Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XXVI


It was here Tiffany mustard up enough nerves to approach Agurus with

the urgent plea to see Christian Cros. He and his friends had been at a distant

all day working on some useless automobile. Getting to him and taking his

hand, his attention she lead him away so strangely, bringing him to the

porch were she'd sat contemplating this very act all day. "I want to see

Christian", she sat the stairs, "I want you to take me to see him" "yeah"

Agurus called back, "I'll be right there" "what is it?" Tiffany read him well,

"I don't know how to tell you this but Mr. Artelon is possibly in America by

now" "wh! "what! her eyes tingled, nostrils, "I don't understand", "he was on

that last flight out of here" Agurus wiped his black hands uselessly, "the flight

we missed because of the terrorist attack?" "O god", she sat into thinking Nicholas

Edin was going to kill her indeed. Coming to a horrid stand, Tiffany didn't know

what to think but that she'd indeed made the hugest mistake, "this is not happening"

"he was the one who'd managed the private jet", "aw god", she wiped both cheeks,

wandered off so helplessly, tasting her tears, "now he's home and I'm stuck in this

god forsaken place" " I'm sorry", she swallowed a thickness, "I know this is your

home", "well it's my parents home" Agurus stood to her, "and sometimes it appears he

has forsaken it", he felt her helplessness, "believe me Tifney", "your friend does

all he can to get you out" he wiped his dirty hands still, "he love you very much"

"it would appear they all do, he brought his watch into focus, noting the time,

"please" he came up to her, "sit", "it will be alright you will see", "please" he

tugged at her hand bringing her to sit again, "how will it be?" "Because I" his

chest grew palyfully, "Agurus Janzeen say so" "so you never had a wife", she

sniffed and wiped for the final time, "no children", "no I do not, he'd rather not

say "surely you have a girl", Tiffany peeped under to him "no girl", "no wife",

he numbered "no children, "may I ask why?" "You may ask", he stretch his neck,

strain his words skyward scrtinizing the amazing heavens, "I don't have to say"

"They all die", he gazed into his painted hands, "wives", "children", "cause you

much pain forever", "so I decided I don't want pain", "then I don't want wife or

child", "surely", she touched him to bring his attention back upon this astounding

creature she was, "surely you don't believe that", "Mrs. Saurus" "I see all my

brothers love" "marry" "and have children", "then I see them destroyed because

their families are destroyed", "I stored away on ship to America and vowed to

Allah I never die this way", he took up a stick, wrote in the dirt, "death like that

too painful", "but to never love", Tiffany disbelieve, "or be loved", "isn't that death

as well?". "Some may think so", he continued his writing, "yet that is not my belief",

"what about the famous reality it is better to have loved and lost than never

to have loved at all?" "Do you really believe these words you say", he came

back, "well yes", she thought "why?" "Why do you believe these words?"

He withstood this stunning creature of his reality "Why?" She cleared, imagined,

"well if I think about a dear friend I lost almost a year back", "loosing him was

madness", she grew emotional, swallowed hard "but I feel honored that I at

least knew him", "his love", "his compassion", "his ability to share that love".

"I also feel I wouldn't be the person I am if I'd never known him or his

passionate love". "I believe our gain and our lost make us who we are",

"ahhh", he stared the heavens once more, "you are not only as beautiful

as a sun setting in the east", "but you're very wise", "I'll consider the things

you say", he saw her, admire her, "I do feel honored to know you Miss",

"and I feel neither of our lives will be the same", "thank you", she felt

pleasured, "I guess", "you are most welcome", he came to his feet again,

"getting away unto his friends", "to Allah with love" this he'd written in

the sand.


"That's it Niemeyer", Erica was finally perfectinh this scene "yes right" "right

there", she was smiling, clapping, "yes" Erica busied herself shooting a threesome

for the cover of next month magazine. Erica couldn't get over how truly awesome

Niemeyer was and how they found it an honor that she'd decided after a short

deliberation to stay with Dissuasion. One of the top modeling agencies in the world

made her a very generous offer, fearing she would only be another black face to fill

all those empty blacks spaces she kindheartedly declined.

Afraid she would always be an example never a model or a cover girl,

she decided to stay with F. P. Dissuasion. Niemwyer believed Fashion,

Presents Dissuasion was without doubt one of the fastest growing fashion

centers throughout the country. Their fame now being hearld throughout it's

vastness, it's world. That there abilty to receive fashion and fame in all

it's true colors, unisex would present a generation of standards and class

unlike this world had ever seen. Niemeyer believed she was fashion and

so was Dissuasion. It was here she thus believed together they could be

an entity marveously without peril.


