Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany IX


"There,” with an elation of broken English pointing and getting them with haste

his way ”aren't they!" "I'm glad somebody's happy," could Christian as well see Niegl

and Nadia although no Camilla, or Milla he often called her as yet. The Artelon twins

had been delayed due to an illness in the family, delayed almost a week, here it was New

Year's Eve and Christian and Spirit had spent most of it at the airport. Wanting to be

relieved Camilla perhaps didn’t come did he not want to count his chickens or something

like that when just as soon he saw her as one being absolutely unchanged in his sight.

"Hello Milla" witnessing him grab her bags into an appropriate kiss to her hand to say

things were awkward was a good-sized assertion "hello Cros." Although Christian

appeared pleasant actually he didn't know how to feel. "well you guys ready?" As

to reset her baggage like so was this really happening or that nightmare he just couldn’t

awake from? Re-acquainting themselves in their native tongue Hebrew was it Christians’

aim to of course remain silent throughout the trip. "Camilla has agreed to spend at least a

month," "a month?” With his eyes fixed on the road at not facing her directly as she was

in the front passenger seat “will the business take that long?" "Camilla isn’t here just for

business," "she's here for family also" "you sure you wouldn't be more comfortable in a

hotel?" Clearing a thick throat at showing himself indecisive did Christian feel forced,

intimidated even. "Well I suggested that but Niegl insisted I stay with" "of course she

can stay with us" was a thrilled Niegl pushing into their seat at persuading brother

Christian Cros "Can't she Christian?" "If it’s a problem I can make, it’s done," making a

swift turn swiftly this is again where Christian was reminded how Neigl was most like

their father, as one trying to get water from a turnip even if he had to supply the water,

how his meddling into various religions and cults made all their lives miserable. "I don't

want you uncomfortable, I could easily get something "it is Milla done leave it." "I never

thought the flight would end," taking out her mirror at fixing an already exquisite face,

"when Christian and I Nadia did come I felt it," "your English is better, yes Nie it is,"

"all with Christians’ help.” “Hear tell it Spirit you celebrated a western type Christmas,

the decorated tree and all, it is true?” “I’m to admit, and such the delight Nie I’m loving

this place.” Accurately in less than a day Christian life went from picture perfect

to having that picture cut into so many bloody parts and cast out into oblivion.

There only gods can reorder lives viciously maimed by the swords of death, even then

there are pieces never to be replaced. “Love is such a mighty than ourselves word,”

radiating all around a pretty sure of himself smile-was Niegl more so teasing or mocking

his little brother than being sincere “are you sure it’s the right descriptive.” “I think Nie I

know that word even better than thyself, so much so the brother I love I make a repeat,”

“I’m loving this place America.” “Something Christian no doubt told you to say,”

“Niegl!” That sister Nadia is to confront him most of all at being on his best behavior,

“don’t be so insolent, I was only kidding my Christ Lord Nadia,” “Spirit know that

right?” Never is the puzzled life redone as in it's birth, never again will Christian see the

darling face or feel the precious heart beat, or even experience the presence of the little

girl he called his own and here they were encouraging a similar waltz right alone.


“So’le!” waving his little baby into attention his way did the airport appear especially

crowded, “I though Ronda told you not to come,” that they’re to greet one another with

these kind, feel good hugs “she did,” “but how could I turn down the opportunity at

seeing you both.” “Man how tall are you now?” “Six seven,” “only a few inches above

you,” “I told you I would you know,” “yeah,” “yeah it hurt you to your heart I was taller

than you.” “You didn’t make any deals with the devil or anything did you?” “If that’s

Derry what he told you he lied.” “Man!” As to play in his curly locks at happily greeting

him, “how long has it been?” “Ron say you’re here to stay,” “that you’re not returning to

