Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany VI

                                                    ...BEAST OF BEAUTY...

                                                 ...THAT SPOIL THE VINES ...

                                                          CHAPTER VI

                                                             SCENE I

     -“So you were reading with your eyes close, is that what you you’re telling me? Yes, yes, Christian Cros is say correct right, ok, Niegl tell flight demanding, the travel to America lengthy, but I not count him faithful. I feel guilty, what guilty? Guilty Spirit I didn’t do something sooner, you did as is said your best, you find and lost own family, we together now, as well, good timing yes?” Unexplainably elated to see him falling asleep, the energy this kid had Christian thought he should sleep the next few hours before their final arrival in New York State, but no, he was at it again. “So what to be expecting , what is Pepper? How I am to win this one to me?” Imagining further, Spirit was such a beautiful kid inside and out who attracted much attention, of course this meant Christian
attracted less. “Your English, the last I was there it was impossible and now, ah I work hard, Nadia work hard for years, Pepper is a canine friend, practically a family member, and no there’s plenty of brotherly love to go around.“ Yes people found Spirit River very wise, very sweet and thus irresistible. “The spirit of the America, good, not good, brethren, not brethren? A little of both I’m
afraid, you put people of so many differing ideals and spirits together, they’re a variety of attitudes as you say.“ Discovering himself anxious as well could Christian not wait to get home, not only because he was exhausted, but because he simply missed home and he missed her. “And the climate, what is it’s spirit? This time of year in New York, cold, possibly even some snow, and with Christmas nearing, stunning.“ Of course he’d not forgotten, not at all, her anger, her fear, her wondrous constitution, that unspeakable beauty. It was Christian instead wondering whether or not Tiffany had forgotten him. “You just reminded me the holidays are nearing, Christmas as many like to say is Spirit all around us, there are people right here on this flight traveling to and fro to visit family
and friends just for the Holidays. Only Cros a little shopping day mother is saying" yes there was so much going on Christian had literally forgotten, like so many other people Christmas always held a very special place in his heart, every year despite the surrounding circumstances, except this year. “This is first time, taking to flight, will be a first for all things, no Spirit I hadn’t realized that, are you
frighten?” Though the Christmas music playing was quite darling and uplifting unable to put his finger on it Christian didn't know way this funk. How it was perhaps his mothers' passing, his siblings coming to America but it was especially hard for him to get into the spirit of Christmas, his very name sake. “Disturbed, troubled I am, well why didn’t you, no Cros, not trouble of flight, how like Mother, like father, maybe, will not please you, this will build a wall betwixt us. You don’t have to go out of your way, your heart to please me Spirit, be the loving brother every sibling need and that
will be pleasure enough I swear.” Truthfully despite how he fought, even denied them was Christian having bad vibes concerning Tiffany Ann, so much so he was again unable at shaking them. Knowing it was abnormal could he feel her sadness, her displacement and it made him sad as well, perhaps Christmas was lost there. “I weigh up of telling you, I can’t be, I go on to Flo-da as Niegl and Nadia, you’re what?” These estrange feelings were stronger than ever before, something was wrong, something was very wrong and Christian Cros for the life and breath of him couldn’t shake it’s ill feelings of helplessness. “I, I don’t understand, I thought your primary purpose, yes come, to be with Cros, the lovely brother Spirit admire, Spirit value, save for, save for what? You see, hear and you understand, I will see, what are you talking about? Just trust, you see, alright I see, hear, ---so who is she?" With an Israeli accent quite impeccable in every word guess what else boy genius noticed? "Who is whom?" Putting his read away as it was apparent with a curious Spirit River playing strangely into his brother's rigorous curiosity, reading was a lost cost for now. "Christian Cros has been in the clouds since we left, ---I don't know what you're talking about, come on, bet she's beautiful," sitting into a gleeful expectation at casting a cunning awareness, even a smile Christian’s way, at loaning his pinky swear his way, encouraging Christian Cros along a sincere smile, even admission.  "Yeah, how would you know? I know things, yeah, you know too much. Well?” As one not letting Christian off easily was Spirit River waiting with wide eye and bated breaths that Christian was to share all the juicy details. "Well what? What's the name? If you Spirit insist her name is Tifny, Tifny!" As one gladly resounding that lovely title along a bright, all around countenance, and look of delight was he more than happy for his big brother. "That's superb right, like she is, right? Yes" as one having to agree with this lovely inquirer sporting him own, was Tiffany Ann easily one of the most
beautiful human beings ever, "she's Spirit, very beautiful inside and out, I knew, I just knew, Christian Cros not intimate at Spirit River unaided, this adoring appeal. She, Tif-ny, how met?” As one awkwardly studying a carousal Spirit River parading himself along handsomely at being this
tickled for his big brother, was Christian somewhat amazed. “Met, yes, how did she and I meet? That Spirit isn’t only a long story, personal, but one filled of twists and turns.“ Of course what amazed Christian.      >>>“I heard the good news of you and Sye,” coming out on the back deck where Susan Faye seem to be staring off into the wild blue yonder, "there’s something I think you should know before you become a Coogan. What are you talking about? This, just as soon handing a curious Susan Faye a framed picture of a couple, if she had to guess the questionable photo dated back possibly to the eighties. “I don’t understand, they’re a mixed couple wouldn’t you say? Yes, you can Barb hardly tell, yes, Sissy but it’s obvious she is black, ok, what are, it's Mar and Par Coogan, Sye, Brad and Nicki parents. What? Taking another more concerning glance at the picture, a perfect couple they did appear as being, but as Barbara Ann sorely made aware, they were a mixed couple. You may Sissy think me evil, but I would’ve rather known this before I married Brad and especially before we had children. I could’ve had a, a, you know, a negro child, as so Sissy could you,only Barb according to this picture you, have.  Hey," as one angrily snatching the picture away, "that's not funny, ah, I don’t think so, I mean look at your husband, at Sye, Nicki, you can’t tell just by looking at them and to be honest you can hardly tell at first glance of their mother, no, but Sissy you can tell. Is this the remoteness I see hewn between you and Brad? I don’t know about that, but I feel betrayed somehow, just really betrayed, ah my god Barb, please tell me, you, you, ok, ok, suppose you had a couple, to come to you with this identical problem, to you Barb a shrink, what would you tell them? Don’t you see Barb, who or whatever they were, they’re responsible for Brad being the man, father and husband he is, take either of them away, change anything about their bloodline, heritage, and Brad, Sye or Nickie no longer exist, not as we know them. You was the one Barb told me, remind me how this country, America has been a multicultural country from day one, that mean honey we’re all mixed couples, all, prick either of us, and the whole suffer accordingly, as is this damn world, even this damn hide out!”      >>>"Where did you get that?" Handing the picture in question, at gently stroking especially his mother’s beautiful face, did he feel the slightest tingle in his nose, “your more than distraught sister in law thought it was something I should know before becoming a Coogan, is this Sye why you guys never talk of her? Of course not,” pulling Kleenexes free, at moving into a window that was sparking through and through of a sunny day, “we don’t speak of her Sissy because it’s so heart breaking, our mother, Karsiann Coogan was the most wondrous woman ever, her faith alone in spiritual things made her like this supermom, causing him to cry, even in his voice, as he wiped, "and one morning Sissy without warning she just died." It’s been a long time since he was brought to remember and bare that awful morning. "Father just found her in the bed, the life gone completely out of her, when I tell you we boys had the hardest time Sissy not burying him with her, ah my god help us, he was beyond devastated. I know for a certainty, if our father had not had the three sons of us to, I guess live for, there’s no way he would’ve survived momma for as long as he did. They were both despised and disowned by their families, but they didn’t care, momma always thought, said, her trust in the things of God’s Christ meant the entire host of heaven fought on her side. We Sissy don’t until this very day know what took her, except it was her time, and the supreme knew better than us all. So you see we’re not ashamed of her, or them, but I understand Barbs concern, foolishly family hated them even more for giving birth to white, blonde sons if you can imagine that, again how very foolish.     <<<"So, I wait and wait, how did, ah, Tif-ney, met, you?" Most surprising fact his little brother never doubted he was without female interest. It was as though the hideous scares branding him less human didn't exist, as though he was normal. “This mean you not tell?“ “Yes, at least not right now, I want you to calm your nerves, lay your head back Spirit and close your eyes, try to get some sleep, the long flight will be more endurable and you think. The last is sleep, at least you marry her, this Tif---ny? Rest, ok, just rest, he's human and he's beautiful, he the older brother Christian Cros, I come home to him, to Amer-ca. hey, don't worry about them, sleep, now, but wake you tell yes, yes, saint's honor marmar said this often!"

