Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany IV

                                             BEAST OF BEAUTY

                   ...SO IS MY LOVE AMONG THE DAUGHTERS...
                                             CHAPTER IV
                                                 SCENE I

     -"My word Ronda this place, is, my god, it, can't, Desrek! Hello May," springing a left speechless, running and jumping into his arms Tiffany Ann into his neck, how her date wasn't at all a blind date but Corronda's oldest brother, Tiffany’s high school sweetheart, Desrek Allum. "What, the, it's really," taking her into a brisk hug, did she hold his neck so tight, and so permanently as to never, ever again let him go. "Shhhh, heyyyy, it’s okay, I got you, shhhh, I got you, tell me I'm not dreaming, tell me you're actually here, you're not dreaming May, I'm actually here." Leaping again into his feel good, smell good neck, holding him long, continuously, kissing him again and again, shhhh, come, come here. Yeah Tif, we've already decided what we're going to have so, what's it gonna be? You can have whatever you want, yeah Desrek is paying, I can't, ah god seeing you, why, why, did" roughly clearing, even touching her thorny throat, was it apparent she was up set, even breaking down. "I'm sorry, excuse me everybody I'm sorry, I told you, especially after what she's been through, I knew this wasn't a good ideal, yes, Desrek you did, I better get in there, get after her. Tif, look please don't blame Derry for this, it was all my idea, ah honey I'm so sorry, I can't believe you, you Ronda of all people. I know baby, but I wasn't trying to hurt you, just surprise you, please come out. No! You know I'm not coming out there, not after that, not after I made such a fool of myself. Ah come on baby, no one thought that was foolish. May, May honey Ronda is right, let's just go out and have a nice dinner, catch the theater, I can't, ok, I just can't. Then we can go to my place at the Marriott, we can watch videos, eat popped corn, talk all night, how about that? Look, since this is the ladies room I'll wait right outside for you, ---May, I hear you, you know how stunning I am so if I was you I wouldn't keep me waiting. Hey, coming out yet wiping her face, the last in all the world beside Jesus she thought she would ever see. Hey, so the hotel, my, no, dinner, theater, you not gonna beat me up like you did when we were little? No, but soon, so you guys look who I found, so you know what you want to eat? I've had my mind on a good Lamb dinner, huh? That May sound completely delicious, I think I'll have the same, so how long you been in town? Only a few days, I wanted to call, but Ronda set up this dinner a few days ago. Yes, I  held him back, but Tip with good intentions, you smell so good and Desrek look so in, incredible. That's exactly what I was thinking about you, only you May look and smell beyond description. So, I hear you and your roommates are beginning a fashion establishment, yes, Fashion Presents Dissuasion, (FPD), I didn't Tif know you guys had found a name for the place. Forgive me for being the heel here but one can't help but notice Desrek here call you May and Ron, Tif, what is that about? Yes sir we're both having the lamb in lemon sauce, ah asparagus and you sir, I think you should just bring us four orders of the Lamb, and a bottle of your most cured campaign for the wait. Ah the name, ah that's because I Dexter changed my name ancient of years ago to Tiffany Ann and Desrek here is just so hard headed, hard headed, you're calling me hard headed! You're the one who ran out on us, went into service and eventually to Germany and never looked back, right or wrong? I only cried like for, ever but I soon got over it, that's Desrek until just now, that is. I never meant to hurt you, no, of course not, but you did, you did, it May was the right thing to do, yeah, you keep telling yourself that. Although I guess you’re Desrek Allum right, thoughts of suicide was so much better for a seventeen year old. Mother told me I was too young to be so serious about what could lead to an intimate relationship unless we're to put college, careers on hold, and marry. Well, I’m getting goose bumps here Tif just imagining what you gonna do as payback for surprising you so, so can I get the slightest hint? If I Ronda did that it wouldn't then be a surprise, just Tiffany, May make sure you have mercy on her, you know how important she is to me, yes Dexter that seem to be very obvious, so here's to true sustaining love. I was really young May, you must, yes Desrek so was I but apparently my breaking, aching, heart of wanting, even needing to die, didn't give a damn about how young we both were.

                                                                    SCENE II

     "You want to talk about it? No Sissy, I just want to stop thinking about it, I  mean him, Matt." Incommunicable since that night at the moving party with William there was no doubt to Erica she and Matthew grew farther and farther apart. "It may be, I know what you gonna say, wow these strawberries are really sweet, delicious, but nothing about this situation is good, by the way where is Tip? Remember that blind date she was regretting? Ah, good O Ronda, but an all nighter, Tif? Yeah, we couldn't pay her a million dollars to date even Nickie, I keep thinking Sissy maybe you're right, maybe all I'll ever have with men are one night stands, you don't really believe that right, I mean seriously? You love life, marriage as Tip tells us is what you make of it, then I guess not, I mean Sissy I know I'm the one in control but this thing with Matt really got me flipping out over time, I can’t help it, I think I’m in love for the first time ever, it’s driving me batty not seeing him, not being with him, that Sissy and the thought of him being with someone else. I know how this is gonna sound Erica, especially coming from me, but Matt isn't the only man on the planet, you're right,  that is strange Sissy coming from you, Matt's greatest fan. Although what if I told you Sye isn't the only man on this planet, that you're to contemplate Sissy spending your life with someone other than him, even him with another? Ah god, you're right Erica, please bite your tongue and reframe it from making any alike examples. You know what this mean right? That Erica you really believe Matthew is the one, the one to love, and love you, the one to marry and spend what time you do have with him, forsaking all others, right? Right, I feel so terrible Sissy about what I did, so very miserable and childish, what would cause me to do such a thing? A lot of people Erica would say fear, others would say defiance, or a bit of both, even lust, Matthew is everything you've sworn yourself, even Erica your heart's pride against. I hurt him Sissy, you see his face that day? I really, really hurt him, he thought he'd found a wife and discovered I was a slut instead. Believe me, Matthew maybe hurt, but he's to know Erica you're not a slut as you say, but I am, I knew that guy what, ten seconds? People do stupid things when they're in love, I’m going to bed, it's not over, I just feel Erica. It's not over, Dr. Matthew Hymm did something too, what, what did Matt do? He fell in love Erica Lynn Roget, he fell in love with you. Ah, god, you had my heart hanging by a thread, I thought you knew something I didn't, I did, I just told you, yeah, well good night, too. Does that Sissy mean like you and I, Matt is somewhere thinking, even talking about me, losing sleep and all? That's Erica exactly what it mean and don't you forget it, you think about that until it put you right to sleep. I'm sorry I was ugly toward you earlier, it just that I knew you was right and that really ticked me off,  sweet dreams Erica Lynn, real sweet, yeah Sis, you too."

                         SCENE III

     “This Miss Tiffany is really, ah special? Yes, more Mrs. Martha than either of us are to know. I must admit I’m surprised that you would notice, let alone comment. I say, well Mr. Christian can tell me all he want how I’m to mind my own feelings but this heart tell me she’s the one," come into the room just as she fills the air with the toss of a fresh bed sheet, and the sweet smell of lavender, his favorite. "That’s all I say to him, this is the one, she’s unthinkably paralyzing, just beyond comprehension." Wondering along her comments along the seeing window, his journal fold under his arm, his expert writing, past time, forever and as usual, Mrs. Martha was right. "She is also in love, in love with Mr. Christian, I not take it back, see that as well, I not take it back. Yes Mrs. Martha I see and I see she’s urgent that I reciprocate those feelings but I’m powerless, simply powerless. This Mr. Christian is not, ah  powerless, this Mr. Christian think he not worthy I say, he. not, worthy, not true, how long is this punish, huh? As one coming adorably close, at laying a warm, soothing hand his heart, at piecing that disabling look of hers into his own, this stunning, dark fellow. "His lovely so heart, huh, how long the punish for bad things he not control? Only God what he do, we, we hands off! I guess we’re to see Mrs. Martha, as Miss Tifny don’t strike me as one easily taking no for an answer. Then it is good for her," as one off to finish her work, Christian bedroom was one of many, needing her attention, it was her job and she loved it. "Very good for her, you need her, so your dinner is served and I’m off to home, good night Mrs. Martha and be safe, ---mucho gracia, good night."


