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Tiffany XXI

                                             BEAST OF BEAUTY
                   ...HE LET OUT THE VINEYARD UNTO KEEPERS...
                                                CHAPTER XXI
                                                      SCENE I

     -"Can I Mr. Coogan be frank? Please do, I didn't always like you, no, humorously contacting his resting hand as to be cruel, the table would soon be full so to get this out now. "I thought you were
one of those tall, extremely handsome men who thought himself gods' gift to mankind, only to learn Miss chow, it was women who instead thought this these frivolous things of me where I'm careless of such idiotic assessments. I began to see, you're not playing hard to get, you're not playing any game, you really don't care what people think, you are what are the words, I now, you're adamantly rooted in curious decision making, without finding out You must have a will of iron, that drive instigators like Phil, like Bji Mein crazy. He told me you know, when he invited you to lunch with us, that perhaps we find something other than business you instead suggested he invite Nun Connah Lue. Is it Measure Nicholas Coogan that you know my heart as well, perhaps even Mr.Lue's? I don't know about all that Miss Chow, there are times when I know I'm flesh and no damn demi god who is sick Ly Lynn of being misjudged. "Well I surely can't tell and neither can the rest of them, even mis Clifton who doesn't like anyone, not even herself,  just in fell in line like everyone one all over you. I assure you Mrs. Chow I'm very much flesh, ...ah I can see that now Mr. Coogan, it's just that you don't show this side of yourself very often.Your rather posed ungraciousness make women nuts and drive your enemies crazy, would that Miss Chow include a woman like yourself? I better not answer that counselor on the grounds that it may incriminate me, I see, well, it's getting quite late" "may I walk you somewhere? Who is she, how do yo know her, how did you meet, who is the woman Mr. Coogan that instead drives you? Please I fear I must know, Let me walk you, it only a few blocks from here, then you tell me about the no show, this ball? Tiffany Ann as I Miss Chow always envision will one day soon be my wife and eventually the mother of my children and to be sure, I'm having a much more hell of time waiting. To change the subject then, so when was it you last visited Paris before this stay over? I've never actually been, never desired, ...you see Mr. Coogan that is another bet against you, I don't understand, people find that you're so unimpressed by France,
that surely France is rather visiting Nicholas Coogan than vice versa, and that innocence drives one crazy. Understand Lynn, she can't be just France, she must be an afterglow of various fantasies and songs replayed, re-enacted virtually, continuously without end and all at awe are smitten."Be careful Mesure Coogan, there are millions who think perhaps France, even England at that matter is a large parchment of never-ending poetry, songs and voyages all her own, ...no not Lynn all her own, she has been shaped and mold by myriad’s giving their view far and vast worldwide these here generations, I would like to know her virgin self, the part of her Lynn that she keep to herself allowing no man, o sutor of nay kind,  ....well here we are ....so this Miss Chow is were you're spending your nights?Yes, only Mr. Cooga, goodnight Miss Chow, goodnight Mr. Coogan."

                                  EVERYONE FOR THE FRUIT THEREOF
                                           NEW YORK, NEW YORK
                                                        SCENE II

     -You sure? I mean there's surprising your mom and there's Collin Hain surprising your mom, well the marriage won't surprised her, ah, her only son Hain just married without her, so we eloped, th last moma heard of us we seem to go our separate ways, she is gonna love we've found each other, well you two if nothing else be prepared to have all your relatives over to celebrate, you think this is going to grow into a party, yes, and good for you, you and Drea deserve i t and privately we're all be celebrating that we now secretly married. On a scale you guys one to ten, how hard was it getting off of that cruise? Ten they all shouted simultaneously the only thing harder you guys and gonna be saying good night until the morrow, no, we'll just make a late night    {{{Ron, hey, I got your message, so they found her, she was at Nicholas place really dug in, not answering the phone or anything, Syefan gave it a last chance effort and just as he turn from this last knock she answer and leaped into his arms terribly Desrek bemused, she still is, ...well do I need come, I mean you  would Ron tell me if I need to come? When I see her, I'll get on the phone to you, and let you decide, okay? Okay but when is that going to be? Right now Desrek it seem she only want to see him, the one who found her, that's where he and Susan are now, so we're waiting to hear fro them, but as soon as I know, you'll know, Desrek Alum Aggart, you wait, you wait for my call, you promise, okay, okay, did Sole call you like I told him to,  ..yes, they should be in Kingston right now, at Sole's mom house, their first stop, seem he and Drea got married in the ship's wedding chapel, yeah, they both told, me, I congratulated him, told him how proud I was for him, you know/ So that mean Ron the loan the Saurus Twin went well if they're all safely back in Kingston, yeah Derry that'll be a bit of good news once she get her head back I'll be calling you big brother, ..hold you too it sis, holding you to it, in the mean time prayer is everything, later, ,..yeah bye!"

                                                     SCENE III

     -“I keep thinking how Ash I barely knew you only a few moments ago, it’s not Tony that you didn’t know me, “you were confused about us being here and now, now eat your breakfast, I know you’re hungry. You still think seeing Dr. Locklinere is not necessary? I’m not sick, not physically, I simply had a mental breakdown. I think I miss you Ash, I mean really miss, as being inside you, do you  remember what we decided lately and my stunning. beautiful husband have been hard at it, ..you mean like touching and kissing you herem your breast ...yes, yes but. but although after what just, I just don’t think you’re well enough for us to, I know we want children, like right now, ad darling man, how incredible it's been, perhaps we, did  I Ash frighten you just now, you here with me, like that, just given yourself to me, suppose I don’t know how to do what you’re asking me. “That we’re to be as husband and wife and make love, Tony, understand you lost your mind a moment ago, . I mean look at you Ashleigh Michelle, can kiss your lovely hand, arm, your neck,”  tickling her into a sweet swarm away, as to reconsider the last thing need to happen was the taking of an advantage of him. 'Your mouth, you taste as good Ash as you look, ....hey, hey, hey, I'm going to get in the shower, lock the door, you mighty temptation, that's the only way Tony we're going to dress and get to Dr, Lockineer's appointment. Plus I have an appointment with a birthing specialist, she can tell us Tony what we're doing wrong, help us conceive, help us conceive? Yes, mind out of the gutter, so you take the other bath, make me so proud, hey if we hurry we can stop for coffee and pastries, hey handsome man, look at me, I'm with you, I'm not going anywhere, that alone should make you like me the happiest woman this world, you Tony Decorte is the happiest man,  ....go, go, I'm hungry, as a matter of fact wife I love it, let the loser, the last to ready,  drive and navigate the worse of traffic, ...okay ...okay,  ready, set go!

