Allum getting to a yet distraught Soledad Maurice at fitting into his prized

neck, that loving brotherhood at bringing him into this eye to eye agreement was an on the

edge Soledad Maurice inhaling himself into a calm “It’s not worth it,” “nothing is,”

“how,” “how the hell did you get in here,” “I could’ve sworn that door was locked, “key,”

“nothing or no one Hain on this earth is worth you taking your life over.” ”You see this is

where I wish I had the ears of all people on this planet,” “especially young people because

again nothing on this earth is worth you taking your life over, especially not the American
Dream,” “this murdering,” “lying whore of abominations Satan is to convince our

first parents to trust with their immortal soul.” “You see Hain what you don’t understand

is no one matter on this planet but you,” “thus it doesn’t matter what anyone on this planet

think of you from your parents, to your friends, to you college professors and daily

supervisors,” “just yourself.” “Now once you realize that and you’re free of all other

inferences and acquaintances you take yourself and you surrender it to the supreme

that he’s to then take this contrite version of you and make you into the man the supreme

Christ was, is and shall be for all eternity.” “I’m gonna tell you something Hain you’re

never forget” “before this Christ came mankind did not know how to be men without the

stealing, killing and destroying of their brethren in creation constantly reaping the

corruption they’re to sow.” “So this Holy Trinity and they alone,” “this heavenly host

Hain can teach you how to again be a man completely acceptable to Supreme Gods.”

“Now I’m not going to tell you it’s an easy road,” “nall sometimes your most diligent

faithfulness will seem as though it’s to be met with cruel and usual punishment but how

else are they to take something so destine for evil and transform it into something holy,

right?” “I hate to admit it“ “but nobody Desrek talk or teach these things like you,” “it’s

not me,” “but the supreme Spirit inside me,” “so what are you teaching at that school?”

“Ah come to think of it I have a card right here,” as one doing a research through his

pocket truly no one open up the realities of this mysterious world to Collin Hain like his

cousin Desrek Allum “here it is,” “why don’t you leave this room,” “this dungeon and

see.” “By the way André is here,” “here?” “As in right outside that door,” “don’t be so

alarmed,” “try and see her,” ”she’s come all this way,” “I can’t,” “of course I can’t see

her,” “not like this,” “yes Hain you can,” laying a darling hand to him, to his shoulder at

bringing him around, into a calm place of absolute. “You have to,” “how else you think

you gonna get through these divine transformations except by the supreme Friend Christ is

unto those intimate friends Soledad and André are,” “those loving you and needing you,”

“even Hain needing to be there for you?” “I think she’s in love Hain and love,” as one

getting out that door as surely as he’d entered was what Desrek Allum encouraging of him

now next to impossible “in it’s truest,” “absolute form conquers all,” “for without rending

the heart in two,” “without shedding of ones blood Hain there is no such thing as friend-

ship or love.”



“Home sweet home” that just at that moment they were activating the remote button

for the garage to open, Syefan, Susan and their new son Jeremy Allen were finally home.

“Can you see Jeremy,” “can you see your new home?” Having pointed many things out to

Jeremy at taking the scenic route, was he a sweet pleasure with Susan tickle to have him

come live with them. "This is home,” taking him out of his car seat had little Jeremy

grown so quiet, so distant but they knew it couldn't be easy, all this was new for them all.

“I know for sure you’re going to be so happy here,” a newness that was happening really

fast, they never being parents before, as little Jeremy hadn't known them as parents but for

a few days, although was the closeness with his father promising. “This is where Daddy

Syefan and Moma Susan live,” “now it’s were you,” “Jeremy Allen Coogan live.”

Admittedly was Susan Faye a touch frighten not knowing exactly how to entertain a child,

but like Syefan said people weren’t born parents they have to take it one day at a time,

that's exactly what they would do, take this sizable task called parenthood one day at a

time. “How much you wanna bet Sissy he’s no where to be found?” Wasting no time at

getting right on the phone to Bradford at letting him know they were back in town, at

telling him he had an urgent matter to which to share with him and with Nickie. {{{“I

can't promise you Nickie" "all I can tell you Sye he's leaving for Paris France in a few days

and he'll be gone for sometime," "Paris?" That he’s to misunderstand but was Nicholas