"How was that", an inconceivable Neimyer was swabbing perspiration away,

"great", Erica was delighted "just great", "good", she threw on her shaw, "I

want to do only the best for you", she got right off, "Neimyer MakebaYocba

awas tall, bold and beautiful. She bore an existence so powerful it was literally

frightening. She carried herself as though she'd been offered the world though

she'd graciously declined. Although that was the very opposite of how she

truly was, and her opposite self was the Neimyer Erica always attempted to

captured with her highly train photograpers.

Neimyer was far from being this diamond in the rough as the other

fashion places inclined, she was the diamond, beautifully adorn and

priceless, simply too much, Erica thought, smiling clear into her amazing

leave, thinking she alone could make Dissausion an impeccable opponent,

she alone.


"Did Anthony get off alright?" "Yea", Ashleigh continued her work, "so

how long he's gone for", Erica sat into final touched as well, "he didn't say",

"you thought about an escort for the Lemar Fashion show?" "Can't I go solo?"

"Yea you can", Erica exhaled, "I mean you possibly won't be the only one

without a date", "possibly", "I get the hint" "what about Vincent?" "No", she

frown on, shook the head, "I don't think so", "plus he has possibly asked

someone", . "damn it", she slam the scissors down " this is my third time cutting

this" "let me see it", "he only has eyes for you", Erica played, "no", she made

her mine up "I'm going solo", "how did you do that?" She moved back in,

inspecting Erica's perfect precision, "so is Dr. Hymm gonna be free?" He better

be" Erica was concentrating hard, "or I'll be hell to live with" "solo huh?" "well

"so how's doc anyway? "Ummm" Erica laid a finger to chin, imagine the best

love making sever, "let me see", "doc is tall', "dark", "gorgeous", "rich", " fabulous

in bed" "and most of all he's mine", "well thank you for that complete description"

"aw you mean how he's doing" "here take a quick peep at this", "ummm that is

good", "yea I thought you would like it", Erica funned "he's Apenn Nasius Rebhunn",

"isn't he simply ravenous", "wow", Ashleigh took the mug shot, seeing better "and

he's all ours", "good", "that should be fun", Ashleigh amused, "his skin so dark",

Erica contacted the photo "so brilliant", "by the way Doc is fine", "we're discussing

children", "children", Ashleigh almost laugh, "already?" "Yea", Erica looked

further "why wait?" "He's ready and I'm ready", "really "ready she exaggerated,

"I think I get the message", "damn it", Ashleigh lift the practice cut, "I did it", she

tickled, "I freaking did it" "you know I can see doc Matthew and all" "I just

can't picture you a mother", "well a few months you couldn't picture me a wife

right?" "I going to check on the weekly flyers", "right", Ashleigh yet suspected

her accomplishment "catch you later", Erica departed into thinking how truly

perfect things were working out for her, for them both, Matthew and herself, she

hoped it would be this way for all eternity.


"I have a feeling I'm the object of this conversation", Tiffany sat at the

eating table surrounded by Agurus inquiring family. "I should have stayed in

my room", she whispered in "no", he was brillant, "they like you", "they

call you brazen", "they say not only did I return married", "but I found the

richest girl in America", he gladden "you know because your eyes and skin

is paved of gold", "my skin", she misunderstood "Yes", "you have golden

skin", "it's like the sunsetting on pink", "it resembles gold" "my god! she slump

into a horrible cramp, suddenly grabbing her stomach, "what is it" Agurus leaped

up, "I feel sick" her stomach was coming into her throat, "really sick", "come

on", Agurus helped her to the bathroom. Tiffany couldn't have gotten there soon

enough before her stomach completely exploded. She could hear him and possibly

his mother in a heated discussion. TIffany couldn't remember when she'd felt so

bad, so fighten, getting sick in such a foreign place. Agurus could here her coughing

and choking, it sound like she was dying. He feared this, her eating heavily so soon

after the attack. It's why he warn her to eat slowly ____"Tifny?" He called in, "are

you" "I think so", she open, came out " they're trying to kill me or what?" "No",

he shook into an adorable smile, "I'm afaid it's another reaction to the trauma you

suffered", "I want to go home", she sniffed, wiped "I just want to" "I know",

he grew very serious "I know you do", Agurus touched her, her smooth flawless

skin, cheek, feeling so helpless for her, "I'm fine", she got passed him, "I'm sorry",

he followed close, "its' not your fought", "come" he took her, "we go out for air",

"make you feel better" "what! Tiffany asked of his laughing", "my mother is happy",

he tickled into a seat, "your mother is happy I got sick?" "She think you with child",

"what", "how is that?" "Only one reason wife throw stomach up" "I'm gonna kill you"

she shook her fist at him, "you can try", he laughed as did she, "but you will fell". "Look",

he pointed into the sunset, "now see your skin", "I see", she smiled, adoring his unusual

innocence, thinking he was truly enjoying this.


