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TIffany XVI

                                            BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                           CHAPTER XVI
                                                  SCENE I

      "So how do I look?” Modeling herself a beautiful belle for she and Bradford Elam night on the town "stunning, we don't have to do this you. ....no, I want to do this. Ok, what's wrong?” That she’s to block the door to their exit "it's nothing really, come on nothing, you've been distracted for days now honey. I don't want it to spoil our dinner, just tell me, it's about Sye and you know, the boy, it's Jeremy honey, yea, him, I mean what was Sye thinking? I don't understand, what else Brad was he going to do? He could've thought of something, like what? Jeremy's mother was dying, he needed his
father, Stephanie's has a mother, why not give him to her? Because it's not at all the same, god forbid Brad if something was going to happen to me I know I could rest better knowing the kids would be with you and not some distant relative. We are Barb talking about her mother. yes, but according to Sissy she and Stef were never close ...and Sye and Stef were? Sye is Jeremy father, he would be the first choice, apparently she trusted that, well, I still don't get it, why trust a man that cross you? Stef loved him, Brad, she believed he loved her, maybe it's a woman thing, or even a human thing, yeah, some woman thing. I talked to Sissy the other day and she told me Stef spent the last three years preparing her son for her death, you know, getting all the legal work done. Don't get upset Barb, I don’t want you upset, I'm ok" dabbing the corner of each eye into a calming exhale, the scenery out along the car window. "Just the thought of how helpless Stephanie must have felt, with one glimmer of hope, Jeremy's father, Stefan Erin. "Anyway Brad, putting thousands into a saving account for him, the only thing left was Sye agreeing and taking responsible for really causing Stef to all the more rest in peace, I guess you can say, Sye did the right thing Brad, the only thing."

                      ...YEA, THE QUEENS AND THE CONCUBINES...
                                                     SCENE II

     Snip, snip went the scissors at the new fashion place, were all thoughts, are imaginative and no fabric is safe. Hello fellow readers, Corronda Bren Aggart here, yes coming to you from, where else? ‘Fashion Present's Dissuasion ’FPD. Yea I am crazy and priceless and so is the talent that goes into
making you, a whole different kind of "YOU". We're burning with desire to shape you and mold you into who else but you. Grander, pettier and much more fancier, just look ahead, but don't touch, tis fire, don't come in until you' ready to "BURN! So what you think? I like it, I like it a lot, it's bold, witty and to the point, yeah,” taking in hand the next Dissuasion magazine, featuring their three male top models on the cover, the Bold, the Beautiful and the Boldest, Snip. Snip was one of it's articles. “Just like our fashions, she's quite good, ...so I'm assuming Tip, she liked the proposal liked it? She loved it, said it was more than she expected, couldn't wait to get to work, and is proven by this article. After Mike's, death, Syefan injuries death and all the chaos to follow Erica, I never thought it would be, but we're doing it, we're actually doing it, yes, we are, our dreams are coming so true, miracles really Tip, I mean after all we've been through this is nothing short of something supernaturally beyond us. Tiffany, yeah, Mat ask me to marry him, said, last night and this morning was the most incredible time ever, Tip, we weren't even  intimate beyond being intertwined so incredibly into one the other, never letting go, you know. Yeah, leaving early this morning I saw you two all crozy up together, two Erica, as one, I think for the first time Erica I now envied what you two had. So what did you say? I could tell you but I swear Tip, you won't believe it, I had no idea how much you affect me, what? I actually told Mat I would marry him, only if we decide to have children right away and if you think that flabbergasted him, he mention something about planning a wedding and I said,  no no wedding Tip, that I just wanted to wake one morning with this huge sparkling diamond on my finger, just like the scene the end of the movie, miracle on 34th street and Tip, look here, I meant it. Ah my christ, you two, Erica,  we went to a Jeweler that morning and from their to the courthouse you are now looking at Dr, Mrs, Matthew Edwin Hymm, ah Tip is crying, speechless, group hug everybody, come and get some, guess whose married you guys, group hug, everybody! Tip, yeah, Mrs.. surprise the hell out of us all, what if he's alive, Mike, and that would be amazing, but where would that leave you and Nicholas, and Tip, who says you two have a year let alone three? You can tell me you haven't thought about it, even with the reopening of his, ah, case, ...that guy Tony is here, isn't that, ...yeah, that's him, ..he remind you of mike don't he? Yeah Erica and not just his stellar look, but his mannerism as well. I, think Tip, Ash finding you there in his hospital room has raised a spirit of rivalry by her with you, I hope not Erica, I have way than enough men in my life. I don't need hers as well,  but yes, I've, ah, thought about it, but I guess Erica I can't really know the answer to that right now, I want to be there when you tell Sosh, so make sure you call me first. Thanks Tip, right now Sissy and I are married to men woman only dream of, and it has you and your faithfulness written all over it, if you Erica say so, I got to go, ..ah, I say so, love you girl, ...love you to Erica, hey you gotta let us at least give you a wedding supper, why don't you Tip just surprise me, yeah, perfect, got you, love you, ...me too."

