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Tiffany XIV

                                                       BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                    THAT THOU DOEST SO CHARGE US
                                                        CHAPTER XIV
                                                             SCENE I

     "We need to talk" taking Camilla's hand at leading her his way, completely dumbfounding her as Christian rarely spoke to her so now for him to gently take her and lead her his way was Camilla somewhat castoff. "What's this? It's a written description of my life for the last six or, I know that
Mill, how did it find its way into my bedroom? Of course Cros, I placed it's there, I thought it was time for, time, time for what?" “I don't know Cros, time for us to stop kidding ourselves, to possibly stop blaming ourselves, punishing ourselves I don't know. Why you never told me you was there, why all the damn secrecy? You mean besides the fact we haven't spoken in seven years,  I've asked myself that question Cros a thousand times" as one displaying herself emotional did she prance around nervously at explaining both her folly and what could be their triumph. "Why? Why? Why? There's no answer," none," brushing at a nearing nostril did she settle into a window seal simply aghast at justifying why she’d abandon her husband so. "I mean why is my baby dead, why Cros does my husband hate me?, I don't ah ...why couldn't I Cros come hurting and dying into that room to be with you? I don't know why, I don't know, you tell me why? You can't can you? Knowing you Cros you think it's some trick, some game, well it's, ...I don't feel that way, additionally, at first it was hard to consider, but I don't feel that now, to be honest I don't know how I feel. Well neither do I, I just want the damn pain to stop you know, after seven years Cros I just want, shhhhhh" that he’s to appear compassionate enough at pulling her into his stout, warm bosom, into that wondrous feel good, smell good neck, that he’s to treasure her, this his immortal life. "Shhhhhhhh, I'm sorry, sorry his happn Mil to you, to us, Becky, ...thank you Cros, I'm gonna go, ah wipe my face, sure, I'll be on the porch if yo want to talk some more. There is something I want to show you, get your opinion, I look forward Mill to the challenge, good, I'll meet you out there, you Cros and your open mind, okay I get the hint, good."

                                     MY BELOVETH IS WHITE AND RUDDY
                                                                SCENE II

"Wow you're here early, first I want you to know I’m still not speaking to you,” easing into a cheerful seat on top Tiffany's desk was a nosy, somewhat perky Erica Lynn on the prowl. "So what's
happening with you? I've told you not to sit on my desk and need I remind you, you just walked into my office. Ok let’s rephrase, I’m not Tip talking to you on a personal level just business only, wooo Tip these are good, give me those" forcefully yanking personal sketches from her prying eyes was this really beginning to look like a regular day at the office. "Fussy," "fussy. what is it Erica? I'm just checking on my roommate that's all. Come on, laying all jokes aside, bets even, I can tell something is wrong, I don't want to talk about it. "You're sure? I'm sure Erica ok. Look Sissy got a little secret going you know what's up? sissy just sudden Erica scome a wife and mother, there's no telling what she got going on, yeah, love her but don't want to be her, you do know Erica every question you
just asked me was personal, what can I say,  I don’t hold long grudges. Ok, how about lunch with Ashleigh and I, you mean Erica so you can pick my. Okay, okay here something, Mat come and pull me office to lunch, told me he and i tip had like this really serious twilight zone type, scary as hell serious and I'm absolutely oblivious. i woke Tip, hum, Nicholas is here, i woke tip in the guess room, and that was the only odd thing. Nicholas, hlelo Erica, I was intend to ask,  how was your flight, great, fine,  thanks for caring, okay see you two at the party tonight. "First,  how did you leave? I called a cab, how else? You don't see any danger in that? No more dangerous Nicholas than anything else, are you playing some type of game with me? Yes Nicholas," slamming the cabinet like so did she cast choice files to her desk at despising his insinuation, his abrasive conclusion.   "I like waking up screaming and using my most private self to play sex game, don't do this damn it!" You're like a god damn Dr. Jerkel and Mr. Hyde, one minute I know you and love you and we're spectacular together, the next you're completely oblivious of me, one moment Tiffany you're this top executive that can do anything and the next you're shaking in your god damn boots." "Well who in the hell Nicholas ask you to give a damn? You get what I warn you to avoid! Ok, ok maybe that was a bit much, I still can't help Tiffany feeling we're, look, no one is playing a game with you, I got some problems, who the hell doesn't right Nicholas, is that you're an attorney? What kind of problems?" "Problems ok? Better get out while you can!" Such the stunning human-being Nicholas always treasured of her, indescribable actually, a trophy model beyond all but was she just as tormented, now his torture. "Like my freaking, headless boyfriend like to pay me visits! I'm right here, talk to me, you fly all the way fro france Nicholas for this, no, but I did you, for us, if it's a game Nicholas it's the game of life and death, it all come to me in the most gruesome, horrifying dreams, almost like I'm punished you know, and no matter Nicholas what I do or how I do it as soon as my eyes close
they come rushing in, tearing me and ripping me, even Nicholas blaming me, then you're telling me the nightmares in question are about Michael? Yes, sure, maybe you don't want to let him go, just maybe Nicholas you didn’t hear me, I’m not holding on to him, he’s holding on to me, but he’s Tiffany no longer here, because a person is no longer has a physical body doesn’t mean they can’t be a party among those who’s there most expert association, even contact. I don't know, all I know is that he keep blaming me for it, what do you mean? have yo nicholas figured it yet? I don't, where Mr. Artelon fit into all of this? Do I even want to figure it? In the dreams, Nicholas, he's going on and on, like it’s all my fault, but Tiffany you had nothing to do with Michael's death, nothing, you believe that don't you? No Nicholas actually I don't," casting the closeness of his off into this undistinguished stand, up into a window, into clouds now pouring rain along lighting up the sky, even roars of thunder. "I mean I don't know, maybe, what maybe Tiffany? Michael was murdered and unless you was behind the steering wheel of that tractor trailer you had nothing to do with that, there are many ways Nicholas to kill a person, you must know that. Come on baby, why are you torturing yourself?So the nightmare last night Tiffany when you awaken kicking, screaming, and terrified that was about Michael? Yes, what about him could have been that awful? I don't want to remember, I don't Nicholas want to talk about it any more,  ....Ok, you’re right,  you got everything you need for tonight, I'm asking because I don't, what would you say Nicholas if I told you, I have you all fixed and ready? I would say Miss, Maaseiah, male collection, I so love even more for that, come, I can't wait for you to see this!

