Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TIffany XVI


"So how do I look?” Modeling herself a beautiful belle for she and

Bradford Elam night on the town "stunning,” “we don't have to do this

you" "no I want to do this." "Ok what's wrong?” That she’s to block

the door to their exit "it's nothing really,” "come on nothing,” "you've

been distracted for days now honey." "I don't want it to spoil our

dinner, "and you think the melancholic funk you are won’t spoil this

evening?” “Just tell me," "it's about Sye and you know," "the boy,"

"it's Jeremy honey," fretting into his dazzling mane down to fixing his

neck tie “yea," easing displeasingly into a seat “him" "I mean what was

Sye thinking?" "I don't understand," turning into a mirror did she fit

her wrap about her shoulders "what else Brad was he going to do?" "He

could've thought of something," getting down the walk way were they on

their way out "like what?" "Jeremy's mother was dying," "he needed his

father," "Stephanie's has a mother" being a gentleman still at opening

her door, at getting around to his side "why not give him to her?"

"Because it's not at all the same" "god forbid Brad if something was

going to happen to me I know I could rest better knowing the kids would

be with you and not some distant relative." " We are Barb talking about

her mother" "yes" "but according to Sissy she and Stef were never close"

"and Sye and Stef were?" "At one time Brad think," pulling a mirror out

at checking her face, at refreshing her lip bum, "apparently she trusted

Sye." "Well I still don't get it" "why trust a man that cross you?"

"Stephanie loved him Brad," "she believed he loved her" "maybe it's a

woman thing" "yeah,” “some woman thing." "I talked to Sissy the other

day and she told me Stef spent the last three years preparing her son

for her death" "you know getting all the legal work done." "Don't

get upset," noting the emotional quiver in her voice, "I don’t want you

upset,” I'm ok" dabbing the corner of each eye into a calming exhale.

"Anyway putting thousands into a saving account for him the only thing

left was Sye agreeing and taking responsible for him really causing Stef

to all the more rest in peace.” “Sye did the right thing Brad,” "the

only thing."


Snip, snip went the scissors at the new fashion place, were all thoughts

are imaginative and no fabric is safe. Hello fellow readers, Corronda Bren

Aggart here, yes coming to you from, where else? ‘Fashion Present's

Dissuasion’FPD. Yea I am crazy and priceless and so is the talent that goes into

making you, a whole different kind of "YOU". We're burning with desire to shape

you and mold you into who else but you. Grander, pettier and much more

fancier, just look ahead, but don't touch, tis fire, don't come in until you're

ready to "BURN."

"So what you think?" Awaiting Susan’s comments surrounding their next article,

"I like it," shaking her head into a soothing glee "I like it a lot." "It's bold" "witty and

to the point," "yeah,” taking in hand the next Dissuasion magazine, featuring their three

male top models on the cover, the Bold, the Beautiful and the Boldest. “Just like our

fashions," "she's quite good" referring to Corronda's first article entitled, Snip, Snip, "so

I'm assuming she liked the proposal" "liked it," "she loved it" "said it was more than she

expected," "couldn't wait to get to work." "After Mikes death and all the chaos to follow

Erica I never thought it would be," "but we're doing it" staring down from her 4th

floor window "we're actually doing it," "yes,” coming along her side “we are" "our

dreams are coming so true,” “miracles really Erica," "I mean after all we've been

through this is nothing short of something supernaturally beyond us."


Awaking to the soothing feel of her husband playing in her strands, having designed

themselves again this inexpressible, etched into the heart and mind marriage bed would

she not inquire of Tiffany Ann again. “Will you Cros move to Jerusalem with me?”