                                  ... AND THEY PRAISED HER...
                                                    SCENE III

     Awaking to the soothing feel of her husband playing in her strands, having designed themselves again this inexpressible, etched into the heart and mind marriage bed would she not inquire of Tiffany Ann again. “Will you Cros move to Jerusalem with me? Yes,” not hesitating for a moment, “what would you think Milla of us taking over the Artelon property? I’m to think not only is my husband a mind reader, but he is so sexy, when indeed did Christian Cros become so sexy? Perhaps when I Mill felled as you say so clumsily in love, I didn’t mean it Cros as an insult but at the realization you’ve changed, that we both have. That you’re not to even flinch about a life in Jerusalem, I believe Milla a life in Jerusalem await us all, I know that’s more so once the Supremes kingdom is come,” but it’s no less accurate, their will God's Kingdom rule be a Jerusalem this entire, new world.” “We couldn’t have imagined Cros we’re to be this wonderfully in love again, no, don’t forget Niegl will no doubt take all the credit, his Milla having brought you here and all, he lead me yes, but we ourselves Cro decided to indulge ourselves, right. I wish we could stay like this forever, what say Mill, we give it a hell of a try, with the scarring I didn't think I could ever this again, especially with you, always Mill and forever, always Cros and forever."

                                  …YEA, THE QUEENS AND THE CONCUBINES...
                                                                        SCENE IV

     "My god, not now,” talking to himself in a what felt familiar restroom, shaking his wrist into a t stretch, massage of his neck was a panicky Anthony Dale warring off this baneful intrusion of an anxiety attack, along popping a few pills and water into his mouth. "Please god, I know this is a fine time to call on you, but like Tiffany said, none saved my life but you, now ever could. Not now, Ashleigh will probably think I'm crazy or preying upon her already rent emotions, peace be still along every ounce of blood in my members, peace and calm. "So did you walk out or did they release you, and where you come so dressed up, ah Tiffany, she had my clothes put in the laundry, I need to thank her. To be honest Ash though she mightily regretted letting me go, having fallen in and all, I told Dr. Lockineer my heart was already lost to you, my wife. You may not have your memory, but that Mr. Decorte is the charmer I always new of you,  ....is it Ash too soon, will you have lunch with me or something? Can I trust you? Right this moment Ash, I can actually say yes, ....so how's my place? It's Tony a few miles from here, but I must warn you, ...well here goes the good part, ...I just moved in, I'm Tony quite packed, ...it'll just give me something to do, right? The address is on the card I gave you, I take lunch at 1:00, so ten minutes and I'm there, ...Tony! Ah, Ash, I'm terrified, I don't, my memories, what if Ashleigh I don't or can't, ...but you will, don't worry about that part, as long Tony as you're around people who love you and are willing to help you, you'll be fine. We Ash, we'll be fine, remember you are my wife and you can't take it back, ..no, that's you Tony, you remember I'm your wife, ...good, that's right, ah, right, you got me, ah see you then,  ....okay, see you then, be careful."     >>>{{{"I left it on your desk, well I looked again, look don't call me until you find it! But I'm positive ok? I needed that mailed yesterday, Merecal, don't disappointment me.

