Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany VII





     “It to be inside painting, a catching art, ---of course Spirit it’s a work of art, un-

touchable, untellable, that of the supreme,” with the morning came brisk cold and more

snow, at considering how truly majestic as it felled, as the mountains and hills soon

glisten in it's marvelous whiteness. “It possess me, if a good word, ---possessed, I Spirit

spend a lot a time in these windows just like you when first I came, how this view from

the living room window alone is simply mesmerizing, I found myself possessed as well.”

“Even at times Spirit I was convinced it was all for me, and now this,” turning him

into the third floor balcony that they’re to witness a pine tree standing gloriously

embellished with various trimmings, how even the flames from the fireplace added even

more fascination. “I feel sorrow, I misspoke, I fail to consider the wife at present, how

vows to bind you, ---do not Spirit be so hard on yourself, only the supreme know

why Tifny and our destinies have crossed with purpose to bind themselves together.

You ready for our, what to say? Appointed time, yes? Which remind me Spirit, Mrs.

Martha is late, regardless I’m sure two strapping young men like ourselves can fix our

own breakfast, right? Yes, right.”


     "They're gone to the mall," easily reading his mind with a curious Nicholas pouring a

hot cup was Bradford Ean cutting into a healthy plate, as so Syefan Erin "Leon drove

them, ---don’t worry, Leon love watching them." "The boys went also? Yeah they

kidda insisted, so how did it go with Stephanie? Who?" Puzzledly stinging his lip on

his cup at hearing better although did Syefan Erin hear right, did Bradford mean

Stephanie as in ex-fiancé? "You mean Stef, my god she's here, in New York? Now isn't

that a bitch, and only after three years, ---and you saw her? We had dinner last night,"

as one regretfully giving of his folly was a removed Nicholas Edin readying his own

steaming imbibe at completing whether to have cereal. "You had dinner, just like that,

you got a death wish or what? I needed to understand some things, ---that's innocent

enough, ---this was your lame brain ideal wasn't it? Better he know now Sye than spend

his eternity wondering about it, ---you're crazy!" As one shaking a no nonsense head his

way Syefan Erin couldn’t believe his ears, that Nicholas would set himself up ad-

ditionally with this trouble maker. "What's crazy about that? You know what I’m,

Brad was right, I needed to know, I needed to bring closure there, stop blaming myself, so

you two can stop fighting about it. So what do you know? Stef said something about

an affair, one that supposedly went on for three months or more, even into the engage-

ment, man! With the both of them displaying jaw dropping awe, they knew something

really weird happen, but they never thought this. "Are you serious? "That's Brad what she

said, you act Nickie as though you don't believe her, the affair was only part of it.”

"There was a pregnancy and there's a three year old kid, a kid, your kid?" "I don't Sye

really know,” knowing he'd done the right thing in seeing Stephanie, also knowing how

he still felt about her did Nicholas realize seeing her could have encouraged last night's

overmastering lust for Tiffany Ann. “I walked out as she was suggesting we get back

together, get back together, after what she did? So now Nickie that you know what's to

be done? That my brothers is the million dollar question, that Nickie has to be why

she’s here, you guys have a baby, you may as well work things out, no Stef has a baby, a

three year old son name Jeremy, I have my whole life ahead of me, no babies. I don’t

get it, what she want from you? A father figure for the boy, that we’re to lay all dif-

ferences, why you? I got to get dressed, we got that Calvenal thing, so you gave her

no answer, you just left? My leaving Sye was the answer, look Stef know that kid

isn’t mine, she know I have feelings for her still, that I would possibly overlook the last

past three years but everything is different now. Everything like what? Everything, I

guess Sye you can say time has been a welcome experience for me and therein I wasn’t

going to make the same mistakes. Sound like our little brother is going up, you know

Brad what’s he’s talking about, this never, ending infatuation with Tiffany Ann. I never say,

but maybe this time he and Tiffany have this chance you know, no, I don’t know, what’s

so different about this time? Plus he’s too good for her, we hate to admit it, but she

doesn’t deserve him, who doesn’t deserve whom? Wow, where you get that suit? It’s

one of hers, Tiffany’s, custom made,” having dressed and assessed himself in the mirror

Nicholas Edin didn't know what he'd done wrong at causing his mate of nearly four years

to turn to another lover, truly devastating him through and through.   “I’ve been saving it for today, I

think, how many ways Nickie does she have to say it, she doesn’t want you, do I Sye get in your

business, do I give you this manner of advice? What about you Brad, you too think my pursuit of

Tiffany Ann is a waste of time? It’s the time Nicholas which has been birth to you, I say spend it as

you see fit, so is that Brad a yes or no? You would be insane not to pursue her, it’s what you want,

it’s what you’ve always wanted, yes, hell yes Nickie, give it your all. The immense freedom I feel,

the hope you guys that finally I’m going to have what I’ve secretively hope for and love

Unconditionally, Tiffany Ann and I married together, as one, forever I tell you, forever”

                                                SCENE III

“Don’t stare Sissy but here come Mr. GQ himself, he is Sissy simply magnetic, that

refreshing spike like hair. Those god awesome dreamy eyes and the fabulous, seemingly one million

dollar suites and shoes he wear. So what did you get me?" With a playful Syefan and Susan meeting

into a delicate kiss at a stunning as Nicholad Edin Syefan inquiring of her shopping bags, “see you

later lat...er, ah where's Tiffany? I don't know, what you mean you, yeah Sissy we thought all you

guys were together, no, no she said she didn't want to go, that she would catch us the next,

time, if she's gone off alone I'm gonna kill her myself. What's wrong with Leon?" With

a suspicious Barbara Ann installing the others to interest, investigating quickly did

Nicholas Edin soon comprehend the most appalling and disturbing look on Leon's face.

“Something is wrong, is anyone still, in, the car?“ My god Sye! As one Crying out and running out to

Syefan Erin being completely distracted by his phone conversation not realizing the danger he was

heading for, only that in a few hours he would back with Susan Faye, Syeeeeeee! Brad get out here!”