                  ....MY VINEYARD WHICH IS MINE IS BEFORE ME...
                                                        SCENE IV

{{{“Wow don’t you have perfect timing, I just finished unpacking into simply lounging round and hear you are. Are you the least bit surprised? Yes, I admit I am as I’d Key convinced myself I possibly would never see or hear from you again. So how was your flight? Forever and never ending, although filling my head with thoughts of you made it more tolerable, now how sweet is that? What about your dearest Tiffany, did she make it to the farewells and well wishes? Yes, the airport, yes she did, when I’d given up all hope that she would, there she was. The question of utmost concern Key is when can I expect you? Sad to say Desrek not for a few months, resources attacked on another assignment here and I won’t be able to leave until it’s realized, I’m so sorry, though tell me you’re to wait patiently for me and none other. As far Key as I’m concern, as so every beat of my heart, there is none other, you keep talking like that Mr. Aggart and I’m to drop everything and just come running. Hello?” That he’s to be his most silent, like he'd dismissed the call, or it'd simply been lost along it's distant transmission. "No what you said Key, just remind me of something May said, and what pray
Desrek Alum tell did she say? Yeah though we walk through the valley of the shallow of death, we’re Key not to take one given second for granted, for that very second could be our last word, thought, sentiment. I couldn’t help but notice though her name is Tiffany you call her May is that like her middle name or what? More Key like her birth name, Tiffany, although it’s forbidden for others to know, was born Maaseiah Adonai, ...then why would anyone Desrek Alum hide from such an authoritative name? To be honest Kiefer, I always believed it's the biblical technicalities of the name Maaseiah Adonai, ah they're calling me, it's been really special Desrek but I have these dead, you could Keifer see her you know, I could actually st it up, I really want you two to meet. I don't know if out relationship have reached such the relative crescendo, we're making plans to live in Germany together and May, well Maaseiah is beyond description important, to Key both of us. Since you Desrek truly believe and it being so mightily important to you, I’ll do exactly that, I''l make sure we meet, ....good, I mean even knowing Soledad, and you being Keifer's sisters, all open for such conversations right? Just know Captain Aggart I’ll be on pins and needles until you call again, ...that sound  Key as painful as true love, then I’ll make certain I call again just as soon.”}}}

                      ...THOU, O SOLOMON MUST HAVE A THOUSAND...
                                                           SCENE V

     “And I told you it’s not happening,” angrily pushing a try of food away, had Christian Cros all but refused to eat, that's not until wife Camilla is front and center. "Mr. Artelon, all you have to Dr. Etzger is get my wife here and I’ll be happy to eat, drink, but not without Milla. I can’t bring her to you if she’s out of reach now can I? Please Mr., Artelon, I can’t express how a well balanced diet will so assist with the healing process. When you say she’s out of reach what is that to mean?” Have she left these premises, these lands? These lands Mr. Artelon I couldn’t tell you, but I seriously doubt it, she would never abandon you, although since she has left the premises I must Mr. Artelon ask for other references in case of an emergency.” Displaying himself as a witness that it was to be another day of dramatic refusals from Christian Cros Dr. Etzger couldn’t but feel though the wife had abandoned him and he being the blame. “So this is my fault huh? And you’re going to punish all this miraculous work by starving yourself to death, is that it? This is not my fault, I said this was your fault, as one wrestling and tasseling to get up, to the nearest mirror, seeing what he could possibly see possibly even her spinning along the parking lot getting up to him. "So you’re to see I’ve held up my end of the bargain, now Mr. Artelon it’s your turn,” as one getting out, away of an impossible Christian Cros, knowing his feeling abandon and thus helpless weighed heavily his mental capacity, trying not to blame him. “You’ll have no one but yourself to blame, you’ll see, no one but yourself, you think by chance doctor I don't blame myself, this is as familiar as the night I lost my marriage, my wife, my daughter and life, seven years ago, my wife Camilla couldn't stay the lost, and now it seem she has abandon the revival as well."  She loves you Mr. Aretlon, maybe whatever is keeping her from is to make her suffer as helpless as you, yourself, have faith, not fear and believe this is your miracle event, Mr. Aggart, this is it, and your not eating is more detrimental than your wife tardiness, good day sir."

                                                                  SCENE VI

     -That's just it, understand Christ's Cros restored us to a heavenly father, Elohim God, to a early Father, Abraham and to an earthly mother, the Bride, New Jerusalem and or Lord Urusalem, just as Jesus send out the disciples to bid as many as would come so you are either a righteous son or a prodigal son, you either serve righteousness or you a being of unrighteousness,  yeah but no matter what you say there is a lot of failure among Christians, not the born again, so you're describing those who religious but by their lifestyles denies the power or disallows God's intervention the heart, mind, soul and spirit thereof, why it is you can tell us things Captain Aggart none can? Well religious leaders kinda asked jesus the same, even since he was uneducated how did he know such things? Anyone here, know what it is he said,  ...he said it wasn't his, that what knowledge, power or wisdom he had wasn't his, but come to him from above, ...exactly, who are you? I am Lyric, he's, I mean that was almost word for word, Jesus literally refused to take credit he always turn all such accusation toward Father God. Jesus lived a sinless life, yes, because he was anointed upon by holy spirits, yes, that's why religious leader Nicodemus was told to get born again, why he encouraged the twelve to tarry for the infilling of the holy spirit so they would be anointed upon to live sinless lives as well, why he related why the descent of the holy spirit is so important, yes, you have to be saved, yes,  your heart, mind, blood, have to be made up, but living a holy life is farmost possibly only as we are surrendered to and possessed upon by holy spirits. As we know, there are unholy spirit that assist those who are, many unknowingly, but they are antichrist, Christians are those total surrendered who allow that Jesus Christ grace, ministry,  knowledge and gifts ar lived through them, thus making them a christian, let me add, though you  say that is a spirit of awareness in this class like no other but Mr. Lyrbrith is the only I see taking especial notes, so when I look at among you and appoint seven specific leaders how you can relate what you  learned in this class will play a huge part of who these leaders are, on that note, and since you've done so well, you are dismissed."     >>>"Sye has found her" ending the call, informing a visiting her office, Corronda Aggart, grabbing her things as one making a speedy exit had they been right at getting Syefan Erin involved. "Found her?" She was at Nicholas’ place, Sye says just as he was about to give up she opened the door and leaped into a tight, never ending hug around his neck, pleading that he was the real thing. He say she doesn't look good, that he’s getting her to the hospital. Sye also says Ronda, that's she's ranting on and on about being held hostage, about being raped. Raped?" Activating tears into her pretty eyes at bringing a horrid memory back would Corronda, nor Erica as Susan believe such heart gripping news. "I'm meeting him at the emergency room, Ronda, hey, you alright? I'm right behind you guys, you sure Ronda you’re good to drive? Yes I'll follow, of course, I need to call Dex, well hurry, she's going to need us, all of us. Here's Matt now, ...she's resting comfortably, there's nothing wrong except a trace of a
stomach virus, even a poison, ....a, but she said she'd been raped, I'm told Sye there’s no signs of that at all, of any manner of sexual assault a toll. It gets' even more strange, sitting down, talking to her, Tiffany seem to think she was either taken against her will or she spent the last three days with Nicholas, ...Nicholas? But Nicholas is in France, I think Sye we all know that, still Tiffany is pretty convinced and you did Syefan say you found her at Nicholas' apartment. Has she lost, no,! It's Corronda right? Yes, a lifelong friend, ...I believe she has suffered from a severe case of food poisoning, remember food can have some strange interactions with the or rather on the mental physic , hell for all we know she could’ve been in a temporary coma, creating this alternate reality of Nicholas, ...Coma? I mean I'm not a neurologist, that's next, I'm just going by what seem her mental disparity the last few days. Well can we see her? She’s pleading Sissy that she’s to see no one, no one that is but you Syefan,  me? Why on earth would she, ...you are Sye more like Nicholas than
the rest of us, ...you did find her or in her mental state Syefan, rescued her. Ok, I’ll see her, it's the last time she held my neck so tight I;m sure it left a mark, take my hand, come with me, sure, I can wait outside until she's ready."

