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Tiffany XXVI

                                                 BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                                   CHAPTER XXVI
                                                          SCENE I

     "What is this off planet this earth? The Artelon Mountain Estate, no one Orloff  will look for us here, I look at this Tifny and I think, unbelief, these are people that live like this. Then the homefront, and tattered tents and I ask and ask, how is this such the distant, by the weight of blood spill Oloff of so many even still, least we like so many forget. I want to see, meet the man who gave me as an assignment to you,I want you to take me to see him, I don't know how to tell you this mr. code crossover is possibly in America by now, I know not how to find him,he call me, he call Oloff. The flight we missed because of attack, that broke the heart of your misters...this is not happening, he was the one who'd managed the private jet, ,,,but you said he will call, which is said of Agurus, that you call your misters, I, Olof is here Tifny, this helpless, believe, your friends, your misters did this, we would be with Agurus Janzeen, so Oloff, have a wife, children, no, did Agurus? No, he did not, surely you have a girl, no girl,  no wife, no children, me, Agurus, no, ..."may I ask why? You may ask, I don't say anyway, what a scary place so massive, I rather be lost outside in witherness, there is all the real, trees, animals, the falling, crashing waters of life. They all die, you put the heart out, they all die, wives, children, cause you pain forever, I don't want pain, I don't want wife or child, surely, you don't ....please Tifny don't cry ...you don't believe that, ...Ms. Saurus, I see all brothers love, marry, celebrate child after child, the stars i n the eye, then I see them destroyed just so the families destroyed. I stored away on ship to America I vow to Allah I never die this way, death like that too painful ....but to never love, or be loved", "isn't that death as well?". "Some may think so, yet that is not my belief, I did not Tip say I not love, I don't marry and procreate ....what about the famous reality it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all? You believe this words you say, yes, ...why, why you Tifny not call your misters, why do you believe? iron bird return but no you, you dead, you live, if live, then where, this is powerful worry, powerful torture, yet you say you love, I don't want it, so why? You talk to your misters, then maybe I see better, hear, know better, but until, no belief here this eye, this ear, this heart, I eat, you, you call your misters."

                       ...SEND THEE HELP FROM THE SANCTUARY...
                                               F.P. DISSUASION
                                                     SCENE II

      "Excellent you guys, perfect, I absolutely love, so does Nicoli camera, take your lunch, your time, this intermission , Niemeyer I need a minute, I am beginning a campaign for queen model, this nation, this earth, and I want to enter you and Nguyet Dissasusion;s most powerful women and I want to use you and her participation the Lemars for the launching of it, Nguyet as you;ve possibly heard rumored is attending with our most prominent bachelor Vincent Steele, I Niemeyer would love, I would be overwhelming eustatic is you could get your stunner husband, Bji Mein Paui Kroff to be your escort, so my question queen model is, how do make that happen? I tell you Mrs. Hymn, if I ask, he just perfume I am being cry baby, I an American, in America, he France, the distance make me cry, I see, so i should send him an invitation and in a few days call and inquire of his plan, that is right on target. The only thing we'll be cutting it close, so close if he elect not to come, I just don't have any else on the caliber of Niemeyer Makeba Yocba of your husband, there's Desrek Alum, ...you say Desrek Chocolate? Yes, but, he is in Germany, station, the military, if you can't be with Bij Mein Paui Kroff assimilate Erica the one you with, okay but who Meyer, would that be, for you I mean, I think I know, you know someone your husband's caliber, yes, same height, same burnt skin, build, even the voice, this slur of words, ...name please, time my queen is of an essence, Apenn Nasius Rebhunn, he is a British, he does this, he models, yes, if Bji Mein is king, so is Apenn, and do they like now eachothers, I mean I'm not Meyer about to hire your husband's rival? I not understand that word, is Apeen Bji Mein friend or enemy ...ah they never meet, Apenn was arranged marriage, but it did not happen, okay, so you think he will make himself available,  ..for Niemeyer Yocba, yes, with speed. Okay another question since Apenn is as you available do I yet make a request of Bji Mein or just send his invitation to Apenn, don't worry Mrs. Hymn, Bji Mein not come, Paris courts keep him away, okay, then and invitation to Apenn it is, go, take as long as you like, ...ah Meyer, I need some ideal of what you plan to wear, at least by Wednesday eve, yes, thank you Mrs. Hymn.  >>>How stunning wife is this place any better? well as you can see we have better shade, and I don't those who do break out cover are going to approach us, I'm going for my favorite drink, you two, Hain? No, i'm as sole' says stuffed, husband, whatever you're to have, well I'm having alcohol, you don't have alcohol, ah, well, what you're having then, only plain. i'm to freshen up first, hurry, I miss you already. You two Sole are such a magical couple I hope and pray you all work this out. Look Ivar called me with a dilemma, they have a father how is growing all the more suspicious, to the point he's threatening, they've decided to bring their wives together and just confront him, tell him all, only he like disappears and they can't find anywhere, missing for days now, and now the quagmire is do they figure his whereabout Sole is just business as usual or should they register it as his being in trouble and get the authorities involved, But isn't pepe saurus a virtual drug-lord? Yes, and the seesaw of indecision here, ....what a seesaw, what are you guys talking about? Pepe Saurus, ....ah babe Itcus and Ivar foul ply of making and shifting his ideal of an income, ...is that your way Sole of saying but not saying he's a criminal? That is good what is this? It's like a blood Mary but without the blood, i'm a legal clerk, guys in one of largest Attorney crime offices in the country, which is why babe, we just can't say much, ...yeah Pepe Saurus is one of the most dangerous man we know hand down. So what you tell them? Ah I eased out of an uneasy situation by saying, by telling them do what they think is best, the only Sole they hardly know what that is, ..they shouldn't worry about, Pepe is an expert in what he does he know how to tale care of business and if his time has come, so be it, everybody has one right? that's pretty much, ...{{{{guys, guys, tonight is open mike night, any volunteers?}}}, as I was saying that's what Ivar said, but Itcus not so much, he show up either way, {{{come on, all the people here, have to be someone who thinks he or she can sing}}} they just keep on keeping on as one would say. I have a Soledad Maurice over here who think he can sing, ...are you crazy, Hain what are, {{{"Let's give it up everybody for Soledad Maurice}}} I'm not going up there,  ...he's here, hiding and he can really sing, {{come on Soledad Maurice, is that your girl, your wife, bring her with you."}}} everybody come on give a welcome,  I'll go if you go,  ....here we go, so we know your name, Soledad, what are going to sing? I'm sing to my beautiful wife, here, Kassel Berlyn, "stand by me." here we  go guys, Soledad Maurice, singing Stand By Me."