                                                     SCENE IV

     "Well whose this handsome boy" Ah, this is Jeremy, hi Jeremy, hello, he is so cute, we're looking for my mother, ...well you tell me who she is and maybe I can tell you where she is. He's talking about Sissy, Sissy? Ah what am I thinking, your uncle Nicholas told me all about you, he forgot to tell me what a stellar young man you are and all so handsome, I won't hold you guys up." Reminding her of Spirit River for some reason,  had too mean Jeremy was a special kid, a special addition to the Coogan regime. Is that Tip who I think it is? Yeah, that's Sye's son, Jeremy, he is Erica scary refreshing, I don't, he's a joy, a blessedness just radiates from him, you know, more l like Nicholas, but Nicholas is his uncle, right? I'm out, I need to fine, well go shopping, I have three perfumes to launch. That Sissy got a big leap on us with Jeremy, but god allow, she Tip better look out, my little Carrington is coming, that will be my first child name, male or female, what do you think? Beautiful Erica, as beautiful as I'm sure he or she or they will be, ....be careful, there's Tip been some reports of road rage, a couple of people in hospital, got you babe, thanks."     {{{Mr, Coogan please, yes, tell him Erica Lynn is calling, hello, Erica, yes, Nicholas it's me, how are things? Ah fine, there, Tiffany, all okay? Erica, Erica you're kinda scaring, ah, Mat and I married last morning,  ...wow, that's great, yeah, ah, your, ah Sye, just walked in with he and Sissy's new son, Jeremy, Ronda's brother Desrek is here now, but not for Tip or so she says. Did you know Nicholas there is rumor they're to reopen Mike's case, asking whether he's actually alive? Just as long as you didn't hear it  from me, but Tip is really, really pressured and the last thing Nicholas she need is for you to be so far away from her you know. There, I said it, you didn't hear about Mike from me, just talk to Sye about it, I gotta go, thanks Erica, again, congrats, thanks Nicholas, love and kisses, ...to you darling friend as well."
                                               ...FAIR AS THE MOON...
                                                           SCENE V

     -"Miss Saurus? This is Vincent Dias Steele, Dissuasion future male supermodel, Vincent, this is Miss Tiffany Saurus, Ceo, director. It's nice to meet you, would you excuse us please? What the hell is this? Isn't he beyond gorgeous? No Erica, what's this director thing? Tiffany girl you have it, I have
what? You have the eye, the raw passion, the  ....no! Stop including me in your wild schemes, I don't want it. Come on Tip," as one signaling Vincent Steele that he’s to be a bit more patient and present, along giving Tiffany chase. "Everybody notice a difference Tip between when you work in photography from when either of us work, your creativity and my eye is simply in, No! No! No! Tip please, this won’t, will you wait a minute. What Erica Lynn! He’s perfect Tip for your spring designs featuring male and? Then take him Erica, shoot him, leave me out of it, that's just it Tip, I need you in it, he need you. Look just a couple more hours than what you do now, please, okay, okay, picture him Tip as your Christian Cros, remodeled and you have complete, well in that light, what would do with him? You know that'it's s unfair, I think it's just perfect, you are dying inside to design for Christian, ...I knew it Tip, just use Him as this practice. okay! "okay, god! since you Erica put it that way,  I'll do it, where did you come up with Christian, that's really snicky, easy, he's who I thought of first  I laid eye on him, ...but only Erica a couple of more hours, if that many, ...good, that's all Vincent need. Ah god Erica I hate you, now you got me picturing a CCS, line, CCS line,  Christian Cros Spiri, ...perfect Tip, I knew it, I freaking knew it, we're rich and don't even know it, plus I think I found our Nicholas carbon-copy, well, Ash has, ,,,that's your project Erica, yes he is, now all we need is Niemeyer, Niemeyer? I been meaning Tip to talk to you about her, are you talking Nicholas's Bji Mein Paui wife? Wife? Yes, according to Nicholas Nguyet is his mistress and Niemeyer his wife and you Erica are about to stage them side by side, I wouldn't mine a cat fight, good for business. So what do you want to me to tell Vincent Dias, ...Tomorrow Erica, 3:00 o'clock sharp, tell don't be late, he's replaceable even if he thinking he's not, ...you know there's Desrek Alum, so you got, him, you got Desrek Chocolate, no, but I will, if anybody can Tip, its you, happy shopping!"