Edin taking their dispute this far? "What on earth for?" "I know you haven't heard but

your baby brother has been chosen out of thousands to work with criminal lawyers

Macremore and Vance." "No shit?" As one blown over tickle like into a seat could Syefan

Erin also sense envy with attempts at rearing it’ ugly head. "What is it?" Noticing

Syefan’s to shake his head into a form of disapproval, even awe but was this shocking

news at the least "how in hell did he pulled that off?" "It seems he applied a few months

ago," "they liked what they heard and saw and they've asked him to Paris" "he’s to work

on some major-league murder case there." "I'm not believing this!” Raking nervous

fingers through a soft mane at a glance at a curious Susan Faye just bursting with

inquiries. "I know well renown men Brad and women who’ve tried for years for that

opportunity," "hell," tickling himself at admitting but was he for a few years one of

those men as Macremore and Vance was every lawyer dream world come true, "I'm one

of them." "Nickie is going to Paris," that he’s to momentarily explain to Susan Faye at

bringing a calm to her faithful awaiting to know, hear. "Macremore and Vance" "do you

know Brad what that’s going to do for his career?" "Hell yeah I know," "it's gonna take

off like a rocket with the sky alone the limit," "wow!” "My baby brother working with

Macremore and Vance," "damnation." "Wait a minute what about he and Tiffany?" "I

don't really know Sye" "all I know is he's going" "he's not letting anything prevent him"

"well that's good news," again setting a manner of unimaginable glee Susan Fayes’ own

interest were things despite trials and hardships pressing on forward. "I'll just tell him my

news later," "look can you and Barb stand three extra mouths for dinner tonight?"

"Three?" "I'll explain when we get there" "hold on let me ask the wife," "how about six?"

"Six is good," "see you all then}}}" "So what is this about Paris?” Pouring little Jeremy

some milk for his cookies at pulling a seat into her astonished as yet husband. "I mean

you look like" "you know that dream team of lawyers that got Vincent Prorue off some

years back?" "He was accursed of killing his ex-wife and her husband," "it was the top of

the news for months almost a year ago?" "Aw yea I remember that," "I remember Sye you

tried your best to get with them," "well Nickie did," "seriously?” "Yeah," "apparently they

loved him," taking a bite of his cookie at dipping it in like order hopefully his news

regarding Jeremy Allen would now pale in comparison to Nicholas’. "Wrote and called

him,” “the word is Vance called him personally," "wow Sye that is something" "that's not

all Sissy" "he's going to Paris to work on some major league murder case there" "Paris

France?" "Nicholas is moving to France? "Yeah," "well when is he going?" "He's leaving

in a few days," "that soon" worrying apparently did she consider he and Tiffany Ann’s new

relationship, how it would fair with Nicholas thousands of miles away. "After this he'll be

able to write his own ticket" "my baby brother," shaking his head additionally into dipping

his cookie, taking a bite was this above all, astonishing them all. "What about Tip?" "I

don't know," "Brad didn't know either" "well how long will he be gone for?" About two

years maybe even three" "surely a murder case Sye doesn't last that long," "aw but see"

designing a dazzling smile by way of a broken cookie pointing at her until explaining these

things so well. "Macremore and Vance is about more than that," "joining them Sissy is

like attending a very prestigious,” “highly intellectual law school." “It's a whole other

lifestyle Sissy" "a whole other way of thinking," "hell eating and even breathing as far as

I’m concern.” "Let me say it like this" "your brother-in-law will never be the same," "that

firm is like the god and heaven of all others who seek thereof." "I still can't believe it"

overwhelmingly spinning up to the sink at filling a glass with water, at gulping away teh

dryness the cookies left on his tongue "I still can't freaking believe it".


“Will you escort me somewhere?” “Collin,” springing up happily at hugging him to

greet him was his respond to her not that encouraging. “I was beginning to think I

wouldn’t see you,” “you’re ok?” Striking his flushed cheek like so was that possibly the

most unbearable sentiment he’s to endure at not only thinking himself unworthy as he just

didn’t want to be touched, not just yet. “Desrek Allen has invited me to his work place,”

“to an ROTC meeting will you come with me and I don’t know after that maybe we’ll go

to the drive in or something”. “Andre?” Truly excited to see her into a famtastic hug, how

they were the best of friends and all had Soledad Maurice not realized Collin Hain had

flown heartedly the coop. “My god when you get here,” “hours ago,” “Collin and I were

about to go out,” “I’m glad to see Hain you feel better,” “yeah,” “me too,” “what about

your Finacee,” “what if you guys join us?” “That would be alright wouldn’t it Collin?”

