Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany XIII




“While at least Sye honey you got a chance to see her,” “speak with her.” Arriving just

in time did Stephanie die only moments after she realized she was

holding her lover's hand.

Attempting not to be emotional was Syefan Erin's throat

extremely tight into tingling,

burning, unwanted tears. “At the very least Sissy,” “I can’t tell you how disgustingly

helpless I feel,” “but you Sye gave her,” “her greatest Joy.” “Stephanie left here honey

knowing her baby son would be with his father,” “she didn’t view you helpless Sye but

heroic,” “even a super-hero.” “I know you don’t want to see it this way but wherever you

think you’ve failed her you can make amends Sye by giving Jeremy the best home

possible,” “now are you ready to go in there?” Having arrived at the attorney office

where Jeremy would be turn over to his father Sye was yet beating himself up over

Stephanie reprehensible faith but now unto in motion non-refundable things. “You’re

right,” yielding a sigh of relief into a thick swallow of the latest realities cutting him deep

would meeting his son instead heal all at present wounds, “of course Sissy you’re right.”

"He's over there," pointing too a play area was that improbable seemingly only a few hours

ago so right there in the moment, Syefan uniting with his young son. “He know Mr. Coo-

gan you're here,"

thinking Mrs. Clara was a bit older than expected was a slight spill

designing Syefan nose at finally coming to turn with these paramount realities. "He also

know his mother has passed into her eternal

sleep" " evidently his mother told him all

about that sometime ago." "He's a very smart

boy," "we just want you to take good care

of him and send us some photo's and stuff so

we'll know how he's doing." Continuing to

say was Syefan Erin instead easing over where there were several boys playing all around

the same age but no one had to tell him

which of them was Jeremy. “I’m gad to see Stef

was right about him,” “how come it hell or high water Jeremy’s father would come for

him,” “it’s so sad I tell you a child loosing his mother,:” “a mother his child,” “but that

seem to be the way of this world.” With tears forming quickly in his eyes, his nose at

recognizing his son was Jeremy Allen as beautiful and as

light eyed as his mother.

"What’s this?” Bringing him up into his lap was Jeremy handing a fatherly Syefan Erin a

base ball at greeting him "you know who I am,” nodding yes at designing a single finger

along Syefan spills was this the most touching, most dramatic series of events. “You’re

daddy” “and how is it you know that?” Motioning a hand behind him at directing Susan

his way as he wanted little Jeremy to meet her as well “the pictures mommy showed me

had your eyes,” as one touching Syefan seeping with tears eyes,” ”and your nose,” “and

your mouth.” “Hey Jeremy,” handing her hand for shaking did he not hesitate at taking

her hand as he’s to sit along side of them “my name is Susan,” “yes,” “Mommy said Moma

Susan would be my new mommy until I come to heaven to be with her.” “I’m really glad

to meet you son,” brushing at spills overtaking her cheeks was he as Mrs. Clara said a very

smart boy. “Have you Jeremy ever been on a plane?” “The ground planes yes,” “the sky

plane no,” “well in order to come home with Susan and I we’ll gonna have to go on a sky

plane.” “You live in New York,” “my daddy Syefan Coogan live in New York?” Studying

around in his pocket did he pull forth an early portrait of Syefan that he’s to use at

identifying him. “How smart you are,” helping him with his jacket would they not waste

any time getting him to the airport and to his new home, his new life. “And did Moma

Stephanie teach you that?” “Yes,” “I have a uncle Bradford,” “and a uncle Nicholas,” “I

have two cousins,” “cousin Danny” “and cousin,” “I forget his name,” “Jason,” “his name

is cousin Jason,” saying their farewell to Mrs. Clara would they get Jeremy off to greener,

less depressing pastures he would for now on call home.”


"I'm sorry" as this one standing at a lost, making certain he'd come to the right house


wondering if Erica and Tiffany had also forsaken the residence as well as Susan when


stranger answered their door. "Is Tiffany home?" "Well yes," was Ashleigh Michelle


than glad to both greet Nicholas Edin at caressing his stout, warm hand directly along

bringing him in. "You're Nicholas,"
"Tiffany's friend," "I'm Ashleigh," having yet to


lease his hand to himself was Nicholas Edin more than curious about her, "I work with

them now,” “you don't remember me do you?" "No" displaying himself

his most bizarre,

thus honest at contemplating a near by seat was there something familiar about her "I'm

afraid not." "We

attended high school together," "some college," "I know Syefan as

well,” "aw ok you do

look sort of familiar," "you did Ashleigh say Tiffany is

here?" "Ah

yes," did a lovely as this Ashleigh Michelle remember her manners with attempts at

making an abrupt exit "as a matter of fact you have good timing she just got here," "I'll tell


you're here." “Wow that was interesting!” Thinking how friendly, how scary friendly

she was , that

she possibly would never let go of his hand. Was it here at coming closer to

the warm

fireplace, the blazing glow of it most fascinating Nicholas Edin couldn't help

noticing a

few changes. "Nicholas," as one happily greeting him just before he's to

sit was

Tiffany Ann noticeably as one all snuggled into a short, silken bath retire just before en-
closing a

sheer guise. As so was her long hair once tangled into a matching

towel now

falling heedlessly upon her barely covered shoulders deeming her at his

striking witness a

benumbing creature indeed. "I'm glad you're here," "I was coming to

see you," "to ex-

plain." "To explain? Squirting necessarily, mysteriously those darling

greens of his was

Nicholas Edin just fit for the most creative explanation as surely she was. "Yes," easing

cautiously into a seat at suggesting an alike gesture at his decline had Tiffany plan to both

call him and set up a meeting with him, possibly a lunch date. "Well

I'm glad to see you're

all right," "you sort of disappeared on me," "on all of us at that

matter," "I know," "I had a

lot to think about." "So

you're all better now?" "Yes," "better." "So where were

you," "if

you don't mind me asking?" "With a friend," "Mr. Artelon?" "No I was with Ronda,”


someone Nicholas who helped me understand what is happening here," "I heard her

brother is in town,” “A Desrek,” “your first love,” ”my Nicholas first crush” “there’s a

difference.” “I was with Bradford earlier,” “at lunch and I asked him Tiffany why do you

hate me so,” “what we must be have,” “be?” “What on earth,” “my god Nicholas you are

the most extraordinary person in the world to me,” “and you’re just as dear to me, “very.”

“It’s just that this is all so new to me,” turning him a suspicious character around to her at

clarifying this questionable that after all she’d been through she was still this chasten

intimately. “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing anymore,” “perhaps Tiffany,” “just

perhaps you’re falling in love for the first time ever,” “that we are,” “what?” Jolted steps

back at him, at this outrageous remark, what on earth was Nicholas Edin talking about?