                             ...THE CHIEFEST AMONG TEN THOUSAND...
                                                          SCENE III

     -Ah thank god you’re here,” falling dramatically and helplessly upon his brother’s neck was Soledad Maurice more then glad to see him that he’s to help him with this disaster.“My word it’s raining cats and dogs out there, I don’t think Derry it’s any better in here, where is he? He’s sleeping now, you really think he was raped, what happen with the medical center, why you guys leave me waiting? He says no,” breaking again into a hard cry was Soledad Maurice truly floored heart, mind and soul just to imagine what his brother cousin just suffered, “come on Sole, you gonna make cry, he says he’s never gonna leave this room, that someone might see him and that would be the end you know how will he ever get passed this? That’s what he keep asking me and, and, ....shhhhhh, remember Ronda, huh, remember Sole what she just endured? Now think about how she was at dinner Sunday night, remember? Yes,” ingesting into a nod of agreement to him, a big hug his brother neck, release his brother's neck, was Corronda Bren recent ordeal sadly but honestly the best example for all of them right now. “We better get him out of here, take him to the house, he does Sole know once he bath and wash all the evidence away it’s gonna be his word against there’s. He doesn’t care about that, he doesn’t want any of this made public, any of it, ...what if we Sole bag up all the bedding, the glasses and silverware?” “Yeah but would that even be admissible? Probably not but at least we’ll know we’ve done something. ....No, what the hell is he doing here?” Wrestling and pushing him into the next room that he’s to bath, dress as they’re to get out there, this was so expected, especially by Desrek Allum. "He come to gloat right, to tell me he told me so? Look at me, I’m going run you a hot bath,  ...no medical center right? Right, you bath, you put these things on at Derry brought you and we get out of here, ...get out of here? We go home, ....I can’t go out there, I told you someone may see me, ....no one is gonna see you.look Derry brought a cap and dark shades and once you’re in the car you can hide down ok? Yeah sure, ok, once you remove your clothes I want you to hand them to me through the door, is that okay? No funny business Sole, right? I promised remember, I promised? {{{Yes I want to report a robbery, yes the Grady’s Inn, no I’ve already talked to the front desk they told me I need to make a police report. What are you doing?” Terrifyingly lessening his voice at Desrek Allum actually calling the law as Collin Hain would more than kill them and him-self at that matter. “I’m making a police report, if those guys are still around I want them to be alarmed seeing the police here and everything, yes but if Hain see them you’re gonna send him further over the deep end, now I told him you have a cap for him, some dark shades, ...are you serious? I'm sorry, yes room number five twenty four, look I have a meeting to get to, I’m an ROTC examiner, around what time can I expect you? Very good, and the lobby is just fine? Good, yes, no thank you.”}}} Good, they didn’t ask for my name, a cap and shades? Yes, he won’t leave the building without them, my god Sole this is really serious, yeah, like the part where he put a loaded gun to my head, to our heads Derry wasn’t, ....got you and I’ll get him a cap and shades, you think I need to get a cape as well, don’t play ok, don’t play, what? Heck Sole, I was serious, maybe I want be incognito as well, actually Derry, Hain just ay like that, well alright, three sets of blues brother covers coming up!”

                            ...HIS HEAD IS AS THE MOST FINE GOLD ... 
                                                            SCENE IV

     "Hey-y-y" whispering softly to Tiffany stirring herself awake only minutes after falling asleep in the car did Nicholas Edin more than have a surprise for her. "You know where we are? What is,” soon as one stirred literally out of her wits, breathing fast, panic it was the cemetery, it was Michael Day's resting place. "Why are we here? Come on I'll show you, No," shaking her head at keeping her hand to herself there was no way this was happening, no way she was getting out of that car "I don't think so, Tiffany! I freaking move,  I can’t move" shaking her head at skirting closer to his now vacant side was Tiffany more intimidated by these things than he’d visualized. "Are you afraid of Michael,” is that it? No, no, I don't think so, then baby come with me, trust me, please, do you want him to hunt you forever? Of course not! But I can’t, I just, look! I love you, and whatever Tiffany hurt you hurt me for we are one, we can't have much of a marriage if we can't put this part of our life behind us, right? Please," striking at a moist strand, that veiled cheek of hers could Tiffany Ann be the most wonderfully, striking being he’s to ever lay eyes on and heart to, she simply was and there was no undoing it. "Marriage? Yes, we might as well call it quits right now, I don't know about you but that’s the last thing in all this world I want, I, I know Nicholas what you gonna say, what your dad would say, but I don't deserve any of this. I know this will help you, I know because when my Mother died Tiffany it helped me, then my father, the same thing. You really think I can do this?” That she’s to come out, up to her feet at fitting moist, worrisome stands behind dainty ears seeing she’d not come to complete terms concerning Michael’s death could this be the ideal supplement, all. "Yes, I know you can, ...I’ll do it, I got to do it, ...remember I love you, I'm right here if you need me. "Michael Day Harmond,” reading the headstone out loud did she kneel into designing fingers along each letter at finally realizing their perfect romance had come to this, his decaying remains locked in the earth somewhere, and so many others.  "I know you remember Nicholas< Syefan's brother, I know I should’ve come sooner, I looked for you at the hospital and all but I couldn’t find you. My god for all I know you could be standing right here beside me, if you are do you really want me to believe this is all my fault? Of course we knew the dangers, you and I both, but we thought the success of bringing Papa and the others down out weighed the danger. Or are you trying to warn me, are you Michael trying to tell me this isn’t over, that my friends, loved ones and all, even Nicholas Edin are all yet in danger. Nicholas, yesh, will you come here please, ...I’m here with you, I’m always here with you, you was really brave Tiffany, really, we gonna be ok, ...you promise, yes, I promise, I. promise Tiffany with all that is heart in us both.”

                    ...HIS LOCKS ARE BUSY AND BLACK AS A RAVEN...
                                                         SCENE V

    “There's nothing there but you know that right? An answer but no true question, Mike's grave, Nichols took me there, thought it would help. there's nothing there, I can just feel it, ....but how. would ...we all Sye have our gifts, right? Just what it is you think you're accusing me of? Well right now Sye, answering a question with a question so is that a denial, Sissy, ...Tip, ...so Sye? Ah, there is a, ah,, ah, they're contemplating whether to reopen, ah Mike's case,  ...my Mike, they're suspecting my dead fiance case and you Sye tell me nothing? I knew it, ....Tiffany! That she's to charge off, away instead, thinking he had a lot more time, but he guess not  ...look you already been through hell with this, ah, been so hurt by this, I didn't want to give you false hope, my god Tiffany you think I would let that happen again, I would never do that, I, I would never hurt you, my god, never, you believe that, right! Yeah, sure Sye, sure, ...look, I tell you what, the next time they call me in about Mike's case you can come with me, I'll come and get you,  guess, ...ah sorry Sissy, I just walked in like that, my best husband and my best friend Tip, no apologies  ...good night you two,  ....goodnight, ...I locked the door, ...okay, thanks.  Ah, I assume Jeremy is sleep, ah, yeah, I asked him, you want to do this by yourself, or you want company? And he said I want company, pushed and snuggled into my tommy, five, ten minutes he was gone, so incredible, Sye," I know, reclined into an enormous regret, that Suan Faye, even Tiffany Ann saw, that like all men, he too had it bad for her. "I can't explain it, I'm just saying how scary suggestive, ah, I'm just glad Nicholas wasn't here, what Sissy, Shephania all over again? Look, Tip almost died that night, hell Nickie almost died with her, well al Sye, almost died with her, ...well. I didn't want to fill her head with mysteries of Mike's death, I mean you heard her, they're already visiting his grave, so this is that, please Sissy, this is that, don't make it what it's not, ....I'm going to get ready for bed,  ....I have a few more files here, then I'm babe right behind you.     >>>"There's room in the shower if you want to join me," actually expecting Bradford Elam to come into the shower after her by now, landing these blood and flesh enticing kisses, her neck, back, her itching for it, bottom, right into toes, of crashing upon their steamy wedding bed with erotic foreplay, Barbara had yet to start showing, but pregnant times were even more incredibly, sexually charged. "Brad, you hear me, don't tell you, you're already asleep, babe! Sleep or still angry at me? As to practice being an advisor, man I ask myself a million times, how would I answer a woman with an inquiry like mine, only my throat, my nose and eyes filled with tears along Brad, the reality of the truth, and I knew the harsh but honest to god, heart answer, if I'd did anything like that Daniel, Jason, I wouldn't have them, my god, I wouldn't, ..."hey babe," finding her sitting the edge of the bed towel wrapped, yet to dress, thinking, ah, so that's where she disappeared to. "You call me, I thought I heard you, ...yeah, but it was nothing, ...you get to bed, good, I'm so blasted, hey, you sure you okay, yes Brad, perfect, so goodnight, ....goodnight, you smell, ah, ah," yarning oozy tears to say, "good babe, really, ah, good, smell."     

