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Tiffany III

                                                     BEAST OF BEAUTY
                                       …IN THE VINEYARDS OF EN-GEDI…
                                                            CHAPTER III
                                                                 SCENE I

     "He seem to be a no show, I told you that on the phone, he's been so obtuse about everything, well at least he'll talk to you." Truly had Erica turned down at least twenty dance offers and the guys were watching her like she was the last supper. "Ah god Matthew where are you? This is crazy, and so unlike me, what am I doing, why? I mean Matt is a prince of a man, but he isn't the end, or is he? Another female perhaps? Now that's funny, there weren't any females before you, I doubt he's to find one more precious than his Erica Lynn." Not seeing or hearing from him since that awful day in her office literally five days passed she could just die the depression was so intense. "You see I had no ideal he was that serious about me, about us, I think you did know Erica, and that knowing scared the living hell out of you. This is from the guy in the gray jacket, sure, thanks, perhaps you're right, I know I'm right and deep inside so do you, and you and Matt are not going to work this out until you admit it, well, I'll be in my little corner if you want me, sure. Matt, man, I was beginning to think you would be a no show, I don't know how to say it but your girl is here, what did you say? I said Erica is here, Erica, but how is, tell me you, I did, I'm guilty and she's sitting right over there, good night Will man, you did exactly what I asked you not to, I'm sorry, I was worried about, well I'll be apologizing for a month, and what is she waiting on? Matt!, Matt please, okay you do know this is stupid right? So this is stupid?" Tall, gorgeous, so dramatically torn up in places, in levels literally indescribable at getting his keys in his car door. "My not wanting to have a damn thing else to do with you, and what you did, I guess that was normal? No it wasn't normal, well maybe for me Matt it was normal, you made me realize, this Matt made me realize I don't like that person anymore. Yeah well you never should've, what, gone out with him? Look, can't we just go somewhere and talk about this? We've already talked Erica, please Matt, I don't know Erica what else can be said, we can talk about us, but there is no us, there's only Erica Lynn." As this dramatic one opening the door, readying in, "I love you Matt, there I said it, I know, I know, I have a hell of a way of showing that, but at least I can say it now Matt, I love you, I miss you, my god so much. Do you know Erica what I went through just to spend time with you that night? And I couldn't find you, please, just give me another chance, that's all I ask. Even I deserve that, don't you think I deserve that? Please Matt say you do or all of this, all we've ever had was for nothing. When I was only ten years old I knew Erica exactly what I wanted you know, that if god would allow me to live, I wanted to be a doctor. A surgeon so I could help mend torn people. I wanted to fall in love, but not alone, not like this, nothing Erica like this, I wanted this woman to love me as well, not uncertain love, but deep love, sacrificial and through that love, hell I don't know, bring forth new life. That was all I've ever wanted, that is all Erica I still want, please don't" seeing she's to make an attempt to come too close, even wipe the visible tears getting along him, even them. "I got to go, I had like an hour, my patient's are waiting, I know what I want Erica, I've always known, you think Matt I don't want those same things, I got to go, can I call you, I mean will you at least accept my calls, have I lost you, can you at least tell me that? You have a good rest of the night Erica Lynn, I've lost him, my god I've lost him, no," coming out close to her to help her, even a shoulder for crying, William Moss always the friend,  "You've hurt him, but you haven't lost him, how long you been standing here? Watching him depart until his lights were out of sight, hoping he's to turn back, "I only just came out, I knew you guys needed a minute, you say I haven't lost him? Let me walk you to your car, I have never Erica meet anyone so serious about life, you know, I have, ah, sorry, my friend, ah Tip is like that. He's hurt of course, I've known him for at least ten years and I've never known him to be serious about any woman Erica other than you. So I haven't lost him?" That she's to unlock the car door, did William see her right into her car, close the door, again watching over her like she's the last supper. Erica Lynn Roget was a very beautiful woman, actually stunning, one who took that attractiveness for granted and used it to get what she wanted. Standing about 5'8, with very long, dark silken hair. Weighing in at about 110 lbs. as so did she wear very careful facial features as though a master artist had drawn them. Adding to all the outstanding attributes above did she model this sensational figure that drew men like a magnet to metal. "Any man, make that person Erica would be protective after such the infidelity, can you Erica imagine Matt with another woman, do you even want to? That the special, private intimacies you two have are so devalued as they're shared easily with another; I mean how invaluable is that to make him, or anyone feel? I was listening to the lyrics to this song recently, this female end up in bed with someone other than her mate, and then told him, she didn't mean to hurt him, and I'm Erica thinking, asking, how is that possible, that she didn't know he would be hurt, that's crazy? I guess Will we don't think about that until it's too late, and the answer is no, that I'm literally mortified at the very thought of Matthew in the arms, in such intimacies with another, goodnight, yeah Erica, you as well and thank you Will so much, you are welcome Erica Lynn so much, drive careful, hey I mean that!"