"I know", a cautious Jude Aleksander was careful of a fierce Sura Danielle,

"I'm the last person you want to perhaps see", "what is it", she moved away,

"as you can see I am packing", "don't go" "last night" she turn to him bitterly,

squinting her beautiful eyes, not believing him, "you was certain that I should

indeed yes" "last night was just that" Jude was better, "this is morning", "why

shouldn't I go Jude?" "There is nothing for me here", "I can't explain it", he

swallowed a parched throat, "lord thy god give me the words" "but you're so

phenomena to me" "if there was ever a time I despised my lord Allyn Tristian

it was when I looked and saw he loved you" "and", he ingested hard, wiped fast,

"I don't want you to go", "please don't leave me" "I don't trust that", her eyes

tingled, her nose regardless of her touch,, "I can't", she got to her things, "I

don't know if this is Allyn Tristians doing or" "forget Allyn Tristian", she got

farther into the room, packed her things the more, "what does Jude Aleksander

want?" "What every man want I suppose" he unknowingly backed into a wall, "to

be free from this body and to be lost in yours" "lost in it's heartache, re-discovered

and revived there". "although", he passed down awfully, got himself away "like you

how do I trust this?" "Believe this", "why not trust it" A stunning Sura Danielle came

at him, "I so needed to belong to you last night Jude" she swabbed tears away, sniffed,

"I ached for you in places beyond this reality" "I know", he came closer, wiping uselessly

of his breaking, spilling self "I would not" "could not" "I am thy woman Jude" she hunted

him so amorously , frighting him at the touch of her hand to his cheek, "thy wife" she

saw his spilling eyes, nose, wiped him, "you are my husband and until we're fulfilled

by this excessive eternity in which we seek after we will always ache to belong only

finding a continuing emptiness instead" "to get involved and dissolved into you my

love" she touch his lovely mouth, "to be dissipated there somehow", "is it ours?",

"is it thy voluptuous marriage?" "I know we've been taught the very opposite is

true" "but the heart", she touched her cheek, her tears so permanately to his, her

warm breath amazingly treasuring him, his ears, his neck, "the heart my dear sweet

one", she brought her forward to his,"in all things satifiy your heartbleeding" "your

juvinile heart beating unto it's natural soul mate and move into places neither of your

making or imagination" "you know him so well", Jude broke off this riveting conjoining,

reducing himself into a stinging breakage, "Allyn Tristian is burn into you", "yes" a

demanding Sura grabbed his hand, "there I admit it", "as he is burn into you Jude

making us married all the more" "look at me" she came into his strong back, "please look

at me this day", she kissed the back of his neck, russled his thick locks, "don't leave us

so unsatisfied my husband Jude", "so unfinished", she inhaled him, kissed his soft mane,

"complete me Jude" she purposely dismantled him, "look at thy wife" she cast

herself as naked as the day of her birth for his taking, "did you not come to find me

this day?" "Feel thy wife, she brought his stubborn hand to her bountiful breast, to

her steaming breath, her urgent kiss, bringing him around, "it's ok", she kissed his

crying eyes, his mangled mouth, "I can't", he was fighting her, this, "I can't move"

he was trembling horribly, "breath" "I can't breath" "it's ok", she harassed him, "It's

ok', she kissed him, this their immortal love.


"So what do you do when you're not watching me?" Tiffany sat enjoying

the night with him. "I'm watching somebody else", "I'm a private investigator",

"so that's why you're so good", "I don't know about good", "but it's why

I'm a watcher", "so you want to spend the rest of your life watching

people instead of being one?" "I'm not a people?" He funned. "It is so

beautiful here at night", she marveled the heavens. "This sky is no different

than the one back home" "yes", she imagined, "I guess it's been a long time

since I sat out and watched the stars" "out of all the men Tifney" A suspicious

Agurus erased and marked in the dirt again."which do you love" "all of what

men?" "The ones that watch over you so carefully" "you make it sound as though

there's hundred" she nugged her shoulder into his, "there're many yes?" "There's

two of which you speak and both are my friends but only one has my heart", she

dreamed into the heavens once more, "his name is Nicholas", "you know him",

"yes", "Syefan's baby brother" " little Nickie", he remembered, "he's no little than

you" "so how does one get a heart like yours to love them?" "You're kidding

right?" She smiled, "no kidding" "maybe I want to try this person thing out",

"and the wife thing too", his accent was so beautiful she thought, "I can't tell you

that" "it's hard to explain" "it is your heart and you can't explain it", "well it's not

easy, she tugged at him still, "ok I'll try", "Nicholas is one of the most caring,

compassionate and charming men I've ever known" "and" "I love him" "after

this very day I never want to be far from him ever again," she stretched her

tingling eyes, touched them to prevent them ____"did you practice this", he

meddled, "no I didn't practice it" "you make him perfect" Agurus fussed with

her, "no human is perfect", "I didn't say he was perfect" "I said whatever he is

I love him and I want to be with him forever" "so he is the fortunate one", he

whispered, dreamed, "what of Mr. Artelon?" "Christian", she whispered sadly,

"he is a friend I truly love", "a friend who loves me", "I believe through that love