                                                          SCENE VI

     “So what do you think? I think Mr. Lamonte if I hurry I won’t be that late for lunch, after all, ok it was test, a test? A test a trial for the SSDO, the what, excuse me, the Stand Still Deliverance Organization, it’s an affiliate of the FTC fund. The SSDO is dedicated to helping especially legally all the young adults falling by the way because of a careless religious, political and judicial system, remember that saying chewing you up and spitting you out, that's to true American Dream. That Mr. Coogan is why we need you, why you would be perfect for this project, you’ve already displayed your affinity for people by what you did in that elevator the other day, and now here with me. It was Mr. Lamonte in that elevator you told me lawyers were a dime a dozen, yes, but there’s only one of you Mr. Coogan, only one. It’s there also Mr. Coogan you told me how being an attorney was possibly your destiny, I’m here to confirm how by the way of the SSDO, you can realize that purpose even more. What you don’t know Mr. Lamonte is I’m off to Paris, to a three year internship there, I've return for it's going away party, you are welcome to come by the way, so I couldn’t help you if I want to. Did you say three years? No Mr. Coogan I assure you that’s not it, I’m telling you working for the SSDO will be your greatest benefit, especially if you're to marry, have children and you’re to decide that for me? I could possibly Mr. La-monte get you thirty days at the least, two months at the most, and even that would be mostly by phone, ....I can't shake it, you just had to have a loaded gun didn’t you? Loaded, but not with real bullets, blanks, ....and I’m simply suppose to take your word for that? You are my attorney now, I hear Mr. Coogan what you’re saying about this internship and being off to France, but could you at least come to one of the meetings, see what the SSDO is all about? Have you Mr. Coogan heard of the FTC Fund, ....just vaguely in passing or something like that, you’ll be surprised how many people are to have that same response. The Children are the foundation of every nation, the future generations of this world, but in America, it’s as though she’s like this gigantic monster that feed mostly off of the children, they get swallowed up easily with no way out and to be honest, hat's that." Well I’ll present this affidavit to the judge, I’ll even mention how you are Mr. Lamonte is an affiliate of the FTC, SSDO, that he’ll perhaps have leniency, because of these projects, ...off to Paris France, man, we definitely Mr. Coogan didn’t see that coming, I kidda made a promise, a guarantee actually, how I could, how you could deliver me right Mr. Lamonte?” As pne sorting through his briefcase, Nicholas could hardly believe the length and depth of what this middle age man had put himself through at recruiting him and his legal skills. participation for a charitable organization that could barely offer him anything other than a pat on the back. “Again, a gross miscalculation Mr. Lamonte on your part, yes, I just can’t believe I was so wrong about all of this, so very wrong, ...not Mr. Lamonte wrong, just detoured, the wrong Coogan perhaps, more a set back than a detour, you just keep yourself safe while in Paris, don't Mr. Coogan do anything I wouldn't do, whatever you say Mr. Lamonte, whatever you say."     >>>"Look Hain all I’m saying if you continue to avoid aunt Laura she’s going to hop a plane and be here, yes knocking on this door in only a matter of hours.” “Hain?” “Are you even in there? I'll call her, now get away from my door, ....you possibly should call André and a Jackson Webb while you’re at it, ...leave me alone Derry, man, okay, {{{“Hello, Mom,” brushing a single tear designing his chin was speaking to his mother and especially his girl friend André two of the hardest things he’d regretted suffering through but cousin Desrek was right how if he didn’t speak to them they could easily show up on his doorstep. “No Mom it’s that I been busy with auditions and things like that, no Mar I haven’t broken up with, no, it’s like I was telling you, ....hello, Collin? Dre? Yes I was here paying your mother a visit, I, I’ve been calling and calling,  I know, I know," activating additional tears at the sound of her voice would he go to great lengths at not breaking down right there on the phone with her. “I’m, you know on the, trying to get on the ah, pay, payroll, ...are you all right, you’re, are you crying? No, why would, no these guys sleep you know, the air blasting and all, so it's a cold, allergies at most, ..well I saw Jesse the other day, Jesse Noble, he said he saw you, that the two of you had like a disagreement, that you would possibly explain, Collin, are you still there, Collin?” “Yeah,” roughly clearing his throat would he take Jesse’s conversation with her as a warning of how easily this could all unravel and what a horror that would be for him, even  for her. “I, I don’t, ah not over the phone ok, ...yeah, but I didn’t even know you and Jesse were acquainted, let alone friends. We’re not, ah freaking friends, Jesse Noble and his freak, friends, are no one's friend Dre and you, you just stay away from him ok, just stay, keep your distance from him. I’ve decided I want to see you, come to you, I really miss, ...well, I’ve decided we should possibly call it, ah keep it at a distance for now, I mean I’ve been avoiding, ah you, on purpose, ....you’re breaking up with me, that’s why you’ve been, been,” crinkling and breaking into itty-bitty pieces at handing the phone again to his mother was she running, crying and hurting into the bathroom away, thinking he minute he left this would happen. “You need to stop whatever you’re doing Collin Hain and come home, hurting that poor girl like that, I’m gonna go Moma, I can’t talk, so I’m just gonna go, Collin, baby, are you crying, Collin?”}}} "Derry," finding him in the kitchen, knowing there was somewhere he needed to be but he was there, watching, seeing over him and Collin Hain, just knew it. "I can't do this, I know I can't, ...yes Hain you can, you are right now doing this, you just don't realize it yet. It began, this choice, the moment you put that gun down and made a decision both you and Soledad could live with, hell even me, all of us. Why do you Derry man even freaking care? I did nothing but laugh at your warnings, ...something stubborn people Hain, evil intended the hearts, have been doing with God's forewarnings these many millennia, but does HE Hain, ever give up? You are not the exception, pain and agony since Adam's fall is here to stay, this is a curse of death, you live it and you die it, Hain man, for the damned trials of love it is! Or, or you die it for the cost of Christ, into life eternal, it is by the Passion Of Christ's Cross predestined, also. Here, it's an article by the Pais Globe," bringing teary eyes along trying to contain himself, but come too obvious, Desrek Alum, as to cough, sniff and wipe, meticulously, away. "It's Hain an indescribable article by Tristan Allen Debuk, "Blood Farmers," it's a reminder how the doctrines of demons and devils, it's spreading firestorms of wicked agenda to genocide the genesis human being, charges onward. It is Hain a remarkable reveal, ...has Sole read it? No, he wasn't mature enough, but you are, ...me, more mature than Sole, when Derry man, did that happen? Just read it and deeply consider it, it's not only that God so loved the world, but it's single reason why, even why Collin Hain, I love you, my worrisome, bothersome, brother cousin so much, regardless of all his mockeries, well cam I like get  hug? Sure Hain man, all the time."