                                 ...FOR OUR VINES HAVE TENDER GRAPES...
                                                        SCENE II

     “Dear god in heaven, make me one, so I can just take up wings and fly away,” gazing up. separating herself from the others by way of Nicholas’ just as awesome balcony at, witnessing a flock of birds was a more calm Tiffany Ann treasuring a quiet time. “Erica said it, but we were all thinking
it, how can a man that stunning beyond description be such an awesome cook, hell decorator and host? I Know, I know, Nicholas Coogan is every man, still lord, despite how truly mesmerizing this all is, Nicholas Coogan especially, I can't think of any other place I to be besides home or Christian’s fabulous mountainous place. “I wonder what he’s doing right now, he and that trusted pet of his, I think I miss him, I barely know him yet I miss him.“ Very cold out, witnessed every time she breath, talked was Tiffany just as convinced Christian held the key to her questionable destiny, that he indeed was her faceless man. “I’m ashamed father, please don’t look upon me, but I did it, I’ve angrily set into motion things I will never, ever be able to control, so what does that make me. predestined, perhaps? Hey,” as one startling Tiffany at despising this estrangement of hers did Nicholas Edin try to understand at coming out to her, even challenging her. “It's pretty cold out here, I know, but so refreshing, I'm trying too hard, no, and dinner,  Nicholas, it was so delicious, where on earth did you learn to cook like that?“ More kind, even considerate than she'd been since the horrid news of Michael Day, this possibly wouldn’t be as impossible as he first feared. "It's beautiful out, yes, it is quite lovely, almost Tiffany as, I really think you should come in, you know." As one taking her cold hands, rubbing and blowing his warm, tantalizing breaths into them at luring her again into the house, frightfully, though heartily, she was impressed. "That’s before you catch cold or worse, well I’m not going to give you a hard time, I imagine Nicholas how difficult that had to be for you, so does that mean we’re becoming friends and if so will this friend join me for something hot to drink? If you're to read my mind, I'm thinking Tiffany, hot chocolate with marshmallows would be ideal sp straight into the kitchen with my newly found friendship. You really have a super place here,” noticeably sitting into a high chair, a bar outlining this adorable kitchen, “If you don’t Nicholas mind me asking, that day you and Bradford left together, that woman stopping you in your tracks at the door, who was she?" Having stood in the widow for a while watching Bradford and the boys play in the snow, and Tiffany watching him from afar, he could only be reminded of the days when they and their father did the same. “An ex fiancée, ex? While just by witnessing you two together, Stephanie and I Tiffany haven’t been together for nearly four years, she called off the wedding hours prior, trying now to explain what possibly happen. How there was another, how she’d been unfaithful, even now having a three year old son, I know now Tiffany I was more in love with the ideal of being married, then I was in love with her, and now? You mean you? Turning a sincere awareness her way, was Tiffany Ann this beyond beauty, who’d stun the heart of Nicholas Edin he feared beyond repair. I fear Tiffany we’re one, that it’s no mishap as we were born so, that you may as well accept it, we’ll be miserable as a broken heart beyond repair. He is so good with them, so natural, Brad and his boys, I wonder where Barb is? She's normally with them, yeah Sissy was inquiring about that very thing, how they seem departed somehow. So do you do it? Do it? Ignore the desires of your heart so, do you know how often all I want to do is run to you, and like that night intertwine myself, our Tiffany selves like so, never, ever letting go? I have so much work to do, I have two cases pending with one going before a judge in only a few days. I’m leaving tonight, leaving, Tiffany, I’ll probably be gone a few days, I’m sorry Captain Croft is going to allow that? He really doesn’t have a choice, where, where are you going, to him, the burn guy, you would Tiffany put yourself in such danger for this guy? I never Nicholas said that’s where I’m going, so you told Sye, he know about this? Ah, no, not really, ok, you’re telling me why? I must Nicholas learn the fate of the mother and my brother, neither Sye nor the captain can help me with that, it’s police work Tiffany, it’s what they do, leave it to them, and if they die waiting? What Tiffany if you do, why would you burden us so? Maybe you’re, maybe there’s another way to do this, yeah, past it by Sye I’m sure he can help, see you later then, yes Mr. Coogan I guess you will, then as always Miss Saurus, I can’t wait."      >>>They said he’s lost plenty of blood, but he’s to be ok, his parents? Finally Dex I was able to reach them, they’re on their way, more concern about him than Leo to let on, you want to tell me what’s happening? Were you in a relationship with, no,” shaking his head into a seat at big brother Dexter Leon sitting to his right hand, was the waiting area like usual pretty crowded. It’s what he wanted, and I guess you can say I kinda lead him, I just couldn’t bring myself to, you know, take part in anything like that, despite how attractive he made it appear, so nothing happen, I told him what you said, about God and all, and he just flipped out, asked me to marry him, had the rings and everything. So what do I tell his parents? You don’t think they know? I guess we’ll find out, I still can’t believe he did it,” as one by his sleeve sweeping his wet cheek, was Dimitri almost certain Leonardo was kidding, that he would actually do it. Detrix, what are, somebody want to tell me what’s going on? I’m being told there was an attempted suicide in your dorm, your domicile, Dex, Detrix, it wasn’t me, it was my roommate, Leo, didn’t I tell you that guy was dangerous, well he didn’t hurt me, himself, yeah, and it could’ve easily been a murder suicide. You guys mind me asking why aren’t you two roommates? If you Dex really reconsider that question you’re know the answer, yeah, you guys being twin you’ve done everything together all your lives, right? So what brought all this on?”     >>>"Tiffany?" As one knocking, asking after her, what Tiffany and the others didn‘t know was Nicholas Edin had designed the ideal showplace, even expert lifestyle, career all with Tiffany Ann Saurus in heart and mind. “All I’m saying is the cocoa is, ---I don't want any, ---it'll make you feel better, even sleep better, ---please.” ” Look,“ as one contacting that door passionately at needing her to need him, to especially trust him, to open that door and hug him, and need him as special as she’d done that tragic, tragic night before. “I know you’re hurting in ways I, I, I make the best, that’s what everybody, ----good night Nicholas please, please, ---ok, did I say too much just now? No, you told me how you felt, and you Tiffany told me you're leaving,  I'll be right there, ok, good, I'll be awaiting.”