Additionally rushing into a sprint after him, even her, hell he didn‘t know,  when the car exploded

with enough force that send the car twenty to thirty feet into the air. “My god what the hell was

that!!!!!” Hurling Nicholas back from his feet at leaving Syefan laying lifeless a few feet ahead of

him did a horrified beyond description Bradford leap out and pass them, rushing to his brothers'

rescue, screaming at  the now crying and panic girls to call 911. "I'm fine, ---damn it, ---I’m fine,” as

one manically pushing a caring Bradford off into a seat, Eventually, into a lay into the coarse ground,

into a twisting, twirling, even sick feeling of fear and panic. Get Sye,  Brad, get, get him, just get

Sye! Sye, Sye damn it you talk to me! God damnit he’s  not breathing!“ As one pulling Syefan

clothes loose, at setting a listening ear to his mouth, his chest, making ready to administer CPR,

Syefan wasn’t fine, he wasn’t breathing, thus he wasn’t responding. “Get back Sis! “Sissy, get back,

Barb you do the breaths, I’ll do the compressions, Erica, get Nickie, get him, and get her! Sye you

come back to me, you hear, they didn’t get you then, they’re not gonna get you now! You wake-up,

you can’t do this to me, ---ahhhhhh god my head, it’s, it’s breaking in two,  how about some ice?"

With a happy to assist him Erica Lynn thinking he smell as good as he looked, that's if that was

possible,  you two, get in freezer get something cold, ---come on now, uncle Sye gonna be fine, your

and your you know. Ahhhhh god damn it!“ Explosively beating his fist into the ground, Nicholas

Edin couldn’t believe this was happening, that they’d all been targeted, and where the hell was

Tiffany Ann, had they got her as well? “Damn it! I can’t freaking believe this, Sye, he’s still not

responding, the explosion knocked the life right out of him, well we Barb are gonna knock it right

back into him.  I’m not losing my brother today, Sye, ---you wake up damn you! You hear me, you

wake up! Uncle Nick, uncle nick, good boys,” trying to sit, to take the boys offering, a packet of peas

or something at relaxing back into the cold, iced grass, into spilling, sun chasten eyes along artist

features, they were yet to revive Syefan Erin. "He's  dead! My god he's dead! No," as one closing his

leaking eyes into a spill down his cheeks was Nicholas refusing to believe Syefan was dead, again as

one chanting this sizable hope at himself, "please god no, he isn't dead, Sye isn’t dead,  sirens, I hear,

hear the, the, uncle Nickie, look uncle Nick, ah god it’s about time, they’ll help uncle Sye, he need

them more than I, do “my brother, trying raise up evenly, could he not make much sense of

what he was seeing, “please, my, my ---your brother is being helped, come on Sye, you

can’t do this, you can’t leave us, you, you just, ---ouch, dam, dam, what, what the hell,“ that

at a stinging shot to his arm did everything about a worried as this Nicholas Edin grow dim and dark

into a lost of consciousness.

                                                   SCENE IV

Aggggggggggggg no, no, no, turn you stupid, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I can‘t believe, no,

turn! Yes, noooooooo, nooooo, the other, way, ahhhh you’re a big fat dummy! “What in

god’s name is that,?“ As one being awaken from his nap by loud screaming, laughing and

cheering, sounds he wasn't at all used to. “I thought you said you couldn’t play,” when

following them did Christian Cros become all the more amazed when he found Spirit

River and Tiffany Ann sitting in front of some type of TV game. “Well I seem to learn

fast, can’t help it, yeah this learn fast.” Shaking her fist playfully at him, seeming to be

in a duel instantly noticing her long legs were wrapped about one another, those spinning

upward into her awesome figure, was she so sexy, “And what was that?” “You said you

didn’t play either, ah beginning luck, what else?” “What else is you’re in such trouble.”

“Sorry, it’s him, ---Christian, ah god did we wake you?“ “I guess we had to, we didn‘t

mean any harm, it's Ok, ---this is video game, so fun, never play, some exciting,"

instead attending this super woman cautiously was this the sweetest surprise at Spirit

River  rambling on about the games, how great, how creative, how marvelous. “We tried to get

your permission, but it was like a team of wild horses couldn’t raise you, sometimes the

medicine put me out like a light, which is why I’m not as dedicated to this annoying

chore.” “So is it my pick Tifny or you, I went first the last time, you sure, yea I’m sure,”

watching Tiffany with Spirit River was that causing her at being all the more staggering,

what else could be said? “Tifny say she not play but I think she be dishonest? So you’re calling me

liar? No, but you say I'm distrustful, Tiffany Ann Saurus was  definitely becoming a part of

Christian's life, which part he believed neither of them knew. “Yes, but not purposeful, like you

didn’t know thyself, how about some sandwiches you two, something to drink maybe? I'll help, you

know Tifny you shouldn't have, what? Ah the game, well I knew he would love it, it's an early

Christmas gift. You'll spoil him, ah come on," as one wrapping herself about his stout arm at bringing

herself, that amazing mouth, scent dangerously close, as she‘s to devour, immensely tempting him, in

places intensely flattered. "Spirit's a smart kid, he'll be fine, now what's Mr. Artelon on your

Christmas list? I think I have everything I need, ummm," bringing a finger dipped with chocolate

only moments from his succulent smile at simply riveting Christian’s steeping blood straight through

did she watch him feed of the climatic vexation she was. "I knew this wouldn't be easy, now what do

you get a man that has everything? How Tiffany about a woman who has everything, is that Mr.

