Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XXIX


     "What is that Nicholas the fourth bottle?" Celebrating their victory in court earlier that day, that as of 2:00 that afternoon Mr. Clifton was a free man, something no one thought possible. "You better go easy Nicholas Coogan for someone who doesn't think, drink Phil man, for someone who doesn't drink and you're one to talk, well sort of talk. Such partying company included Ly Lnn Chow, her near to be  fiance Nun Con'Nah Lue,, as so Mananas, who for now was Phillip's Mance girl, well sort of, she being heads over hellis in love with Nicholas Edin. There was Bjamein Paui Kroff and his lovely friend Salanda, Alyson and her friend Ansome, they were all having a come wild party of a celebration. "Sir" approaching with yet a fancy, no doubt priceless liquor thus was the warning to Nicholas from a dunk himself Phillip Mance, of course they all were, drunk.  "Complimentary from a lady at the bar, damn Nicko man, what's that, like the 7th bottle? I'm sorry, am I hearing that Phil is a little, or a lot ah what is that, ah word, ah, jealous? Okay, I admit, now read the note, okay, okay, give me a minute to get my eyes just right, what, how many of them are you seeing? A lot okay, a lot, it says, Ly Lnn, you wanted help me with this? It's says Ly Lynn? It says what Nicko man, come on before I fall out on my face, it says what? Yes, ah yes, my love, I will, I will marry you! Ahhh, something different, finally a proposal, it's about time, what is it Nicko man, it's about time. If you do not see, it is Bjamein, this is more likable, what pray and say is your answer? Don't talk Okay Bja, it's confusing, is the friend Nicklas getting, ah, ah, its married Baj man, married, ah, yeah, that's a freaking marriage proposal, let me see you top that Ann man,, Nicholas" worrying after him as to catch him before his face met with the floor, had they never seen him not his professional self, "So what you say Nicko man or you too drunk to say? Be quiet, control yourself everybody, she asked me, please, everybody be still. Where is she, there," as to work and turn his shoulders in the right direction, from a distant yet approaching they couldn't tell if they knew her. "That stunning darling right there, coming closer, damn it man, hey Nicko, what? You're looking all ghosty, I odn'tthink that' a word, what is it that the Coogan predator see? Tiffany Ann, spilling his eyes, nose, into a speedy wipe as someone who couldn't believe his eyes, ear, his heart, especially being as drunk as he was. I see Tiffany Ann, woo, she is quite dazzling isn't she? Did he say Tiffany? Yes, he did, as in the fiance, as Phil in the get away fiance, ah Tiffany. woo, she is incredible,"coming into them this sure one, stunningly all decked in the most gorgeous short black dress, one accenting those stupendous legs of hers into that magnetic figure and they all as magnetized as Nicholas Edin himself. "What are you? I'd convinced myself I wouldn't see you ever again, this better not be a dream. I would love to pinch you Nicholas Edin and see, okay Phil that sound kinda not right, right, you right, Tiffany, yes," taking, examining his powerful, strong hands into hers, did it all become horribly real not just for him, but for herself, just a crippling validation. "It's me Nicholas, it's really me." And by me, she meant just these illuminating, even bewitching eyes, long, silken edible strands, the emphasis on edible, just this bedazzling temptress, with emeralds eyes set into them. No! Aggressively, even confusingly pulling his hand back, moving off as one embarrassed to admit, not only was he more thrown off, this just wasn't happening.  "You see I am intoxicated, probably the first time in my life and you, you are a fabrication, a good one, I admit, you look exactly like I imagine. Okay, okay I'm done, will someone here please take me to my room, Nicholas, what are you doing? It is me, I'm here, I've come, no, you haven't, you ran from me remember, you ran!" Blinking back tears at stumbling around with Bjamein into a seat, that he remember, that tearing his heart right out, Tiffany gone, lost. "What is wrong with you, you don't drink, and you, you Tiffany, you stop running to me long ago, then you show up here  and I'm too drunk to know and, and you, you expect me to think this is real, This, this, this Nicholas Edin is me," as one roughly taking his hand, laying it across her beating heart, even the panic rise and fall of her breast, but no, it still couldn't be her, "So you, you are the marriage proposal, what a joke, what a freaking joke! After all of our lives, after every tittle and nothing more to give you Tiffany Ann Saurus want to marry. I'm leaving, Nicholas, I can get you to your room if you want, well Phil I can, thank you Manasseh, thank you, you are a friend." Beyond any proper description Nicholas Edin's Tiffany had a beauty, a presence that was benumbing, just this wordless visionary  experience and Nicholas was sickly possessed totally without any of them, now seeing her to undoubtedly question it. "You just gonna leave me here, I come, I find you and you, okay then. back to the airport, he is Tiffany intoxicated, I tell you, looking at you, I'm sure I'm just one of many witnesses here, you, wait, wait, wait, you are really here and you think I don't want you, here? You see I told myself, even swore, mad a vow, whatever Tiffany you call it," with them all standing in attention, hearing the emotions cracking in his voice, seeing him both this hurt and this relieve,  "I just can't believe, it's a, that you are here, but baby, I am," as to reach her hand to him soon toddling right to her, right into arms, her sweet, sweet neck on his, at easing into her warm breath, tongue, just this insatiable swallow and if this was a dream Nicholas Edin Coogan would never, ever wake up. Ah, thank you guys, damn good work today, see you, ah. the morning I guess, ah you sure about that? Okay, who the hell? I'm sure it's Tiffany, yeah I heard that, okay then another line of questioning, how, how does, he, how did, what is she? You mean Phil beside heart to breath mesmerizing, hell let me check my own pulse, she's Indian right, I mean wow, amazing, talk about your fly, or ant on the wall, nall, she's  Latino, she's freaking riveting. I mean, he told me she was something beautiful, she's a whole lot, ah damn more, than that, yeah, that's definitely worth the hunt, wait, into forever and eternity. Man, that's funny, funny Ly Lnn what, I was beginning to think she was only a fantasy, that's just it Lyn, for a lot of us, that ah, ah, person, she still is, excuse me, ah a fantasy, like you  Ly Lnn for most men. Like me, I'm going to the lady's room, Man! Yeah, me too, actually I thought we were going to, I'll be back, ah think we said too much? No man, not at all, I think we lusted too much, you think, ah, see that's what I get, Nicholas and I had connecting rooms, I could've easily pretend to just stumble in and got on, in their erotic, ah reunion; only three Phil is a crowd, plus Nicholas would kill you and I, I would help him disappear your dead body and like Mr. Clifton help him get off, message Ann, ah, man, loud and clear!"

