Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XXIX

                                                             SCENE I

     {{{"Mr. Veneer, how may I help you? It me, it's Tiffany, please don't speak and just let me talk, I
am so sorry I'm so ashamed for the way I acted the other day. I can't believe I was so ugly toward you, so arrogant, I'm not like that, I don't what come, ....Tiffany, hey, hey, hey, calm down, I'm okay, I know you was hurt, and betrayed, so, I, ....no, no, that's no excuse for being cruel, to not even let you come to  me, to not face you, to threaten you like that, I Cullum been so sick with myself since, unable to eat, sleep, picturing you, picturing, ...ah,  ah, ...please don't do that, please, don't cry. Tiffany, please, just sweetheart, listen to my voice,  I'm fine, hear me love, I'm fine, ...and you're not just telling me to make me feel better? Because the way I mistreated you, I don't deserve you being nice to me, ....okay, okay, okay, I forgive you, you hear Tiffany, I forgive you, now is that better? You forgive me, yes, yes, that make me feel a lot better, ..good, now forgive yourself, ...I don't know if I can forgive myself, ,  ..you can, just try,  for me, ...okay, I'll try, good bye Cullen, yeah, see you later. Hey,  keep singing, I had no ideal you could sing like that, look like a goddess sing like an angel, you truly must be from heaven. So you were, there yes, the Lamars as well, ..our phatom man, yes, now get back to nicholas, he really treasure you,  goodbye Tiffany, ..good, bye. Ah my god Nicholas, you trying to give a heart attack, how long you been standing there? I Just come down the stairs,  ...you want some breakfast? No, I'm just gonna grab some of this coffee and go, ...Nicholas, just how much of that did you hear? A little, ...a little in a little, or half or all of it? I hurt him so, I was so mean, so bitter, I just couldn't ...hey, hey, look at me, you don't have to explain, there are things Tiffany I wish I'd said to Stef and now I never can, ...well I want, no Nicholas, I need  I need you to know, you are beyond description dear to me, ...and I Tiffany so need to hear that, even feel it right here, I'll see you tonight, ...what about lunch? I could meet you somewhere, ...as I said, I'm never gonna past up spending time with you, so the garden, I'll meet you there, Thompson know where, you going to the the shop today? If I don't, Erica gonna kill me, ...so one of those days, huh.? We have so much to do since they're here, Dissasion is in France, how crazy is that, right? You know we could make it a group luncheon, Sye and Brad are in France as well, ...ah, great idea, I'll have to call it in, ..good, see you there, ..ummm, such a great kisser, I'm always waiting for that, ...see you later sweetheart, glad you feel all better,... bye, ah, good morning, your's too."     >>>that was scary, waking up and my wife gone missing,  uh, oh, you was sleeping so good, snoring and all right? No, so quite a couple I was tempted to check your best, while we were a little buck wild, ...then i couldn't sleep, could Nun,  get my mind of that unspeakable, wedding, one Erica says should've been tiffany's, but she's too humble for that, ... you know Tiffany created that dress when she was only seventeen years old, it was teen fantasy wedding dress, so it too her ike seven years to create it just in time to become my wedding dress, you know that is  wedding we're never forget, and that boy singing that version of stand by me, that, ah, ha, when Whitney houston song start to com eon and Tiffany came forward and start to sing,  I will always love you,  god as this witness lue, I was floating off to heaven and only you keeping a hold of me kept me grounded, then I come out here, I felt the same way lynn when she started singing ghost, unchained melody, I too god's witness began floating up, and only you holding to kept me grounded, i can't believe I'm married to you lue, that you are now my husband , and that wedding, that royal, in France, Paris, like fit for kings and queens and then to come here, to Florence to italy for he honeymoon, I'm so high up right now, I'm so lue gonna need your help, climbing back down, same here babe, the same here,  I never in a millions year could've imagined this, the flight home is gonna be both sweet and bitter, vote mostly sweet, we're married now, even without Italy, we're still newly weds and will Lyn happy spend all leisure time in pleasurous marriage beds, no how about room service, we can order honeymoon food, honeymoon food, yea, strawberries, cherries, cheese, whip cream, they may have a honeymoon menu, ah  doubt, ah my god they do have a honeymoon menu, look, edible patties, while seeing you ate mine up, what, it not that funny,  ah my god, it's not, what actually it is, it is funny, you ate my edible underwear now I need some more, don;t me up from Lue,ever, ever you hear me, the same here, Mrs. Lue, the same here.     >>>Who's there, it's me Mike, well, Cullum, it's Tiffany, ...Tif, but how, how, how did you find me? The same way you found me, ...what are you doing here, even, even where's Nicholas, I need to you see, until I do, it's like none of it's real, I need to look at you, like you looked me, I want to look at you Cullm, I want to see you. Was she? Resisting, breaking, thinking, was she, was Tiffany Ann as magnanimous inward all her wonderful places as she was bitterly, beautiful outwardly and if so, if he find his steeping, seeping organism dissolved into such beguilement, just as his pitiful, failing, flailing heart, selah, how would he ever escape? "Tiffany, listen to me, I open this door, I already know, I will not be able to let you go, you hear that, I need you to hear that, I open this door you and I are intertwined permanently, so leave me alone, get back to Nicholas, you hear me, get the hell out of here! Please, just let me see you, I can't bear this unknowing, please, just let me see you, ....ah god you're killing,  don't do that, don't, don't, ah god help me, Tiffany, look, see, it's me, turn, and see me, what if I see you, and like you, I can't let you go? Tiffany, just look at me, please baby, just turn and look at me, please ....ah god, my god, it is you, Mike, it is you,' running, leaping into his arms, falling so hard, crying sobbing upon his stout, shoulder, that perfumed neck, soon whisk into his powerful arms, into  dreamed, eroctic places and no more mystery, Tiffany Ann Saurus Coogan was as munificent inside all her indescriptive places as she was indescriptive stunning outwardly, a phenom of a goddess and finally for all time they were. 


                                                              SCENE II

     "What's that? What it look like Med man? It look like you just Lion man laid a crusty penny to my desk, so what, it's ancient, priceless, you think I'm a coin connoisseur? A penny for you standing in that window days now in never, ever land, what is that all about? You know what it's about, her, Tynan, I had this incredible mystery going with her, when paraded magnificently into a grand opening and wedding extravaganza. Surely its all now down in history, as so sweet unknowing, I saw her home, this special ride of mine and nothing since, three days now Lion, nothing since. Don't tell me, you been sitting here and standing here, even staring here waiting for the flower and candy gifts to begin again, only precious Tynan Med man left the crystal ball of love in your court, now, it's your turn to serenade her. How, with what? I know what you thinking but I don't want to just copy her, I want to do something original, like on my own, ...well, aren't you like a poet, ah, med man, song writer, heck you can even sing a little, how about a sing a gram? Now, I got to go and get my pay, what? Ah your brother, Anne dared me to come in here and challenge all this day and night and even American dreaming of yours. Then, as to add salt to all this aching uncertainty, your brother and his Tatiau are floating along virtual marriage proposals, only you and Tynan  ...you right Lion Wolf, Tiger Paw Deburk, that is as salty, as it is painful, ...sorry man, but that's love, right. I'm taking the rest of the day off to make room for Tynan, and that's the sea saw reveal you can return to my brother. I'm going to surprise Tynan with a little visit, humm, I feel a very clever picnic lunch coming on. As not taking no for an answer, I just show up Lion and carry on like we had a raincheck of a date, how about that? Love it, really, love it, now get out of here so I can steal it and try that on my Vei, may get slapped, but the look on her heart, face will be more than worth it, bye, bye, godspeed, ...and Lion man, tell Anne, he so owe you, ah me too, making me this token of a bet."     >>>"Why don't you just tell them what you saw? I'm not, ah, so you, were, you was eavesdropping on our conversation? I wouldn't call it that, I come in, you was on the phone, I, I don't believe, plus you lied to be, just what the hell, so you think you heard something? Sole, it wasn't like that, ....what did you hear, all of it right? Sole, please sit back down, you're drawing, ..I got packing to do, a plane to catch, excuse me guys, ...Sole, Soledad, please come, come back, I'm sorry, ...what is going on? I told you Hain, Sole saw something while he was unconscious, something earth and era changing, hell it changed me, and I was on the outside looking in of it, I've been an atheist all my life, now, I'll never doubt god again, meaning what I mistakenly heard, was that wordless, ...what was Kassle? I can't say, he has to tell you, he haven't told anyone but Desrek and swore him to secrecy, even wondered did he see something he wasn't supposed to? Look I got to go, I got to salvage this, pray for me, for us guys, my Christ is Lord, she, being changed, wow, gives you, what the world, heaven and universe, God's Kingdom come, did Sole see? Well Hain if he won't tell you, he's certainly not gonna tell us, ...hey, hey, hey, with so much other uncertainty facing us right now, I say brothers ad wives, let us not lean into our own understanding, until he does tell and he will, today, tomorrow, years from now, he'll tell us and we'll be blessed by the phenom of it. all. Uhhhh, where you get that? That song love, could be our wedding song, imagined Soledad Maurice, less angry and Belize singing that, come to think, that's the first I've seen him that angry. You Hain, I've seen him perturbed, but no, nothing like that, he was really furious. Well, that's our first stop Itcus, check on them, see if Kassle want to come out with the girls, so as we depart along forks, you ladies be careful, .yea, well you men be careful as well, seeing what did happen to Soledad and what a close call."     >>> "But I can't Medicine Bow just go, but you can, I called ahead, ...you called head? Yes, I asked someone to stand in for you, he asked me Ty, I wasn't going out, had no plans, ...so come on, if we're to get you back in time, you had a good time wedding night, right? Unforgettable, wordless, like now Medicine thoughts of it still sting tears eyeward when I think about it, ...while, there you go Tynan, what say we continue along this wondrous course of love affairs, that's ours. I have a picnic basket surprise, poem, song all,..then beloved, I can't wait, ...good, how bless is my heart to hear you say, that ...be back soon Sym, okay, no hurry, we are fully staffed, go, enjoy,  ... stop my heart beating, that's one good looking man, the whole shop kinda stopped when he walked in, who is that? ...Heart throbbingly as you say, that's one of the beauties of the Paris Globe, ...heard about them, ...yeah, and they put stun in stunning, be in dazzling, nd ll hat there  ...and Ty snagged her one? Well right now Talash, it's more like Mr. Paris Globe is snagging her, look how preciously, masterfully he handle her, you know he called ahead and asked if I would stand in for her, as he steal her away for a picnic launch, well I guess I'll be talking to Ty more, learning her secret, and me, yours then?  {{{"Hey love, I'm coming for you, get ready, huh, you coming for me? Yes, I'll blow when I get there, I need you to come on, ...did I miss an appointment or something? Yes, that's it, get your things, you can come out now, I'm pulling up, okay well give me a minute, yeah, but that's about all you have, hurry!" Rushing, her, into thinking they had like three hours before the kids were released from their classes, "what is going on, ...a surprise, like in a party, ...yes, who are we surprising?  That too darling is a surprise, so it's me? It's not my birthday, did I forget our, no, that's for months now, your, my, the kids birthday, ...hey, hey, hey, calm own, you trust me right? As one lovely one, making this up as they flew down mystery road, he could call ahead, get one of his brother couples to get the kids, heck, Sioux Noel loved watching them. .Then they could take the private jet whenever and wherever, as long as they're back by the morning, so, thinking this was good, really. "Okay, okay, ah dinner, theater, dancing all, like in Marseille city for no other reason but to remind her, how remarkable of a wife and mother to his children, wife for three years now, Vieoletta Ellaouise, ...I hear that, but what is this all about? It's about you, my loving, incredible, hard working wife and mother, so how about the private jet, shopping to be exquisite for dinner, theatre and a reminder of our honeymoon night, only in Marseille. Don't worry, I asked, that was Sioux on the phone and he has the kids until the morning, ah my god, are those tears of  no, don't take me to Marseille, this blessed night, take me back home to my children? These tears are saying yes to my incredible Juttah, husband, to shopping, dining, theater and a honeymoon night, all in the phenomena city of Marseille France. How unspeakable are you, even after that unspeakable wedding night? I just know, like me every woman there felt like it was a Cinderella night at the ball, until Lion, even fantasy had to end and everyone had to come back to reality and, you, you think of this, are you trying for a son? Maybe, but right now, the supreme this witness I'm trying to make something wordless of the woman, wife and mother of the children I love Vei, so in descriptively okay, is that okay? Perfect, it's Lion perfectly okay, I am yours, good, then Vei, stay this adorably close to me, I'm taking you so just hold on tight to me the way I like, just hold on tight."      