Artelon a proposal?" "So," immediately being reminded, that although he and wife were sorely

departed she was still his wife, at changing for the moment did she scoot into a seat upon the counter

this wondrous creature, this colossal seductress of tempting fingers of fascinating charms "Ummm, a

woman that has everything, now that's going to be a hard one, I  mean do you Mr. Artelon  know

such a woman? I know one, but I fear she’s taken, she  went searching for the territory of lost hearts,

haven’t been seen since. So Miss Saurus  what kind of dressing, ---do you,” pausing everything,

blood, heart and thus that very breath was Tiffany Ann at additionally taking Christian's breath away,

at slowly and yes surely congratulating him with the sweetest little kiss to the corner of his delicate,

quite tempting mouth. "What that's for? I don't know, sometimes a single dip of chocolate Mr.

Artelon can be so unexplainably priceless as you are. Tifnyyyy!" Exploding over was an on fire Spirit

River rushing in after her,  grabbing her hand, bringing her this way, saving or spoiling the day,

which ever the case, a crazed with her Christian Cross could breath again.   "What is it now?”

“Come!“ Designing himself an abruptness as this did a pressured Tiffany and an  explosive Spirit

River leave Christian's thoughts and heart suspended into a hazy obsession to wit Tiffany Ann

without end. “A woman who has everything indeed.”

                                      ...LIKE PILLARS OF SMOKE…
                                                        SCENE V

     “Am I dreaming?” Scarcely having a dry eye between them had the trauma center finally revived

Syefan Erin, that besides a major concussion he'd sustain was his condition satisfactory. “If you call

being, what happen? What’s the last thing you  remember? Sissy, was, I, I was messing with her

about her shopping bags and nothing, not until waking up here. Where is she, where’s Sissy? I

remember her talking to me, I could see her mouth moving but there were no words. Where’s

Nickie, the others,  you Sye is suffering from a major concussion, Nickie from a minor one, and

Calvenal,  is he dead? No, you never made it to him, it was the car Sye, it exploded, Leon is dead

and Tiffany, Tiffany! Ah god what about Tiffany? She’s missing, missing, you mean she

could’ve been in the explosion missing? That’s what was thought at first, but it would seem she

didn’t go with the girls, she was never in the car, so she’s just missing for  now. How long have I

been here, when can I leave? After a few more tests they said  you will probably be released soon. 

So what if we die in our sins, we will have culture, what? I don’t know, that statement is stuck in my

head, what the hell does it mean? I have no ideal. You were dead Sye for a very long time, Barb and I

couldn’t revive you, you was declared dead on the scene, as so were you arriving here DOA. Medics

say just before the trauma center you was showing muscle movement, when suddenly you woke up

screaming, crying, panic, screaming? Ingesting a dry mouth, throat along stinging tears, could Syefan

Erin not believe this was happening, this even greater horror, as they were all in imminent danger.

"For a second time we thought they’d killed you and we’d lost you, of course Sye the greatest tragedy

we foresaw was the fact they'd all been in danger of dying. Barbara and the kids, Susan and Erica, the

car exploded only minutes after they got out and verged upon the house, why it delayed Sye is a

mystery for Now. Well you get some rest, they’re going to be transferring us to a safe house, so we

only have a short time to find Tiffany, Tiffany, you think you know where she is? Yes, I think I

know, rest Sye, wait a minute, where’s Sissy? I want to see Sissy, then I will send her to you, Sissy,

ah yeah Sye, want to see you, how is he? Better, good for a dead man, a little disoriented, but easily

himself, ---who’s all these guys? If I Brad for some reason doubted the seriousness of the situation, as

those now having enough suits about could hardly breath was there one thing was for certain the

party they'd been having was definitely over. “This near tragedy was some major wake up call, it also

Brad cause me to once again consider the worse, that if these guys have Tiffany some way, that if

they do she’s as good as dead. I can’t Barb explain why, but I don’t think they have Tiffany, what?

Then where, I got to fine Nickie, tell him my suspicions and go from there, ah, ok, trust me, of

course, I love you, let me get Nickie, I’ll be right back . We got to find Tiffany, yeah, but where do

we start? I figure Nickie she’s one of two places, on a plane to Texas, to her friend Miss Aggart or the

burn-guy. You’re completely sure Miss Saurus you want to do this?” Before arriving at Christian's

house at taking Bradford's' truck as they will soon suspect a revengeful Tiffany Ann meet with the

heat that would be retribution for Michael's death. “The burn guy, as in the Monster of Hikes’s

Peak? Yes Nickie, and I believe the latter.” Thinking they're to be too pretty to be so deadly, one

Diamond De Dilyon, Vincent Lerome Dilyon and an acquaintance of  theirs Herman Goose thrown in

by Dexter Leon. “I’m so tremendously lost here, she’s in my truck, she took said truck to Hike’s

Peak,” standing over six feet, they were dark, mysterious and beautiful and gladly receiving from

Tiffany all the information she'd taken off of Syefan concerning their targets. “Tiffany, yes, she's in

my truck, how do you even know that? I just remembered she was asking me about it last night, was

it an automatic, how did it handle the iced streets?" Thus they knew what Syefan knew and whatever

details Michael had told her, including a video tape he left in her care, one she presumed Syefan

didn't know about. “That's it, I'm almost positive it wasn't parked in front of the house this morning. 

You sure? Believe me Nickie, that's my heart, it wasn't there. Now she didn’t drive to Texas, which is

why I think I know where she is, Christian, and this Christian is the burn guy living outside of town?

Yes, he's Christian, but what does he has to do with Tiffany? Ah god you wasn't there, she introduced

him as a friend at Pine Valley last night, what? Yeah she left with him and his brother, something

about picking out some, the burn guy? You can't be serious, yeah, we were all there and we were all

shocked, they seemed to know each other well. That's probably were she is, but why, why would she

risk her life going to see this guy? You Nickie gonna have to ask her that, we better go, get her. 