                                            ...OUR FATHERS TRUSTED IN THEE ...
                                                                      SCENE III

     -"What is it? I still can't believe you're here, it's like a miracle, this just isn't right, none of this is right," as one tossing the contents of her bag everywhere, Nicholas had to admit, Tiffany was different. Hey, hey, hey, unpack later, we, ah the guys I was with last night, we Tiffany won our first murder case, everybody thought it," as one following, bringing the conversation onto the balcony, even getting a thought how wonderful it would be to have breakfast out here, "Like I was saying, we  won our first case today, one everyone thought was impossible, you are brilliant Nicholas and now they know it. What is it? I just feel so much is wrong still, none of this seem real, you know not after, not after? Do you know how truly beautiful you are? Somewhat Nicholas I guess you can say, my fiance'e has this real habit of telling me that, he's a really smart fellow your fiancee, you probably want to hold on to him. It's okay you, you probably want to go, yeah, ah no, it's, what day is this? It's Saturday, we can go out, or we can eat right here, have something brought up, yea, I like that better,. So tell me Tiffany, this fiancee you mention, do you know how much he loves and need you? Yes, that's why I had to get to him, find my way here Nichols no matter what, who, how, so yes, as much as I love and need him,. She, want him to know one other thing, she is really famished, okay, don't you move, don't breath unless you have too, I'm warning you, this place Tiffany, it's going to spoil you." {{{"Nicholas Coogan, Nun Con'Nah Lue Nicholas where are you? I'm completely surprised, the Bates files, we agreed to get into it first thing this morning, I did, didn't I, look I know your stunner girl is there and prying yourself away is impossible, but it was your ideal that we do this now. "I'm there, stunner girl and all, let us Lue grab some breakfast, so in about an hour, see you then Mr, Coogan, see you then. So what he say, they are coming, they, he said they, Phi, calm down, stop acting childish or I'll cancel. "Look, when they get here, don't make a big deal out of it, especially around your own girl, she's all that and beyond but show some self control man, some professionalism, I will Lue if you will. So where is she? I saw Nicholas, so, so what Blaze man, so all smoke, mirrors and drinking, look up, but don;t stare, the ladies room area, and close your damn mouth, woo, yeah look ,it's beginning to cloud up and rain, out their, the window, ah my god Nicko man, yall weren't playing, not playing, not mistaking that woman is, I don't know man, I don;t freaking know. How man, how? You mean how in the world did a pending front cover himself Nicholas Edin end up with such a world over trophy of a woman? Whew she is really something, come on guys snap out of it and you stop it with the attitude? You acting all jealous, Niemyer, Solander, Pe'ten  did I Bja man get them all? You know, damn thing bout it, this name even, Biamein, not Bja, Nichlas only, ok, Coogan only, yeah well I know you're a prick and now a jealous one. Hey guys, come on, don't spoil this time together, you never know, if I'm to believe its' like a miracle she's here, remember what Nicko said last night, told her she couldn't be here as she was dead, remember that? We're professional examples of the law, we're going to look pretty bad starting a fight like high schools boy over someone else's girl. I agree. Now I'm off to meet this mystery woman, so when I touch her, I'll know like us she is flesh and blood, just so amazingly put together, huh?  You Phil man, you have a problem and you should keep it away from her in honor of Nicholas Edin, yeah well jealousy don't look good on you either"     >>>"What? Look at you, you're so tired, I'm kind of tired yes, then why don't I run you a hot bubble bath, you climb into something very comfortable and let me hold you all night long, how about that? I knew there was a reason I proposed marriage at the first sight of you, that sound so amazing,  I just want you to remember, you'll here now, okay? You're here now Tiffany and I know, you're to never, ever let me go, never again Tiffany Ann, never again.   <<<You want to see me? Mrs. Stuart and I have a fantastic ideal about the cover of the calendar and we want to know if you'll do one more poses, sadly with your clothes on. Sure, if it will help, one more thing, you would have to pose with Vincent, Vincent Steele? As long as I don't have live with the guy, wow thanks, just let me know when, I will, "thanks. Though Sissy something tells me Ash still haven't told him, Anthony easily agree to pose with his rival, Vincent. You think we should tell her, so she won't feel betrayed, I think Sissy we should give Vincent a leave of absence, improper treatment of a fellow employee until we have something more concrete. Do you know Sissy how furious  Anthony is going to be with us if we don't take some kind of action against him? Plus it just might bring into the light what's in the dark, that now that I have thought about, okay, let's do it, but Eriica, once this Calendar is set for charity, she what falls out."