                               ...WASHED WITH MILK AND FITLY SET...
                                                           SCENE VII

     "So will I see you tonight? I don't baby want to promise you and then I can't deliver, I mean we just Erica spent what should've been a lavish dinner party here, in the ER, ...I know Mat this is hard, I knew this going, ...look, why don't you go to my place, relax, kick up your heels and I'll get there as soon as I can. You're not gonna take someone else’s shift? No, now that babe I can promise, as soon as my two surgeries are done, I'll be home and we can have the whole night and morning to our-
selves. They're calling me now babe, I gotta go, I love you. oh and Erica, yeah, I can't wait to get to where you are, ...right Mat, see you at the house, bye.}}}     >>>Knock, Knock, you wanted to see me?” It was those three words, 'see you later,' were they the most habitual in their correlation all with Erica Lynn beginning to wonder was she getting old and tired  or was he learning as to suffer the transforming art of contentment? “Earth to Erica, hey you called me, said it was urgent,” truly in the past whenever men like Matthew couldn't deliver, as in satisfy a literal unreachable, erotic itch, she
easily found somebody who could. “What in God’s name is going on with you?" Getting up, into
to a dysfunctional Erica Lynn, actually banging her fist to her head to her desk, was this the emergency? “Dr. Hymn Ash who or what tee hell, else? Him and that demanding job of his, we
barely get any time to ourselves, well knowing bad Erica can be said about doctors, and you knew that when, ...do people really marry doctors, do doctors Ash really get married? I guess those that do Erica do so knowing they’re marrying one already married to a medical to very demanding career, I mean what do I know? Is this why you called me? Because Erica I have a hunky, dory date of my own waiting of the beginning of what I hope will be a special evening. "Sure, ...excuse me. what the hell is sure? I talked to Tiffany the other day, that although we couldn’t Ash have Nicholas Coogan how we could easily with one of our own male top models copy his dexterous technique, you know
anyone like that? Wow, copy Attorney Nicholas Edin Coogan, what Erica a great groundbreaking, undertaking, now where does the science and governmental authorities stand on human cloning, again? Now I know these things with Dr. Matthew Erin Hymm got you tinkering on the edge of double mindedness but Erica, copying Nicholas Coogan, what a dream land, even Erica the la la land you was just in, idea. I said copy him Ash, not freaking clone him, we are designer, that's what we do, we know him, well atip does, we his style, hell Tip's unknowingly his designer,. So does this act of desperation Erica mean your talk with Tiffany about releasing Nicholas' 'immortally sworn," didn't go well, should we be packing or what? I haven’t even asked her or shown her the photos, what's Ash, up with this we stuff? I blame you, you walk, I'm the CEO, I stay, anyway Ash, I’m reminded how I would feel if that was Matt and I, ...girl please, remember to whom you speak, if that was you and Mat, those photos would’ve been published and history months ago. Okay, okay, I realized that as well, I know you did, ...so can I go, yeah Ash go, now are you sure or should I get you to sign a release form just in case you have amnesia in the morning? No, go, have a nice night, you find a date for the party? Since it is mandatory Miss CEO that I do so. yes, well, I was made an offer and it's a secret until then, which mean Ash, you can't remember his name, right? Right, but he's one of the perfect male models here, so not a lost, what about you?" Erica had to admit, whatever was going on with her friends, even a distant one as Corronda Bren, wait were she an Corronda Bren friends? Ok, well I guess I'll just go, what's that, ...I said I'm going, talk about trouble in paradise. Excuse me, going Erica, I said,  ...right, me too, I have to meet Matt at his place myself, I truly regret getting out in all this rain. It's worth it Ash, I guess, see you early, yeah, early, right, I'll be careful Erica, you be as well.”
                                                                        SCENE VIII

     "I don't understand the last week has been unexplainable, we’ve been so good together, of course Milla as friends but we got alone, my god why are you leaving? I thought this is what you wanted, me, I, I must admit Cros what we’ve had these last few weeks is more than I thought could ever be. I've accomplished what need be and there is nothing else, at least we’re now friends. There’s nothing I can say, nothing Milla I can do to convince you what we have here is even more special, than ever before. Maybe Cross it’s special all the more but only because we found forgiveness, we not blame as we did, we not find love," folding a sweater over her arms at advancing this leave all the more, at getting to a cab blowing for her, Christian couldn't believe any of it, they'd found each other only to watch her sinal the cab into a leave. "Though not falling love, that not what we find, see Christian Cros is shocked right? Not think I, wife Camilla need this falling love, my, my word, you’re so unfair, so very unfair, it is you Mill who is unfair,” coarsely assisting her with those loaded bags was this a lovers quarrel, was he and Camilla in their first in many years lovers spat? "You despise my touch, you loathe my compassion, you Mill reject any intimacy I display toward you, how can we find this falling love Milla if I can't touch you? Trust you Mill to touch me? You not see good at all," coming a close dare right into Christian, sweetly panic breath as though she’s to dive right in, indulge herself long, this incredible, edible steed. "No, see how he's decline, run away even and she understood, but she alone wasn't guilty. "It is you who will not allow the touch, you Cros who hate me, ...you are right Mill, I am afraid, I’m not the man you married, nor am I Cros the woman you married, my dearest love neither of us are as we once were. There are scares Cros that cut us deep, change us so we not be the same ever. I have ugly marks already, the, the book, it tells of my forever scares Cros does it
not? Does it not tell you were they are, how deep Cros they're cut and how very, very horrible. Don’t leave me Mill, not now, not ever” drawing himself close enough at plucking a single driblet away was Camilla now more beautiful than she'd ever been, as so was this intimate fellow, Christian Cros her
gorgeous, intermediate gatecrasher. “Don't run from me but to me, I don’t want to be alone another day in this life, never again Milla without you, never again. I’m not going to hurt you I swear, marry me, make Becky proud of us, I will hold you and love you and come again into her morning, my wife, Mill, my covenant this long life. I’m frighten Cros, what, what if I can’t do this right? I’m here with you, don't worry he got the tip I left, look, I will Mill love you, I will give myself to you entirely and you to me, I'm never Cros letting go, ..yes, yes, that's Mill what I wanna hear, ...I'll let Camilla Sa'ron Artelon, let you go, either!"