                  SCENE IV

     "Ummm what time is it?" A Little before nine, you should've awaken me," yawning hard, long, even into moisten eyes, had she and Desrek Alum had the most incredible night. "I'm gonna be so late, I didn't have the heart, so what you want for breakfast?" As one readying the phone, had they spend a time together not only she but he'd only for all his life dreamed of. "Anything you're to want, just name it, I have it, you're back here with me, what else could I want? Come on May you have to be hungry, I've looked at their breakfast menu it's, I'm correct right, you're here to stay? I'm on a two weeks L.O.A. May, and after that I'm do back in Germany or I'm announced AWOL. I don't understand, what about last night? Last night May was indescribable, anytime you're to touch me in that way, and look at me, need me May and me alone, it's every man's dream, but I'm not staying, I can't stay. Then I'll come to Germany with you, nothing is keeping me here but me and," a witness how he’s to instead shake his head into pushing up, away from the elaborate overnight affair, how was he to tell her last night was just that, last night? Now another troublesome day dawn. "No May that is not possible, what do, I don't understand,” distastefully sweeping the cover off, along that unspeakable body of hers, at coming in better to where he was now hiding, "what is it?" Don't look at me like that, I just melt." Desrek Allum reappearing into her life at this moment of sorrow was such the expert timing, they were being what they always needed to be, finally. “You don't want me with you is that it? I would be insane May not to want you with me, forever, for always, then you're not making sense, none of this Allum makes sense to me, I mean you're packing for god sakes, stop it, Alum, stop this! What's to make sense May? I have obligations in Germany, I won't turn away from them, obligations, a wife, a fiance, what kind of obligations? It was never meant to be can't you see that? You must May see that or you simply refuse to accept the obvious, you and I can never be. You are this beyond imagination woman May, my Christ just look at you, and I mean in a not of this planet sort of way, and me I'm simply Desrek Alum. I get that a lot Alum," distastefully swatting huge tears getting down, even away, making her so furious, she could choke his life out, perhaps hers, the pain would stop for real or would it? Here was Desrek Alum after so long an abandonment breaking her, their heart again, and she just couldn't stand it. "You wouldn't believe Allum how often I get what an extraordinary creature I am, but staying away from you is the hardest thing I've ever, ever Allum had to do. I'm begging you, don't do this to me again, to us, I'm woman, I'm human being, I need to be wanted, to be touched my love. Perhaps May but I'm not that person, that husband and neither was Michael Harmon which is why he's no longer, how the hell can you say that to me? I dare you, damn it, damn it Allum! Ah my God! Having roughly pushed him away, his chest, at slamming herself this crying, leaking mess, the sofa bed, how cruel was he in saying. Especially after, after, "are you gay, is that it? I know better than that May and so do you, ah god I can't freaking believe this, you came to me only to leave me again, you bastard, May! No you don't damn it, what a Crazy mess! As if a volatile explosion happen her heart, her blood, just spattering her all over their tangled love and so soon after Michael Day Harmon. "Just do Alum what you're so freaking good at, never, ok, never speak, don't you ever touch me again, as a matter of fact I don't ever want to see you again. Come on May, you don't mean it, since smart ass Alum know more about my destiny than me, who is this mystery man, huh? You wouldn't believe me even if I told you, I can't believe you, you're right, this isn't love, May, no damn it!" The flawless, chestnut, golden skin, hair, and equably light chestnut eyes, such the craziest scent, just the craftiest, beyond words temptress and Desrek Alum meant that literally. "I'm not trusting you with my heart, Alum, never, ever again, I swear!"     <<<"I cried, I cried harder Ron than I've ever cried in my life, yes but you know she didn't mean it, she was just upset, hurt, it would seem that's all my coming here has done, hurt her all the more. Why did you tell her that, that even Mike wasn't the right one, especially Desrek, right now, you knew that for sure? I did know, of course I knew, but how? I don't know how Ronda, I just know, and Dexter and I? He's perfect for you Ron, you got to believe that, you hear, me, you just got to believe, okay, okay. You two weren't intimate, right?" Thinking the scenery from her high rise apartment was so dreamy, just standing the patio was breathing taking, loving Germany, he missed being home ."You talk about how close you, we got close Ron, all through the night wonderful, but not that close, you know May and that marriage thing of hers. Maaseiah Adonai said what she always say, you know Alum I can't do that, not without the vows, I didn't Desrek know you was that arrogant about it, that you're to simply deflower her, like you come all this way just for that, what, what did you say? I still can't believe you, you knew Ron I was on a short leave, what did you think would happen? Honestly Derry, honestly, I thought you would sweep her off of her right into Germany, because that is what she need and you are the only one Derry to be trusted, wow Ron, wow. So who's the right guy for Tif if it's not you? It's hard to say, it's fragmented in some ways, what about this Nicholas Coogan? Yes, it pains me horribly to say but he's perfect for May, but it doesn't end with him, I don't know, my plane is boarding so Ron I got to go. I love you and all, tell May I love her, I will but, but, and, and I'll write her, ok, I love you too Desrek, be safe. Desrek! Here! I‘m here! Suddenly, happily whisking her right up into his stout arms, chest, this beyond magical, mysterious man of hers, always as that day, getting and shrinking into the distance, away. "My god in heaven you came to me, ah god I love you, I'm so sorry I hurt you, I love you too; you can still take me with you, my Christ May, don't you think I want to, yes, god, Alum, yes, but I'll see you soon, I just feel that, ok, so don't worry, if I write you, you'll write back? For sure, like long distant lovers, be safe, I will, of course I will. Last night May was so special," ingesting and sniffing nearing tears away, he like her didn't know why it had to be this way, but he was getting married in less than a month, he knew, sealing their departure, forever, but he just couldn't tell her that. "I’ll never forget it, us May, neither will I Alum, neither will I, just stop telling me goodbye, come to me to stay, come to me to stay forever. Sir! Please Sir, seatbelt on," as one shaking a dreaming, brutally handsome Desrek Alum awake, I mean all flight attendants, just wanting to touch him, even again sniff him, just take a number and wait. "Sir!" Had he nearly shared the entirety of his nightmare with other passengers, nightmare, as in leaving her, to marry another, and that hurriedly. "Sir, the fasten your seatbelt light is on, destination reached, plane descending. Thanks, of course, thank you, 'wow, that was some dream you were having, so thank you I guess, yes, yes it was, thanks again, may I ask about the fragrance? Sorry, it's just that you smell incredible, ah something a friend did long ago, some concoction of hers, ah for me, my own, ah I see, good day, ah life, you as well Miss, you as well."