Nickie?" Exhibiting himself as one earnestly reluctant was he yet this baffled, especially after what

they’d experienced the night before, that they’d in ways touched blood to blood, substance for

substance, so much so, they may as well be married.  "Hey Nickie you coming or not? Yes, I guess, I

better, ---I tell you, it doesn't matter what happens, Tip always end up the center of attention.  I am

sure Erica it just seem that way, she's just so damn spoiled, now Erica, how can you say that after all

she's been through? Tip haven't been through no more than any body else.” With Tiffany being

characterized as one being as lethal as she was stunning, did the Dilyon brothers discuss how they

would hate to be on the wrong side of her. “Did you forget about Mike, how this Corronda person is

like a sister to her? How that bomb earlier was targeting us yes, the only family Erica she claim, but

her most of all. “ Although imagining further Barbara thought Erica fortunate to the point she wish

she'd put her studies and career before deciding to marry and have a family. “Yeah, well Barb when

you look at it that way, ---you know we still don’t know why that bomb hesitated, was it on a timer,

or was it something else?” Straightway as one getting married her second year in college and getting

pregnant with their first son within two years of marriage. Clearly with the exception of beginning a

degree in psychiatry Barbara Ann has known nothing but marriage and children since. “I don’t think

Barb we even want to consider that, if on a timer, well either way they meant to kill all of us right?”

Earnestly not that she didn't love Bradford, the boys and being a wife and mother, now that she had

them she wouldn't give it up for nothing, was she just pondering the single life, the seeming greener




“So it’s final, we’ll gonna do this?” “I feel guilty.“ “Guilty?” “I wish Dex and Ronda

could do this with us, yeah but you heard Dex, he’s not going to hold us up and if we feel

that guilty we can throw them a great wedding later.” “Halle’s right, I can get started

right after we’re married, give them the biggest wedding ever.” “Location, location,

location,” as a worried one moving a seat into the window did brother Dexter Leon

situation pose an even greater dilemma they’d all considered but dare not mention. “I

think it’s obvious Dex is never going to leave Ronda’s side, I mean I hate to mention it,

but there it is.” “Well he won’t have to, I’ve considered the same thing, even stayed

awake at night, but what if we’re the first?” “The first?” “Yes, wedding now first live

broadcast, a brother and sister double wedding, the audience will eat it up.” “We can give

interviews, our family and friends can, and as far as Dexter and Ronda they, they can

view everything from the tube, how genius right?” “The next best thing to being there,

exactly.” “Isn’t she genius, I told you guys how fantastic she is, yes Dix you did, you do

and you’re right, this mean we have a lot to do, and you Miss genius you got to convince

wedding now, right?” “But I would have to be home for that, that’s fine, we’ve done

about all we can, Dexter don’t need us here, plus Ronda’s brother is here and all.”

“They’re going to be relocating her soon, she could arrive in New York as soon as we

could.” “Hall, you alright, yeah, it’s just that I got to run this pass Charles and see what

he think, well just tell him ‘Wedding Now’ may agree to at least half of the expense if not

All.” “That ought-ta perk him right up, plus Hall we’re talking about the wedding of a

life time, one we’re not soon to forget if ever.” >>>“I could always give them my

resignation, no Sye you can’t and don’t you go tempting me, ---I saw you, you know,

while I was unconscious, you was talking to me, it was really dramatic.” “I could see

your lips moving but I couldn’t hear you, I can’t tell you how frustrating that was.” “A

dream honey that’s all,” as one easing into a seat along the bed to him, for another time,

so unfair she thought had she come so close, too close to losing him. ”Yeah Sye told me

how we were all in danger, that if that bomb had gone off moments earlier, I know,” as

one raising into a brush of new tears spiraling along an expert structure of her own, was

that a reality yet so painfully unrealizable. “We all know Sye but we dare not say, what

have we got ourselves in?” “More importantly Sissy how will we get ourselves out?” “I

know we’re to believe this too will pass, you know as the holy scripture say, excuse me,

I know, that’s never happen before, did I just, yes Sye, you just quoted the bible, well I’ll

be damn, no, Sye I think you’re to be damn if you don’t know and live the bible.” “So

what if we die in our sins we will have Culture.” “What?” “That’s exactly the look Brad

had on his face, the precise response, so what does it mean?” “I have no ideal, but it’s

Sissy like burn into my memory bank you know, I mean with me being unconscious, dead

Sye, you were dead.” “And upon survival they thought for sure you would have brain

damage, exactly Sissy, with me being away that long there’s no telling what I saw, heard

or even experienced.”


{{{“Charles, is that you?” “Yeah babe it’s, whose, what’s going on?” Paul is here, as

so a lot of his friends, before we knew it we were having a party going on, you‘re having

a party at our place, hey sis, blame me ok, it’s all my fault, please put, what no happy

birthday or nothing, yes Paul, I’m sorry happy birthday now may I speak to Charles.”

“Look hun, please don’t make a big deal out of this, a big deal, I’m looking, expecting my

fiancé to walk through these doors of the hospital at any moment and he’s throwing his

usually unsociable brother a birthday party.” “That all kind of strange people are in, look

you’re right, this, I will move them all out and get there as, no, there is no need, we’ll be

there soon, here, yes there.” “It would appear we have a wedding to plan, I guess that

mean you’re telling me yes, yes, that’s exactly what it mean, look don’t stay up late, stay

sober, safe and I’ll see you soon, ok then, soon, right, bye.”}}} <<<“Yes, who is there,

May I help you?” Appearing as though no one was home at first when suddenly the door

open with an older Latino female answering, inquiring "Yes I'm Bradford Coogan and

we're looking for Mr. Artelon, is he here?" "O se he is here," as to make room to their

entry, close the door behind them did she as well lead them this way. "Please wait here."