we help one the other live and survive an ugliness befitting both our eternity, our

happiness", "though it anger us so we've learn to never give up", "never" "do you

have answer for all questions I ask?" "No because I'm going to bed", "and don't

you follow me", she point him out, "I want to be alone", "ok, whatever you say

Miss", "thankyou" she rushed into the house., " Ummm" a play Agurus peep up,

"back so soon?" "It's black dark in there", she sat back down, "go on feel your

way", "just apologize as you go", "and if someone grab you tell them you're my

wife and they can't have you", he played, "nevermind", she sat close, laid her chin

to his shoulder, "I'll wait for you", "ah brave American girl frighten" "I'm only kidding

you", he laughed, "the light is to the right of the" "I'll wait", she gripped him,, "look!

he pointed quite excited, "the moving star" "quick make a prayer for home", "ah it's

beautiful isn't it", she unknowlingly held him close, "almost as beautiful as Tifney", he

came to his feet, dust himself off, "I see you know how to flirt", "ah that was no flirt"

"only truth", "ok, he admitted "I just flirt with you only", "make you feel better", he

loan his hand, "we go in now".


Ashleigh was hearing and getting to a soft knock at her office door,

"Vincent", she backed off "how are you doing Ash?" "I'm good thanks",

"well you truly look good", he moved in, "I have a small favor to ask" "I'm

stuck without a date for the upcoming fashion show", "The Lemar", "and I was

wondering", "well there's rumor you don't have an escort", "it's true", she got

back to her desk, "although I'd decided to go solo", "well that isn't necessary",

he talked with those powerful hands, "who told you I didn't have an escort?"

"Erica", "it can of slipped", "yeah I bet", Ashleigh sneered at, "yes I would be

honored to go with you", "good:, he cheered, "then I'll pick you up around eight"

"eight is good" "it's good to have you back", she said of his recent return "I better

go", he got the door, "I'm far behind my schedule", he hurried, bidding her a pleasant


Ashleigh didn't get her wish that Vincent wouldn't be back. He'd left suddenly

do to another emergency and didn't rightly know when or if he would return. Well

she got back to work, there was no use getting paranoid. "It was only a date, she

thought, it was barely that, he was simply escorting her to one of the firms sister

fashion shows.


"So what did she say?" An anxious Erica Lynn rushed upon Vincent, "she

said yes", "tell me what's under your sleeve?" "Well" she moved in closer, "there

will be an exclusive article about this ball in our next publications featuring the

firm's head and various models", "I thought you and Ashleigh would present a

perfect example of Dissuasion's, beauty, style and professionalism" she winked

an eye and pressed on toward her next destination.

Vincent who suspected Erica Lynn into her disappearance wondered just

where would the firm be without her quick thinking and cunning wiles, and how

a truly sexy and beautiful women she actually was, simply wonderful, he

pleasured looking forward to a benefiing hard days's work.


Jude Aleksander insisted Sura Danielle not look as he saw to his own

undressing, she wondered off toward the fireplace allowing him a clear

vision of her and her riveting nakedness. It was true, he was frighten half

to death, his heart swallowed constantly of a tighten throat, but all he

knew was to undress and discover her as he so desired to be found. So

carefully, he made his way to her, adoring her sensous ability to just wait

for him, reluctantly but pleasurously he touched her brown sleek waist,

her flawless tight back, feeling her trembling awareness, whispering to

her to be safe.

Jude Aleksander curious nostrils inhaled her, tasting her clear into his

exploding tongue, she a riveting spill into his penetrating blood, her he

would own. His heighten flesh intensified, striking his manhood bold, it

touch her fleeing denial, scandilizating her steaming hot soul. Sura

Danielle could feel this kiss on the back of her neck, this unbelievable

confession blistering and tantilizating her red hot flesh. Her blood, bones

seized up into a morbid stir, her breast one by one grew fierce, and plumb

at every sordid word, her trembling womanhood wail and anxiously wet


Jude Aleksander could sense her flesh upon his, her screeching humility,

her trembling feed, that he strike her, strike her please. Sura Danielle could

feel his harden readiness touching her between her thighs, striking her

exploding wetness, seizing her bleeding tight. "I'm going to climb this wall

she said", "and If I dare do", "that will be the end of me", "slain by an

immense woman so due". "I've never done this before", this his aching

peril sighed, "I've never come to a wife", "I'm so afraid", he cried.