...I can no longer feel it's beat... ...MY.HEART.. The love from it seem to leak ...MY

                       ...BEHOLD THOU ART FAIR, MY LOVE ... 
                                                     SCENE II

     "And good night to you as well Mrs. Martha, calm sleep, well it would appear girl getting rid of her isn't going to be as easy as all of that, but am I still dreaming?" displayed as one in deep, thoughtful lounging, a sitting room decorated with various types of sitting chairs, those differing in size, color, form and value. Some of which had been imported from as far as Italy, Egypt, some of them priceless relics, it was his, Christian Cros favorite room, pastime to be. "You should've seen her tonight, she's clearly too much for one woman to be, literally indescribable, but there she was girl, and there I was nearly tripping all over myself, tongue and all, no, I did pretty good, you would've been so proud of me. Ah god, I wouldn't be honest if I said I hadn't thought of her, that there are times that's all I do, you know we're to keep this between ourselves right?
     -Although that Pepper alone seemed a dream, a fantasy, not only regarding this incredible coquette but any woman of any caliber finding me attractive so hideously disfigured. Tiffany Ann, what kind of name is that anyway, you think that's her birth name? I must admit girl I have my doubts, really, I do, then if it's possible she's to smell as incredible as she look. Dear god I miss her, I know it doesn't make sense but I miss her, seeing her, hearing her, being around her, even smelling her, I know I sound crazy, it sound crazy.
     -Truly, girl, how to be sure, how did such a beauty managed to look pass what I've become in the eyes of so many to see me, the man, the person, the human being behind the mask, the monster. There's a full moon tonight, did you know that? Of course you knew that, I don't think I have to wonder if or even when I'm to see her again, judging by tonight, and again girl this is between us, I think our feelings are mutual. You think I should tell her how I feel don't you girl? What does that mean? You know I never know what you mean when you lie down and look at me like that, okay I do know, I shouldn’t rush things right? Just let them play out normally, naturally, got ya, more wood on the fire, got that too it is a little chilly in here,"

        ...CLING UNTO IT'S HEART, ...desiring to love it, ...AFRAID OF IT'S PARTS...
                                                   ...BEHOLD THOU ART FAIR ...

                                                             SCENE III

     "Ah my sweet girl you're so amazing." unable that he's to contain himself any longer was Matthew ravenous with having this one laying so soundless beside him. “Erica, ahhh Erica!” at easing into a kiss of those voluptuous lips, that equally inviting neck and warm breath, tongue so purposely inside him, did his very reins scream and ache in overbearing lust for her. “You taste , taste , ahhhhh Matt, I’m… here, for” induced by this captivating foreplay, that gratifying tongue teasing her readied breast, did said inducement bewitch her very fluids to boiling over “What are you, you ..ahhh god what are,” tearing into, upon her aroused, tingling flesh at ferociously affronting her in places where no manner of control was left. “My lord woman,” with her soft so skin, slender curves, and alluring surrender was a piping to nourish himself Matthew of chattering reprisals, unto erotic stuttering at advancing upon her sweltering spot. “Ahhhhh you smell so good,” such a mounting, lecherous supplication, at approaching an unsustainable climax, at approaching an unsustainable climax, was she at intertwining his fingers tightly about hers perfecting every inflicting movement, every blazing thrust and potation, at growing themselves ever so monstrous, so mighty. "Argggggggg, arggggggggggg, pounding and casting now worrisome covers away at awaking abruptly from an intense wet dream of he and Erica staging the most incredible love making. "Damn it" crashing emotionally wasted upon the bed, hastily researching the time, "god damn it!" Beating his head, even his fist not believing how real and extremely insatiable it all seem. "That was so real, what afreaking dream!” " sitting up did a flushed Matthew Edwin feel that even his pajamas were ruin for that night. At getting up that he's to manage himself, even better himself "my god Erica what a freaking dream" so mentally yet passionately embroiled yawning, stretching at getting to the bath. />