“Yes,” not hesitating for a moment, “what would you think Milla of us taking over the

Artelon property?” “I’m to think not only is my husband a mind reader,” “but he is so

sexy,” “when indeed did Christian Cros become so sexy?” “Perhaps when I Mill felled

as you say so clumsily in love,” “I didn’t mean it Cros as an insult but at the realization

you’ve changed,” “that we both have.” “That you’re not to even flinch about a life in

Jerusalem,” “I believe Milla a life in Jerusalem await us all,” “I know that’s more so once

the Supremes kingdom is come,” but it’s no less accurate.” “We couldn’t have imagined

Cros we’re to be this wonderfully in love again,” “no,” that he’s toat,” “don’t forget Niegl will no doubt take

all the credit” “his Milla having brought you here and all.” “You smell so good Cros,”

smooching his edible neck, ear, unto that sorely digestible mouth and tongue of his “you

feel so terrific,” “I wish we could stay like this forever.” “What say we give it a hell of a

try,” matting and plaiting himself so permanently into her soft, hospitable fabric “always

Mill and forever.”


Being released that very hour was Anthony Dale terrified, not so much of what

he would find but what he wouldn't find. Clearly there was nobody waiting to greet

him, nobody in anticipation over his return. Closing those astonishing eyes of his only

moments earlier at hoping once again it was all a hoax. Honestly some prank on his part,

that all he needed was to persuade himself to remember was good, suddenly inquiring of

himself what was good about reminiscencing a past that was better off forgotten?

Able to see that beautiful strange lady advancing upon him from afar had Asheligh

Michelle become like that fresh breath of air he took after he was no longer choking

on his miserable past and if she was the future, then it was bright and very promising.

Suddenly sensing one of those anxiety attacks coming on, those where he break out and

cry, sobbing uncontrollably for no apparent reason. Had Dr. Locklinair convinced

him it was a typical reaction to the stress of his emotions, that it would pass.

"My god not now,” shaking his wrist into a twist of his neck was he warring off this

baneful intrusion. "Please god,” taking long, deep breaths, again shaking his hand, “not

now," "she'll probably think I'm crazy or preying upon her already rent emotions."

"Hey," that Anthony Dale was already up in his wheel chair and just as apparently

ready to go. "So you’re all packed and ready to go I see" "ready when you are,"

spinning the wheels on his chair into this desired exit had he barely resisted this

temporal breakdown of flustered sentiment.

"So how's my place?" “It's only a few miles from here," taking a hold, charge of his

carriage instead at whispering momentarily in his ear "but I must warn you" "well here

goes the good part" "it seems you'd just moved in" "you're quite packed." "It'll give me

something to do right?" Readying the elevator was an uncharted life as this waiting just

beyond those doors. "I could help," "ah no Miss lady you've done enough," "I'll be fine,"

"just point the way.”

As one having to admit how truly different Anthony Dale was, how he bore an

innocence she'd never witness, an incorruptibility that was quite charming. "This is a

nice car" referring to Ashleigh 1997 luxurious convertible Porsche, very sporty,

extremely innovative, "thanks," pulling from the lot quite swiftly. “It is I Ash who want

to thank you for being here for me," 'I don't know what I would’ve done without you"

"you're welcome," as one hasting into answering her car phone "{{{I left it on your

desk," "well look again and don't call me until you find it!” "I'm positive ok?" "I needed

that mailed yesterday," "Merecal!" Displaying herself an approximate

character "don't disappointment me.”


"Well whose this handsome boy", as as one crossing Syefan's path was he

occomplained by a handsome stranger "Ah" diplayimg himself his most coautious,"this is

Jeremy" "hi Jeremy” kneeling into a kind touch to his hand at thinking he had the most

extraordinary eyes, "hello," "he is so cute","we're looking for my mother", "well you tell

me who she is and maybe I can tell you where she is." "He's talking about Sissy",

"Sissy?" Ideally confusing Tiffany Ann into a slaggered stand "I don't

under" "it's a long story," "Jeremy is Stephanie and my son", "O" "I

didn't know you guys had a son" now with them both considering the ideal

exit "he’s really something" "I won't hold you guys up.” Continuing

toward Susan's office did Syefan Erin wondered if he should’ve leveled

with Tiffany some better. Truly not wanting Nicholas finding out this

way, not before he had a chance to explain things. Sincerely, judging

by Tiffany's reactions it didn't take a genius to figure what she was

thinking, that possibly Stef plus Nicholas could equal this identical



"Miss Saurus?" Truly as one physically running her down was Erica Lynn grasping for

her chest for breaths "this is Vincent Dias Steele" showcasing this tall, stunning hunk was