All the time, heartaches and sentiment gone before was all for nothing? “Look I know

how that must,” “no ok,” leaping up, off into aggressively fold arms, a just as obstinate

denial at rejecting any manner of physical compact “don’t come near me, “ “just don’t.” “I
know baby how frightening that reality must be for you,” “but this is me,” “this is Nicholas

I would never leave you.” “Don’t freaking do that ok!” “Don’t go Nicholas making me

promises you can’t keep,” “anyway if what you’re saying is true then what was Mike

huh,” “what was Stephanie?” “I don’t know Tiffany what we thought,” “what our friends

and relatives preadventured,” “even Tiffany this nation and world,” “it’s society assess-

ment of us.” “How about Tiffany letting me in on your little secret," "what is


here?" "I think you know," coming again into a seat at crossing long legs into wipping

worrisome strands back along a serene implication as this was Tiffany with attempts at

making more sense than the last time they talked. “You asked me Nicholas on that

balcony that night how long had I been in love with you

and I thought of course you'd lost

your senses," "now I" "I do love you Nicholas and I didn't know how

not to feel guilty

about that." "You know how we as lovers have been so close and yet so

far away," "you

know like you explain it that night,” witnessed upon as being his most disagreeable at

moving into the edge of the sofa, at looking to a way out, a suitable vessel at explaining


her the sordid news of his departure. "I mean it was so,” “so,” “what is it," "have I said

too much," "is

that what this is?" "No everything you’ve said Tiffany is exactly what I

wanted to hear,” “what I’ve needed for the longest to hear," “you're sure," shaking a

wayward as this head, evenly a look accordingly were these all the tell, tell signs

something was very wrong. "I mean you act as though this is the last thing you want to

hear?" "Come," patting the sofa to his right that she's to come, to sit, that he’s to explain

what is that ailing him even into his hearts’ blood, "sit," "what is it?"

”You look as though

you've lost your best friend,” "I've come Tiffany to

tell you I'm leaving," "town,” ex-

plaining into a thicker than usual digestion did that one detail stagger because of this
emotioanlly resistant throat.

"Leaving?" "I don't,’ ‘I don’t understand," that clearly out of

all the things in the

world she imagine would be Nicholas Edin's response to her heart felt

honesty this

wasn't one of them. "I know I’m sounding like a hypocrite and all after what

I just promised but I've been called upon Tiffany to work with some of the most


tigious attorneys in the world," "they're expecting me in about two weeks.” "It's not

honey what you think," "if that Tiffany was so I

wouldn't be here attempting to explain my

folly." "It's far away?" Again landing her up, away, with

her back to those once soothing,

twilight flames at comprehending this at limits betrayal "Right," "how far?" Conceivably

as one

feeling a wretched fright, a sickness as this right in the pit of her belly what a fairy

tale turn nightmare, turn fairy-tale, turn nightmare all again. "Look," as he’s to

again lay

one comforting hand to her but did she dodge him additionally at wanting him, at needing

him to explain this scenario of disloyalty and quittance. "I'm sorry to

spring this on you

now," "you disappeared and" "and Tiffany you,” “you still Nicholas haven't told me how

far," "I need you to tell," "it's in Paris," at witnessing her response did he

notice a million

things rushing through her mind, even her heart, especially the fact he’d just told her he

would never, ever abandon her now this. "France?" “Macremore and Vance have offered

me an internship,” “I’'m going to

work on a major murder case," "it's the offer of a life

time," "how long did you say?" Staying the

distance at setting a wounding coldness his

way, could Tiffany not believe her ears and especially her heart that’d just surrender itself

to this very man so. "It's what I been waiting for all my" "I
don't give a damn Nicholas

about any of that" "how freaking long?" "Two," "maybe three

years," "you're leaving me,"

actively jerking apart sizable drops glisten all the more by

those blazing flames could

Tiffany sense deeply this wasn’t at all the beginning she’d pleasured but an atrocious end. "
‘You're actually leaving me," "my god this is a freaking joke,"

"I can't believe this." "I'm

not leaving you," "yes Nicholas

you are!" "This

is not Tiffany what it appears," "then you

tell me Nicholas what is this?" "How are we

going to continue a relationship three and a

half thousand miles apart?" "I will never see

you again," additionally triggering instantly

cared after tears into a sadistic tickle was this exactly what she deserved and so typical of

how her life has gone so far. "This is

insane," "if we want it bad enough Tiffany it will

work," "aw god now you're the one

that's insane," "Tiffany?" "Don't ok," again displaying

herself a highly volatile scuffle that he’s to persuade her of this unthinkable defection

where they in all reality saying their good-byes

. "I admit it presents quite a dilemma but

Tiffany we're mature

enough for this," "you and I," "we know a

relationship is whatever

two people make it," did said

sentiment noticeably stimulate a nearing emotion in him that

he's to sniff and clear away before tears ensue "just Tiffany those two people,"

"you and I

Tiffany," "just you and I."

Seemingly as this one standing at a lost was Tiffany Ann's

tall, beautiful man trying to

make something out of nothing and despite how charming his

words and how daring his

compassion, Tiffany couldn't see it. “You did say two weeks

and you’re off to Paris for at least three years but this isn’t goodnbye right?” To her what

Nicholas Edin was talking about was romantic suicide and as impossible as

reaching into

the sky and capturing your most awesome star and keeping it for your own




"I'm to depart," finally discovering the nerves to approach Christian Cros did an uneasy
as this Camilla sit into the world news reports with them at explaining how she’s to go her

way "my flight is early morn," "I've

worn out the welcome yes?" "You are Milla welcome

to stay as long as you like," not

turning his attention from the visual aids at hand but was

Christian wondering when her visit would come to this and so it had "but if you're ready to

go then it was

good having you here." "You be this hypocrite yes!" Exploding without a


notice was a raging lunatic as she at him violently, at his non nonchalant attitude

that he isn’t to care about her leaving one way or another "this nasty audacity!" "You

never need me here right," "and I'm the fool damned"

"the fool damned Cros at believing

this thing

could work!" "Work things out!" did Niegl as well as Nadia find themselves up


on the offensive after both of their stead as this was a wrestling match most inevitable.

"Work things out! "After what you did," "what

Mill?" "You thought I would let

the fact

you blame me for my daughters death," "the fact that you left me to die alone in a

pool of

my own flesh and blood be bygones?" "You are insane!" keenly approaching

was he

shaking brother Niegl off at finally having his say, at finally releasing his demons where

wife Camilla was the prime sitting duck.

"You thought I would just forgive and forget is

that it?" angrily slapping his palm sadistically, even radically into the wall at expressing his

revulsion at her "I watch the hospital doors for

months," "waiting Milla for my wife to

come back to me." "I needed my wife!"

"My god" finally jolting along both sides of his

jagged face burning, aching tears of an

anciently awaiting breakdown, evenly this manic

resurfacing. "The days came Milla and

then the nights and still no wife." "I mean the

unbearable pains and woes upon my burnt

skin was nothing in comparison to the pains

breaking my heart in looking for you contin
ually," "when I waited," turning off of

unattended tears and mucus inflicting this un
pronounced, truly this woefully now etched
into their mind, into their empathetic heart

declaration. "Day after day," "month after

month for my wife Mill to come back to me," "my

supreme I was in hell without you!"

Finally able at wiping himself, at conclusively

maintaining himself did he cut tear stained

eyes that blurred his vision of her even to this

preferred way out. "Hell Milla!" "You can't

know how that feel," "no," "no one," cutting

a finger with a similar look as a sword at

accusing them all, a just as distraught Camilla,

Niegl, Nadia. "So if I don't feel the least bit

sorry for," "for you," "it's because," "because I’ve spent a long," "long painful time Mill

learning not to!"