                               ...MY BELOVETH IS MINE AND I AM HIS...
                                                             SCENE III

     "I thought I was your best friend" as one rushing into the kitchen, making a quick research of the frig did Bradford Ean find his baby brother somewhat aloof. "Is it Tiffany? Right, this has to be impossible for her Nickie, give her some time, some space, I know it's hard." As one displaying himself as usual quite famished did Bradford find some leftovers and a just as ready as a toaster  oven. Although those things worth having babe normally are, I keep saying the wrong thing, at
this stage Nickie what's the right thing> Time Nickie, just let her know you're there if she need you, ok?" "Here, umm, hey that's good, you just keep surprising me, it’ll be, ---am I too late? Goodnight you guys,“ as one at Tiffany’s unanticipated arrival instead backing himself out, at toasting said cup into his exit, was Bradford again encouraging his little brother on. “Goodnight Brad, yeah Bradford, goodnight, so am I, too late that is? No, you can actually have my cup,  what are you guys cooking up that smell so yummy? If you’re Sissy talking about Brad, that would be left over meatloaf, hot coco, hot coco sound simply delectable, what do you know Sissy, there’s a hot cup right here, you sure you don’t mine, we don’t mine Sis, I’ll just make more. Ah dinner Nickie was fabulous by the way, thanks, well good night you two, yeah Sis you as well, I guess it’s back to the drawing board, how about popcorn Nicholas instead, some uncola, a movie, how about, you, you read my mind, popcorn, soda and a movie coming right up. I hurt you just now and I’m sorry, you keep running to me, for to help me, and, and, I Tiffany try and understand, I hate to see you hurting so, it seem to tear my heart right out as well, that I‘m that akin to you, to us. Did I get here in time, can I place an order? No, Erica Lynn, you’re just in time, hot coco and chilled pizza or popcorn and soda? Ahhh hot popcorn and soda sound just fine, I’ll just be, you know, waiting by, the tele an TV, wait Erica , I think I’ll go with you, I mean you don’t need me right? Right Tiffany, it’s only popcorn and soda, ---my lord did you see the way he was looking at me? Yes, although Tip I also saw the way you was looking at him, you guys were so sexually charged I thought you two would throw down right There, in the kitchen and all I could think was damn, I should've brought my camera, ah come on, no I keep thinking even after they made him that fine, that goddess, scurried about hairstyle alone, they gave him those stunning green eyes, that too die for body. I’m just saying, if Nicholas Coogan ever look at me the way Tip he look at you, it’s on or off, no hesitation, you know, ony which way is best. Well Miss Erica Lynn it isn’t that easy for me, it has never been that easy for me, what are you guys whispering
and giggling about? Uh, um would you Sissy believe popcorn and soda? Uh, um. as in Nicholas Edin Coogan? Yeah, that too, Tip here was telling me how it isn't easy she‘s to simply jump Nicholas‘s fine ass bones and I told her how I would do it for her, ---Erica! What? I thought you guys crave honesty, look I don’t know if I should be telling you this, but Sye said as he was contemplating how astonishing his place was, only he seemed so displeased, that Nickie responded how that was because he couldn’t Tiffany share it with you, are you serious? He said, ----popcorn alert, here you guys go, popcorn, veggie pizza and soda, truly enjoy, you’re not joining us? Ah no, I have a standing appointment with the weight room, the shower and a good night sleep, so again you guys enjoy. Well, well what? Well if you’re not going to go watch him work out I will, that’s it, I‘m going to, I’m, no Tiffy please, I’m, did you just call me Tiffy? Yeah, it kinda slipped, don’t ok, no more freaking nick names ok, ---ok, but please don’t leave, please. Tippy, ah, Tip,  he sleeps in there by the way, who Erica sleeps where?” Nicholas, I was, I couldn’t sleep one night so I was to check out the place, I turn this knob, open the door, it was the weight room and Nicholas was crashed, sleeping. I waited until I got my fill and there you go, so what are you watching? You mean Erica you didn’t just jump him, we are talking about Nicholas Coogan? Ah believe me Sissy I wanted too, but he was waiting for Tip not me, though there could've been some lovely pretend, damn, it, another miss opportunity."     >>>” You told sissy about this? Yes,” as one moving away, down the steps, away from the house, Barbara Ann yet showed herself so unforgiving "so you don’t think you should’ve left that for Sye to do? Apparently Brad I didn’t, I guess now we know why Nicki is so attracted to Tiffany Ann, as those shooting eyes skyward, a flock of white birds descend just below a setting sun, was the overall scenery simply mesmerizing. "What the hell is this Barb really? This can’t just be about my mom, it’s about you betraying me, not Brad telling me, telling you what, about my bloodline? I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was so vitally important, that my, the woman Barb I was marrying was such a bigot. Ah don’t you put this on me, ah so you’re not a bigot? I just think it’s something you should’ve mention, so the world is going to end because Barbara Ann Coogan’s children’s has a somewhat negroid grandmother! That is not what this is and you keep your voice down, ah god please tell me I’m dreaming. That this isn’t really happening, that your husband and his brothers and oh his sons worth just decreased tremendously because Negro blood runs through their veins. Like I said, that is not, yes Barb it is, that is exactly what you’re saying, that some kind of way everything you and I highly treasured only weeks ago is somehow diminished, no , yes, or are you too damn blind and stupid to realize it, stupid! Did you just call me stupid? Yes, Barb, if the stupid badge so easily pinned to your arrogant chest fit, then you're a bastard, a lying one brad at that!” Roughly swabbing her cheek, had husband Bradford not in the nearly eight years they been married ever insulted her in this way, more then bitter, piercing was the truth.       

                                                                         SCENE IV

     “My god, ---Dixon!“ Wearily shining a lethargic look at him, as so all around, was the fact his brother was waking him truly at all expectations making him this lost, “what, ---where am I?” “The hospital, --ah my god Ronda, she’s fine, Ronda is fine, Hall is with her, remember? That’ just it
Dix, waking and seeing you, for a while there I didn’t know what was happening,” striking at a single tear shimmering along his stout look, better able to contain himself was Dexter Leon suddenly remind how recovery for Corronda Bren was now a reality. “That it’d all been a dream, an un-
thinkable nightmare of sorts, ---so you’re really here? The three of us Dix under the same roof, at the same time, what is the world coming to, huh? I better get to her,” that he’s to remember how horribly frighten the last few days had been not knowing whether or not Corronda would live. “So did Hall inform you or mother? I’d left you a thousand messages, it was like the both of you were too busy for your big brother and now you‘re here. How is she?“ Although he wasn't a religious man was Dexter Leon yet thanking god for the miracle for only through a higher power had Corronda survived such a vicious attack against her, so truly he gave god thanks. “Well Dex you know how it is doing the holidays, night and day, day and night we’re either planning, partying or shopping.” “I’m really sorry Dex, that’s what I came to say, I know through mom how important she is to you, and you come all this way just to tell me that?“ “Yes, well not really,” that he’s to turn a look, even a welcoming arm toward an unfamiliar female, had Dixon Lamar never in his ground up years ever introduced a female friend to either of them. “This Dex is Kimberly Nolan, Kimberly this is my brother Dex, hi Kimberly,” as one raising modestly at greeting and meeting her did brother Dixon arrival there to Texas begin to make all the sense in the world. “First Dexter I‘m to say I‘m sorry we‘re not meeting under better circumstances, but am I glad to finally meet the both of you, Dixon just seem to go on and on about you two. So Dex what are the authorities, doing about arresting the guys who did this?” “Well I spoke to Syefan Coogan, the District Attorney just yesterday, asking him Hall (Hallestra), if there were any leads toward her attackers, he said no but they have a good ideal who was behind it all. That the charges and evidence against them would lock most of them away for life and give others the death penalty. How it would be the largest mobster seizure in over thirty years, that you guys is why they'd come so trigger happy. My word Dex, they really sound like bad men, yeah you make sure you stay out of their way, let the law handle it, you, hear me? Of course, of course, but I can’t Dix help wondering whether the law will be successful in burying these Monstrosities, you know? I’ll admit I have a few strings of my own, I know you do, I probably need to pull them, project a plan B just in case, a few strings, huh? Yeah, very influential persons on the force, on lock-up, various good and bad guys who Dix owe a favor or two in various places. I know how all that sound, even feel, that you Dex want to get revenge for your girl, but these guys, they play for keeps, please, just please be careful, that’s all Hall and I are saying. Hear tell you’re now acting CEO of your engineering plant, the youngest ever Dex, and it could become a little more permanent, and what is it Kimberly you do? It’s Kim please, and I’m a wedding coordinator, she’s a top executive at the most popular wedding firm in this country, one whose about to host live it’s own syndicated show and seeing my brother is a nigh priority, producer. Hey Hall, aren’t you going to be needing Kim’s services like real soon? What? Yeah, it would seem Charles popped the question, well Hall? It’s kind of true, but I haven’t really given him my answer, so Kim like big mouth Dex said I just may need your services, ---does mom Know? No, and don’t you go blabbering, seeing I have yet to give an answer."