                                               ...THOU HAST DOVES' EYES ...
                                                                 SCENE IV

     "That is not what I said and you know it my word Sissy!" Visibly having some form of disagreement as far as Tiffany could tell, when Syefan and Susan suddenly burst into laughter. Did Tiffany's raised brows and puzzled overlook illustrate both her concern and confusion. "Believe half of what you see" whispering into a sudden return to her room. It had been some week with tomorrow being the day of the Grand Betlzer Ball and as far as Tiffany could tell they'd all decided what to wear. He is so precious, at considering she and Nicholas recent phone conversation, {{{"were they still on?" Was Tiffany more than tempted to lead him on just to see his reaction. The last time she got dinner, a movie and a sensational goodnight kiss.. {{{"call me if you need any thing."}}} Nicholas Edin Coogan was one of the most renown attorneys in New York City, an incredible bachelor whereas some of the most prestigious women in town wanted to get their hands on. Undoubtedly this wasn't unknown to Tiffany Ann herein she knew he wasn't starving for a date. "Must be Erica," hearing the door, the roving of keys, she pouring right in, "you got breakfast duty. I know sissy thanks" as one reminding Erica it was her turn to get up about thirty minutes early and prepare a usual breakfast. This as none of them wanted to imagine the manner of day tomorrow would bring.  Tip, this gentle knock at her door, can I come in? Hey, what's going on, I don't, you remember how we used to just lay around, watching movies, getting, can we do that, yeah, sound like fun, great, I'll get some snacks, be right back.   >>>Thanks a lot Erica Lynn, I really appreciate it, I'm sorry Sis, stretching, yawning, oozing eyes and all, had she and Tiffany had a long night of it. I hoped it was worth it, "I hope it was worth it" twisting her face, mocking her, it was fun, it'd been a long time, with them so busy now. "You want the sugar, yes please, there's some remarks here about the Betlzer's Ball" snapping the paper to her lacking did that get Erica's attention, utmost  "What's it say? That it will be the grandest occasion of the year, that millions will possibly be raised for cancer research, while I just hope the fashion show is a success, it's not about the fashion show Erica, I know that Sissy of course, it's just our foot in the door of very prestige people, you mean very rich people, yeah, those too. Of course now I'll have to find an escort, I thought Matt was taking you, while not any more. What happen Erica? Nothing happen, as one spooning into her fruit, knowing where this conversation was going, "Matt is just too serious, so you plan on having one night stands unto death do you part? Whose life is this Sissy mine or yours?" Leaping up, off at taking rapid departing, was she not going through that same routine of I told you so "why don't you be more like Tip and just stay the hell out of it. Uggggg, that girl, they'll work it out" clearing her side of the table into her stand, did Tiffany know relationship wasn't always as they appeared "you'll see, she and Matt will work it out, yeah that's what Sye says, but I don't know, you know, I just hope so."