"I never told anyone but Erica although a week after Mike died I purchase a one way

ticket home to

Jamaica," as one readying Kleenexes at activating tears accordingly was

Tiffany now thinking her biggest mistake was reminding in New York. "Every night

Nicholas for weeks I would lay in bed and cry over the possibilities of using that ticket."

"How my life here was over and the only thing I had was to escape and," "I don't


dedicate my life to him." "Him?" "If I'd gotten on that plane this wouldn't be


"I would've never lost my virginity," "we wouldn't be" "or I Tiffany

mine" "what?"

Snappishly cutting a questionable glance, as so a heavy ear his way,
at this censurable

"what?" "The first night you and I were together was the first time I'd been

inside a

woman," "a wife Tiffany,"

"what?" With a cold chill escaping along a bitter than

describable anxiety did she melt

horridly into the nearest seat that all this time she and

Nichola Edin were at all points twins. "Aw god Nicholas why didn't you" "tell you," "tell

you what?" "What

the hell does this mean?" Spilling stinging tears along artist features at
the no nonsense

shake of her head was this, their eminent relationship more binding than

imagined. "It mean Tiffany baby I belong to you and you to me" "what?" Jerking up, off,

impossibly what in especially god’s name had she done, what twisted maze had she

stumbled into and how on earth would she find her way out? "If that's true what the hell

have you and I Nicholas been doing all these years?” “That’s easy Tiffany,” “avoiding the

inevitable,” ”you're to remember man has many instructors putting him on vaious paths of

broadway’s ending just pick one." "My god that's

how you knew," "I thought you was

just," "the pain" "the passion," "even Tiffany the guilt “yes," "aw please god tell me this is


happening" displaying herself her most ill, her most overcome visibly was she

breaking down, out of the manhouse she’d unwillingly wondered into and were those bars

on all the windows? "What have we done?" "No damn it" finding herself as one physically,


angrily wrestling with him at casting a finger like a sword at him at additionally

wrestling with him "no,” “damn it,” “ no” "we fell in

love,” conforming her by her neck,

unto those dainty ears and moisten cheeks at bringing them eye to eye, at

convincing her

this was all meant to be as in predestain. "We fell in love Tiffany," "can’t you see I don't

want to do this alone," a witness that

she was yet so besmirched by these abrupt reve-

lations but was he roughly as so needfully fitting a kind hairline to hers at smooching and

keeping them there so permantantly. "I love

you," "god more than any manner of

description," "I Tiffany don't want to do this without

you,” “I'm frighten baby can’t you

see that,” “now that I’ve found you I don’t want to loose you I’m terrified of that,”

“please baby,” ”please?” Wrestling herself loose, apart at making her way to that more

than awesome fireside were

these classified deliberation yet a corporeal annoyance for her

but was Nicholas’ submissive dependence upon her, for her invaluably heart touching "I
know" coming close

necessarily, even passionately at taking her hand into his did his fiery

entry fill with tears

"you’re frighten too,” “what I know Nicholas is you don't love me"

"more than anything Tiffany you must" "then you wouldn't be leaving me,” regarding

herself more impossible, yes more unworkable than he's to ever imagine

at poking a sharp,

angry finger, a just as volatile look into his valiant position "damn it Nicholas you wouldn't

be leaving me."


“Are you ok,” “of course not Niegl,” “how can either of us be ok?” Dumbfounded

straight into tears Camilla had never seen Christian Cros so upset., how he was holding a

lot of pain inside of him thus had said nuisance exploded like a time

bomb over all of them.

“Do we really Nie understand the damage we’re to cause when we acted so selfishly,”

when we’re so self ensued?” “I wouldn’t Camilla be so harsh on oneself about certain

things,” “you’re talking about human nature,” “we simply don’t know how to be anything

but self-sufficient.” Visibly hurting her too her heart that she'd done such an evil thing,


she'd betrayed him and his love, their marriage so. Of course she wouldn't leave now,


couldn't, it would be like running all over again, not only owing it to him at staying,


she now indebted to all things they were to ever be again.

“Then that Nie is to be

were we should never marry or bring children into the world if we’re not willing to

decrease or transform into more of a generous spirit,” “unless Camilla we’re willing to die,

yes,” “of course,” “that too.” Knowing it wasn't that Christian Cros hated her that he just

found it almost impossible at

forgiving her, of course Camilla could definitely relate, she

had a hard time forgiving

herself. Undoubtedly every relationship cursed because of her

inability to forgive did a

more bruised than ever Camilla apologize to them both at making

ready to exempt herself.

“I had no ideal he was that dependent upon me,” “that we were

Nie that subservient toward one another,” “you must Camilla remember marriage between

the man and woman is something supreme God’s hath preordain,” “that mean we’re com-

pletely lost at raging seas without it despite how we’re to denounce all such claims.”

Beyond doubt at realizing what would become of her and Christian did Camilla

know she

wasn't running anymore, that her place was there with him, even with his explosive

departing being as a two-edge sword cutting them both asunder unto their most


selves. “Lost at sea Nie indeed,” “that is exactly how I feel and there’s no river

bank,” “no but Camilla there’s a rescue artifact in this picture despite how abstract or

oblivious to us.” “it’s there,” “believe me it’s there.” As one feeling kind of responsible

for what Christian had become having forsaken him

in the worse way imagined were there

many nights she wanted to go to him possible just as mightily as he so desired her, but


could she face him now that she’d laid all blame at his cripple feet?

“ ”A life preserver

huh?” “Niegl is right,” “remember the supreme Christ,” “how it was simply knowing he

walked with Holy Spirits” “that they Milla in return walked with him made all things

possible to?” Honestly there were times she would get as far as his hospital room and turn


running and sobbing for her life, or his life, or was it now that one life lost horribly

for now, their darling Rebecca? “Good day the both of you,” taking a step up into that exit

did Camilla discover they were all pretty wise about spiritual things, even although he

wasn’t there Spirit River “you’ve been a bunch of help,” “really.”


"I don't understand," maneuvering further into this vague departure at getting a better

understanding of the manner of sacrifice their relationship would now take, even make.

"How is this going

to help us?" "How are we Nicholas going to withstand a long distant


"Don't answer that," waving off at this manner of absurdity as she knew

once she and Nicholas said their even at the airport good-byes that there, right there their

consanguinity would loose so much of it value. "They're all stupid questions,” “they're not

Tiffany stupid questions," "do my love hear me when I say I love her?" "I

don't want to do

this but baby it's done." "It doesn't matter," gracefully brushing one

hectic cheek after

another at taking the poker, at striking the nearly finished embers "eventually somebody

leave me," "I'm kinda getting used to it,” “which isn’t promising." "You know it does


a certain irony," "for the first time since Mike's death I could," "stop this" yanking


around seriously to him at shaking sense into her, at fitting her again into a seat to him,

at convincing her that perhaps she and he are to be successful where others have failed.