                                            ...CLEAR AS THE MOON...
                                                          SCENE VI

     -That' just it Phil, because I was able to come directly I was given the assurance any emergency could bring me home,. As I said, I can't tell you how curious that call from Erica Lynn, I can't you guys dismiss it, Tiffany is just too important to me, more important than any of this, she's first and foremost. So hearing from Erica like that was like getting a non-suspecting a heart diagnosis and you guys it wasn't good, that I like about nicko, man. He explain so clear, the heart broke, one thing follow, death, like saying, being away from your girl is killing you, and Bji vice. versa, simply I won't do this if she can't. Where do broken hearts go Nicko man, ..home Bji to Tiffany Ann, a week, two at the most and I know you all can keep the peace until then, right? They are actually letting you take the private jet and reserve it upon until you return, probably Phil, as an incentive that I return, it is only you have bewitched them. I just don't see you coming back, then see Phil man, I need Macremoe and Vance if we're to have a Coogan firm, Macremore is more than our foot in the door, so, we need this, my being here, and they are calling me, later you guys.     >>>{{{"Hey Sye man, what's this I'm hearing about Mike's case and why no heads up? So Tip told you? No, someone close, concern did but not Tiffany, what's the underlying reasons for this? There is Nicholas growing evidence, that Mike might be alive and overseas somewhere and that Nickie man is a little more than I can tell you. I'm on my way there, this close friend made it sound as though I need to be, yeah but you can't up and fly to New York every time. You sye have your happy ever after and the stunning son of yet another, Tiffany is mines, ...and that nickie is why what I said just now sound so freaking hypocritical, sorry man, ...that's okay, nothing but god himself, as in father knows best can keep me from her, so despite who says what, it's my choice. Overseas huh? While Sye, do something for me, if he's alive find him, bring him back to her, but if he's dead, keep him buried, I got you Nickie, you and Tip both. So how's fatherhood, Sye so far? I don't know Nickie, he's so beautiful and so dependent, so sweet and bitter I guess, so scary but just as so a  lovely equilibrium. I'm dropping everything Sye and I'm coming, running to Tiffany Ann, and she's gonna kill me for talking her into this in the first, so please bro, talk me out of it. We all got Tip, Nickie and I need you to remember this is the same special woman that held it together until now, even now Nicholas as Mikes' case is being questioned, ....she's in better shape than me, that's what you're saying Sye right? I'm gonna call her, talk to you later, yeah, baby bro, take care, yeah Sye, take care you and my nephew!

                                                   SCENE VII



MY LOVE: The time is yet and patiently still, ...don't be afraid for I

draw near, ...be ye lost in thought and far away amour, ...every heart

beat an open door, every throb a marvelous dance, every flutter filled of

romance. May you reach out to touch our lonesome yearning, ...our

infatuation tis forever burning, ...may you cuddle them both in your

wanton arms, and seized them tight in your precious palms. For you and I

shall soon see there exist no other love like you, like me.

                                             ...OF EVER I WAS AWARE...
                                                            SCENE VIII

     "So where so you think they're all going?" Having coerced Anthony onto an astonishing balcony easily of people going to and fro, where a light breeze tossed soft strands. "Just recently Ash I imagined them going to and fro like such unto the blood flowing through the veins continually, unto life. That if one thing happen to prevent this man who goeth continually there so goeth the faith of nations, I apologize for that stupid outburst, you should see it Tony when the sun set right over there, well it's hard to explain, you got to see it! My!” Contacting her startled heart into a priceless tickle, what an enormous bird, god he is quite huge. I'm sorry Ash, I told you, no I’m not talking about what just happen, I'm sorry I hurt you, you know in the past." This is what Ashleigh was talking about, although he was just as breathtakingly gorgeous as Anthony Dale Decorte, did he, Anthony Dale now the philosopher bear a compassion, even a devotion he'd never had before. I consider this Ash to be a secodnd chance but I can't chance unless you as well not sorrowfully Ash, but happily welcome it, I heard what you said about those divorce papers, understand what I'm saying is until you are comfortable with this doover and toss those forms into the fireplace, even ash if you have a, ah fireplace. I'm doing to go, how do you know Tony I'm not the one who's been unfaithful, that divorce is my way out of a loveless marriage? I don't know, I figure if that's true, then you would've signed away any semblance of this marial correlation, right? I mean why hold on to such a hopeless thing as it is itself Ash instead with some assurance there is a chance of reconciliation, I really enjoyed this time, thank you, ah, coming to my place Ash, unlike you, I have a place that is vacant, with the exception of chair to so, a clothes tossed about and used food and containers, just a mess, I guess like you I haven't been there long. Before you clear the door, I don't know how amnesia work, but there is Tony an opening at the center for a hairstylist,  it's only that you are the famed, Tony Decorte ...I am a hairstylist, for males yes, I never would guessed, yeah most of the woman there are already in love with you so, I'll check into it tomorrow, when I come to ask you to lunch, right, see you then, ...yeah Ashleigh Michelle see you then. I really ash want to make this right, ...me too, and Tony, I do have a fireplace, then when ready we're make a burn the divorce papers get together out of it, ...sound like fun, good night Tony.