                             ...AND STRENGTHEN THEE OUT OF ZION...
                                                         SCENE III

     -"Did Domnick get off alright? Yea, so how long? He's gone for a couple months, ask me to come, you Bev, thought about an escort for the Lemar Fashion show? Can't I go solo? Yea you can, I mean you possibly won't be the only one without a date, possibly Bev but consider Raphness, I would love to shoot you too doing this event, if you agree I'll have you two in conference two days prior, that's all and just think, your ad segment is done Bev, on to join Domnick, or on to the next project, just think about it! Damn it, this is Dom my third time cutting this, let me see it, did you hear hunk of mine, I can be free to join you, surprise you and all, ah how amazing that would be. Going solo sound the treat but escorted by Raphness my getting to you babe said, done. {{[Veil, yeah, ...Bev, you free for lunch, I need something to wear for the Lemars, come with me and all that, okay good, be there or I'll be hell to live with. I know that's what all are saying about Dom's Ad ,phones ringing off the set again all, let me see, Dom is now tall, dark, gorgeous, rich, fabulous and he only Veil want me in his bed, so most of all he's mine ....well thank you for that complete description, bye girl, later."}     >>>"And who is this, he's Apenn Nasius Rebhun, isn't he Ash simply ravenous, wow and he's all ours, good", "that should be fun, his skin so dark, rich and flawless, so brilliant, That stellar brilliance is escorting Meyer to the Lamars so first he need an invitation, as from her, the we''ll try to steal him if need be, what no looking , forward to Bij Mein? I guess not, our latest Mr Rebhun will have to take his place for now, so Ash snatch him up fast. By the way since you asked, Doc is fine, we're discussing children, children, already? Yea, yeah plus that was Ash one of my marriage proposal, that we not wait, why wait? He's ready and I'm ready, and ready,and ready, ....I think I get the message, and Tony Erica is ready, even the climbing the wall kind, so he accuses me of being a runner, hell can't blame you, look at who's chasing you. Just imagine the act of procreating with such stunner men, Ash, that's all some woman have, is their imagination, we have the real deal. You know I can see doc Matthew and all,  I just can't picture you Eria Lyn as a mother hen, well a few months ago Ash, you couldn't picture me a wife, right? Sissy a wife and mother, hell I was still trying to convince Tip to date Nicholas Edin, now they've since exchanged vows, rings and marriage beds. Ash, we're gonna have children together, they will grow up as neighbors, attend school, college and fall in love and marriage themselves, all as best friends, that's Ash as we look at the big picture for decades into the future. Anyway I want Rebhun for the Lamars so get him here would you? Yes, madam, right on it! You think Tiffany will be back by then, the Lamars? .Girl I can only pray for such miracles and ask you Ashleigh Michelle to pray with me, please,  ...got you again, as always Erica Lynn, got you. Hey, I've picked out a Maaseiah for the male for Tony, come and see Ash so what you wear completes it, later. Ah my god, I can't wait to see Tony in a Maaseiah' Male, you think Ash I can, he and Dr. Matthew Edwin Hymn, they'll be incredible . What are you wearing? One of my own designs, working on it right now, already sold to a buyer in India, so it'll be worn once as demanded, the Lamar's, then Ash shipped off, so something else to look forward too as the saying calgone just take me away, I know, right, bye girl, keep up the good work!"

                                   ...REMEMBER ALL THY OFFERINGS...
                                                         SCENE IV

     -"I have a feeling I'm the object of this conversation, I should have stayed in my room, no, brillant, brazen woman, it is your Mister, Christian Cros, I feel sick" her stomach was coming into her throat, "really sick, as you know, think how this Mister feel not knowing, you're trying to kill me or what? No, this you say is good enough death anyway  ...I'm afraid it's another reaction to the trauma you
suffered, Tifny, I want to go home, I just wanna go home, I know, I know you do, I;m here in this underground bunker wondering how is I'm worthy above all these dignitaries in the land you know, well you are Christian Cros, yeah, there's that, Tiffany, my heart is like wax, melting concerning Agurus as well, but what news was there of Camilla before he past? Past is such a delicate word, I never considered, my ear and eyes bleed tears at the sound of his squeals, I thought your condition too delicate, but Camilla trail lead to Illinois, ...like in the US, as Chicago? Agurus think the property she was assessing brought her and two other agents, buyers between a drug deal that went bad, she christian, as the other did not survive it, ....what is god trying to tell me, my Nadia gone, now my carmilla as well, burnt alive, and you Tiffany come so close, that alone, ah my heart sorrows, it is past past finding out. I'm so sorry, Christian, ....and there is no room for error, ....well he knew all the details of Nadia  and Angus deaths, I didn't have tell him, he told me,  Oloff Christian is totally mesmerized over the Artelon House, especially it's mountainous terrain, he said that part remind his of home India. Tifny tell me, I know you, know, first nadia, then Milla, and you come so close, yet in danger until you're given over to Mr. Coogan, we were all places Christian out of our elements, Camilla was supposed to be in a Jerusalem recovery room with you, Nadia at home asleep in her bed, I was finishing a Dissuasion's next Magazine edition, I know death the curse is everywhere, but some places are more deadly Christian than others. That leave me Tifny with one other question, why did you shoot straight for france, right to your Mister Coogan, o why beloved why? You know why, Tifny he you through Agurus it was all better this way, better for him, Christian not not for me and Michael day or Cullen Veneer is not gonna decide that for me, and you Coogan's heart just hanging the balancing act of your missions impossibles, did you just hear what you told me, you just explained to me, my dear sister and beloved wife are both gone away from me, hell Agurus as well, because of these Tifney, Maaseiah, mis character in judgment yet straddling no man's land, pulling this man's heart, all who love you right alone, do they even know where you are, that you got out, how Tiffany is that right, where, why. how? That's too much like you're punishing them, the very who if wasn't for them, three of the most beloved lady loves in my life would be dead, horribly, terribly, ...they're making ready to again move us topside, seem were out of danger, I'll call you again soon, bye, love, and please God have mercy, take care."     >>>"So that too incredible, explosiveness is why the wife is for the husband and the husband for the wife, why we abandon our parents to our own kind? There is just no other way Jude to precreate the genesis man, such wonderment my flesh, my blood, that my friend Tristain Alyn sacrificed for, surely it is now I know heaven the more, this fierceness aching in me that I must take out on Sura Danielle, tell you I did not offend you, that these beautiful eyes filled with tears are as happiest as they;ve been that as I kiss them sweeter the honeycomb, you was certain that I should, Jude, my sweet, sweet Jude, how phenomena in my burning love is Jude Aleksander Adams. I don't know if this is Allyn Tristan's doing, then look at it darling Jude as being more God than him, my father in heaven, this sura danielle that you've given, deliciously consuming into her erotic womb right now, how many ways do I count them, thanking you over and over again. This is it, your firm breast, and smooth belly right into it's grape like navel, and just below it, these exploding walls of merry making, this is it Sura, what every man want, every song sings, what millennia of poem lament, how cruel and unusual that I'd been so otherwise perverted, even converted, but the thief my beloved husband Jude hath but for to steal, kill and destroy all  the marriage pleasures and infect aching vein at limits it's riotous, temporal satisfaction that longs and laong, your hot breath upon my, anxious, pulsating bosom, Jude, dear, sweet jude, be merciful this climbing and tearing into such indescribable eagerness, my bones my toes, indeed be merciful sweet Jude,," this their immortal love.

                                ...AND ACCEPT THY BURNT SACRIFICE...
                                             THE ARTELON HOUSE
                                                       SCENE V

     "Vincent, how are you, I'm perfect as I see you are, I have a small favor to ask Nguyet, I'm
stuck without a date for the upcoming fashion show, The Lemar, and I was wondering, well Mrs Hymn and I, there's rumor you don't have an escort, ...as of yet, it's true, soon I decide to go solo, well that isn't necessary, I would more than love, just love to be your escort, ...yes, please I would be honored to go with you, ...good, then I'll pick you up here around eight, eight is good, it's good to have you back as well, the camera's I see, they miss you, and I did as well, that is so sweet, I better go, I'm far behind my modeling schedule, we Nguyet are going to have too much fun, hate the night  to end though it must, I can't wait, ....neither can I Vincent Steele, neither can I wait, I feel a tickle, an itch right in the pit of me with excite, ...farewell, see you soon, farewell until the special night."     >>>that's strange, ...what is? All these questions Tony you ask, but not one about Ash, pray, tell what do you remember about your wife? Is that Mire before or after I committed suicide at her work place, and if her co-workers weren't so generous as to save me, position me with a job, a career I presume I only dreamed of, I wouldn't be sitting here, only you would perhaps sis, be bending to kneeling at my grave? I know what I was before, and that awfulness had to Mire have some bearing on what Ash was then before, okay, okay, I'm not saying she was perfect, that you nor I Mire were perfect before all this craziness to marvelousness, but,only that we get out of life, only what good to bad we put in, right? Saying that I remembered an important thing, your  husband, when do we meet again, do you have children? I have a son, and we're considering an outdoor grill gathering Sunday, for this reacquaintance as you describe it, fantastic, ...that has been great, but my son is being released so I have to get him, ..this was good, very soon, you relocate here for me, ...for us Tony, see you Sunday if not sooner huh? Yes, ...thank you Mire so such, so very much."