"we can do this," "I am a firm believer Tiffany that immortal love conquers all how about

you?" "Immortal love?" As one gravely contemplating his request into a formless nod,


fixing her tattered self some better as they were again this close "yes," "unconditional

love." "I didn't tell you I'd

not been with a woman Tiffany because I felt somewhat

embarrassed," "of course like you with Mike Stephanie was the first one I thought myself

in love with

and nothing Tiffany and I do mean nothing should’ve shaken that love

because unconditional love, thus forgiveness is forever.” "I don't know I swayed her

somehow," "any way besides her Tiffany you are the only woman I've been with," "before

you I'd not

been with a woman," "not together as one as we were." "That's how I know

I'm more

than serious about my feelings for you," "like I said on that balcaony that night,”
“this wasn't a slip up," "a mishap or a bad

mistake I belong to you." "You're serious?"

"My god yes" happily fitting an anxious agreement

as this a gentle smooch of her nose, her

temple at bringing them into this special agreement, this incomparable marriage to her

"about this Tiffany," "about you,” “us.”" "Three years Nicholas is a life time?" Sweeping

new spills away at being this defunct memento did she move off, away at this sensational

character of Nicholas Edin literally persuading her how probable this could all be "It

wouldn't have to be like that,"

"we could see each other as often as we can," "write,"

"call," "Tiffany," "if we want it to work," "it can work." "I so Nicholas
want to believe

you," coming around him at resting her forward into the regions of his stout,


carved back, at smelling him and falling deeper and deeper in love with him as he was so

desirous. "I

don't won't to loose you," cutting a serious glance, even a clear ear around to

her truly that one things that’s to soldier him on the more would be keeping Tiffany and

his noteworthy wedlock firmly intact. "I can't

Tiffany lose you," “you act baby as though

now that we’ve become this one in blood and flesh we have a choice here,” “that I have a

choice, no,” “I don’t believe we do.” “You don’t think you can run away from ever

having a romantic relationship do you,” “or I can ?” “That means Tiffany these intimate

trials so destine for us all will have to be spent toward one person or another,” “one inti-

mate relation or another,” “how now that we’ve found each other why should we spend

them Tiffany some place other than right here,” “you and I forever?”


“So that’s where you’ve been all morning.” “you know how this place is,” ”once you

Camilla start walking it’s almost impossible that you’re to deny yourself any of it’s
glory.” Always knowing how husband Christian Cros was doing, was Camilla as well


of where he was, even exactly when he left the mother land to America. Strangely


spent the last seven years, if this made sense, being both near him and away from him


at the same time.

“I heard about what happen between you and him,” “and Christian,”

“you may not know it but he has spend the last seven years being faithful to you with

belief you would return,” “yes Spirit but I’ve not been nearly as faithful to him.’ “You

must remember Christian faithfulness is all according to what he believe,” “thus you

Camilla have performed in likeness of yours.” Faithfully to her not only had Christian

Cros dissolved unthinkably a more than

important life span but had she suffered in like

manner. Hurtfully their entire family was

slain by an evil becoming what it predestine from

the beginning of time, that apparently in

proximity of her husband own substantial torture

chamber herein was she as well aware

of how it felt to be in your own private little hell.

“One day Spirit I will have to go to the water falls and see just how amazing this place

really is,” “Pepper and I have a date right after dinner you’re welcome to join us.” ”You

are a wise young man Spirit it’s easy to see,” “wise beyond your years,” “how do we fix

this extraordinary collapse?” “That’s Camilla the easy part first recognition there’s such

the collapse as you say,” “both give and seek forgiveness,” “forget and reconcile.” “As

long as you know Camilla what you now seek is impossible unless you’re both willing to

forgive,” “how there can be no true love or intimacy without it.”

As one who'd allegedly

recorded every second of every day and of every year, the first day she went to the

hospital, all those times she sat outside his room. Seemingly

while there how she listen to

every heart beat, every mourn, every time he cried out in

unbearable pain.

Having just

minutes earlier contacted the collection like so truly were some of the pages and papers
crinkled as

she'd like at present wept continuously over them. “Forgiveness huh?”

“Believe me Camilla when it’s all said and done those culprits causing mankind most harm

will have names like envy, jealousy, hatred but the greatest of these will be unforgiveness,

“the Lord forgiving the sinner,” “the sinner forgiving the saint,” “the poor forgiving the

rich,” ”the rich forgiving the poor.” “Then the spirits of confusion and every evil work

would never ever again succeed at having unthinkable influence among the Supreme’s

people.” Consistently the trips he took back

and forward to rehabilitation, his surgeries,

skin grafts, everything, everything to do with

his stay at that hospital and rehab center.

Noted were even the conversations she had with his mother; his indecision to stay in

Jerusalem, unto his choice to leave for the Americas and a new standard of living. “Its

almost like unforgiveness has done nothing through the ages but build an ocean of

mayhem and all mankind Spirit swim only to sink into her belly of consigning to perdition

and disheartenment,” “now Camilla is beginning to see,” “now she’s beginning to know.”

Wholeheartedly Camilla had left the diary laying on his night stand that Christian is to

know once and for all that although she wasn't there, was she instead like a pleasant spirit

never, ever leaving him alone.


Hain?” “Sole is talking to you,” “I’m sorry what did you say?” ”My word man were

are you,” “ I know aunt Laura laid it on thick but,” “no not Moma,” “Jesse,” “Jesse

Noble,” “you remember him right?” “He made a pass at me the other day,” “a pass,”

“what sort of a pass,” “he kissed me softly on the mouth,” “but aren’t you Hain a

heterosexual with a fiancee pending?” “That’s just it Sole man I don’t know,” “I’m

confused,” “you say that Hain as though you have a choice,” “what do you mean Desrek

man of course I have a choice,” “yes,” “but as long as you know there’s only two

choices,” “right meaning righteousness,” “where we’re on our own incapable and there’s

the wrong choice we’re born to as in unrighteous.” “Look I know you guys with these

extremely predictable lives sit around having decided all things surrounding righteousness

is a falsity as you’re to find your pleasures in sin although do you guys Hain ever say to

yourselves what if it’s all real?’ “What if it’s all real from the prophets of old,” “to the

Cross,” “Gospel of the Supreme’s Christ,” “to the revelations of this identical Christ?” “I

know that frightens you because if it’s all real and we’re living in the end of mankind’s

kingdoms then that mean like in Noah’s day we,” “mankind who were once the most

treasured have we instead just become the most expendable inhabitants on this planet.”

“Now what this mean is God by the wine press of his wrath is about to separate the grapes

from the vine,” “see that thou hurt not the oil and the wine.” “Now the grapes he’ll take,

press,” “squash and cook into a pure wine fit for divine consumption,” “while on the other

hand the vine.” “The vine Hain are so worthless they’re not even good for fire wood,”

“not even fit to burn,” “imagine that” “although that the earth will be rid of them forever

they will burn.” “Come on Desrek man I think you’ve said,” “no Sole man,” “no!”