                                    ...AND THE SHADOWS FLEE AWAY...
                                                             SCENE V

“My gracious is it morning already?” Yawning and stretching himself awake accordingly with a night passing so timely getting out of bed, evidently the first to rise was it easy having to endure Bradfords' annoying snores. “It would seem at least the sun is up as well, honestly, if Bradford and I are go to pickup Barb and the kids from Jersey we need to get a move on before the weather as predicted grow worse. I still say, whoever created the shower, his estate should be rewarded once a year,” truly with the intriguing aroma from his favorite bathing gel like heaven alone at aiding and abetting the hot waters pouring over his tired, stressed nakedness the shower felt extremely refreshing. “I can just hear it now, little Daniel and Jason asking me at least a thousand questions between Jersey and home, that favorite, really worrisome phrase, are we there, yet?".“ Dousing so magnificently over his tense shoulders and gorgeous vigor, as so those slithering about his wash board abdomen and his lovely reposing manhood, were the hot streams amazing indeed. “I don’t know, they act a little different whenever Barb is around, maybe I’ll have her to rescue me and thus thank. from al those dreaded questions.” With all of the above undeniably Invigorating him and shimming about his stout muscular thighs and legs, pleasuring this blissful hour Nicholas could stay in the shower for hours, as so it seem as though he did just that. “I hope Tiffany had a good night, I hope it passed as quickly for her, I can’t help imaging if I could just hold her, silently hold her, I desperately want her to know how I feel, what I feel, yeah like I haven't just come right out and said it."      >>>“Wow, who is this beautiful couple? Ah I got that from Barb, who got it from Brad, it’s who she call Mar and Par Coogan, are you serious? Yeah,” beginning to feel some emotional tension in her throat at remembering such the sad story,” Sye told me a little about her. Did you know one day she just up and died, only a few weeks after they took that picture?” As one pulling Kleenexes free, did Susan Faye find herself sometimes just standing there, in that room, staring at their picture. “That Tif to this very day they don’t know what killed her, only that their dad found her in the bed totally lifeless.” He talk about how so in love they were and how everyone hated them for it and this tremendous sorrow Tif is the only reason they don’t speak of them, the only reason why. Tell me Tif, when you look at that picture, at her, what do you see? Ah, I guess Sissy I see me, I, I see you, ah I see the Coogan brothers, even Brad and his sons,” not realizing it, but with Nicholas searching after Tiffany Ann that they go walking was he listening to them, hoping not to be detected, only a few steps away. “I see Erica, even Ronda, because we all come from her, ah from them, exactly, ah my God that is exactly what I see, how phenomena is that Tif? But not Barb, my Christ Tif not Barb at all, you know this distance we been noticing between them, the most lovely couple, parents and family we know, that we’re to fashion our own lives after. They’re torn apart because when Barbara Ann look at this photo, she see something evil, threatening that one of Mrs. Coogan’s parents was a non-white? Ah God,” pulling her own Kleenexes free into a hard swallow, did Tiffany Ann detect the moment Susan Faye asked what did she see, that this is what it was all about. “I was afraid you was going to say that, so I don’t have to guess how she feel about Nicholas and I, huh?” As one easing off, away, undetected, could Nicholas Edin again rest his heart back into his chest, but what conversation for revelations of human authenticity that made him want to leap right in. “You know what I told her, I told her that if she change any little things about the Coogan’s blood lineage, their genealogy, then the Coogan men we know and cherish will no longer exist, that those fine sons of hers will no longer exist, ah my god Sissy you said that? Yes, and only then Tif, only then did I see a midge of awareness, but only a midge. We’re just going to have to pray for her, but look, I have two young men I want you to meet, your brothers? Yes, Itcus and Ivar, they can’t wait, because all I’ve done since they arrived is talk especially about my two roommates Susan Faye and Erica Lynn, to be honest Tif, I can’t wait to meet them either.

                           ...TURN, MY BELOVED, AND BE THOU LIKE A ROE...
                                                      SCENE VI

“I can’t take this, I just can’t,” as one talking under her breath at being

her steaming, hot self making his way to the kitchen, Erica couldn't help

noticing how very handsome Nicholas Edin looked all tucked away in that

thick, soft robe. “He is Sissy such a beautiful man,--- I know all of them

are, ---truly Matt is on my mind, though imagining how truly delicious

Nicholas Coogan would look without that robe is very inviting.” “I’m

telling you Sissy, it’s this one with this passionate, almost innocent de-

meanor, he’s the most striking of all.” "Yes, well pick up your tongue,“

teasingly waving a red flag at her, well it wasn't a flag but a dish cloth, but

Erica got the message. "Or I’ll pick it up for you, was I that obvious?"

“Any more obvious Erica Lynn and that robe would've been too small for

the both of you." "Girl, I can't help it, he is so damn hot, and Dr. Hymm?"

As one creaming her toast into a delicious bite, did Susan find Nicholas

Edin just as appetizing, but with Syefan being like this unspeakable likeness was she under control. "Just what Erica is he?" "Ah Sissy you know what I

am saying, Nicholas look so damn luscious, yeah, while I think your cold

shower is waiting.” "Ummm," as one displaying a heart-gripping response

was an equally beautiful Syefan Erin as well catching Erica’s lustful gaze,

would she all the more tease Susan Faye. "Sye doesn't look too bad either,

excuse you!” “Well,“ as one standing into a lofty wave goodbye, would she

go like right now and raise who else? But Matthew Edwin on the phone, set

an appointment, take out these frustrations appropriately. "All I mean Sissy

is you and Tip have one, and I don't, ---you have Matt,” as one readying the

morning news paper into her special interest at stirring a little more cream

into her now warm cup, was this so like Erica Lynn. “That’s Sissy Matthew

Hymm, not Coogan if you know what I mean, ---you is so bad, you need to

call your man, tell him Erica about your, ---heat problem!" "That girl" as

one shaking a head to her exit, this was the reason they had such a hard time

persuading her to stay at Nicholas’ house instead of going over to Matthew's

place. “She's in heat, and she’s on the prowl, ---whose in heat?” “Who else

Tip?” “Nickie and Sye passed through with only bath robes on and Erica

had a fit, went dreaming off to sordid places, although Sye, Brad and Nickie

are nothing but, right now to her a dog would probably look good.” “So

how does it feel?” “How does what feel?” “How Tip does it feel to be under and have slept under the same roof as Nicholas Edin?” “Ah come on Sissy

not you too, ---umm that’s good, strawberry flavor cream cheese, umm, ok,

Sissy it’s a really warm, fuzzy, even safe feeling, are you Tip describing

Nickie or a teddy bear?” “Talk to you later, I guess I wouldn’t mine having

him as my teddy bear, having who as your teddy bear?” Refreshing his

coffee cup along a seat to the breakfast table to her, was a strike at the heart

Nicholas Edin and Bradford just about ready for their new Jersey run. “Um

Sye, you wouldn’t mine having Syefan as your teddy bear?” Yes, I mean no,

it wasn’t me, it was Sissy, I know you heard me, but I was repeating her,

Sissy, ah, I see, ---pass the Bagels, yes, of course.” “I pray you had a good

night?” “I did as matter of fact, um, was that Erica calling me?” “I didn’t

hear, there, yes, I think that was, see you later, yeah, ---later.” “What are

you having?” “Fruit bagel, coffee, ---how about omelets, ah sure, why not?”

“I’ll just have a light lunch if any, ok, ---I told Barb we should be there no

later than noon, good, I bet they can’t wait.”


{{{“What the hell is that?" As one screaming to the phone receiver, but

with everything that’d transpired the commissioner yet wasn’t taking him

serious. "How about Miss Aggart?" "They've made one, her family is, what?" Displaying himself enraged was Syefan Erin all but hollering at the

Commissioner who at that time was informing him they could afford no

more warm bodies for their protection. “What kind of damn sense does that

make!“ “My word Sye what is happen?“ “They say they can’t deny me pro-

tection, but they can't Nickie afford you all,” fuming had they hardly seen

this manner of Syefan Erin, but these were very trying, intense times,

intense and viral enough to bring the ugly out of anyone. “My family

members, how they haven’t been threaten, they’re suggesting we find a

neural place by which all of can rest safely, comfortably until this whole

thing blows over.” “And Miss Aggart sir?" "Come on Coogan, there’s no

proof they had anything to do, ---would her dead body have been proof

enough, damn it!"}}}"Bastards!" As one slamming the phone, could Syefan

Erin not believe they were leaving him and his family out in the cold like

this, "it's a wonder any of us are still alive!" "Calm down," as one reassuring

his furious with good reason brother along checking his look, grabbing his

jacket was Nicholas as well witnessing a concern Susan rushing their way.

"My god Sye what is it?" "Nothing, it’s nothing,” as one inhaling long,

deep at growing calm, even at the touch of his forward to hers, comforted,

this priceless cozy up to intimidating blessed assurance. "I'm sorry" kissing

and smooching a tickling whisper in her ear, that delectable mouth, tongue at this innocent witness of them was Nicholas Edin straight out moved at

their amiable closeness. “You and Brad have a safe trip, yeah Sye, you

know we will, you have that list, yeah Sis, see you guys later, yeah, be

safe.” “He call me Sis, what?” Nickie, he called me Sis, and, and Sye

Nickie has never called me anything besides Susan, are you sure?” “Yes,

I’m positive, like he didn’t like me or trust me, ah come on, Nickie has been

crazy about you from day one, if you say so, but I don’t think so, well I say

so, now let’s eat, Brad made Omelets, and I’m hungry.”