“Sure,” “just great,” “thank you but no thank you,” knowing Collin Hain was simply

agreeing with her but the last thing he wanted was Soledad Maurice around at reminding

him of the most heinous miscountance of his lifestyle. “Tas and my evening is alreadly

planned,” “seriously Sole man you and yours are welcome,” “you’ll be here for a few days

right?” “Ok we’ll plan a double date sometime next week,” “you know I want her to meet

you,” “ and you her,” “you guys go,” “have fun.” “Ok but you better keep your pomise,”

“I can’t wait to meet the woman Soledad Aggart is to make his wife.” “Did we get our

plans crossed I thought you was to wait on me at my place.” “I changed my mind Matt,”

“I came home instead,” “well can I at least come in?” “I’m famished,” “I was just about to

go to bed,” “you’re angry with me,” “No Matt I think I’m angry with myself,” “for

allowing this to go on so long unchecked.” “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to

worry youbut I went without my monthly nearly two months recently and I was terrified.”

“You’re right,” “you should’ve told me,” “it wasn’t just that,” “I think Matt another

reason we get this so wrong is that we’re to never to consider our sexual organs are

reproduction organs as well.” “Ok you thought you were pregnant and that frighten you

but you know Erica I would’ve done the right thing,” “I would’ve married you,” “I just

don’t know if that would’ve been enough,” “If I would’ve married you,” “I’m sorry Matt

that’s just how I feel right now.” “You want me to make better sacrifices for us,” “to

prove us,” “I get it,” “I love you Erica and I don’t want to lose you,” “I miss you,” fitting

long strands of hers behind her ear was this possibly the most serious and fair, even

sensible Erica Lynn ever truly had he lost her, would he lose her? “I‘m going to do

something Erica that is one the hardest things I’m to do ever,” “ I’m going to leave.” “let

you get some rest but you got to promise to call me soon ok,” “I’ll be waiting by the

phone,” “goodnight Matt,” “goodnight Erica,” “sweet dreams.”


"And who is this young man?" As one bearing a young beautiful stranger who

clung to his neck as for dear life, was this the next surprise making a party out of all their

hearts and minds. "This is the little man I wanted to speak to you about," spiraling little

Jeremy around, down to the floor as though he was already a pro father indeed tickling

him did Jeremy strike them as a pretty happy kid despite the circumstances. "Hey fellow,"

"you wanna play,” “huh, "huh,” "you wanna play?" Watching little Jeremy run off

speedily into the other room where little Jason and Daniel were playing., "so who's the

kid?" Witnessing Susan Faye is to excuse herself at assisting Barbara Ann with dinner did

husband Syefan and Bradford she thought need this time alone. "He's Stephanie's boy,"

loosening his pant legs into a seat would he soon watch a serene Bradford get up and over

to the bar to prepare them drinks. "Stephanie?" "Wait a minute," "I thought she'd gone

back to Australia," "why is he with you?" "If you can wait a minute Brad I'll explain,"

"Sidney Australia is were Sissy and I have been," "we went to get the kid" "slow down

Sye you're loosing me here.” “He's my son," "your son?" "This is what Stef told you?"

"Yeah" "and you believed her?" Readying a sip of his glass at offering Syefan as well one

would Syefan who rarely drank before dinner swallow his drink instantly "yeah Brad man I

believed her,” "he wouldn't be here if I didn't?" "Aw Sye man come on you of all people

know that girl is bad news," "do I have to remind you that because of her there's a wedge

between you and Nickie" "no," disagreeing into a shake of the head did Syefan Erin know

most of all none of the friction between he and Nicholas was Stephanie’s fought "not Brad

because of her," "she didn't act alone Sye man" "I knew Nickie loved her and I," "I still did

what I did," "so you can't just blame her." "Ok, "Ok, readying ice into another drink was

Bradford Elam yet misguided that although Syefan Erin believed this child was his still

why had he seemingly taken possession of him?” "But none of this explain why you have

the kid," "what Stef called and said hey Sye you got a son come and get him why don’t

you,” "what?" "Not exactly," "Stef died Brad a few days ago," "breast cancer," "aw man

you're freaking kidding me," as one displaying jaw dropping awe into a whirl up, around

and into a seat again to Syefan was this the most horrible news. "I tell you for a while