                                                                   SCENE V

     "I guess I better get out of here as well," glancing her watch at making ready to jump the elevator, to hopefully speed from the parking garage, it was 3 O'clock p. m. with Erica leaving at one and Tiffany about thirty minutes later. {{{"Hey babe I’m leaving right now where are you? I’m sorry where, and that’s not going to hold you? "Okay, I’m taking a deep breathe and I’ll see you soon."}}} With hopes alone the house wasn't in a mess because of their last minute panic, thinking, while Erica had a reason. She was the fashion director and being in charge of the fashion festivities meant your you wasn't over until it was over. Did Susan Faye as well race off into the high traffic and beaming sunlight. "I can't believe I'm wearing this dress, what kind of message will it send, especially to Nicholas?" Deciding to wear a sensational burgundy and black quarter inch collar gown that Susan designed and she fabricated Tiffany thought Erica looked so sophisticated whenever she raised this high quality gown to walk, so fifties, so excellent. "I told you, you look so incredible, you are the one who look incredible, I can't believe Tip, you're actually wearing it, yeah I just said that to my mirror." All, with her dark mane executed into a fabulous ball, enough lazy strands thereof at teasing her perfect visage, including a black and gold neck piece that was adding superior style, Erica Lynn looked magnificent. "It's not nearly ready, so tell Paul I'll just meet him there, aggggg, I can't wait Tip until this night is over and done! What is keeping Mr. Coogan?" Sporting herself a gown both long and sleek, very alluring, one proficient creation emphasizing her extraordinary figure.. So risqué that when Susan saw Tiffany admiring it about a week ago like Erica she never thought she would wear it. It was Erica's design and more her style, although Erica's figure could never demand such a conformity as Tiffany's does. "{{{"Tiffany here, no Sye she haven't made, tell her to meet you there, ok, I could that, ah I'm fine, yeah, just waiting on you brother, okay, then I'll see you at the ball."}}} Such the brilliant gown was bone in color, collar-less and trimmed about the extended sleeves in a light brown floral plaid. As so attending her riveting figure, setting off an embellishing silken fashion, a shimmering delight, how beyond anything descriptive . "{{{Sye just called, said, what's wrong?" "My god Tip you're for lack of a better word phenomena, and we are in the money, now what this about Sye, ah he said you two will make better time if he just met you there. "My!" Glancing up into an inconceivable chandelier, it looked like a palace and Susan Faye felt like a queen, "what a night, a place." Unite was she as one modeling Tiffany's design, a type of Cinderella creation that was becoming as all of their fashions very popular with the guess. A Burgundy as well but covered in
the slightest of pink lace, dazzled of a V neck line did it's persuasive design grow outward Susan's fabulous waste, sprawling ever so royally about her careful prance, here alone suspending riveting glamour. All with a luxurious diamond necklace caressing her pinkish bodice, accenting the
gowns evasive glittering, truly with her strawberry blonde mane pinned loosely at spilling wayward strands to over-flowing upon this vision of loveliness, all about bear, kissable shoulders, in one word Susan Faye looked exquisite.  Wow woman wow, be my lady, my wife tonight, stop it, stop what, you're wear that and me to stop it, Sye, please,  that with modest enthusiasm did Susan also look forward to modeling Tiffany's wedding gown, The Maaseiah (ma'a-se'ya). The very gown Tiffany Ann designed for her own wedding, it alone would be the belle of the fashion show, so Syefan Erin hadn't seen anything yet, bids and orders would fly out the window. even her own. "I apologize, why, or being so mesmerized into silence, that dress and you in it, has left most of us smitten, you are Tiffany speechless,  The Maaseiah, meaning 'The work of Jehovah, the dress Tiffany wouldn't even allow them to touch had become Susan's and Syefan's unspeakable, as so unknowingly wedding gift. A breathtakingly beautiful article did Susan feel it both an honor and a miracle, loving Tiffany to death. Of course she couldn't stop crying, "you better!" Of course, rushed, fussed  Erica Lynn, "or you'll be a mess, what about Sye, seeing the dress before the wedding, come on Sissy, he doesn't to  know it's "The wedding dress," it's not for sale Erica Lynn, just you remember!"

                                     …ALSO OUR BED IS GREEN...
                                                      SCENE VI

     "My god am I crazy? I have tears streaming down my face, blinded, driving like a bat out of hell one would say, this is a mountain Tiffany, are you still trying to kill yourself?" With at least two weeks passed since the Ball was Tiffany recalling it as it was yesterday, designed an eloquent and financial success had hundreds of millions been raised for cancer research. "I can see the head-line now, speeding female plummets to her death, what a tragedy with her fiance being lost to her only months prior." Having drawn very close even though Tiffany couldn't forget how very handsome he was that night of the ball in particular, how very domineering and sexy, despite his efforts had they not dated since. "While at least Mike and I would again be together, if any of those things are true, that is, well Moma really believed in them, will believe until she died." Of course these things Tiffany pondered as she raced toward Goodwyn Hills, out near Hikes Peak to see Christian Cros, she couldn't really help herself, he'd been a worry on her mind and heart for days and days. "If only she was here with me right now, giving me advice, how because I'm a woman doesn't mean I have to get married, have children, how said life can be dedicated to serving Him." Of course if Christian needed her for any reason she was more than glad to be there for him as a friend, if he allowed her. i don't moma, Christian is so stubborn, so very protective, although with good reason I know, what a mess I've made of things, I wanted to marry Michael, Nicholas wanted to marry me and Christian, just where does he fit in all of this, or is that my decision alone? You was right Moma as always, I wasn't ready to leave home, but are we ever really ready? I know you know Mar, roughly bushing both cheeks, aslight look in the mirror, wondering if  Christian would be able to tell, "he'd risked his life, the both of us could have fallen to out deaths, and there would be no seeing you no more. So you kinda say I owe him because of that, or am I making this into something it can't be, or simply shouldn't be? Some bleeding heart stuff, I don't know, only that you would say that the Supreme’s' Christ heart bleed first. You haven't moma seen the way he look at me, of course all people like Nicholas Edin look at me like I'm some extraordinary thing, but he, Christian Cros, he look at me mar, as in straight through to my heart, thus he sees my flaws and faults and love me regardless, ah god did I say love?" As one pushing her convertible BMW even faster, she always trusted her instincts despite what others thought and this time they told her something was wrong.