"Hey Brad!" Taking a quick glance through his mail was Nicholas ready

to get the show on the road, especially with such bad road conditions

pending. "I'm ready!" "Go on, I’m coming" as one situating his pocket junk

were they surprisingly making good time whereas it wouldn‘t be long now,

he and his Barbara Ann. “I’ll meet you down stairs, ok, but you better hurry,

as one backing out of the door into a read of an important parchment did

Nicholas Edin soon find himself face to face with the improbable. "Nickie,

my god Stef?" “I was just about to knock, boy, look at you!" As to finish a

button on Nicholas’ coat was he this flabbergasted, this dumbfound, as this, her being there, with him simply couldn’t or shouldn’t be. "You look great,

but you always look great, ---Stef, what the hell are, I came into town a

couple days ago, I tried to reach, ---Stef?" Exiting as well, was Bradford

Ean also as one not believing his eyes, as her being there just wasn’t

feasible, "hello Brad, yeah, ---I thought you were in Australia, I was,

look can we talk?" "I mean that is why I'm, ---talk, right here, now?" That as

she‘d mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth, talk about re-

visiting old, cold cases, this was definitely one of those times. "I don't

know Stef about any of that, I was just you know, I mean I was just,” tall,

stunning was Stephanie Trenae yet as demanding as he remembered, just as

expert and mistrusting in a clandestine kind of way. “I know Nickie this

isn't good although it's urgent." "Urgent?" “And why, no what’s that Stef

suppose to mean?” “When would be a good time?" "Please Nickie, I don't

know Stef, I really don't, I know this isn’t easy for you, it’s not easy for me

either, but I need this favor, please." "Hey Nickie you coming?" "Yeah"

calling pass her all to reiterate how in such the hurry he was, which

turn out to be a good to all the more avoid her, excuse. "I'll be there, right

there, I got to go, please Nickie!" As one tenderly contacting him did said

touch turn him terribly bitter at her, that he‘s to for the first time tell her how

he really felt. "Why are you here?" "It’s very urgent or else, or else what Stef?" "Ok, ok, you want to meet, talk, were?" "Talk about what?" "My god

it's only been like three years, ---I'll wait for you in the truck, ---look I'll

be lying if I said it's not great seeing you, I mean it's nice to know you're ok

after all these years. “ "I know Nickie I have a lot of explaining to, ----no

Stef, you actually don't ok?" "Look I don't want to hold you up any longer

just tell me when would be a good time to talk, a good time?" With his sharp

briers raised into that colossal inquiry, that non-sensical, non-chalant look,

had Stephanie almost forgot what an incredible creature Nicholas Edin was.

"I don't really, ---I'll be here for a while, this is where I’m going to be

staying,” as one handing him a readied note were things between them

going better than anticipated, as she anticipated getting tossed out horribly

on her ass. “Just call me, I know I hurt you and it was all so crazy and

confusing, but please, ---sure,” as one turning off just before noticing her

speedy exit was Nicholas Edin momentarily as one with his heart

permanently sunken. “I’ll call you, that’s Stef, ---my christ I saw this, heard

it, even felt it, but I don’t believe it,” shaking his head into her departing at

necessarily bending into the mess he'd made on the floor, did he barely

have a heartbeat. What timing, what freaking timing!“ Of course this she-

villain was the one responsible for the piercing holes and now, now that he'd

found some direction in his life, a true therapist unto that ailing sore, the slayer miraculously reappeared. “How much do you hate me, that’s my

question, how much?“ Noticeably blinking back to planet earth this

misplaced child peering helplessly about him did he momentarily lock eyes,

that appearing off course with Tiffany Ann. “Are you ok?” ---Nicholas?“As

one silently, patiently rearranging this mess of his did he eventually get out

the door. “My god,” truly not trying to be nosy, but was it so apparent to her

whoever this person was she at this point wearing Nicholas Coogan's

scarcely beating heart on her sleeve. “Ah come on Nickie man, it's not like

she was dead, I know Brad ok, I know" slouching down into an irritating

whimper, could he yet not believe this was happening, this day and this

time, and for Tiffany to see him this way. "Stef called off our wedding Brad

the night before, giving no explanation and just disappeared, now over three

years later she want to talk." "I know Nickie, it sound crazy, but you always

wondered why, yeah well Brad that was then, I stopped wondering why

some time ago.” “Hell I'd finally accepted the fact it simply wasn't meant to

be, well it won't hurt to just talk with her, it's already hurting Brad, it can

only get worse I assure you." “You really loved her at one time, appreciated

her, was even Nickie willing to spend your life with her, now you can’t even

sit down and talk with her?” “Ok, ok, you’re right, it must be really urgent

for her to come all this way, to even Brad return to the one she has betrayed

so, so I’ll see her, we’ll talk and go from there.”


{{{“No Hall, no, I’m just making sure I’m hearing right, you want me to

drop everything and meet you in Dallas?” “I miss you and want to see you,

and this can’t wait until you know, you return?” “When are you returning by

the way?” “Which Charles part of I miss you and want to see you, you don’t

understand?” “You’re right, I was blinded by the imminent consequences of

me just taking off, ---are you joking or are you afraid to take a few days and

come here to me?” “How is Dexter, his friend?” “Ronda was violently

raped and beaten within itches of her life, she sleep most of the time but

none of us Charles want to imagine the mental impact of this horror show.”

“Dixon is here as well, I know that’s hard to believe, your as you describe

him self-absorbed brother is there?” “A bit of an understatement but yes,

and what’s even more shocking, he isn’t alone, a lovely, distinguished

wedding coordinator named Kimberly Nolan is with him.” “I best go, it’s

time for me to relieve Dex, forgive me for being so silly, I love you as well

Hall, and I miss you so much.” “Each second is to feel like an eternity

without you, which is why I should arrive in Dallas, to you in about 45

minutes.” “What?” As one sniffing and swapping an abrupt spill, that at the

sound of this stunning news spilled forth, could she not believe, how he’d

astonished her so. “Wow Charles, that was so Shakespearen, and you baby

just reassured me I’m not as silly as I imagined, beating myself up so.”

“Look. I’m to get off of this transmission and I’ll see you soon, love you,

yes, me too, ah I can‘t believe you, yeah, see you soon.” <<<“Ah my god

you started me to death!” That with heart gripping panic, did Tiffany not

realize anyone was in the weight room beside herself. “Sye, yeah, ---I

thought you left with Nickie and Brad, no, Nickie loan me the room that I’m

to get some of these emotional kinks out.” “Please don‘t tell Sissy, I want

her to think this great bod just comes naturally, sure, your secret is safe with

me.” “Wow it’s impressive isn’t it, yes, most definitely Tiffany it is,” he was

doing it again, there was a way whenever no one else was around Syefan

Erin was to always look at her that was alarmingly provocative and sug-

gestive. “I better go, you don’t Tiffany have to rush, I was just finishing up,

if you want to give it a whir, a whir?” “Yeah, the weight room, I mean

Nickie has just about everything in here you can think or dream of.” “Good

day Sye, yeah, you too, ---I promised Mike I would take care of you if

anything happen to him, and there isn’t anyone Tiffany I trust with fulfilling

that oath other than Nickie.” “Yeah, he seem to be the over all favorite

around here, that’s Tiffany because he’s the best, he truly is.” “And just

when was it Mike asked you to make this oath?” “That night, it was like he

knew something would go horribly wrong and like Nickie even from grade

school, you was the only thing he could think of protecting, his Tiffany Ann,

thanks, Sye you‘re welcome of course.” “Did you?’ Turning again to him,

arms fold curiously did Tiffany at this time suspect them all, all who were to

benefit from Michael Day’s death. “Excuse me, ---did you suspect, was

there Sye the slightest clue Mike was being targeted?” “And Sye If so, why

weren’t better precautions taken?” “No, as ridiculous as that sound, even

how naïve, pompous, the entire department was taken by surprise.” “This

never should’ve happen Sye, especially not to Mike, this never should’ve

happen, I agree totally.” “Look you stay, I’m going, I told Sissy I would

help with dinner today, stay, relax, take a load off, sure, why not, see you

later?” “Yeah Sye, later.”