                                                    SCENE VI

     -If you touch me again this day Jude, I'm going to climb this wall and If I dare do, that will be the end of me, did I strike Sura's seething fire, but I will explode without you, this exhilarating, rapacious longing for, even as I Sura danielle touch you here, and kiss your tears and bite your pouting lips right from you, ingest these trembling squeals, I can't do this you are slaying me and slaying me, shhhhhhh, I'm loving you, swallowing and devouring these heated, heated words right from your edible tongue, arggggggg  arggggggggg, argggggggggg,  mercy sweet Jude,  tell me you love me,  so you can kill me softly along each rymetic sound, no, I bite it in your ear, no, I will never love, argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg,  arg, mercy, mercy, please, I thirst for your tear, your neck right here,  right atop your breast here, jude, jude, look at me,  look at me,  no, no, no, if you kiss or bite me there, arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, arg, arg,  you have spent me, I will run from you,  even your back doll is like liqurious  candy freshly open , I slick it here, Jude,  no, no,  iI will bite it here, arggggg ....I see it here,  no, no, then turn love and see me, I thirst for these tears."     {{{Mother Karsiann dear, if it is you can see me, I m come down on my kness with sweet surrender, help me, that yout sweet, trusting God hear me, god, “Father,  the only way I’m to understand this unmerited grace out of such a horrid reaping of faithlessness is Christ alone hath gotten us all this indescribable for all of eternity victory, thus not to lean unto our own understanding, this fertile quest of rebellious man. Then you give me him, this inconceivable of a holy man, not to be or practice vainglory I know where I would be without him.”  A praying Nicholas Edin not realizing, but sitting the floor, laying her head into the door post, eyes leaking closed, a smitten heart conjoin to his, wife though thousands of miles away, was as usual this close. “I fret father I admit, you knowing this heart, you once having given it, but not as fear, for fear is the penitentiary where marshaled at their contrived gates are damning fallen angels. But faith Father, Christ, though it too is a reformatory, it is a true, wondrous freedom of choice guarded and commanded by you of Holy Spirits, this strait gate, path to you, even to our Prince King, I read somewhere, Prince of peace. Somehow and as usual you’ve taken that desecrating the heart and by divine soil, it’s neutralizing blood revised to us an unforgettable marriage of One Nicholas Edin and Thine, Maaseiah Adonai as always and forever trusting in all that you do, all glory and honor father be to you. Deliver our soul from the sword, our darling from the power of the dog,  save us from the Lion’s mouth, for thou hast heard us from the horns of the unicorn, Amen precious father, amen. >>>  Why do you look at me so wife, I, had, you sing like that, you actually like that, he play an instrument too, two of them, ...what, you sing like that and play, soledad, my father was preparing me for a career in the music field but, I, I didn't want it, ..you didn't want it, i didn't the righteous life that go with all of that and here Desrek's Maaseiah's fashion ads has gone and made celebrities of us regardless, those people bac there offered a job, ...no they offer me a singing contract, no,no, no, I don't want it,  hain you going home, Ale's, ....Ale's, I told him we'll come by, ...my, that was incredible sole, 'm stil crying, ah my, god, .Hain, what, 'm the one that pushed him up there, good bless night Hain man, you and Kassle as well,   ....you know you do spiritual, I know, I considered that, wah sing a song never been song before, in an arrangement never been done before, I've heard stand by me been done like that, that's because I was singing it to you, and Kassel Berlyn I meant every word, I know, I saw it in your eyes, felt it in my heart, the whole club was mesmerized screaming encore, encore, I'm still trembling, I got you, feel my kiss on your sweet forward,, I got you,  who told them we were young, Dissuasion marriage worshippers? Hain of course, than that two bullets for him,  ...my god Soledad Maurice, you slay me, ...yeah I was thinking dad is gonna love this to pieces, momma too, but Dare, Dare is gonna kill me, so he know about this? Derry is my brother, we grew up in the same house, ...right, right, I knew that, where is my head, slain by this husband right here, ...so is he the reason you didn't pursue a music career? Talking about Desrek? No, he told me I could rush in, take for it all it's worth in no time and just get out it, and make so many  appearances a year, ...that sound logical, shhhhhhh, I don't know, let's just rest our head into one the other and enjoy this ride taxi ride home. huh? I so Kassel Berlyn love you so much, don't you go nowhere, promise me, ..I promise baby, I'm going nowhere, I love you so much as well ...good, god bless you, ...thank you Sole, thank you."   

                       ...THE LORD FULFILL ALL THY PETITIONS...
                                                        SCENE VII

     {{{ "Nicholas, it's me, Tiffany, ah thank god I feared the worst, but prayed for the best, where are you, tell me you're in France or you're at least on our way here? I'm at the Artlelon house, Mr. Olaf, Mike's assignment to me is with me until he deliver me to you, ....my god Tiffany your voice in my ear is like water to a mighty thirst, O how I've panted for it. Did you not hear me Nicholas Edin, Michael Day is alive and well,  I know, I also know by a military code of Olaff crossover he used Macremore private jet to save your life, I know, Agurus told Sye and Sye told me. We knew you escaped Jerusalem, only we didn't know where you was, why you didn't come stampeding into my waiting for you heart, why did you not run to me Tiffany? I just told you why only you elected not to hear me, ....Sye also told me Mike, actually Cullen Veneer wouldn't see you, wouldn't have anything to do with you, ...would you Nicholas if you figured it was my father who made the attempt on your life? Plus, it wasn't like that, it wasn't like that all! So I take it you convinced this Olaf to completely detour his assignment? I'm golden eyes, brazen skin, I can do that, then when you will convince yourself to come to me, or get to Sye, to the center, relieve Olaff of this arduous task of being bewitched by you, huh? I need him, I need him to deliver me to Mike first, he is nearly convinced already ....and that's why you delivered him to the Aretelon house and no place else? I can see that, yeah I can see that, ...Nicholas, I know what am doing, ...well I know Agurus Janzeen is horribly dead because you Maaseiah Adonai know what you're. Don't call me, don't you ever call me that, do you wife, love me, your husband atoll? Hear the rattle of my tears in your ear and answer me, do you Tiffany Ann Saurus Coogan love me, do you love me more than Mr. Artelon, do you love me more than than Mr. Veneer, do you wife love me above your own heart desires, do you love me? I just kneeled and prayed for the fist time my adult life, that is how helpless I feel, the lost of my mother, the death of my father, the report of Agurus horrible death  yet being unable to find you, the insanity of not knowing, what a seizing of terror, ah, ah, ah to  ...hello, hel, Nicholas, you still, hey you, you're breaking down, I, I, ah, I can hear you, yes, yes I love you, I love you Nicholas, I need you to hear me, know that, I even need so bad, you to need me, ....I do need you, ah god, so much, come to me, there is nothing for you to be ashamed of, come to me, ...Agurus is dead because of me, I can still Nicholas hear his screams, ...Agurus is dead because of a heart of love, this he had for Sye and the one he loan to you, come to me Tiffany, come,  I need my wife, so much, and Tiffany, until death part us, that's you, that's you, stop whatever you're doing and find your husband."     >>>You finished for today? I have a session with Erica Lynn and Dr. Coogan, ....I missed you, ...you missed me since this morning? I missed you,  you wanna go for a quick bite, I got like half an hour, or we visit the vending? No, I'll, race you to the hot dog stand, the loser, have all chores for the week and the winner, get to be really recreative when it come to fixing the bed, ...ah you on, I love bed games, ...ready Mr. Decorte, set go!!!!!!!!      >>>"Ah I have some better, Dr, Hymn put on Desrek Chocolate and Sissy laid down, thought he was going to sleep, girl I smelled that man, I floated up to the ceiling, flew up, all around it, like a prowler under those bed sheet I come and got busy, busy, busy, ah was I just loudly thinking out loud? Deafening, I'm just saying I can't to see what Hain's almond and Soledad's French, Sissy, vanilla is gonna be like, hell we may never sleep again, have us like ten children, hell twelve, ...look I been thinking whether to convince Soledad to get an agent or do Dissuasion manage him, what you think? Well what does Ronda think, I think sometime Sissy we forget that's her brother, you is so damn right, completely, I'm to see her  right now, before he get here, ah and if you and Mr. Hymn have ten to twelve kids, scratch me off your best friend list, I'm close for god parenting, ...wush, cry baby, all that, ...don't care, call me what you want, bye, later!  