                                   …THE BEAMS OF OUR HOUSE ARE CEDAR...
                                                               SCENE VIII

"My Christ help me, pulling slowly into a dark, yet stunning under the night sky yard, thinking perhaps he and Pepper would be sitting the porch making invasion  a little easier. Mike, Moma, my knees feel like they did that night, weak, like I'm to fall on my face, what a sight that would be. While here goes, suppose he doesn't want to see me, whose lame brain ideal was this?" Becoming very hesitant as she approached the huge three story mansion that it was just as she began to knock, Miss Tiffany,"  that Miss Martha whisked the door open suddenly, startling Tiffany heart into her throat, "the answer to the prayer, that what you are, you got to see, someone besides me must see this. Come, come here, here, this way," grabbing Tiffany's hand, pulling her directly up the stairs, right into a large, simply priceless bedroom. Scaring Tiffany tremendously, there was Christian and he was having some type of fit, even a seizure she thought she heard of Miss Martha babbling scaring her Tiffany tremendously. "Ah my god, should, shouldn't he go to the hospital or something? No" Did Mrs. Martha seemed positive at going about her routine, at helping him the best she knew how, "no hospital, he will not be happy, but he's, he's, this is not new, believe" as one tucking his covering when suddenly he grew calm, silent, perhaps like someone who die suddenly, "this is not new, my god, but you just said you need my help! No, no no, this, this not surprise Miss, ah, Tif-ney, Mr. Artelon, me boss but is hard head for this, when he not eating, not taking his med-cine, I say Mr. Artelon, that is not wise, but does he listen to Mrs. Martha? No, he just would not, ah listen, like he give up suddenly, what will I do now? I have mergency home, here, I not be two places, not magic, what I do now?" As one now calm, scary calm, even lifeless Christian didn't look good to her at all, it was hard to believe that her said intuition had been so right on the money. "Now he not need house keep, he need nurse, his fault, he need nurse, but what am I? No nurse, only house keep and cook, ths is tell him in the first place." Eventfully making the stairs simultaneously together, Tiffany could still hear Mrs. Martha yet ranting on about how it was her night off, how she really needed to go home, how Christian had picked a fine night to get sick. "I have Mergency at home," as one appearing less frantic along mixing some strange, dark looking drink, Tiffany could only assumed this was to help. "I could stay with him, oh no Miss, it is my job, ...if you Mrs. Martha need to go, I will stay
with him, that's help, ...he would never forgive Miss, forgive what? He is a very private person that Mr. Artelon, he would not like, not at all. Well, what if I stay until you go long enough and return, until this return?" Examining that ideal as it was a good ideal, along pouring said imbibe a mixer, partially a cup, the refrigerator, how the situation at home couldn't wait, again it was a good ideal, "Yes? I don't know Miss Tif-ney, I just don't know. So no hospital?" "Oh no Miss, shaking a sure head along placing the mysterious imbibe along his bedside, again tucking his covers, refresshing hs water pitcher, all this nurse maid she wasn't. "No hospitals, he hate, no, so he will be all right? Mr. Artelon is calm now, but no hospital, he think he maybe die there, lose his daughter, wife the last time, so he's afraid, si, yes, yes, afraid, may I ask what’s in the glass? Ahh... this is great med-cine, make him strong, make him not get shake, a fit. How long will he sleep? He wake up soon, he be fine now, must drink medicine, very portant, yes, very portant." It wasn't long after their conversation, this lovely Latino female, even reminding Tiffany her mother,  now persuading Mrs. Martha to go and tend to her urgent business. "It is Miss Tifny as you saw yet early, I could do what is needful at home and return just as soon. You see moma these are the kinds of things I'm talking about, the kind of mess I get myself in, what if he get sick again, what will I do? I know, I know, as one arguing with herself this mirror, such as all witness of her, this beyond picture, model perfect. "I just got to calm down, she told me what to do about his medicine and all, it'll be ok, I will, he will, and Mrs. Martha will return just as soon."