                                                               SCENE IX

     "I'm going to get my shower, what is it? I'm Erica falling in love with you, will you consider marrying, well to be fair Matt you proposed while I wa feeding your streaming flesh land niht, yes, and i was screaming out of my head to remember your answer, okay well do you Dr. Hymm want a tabletop answer, as pushing what left of breaking cast and banging into the floor,  or a shower answer? You is so bad, and hat Mr. get me hot in ways m places are fermenting is not an answer, well, why don't we begin here on the table and work our way into the shower,  hhhhhhhh, my dr, Hymm, and you call me insane with blistering organisms  .....Mat, ah, Mat, please, not there, argggggggg, Mat, look at me, look at me, no, no,  noooo, not, Mat, argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!     >>>You went to Syes's, how did, he told me you come by, that he reassured you about Mike's case possibly being reopen, apparently he thought I knew. Look, it wasn't like that, I left the center as usual, I got in my car, I was to stop to pick up a food order and the next I know, I'm standing in his home office with accusation, with accusations, what kind of accusations? I could tell Micholas, you could tell, what does that even mean? It mean I been suspicious about Mike's death all lone, since that very night, ...please, just tell me, and what running to sye has to do with it? One Nicholas i'm not Stef, two, your brother is the acting DA, he and Micheal day worked closely together, well did he tell you he and Brad insinuated you possibly, that mike could be dead because of you, So you're nicholas telling me this now? Because you might not want to trust them, I'm just saying, what you're saying nicholas is not to trust your brothers, but if you are going away to France for three years, you must know I'm going to need Syefan and Bradford support, just as you, ah, would. What if I can't do it? What if Tiffany you don't want to, I mean if you really think Mike, your fiancee is alive out there somewhere, my worse fear factor I admit it! I'm sorry, okay, being there just renewed my suspicions, and like i said, I was there, questioning him, I don't trust Sye with you, there, I said, it, sye had hidden, mis feelings for you and that, ah can't be, what, wha that look? You know this, you freaking now this already, what happen, what was said, it's all over you face, I don't wanna, ah,  Im no gng there nor ma I taking you there. Did he touch you, come on to you, no, god  no, nothing like that, it's the way he said what he said, I don;t even he think he realize it, though sissy did, sissy was while my brother flirted with you, I just told you , he wasn't aware of it, okay so lets not do this please, how we gonna spend this last night? Nicholas, please don;t let this ruin our evening, you trust me, and that settles this, right? Yeah, I guess, ..you guess, yo guess you trust me, you are the one nicholas parroting how it's all the wy possible we can do this, but you're uncertain of this trust, I trusted Sye and Stef and look where we're at. How similar I nichola to stephanie? Please, see I never met her, ...you're not, ...I'm sorry love  didn't hear that, ...ai said Tiffany you're not, you and Stef are nothing alike, nowhere, not even on the same planet, then please stop making these comparison, now you sulking, just take me home, ..I'm sorry, please Tiffany, I'm sorry, would it help if tell you I totally and utterly trust your brother Syefan Erin with your Tiffany Ann, bradford as well, totally nicholas, without question. I would then say, or ask Tiffany what do want to do next? Get out of this restaurant, I'm stuffed, yeah, yeah me too. As usual Nicholas a person you can only image look nothing as you imagined, Bji mein Paui looked nothing like I imagined, well how did image? Well like you, goddess Nicholas Coogan, ah goddess, Erica's description, He just supermodel caliber, I would love to have Erica get him into some her photo shoots, brilliant that I was so not expecting,matters are strange with him Nugyet, Cambodia born is his girl, and they're plenty open, but Bji Mein has a wife, Niemeyer, and if you for a moment Tiffany think he or this Nugyet are brilliant as you say, his wife, Niemeyer, Ethiopian born, though swears he has never seen anything as extraordinary as you, Bji Mein wife is way up on the model caliber, totem pole herself."

                                                             SCENE X

    -"What am I looking at here? I'm sissy creating two fragrances, one, the Adonai, for my Maaseiah Bridal line, and one for my Maaseiah male line, Eexcellence, and Desrek Chocolate, Desrek, Tip, as in Ronda's brother? Yes, hopefully, I haven't asked him yet, I was looking over a lot of your designs, sometimes Tip I wonder why Erica and I are even here? Stop it, do you know how many compliments I get on the designs I wear, of yours, Sissy, afire collection? So you look through the bridal designs, which of them Sissy going to Fabrics, all of them Tip, all nine of them, they're incredible, but, but since Erica and I Tip haven't even gotten started on bridal design, we;re just just put all yours on display and be absolutely floored by the orders. Now two others Bridals along with The Maaseiah,I think should go in our first fashion edition. I just need you, Erica and Merecal's advice to agreement. You guys taking a late lunch, you and Sye? No, he and I both been so busy, and we do have a school age son now, ...good sissy how stange hearing that, I know, right. Ah, that remind me, Nicholas and I doing dinner last night talked about the possibility of reopening Mike's case and Syefan's involvement, to make it short, although Nichols is telling me Sye and Brads accusations, It was then I explained how there's only two other men I trust with the one woman, He Nicholas, loves and treasured and that's Sissy, Syefan and Bradford, I explained how I couldn't for day Sissy endure his time in Paris without Sye and brad. I'm just saying please sister, don't focus so much on how Syefan said what he said, but what he said, because that was when Syefan erin won my ultimate trust, and now again, Nicholas," thank you Tip. All I know Sissy is after I said assurances, Nicholas I had an evening, his last before returning to France, that I will never forget., we woke Sissy that morning as plaited and as twisted  into one another as is humanly possible wishing we stay jut like that forever and one day, God's will fulfilled we will, we will be, ahhhh, baby, leping into tip come so emotional, losing a brand new relationship with nicholas eden to Paris France, nwo her rival, ah you guys, group hug, ai don''t know what this about but i want some, Ash, mere, group hug in here, yes, come on get yall some, dear god thank you love, come of all yall, dear god thank you for,  dear god thank you love, thank you guys, it's been a while since I been in a group hug,  a I as saying Sissy trust is everything. So Desrek Chocolate, I can't tell you what a fantastic title that is for a cologne, and Adonai just sound Bridal, while Elohim God, did Sissy create marriage, thank you god for love, chanting as they got bak o their places. Now as far as Desrek Alum, I just got to persuade him, yeah, like he's to ever Tip say no to you. Look at the time, it's still in lunch territories, call Sye and see just how busy he is, be sure you tell him what I told Nicholas, so yall can stop kicking each other's butt and start back kissing, ah, you know. Thanks again Tip, I don't know where my life would be without you in it, the same here, all of you Sissy, ..and what was that glimmer of mishope? Christian, ah, Mr. Atelon, now Sissy that the snow is receding, I really need to get out and see him, well take your own advice, take a long lunch, I guess we'll, huh?.\And as Erica would say Tip, details, details!"