Wow,“ with Bradford Ean curiosity spiraling up and all around at fancying the rather

antique markings on the tall ceiling was it a beautiful homestead indeed, so very im-

pressive. "So we meet again, ah yes pine valley,“ as one anxiously taking, at shaking

Bradford’s hand, as so Christian his hand, briefly although did Christian Cros wonder of

this surprised visit. “You're one of Tifny's friends, yes, speaking of Tiffany, would she be

here?" "Won't you come in," as to lead them his way was it best to show Bradford

into the parlor, let him see for himself, how he truly meant Tiffany nor themselves no

harm. "She's in the den with my brother, this is a beautiful place," at admiring it's

ability to grow even more exceptional, vintage even, did a magnificent staircase dance

about it's Grandeur right into a just as delightsome banner. “My god Brad, but what are

you doing here?” Displaying herself as one very shock at seeing not only Bradford but a

strange man following did Tiffany sense immediately within her guts something was

wrong. "What's wrong?" “Everything is fine now, there was an explosion, everybody is

ok, I mean we lost Sye for a while, ---a car bomb?“ “Nickie was, Leon is dead, he was

killed when. “Our god is Christ!” Gasping loudly, carefully into a seat, even a sick, eerie

feeling into her stomach, was Tiffany Ann as one tearfully not believing her ears, that

they all had been in this manner of danger. “Then they were all in great danger?"

“They're taking us to a safe house, they’re not taking anymore chances, we had to come

for you." “Yes, of course, give her a moment," as one easing into her, touching and

kissing her delicate hairline, ear along a very intimate whisper, were they at Bradford’s

witness this exhaustive. "I don't want to leave you, I think you should yes go, no I won't

leave you," as one shaking her head into his head, his stout neck, hugging and holding

onto him as for dear life, would she not go, how she felt her safest with him. "For a short

time Tifny that's all, for a short time, you have to do this, no, yes Tifny for me, for you,

for all of us.” “I am more safe here and you know it, but you belong to them now, they

will love you and do all manner of good to you.” “Please take special care of her,” as one

redesigning this love of all of their lives did Christian Cros at yes releasing her once more

soon persuade her Bradford's way. “With her, goodbye Tifny, good, this is not Spirit good

bye, coming passionately upon the gentle, sweet soul he was, as well granting him a

darling hug and kiss, “I’ll see you both soon, ok, soon, ---Nicholas?“ “I know, lean not

unto thine own understanding,” ---‘right, in all our ways we’re to acknowledge him and

he shall direct our path, ---that’s in proverbs right?” “Yes, I believe it is, that’s odd, I’ve

never done that before, never knew I could, ---what’s even more strange Nickie is Sissy said Sye

woke up quoting scriptures as well.” "It's nothing" as one reassuring her placing

questioning fingers to his bandages was it here Nicholas reminded himself of the con-

versation he had in that mirror, how he wouldn’t simply jump to conclusions. “It

could’ve been a lot worse, I guess I’m thankful, we Nickie, we’re all thankful, we thought

you was in that, in the car, what you mean you all, where did you go Tiffany huh?” “We,

didn’t know, I’m sorry I frighten you guys, try terrified Miss Saurus, we, ---Nickie!”

“Yeah Brad man, whatever.”


{“I love you Erica, I would die without you, you stay safe.}” It was yet snowing,

making the roads literally impassable and traveling never ending. Regardless not before

long they would hurdle them all into unmarked police vehicles and drive them to a

supposedly safe house, though neither of them felt safe. What’s on your mind?” “Matt

girl what else, so that was him on the phone?” “Yeah making this that much harder

although Monroe is looking really delicious.” “Down girl, I know for a certainty as well

Erica as you that three is a crowd, ump, I think Monroe alone Sissy is a crowd, ah girl

don‘t pay me no mine.” “Man,” as one glancing vaguely about the automobile, was Erica

reminded how just moments later an automobile ride nearly took all of their lives. “What

have our lives come to, is this really happening?” “Don’t ask me that Erica with Sye

coming so close to death again, yeah but I’m a model designer, I know nothing of these

drug Lords and murderers, why am I running for my life?” “Not just Sye Erica, everyone

in that car life ws in danger, and I don’t even want to imagine why it hesitated and all?”

“Maybe sadly I know, but maybe Leon was the target, don’t we Sissy all want to believe that one.” “What about you Nickie, what you think?” “I dare not Erica even guess,” with

Tiffany Ann laying as close to him this disappeared from the scene as Syefn Erin, but did

she hear everything they were saying, even this dear, dear heartthrob Nicholas Edin.

“This is all Erica as you said so fantastic, and all so not happening, yet it is and here we

all are, here Erica we all are.”


“Wow, look at this place,” as one causing them all at peeping out of the window

upward and all around were they soon arriving them at a very nice and very large house,

at least six bedrooms, four and three half baths worth. “Yeah if this is it, this is some stay

over,“ re-freshly called a plantation house with the bedrooms upstairs leading out onto an

awesome porch that spun all around the top floor, it was beautiful. “We’re not alone I

see,” giving his hand to assist Tiffany with other, similar houses each having a good

distance apart was there also a lake with ducks right at hand and at sight in the back, all

with bridges and fishing boats. “You’re right Erica, this is some get away, I don’t believe

this,” opening one of the trunks was Bradford Elam faced with though a ruffled but a

dressed Christmas tree. “You mean they were that considerate?” “Considerate enough

Sissy to bring all the gifts, it’s like a miracle right?” “Right Brad, how after all that has

happen Christmas haven’t been lost, ----ummm, what smell so good, beside you that is?”

“A sort of Gumbo, you know I love to cook, yeah but I don’t know if I want you cooking

for them,” with that one arm grabbing her about her waist at settling her between his stout

thighs, right along a sensuous smooch, were they both to one the other so inviting. “I

mean they’ll taste your cooking and want you for themselves, well they can‘t have me can

they?” “I don’t know, ah you know, you didn’t propose to me without knowing, so they

can’t have me can they?” Prescribed as unusual as one trying to figure the best, easiest

solution for dinner was Susan Faye as usual an expert chef. “I’m sorry Sissy I frighten

you so, frighten you all so, just you Mr. Syefan Coogan, you be careful, I mean I don’t

know how many near death incidents I can take.“ “Come here,” as to twirl her intoa watz

at designing a near to tears Susan Faye into his wondrous shoulder, that just as distinctive

neck, ambiance, as it was apparent she was about to break down. “ah god I love you so

much, need you Sissy so much, and I Sye you, -------love and need you, so much.”