                        ...THEY TRUSTEST AND THOU DID DELIVER THEM...
                                                              SCENE IV

    "Ah my Jesus, Tiffany is here, I still can't believe it," stepping from the shower, glancing upon his stout muscular build, he'd literally crawled out of bed as not to  awake her. "Now how to keep her here, soon she'll have Dissuasion on the brain, making ready for work, had the week end past as wonderful as it could having her there with him. I admit, she'd had a hard night's rest, tossing and turning, murmuring in her sleep, " wrapping a towel, this perfect about his perfect nudeness he into attending his teeth, moussing his hair, and checking his nails. Man, I have  this meeting with some of the top executives at the firm or I could call this whole thing off, probably still need too, yeah I can just see and hear Mrs. Bass right now.' No doubt they're be discussing a possible partnership here, of adding the Coogan name to a long list of them "Nicholas, Nicholas, I'm here,"as one stepping from the walk in closet, just this beyond gorgeous, only to sadden her, it was apparent he was leaving.her. You're leaving me? I don't want too, I have an important meeting that's mandatory, as one leg by leg pulled his slacks on, all the more reminding her how she did not want to be lone,  "Just come with me" "Tiffany, hey, remember me, you're already dressed, I know, but you still have lots of time. I'd convinced myself since I was dead inside, didn't even know how I got here, I woke last night and you was bsides me, and since I was dead, I would never Nicholas find you, us again. Look at me, ou you found me, ok, look, look at me neither of us are dead okay, We have this wonderful life ahead of us Tiffany,, I just know it and so do you,that's why, even how you found us.Now you do what you do to come even more amazing if that's possible and let me get that",{{{"Hello, ah, Nicholas Coogan, Nickie, Sye? I'm afraid I have bad news about Tiffany, Sissy and I found out her plane came in, but she was no, Sye, hello, Sye, hey,  I know okay, I know, you know, Tiffany's here, she's here with me, Nickie says she's there?Ah thank god, when did she get there? Sometime yesterday, ah last night, well how is she? To be honest Sye, not too good, I mean I've never seen her so distraught, jey Nickie, I,I, I  can't hear you, Sye, hey, I said I've never seen her this bad Sye, not even when Michael died and you know how bad that was, I don't even see how she even made it here, how the hell did sh find me? Look I'm getting dress, I don't know Sye, she's like this lost, ah child. I think I'm afraid to leave her alone, Sye sometimes she look at me like she don't even know me or a if  she's looking straight through to someone of some place else. Nickie, she witnessed Agurus's death, she watch those terrorist bastards shoot him down in the street, ah god", with Nicholas showing mouth gapping awe towatd the restroom where he could hear shower waters, saying Tiffany was worse than Michael's era, mean she was more than suicidal. "Armin, his cousin had to pick her up and carry her out of there because she, she threw a tantrum refusing to leave him, that Nickie man has to have some serious mental repercussions, Yeah, "wiping a dampen upper lip, into a moisten sniff, as so a burning nose, along a tighten throat, at the very thought of how greatly she'd suffered. "You best not leave her alone, ah Sissy is here, want to speak to her, hello Sissy, good too hear your voice too, ah Tiffany went into the shower, no she seem tired, I guess you can say, I'll make certain she call you all just as soon, I promise.. No, not really, she's not talking about it, but it's more so,like it didn't happen, trying to be brave, even Sissy, so I don't fall apart, but it's apparent she's hurting, well you know I am, ok, yeah ok, talk to you then, yeah, ah, bye.}}}.     >>>"{{{What's that? I don't understand" as one sitting  right up, swallowed a thick throat, "wait a minute you haven't, no you tell me just how much trouble a re we in? No,I said no, what you deaf now, she said she had a test to, I don't know long enough to have pizza, no, no, no, shaking, disagreeable head quite angry, wondering just before people do soethng swfu ldo they ever stop to thnk? My god, about seven, seven thirty, well Brent have they and this is?I tried to tell you, I said what if it goes wrong? Ok, Morg, yes, just calm down, you don;t know anytthng for, who saw her fall? Where, because that is th first, you didn;t nothing, no evidence whatso, okay, I guess I'm going to come, you think you can round enough guys that we can do a drag net between here and there? Yes"look lets just hope she's sfitted in dark corner somewhere crying it all off, you think it's more serious, is that Morg because you know and is not tellint me o you're guesisng because you haven't foound her, good bye ai;m on my way}. He said hopefully she's in a dark corner somewhere crying it all off, but he doesn't more anymore than we do, or so Morg he says. You all go, keep looking, I'll meet with Brook',catch up with you guys, come rise, go, Marked Tree, you with me? Yeah, Morg sure, what man what? Nothing  Alien Mohawk man, if you don't know, I can't tell you, look Tyler is missing and I'm coming? What time is it? So no one has seen her
since she left here last night, yeah, ah no, the Burger center about seven, seven thirty, how you know that, ha, Brent, he told me I'll be right, I hope it's not, ah you know, well don't think that, ayo uthnk I want to but Reagan Tyler fit T-Kamb's customs of kidding girls just like her, I know no one want to say it, but it's true, scary as hell so.

                                 ...BUT I AM A WORM AND NO MAN...
                                                       SCENE VII

     "What is this, why are you suddenly so disjointed? ~I'm talking to the man in mirror~ cute lyrics, I thought you had court this morning, are you in love in with Nicholas Coogan? What do you mean Phil, aren't we all? It was very obvious that you were very uncomfortable seeing him with his friend and that mean I'm in love with him? I don't know Man, you tell me? I have some feelings for Nicholas, don't play with me, most women have feelings for Nicholas, even I have feelings for the man, are you in love with him? That is the question, does he even know how you feel, Yes, I've been as honest as always, but he doesn't share your feelings? If he has your heart where do I fit into this puzzle?" I don't know, to be honest Phil I didn't think you really cared, well I do and our relationship will not last if your heart belong to another. I love you, I know I don't tell you that enough, but that doesn't change how you feel about him right? What can I say Phil, the heart want what the heart want, well you're no longer competing with a fantasy, Tiffany is very real, yeah I was their when you guys fell allover yourselves about her, kinda Phil embarrassing. You need some help? Putting these files in Macremore and Vance order Phil could take all day, well I don't have all day , but I can donate a could hours, so what's M&V order, thankfully it's color coded, and numerical and you smell really good, you thank? My sis, my last birthday gift, I like it, it's almost lunch, what if we put this off until them, I'd plan to skip, but since you;re helping ,ah I been dying for Chinese, then Chinese me lady it is."    >>>"Everybody listen up, as we all know, the authorities won't do anything until after twenty-four hours, for those of you who don't know me "I'm Marked Tree, the last one to see Reagan Tyler before she ventured out later, We have enough people to do  little drag-net of our own, this is my cousin,  Alien Mohawk and a couple of his friends, so what are we doing Tree? Excuse., what Payten what? Look for a hjane doe at the hospital, Jokim did you heat, he said look for a jane doe at the hospial,,ok, you and Morgan, where did he go? he kind ran off, poke, you guys go, go, until you let us know different, we're going on with our plans. Ah we just check everything, everywhere and body and meet at the Bulshop in an hour, every got that, we do a drag net from here to the Bulshop and we don't leave no stones unturn my one things I walsy wanted to say and lets just hope she is somewhere safe, crying it off, These are my brothers Omri and Myra we want to help, good, the more the better, did I see Paten, what was that he whispered, man who knows, right, I say we get this show on the road, I think my brother's I Marked will began our search from Tylers's place into Bulshop,  I like it, see you in an hour, ah you guys I have quarters if anyone need them, I'm going after Medicine, I promised him, he could help, hey Alien, yeah, ah we each have like 5 miles radius, everyone have their walkies, talkies/ Okay, then, you find Tyler or the next best thing, meaning her location  you alert the rest of us, so on my mark, get ready, get set, let's go."