                                    ...THOU THAT DWELLEST IN THE GARDENS
                                                               SCENE VII

 "I see," casting blurred by nearing tears eyes along the worthless streets of Qalqulya from his chair, a seemingly deserted area between Israel and the West Bank. It was here he could remember his sitting room and how he missed home, how he missed that part of living he'd found because for now he'd found death all over again. "Any attempts to mind my progress? Is there someone else Mr. Artelon we can call in case of, I’ve told you no, no damn it no!” Mr. Artelon I must insist you remain calm, I'm sure she'll return soon, you are sure of nothing! Nothing! You hear me! Nothing! What is this? Information forms Mr. Artelon, Dr. Etzger thought you may need to update your files, we know you’re disappointed about your wife leave. Just think how impossible it’s to be for us, this hospital Mr. Artelon if the worse happen and we’re without hope of reaching your loved ones, that you’re to consider them most of all, please think about that, please sir, excuse me." You wanted to see me? Ys, Sye, it is you, I just wanted to be certain, when Mat explained nicholas was still in france, when i grabbed just now and held our neck so tight, even though you  didn't really smell like him, or feel like him, in my reality Sye I was responding to who I thought was Nicholas, ...Sissy, is that you out? It is baby doll, you don;t have to hide, you and Sye are one in the same now, so when I need him, I need you both. So you two diagnosed what is this madness?Ah, Mat described it as a form of mental disparity, brought on possibly by anxiety and a dose of food poisoning, and darling, Nicholas is on his way here, his ETA in about an hour and a half  ...the only thing about that Sye I don't want him seeing me this, you're found, you're safe, that's all Nickie is gonna see and love, okay, just like us. NOw everybody who love you are here? My brothers, ah, no, they're on a private cruise, as matter a fact Tip, they're probably back home by now, so we'll just call them, ah Desrek too, Ronda said she promised or he's to jump the next plane and be here as well. So darling sister, you want rest or company? I think I'll let this worrisome headache fade, so in about an hour, ..okay I'll relay the message, Sye, just a moment more, did you all search Nicholas's place, the premises all? Yes, with Tip accusations of kidnapping and rape we had too, and when you was there she saw nothing? Not only that Tip, medical examines for such things all come back negative, ...meaning Sye it was all in my head, well my stomach and my head, thank God such spending of torrid intimacies was shared only with images Nicholas dancing around in my head, even if it was all doop of my imagination, thanks Sye, let me lay my head down for a while, ...okay, see you later."   

                           THE CHAMPIONS HEARKEN TO THY VOICE
                                                     SCENE VIII
                             MACREMORE AND VANCES OFFICES

    -So what’s this Lynn about you and Mr. Coogan and a more than delicious nightcap? I Ly Lynn need to know most of all,” flopping skittishly upon her desk at getting in on the latest gossip as they all were “I tell you that girl couldn’t hold water if you paid her. And? It was the night of the ball,” “since I couldn’t sleep I went to Matties and there he was, siting he couldn’t sleep as well. So you guys actually sat at the same table, talked? He invited me and hell you guys know I couldn’t say no, I heard you two really hit it off, it was more than charming, sexy even, sexy as hell as he was as
remarkable as he seem. He’s so authentic until it’s bone chilling, as in he’s the real thing. so did he really flirt with you? As so did he walk me to my loft, I bet he kissed you goodnight and everything right?No, but i rather believe it’s not that far off as he in so many words inquired whether a woman like myself would be interested in a man like himself. Hell yeah, that’s what you should’ve said Lynn before he even got it out, hell yes and when do you want to get married? I know, man he is so damn
incredible but you guys, I know, this fantasy pooper, the real is, and why he specializes in not leading us on.Nicholas Edin is solely and sorely attached to the one that will be his wife and the mother of his children and you all know. That is according to Phil, and Bji Mein she is goddess fine, ...I saw her,  you saw her? I'm his acting assistant, at first sight I was bedazzled by her, gave her anything she would've ever wanted, then sat their possessed by her wondering, asking why I let her. And her alone you guys into his office unannounced and wonder still, how he met, how he convinced, how he get  a woman as mixed matched and mesmerizing, then I went and got a brain scan. Hale, what, I'm serious, she does things, yall know she has long acorns, silk strains for hair, that her eyes are golden brown. Lets just say she put the words grand, goddess of beauty and fashion in the modeling industry which she seem to be in, there is no way Lynn you can have him if she his heart. Because Tiffany Ann Saurus, that's her name by the way, is perfection and that's why Bji Mein haven't shut up talking about her since he met her. And now poor Philip, so much so you guys, I'm glad she didn't make the ball, her missing the ball is like Cinderella herself, only crafted by guardian angels, the lord this witnessed. Ah he love her, his life since they were teen, his heart before they were born, his words exactly, he's on a leave right now because of something about her, needing him only heightens his intimate advances toward her, you better believe that, ...hum, Lue is here and on time, I'll see you lovely ladies later, yeah doing the ciance tonight we'll pray Nicholas Edin fall on his face,  how about you guys make that fall on my face, ...have fun Lyn, most regrettably. I don't now what's wrong with her, Nun connah is a fine specimen of a man, all the men around here Trin are fine specimens only with one exception they're not Nicholas Edin, well, then I say ladies, if yo can't be with Nicholas Edin, then reinvent the man that you are with, that's good Trin, can I use that, what you mean can you use it? Well, can I use it? Yeah, why not? Wait you're talking about printing it? No, but I know this guy at the Paris Global and he's totally infatuated with everything Nicholas Coogan, his name is Tristan Allen, Deburk, ...so he like gay? Nall girl, and not like that, he would absolutely love that statement and if any coinage come of it, I'll Let you know, ...got to go, he may give you a call, so remember that name, Tristan Allen, the Paris Globe, later you guys.     >>>"You over heard that? ...So you don’t like the ideal of me being a model huh, you didn't enjoy our time at the center? I thought
you, ....it’s not that Sole, it’s just that you’re so gifted I hate that you’re to waste it at this dime a dozen position, this dime a dozen position, we just made more money, just lots more coming in a thirty minutes sitting. You do know Kassel Berlyn Aggart, I wasn’t talking about making it a career, just this brief pastime where as you I, even we can make a pretty penny doing so. What is it?” More and people are arriving, yeah it's turning into a regular wedding party, gifts, cash presents all, is that why you been here and there for days now? don't have little nine months surprise ot tell me? No, nothing like this, Hain family have a pretty nice place, this rose garden is breathtaking, boy would i like the take it with me. Key is really serious about your brother, yeah, I mean what’s not to like,
Desrek is pretty incredible, so when, even how did you guys like vow yourselves to celibacy? To to clear let Derry tell Kas, we were born celibate, we just elected to stay that way until marriage, wow, that is so true, never heard it put that way, but so, so true. What if Sole I told you I don’t know if I believe there’s a god, that what you believe, just as you shared is nearly non-sense to me, ...you did Kass say nearly, plus, I wouldn't have married an atheist, so what saying doesn't surprise, I notice how distant you get whenever the subject present itself, he is God and whether Kass we believe or not, just as so he’s still God. Hey you two loved birds, family come here to congratulate on your marriage too, got stuff for you, come, come, they're waiting. So sole you're saying, I’m that obvious?We're right there Hain man, now how do I put it? That there’s a spiritual uncertainty, which isn’t Kass that foreign at all. A spiritual uncertainty or truth? That Kassel more so now than ever by this Christ you’re skeptical of is according to what you believe, this is all about what you believe, you will in the day of judgment only give an account for thine own belief or like thereof, no one blamed or restored, salvation is individually ours."