Tiffany Ann yet mystified at them getting in her way , "Dissuasion future male super

model," "Vincent this is Miss Tiffany Ann Saurus,” “ your director." "It's nice to meet

you,” loaning him a shake of her hand did she pull Erica off, away pri-

vately "would you excuse us please?" "What the hell is this?" "Isn't he

gorgeous?" "No what's this director thing?" "Girl you have it" "I have

what?" "You have the eye" "the passion" "the" "no!” shaking a resistant

head,hand into a speedy get away "I don't want it." "Come on Tip,"

signaling Vicent Steele that he’s to be a bit more patient at giving

Tiffany chase. "Everybody notice a difference between when you work in

photography from when either of us work" "your creativity and my eye is

simply in," "no! "no! "no!” "Tip please" with praying hands was a

desperate as this Erica Lynn yet after her “this won’t” "will you wait a

minute." "What Erica!” "He’s perfect Tip for your fall designs

featuring male""and?" "Take him Erica", "shoot him" "leave me out of it"

"that's just it Tip I need you in it." "Look just a couple more hours

than what you do now," "please, additionally with those praying hands of

hers "please,” "ok! "ok, "god!” “I'll do it," "but only Erica a couple

of more hours","good" "that's all I need." "Now isn't he absolutely

perfect", having made it back into their good graces was Erica Lynn by

Tiffany’s shoulders turning her again into this superior stud "yes”

having to agree honestly “he is," “now all we need is Niemyer,”

“Niemyer?” Sparking an additonal chase, “I been meaning Tip to talk to

you about her.”


It was a rainey Saturday morning In New York and quite miserable.

It had been three months now since Nicholas had left and the distance

between them was wearing Tiffany thin, truly what were they thinking?

Talking to him recently had their conversation lend no real encourage-

ment. Sure it was great to hear his voice and all, the sweet somethings

he was passionate enough to consort. There was even talk of her

possibly coming for a visit, just talk mind you.

Truly as one missing him too much to be all that overjoyed were

her words this deep regret with the wrong message attached. Having to

apologize, to explain how she, that very day felt so completely out of

wack. Of course Nicholas was able to relate suffering with the

identical anxiety, even able to aquaint himself so entirely. misery

needing company sincerely his symptoms wasn't all that dissimilar from




MY LOVE: The time is yet and patiently still, ...don't be afraid for I

draw near, ...be ye lost in thought and far away amour, ...every heart

beat an open door, every throb a marvelous dance, every flutter filled of

romance. May you reach out to touch our lonesome yearning, ...our

infacuation tis forever burning, ...may you cuddle them both in your

wanton arms, and seized them tight in your precious palms. For you and I

shall soon see there exist no other love like you, like me.

Sitting in bed this rainy morn, reading this splendid gift, wiping

tears from her soft cheeks, and the tracks of those tears that had

fallen upon the limp pages. Smiling did she ponder how very unreadable

the poem was going to be by the time her love returned.

Again the steaming orations from this unknown artist loan

suspicious comparison to the deep ardent affections in her heart's most

lonesome chamber. Surely this stranger had their abandoned possessing

and sultry relenting as all the days in counting. Most as surely he'd

seasoned both love and romance most grievous fleeting and most assurely

he'd weaponed true love most evocative unveiling, coercing it's mer-

ciless possessor, rendering endless eroticism as truly all mankind once



Inquring through a peep hole, wondering who could be at her door

at such a late hour. Realizing there was no one to really see, slowly

opening the door, suspecting the hall could Ashleigh see who appeared to

be Anthony Dale escaping . “Tony?” Trying to be sure it was him "Tony

is that" "I'm sorry" frozen in his steps with his back to her, did he

turn with hands surrendered at responding,"I was convinced you were

possibly sleeping." "My word Tony you live miles from here" knowing he

was reluntant to drive "how did you ever get here?" "Heck find here?"