                                                   SCENE XI

   ---What's her name? Excuse me, I see you keep checking your pagers, so what's her name? Didn't realize I was being that obvious, is it the one stunner model on your arm doing the farewell party? You was there? My cousin had an extra ticket, brought me along, so it is her? You two look beyond amazing together, ...Erica Lynn, yes, that's her, just be careful is all I'm saying, those kind of women are seldom serious, but, I admit Dr. Hymm, I've heard the same said about male Doctors. To be honest erica and I are coming off of being detoured that way, we're more headed for the alter, and o be honest that's why I'm watching my pager, it's to verify her answer.  I she a model? Erica is one of the lower CEO's of the fashion center that host the party, so more like a fashion model, designer, coordinator, and that would be me, it was nice talking to, ah, Jennifer, but most just call me Jen, nurse Jen, thanks for the company nurse Jen, have a nice day. >>>Ah, Kiefer been asking kinda of discreetly just how close if Derry and May? You mean beside that mud ring engagement? To be honest and I know Kas how this is going to sound, it's like they're meant to be, in a made for one another the womb on and they're both perfectly aware of it, perfectly, but they're adamantly against it ad please, please don't tell Kiefer I said that. To be honest Maaseiah just lost a fiance and is right now dating a college attraction, Nicholas Coogan, word is they're probable marry, so I guess we'll see ..how is Hain doing? He still stuck in that room, but thankfully he's eating again and just the other day he call his mother, I feel Sole so strange knowing so much about him and we hardly, ever meet, weel when his girl Andre come, that's to change. So tell me the story behind this mud ring engagement, it's more hilarious come from Derry himself, but one day of playing, ah, the mud puddle, he wait until all others were gone, and did, what he saw on a movie, got on his knees to her, showed her this mud ring, he's put a fake diamond into it and all, May said besides him, it was the most beautiful thing she'd seen, said he was able to fit it on her ring just perfectly, they were only like ten or eleven but she took it serious, they were engaged to be married as soon as they come of age, said it was perfect until her dad got wind of it, tool from finger and Kas, flushed it, forbid them not only o marry, but to see each other, in any capacity, ...which sole only made them moe close riht? :ey cold I get a refill, you babe, yes, make that two, but to make it short, feeling like his life was threaten Desrek went into the military, May, ah Tiffany, has even insinuated she believe money changed hands and not just a little, between their dads that sabotages them even now, ...so Derry didn't believe that, ah, to be honest, May, well, Tiffany think he was a party to it, because it really advanced our parents living standard, whatever the supposedly deal that was made, to Tiffany Desrek Alum yet live and swear by it today, ...wow, ...I know Kas, you wasn't expecting any of that, but please, just keep it between us, I mean the mud-ring engagement is authentic, ....it's Sole priceless, ...yeah, but the rest, just, well it's more like conspiracies, truth is Derry would make a perfect husband, so just like his brother? Yes, just like his brother.'     

                            ...HIS LEGS ARE AS PILLARS OF MARBLE... 
                                                      SCENE XII

     “Will you come with me somewhere? Desrek Allen has invited me to his workplace, to Hain one of its young adult meeting, will you come with me and I don’t know after that maybe we’ll, Andre?” Coming surprisingly, excitedly into a lovely hug of her, thinking how fantastic it was to see her, how Collin Hain so needed her there. "When you get here? Hours ago, so that was all of that commotion, yes, ah, Collin and I were about to go out, I’m glad to see Hain you feel better, yeah, me too, ....what Sole about your fiancee, what if you guys join us? I'm yet to meet her, that would be alright wouldn’t it Collin? Sure, just great, ...thank you," knowing Collin Hain was simply agreeing with her to be nice, but the last thing he wanted was Soledad Maurice the reminder tugging alone."But, no thank you, Kas and my evening is already planned, as I was saying, beginning with Desrek's meeting, seriously Sole man you and yours are welcome, you’ll be here for a few days right? Right, right, ...ok, we’ll plan a double date sometime next week, you know I want her to meet you and you Andre her, you guys go, have fun. Ok but you better keep your promise, I can’t wait to meet the woman Soledad Aggart is to make his wife, ... yeah, see you later Mr. saving himself for marriage, ...well Hain aren't we all, yeah Andre, whatever you say."     >>>"Did we get our plans crossed? I thought you was to wait on me at my place, I changed my mind Matt, so I'm home instead, well can I at least come in? I’m really tired, I was getting into bed, ...what did I do, you angry with me, ....I think I’m angry with myself, for allowing this Mat, to go on so long unchecked. I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to worry you but I went without my monthly nearly two months recently and I was terrified. You’re right, you should’ve told me, it wasn’t just that, I think Matt another reason we get this so wrong is that we’re to never to consider our sexual organs, the naturally born male and female are reproduction organs as well. Ok you thought you were pregnant and that frighten you, but you know Erica I would’ve done the right thing, I would’ve married you, that's what I want anyway. I just don’t know Mat if that would’ve been enough, if I would’ve married you, I’m sorry Matt, that’s just how I feel right now. You want me to make better sacrifices for us, to prove us, I get it, I love you Erica and I don’t want to lose you, look, I'm going to do something that is one of the hardest things I’m to do ever; I’m going to leave, ah let you get some rest, but you got to promise to call me soon, ok? I’ll Miss Cunningham be waiting by the phone, ....goodnight Matt, goodnight, lady of all my dreams.”

                             ...SET UPON SOCKETS OF FINE GOLD...                                             
                                                     SCENE XIII

     "And who is this young man? This is the little man I wanted to speak to you about," a to witnessed a chipper Sysfan Erin spiraling little Jeremy around, down to the floor as though he was already a pro father indeed tickling him did. "Hey fellow, you wanna play, keep the hall straight back, there's a playroom in their, so who's the kid? he's Stephanie's boy, ...Stephanie? Wait a minute, I thought she'd gone back to Australia, why is he with you? If you can wait a minute Brad I'll explain, Sidney Australia is were Sissy and I have been, we went to get the kid, ...slow down Sye you're losing me here. He's my son, ...your son, that's what Stef told you? Yeah" "and you believed her?" Readying a sip of his glass at offering Syefan as well one, would Syefan who rarely drank before dinner swallow his drink instantly "Yeah Brad man I believed her, Jeremey, wouldn't be here if I didn't? Ah Sye man come on, you of all people know that girl is bad news, do I have to remind you that because of her there's a wedge between you and Nickie no, not Brad because of her, Stef didn't act alone, I knew Nickie loved her and I still did what I did, Ok, "Ok, but none of this explain why you have the kid, what Stef called and said hey Sye you got a son come and get him why don’t you, what? Not exactly, Stef died Brad a few days ago, breast cancer, ah, oh, I was not expecting that, ah man you're freaking kidding me, I tell you for a while Brad it was being in that hospital room, watching dad die all over again, nall, I’m more sorry for him, that kid is all alone, nall, He's not alone, he got you, us Sye man, “he got us and thank God,. Yeah well I'm not his mother, you know Sye I love you and really sympathize with all this but how are you going to explain this to Nickie? I kidda already, we just come from seeing Nicholas off to France, I broke the news to him, as similarly as this, he com emotional, gathered himself along taking Jeremy into a special hug, you would've been proud of him, I know I am don't think he's gonna be very understanding. "Yeah, that darling little boy is a part of not only my life, but our life, he's a Coogan Brad and right now he’s trusting us to do the right thing and Nickie took that really well, "hell Sissy did and if I’m hearing right Brad now, you and Barb are on board as well, so it’s already working out.”