                                                        SCENE III

     "Such turntables, now it is you Cullan, who can't look at me, ..I can't have you, keep you can I? Every time Tif, I begin to even envisioned it, all I can now get, see is Nicholas Edin Coogan. My wife and I, ..your wife, ah my god, your wife! No, no, love not like that, nothing like that, we're divorced years now, but come to the realization lately that we can make a good marriage. That's if we Tiffany truly tried but I'll throw all of that right from this balcony, so fast and far it reaches the ocean deep faraway with it, if I can have you, keep you Tiffany Ann. I know, but I'll be the sensible one here and say it for you, you've vowed yourself to this Coogan and here I am helping you break an shatter that so sacred to you Tiffany. You do know I remember that? Yes, even why you Cullan tried to shew me away, but I wouldn't have it, ah god how do I run away from facing him, when I can't even face you, where do I go, how do count the various ways, of departing, true love? You and I Tif, now shipwrecked this pleasurous heart know there is no such places of escape, it is only to come face to face, this, it's phantom of shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Cullen Veneer of pulling another's heart out, even Tiffany Ann our own. Still, I can't tell you how it truly excite my places of such aching temptation whenever you say that name, my birth name, ...military, marine forces, specialist, Cullum Braxton Veneer, only now so honourably discharged ..you been talking to Olaf I see, ..yes, he and I have come like really good friends, I give him what he want and he tell me things, okay do you know how suspicious that sounds, ..stop it, gutter mind. There's a certain indian model at dissasusion he like, I was only kidding, I know you're not like that, it was beyond heaven according to what I imagined. Then you can keep me, ...don't do that Tiffany Ann, if you don't mean it, ...but I do, I do mean it, ....you're to leave Nicholas Coogan, as to Tif, abandoned a husband, a marriage. Only you Cullen keep talking me in and out of indecision and I so hate you for that, ...hey, hey, hey, it's my conscious, just as yours baby, it's my conscious heart getting the better of me, ah us. I already told you  before you come through that door, don't you remember what I told you, upon opening that door to you? Now, how hungry are you? I can't can I, I can't stay no matter how I shiftshape it and it metamorphoses into something tolerable, not referencing you, or us just now, ah god cullen, what have I, why have I acted so selfishly? Humanly okay, humanly Tif, now wipe these golden eyes and come out with me, eat, drink, enjoy, and yes, get yourself back, back to Nicholas, and hell Tif, like you I don't know how it's to be done, either of us, but, just come with me for now, ...since that's Mr. Cullen Veneer is all we ever have, right now, take my hand and lead me on, I will happily, run after thee.     >>>"So you Mr. Soledad Maurice just gonna hide in this room until it's time to go the airport, hours from now? The silent treatment Sole, how childness, I think Kas, it's beats being a liar, but what's to be expected of an atheist, right? What is this really about, that I know your little secret? Calling it little Kas mean you have no ideal the repercussions for all eternity what you  think you heard, ...I don't know, I think you wrong about that, I've since believe god, to the point Sole, I've asked him, I guess them, into my heart, making me born again, right? You did what? You heard me, I'm an infant christian, ...an infant Christian huh?I think Kas, that's babe in Christ, ...and there's that million dollar attitude and smile of Soledad Maurice, I loved to marry, please don't be or stay angry at me, I'm sorry, I head those things, if I could take it back, I would. Yeah, well, so do I, Derry hasn't called me or said anything to me since, ...you had to have seen all of that Sole for a reason, yeah, but I since Kas, realized. You see, just as prophet Daniel was shown this impossible inevitable and was told to conceal and sit on his reveals, until an appointed time Kas, I was told the same, so whatever you think you heard, keep it to yourself, we can even pray and ask God for help, just buried the back of your heart's mind away. Can we go out, do something, this is out last day I know but this Sole is still Jamaica, we're still newly weds, and this is like an appendage to our honeymoon , tell you Juttah wife, you hear me, you ca't even tell Kiefer this, ...but you told Desrek Alum, yeah only because darius is a sia Juttah, a sia Juttah, what is that? Ah my god, Kas, I don't even know, I know, I just know when you asked, that just come out, I mean these kinds of mysteries of God, can be expectant with various reveals for the longest, ...what are doing? Ah husband I love, biblical dictionary here, I told you I'm serious, ..biblically sia mean, council, and Juttah mean, extended, or extension, it's pronounced Yutta and is a Levitical city in the mountains or hill-country of Judah, as Soledad of ( Joshua 15:55 ; 21:16 ) and its modern name is again, Yutta, so did you just verify Desrek alum is a councilman of Judah Israel, no, not Israel, it's to fall away to the antichrist, for time anyway, now this is more like, new Africa, the Africa Juttah, with leaders as Sia's okay, just so you know, you're freaking me out here! I'm freaking you out? I'm talking of thing Kas, I'm yet to know myself, to understand myself, how unthinkable is that, huh, huh? Okay, calm down, and lets just go find Collin, Hain, the others, we have hours to kill still, ..yeah, I'm sorry, don't be sorry, just be here, in the now, with me, remember me, Kassle Berlyn, your stunning, charming wife? Now you're mocking me, out the door stunning, charming wife, come on, hurry, out the door with, ya!"      >>>"You go missing until this early morning, only to tear into our bedroom and began packing and only my questioning all of this is out of order? I'm going home, to Manhattan, it's time, the dress shop, bridal salon since that phenom wedding is more than on Paris boardwalk but the world's, with one question, how many more weddings, wedding, style salons. You have your work, I'm done here, I'm ready to get back to dissuasion, we knew this day was coming, ...that's not what I'm questioning, why now Tiffany, why so all of a sudden? I went to him, I went to Mike, to ah, to Cullen, he tried to send me away, tried to force me even, but I couldn't go on Nicholas with all the unknowing, the uncertainty, it was driving me crazy. and once there I couldn't ah, let him, go, so I was unfaithful there you, to you, to us, to god. No matter how I regret it, I can't take it back, and I can't stay here and watch how that knowing now Nicholas rip you to pieces and tear us apart inch,  by inch. So that's where you were all this time and that's why you didn't at least call me? Still, just who Tiffany are you running away from. him, me, yourself, even god? Didn't you hear me, I was unfaithful to you, ...I know, please, you don't have to paint me a freaking picture, imaging will only, make. For now, he being your ex fiance, I'll just see it as the fact if you'd not been so, if marriage Tiffany hadn't been so sacred to you, you and Michael would've had an intimate relationship long ago, and I. So I, like now would have to live with it, I don't, ah want you go, I don't want you to leave me, I need you here, you know that, I've told you that. And I've told you  Nicholas my being here, Paris, France, can't be permanent, ..are you going to him, are you going to Mike, to this Cullen person or whatever his name and you won't tell me? No, I'm going home, like I said, I miss home, I miss my Dissuasion family, they being here Ly Lynn's wedding remind me of how much I miss them. Plus. Mike, ah, Cullen is going back to the middle east, he and his ex-wife are going, are trying to make a go of it, at least that's what he told me. I can't tell you how relieved Nicholas I was knowing Mike had a life prior to me, and he's to have a life after me, ...I see, ah, I got go, ...Nicholas, look at me, where you going, not after Cullen? No, I just told you how I feel about that, and I meant it, so I know this leaving Tiffany, isn't about that, ah Mac and Vance finally assigned the team the Lennon case. So Tiffany, we're talking interviews, research, and long sessions from here to New York city, ...so to speak, so we gonna be busy, busy, busy! Nicholas, yeah, I know, one my electrifying kisses? Yes, that and more to grab you, lay my head into your comforting, delicious chest and confess, by blood, tears and all, I can't this, I need to, I want to, but I can't, I'm sorry, I can't leave you. I got you, I love you, I got you, I'll hold you and kiss all your golden tears away, shhh, look, look, I can call ahead and get Phil to sit in for me, record the sessions and all. Then I can stay for as long as you, as, you, see, see, I told you, now, I'm, look, since love this is what you, you go to Manhattan, but you do it only for you and your amazing work, not for, not for him. Only Tiffany for you, and, and if you get there and it just doesn't fit anymore, just like I know where to find you, you know where to find me, you can come back here, be acting CEO over the Cherchez la femme, wedding extravaganza! Ah my god, that's perfect, you're right Nicholas, that's perfect, if New York doesn't fit as you say, you're right, ah god, who am I fooling, it's gonna be impossible leaving you, my god in heaven, help me, forgive me and help me, ...help us beloved, o god forgive and help us."             

                                                         SCENE  IV

      -Does it ever quit with you? I heard you was back into the middle east, rearranging a failed marriage or something, I'm on my way to the my flight right now, just as I ws packing the day Tiffany found me,  ..just so you  know, she told me, ...i know that, she's that kind of a priceless person, tall, dark, and phenomenally handsome, Nicholas could plainly see Tiffany ann having a too hard to get over and around attraction for him any woman, like her, any man would, he too, like her, Cullen veneer was frighteningly gorgeous, brilliant facial stubble all. so are you trying to tell me something or are you determined to be the salt my heart's severe wounds? There are a lot of people who despise Tiffany and your marriage, and I'm talking Nicholas, people really, really close to you, ...people like my brother Sye, right? When I asked Tiffany how she found me, the very day I resigned, the paris globe, the very day I was packing, a ticket I'd sat on for days, when i asked her she said, she found me the same way i found her, Nicholas, that's how she knew I was alive, what hospital to search, where and how to find me, the knowing Nicolas that almost got her killed, tha did get Agurus Jantzen killed. What you want me to do, he's my brother? And what Nicholas if he can't have Tiffany, you can't either, it's dangerous, the things he pulled overseas brought Tiffany father, Pepe Saurus into the picture and people die, he's like the grim reaper of his entire field of the illegal drug industry, but his involvement this time is another thing that got Tiffany home safe, though I still had to sacrifice another, ah god, Mr, Artelon wife? Yes, but I've found a way to get her released, some he want more. So you're telling me District attorney Syefan Erin Coogan has a sick crush, fantasy, even dangerous for Tiffany, now your wife and you know it? I tell you what, if these situation Mr Coogan come to difficult and Tiffany come the token of you and your brother affectionate tug of war, between you two, I don't care where, what, who, how, I'll be there, and I'll be there for her and believe me, Pepe Saurus won't be that far ahead nor behind me. Is this return true, is their an ex-wife, the re do of a marriage or that's what you told her? No, I see why you would think that, but no, Canary really exist, and my son Caleb as well, still I refused to let Tiffany go, I told her that Nicholas before she opened that door. Only she refused to let you go, but that's one thing so mysterious about you, you're so good with letting her succeed as need be, why is that? I love her, I love her Mr Cullen Veneer more than I love myself, more than my own desires, it's how I can keen in on what make her happy, I knew she would find her way back to you, I just didn't know if she would find her way back to me, I guess you  can say, my selflessly, keep her close, even keep her coming back. I better go, Canary and Caleb are waiting on me, even dependent upon me, ...it make Tiffany feel better knowing you had a life before her, and will continue to have a life after her, my eyes are not wide shut, you're Cullen freeing her, like me, you're doing what you're doing, because you love Tiffany more than yourself, as well, which mean I can trust you when it come to her. Look if you think about it, I only think this happen because Tiffany thought she owed Michael Day something other than heartbreak, ...and like I Mr. Veneer told Tiffany Ann, I don't need you either of you, painting me a picture. Just what the hell is wrong with people? You think I'm not human, you think I don't wanna grab a hold of you and try to beat the hell out of you; you think I don't wanna bang my first into the walls all around until they're bleeding numb; you think I don't wanna scream, and holler so hard and for so long until I lose my voice, for months, with just the thought of you even touching her, let alone, not only will none of those horrors change any of terror my heart's content, it's not Tiffany way, it's not the way of  her god, and you know how she feel about her god. Okay, ah, that madness remind me, you truly think you can deliver Mr. Artelon wife back to him? You really are sincere about that? Yes, Mr. Artelon like you and I, are just one of many beats of Tiffany's heart,with her returning to the states, I don't want her languishing over his anguishes over a ,missing wife, if you, Mr. Veneer know what I mean. Yes, I have something that he won't be able to resist, and by he you mean her father, Pepe Saurus? I could Mr. Attorney at law, Mr. Coogan tell you that, then I would have to kill you, and as much as that would tickle me, relieving Tiffany Ann of you Coogans, as you said that is not how she, that divine heart of hers work. Godspeed, Nicholas Edin, Tiffany Ann's Husband, let me remind myself, enjoy the rest of your work day, enjoy what I try to imagine and can't as to have a stunning life with such a stunning wife, again godspeed! Keep your promises, Mr. Veneer, that's all I ask of any man, of any sincere person, actually, like god in heaven, keep your promises, stay ahead of the fall, all of hours." 

>>>"Talk to me, daydreaming into the stunning wild wonder all,  I still Jude don't know what, if there's anything wrong these incredible marriage beds, but at the same time, ahhhhhh, even you kissing my shoulders rising such organisms  in me, here, your stiff nipples ,he lick of m tongue, the bit o them in my teeth, arg, arg, argggggg,  shhhhh, look st your navel, biting it, and feed, it's cheey, ...Jude, pleas, ah god please, look at me, look at, ..look at you those juicy, sweet, kiss upon cheeks, tears,these lip, there is see it, th bit of your tongues t can hide from me, no where never, i say outright down here to the flocats, to these soft, cottony carpets,  your slain, stiff, arch,  surrender, ...have mercy jude, please just have mercy, no, no, no, I can't beloved even if I want to, from our twisted, lock toes, to his, twisted, locked, caramel flavor skin, to this twisted, lock, fingers,  jude, ah, jude, judeeeeeeeeeeeee, shhhhhhhh, or I'll bite  your screams and intensify this at limits, ...you're slaying me jude, sweet jude, you're to killing me softly, and mightily, as dear love we pleasure ourselves, no, no, no, not there, please  not, there,  yes, shhhhhhhe, yes, yes ever there, as we dear Sura pleasure ourselves,like these edible places right here, have mercy sweet Jude, please have mercy."     
                                                                         SCENE V
Dear Tynan

    -The acorns are falling dear Tynan, dissolving both old and new, shattering asunder all that's unadulterated, an espoual to profitless dew, , To here dear Tynan they come, but to yonder places they go, some so far away removed, others to loneliness door. Yes that door dear Tynan, that one both admissible and closed, either this light or this dark, unto alien fables untold. I'm unto unto my lover, then I am far away still, a fumbling acrobat at the whistling wind, tis acorn unfulfilled, MBS

     "My god, my heart is racing, how brilliant, sterling even, you wrote this? Yes, you wrote this with me in mind? Yes, with the woman I would one day love in mind, now you Tynan is in my heart's mind, eye. There are three to four more stanzas, but beloved Tynan, not yet, not yet okay, here take your glass, drink more wine ...and this unspeakable real estate, pray, tell? Awarded by one of our investors, it will soon be designed along one of the first Paris Globe's Nuptial, Prenuptial dorms, ...I'm sorry, prenuptial, ....ah, somewhere, a residence we can Tynan tutioned the young marriage worshippers, like FPD's Soledad Aggart teen, married, group, they being married teens they need overseers through high school and college until they can afford to branch out on their own, ...my god, what an amazing undertaken, well it was Your CEO Tiffany, Maaseiah, Saurus and Captain Desrek Aggart idea, we're just helping them realize it ...too bad we can't view the inside, I have the key code, I Tynan didn't want to take you, unescorted by a surrogate into a deserted mansion, and to be honest, I still feel that way. Of course, how honourable, ...there will be an open house here in a week, I'm asking right here Tynan using this opportunity, will you be my escort? What about overseers, how will you ever go about selecting those? We just scan along our employees, supporters and investors for the right people, preferably godsent, married, well the genesis marriage, god and spirit fearing, as in Tynan revencing, and said overseers would have a residence here? Yes, that is best where all such purposefulness is concern, ...I've hardly Medicine seen anything so miraculous, I can't imagine living here, ...only Ty you're to remember living here come with great responsible and great responsibility isn't without its heavy loaded trials. So are you Mr. Medicine Bow Sign, trying to talk me in or out of such an endeavor? It would be fair, as in not that far remissed, Miss Tynan, to ask you an alike question,  instead, i remind you, we better go, ...this have been so wonderful, so much I don't want to let it go, that waterfall lake pond alone, what a priceless surprise, surely deserving a kiss, can I Medicine bow, can I kiss you, like right here, this sweet, morsel of a chocolate mole, right beside your, smooth, edible mouth, lips, can kiss you like this, can I kiss you here, and there, and here, ummmm as delicious, as you appear, inside and out, and you Tynan, just as delectable, I'll never forget it, let's, ...yeah, lets go. How much, how much is a place like this worth? Five point one, ...as in five point one million dollars? Correct, and someone just donated it? Yes, but as I said, Tynan for good reasons, it's all temporal, all of it, as the nuptial, prenuptial are to have their complete fulfillment Tynan in new africa, that's why my brother Bronze always live there, he's laboring with others along a US of Africa, so what you're actually looking at is predesolations france, and don't ever forget I told you this and don't ever forget  that's the reality all treasures, all nations this planet, temporarily save one, where it miss tynan all began. Sorry, didn't mean to be such the party pooper, that wasn't that at all, it's Jesus suggestion Medicine that we lay not up treasures for ourselves upon this planet, but in heaven were he is right, where our hearts supposed to be, right? I know, well i sense in my spirit, Medicine you don't actually trust me, not with this, not with any of this, but believe it or not, I have learned and adapted to serving the marriage supper first, where I come from you're face with that decision, being a female, virtually from the womb. You read me so well, how did you, do that, size up my fears, my shortcomings so plainly? I look forward to the other stanzas of your Acorn poem, ..does that Ty mean you forgive me this prejudice and are desperate to dine with me yet again? Then Medicine, I'll see for you the grand opening, supposed Tynan Chow, I can't wait that long, as creative are you are, I'm sure as you open my door, and help me out, into the store, you're thinking of others ways, so farewell, ...see you soon, like for dinner, ...for dinner? Yes, I can only Tynan stand to miss until then, ...formal or casual? Both, surprise me, always remember there's a three stanza in it for you, ...ah, then surely Mr. Deburk, see you for evening, dinner."       