"I, "I couldn't sleep" "I started walking" "my god you didn't walk?"

"No, having at their unite conversing drawn closer "no I grabbed a cab,"

"those walls Ash were trying their best to murder me." "I'm sorry for

this," "I didn't know who else to see," "to talk to" to see, "no it's

alright," moving aside to his entry "come", "really," "you are certain?”

“I am," "please." "I changed my mind right after I knocked" "but you

came to the door so fast" "I realized I didn't want to wake you." "Well

you didn't" holding up a hot cup of tea, "I was fixing this," sitting

did she bring him into a seat as well "I couldn't sleep either," "I

think I feel better then." "Would you like something to drink? "What-

ever you're having will be fine," "what?" "I’m to warn you,” “you always

detest hot tea" "well I didn't know that," "let's try it shall we?"

"Sure,” "you have a real nice place here,” "hey" noticing he’s a bit

uneasy still, on edge "it's ok" "I hate rainey days," "wooo," astonished

into a doubletake as surely as she “did I say that" "yeah," inquesting

that he’s to have a touch of lemon "I'm afraid you did." "Uuh maybe the

old ticker is ticking in the right direction after all.” "So you think

Ash I'll ever get it all back" handling as to blow his hot cup,"I don't

know Tony," "maybe, maybe not." "I took some sissors in my hand last

night,” "I have quite a collection," "I stood in the mirror you know

seeing if I could trim my hair" "seeing if I'd forgotten that too you

know" blinking those beautiful to die in eyes at regretfully spilling

over. "I just couldn't hold them right" sweeping meticiously a leaking

cheek, the slightest spill, "I couldn't quite angle them you know."

"It's ok" having touched and consoled him just right "there's no rush",

"I'm sorry" leaping into a rub of nervous palms into his slacks "I

better go," "I never should’ve come," "burden you this" "you don’t have

to go, "damn it!” As one melting faster than a ice cream cone in the

summer heat "its ok" "no damn it Ash it's not ok!” “O god am" "your

bath please" "it's through there" "I didn't want you to see me" "Tony,"

having waited a short spell was she concern "hey are you ok?" "I'm

fine,” "you don't sound fine" "should I call Dr. Lock" "no am fine"

"it'll pass,” "just give me a few more minutes". Not understanding

whether Anthony was re-living long dead emotions that had passed with

time and years now all rushing back. The horrible death of his only

family, the depression surrounding his memory loss, even the dream he

told her about whereas he was living directly across the street from his

past self, life.


"So where so you think they're all going?" Having coericed Anthony

onto an astonishing balchony where a light breeze tossed his glossy

mane. "Just recently Ash I imagined them going to and fro like such

unto the blood flowing through the veins continually, unto life." "That

if one thing happen to prevent this man who goeth continually there so

goeth the faith of nations,” "I apologize for that stupid outburst"

sipping a reheated, delicious cup "you should see it Tony when the sun

set right over there," "well it's hard to explain" "you got to see it,”

enchanted did he dream with her into a glorious for mere words heaven.

"My!” Conacting her startled heart into a priceless tickle, "what

an enormous bird," "god he is quite huge." "I'm sorry Ash,” "I told

you" "no I’m not talking about what just happen," "I'm sorry I hurt

you," "you know in the past." This is what Ashleigh was talking about,

although he was just as breathingly gorgeous as Anthony Dale Decorte,

did he, Anthony Dale now the philosopher bear a compassion, even a

devotion he'd never had before.

Not at all the arrogant, self centered bastard she'd grown to love,

too appreciate in spite of his faults. No he was now this tremendous,

darling man who actully cared at flattering her by his new found

passion, heck intimacy. By this new burning adorance of him for her did

she both see and feel life rearing it's complicated head, and what she

felt just at that given moment felt wondrous indeed.