                                ...I WENT DOWN INTO THE GARDEN OF NUTS...
                                                        PARIS FRANCE
                                                           SCENE IX

     -Gliding from the elevator was something tall and sultry, his glossy blonde mane askewly met, his stout vanity in a priceless three piece suit, overlaid by a fabulous over coat, and matching scuff. Enticingly suave, time suspended as did eye seeking wonder at his miraculous advancing of the vast halls, minding nothing and no-body but his very sheik, very gorgeous self all allocated by his places to be. Smitten by his tremendous glory they tugged, pointed and blushed, but as the walls and space lingered relentlessly in his encompassing, so did those daring his immediate consideration. Dashing about their meaningless existence more incredible than power, more desirous than fame, tremendously excellent, and lustfully adored. This was Nicholas Coogan's first day in this grand antique of a court place, did it bear all the resemblance of it tales told, both small and great. Having made studying this case his habitation day and night did he both eat and sleep this somewhat mysterious circumstance right into that pit of himself. With his team presenting the opening arguments that very day none could tell how truly putrefied Nicholas Edin was indeed.
Reminding himself of the special gift talk Tiffany gave him the night before he left did he understand through her just like awesome power lying dormant for the turn on, so awaited this tremendous talent
lurking deep inside. Yes right at the tip of his tongue, having only to become whatever and whoever his client needed was he a genius waiting to rejuvenate a hope gone desolate.  “How long Lynn since you of all people have been on time for the opening argument? Not now Patrick please,” “I’m just saying Lynn I've never seen you this nonsensical about anything, ...didn’t Mr. Macremore ask us to show our support today? Yes, I did hear him say that, then Patrick you're not making sense, or you're foolishness out what's important? Just look around you Lynn, there’s enough of Macremore employees here to have a sizeable seminar to swim party, Shhhh, he’s getting ready to speak, and I’m
getting ready to vomit, Pack, Lynn,  ....so what did I miss? I'm just saying it’s just not right for
a person to be that damn sexy, yeah just keep your bra on, there are adolescent present, really pack man, what got your dandruff up? All my coworkers tripping over their tongue to see, greet and lest I forget bed this Mr. Coogan, if only you knew pack man, if only you knew, ...order in the court, you two or move, yeah, like that’s gonna happen!"

...TO SEE THE FRUITS OF THE VALLEY, AND TO SEE WHETHER THE VINE                                                                                 FLOURISHED...
                                                             SCENE XII

    I guess Erica I'm gonna have to get a smaller place? What's wrong with this place? Ashleigh just moved into that new high rise on 67th, and girl they're gorgeous! They do everything Erica except take you into the house and tuck you into bed, I simply loved them and with you packing up and out into an amazing marriage and the view, you know you're welcome to anything here, anything Erica Lynn You, you say? Anything except that, I passed there the other day, I liked what I saw, when Erica you seldom wear it, I'll include it in your wedding diary, that's something parents and grands do fo their children, so you saying over ou dead body. My Christ erica you're married, and so fine as everything Matthew Edin, I know, i was standing the mirror in the restroom this morning considering that very thing, Tip do you know how indescribable it is to go home to a husband, it's so amazing, to know he spend his day thinking about coming home to his, wife, and that's you, only you.  I now rip feel so guilty asking you that, don't as long as christ Lord Tarry, i will have my happy ever after, ah you believe how much i sound like my mother right then. What happen to her Tip? MY mother erica died under suspicious circumstances, covered up by the authorities and I always blamed my, dru dealer father, always swore out vengeance, and lost Mike instead, with Nicholas whole family threaten you know and look what happen to Roonda, a treasoon by him Erica I believe affects Desrek Alum and our relationship right in the very moment. You know, come to think of it, I'll really missed this place, the last place we all Erica lived together, but really Tip what's too miss? Think about this Tip, a two luxury, master bedroom, apartment with 2 and a half bath, eat in kitchen, wall to wall melting soft carpets, large walk in closets, furnished or unfurnished, only minutes Tip from work and from the various eateries , shopping malls, theaters and all.” There's twenty four hours surveillance, elevator attendants, hell Tip room service if  you like, so you’re talking Tip, about all the fast face perks we've ever wanted, in a highrise apartment, hell, I wonder if I get Matthew to relocate us there,  instead of a house, how you know all that? That's where I had my eye Tip before I said yes to the diamond.To be honest it's the best for you until you and Nicholas get it right, you know Tip, move into yall forever after. You can sell or give away what you don't take, ...I hate to sound like an old foby, but Erica where is the time gone? Nowhere Tip, it's us, we're gone from night clubbing to marriage and children, off the subject a bit, how are things going with you and Christian's look alike, what? No, that Erica remind me how I'm still kicking myself for not getting out to see him, ..you know Tip that could be inspiring, imagine designing for him, while you're out at that unspeakable place of his, with him? There you go again, but wouldn't that Tip b beyond inspirational? So much Erica make me want to cancel the rest of the day, jump in my car and just go, ..and what's stopping you? I'm terrified, as in Erica I'm being a chicken at what I might find, I been reading behind Spirit River and he's but positive Christian and his wife have made amends, I just feel I can't just show up, and Tip, if you call? Like Erica I haven't tried, Christian is not gonna it make that easy, I wish he would, even a little, ...well sound like you have one choice, ...help me move some of these to the car, and Erica put them where, you have a two seater hot rod, I, I know, but I feel so old renting a rental, you don't have to, you call them they do all this for you, just mark your boxes and I'll do the rest,....thanks Tip, ...sure."