                                                                     SCENE VI
     -Saber, hey, I'm in a hurry, what's happening? Look there's some concern going out about your brother, ...which, as you know Saber, counting you, I have seven of those, Lion Wolf, he called Sioux, got him to get and watch the kids but nothing since. They didn't return last night, wasn't there to get the kids, now you know that's not them, everybody said you're last to see him, so what was all of that about? Last I saw Lion, well, I was telling him how like now I was planning on surprising Tynan, he said he liked it, said he may try it on Vei. I thought he was kidding, but apparently not, so they're just somewhere hanging out I'm sure they'll safe, ...the only thing Med man about that, they're not answering phones, pages, etcetera, they chartered the private jet to Marseille, haven't been seen, heard of since, and with T-kamb in play, there's plenty reason Med man here for concern. So, Sioux worked it out and got the kids to their classes but where are their parents, where is Lion, where is Vei, which aren't answering, why Medicine aren't they here for the twins? So what time was it you last saw him? Ah, like I said, like now, close to noon, ...while look, it's almost noon again, something isn't right, so what about inspector Veneer? Resigned a couple days ago, probably back in the middle east by now,
okay Sabertooth, but that doesn't mean you can't call him, ask him his advice? Right, right, okay, right, but in another fifteen minutes plane, pilot, Lion and Vei will be officially missing, twenty-four hours, as Med man, in we're getting the authorities involved here, ...then regretfully you're right, something is wrong, I better, call, cancel, Tynan, right, so I'll see you in the situation room, right, right there."     >>>"You give me Miss Artelon, I give you a vacate, a vacate Paris Globe aircraft, as in no human passengers, you blow it up to teach them a lesson.  Only you're telling me a pilot and two young parents of the tribunal, Paris Globe are dead? Ah yeah Petra Pan that's gonna slow them way down, having those kinds of martyrs, that's not gonna encourage the Paris Globe cause at all, burn it, every stitch, we're getting out of France! I don't want a staple or an eyelash, or an eyelid left, nothing here traces back to us, no souvenirs taking, nothing, nothing, are we crystal? I'll see you guys in Baghdad in four days, mess this up, I mess you up, even worst, I'll hand you over to Pepe Saurus myself, the grim reaper of drug trade in case you didn't know! Now get out of here, ah god, Lion Wolf, his Wife Veioletta, this is crazy, this is so crazy, like taking from Peter to pay Paul kidda redundancy, now how the hell do I fix this?     >>>"Cros, ah god god Cros, is that really you? Shhhhh, yes, yes sweetheart, it's me, I didn't think I would see you again, as so here, you Mill, but the doctor said you got to remain still, quiet, you been drugged. You're severely dehydrated and you're being detoxed, but that's not an easy task, they're concern about your heart Milla, so, just rest, I'm here, Spirit too, see him? Hello Milla, ...Where are we?  Here, we're home, the states, ah the General hospital, ICU, ...how is this possible? Prayer, fasting, believing god, all of that and people Mill working on our side, ...you're talking Agurus, Olaf, some guy name Specialist overcross or something? Yeah, all of those Mill, all of those ...and Tifney, is she safe? Yes, but her safety Mill caused Agurus his life, he is no longer with us, ...ah, I''m sorry about that, ...hey, okay, quiet, sleep, sleep, promise to be here when I wake, I promise, okay, Spirit and I both ...and Niegl, where is he? He's find, he's around here somewhere trying to make up his mind, do he stay here, Florida or Jerusalem? Now sleep darling wife, sleep."     >>>"I don't know Olof, being in France has a form of too close for comfort feel to it, ...of that Veneer? To close to golden eyes, there is rumor the Paris Globe count her as their oracle, meaning, I know what it mean, I'm not a heathen ....no, only a murdering, saboteur. The point, being, these losers you send me, say one thing does another and all I know is three people are dead because of it and said deaths, actually martyrdom have only made Globe's efforts all virally, successful. Yeah, well I'm wondering with you seeming to know where al the bodies are buried so to speak, does that mean our ex employers are to be a bit suspicious of you, don't take them being bible heads for granted. I thought about, which is another reason Olaf, I wanted to get out of their reach, just remain a go to from afar that fades and fades if you know what I mean. I do, of course, so I presume our baghdad operatives are in place? There willing, waiting for orders, said orders, wishes that is their command, so what are you gonna do with two dozen of the guards paramilitary man, I'll tell you when I get my command, look I haven't thank you for what you did for Miss, Saurus, and your next financial reward will prove. Now, if you don't mind, I have a wife and son waiting, I told I would take him and teach him how fish, trap, even knife hunting, ...all the boy stuff Veneer in a roll, I'm proud of you, jut call me when you active, ....I always do, Olaf, I always do."  Still, before you exit, tell me how did you do it?  How I? Let her go, give her over to Frances mister, only Olaf because I had to, bull, you could've easily kept her, surely you had, and she was satisfied only to find you, ah I know, you let her, if none other, know, I know, you let her go."      

                                                              SCENE VII
Dear Tynan

     -The acorns are falling dear tynan, clashing through the damater due proud, at headmost this clacking unharmed, as fluffy feathers lying down, down to her good-for-nothing mound. Tis this treachery I tell you, Raine is his name,  a resident to the laughing stock, enjoining in dessert spoon ang. Way down, faraway they go, this mundane existence below, an infinite nevermind, a sweet wickedness in my vine. Still to, unto  fro they voyage, hereto there they scheme, the unto rehearsals  and partnerships, her devilous plots redeemed. MBS, Deburk 

 -They found them,  what, yes, they got Mr. Veneer involved, ah, they're being airlifted to the local multi medical plex, in Marseille, let's go Med man, let's go, we're all meeting at the airport, that's all they said, nothing about their condition? Nothing, I mean they won't know that until after they been examined right? But something else, Apache is there, ....what you mean Apache is there? Sioux said he, Anne and Arrow would meet us at the hospital, in the chapel, I was careful Med man to hear so I would understand, and that's what I heard. (((hey, hey, Tynan, yeah it's Medicine, they found them, yes, ah, we're heading to Marseille now, no, that's about all we know, nothing, of, yes, please just pray for me, ah the entire family, really, okay then I'll call you when I get back, I'm sorry I missed that, okay, okay, yes, I can call you when I get there, yes and keep you abreast, that's really generous of you, alright, talk to you then, I will, okay, okay bye, It's mother, {Hello mother, yes, it's Medicine, I haven't seen Apache, but if, well mother that was never clear, we just knew he was sick to death and he wanted us to leave it at, we told you and dad we can get you both here, apparently mother I meant Gramp's Rumbla and Braveheart as well, well, we can call the airport for you, have the tickets waiting when, okay, okay then talk to dad and let us know, love you, bye, okay, bye. I elected to share the poem, the acorns are falling with Tynan, andI been beating my head Saber wondering why, you know I always thought the acorns are falling is about death and dying ..yeah, Med man, a really serious poem, ...but now, with what's going on with Lion, Vei and probably Apache, perhaps choosing that poem wasn't a coincidence after all, ...it never is, since we don't believe in them, ..what do you really think, you think they're okay, you think if they weren't Sioux would've told us? Lean not unto thine own understanding, those kinds of questions only gonna make you anxious, prayer is faith, faith is prayer Med man, you  taught me that, . Paray, and you expect God to grant you accordingly and if he doesn't then your tials is living with the harsh reality he knows something you don't, that he know better than you, and our faithfulness is living with it."  >>>"Mr. Veneer sidit look like Vei and Mr. Charles were killed on impact, and Lion, it's up to God, this trauma center and his surgeons, why I arrow asked the others to met us in the chapel, What else did Mr. Veneer say, like how did this happen plane crash, really Arrow man, they happen every day, any foul play here, Sioux, what are his suspicions? Seeing he have any right? I recognize her, she was the twins substitute at schools the other day, Miss Boorman, ...we are only Sioux talking about a city part, ..and we're arrow man talking about a trauma center, ...right, it's just impossible that she's to suffer someone to a traumatic accident just as we ourselves, I can see why that would be curious. You're right that probably wasn't even her, curse is the day, Vei dead and Lion in emergency surgeries for the sake of his life, ...I hate to say it you two, but to come back and with fact Vei is lost, he's gonna better off dead, well thank God Anne that not his decision, but the twins need him and that most of all is gonna gte him both through and out of this worst of tragedies, and Sioux I hope you, aI hope this is only one of those f luke of accident, I despise the ideal someone did to him, to them, even to us on purpose, you and I both, Arrow man, you and I both.  This is so bad, so messed up, our parents, grandma Rumbla are talking about taking a plane, surely Jesus is coming, the host of heaven as well, no more doubts about that, huh? If that happen, if those two set their feet on a planet, dad and grandma, without a doubt the end if here, no, doubt at all Arrow man, no doubt at all said, done."

                                                  SCENE VIII

-And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Lakeside Pier Swanson and Evolent de' Rossi

The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy, 1986-2016/17/18

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 1986-2016/2017-2024, The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

     -Unto Dayson Peak Deburk and Robin Jaybird Longknife was born their first son Arise Sioux Noel Deburk, their second son Standing Apache Arrow Deburk, their third son Cheyenne Water Falls Deburk, their fourth son Marked Tree Hill Deburk, their fifth son Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth Deburk, their sixth son Lion Wolf, Tiger Paw Deburk, their seventh son Medicine Bow Sign Deburk, and their last son Bronze Coten Field Deburk and a daughter Nesting Brave Heart Longknife

     -"Perfect timing, I was just fishing up, ...ah, I got to get to the airport, a flight to Marseille, a raincheck I guess, there's news of  Lion Wolf, of Veioletta, see me to the airport, yes, sure. So where did they find them? It's Tatiua more how did they found them. Their plane crashed just out of Marseille and I'm not allowed to say anything more it all being under further investigation of suspected foul play. I am so sorry and hope all is well with them, ....men like fish are snared in a net when they lest suspect it, is what the word of God say, Lion Wolf through a seredenpidioius effort planned a get away night with his wife, only one and instead come ensnared by the curse of troubles plaguing it all. I'm sorry to be so callous, ....no, don't, please don't apologize this has to be worse case of sweet to bitter news, may take your hand, it'll bring comfort, yes, please, thanks, being on the elevator if like counting second that take forever, ....ah., I so regret that, one wouldn't think one second into another can be that drooling, right?  Here we go, the others are at the airport, ...you mind if I ask our suspicious? As a shatter puzzle they everywhere, so do you Tatiau mind a jigsaw puzzle the heart, the mind? Here's Anne place, the porch there his wife and his daughter Jesion Annabelle and son Boyce Maxton, ...they're beautiful, just as you all are, she has Asian eyes,yes, Sethanie's mother is mostly Asian, sorry we don't have time for proper indro's, but there'll be plenty time for that ...hopefully Broze Coten, that wait was as strenuous as the wire players of having teeth pulled  ..miss Pitman, Mr. Deburk, ...I was the way to get titiau, ..what is that Coten, you trying to explain why your heart is with you? Stop it, ...hey the car just got me, so we're only like five minutes away, kiss the family for me as well, Marked, and run out, I him, we got to get Med man, alright bye, Med man is meeting us there, wait , wait this is him right here, yes, we're picking up, Marked where are you? Coten and Tatiau are right here, yes, Med man as in right here, I'm looking at  him, at those blues of his, and at me, ah that's on you, but we barely got flights for us all. To be honest Sioux has probably called them already, but I guess hearing from others of us can't hurt, I'll them, you  need  a pick up or not? Then Me man that mean you're on your way right? Sound good, see you there, getting into the car right now,  we can pray now, but let's just doing before we board the flight, love you too, all of us, see you soon. So do we Saber know anymore? We don't the best news right now is that they've been found, the worse is that they're victims of a plane craft, that remind me, you all know, Lion twins were left with Sioux, said he set alarm for getting them school, felled out if the bed with one eyes open managed to get them up, fed and to school, hand them over ot one of the teacher's crawl back into truck, dragged himself back into the house, crawled back into bed, pulled the covers up, got all wam, czy and snuggled, the most trying morning tried, done, only the phone rings, since the twins were late, ah nall,  yes, since they were late they needed a parent or a guardian to check them in, he said as soon as he hung the phone he just start screaming, and was thankful this was his life, not yet anyway,sid the kid substitute teacher, Eve Lynn Boorman, was really nice, ...so he remember her whole name, if he remembered her whole name, then she really got his attention.     >>>"So what you gonna do, go, stay? This is a family thing, I don't wanna be in the way, ...you won't Titiau be in the way, plus you're my family, so you're their family, I think the airport is as far as I'll go, ...but I really want you to come, need you to come, ...you sure? Positive, ..okay, yes, I'll come, ...hey Marked, Tatiau is coming as well, ....got you, see that wasn't hard, ...I'm gonna go to the restroom, douse my face, calm my nerves, pray and try and keep from thinking the worse, ...okay, I'll be right here, ...okay, thank you for staying with me, really, ....you're welcome, really."     >>>"No Apache, I'm more concern about telling Lion his wife is no longer with us, than the others, plus that's not something you do over the phone. This was T-Kamb, an attack that's for sure, an explosive device, a missile launcher, but Apache, whether it was T-kamb or made to look like them, remain to be seen, ...ah god, all this unknow is killing me. Just see it all Anne as our prayers yet at work, like no news is good news, no, like faith is hope where you can't see, touch nor figure, ...ah my god, Vei, dead, how do I Sioux begin to wrath my head around that, let alone my heart, and those kids, does anyone when they do this take any of that under advisement? No Ann, you know that, they see a target and they aim and fire, whatever those consequences and regrets are if any they come with the territories of being assassins, collateral damage they call it. I'm getting water, gonna call Thanie, check on the  boys, ...you talked to Sura? You know I haven't, she's Jude's Aleksander by now, and I don't want to talk about it, just tell me Lion is gonna pull through this, tell me Sioux, he's pulling through the greatest trials and the lost love of his life? You leap out ahead of me,  I was Apache, going to ask you the same thing, ..both of us brother knowing, only God know the answer to that and let us continue to pray our wills are twin in their destination. I don't know about my prayer Sioux, Anne, I'm sure he is displayed with me, even in these kinds of ways, nothing Apache that repentant prayer can't change ...then you two, into the wilderness of forgiveness altars with the scapegoat of it. ....it's been four hours, that long in surgery and counting, please God soon bring us a good word, Amen!   >>>Bronze, you still in their, I am, is the flight boarding? No, I was just concern, plus the others wondered ...I'm right here, see me, can we just sit right here? I know something Cadence Titiau my brother's don't, two people did not survive that crash, ...are you telling me Lion Wolf is dead? Lion Wolf body is in four hours of surgery and counting, but his spirit I'm sure is in the heavens visiting his, those, our heirs there, so his wife, in heaven as well, only to stay, her name is Violetta, I have a picture of them and their two children, Loren and Lorence, they're twins, boy and girl, and the pilot, Charles Primwinkle. And there's our flight, here's that picture, .. oh, no, my heart is breaking again, what a stunning family, he's known her all his life, if he return to us, he will blame himself, so none of this to the others, okay, sure, ...can I keep this? Yes, I want you too, well, here goes the hardest trip, even days of our lives in a long time coming and hopefully, prayerfully not for a long time are said troubles come again,   ..and amen Coten, to that." 