Gliding from the elevator was something tall and sultry, his glossy

blonde mane askewly met, his stout vanity in a priceless three piece

suit, overlaid by a fabulous over coat, and matching scuff. Enticingly

suave, time suspended as did eye seeking wonder at his miraculous

advancing of the vast halls, minding nothing and no-body but his very

sheik, very gorgeous self all allocated by his places to be.

Smitten by his tremedous glory they tugged, pointed and blushed,

but as the walls and space lingered relentlessly in his emcompassing, so

did those daring his immediate consideration. Dashing about their

meaningless existence more incredible than power, more desirious than

fame, tremedously excellent, and lustfully adored.

This was Nicholas Coogan's first day in this grand antique of a

court place, did it bear all the resemblance of it tales told, both

small and great. Having made studying this case his habitation day and

night did he both eat and sleep this somewhat mysterious circumstance

right into tht pit of himself. With his team presenting the opening

arguments that very day none could tell how truly putrefied Nicholas

Edin was indeed.

Reminding himself of the special gift talk Tiffany gave him the

night before he left did he understand through her just like awesome

power lying dormand for the turn on, so awaited this tremedous talent

lurking deep inside. Yes right at the tip of his tongue, having only to

become whatever and whoever his client needed was he a genius waiting to

rejuvinate a hope gone desolate.


“How long Lynn since you of all people have been on time for the

opening argument?” “Not now Patrick please,” sedately passing her note

pad his way was this a side of Lynn, hell of the entire Macremore

offices he’d not seen. Truly if Nicholas Edin Coogan failed short of

all those anticipating something bondering on the line of extra-

terrestial he could never show his face in America again, let alone

Paris France. “I’ve never Lynn seen you this nonsensical about

anything,” laying her property roughly into her own lap “let alone a

rivial.” “Didn’t Mr. Macremore ask us to show our support today?” “Yes.

I did hear him say that,” “then Patrick what’s the problem?” “Look

around you Lynn,” “there’s enough of Macremore employees here to have a

sizeable siminar.” “Shhhh,” he’s getting ready to speak,” “and I’m

getting ready to vomit,” that under a destorted voice,” “Pack,” “Lynn,

needing them to make space for her, did an anxious as them Lorry squeeze

in between them. “So what did I miss?” “God it’s just not right for

a person to be that damn sexy.” “yeah just keep your bar on there are

adolences present.” “My Pack man what got your dandruff up?” All My

coworkers tripping over their tongue to see, greet and lest I forget bed

this Mr. Coogan.” “If only you knew Pack man,” “If only you knew.” “be

quiet you two or move,” “yeah like that’s gonna happen.” “I’m telling

you,” laughing under his breath, a hand over his mouth “call the

fire depart,” “hose them all down and then maybe.”


"Why don't we get a smaller place?" Intruding upon Tiffany just as

she’s to fold the bed down, "what's wrong with this place?" "Ashleigh

just moved into that new high rise on 67th,” "and girl they're gor-

geous!” "They do everything Tip except take you into the house and

tuck you into bed," "I simply loved them," "and the view Tip from her

bacony girl it's sinful." "You know I passed there the other day," as

one giving her nails a touch up "I liked what I saw, "it's lonly here

since Sissy left," laying decidedly across Tiffany’s bed which would

normally be a no, no, "lonely and ancient." "I'm talking about us

moving out of the yester year into the future," "I don't know Erica"

"I'll really missed this place" "what's too miss? "Think about this,"

excitedly springing up " a two bedroom luxury apartment with 2 baths,

eat in kitchen, wall to wall carpets, large walk in closets, furnished

or unfurnished,” “only minutes Tip from work and from the various malls,

theathers.” "There's twentyfour hours surveillance", "elevator

attendants" "hell Tip room service if we like." "You’re talking about

all the fast face perks we've ever wanted," "hell I'm going", literally

out of Tiffany’s door with this decision "you can stay here if you

like." "That's furnish or unfurnished?" Ideally giving Erica Lynn some

hope "I perfer furnished” "we can sell what we don't take." "I want my

bed" desiging an imaginable finger along the covers like so "I have good

memories of this bed.” Ummmm!” Tiffany having left herself wide open

for this one "care to share some of those memories" "no Erica Lynn I

wouldn't" blushing only as adorably as Tiffany Ann could "just thought

I’d ask", "god Tip I can't wait," doing a little jiggle into the hall

"they're suppose to call for approval tomorrow," "for approval huh?”