"This is not fear", she said, catching a glimspe of his readiness so clear,

"this is willing as so am I", "come upon thy wife", "stroke her seething fire". Like

a magnet those hot lyrics drew him nigh, nigh to her fierce appearing,

nigh to her aching life. He both attach and attack her those invigorating

songs, eating them, and digesting them, dissolving her into his screaming

bones ___"look at my hardness", "I'll explode without you", she said, leading

him and guiding him unto their happy bed, unto their prevailing, exhilerating

lay, possessing this her husband, sealing their rapacious faith.


"So what's happening between you and Lnn? A happy Phillph Mance

charged into Nicholas's office, flooped into a seat. "Just come right on in

Phil" Nicholas sneered at, shook the head. "I knocked", "I guess you didn't

here", "so what's happening?" "Nothing is happening between us" he replaced

certain files. "Come on Nicko", "just last week you and she were like lovers

and now", "hell you're barely speaking to one another", "heck it's the talk of the

firm", "I guess inquiring minds want to know huh?" Nicholas cut grievious eyes

at him, "no just your friend" "we had a disagrement the other night", he inhaled,

thought hard, "actually for two nights straight and we've been keeping our distant"

"one of us should be the grown up about all of this, huh? "I agree", Phillph anxiously

helped himself to rare, expensive chocolates , "I don't know Phil", Nicholas Edin

worried, "I really like Lnn but she want something from me I can't give". "Hell", he

worried immensely, "I just don't have it to give" "what about friendship?" "What!

Phillph marveled at Nicholas strange response, "I say something wrong?" "No

Phil something right", "just something unexpected", "well I know I used to be

all over you about Lnn", "but since the accident I see things a bit clearly", "would

that thing be a 6'9, 115 lbs, beautiful German burnette name Mananas?" Nicholas

played at him, "you could say that, he ate still, "yeah I just bet", " I love her

Nicko", "I've never felt this way", "I guess I never practice it" "any way every-

body can see how dedicated you are to your girl", "yeah everybody except Lnn".

"You'll work it out", "I got faith", he threw a few chocolates into his pocket.

"Look", Nicholas changed, "you all packed for the move?" "I am packed and

ready", "good", "what about Bjamein?" "I wanted to talk to you about him", "talk"

Nicholas yet replaced the Clifton files as he was adamant about having the case

files contantly locked away at his finger tips. "Does he really have to move in with

us?" "Why not?" A secured Nicholas Edin didn't have a clue "Macremore and Vance

are affording us a four bedroom, four bath luxery suite", he came around "this so

you, Jude, Bjamein and I can do exactly that", "Is there a problem I don't know

about? Nicholas slowed his pace, heard better, "he's just not one of us that's all"

"and by one of us you mean? Nicholas dangerous eyes grew keen at him. "Nothing",

Phillph gave up, "I mean" "you mean because he's black", "he's a Negro", "is that

it Phil?" "I said nothing", "my god" Nicholas grimaced curiously, "out of all people I

never would have thought", "come on Nicko", "they're different", "ah now that's a

brand new concept", Nicholas was not believing this, "tell me Phillph what's different

about Bjamein?" "His hands", "his eyes", a damaged Nicholas Edin countered, "his

teeth?" "His strange speech", he came into a sit to his desk, "ah I know his height,

"what's different about him Phil?" "Look there's no need of you getting so upset!

"So you don't like black people", "I didn't say that", "aw you just don't like Bjamein

a fasinating colleague of which you live with, eat with, sleep in the same house with",

"laugh and play with because he's black", "and what about Jude Adams?" "Or did

you know?" "What about Jude?" Phillp turn a lisstening ear, "his father is Caucasoid

although his mother is Negroid", "but that doesn't matter because he pass for one of

those exotic types" "I thought you people were suspose to be different Phil", Nicholas

got back to work, ":but that's my mistake right?" "I guess whereever there are people

there is this racist uncertainty", he grew fairly crossed at him "I'm out of here", Phillph

handled the door quite angrily. "Despite your high and mighty attitude, he turn

back, directing Nicholas, "you see it too" "feel it", "No Phil I don't", "the one woman

I love more than anything in this world is of a tan complexion", "she's Jamacian and

Simeon Indian, "and she's one of the most beautiful women in this world inside and

out", "I guess to you and yours she would be just another worthless brownskin

woman" "think what you want", Phillph grew more the uglier, "I always have Phil",

he rest more document to his desk, "I always have", Nicholas shook his head at

Phillph's rapid departing, really not believing their rather heated discussion, to be

or not be prejudice. Was that actually a question or a tradition he thought, sat, were

some people so entangled into this manner of thought until they actually couldn't

see the people for the sickening tradition they unknowingly practiced?


Nicholas really couldn't give a damn whether or not Phillph had

reservations about Bjamein's skin color or anything else, or Ly Lnn's

inability to accept the fact he simply didn't love her. Or what other

underlying problems they might have, they where suppose to be a team of

professionals first, respecting one another differences and expertise,

without straying. They'd gone to great length preparing what would be

one of the greatest defensive cases ever and there was no way there

childish edicts would destroy it all, he would see them off the case first.