“I keep thinking Barb how close that was you know, how for a long time there I lived

with the reality Sye was gone.” “Yes,” coming into his side to him, was the view from

this balcony truly mesmerizing. “I do know, I lived those long, agonizing hours with you,

you know?” ”I keep asking myself how did this happen, why to us of all people?” “I

know Brad we’re the one who did everything right, and here we are, our children and all

ducking and dodging for our lives.” “So how long you think we’re gonna have to stay

here?” ‘I don’t know Barb and that really frightens me, what if we can never go back to

our lives?” “You mean this witness protection program?” “You know I asked Sye and he

said Barb he doubt it’s to come to that but I don’t think he really know.” “I thought they

were gone, when I heard that explosion, I just knew Nickie and Sye were gone, that even

my life Barb was over.” “You did good,” rubbing his stout, muscular back into this

pleasant pastime did she have such the hunky, special husband. “I hate to think Brad how

all of this would’ve went if you’d not been there, the way you took charge and everything.

“Yeah but I was terrified, yes, and you used it to save your brother’s life.” “You think

they had a detonator, that, that’s why the explosion held unto you guys were free of the

car?” “I don’t Brad know, I don’t think I even want to imagine having Jay and Danny in

that car.” “Yeah,” taking as to fold her into a comforting, feel especially good hold, his

lovely, wondrous other half, “god Barb do I know.”


“I’m not telling you to lie, but to simply not tell her, you want to lose her, you want to

lose Halle?” “Of course not, I woke up in bed naked with another woman, I’ve already

broken the most important oath of a marriage, how am I suppose to act as though it didn’t

happen?” “Halle is better than that, deserve better than that, look I’m going, this is your

funeral, I guess you should have say before it’s over and down, but why ruin you two over

something so trivia huh, why?” “What was her name?” Where does she live, how do you

even reach her and who were you really thinking about while you two were at it?”

“Trivia you say?” “And I was thinking of myself, no one Paul but myself” “Thanks for

the party man and I’ll see you soon, you’re welcome and I won’t be holding my breath,

see I could be really offended by that, yeah but who cares.” {{{“Yeah Charles here, hey

babe, whoa, who is, Hall?” “No guess again, maybe you have the wrong number, yeah

about like I had the wrong address last night, bed, even party.” “I hear you got a fiancé,

you know one of those things you marry and everything goes down hill from there, how

did you get this number, from you silly, don’t you Remember?” “Look whatever happen

between us last night was a mistake, you right, I do have a fiancé and I love her something awful and I’m not gonna let you and no one else ruin it for us.” “ Ok, ok, blah,

blah blah, just call me when it over, said and done, marriage always is, bye doll, it‘s been

fun.” “Ah god what have I done,” as one easing into an unsettled sort onto his yet to be

mad bed, Charlston Maurice couldn’t believe he’d been that and what do I do now that

it‘s done?” >>>“You do it?” Discovering a distant Christian Cros in front of a blazing

fire place, had he been as dissipated since he’d again send Tiffany Ann packing. “I

thought you was sleeping, I try, I could not, there is this of what you said to Tifny, how

she belong to them, she is to you, she not to leave you, you don’t think I haven’t thought

about it, you think I need you to remind me.” “Again Spirit she came to me, gave and

trusted herself to me and again, I send her right away, yes, convincing Tifny as little they

love you and to care, for you or thyself.” “She’s his wife ok, she may not know that or

isn’t willing to admit it, I did what I had to do, what Spirit had to be done.” “But she’s

Maasieah,” a witness how a sorely distraught Christian Cros is to swab at speedy tears

designing mean yet tolerable scares, even as much anguish as he. “Yes, my god yes, he

will settle this Spirit, he began it and he’s the only one who’s to settle it, now off with

you, with us both, I can already hear Mrs. Martha’s mouth.” “I don’t understand, good,

it’s good Spirit to know there are some things you just don’t understand, now to bed like I

say or suffer the consequences, don’t say it,” as one raising a warning finger like a readied

sword his way, did Christian know how Spirit is to challenge his every word. “Then

goodnight, you Spirit as well, and get some sleep, it will do you well the brother I love

that you’re to take your own advice and get to sleep.” “My ma,am now in heaven, how

did you do, as one cloding his eyes, and bowing his head into a prayer, would spirit river

one or another get his say, or was it his way? “You will Ma,ma by angel mail get him word again, how best to do, what is done?” ”Ok spirit, still it’s goodnight.”


“O my gracious you guys have clay, do you know how long it’s been since I’ve played

with clay?” As one standing over a fireplace watching Tiffany in the other room playing

with his two nephews at displaying a tenderness and compassion that modeled her even

more wonderful Tiffany was a natural when it came to children. "Now I wonder just

what can I design and what color will I chose?” “Hey boys" kneeling beside them as to

befriend them, were they as usual meeting and greeting him with such favor and delight,

their uncle Nickie, as they like to say. "You guys mind if I borrow your aunt Tiffany?"

"Look uncle Nickie," as one showing his uncle his clay creation, did uncle Nickie think it

best resembled a train or a train wreck. "Ummm I like that, a train right?” As one doting

Little Jason’s nose did he just as soon take Tiffany's hand at pleading that they talk,

leading her onto that impressive porch outdoors. "I have no explanations for Christian,”

folding unpleasant arms into one the other as it was pretty chilly out, were they coming

onto a lovely as could be balcony. "I didn't ask for any, I just want to talk, I've spent this

day trying to forget about it, trying to forget us, last night, trying to pretend Nicholas it

didn't happen." "My god!" As one fanning uneasy eyes, even a perturbed disposition

across a spacious, quite beautiful landscape at sniffing and brushing away a single spill.