                                         …AND OUR RAFTERS OF FIR ...
                                                               SCENE IX

     "I'm just telling you Sye what she said," as one stuffing files his black bag, the next court case hearing, now both of them their busiest, "that she couldn't believe a human could hurt that much and some how survive it, until she's reminded of His Cross of horrible endurance. Well, now that you have her Nickie what you gonna do with her?" As one arm by arm putting his suit jacket back on, having court appearances of his own, even this priceless over coat, memorable scarf. "Well you know she's saving herself for marriage? I know, you don't really care about her, I never Nickie said that, no brother, it's just that obvious, she's human Nickie, she's flesh and blood, and what, Christ Sye, you think I don't know that? I don't just want a fling with Tiffany, that is what make her invaluable to me, I want the vows, that for life, this happily ever after, yeah well Nickie, good luck with that. Mom, Cossie Ann Coogan, Sye would say, good blessings, remember, do you? His hand on the door now this exit, Syefan Coogan admittedly couldn't out his hands on it, but it was just something about her. Tiffany isn't our mother Nickie, I hope not, the things I imagine doing, that would make it ill, this incest, you know what I mean, no Sye though we had a wonderful mother yet you and Brad go along like she never existed, she is gone Nickie, and Sye apparently forgotten, later baby brother with one warning, be careful, ditto Sye man, ditto.

                                               ...I AM THE ROSE OF SHARON...
                                                               SCENE X

     "I am here to help, Mrs. Martha had an emergency, her daughters wedding dinner, is tonight, she had to go and so I stayed," as one having practiced what she would say it wasn't long afterward that Tiffany would learn Mrs. Martha was right, Christian wasn't at all glad to see her, he was downright rude, arrogant right n this bitter anger. "I don't want you here, you shouldn't be here, get out, get out, get out! As one trying to stand to his feet only to stumble and collapse back upon the bed, you can't, ah, Mrs. Martha's daughters wedding rehearsal was tonight, I just happen to get here as she was with purpose to leave, so here I am, you have medicine to take, Mrs. Martha insisted, so you can say I volunteered. How could she do this?" With stunning eyes of his filling with tears, spilling, spinning along his smooth to rough place, "I will fire she had no business, damn it! I told her to go, that I, you had no damn right! Damn it! Are not hearing me, she had an emergency at home, I told her I would stay with, don't look at me like that? I wanted to sit with, you're trespassing, I have a mind to call the cops and have them escort you right from these premises, can't you see that? You shouldn't be here, I am your friend Christian, I chose to be here, with you this evening, you are not my friend, you are an insane person, hat maybe true also, just a few days ago I could feel your anguish and pain and my spirit groan as well, god! How I do I say it, even describe it, this is too weird.. No, please, please, we're both to understand this, when you felt my pain, when you dreamed it, you envisioned a field, one as far as the eyes could see, one filled in total with the blazing sunlight and wildflowers, you were running, you were joyous, yes my lord, it was a joy Christian, a peace unlike anything on this earth. Yes, in the distant you saw a person, a person without a face, that's exactly what I saw, I began running toward this person, needing him, wanting him in ways I've never imagined, the fact he had no face didn't frighten me. Then suddenly you found yourself running from him instead and this frighten you, it terrified me, everything pure Christian, and immortal love was escaping from me with him, and suddenly it was gone, yes gone."

                                                ...AND THE LILY OF THE VALLEY ...
                                                                         SCENE XI

     -"She won't bite, O god you frighten me" touching her heart into a delightful tickle what Christian didn't know was Pepper was the one giving her a tour of the house the night before. "Pepper and I are pretty good friends aren't we girl? Friends huh, when did that happen? Thank you for coming to me, for being here so Mrs. Martha wouldn't miss her daughter's wedding affair, you wouldn't believe how long she'd planned for that, you're welcome of course, it wasn't easy persuading her, Mr. Artelon, such the private person, he not like, one repeating Mrs. Martha rather well was he relaxing into her own seat along side his fabulous sitting chair, such a priceless humanitarian Christian thought. "This is an amazing place here, yes it is, although Tifny you should leave soon, while you can that is. I'm in no hurry, soon, you'll be stranded and I'll feel the blame, come on girl" calling at Pepper, getting into the house as Mrs. Martha was summoning them to, breakfast was it apparent Tiffany regardless of the threat was in no hurry."