“Somebody need to tell you kids the truth,” “that you’re to think you’re to have an excuse

as you’re to indulge in the filthiness of the flesh not realizing the supreme Christ hath

made his appearance that he’s to wipe out.” “That’s nullify any usage of sin,” “that

mankind no longer have to sin,” “now what’s your excuse?” “While I’m gonna go,” as one

coming to his feet at laying his suit jacket over his arm was an appearing to be deranged

Desrek Allum making for departing at getting to see Maasieah, at talking to her further on

such matters. “I can’t apologize Hain for that would invalidate all things said here,” “so

I’ll just say try and enjoy the rest of your lunch and I’ll see you guys later.” “What the hell

was that?” “You heard him Hain as surely as I your excuses for unrighteousness is an

obvious pretext to really take pleasure in something you know is wrong.” “And what if I

disagree,” “you’re saying I don’t have that choice anymore,” “of course you have that

choice Hain until you’re judged as long as you understand the consequences of those

choices,” “the man that knowingly with odious pleasure sin Hain will burn, ” “that’s if the

gospel message is true and factual of course.” “Then what do I tell him,” “what do I tell

Jesse?” ”I don’t know about you but I’ve Hain lost my appetite,” “and you could always

get Derry to talk to him.” “Come on Hain man it’s not like you were really considering

having a homosexual relationship with this guy,” “while I was thinking about it.” “To lay

aside momentarily Hain what my brother said I think it’s the most disgusting thing one

human being can perform upon another,” “that it’s a boundless,” ”baseless manner of

mental and sexual abuse. “ “One Hain that not only isn’t godly,” “it’s not even human,”

“that then leave demonic and satanic interference.” “Let me get this right,” “you think

same sex relationships are demonic?” Well think about it,” “god created the man for the

woman,” “the woman for the man.” “then his word teach us how a huge miscalculation in

judgment would cause these things to perform themselves unnaturally,” “hence same sex

relations is neither godly nor human.” ”Not only so Hain but is it a deadly form of

mankind’s own destruction as it’s to misconstrue the entire human blood line.” “I better

go man,” “this all just some facts you need to think about while you contemplate such

things,” “yeah Sole man,” that he’s to instead stay a little longer, think on these puzzle like

matters like cousin Soledad lamented “later.”


“So your mind Spirit is made I see,” “I think Christisn it’s for the best,” “Nie is even to

speakof us being brothers,” “something we’ve never done before,” “that should be fun

huh?” Suppose Spirit I’m to telling you,” ”you and Niegl are something other then

brothers?” Having moved aside one of Spirit packed suitcases was Christian Cros using

this time to break was Niegl called erlier Ice cold pride. “You mean that he’s my friend as

well,” ”I know Christian there’s no limit to what we can be once we get to know one

another.” ‘I know Spirit that you know Papa wasn’t your father,” “yes,” “but I guessed

uncle Ammon was,” “it was kinda obvious.” “Well suppose I told you Spirit that’s not

exactly the truth either?” “While if it’s not uncle Ammon Christian who else could it be?”

“Is that what this is Christian,” “you’re to tell me the truth?” “If Spirit you’re to be still

long enough yes,” “still,” laying his packing aside for now at coming into a seat right to

him was Spirit River anxious to both hear and know what Christian would tell him “I’m

glad to be still.” “To understand this Spirit you must remember how papa worked,” “you

know how he thought and figured things which was very abnormal.” “You mean like

father Abraham being told to sacrifice his son whom he loved without measure?” “Of Lots

daughters being encouraged either righteously or obnormally to sleep with their

slumbeirng father.” “How about informing a teenage Mary how she would carry in her

wound a seed of the Holy Spirits, calling his name Jesus, for he would save all people

from sin,” “or even the prohet Ezekiel not beng allowed to cry over his wife’s sudden

death,” ”you mean like those kind of weird things?” “How long have you known?” “Every

time papa drank,” “which was often,” “and thus got drunk,” “he would carry me out,”

away Christian from the house and tell me somethiing extraordinary,” ”like the details of

my conception.” “Then he would give me a bag and point me to the road and persuade

me to leave for the shame of it all.” “I would take the bag.” “and I would take the road

and that night I would camp under the stars and by morning I would be back there in time

for breakfast and school.” “I’ve known for a time now,” springing up as one getting back

to urgent matters like his packing Christian couldn’t believe it but had Niegl been correct

in his suspicions. “As I know Christian none of this is your fault,” “nor can I blame Ma-

mar,” “or Nadia or Niegl,” “not even papa,” ”just suppose he did hear the voice of the

supreme that time in particular,” “how else Christian would I exist?” “No don’t let this

burden you so,” “I’ve never counted you as my father,” as one not wanting to be in

Christain or Camilla way as they’re to again make a marriage would he gladly join Nadia

and Niegl “but as my wiser than us all big brother and so you are.” “There will Christain

come a time when all veils will move away from our sight and we’re to understand why

these things had to be this way and there was none other way,” “you will see this day and

be glad.” “Then Spirit why are you leaving me?” “Why have you been so crossed with

me,” “not so much with you Christian,“ “but being here where no human being since the

fall should be she being so treacherously without moral by every.” “Anyway,” “you and

Camilla are to make up and make a special marriage of yourselves,” “you don’t need me

around.” “You wasn’t here Spirit but Camilla has decided to go,” “that she has over

stayed her welcome,” “no Camilla has suffered mightily at needing you and missing you,”

“believe me,” “she’s ready to be the wife she vowed to be,” “again you will see this,” “and

yet again you will be glad.”

Part two


“A hot cup,” “something to warm the chill,” with his flirtatious tongue in her ear at

swarming her into this delightful tickle, unto her edible neck, shoulders and chocolate

glamour moles. Those fanciful treats that where right above firm, steeping unto eruption

nipples in which there were twins. "One more week huh?" "Don't think about it like that"

"not like that," "don't imagine you're leaving me right?" "No because

I'm not leaving you"

"I'm going out from you with

full intentions of returning." When not before long throwing

back a riddled with Adeline induce neck, this gapping mouth and tense athleticism into this

uncanny, blaring aloud howl and orgasmic scrabble, a pressed to the limit Tiffany Ann

with him "So how Tiffany did you do it?" "Save your," “protect yourself for so long?"

"My god Nicholas it

wasn't easy," "not in this day" "most of the time I didn't date," "I

didn't invite guys over

when I did." That she and Nicholas Edin where doing it again,

wowing one another fresh and blood in and by excessive, mentally ridiculous at getting

under and into one anothers raging whirls and fluids of life. "Of course there were

close causes,” “like this one time I was in the shower

and Mike came in to me," "he'd

never Nicholas done that before," "soon he began touching me," "kissing me," “my

god it was so," "so you know," "I'd not felt anything like that before." "Surely he was

close to taking me that day and suddenly without warning I leaped from the shower

drenching wet," "I

almost fell and broke my neck getting from him." Admissible as to

welcome this incredible stud, this indefinable zenith into highly desperate after him places,

a mighty stallion stumping around her elevated, seismic ground what a bloody, bloody

triumph! "My god Nicholas I cried about that

for weeks," "hey," “certainly Mike

wanted an explanation," "hey babe it's" "no damn it Nicholas it wasn't ok!" "I loved this

man," "I was engaged to this man," "hell I was going to

spend the rest of my life with him

and I couldn't make love to him!" Having enraged by tosses and turns mightier than the

most gossip tempest were she and Nicholas plaiting and molding themselves by a negligent

intimacy this single subsistence without end. "I always felt I lost

Mike that day," "I mean

we had this huge to do about it," "our first real fight." "Then

when you came to me that

night," “like earlier,” "I was this one," "had always been this one" "soon I was melting and

dissolving into you," "becoming two I guess but in reality this amazing oneness." "Soon

Nicholas you broke through me and my god I screamed and screamed into

what seemed

never," "never land.” "It hurt so

I knew god was punishing me," "but you kept making it

better," "I mean you were so

like just now incredibly gentle,” “yet wild and boisterous"

“so considerate and I dissolved into this one again only we,” “you and I Nicholas were

now this one and,” “and,” “and I can't Tiffany feel you inside me" launching instantly into

these fiery confessions

of hers, those alluring lips, that scrumptious tongue as so every

energetic word. Attaching

himself anxiously and urgently to this his loving female, yes

taking her, indeed carrying

her into his localities of exploratory intimacies and turbulent

eternity’s. As one relaxing into the

steaming imbibe Nicholas Edin was himself were

Tiffany and himself finally coming to terms they would possibly for the next two to three

years endure a long distance relationship, this their immortal lives.