                                        ...CAUSE ME TO HEAR IT...
                                                      SCENE IX

     -"Do you Lynn have to look so disappointed? I'm sorry my mind is all places at once, yes, I heard with all others of your little encounter with Nicholas Coogan, ...encounter,  you make it sound like an alien invasion, I guess Nun that work too, seeing Nicholas Coogan is thought by many a superman as not of this planet. Lynn, I'm trying to say goodbye, I'm going back to China, ...what, you've dreamed of this position since we were children, ...yes, but the heart is gone out of it, it's dying to dead, home is the only place of such revival, ..spoken like a poet, you know that right? How often Nun have I told you, you have that gift? I hope, pray, and tell me Nun this decision making isn't about me, nor any other, only what your heart want, ...you want me to tell you Lyn what my heart want, when it is you who refuse to get it? I'm sorry about drawing attention to our booth,  I'm calming down as you see, ah time is getting away, what's to be for lunch? I think I'm just gonna have one of their asian bowls, and tea, ..that sound good, order for me and Lynn excuse me to the restroom. What the hell was roo with her, Nun Connah was tall, muscular build, stellar princeless look, Ly Lnn could tell whenever they were together women were thinking wow she has him, even Nicholas Coogan saw them a pair, to let him leave, as to find and suffer him to another, was an equal madness. Yes, we're nothing both having your Asian,one Vegan and one wild rice chicken, one sweet tea no lemon, one bitter tea with lemon, and two waters, then we're have the billet, not to be disturbed unto then, mercy.  >>>"This is such a wonderment," cuddled unthinkably into a hammock just below a large picture window, it’s contiguous sunsetting quite plaited together was Nicholas Edin considering the right words or perhaps the right questions surrounding Tiffany most bizarre disappearance of them all. “Will we talk about what just happen?”Playing with her manicured beautifully fingers at bringing that smooth, silken hand to eye level, “Tiffany? It’s too embarrassing ok?" Folding said hand back into herself at all the more despising his intrusive probes, but where they intrusive this was Nicholas, also her husband. Please I, I just don’t ok? Why don’t we just do it huh? Take your hands off your eyes and see this, remove them from your ears and hear this, no more shoshing it, me, as not to speak of it. Better yet, something I thought about all the way here, let's Tiffany grab our friends go to a sanctuary and get the vows down, over, I have no need but I know you do, then you can come to France for the two weeks you've suspended all your work, heck a couple of months," with her presence, even her weight leaving this especial lay was she migrating up, away into a seat to him away. "even a year or, ...no, I’m just not ready, ok? No Tiffany it’s not ok, I’m sorry baby, but that’s just isn’t good enough any more. Don’t call me baby, way is that so freaking hard for, for all you, Sye too, you know! There’s just too many things left undone, it smell like rain doesn't it? Thing? Things Nicholas I got to do, what kind of things? I don’t know things about Mick, ah Michael? What things Tiffany Ann about Mike? Exhibiting himself his most concern, coming up into a seat as well, was he and Tiffany doing this long deserted desert of a dance again? What things about Michael he’s, ...I know, believe me Nicholas I know, he’s gone, dead, buried, all of the above, ...ah honey!” Don’t, freaking don't, and don't tell me not to get emotional about him, though you planned your life with me all your life, even your moms womb, Michael Day Harmon, right or wrong Nicholas Edin is who I for two years, sweat, blood, tears planned my life with. Where you think you’re going? My god Tiffany you can’t run from this, I know this is hurting you, tearing you like hell, me too, okay, just know when I could find you, i lost my mind Tiffany, okay, we lost our minds together, we got to deal with, with, what you told Sye the other days, tell me Tiffany what did it all mean? Would you please, my god just let me in, just, just trust me. I do trust you, it's Sye I don't trust, not anymore, so if nothing else Nicholas I trust you, “and I love you so without description," spinning them both into a mighty seduction, her sultry mouth, it's penetrating tongue, soon this erotic, quite ferocious alliance of tingling, thirsting, blood. “No, shhhh, ,,,Tiffany! No! Shhhhh, hey, hey, you look and taste wordless. this isn’t dealing with your, with our last, crisis. It was food poisoning or did you forget?" Spinning off angrily she didn’t
know what the fuss was all about, she's has a close call, now into recovery else but to be entangled, aching blood, riotous walls and posatating breast a delicious, delirium as Nicholas Edin, "my god what is wrong with you people? What is wrong with e, you just told me you don't trust Sye anymore, my loving, trusting brother after such a severe case of food poisoning Tiffany send you into an alternate reality, we didn’t know where you were for days, hell you didn’t where you were for days!” “Do you know how terrifying that was for all of us? We were left as is normal Tiffany thinking and
considering the worse. Well why don't ask Sye he was there,  ...I llmw he was there, he found you,  no, he was there before, before I don't baby understand. Here,” handling her coat to her did he suddenly have the greatest ideal, what just happen, knowing it clearly would be a case of pandora's box itself. "There is somewhere I want you to go with me, somewhere like where? Just put it on, you trust me remember? We're not going to mike grave cite again, because I got  the strongest feeling the last time, he's not actually there, Nicholas,"  looking upon him curiously though appreciatively was Nicholas Edin more beyond such the gorgeous man and with this unbending affiliation with her was he just as adorably flawless. “Just a hint, ...I miss you beyond words, need you and love you, again beyond words and I have something to share with you that’s all, ok, that’s all, I love it when you do that, fit your forward so special to mine, it's like reminder, we're so adorably and permanently connected. I will go with you Nicholas Edin Coogan, I will go with you to the end of the world and  or not, as long as I'm with you."