                             ...AND HIS FRUIT WAS SWEET TO MY TASTE...
                                                              SCENE V

     -"You're just going to sit here? My god Tip you should've just, no Erica, regardless we're glad she came, I'll try not to be long. Erica is right what am I doing here? That's easy, I didn't want to stay home by myself? Again i can't believe Desrek just left, ah, how good he's getting at that. Confused herself at why she'd join Erica and Susan, Tiffany just couldn't get into this shopping thing, to be  honest, running away was on her mind, having a mind to use Desrek Allum address to so exactly that. "Ethan Johnston, best friend Corronda's pick for me, he's handsome I got to admit,” so wanting to be with Nicholas, justly needing to be with Christian, more than she could ever know, this yet frighten her so, now the piling up of friend choices of what's best for her. “He thought I was phenomena of course, how shocking, but isn't dating him my way of avoiding Nicholas Edin, of avoiding the inevitable, again Nicholas Edin, even Christian? Here I am this bouncing beauty with all manners of insanity the beast and he, Christian with a compassion, an eroticism unheard of, unfounded, the beauty, heck we make for the best couple. Although I’m very fond of Nicholas, loving the way he make me feel whenever he’s around me, Nicholas could never complete me as Christian could.  Why do I think I need either of them, why does Ronda think I need another man in my life, and so soon, what is wrong with these people? What is it about this monster man, even this superman that make me cling to this manner of loneliness, of hopelessness still? Mike, you better be glad you slipped out of here without my knowing because baby I would've been right on your heels I kid you not, right on your heels. Still how could Desrek Allum just leave me like that? Ah my god I'm gonna scream, I am, yes I'm screaming, but as usual no one can hear me, but me and of course, is that Matt?" Gracefully as one ducking under, even grabbing and flipping uselessly through a magazine, as though she herself was in trouble, trying not to appear too obvious. “That is Dr. Matthew Hymm and whos' that he's with? Ah hell there's Erica and neither one of them, no turn, turn you, no don't go that way, “Erica, Dr. Hymm,  well, Matt," getting over right in the middle of them was Susan Faye quite fast on her feet, even at sensing trouble, 'how odd, Sissy, what a surprise. So what the hell is this? Come on Erica, I don’t need that from you, ok, look, just calm down, we're all adults here, this is not what you think, and just what honey am I thinking? No that I have to explain. but this is Mariah," as one introducing his pretty friend as though that's to constrain the raging flames, but was this a combustion unattainable with Susan Faye rougareeing along the middle. "Mariah, Erica, ah Matt you're so modest, that's soon to be Dr. Mariah Blake, while Miss soon to be Dr. Mariah Blake, I would like to talk to near fiancee Dr. Matthew Hymm, alone.  Well since ex-Erica, Matt and I came for the purpose to be together, I mean whatever you have to say to him, you, who the hell you think you're talking too?" Getting her hands on her before she's to finish saying, yanking and tearing at her, s t bring dnn the place, and Matt and Susan faye thuis break. "You little whore, bitch! Stop this, ladies, please, Stop this, my God Erica! Finding himself in this awful tussle with them, how greatly publicized, embarrassing, "what in world, Er-ri-ca! Grabbing her, pulling her off, away, her heels dragging the floor, again greatly the disaster, "I don't play, I guess you know that now, huh! Huh! I'll kill you, I' don't play! You stop this, my god Erica, how embarrassing, what my god you think you’re doing? It was her, that little bitch of yours," highly upset at grooming herself, the store window, had Matthew Hymm not seen or experienced anything like this, hoping, praying none of his colleagues nor patients was seeing this. "Who she think she is messing with, I don't care if you're the president of the FREAKING UNITED STATES," ok please, please try and control yourself, my god Erica! What just happen, a public scene? How embarrassing, ah my god Tip did you see that? Saw Sissy as did all, heard, but still don't believe it, a cat fight over Matthew, I mean he's gorgeous enough but man, I can‘t believe it. I know Sissy Mariah’s glad the restroom wasn’t far away,“ trying not to laugh about it, having to drag Erica off, was Matthew's blonde, blue eyed mistress now rushing toward the rest room. "I don't know Sissy, that, ah that man is so damn good looking, you know Tip Matt is model caliber, those dark, god awesome eyes, those sharp edible dimples, but Tip so is Nickie, Sye and Brad.  Speaking of Nickie, I'm sorry, whose speaking of Nickie? I'm just saying Tip, when he stop calling what you gonna do? Dr. Matthew Edwin indeed,“ justly so covered in a sensational beige Cashmere coat, a beautiful silk scuff accenting, was he simply perfection. "Have you lost your senses? That bitch shouldn't have provoked me, Erica! What my god is happening with you? You are, I make one lousy mistake Matt and we're over, everything we had, over? Well? We have nothing Erica, what you did made that apparent, you bastard! Who do you think you, Erica! Will you wait, just, I don't know Sissy, start calling him, so that's all he has to do, stop and you'll start, he is Tip so crazy about you, I know ok Sissy, I know. It doesn’t look good does it?” Having angrily jerked away with said emotions blurring her vision and breaking her heart to pieces, she ran from him, seemingly from any normalcy tearing through the exit doors out, away. "I must admit Sissy all while I was on that blind date last night I kept kicking myself, pinching and screaming at myself because I knew I really wanted to be with Nicholas, should've been with him. Where on earth, where she think she’s going? I'm not finished, plus Tip you know how understanding he is, I guess we better go, you don't want an intimate relationship right now, he's not gonna pressure you, yeah, that special little, Nicholas Edin, and that is sarcasm, sorry, it's just that I always thought of, I never liked them, as in I don't want to know the truth, it hurt too much. As in Sissy I hadn't considered that but that's true, who would be as patient, as trusting as Nicholas Edin when it come to such personal things, so Sissy in all your dating of Sye, you've never seen Nicholas with anyone, else, other than business? No, nothing personal, with a man that look like that how is that possible? Maybe Tip he's saving himself for marriage like someone else I know, wait what do you mean you never liked them, so you never liked Sye? I never like the Coogans, I thought you knew that, ok, still Tip, Sye is a Coogan."    >>> "Ah god you two, tell me this isn't happening," seeing and hearing them enter the auto, Tiffany in the back, Susan the driver, Erica riding as one would say shotgun, no pundit intended. "Not to me, not to Erica Lynn, that I didn't just start a public brawl over Matthew Edwin? I know that was bad, really, really bad, and that I've possibly lost him forever, my god what got into me? Didn't he look good though, and smell, ah he's such an incredible man, and now he's with someone else, now Sissy I truly know how it feel.  I know, I know, I have to calm down, think things out, whoever she is she isn't as important to him as I am, she just can't be, right? Wishing me all the luck, all the luck, can you Sissy freaking believe that?" As one roughly fastening her belt, thinking Susan nor Tiffany as of yet had nothing to say, I mean what would they, if Matthew hadn't moved Susan out of the way she'll be wearing a black eye on her face. "Suddenly it's so quiet in here you two I can hear a pin drop, yeah Miss Cunningham where you learn to fight like that? I don't feel much like playing Tip, no, all I'm saying perhaps that's all I need, to let some steam off , scream at someone else then I could  stop screaming at myself. I did put on some embarrassing show huh? Screaming at yourself Tip, yeah, don't worry Sissy, nobody hear me but Me and God, although Nicholas did tell me he could hear me, that he has always heard me, that man is really, really something else. You know Erica I’ve been considering taking up boxing lessons, you're serious though, Nickie actually told you that? How romantic, yeah Sissy but I don’t think he said it just to be romantic, I think he meant it, sort of like we're cut from the same cloth of heart break to misery, well that Tiffany bordered on the line of being poetic until you said that, yeah and Romeo and Juliet wasn't Sissy, a tragedy. To have loved and lost guys, you guys, you Sissy, you Erica, is that really the best to look forward too? Most marriages ending in divorce, most romances in heart break, well maybe Tip we just try too hard, I know how that sound coming from me. Kinda trying to make love, love us, yeah the man ought not be alone, hence the wife and vice,versa, only maybe that was then not now, you don't get Erica get off that easy, God never changes. We need a vacation you guys" as one pushing that weight into their seats forward did Tiffany have a bright idea of how to get their minds and hearts off, at least for a while. "Girl don't start, but Sissy we do, Erica, an hour packing and a two or three hours plane ride and we could be wherever, whenever. That Tip sound so tempting, and leave Mr. beautiful ass Nicholas Coogan alone with these sharks?" With long legs angrily crossed and evenly busy, was Erica Lynn at most irate that Matthew Edwin had found another, so that to him was love? "He can Erica take care of himself, you do know he's the most popular thing in town, hell every woman want him, including your roommates, Erica! I've seen the way you look at him Sissy, ah that's because he look so much like Sye, well I'll admit there's a resemblance there but Nicholas Edin Coogan has an existence, an expertise all his own. Will you please shut up about Nicholas Coogan! Now I'm telling you guys we don't have fun any more and once we open the fashion center we'll be forever trying to get away. You're right about that, she is Erica right about that, I say we disappear without a trace, without a trace, would that Tip be wise? I don't know Sissy about that, but we need a break, a sleep all day and party all night break, well I'm gain" passing a look of hers into the usual scenic route, a towering sun, the constant movement of traffic, of varied people, Erica was satisfied with this faltering so sweet ideal. "What about Mr. Harmon, our jobs? He doesn't Sissy respect us, he take all the credit for all our work, Tip's right, hell he's been promising us our own label for years now, plus our time there is almost up. So girls?" Mitigating into their seats anew this enclosing scheme, truly how brilliant was it all that they're to drop everything and just go, disappear without a trace "Are you really serious? Is Nicholas Edin Sissy as Erica say the finest, most sort after attorney in town? Ah my Christ are we doing this, are we really gonna just go, just pack and leave? I think I'll call Ronda, see if she'll come as well, so it’s final, no chickery right? We just Tip need to decide where, great, just great!” {{{“Hello Ronda, Tif, hey, guess what? Sissy, Erica and I just arrived home and we gonna do it, you're gonna do what? We're going to drop everything and hit the Florida coast and from there who knows, and just what Tip have you been smoking, drinking that is? Anyway for the next three days I'm doing Texas, look guess who called me this morning? Desrek, and who is Desrek? Come on Tif, this is serious, really serious! Okay, okay, but I haven't seen Him or talked to him in months so what Ron make today different? This Tif was about a dream, how in the dream, you remember last night, while he dreamed of it only in the dream, I know, he was the supposedly blind date, how the hell did, I had the same dream.  I’m not Sissy going to give up on Matt that easy, hopefully Sissy this time apart will give him time to re-think our precarious situation. Good, that is my bag by the way, I feel Erica he care deeply for you, that he just didn't know how to deal with your rather fluid affair. {"Is that possible, that two people can actually share the same dream? Apparently so Ronda, the dream was really precise, in an eerie sort of way, so you'll call and talk to him about, whoa, I said nothing about calling Desrek, no, I can't, I won't. Come on Tif, it really shook him up, look you consider calling Derry and I'll consider joining you guys in Florida, that's Ronda meeting us, there's no telling where we're going from there.}}} So, so what, so what she say? Ah she's to think about it,  she's in meetings in Texas for the next three days, so it's up in the air, Texas air for now. I really hope she make it though, like us Sissy she could use a break.." For Tiffany Ann, Corronda Bren was a beautiful Jamaican princess, one having the most sensational medium dark skin and shoulder length hair she was now wearing cut extremely short and layered. What? What? Ah, Ronda just happen to mention someone until recent I hadn't seen or heard from in years, I mean he's ok right, nothing serious? Ah yes, he's fine, all shaken up over a dream, Ronda just thought I could help that's all. Did you say Dallas? Yes Erica, meetings, nothing you guys like ours, being a top executive at a publishing firm their meetings could go on forever, then her co-workers let her tell are dog eat, dog, apparently if she let up for a second her position would be in grave danger. So you're an expert with dreams? I didn't know that, I'm no expert Sissy no, it just that it really shook him up and Ronda thought I could help, so Tip tell us, tell us about the dream I mean, it wasn't a dream, it was more like an alternate reality, correct me if I'm wrong Tip but don't all dreams seem real? No, Erica actually they don't, as thsoe one by one digging their bags out a trunk, soon getting help, but were they actually doing this, they were literally on their way. "Which is why we have that description of some dreams seeming more real, are real, more so than others. So this Desrek is Corronda’s brother, her oldest brother, the blind date lately right? A little more than that Erica, but right, ah she has a younger brother, Soledad Maurice, just a darling kid, but for me. Though Desrek Alum always been the high school sweetheart, as of my life-partner you guys that even just recently kinda got away from me again. I take it he know feel well how you feel? Derek is as crazy about me as I am about him, we always have been, but for some odd reasons he runs and runs away from me everytime, like he know something I will never, ever understand, and that has always been the mystery with us.