{{{“No, guess where I am, just guess,”}}} locating his brothers before they departed

Barbara's parents house, giving no explanation at asking them to meet him at their

grandparent's estranged house. “What’s that look Brad, who was that on the phone?“

Neither of the brothers had been to their grandparent's house since their father died, it

would instantly stirr awake sleeping emotions. “I should’ve known the only reason

they’re this quiet is because they’re sleep, yeah, I didn‘t know they slept, ever.” It was a

sensational two story home, fully furnished and perfect for all of them to stay until said

storm blew over. “That was Sye, he’s at Granny and Pappy place, want us to meet him

there, my word Brad I’d forgotten about that place, yeah,” as one sniffing, even with his

shoulder wiping a tear creeping along just so at the very thought how going on with one’s

life can cause you to abandon so much of it. “Granny and Pappy place?” “Yes Barb, our

father’s parents, the house has just been sitting there for years, I’m sure many people have

wondered about it.” Already as those North Pole elves Syefan and the girls were there

putting up Christmas decorations and planning a warm, seasonal celebration. “We never

even considered selling it or renting it, or donating it, I think eventually we forgot about

it, anyway Sye and the girls are there now.” “Sye really think we’re to be safe there,

what you think Nickie?” “I think like Sye we’re running out of places to go.” Things

about them had been so heretic, celebrating Christmas was the last thing on their mind,

although Syefan could now feel the warm vibes as the girls busied themselves rambling

through the many decorations. “He said Sissy and the others are so overwhelmed with Granny Coogan’s seasonal what-nots, how like her they all Nickie seem to love fancying

the house throughout with Christmas decors.” “What are you thinking, no, I just

imagined them all working away, like little elves, ---I can’t remember her you know, who

granny, no Brad, momma, no matter how hard I try.” “ Well you were young Nickie, only

three or four, yeah but some people say they can remember back that far, I just can’t you

know, and I really hate it.” It’s nothing Nickie to think ill of yourself about, it’s just one

of those things, right Barb, yes, possibly a repressed memory, well couldn’t a therapist

Barb pull that right out?” “Yeah, some, ---could you?” “And, here we are guys, wake the

boys, I won’t them to see this, wow it already look amazing, and just think Nickie it has

only just began.”


“So Christian’s abode, is this castle?” “No, it’s a house, here they’re called mansions,“

finally discovering themselves home Christian and Spirit River would most of all

celebrate a day that was still young. “What excellent timing indeed Mr. Artelon,

Pepper and I have worked extra hard preparing your arrival.” That in her haste was Miss

Martha informing them dinner was willing and waiting leaving as they came. “This Miss

Martha is Spirit River, Spirit my whatever would I do without her house maid and friend

Mrs. Martha, well hello Spirit, ---is it?“ “Yes Madam, Spirit River, I to Mrs. Mar---tha

give thanks for excellent care at my brother.“ “You are certainly welcome,“ kindly

accepting this astonishing young man giving her the sweetest peck to her hand was

Mrs. Martha as usual hurrying away as she had other responsibilities. “What a beautiful

young man, yes madam, but did I hear right?“ “What a strange name, no it’s Spirit River,

although maybe you thought you heard wrong, sorry Mr. Artelon to be in such a hurry but

I’m glad you finally have your brother with you.” “Dinner as always is ready, you’re to

just pop it into the oven, ---can you believe Mr. Artelon it’s Christmas already, seem like

it just spring up out of no place.” “You need some help with your bags?” Knowing

without a doubt his life would change, for there was no way this young, vibrate, VERY!

bouncy person was going to sit about the house as Christian often did watching and

wondering about the walls around him. “No I don’t, you go, hurry after the young fellow

so he won’t get lost, yes madam, good night Mrs. Martha, and to you my son, and to both

of you.” “Spirit, ---where you get to?” This marvelous house was Christian's hiding

place, he'd used it to pleasure himself yes but to separate himself from a world that

considered him an outcast. “You best wash and come down for dinner,” even a monster

and it frighten Christian how Spirit River would feel once he knew how very cruel and

unforgiving people truly are, especially Americans. “There you are, I not recall the

photo of Momar, I not see her as happy, ---there were times the both of them were as

you say happy.“ “Then deception, what de-cep, decept is that?“ “Deception, that single

one Spirit set against all unbelievers, those worshipping the creature more than the

creator.” “You to say momar and papa befuddled, how, why?“ Reminiscent of a star, that

one illuminating, mysterious and priceless could Christian hardly believe this star was

actually right there in his direct presence occupying him yet so spiritually at as well

worshipping him. “Let’s hand this off to bad timing, for later, but later not come, later

Spirit always come, now just isn’t a good time, don’t forget we have to find a tree

remember, ah, yes, not forget tree.”


“Thank god this will be our last year tree shopping together, ah come on, you know

you’re enjoying our company.” Syefan and his silly group, silly he called them had

narrowed it down to three possibilities, being pretty good at this since it was something

they used to do as a family. "Girl look!” Elbowing Susan rather dramatically, but could

Erica Lynn not believe her eyes, it was Christian Cros, alias the burn-guy and others such

as themselves were pointing and whispering. "What?” "It's him," pointing with her chin

was Erica trying to appear more discrete than obvious but was Christian always a

mounting, quite juicy gossip that many as themselves couldn‘t resist. "The burn guy, ---

the burn guy?" Turning Tiffany around curiously, where they making reference to her

friend Christian? "Christian, Christian is here?" Christian?“ Did Erica and Susan

simultaneously reply when approaching him were they all just as well astounded. "She

know him?" "I guess so Sye, ---my god it is you" startling him, them all with an abrupt

hug of his neck, a kiss to his chilled cheek, was Christian, even Spirit all the more stunn.

"My Supreme, ---this is some coincidence,” automatically setting worrisome strands

behind each ear at taking her hand, at hugging her additionally, what a surprise in deed,

perfect that they would again meet this way. "So what's been happening?" “You, I mean

I’ve really been thinking about you, and this stunning young man?“ Soon capturing the

attention of a tall, beautiful young stranger, one who simply refuse to take his eyes off of

her, that he’s to approach her, them. "Ah, this is my baby brother, Spirit River, hello

Tifny, hello to you, she is Christian more beautiful, well thank you, you so welcome,

Spirit's the reason we're here, his first Christmas tree, ahhh I see.” “ Well I also have

some friends with m, will you meet them?" "Sure, ---you sure it is all right? “Guys, I

have someone I would like you all to meet,” convincingly transferring Christian and

Spirit their way, where they all just as thunderstruck to be making the burn guy of Hikes

Peak acquaintance. "This is Christian Artelon and his brother Spirit River, ---god!”

Bringing herself scary close as she'd seen nothing so perfect, so beyond words stunning,

this from a person in the modeling field. “How beautiful he is, I am Erica Lynn by the

way, ---she is as she say, Erica Lynn, this is her friend Dr. Hymm.” “As so Christian, this

is Syefan and Susan, Bradford and Barbara Ann and their two darling sons Jason and

Daniel, and, they're all my friends." "It is nice to meet you all, wow, ---what an accent,

yeah, what accent is that?" "We're from Jerusalem Israel, whooo, far from home huh?"

"Well this has been home for me for above seven years, but, it's his first day.” "It's nice

to finally meet you all, yeah Mr. Artelon you too, she thinks highly of you guys, well we'll

remember that when we're beating her for not telling us about you.” "So how did you

guys meet?" "Tifny and I, ---that Erica Lynn is a long story, Tiffany is right, plus it's

getting late, we have a tree to get home, hope to see you again Mr. Artelon, yes and merry

Christmas to you all.” “You see I told you,” bragging to him often that she had wonderful

friends Christian still couldn't believe it, “I must admit, that was much easier than I ever

could have imagined.“ “Yeah, they’re really good to me, supportive, ---ok, I know that

just happen, all of you here saw it, experience it, but I yet can’t believe it.” “Yeap, Tip

just introduced the burn guy as a friend, that was really something, and his scares just as

bad close up, as they were off distant.” “I hope she knows what she's doing, I still can't

Sye believe it, I mean like Erica was saying, I see it, and I hear it.” “Well despite Sissy

what we think, he seemed nice enough, yeah you just liked his accent, that Barb I did, think he can teach it to me?" "Better learn English first, ah now Barb that's good, that was

really good, you know you gonna pay for that." “I just want to tell you guys go ahead,

I’m going with Christian, do you know what you're doing?” “He is Tip a stranger?" "Are

we not Sissy all strangers until we get to know one another?" "How long you been

knowing this guy?" "For months Sye ok?" "Look he's a good guy, you're just letting his

outer appearance confuse you, don't, Christian is far greater than that.” “Plus," with one

raised finger at defending his Jewish speaking friend, as usual loosening things right up

this despite how serious the situation, "he has a fabulous accent, thank you Bradford."

“I'll be fine, we gonna pick out some decorations, I’ll be back as, ---what about the

threats?" "We're not Tiffany out of danger, hell they could be, ---I'll be all right Sye,

please, I won't be long, you act like my parents for god-sakes, ask him Tiffany if he

can teach me the accent, ---you be careful, yeah, I'll join up with you guys later." "I don't

like it,” as one slamming the bed of the truck shut at coming into Susan's own stinging

awareness, opening her door to her, were they with a tree of their choice finally leaving,

"well Sye she's going and there's nothing that can be done."