                                         ...A REPROACH OF MEN...
                                                        SCENE VIII

     "This shouldn't take long. hopefully in time for lunch, lunch sounds good, say she who eats like a bird," Coming off of the elevator as those truly unaware, Nicholas and Tiffany's very sultry entry grew instant and admirable attention. "Wow, such a perfect match, girl please, miraculous, impeccable is what those two are, a fashion designer, no, I mean look at her, she is fashion, you think she design her own clothes? Look at them, so strong, bold and beautiful, so vivacious says the cover, Don't make me slap you, what? What/ This is not a publication for a magazine,  I mean whatever they have you hope it's contagious and all his colleagues are infected into be as stylist and en vogue as Nicolas Edin Coogan." It wasn't so much what Nicholas was parading as faras his prestigious trend characterized but rather the tall, gorgeously benumbing temptress he was leading by the hand, and she at his beckon call. News is really spreading about those two,, what kind of news  that Nicholas woman is in town and the fact she was the yang to his yen and beyond everything else, yeah, well she look like, good for him, Nicholas is an astonishing man, he deserve an equally deserving, woman, and that Felicia didn't sound the lest bit envious.Ah April don't get me wrong I hate her, just as we all do, it's that I'm gonna spend that energy where it actually matter. . They made Charmingly, energetic and immensely romantic, just possessing her as one would an invaluable fortune, O how he adore her like a precious treasure, ah god I want one, here, what's this it's a number, and what I'm three hundred thousand, ah tha not thousands, look again, ah cute, I'll live three life times before this number is called, that is no annoying and so cute, lunch? Never thought you would ask." Sporting an intriguingly peculiar three piece teed suite, gray in tint, with bell bottom slacks, sprinkle marvelously of burgundy, undoubtedly to accent a sixties style, matching over coat, with a silken burgundy scuff tucked about the collar. Such a contemptuous attire demonstrated both her dauntless versatility and untamed personality, the primary components of vitality, thus Tiffany Ann and Nicholas Edin were just as was being gossiped all around, simply a grand pair.  "I hate to bring you here and rush off, I'm gonna work on my sketches, remember?" You stunning Mr. Coogan inspire me, good, ah so good, granting her the most simplest yet erotic smooch, was Tiffany reminded how lost she was without him, you are so gorgeous and I Tiffany, I am so proud that you're mine, and that you're finally here with me, I won't be long, I can't be, I miss you already, you take your time, tell me when yo get back.     >>>It's Mohawk, he's in and out the walkie, but I think he saying she's there, that they found her, ah here, take my keys, my car, find out for sure, bring us news to Bulmart, sound really good, see you there, hey, be careful, I am, I will. That's what Paten whispered in your ear wasn't it, sort of, but keep it to yourself, Tkamb is everywhere and we don't wanna make him another target., my lips are sealed, good, yeah there's a silver lining, Tyler might me found, but in ICU, it's still touch and go with her, right? God, wherever she is Tomas man, I hope she's alright,so how long to go, look to be about twenty minutes or so. You Marked, you got someone special in your life? You mean Tomas beside seven other brothers, you have seven brothers? Yeah, and just the eerie feeling the parents still aren't finished, you know he can't drive right, hat he never learn, and you;re telling me this now! Just playing with you man, just playing, red skin, that was very obvious just now.    >>>I found you Nicholas. because I couldn't think about nothing but getting to you, I knew if I just found you", Armin he was like whatever you want, wherever  just tell and i'll get you there, I thought he was just talk, what I told you , Sye told me what happen? Armin told him he told me, Tiffany, tha she's to snuggle even more permanent this ham-mot these stunning Macremore balconies, I'm sorry,baby I'm sorry, I just want you to know, you can talk to me, seven days of mourning, excuse, where one or the other is killed, there;'s a seven day stay until mortuary, So I;m to thank Armin  for helping you find me, no, he found you, I gave him your name, address and,and Nicholas the next I knew i as looking at you and you was looking at me, My baby found me, yes, and I'll do it again, I i couldn't help Nicholas thinking how little he probably though I had for his brother, coming straight after you, no, he wouldn't have done what he did , he did that to honor you, to Tiffany show his appreciation you, I guess, I got something i want you to see, close your eyes, first, okay, okay, I trust you, now, ah my god Tiffany, you, you drew,sketched, yes, while you was so busy today,  its a wedding dress, yes, my first, I designed it with us in mind, Tiffany, beside you, I've never, I call it the Maaseiah, as in Nicholas, made of God, Jehovah, so royal it has a name, wow, I'm, speechless, good meaning my labor wasn't in vain, right? The seventh day, Tiffany, when is it? Um, wiping fresh tears from her nose, her lips as to swallowed them away, she'd been doing like this countdown in her head, ah, tomorrow, ah, Armin described what wold happen in perfect order, so much so Nicholas though i'm not allow, the only reason Nicholas they let me go, is because Armin promised they wouldn't see me again, and if they did, they would kill us both,I ma so sorry baby. i'm so sorry, I know, look at us we;re spilling our love every, ah, every, where, but his details about it, they he  fully explained, it would be as though I'm there, can we go in now, I;m cold, yeah, you're trembling, what happen to us Nicholas,, how did I end up in such a dark place? Seeing he;s to let down the bed, and admittedly boy was she ready, she's been so tired since she ran to him, craving and loving every bit of it. What Nicholas, please, so you saying you have amnesia? Sort of yes, what happen to us? I don't know, just this breakdown, this Tiffany torn apart for now, and unable to come to our senses, you mean my senses, ah god how that must of hurt, it was more terrifying than anything, ah rock, paper, scissots butter or caramel popcorn? You decide, I'm going to relax n a hot bath, drift off to heaven foe a while, but you coming back right? Alway, Nicholas Edin, always,"  