"What we have as a team is like a marriage", he would tell them, "we

must be able to work through any and all problems", "we must be able to endure

all tribulations as a group". "What hurt one", "what offends one", "what would

tear down one will no doubt affect the other". "Our friendships are expendable

people", this he would say, "but failure is unacceptable and our success here as

attorneys is first and farmost". "Let us not forget why we are here", "again if you

disagree please speak now", he would say, if not let us tend to important business.

He was a boy, they all thought, staying his heated disciplines. He

would be thirty his next birthday but didn't look a year over twentyfive. He

was their commander and the power and the respect he both generated

and demanded was truly deserved of this brilliant man.

"Now if there are no comments", "no questions", Nicholas staid. "The

prosecution time is up tomorrow", "they have played their hand and unlike

in the beginning it's no joke", "I'm going to need everyone of you on your

toes", "eyes open", "ears attending", "I don't want us to miss nothing people",

he seemed a boy chief. "The day it comes into that courtroom it had better

been on my desk days before", "thats' days people", "not hours", "seconds",

"days". "Do you hear me Mr. Kroff?" "I want no surprises", "where's Mr.

Adams?" "He called sir, Manassas answerwed "said he'll be right in" "we

have this meeting on paper word for word", Nicholas asked of his secretary,

"make certain Jude Adams get a copy" "Miss Chow will debrief us on all matters

and circumstances brung before our jurors thus far", "remember we don't care

about what the prosecution think, only what they can prove matter", "on that

note Mr. Ggurtelon will help us understand our twelve friends a little better"

"that and what they must be thinking thus far", "Mrs. Mananas Lerevis is our

crime scene expert", "the best I'm told", "Mr.Jude Adams with her our

chemical expert", "what and whose DNA", "where, and why", "Mr.

Kroff assisted by Alyson Malone will give the opening remarks and Mr.

Coogan?" A meddlesome Ly Lnn asked, "that's easy", "he will be blamed

for everything that goes wrong", "only nothing goes wrong on my shift",



"My god", Alyson whispered to Ly Lnn, "who woke him up on the

wrong side of Paree?" Whenever Nicholas brung them into these meetings

he always came across bigger than life. Although this time he was like the

freaking superman, although they knew not to be offended, that didn't

prevent them of being exactly that. Nicholad Edin Coogan was a master

at vindication with an adamant focus through which true genesis emanated.

Although he possibly couldn't be victorious in them all, he truly believed

erratum issued failure and relentless determination rendered boundless

even vicious deliberation and immeasurable triumph. This he believed, this

he taught his team to believe and despite the measurements of said truth

or convictions beyond those walls, in the court room to Nicholas Edin this

was gospel.

"Please continue", Miss Chow, Nicholas answered his cell. "{{{Nicholas Coogan

here", he distant, "I just finish talking to Agurus", "how is Tiffany?" "He said

she's fine, just a bit worried about you", "Agurus is expecting the restricted air

space throughout Israel to be lifted any day now", "especially since there's an

agreement from Saddam concerning weapon inspections", "he thinks it couldn't

be no longer than a week", "two at the most" "that is good news", Nicholas breath

that into an intertaining ideology, "did she really seem alright?" "I didn't speak with

her", "I trust Agurus though" "right, " well that's all I got before we lost the connection"

"just knowing she's alright", "I got to get back", Nicholas glanced back, "I'll call

you later"}}}.

That was a relief Nicholas thought, word that Tiffany was at least alright.

Although it was indirect there was no reason to doubt Agurus as Syefan had said..

They where all bless to have him, especially Tiffany since she was in the worse of

peril. That was the one thing Nicholas was most thankful for, she was in the greatest

of hands. Nicholas, Jacketed his cell phone and hurried back into the meeting desiring

to set the best example. Although he'd threaten to break up the team if need be he

was glad no one wanted off. They'd become a force not to be reckon with, one of

influential stratagem and immovable dedication, an ordered body born to win. If they

weren't perfect they were the next best thing.


It was then she stretched and yarn, positioning herself as wondrously

as the many times prior only this time her eyes open cautiously into her long

slitering strands unveiling her face, "what are you reading?" Sura Danielle

finally awaken to a well groomed Jude Aleksander, "before the last acorn

fall my darling", "before it's rain enforce it's earth so due", he lift a typed

paged, "another time is dawning" "another making itself as new" "where you

get that?" A suspicious Sura hurried into her sheer robe, literally tripping herself

getting to him, to his stroking her horrid fears with those very words, "ah come

unto thy morning" a playful Jude failed to see the urgency "and find there is joy

still" "before the last fall", he was running, yet not seeing the seriousness of the

situation, "there is much to do thy lover" "STOP IT! she chased him, "stop it"

she snatched the work from him, startling him "you evil bastard" she cut keen,

crying eyes at him, hating him, "what", a lost Jude Alexsander came to her, "where

did get this! "where damn it! "here" he hurriedly touched the window seal", "no",

she shook, wiped both cheeks, "how did you do it?" Sura Danielle was threatening,