                                 ...MAKE HASTE MY BELOVED...
                                                      SCENE X

     {{{"What I hear Derry is that you’re really serious about Key, so serious Sole I’m thinking of asking her to marry me, not to spoil or belittle that Dare, but I can’t help at feeling a but coming along. It’s nothing I guess,” nothing to be concern about, it’s just that last we talked and Key Sole man  made it known she wasn’t sure if she believe you know, God that is, I mean that’s nothing to be concern about right? Well glad you asked because a few days past, sitting Hain's mom beautiful garden, Kas pretty much said the same, and I though I didn't let on, I suddenly felt myself in trouble with God. There are a lot of people Sole who’re to choose celibacy without spiritual intervention, I guess they're like them, no, they were intended Brides, for husband of their parents choices, ah, Kas like blurted it out, it made sense of what her parents meant when they said both of their daughters were already married You did't tell me that, I mean you hinted at her parents being non-believer, but sole we're not to knowingly marry a non-believer, is that why I say anything. I mean how about all those years we didn’t believe, was that Derry such a sin? Yes Sole, it was, you know what I mean, it's Jesus saying those who believe not are condemned already, you can't ndo that sole, it's sealed in a righteous god, a righteous cross and a righteous word, but fret not, I have good feeling about Kiefer, thus the same with Key, just live Sole as you claim, and everything will fall into place. I really love Key, you don't have to confirm me, you married her Sole that's proof enough, so you can't imagine your life without her. What about May, I mean I talked to her, I just want to know what’s the news about her? I just heard Derry her knight in shiny armor, this Nicholas Edin guy came into town and swept off to never land and no one has heard from her since. Yeah, I’ve been calling, leaving messages, as far Derry as Ronda is concern she’s in good hands, that this guy really like you, treasure her. Yeah, I better go, I told the guys I would show up for poker, you, you have no idea how to play poker, you sure you can't talk them into a friendly hand of spade? Funny brother, pokers don't play spade, anyway they gonna show me how, so I best get out, you Sole take care and don’t worry so much, marriage don't make everything alright, it just doubles your troubles, ah well that's comforting, ..didn't mean it like that, anyway, it’ll to work out, we have a entire heavenly father and host of heaven on our side, and you Derry, especially about May, she’s in good hands, ...and ask her, ask Key, I can't wait to hear what she say, man, Sole, not in a million years would we have figured we'll be marrying sister, yeah, bet Key and Kas are saying the same thing, bye man, happy poking, wait that didn't sound right, bye boy, bye>"}}}

                                                           SCENE XI'

     -“Hey fun man, where the fun go? Awaking to a stout, flawlessly designed bare back of Nicholas Edin sitting sedately to the side of the bed, as what had just happen beggar description. “I think Tiffany I’m partly the blame for what just happen to you, the more than queer, but sexually arousing illusionist you found yourself in, well that's what you get blindfolding me and whisking me off without a hint to Paris France.  Like last night, we were so overwhelming together, such the marvel and so devastating all together, even to our flesh and blood.” Our mind Tiffany, was I projected into a manner of emotional breakdown of a hard, uncontrollably cry, my god woman, what is happening to me? I treasure you so much,” plaiting her bare, bountiful bosom into his back at both treasuring and consoling him, it was always Nicholas Coogan, it would always be him, "I got you, just relax Nicholas baby and let it all in., my word Tiffany I fear if I relax as you say, and not scream out for dear life, let it all in as you say, I will dissipate, yes astronomically conjoined to this indescribable intimacy, these cannibalistic type orgasms but departed no less as in no more, There’s nothing wrong Nicholas with losing your heart completely to love, some of the most powerful romantic novelist and poets, some of those even martyred for their cause are those men and woman who’ve completely lost themselves, their very heart beating to this thing called loved.” “Ahhhhhhh god Nicholas, I’m gonna fall!” That he’s to whisk her up suddenly into this piggy back ride up and all around at tickling themselves falling, laughing, playing upon the bed, just being ridiculouly in rioiouss organsim as themselves. “Tell me how did you find this wondrous place Nicholas and sneak away thief Nicholas Edin, it’s absolutely depraved, Philip Mance of course, it’s Tiffany one of Macremore and Vance’s holdings, he turn me on to.  I always envisioned it’s to be that one place we’re to spend our honey-moon, so our being here in this matter is quite amoral don’t you think? I have these vows Nicholas I want us to say to one another, ...vows? Yes, vows, I’ll say them first, then you can say them after me,” a witness that he’s to turn directly to her at her carving a single strand from his forward away, seeing this magic woman, even this spiritual diva, his for as long as time allowed. “I believe Nicholas if we’re to say them with all our heart nothing as of God the father, will then be impossible to us, a covenant promise huh? You have Miss Saurus bewitched me in every way a man can be so ingeniously intertwined, please bring you  sweet, sweet vows right alone.I believe Nicholas when two people come together, ...look at how phenomena you are, soon to be Mrs, Coogan, ...that when they merge their flesh and blood together as one, they’re either married, caught in adultery or it’s fornication,   ....shhhhh” with a slice of his finger to her mouth at loosing eye to eye contact with her did Nicholas Edin indeed have something other in mind. Like sinking again into the erotic depths of perpetual return considered Tiffany Ann Saurus ”I Tiffany Ann Saurus, I Nicholas Edin Coogan, I am not a child, I am a woman, I man a man, I fully understand the vows I will make, I Tiffany Ann Saurus, before the god of heaven and his man on earth do take thee to be my husband, .do take thee to be my wife,  ...from this day forward until the rest of my life, I am in love, you Nicholas Edin, you Tiffany Ann are this love, from now into eternity, my husband and partner, my wife and partner, what god, ....what god has brought together, ...let no man. let no man Tiffany Ann put asunder."

                         ...UPON THE MOUNTAINS OF SPICES....
                                                  SCENE XII

     "That’s not it Spirit I just don’t want you worrying yourself unnecessarily, yeah, I know, primping her latest hairstyle in the mirror at heading out as always to the beach, to unending water sports, the fun wa non stop. “They are spirit as Nie, said on a honeymoon. Ok why would Christian give me this contact number if despite when I call day or night he’s not to answer? I’m telling you I got a feeling and they tell me that something is wrong, something Spirit like what?” “Something ok!” Leaping up, off angrily at bringing his most climatic feelings to that looking glass zooming in on an always visited beach. “You’ve never cared for him so I don’t expect you to understand, while beachy here is too busy working on a darker tan, or is his name Angus?” “Look Mr. Know it all despite Christian and my differences he’s still my brother, and in my own way Spirit I love him just as you do, yeah you need to apologize to us both.” yeah well you better not hold your breath.” “I think Spirit you should put all this jumping to manic conclusions aside and just see Christian is to recall your calls with a logical explanation, you’ll see, or I could call Dr Etzger, plus I’m really considering whether I should call Tifny you know, see if she’s heard from him? You didn’t hear I word I said did you? You don’t ever Spirit listen to word I say do you? I don’t know Spirit calling this Tifny person maybe a good idea, you really Niegl think so?” “Yeah, only consider you’re to possibly cause her unnecessary worry as well, and Spirit you can’t forget these are two married, very consenting adults. Those who again I remind you are on their honey in Jerusalem for the supreme’s sake, their like of response could be of a sign of how dearly Spirit they’re enjoying themselves.” {{{“Yes I’m trying to reach Tiffany Saurus,” eyeing brother Niegl taking off up the stairs at going on with his instincts, of course he heard him, he heard his heart as well, Spirit didn't spend no time at reaching Tiffany Ann. {{{“Yes I, I would call it an emergency yes, I see, yes Spirit River Artelon, it’s vitally important she reach me, it is about her friend Christian, yes, yes as soon as possible, no Miss thank you.”