                                            ...AND THE POMEGRANATES BUDDED...
                                                                   SCENE XIII

     "Ash! My lord what a surprise, I brought Chinese, everybody's favorite, right? I’m not disturbing you or anything? No, of course not, this Ash is just the sweetest surprise that’s all. Wow, you've been busy, and god Tony, these pillars, they're fabulous. Just give me a minute. So I did interrupt you, oh no, that was Dr. Locklinair, she and I have become friends, we talk on the phone sometimes. Let
me get some plates for that, paper anyway ....so what has the good doctor ordered? Like I said, Ash , we just talk, she's a pretty smart lady. I'm the one that's sorry, it's really none of my business, of course it is, I'm your husband, now let me see, I think Ash for have everything for this little get together, but beverages, let me get us something to drink.I don't have a balcony. but if come  here a nd like right there, here's a cut little patch of grass there for sitting, unless you wanna stay in, and look here, some white wine. Dr. Locklinair helped me shop the other day, "I see, maybe that’s why I haven’t heard from you, really Ashleigh, it's not like that. You don't Tony have to defend yourself so, you don't belong to me ...it would seem Ash, I don't belong to anybody, you belong to you to god, all good Ash, but I want you back, I want to belong to you and only you. Why are you here Ash, really?” “because Chinese is my favorite,  ....everytime you call me Tony I simply melt ad ache ash to climb into your good graces, can I have yo Ash, to does hearing that make you uncomfortable? You want me yo just go, I’m warning you Tony, I’ll not be responsible for the lost of control, can I just taste your mouth, your tongues Ash and just, ah, I'm burning for you, then Anthony it shall be, "ah I miss you, kissing his neck, a bite of his ear, his whisking her into his arms, upon his sleeping cart, tearing her open, she pulling him, biting, licking, eating along, steeping flaesh and polsating at limit, mournin into crying organism, shhhhhhh, I can't do this,  please don't stop, tony, tony, pleseeee,  I can't, I can't remember,  ah god i;m trying I can't,  I can't, re, ....I missed you so, look at me, here, feel me, this is your wife Anthony Dale,  kiss me, bite my tongue, taste my breast,  yes, yes,  I'm, this is your wife, ....this is my wife, yes, I kiss her here, yes, arggggggg, yesssss,  argggggggggg, yesssss, I'm firing, I'm fring, come come in, Tony, ....husband,  come, ...arggggg god, arg god, arg god, arggggggg, Tony, tony, tony!"

                                                                   SCENE XIV

     -“So Here you are, where else Mill but these astonishing falls? I just Cros got off the phone with the realtors, there wasn’t but one good prospect concerning the Artelon property, they’re convinced they can persuade them otherwise. You’re not chickening out on me are you? "No Mill, of course not, actually I’m looking forward all the more. I can’t but flatter myself regarding these amazing grounds, he Milla being all knowing, indeed nothing being hidden from his sight. You mean Cros that we’re all part of his predestine plan, yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Suppose he made this particular place on earth especially Mill for this particular moment right here, that you and I Mill would stand again join at the hip and heart after we’d been this astronomical shipwreck at the sea of life. I must admit Cros that’s a fascinating way to look at all of this, how gloriously wonderful that all this beauty was staged so stunningly Cros with us, Mr. and Mrs. Artelon in mind. I can’t imagine Cros how much you, and lest I forget Pepper will miss this place, although just imagine how wondrous the next episode of
existence here, on this planet with us Cros this madly in love? All I’ve imagined it Mill, I’ve laid awake many nights watching you sleep at imagining it, truly how wondrous my wife, how unspeakably feel good throughout the entirety of this very fluid of life. We best go, ah Cros do we have to, if we’re to be on time for Miss Martha, yeah we best go. It’s not going anywhere Mill,” walking off arm in arm, “it’s all like our darling vow renewal, simply Mill meant to be. Selling this place Cros, how will you ever part with it? While I think for me Mill, even for us it’s served it purpose, that perhaps there is another needing it’s unspeakable ability to medicate the deepest, most hidden agenda of a man’s heart, and who Mill are we to stand in destiny’s way? Of course I should’ve known, Christian Cros, the generous hearted, never only thinking of himself, but how his purpose here is to benefit somebody else.”