                                     ...AND ACCEPT THY BURNT SACRIFICE...
                                                  THE ARTELON HOUSE
                                                             SCENE VIII

     -All I said was we must be able to endure all tribulations as a group, what hurt one, what offends one", "what would tear down one will no doubt affect the other, Jude Aleksander is right, our friendships are expendable people, but any failure is unacceptable and our success here as
one group of attorneys is first and foremost. Let us not forget why we are here, again if you disagree please speak now, if not let us tend to important business. Now if there are no comments", "no questions, the prosecution time is up tomorrow, they have played their hand as Mr. Coogan says, to it's last dying breath and unlike in the beginning it's no joke, I'm going to need everyone of you on your toes, eyes open, ears attending, I as court liaison don't want us to miss anything people, Mr, Coogan  said the day it comes into that courtroom it had better been on my desk and at your attention days before, thats' days people days, not hours, minutes even seconds, that is unacceptable
we're talking days, Do you hear me Mr. Kroff? You see to be distracted, I want no surprises, I hear yo kid, ..that's Mr, Adams, where's Mr Lue? He called sir, said he'll be right in, if not, he'll spend the night debriefing it all, then make certain he get a copy, no surprises, Miss Chow will debrief us on all other matters and circumstances brung before our jurors thus far.Miss chow the floor is yours. Remember we don't care about what the prosecution think, only what they can prove matter, on that note Mr. Ggurtelon will help us understand our twelve friends a little better, that and what they must be thinking thus far, Mrs. Mananas Lerevis is our crime scene expert, the best I'm told, Mr.Jude Adams with her our chemical expert, what and whose DNA, where, and why, Mr. Kroff assisted by Alyson Malone will give the opening remarks and Mr. Coogan? That's easy, he will be blamed for everything that goes wrong, only nothing goes wrong on my shift, nothing so is not only a super villain to the prosecution he is as well our fall, and we the shield money can buy.  {{{Everybody stop every thing the're doing and get to the conference room stat, this is an alert, ..what the hell has happen now? Everybody stop what you're doing get to conference right,  ....my christ is that Soledad, Soledad Maurice, singing stand by me, to his stunner wife Kassle Berlyn, both young marriage worshipper of Dissuasion fashion center, my lord i had no ideal that boy could sing like that, that's erica isn't just singing, that's a music contract, get ready everybody for the phones to start ringing off the hook again, to be honest Mr. Coogan since Legolas Caspian E-Excellent Cologne Ad they never stopped, yeah first Desrek Chocolate Ad, ran the line's crazy. Get the phone set up like we're having a  fundraiser, since we're paying them fifty cent per call, we can't miss any, let's get to work, Merilyn get with Ronda so yall can deal with the press, believe me they are coming, ....miracles never cease, with people do they, just make you wonder erica why isn't he under a contract already, when is he due back in here, He and Hain accepted Desrek Chocolate ad, so like tomorrow noon,  I need to see him before he bogged down with celebrity, got Mrs. Coogan got ya, hey, hey, hey, anything from Tip? Yeah Sye says she here, in Manhattan, but she's staying out of reach, off duty, said she really saw some and suffered some really traumatic thing, that Nicholas is trying to talk her, and if not, they gonna give us a try, but at least she's back, safe Sissy and all that, yes, Erica, so thank god, Jesus all, for that, oh, and thanks for scaring the hell out of us,  you welcome, you know what I thought, ah hell something has gen wrong with the Lemars,  how is that Indian gown going? Perfect, but I would love Erica to have tip's expertist, love, love, love, ..hey your too, so I'll to you afternoon, ....okay babe, later.
                                                              SCENE IX

     "Before the last acorn fall my darling, before it's rain enforce it's earth so due, another time is dawning, another making itself as new what are you reading, where you get that? Ah,  come
unto thy morning, and find there is joy still, before the last fall, there is much to do thy lover" "STOP IT! Stop it, you evil bastard. What, where did get this, where damn it! Here, the window seal no, you are a lying bastard, thief, how did you do it? Sura, the lord above and on the earth, I pick it, how did get into my computer? Sura, it was on the seal, i thought I could trust you, ah god gave myself to it, to you anything  Sura don't this, I don't understand what's happen, I didn't do this, it was just laying there I swear, that's not possible, it was never put to paper, it never would be. Leave, leave damn it leave, I can't look at you  no more,I won't hear your lying lip, those bewitching eyes, so bewitching eyes. Okay, Sura, I'll go, I'll go, maybe you did it and you just don't remember, Sura please look at me, it's me it's Jude, it's me Jude ordered her outrage into his, soon wrapping her stubborn resolve about his neck, calming her, whispering to her, I saw it, I picked it up and I began reading it as I watched you sleep, as I tried to figure out how I would leave you ever, realizing it was poem I start to have fun with it. Please Sura, I should've been in a meeting like yesterday but I couldn't leave you, I'm sorry it offended you so, no, it's just that I wrote that ages ago I was never the writer, poet, "Tristan was always this genius, he wrote me, a poem, the acorns are falling, and the falling, crumbling, even Jude being abandoned and eaten alive was him, so I rote him back, before the acorn fall, before it suffers such a horrid fate, come back to it's substance of life, find gain this merry wife, me, Jude,  it came so sacred, I swore I would never put it to paper, when a person like Tristan has pain sorrows and death as their coach they will always be invincible, even everlasting ....genius Sura as you say, ....Sura it's remarkable, just like you it's author, it's remarkable."     >>>that tickle so good, your vanilla back, that's french vanilla, ...well it looked, smell and taste so delicious, I couldn't resist, I got to go, and you better move it or you'll be late for classes. You coming with me right, to Jamaica? After that performance last night, your desire husband is my commandment, I don't want to let you out of my sight, but I have to work. Key told me to tell you she know who's gonna sing at their wedding, so is that an admission, they're getting hitched, she really said that? I hear most of the calls coming into the fashion center is whether you do birthdays and weddings, private audiences, I'm still floored you keep something like so hidden away, what did Desrek say, ah that he cried, said he never see anything as beautiful as us two, and the song was electrifying was his word, bye babe, you lay back down you're late, I'll call you if I'm free for lunch, I would love it if you just met Hain and I at the FPD center, okay, I'll call to let you know what time, Soledad Maurice, get up? I'm up, see I'm sitting, even standing, ....yeah barely, see you later baby, I love you so much, love you too." {{{Hello, perfect timing cuz, I was just asking Kas about that, what time is that? I'm sorry the Lamars what? When the hell did, what you think Hain man? Okay, okay, I'll past it by Kas, I got go man, shower, dressing and classes, some fancy ball huh,I got you, see you at the center, tell Ali, I said hey back, later Hain man, I don't see why not, they'll probably put him to work too, right, bye." 