"Well yes," "I knew Tip you would see it my way.”


Ash!” “My lord what a suprise,” dressed in worn demims and

a fitted Tee apparently Anthony Dale wasn’t expecting company. “I

brought Chinese,” making ready to rest her jacket “it was your fav."

"I’m not destrubing you or anything?" "No," "of course not,” “”this Ash

is just the sweetest suprise that’s all.” "Wow!” getting an eye full of

his astonishing place, "you've been busy," "and god Tony,” coming in for

a feel and see, “these pillars," "they're fabulous." "Just give me a

minute.” escaping that he’s to see after his phone party, "so I did

interrupt you," "oh no," looking to tease him most of all "that was Dr.

Locklinair," "she and I have become friends," arranging a tense aware-

ness as this into fitted pockets "we talk on the phone sometimes." "Let

me get some plates for that," "so what has the good doctor ordered ?"

Researching all the more his clever furnishings "like I said," arriving

with plates, silverware at setting a dainty table "we just talk," she's

a pretty smart lady." "I'm the one that's sorry, " taking a seat as was

expected "it's really none of my business," "well" seeing they had

everything for their little get together but beverages “let me get

us something to drink.” "What do you like?" "Some white wine would be

good" "well what do you know?" Heartily rushing a sufficent bottle right

back, "I Ash just happen to have some." "Dr. Locklinair helped me shop

the other day, "I see," pankishly raising her glass for the pouring

"maybe that’s why I haven’t heard from you in days” "really Ashleigh", a

"it's not like that.” "You don't Tony have to defend yourself so,”

opening one of the boxes in question "you don't belong to me" "it would

seem Ash I don't belong to anybody" "you belong to you.” “Why are you

here Ash really,” “because Chinnese is terrible Tony all by your lone-

some “Ash?” “You don’t know it but everything you call me Tony I simply

melt into your good graces,” “meaning I get such a torrid lust for you.”

“Simply because I say.” “don’t say it,” pointing a fork, those to

perish in gray eyes at warning her “I’m warning you,” “I’ll not be

responsible for the lost of control,” ““then Anthony it shall be.“ “You

missed me?” “Yes,” “and I didn’t like the ideal you were alone although

I see Dr. Locklinair is,” “Dr. Locklinair is tempting Ash I’ll admit

it,” “but she can’t call me Tony the way you do,” bursting them both

into a healthy, very uplighting laugh “see,” “you’re so bad,” me,” “yes

Anthony Dale you.”