Brad it was like watching dad die all over again," "aw my god Sye I'm so sorry,” “well I’m

more sorry for him,” “that kid is all alone," "nall," patting his sadden brother on his knee at

reassuring him did all this began to make sense with Stephanie dead which was hard

enough to believe, what timing that’s all he could think, what timing. "He's not alone,"

"he got you", "us Sye man," “he got us,” "yeah well I'm not his mother" "you know Sye I

love you and really sympathize with all this but how are you going to explain this to

Nickie?" "I don't think he's gonna be very understanding. "Yeah,” displaying himself again

this worry above normal sort had this been the most trying part of this intimate equation,

how to tell Nicholas Edin? Let him count the ways. "I know,” "but Nickie has learned

through father’s death mostly that life is full of change and uncertainty it's time like all of

us he come to turn with the fact this world is very unpredictable "That darling little boy is

a part of not only my life," "but our life," "he's a Coogan Brad and right now he’s trusting

us to do the right thing Nickie is just gonna have to accept it." "Hell Sissy and I did,"

“and if I’m hearing right Brad now you and Barb,” “it’s gonna work out,” brushing at the

slightest tingle in his nostril along this worry than normal look, actually a mounting anxiety

that just wouldn’t swallow away “it just has to.”


That’s just it the majority of the public we minister too having no respect to person or

age are fastly becoming suicidal,” “fastly a public choosing not to believe the supreme as

they’re to justify their unrighteousness,” “May,” “my god what are you doing here?”

“Derry,” planting a light hug into his neck truly the last person in all the world she ex-

pected too see of course he her. “We were invited,” “by the way this is Nicholas

Coogan,” “Nicholas Desrek Aggart,” “it is nice Desrek to finally put a face to a highly

spoken of name,” “the same here I assure you.” “Any way the SSDO has employed upon

Nicholas that he’s to work as a Philanthropist at using his skills as a trial lawyer,” “wow

what a charitable undertaking.” “that’s just it,” “there’s isn’t.” “ I’m unable to grant their

wise seeing I’m off to Paris for a three year internship but there is,” cutting his attention

into another direction as the person he was about to speak of was entering the room, truly

talk about good timing which is why Nicholas thought him best suited for the calling.

“Here he is right now,” “Charles,” “yeah we’re over here,” trying to get his attention

without interrupting the visited meeting in question. “Because if there was no God the

earth at presence would either be a paradise or a black, void waste land far and vast

beyond any comprehension,” “think about it.” “ If there is no God,” “there is no Nemesis

of God or his creation,” “Satan,” “the fallen angels or the Demon horde and again if none

of the above exist then what is wrong with this world at present, what is wrong with

mankind?” “I mean Scientist with their science and technology can vaguely explain the

earth,” “mountians,” “seas,” “even the heavens unto animal and planet life but how does

the earth itself rise up of itself and create a human being,” “breath into it the breath of

life,” “making it a living soul except by some higher divinity both near us as so is he so

high comprehending him so improbable who can know him?” “Not only so but is this

wonderful work made into a living organism of flesh,” “blood work with it’s own manner

of procreation.” “Hence the question remain how can an earth gravely without form and

void create a human being and go on and breathe into it life unto a living soul yet is all this

marvelous work with the exception of the living soul despite mankind’s indescribable

efforts bio-degradable?” “Simply the human being,” “this single genius,” “How?” “And

who sir may we ask are you?” Hesitatingly coming into a stand what indeed had Desrek

Allum big mouth got him into this time and what of flesh and blood would it cost him?

“I’m Desrek Allum,” “and who Mr. Allum told you about the SSDO,” “while I like to say

a little birdie told me,” “Miss Birdie Jenkins,” not getting the response he’d expected but

where they whispering among themselves who this Birdie Jenkins was and what would

they do with him. “Well Mr. Allum how would you like to speak at our next meeting,”

“the University of Calgarery as we would love to hear more.” “That would be fine as long

as I’m allowed to bring my protégée Maasieah Adonai along.” that he’s to turn to her at

encouraging her to stand, to present herself at how he had insurmountable friendship and

trust in her. “The first one bringing these realities to me,” “hello everyone,” “of course I’ll

be glad to escort Mr. Aggart,” seeing Tiffany is to give him the most piercing dare at

getting her mixed into this sizable, both earth and science shattering debate. “Well Mr.