"I can't believe I let that happen, yeah, but you're even more incredible as a result, look I

know I'm to tell you I'm sorry last night happen Tiffany but, I don't want this, I don't

freaking want this!" "There's no telling what you must think of me?" "Think of you, I love

you, ah god Nicholas, you don't know me, I don't have to know you to love you, well," as

one moving into a better view outward, away how would she ever medicate such the huge

mistake, the blood, spirit and soul reminiscence of it all? "That's normally how it goes, I

know that you're the most passionate and compassionate person ever, I know that your

love Tiffany is a genuine love, priceless and those loved of, but you don't know me.” As

one setting a seriousness into him quite chilling at him giving her chase that he alone is to

have her, even persuade her. “Me Nicholas, Tiffany Ann the person, not the fantasy, you

think I‘m that naive, that some how I don’t know the difference, that last night was an

ongoing castle in the sky come true and now real life?” “Look Tiffany you can't run from

me, from this, I know, I've tried, there are so many places in this world a person can run,

trying to flee their worries, their heartbreak, but they can never run away from that very

heart and thus Tiffany from themselves.” “It’s what in the, and you boy Nicholas,” as one

portraying herself as one sincerely provoked would she come after him with a vengeance

that he’s to witness a single tear glancing the astonishing being she truly is “you are this

happiness, you are this mended heart?" "Maybe, ah baby I know you're hurting, you

know I didn't want to leave him?" Roughly drying her cheeks along a stretch of

impending nostrils, eyes into a sun-setting at stopping Nicholas still at her burning

intimacy for another. "I begged him, he turn me away like always, I'm sorry, no, to be

rightly honest Tiffany I'm not sorry.” “I shared my most innermost heart and passion, my

very blood with you, the woman Tiffany I love, I don't give a damn about this guy." "I

need you Tiffany so much it frightens me,” as one ignoring this decline into the slightest

stroke of her smooth skin, her chin, bringing her for to see him, was a leaping off Tiffany

Ann visibly torn up about this whole thing called a love affair. “I'm so disjoined and all I

want to do baby is climb into that frightening me so and loose myself, us there forever."

"There is so much you don't know, I know what I shared with you last night wasn't some

one time fling for Me.“ “That part of my life, my very soul Tiffany is very sacred, very

private and though I know neither of us truly understood it I believe we both wanted it to

happen, even Tiffany needed it to happen." "It could never be" as one disrupting this

exquisite reunion into a dance with a dark uncertainty off, away, was she drawing them

all the more into a warm study, a just as pleasant fire burning, that she’s to get straight

away. "You have no ideal what you're saying, what you're getting into, and the monster

of Hike's Peak does?" My god who was she and why did she villain his blood so? Being

every man’s fantasy inconceivable did Tiffany Ann have the most abnormal, even sun

roasted chestnut color skin, silken hair and eyes to simply die in or for whatever was his

pleasure. "I know Tiffany you're departed in ways unspeakable and you think who better

to know you, to understand you, your horrors and sorrows than this guy?" "He's not the

only one so severely scarred, you're better off Nicholas without me,” as one backing off,

indeed emerging into a spirit so alien as so it send a cold chill through Nicholas very fluid

of life, but after what they‘d now become, it just wasn‘t to him foreseeable without her.

"Maybe, but this heart says there's no doing this without you, then you are fooled, I'm

fooled because I'm in love with the woman I love?" "Yes I said it and you understood it

very well,” as to chase her indoors, again turning her despite her unrelenting snobbery

likewise to him, this towering inferno of hot-headed love for her. “You cannot run from

this, to him or no one else, I believe you and I Tiffany have been running away from each

other forever.” “I think you know that as well as I, yet here we are together, ah god

Nicholas you're not making sense, aren't I?" "How long Tiffany have you loved me?"

What?" "You heard me, god!" As one flopping annoyingly into the nearest seat how

would she ever get out of this, out of the favor of one Nicholas Edin Coogan? “This is so

crazy, speaking of crazy Tiffany we weren't strangers last night were we?” “We were

finally lovers, we didn't Tiffany simply stumble into a bed but a marriage bed, that’s

what, Nicholas Edin Coogan,” as one laying a gentle kiss to his soft skull, that vitalizing

spoor, a deep harassment instantly filling her cheeks with tears. “How truly astonishing

he is, these stout chiseled features, his beautiful, simply relentless green eyes, evenly his

rather scurried blonde mane, this simply brilliant soft skin, his awesome build and boyish

compassion, maybe it's true, I don't know you Nicholas Coogan perhaps you are my

faceless man?" "Excuse me?" "What that's to, nothing, I got to go,” truly uprooting him,

his very heart's blood for the final time she was getting out, away at finally making this

the end. "Tiffany we, I just got to get out of here, come on we, I got too, please, please let

me go, I don't want to, I swear you don't know me, I’m not a nice person, now please."

Unable at wrestling her wrist apart from his grip into a daring eye to eye stance, the most

brilliant human being he'd ever in his life-time meet, scuffling like so did she soon break

apart into that preferred exit. “Damn it!“ At a bewildered Nicholas Edin releasing her

and maneuvering instead around into a glance out at the cold, brisk darkness, at it's

undecided coming to and fro. “Did I just now do exactly what I swore I wouldn't do?”

“Ah god if you‘re there, and in love with this little O me, please help me with the paradox

deemed Tiffany Ann Saurus, please lord, please.”


"What about Dexter?” Helping her with her packing had brother Deserk Allum

relocated all Corronda’s flowers and well wishing apparently as she wished at tucking her

in rather nicely. "He had nothing to do with these things, he's trying to find the punks

who did, will you please!” Witnessed upon as one touching and massaging her temple

into it's pounding would a persistent Desrek Allum back himself down. "Ok Ron, ok

you're right, it's none of my business." "Finally," making herself comfortable in bed

until they’re to wheel her out and away, how maybe having the oldest brother Desrek

there wasn’t a good ideal "you see!” “I just hate seeing you like this, please Desrek just

leave me alone," angrily fluffing her pillow into a rough lay of her head was Desrek’s

truth like piercing knives targeting a harden heart. "I‘ve made up my mind, I no longer

want to speak about it, ok, ok it's your life, I'm glad you finally realize that." Evident to

him that his sister was making the most important decisions in her life out of possibly the

worse pains and anger ever instead of a pure heart did Desrek Allum know that these

were unwise decisions that would come back to both hunt and hurt her in the longest run.