                                ...RETURN, RETURN, O SHULAMITE...
                                                         SCENE XV

     -"No, I call my district attorney brother Sye instead, he explain embarrassingly that actually Tiffany was much better at this separation than myself, that I'm such the cry baby, ...well if  you nicholas all home sick need a shoulder to cry on, ..thanks Lynn, I'll remember that, your brother district attorney, so you'r not the only law man in the family, well my oldest brother is studying to be a probate attorney, with real state law, so yeah we're all in the family law. So Ly Lnn as you offer the services of your shoulder as to stand in the longest line to his Highness Nicholas Coogan just who is Nonconnah Lue, to you? As Usual it's pacman none of business, but I'll tell you any way Nonconnah Lue is a love interest but he has no control over what I do with my shoulders, so are we clear? Crystal, as usual, so nicko man you have that kinda set up with your goddess girl, you know only certain parts are hers, that Phil would be no, I'm all in, but if I can speak for Bij, over here, no speak for me nicko man, Ly Lynn Chow, stunning, but not my girl, well thank you Bji Mein for that compliment, well come. No, what I said Phil was who knows, ....Bakemn knows that's who, Bakeman knows everything, yeah Nicholas actually he does, well knight of round table, Paris France, thanks as usual for a wonderful nightcap but I a mission for Tiffany and I mean to catch her while I think I can,later nicko man, ....wait in me Nicko man, I need to call my girl as well, since when Philip Mance do you have a girl, since Nguyet dropped you, she didn't tell you? But she promised, ....a mockery made to appear so real, sending the table into roaring laughter, but laying such pundits aside, Nicholas famed magamous relationship toward his girl Tiffany was beginning to weigh guilt the heart of Bji Mein Paui Kroff. Good evening gentlemen, Mr. Lue, they all sounded of simultaneously not yet one them, they were on personal name as yet. "I was told I would Ly Lynn find you here, may you be excused for a word or two? I will Connah, yes, excuse me as well ladies, gentlemen until the morning, yeah, goodnight Ly Lynn.   Speaking of morning, so this couldn't wait? If it could wait Ly Lynn I would have intervene upon your company's table, the inquiry is simple, why aren't you answering my calls? Maybe Connah, just maybe I don't want talk, I asked you simple question, that only Ly Lnn demands a simple answer, yes or no, ...and no doubt since you've made so many offers you need know mine, so you can consider all others. You car, ...thankyou, why Lynn, do you hate my proposal so much, or is it me that you hate so much? Thanks for my door, you know I don't hate you, no, I only Lynn know you don't love me, ....I can't say yes, but I can't say as well, and Connah is going to have to turn from or live with indecision, goodnight very well, Lynn, I so wanted to introduce you, the Bezzler ball as my soon to be Bride, but, goodnight Ly Lynn, as you say."