                                ...THE ACORNS ARE FALLING DEAR SURA...
                                                          SCENE XIII

     "You in here? Yeah, ....so the tall , flawless doctor didn't come? No, he didn't feel much like being here, ...he's ok, isn't he? "Ah yes," dressing herself by a full length mirror did Erica looked simply flawless and for reasons she couldn't fathom right now, surprises were in the air. "Some of his fellow surgeons suppose to come over, have a guy day, so what do you think?" Dancing out of the dressing booth at styling an extraordinarily elegant evening gown, just perfectly designed to her figure. "Wow! That's really Erica Lynn, some gown, Sissy design it and Tip fabricated it, and what, it's yours? Ah god no, I could never Ash afford this, not on my salary, I'm entering it into the Valentine's Day Fashion Extravaganza. Think of this hot number and Niemeyer, the African queen, ...Who?" That's what I call her, legs that on forever, fabulous, tight build, ...if you want Erica I could help you with that, ...those Ash dark, brooding eyes, marvelous high cheeks, splendid full lips and absolutely flawless dark skin, the Ash African Queen, yeap Erica that's her, that's Niemeyer all right. Anyway I thought we would end the show with her in this, now that would be awesome. So you do agree? We're also ending with a male, I got the male, drop dead gorgeous Vincent Steel honey, I don't think you've meet him, you was suppose to, .he'll be wearing this, ..,ah yes ....Tip design it and I Ash fabricated it, man I would love to see Matt in some of Tip’s designs for the male, they’re simply delicious can I like dress up as well? Sure! "Why not? Hell it’s possibly the only time Ash we’ll get a chance to wear anything this amazing, and costly.” "Hey you guys! Mrs. Coogan is furious, said for you guys to get your butts to the showroom, something about the new project, how somebody has made a boo, boo. Sorry Miss Hammon, that's Merecal Mrs. Hymn, sorry Mrs. Hymn? She y'all right now,  ...what the hell is this about? Where the hell is she? Maybe she's in here," throwing both doors open at flicking on a light did everyone scream "SURPRIZE!!!” “Startling Erica as they'd done to Corranda into a screaming, crying, mess, they'd done it, the girls had conspired behind their backs and planned a stupendous double, wedding reception. This is crazy, this is so crazy! Mat, oh my God Matthew  Edwin, you was in this two? Finding him sporting one of Tiffany’s designed for the male suits drawing near her at handing her a glass of Champagne as Dexter Leon had done with a just as stun, crying Corronda Bren. "They made me do it, now you know how I felt, it was Tip and Ash’s ideal, ...ah my god, ..a double wedding dinner for both of you guys, ”okay I'll Matt kill them later, same as I feel,  Dex better watch his back," on to lift said glasses into a toast they were all there, Bradford and Barbara, Susan and Syefan, of course Corronda and her new husband Dexter Leon, her brother Soledad and wife, and the Handsome Collin Hain, and his girl, Andrea, Ashleigh and Anthony Dale. Easily, the whole of Dissuasion Fashion center was there. Strangely was Niemeyer and her stunning man friend, Bji mein Paui Kroff affiliates of France, were there meaning Nicholas and Tiffany couldn't be that far off. Hey beautiful, Tony, I’d made plans to come and see you, I heard you called in sick, ....you Miss Decorte,” taking her hand as though he’s to lead her proudly unto the dance floor, had the day been a play along one charade after another, now this awesome for lifetimes surprise wedding, dinner party. “Look absolutely gorgeous, well thank you kind sir, you are bedazzling in Tip's designs for the male, you Tony look priceless, All while Erica Lynn herself was gracefully modeling all around this literally unaffordable gown, and boy did she love it. Well you did it, ...Vincent? Ash? O Tony, I’m sorry I thought I saw someone, ....so that is you, I thought surely it couldn’t ...I'm Anthony, Anthony Decorte, ah yes, I'm Vincent Steele, your beautiful friend here Anthony was inconsiderate enough to leave me standing at the alter a few months backs, right little darling? What? Please Tony give us a minute, please, please, ....I'll get us something to drink, thank you, nothing for me kind fellow. I take it it's no coincidence we're working at the same fashion establishment? No Miss Roget, not at all, it took me a little while but I soon tracked you down, please Vince not here, ...calm down, I wouldn't dare make a scene here in front of your friends, I thought you knew me better than that. You’ve changed your name or else I would’ve known, Steel is my mother’s maiden name, my Ash new stage name. Although I think you owe me an explanation, one long and time consuming, overnight even, I'll let you know when and where, it was great seeing you again, just great .... here's your drink, I can Tony explain, no doubt Ash but not here, maybe later. So where did you Tip and Mr. Coogan disappear too? I never Sissy thought you would ask, one minute Sissy emotions and tears were everywhere and the next we were landing at an airstrip in France, ...France, my word are you serious?Nicholas took to me to this amazing retreat there, beyond Sissy any description and one thing you know lead to another, and that’s why you two Tip are actually glowing. I mean a glow in the dark type of redolence I kid you not, ...I know, my god Sissy I know. You were so right about him, you and Sye both, about us, we’re too phenomenon for words I swear. You baby don’t have to swear, anyone with eyes, with Tip a heart can plainly see, I’m so happy for you two, so Tip very happy for you.”