                                         ..AND DESPISED OF THE PEOPLE...
                                                             SCENE IX

"Who could that be?" Glancing the peep hole, wondering who could be calling on her? None of her acquaintances knew where she lived. "Ash, please, baby we can't run from this, hide although I know we want to" pressing her back hard into the wall, hiding, crying, wiping, not wanting to be found, even resolved, not right now. "Don't you think it would be easy for me also to run from this, to decide I don't want to deal with such impossible odds stacked against us. I believe in you Ash, I believe in us, please. How did you even find me, what do you want? To talk, thats' all, no Tony, I've told you how I feel, there's nothing to talk about, I swear you're not being honest with yourself, hell with me and that alone Ash is a problem that will never go away?" "No, no, ni that I'm wrong, what about how I feel Ash? I mean I've tried very hard not to consider my feelings in all of this, thinking it wasn't fair, but I have them still Ash, they refuse to just go away, hide away this maze of pretend, I don't want that or you, and I don't want that for me,  It seems you forgot we were a couple before, that we weren't just friends, my god Ash I'm so tired, I'm not eating like I should, sleeping, please help me, so what Tony I thought my life was bad? Thatt's not what I'm saying, only that I'm suffering too and I, I can relate, you can relate, really? Stop doing that, stop twisting my sincerity into an opposing argument, I;m jjt say Ash we werre planning a life together for godsakes, what am I suppose to do with how I feel? That's just something you have to work out, damn it  girl", he hit the door, startling as one dancing off angrily, getting some attention o various persons coming and fro, "So if we'd been married we would be divorcing now? To hell with all the promises all the vows, huh Ash?" I just wasnt o left alone Tony, ok, are you afraid of me Ash? Is that it? Listen to me, you are the most handsomely darling man I've ever known, don't even say it Ash, this isn't about whether I can have any woman, you know I'm looking real stupid talking to this door, okay, okay, you win, later, or perhaps not.  I miss you too Tony" breaking down into the floor this hard cry, she made the world right now, wanted to hurt it as it's hurt her, that included Anthony.   >>>"Tiffany, I'm sorry, wha, what, did you say? Poached Simon, your favorite, you gonna eat? I'm not really, it's what you said you wanted it, so just a little, for me, I'm not some freaking child, okay, as one coming up, storming off angrily, of course into apologies late no doubt, "I'm not hungry, damn it! Okay, don't eat, don't get so upset, well you, you want to talk about it? Talk Nicholas about what exactly? As one getting hurriedly out, onto the balcony, it was as he'd told Sye, even that she was blaming herself. "You should eat Nicholas, ready to bed, you have an early morning, don;t worry about me, I won't worry about you, if you don't tell me not to. I know, I  hate this, I hate the last six months ever happen, that took you so far away from me, I so hate them, but Tiffany they did, they happen despite how much I despise it. Okay look,  I can't begin to imagine how you're feeling loosing Agurus like that, but I can tell you, I can tell you Tiffany how I'm feeling, helpless, confused, I have no ideal what just happen even why. This I do know, right this very moment, I know one thing, I'm heads over hill, heaven and earth about you, that Tiffany mean prick you guess what? I'm going in, taking your advice, I am tired, you are not alone, as long as I live you are never alone, you;re not in place Tiffany screaming your head off and no hear you, as I told you day one I hear you.. I was thinking about what Armin said, it's Nicholas like we live in two different world, tell me, I want to hear it. You sure, with new tears spilling a golden brown hue about her, or Nicholas always imagined. "You sure about that? Those who took Agurus' life, though I know it, I can't call their name, in their eyes I'm Nicholas only a woman cursed and they're men, made in Allah's image. They would now be responsible for delivering him, readied to mortuary to his family, with his remains would be a white envelope, in that envelope Nicholas would be the name of all those responsible and enough money, thousands, so after they're done paying for the burial, the family won't be left so financially burden, Agurus being the head of his family. I, Agurus wife, I was to pass to his brothers, but since I was foreigner the second eldest would decides what to do with me, kill, enslave me or exile me, meaning we're equally blessed that person was Armin, yes, I'm beginning to realize I possibly owe him more than I can ever repay, good night, don;t stay up too late."

                                                    SCENE X

     "Well that adds into the hardest thing I ever had to do Barb, Jason cried and Daniel sound so sad he made me cry, every Saturday for the last seven years he and I and eventually the boys hung out. Tomorrow is Saturday it's our baseball morning, come on baby don't do this to yourself, anyway look, come mesmerized with that breathtaking sunset.  "Well Sye over there is blaming himself, he feels responsible since it was his ideal to send him after Tiffany, I think we all Bradford know whose the blame. The only think ones that should be held accountable for Agurus's death are the ones who so viciously murdered him, and who else was Sye going to send, Agurus is that man, well was, anyway, I guess there some truth to that also, I just hope she's satisfied and will get her pretty ass as you Barb call it, somewhere and sit down, well as I said I don't blame her, but I do wish she would can it with the heroics, speaking Barb of pretty Asses, you talk this Royce guy yet, or I go forgo killing him, you can play with something like that Brad, right now. I want my wife back Barb, I can sense this guy restricting us, you, what we suppose to have. Tell me it is only my imagination, that when I go to touch you there's a problem, even a mistrust, I know I todl ou I , moving from tthe glass doors into  seat the foot of the bed, they'd been in Morocco some days now, they Syfan and Susan, where Tiffany Ann last mental  breakdown had landed the, they had a flight early the next morning, couldn't wait to get back to the children, maybe you're too impressed by it, like Barb playing with fire, getting up, into the bed, hi feet literally touching her thigh, Barbara Ann was frighten, frighten that husband Bradford was right. "I mean being a shrink yourself, is this your prelude to a mid life crisis? I'll do it when we get back, all I know you're do it, but only when you want to, right? If this man Barb is in my wide's head, in our marriage bed, in my wife, then this has already gone too far, it's mental adultry and you know it, I said I'll talk to him damn it! And I said don't do me any favors, you can't fix this until you admit something is wrong, something is cracked, even broken, and like me, you r loving husband you're terrified.     >>>So, laying her head into Syefan's juicy, edible, bare chest right now, being on the other side of the planet for it's dramatic reasons wasn't so romantic, but this, spending this kind of private time with Syefan Erin, was very special. "Now Sye would be a good time, I'm sorry babe, a good time for what? You know what, no, I don't, stop hinting around and just tell me, it's, ah, that kind of thing, please, hey look up at me, tell me. I can only Sye tell you to forget it, I'm still trying to figure how Tiffany found Nickie, and in Paris of all places, and not just that Macremore an Vance castles, really Sye, those two are like magnets they'll destined to find one another, hey, where you going? I'm not that sleepy, sorry I didn't solve the puzzle, yeah me too," heaving her voice shrinking into the distance, hinting at a marriage proposal, they'd dated long enough, at least that's how Susan Faye felt, only Syefan Erin seem to be totally clueless about it. {{{"Erica, hey it's Sissy, please tell me I' didn't wake you? You didn't, readying my last page of a heated romance novel, speaking of which I thought you and Sye would be tangled up, the last place you would be Sis is on a phone. How did it go, the shoot with Vince and Anthony, ah my god beautiful, amazing, I think we got our cover, probably the best one yet, got it over to Moorison she said the same. Good, fantastic, and speaking of erotic beds, isn't Dr. Matthew Edwin Hymm there in yours, that Miss is none of your business, and I can't wait to do some of the things I'm reading here on him, I sort of talked to Tif today, good, I'm glad at least one of us did, well, how did it go? Tiffany was distant, something eerie is indeed going on with her, I got a kinda of Michael Day Harmon, blues, vibe from her. Yeah, only Nicholas Erica told Sye it's worse, imagine that, I don't want to, the worse despression of her life, heck hours, what are you eating? My prezzie dip, want some? I better go, I'm disturbing doctor Hymm over here, call me Sissy from the plane, and a few more times until you're all home, I will, love you, tell Mat the same, you too, Sye and all."}}} Ah God Sye you scared the hell out of me! Grabbing her heart in panic, swallowing her tongue out of her throat, so many time she'd told him not to do that sort of thing,. "I'm sorry, no, Sye, no, you're not, because you keep doing it, babe, babe, come on, when you want to do it? When I want to do what? Marrry, marry? How Syefin Erin Coogan about when I'm given a proper proposal, but that's the answer to the riddle? You better stop asking questions, before you screw this up even worse, well it was sort of a proposal, yeah, Sye, I'll tell Erica., Tif and Ron and the list goes on how you sort of proposed marriage, good night Sye, good night, am I in the dog house or can I join you in bed right over there, good night, ooo, kay, I'm, Sye, please, please, you're killing me, alright,  alright,"            