Aggart if you and Mrs.,” “Miss Saurus,” “Miss Saurus here will meet us in our offices

we’ll gladly give you the details,” “on that note ladies and gentlemen this meeting is

adjourned.” “I am going to kill you so dead,” “Desrek!” “I know.” ‘I know,” “it just

kidda slipped out,” noticing momentarily there’s a gentleman standing close who was yet

to take his eyes off of Tiffany Ann as he found her this striking. “Ah yes Tiffany this is

Charles Neal,” “Charles Tiffany,” “hello Tiffany I’m sure it will be a pleasure working with

you,” “I’m no Nicholas Coogan of course but the SSDO is glad to simply have someone

from the B. B. and M firm.” “It’s nice Mr. Neal meeting you as well,” “now if I could

have that hand back,” “O yes.” “I couldn’t help but notice although Nicholas here called

you Tiffany this gentleman here introduced you as a,“ “a Maaseiah was it?” “Maasieah

Adonai although she’s to hate it is her birth name,“ “thank you again Desrek,” “you’re

welcome again Maasieah” “Ah you better really watch your back,” whispering at him at

tickling him mightily although was Tiffany Ann laughing to really keep from crying as

Desrek Allum was as a heart stricken lover getting the best revenge at telling all her

secrets. “May,” ”ah come on May,” “you know it’s time right,” “time for what,” ”for

you,” “for your ascendancy,” “do you know I’m never,” “ever speaking to you again and

you can explain that to Ronda,” “I love you and all that god stuff,” that he’s to finish

saying before the elevator is to disappear her away. Clearly it wasn’t the first time

Maaseiah is to be this angry with him and now that they would be working together it

wouldn’t be the last. “So that was Desrek,” “regretfully yes,” “so were you ever going to

tell me,” “this beautiful birth name of yours?” “I abandon that name Nicholas a long time

ago,” “as soon as I was old enough,” “yet it sound so familiar,” “it’s the name of the gown

you gave to Sye and Sissy for a wedding gift,” “apparently you haven’t completely

abandon it.” “So what does it mean,” “come on Tiffany I know it has a meaning?”

”Maaseiah means made of Jehovah,” “while Adonai in the Hebrew is another name for

god,” “is that why you changed it,” “no not because of what it meant,” “I just didn’t want

to go around the rest of my life being called Maasieah,” “wooo if we could all be that

lucky,” “excuse me I’ve only known you what?” “Ten seconds!” “As long as you forgive

the guy,” “all please I’ve spend most of my life not speaking to Desrek for one reason or

another,” “ so it’s sorta like a family feud although I have a sister,” “she doesn’t Tiffany

look at me like that,” “you mean the way a certain court liaison of Nicholas Edin look at

me?” “You’re right none of my business.” “I’m Nicholas gonna have to give you a

rein check on lunch,” “a noon appointment,” having taken the elevator to the parking

garage where they all soon with pressing appointments going their own way. “Hey by the

way I did what you suggested,” “I waited until I set a date with my new friend and end up

at my wife’s place instead,” “are you serious?” “I’m serious.” “After the initial shock of

seeing me I told her I didn’t really want to create another intimate relationship without

her,” “that whatever time,” “efforts and emotions I was to spend their I rather spend them

with her.” “I blew her mind so Nicholas she lost both her shocks and her shoes,”

“especially when I explain to her how I didn’t want to deplete these invaluable sensibilities

on someone other than my vow.” “You must understand Tiffany my wife and I have been

divorced and estranged for nearly three years,” “we haven’t even seen each other in at

least two.” “She was floored,” “so much so I thought I was going to have to as that

Desrek person said breath into her the breath of life.” “Anyway Nicholas man although I

can’t do lunch I would love to call Bev and see if she’ll join us so we can do dinner with

you and Tiffany before you leave,” “yeah Charles,” “that sound good,” “really,” “then I’ll

be in touch,” “yeah you take care,” “you too as well.” “So you coming over to my place

later?” “I hadn’t Nicholas plan to,” “it’s been a few nights something I said,” “look I really

miss you?” “No not tonight,” “look all I want to do baby after we’ve Tiffany plaited

ourselves together is cuddle under a warm, crisp fire and see if I can get some much

needed sleep one night before I leave,” “that’s all I swear.” “That is so beautiful and so

tempting how can I say no?” “Then I’ll see you later,” “I wouldn’t my darling superman

miss it for the world.”