                                                           SCENE IX

     "All freaking goodness I could kick myself, I swore up and down plenty I wasn't gonna let you do this to me, I wasn't Tiffany going to be walking past your office and lights and everything are at full force because you;ve sneaked back here without anyone's notice. I'm sure the security camera saw and me all, too bad it couldn't help me with all this stuff, though, When, when did you Tif get back to the states? I was pilin into a manhattan cab, broken promise, heart all around 6 pm, sharp, without giving anyone a heads up, hold that Erica, Christian, ah Mr. Artelon is calling. Christian, it's good too hear from you, yeah your voice as, well, yeah Erica is fussing at me right now, for not letting anyone know, no, that's just a scratchy throat, that filtered, aircraft air, throat all dry, so anything else about Camilla? That's Tifny why I'm calling, she's here, at New York general, beat up, drugged and dehydrated, but in stable condition, he did it Tifny, this your Mr, Veneer, ...Mike, ah, I mean Mr. Veneer helped negotiate, I didn't know that, well that's good news out of so much bad huh? No, sitting in my office with a eavesdropping Erica Lynn looking at me , what? Ask him about my interview, he did promise? Christian, yeah, I heard her, tell her I haven't forgotten, to give me a month from now, ..he said a month Erica, that's he's not forgotten, what about Spirit? He's here, there, even Niegl, al here, with Niegl eyes wide shot but still lost in indecision, he brags Tiffany about not being an American but still having their arrogant trait, he's just as hopeless> anyway spirit excused himself to the cafe, so when he return I'll get on the phone to you, ..don't, I'm headed there, ...you headed here? Yeah to get him, I have a session I need to do, and he'll be perfect, well I hope you prepare to carry him because he's gonna fall down laughing,  that's sound like him, see you soon. The Kids center, right? Stop reading my mind erica before It's what I'm doing myself, I just know you a need  lead for that project and tha boy, h my god, that boy, flawless, flawless in every capacity, including and all the more so, Erica, his heart, hey let me be the one tell the others you're here, let me have that credit, whatever, I'm going to get Discussions next model prodigy , non, no, wait, no parties erica. no surprise, if you know what I just been through, Jerusalem, Agurus and Mike, ..mike, i thought I heard you mention that name, who, .. my mike Erica, he's alive, only his name is cullen veneer, he was working under cover, as military analyst, specialist, the Narcotics international, ..Tip, ah my god, you've seen him, talk to him, you know this? I was unfaithful to Nicholas for an entire night, with him, and Erica, that's yours to know and no other, so when I left paris, I not only had to say goodbye to nicholas for what it seem indefinitely , but I had to release my Mike, lose him erica all over again, to a possible do over with his ex wife and son caleb, so when I tell you I can't do parties, I literally crawled erica, no exaggeration, I literally crawl, down those stairs, into that cab, into that airport and flight, off and into a cab, I crawled into he office and tat desk, I'm only able to stand now, because the thought of finding Spirit, River, put the pink back in it, if you know what I mean, What are you doing? Something we haven't done since you left,  {{{"group hug everybody, Mrs, Saurus Coogan office, Tiffany is back and FPD Center is back on track, all aboard, group hug Tiffany's office, you don't wanna miss this, better come and get you some, group hug everybody!"   >>>"So, do you want company or you just want me to leave you alone? Is that her, is that Tatiau? Yes, ..how special that she come with you, ..I know Lion, I told her the same, ...I'm laying here, looking at all this rain and car lights wishing Bronze Coten I could throw open these windows and let the natural, healing, smell, feel and sound of it, just come rushing in so mightily, ...if you  feel up to it, Mr. miraculous recovery they're saying all over about you, I could go grab a wheelchair and get you as close as possible. I saw something there Coten I haven't told anyone, but I feel anxious to tell you, you and her, Tatiau, ask her to come in please? Sure, Cadence, Lion want to see you, ..me? Yes, he ask that you come in,  ...hey Titiua, you look well, beautiful, .thanks, so do you, I was telling Bronze Coten here, while I was unconscious and my spirit was visiting the places of heaven  ...just like you  said, he said that  ...anyway I don't think you know her yet, but I'll let Bronze deal with that,  ah Maaseiah was there, I caught a glimpse of her as she was departing, and yes there's no question it was her,  a number of angels, I can't count them, are all about her, to and fro and as I said as she was departing I heard heavens host sigh, how they again Coten man, even you Tatiau, this is for you as well,  they were cast down in holy spirits, sighting, just this opposite, how they can't wait to be here on earth, where she is, and the next I know I was tunneling along multicolor stars and electrical storms, just these deep, reachable, colors and soon I was here. You know that mean Jude, Alyn Tristan Alyn, Sioux Noel were all right about her. Is that, remarkably insane? Just as we paneth you two after Kingdom heaven in heaven, kingdom heaven in heaven paneth for kingdom reign this planet, and what I said about the angels, just so many, move, go to and fro with her, lest she dash her feet, and perish, not dodge affliction or trials, but that she revive it all. Then the answer is yes, Bronze, I can't take it anymore, I must get out there, I must, I have to, I don't know if Coten had time  to tell you, but Vei, my wife, she loved storms, it's how we come to know eachother even as children, just as they gave others the need to retreat inside, for her, I guess for us, storms, those like this, they tore us right out into it, babe bro, come on, ah yeah, yeah, ...I can't wait! If you Titiua don't understand what I just told you, believe me you stay around the paris globe, around Bronze Coten, you will and like Christ's Cross now heaven reign, she is just as mighty with importance, reigning as to prep King Nebuchadnezzar's stone, this ready. Man I found one but it's kinda flimsy as you see, and you have to careful not to get wet, there's a threat for pneumonia,  okay, I promise, scouts honor all, I'm not gonna get you and Cadence in trouble, I promise, just get me to an open door, so I can inhale it,  see it freckle my face and feel it's movement upon my skin, and I swear my baby is there, Vei, is right there, and I just know it."     >>>Yet we're telling yo Miss Boorman how this normally work is she tell us where to send his remains and we're responsible for delivery, but since is an investigation, your uncle's remain are yet to be released. Now I'm to tell you to see his employer the Paris Globe for further instructions, to be sincere, they're here, those striking gentlemen right there, they are the Paris Globe, perhaps they can help you further. Thank you, you are Miss Boorman and please accept our condolences on the lost of your uncle, thank you again, and here is my card if I can be of service to you as well. They have such a tremendous lost, I think, I'll just their office for an appointment, ..so I tell my aunt, he is yet to be released, like adding salt to an open womb, ...was that you answering a question that you ask yourself, because if it was, then officially you are crazy? I wish I was so crazy this entire day, well the last three were all a figment of my imagination, I'm sorry for your lost, Mr. Charles, Rothman, was my uncle. I thought tat you I saw earlier, but it  had too much of a coincidental feel to it,  my condolences to you as, ...are your loved ones Mr. Deburk powerfully hurt, the twins I hand over to you parents, their mother did no survive the crash, and their father has now endured hours of surgery, excuse me, ...no need, your tears Miss Boorman on't offend me, the paris globe, how long have I admired them, my family all, actually our choice of careers have much in common, my card, at your own convenience Arise, Sioux, Noel Deburk, and will certainly see what  I mean, sincerely I pray for your brother's complete recovery, all this rain is it ever going to stop, good evening, good evening to you as well, Doctor, godspeed."      >>>"Talking in the rain, do I assume that was her? Yes, Dr. Eve Lyn, Pediatric surgeon, ....then she's as impressive as she appear, ...I guess Cheyenne her being a child's physician iw at she meant about us having similar careers, well just so you, she seem really impressed with you as well, especially when you wasn't looking. Ah Mr. Rothman is her uncle, that is hat brought here, she was seeing to his, only they can't release him until after their investigation, ..you never know do, who would've thought Mr. Charles had a niece that looked like that ...well you Apache what they always say, no Anne, what's that? She could always be adopted, it seem our brother is smitten, ..smitten? Yes, Sioux, smitten, you watch her vehicle until you couldn't any more,, I'll be in the Chapel, I feel a need for prayer coming on, how long before Marked them are here? ETA at seven so another hour or so, well you know where to find me ...so who is this Tatiua person that travels as Coten's guess, I was there, he meet her one of FPD's Conferences, and when I say he waste no time, he saw what he wanted and he went right after here, since shed recently fired, taking a stand for one of the young marriage worshippers, he offered her a full tuition here and only took her, a few days to consider it, and o be honest they've been inseparable since, spend all their awake time together, so chances are Apache, she, Cadence Tatiua Pittman will be your next sister, ...beautiful name, as she is I suspect? Quite, and just so perfect for him, he for her,               