                                   ...BEFORE THE LAST ACORN FALL...
                                                      SCENE X

     -"My heart Olaf was in my mouth, I'd convinced myself you was lost and couldn't find your way back, don't do that, please, only for me Tifny that is a good thing, but not until you get to your Misters. I talked to my mister in France, he plead with me that I come, only Olaf, I want to see, speak with code crossover first. I tell you this not possible, then you go to Mister's in France? There is no way I could speak to him on your communicator device? No, he said your voice, very saddening, ache his heart, make him act, think a fool, not for you golden eyes, not for me neither. We go to France, yes? I have friends and misters I must see here first, then you will deliver me to France? Yes, I will be glad, happy, I laugh, ...good, I'll call us a ride, ...good, now you care for others, than you, feel good Tifny, ...yes Olaf it does, it feel good to care again, ...good, good for you golden eyes, so very good."     >>>"Do I dare tell, kiss Phil and tel? Yes, Jude make you feel better, leaving Sura Danielle was the hardest of things ever, hardest the things leading to her. Don't let him do that to you, ....no Jude, what happens between you and your friend is sacred, ...ah she is no longer my friend, Sura is my wife your wife, when did that happen? What do you mean Phillip Mance, when did that happen? As soon as we entered into our making of marriage beds and all , how old are you and you not know this, the leaving of parents and finding you own,coming one as ro precreate all. Wait, Phil, what, I have to ask,  I don't get it, phil, stop it! No, no, no, you're saying Jude that simply because she and you did it you're married, no, do you have to belittle sacred relations like that. I'm saying Philip Mance, we're married because we found one another so conjoin in each other our flesh, an erupting merging and marriage impossible to relieve but we must and now I have such vows to tend to. Phil, don't look so astonished, it's not the first time you've heard of such, it just I didn't know I had one as a housemate "there are many people who believe a sexual commitment is also a commitment to marriage and it's taken extremely serious still Nicko man, we're talking about Jude Aleksander attorney at law, yes, Jude, a man who believe his sexuality and his wife Sura are as sacred as god himself surely you didn't think he would cast off being with her, so freely, so unknowingly thoughtlessly. Like me right, hell like us all Phil, one day it will be this way and none other times and death and urgency will one day reorder us as martial beings restoring us spiritually, mentally, physically in ways inconceivable you been reading behind Tristan Alyn again right? Yes I admit I have,but I have to I'm Phil married to one like him, at lost this wilderness the heart and god alone the  light  to it's steps and lamp to it's path. Anyway it's some astonishing material, realities So Tristan and Tiffany, actually Maaseiah, ...okay, so they think one day marriage will be as the god in heaven intended from the beginning? That it is he, this supreme god, that has made our sexuality, it's sacred marriage and not we ourselves yes and the only way for us to get it right is to understand the rightness or the right spirit behind it, the glory and eternity. It's a phenomena thing Phil when you began to see to look beyond all the falsity and find yourself because that's where a healthy relationship must begin, at your honest, humble selves.   >>.No, no, no Lyn, I want to taste it with your mouth, ...you is such a bad boy  ....ya'll do know, yall both have a room each,  well phil Mr. Lue here is old fashion, as in he's saving for marriage, got my ring though, wow, that's, tha cost some money. Nicko man, have you be there, done that? Wait for marriage? Yes, I was fine until I actually found her, ..saying until marriage never come its hardest, but you two it was, well it is worth it. You abstain for personal or spiritual, ah, well my parents married for spiritual reasons, stayed faithful to themselves to us, although my brothers and I hated it, I guess you can it rubbed off on us, we all married our first loves I never pegged you Mr. Lue, but who do we really know huh? Mine is for spiritual reasons as well, but not because of my family because of my own personal belief, you one day you just have to decide, and I did, and now I got this amazing bride in waiting as a result, ...you Nicholas hear anymore from yours, from Tiffany, ...yes Lyn, thanks for asking, I told to come, to come to me, ....so is she still in much danger? No, she's back in the states, she's doing well, thank god for that, yes, that is what I keep saying up here Lynn, an in here, Phil, come by my room before you hit the hay so the speak, good evening you two, good night Nicholas, truly good night."

                         ...THEY ARE BROUGHT DOWN AND FALLEN...
                                                        SCENE XI

     -"What is this, it is the letter, Agurus, ...the letter? He measured the end, place it here and said Olaf, deliver her, give this only, i can't, I won't, he died Tifny this he tell why? Then I hate you for having that, you may as well be handing me his bleeding beating heart, ...this he give, this bleeding heart, take, if read, good, we be glad, if not read, there is good too. This your workplace? But take the private entry here, I need you to be really quiet, stealthy Agurus say, ...yes, be that, hum many scents, many people, I lock my mouth, ....thanks, come this way, you have misters here? Agurus' Syefan Erin, wife work here, he come visit her, see me, I'm delivered, one down, one to go right? Right, I see it, good. Are you acquainted with him, with Syefan Coogan, I met him, few to many times, I see part of lady Statue, ...yes, I guess it's like you looking out from afar home Olaf, seeing the Dome of the rock,  ....the Tiffany Qubbat al-Ṣakhrah, ...we all have our various gods  ...Jesus said Tifny many christ to come, but he, god of all gods, Christ, ...does that make you christian, I quote Christ, no christian, I live christ, Christian, ...hey, ..Erica, I saw the light, my eyes are so glad to see you, ...hum you smell good, I'm glad to be back, and to see you as well, this is Olaf, what's left of security detail,  I'm sorry Olaf I never asked you about a last name, ..Sturety, it is Olaf Sturety, it is nice to meet you, thank you for taking care of my sister, friend, ...so is this on purpose or coincidence that you return only two weeks the Lamars Fashion Ball? Believe me Erica if that's so, it's total coincidental and no I will not be attending, well can I at least talk you into the critique an indian bound gown for me, I mean after Sissy is finished? That is one thing I love about Dr, Ms. Erica Lynn Hymn, this right back to business attitude, ...is that mockery? Erica no return parties, no bright lights or loud announcements, no long hellos, I came in my private entry because I just want to filter back into the fabric of the FPD Center, are we clear? Crystal, will you please past that message to all other inquiries, I'm all pieces and just a push the way and I'm crumbing down, ...I got it, why are you crying? Tip, I understand, ...good , thank you and yes, I would love to polish your Indian gown, ..thank you Tip, ah later...    

 My Tifney,

     -If by unusual fate you are reading this then something bout your violent dream come true. It is not good that you fret about things that could not be prevented. Look at Agurus, I went all the way to America, stored away on a ship and became a slave for months trying to escape this thing called destiny. Trying to prevent love and the fate of my brothers, and look at me, I am writing this because I felled into this love, and though fearful, I gave my life to protect that which I loved.
     -Death Tifny is a strange thing, not far different than life. When a man knoweth not his coming, it is like that thief that surprises you in the night. You not knowing it's time, chance or its dissolution, you cannot know its merciless hour. Like you and I Tifney, we sat in our room daily afraid of this thief, thinking it come for one and it come for the other, it's no mind, if Allah say it is time then we must trust him. I will miss you Tifney, especially your golden eyes, it is there I've found you as a treasure of your god, that when he looked upon you and saw your perfection, he then gave you those eyes that you become beyond that in which he perfected.
     -Then there is your marvelous smile that set those eyes to fire. It is true Tifney, it is as you believed in the beginning, it is better to have known you and lost you than to have never been bring to life because of you. Again my wife Tifney, fret not yourself because of these things, they're as they should be. We have known life, we have known friendship, we have known love, there are no better things than these ...if I don't see you in the morning, then I'll see you on the morrow ...Love Agurus ...