"how did get into my computer?" "Everything was happening so fast, an innocent

Jude Aleksander watch her investigate her computer for what seem a horrid crime,

soon Sura was crying the more, she was panic, she was pushing him toward the

door, getting him out, "Sura I swear it was on the seal" "Sura don't this" "I don't

understand this", he was confused at her relentless rage, "I didn't do this", it was

apparent Sura was beside herself, she pushed him further toward the exit "it was

just laying there I swear" "that's not possible", she froze momentarily, thought, "you

leave", she cattled him toward the door, "leave damn it", "Sura", Jude touched her

outraged, "no" she cried herself into this steaming lost, "Sura maybe you did it and

you just don't remember" "Sura" he grabbed her neck, "it's me", "it's Jude", he

directed her, "it's me" Jude ordered her outrage into his, soon wrapping her stubborn

resolve about his neck, calming her, whispering to her, "I saw it", "I picked it up and

I began reading it as I watched you sleep" he blinked back tears, "as I tried to figure

out how I would leave you", "please", he brought her lovely outlook to his, wiping

wet strands and tears away. "I should've been in a meeting like yesterday but I

couldn't leave you" "I'm sorry it offended you so", "no, she wiped him away,

wondered off painfully into a seat, "I'm sorry" "it's just that I wrote that ages ago"

"I was never the writer", "poet" "Tristian was always this genius" she dreamed into

her lovely hands, "it became so sacred I swore I would never put it to paper"

"when a person like Tristian has pain", "sorrows and death as their coach they

will always be invincible", it was here Sura Danielle imagine it was Allyn Tristian

that had mysteriously done this, that he'd come into her place unknowingly and

again done this, at this reality her useless cries broke through even more, wanting

and needing Jude Aleksander to take her, hold her once more, "Sura it's remarkable"

he kneel to her, saw straight into her tear stain face, adoring her, "just like you",

he helped her, treasured her, "it's remarkable".


Dear Alyn Tristian (AAD3)

Before the last acorn fall my darling, before it's rain enforce it's earth so due,

another time is darning, another making itself as new. To birthforth life and not

death, not, not as yet I know, to entangle life and bleeding and to keep it's nighest

heart so close. Ah come unto thy morning and find there is joy still, before the last

fall, before this acorn so fulfilled. There is much to do thy lover, to breath in death

heavily and exhale, yes exhale let thy living go free, let thy spirit be well.


"Tifney" a careful Agurus was alerting her by a soft knock on the door, "are you

going to eat?" He came in, "I'm not hungry", she laid across the bed, "just leave

me alone", "I know today was this big disappointment", "it will pass" he sat to her,

"I don't care anymore", she swung her long strands to one said, laid, "it's true", "you

have become so withdrawn these last weeks", "I'm frighten",

"please Tifny, talk to me", "I'm stuck here a captive", she wiped "I can't do

nothing", "go anywhere" "can't do anything or afraid to?", He suspected. "Are

you remembering the violent dream?" He sat to her.

"On the way to the airport I could feel your fright as you trembled", "as

you watch the road so deeply", "Yeah", she simply despised, "a lot of good

that did", "we went all that way for nothing", "yes", he agreed "and I'm sorry",

"that was my fought for not believing my sources", "I've heard it a thousand

times", she disliked him, this helpless situation the more "I want to be alone",

"tell me of this dream", "no! she avoided him, "Tifny", he cleared a wayard

strand from her frightening beauty "I hate seeing you so sad", he back away.

"There's nothing you can do", she sniffed, wiped "I miss you Tifney", "I miss

your talks", "your smile", "I miss you being my friend, he helped her, I really

miss you being my wife", he smiled under to her, knowing she would smile

as well.

"Why don't I get us something to eat and drink and we talk", "not about

that dream" she alarmed, "ok, "ok, he agreed "not about the dream", "we

think of something", he saw her give a gentle nodd. Tiffany Ann knew he was

only trying to help but she couldn't remember when she was so damn

frustrated, she'd been in Jerusalem nearly a month. Through sources

unknown to her Agurus got word that flight restrictions had been lifted in

certain areas. They headed out only to find various road blocks and

non-passage upon all roads leading to the airports.

It was then Tiffany knew she'd been very naive coming there. Her uncertainy

attempted to persuade her Christian Cros had forsaken her there and gone on

with his life but she knew as Agurus told her told weeks passed, all her friends

where doing all they could to get her home to America.