                                  ...HIS COUNTENANCE IS AS LEBANON...
                                                               SCENE XIV

     "That’s just it the majority of the public we minister too having no respect to person or age are fastly becoming suicidal, fastly a public choosing not to believe the supreme as they’re to justify their unrighteousness, ...May, my god what are you doing here? Derry,” planting a light hug into his neck truly the last person in all the world she expected to see of course he, her, as well.  We were invited, by the way this is Merecal Faithe, it is nice Desrek to finally put a face to a highly spoken of name, the same here.  Any way Desrek, the SSDO has employed your Nicholas, that he’s to work as a Philanthropist, as to use his skills as a trial lawyer, the invitation we received. This place is amazing, yes, Merecal faithe it is, what a beautiful name. And May what a charitable undertaking, for Mr. Cogan, well, that’s just it, there’s isn’t, Nicholas explain how he's unable to grant their wish seeing he's off to Paris for a three year internship, so there it is. Beside the obvious May, as Miss Saurus, do you know what drew them to him in the first place? Ah here he is right now,"  causing them to cut a look at the door,  entering was a strange gentleman that Tiffany knew, that Desrek Alum must meet. "Charles, yeah, we’re over here, please come, have a seat? This Desrek is Charles Dutton, he has volunteered to act in Nicholas' place, how well sir it is to meet you as well, thinking to himself only Nicholas something this guy, not any of them would ever have, Maaseiah Adonai. How long hve you known Mr. Coogan? We actually Mr. Roget attended college, so you can say we've been together every since, and what do you know about the SSDO, if th FTC, Fund, where so you stand on Christianity and please note Mr. Dutton I specified Christianity and not religion for a reason. Nicholas warn e you guys are straighteners, I'm sorry straighteners? Yes, as in straight to the point, ...yeah like an attorney can talk, ...perhaps Mr. Roget, if you can described the difference between them I can tehm make a choice, ...ah,, there's sole and friends, excuse me, ...ah May, please, yes, of course, "the difference Mr. ah, Dutton, well, Charles, is religion drove the nails, biblical Christianity walked out of the tome three days later, that's to make short, even God, Himself, death to resurrection,. May, come, come, ...do you Miss,  it's Faithe, but  you can call me Merecal, ...ah May? These are her, Tiffany's schools age friends, the name May, has something to do with her birth name verses her legal name, I guess you would say, feel friend Mr. Dutton to get up and mingle, yes, I guess I will, ...I'm still wowed Andre, look at you, you was in diapers last I saw you, well sort of, Hain, so glad to see you up and about, ...I'm up for a speech, so eat, stand, sit, whichever make you comfortable.  "I was saying, if there is a God, the earth like at present at presence would either be a paradise earth God's kingdom come pending or a black, void waste land far and vaste wasteland off warmongering by which men could genocide themselves. If there is no God, there is no Nemesis
of God or His Creation,” Truly unable to get what Miss Saurus, Tiffany Ann said out of his head, never, ever having it put so perfectly, blunt, thinking who was this mystery woman and from whence did she come, did Nicholas Edin know? "There would be no Satan, the fallen angels or the Demon horde and again if none of the above exist then what is wrong with this world at present, what is wrong with  mankind? How is it we're six millennia's in and is yet to fit it? What did Jesus tell Peter our faithful night he's taken upon himself, when Peter took it upon himself the sword of war, "violence begets violence, blessed are the peacemakers Jesus said, for they shall be called the sons of God! Having the entire house simply mesmerized the moment he took the stage so to speak, there was a hearing a pin drop quietness all around. "I mean Scientist with their science and technology can vaguely explain the four elements, the earth, mountains, seas, even the heavens unto animal and planet life. So I ask you, how does the earth itself rise up of itself and create a human being, breath into it the breath of life, a living soul and then make him a married couple, both male and female? Didn't he, Elohim have us the moment he took red dust and crafted a human being man, into two persons, but, but, only they procreate, marry, could they only then reproduce of themselves. Yet, ye you guys,  all this marvelous work with the exception of the living soul, despite mankind’s indescribable efforts, it's all so bio-degradable? How? Why, why do this byond descriptive thing and return it all back to the earth from whence it come? ....The surse, that's how, who said that? I did, and you are, sir. Collin Hain, okay you say all this wonderfulness collapsed, even cataclysmically upon itself, because of a curse, whose curse? Elohim God, he's the only Creator, he created it and by a curse of sin, he's elected to uncreate it, with one exception, as of Adam and Eve marriage. Perfect, I couldn't have said it or explain it any better, thank you Mr. Collin Hain. For those who don't know, I’m Desrek Allum, please direct your written questions for the Q and A section in the next hour, thank you for coming and most of all thanks for your support. I Miss Birdie Jenkins, how would you like to speak at our next meeting, "The Genesis, Fact Or Fiction,  the University of Calgary, would love to hear more, I tell you now Professor Jenkins, discredit the genesis dis credit the entire bible, the genesis is where the offer was made of a savior, by the seed, the womb of a woman, yes, but wouldn't you Mr. Allum like to have an entire class hear you say that the way that you say it? That would be possible, but only is I'm as long allowed to bring my protégée, Maaseiah Adonai along with me,  ...Miss Saurus, {{{religion drove the nails, biblical Christianity walked out of the tomb three days later}, Mr. Dutton head was yet repeating "someone to meet you, I was the Professor's invitation, how we're as two peas in a pod when it come to such things, of course, I’ll be glad to escort Mr. Aggart,” seeing instead Tiffany is to give Desrek Alum, the most piercing dislike for getting her mixed into this sizable, both earth and science shattering debate. “Well Mr. Aggart if you and Mrs., it's Miss Saurus," as everyone thinking her so stunning, just a flawless beauty, so overwhelming, to unexplainable. 'Miss Saurus here will meet us in our offices, it'll only take a moment, we’ll gladly give you the details, ...Miss Saurus, Mr. Dutton, I think I'll call it a night, thank you Charles for coming, I hope you will join us, well I certainly have much to consider. ....I am going to kill you so dead, Desrek! ....I know, I know, it just kidda slipped out, plus May it's not Nicholas they want, it's you, they just don't know it. I bet his Maaseiah designs just mad public the word over lead them straight to you, I just bet it and just where Alum does that leave me? I have more than enough uptop juggling plates. ....I'm sorry Charles I though you left, a Maaseiah was it? Maaseiah Adonai, why would you change such, because I hate it, ah my birth name and Charles everyone who uses it, ...ah, I see, well thank you again, and ah you Mr. Desrek Alum Aggart, you better really watch your back, ...don't hate me for your ascendancy, ....do you know after this, I’m never, ever speaking to you again and you can explain that to Ronda. I love you and all that godstuff, got to go, Desrk,  Desrek, get me out of, ahhh I so hate that man,  ....I'm just saying Tip, as long as you forgive the guy later, all please, I’ve spend most of my life Merecal not speaking to Desrek Alum for one reason or another, so it’s sorta like a family, Friend, feud, ah, I see, ah my god Mer, there is such a tub full of bubbles waiting at home for me, you? Well now Tip that you mention it, I know right, ..isn't he gonna be looking for you? Serve him right, volunteering me like that, he is even more crazy, ridiculous Mer, than suspected, ...he is so pretty, I've seen black look like him, exactly, see you got the eye, I knew it, that's why he's perfect for my Desrek Chocolate cologne, just perfect!"