     -Tiffany, sweetheart, it's me, it's Nicholas, I'm sorry, okay, I'm so sorry, I got here as soon as I could,  I met Olaf, he told me you been locked in this closet for a while, unlock the door, let me in, ....I read Agurus' letter, he died for me, but I couldn't stand it, I could still hear him screaming, I no longer deserve the light, I couldn't stand it, I don't deserve any of this, and you're here,  it so crazy, it so crazy. Tiffany, this is Barb, I don't know if you know it, but I work here now and listen to people who want to talk, come out so we can talk, ....no, no, no,  just leave me alone, freaking leave me alone! You know we can't do that, the janitors are here, they have the keys, now we can force our way in or you can unlock the door and I, I alone will come in to you, I'm in no danger, I, I made this room my prayer closet long ago, ...then that make me want to come in even more, since I'm a praying man now, only you right, all others back to business, right? Only me I promise, everybody else are leaving right now, ...its unlocked, ...it's okay that I come in, ...yes, but you alone, okay, here I come, ah my darkling, I got you, put your ear here, feel my breath, feel my heartbeat, we can sit here, stay here for as long as you,  ....you smell really good, feel really good, well you feel really good, my arms longed and longed to hold you, ..how did you get here so fast? I think i been on my way back here to you since I told you come, to find me. I don't know what to do, how do I face Sye, Agurus family and friends,  his screams were so loud, my eyes and ears bleed, ...no, Sye says no, Sye says the hanger you was in, tighten like a drum, magnetized the sound barrier of aircrafts all around and that beloved is what injured your hearing. Even that the distant between where you were and where Agurus was, there's hardly any chance that you heard him, that his body Tiffany showed little signs of torture or trumuna, you're not just telling me, Sye isn't just  fabricating that? I want go home, but under a cover, under a cloak, the private exit, I want leave Nicholas, no other way, then let me cover you and carry you, thank you, thank you so much.    {{{"He just carried her to the car, so that part Sissy is over, Olaf can be relieved now, now, get back to Jerusalem, so you're telling me not is Mike alive, but he's the reason Tiffany is alive?  His quick thinking, his military status, and Nicki's access to that private jet, and Agurus, yes and Agurus, olaf after him, they were planning to take her, sell her Sissy to the highest bidder, Nickie, well, we would've never seen her again and say her father is all mixed up in this too, good Sissy or bad, but yes.     {{{"Dad, catch that rope son, I got your message but since I was only like a hour from home, I just got here as fast as I could, where our brother gonna need help with this load? I'll get, just don't be gone when get back, ah, I'm going no where for a while, catch, you may as well take that with you, Ivar!!!! Hey dad here, has a load said come help, you was right, he know how to take him of himself, we set it to tell him a Sunday dinner, sound good, come on, it's quite a load come, come and see, help!"

                         ...BUT WE ARE RISEN AND STAND UPRIGHT...
                                                         SCENE  XII

      -"We're here, we're where? France, Paris, .....ahhhh, Erica is gonna kill me, my god I keep doing this and freaking doing this! You were really tired, you slept all the way here. I don't know how to do this, how to be here, how to face them, what are these people gonna think? You worry too much about what others think, these people don't know you, I do, know and love you, so much, come, we have a rooftop entrance, off the plane into the building, come, come, let's get you to bed, Erica expect me to be at the Lamars, and you will, I have our invitations right here, ....what's this astonishing 
building? Well most say heaven on earth, but my entire legal team are living here, but, but, they won't even know you're here unless or until you want them to, trust me, take my hand and let me whisk you away to the wonderland this place is, okay? Okay, ....thank you Johnston, until next time, ...you're welcome Mr. Coogan as usual, you and yours have a goodnight, ....you too, ...good night miss, ..thank you. Here, put this over your shoulders, it's pretty chilly, ah my god Nicholas look at the view from up here, it's like I can touch the sky, so many stars, and that full is way awesome, I tell you it spook to me one time, were I ws laying i n bed, I could look straight into, and Nicholas s i gazed, I heard it say, blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see god, ...what a stunning as yourself testimony. Ohhhh, I have so much to do, I have two more male colognes coming out, ...and you can design from here, remember, Erica send one of the sketches, ...no doubt her Indian gown, ...well, if you like this incredible scene you gonna love the view from my suite, nobody gonna disturb you here. I need to talk to Christian, Desrek, what about a memorial for Agurus? And oh mu God, Christian's Camilla,  calm, breath, Sye is on aop of all that, now come over here, that's what I'm talking about, all that is christ Nicholas, that's Paris lights by night, that bridge alone is arist, awesome, I know, boy do I know, I sit here for hours sometimes thinking about you, missing you, s just make yourself at home, I'm gonna stick my head in down stairs, we always conference ding dinner and movie night, look here, you push this button, this intercom, and it's like room service, Tiffany, whatever you need, want,  ....Nicholas, go, go, go, ....okay, I won't be gone long, no mention of me right? Right,  I'm gonna make me a soak and climb in bed and sleep forever, ...that sauna is pretty big so don' get lost, I would't think of leaving you again.  {{{Christian, hey, tell me how are things, you been released yet? I have a flight Thursday, flight, yeah, ah, Camilla's mortuary is in two days and after that's done, I'm out of here, where, where are you going? I'm going to Florida with Spirit and Niegl, then Tip I think I'm gonna take the Artelon house off the market, go back home, I talk to Olaf so I know where you are and I'm relieved about that, so much Christian has happen in such a short time, you ought to see this place, this castle where Nicholas and his legal aids are staying, it look like a royal palace, .....good, you our Maaseiah Adonai deserve it, ....talk to you again soon, ...okay Tifny, take care, hey, hey, would it be really strange to tell you to tell Mr Coogan, Nicholas, I said hello? No, sir, Christian Cros, that wouldn't be odd at all, and you better hurry if you gonna take the Areteon property off the market, I've even contemplated Nicholas and I putting a bid on it, then let us hurry huh? Yeah, let us, bye, bye Tifny, ...bye, ...you going to call Spirit or should I? no, I'll do it, I want to hear his voice, the I'll call Desre Alum, I want to hear his voice as well, okay love, bye. "}}}                                                                
                                                         SCENE XIII
   "What is that Nicko man, the fourth bottle? You better go easy Nicholas Coogan for someone who doesn't think, ...drink Phil man, for someone who doesn't drink and you're one to talk, well sort of talk. We did it Phil man, Mr. Clifton is a free and I raise my glass and salute Miss Ly Lnn Chow, Mr. Nun Con'Nah Lue, MIss Alyson Cobbleson, Miss Mananas Shiban, There's you Mr. Phillip Mance, Mr. Bji Mein Paui Kroff, Mr. Jude Aleksander Adams and our New addition, Brazen Saldana, there is you, Mr, Nicholas Edis, Sir, complimentary from a lady at the bar, damn Nicko man, what's that, like the 7th bottle? I'm sorry, am I hearing that Phil is a little, or a lot ah what is that, ah word, ah, jealous? Okay, I admit, now read the note, okay, okay, give me a minute to get my eyes just right, what, how many of them are you seeing? A lot okay, a lot, it says, Ly Lnn, you wanted help me with this? It's says, Ly Lynn? It says what Nicko man, come on before I fall out, on my face, it says what? Yes, ah yes, my love, I will, I will marry you! Ahhh, something different, finally a proposal, it's about time, what is it Nicko man, it's about time. If you do not see, it is Bji mein, this is more likable, what pray and say is your answer? Don't talk Okay Bji, it's confusing, is the friend Nicklas getting, ah, ah, it's married Bji man, married, ah, yeah, that's a freaking marriage proposal, let me see you top that Ann man,, Nicko man, so what you say Nicko man or you too drunk to say? Be quiet, control yourself everybody, she asked me, please, everybody be still. Where is she? There, that benumbing darling right there, coming closer, ...damn it man, ....hey Nicko, ...what? You're looking all ghosty, I don't think that' a word, what is it that the Coogan predator see? Tiffany Ann, so how freaking drunk am I?
That's her, I see Tiffany Ann, bedazzling isn't she? Did he say Tiffany? Yes, he did, as in the fiance, as Phil in the get away, run away fiance, ah Tiffany  ....what an incredible thing, a spector Bji that's all. What are you, doing, ah here? I'd convinced myself I wouldn't see you ever again, this better not or it better be, ah, ah dream. I would love to pinch you Nicholas Edin and see, ...okay Phil that sound kinda not right, ...right, you right, that wasn't right. It's me Nicholas, it's really me, it's Tiffany,  and by me, you mean these illuminating, even bewitching eyes, long, silken edible strands, the emphasis Tiffany Ann on edible, just this bedazzling temptress at pulling ones, my heart right out? No! You see I am intoxicated, probably the first time in my life and you, you are a fabrication, a good one, I admit, even seeing double, you look exactly like I imagine. Okay, okay I'm done, will someone here please take me to my room, Nicholas, honey, what are you, it is me, I'm here, I've come, ....no you haven't, you ran from me remember, you freaking ran from me! What is wrong with you, you don't drink, ..and you, you Tiffany, you stop running to me long ago, then you show up here and I'm too drunk to know, and, and you, you expect me to think this is real. That this, this, ...this Nicholas Edin is me, so you, you are the marriage proposal, what a joke, what a freaking joke! After all of our lives, after every tittle and nothing more to give you Tiffany Ann Saurus want to marry now, now of all places the heart! I'm leaving, ...Nicholas, I can get you to your room if you want, well Phil and I can, thank you Manasseh, thank you, you are a friend, ....you just gonna leave me her? I come, I find you and you, ...okay then, back to the airport with you, ...he is Tiffany pretty intoxicated, ..I tell you, looking at you, I'm sure I'm just one of many witnesses here, you, wait, wait, wait, you are really here and you think I don't want you, here? You see I told myself, even swore, made a vow, whatever Tiffany you call it. I just can't believe, it's a, that you are here, ...but baby, I am, ...hey, hey, you can't call me that, you can't ever call me that, never, ever!"     >>>"What is it? A really, freakish dream and I'm I, I'm, I'm breaking down, ...I know, you're trembling, shhhhhhh, ....no, no that dream, I still can't, can't, believe you're here. Tiffany, you are here right, I'm not gonna wake from this and none of this is actually you being here with? Hey, look at me, kiss me, fade into me, I'm here, I'm right here, remember, you walked me into this room yourself? You made me comfortable, showed me that incredible view from here, that's your balcony, I even got something that's really gonna flip you. I talked to Christian, and got a flash, though I didn't tell him , that Camilla is actually alive, something about my dad, ...what, whoa? He, Christian told me to tell you hello, no first he asked was it okay to tell you hello, honey, sometimes dreams are only our innermost fears. This is me touching my head to yours, feel your blood, breath fade into mine, you really are here, this is actually you? Yes, yes darling man, these kissable tears, lips, husband, knight by a Private, Paris jet, I'm here, ,,you are really here, do did I tell you we did it, Mr. Clifton is a free man, ...I'm not surprised, you is so good, Nicholas, so brilliant and perfect at everything you do. Hey, hey, hey, where you going? Unpack later, we, ah the guys I mean Tiffany, we just won our first murder case, nobody thought it was possible, since we won, do you know how truly beautiful you are, how you just mesmerize people? Somewhat Nicholas, I guess you can say my husband has this real habit of telling me that, he's a really smart fellow then, your husband you say? You probably want to hold on to him, really tight and all, medge into him this one, never letting go, I know what you trying to ask me. Only beloved that it's Saturday and later this evening we can go out with the others to celebrate, or, or goddess lady if you're still not ready,  we can eat right here, that astonishing balcony right there. They know I'm here? It's a rumor that's spreading, not my fault I swear, so tell me Tiffany Ann, this stunner husband you mention, do you know how much he love and need you? Yes, that's why I had to get to him, find my way here Nichols no matter what, who, how, even if with this knight in shining armor help, so yes, as much as I love and need him. She, want him to know one other thing, she is really famished, okay that's funny, don't you move, don't breath without me, unless you have too, I'm warning you, this place Tiffany, it's going to spoil you, ....more than you Nicholas Edin, I doubt it"