"May I help you?" Having with immense caution at ingesting a lump of fear advanceed

opn an information desk had Anthony Dale Decorte spent forever convincing himself to so

do. "Yes I was told a Miss Ashleigh Roget work here," "may I ask whose calling?"

Readying the phone that she’s to as always announce all of Ashleigh Roget’s visitors.

"Well I kinda wanted to surprise her," "I'm afraid that isn't possible," "Miss Roget gave

very strict instructions that all guess are to be announced," "no exceptions." As one

readying her guess pad would this not be as easy as he’d persuaded himself as she was

with reason, namely him, taking all precautions. "I see" tall, dark and extremely handsome

was he as most males at the firm model caliber thus his reason for seeing Miss Roget was

Mrs calculations . "Maybe I can catch her on her," "my god!” Jarring Mrs. Barleck into a

stand, as so an abrupt turn was their a loud crash and a petrified Ashleigh Michelle

standing with the most horrifying look on her face at dropping to breaking, spilling her

coffee cup "Miss Roget!" As one hurriedly getting over to her immediately. as to act nurse

maid to her was Ashleigh Michelle prepared instead to run at not taking her eyes off of

this person. "Call security,” “now!” "No Ash please!” “Ah no you don’t damn it,” backing

into her office did she tear as a threat into her purse as she was more than prepare to

defend herself, her life violently if need be "don't come near me!” "Call security Mrs.

Barleck,” “now,” please!” "Ok I'll go," "please," that he’s to persuade Mrs. Barleck who

was dialing the phone how a bout with security or the police was the last thing he needed

having in reality already violated his parole. "I'm going," "please," "believe it or not Ash

I'm innocent." "He’s never to come here," “again!” Evidenced as one truly rattled by this

intrusion would this day be the day her worse fears and nightmares as one were realized

horribly without warning. "My god,” sicken into the nearest seat bitterly, nervously

talking to herself was ready spills carting along heighten expressions indeed be still her

more than panic heart, gun hand and trigger finger? "He was in," "how did he get out of

prison?" "He was serving a life," "a life" rushing up as one remembering to lock the door,

to get on the phone regardless with security as she wanted no more surprises, how her

faint heart possibly couldn’t withstand it. "Miss Roget?" Knocking as to attend after her

faithfully had Mrs. Barleck never seen this vulnerable side of Ashleigh Michelle, almost

human was it truly reassuring. "Are you ok,” “should I call someone for you?" "I'm fine

Mrs. Barleck," peeking through a crack in the door at still being every place mentally,

heartedly with her world in only a matter of minutes seeming to unravel to all places at

once "fine,” “you can Mrs. Barleck call it an evening,” “while I have a few more errands

but as long as you’re all right child I’ll see you tomorrow?” “Earth to Soledad

Maurice,” “I’m sorry,” “I’m sitting here trying to reassure myself Hain is going to be all

right, “ “that this isn’t some sort of front.” “Anyway I think Tas I want to speak to your

parents before we make the engagement final,” “believe me Sole you really don’t,” “my

parents are really complicated.” “Yes you keeping saying that,” “complicated how?”

“Complicated as in they’re not pleased,” “as in they’re very disagreeable at the decisions

I’ve made with my life,” “because of that Sole we’re pretty estranged.” “I just can’t see

what it is they’re so displeased with you’re literally perfect,” “in your eyes Sole,” chopping

into her malt shake was Tassel convinced she had the most nightmarish family of the all,

talk about the monsters, they were no doubt far and beyond that. “Seemingly I’ve been

that way with you from day one but I’m afraid they wouldn’t agree.” “I can’t shake it

Tas,” “of course children are to be overly critical of their disagreeing parents,” “you ‘re

their daughter,” “they can’t be that bad.” “Hey if we hurry we could still join Hain and his

friends,” “you’re really not having any of this are you?” “What if I told you I spoke to

Kiefer about this very thing and she thought it was a good idea,” “I would say you’re not

marrying Kiefer,” “you’re marrying me and I think it’s a horrible idea.” “My dad for

instance Sole is possibly the rudest person on the this planet,” “it’s as though he hate the

entire world of man,” “god and spirit,” “and my mother she simply worship his ability to

be this discourteous.” “Ok I tried,” “I guess we should go and catch Hain and André,”