                                                                 SCENE X
     -"That feel so medicading, you holding my hands, and now kissing my hands, okay, okay that kinda tickle, can I ask one favor of you? Just one? Yes, Bronze Coten, just this itty, bitty, one, ...well since your'e here this hospital porch Titiau helping me endure the worst ever, yes, lay it on me, ..let me see your dimples, my dimples, yes, these as to squeeze your cheek and bite and kiss them dimples, ...launching up into a gravernized, into the air, off her feet, much needed hug, did a pleasured Cadence Titiua, conform and blend into the indescribable individual Bronze, Coten Field, Deburk is, ...I hope that was alright, ..that was amazing, ...walk with me Tatiau, there have to be coffee shops, even a park nearby, man at least he's in recovery after so many hours of surgery, another great hurtle leaped over. So will your US parents make it? My dad, I doubt it, he will not fly, grandma Rumbla the same, and if my dad isn't coming, ny mom though she's more modern, she would come, my sister Braveheart all. But not without dad and Tatiau its not neglect nor reckless as some would think, it's just my parents actually live by total faith in God. As from the womb we, their children are entrusted to that predestined since this world foundation, by holy spirits, and by the age 17 and 7 years we're actually sent here. The Paris Globe to begin our first journey until death, only as to be imprisoned along a blessed work of Jesus, ...you Deburks males. never ceases to amaze, what a fantastic, incredible faithfulness, and am i worthy? Yes, and all our wives Tatiau, our children are given over into a marriage of it, ...excuse me Bronze Coten, but I keep imaging how beyond beautiful your parents as all of  you are beyond beautiful; and I mean inwardly as you all are so astonishing outwardly ...and al that wonder, given and surrendered to God, look! Just as I thought, a unite coffee, pastry shop, ...I fear Lion Wolf, Tiger Paw, will not be here long in Paris after this, in France, he was already talking of packing his family off to New Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya as with me, now there is little doubt. How is it there, Africa, I mean? I assume Tatiau, Africa, is as all places good or bad, accordingly, God's good and perfect gifts descend down to us all residences presidential, pastoral and peasant this planet, that rebellers shape into wicked devices as Lion's dilemma, and now all of ours. This Coten, only if I may, what is this, man's evil, and God allowing it to be as is, ...there is enough evidence the jet global aircraft didn't just crash. But it, Tatiua was helped along, an explosive device, a rocket launcher, ...so this is premeditated murder, ...and T-kamb has already laid claim to it. T-kamb? To kill a mockingbird, they're also known as simply, peter pan, ...homegrown terrorist right, that's what they say, but man is born capable of evil and the will to choose a righteousness awarded him by God himself. No, why the question keep going on my head, as God is asking of Jesus dying on the cross, do I hate them Son who hate me, do I count them, also mine enemies, and Jesus answer, ..."forgive them father for know what they do, ...he could Tatiau, ...no, don't Coten wipe them, I will kiss them all away, everyone, and I beloved loving your sweet kisses, would let you. Forgive them, Jesus said, as, ah, only seconds after he gave up the ghost, Jesus and the believing thief ascended and as promised, walked along paradise, setting the captivity of Abraham's bosom free, right into a walk along the streets of gold, at least that's how I see it, ...so amazing Coten, how you see it ..excuse me sir, .may we order, thanks,    ...have you thought about it and if so, how often, living in Ethiopia, in africa? I know you're yet to plant your feet here, firmly in France. I know my family all can't get over it, as in they're yet celebrating, that I'm now living in France, just to Bronze Coten hear those words roll from my tongue, ...yes, sir, ah to be less complicated, I'll have the house special, cream, sugar to the side, and a virgin bagel, ...and you miss?  I'll have his beverage, but my bagel, I want cover in sweeten strawberries, with natural blueberries on the side, ..look the bush the behind you, here's a red bird, ...there's something about meeting a stranger, right? So Miss Pittman, I heard you speak of family, ...ah, I'm sorry, my head and heart is yet filled with that amazing dipple, kissing, hug, I  have two other sisters, one older, one young, sitting me Coten dead the middle, and believe me, they're both so blue with envy right now. Name, do they ah, have names? I'm sorry, I told you, that bedazzling, razzle, dazzle of a hug, Peton Beth, and Kirsten Trist, and believe me they're plotting right now how to spend their upcoming college and school, summer break, here. And don't you Coten, dare say it, I can see it, right there, those, ah, ah, your lips, right at their juicy, edible tip, ...translator here! Okay, I huccianted again, but I'm back, and wondering if I should've ordered ice coffee into of hot, ah coffee. Seriously though, if they Cadence want to come, I will be more than glad to help them with that, ..ah, I know it, I told you I saw it, and thank you, only I'm just not gonna tell them, ...okay, whatever you think is best Regretfully and lots and lots of it, it is time we get back, I'm so glad you elected to come, I mean you just don't know how supported, even galvanized, I feel having you here, I feel the same Coten, from your tender hearted spirit of needing me here, I don't want to scare you, nor rush, you, but I think I'm falling in love with you, in a I can't wait to meet the rest of your family Bronze Coten kind of way and I hope that doesn't spook you, ...though haunting, that Tatiua is nothing less than stunning my heart."     {{{"Bronze here everything okay? No, we're right around the block, walking back now, he's conscious, well does that mean he's alert? In and out, okay, I'll be there in like ten, ...so whos' gonna tell him? Right, right that' time is not now, I was telling Tatiau he's probably to relocate to Africa after this,     ...Apache says the same, I guess we'll see huh? Okay, I know pressure is building for all of us, I just tried to walk some of it off and to be honest Marked Tree it helped, ..okay I'll give you that, I do have her here, well, look I need to save this battery, I'm at the stairs now, yeah, I know that, okay, bye, bye Marked man, bye! Lion is in and out, but every six hours he can receive company, so past his being missing, past the surgery, past his being unconscious, I say we're rolling on here, ...so who's elected to tell him? That's gonna be between Anne, and Sioux, and Cheyenne I mean, I'm feeling guilty, I should've got enough for everyone, I can do that, I thought of it, but since you  didn't say, so please let me go back, and you go check on Lion, .okay,  you sure? I'm  positive, okay, be careful, hurry, miss you already, miss you  tooo!"    >>> "So the perfect wife, the perfect job, it's perfect location, this, place, here, this flat is just perfect, I'm just saying the supreme has really seen gon to us lately and Sura it has ot because Jesus is so good, for truly beloved I'm not worthy, wat about you, what news? I sign the papers today and I'm to own my own floral boutique, can you even believe that, all, my, since my mom kept her on garden and ith all these building projects, there so questioning affording it, ---babe, ah, this call."   {{{"hello, hello Jude, hey, Cheyenne here, hello Cheyene it is Alun Tristan Alyn? NO, no, ah, one of our aircrafts went under attack, Lion and his wife were aboard, he's in the hospital, and I'm afraid, Violetta suffered he worse, suffered the worse as in critical, no, as in, she us ascended, ah pilot charles as well, ...what, I can see it, on, ...there was an attack, Lion Wolf is hospitalized but Vei and pilot charles didn't make it, ah god, ah god how heartbreaking, do you need us to come, where, no, no I call so you all would know what's going on, but he's Lion is on the fast track to recovery, they're calling it a miracle, ironic, he'll be find until the actual memorial I guess, this is ironic I was just telling Sura, how blesses it all been, how everything is perfect, yeah Jude but we know, trouble in our paradise is also lurking about, What about Alyn Tristan Alyn, anything from him, he's here, he's, he's there, yes you want to speak to him? Yes, please, ...hello, wow you sound good, hopefully you feel as well, I do, thanks, godspeed to you Jude as well, I'm so sorry Alyn about Lion wolf and Violetta, yeah the deadly toxin and the air beneath our wings, I don't know if Anne told you, but T-kamb own up to it, meaning you Jude, meaning Sura, you're both a part of the paris globe, yes, thanks for heads up, ...how is she, ah Sura, she's sitting right here, I'm looking right at her, you want to talk to her, no, not unless she want to talk to me, ...do you want to talk? Yes, ...hello Alyn, ..Sura, how are you? Jude is right, you do sound good, I'm heart broken in way I can't describe over this lost, ah god i just keep saying Vei, so so sad, so Lion really, they calling it all miracle, a miracle he survived the crash, a miracle he survive the surgery, and still a miracle that he come again conscious, then let everything hath breath praise him, yea, thanks, I'm gonna let you guys get back, god bless sura and godspeed, godspeed to you as well  Apache Arrow, goodbye.  My jesus as Christ Jude, just as find perfection to give blessing for, here the thief to take it away, ,,he sound good didn't he, ...yes, and he didn't want to talk to me, ....while if I'd given away such a gem I would want to be reminded either, a gem really, I could show you, ....ah nall you don't I barely survive the last erotic encounter, and the one before that and the, actually I barely survive any of them, so lets just change the subject, I got get off anyway to the firm anyway, ..what, why so sad? Today Jude is my 25th birthday, and that's a reason to be sad, ah is it because Alyn Tristan did honor it, you do know he and his family are going through a living hell right now? Or, or Mrs, Jude Aleksander was it because you are afraid of my birthday kisses, ..don't touch me, what, I'll be, no such thing you look ay me a certain way or breath upon me,  I'm yours, so stop it ....okay, okay, but at least let me take you to dinner, meet me at Philly's, 8:00 sharp, and we'll let the birthday evening progress, from there. So these signing of papers, what time, is that? Ah afternoon, 1:30, ..what are you planning? Nothing for you birthday wife to be concerned about, be blessed love and kisses until then. ...love and kisses sweet Jude, unto then as well, godspeed."                 
                                                        SCENE XI

     {{{ "I told you this would happen, we have instruction to burn everything, and a relocation into Baghdad, and I told you, Mr. Veneer only think he's running this, he threaten us with Pepe Saurus,  us, not you, hell, he don't even know you exit. Mr Saurus is a serious, lethal, but, I can get on board with Veneer, but there something other I need to do, only then will getting out of France be possible. four days he gave four days to meet him there and if not, in get Saurus involved, well I been around long Peter Pan, ot know, getting Saurus involved isn't that easy, so he's just , it's all empty threats, just does exactly what he says, exactly and be where he tell you to be, when he tell you and there's nothing to worry about."     >>>{{{"I'm saying Sis if I had a million dollars every time you said the Paris Globe is definitely on your list, I've never known anyone or anything intimidate you, until now, until them, the Paris Globe, but at least of them, Mr. Sioux Noel Deburk, well sadly with uncle Charles reportedly dead, all that is about to change, I'm on my way to Marseille right now. But I been meaning tell you, he walked into the school the other day, the one where I sit in at times and he hand me the hands of these twins, like us, a sisters and brothers. Then just as he past them off I see that it's him, and I'm shocked because I know the man I'm predestined to marry is already married and I literally Adam go into total panic. I had to take deep breaths and everything, but it turn out he's their uncle, but for a moment I thought I'd lost the only man I ever loved. So I decided I was no longer holding back, look out Mr. Sioux Noel Deburk, here I come, yeah, well Sis, I got to go and I'll believe that when I see it? Okay, later dud! Dud, did you just call me dud? Are you drinking something other than tea and juice? Look, I forgot to ask, what did you all decide about the position, about your promotion, are you moving to the states or not? That love is still undecided, when I know more, I'll let you know, bye now, ...okay bye, don't forget to call aunt lois, ...okay!"}}}  >>>" I know, I now, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, so what do we know> It's a false alarm, I just been sitting here waiting for you, everything Mat look good, both you and I , so conception like at times, they say, is taking  it's time. I talked to movers before i come, so the good news is that I will be getting to us today, great, fantastic, so does that Erica, mean we can sleep at the house tonight? Which remind me, I need to call for utilities, it they can get to us as well, then yes, ..come, come, I have a few minutes, you hungry, I am, yes, good let's go really fast and get something,  ..okay, you sure? Yeah I got a few minutes until the next emergency, hopefully it won't come until we've eaten, everything seem to be moving really fast, actually, I feel the opposite, like it's not moving fast enough. I think you're a but anxious, ..like mat trying to stay ahead of the tragedy, right? Which erica lynn you know can be pulling out your intense,  the real is babe, you  just don't know, and a trauma surgeon, that's just the real, you pray for the best Erica ....and then as Tip says, you look forward to it, ...that wasn't what I was going to but I like that scenario honey even better. Can you tell me about your days so far? I, don't, ah some teens, three dead on arrival, one died on the table and one stable Erica, as in a coma and I don't know why I told you all of that, please don't let that make you even more anxious. I most of all learn Erica from this position, death is not the anomaly here no, but most people still figure it's not gonna happen to them, nor their loved ones, and there goes my beeper, you want me to see you back? No, I want lights love, so we can sleep in our house tonight, I'll call as soon as I get a break for an update, love and miss you already, Erica, I'm so glad to have you to see me through all of this, I need you to know, I really need you, talk to you later, ..okay love, be careful, ...you too, later." 

                                                         SCENE XII
     "Hey wake, hey Coten, wake up, ah Arrow, what, what's going, on, is it lion, no, it's jude, sura called, he's four hours late for dinner, he's not answering his sate phone nor hs pager, his colleagues said he left on time said he was meeting his birthday girl for dinner, just like Lion, yes,  now since the timing is so suspicious, and soon after lion wolf, mr. veneer has persuaded local authorities, so they're already looking about with a search party, if this is T=kamb it could mean Sura is now in the most danger, we're going back to paris, you,  Medicine and I, Mr. veneer is gonna meet us there, get your girl, we're already out of time, Tatiau, I heard everything, I just gotta throw my things back into a bag and I'm ready. >>>still a false alarm? I'm afraid not, they're pretty sure it's him or Medicine what;'s left of him, so you're telling me what left of Jude Aleksander is in that garbage bag, yes, so how ah, did, he, did the dismember, no, there's a single assassin shot to the head, he would died instantly, and then the dismemberment and leaving it all in his truck, so we can find it, okay, could you, please, ah I in I;m gonna be sick, excuse me ,  ahhhh, Im gonna be sick.  When even christian told me you was coming I ws apt not to believe him, said he told me so I would faint once i saw you,yeah he and camilla thought was funny as well, you see her? I did, and she look pretty good, and christian all my go, there is no more monster of hike peak, the eat is gone, not that I called him that, ...never? Okay as as a reference, never to make mockery, now was that a good save or what? Perfect Tifny, ...so  you sure about this, you  gonna have to hang out with me for a couple weeks or more, I know and I can't wait, okay well stop at the store so you get things you alone eat, are yo saying you don't like my mediterranean diet?  Miss Tifny, Mr. Niegl, you wouldn't be interested in a two for one deal? Is that you Mr. Niegl offering me your services and if so just what would those services be? Cervan, excuse me, I'm interested in meeting your Cervan, ah, I don't know who, ....here, she's feature in this week's offer, offer, ah article, ...you talk Niegl, act and show me that as though you're serious, ..and why would you Mrs. Tifney, not think I'm serious? I'm not acquainted with him, but while you are in Manhattan nothing is preventing you Mr. Niegl from visiting and believe me, any  as pretty as you, Erica Lynn would be delighted I am, sure, but not you, ...I'm co-CEO of the fastest fashion center this country, ow come of importance Paris France,  i't's all about meeting the people need and what I'm telling you Niegl,you definitely fuel the fires of their temptation, come, tell them I send you, and if Cervan is there you can more than meet her, Spirit, ...than I'll see you tomorrow brother, yes, it seem you shall."     >>>"Look, I'm not stupid, if you're here Mr. Veneer, none of this can be good, little at how Medicine and Bronze are both with heats thrown down and what is that, I found it stapled to the door when I got here, I said nothing because I want you here first, so you read it, I think you mrs Aleksander should sit down, ....NOOOOOOOOO, LET ME GOOOOO,  ...WHAT DOES IT FREAKING SAY,  ...it says, Mr. Jude Aleksander is no longer here, may he rest in pieces, NO, NOOOOOOOOO,  NO, LET ME GO, NOOOOOO, LET ME, GOD DAMN IT, THIS IS YOUR FAULT, YOUR FAULT, YOUR FAULT ALYN TRISTAN, YOU MAKE ME LOVE YOU AND AND THEN YOU TAKE IT AWAY, YOU LET ME LOVE JUDE, JUDE AND NOW, NOW YOU TAKEN HIM AWAY, NO, NO, YOU STAY THE ELL AWAY FROM ME, NOOOOOOOOOO, NO, YOU BETTER HOLD ME TRISTAN OR I'LL START RUNNING, SCREAMING AND CRYING UNTIL I DIE, DIE YOU HEAR ME DIE! UNTIL I FALL DOWN DEAD! NO,OOOOOOOOOO! LET ME GO, AH GODDDDDDDDD, YOU LET, GET OFF OF ME, DAMN IT, GET OFF, OFF, OFF, OFF, OFFFFFFFFFFF!"     >>>"What is so funny? men just kicking their balls around and chasing their tails, nothing new right guys, nothing new, you smell beautiful, you just changed the total atmosphere a little flirtatious to tempting, the moment you walked in, so are free for our meeting? Tell me, Mrs Decorte are you checking up on me? Yes, this a damn that facial stubble look so good on you I'll be damn if I let you out of my sight! Did you just compliment me as to confess you don't trust me worth  damn, ...ah, you I trust, it's them, those lushes over there always finding a reason to be in the makeup, style shop so they can keep look on Mr. Tony Decorte, ..which love, remind me, Erica did ask me if I, well does specialist stylist Tony Decorte want to do a Dissuasion, coming out article, so I can inform all my past customers where I am. So you didn't tell me? I'm tell you now, well what do you think first? No, don't work like that any more, I love my little no sense position here, that  Ash I've learn to be content, something I'm sure tony decorte wasn't good at doing that right? I got to go Erica is beeping me,  I have something to tell you, so, lets do lunch, okay,  ...okay, I can that, I better go, she's texting red alert, also see you in about two hours, ...love and kiss and I don't care who make's fun, ...you better run, ...right, bye!"     