"Will my husband tell this wife", did a precious Sura Danielle raise up and over to a curious Jude Aleksander finding the ceiling a distant bed fellow as he'd done all through the night, finding little sleep. "Ah please don't let me wake you. I don't know what is there to tell, everything, carving and curving gentle fingers through his soft locks, this newest married couple, this husband and wife. "I'm thy wife, I will hear you and love you in despite, please sweet one, my sweet, sweet Jude, tell me, I don't want to be left out of none imagination, I don't know Sura, as oneslipped  into this wilderness of uncertainty, just this abyass of indecision which was so not his happy-go-spiritau self. "I feel Sura and it isn't you, it's as though I'm being tugged, ah pulled along varied, dark alternates directions, it'\s like one will make me popular professionally and the other will destroy this professionalism but make me more unto the Supreme, ah God. I'm to love you and serve you unto death part me from, what of Jude Aleksander's heart? No doubt to this direction is wherein thy supreme will be pleased with thee judging the righteous man accordingly. Though man Jude, not man, ahhhh, it is she I'm to love, I'm in love with Paree, with Macremore and Vance, with the Prince of Paris Nicholas Edin Coogan. Surely, unto eternity I'm in love with all the grandness and fame taht is  Sura Danielle, the hudband Jude most important love, vows of them all, look at it Sura, leaping out of bed, tossing the drapes back into a starry night and full moon christen the expert grounds into the valley below." Just Sura look at all, how regardless of death's door, look at how the evening star glistens down upon it all as though to bless it, or to curse it, naturals lyrical, the beauty and the beast. I see it as The mother, Jude, she is calling you home, yes, but dearest wife not only I, us, us all being the very cradle of mankind, so when dear man, when do we go? My internship at the firm, yours Sura at the hospital, yes both will no doubt benefit the mother over ther. "I'll resign today, as so will I, they both start luaghing chest held high, they had not a doubt, Tristian's troubles had brought them together and they knew just what to do with such the miracle. Laying all fond aside dear wife, we must be for a certain, I took Jude Aleksander to be my husband for life, I will follow him for as long as he follow the loving huband, marrige supper of us all, so our glorious point of no turning back, you Sura Danielle have been this certain for a long time, you're right, I lost hope in the things of men long ago, how very pointless even as King Solomon once said,none the tumble weeds Jude are coming,let them come Sura and find us in mother Africa."


     "{{{Let me call you back}}}", I know, I shouldn't have run off like, what the hell happen? I felt like everything was closing in on me" "I needed to get out for, and what? You couldn't tell me that? I was afraid you would follow me, I needed to be alone, I even bought a plane ticket, damn it Tiffany, you freaking don't think about anyone else anymore, you have to admit it Nicholas you can be over protect, ah, overprotective, I see am I crowding you Tiffany?" "IS THAT FREAKING IT"! I said I was sorry",arggggggggg, now I'm screaming inside and this whole damn building can hear me, don't you ever, do that, to me again, ever, I am sorry, I really don't give a"as one  catching himself into this stalk reminder he was at work, Macrmore and Vance offices and all ears, even panic curious hearts were all at them, A plane ticket, how freaking cut is that!Fitting his exploding head into a cold wall of calm, soothing breaths, this was insanity and Tiffany was it's carrier. "So does this silence mean you forgive me? You need to remember Tiffany, you are not the only one that has lost here, Agurus was like a brother to us, like an uncle to my nephews it's hard to, damn it! I thought I could do this, loving you as I do! It's hard to believe he's actually gone, it's hard on all of us, not-just-you,  I mean I've been insane about this whole thing, I look out of  this window into the world by air, mobiles and transit, just going on, like they don't feel my pain. I thought I'd lost you, I thought I would never see you again. I know none of this freaking matters to you, none of it! I mean what happen to Agurus, could've, could've, and I just know it and it's tearing me, ah god it's tearing me and I look up at the night spot and there you are this, this invaluable miracle. You scared the hell out of me when you disappeared, I know, don't, don't freaking come near me, don't act like you give a damn about it! But Nicholas I do, it's why I found you then, it's why I''m running to you now, running to me and you're sure Tiffany you're not confusing the two? Just don't do that to me again, I won't, you won't? I won't, not again, I know, you promise and everything, right? I got to go, I can't be late for court, I see you back at the Castle. "Well can I get a hug or, I can't, but it's me, baby, Nicholas, stop doing that, I just can't. I can't, shhhh," easily coming into his once horrid space, this sordid beast of beauty, and their wild passion surely its slayer, "it's okay, reaching him, a kiss to this resistant hand, palm, those yet crying eyes, even his ears now filled up at wrapping her into his hurting arms, breast so entirely. "You Nicholas, you are my everything, shhhhhh, and I/m gonna prove it, that I love you too, I Nicholas Edin Coogan, love you, soooo much, now go, I'll be waiting when you get back, go be brilliant.Now that's what happens Phil when you have a woman that look like that, and I would tell you to get used to it, but you needen worry, right? Nor Ann you, it would seem, nor you guys any of us only Nihcolas Coogan and what to be jealous about, do yall think she really love him? I believe Lynn, good or bad that she entirely think she does"     >>>"What got you wired up so? I don't know, I mean I keep looking over this letter Tiffany left behind, I thought everything was okay with her, just the slightest smooch below her deliciously perfumed hair line at getting him a bite of bacon, a cup of coffee. She's supposedly in Paris with Nickie, as in Erica, Nicholas, the fiancee, then I presume she's okay. Well, the thin is, neither Sissy nor I have spoken with her in weeks, not even her best friend Ronda, but Sissy talked with Nicholas who said she's as well as can be expected, yet he didn't sound all that convincing. Was she really in that much trouble? Remember Mat the days of dodging those gangsters, so yes, she was, Agurus, Syefan's best friend was killed during her escape, killed, escape, I don't understand, ah, I know, it sound Mat as though she'd been taken captive. Just not so much her, according to Sissy the small city of Kyra in which she'd been visiting, that it was overtaken by rebels and well Tiffany as well as others such the like Americans became their primary targets. I know we went through a lot with her, it's still Erica shocking that other parts of the world can be so diverse from the world you live in. I don't know, I keep imagining the mafia situation we Mat only recently escaped barely with our lives. yeah Erica, caught up in some vendetta regarding Tiffany's father. I'm just saying Matt, I don't think we're all that different, just our methods are different and just when did my beautiful model wife become the expert. I don't know, I guess when this thing like now came too close for comfort, you need to get some sleep, probably should get back in bed", "noooo, as to lay his head into her lap, Erica Lynn having boo, coos of work was falling for it, to bed doctor Hymm, where are taking me, I'll wake us up later", "get us in there, your lap felt so much better, ah you know me so well, I know this these daily meetings haven't let you sleep well for days, come, come in with me,Tiffany is with Nicholas, rest, I have calendar to publish, right their getting an ideal, how precious, so stunning he look all snuggled in bed, and how the publication could close with that...