                                  ...OUR FATHERS TRUSTED IN THEE ...
                                                         SCENE XIV

     "So Thompson man, where you and Mr. Coogan disappear to this time? Manhattan to get his lady, I watched as he carried her right to us, right into the jet and when he uncovered her, I knew why, god as this witness Sprouts man, I've never seen anything that phenomena looking, hell when I come close, just this beautiful smell and as if that was't enough she has these without limits, golden, brown eyes, I think it's the one that was in paper with him in, ah man, you sure you weren't dreaming? You know when you out and see this guy with this incredible woman, and you mocked he wouldn't know what to do with that, that's the moment i'm talking about, Mr. Coogan with a woman like that. Then why Thompson haven't we seen her, ...ah keeping a  low profile, she came real close to trouble, the she could be pushing up daisies kind, that's that not uncommon here, Mr. Coogan just lost two of Attorney aids, dead, and another, a third who was critical until a couple weeks past, only now his own lady, you'll eventually see her and when you do all you gonna say is, god damn it, Thompson  was right, and you think you envy Mr Coogan now, wait til see her, that's all I got to say, wait til you see her. Y'all do know those photos were real, those weren't models posing and acting, that is why they were so must trouble, people being accused sued, just wait as I said, that team of his are already like a bold and beautiful group, well I'm telling you, the ultimate goddess of them all, just landed. Well if it's the strikingly beautiful temptress into those photos, I feel you Thompson man and ask you one question, just how close did you get to her? Funny Hipster man, really hilarious, .... what? Hell  I'm serious, ...you know what you really are Hipster man, tardy, now, go, get out, ...yes sir boss man, yes sir! {{{"Nicholas Coogan, Nun, Lue, Nicholas, where are you? I'm completely surprised Nun, ...the Bates files, we agreed to get into it first thing this morning, ...I did, didn't I? Look, I know the rumor, your bedazzling girl is there and if so prying yourself away is impossible, but it was your ideal that we do this now. I'm there, regardless of the rumor my stunner girl, all, let us, ah me, ah breakfast, so in about an hour, ...see you then Mr, Coogan, see you then.}}} So what he say? He's coming, ...he, not them? He said he, and played her off Phil as a rumor, so calm down, stop acting childish or I'll cancel the whole thing, he may or may not bring her. Look, when they get here, if there's a they, don't Phil make a big deal out of it, especially around your own girl. I hear Phil she's all that and beyond but show some self control man, some professionalism, I will Nun Connah Lue, but only if you will, ahhh, okay I guess. >>> "Okay you guys, so we're doing this? If we Itcus do this, you two do know, we could be attending prom as married couples, now that Dame, I didn't consider that, neither did I, so what we do now, we wait until after prom. Attending as Andre said, as married couples, is not so bad, it feeds additionally into the FPD, France Ad, introducing us as the prenuptial marriage worshippers, Now this incredible song performance of Soledad and Kassle, ...we would end up being those celebrities of the prom more so than the king and queen. Actually, one of us as a couple, could Dame get appointed king and queen of the prom, you know what I just equally considered, if Sole and Kas do attend like plan, we could get Soledad to again serade Kassle with incredible song, Stand By Me, all over again. Guys, everything you are saying is possible it would make this the most explosive, unforgettable prom night ever, I mean that wedding cruise unforgettable. First Ivar, do we go ahead and tell our parents, second have they, Collin Hain and Soledad, Kassle decided to come? To be honest, Itcus I'm ready to get this all over with, so yes, gramps is preparing Sunday dinner, we invite all our parents, we tell them, bare it's brunt, then, only then decide prom night from there. My brother Iva is right, if we're brave enough to earn enough money to take an unforgettable cruise, use it's wedding chapel to make ourselves husband and wives. Right into future families of our own, knowing full well what we're doing, then we're equally mature enough to face our parents, with, it's, ah, to face our parents with it, now who want to break for a game of pool? Dame and I out, we're going ovr Drea to spend some private time, okay then, do any and everything I would, ah, sister, don't cut his head too bad, you know what a cry baby he is, thanks for the support bro man, tell Drea hey, later you."
                        ...THE KING SHALL JOY IN THY STRENGTH, O LORD...