“So Here you are,” “where else Mill but these astonishing

falls?”Springing into an all at once adoration of an abounding landshape

having kept his senses pure for years now. “I just Cros got off the

phone with the realtors,” “there wasn’t but one good prospect

concerning the Artelon property,” “they’re convinced they can persuade

them otherwise.” “You’re not chickening out on me are you?” Grabbing as

to lay a forward into this stout forearm, a just as joining smooch. “no

Mill,” “of course not,” “actually I’m looking forward all the more.” “I

can’t but flatter myself regarding these amazing grounds,” “he Milla

being all knowing,” “indeed nothing being hidden from his sight.” “You

mean Cros that we’re all part of his predestine plan,” “yes,” all the

more aquainting himself to her, “that’s exactly what I mean.” “Suppose

he made this particular place on earth especially Mill for this parti-

cular moment right here,” “that you and I Mill would stand again join at

the hip and heart after we’d been this astronomical shipwreck at the sea of

life.” “I must admit Cros that’s a fasinating way to look at all of

this,” “how gloriously wonderful that all this beauty was staged so

stunningly Cros with us,” “Mr. and Mrs. Artelon in mind.” “I can’t

imagine Cros how much you,” “and lest I forget Pepper will miss this

place,” “although just imagine how wonderous the next episode of

existence here, on this planet with us Cros this madly in love?” “All

I’ve imagined it Mill,” carefully smoothing her hairline into an even

better adorance of all things lovely, “I’ve laid awake many nights

watching you sleep at imagining it,” “truly how wonderous my wife, how

unspeakably feel good through out the entirety of this very fluid of

life.” “We best go,” “ah Cros do we have to,” clinging all the

more to this unforgetable reunion “if we’re to be on time for Miss

Martha,” “yeah we best go.” ”It’s not going anywhere Mill,” walking

off arm in arm, “it’s all like our darling vow renewal,” “simply Mill

meant to be.” “Selling this place Cros,” “how will you ever part with

it?” “While I think for me Mill,” “even for us it’s served it purpose,”

“that perhaps there is another needing it’s unspeakable ability to

medicate the deepest, most hidden agender of a man’s heart,” “and who

Mill are we to stand in destiny’s way?” “Of course I should’ve known,”

“Christian Cros,” “the generous hearted,” “never only thinking of

himself,” “but how his purpose here is to benefit somebody else.”


“I can’t believe this is really happening,” “ah come on Tip,” don’t

make such a big deal of it.” Charmed at the ideal of putting the old

behind her Tiffany had lived in that house long before Erica and Susan,

it was the home her parents abandoned to her when they fled New York

over 4 years ago, understandably did the house bear for her a semblance

of sentimental value. “Just you leave me alone Erica Lynn,” having

packed and sold items for weeks now was the house as vacant as Tiffany

felt her breaking heart, “let me deal with this my way.” “All I’m

saying just imagine once more that astonishing bed and bath of yours,”

“go on,” dismaying Tiffant at contacting her face like so, “close your

eyes,” “breath slowly,” “deeply and imagine even more the unspeakable

balchony that’s to spin off of that just as amazing bed and bath.” “You

know what Erica Lynn,” “it’s very seldom,” “but you have a point.”

“Look I know what this house has meant for you,” “heck for Sissy and I

both,” “both Tiffany good and not so good where the times here,” “but

surely one can’t exist without the other right?” “Hey,” contacting her

arm life so, “we’re simply going on,” “marching forward,” “as life here

Tip often demand.” “Yeah,” easing a gentle thought into a seat in the

window seal, “I comprehends all of the above,” “and am I impressed Erica

at how well you put it all.” “Yeah I’m beginning to think being im love

with your future husband,” “the kinship to you he is has Tip rubbed off

on me.” “You mean the fact suddenly Erica Lynn has an humanitarian

heart after all.” “Look you go on,” “speaking of Nicholas I think I’ll

call once more from this location,” “you know spend some of that

sentimental value that it won’t build up unecessarily.” “Well don’t

forget Sissy is expecting us for dinner,” as one tapping her watch,”no

later than seven,” “I’ll be there,” “you don’t think I’m gonna miss

Sissy’s delicious cooking do you?” “Well I love you,” having come, taken

both of her hands into this touching union, “everything Tip regarding us

is gonna work out,” “the powers that be insist.” “Thanks,” granting her

a slight pat to the back hug at realizing Erica was referring especially

to her and Nicholas long distance relationship did tingling emoitions

bear forth into a spill over ”I love you too.”


“So long for tonight?””You’re Susan Faye right?” “Right,” did she

play along kittishly “then why don’t you order me from this merciless

work desk right into that lovely bedroom of ours that I’m to make

amazing love to you.” “Order you huh?” “Yes, Please,” “I’ll possible be

so unprepared for court tomorrow they’ll throw me out on my ear but what

the hell?” “Is this Sye reverse physcology,” “that depends on whether

it’s working or not.” “You really enjoyed having Erica and Tip here

tonight didn’t you?” With wife Susan easing into his thinking sofa, did

husband Syefan Erin lay easily with his head in her nap. “Yeah but

didn’t Tip seem a thousand miles away?” “Try three thousand,” “see Sye I

don’t think it was about Nickie at all,” “then what?” I’m afraid Sye

most of the time only God’s knows,” “and I mean that literally.” “Well

despite that you have to amdmit Sissy it was a wonderful nigt still.”