                      ...HE BROUGHT ME TO THE BANQUETING TABLE...

                                                        SCENE VI

     {{{"I called to bring relief, now when she call you, you act surprised, when she call me, don't tell me Ron you went involving May? So how does this look? Great babe, fine," what Desrek Alum always say whenever he's asked, nothing strange, only distracted by the phone, she could guess, get out quickly, not to be late. "Who is there with you? Ron, please tell me you didn't, and what is it I didn't hear only I did? Well if I Desrek tell lies in the first, the latter doesn't matter, right? I'm suddenly Desrek overwhelmed by the Trojan horse story, isn't that rather odd, what is that? I know you don't believe, but it's called a word of knowledge, followed was a Greek tragedy and cataclysmic end to those worshiping idolatry for victory. Equally sister of those thought untouchable being safeguarded by false gods, so like now, in the end, nobody win. Ron, please, are you brother alone? I can't say, well Tif described having the same dream, what? Darling, are you listening to me? Yes," as one pulling down the phone receiver, this tug of war between two conversations, quite maddening with indecision, only now with Trojans descending. "Yeah, she told me some specifics which sound identical to your dream, she already knew everything, but she is fixed against you Desrek, her yet shattered heart, the last she want is that you call. Though she will, she love you too much not to, I can hear Desrek you have company, just don't tell her I told you about the dream already, goodnight, day, whatever it is there, yeah, thanks I guess, you guess huh? Talking to Tif, long life friends or not, isn't an easy task for me Brother Desrek, either, thanks again sis, love you, love you too, stay safe."} Finally, I'm so sorry babe about that, that was Ron, my sister, so," a glance back from grooming herself in the mirror, her stunning dress in blue, this military wife to be, and so anxious about it. "So did you tell her? Tell me you did or you never will, soon I promise, and you look as good as any woman could in uniform, and smell really good," with a peck of her neck, perfume now on his lips, off to make coffee, a light breakfast, then right into their madhouse of a day, most regretted. "Felicity? Yes, I don't know how, I'm sorry, how to what? Tell her, I mean I can not without telling May first, your high school sweetheart, but that darling was so long ago," pouring a hot cup along blowing it cooler, this seat to him, he'd meet someone, proposed marriage, something he never thought he would do and no one knew. "You will, and we will marry, and have glorious fun conceiving and bearing children, and you, well we Desrek Alum, will have a stupendous life here, together, forever. Ronda received a word just now, while on the phone, she doesn't believe in it, but that's not to stop the spirit from pouring out as need be, so what was the word? The historic Trojan Horse, now imagine that? Huh, that is strange isn't it, especially Desrek since I'm contemplating naming our first son, Achilles, stop it, I can't I'm serious, my Christ you are serious, imagine that Felicity, indeed!"

                                ... AND HIS BANNER OVER ME WAS LOVE...
                                                          SCENE VII

     "How is he? Not good Sir, as flabbergasted as we all are, but how would you be? And Jerome, just what does he think we can do for him? That sir would be save him, is this our fault, what happen to Harmon, to Coogan, how much of this is our neglect?" It was final, an investigation revealing their most startling fears, Michael Harmon's death wasn't an accident but premeditated murder, even more frightening neither of them were to survive the crash. "I think sir we're going to be asking ourselves that for now on, but none of it is black and white, it's more gray areas, gray areas or not Potts we need to protect our agents better than this, sir, yes sir. Damn It! It's called hind sight sir and it's a doozy, a real mind screw, you're welcome to throw up sir, I know I did. Home, I can't stop thinking about home, Bette, the children you know, I think I'll go and have dinner with them for a change, sir, yes sir." Responsible no doubt was a mobster family, the Chiselel that Syefan and Michael were about to bring down, a trial that would cause an arrest of several of their family members and cartel, devastating their crime rave around the world. "Where's the captain off too in such a hurry? He said something about family ties and left, family ties huh? I'm feeling a little home bound myself, in cases like this sir we all are. So it’s all true, yes, seem they put a hit on Harmon and Coogan and according to Jerome their deaths would have been like icing on a very well ordered cake. Speaking of family, shouldn't we call Coogan's closest, yeah we're working on that, Shannie called, said brother Bradford is on his way, man, I feel terrible and just think Coogan feel worse than that, well since you're holding the fort down I think I'll slip by my house as well, there's nothing that won't wait until t-morrow right? Well sir any more officers talking about home is going to make me think there are hits on all of us, let us pray not, Marrs, let us pray not."     >>>"Sye, are you in here? Coming into the restroom as he'd been lead, knowing nothing really, but that I was urgent, so not hesitating, "Shannie called said I need to come, are you alright? I got here as soon as I could, you wanna tell me what's going on, Sye?" Evoking a case of de’javu as this all suddenly reminded Bradford Ean of the day their father lost his horrific battle with colon cancer. "Sye?" Seeing he's to spin off, up again into the looking glass, at barely fixing himself, helping himself, had he not seen his little brother this over- whelmed with grief since their dad's death, splashing  on his face, this empty stare at himself. "What’s going on? Where's Nickie? I tried calling him ok? He’s not answering, seem he's in meetings were he couldn't be reached, I left word that he's to call. Let’s get out of here huh? Sure, let's, in meetings huh? That was the message, I'm sure he'll call, or find us soon, good, I want to talk to him, I haven't talked to him in days. We're taking your car, if Brad you don't mine, no, why should I mine? How are Barb, the kids? They're fine, just fine, you don't mine if I hook this up, no, go right ahead, it‘ll be good to have a car phone for a change, yes Mr. Coogan for Miss Middleton,” as one getting  right on the car phone was a soon to be bemused Syefan calling Susan, dialing her number several times, but not believing the message he was getting. "Did the girls say anything to you or Barb about leaving, leaving? I don't understand, the girls? Yeah, their answering service says they're on a business trip, I just don't get it, Sissy said nothing to me. Wait Sye, all of them? I guess, you're right Sye, that's weird, but I can't see why either of them would leave word with Barb but I guess it can't hurt to call. Yes two whiskey sours, make one of them a double.  {{{"Hello Barb, you haven't heard from Sissy or any of the others right? Susan? As one pausing strangely at folding clothes, at deciding what's for dinner, was this such the eerie inquiry especially from Bradford Ean. "Why would Sissy, or any of the others call me? Right, that's exactly what I thought, hey you’re to be on time right? Right on time babe, yes."}   