                                       ...DISSOLVING BOTH OLD AND NEW...
                                                           SCENE XIV

     “I kinda told him, what you mean you kinda told him?” Biting into a delicious fork of carrots until a sip of a cold glass of tea was Kiefer and sister Kassel as always having one dinner a week together. “I didn’t tell him we were practicing Atheist but I told him I didn’t know if I believe which Key isn’t far from the truth.” “It may not Kassel be far from the truth but it isn’t quite the truth is it?” What about you, what are you going to do about brother Deserk? Believe it or not Kassel things between Desrek and I are different you and Sole are no longer tinkering on the borderline of marriage vows, you are husband and wife, it can’t get no more serious than that. Sole told me that there are three divine gardens that are to give us a better understanding of what they call the Holy Spirit. The Key Garden of Eden, before the fall, which is representative of the Spirit of life, or creation of life, of
innocence Then there’s the garden of Eden after the fall which is representative of the wilderness of sin, the Passover unto the children of Israel exodus, the spirit of life and death, the second death.” “That there’s King Solomon Temple garden which to him is to represent not only the Spirit of love, but romantic, even intimate love, it’s Key why both Jerusalem and the church is referred to as brides and, or adulterous wives. Hum, that’s kinda amazing, he’s Key amazing, either he’s madly in love with them, or they’re madly in love with him, or both. As so Key there’s the garden of Gethsemane, the very place where God’s Christ Passover his earthly will unto the Supreme’s purpose for us all, the spirit of grace, truth and immortal life. You want me to believe you remember all of that, well I kinda read it nightly, it’s all in an essay he wrote in school on divinity. You’re in love aren’t you, for the first time Kas in your life you’re in love, yes which is why I married  Soledad Maurice in a heart beat.
I am only Key afraid of how I’m going to tell mom and dad, they’ll gonna kill me for sure, kill us Kas, that's right, Desrek is planning to ask for your hand in marriage, why he asked you Germany, Desrek didn't Kas ask me to Germany, I offered, and did you just make a marriage proposal to me that was actually his alone, Desrek Alum alone?Did you Key stop to consider, we're marrying brothers, I haven't said yes, yet, as a matter of fact he, Kas, haven't asked yet. I don’t know we just got to believe it’s all going to work out with the parents, how? It never has before, excuse me aren't in your second year of college, living at a dorm, when you was barely allowed to step out of the house?
I kinda think dad Key, want to do it, but mom not so much, which is crazy seeing who it bedeviled her life, ..then it's spite it is to spite that we have a better life than her, which Key isn't love, ..yeah, but when was it our mother ever loved us, ever? He is quite the gentleman isn’t he? Ah god how will he ever forgive me, how will he ever understand? I’ve kept this from him for so long it’s impossible, and now he's looking to when we're to be with child, so still haven't told him? That was my next question, if you marry Desrek Alum, you too sister will have the same problem, how will you handle it? Desrek as Soledad, both serve the supreme, the author of forgiveness, mercy and love, they really don't have a choice? So is it sister, take forgiveness whichever way I can get it? Exactly my sister, exactly, I still can't believe it, I'm sitting here talking to a glowing, married woman that used to be nothing more than my worrisome little sister, Kas, you're married, ....I know Kiefer Bay, is that absolutely crazy!"

                                                                SCENE XV

      "That was weird," waking up in bed, realizing Tiffany had excused herself was Nicholas Edin finding her fast asleep quite comfortably on the sofa “Hey my stallion, I couldn't sleep, ..moreover, awaking at squinting challenged eyes to him actually fitting himself into the covers with her, “move over,” cuddling, at enter locking their feet, legs into this marvelous lay, let it last forever. “I don’t want you to leave me, you say that Tiffany and then I say, yeah Nicholas I know, I can come with you. So you couldn’t sleep, bad nightmares or what? No just this recurring one, tell me, ...it’s about the first night we were, you know together, when you, you, broke through me, and cutting, the slicing pain was so unbearable, only the last few days Nicholas I’ve been re-living just that particular moment, I mean to the point I wake up screaming, I can’t help but think I’m being punished for something.” “Punished babe for what? We are Tiffany beyond words, vows and commandments so married now why would you be punished? Then it’s guilt,” unraveling herself into a seat to the opposite end of the sofa, thinking she had to figure it or suffer it all the more. "Ok I’ll bite what’s the guilt for what, Tiffany? Nothing, I mean I don’t wanna, you’re leaving early and you need your sleep, Tiffany, come back, look, I know none of this has gone the way you planned, that I’m partly the blame for that, overcoming you the way I did that night, but would you honestly change any of this, honestly, even it's to bring Mike back? “No, I guess not, you guess not? I mean Nicolas it is what it is, I’m going back to bed you coming? Why are you so determined to make this so difficult? Is that
what I’m doing, making this difficult, gee Nicholas Edin, am I worth it? I’m returning to France in the morning, isn’t that what this is about? I don’t play those types of games Nicholas, I’m not smart
enough or devious enough I never have been,  that’s not what I meant, you think I faked this entire thing don’t you? Tiffany? You think I would play those types of games with your head, your heart, with Nicholas your career? That is not my god what I said, it’s what you meant, what you were thinking, this supreme Tiffany as my witness it was the farthest thing from my mind. I have the greatest, beyond explanation respect for you, with that I trust you with my life, let alone my
career. I think you’re right,” did surrendered hands of his go up into getting them back to bed “we should Tiffany just try and get some sleep, I think I’m gonna dress and go, I don’t want you to go but if you think you must, just remember we;re married now, you bitterly  stunning wife are going to have resolve problems other than running away from, now go to sleep before I get that feeling Mrs, Coogan and remember this is just about our honeymoon."

                                     ...AN ESPOUSAL TO PROFITLESS DEW...
                                                              SCENE XVI

     -"So you're not gonna talk to me? Look I'm sorry if I was pushy at the party I'm just concern about my wife that's all. Are we gonna get pass this Barb? Barb the silent treatment, do you know how rude that is? Ok, have it your way, I won't talk to you, you don't talk me, great!” As one literally running a light was wife Barbara Ann yet to snap back from her recent miscarriage “Just damn great. Erica married, this corranda and Dexter Leon, come up married as well, Nickie and Tip both are wearing wedding rings, bans only we're not to notice and they all seem to be so happy about it. We Barb went from being the only married couple in the group to the what, second, third? What did you mean earlier Brad by the phrase Physician heal thyself, it's good to know you're, what Brad? It's a quote from the bible, something my father said to me a very long time ago of course at the time I didn't and what did you mean when you said it to me? You're a specialist Barb, you’re a physician, what remedy would you prescribe for this funk we're in? I hated you so much when I heard those words," striking at heated tears getting along a sad look. I thought you was mocking me, that’s about how angry it made me, I mean I knew Brad they were right on target but I didn't like you telling me that. You know we don't have to go home, the boys will be fine for the night, we can Barb just about do
whatever we like. Pikes' Peak," Pikes Peak really?” That he’s to brighten right into a confronting, even agreeing uniqueness "hang out on smooch mountain like some kids huh? We can get by the store, grab some snacks, heck we could go to Peaks' drive in first, it’s still early, we could catch a new flick. I mean If that’s ok? It’s more Brad than ok, it all sound so romantic.”

                                           ...TO HERE THEY COME DEAR SURA...
                                                                 SCENE XVII

     -"That was some party huh? Sye, you haven’t heard a word I said have you? Ah yeah, yes honey it was. Look can I tell you something, yeah sure, something Sissy in the strictest of confidence, “ahh yeah. When Tip wanted to see me the other night it wasn’t about Nickie it was about Mike, Mike, what on earth was, she says she has some things going on with her that has convinced her Mike isn’t dead. Ah god Sye don’t tell me that, yes that there’s been some cover up concerning his death and she wanted to know was I involved. Where you involved? Ok Sye if Mike isn’t dead where is he? That’s exactly Sush what I, what is it? You called me Suse, did I really? Yes and it was really strange
because no one but my grandfather ever called me Suse, well is that alright, it’s not forbidden or anything right? No, don’t be silly, it’s just that I’d literally forgotten him, forgotten papa. Anyway Suse, you just did it again, the most profound memory I have of him Sye was when I witness one of my aunts giving him a bath, papa was old, lived to be nearly a hundred, I remember Sye how frail he was, how pale and wrinkle. I also remember how he hated having me there, you know seeing him like that.” My god, what aging does to a person you know, I can’t believe I’d literally forgotten.” "Any way Sye I really can’t believe what you’re telling about Tip, she’s that convinced Mike is alive. She went as from Sissy as to ask me what I remember that night, was there anything suspicious that I’d just written off as coincidence. I had to remind her I was unconscious most of the time, that one moment Mike and I were laughing and taking and the next we were being dragged horribly to our deaths, that after that there’s this huge blank. You did Sye say something about his head being gone, excuse me, in the hospital, when you began to show signs of consciousness, you were mourning
about Mike’s head or rather, hum, I don’t remember that."