“{{{ I know, it’s a recipe for disaster just like you Sole said, I can hear you two, don’t

make me put you out as well! “Yes, a restraining order, against Dexter and the rest of

them, I’ve tried but, she, no, no, so unbending, even Sole unforgiving, well she’s not

listening to me.” “So how long before they get here?” I know, I know, they’re not

staying long, and you going to watch the store?” “Yeah you too, I told her soon, yeah

Sole man, later.”


“Wow you smell really good, it’s new, you like?” “Yes, I really like, so how big of a

mess did you guys make last night?” “It wasn’t bad at all,” as one helping her bags into

the car, as so her, was a keeping his mouth shut Charles picking her up at the airport.

“Once Paul saw how displeased you were, I’m sorry I was such the party-pooper, it’s just

that those kinds of things hardly go right when planned, we could be televised, we,

televised, I don’t, our wedding.” “Dix’ fiancé, Dix has a fiancé?” “Ah yes, really pretty,

high quality, even model like, anyway she work for ‘Wedding Now,’ never heard of it, I

know, yet they’re beginning a new program where they’re to start televising weddings

and we could be their first couple, how great is that?” “You’re serious, you like the ideal,

I mean we’re talking about a double wedding, excuse me, yes, Dix and Kim, you and I,

Kim, that’s her name, Kimberly Nolan, she said ‘Wedding Now’ just may cover all the

expenses, how it could be a wedding we’ll never to forget.” “I can’t do it, you can’t

accept the most astonishing wedding imaginable free?” “Is it because it’s a double, no, I

can’t marry you, I thought I was the one having doubts, you asked, I wasn’t alone last

night.” “What?” Having pulled them into their yard, did Charles feel like such the

coward, how he couldn’t keep such a trivia thing to himself, that he’s to tear her heart out

this way, but the cat was out of the bag so to speak. “I’ll pack some of my things now,

and come for the others later, you slept with someone, in our home, in our bed?” “Yes,

yes and yes, ah god Charles, how could you be so irresponsible?” “I think I wanted to

sabotage it all,” with a single tear wiggling along wayward facial features could this be

the only reason that he’s to make such the heinous misjudgment. “You think that’s what I

was trying to do, incapacitate this relationship all because of fear, of intimidation?” “I’m

getting out now, getting my things and going into the house, you’re welcome to come in

and pack, pack well, for you won’t be coming back.” “Hall, don’t touch me, don’t ever,

ever touch me, everything we had, the life we’d plan, even the family, our entire lives

Char for the next twenty or so years and you ejaculated over it all.” “Who does that to

someone they’ve sworn themselves to, plan a life with, even a death, who in the hell Char

does something like that?” “You are such a bastard, my god in heaven, such a bastard!”

“I don’t know, you’ve really confused me and that is so unfair, please tell me you used

protection, yes,” ingesting a thick, bitter disgrace was this the greatest trial of their

relationship, that he’d done such a stupid, stupid thing as this. “I, this, none of this, I

don’t know what to say, how to say it, I’ll say it, apparently you’re not ready for

marriage.” “You told me, and that count for something, but to be lead astray Char so

easily, that is really concerning, I mean you was too drunk to realize but sober enough to

protect yourself, what does that mean.?”


“You’re sure this is what you want to do?” I know it’s hard for you to believe it, but I

don’t Dixon do nothing I wholeheartedly don’t want to do.” “I think you’re a gorgeous,

very sincere man who want to create something beautiful as so do I.” “Who knows how

much time they have right?” Raising into the bedroom window did his underwear crinkle

just above his thick, hairy thighs at him looking into a partly cloudy day with possibly

more snow in the forecast. “Right, it’s what the bible mean when it’s say man like the

fish are snared in a net when they least suspect it.” “Stop convincing yourself this is

some mercy wedding, I simply Dixon adore you, the first I received your correspondence,

the sound of your voice and appearace of your handsome face.” “Boy was Dex surprised,

how is it possible playboy Dix is to beat him to a wedding alter?” ‘Wedding Now’ huh?”

“my god Hall and I could have a double wedding, I mean really what is this world coming

to?” “How about breakfast in bed, I don’t have to report to work for hours, we could

order out and lounge around admiring each other for as long as we want.” “That sound

good, really, although there’s something babe I got to do, time is literally out for me to do

it.” “Look you order breakfast, I’ll jump into the shower, ah, ok, I mean I don’t know if

the street are going to allow it, but I need to see par-par, par-par?” “Yes, our great

grandfather, he’s ninety years old or more, still living on his own, I don’t know a couple

hours drive from here, look you order, I’ll show and we’ll go from there.” “{{{Hello

Paige, yes tis me, what about a double wedding for our first trial?” “You must already

have someone in mind, yeah, me, while Dixon and I, his sister and her fincee, sound

good, sound really Kim only I don’t know what the rules are about employees, well find

out and call me back here, well actually I’ll be in later talke to you then.}}} {{{“Hello.

hello kim, yes this is Kim, it‘s me, Hall, is Dix there?” “Yes, but he’s like in the shower,

look the marriage, our marriage, Char, Charlie and I, I’ll explain it to Dix, and he’ll

explain it to you, alright, ok.”}}} “What is it?” Coming fresh out of a shower was it

apparent something, possibly the phone conversation had her disturbed. “Ah that was

Hall, she sound really upset, that we were to discount she and Charlie, how she’s to

explain to you, what about breakfast I’m starved?” “I’ll order, jump in the shower and

should be finished before it arrive, I think you best call Hall as well, ok, I will, look yo

ahead and shower and I’ll make the call, both calls.”

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