                                     ...STAY WITH ME FLAGONS ...
                                                     SCENE VIII

       "It's true Brad, Marian, the assistant just confirmed it, ...would there be anything else sirs? No, not at this time, they're out of town, no particular destination, wow!" As one raising questionable shoulders into a sip of his strong glass, was it so unlike either of them to disappear without a trace, which only added more mystery to what was bugging Syefan Erin. "I am sure Sye there's a logical explanation, ...while I got here guys as soon as I could,." As one shaking his coat off, his scuff, gloves, getting there as soon as he could as Brad had done, was the keeping of a promise. "So where's the fire, whose the fire? You probably shouldn't drink that, yeah Nickie, whiskey, sour, double, ok, then whose dead or dying? That Nickie would be Mike, Michael Harmon, Tiffany's finance, I don't, dead a second time, this time by hit men with intentions to kill us both. What?" Not bothering with calling did Nicholas come just as soon, having vowed to their father that they would always be there for one another, and this there assigned spot. "What are you talking about? I probably shouldn't mention his name, the truck driver, well he proved today the wreak wasn't an accident, but a hit, a mob hit, neither of us was to live. Ah god I think I'm gonna be sick, have at it Nickie, I was, really sick, whiskey sour? Is this really happening? Wait, wait, wait, not to take from Mike's murder but does this Sye mean you're still in danger? Yeah" agreeing with his younger brother did Bradford Ean have his own concerns despite Mike's horror, what about brother Sye? Do these guys still, are you yet their target? I really hadn't thought about it, it's still so damn hard to believe, and who were the ideal targets? While believe it, and what do you mean ideal targets? Remember Nickie my riding with Mike was a last minute decision, my god Sye you mean Tiffany, so what about Tiffany?" Signaling the waiter, ordering both he and Bradford a light wine as these revelation’s of a murder grew emotionally affective, even heart-aching. "Does she know? No Nickie she doesn't, I only just learn it myself, besides you two I've told no one, while whose gonna tell her? That won't be a worry until they return, return? So they didn't tell you? Tell me what? We just Nickie found out the girls are gone out of town, what? Out of town, that's strange, I talked to Tiffany just last night, I mea finally, she didn't say anything to me." "You're not alone, the engage to marry her, I got nothing from Sissy either, so where they go? That Nickie seem to be the mystery,  Marian said they could be gone for days, days? Come on Sye, that can't be right you're welcome Nickie to call and listen to the identical message as I. So they're gone? Yeah, without a trace, gone. God! That’s strange, strange Nickie, unbelievable, and now unwise, as we're just assessing the dangers here. Lets get out of here huh? Get out, where are we going, where are you Sye going to spend the night, you can't go home? I won't to be alone you guys, so I, no, I agree with Nickie, I don't trust it, them, look at what happen to Mike, who can you really trust? Tell me you don't really live here, right, sleep here? This is literally breathtaking, no kidding and this Sye is where you're to sleep, ha, look at this room,” with it's furnishings limited but seemingly invaluable, as were the abstract paintings on the light pinkish walls. “Awe man this isn’t a bedroom, this is a show place, tell you what, I'll sleep on the floor, whatever Sye man, just make yourself comfortable, I am a shower and a bed way, goodnight man, yeah, you two."

                           ...COMFORT ME WITH APPLES, FOR I AM SICK OF LOVE...

                                                               SCENE IX

{{{"My god May is that you? Shock you realized my voice, but yes it's me, you must of talked to Ronda, she told you about the dream. Something like that yes, I told her calling you was the last thing I wanted to do, so she struck a, we negotiated, negotiated huh? Wow I still can't, Desrek! Witnessed upon as one instead waking upgrasping for air, kicking, fighting, my god, Desrek,!" Falling and tumbling from the bed to the floor with him, helping, him, struggling with him, did he break from her hardly to his feet, running, struggling instead to the bath-room. "Derry, are you, just get the hell away from the door ok, just leave me alone! My god what just happen? You! You scared me nearly to death! Just, just get away from the door, hell, away from me, please Felicity, just go!" Laying on his back to the hard, cold floor, his tear glistening eyes blurry against the ceiling lights above, waking up, grasping for breath, did he think he was dying a most horrible death. "Desrek, Desrek honey please, my god please talk to me, I won'tjust go," hearing the emotions, the drama in her voice, was he to realize how this terrorized her as well. "I won't just go, just leave you, who do you think you're talking to? This is me, this is Felicity, now talk to me, let me help you, "Derry!" Instead glancing at himself in the mirror striking at a single tear spiraling along medium color, artist features thinking what was happening and why now, to him? "Look what just happen didn't just happen to you but to me as well, my god will you stop being so damn stubborn and talk to me!" Only days now from his wedding to be exact, maybe that's all it was, this major, major change in his life affecting him so. "You're right babe of course, I'm sorry, I, I had no right, it just scared me that's all, frighten me," as one taking another glance at himself in the mirror, the last time he'd made such the decision was when he went into the armed forces, then to Germany, all of which had avoiding Maaseiah Adonai written all over it, as so this rush to marriage. "You come out of there, let me see you?" With a French accent truly as delectable as herself was Felicity Royale now the love, the explicit romance of his life, will, testament and eternity. "Ok, alright, just give, look go ahead and get ready, you know, do your morning thing and I'll be out before you know it. Ok, but you better come out, I can't leave until,  I will, I am, right as we speak, while here I go, yeah, while, here I come." Glancing at himself additionally, here he was again only three days from getting married yet he hadn't told one member of his family. "I'm getting married in two days yet I haven't told mother, father, Corronda nor my brother and closest ally Soledad and for the life of me I don't know why. We only have time for toast and coffee,” coming upon him as to examine him, this tall, stunning, delicious man of her heart who'd given her one terrifying scare.“While you look and smell handsome enough, just don't do that again, I'll try not to. I can't explain what just happen, one minute I was on the phone and the next I was having the fight of my life, but you wasn't on the phone. What? I said you wasn't on the phone, you was sleep, in the dream then, in the dream, what dream? You woke up, gasping, fighting, we both, I hit the floor with, yes, I remember, horridly Felicity I do remember. So you're ok now, I am babe ok as is possible I guess, you make sure you don't let them push you. Yes I know, if they push me, I'm to push back even harder. Good, that's my girl, and soon to be wife, yes,” as one kindly joining her into a delectable smooch of themselves, had she, a recruit still. Having thrown a satchel over her shoulder at getting out to more than urgent appointments, “and you're Derry off to that secret thing you got to do.Yes, all I can say honey is surprise, surprise, ok see you later," as one again raising modestly into another darling smooth of themselves, had they planned the most awesome life together, “you have a good day, yeah babe you too."    <<<{{{“Hello Ron, so did you talk to her? Well you can say I kidda negotiated with her and how Ron are those negations going? Well Desrek if she haven't called you not that well, right, right, but don't worry, as soon as she's settled into her next destination I'm sure she's to call. Her next, I'm beginning to think Ronda that would be something short of a miracle, while you still believe in those don't you? I mean what are you Desrek going to say to her after all these years? I think I'll be home soon, I have a little surprise. Well actually a big surprise, you coming home Desrek would be the surprise, this small miracle you spoke of, got's to go little brother, time is money, and I need all I can get, can't spare any, yeah, I hear You. Hey tell Sole to call me and just how Desrek will I do that? Soledad Maurice doesn't call me either, right, later, yeah the sister I love, later, if you love me, call me more, hear ya, bye."}}}

                                     ...HIS LEFT HAND IS UNDER MY HEAD...
                                                               SCENE X

     "You changed your hair! Yes, and how are you ladies to night, partying, you want to join us?" Unable to sleep, finding instead the view from Nicholas' lovely balcony literally intoxicating. The well lit high rise buildings, the to and fro movement of traffic, the starry sky, the sensational quarter moon, the slightest cool breeze. “I think Nickie we've been invited to a party, I thought you might like this," unable to sleep himself at bringing just what the doctor ordered, a hot cup of cappuccino. "This place Nickie is so stunning inside and out but you seem so dissatisfied with it all, is Tiffany here? Ah, I see, how long has it been since I've told you I love you huh?" Dedicatedly examining his baby brother, thinking how truly blessed he was to have him and how devastated he would be if anything happen to him, even grabbing him into a kiss and hug of his neck, his soft mane. "What's that about, Sye?" Visibly as one spiraling, stretching burning emotions skyward, hardly able to contain himself, was this not the right place for such emotions, onlookers and all. "I just love you, hey, you all right man? I'm scared Nickie, I don't know what's gonna happen next, what do you mean? I really don't want to scare you but we're dealing with killers here and I don't think they're finished, so do you think you're in danger? Not only me Nickie, all of us, did Brad tell you what happen to Barb and the kids? Yeah something about a hit and, wait a minute" did that consideration startle Nicholas Edin right through to a tingling from frightful feelings in his belly, "you don't think, all that's supreme you do? That's just it Nickie I don't know, my god have you told Brad your suspicions? Are you crazy!" As one making a re-entry, hearing Nicholas do like wise did they both ease into pleasant seats along this un-thinkable accusation. "He would freak, I know I would, you know Tiffany told me some crazy guys were playing cat and mouse with her on Hike's Peak the other day, what?" With dire concern was that unwelcome news into Syefan’s now panic to death heart "yeah, she said she thought they would run her off the cliff, she's in danger isn't she? Did she report it? It's what you meant when you said you're uncertain of the true targets, did she Nickie make a report, get a license number, give a description? No, Sue no, calm down, she thought it was some guys pranking her, that's all, Sye?" An extraordinary beauty as surely as Erica and many others treasured was Nicholas Edin his most dire. "You think they're in real danger don't you? They're a part of this Nickie, Sissy is my wife to be, hell Mike and Tiffany were literally married, were more mutual about this case than Mike and I and I still haven't figured that. I just don't think it's over Nickie that's all, we need to find them,” as one raising the receiver, dialing the phone, wondering what had they all got themselves into, “we need to find them now! Whoa, who you're calling, I figure Nickie somebody at the Harmon Fashion Center got to know something, they just have too."