                                 ...DRAW ME, WE WILL RUN AFTER THEE...
                                       .                        SCENE XII

    -"How did you ever find this place, it's extraordinary?" Talking to herself at Christian and Pepper making a sudden exit, indeed with every snow flake the serene surrounding was becoming more and more stunning, snow capped mountains all. "What an unspeakable place he has made for us indeed, and this is nothing in comparison to heaven, even the new heavens, Jerusalem." Honestly as one who didn't care about the threat of being there, this hazard, this blessing or a little of both, there was snow, and no other place she'd rather be. "Surely with Erica and Sissy having me on suicide watch there's no telling who they haven't called, or who is even out roaming the streets looking for me. I was just saying Christian, actually trying to put into words what an astonishing place this is, how did you ever find it? Having com eout to him, working hard at making hers a good, clean exit, mostly, only seeing his back, the top of his head. "Earth, or Tiffany Saurus to Christian Cros, this unspeakable hide away, how did you ever discover it? It must of cost you a huge fortune is all I'm saying, I mean it's hard to actually put something so stupendous into words." Trying to understand, Christian had summoned her there in some atypical, spiritual way, the both of them knew it, but where would they go from there? The both of them feared it. "So after that eerie but remarkable night you're not gonna speak to me? There, I didn't know I could still do that, those chains should get you down, home safely, look at Pepper, she even think so. I'm sorry that I said those mean things, forgiven, I, I feel as though I'm running away from you, almost like that dream, how I was running too the faceless man and from him at the same time, do you know what it mean? No," as one opening the door to her entry, as usual rushing her on, off, away, as though there was nothing else to do or say. "It could Christian only mean one thing," as a superb allurement drawing dangerously close, enticing Christian Cros in ways unimaginable. "What if I want to stay? I mean I understand why I couldn't that first night, why can't I Christian stay with you? Don't do that, don't make this harder than it has to be, I'm not, ah your faceless, ah destiny. How would you know that?" As one orbiting herself gravely miscalculating at both getting and staying in his way, was she this unspeakable enticement heightening him in places, ways he'd not felt in years. "I just know okay, you're always pushing me away Christian, I come too you and you push me away, please tell me what is happening here? Nothing okay, nothing," as one roughly wiping his hands into a backward, soaring animosity at keeping them both in place, would he not for a moment give in to the mammoth inducement she indeed was. "There is nothing happening here, please, go, be safe, look at me Christian, look at me, I look at you, and, and, you're so, so, I'm sorry, I must look a fright, no, Christian Cros is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. am I? Yes you are, please don't, I want to see you, touch you, but they're so, they're who you are, they're even Christian what I am, we all have our scars, they're what I love about Christian Cros. You better go, the snow is getting deeper as we speak, there is one, look did you Tifny ever have visitations to heaven, I mean like they're to treat you as though you're one of them? I can tell by the look on your face, what that answer is, I, that’s what I meant Maasieah when I said you're a special woman, possibly the first of, your, what is it? You called me Maaseiah, yes it mean, I know Christian what it mean, it's my original name, no one but my family know me by that name. How did, it just came out, I'm being completely honest with you, I'm gonna go, but because I have a ton of work to be finished tonight, wish me luck, blessing or whatever it is you do. You're not alone any more Christian," such a blazing hug of his neck, at setting those wondrous lips, that tempting ambiance to his impatient ear, this tempting, surely was her unforeseen compassion for him riveting a eavesdropping Mrs. Martha a witness, straight through. "I think I'm falling in love with you, does that make sense? I mean is that okay? Goodbye Tifny, be safe, yeah, yeah I'll see you soon Mr. Artelon, like I said, you are no longer alone, so is that your complete name? This Maaseiah, it's Maaseiah Adonai, my told me it's Hebrew, another name for the supreme, as not to be taken in vain, I'll be back soon, and when I return you're not gonna let me go right?" Sincerely it was like all this time he'd been suffocating and Tiffany Ann, well Maaseiah Adonai was finally a fresh breath of air that saved him from so long a choking death. "So you better miss me, tell Mrs. Martha Godspeed and Pepper thanks for the tour, only next time, no locked doors." So wanting to keep her, to never let her go, but how could he bring her into those places even more so uncertain, just this maze of indecision, namely Camilla? "Now I Christian know, know what? Where broken hearts go, they come here, to Christian Cros making place, broken hearts huh? Drive, be safe Tiffany, okay darling man, see you soon."

...holding to it's hand ...SLIPPING AWAY, as escaping sand...

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