{{{“You’re really quiet,” “what’s on your mind?” “By the way I saw Santee and Vince

the other day,” “when I told them what you were doing and why they turn green with envy

right there before my eyes and when I told them I was contemplating joining them you

could’ve knocked both of them over with a single feather.” “You really think that’s a

good idea,” “your coming to New York?” “I mean I don’t even know if I’m staying.” “Of

course I could attend a local college,” “mom and dad would really be pleased,” “but I

want to be where Collin Hain is,” “I miss you and can’t wait to see you.” “I mean don’t

you miss me?” “Of course I miss you,“ “I was telling Sole just last night how much I miss

you,” “Sole huh,” “how is he doing,” “what about he and,” “what’s her name?” “Tassel,”

“and as far as I know they’re to be engaged.” “So he’s really gonna do it,” “he’s really

gonna ask for her hand in marriage?” ”Man how fortunate she is,” “everybody at school

thought he was such a hunk.” “So will any of his friends,” “or cousin follow suit?” “I

would known,” “I don’t know any of Sole’s friends or cousins,” “ah that’s cute,’ “really

cute.” “Speaking of cute I saw your mother at the grocers the other day,” “she introduced

me as your more then cute girl friend,” “that I would possibly be your wife soon,” ”I can’t

tell you how that made me feel.” “Although the lady she told this too,” “a Mrs. Diaper,”

“I’ll never forgot that I tell you,” “she too grew green with envy,” “imagine Collin

attending school with a name like that?” “I know you know her because of that name

right?” “Collin?” Seeing he’s not to respond, not right away was she thinking he’d like

earlier fallen asleep on her “Collin babe,” “you’re not sleep on me again are you?” “Well

ok I have a lot of research to do any way,” “if you don’t call me by eight this evening I’ll

call you,” “Col-lin?” “Ok later.”}}} {{{“No I hear you but you know you can’t live his

life for him,” “I’m more than shocked about this than anything,” “Collin Hain is more than

a cousin to me,” “he’s like my brother,” “we were raised in the same household most of

our lives like brothers.” “ I know,” “time you think you know someone,” “so you sure

your sister is gonna make it this time?” ”She better,” “unless she has a death wish upon

which I’ll be glad to grant her.” ”I get so sick of her and her super job that demands all

her time you know?” “I kidda got my fingers crossed hoping she and your brother Desrek

really hit it off,” “she’ll at least have a social life.” “I don’t know Tas,” “for some reason

I’m hearing the forewarning from that old cliché ‘be careful what you wish for’ “well if

he’s Sole anything like you then may this be one wish come true.” “You think we’re

going too fast?” ”I’ve had some friends ask aren’t we going a bit fast,” “like where’s the

fire and stuff like that.” “I never said anything but Kiefer asked me that same question

lately, “ “you know how we barely know one another.” “That’s just it,” “I feel Tas as

though I’ve known you all my life,” “that’s exactly Sole how I feel.” “To be honest I

can’t wait,” “we could always elope,” “I teased my brother about that lately he became so

dumbfounded I thought he dropped dead on the phone.” “I’ll be honest Sole,” that both

both of them are to pause from laughter, gather themselves likewise “and say sometimes

I’m a bit nervous.” “Ok sometimes I’m terrified,” “marriage is just becoming something

especially young people don’t do any more,” “almost anti-Christ,” “yes I know both that

feeling and those thoughts,” “like what’s gonna make us the expectation to those ruling

divorcees.” “Although I believe we’ll Tas make the difference,” “you,” “me and a made

up mine,” “heart of contemptment,” “I better get off this phone,” “my earlobes are going

numb.” “Will we tell them at the dinner party,” “is that what it’s about?” “It’s not why it
was originally planned but I think it’s the best opportunity for us,” “you know to let them

know our plans,” “dream sweet of me,” “you too babe,” “I’ll talk to you later”

“No baby let’s go to bed,” “Tiffany,” “hey,” “let’s get into bed,” awaking to the soft

feel and engaging smell of Tiffany's silken hair, of their once tumul

tuous interweaving was

a groggy Nicholas Edin tugging at their sleeping arrangements. “No lets,” “no come to

bed” whispering a tempting smooch into her ear, that alluring scent at getting her up, into

his bedroom. "I wanna stay here," “just,” snuggling in without him was Tiffany Ann in no

way anxious as she’d found her most delightful slumber which was rare. "No you won't

stay here" assisting her into a stand that maneuvered her into his arms was Nicholas

insistent that she come instead to his bed chamber, to his bed "you're coming to bed,"


I’m not,” waking into a fight with him at springing right up, at backing away, at tidying

herself, even

finding herself. "I'm going home," "are you still asleep?" "Baby it's three in

the morning"

"ah god" wearily caressing her face into a distressing cover of her nose, her

mouth, but would she not stay the night despite the hour in quarrel. "You

go," sitting

necessarily, though confusingly into a hard yawn, stretch would she soon consider her

clothes, shoes as she would instead leave "I'll stay here," "Tiffany?" “Ok at least you can

sleep in the guess room.” taking her up into his shapely arms at making Tiffany Ann

comfortable in the visitors' bed did Nicholas Edin at getting his

way out realize frightfully

she'd never actually spent a night with him, not in his room,

not in his house. Plainly they

were there long enough at sharing themselves so entirely,

so phenomenally but she never

actually stayed until the morning.

"It's me,” “it’s Nicholas," "you where

screaming," "god
you scared me half to," "I got to go," abrasively getting from the bed after her things, her

clothes, shoes, as so searching after her

coat as she’d told him earlier she just couldn’t

stay. "Tiffany it was just a nightmare," "don't do that," jet setting spilling eyes and a

finger like

a weapon at forewarning him, especially his hands "just don't ok," backing up

with the

few things she could find was she getting out with her hands filled with her

stocking, her shoes, “baby?" Understandably giving a show of his hands to her

did an

acute Nicholas Edin get in her way at bringing her trust indeed his way, "it was a really

bad dream." "A nightmare?" “A dream for you Nicholas,” activating huge tears did her

words quivered accordingly of her again breaking down, apart unto this mysterious

protester afflicting her at going on and on in this anonymous gibberish to consider a seat.