                                            ...DRAW ME, WE WILL RUN AFTER THEE...
                                                                            SCENE XII

     "You should Sye try and eat something, that abandon plate Nickie is me trying to eat something, what about Tiffany's beautiful friend Corronda, I hardly forgot her I tell ya? I’m pretty sure Nickie it’s delicious I just can’t, it’s ok I’m having a hard time myself, o Brad whose this Corronda person?While your Tiffany introduced her as a friend at the theater recently, man, kidda like Tiffany like friend, you just don't forget a woman like that? That's a good deal Brad but how do we reach her?Believe me Sye I asked myself that question first, yeah, but how many Corronda's can there be?" As one going for the phone was baby brother Nicholas thinking the very purpose Bradford had remembered her name was the very reason way she should be easy to find. "If my memory serve me right Tiffany did say something about her working for a publishing company, we could call around. Brilliant," as one going with haste and hope for the phone, did Bradford Ean, who’d join them for breakfast have the sweetest idea. "Yeah, isn't our oldest brother just brilliant. It's ringing, this could be it, our first clue. Miss Aggart office how may I direct your call? Miss Corronda Aggart please,” as one crossing his fingers toward the other’s directive hoping, even praying this call truly would be the break they need. "I can only sir inform you Miss Aggart is on her way out of town, this is urgent, even a matter of life and death, I don't know, this is a very unreasonable, even questionable position, who did you say you are again? Actually Miss I am District Attorney Mr. Syefan Cooagn, it is imperative I talk to Miss Aggart directly.” Honestly as in a second did Nicholas think this could mean just as Tiffany had recently gone out of town was friend Corronda leaving for the same reason, although did the assistant show herself as one very adamant. “As I said, this is a cautious position you’ve placed upon me, I will give you a number were Miss Aggart can possibly be paged, you can leave a message and hope she return your call, I'm sorry Mr. Coogan that's all I can do, that is good enough, thanks, yes, have a nice day.”}}}

                              I CHARGE YOU, O YOU DAUGHTERS OF JERUSALEM
                                                                     SCENE XIII

     "As soon Niegl as I can book a flight, that’s my promise" with his worse fears coming to light, right into stunning views of snow capped mountains just ahead had Christian received message from his family in Israel that their mothers illness had taken a turn for the worse, that she was uncompromising about seeing him. "Look, that storm is blowing over huh girl?" Too bad, I was looking forward to a little rain, something to put this boring, now sorrowful day into prospective. They’re calling me home, the thought of returning to my birth place, unquestionably girl it hold so many haunting memories for me. It isn’t just them calling me home, actually mother is, sorry you never met you,. Well she's sick, her time has come  and I Pepper don't think she's to pull through this time, that she actually want to pass on to our new heavenly home." For certain his father died of a fatal heart attack there five years prior, his daughter now seven years, persuaded their Mother wouldn't live too long after that. "So what we gonna do with you huh? I can't trust you on such a long flight, Mrs.. Martha is to simply fetish the week or two off, so I guess it off to the kennel with you. You like that place right?” As one kneeling into her, did she enjoy licking his chin, even his cheek like so. “I know this stink but I did girl reassure her when the worse happens to her Spirit River and the twins Niegl and Nadia would come to America. I know, I know, we live such charmed lives, just so you know I won’t be coming back alone. Although you and Spirit should get alone just fine, don‘t get too attach, their dream beach house is in the Florida, Keys is all ready and waiting, which is to mean girl, we won't have to tolerate them for long. Okay, okay, don't look at me like that, evidently it was the place they all wanted to live, blame papa, he’s the oil tycoon. Did I tell you he was one of the richest men in Israel? Yes, inherited from a long line of filthy rich ancestors, it’s said he was born with a oil pump in his hand, yeah, money, money everywhere but not a bit to mend a broken heart, maybe that's what Tifny meant huh? Every time I see that Beverly Hill Billy story, like them girl, the Artelon family went from rags to riches about 1950. That mean the family never had to worry about money, no it was rather the closet secrets that haunted us, that made our lives literally unbearable. Ah god help me,” as one resting away into a comfortable chair, Pepper laying comfortably at his feet. “Israel and home is my most unlikely place to be ever, I know, I know, I know, I couldn't dodge it forever. These were just things I hoped to put behind me, far behind me, however bringing them to America won’t help matters at all. "Where is she huh girl? I thought I would've seen her again before now, that's easy for you to say, I should've kept her, it just wasn't that black or white. Ok, to be honest I'm not at all surprised, people are known for making promises they wouldn't or sometimes they couldn't keep.  Something probably came up at her job,” hoping his mother wasn’t in a lot of pain had brother Niegl persuaded him she was being made as comfortable as possible was he with plans to leave for Jerusalem that approaching Sunday. “I don't know, although I yet have a friend out there right, something girl that make me feel not so alone.  What about it Pepper girl, have you ever been in love before? Which remind me, while you're at the Kennel you're to behave yourself, no flirting and no stay-overs."
                      …BY THE ROES AND BY THE HINDS OF THE FIELDS…
                                                           SCENE XIV

     ((("This is Miss Aggart, someone paged me? Imagine our shock Miss, Miss, what‘s Her?” As one loosing his train of thought at whispering a nervous hand over the receiver inquiry to Nicholas, Miss Aggart? I’m sorry Miss Aggart, Nicholas Coogan here, it’s just that when we were to reach Tiffany and the others it was only to learn they'd left town. And what may I ask Mr. Coogan gave you the lame, brain ideal I would know where they where? We just Miss Aggart simply realized you being Tiffany's close acquaintance, that she possibly informed you of these abrupt plans. I'll admit Mister Coogan Tiffany did inquire of me, whether I'm to join them? I had one twenty four hour day to meet them in Florida, the Miami coast before they went to their final destination, that has since expired. This would mean you have no ideal where they're to go from there? I mean there are hundreds of locations, of beaches beyond the coast of Florida, no and should I remind you they'd been very adamant about making the get away a private affair. I can only Miss Aggart say something has come up and we need to reach them as soon as possible, something that won't wait?" As one drilling them ignobly were they beginning to think calling her was their first mistake, but again their only true link to the girls at present. "What, you can't find a tie, your shoes missing, what? I rather not go into details, not over the phone, although there is a matter of life or death, I'm sorry Mr. Coogan I can't help, they might be in danger, again life, or, who is this again? Nicholas Coogan, uh, Tif's imaginary friend, barely heard of ya, if I hear from them I'll pass the word, I really Mr. Coogan must get off of this phone, I mean that is all I can do,  while thanks, yeah, whatever."}}} Looking disagreeably into the receiver as they yet couldn’t believe their ears, their now pulsating hearts, "what a snob, yeah Sye and that's putting it rather mildly, it’s hard to believe she and Tiffany are friends, yeah" stretching, as one yawning, a shake of the head into his leave, had a beat for now Nicholas Edin been contemplating getting to bed, at least trying to get some rest. "While I'm going to bed, try to get some sleep huh? You really think I should warn Brad? Tell him my suspicions? Yes Sye I do,” as one widening and rubbing itching, watery eyes into a long, bone popping yawn and stretch, just to keep his eyes open. I guess, you better go lay down Nickie before you fall down, I can't believe this is happening you know, I keep waiting to wake from a nightmare, soon bro I swear, promise, good night, yeah, you too Sye, you too.