                                            ...EXCELLENT AS THE CEDARS...
                                                                  SCENE XIV

     "May I help you?" Having with immense caution at ingesting a lump of fear advanced, open an information desk had Anthony Dale Decorte spent forever convincing himself to so do. "Yes I was told a Miss Ashleigh Roget work here," may I ask who's calling? Readying the phone that she’s to as always announce all of Ashleigh Roget’s visitors. "Well I kinda wanted to surprise her, I'm afraid that isn't possible. "I see" tall, dark and extremely handsome, a latino Tom Cruise with killer facial stubble, yes one, most definitely, model caliber. "Maybe I can catch her on her, ...no Barleck, I have a restraining order against him, just called the cops, call security, now!” "No Ash please! ...damn it, don't listen to him listen to me, call security Mrs. Barleck, now, please! Ok I'll go, please, Mrs. ah Barleck, you don't have to dial that phone no security or the police, I'm going, see I'm going, please, believe it or not Ash I'm innocent, it's been proven, you got to believe me, ...just go okay, just go, I have a gun Dale and I don't want to hurt you, so get the hell of here! He’s never to come here again! My god, that's crazy!" Sicken into the nearest seat bitterly, nervously talking to herself, ready spills carting along heighten nerves still. "He was in, how did he get out of prison? He was serving a life, a life, I don't know Miss Roget if you heard him, but he said he'd been exonerated, Miss Roget? Are you ok, should I call someone for you? I'm fine Mrs. Barleck," peeking through a crack in the door at still being every place mentally, heartedly with her world  by the minutes unraveling, "I fine, I'm breathing again, so, you can Mrs. Barleck call it an evening, ....while I have a few more errands, but as long as you’re alright child, I’ll see you tomorrow? That's so freaking crazy to me, but like Mrs. Barleck said, he couldn't be here, he couldn't be free from a death sentence unless he'd been exonerate, still Anthony Dale couldn't be trusted, never would trust him again.     >>> “Earth to Soledad Maurice, I’m sorry, I’m sitting here trying to reassure myself Hain is going to be all right,  that this isn’t some sort of front. Anyway I think Kas I want to speak to your parents before we make the engagement final, believe me Sole you really don’t, my parents are really complicated. Yes you keeping saying that, complicated how? Complicated as in they’re not pleased, as in they’re very disagreeable at the decisions I've made for my life, because of that Sole we’re pretty estranged. I just can’t see what it is they’re so displeased with, you’re literally perfect, in your eyes Sole,” chopping nto her malt shake was kassel Berlyn convinced she had the most nightmarish family of the all, that lid dormant in her memory were images of a molester father, well parents since her mother allowed it
so talk about the monsters they were no doubt, they were far and beyond that. “Seemingly I’ve been
that way with you from day one but I’m afraid they wouldn’t agree, ...I can’t shake it Kas, of course children are to be overly critical of their disagreeing parents, if you're their daughter, they can’t be that bad. Hey if we hurry, we could still join Hain and his friends, you’re really Kas, not having any of this are you? What if I told you I spoke to Kiefer about this very thing and she thought it was a good idea, I would say Sole you’re not marrying Kiefer, you’re marrying me and I think it’s a horrible idea and she's a trader. My dad for instance Sole is possibly the rudest person on the this planet, it’s as though he hate the entire world of man, god and spirit, and my mother she simply worship his ability to be this discourteous monster, they're Sole, like Satan, they don't like people. Ok I tried, I guess we should go and catch Hain and André, ....so what’s so special about your brother’s work place?’ You Kas was just there, you heard, saw for yourself, simply Desrek Alum, he’s always the specialty, you think he and Key really made an impression on one another., Kinda I guess, yes, I really think they did. I can’t speak for you but I did see Sole how at times they couldn’t take their eyes off of one the other, no I stand as a witness Kas hey were both delighted, electrified even, ...e-lec-tri- fied, I can’t tell you Sole how much I like that word, electrified indeed.”

                           ...HIS MOUTH IS MOST SWEET...

                                                 SCENE XV

   “My god Sye,” contacting her panic heart like so had Syefan Erin really started her to
this point at fitting him into a special hug, you was panicking, breathing hard loud,  pounding the bed, ah h=god sissy I'm sorry, I was dreaming, Tiffany just walked up to said,  just tell me Nicholas isn’t looking, isn’t coming this way, no, I said, he’s laughing and talking to Brad like Sissy we're at his farewell party, I went to visit Mike’s grave a day ago, and it's like the conversation we had, you was there, I know, I say you already told me,  but she just keep talking and her voice is horrifying in ear, to my heart, and she's gin on and on, Tip, I say, grabbing her, shaking her,  I know, I say, you already told me, don't you remember?  Remember Tip, the strangely sissy I say, like it no use convincing, I say., I know how you feel, I can’t shake it although I feel a clear and present danger surrounding these matters as well. ....stop this! I scream so hard it's like a burst a blood vessel in my head, and right now I got the worse headache, "you hear me, stop this! I said, again and again, then Sissy she says, looking me eye to eyes, as to finally recognize I their with her, and she say, horrifying me, I mean my bones trembled, "how do we even know Mike is dead? Neither you nor I Sye viewed the body, only Sissy now she's reading my mind, everything she's saying come into my head first, ...his funeral was closed casket, I'm thinking, she saying, then Sissy I say, I’ve considered all of that as well, although we better talk later,” then I look around as to take an alternate exit, avoid Nicholas Edin, the last thing I hear is, Nickie is heading this way, that's when you woke me and I thank god for it." You sure Sye, she said Nickie and not Nicholas? Exactly Sissy, see that's what I was thinking as I was making my panic escape, life or death, Nicholas wasn't to find me there, Tiffany don't call him, Nickie, not even once. So what you think it all mean? I'm gonna get something to drink, you want something? No, ah yeah, water Sye, just water, there's some Sissy odd right now going on with Mike's case, so Sye," calling back out at him, busying about the kitchen, "you've doubted whether or not Mike's dead? To be honest Sissy yes, I mean the speed by which it come a close case, said, done, everything quickly back to business at hand, like it never happen, even like Michael Day never, ever exited. So Tip Sye is sensing the same thing? Look, you remember I went to ask her how did she know Mike's grave was empty,  she wasn't guessing Sissy, she knew it and she said something like we all have our gifts, and I was thinking, what the hell did she mean by that?  I asked her about that Sye, she said she was quoting scripture, Tiffany really have a way with scripture, ...still what? That she's possibly a medium or something the like, still babe, I got nothing, she's sensitive when it come to spiritual things, like a seer, goodnight babe, I don't want to even about trying to be out by seven, goodnight, no more dreams okay? Okay babe I'll try."

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