                                               SCENE XVI

“So long tonight? You’re Susan Faye right? Right? Then why don’t you order me from this merciless
work desk right into that lovely bedroom of ours that I’m to make amazing love to you. Order you huh Yes, Please, I’ll possible be so unprepared for court tomorrow, they’ll throw me out on my ear but what the hell, we'll have more time to spend together, is this Sye reverse phycology, that depends on whether it’s working or not? You really enjoyed having Erica and Tip here tonight didn’t you? Yeah, but didn’t Tip seem a thousand miles away? Try three thousand miles away, see Sye, I don’t think it was about Nickie at all, then what?” I’m afraid Sye most of the time only god’s knows and I mean that literally. Well despite that you have to admit Sissy it was a wonderful night still, though sye I expected more inquiring by them surrounding Jeremy, this was like his coming out party, while
if you think about it Sissy, Jeremy is one of the saddest stories ever written and people just don’t won’t to be reminded of how terrible all this can go. Um, what a genius way of putting that, it make all the sense in the world, Sye, why tamper with an ancient denial, it’s had for centuries been worded so well. Do you mock me? Sure, I’m the wife, “I’m allowed, Father always said that’s what was wrong with man, especially the white man, and Sissy he so regretted making such a distinction. He said this most of all was always Sissy feeding off of and choking to death on his own vomit, bringing to mind he would then say an age old biblical question, will a dog return to his own vomit? Again he said yes, that it’s evidence every time the Americans went to the voting booth, changes nothing, just his old pig sty. Sye, I have a mind, even an alarm this heart to warn you, don't let Tip full you, is she has any doubt Mike isn't dead but is alive, she will find him and go after him, I think love i saw that clearly tonight. So you think that is what her awkwardness was about? Remember how she was, when she lost him, she was all about getting vengeance for him, that's the spirit she's revisiting. Nicholas Sissy hopping a private jet and getting here to her as he pretty much feared the same things I convince him against it by reassuring, I, that we sissy hd tiffany under control, yet you stand here and tell me she's in imminent danger, what do, do now? You undermate her, that's all I'm saying, remember the bella mafia you accuse of her, if so, is still down inside her somewhere, and if Mike, if he is alive, he's gonna want to be found, especially Sye, by her, by Tiffany, what man Sye wouldn't."

                            ...WHAT WILL YOU SEE IN THE SHULAMITE...
                                                              SCENE XVII

    "This is where you end up, you know I been looking all over for you? I know, but I had, ah I been really, really seeking god, pleading, begging for my memory to come back, ....I'm so sorry Tony about the the other night, I should've, ...no, stop that, no, you wanted to be with your husband and that's a good, thing,it was a really good things. Ah od, Ash," mightily pushing his forward into hers, so relieved and yet so frustrated that this was happening to them of any such couple. "I want to remember those days, those times with you, with my wife,  ...the other night, that Tony is as incredible as we've been probably since the honeymoon. I love you so much, miss you Ash so much, ah, they ah, have the best waffles and fried chicken here, tell me you're hungry, actually I am starving, ...good, I shouldn't tell you this, but I'm renting a place upstairs, this is my new hiding place. I burn them Tony, I cut on the fireplace, lit it and I threw them in and watched them burn, man, I should've been there for that, Well, I took pictures, so you'll know it's real, Erica and the others been asking about you since you been released, Erica want to cast you as a model. A model, me? My word Tony don't you know how gorgeous you are, how absolutely perfect, even more so, this innocence you have now? I look in the mirror now and then, so you do know how excessive you are? But Ash, I heard tell from the mouth of my own wife that I'm a fashion, hair stylist, not a model, well, there was a time Nicoli used to be behind the camera, Only now Tony he's making thousands of more in front of it, yeah, yeah, but I'm no model but Tony all is fair, I've always tried to get you to model, your height, your build. This kissable, edible, bewitching chiseled face, and look at those incredible gray eyes, Tiffany already more than love you, ....yeah there was time wife, you was mad jealous about that, didn't think I notice huh? That's before I learned you remind her of her deceased fiance, I've seen his pictures, you two could past for brothers, no questions ask. Wow, yeah, Tiffany and Erica, they're in charge of choreographing everything I guess and you ask me, they been chomping on you since day one. What happen to him, Tiffany's man, you know? If what Erica told me is exact, he was FBI drug division, working undercover, got made and was lost to an assassination, ah, Susan Faye, the redhead, well, the one who is her husband now, District attorney really, he was targeted as well, almost died, That all sound Ash like something out of crime stories, movies, TV's, but you're telling me these people been under that kinda deadly drama? according to Erica yes, ,,,Hey Cletman, two order of waffles and children, wings preferably, thanks, ah one coke and unsweetened tea to drink. I won't be able to eat again for a year, so you think I can do this? You are Tony everything it take a model to be and those incredible woman I work with,  ..along Ash with my incredible wife, ...you Tony is already a Top model, Dissasion just want to get you in front of camera, ...here you guys go, your beverages are coming up, ... ah god, Tony, I just gained 20 pounds just by the look, the smell, I'll run with you in the morning, ...how you know I run? That's a good, no, I remember sitting in a park, feeling like a stalker, watching you run, well that not scary at all ...sorry,  ...bonattite, thanks Ash for finding me, ...thanks Tony, for asking me to."

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