                                                  SCENE XIII
     "Okay Dom, I like that alike, but you're frustrated enough to hit that wall, but flat hands, head into the wall instead, Cevan, you do the say but to his back, flats hands, head into his back, and that my shot for fifteen minutes. Red alert really, go to the assignment booth, see what tiff brought you, his name is spirit river, he's Mediterranean and the probably one of th most beautiful, spirit kids I've seen, he's waiting to meet you,  since the new ideals about the children center are yours, I want to tell me what you gonna do with him?  That's it everybody, that's your break unto 1;30, thanks enjoy,  don't forget the suggestion box, Q and A, and complaint boxes, get and stay involved with your work environment.   >>>Hello Spirit, I'm Ashley, Erica told me you was here waiting on me, come, walk with me, there's something I need you to see, so you can tell me what you think. It's true the only children we probably end up with are those whose parents are employed here, but we also have a visitor center here, Mrs. Barbara Coogan, that will children to the kids center, so if you and I Spirit get the word, advertise in our bi-weekly Magazine and make it irresistible there's no telling, right. So how old are you? I'm fifteen, I guess I don't have to tell you, how highly Tiffany Saurus, Coogan think of you, we've made the FPD a place for all to work and be comfortable, so Mrs. Sissy Saurus, Mrs. Ronda Stuart and Myself, got it in our heads we want to take a portion of the center and develop it up for the children, and Tiffany think if anybody can do this, it's you Spirit so what do say? Will you use your summer break working here with and create the best children center ever? I would very well, like to,  um, a new guy, ..that's no new guy, that's my brother Nie, he very much like a model here name Cervan, but don't tell him I told, ...your secret is safe with me."     >>>"Wake up, I dare you sleep, you dare I sleep, do you know this is the most rest I've gotten, we lynn have gotten since we arrived,  a long flight home is a good excuse to sleep and I'm, yawning to say, I'm using it, ..you can read, that always calm you, ...this time would be perfect for that, okay new husband you're saved by a book, ...good, I can't tell you how good this feel, yes, I pray we get home safely, me too love, me too amen. Please, somebody help me,  sir, sir, can you help me? Who are you? THere's some kind of a mistake, I was just on a flight with, ..none of that matters now, you are in the maze of sin, a homeless shelter this entire world. See, there, you follow the red line for as long as you can see, when it stop. Everytime it stop, there is something there Lynn meant to be seen, remember, that, only then does the red line, light begin,  see Lynn see, walk and see.  Walk and see, walk and see, it doesn't matter that I was just on a flight with my husband, I lay my head back, turn it just a little and I'm here. Okay, the light stopped, what do I see beside this giant homeless shelter? Something about restrooms, being laid as traps for the children, ok restrooms but also traps, oh,oh.oh, the light, the red again, hello, can anybody help me, ms, ms, can you  help me? Why am I here, why sis this happening, look here Lynn, tell me what you see? See emergency, even and evacuation, something really, really bad is happening, really, really bad, but all the people are taking their time, the stores, the filling stations, the atm's well it's, it's a slow motion exodus, they all know they must but boy are they taking their time, where are you going, please don;t leave me, follow the red line, the light lynn, see what you can see.  My god I'm seeing inside people houses, they're sitting their televisions awaiting breaking news, and there it is, yes, yes, run, run for, ah my god, h my god look out, a reaper, a reapers bearing swordlike syringes , ah my god, reapers are chasing them, spinning them around like in a dance, and stabbing them point blank the heart, it is when thy were done nothing was left of America. you, you there, I , I see you, please where is my husband, his name is Nun Con'Nah Lue, can you please take me to him, take me with you, ...ah my god, all these people, millions of people and one, single water cooler, millions, wait, wait, a woman bearing black bowls, ah, she passing between me, ah, let me help you, ..what, what are you giving me, a business cards, ah I see a business card for better homeless shelter, yeah, because this place is a mess, 4, 5th world extinction level...  okay, no more red light, what do I do now, helloooooooo, no more red light, what do I do now, hellooooooo, aany out there, hear me, no more red light, what do I do now? Lyn, darling, hey wake up, lynn, lynn, hey, wow that must've been some dream, set belt light on, you okay? I'm okay yes, you sure because those look like tears, ...I'm sure just glad to see you, ...good, and you ws fussing at me, ..I know I start to read, and my eyes were heavy and I laid my head, into a turn and the dream began, wel just remember, the flesh belows to the earth, but the soul and spirit lynn to god, they can do as they will, hey look at me, that must of been some dream, ah it was, it really was, ...you're trembling, babe, ...I'm okay, I cold, I'm just ready to get off this plane, well we're landing now."  
>>> "Will you please let me go, can I get up now, come out of this room? What are still doing here, anyway? You told me if I let you go, you would run, cry and scream until you die, ...did I imagine sweet Jude, was he even real? If I said yes, you imagined him, would you believe me, would that Sura, make you feel better? I need you to pack a bag, we're going to the globe building, no, I'm not anywhere with you, I'm not your wife anymore remember. Okay, you can stay here, T-kamb will target you, probably kill you and I'll be as lost as you are right now, as lost as Lion will be the moment we lay Violetta into the earth. I 'll go, but not for you, only to protect the unborn child, hopefully a boy so I can name Jude Aleksander as well ...so, did they at least find him, don't just look away, did they? I want know, damn it! Yes, with Mr. Veneer's help, they found, him , then I wanna see him, ...no, no you can't see him, I'm to tell you it was an assassin bullet, he died instantly. So merciful of them, there's only one mercy this earth and sure as hell is not T-kamb. You can't stop me from seeing him one last time, I had one husband to die and come a spector now he lives, I want to see him, you, can't,  yes, I'll call, ...you wanna have nightmares for the rest of your life? I know what a great lost he is, and I'm so sorry darling that you lost him, I knew you was the only thing good enough for him, and I knew he was the only thing good enough for you. Look, every time I thought maybe the worst happen to him, to sweet Jude, I kept seeing Acts, young Stephen instead, no matter how I try to look to Iude. I see stephen being stoned to death, then I realize, the awful we feel, must be how heaven, God and Jesus felt when Stephen was taken like that. What as Jude's lost, we feel what those apostles felt when they lost him. Just think, Sura Danielle, they're both young, they're both beautiful, and they're both full of the holy spirit, and before they could actually feel the sting of death, holy angel snatched them right out and up, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's who keeping Jude company in heaven, right now, .....ah god Alyn how, amazing to say, ... and that's the way Sura we will all remember Jude Christopher Aleksander and if and when the time come, that's what we'll tell his son and or daughter, ...so yes, pack a bag, Mr. Veneer is waiting, I'll send movers to get the rest, I see that regret, but this is only temporary, I know how you hate staying in the Globe's suite, I'm going to get you out as soon as I can, I promise. Alyn, they've killed Violetta, Mr. Charles and now Sweet Jude, where is safe? I know, but fate Sura without doing our part profit nothing, we have to at least try, right?  

                                                          SCENE XIV

     The Acorns are falling dear sura, a creative imagination, non enmity to forestall the pass time, non enmity into desecration. Unto thitherward I wonder unto the distance accurately disposed of , this savage episode dear Tynan aching an blackening souls blood. To here they come dear Tynan, yet to yonder places they're fled, some coming to travel abroad, others having made their bed. I'll come unto thy morning, I;ll bring a mischievous disregard, I'll watch it as it claim your wholesome outlook, and I dead one will watch you as you fall. Tis I'm unto thy lover, hen I've wondered away still, into they sweetest pastime, there were farewells are safe.

     "Ah in case you didn't know, those passing through right there are Tatiau sisters, yeah I know, I've seen her before, when I was crossed over, Peton or something like that, I think it's why I felt such a kinship to your Tatiua after that, I think I'm suppose to marry her or something. Okay so what we're looking at is the schematic of along remodeling the Annalisa Home into the nuptial, prenuptial Dorms, our first and how phenomenons, so have Sioux, the board, assigned overseers yet? Because if Vi was here, I would so take this post in a heart beat, the entire experience would Coten be an unspeakable spiritual environ for kids, just fantastic, you know pretty much what the experience of the Paris globe has been for us, I'm sorry lion wolf man, I'm stilL at the point you're to marry Tatiua sister, knowing, well thinking since Kirsten is engaged, I guess that's why you didn't, ah, pick her, calm down, I'm not going to go charging in with some heavenly, predestined plan and demand we marry, not gonna embrassass you, I just know what I know, I got it Peton Beth, Jasmine, right? Yeah, my Christ, that's right, I just learn the jasmine part myself, told ya, she like to be called, Jasmine, well, hey I'm going to past these plans directly to the board myself so we can get to work, we're running out of time  ....well don't forget dinner we're registered for dinner, and you promised, are you serious? I just told you, Peton well Jasmine, is my future bride, I'm not gonna miss that, her, ..yeah, just behave, you promised, ....hey hey,hey as you hurry away, did you tell Sioux, the others what you told us, about seeing Maaseiah there, in heaven? Been kinda so busy, but hey, you're welcome, ...yeah but Lion Wolf, Sabertooth, it's your testimony, ..,okay, I'll get right on it, later, ..yeah, later, as Lion for dinner, he is so gonna get set me up, I just know it." Here he is guys now, Okay Cotn, put your knives, staves and swords, I'm here, I apologize ladies and gentlemen for being late, let me see, Kirsten, Petan and Mr. Cage Tanner, it is well, and good to meet everyone, ..well I tool your advice and ordered ahead, they're serving now, so still good timing. The board had e sit in for Sioux whose in Australia right now, I go to deliver those papers, ...thank you, the plans ford dorm and next I'm being lead to seat. I know, Lion, man, I so hate when they do that, trying ot to stare, the problem they had when they first met Bronze coten, but they were such phemenonmally attractive people, Lion wolf even more so,accenting his dazzling look, were hazel, color eyes. "I'm sorry Lion wife about what happen to your wife, thank, Preecest Jasmine, only now you have tears designing the course of my nose, ...are you brother not swallowing your food for a reason, you remember you promised? I remember, ah, what am I eating? Thats pancake and eggs covered salmon and wild rise, it was Jasmine ideal, I knew there was something, I've never enjoyed simeon so well, seeing it is my most unlikeable fish, so brother what other plans have you made for e this evening, well, Kristen and Cage think we should see the new Tom Cruise, mission impossible, ..to be honest I kinda like the sound of that. So do tell, how are you all liking paris? Ah god no please don't ask, please don't, ..so it's that bad? No, the bad part. Lion. amy I call you Lion? Please do, she's trying not to remember that in only in a few days we have to leave, wake up from the fairytale we were ever here. You could, stay, we tuitioned people like yourselves here all the time, those looking to escape prosecution of faithful marriage worshippers. There is Lion, ah, Wolf, on thing wrong with that, our mother would literally send the US armed forces, of all branches after us and tat an exaggeration ..I see, ...Med, Med man, overhear, you gone get us put, out, ah y god you two made it, Medicine you guys know, this is his close friend, Tynan, tynan, these are Tatiau sister's Peton, Kirsten, and Kirsten's fiance Cage Tanner, it is very good to meet, I hope you guys ate, as did we're stuffed, so did, here some more chairs, chairs sir or you're welcome to take your party to one of our  private rooms, ..thank you, but we're leaving for the theater in a few, so the chairs are fine, and thank you all again. I can't believe you got Mr. on cloud nine for come out, that is your new Pawnee, name as moma Rumble would say, On Cloud Now, ..he's not kidding, our grand Rumbla would do that, yes, ah, Apache, is now Standing Apache, Arrow Mohawk now, and you lion, what is your full name? Lion wolf, Tiger Paw, and the additional, ah, Tiger, wow that's just so amazing to me, I see Peton, Beth Jasmine, hat is a mouth full as well, come guys this is all fun but the clock is ticking and if we won't seat, let alone somewhere close together, ..I think Coten I'm to call it night, ..then I'm to come with you, ...excuse me, ...if you leave the party that'll make me the extra wheel here, so if you leave then, I'm afraid Mr. Lion wolf, tiger paw deburk, I'm coming with you, ah, oh, though Preecest Peton, Beth, Jasmine you are welcome to my humble aboard, it is how suddenly the new tom cruise does sound just perfect, and i just bet dear sir, my arm wrapped into yours will be just the perfect fit, ..shall we dear one, surely see, ...you too are the perfect brand of mockery, mock Preecest Jasmine well i would dare, nor would I even think about such an arrogant as to mock someone."     >>>"Look there's an entire upper section that's a set all of us, ..that is really up there, no worries, I got you, not that i want to like put salt there, but as you was offering safe haven and refuge for marriage worshipper, I couldn't help but feel just a nudge of doubt seeing what just happen to your wife, and too Mr. Aleksander, ..and that Miss Lothman, is T-kamb's aim, you think they been missing out on the attention Mr. Aggart and his three are getting, this stunning young man, love God, god;s people, gifted as he is holy spirit, just stood before the world stage and ask 2 billion young to join him, to like follow him, as he follow, not just some famed ministry or global outreach, but as he follow Jesus, there is no way the globalist, and religious, political lobbyist is gonna sit back for this, only their greatest mistake is to make martyrs of violetta and Jude, only Preecest don't cry for them they're ascended to blessed death, while we're still trying to. Now that we marked our seats which two couples going for concession, I volunteer us ...no Lion, I trust you with mission impossible our seats, ...come soon Med man we're going, did you sy Sioux in Australia, yeah, he's showing and I guess selling collegiate, dorm, tuition ideal on them, i want cay, milk duds and such. ...no, no. no. I said I met her once, I was in a show, her fashion center was being represented, she was beyond amazing, her look, style, her genius, she has golden eyes for god sake, and when finished she asked if there were any more and someone responded, only a compliment, you are a barbie doll perfect, also she accepted the compliment, you could tell she was not please with, that it actually offended her, you could tell she did want that credit, that she was that flawless, powerful and genesis, yet she was so humble, and that you guys I never forgot, that you guess you can trust, if you can't anything, or anybody else. Coming attraction you guys, I guess I don't ask who my sister is describing, you all seem to know her so well, ...know her Maaseiah only in spirit, only one my brothers have actually met her and that was a passing introduction, ..you've, I'm sorry the paris globe has never met Maaseiah, ...it's sia Maaseiah, and no, Sia Maaseiah has never visited nor met the Paris Globe, her inclusion here is all on promises and paper, saying, that, that, so is the bible, ...yes, thank you bro, you know how i like my milk buds and three musketeers. Earth to ecko, rule of movies watching, you can't fall asleep before the movie, hey, was it something I said, yes, but only after something I asked, if I need to apologize, bring your ear near, I can hear you, yes, but so can everyone else, I believe Mr. Deburk is flirting, I believe, Miss Lottman only wish I was flirting, hey you two, ...get a room, Medicine, a booth, a booth, that's hat I meant, mine's out of gutter, all quiet the movie is starting. I been leading people to their, our spirit son, since before I was born, and ascending my love ones can only benefit, not diminish such efforts. Look, look everybody, we could go to millies, set our own hours, ..count me out, I had a really good time, thanks everybody, I'm gonna walk from here, ..yeah lion man it's only like five blocks, yeah, noting for me, ....I go with you, get a cab once I'm there, I'm grateful Preecest, but I can't take an unescorted female back to my place,  look, why don't we all just go to Lion place, ...Lion, fine by me, I just went so there's enough food drinks, and I'm sure i find a board game or two, as so we settle the need that Mis lottman remain at my side, ..I guess I deserve that credit, well, the word say the ma ought not be alone, right, we walking or riding? Seeing the ladies have on heels, and the limo is already here, you welcome though lion, to give it a try, ..no, he's riding with me, aren't Mr. Deburk, um, yes, that is correct, ...good everybody ride."      >>>"So Lion wolf how do you not pull your bed up to this amazing scenery and sleep here every night? Ah, preecestI sleep here, ever night, I just got tired of logging that bed around, so crash right here on the floor, come, I'll show you how that feel. Ahhhhhhh, you  guys lose, Tatiau was the fist to yawn, look I know this has been a special time, but it's late and unless we're all cashing here, something Deburk men have elected not to do, I mean who says you guys we can't meet again tomorrow, do the same,but, but medicine if you all rather stay, there are three bed and baths here, those finance can have one, the men in another and the women in yet another, or are all of too immature to be that mature? I'm going to the girls room, kick off my shoes and crawl into bed, me too, I'm imagining toothpick you guys, so it's settle, prenuptials room, men's room, ladies room, i'm head for the men's room, I'm crashing as well, goodnight everybody, respect my wishes and god's will."    I don;t know if you know it but you have a virtual secret garden up here, ..yes, my wife most prized safehaven, o god, o god, o god, I'm so sorry, I didn't think, oh my god I didn't think what, hey, hey, hey breath, look at me, breath, I was being sarcastic,  ah my god, Jasmine, if I could find the right word to explain places where Vieoletta Ellaouise is right now, it is that we instead be so jealous, that she well in such phenom tablencles of God, it si as to wake from sleep gotall and utterly mesmerized and you no ideal why, not until you begin to hear the solt, precious play of the lyrics, we exalt thee, soothing the heart, mind and soul, and then a memory of Jess himself, opening the lamb's book of life, and he began to announce all he names of all persons, from a once slain Abel, to those right now Peton beth this planet second by second, no, don't cry for Violetta, cry for all of us destined to be where is, ...so amazing the things you say, ..he faith Peton Beth, I say, all of the global tribe say, so if you have more tan once spouse, who get claim you, upon ascension that is, I like to believe is there is such a thing God's ew kingdom earth, that all your glorified spouses will all merge and fade into this first ever love as one single beloved, ah my god, the things  you says Lion Wolf, the things the Paris Globe says period what an inconceivable way of looking at a bridal kingdom of god, right, I'm ocme to tell you, breakfast is served soon, and we're all back to that predestined, lets say enjoy another ten minutes, ...yes, thanks, ...bless you preecest." So tell me, Lion wold where you get our bed? Sta that again Cage man, I've ever sleep like that in my life, and that's despite thoughts in my beloved here, head to just ravish me,  I can't believe you said that,  she tucked under covers, me, laying on top apart from her, still for a like of a better description, I slept like a baby, so did you mean it? Did I cage man what? Waffles and pancake guys, and all their berry to syrup fixings, ...that you Lion wolf, the pars globe will grant us a tuition here, yes, I said and i meant it, I guess his plans is to first marry me and them run off to france to live without me, ...no, I'm just, covers all options, here, that's all, Jasmine already said she might consider it, ..but only Cage if my parents agree, even my local professors, surely I'm not just pick up and move to France and surely sister to be that's not what I meant, well, you guys argue it among yourselves, i got to the paris globe, we, Lion man, we get to work, Tynan, am, I'm staying, I brought something to wear, so I will get a shower, and get to the bridal salon from here, sound good, so I'll call you later, yes, we have to discuss the last stanza of the acorns are falling, even have lunch if you're free, ..can it, literally, see you then, Titiau, ah, I didn't plan nearly as well, as Tynan here, I need to get home first, so, ..I can drop you, yes, you can drop, me, i can do all as Tynan said, and see you at work later, ..well come, come, love, our driver is waiting, ...ah, yes, but not without my delicious plate and the proof all pancakes are not the same, it truly is delicious, and a table set as for royalty, ..don;t you guys depart us without proper goodbyes, and Cage, call me, so e can design said tuition along what you need, okay, Lion thanks, but wait this isn't goodbye right, because I vote we intervene of Medicine and Tynan's so special poetic luncheon, so all raise your hands into agreement, ....I guess we'll all be seeing each other for lunch for then, just tell us when and where?    