     "I think their offer Sole is honourable, FPD center could take complete advantage of you, they started all this, well Tiffany did with that France, shoe ad of hers. I mean the only reason Dissuasion CEO' are asking you, this is because Sole they know your fame is about to blow up and they're uncertain if they can even handle it all Which give me an ideal, ah my Christ, we have a producer in the family, what the hell are we thinking?  We can get Dexter to advice us and if he can't, he has to know someone we can't trust, ah my christ, the answer was right there, .yeah Sis, why Dissuasion CEO's as you probably put this thing in your court at the first. Now may I go and met my wife, I have that French Vanilla Cologne Ad and she's meeting me here, yeah boy, go, go,  just need to call Dex and take his led from there, ..thanks Ron for doing this, ...don't thanks me just yet, we know how the parents feel, you talk to Derry? No, but you have my permission, ...ah nall, not happening, can't be too bad, didn't he say your performance brought him to tears, yeah, just like momma bear. Well, I admit, I didn't cry, but droplets were Sole right on the tip of my eyelids, I forgot what an incredible singer you are, you and Tiffany ought to think about doing a Christian album together, can you Sole even imagine that? You better find that pretty wife of yours, cause I can't sing, but I can talk your ears right off you,  ....tell Dex I said hey, Solo, so we really gonna do this? It look like it, right? Bye boy, get out of my office, that's an order! Ah, tell that cousin of ours, Collin Hain, he better not come to FPD center shooting ads and stuff not let me see him, hug and kiss his handsome self. Ah, what happen to his girl, Andre? All I can tell you on the low, low Ron so seriously keep it there, they're married  now, they got married my honeymoon cruise, she's back in Jamaica to make her graduation and prom, ah, are you, how romantic that is, you do know what an unspeakable article that would make, right? I do publisher Sister, only not yet, I'll tell you when, ...okay, as long Sole as I get it first, bye again boy, get, don't walk, run, before I think of something else! Can I instead ask you a question, why is my beautiful, chocolate sister isn't in front of the camera, alright Dexter too, yes, because if my memory serve me right this modeling center ideal was Maaseiah's and I know I'm not to call her that and your ideal Ron as well, I just hope you're, that it has, are you hiding, ducking, dodging? Not running Soledad Maurice, nor hiding, and if you look around, this is a fashion center, one of it's fastest growing, where am I top editor and Tiffany is acting, co-CEO, so all our dreams realized plus more. And Sole, I don't know if you notice, but Maaseiah, ah, Tif, isn't in front of the camera much herself, now worrying me to death boy, go, okay, well, Kas and I will past back through, say hello and goodbye with Colin Hain, ...good, I should Sole know more about Dexter's possible assisting us by then." {{{What, or do I Nicholas Edin even ask? You're just so excellent at all you do, so beyond creative, so does that mean your suit and my gown for the Lamars are arriving in time? Even better it's all being setup at the cherchez la femme  we all gonna meet their dress and by a limousine to what is Tiffany becoming our won private jet it seem and my hold team and us will airlifted to our Lemars destination, Erica, being a darling worked it all out, I know she did, I can't see have her any manner of celebration without the husband that got away in waiting. Mrs, Coogan having a slight of jealousy, the even of Lamar's is all a part of  what I call their, my victorious team congratulation package. So with all of our evening wear the Salon, cherchez la femme  is appearing beautifully legitimatized and people can't wait for it's grand opening, asking me Tiffany, do I know when that is? I can only say soon, but now that you it's designer is here, ...ah forgive these tears, ...ah but how I love Tiffany this flavor of tears, they're happy, celebrative, ...all a dream come true Nihcolas, then came you, my own as you say prosciutto of iciling. NO these are my assessments of Erica, Indian evening gown, not that much, I hope she like it, and in here, sending overnight, my two other fragrances of Desrek Chocolate, Collin Hain's Almond and Soledad Maurice's French Vanilla, all it sound absolutely delicious, I could Nicholas eat you up, and I Tiffany as usual wouldn't  be able to stand, but regretful, determined, I'll survive it. Just how busy have you been. You right, this absolutely balcony view is so indescribably alluring, such a muse for artistic thought, you waiting on pins and needle to try these, no, then I really won't be able to resist to
you, don't make me chase you madam, nall, nall, nall,  not even your ear piercing screams can save you now!"

                                                             SCENE XVI

     -"So Sissy, so she's damn good Erica and I'm getting tired of admitting it, why didn't I see this lace, problem hell Erica why didn't you? Her petite alterations just made this gown even more princeless, that's Sissy because she just placed the Erica Gown, into a class by itself, well that's Tip, that's why we all prayed her back here, do I say that, right? Corronda remind us Erica, we have a famous movie producer in the Dissuasion family, Soledad's own brother in law, Dexter Leon Stuard, ...just how brain dead are we? I know, she complimented me thinking I realized it when I asked her advice, but nall, it was the brainstorm come to her as she and Soledad, put their heads together, realizing the answer is right there, so clear your schedule tomorrow, 1:30, we have a conference with him, all affected parties are to attend. The wilderness of sin, bridge climbing Sissy, good days and bad, yeah, thanks for that reminder. So Dissuasion hosting the Lamars is set? Yes, I even got Nicholas and his legal team, Christian Cross and his brothers as possible mystery guess, imagine interviewing the monster of hikes peak without his scars, the beast is now this beauty his own. I don't Erica, so soon after losing his sister and his wife, hell let Sye tell he, even we Erica come close, mighty close to losing Tip, sometimes Sissy so hate this world, I what's the to love, ....the Erica, Lamar's fashion ball? Right, teaser, you started it, firs giving me a Masquerade as Christian Cross Artelon this famous annual ball and then just as my mouth begin to water along a delicious, spicy bite, you snatch temptations pleasures away, ah, you sure don't have a few novelist articles hidden, nall girl, just has a spicy chicken sandwich and it spilled out as that. Gown, spill, what you wearing? I even know what Tip is wearing but not you, I'm contemplating the Omega, did you not hear dissy, such a wondrous thing does not exist, plus if it's available Tip or I should wear it, I'm not saying whether it's available, I ask Tip, she said no,  and Erica I know you and Tip's figures are better, but  I''m rank, if she can pull this off, and you know who she is, i'm wearing that gown, it's highlight our bridal store, Wedding Now, why is it you and Tip get to name everything, I you would feel that way, wedding now in spanish is Boda Ahora and I think that's what you should call your Erica gown, okay that's really beautiful, but isn't that still you naming it, I'm not, I only girl told you how to pronounce it in that language, changing it would be on you, just think about it." >>>"So, I mean you are telling me Ivar we could end up living in Paris? If this exit we've planned go well as expected and, and the Paris Globe accept our application to make a pilgrimage there, while doing my college thesis, I mean never thought about being a journalist but I'm sure I can do it, and Itcus, the medical field there as an under study, will can only give him a head start. Dame, I just know everything is changed, but that's what marriage does, right Drea? I was trying my best to sneak past you guys, here I was thinking I was so good at it, ...I was telling the wife, Domelian how marriage changes everything, sure, because now you have a dependant with others pending, and now they're to be factored into this decision making, goodnight you guys gonna get my hubby on the phone, stay as long, ...thanks, but like you we still keep school hours, bring no suspicion, remember? Did my parents say where they were going? No, only that they were pretty well dressed, in a hurry, told us we were welcome to stay and wait for you, I guess they'll be here soon, where's our other happy couple? They were threatening to beat each other at a game of pool the last we saw them, but I'm sure like us, they're getting home, tell hain I miss him That Drea, he's welcome to come early, I know you thought it, I did, but I'll make sure he know you think it's a good idea as well, you two be careful, yeah, see you in classes. You really tickled her by saying that about Collin Hain, I was thinking it, you was, she had to be thinking it right, him too, no doubt? I can't imagine marrying you and then having to stay in another country away from you even if only for a few months, it has to feel like years, yeah but anything for love right? Love is worth every sacrifice, I Dome can easily say, since it's not us, ...so you're saying the word sacrifice like the word love is so easily used, ah, Drea parents just passed us, why are you guys walking toward us, like the wrong way? Just thought we'd meet up with you two and walk home together, how was Drea, her parents all, you guys talk to Hain? No, we left just as Drea was calling him, parents fine, Drea as well, ...you didn't forget I'm tied up after school, getting braids tomorrow, as much babe as I would love to yes forget, I didn't, you Belize, you coming? Cedric has an open, I want to do something different with these tresses but braids, I don't know, and you know how impulsive I am about my hair I'll pay all that money to have them done and spend the night in from of movies taking them down, ...you really do Belize know yourself, don't you? I better, I been living with me, myself and I, all my life."

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