“Well she got you here didn’t she, true, but I was already on my way, you can’t for get

that, I’m thinking about giving a Christmas party this year, Kim and I.” “You’re serious,

you do Dix know what a huge undertaking that is?” “Well yeah, I’ve considered that, I

figure I’ll call a caterer and Kim and I can take it from there.” “You think Ronda will be

ready for a Christmas party, I doubt it, but I guess we’ll see huh?” “So the tall, handsome

stud earlier that was Ronda oldest brother Desrek, yeah, all the way here from Germany,

been station there every since he was a teen.” “I guess we’re fortunate we’re at the point

where we’re to even consider a party of some sort, I best go, I know Desrek is with her,

but it’s not the same, I’ll see you guys later.” “I’m very proud how you guys have

seemingly dropped everything and got here, when I told Mar all you guys were here she

couldn’t believe it, dad either.” “We won’t be that far behind you, I thought there was

shopping you wanted to do, Charles is right, and take Dix and Kim with you, take your

time, Ronda and I will be just fine.” “So what do you think?” “Yes, I would like to look

around a bit, Dix, yeah me too, look around, how about shop around?” “You never did

answer me you know, answer you, will you marry me?“ “Ah, --ah yes, Dixon and

Kimberly as this witness, yes Charles Templeton I will marry you, good, now that, that’s

settled.” “How about you, me?” “Yes you, will you Kim marry me?” “Are you serious,

I’m dead serious, I’ve known you for months now, I adore you, I don’t want to live

without you, you don’t want to live without me?” “I’m, I’m shocked, I, I don’t know

what to say, you could Kim say yes, yes, yeah, as in you agree, to be my wife, yes I

guess, you guess, no, now, yes I’ll marry.” “You, are you sure?” “Yes, I would be more

than proud to be your wife, I know you guys haven’t considered this but how about a

double ceremonial?” “I know, I know it’s insane, but two couples have agreed to marry

here right?” “And I’m sure I could get Matrimonial Bliss to cast us as it’s first guess, if

I‘m not mistaking that‘s all expenses paid.” “Earth to Dixon Lamar, Oh I’m here, of

course, yeah he’s off wondering why don’t the real Dixon Lamar stand up, all Halle what

do you know?” “That my real brother is lost in there somewhere and he best find himself

and come out or he’s gonna be married with children before he’s to realize what happen.”

“Dix honey?” “Ah she’s just being silly, it’s, this is the first ground-up thing I’m to do ever in this life and she’s just being silly.” “Is it alright if we meet you guys later?” As

one pushing up, off, did Halle’s allegations seem to raise sleeping dogs to life and urgent

position, that Dixon Lamar was to indeed cheek himself before he spend an entire

marriage correcting himself.


“Maybe I should’ve just went straight to Texas, right into that hospital, right into her

room,” as one standing over the kitchen sink, swabbing persistent tears from her cheek,

chin, unable at getting Corronda's rotten disposition off of her mind, had hours passed

gladly. “Of course it wouldn’t have been so easy that she’s to ignore me, even cast me

off, out so easily, ---the score will be settled soon, the guys who’ll, who could that be?”

As one meticulously walking over, peeping from the kitchen at hearing the living room

door, "ah God,” grasping her panic heart like so at horribly meeting a stalking Nicholas

Edin face to face. “My god you scared me, I guess I’m not alone after all, no, I guess

not.” “I couldn’t sleep, I was having a glass of, ---water, well goodnight, see you in the,

Tiffany?” As one capturing her hand, taking and peeping into their soft fingers, right up

into the riveting nakedness of her seeping through her sheer night gown.” “You do know

right?” Know what?” Ingesting roughly, cautiously at rearranging that hand, again safe

guarding herself at getting out, away from these boisterous advances “How truly

inconceivable you are, no, and we will do well Nicholas to simply say goodnight.” “Why

are you running from me?" "I'm not, ---running, from, ----I'm off to bed as I think you

should be." "I must Tiffany have you tonight, ---what?" "Goodnight Mr. Coogan, ---what

are you doing?" That with a menacing form of Nicholas Edin, this sweltering hindrance if

only to sculpt her silken strands behind each ear, to even fiddle at those perky nipples

flirting with him so, an act alone that would send the both of their lustful blood soaring.

"I'm wanting you Miss Saurus, I'm needing, ---you will, stop, goodnight Mr., I won’t hurt

you, I won’t, I just Tiffany want to be so close to you, to the hot blood of you, that I’ll

love you forever, I can’t, can’t you see?” “I, I, ---yes, yes you can,” that by that dramatic

annunciation, this soaring intoxication Nicholas Edin kissed her, dissolving this insatiable

blistering creature into his breaking self, so deep, so permanently. "Nicholas stop!” With

his hot, wet lips yet upon hers, this incredible, blistering forwardness piercing through all

Normalcy. “I can't do this, ---shhhh, this is me Tiffany, this is Nicholas,” that with just as

dramatic kisses to her lovely neck, her silken mane, ear, that bewitching scent was

Nicholas Edin recreating and designing her, them an intimate relation as one. “I love you

so much, I've always loved you, needed you, can I have you?" "Tell me I can have you,

tell me, this is forever Tiffany I swear, ---ahhhh you taste so incredible, smell, so

incredible, ahhhh god,“ did a firing above normal Nicholas Edin smooched her again, her

warm breath, those amazing lips, tongue, those aroused for his taking breast, it was all

madness he knew, a scorching insanity so very good. “Nicholas,” pressing her forward,

this urgent intimacy smeltering and palpitating throughout, a mad play tormenting every

inch of her until there was a screaming party inside Tiffany Ann's private parts and she

was losing all control. “No, alright, ---you don’t love me, you can’t love me, you don’t

even know me,, we got to stop this, you hear me, we got to stop this!” “Why Tiffany,

why, tell me why?” “You know why, ---what are,” deciding to take her now, to own her

yes now, lifting her permanently into his arms, carrying her to the quiet bedroom behind

the kitchen. “Put, put me, ---please, please don’t do this, if you love me, if, ---if, you, love, ---if I love you, are you kidding?” Again kissing and biting at the aroused nipples

peeping through, unto her silken neck, strands at placing her pitifully aroused body into

this seductive lay. “Nicholas, I, I ---I’m here baby,” hurrily tearing into his garments

away, faithfully it had been a long time since any man had taken this manner of erotic

affection with her, if ever, truly her appetizing mouth was saying no but her sweltering

flesh and blood was saying yes. “I got you, I’ll never let you go, ---I can’t, ah god I can’t,

believe, I, shhhhh, it’s me baby, shhhhh it’s me,” as one ruining them both, having them,

hot, fast, that soft, mesmerizing mouth so invigorating about every inch of her naked

breakage, her turbulent folly, so mercilessly ingesting her up into himself. “It’s me, ---

Ahhhhh god, ah god, ah you’re, killing, ah you’re, you’re, killing, arggggggggggg-

gggggggggg! That as a sharp blade and unthinkable agony was an expert Nicholas Edin

breaking in, through unto an agonizing Tiffany Ann believing this awful pain, this manic

incision was her punishment. “You’re, you’re, shhh baby it’s me, I’ll never hurt you, but

you, you’re, hurt, argggggggggggggggg, what is, argggggggggggggg god!” Shhhhhh, you

want me to stop, I’ll stop if you want me to, yes, god you’re killing, yes, stop, ---no!”

Feeling him release her, this stunning creature, this expert lover, these agonizing

romances, “no, you smell so good, your hands feel so good on my skin, take me, just take

me.” Finally and regretfully wild, erotic love making burst into excruciating worship,

marvelous organisms stirring up terribly, preciously through-out the end of their flesh,

bone, blood "Ahhhh, ----ahhhh, what, what is, ahhhh goddddd, Ni-co-lasssss, I’m here

baby, ---ah baby, baby, ahhhhhhh marry, Ahhhhh goddddd, marry, me!" Crashing a

destined locomotive into her, unable to actually prevent himself, breathing rampantly was

this too unbelievable for words. “Ah gods, god, that was, so, so, ahhh you, you was so amazing, I will love you forever I swear, forever I swear.“ Consequently they'd lost

unbearable control and erupted so ravenously, what if anything could be said? They both

felled ruin, silent in the night.