                                                     SCENE XV
     "Pepe, look sun, have you  see a sunlight so miraculous in all your life? No,  and once gone from her, we probably never will again, that's what I saying pepe, now that graduation is done, we'll be leaving France in only a couple of days, yeah I bet you, well the four of you can't believe what's happening, right. No doubt you read about the troubles at the paris globe, ..not son at the paris globe but regarding them trying to bring your people like you, your brothers and our wives to serve the holy gods and spirits of your mother's, but what did this mother say, Jesus said,  not even the gates of hell can prevail, that for Christ's to be separate from this flesh is to be with christ, so the right they martyred and God avenging their blood son, those wounded are as Christ right from the cross, ascending into the heavens, as your mother, nothing demonic, satanic nor rebellious can prevail. I see you son standing amaze that I know all of this, your mother was a phenomenon teacher, I just elected with my will not to follow as she did, but, she will not, I will not have her haunting me for standing in the way of her children, and the last thing T-kamb, thing, to this Mr. Jude Aleksander, they have paid, they will pay, and the Paris globe now my children spiritual future will no longer be bother with them, that's son for as long as I live, my only regret son is that is not come so soon, so my electing bot to stand in your way sons, is not as generous as you think, if it the generosity of your mother and her god of god of all gods.  I did what you ask, I secured the of your inheritance,  as a form of donation to the paris globe so you two are set, go, and like them, change the world, Itcus, help al you kind to reign Jesus' millennium to God's kingdom and i can't tell how excited I am to see it  and even I guess as that priceless sunset right here, experience it here if not there, ...but father wherein shall you die? Repent, as surely as you are a cheerful giver, ...I'm here brother, stop screaming, I'm on the porch with Pepe getting lost in phenom sunsettings,  and yes I'm ready, the ladies, well teh wives Pepe, have a little more shopping to do, so enjoy, love and kisses, see you later, ...yeah Pepe, see you later."     >>>"I don't understand what am I Anne looking at, the donation come as of the Saurus marriage worshippers, ..four million dollars, yes, Marked Tree, as in a million each, that will pay for the remodeling of the annalise and way more, plus I think we just discovered those we can appoint it's overseers, Soledad Maurice and company, where their hearts and heads are right, now they're perfect, only o answer to a live in CEO, Sia, Lion Wolf, that's if Anne he's to do it, I know he wanted that post for kids, but will that alone convince him? Well we'll just use Medicine Bow for that, Med man can talk Lion Wolf into about anything, hum, I guess that's settled, on to other such project, ..let me honest, I just don't know if we're to spend so much on a non-african prospect, I've Marked, failed to say. I considered that as well, but nothing we do into Jesus' millennium can be fail right, I mean his invasion of peace this planet will affect all residences, so, the good we do not, could be benefitted at least through Jesus reign, right? I'm never, in a million years from now, Marked, gonna try and touch torch nor top that, where in the hell did that come from? Yours, truly, your back from heaven brother, I got to go, I been assigned to get Sioux Noel from the airport ETA in like thirty minutes, ..what did he say? Lots and lots of incredible things, but I'm out the door, don't want to hear Sioux's mouth, if I'm late, ....alright, alright, go, run, and stuff, be careful! You beeped, why is Marked rushing like the office is on fire? Sioux return to day, he trying not to be late retrieving him,  ...we, the board has decided to make you, CEO of the Annalise house, with Mr. Soledad Aggart and company as marriage overseers, so please tell me what you think? Only if you breath Cheyenne man, ah t he little time I'm here, yes, I was expecting it, but, as soon as a post I like opens in New Africa, I'm out and I'm gone, so if the board agree to that, then yes, I can't wait and I can tell you Anne, neither can the twins. Sound good, really good, I must admit I'm shocked, I thought I was gonna have to get Med man, on you, why? Since following his plan, I lost Vi, I don't pay him attention, while his ideals attention any more, if that's all? Isn't that brother leaning on the side of unforgiveness? I'm not lying him Anne, stealing his ideal and making it mine and Violetta was mine and mine alone, I'm just saying I'm a bit more, caution, did you really see that when you was in heaven you say Tatiau sister as your future bride, really tripped me out, seeing I'm already married right, but yeah, not only did I recognized her time I saw her, I knew her name from one end Anne to the other, Is that why you offered her a tution here, to be honest no, that reality didn't surface until later, so the offer Anne was genuine charity,  there's nothing else, I got like a group luncheon to get to, hey you can grab Isabella and join us, no, no, no, I can't, I'm, well Sioux Noel and I are meeting with Sis Maaseiah's Nicolas Coogan about legal  issues, but raincheck, alright and like bronze Coten, I'm to hold you to it,  ..look you ever had, pancake and egg cover simeon fish, ah, with wild rise? Had it for dinner, yesterday, one of Preecest Peton, Jasmine rescies, ate every stitch never enjoy simeon fish like that before, just clue to Issy, and see what she think, right? I love you Lion Wolf, after everything we just suffered, my eyes upon yo brother, y ears, your voice, for words and those alone form pom lips I love you, we love you, noe go, enjoy your lunch, an ah yeah, I tell Issy about that simeon recipe, ..I love you all too, love and kisses brother, tears and all, ..amen Lion, man, amen."     

                                                         SCENE XVI
     -"I love you md man, I need you to know that, and, and I will for the look in VI's face that day, I called her and i'm like, get ready, In coming for yo, and he like, you coming for me, and  say yes gt your things 'm pulling in a few minutes, and she goes, huh, did I for an appointment or something? And medicine she is in and out with questions, her birthday, mine, the j=kids,our anniversary all the way to the private jet and sh just ca't figure and remember I'm making all this up as we go, so I barely have answers or her, and the I figure it, we're going for a night out on he town, dinner, theater nand dancing, even the city of Masilleile and this look again, that we, I, she and  can be that spontaneous, and I say, since Sioux have the kids, we can spend the night in a five sat hoel, and immediately she imagined it's to be like a second honeymoon,  and this look, as I said i'll never forget, i now Med man, nothing top it until she open her s in heaven.  Ah yeah, I've seen her since then, I was looking and I was seeing her and I said to myself, I see VI, only she looked a me and she said, heyyyyyy babyyyyyyy, grinning ear to ear, then when went and got in the car, like she was going to work, only she went into opposite direction, ...what an amazing testimony Lion man, there's no dry eyes here, yah, but i share it to let you now , I have only good memories about her final times, and so you, so should you all, ..ah I guess I have you again to thank for a dish, I can't stop eating, carrots at that, I call them black carrots,..every chef in France are under your orders? Not, yes, Mr. Deburk, but perhaps one day,  ....Miss, the chef would like to thank you, tried your carrots on other and have got plenty of  compliment he only ask that you stand as to be saluated for a job well done,  a lot more petite athn h is Veioletta Ella Louise, but just as outspoken, brave, and not want to leave his side, already showing herself a fateful devotion to him, wow, I guess I don't have you what your major is, culinary school, right, as I must excuse myself, just be reminded, the best of those types of seminars are here, Preecest, in France,  ..you're going, yes, I been assigned the supervisory position, as of overseers Soledad Aggrart, the house of Annalise, ah my god Lion Wolf, congrats are in order, ....yeah a lot to do, they arrive in only days, then way don't we all, you Mr. Medicine Deburk yet own me a raincheck of it, ..she's right big brother,  so lets all go, perhaps we can all be of some help, I'll call for you Tatiua, that we're on assignment with Lion, hey why argue with, fate right? Seen as though we're predestined to be together until our visitors make a exit so yes, come, welcome all!"     >>>"I got that page, urgent, red alert all, but please don't ll me what I think this mean, or I'm packing all of this up and we're in new Africa just as soon? So, ah, 'it's Mr. Soledad Maurice, his brother has reported him missing, three days now, ah my god Paris Globe, what the hell were thinking, of course they world target him, he's the root and the vein of the marriage worshippers movement and three days worth of uncertainty? They disappeared sweet, sweet jude from us in a matter of hours and mocked us about it all, well what about his wife, the three other couples, or are we gonna be just as reckless with them?  No, we've moved up the schedule, as in they're now on their way here, the Annalise house is being reset with top grade security right now, and we keep them under total guard until we at least get some idea of what's happen to him. Now spark of good news is according to Specialist Veneer, there is no foul play to be found here, so it may not be what we're thinking. And Mrs. Aggart? Precautions have been made but she's not leaving the states until news of her husband  ..okay the length of  time he's been vs the speed of attacks here, and there being no sign of foul play, this may not be what we fear, but still, where is he? So I assume Anne, Lion wolf took the offer? Yes, but with a warning, as soon as he can be placed without a position, he's relocating to New Africa, ...if for some reasons young Mr. Aggart simply needed some time off. Away as such and that is all this is, get Mr. Veneer some help and find him and let's pray, hope the next we hear from captain Veneer is just that, and if so, we don't hesitate, we get him here! Good news from Australia? Yes, they're on board, with funding  need at least 5.5 mil, to get started and that's with standing properties with remodeling potential, but profect N/P Dorms is on the move world wide, so I guess brothers, that's the good news in all of this sad news."     ..."Flower girl, why so sad? I know, this incredible place, these unspeakable grounds, and sad, sad, tears everywhere, I miss home, especially since I'm contemplating never seeing it again, not for a while anyway, I know, what a cry baby. I mean all I have to do is pick up the phone and ring home, but you have offered that I tution here, chef Greenspan, has offered that I stay, attend his culinary seminaries, and that I study under him, Which mean one of the greatest global News Networks has offered me paid stay, to do my tution here, while one of the greatest culinary artist this world, has offered to take me under his wings. Then addedly, if there's such a word, I Mr. Lion Wolf Deburk admit only to you, I have an affinity burning up the heart of me, for you. Almost an attachment that cause to want to detach myself from all previous engagements, even my three years old courtship with one Blaine Cullum, so I'm everywhere but lose with indecision, thus causing me to be so upset. There is then Preecest Lottman only one thing you can do with such major decision making, decide once and for all what is you want aside from what it is everyone else want; or what you think they may want, admittedly, offers have been, but what does your heart soul, spirit and mind, say?