     "I'm glad you made it", Phillip Mance, I would like for you to meet my fiance Tiffany Ann Saurus, Miss Tiffany Ann, hello Phillip, it is good to finally meet you, it is a pleasure to meet you as well," stirred by being cordially kissed on her hand, did Tiffany this castle, this dress, this greeting indeed feel like royalty. "This is really huge Ansome, yeah it is, I believe Mr. Macremore is feeling a little guilty and this grand ball room is his way of saying he's sorry, you know about Wren
and everything. I thought this was a last minute thing, my sentiments exactly. Tiffany, don't you look stunning, thank you, I am Avana, come and I'll introduce you to the other ladies in Nicholas' life. Wow Nicholas she's really something and those gold eyes, just mesmerizing, so where's Bjamein? O he called, it would seem his friend Solanda had to make a stop, he'll be here and Jude
Aleksander? Ah yeah, that's whiskey my boy, so I see, but I don't know about Jude, he wasn't certain, so, I'm dying to know,  how did you and Tiffany Ann meet? A long story, man she is really something, yeah more than you know, Tiffany is more than a paralyzingly beautiful woman,she's extremely intelligent, highly gifted though Ansome just as humble, spiritual, I guess you can say. "Where is she from again? "Jamaica, and she's Indian, right? Right? What is it with all the questions? Her overall outlook, the sure completion of her skin, it's just so unusual, what is it Ansome, you don't know whether to love her or hate her? Don't start that again, you are sick Ann man, it wasn't about that, I promise whatever, I'm gonna get something less to drink, thanks for calling me Ann.  I'm Mananas, Phillip's  friend,  happy birthday, thanks, so how you like the castle? What is there not to like, it's, indescribable, I guess Nicholas wanted you all to himself huh? He thought we would be more comfortable at the castle, it little matter to me, yes, look, I've been dying to ask you about that suite you had on earlier, although this gown is incredible also. The suit, the tweed, yes, it was so fabulous, so audacious, I've seen nothing like it here and I been looking, that's Alyson because it's one of my special designs. Right, you are a designer, well fashion, model designer, yes, I could get it for you, well made for you, could you really? Though you may have to come in for measurements, height, that kinds stuff, it'll be no problem, and the cost? Honey, baby doll, if you have to ask, no charge, it'll be a gift, are you sure? Yes Alyson you're helping me, you're be one of the first to sport a design by Maaseiah, and by the why good taste, so many people ask me about that tweed, ah, Ansome is calling, I'll do that, ha fifth and Veil tomorrow noon, we even search for fabric is you like. "Hello Tiffany, I'm Ly Lnn, I hope you've heard of me as well, so how is Nicholas Edin really? He's not any different than what you think, except when he's in the court room, he's a completely
different person when he's working a case, may I"with a beautiful Ly Lnn taking Tiffany's hand at a better view of her engagement ring, "Stunning, just when did you guys become engaged? This amazing ring and a beautiful bouquet of pink roses baring Nicholas's espousal proposal was my courtship day gift and I said yes before he could get it out. I just bet you did, he did tell me something about that, so it was you at the night club? God how truly romantic? You should have seen the look on his face and the way you guys greeted, angry then amazing. ugh, everybody was simply astonished. So Tiffany in bed, how is Nicholas Edin there? Excuse me ladies, dance with me? As to kindly wrap Tiffany Ann about his stout arm, she could and did kiss him, thanking him for his perfect timing. "I love this song, dance with me? What the hell Man is wrong with you? No you guys treat those two like they're flawless, standing on the outside looking in that is exactly what they are, and you know what, I want some, I want some for Nun and I, even for you and Phil, so sorry if my questioning seen a little poised, those two have something and it's driving us freaking crazy because we don't, there are other Nicholas Coogan's in the sea, and Tiffany is the only one right now that can
tell me what kind of bate I need. All eyes are on you, breaths and whispering about, look at her, look at Nicholas' Tiffany Ann, it is obvious they think us a very special pair, a romantic union Tiffany, sorely intoxicating them, what, what is that stunning smile, believe me Nicholas, your ladies of Macremoe and Vance, who refused to fathomed the authenticity of your claim, your specialty Tiffany Ann," leading her onward and outward, styling another of her special designs, crafted only a few days prior,. Just this seeming priceless of a sleek baby blue gown close fit, full in length into a fish tale about the base, accented by a short matching fish tale, trimmed of silver jacket, so, so splendid "What perfect timing, they're giving you a hard time? No, well, they were bombarding with all these questions, you Tiffany, you an enigma, even a paradox of being inundated with questions of why I found you." As well with a dazzling silver neck piece, matching bracelet and ear rings, deeming her a lady so magnificently intriguing. "I know, the questions were about you, so I think most eyes are on you Mr. Coogan, the most mysterious man around Paris France, especially questions by the pretty Asian girl, Ly Lnn, yes, I think she really likes you and judging by the look of guilt, guilt? I have no reason to be guilty, what you see is your husband to be Tiffany wishing they all could find, could have what we do, surrender. But no. I can't prevent their infatuations to fantasies, is that what they are? Are you Miss Saurus trying to start something ? Maybe I am Mr. Coogan or just maybe you're wanting to know if I'm still angry about that disappearing act of yours , yes and whether Nicholas we can wrestle all about it into a climaxing winner when we get back, wait a minute, what time is it/?"