“I’m sorry, ---leave me alone, I’m not talking to you, ever again, how are we to

have a double-ceremony if we’re not speaking?” “How could you be that cruel?” Casting

his crossed at her self into the nearest window, it wasn’t so much what sister Halle said,

but the truth, the honesty of it all. “It just came out, I guess I was jealous, jealous for

Brianna, and since when Hall do you give a damn about Bri?” “Don’t tell me you haven’t

thought about her, are you kidding?” “I’ve done nothing but think about her.” “You see

that’s all I was saying, yes, but it was how you said it, when and where, I’m dying you

know, and this one woman is willing to take me as I am.” “She’s beautiful, successful,

she’s crazy about you, yes Hall, willing to spend the rest of he life with me.” “Every

morning I wake up thinking she’s possibly gone running for her life but no she’s here,

she’s always here.” ’When I told Bri about my sentence of death, how I needed her more

now than ever, loving someone to death took on a whole new meaning and as so did her

supposedly love for me.” “I just want you to be certain, that you’re not Dix marrying this

girl because you think she’s it, your best chance at this.” “Don’t you see Hall that’s

exactly what she is, that I’m found worthy to be given this extraordinary opportunity.”

“I’m going to meet her folks in a couple of days, Kim has a large family, very close ties,

suppose they’re to ask us Hall what’s the rush?” “Well ask them why not, you just told

me Kim is everything you’re to ever expect or wish in a mate, and thus a wife, you her,

what’s the wait for?” “Think of Ronda, of Dex and remember right now, this very second

Dix is the only time promised to us, everything else is on loan, long lives, successful

careers, children and grands whose knows but the tick, tock of the clock.” “We’ll gonna

do this, we’ll have a double-ceremonial?” I don’t know if Dex told you but right before

this tragedy happen he asked Corronda to marry him, my god, that mean all three of us

are engaged to marry at the same time, mother nor father Dix could’ve plan it so per-

fectly.” “You’re to wait until Ronda is ready?” “No, that wasn’t what I was saying, but

the chance, the amazing chance we’re all be equally engaged, at the same time, that’s all.”


“You’re thinking it go ahead and ask me?” That he and brother Spirit are to clean up

the mess they’d made of the house. “I’m to wonder how serious, Christian Cros and

Tifny?” “Not Spirit that serious I assure you, there’s something, about her I‘m to mean.”

Rinsing and drying the dishes as Christian is to wash was spirit River unknowingly

playing cupid. “Some to fear and admire, something Spirit divine though we dare not

say, even speak it.” “She is Maasieah?” “It’s late Spirit and we have an early appointment

in the morning with a load of wood that need to be cut.” “Ok I say much, we waited so

long for this and here is Sia Juttah this fond of you.” “How do you Spirit know such

things?” “How can Christian ask?” As one drying his hand at readying an exit being this

crossed at Christian insensitivity but he knew he spoke with fear and trembling. “He

know how I know, how flesh and blood cannot reveal, goodnight.” “When Spirit you say

she’s Maaseiah what does that mean to you?” “How Supremes Spirit to really as mediator

have his will done, reproving others, ---knowing this aren’t you to know the answer to

your own question, or was that Spirit your way of testing me?” “All the above, you’re to

remember my little brother I have a wife, that although we’re estranged doesn’t change

the reality I’ve vowed myself to her alone until death do part us.” “I not forget but what

of the heart?” “It’s to be reminded, yes?” “It is not to be impossible beloved brother

Christian Cros just I see way you look to her.” “You’ve seen her have you not?” Roughly

shaking water from his hands into a drying towel at clarifying this notable infatuation, but

was Tiffany Ann phenomenon beyond description. “Have you Spirit ever seen anything

so extraordinary?” “No, with the entirety of her no, not to recall, --- peaceful sleep to my

beloved brother and you Spirit River as well.”


“”Please don’t leave,“ noting she’s to rise, sit a whimpering sort to the side of the bed,

the bed covers draped over nakedness accordingly. “If I had a million, years, I, I can’t put

into words what just happen, how I’m beyond all words bedazzled.“ “Tiffany?" Easing

into her side, into that ear, the incredible presence of the one whom his soul loved, had

they endured this beyond description meeting. "Hey" tenderly stroking her silken mane

toward him at seeing her, even getting to her, what they‘re to make of the extraordinary.

"Will you talk to me, see me?" "No!" Shaking her head into new spills designing her

expert cheeks, neck, even into her bosom, Tiffany could not believe she‘d let this happen,

the one thing in all the world she couldn‘t take back. "Please" swallowing into a kind

research as she yet denied him did Nicholas Edin as well regret he‘d allowed them to

become this possible one-night stand, but all wasn‘t lost. "I'm so sorry, I had to be with you, god inside, ---look at me, please baby look at, ---don't call me that,” all the more

spilling new tears to cold what could she say, and how to say it, her God in heaven how

would she ever fix this? "Tiffany?" "Come on now look at me, ---what?" Roughly turning

a clear sight to and of him although it was then Nicholas at suspecting his own impaired

uncertainty lost control. "I didn't, I didn't mean, you know,” as one stretching an aching

throat, look skyward this babbling fool in love was uncontrollable spills, sentiment

forcefully getting the best of him. “To hurt you, I, I couldn't, I don't know what, what, I

don’t, I know what, what, ---you don't have to explain what just happen,“ springing up

into that exit, could Tiffany again not believe she’d let this happen, how she’d saved

herself for marriage and now this huge, huge mishap. “Goodnight Nicholas, ---don’t,”

springing up with this enormous frog in his throat, a painful denial of emotions, spilling

themselves along sculptured features freely. “Don’t go, don’t leave me, ---there is

nothing else, can’t you see that, I love you so much, I need you so much, can’t you see

that?“ “What just happen my Christ in heaven I’m, I’m all the more plagued by you

Tiffany, body and soul.” “I can’t, I know this shouldn’t, and I ---I’m alright, really,

Tiffany,” seeing she’s to instead make that exit, the one thing Tiffany Ann wasn‘t, was

alright, how she would never, ever forgive herself, never forgive him. “It’s ok, you’re

right, it’s impossible to put into word what just happen, why it’s this exceptional, spirit

and flesh-packed confidentiality that’s to only be shared between a husband and his wife,

Tiffany, ---Tiffany please, stay with me tonight, I can‘t, I won‘t, ---Tiffany, ---goodnight

Nicholas, honestly, I’ll be ok.”


“All I’m saying Ronda is this could’ve been a lot worse, only Dex to those like

yourself, those standing on the outside looking in thinking they’re to have a clue, do you

know how patronizing that is alone.” “I think that’s unfair Ronda,” seeing he’s to take a

disagreeable stand up and away of a heavy weight, that he‘s to attempt to put into words

the last few horrible days. “You do know I, I had to watch you, the one thing Ron I

treasure on this earth suffer the improbable, I had to wonder horribly whether or not,

you’re,” brushing at, as so ingesting nearing emotions getting the best of him how

would he get this sorely emerging foot out of his mouth? “You’re to, you know, make

it, and what Dex after the horror I’d been through made you think I wanted to make it?”

“You’re here aren’t you, isn’t that Ronda proof enough?” “Look,” again approaching,

sitting into the bed to her at caring after a single spill designing her yet swollen cheek, of

course there were no right words to say, they’d all been trapped into a manner of horror

house. “I know my trials and sorrows in all of this are literally non-existent in com-

parison to what you’ve been through, but I think your survival of all of this isn’t just some

mishap, perhaps divine intervention Ronda or something.” “Just where Dex was this

divinity when those guys invaded my room, and just as soon my body, hell my life!”

Growing loud and upset at belittling, even challenging his wisdom in these crucial

matters, was she bitter, to mentally bamboozled to be considerate “where Dex huh?”

“You got to calm down,” cautiously laying his forward into hers as not to hurt her only to

calm her, to love her beyond words, “don’t do that,” was she resentfully breaching this

irritating intimacy of his, “please, please you just can’t do stuff like that.“ “I have a

few errands to run,” as one easing up, off, he didn’t mean to get so touchy, feely with her, at fastening his shirt, fixing his tie, his suit jacket, was their a mirror near by. “I’ll be

back later, I would Dex rather you call first, call first?” “Yes, I don’t under, it’s not as it

sound, I just want all guess announced from this point on, ---all guess, is that what I am

now?” “Please Dex, that’s not what I meant,“ thinking himself more than a guess, was

Dexter who momentarily thought the whole thing amusing detected the seriousness of her

request at not pressing the issue. “Sure, you’re right, you try and et something, I won‘t be

gone long, just call, ok, ok, later, yeah, later.”

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