“A harsh reality for me,” “the hands and the voices” "my god," "it was so real," "you

know I'm here with you," easing along side of her

at taking her hand into his was it then at

keeping his hand as to design it along her mid-section did she crawl back into bed at

comfortably fitting

herself into an infant position at again bringing both Nicholas and the

covers tight about her neck. "Hold me," "just hold me,” "I'm holding

you," soon fitting his

cheek into hers, a pleasant as himself smooch along this unspeakable harmony and trust

could he hold her forever and ever. "Where you

going?" Was an uncertain Tiffany tussling

and wiggling herself loose, getting up, away, again filling her arms with her things was she

getting out, away. "I can't stay

here tonight," "I need you

to take me home?" "Tiffany

baby it's really late," "I'm here with you," "I won't let anything happen to you" "I just


"look at me" aggressively whirling her around at facing him, at coming to terms,

face to face with this one intruder intruding upon their lives "why are you always


from me?" "I'm not running from you," "I'm running from him," "from him?" "Who is him
Tiffany?" "Michael," looking him deep and daringly into those glittering blues of his would

she name her most prevalent, violent objector "I'm

running from Michael." "Please stay

with me," bringing his seeming to be ailing self

near guardedly at carefully pressing her flat

palm into his warm cheek. At wrapping his feel good, smell good neck into hers

at loving

her, indeed at advancing her his way. “I

need you here with me, “ “I need your hands," "I

need to smell you," "I need to feel you near me," cleverly closing the door at emptying her

hands of her shoes, of her shoulder bag at again fitting the

genius seduction he was equally

into her dainty ears, again designing her this lovely agreement "Don't run from me," “I

want you close to

me,” convincing Tiffany Ann so amorously his way, there keeping her,

could he feel her becoming one with him, that all her pains, fears, and sorrows dissolved

so lovingly into every dear caress of him. Undeniably where she was weak he

this super

manner of immortal love was strong, whereas she was frighten, as so

doubtful, he,

Nicholas Edin Coogan was her brave knight. "Who will hold me

when you're not here,"

additionally laying his head so tenderly, yes so enduringly atop those moisten cheeks of

hers and all
at again finding themselves this inexpressible alliance
"we’ll find a way,"

meditating still Nicholas couldn't help but wonder what was this horrible thing called

Michael Day that was

eating away at her, that single oddity preventing her of surrendering

herself to them

completely? "Deathless love Tiffany always find a way."


“A Foster child” ”male or female?” “Female,” “they won’t us to come and make nice

and meet her and stuff like that,” “but who on earth would give our parents their child?”

“Exactly,” “then what can we do?” “Nothing,” “I’ve looked into it,” “it’s all legal and

binding,” “her father is in prison for the long hall,” “her mother a serious drug addict.”

“While Key you did say foster child,” “perhaps it won’t last,” “that’s true but it doesn’t

resolve the fact they’ve found away to affect other children.” “What if we make

anonymous calls,” “cast dispersions at them,” “there’ll at least be an investigation,” “I

don’t know,” “they’re the perfect pair remember?” “You and I are proof positive,” “me

being in a successful career,” “you Miss perfect grade point average whose now college

bound,” “how do we prove neglect,” “especially mental abuse?” “You know Tas how we

are,” “if we can’t see it then it doesn’t exist,” “ah god I can’t tell how good this hot bath

look and smell.” “So you’re to be back here what time Sunday,” “don’t get your dandruff

stirred,” “I’m not going to stand you up,” “ahhhhhhhhh god this feel so good,.” “like

heaven I’m sure,” “what’s heaven or did you forget?” “It was only a figure of speech

Moma number two,” “ah nall Key you take that back,” “I mean you take it back,” “ok,”

“ok,” ”don’t blow a gasket I take it back,” “my word.” “Tell me you at least ate in the

restaurant down stairs and not in your room,” “I did I swear,” “got a few flirts,” “some of

them quite impressive,” “so you both gave and received phone numbers?” “I wouldn’t

Tas go that far but I mingled in and around perilous shores I kid you not.” “While I’m

gonna let you enjoy your bath but until there are names and locations to match these

perilous shores you speak of I’m not going to believe you one tiny bit.”}}} “André

called a few times trying to reach you last night,” “I know man but I was completely

bulldozed over,” “when was the last time you spoke with her?” Fitting a delicious slice of

French toast to his tongue was Soledad Maurice curious about how things were going

between those two. “Last noon actually,” “she’s doing fine,” “I kinda fell asleep on the

phone,” “so is she still coming to New York?” “Don’t know,” readying his cup into a sip

at choosing the right response was cousin Soledad more curious about him and his

relationship than usual. “She’s still undecided,” “and what about you and Jesse?’ “I don’t

want to talk about that,” “I still can’t believe I told you about that,” “what the hell was I

thinking huh?” “You told me Hain because besides the Supreme’s Christ I’m your best

friend in all the world,” “I love you man.” “I see you guys are up early,” “we’re having

French toast,” “you want some?” “I could throw you up a batch in no time,” noticeably

was Hain showing this mounting distaste of Desrek Allum especially after what happen a

day or so passed.” No I’m just having coffee thank you,” “you know I start that job at the

center today and I’ll admit I’m anxious,” “ah come on,” “those kids are gonna love you,”

“yeah I just hope they don’t call me Mr. square,” “or Mr. Know it all,” that under his

breath he’s to again show his displeasure with Desrek Allum which was again laceratingly

obvious. “Aunt Laura reached me yesterday,” “said you haven’t been returning her calls,”

“yeah I’ll make sure I call her sometime to day,” “good,’ “because since you and Sole are

hear they like hold me responsible,” “yeah,” “yeah,” “whatever man,” “hum I guess I’ll see

you guys later.” “What the heck was that?” “Ah come on your brother Dresrek is a jerk,”

“and that’s putting it mildly believe you me,” “why,” “because he told us the truth?” “His

truth,” “no,” “no,” “you must understand whenever a person quote the Supreme’s word

that’s not Collin Hain their truth but the truth of the entire,” “incalculable heavenly host.”

“Whatever Sole man,” “I have that audition to get too so later,” “yeah,” “later,” “look just

tell me you didn’t come all this way so you’re to practice a homosexual lifestyle freely as

America is fastly becoming?” “What give you this right huh,” “to question me,” “my

liberty and freedom?” “The fact you and Desrek have chosen celibacy make you perfect is

that it?” Actually as one pushing Soledad Maurice into his chest at actually baiting him

into a intense confrontation with him at all the more proving his suspicions “no Hain man,”

“just the simple fact you belong to me,” “you’re mine,” “prick you ok,” “just leave me

alone,” ”leave Sole man it alone,” “just do that one thing.” “that’s“ “just,” “I can’t,” “then

you better try,” cutting dangerous, daring eyes toward him at fitting flat palms for pushing

him off again into his chest “or I’m not gonna be your cousin again,” “never Sole again.”