                                       ...AND TO YONDER PLACES THEY GO...
                                                            SCENE XVIII

     -“Wha, Wha, Spirit, wha is it? She didn’t come home last night, wu, what are you, Nadia, she didn’t come home last night. All my god spirit you woke me up for that! Squinting an angry look at him at fumbling with his clock to note the hour was Spirit’s pessimism becoming all the more worrisome. “She could’ve went out for an early morning walk, you know how she love the beach. Yes, only Nie her room wasn’t disturbed all night, neither has her bed been slept in. What? What are you talking about? Ok give me a minute here, ...I haven’t been really comfortable since we had that strange departing, you didn’t have a strange departing, well it wasn’t normal, what about Angus, did you call him? Yes, several times, there was no answer, you don’t Niegl think they’ve eloped or
anything, do you? No, Nadia know Christian and I both would kill her, ...so what do we do, I mean do we call the authorities? No, Rubbing as to scratch his scab into the right response down the stairs, into the kitchen for a drink of water, hearing a worried Spirit give chase, “she would have to be missing anywhere between eighteen to twenty-four hours, then what? Then Spirit we get dressed, we
go and look for her, we search this entire area until we find her, Spirit? Don’t worry ok, we’ll find her. ...you can tell sir the automobile left the highway here, and you say there’s no I. D? They were dressed for the beach, little clothes, little identification, ...what about the car? It had to have, ...the car sir is registered to a McNeal, a colonial Roger E. McNeal sir. I don’t understand Mazwell, how the hell did you ever find this? The deer, seeing this injured Deer caused me to stop, then when I stopped to invest I wondered whether or not a car was involved, when I just as surely walked over, looked over the ridge not really expecting to see anything and there they were. They, both sir a male and female anywhere from their early to mid twenties, dead on impact sir. While we best get them up, out of there, yes sir, right away sir, we also Mazwell need to see if we can reach this McNeal fellow, yes sir, I’m already on it sir. So what’s down there chief, two very unfortunate young people it would seem, seem like a bout with a deer,  clean cut, no foul play. I don’t know Massey, get crime scene out here regardless, just a feeling I have, yes sir, right away sir.”

                                  ...SOME SO FAR AWAY REMOVED...
                                                       SCENE XIX

{{{“Tiffany?” Turning off privately of a busy airport terminal had Nicholas been trying to reach her for hours, soon torn between finding her and getting to his flight. “You want to tell me where you are, I’m at work, I’ve been here about, you want to guess where I am? Judging by the hour Nicholas you’re at the airport, ...are you serious, this is the way you really want to do this? Damn it girl!” Cutting activated to tears eyes, nose, even a thorny throat skyward not believing how inconsiderate of his delicate feeling, she's to be. "Don’t make me do this, not after we’ve been so extremely personal these last few days, but our, farewell is to be this personal. You’re right, of course Nicholas you’re right, I'm getting to the elevator right now, sometimes I get so caught up in my own little shit you know, I know, what a cruel and unusual punishment, I’m so sorry, Nicholas I’m so sorry, I could be there in only a few minutes, ...it’s too late I was lifting off just as I reached you, I’ve been calling you since four this morning ...and I’ve been avoiding you. Tell me Tiffany if I’m wrong but the most important things here besides the heavenly trinity you call them is to choose a mate right, one of the opposite sex to vow yourself to accordingly and therein be content, am I right? Isn’t that Tiffany exactly what you’ve done, what we’ve done, and if so where’s Tiffany this gigantic infraction you simply can’t get past or is his name continually Michael Day Harmon, is that what this is all about? That I’ve wronged you, even this man, us, by falling madly, heads over heels in love with you, you Tiffany with me, now these amazing vows to god and us ourselves or where you running so fast away it all just skipped your mind, even that beat of your heart, huh? Ah I got get off of this phone, I’m tired Tiffany, I’m so tired, I ah, I think my heart hurt, ...Nicholas, I, I, ah don't know what, ...I’ll call you as soon as we arrive ok? I do love you  Nicholas, so, so much, ...goodbye Tiffany,  ..Nicholas, swabbing both cheeks simultaneously was her refusal to simply let Michael go damaging Nicholas so unfairly, that agony now piercing her win ays most regretfully, helplessly. "You be safe, Nicholas, please, Nicholas  ...yeah beloved wife, you too.”}}}     >>>{{{"Sye, hey Nicholas, here, I don't think brother it's been that long, ...look I don't know, I won't pretend that I do, know, I'm on my way back, tried to convince Tiffany but as usual she refused, ran from me, ...Brad and I as usual Nickie got her, that mean the girls as well. There just this one thing Sye and please, please don't take it out on me, since her last ordeal, she says she no longer trust you, ...what? Yeah, she was going on about you was there, ...I found her of course Nicki I wa there, ...that's what I said Sye, and I got get off this phone, out, ah, she said, and I know how this gonna sound, that you was there Sye, all the time. All the time, Tips accusation Nickie though there's no physical to medical proof, is that was kidnapped to sexually assaulted, and you saying she's suspicious of me to the point she can't throw me, therefore she can't trust me? I know, I know, but do this for, don't approach her about this, just tell Susan and you and she figure how best to approach this, ...is there Sye though it's not you, anyway, there's some foul play here? I to go, got to get cursed out, holding up the restroom, I'll call you as soon as I arrive."}}} Nickie on his way, was he babe able to convince Tip? No, no he wasn't, ..what he assigned you, well us Sye too look out for her? You want breakfast babe? Sorry with the door closed Sissy, I can't hear you, I said babe do you,  what is it, why is your chin dragging the floor? If I'm not mistaking Tip is accusing me of foul play, told Nickie I can't be trusted. Sye, no, okay, no, what the hell is going on with her? Well I'm gonna call and, ....no, no, Nickie asked us not to, ask that we instead put our heads together and help her, be positive Sissy Tip's was a chance encounter with a severe case of food poisoning nothing more. I Sissy, I agree, it as though she's still not in her right head and that's how we deal with, it, with her, and Sissy if we love her, we can do this for, her. Plus babe Nickie need us to, so the answer to your question is no breakfast, I'll grab coffee on the way, it's time we trace Tiffany steps back to this proposed food poisoning. My god Sye, I never considered that, right, both men and women Sissy are assaulted simply by being slipped, by drug poisoning. But there was no evidence, ...maybe Sissy because we were so convinced, there wouldn't be. You gonna behave? Ah, yeah with Tip you mean, she's sick, if she's accusing you Sye, we know something with her still aren't right and leaving with Nicholas would've been the best medicine. Then Dr. Coogan I leave to, what's that? Dr Coogan, Barb, Sye, she can have Tiffany diagnosed mentally unstable and days off as the remedy, perfect, you Sissy, this marriage, this house, Jeremy, Barb all perfect, I'll call you about lunch, okay, ..okay Sye, okay." 

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