                                  ...THAT YE STIR NOT UP, NOR AWAKE MY LOVE…
                                                                  SCENE XV

     "What is it?" Peeping up of the bathroom sink, turning and blinking anxiously at the hot waters splashed upon his worn face now burning his eyes, so probably a little too much. "There's something I need to tell you, something concerning Brad but needful," how it was in the privacy of that bath Syefan began spilling and explaining things. “None of this concern you?“ Of course Bradford wasn't at all surprised, but of course he was concern, life or death concern. "I'm not, while to be honest Sye I knew there were some things not quite adding up, I also knew and trusted my district attorney brother would eventually clear up those suspicions. I know Sye about your apartment being totally ransacked just recently, how they'd played it like a robbery, but it was possibly because their time were running out, right? I knew you had a lot on your mind, especially learning Mike deaths was premeditated. You see, what I always tell you, you’re in the wrong business? Well it's hard Sye not to notice the extra eyes, just taking precautions, I love you man,” happily, even anxiously shaking his big brother into a tight, shoulder hug. "So how long this gonna go on?" Getting into Nicholas' elegant kitchen with him, soon opening and casting breakfast cereal into his mouth, pouring a bowl did Bradford know they could be in this for the long hall. "Honestly sending Barb and the kids to her mothers was a smart move, was it evenly timely, although the girls disappearance Bradford is the opposite, I think I’ll have some cereal as well. We really Brad need to reach the girls," as to examine the cereal box further did it taste a lot better than it appeared on the box, how it was actually delicious. "I mean they couldn't have picked a worse time to just disappear without a trace, surely with the Chiselel hit man in custody they're even more unpredictable. Yeah but my brothers are Syefan and Nicholas Coogan, and if anyone can find Sissy and the others just in time, they not only can, but Sye, they will, let's hope you're right, lets Sye do better, lets pray, mom did teach, yeah, like ages, sure god the same Sye man always, remember?."
                                                   ...TILL HE PLEASE…
                                                           SCENE XVI

     "Something has come up indeed," as one unresolved whether or not the guys were
playing a game, trying to beat the girls at there's. "What kind of greenster do they take me For?
I'm a little softy but not that soft. Of course I don’t like the ideal of being caught in the middle of their non-sense,“ as one removing face cream after a stupendous bath could she only imagine the good night sleep just waiting for her. ”I know exactly where Tif and the others are, Britain, the Virgin Island, staying at the Holiday Inn, their swinging door knob possibly wearing a do not disturb sign from last night's partying. Although I have to admit if the Coogan brothers were kidding, especially that fine ass Nicholas Coogan, they were really convincing. So I'll pass the word like I promised, put the ball in Tif's court and let them decide whether to play it, like I'm going to tell Dexter, it's been a long day of meetings for me and Dallas is my least favorite part of the country, I just want to cuddle into this amazing bed, sleep and dream only of him.”

                                      ...THE VOICE OF MY BELOVED...
                                                         SCENE XVII

     "That's strange, I could've sworn I heard Sissy call my name," running uneasy fingers into a shake of his hair, that tense head, at dragging himself to the kitchen to making coffee sound so ideal, could wait to even spell it. "I hope Nickie don't mine me making a mess in his kitchen, while it's only coffee, how bad could that be?" Hoping to hear from the girls doing the night but to no prevail, that at a restless Syefan Erin's glance it was only 5 O'clock and another night without sleep, though Bradford Ean didn't seem bothered, signified, by his loud, annoying snores. "Damn it!" Slamming a fist angrily so, now painfully, Syefan couldn't take it, the not knowing, the drilling into his heart panic was driving him insane. "Damn it! For all I know Sissy and the others have already met with something tragic, deadly, how could she be so damn stupid? Ah god help us, if you're out there, up there please help me, watch over them, keep them safe, I know, I know, I'm praying to a God who took both my parents, please don't take Sissy from me! Sprinting onto the balcony, thinking, how they'd replaced Michael with some William Calvenal, knowing it would happen, but there are things, secrets I'm not gonna share with him, not until I know he could be trusted, as no one could. “I wonder what this guys life is like, now we have this lunch meeting, that we’ll to discuss the case, can I really trust this guy? Scene one, act one, right?" With a dazzling Nicholas Edin coming out to him, was Syefan Erin again amazed at his distinguished, silken pajamas and robe look. “Man you look like you just stepped off the page of a very prestigious G Q magazine, who where you talking to just now, first God, that he not take Sissy, then I'm debating rather loud I guess this Calvena guys, I don't know Nickie, I just don;t know, yet I add, yet! Look if you Nickie come that well dressed to the kitchen table just what are you planning for that meeting with my new assistant? I’m waiting for the good news, so where do we pick them up? Don't Nickie ok, just don't, as much as I regret it Sye am I contemplating paging Miss Aggart again, I give you my permission as I remind you little, it’s your funeral and that’s all I got to say. It’s your funeral and I promise I'll visit your grave, I mean are you forgetting how ugly she act before? I believe she was lying and know exactly were the girls are, ahhhhh he's driving me mad," laughing simultaneously as they threw pillows at Bradford repulsive snoring, what, my god what? Your loud snoring that’s what, how the hell does barb do it? Hey, hey Nickie gonna get your love at first sight, Miss Aggart again, yeah I thought you Sye was the investigator and you Nickie more into litigation, the white collar crime specialist, one of the best. True, true. How many times Sye have I warn you what I do is long, taxing after investigation and some of my clients are more criminal than yours, just forget I admitted it. Is that coffee on my wall?" Not truly liking extended guess was Nicholas Edin enjoying this time together with his brothers, he just wished it was under better circumstances. "I kidda threw a tantrum while I had the coffee grains in my hand, that with Bradford loud snoring, it was either that or my hair, ah yeah, put it on me why don't you, we weren’t blaming you. Plus I told you, there's a third bed and bath, please have at it, close the door and have at it, seriously Brad man, how does Barb do it, how does she sleep with you, snoring and snorting like that? Ah that's easy, when Barb is there, the last thing we do is sleep, the never ending honeymoon, I see, uh huh, I'll just ask Barb about that. What, you don’t trust your big brother, man that coffee smell like heaven just as the day has the look of it, don’t worry, you guys are going to find your ladies, and just in time, watch and see what I tell ya., faith not fear, okay?”

                                                              SCENE XVIII

     "So this new guy Sye is gonna do what, besides piss us off the more?" Having laid a delicious, full course lunch before them, was Bradford Ean a pretty good cook. "I fear Brad that’s all he’s gonna do, I mean he’s nothing short of clueless, and Sye this mysterious video tape, what do you think is on the damn thing? I don’t think Nickie we’re to even imagine but as lethal as they’ve become it must be some inside job. What Sye about the source? Somebody had to help Mike get the damn thin, you see Brad I was to discover all of that right before, you know, which remind me," as one pushing up, wiping his mouth, his hands into that exit. That with a renew attempt at reaching her, even persuading her, Nicholas was convinced Corronda Bren was yet this key. "I better try this Corronda again, maybe Nickie if you’re to be a bit more open, yeah Sye anymore open we're to describe the girls whereabouts to her, I can't help but feel she's the clue to all of this, especially finding Tiffany. I have to agree, ”as one setting attentive ears back to brother Nicholas at being persuaded by him was Nicholas right, they'd even went as far as to describe the situation as a matter of life or death. "I’m just saying Nickie regardless, I doubt seriously this Corronda person will help us, let alone call again, I admit Sye she did appear as though she was finished with us alright, is that what you call a dagger to the heart?" {{{“No, we just finished lunch, so what did you decide to tell your parents? Hold on, no, hold, someone else is calling,” with Bradford on the phone talking, laughing with the kids was the second line beeping, hopefully prayerfully Miss Aggart, even the girls. "{{{The Coogan residence, excuse me who?” It was a detective Mcgee, one explaining how it was he was answering the pager of a Corranda Aggart,  "whoa, what's that? A detective Mcgee," as one keeping his voice down did Bradford know the seriousness of the very implication at instead rushing Syefan Erin to the phone, "what is it? It's a detective Mcgee, said he found Miss Aggart pager, excuse me? Yeah, exactly, something Nickie isn’t right. No that’s district attorney Syefan Coogan,” as one explaining to Syefan Erin how they'd found Miss Aggart near death, beaten and sexually assaulted, that her pager was the only link to any information concerning her. "Sye,” easily noting the distraught look on Syefan’s face, even that his eyes filled along a sniff, swap at this nose, ah god, Sye? It's a Dallas detective Nickie, Miss Aggart was attacked,“ as one noting tears are to design his nose, his lips just as he's to sniff, just as he's to backed into a seat, being made this aware was crippling. "My god Nickie, what have we done getting her involved? {{{Hello, sorry about the, yes sir, that's what we'll do then, no, it's, no thank you, she's very vital to us, please take good care of her, yes sir, see you soon. My lord is Christ they almost killed her, they beat and broke her within inches of her, we know Brad, we know. Look, I never said anything to either of you, but what if the girls were forced to make that message they’d left town? Suppose these guys already have them. Ah god Brad, my god, this could be more serious than any of us ever thought, no, no think, if those guys Brad have them then why go after Miss Aggart? We don't know Brad if this have anything to do with us, I know Nickie" dotting a tense finger into his chest at persuading him, at causing him to admit that horridly obvious "and deep inside Nickie you know it too. Yeah Sye but what you said must be right, if they have the girls they wouldn’t have gone after Miss Aggart, we, we got to go, I told Detective Davis we would get there as soon as possible. I think I know Sye what you’re thinking, wondering, what if Miss Aggart talked, right? You Brad call every hotel the Florida coast, and I'll get the department to start investigating credit card usage, what if they hurt her so bad she told them everything? I need you Brad to as well get on the phone, book us a two way flight to Dallas, and we'll call you when we get there. This is really crazy Nickie, Miss Aggart was innocent of this, but guilty Sye of being Tiffany's long, life friend, supposed that alone was the connection? But that Nickie would make it too coincidental and I just, I’m feeling it, you, not in this case, it's, it's what? Nothing, it’s that I just remembered I’m going to have to go by my place, pack a few things, is that safe? No, I guess not, we can Sye just buy what you don't have, right? Yeah Nickie, right, right, plus you're welcome to my closet, and here I was thinking you would never ask," laughing into a cry, did the three brothers find themselves in a huddle, crying, praying even begging, god have mercy, please god, have mercy.”