"Do I dare tell?" "Yes", Phillph lean in the more to suspect an anxious

Jude Aleksander at their breakfast table, "leaving her was the hardest of

things ever", "no, Nicholas hasten his thought, shook his head of disapproval,

"what happens between you and your friend is sacred, "ah she is no longer my

friend", he prepared his toast "she is my wife", "your wife" Phillph coughed,

choked, "when did that happen?" He cleared himself the more, "what do you

mean when did that happen?" A flawless Jude Aleksander bite his fork, "as

soon as we entered into our making of marriage", "wait", a confused Phillph

Mance pushed his plate away, disbelieved "I don't get it", "you're saying

that simply because she and you did it you're married", "no, he sipped his

cup, "I'm saying we're married because we found one another so pleasurously

conjoin in our flesh, it's blood therein sealing ourselves as this one", "that

is the marriage", he presented his cup, "and now I have vows to tend to he

happily pushed from the table ___"my god Phil", Nicholas amused into his

hot cup, don't look so astonished", "it's not the first time you've heard of such"

"yeah", "it just I didn't know I had one as roommate", "there are many people

who believe a sexual committment is also a committment to marriage and it's

taken extremely serious", "still Nicko we're talking about Jude Aleksander attorny

at law", "yes", Nicholas brighten "Jude", "a man who believe his sexuality is as

sacred as god himself surely you didn't think he would cast it off so freely", "so

unknowingly", "thoughtlessly", Nicholas finished his plate, "like me right" Phillph

reconsidered his plate, "hell like us all Phil, "one day it will be this way and none

other", " times and death and urgency will one day reorder us as martial beings

restoring us spiritually, mentally, physically in ways inconceivable" "you been

reading behind Allyn Tristian again right?" Phillph took his last sip of coffee that

had grown bitter, cold, "yes I admit I have" "it's some astonishing material," "realities"

"so Allyn Tristian think one day marriage will be as the god in heaven intended from

the beginning?" "That it is he", "this supreme God", Nicholas helped, "that has made

our sexuality" "it's sacred marriage and not we ourselves", "yes and the only way for

us to get it right is to undertand the rightness behind it", "the glory and eternity",

"it's a phenomenon thing Phil when you began to see", "to look beyond all the

falsity and find yourself because that's where a healthy relationship must began at

your honest", "humble self", "sowing that good", "that you reap that good", "Nicholas

Coogan the preacher attorney", Phillph got right out as well.

Dear Allyn Tristian

Before the last acorn fall, before it's trampled under feet, come unto thy wife,

her loins thy art sure to meet. I await you, no, no I await you still, come unto thy

woman, spill her at thy will. I know they're all there darling, I hear the russle about,

I hear their ceaseless crying, I hear their endless pouts. They're not unto you dear

lover, but I, I'm thy will. I wait you as the morning, and at night time I await thee



"I'm Agurus older brother", he rested into a lean against their dresser, "I'm

Tiffany" she sat, fixed herself, "you have such wonderful eyes" "I apologize

for just welcoming myself but" "get out!" a vicious Agurus sat their plates

down carefully, "what I do?" "Just speaking to beautiful", "you stay the hell

away from her Raine" "mother is right", he ignored a furious Agurus, tending

to his arrogant business "she does resemble gold", "especially those

gorgeous" "get the hell out"! Agurus got into his face, "I'll go", his hands flew

up, 'but I'll be" "Agurus! Tiffany screamed and moved to safety at a violent

Agurus slamming said brother against the wall, grabbing his collar, provoking

him, "I will kill you" "I can see this" a harden Raine forcefully pushed Agurus

hands away, "yeah this I see" he frightfully mocked Tiffany Ann at his leave,

"what the hell was that all about?" "The less we spend together" he talked back,

"the more they assume", "assume what?" Tiffany wasn't accepting this, "that I'm

not good husband" he broke the seal on their beverage, "possibly not husband

at all, "and what?" She feared apparently, "they come and take me is that

it?" "You be calm", he touched her hand, brough her, "they will not harm you",

"I don't know what you all call it but rape is harm", "he will not touch you", he

grew certain, deadly "he know I'll kill him first", "you'll gonna kill your

brother?" "Come", he drew her close to their sitting table, to dinner, "you

best eat that you don't get sick", "please", he asked of her lovely vagueness

"they will not harm you", he pledged.

Thing grew progressively worse, Tiffany could see why he'd been so

anxious to get her away. She pondered if Agurus could protect her from

his brother, he out weighed him about 100 lbs. or more. He was tall and

husky, very disdainful. Agurus stayed at her side the rest of the day, clear

into the next morning. He sat in the window watching, thinking and

preparing a way for his and Tiffanys' departure.

She had very distrubed sleep, he studied, she'd tossed and turn

throughout the night, lending curious sighs and mourns. Agurus fearing as

he suspected earlier he would have his hands filled attempting to keep his

kin at bay of her as there was no where to run or hide, no where but this

foul place he called home.

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