“No Brad that’s fine,” “actually you kept me from over sleeping,” trying to focus

through an annoying squint of his lazy eyes at noticing it was nearing

the hour of seven

and Tiffany was already up. So dead set against following suite after

having such a tense

night was Nicholas Edin rolling out of the covers into his house

shoes and just as soon his

housecoat. “A dinner party,” “when? As one stretching, yawning at hardy saying and

testing his dry

mouth after the imagination of a hot cup of coffee did he just at this slight


motivate within the very pit of himself this frightful feeling that Tiffany after

all wasn't

there. “A going away celebration for me as well,” “I’m going to tell you Brad

you don’t have to go through all of that,” “not for little O me.” Soon in this rush

throughout his lengthy apartment did he learn his fears

to be exact, she'd done it to him

again. Aggressively contacting a chair into a spin did

this fuming manner of Nicholas Edin

relate to an injurious semblance of himself at

thinking himself such the idiot. “So have you

heard from Sye?” “That soon,” “and he still haven’t,” “well it couldn’t have been much

they’re on their way back already right?” “And you and Barb expecting again,” “wow isn’t
that a surprise!” “What do you mean what do I mean?” “You guys can’t keep your hands

off one another,” ”that’s what I mean.” In detail waiting that he's to doze into a dead

sleep had

she pulled another one of her disappearing acts at thinking he would shower, get

right out as well, right after her he guessed. Of course

something ugly, real ugly was

tearing at her and the last person she was to let in was

seemingly him. “No Brad I have a

few errands namely Tiffany Ann,” “and I don’t even want to think about the packing and

preparation it’s to take just thinking about a few years in Paris.” “Well she’s not doing cart

wheels but it seem to be a slow but eventual digestion, ” “we’ll gonna work it out.” Ad-

mitting she loved him but as far as Nicholas Edin was concern

she didn't trust him and that

wasn't love how undeniably he was leaving in less than

a week, truly having the busiest

days ahead of him made him all the more furious

at the thought he wouldn't see her again

before said departure. “Yes I hear the boys in the back ground,” “they know about the

unborn yet?” “Aw yes I see,” “yeah,” “right,” “while look I’m gonna catch a hot shower

and get out of here,” ” yeah I guess I’ll see you guys Sunday,” “yeah Brad you too.”


beating himself up from the shower, into a towel, just as soon into a bathrobe

certainly he

couldn't get dressed and out after her quick enough.


“Come on Hain man answer the door!” Having readied the trigger and pushed the

revolver into the right side of his temple was Collin Hain more distraught than any

imaging. :”Look I know you’re in there,” “that should be your main inquiry,” “how did I

ever find you?” “I went to bed last night with you on my mine and awaken this morning

with this place on my mine,” “coincidence right,” “it’s being a couple blocks from the

university but I don’t think so?” “I like to think divine intervention,” ”holy Spirits and all

that,” “come on Hain man I’m looking kinda crazy talking to this door” “look this is not

how brothers resolve things,” “brothers huh?” Grabbing him as to point the gun instead

into his temple did they both stumble to their knees to the floor “what the hell are you

doing here man,” “I oughta shoot you right now?” “Hain,” “what,” “what are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing,” “I’m gonna kill myself,” “that’s how freaking horrible

it all was.” Spinning up into the nearest wall, pasting his face into it like so was he crying

uncontrollably, “I’ve never,” “it was so,” “my god,” “O god I can’t believe I did that.”

“No god don’t touch me!” Again pointing that deadly weapon at him as thoughts he’s to

kill them, that he’s to kill them both, what indeed had Soledad Maurice stumble into? “I’m

not fit for you to touch me,” “then just hand me the gun,” “Hain?” “No ok,” as so pushing

the pistol into his temple was a panic as he Soledad frighten at how easily the weapon

could discharge and kill him right where he stood “Tell me ok,” “tell what happen,” “I

came on my own free will that’s what happen,” “but time he began to touch me I knew it

was wrong,” “that it was all wrong.” “I tried to stop him,” “to,” ”to tell him I,” “ah god

Sole what have I done,” gliding down the wall into a seat at bringing a just as distressed

Soledad into a seat along side of him was this worse than Soledad once imagined. “Hain,”

brushing away warm, to cold tears of his own had what Soledad feared could or would be

the worse for his cousin was now sadly apparent “no you listen closely,” “ were you

raped?” “Are you telling me he,” “I told you man it all was all communal,” “O god,” as

one gagging, ingesting sickly at readying a stand, at possibly getting to the back room, to

the toilet in time hopefully leaving the gun where Solesad could get it “I think I’m gonna

be sick“ {{{“I found him,” “wha” “who is” squinting into an unawareness barely able to

understand Soledad at severely active emotions getting the best of him “it’s Sole Derry

man wake up,” “I found Hain,” ”I think he’s been forced,” “raped man,” “he’s hysterical

and waving a gun around,” “where are you?” Scooting out of the bed right into his readied

slacks, his shirt and shoes at dressing quickly although did Soledad say something about a

gun? “We’re at Gladys’ Inn,” ”room no five twenty four,” “did you say gun?” “I have the

gun,” “he’s going on about how he tried to stop this guy,” “how he tried to fight him off,”

“you’re right,” “sound like he was force.” “Hain,” getting to a quiet bath after him at

bringing their phone conversation right alone was Soledad hoping he’s not found some-

thing in the bath to end it all “are you all right man,” “will a man Sole return to his own

vomit?” Watching the contents of his stomach spin around the commode was a devastated

Collin Hain reminded of that phrase. “Do you know how sick that is,” “how sick Sole this

all is,” “when they took me like that,” looking at himself in the mirror was Collin Hain all

the more convinced it was over, that he would never live this down, that suicide was for

the best. “They Hain man?” “He just Derry man said they,” “yes I heard him,” “look,”

“I’m the last person he’s gonna want to see,” “what are you talking about,” “you think he

greeted me with open arms? “He greeted me by pointing a loaded gun at my head!” “I

can’t do his by myself,” “yes,” “yes you can,” “if he’s been raped then you get him to the

medical center,” “Sole?” “As there’s still evidence.” “I’ll try,” “just keep him away from

that gun,” “and don’t Sole leave him alone, ” “I’ll be there”}}} “How will I ever get pass

this Sole man you should’ve let me kill myself,” “Hain,” grabbing a hold to him quite dra-

matically, pushing him into that wall at fitting his face to his “now you tell me where you

raped,” “did he,” ”they force you?” “He brought a friend with him,” “one thing lead to
another,” “I tried to fight them off,” with astonishing eyes of his filling with huge drops

of tears spilling over, down naturally was Collin Hain more than hurt by these heinous

events he was mortified. “My Christ why would he do this to me?” “Get dressed,” “we’re

going to the medical center,” “to the what,” “are you crazy?” “I don’t want anyone to see

me like this,” “I don’t want you seeing me,” “and André is to know,” “Sole she can’t

know,” “no one besides you and I can know,” “promise me man or I’ll find that gun and

finish what I started.” “Ok,” folding his head into his bosom at reassuring him, at being

the best friend in all the world to him. “I told you not to hold me man,” “that I’m too

dirty for you to hold me,” “shhhhhh,” “we gonna get through this,” brushing his leaking

cheeks like so was Soledad thinking how he never should’ve left him alone, how this was

all his fought leaving him to his own, and after he’d promised Aunt Laura and all “you’ll

see,” “we’re gonna get past his.” “I don’t see how man,” “I’m never gonna leave this

room,” “never you hear me,” “no one can see me like this Sole man,” “no one.”

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