“though sye I expected more inquring by them surrounsing Jeremy,” “while

if you think about it Sissy,” “Jeremy is one of the sadest stories ever

written and people just don’t won’t to be reminded of how terrible all

this can go.” Um, what a genius what of putting that,” “it make all the

sense in the world Sye,” “why tamper with an ancient denial,” “it’s had

for centuries worded so well.” “Do you mock me?” “Sure,” playing his

soft, soothing mane, “I’m the wife, “ I’m allowed.” “Father always said

that’s what was wrong with man, especially the white man.” “He was

always Sissy feeding off of and choking to death on his own vomit,”

“bringing to mind he would then say an age old question,” “will a dog

return to his own vomit?” “Again he said yes,” “that it’s evidence every

time the Americans went to the voting booth.” “That’s kidda gross huh?”

Yeah but it also honey make a lot of sense,” “you know why Sye there’s

nothing new under the sun.” “No I paused not at this griddy analology,”

“I think it’s the first time I’ve heard you refer to any wise words

regarding your father,” “that’s sis becauzse father story like Jeremy’s

is another story most sad.” “Not thinking Sye but is it where you and

your son have something remarkly sad, but remarkably common.” “I never

Sissy considered that,” “not until just as you were to remind me.” “I

better get back to work,” rising into a lengty. stretch and yawn, “just

don’t keep me waiting all night,” “soon babe I promise,” contemplating

Susan’s exit did Syefan Erin also consider what’d cleverly been revealed

to them both. Was he indeed a child like Jeremy fearing all the more

this big world having lost one of his greatest guiding campanions?


"It's late Tony I better go,” “come on why don’t you stay?"

Helping Ashleigh Michelle with her coat, that regretful exit “I have a

more than sufficient,” pausing at her shaking a head of resistance “I

don’t think that would be a good ideal.” “I mean I couldn’t Anthony if

I wanted to," "but you want to right?” “I have an ideal," "why don't you

meet me at the center later,” “the center?” That he’s to understand her

better, “the fashion center,” still as one drawing a blank, “where I

work,” “ah you mean for lunch or something like that,” “no I mean I

could easily cast you as a model," "me?" Contacting himself unbe-

lievingly at flooping skeptically into a seat away "a model?” “My god

don't you know how gorgeous you are?" "How very perfect?" "I look in the

mirror now and then,” “so you do know how excessive you are?" Coming

into a kneel down to him at pleaidng her cause, "sometimes," dotting

this cutest nose of hers "but I'm no model." "You don’t remember,”

coming up into a seat to him “but I've always tried to get you to

model," "your height,” "your build," "that strong chismed face,"

pinching his cheeks like so "and god those incredible gray eyes."

"Tiffany would more than love you," springing up additionally into that

exit “she’ll eat you right up.” "Tiffany?" "Tiffany and Erica,”

“they're in charge of choreographing everything I guess." "Walk me to

the elevator?” “Just come,” playfully jarring her shoulder into his “and

if Anthony Dale still feel uncomfortable he can just keep me company."

"Earth to Tony," seeing he’s to go away momentarily at considering “did

you say Tony,” “you’re coming or not?” “And what time shall I be there?”

Not knowing how much she wanted to take him up on his offer, to stay

with him, to possibly find themselves in those extraordinary places of

ogasmic erupting, the unspeakble lover he was, truly they were both

both consenting adults, “ten,” blurting out suddenly, “an hour before

Dissausion’s bewitching hour of course.” “You sure Ash I can’t change

your mind?” “Of course Tony you can and that’s why I’m leaving,” “then

I have just one other question,” “will you,” as one nerving her up in-

tensely at pulling at his throat to say “accompany me to lunch after-

wards?” “Yes,” tickling at him taunting her so “sure I’ll be glad to,”

“goodnight Ton,” “I mean Anthony,” “yeah,” backing off discontentedly

“I’ll see you later.”

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