                     ...MY BELOVED IS LIKE A ROE OR A YOUNG HEART…

                                                         ...SCENE XIX

     "No, I'm just saying Tip, here we are in the Turks and Caico Islands, in this breathtakingly beautiful hotel, yes hiding from destiny and you still find someone to call. It's only Desrek, ok," seeing the phone was in it's third ring had trying to reach him at what was being deemed his most desperate hour, yet unfruitful. "I promised Ronda, while let's just say we negotiated, but it doesn't matter, as usual he's not answering the damn phone. Don't you Tif just hate that, how people are to ask you to call and they're never, ever at home. You didn't sleep with him did you? No!” As one to slag off tauntingly, I didn't sleep with him, or anyone at that matter, not even Mike? But isn't he a beaut, yes, but no more than Matthew Edin, than Sye, or Tip, Nickie, but Erica we didn't come here for that, we came here to get away from that, yes Tip but how? I mean you or I take one step out there and they're all over us, just look at you," as one referring to Erica's limited, rather racy attire, how it was sort of no holds or no looks barred. "Now look at me? Sissy and I maybe dressed like grand-mar's day out at the beach, but I don't have to worry about the guys chasing me so, you, you're just asking for it. {{{Hello, hello Desrek, no this isn't Desrek, may I ask whose calling, Tiffany, well,” as one easing off, away from them for privacy, did Tiffany want to keep the conversation to herself, "actually it's May, Maaseiah, excuse me, who am I talking to? This is Felicity, Desrek Alum soon to be wife, Felicity, ah, well, it's nice to finally talk to you, ah Felicity, ah what a stunning name," that she's to cut a look of uneasiness, comedic tension, even a raised shoulder of unaware, Erica and Susan's way, "Desrek has told, is he there by the way? He told you so much about me yet I've never heard either of your names, or descriptions, that’s Desrek, quite the kidder, will you please inform him I called. I may, I may not, ah, as I said I'm Maaseiah, nick named May, I'm a family friend, a high school, hello, hello Felicity, are you, wow she hung up, yeah Tip, imagine that, what? She was the one acting a butt-hole on the phone, real pretty accent though, said she's his intended, that's strange, Ronda never said anything, which Tip might explain why he's to reach you, my best friend wedding vibe. Ah isn't that cute, he just ran  fro me like I was the black plague, but since he's to wed another I better call, how very considerate, men! or Tip, people. Ok how's this? That Erica Lynn is to at least a try to gage yourself from head to nearly painted toes down, that is not successful, I don't know Erica, it has a kinda of look at my voluptuous bosom, come to them, have your fill, thing going on. Okay, okay, okay, I can't cover up like you guys, can't Erica Lynn Aggart or won't, like Tip said we're not here for that. It's just been a while, you guys and we have three amazing fellows waiting at home for us, no, you Sissy have a stunning fiancé waiting, Tip, has this god-like,worshiper of every woman's fantasy awaiting her, Nicolas Edin, as though his name isn't amazing enough. Then there's me," as one moving into lovely picturesque patio of  blue waves and blue skies all filled up with stunning participation of various kids all over. The last time I saw Matt he was chasing some blonde number, yeah Erica but only because you was in bed with some brunette number a week or so prior, and Tip the phone is for you.{{{Hello, hello May? Yes, Desrek? Yes, ah god I been calling and calling, yeah I know, and let me first apologize for that, I can't believe May after what I did you actually called, I been beating myself up for that, good, but Ronda said you'd been having weird dreams about me, no, not just about you, about us. Something, May, hello, ye I’m here. They, the dreams May are very similar to this conversation, only I'll awake out of it kicking, pounding my chest and grasping for my breath, it's been a few where I just can't breath, just this horrible death, wow, yeah, wow. Hey look to be something really weird reporting on the tele, something at the base, ah my, I can’t talk, can I
call you later? Yes, sure, please, it's good May hearing your voice again, yeah Derry, yours too, take care, really."

                     ...BEHOLD, HE STANDETH BETWEEN OUR WALL…
                                                           SCENE XX
     -"So Mr. Stuart, we’ve done all we can to make her comfortable, she’s a fighter. it's gotten her this far and that’s what gonna save her," more devastated and distraught than at any point in his life, was Dexter Leon also as one not as yet believing what he was indeed seeing, hearing. "I need a phone, I need to contact, yes, come, please, of course." As one with wires and tubes everywhere, was he a witness how Corronda Bren was swollen beyond recognition, even her hands were severely bruised and bandaged. {{{“The Aggart resident please, Mr.Aggart, something urgent has happen, it's Corronda, ah no sir, you heard me right, she’s in critical condition, no, no Mr. Aggart trust me, just get here, to be honest I don’t know how much time she has, yes, really... really bad. No I wasn’t, she’s here on business, they contacted me through Rondas' pager, really terrified me, I hopped my jet arriving here within the hour," made aware of the emotion in his voice, was all the more evidence of how serious this all was. "That’s sir what I’m telling you, they say all but three of her fingers were broken, as was her right jaw, were some of her ribs fractured, whoever this was Mr. Aggart it’s evident they didn't mean for her to live, workers found her this dumpster. Just you get here, ...sir, Mr. Stuart sir,” seeing he’s to lose all control into an emotional stupor, but was simply describing her condition this crippling stomach punch, please no one was to touch him. “I think you best sit, did you Mr. Stuart have anymore questions? I'm to make my rounds and just wanted, no, you told me she’s strong, yes sir, that's she determined, then I'll hold on to that., well if you're a praying man there's a chapel the second floor, thanks. My god, what is happening? Why, why is this happening? I know God we're not the best people in the world, while I'm not, but this, my god, this! Although I’m to give you thanks, I’m not surprised at how she has survived it this long, she’s a strong woman, so independent, which is what attracted me to her, ah god I love her so much, even need her, every second I grow insane at the thought of losing her, please return her whole, I'll worship you forever, will teach my children accordingly, amen.”     <<<"If you Tip don't mind me asking. what do you think the dreams are about? I don't know, well really, do dreams always mean something? Pretty much Erica, it's the subconscious, even the spiritual you, so yes, we're Erica far beyond simply flesh and blood. Dreams can to even act as a sixth sense, even an insightful or defense mechanism, but Tip they're so fragmented most of the time, and sometime Sissy so very clear. For example, I believe Desrek's is guilt, which is why he started out with an apology, it's us Sissy who're fragmented, especially because of our unbelief, or skepticism, without those needless guards it's strange how sensible dreams can be. I see Erica decided to go as is, yeah she says she's to simply say no, I'm surprised Tip you can see her, she's swamped Sissy I'll admit, but I can still see the dot deemed Erica Lynn. I'm going to get out there, you coming, Tip, hey, you alright? No, why allow himself to get that close huh, why the charade? Desrek and I have never been that way, I thought finally we were admitting who and what we are to one another, but it was all a ruse.  Maybe Tip everything you just point out is what's equally tearing him apart, it's might not be as black and white as it appear, so Sissy yo're saying, it has to be the wedding? That Tip he's to feel a bit sorry, even ashamed setting you up, even himself, not only to you, but let you both down, leaving you the way he just did, it has to be that, yeah, of course, nothing else make sense, and yes, I'm right behind you, good Tip, see you out there."

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