“so what’s so special about your brother’s work place?’ That they’re to get up and away

truly Tassel was literally bursting at the seam with anticipating being not only Soledad’s

wife but simply a part of a more down to earth family. ‘That’s easy Tas,” “simply Desrek

Allum,” ”he’s always the specialty,” “you think he and Key really made an impression on

one another,” “yes,” “I really think they did.” “I can’t peak for you but I did see Sole how

at times they couldn’ take their eyes off of one the other,” “no I stand as a witness Tas

they were both delighted, electrified even,” “e-lec-tri- fied,” “I can’t tell youSole how

much I like that word,” “electrified indeed.”



“My god Sye,” contacting her panic heart like so had Syefan Erin really started her to

this point at fitting her into a tickled as himself hug. “I literally leaped over this balcony,”

“I’m so sorry,” “and I’m so jumpy,” “so nervous still,” “Sye,” “are we still friends,” “I

mean regardless of Nicholas and especially Mike are we,” “we,” activated to stinging,

edgy emotions at getting to the nearest corner was this the last things she wanted, the last

place to fall apart and what lousy timing it being Nicholas going away party.” “Tiffany my

god what,” “just tell me Nicholas isn’t looking,” “isn’t coming this way,” “no,” “he’s

laughing and talking to Brad,” “what is this?” “I went to visit Mike’s grave a day

ago,” “Nicholas thought it would help with the nightmares I’ve been having.” “I must tell

you Sye I sense very deep within the pit of my belly he’s trying to warn me,” “trying Sye

to warn all of us. “I know how that sound his being dead and,” “no,” “strangely Tiffany I

know how you feel,” “I can’t shake it although I feel a clear and present danger sur-

rounding these matters as well.” “Then I’m not insane with a screw lose and all of the

above?” “Not unless we both are which isn’t impossible I mind you,” “so what does it all

mean?” “While Tiffany being as close to Mike as we both were,” “to this case,” “I just

think we’re a bit more cautious,” “even suspicious of this seeming all clear comfort-zone.

“Exactly,” “that’s exactly how I feel,” “how do we even know Mike is dead?” “Neither

you or I Sye viewed the body,” “his funeral was closed casket,” “believe me Tiffany I’ve

considered all of that as well although we better talk later,” looking around that he’s to

take an alternate exit as he would like most of the night avoid Nicholas Edin who was

heading in their directive “Nickie is heading this way,” “and Tiffany yes,” “even more so

are we friends,” “thanks Sye. really.” “I was thinking Tiffany about the other day,”

“Desrek is really something else isn’t he?” “I guess Nicholas if you like the tall, strong,”

“and psychopathic type,” “just how close were you two guys?” “Why are you jealous?”

“Embarrassed to say Tiffany but I think I am,” “a little anyway,” “I can’t help but feel your

Desrek know you in ways I’m with limits at explaining. “He doesn’t just Tiffany admire

you,” “I think he has his own plans for you,” “you know?” “That maybe true but without

my agree” “did you see the look of reassurance on his heart and face when you revealed

the details of my three year internship in Paris?” “It was the same feeling of optimism I had

the night,” “you know,” “of course Tiffany I didn’t want anything to happen to Michael.”

“You’d Tiffany made a decision and I would regretfully even painfully live with that

decision but once he was gone,” “well you know the rest.” “Look all I’m saving is you

best be careful what you do and how you do it,” “even what you say around him.”

“What is this Nicholas,” “all this talk of Desrek Allum?” “Believe me Desrek has never

stood in the way of my decision making,” although remembering the morning of the night

she stayed over Corronds’ house how he’d expressed a closeness, even an intimate affili-

ation that was honestly relative to Nicholas caution “and he’s not going to start now I tell

you.” “Just think this time tomorrow you’ll be in Paris,” “some three thousand miles

away,” “believe me baby I’ve spent the last few days trying not think about it,” “honestly

Tiffany I’m running out of excuses.” “Why again am I going to France?” “Sincerely

Nicholas I think it’s because there’s a murder case there that need the expertise only you

can give.” “Would you mind very much if we left early?” “No,” “I wanted to ask you the

same thing,” “you inform Barb and I’ll say goodnight to Bradford and Syefan.”

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