     -“Desrek,” backing away with nervous hands slipped into his pockets, could Soledad always depend on his big brother, “you found us I see. What is going on? I mean with Kassel being half crazy that her husband haven’t been home in two nights, I know,” again as an anxious one peering off, away uneasily a witness of temporal roommate Adrian looking in on them both. “Look, I had the most, I don’t know, the most disturbing dream, like you Desrek I have lots of dreams, but this, this was beyond anything. I was standing in an open field,” as one easing into a seat, did an attentive 
Desrek Allum as well sit, arm, by arm remove his jacket.  Even a wilderness, suddenly the sky above begin to freeze over and just as it froze over, it began breaking apart with huge jagged and sword like parts of it’s crashing to the earth, I mean destroying Desrek all people and places in its path. Truly, nothing on the earth was safe, shortly I realized it wasn’t just ice, but it was crystal, the heavens above had turn crystal and it was all breaking apart and colliding with the earth, making everything and everybody at panic. It was the craziest thing ever and terribly disturbing, ...crystal, that’s a metaphor, crystal skies, what do people mean Sole when they use the phrase “Crystal Skies? I don’t know, ah, beautiful, sunny, safe and even peaceful. Though Desrek man, that wasn’t all, I just as soon began to see two beast, they were crystal as well, it was even as though they were responsible for the crystal skies falling and booming largely to the earth and man. That could be so but you have to remember they, these demonic creatures don’t want’to be revealed, so, he causing this sky-shattering annihilation has to be God, I mean you are Sole talking about a mankind who in ways quite calamitous obscure that evil with that which is divine, exclaiming evil as good. One of them, one of these beast Desrek had this huge mouth, almost like an alligator and the other remind me, remember the last Godzilla movie they made with Matthew Broderick? Well this second beast look like him and as I said it was so terrifying I began to run, you know like all the others, ..well did they, these beast give chase? No, they were always in the sky, crystallized like so, but in the heavens, never on the earth. My God Desrek man, what could something like that even mean? My god in heaven. Well Sole as I said, crystal skies as a metaphor mean all you just said, but justly so does it represent a false sense of security, which is why we’re forewarn not to let the sunshine fool us, though it appear so, everything isn’t alright. As well as you was describing these things to me I was reminded of the war in heaven, when Michael shall fight and his angels, as so Lucifer and his armies, with Satan and his failing, and he, the red dragon, drew a third part of the stars (angels), with him. Fall, as in down to the earth, bringing their high places to nothing, surely that will bring an end to crystal skies, to this fake calm and praise God for it, as it deludes the people the more. Remember what that strong voice in heaven said, woe, as in great sorrows to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for now he, Satan cometh down to you, and have great wrath, because Sole he know he have but a short time left, so you’re just getting a look at all of this in the spirit world, …man Desrek, that all sound so horrifying. Look I don’t know what this have to do with anything, but just last night I got as a forewarning, the word Phoenix, I heard it twice. So when I researched it, what I discovered mostly is the Phoenix is a mythological bird, one dating back to ancient Egypt where it lived in what was once it’s capital, Heliopolis. It’s considered to be a fire spirit, again a mythological bird, the only one of its kind that lives five hundred years. Though this Sole is the most interesting, when it must die, it builds a nest of frankincense, myrrh and other spices, that after it’s selective collection it set it’s nest ablaze with itself in it. Hence, dying a horrible, unthinkable death, it’s then said, as the flesh decays it produces a sort of worm which eventually create itself into another Phoenix bird from which it passes from the land of Arabia to Egypt to as well live five hundred to a thousand years. What’s even more amazing about this mythological bird is like the Dragon, every nation of faith Sole has a form of belief or ritual concerning this bird, Egypt, Russia, China, even the Catholic Church, putting it in comparison with the Christ of God death and resurrection, which is abominable I know. Especially Lebanon Beirut, since they are descendants of the Phoenicians they often claim themselves to be Sons Of The Phoenix. I tell you Sole, the more I read this, the more I was reminded of Mystery Babylon's fate, how she will most of all burn to ashes, only it will not again be made new. What did John say he saw? A New Jerusalem, A New Heaven and a New Earth, no once Mystery Babylon, all world nations and kingdoms fall, from its ashes will not emerge another man made kingdom, but God, the Ancient of Days Kingdom alone is to reign, it’s what being celebrated during the sounding of the seventh angel. This is what John meant when he declared, Five Are Fallen, and is another example of God’s reign over mankind, rigorously John meant Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo Persia, Grecian had all fallen, and one is, he was talking about the Roman Empire of his day, and now Mystery Babylon, The Roman Empire most diverse section. Then he said and one haven’t yet come, and when it come it shall remain a shall space, he was talking about the ten heads, those end times nations of the which now occupy the territories of Assyria, Greece and the Roman Empire, an end time conglomerate referred to as the New World Order. This seventh kingdom will reign exactly 42 months, that’s three and a half years, then this little horn rising out of the ten heads, will defeat three of them, some say, Egypt, Greece and Turkey, and reign as head of the remaining seven, whose reign will as well be exactly 42 months, no more or less. Hey you guys, Desrek," having listen to them as one having itching ears, at getting in on the conversation, "this is really interesting stuff, so could the two beast Sole saw be those beast as described in Rev 13, 14 chapters? I mean in the spirit world, ...I guess Adrian, that could be so, as their reign, the Antichrist and the false prophet will as well bring an end to this crystal sky scenario, ...and crystal, doesn’t it as well represent clarity, as in a reveal? Yeah, yeah that’s also true, good sight there Adrian man, …this Antichrist will set himself to destroy the holy people and Christ’s testimonial from the face of the earth, ...yeah remember May said she heard a voice say the antichrist will kill millions as millions go broke, there is Sole another such prophecy, of hers, a voice declaring, “God said he will kill millions, the he here she believed meant He, the anti-Christ, will kill millions, but it as well could mean the wine pres press of God. Now the wife, Kassle, even the Paris Globe are stressing over your where about, you do know the horrors of what's happen there? Ah man these things I shared with you were getting to me so, I just had to get out, you can’t Sole keep running from Kassle, she’s your wife now, you gonna have to confide in her, like you do Kiefer right? Look just don’t assume she won’t understand and support you, you mean like Andre does Hain? Heck, I wish you and I both could be that blessed you know. I know, I know you’re right, so I can give you a ride home? Yeah let me just get my things, hey Adrian man I’m gonna go, you sure? Yeah, look why don’t we all do something this weekend, Kassel, Hain and Andre as well, theater and dinner, yeah Sole man that sound good, see you then, look tell Amirah I said thanks, and get to the FPD center register as marriage worshippers, they can help, I will, I said I will, ..good, then I'll look forward. The fall of Mystery Babylon huh? Yeah it’s called that because all nations, people and tongues fallen from God’s grace look through a mirror darkly, that’s the mystery, which veil, which shroud Adrian is taken away in Christ Jesus, the authentic Adam, the authentic tower of babel, we are not our own, never have been never will be, that too is a vast, even strong illusion cursed upon mankind, love and kisses, Adrian man, godspeed, ...the same to you both.    

                                                            Scene XVIII

     "Hello Nicholas, you leave without a final goodbye, you've refused to answer to me the last two days, you say you love, is that rain, my god it's pouring, ...are you, I'm fine okay, I'm sorry, I'm fine, ...you don't sound fine, where are you, ...hello, hello, ....Tiffany, ....I don't really, know, I just got in my car and started driving, I would've went to Christian but he's with his wife, they, all of them are with spouses and children, now. When you say you don't know where you are, are you talking address wise or your location, I think I'm sitting outside your place, yeah, yeah it's your place, I don;t know why, I don't trust it one bit, Nichols, I might be pregnant and I just slept with another man, ah god I just slept with another man, ...listen to me, TIffany, listen to me, .none of that matter, we've not yet Tiffany face a mountain  we can't climb nor fade, this is no different,okay okay,, now you hear me, this is no different. Now you positive about where you are? Yes, seeing I left the only way I could, I guess my missing you, even driving, crying in the pouring rains still directed me here, so in a way I found myself back to you, ...okay, I'm gonna send someone who love you. Someone you can trust, now promise me when I hang up this phone you gonna answer when I call back? You stay right there, lock the doors, the windows, help is coming, okay beloved, help is coming. {{{ Yes, someone at this number beeped me a red alert, your Maaseiah is in trouble and she need you, I will put my address in, so you can find her, she's there, her car, sitting in the rain, crying. Terrified even, I'm on my way Mr Coogan, thanks for alerting me, no, thank you Mr. Artelon for getting there and seeing after her, I''l inform her help is on the way, godspeed, ...tell her to give me 15 minutes and I'm there, godspeed to you Mr. Coogan, as well."     >>>"You wanna tell me what's going on with you, Jeremy notices it and he's only really known you for a short while, ...I don't know, I think I'm kinda tired, that just mean as usual I'll be doing all the work, it was a joke, really Sye what the hell is gong on? Tif decided to stay with Nicholas, ah, I kinda hope so, rumor is they're kinda married now, well Mike is Cullen and Cullen is Mike. Tip know; was given a choice, was even unfaithful to Nicholas with him, but given the choice, she stayed with Nicholas, yeah you keep saying that, like that's a bad thing. No, it's just that one of the reasons she went to Jerusalem, well research about Jerusalem, needed Agurus, was to find him got Agurus and others killed, almost go herself killed and when presented, you, know. But didn't Sye help her with all of that, send Agurus Jantzen to help, meaning there' no way she could've gotten nearly as far without you, so are you like claiming a backfire, how the sabotaging of she and Nicholas like blew up in your face, did blow up in Agurus? Well I told you Sissy, I don't trust her with him, yes, which seem to bring a rollercoaster of mix feelings and emotions with you, all because Sye chances are you are standing in the way of what's meant to be, as in predestined. Where you going, why you getting out of bed? I guess you can say Sye I lost my appetite, plus I want to check on Jer, this storm is really bad, and since I can't sleep, I think I'll watch a little TV, you know, up front so I can't disturb you, what you want me say, I'm sorry? No, I Sye want you to tell me that with all your heart, mind and soul that you love god and me, those whom your covetousness is  trespassing against, more than you love and desire Tiffany Ann Saurus, Coogan, as in now Sye, your brother's wife, ...that's crazy and you Sissy know it, ...  ah, I know Sye that's crazy and you need to be careful, it's beginning to show, ....so you're saying I don't love you? Goodnight Sye."     >>>"What is that long ranger kind of a look? I was thinking about something Tip said, well genius minds do think alike, that remind me, she was in minor medical last night, yeah she thought she was pregnant by some other guy, and let me kick myself viciously for telling you that. Pregnant, by some other guy, Ms. I save myself for marriage, Tiffany Ann? So instead of her imprinting morally on you, you're imprinting immorally on her, ...hey, that's not my life, my madness anymore, you are Doctor Hymn ...so I'm your madness? Sorta of, a maddening marriage bed and it's not like that, ...okay how, how Erica is this not in anyway like that, how? Mike isn't dead, he was specialist military, Marine division, working undercover for the drug division, Michael Day wasn't even his name, and if you remember, there was suspicion, that's already re-opened his case, it seem when she arrived in Jerusalem, where he was apparently hiding out, everything went to heaven and hell, or vice versa Mat from there, so when you can say, she was beyond devastated, ...yeah that was about the look of it, I didn't know Tiffany was even back in the country, plus she was with some guy, ...she was with Mr. Artelon, of Hike's Peak, ..as in Erica the monster of Hike's Peak? I guess we gonna have to stop calling him that, that's why he was in Jerusalem, facial reconstruction ...and who's his surgeon Erica Lynn, Christ himself? The man was flawless, model flawless, as in that's what I thought he was,one of Dissasusion's Models and why they were together, I couldn't figure it and just shook it off and left. Wait you said that wasn't Mike's name, ...no seem he's a Cullen Decimus Veneer, ...specialist military, ah bad ass Marine and Tiffany discovered him, broked his cover and all that, which make her what? With Mat a little, well a lot of help, yes, especially Sye's help, ... Sye's help babe that literally got her killed, is he the good cop, the bad cop or both?  I'm just saying, speaking of brothers, ...ah yeah, got his address right here, all Markus did, as so the parents was argued how did we get married without them? We could have a wedding if only for them? Stop it, I used to fall for that nonsense but not anymore, ...I've made plans to get away for a couple of hours, I'll call you, when I do, let's say we run here, Christen the place into our first son or daughter, killing two birds with one stone, ....did I ever tell you I love your logical intimacy? Okay first one here newly wedded, wife, gets to decide which room is next, ....I love it, love you, love this life of ours, love this house so much, but this is a lover's battlefield, not only will I Dr. Hymn beat you here I'll have hot body, wine and refreshments waiting,  ....hummm, too tempting to wait, I could just...no, get out now, now you're messing with a well devised plan, ...right babe, later, ....you better call me, getting me all stirred up, it's not too late to get an annulment, ..wait, that's just crazy, who divorces a man like Mat? Be careful, ....you too!  

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