                                                 SCENE XIV

     -"Hello Mrs. Coogan, easily cunningly into her door, it was time for Susan to get serious not only because she promised husband Bradford but for her own professionalism. "Hello to you Mr. Hasselton, do you have an appointment? Not really, I just came by to see how my favorite girl is doing. I'm no girl and my place here is business, come on, so we can't be friends? Look! I don't know what your game is, but I'm happily married and my husband Mr. Hasselton don't allow me to date, yeah but your husband don't know how very charming I am, that he to brush her face, actually touching her, as to take them to another level. "Don't do that, I could have you fired for this, for what, it was only a little touch, it was sexual harassment Mr. Hasselton, workplace, testy, testy,  in such a cute way,  I'm leaving, you shouldn't be so damn sexy, just go,  {{{Hello, Barbara Coogan hey babe, how about lunch? Ah, Brad, I'm really busy, so, too busy have lunch, i could bring it to you, look, I did what you ask, I got rid of, of, so you don't have, so ah, do this, do what Barb miss my wife, want more of her time? Stop acting like I'm harressing you, I've always set aside time for us. this is nothing new, this is not me feeling guilty for taking you for granted, I don't do, you right, I'm sorry, I just feel so constricted, so I make you feel, no, no Brad, I just don't feel good, I'm just gonna leave early and go home, right, talk to you later. {{{Hello Sissy, is it too late that we can do lunch? No, ah, where you wanted meet, Bill's, alright meet you there, good, thanks, come in. Ashleigh, as one instead making ready to leave, up, her coat, purse, had Ashleigh misunderstood, was she too early, too late? "How are you today, I'm not feeling well, will take a lunch and go home, so please, can I., can well we reschedule, sure, that's fine, unless you really need, no, ah, same time tomorrow? Yes, that sound just right, and I'll be sure to call with any changes, yes good day and I hope you feel better, guys whose's instead free? Tony, I didn't expect to see you, I been here at the center, posing for charity Calendar,be sure to get one you hear, Tony, I'm sorry, as so Ash am I, gotta go, I'm late for my clients. Actually it's lunch time, so what Ash are you saying? Ah, have lunch with you me, I have a 12:30, I'll be free for two hours after that, okay sound, good, so meet me my shop in about an half an hour, I'll be there.    "What are you doing? Yawning and stretching awake at looking charming Nicholas Edin in the face, just smiling at her, just what was he thinking? I woke and I couldn't find you, I was tossing and turning and could't sleep, didn't want to bother you, so I come in here, will you keep a secret, yes, sure, I was swatting here, watching you sleep, thinking about how there's so many inquiries about these golden eyes, my dad eyes, I see, my dad had such a weird philosophy, he was always Nicholas so unforgiving and that made him bitter, angry. Now my mom, our mom, sitting up into a rap of the covers all around thatif possible made her even more stunning. My two brothers, Icus and Ivar, she had such a holy spirit, she was the nicest person Nicholas I ever knew, tell me Tiffany what happen to her? Arms folded as he move up, his this curiosity a sit into the window seal, truly Nicholas Edin was hungry  for any word regarding Tiffany's family, unaware he had secrets of his own. "There's nothing to tell, she went to sleep one day and never did again awake, there's all can of debates whether there's been foul play, whether father doing one of his tantrum injured her and falling asleep she went into an aneurysm, there was even talk of pills, but my mother Tiffany believed God,she was teaching us, she would never commit such the transgression against God. What, that he seemed to be mesmerized, just smiling, staring, even embarrassing her "what? It's just that you look so amazing wrapped up in that white blanket like a special gift, what time is it? I know you have to get ready for work, I could take off, and see how that blanket fir us both, you're to get fired before you become a partner, I'm distracting you, I need to go, no, running bouncing o the n=bed this fun, as  far as Nicholas was concern thsi was home and New York, a growing distant memory. We''ll never, ever going home again, that is kidnapping, tossing him over this wrestle, saddling him under her powerful thighs this enchanting ride, someone is knocking, l don't care, you don't, suppose it's important, I don't care, I'm getting in the shower, go answer your door. I like the way I was kid, ah, you was kidnapping me.  Jude, and Sura, please, please come right in I really missed you guys at the party last night, yes, yes Phillip said you ask and asked about us. Of course Nicholas Edin we wanted to come, but Sura and I have a lot to do to do still, leaving the country for good is truly taxing, you are at all sure? No, not about leaving this place, Paris or even you my drearest friend Nicholas but I know what I am to do, I know where to do it, but Africa, that's the most hostile and extraordinary
land, while world within a world on this planet, world within a world, I've never heard that, though yes, yes it is true, it's as though she has a vengeance, a vicious aggression against any who would possess her and legions have died trying to, a myrid Nicholas Coogn are dying and being stripped even as we speak, yes, I never told ou but Tiffany mother, always thought Africa is the abandon, and thus cursed areas of what was once  an Eden Paradise, and believe it sall be again. I you Nicholas believe this, there is something I must tell you," as to move in closer, so suspiciously truly, even  severely intriguing Nicholas Edin, as so wife Sura the work Allyn Tristian has hand you, the trutth and faith therein, if you Nicholas Coogan will possess it",this repentence there, knowledge, ah good I was hoping you finished in time, Jude I wold like fo ryou to meet, .....Maaeiah Adonai, ah no,  I'm sorry Jude, ah this is my fiancee, Tiffany Ann, ah Saurus" as one keeping his head down, as to show her direct reverence, even a form of penance, had Nicholas nor the  others seen anything like it, besides in the movies, I beg your pardon miss, please, Sura, please Nicholas, as I said there are a  million things to do and no time to do it. remember, Allyn Tristan De'Burk, I'm to believe his faith when it possessed me and made me into another, I fear I am no longer of this world, I know it doesn't make sense, good day Nicholas Coogan to you and your mistress, I know, its' like we past into the twilight zone, whoa, who, I/m sorry who was that? Jude Aleksander a young apprentrice at Macremoe and Vance, well he was and his wife Sura Danielle, they're off to make a difference in Africa, leaving everything behind. What was that he called you and treated you Tiffany accordingly, it sound like Messiah and then he just ran away. I know, I'm here with you, some really weird stuff huh? Breakfast is getting cold, yeah, it's just Tiffany I've known Jude a while now, he has some strange beliefs but I've never seen him, it's, apparent Nicholas he confused with someone else, apparently."  

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