Germany,” “this is me right here,” “wow,” opening the door to a red trimmed in black hot

rod “sharp car,” ”yeah just you be careful,” “that wax job cost me a pretty penny.” “So

how is she really?” “Angry,” “frustrated,” “most of all Sole frighten,” “and blaming

everyone from Genesis to Revelation.” Being instructed to remain in Jamaica as she

would be home just as soon had baby brother Soledad Maurice arrived an unwelcome

party to Corronda’s seeming disaster area. “That’s to be expected with everything that

has gone on right?” “Perhaps you’re to ask Dexter that question,” “Dexter is the man

friend right,” “actually Sole the intended fiancée,” “only Ronda isn’t having it,” “not

anymore, ”just Sole so you’re to know what to expect.“ “So tell me about the armed

forces, is it what you expected and more?” “Why are you contemplating going?” “I don’t

know, I kind of met someone, someone like whom?” “Kassel Berlin Chelin, my god

Derry I’ve never felt anything like this before, well good,” that they’re to make it to the

hospital parking garage. “I’m more than happy for you, I knew you would be, therefore I

really don’t want to make any decisions until I see where we’re going.” “Well here we

are, yes and here we go, you are Sole still keeping yourself for marriage right?” “Like

you my brother I wouldn’t have any other way.”


"Who is he?" Having knocked at Nadia's door unto a limited welcome at taking a seat

"come on Nadia," "I know about Angus," "what do you know?" Testing her long mane

into a ball at patching up perfection was Nadia easily this flawlessness as they all were

"mother told me she thought he would ask for your hand in marriage" "well now it's all

messed up, surely Christian this hand cannot reach across all the time and space between

us." "No it's not messed up" did a benevolent Christian come into a brotherly massage of

her neck "does he love you?" "Yes, do you love him?" "With all my heart, then Nadia it

will work out, come down for dinner" as to make this his exit was Christian Cros being

the big, heartening brother Nada had truly missed "we'll talk about it later." "You see

Nadia, I'm not the monster you thought I was." You were right Niegl about this place,

it’s wordless, setting stunned by Christian fabulous home eyes up and all around

seemingly Camilla in her selfishness thought seducing Christian shouldn't pose

any problem, that certainly with his unattractive outlook there wouldn't be another

woman to compete. “I’d not really Milla seen it myself,” as one taking her bags up and

beyond the dazzling staircase at offering her, her own room in particular “but I knew how

grand it all was by Christian’s own testaments” Although she stripped Christian and her

bank account of about 2.5 million dollars when she forsook him, her riotous living and

very expensive taste had caused it all except for a few hundred thousand, no she would

again have him and all the riches that came therewith “Uh my gracious Neigl you got to

be kidding,” aghast faint-heartedly at the remarkable bed chamber he’s to more than

introduce her to “my god this is extraordinary, it’s has a balcony and everything,” leading

her through double doors of glass onto this just as lovely patio apparently here Camilla

was back for more. “This isn’t a house Niegl, this is more like a five star lodge, I know,

seem my big brother haven’t denied himself much, double wow!” What gold digging

Camilla didn't know was Christian wasn't the little naive boy she'd married, no one thing

he'd learn from his tragic ordeal was nothing was as it seemed,. That if she pretended to

be his friend she was his enemy, not only his but all those he knew and loved. “Christian

said to tell you there will be a dinner bell,” as one actually handing her a key to her room

was this as though she was in nothing less than a fabulous bed and bath “a dinner bell

huh?” Arm by arm resting her jacket was she more than impressed by all this grandeur

“yeah that what he said.” “Well Camilla seeing I have my own unpacking, all please this

place is so stunning please Neigl leave me to it’s wondrous adventures.” “Then I’ll see

you at dinner, yes my dear sir you most certainly will.” No Christian was deeply per-

suaded Camilla hadn't changed, that she was just as beautiful yes but was she also the

baneful, egotistic person that had forsaken him for dead almost eight years now.


"Yeah Brad well you did and we don't" did Nicholas tickled at Bradford Elam, at all

them sitting about the TV watching Dick Clark's special, New York Rocking Eve. Not

seeing much of Susan or Syefan since the wedding had Bradford just joked if he'd

married something that beautiful and sexy that they wouldn't see much of him either. "I

think that's our Que. to leave," as one teasingly getting Barbara up, leading her off at their

intimate reunion being this never-ending honey moon. "Don't you guys get any rest?"

Moving his feet out of their path as Bradford Elam was more than serious "I'll rest when

I'm eating, you’re next" pointing Nicholas and a yet to be involved Tiffany out. "Hey

you guys ready," was a playful Erica Lynn funning them as well, "I got the minister right

here, you two could be wedded in no time." "Yeah Erica why don't we make it a double

this time," "you and Matthew as well?" Despising the distant hewn between them since

their rather complacent discourse days ago truly would he and Tiffany Ann ever get this

right?” "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that," fluffing his pillow at laying all the better,

"marriage take money and since I resigned to be here with my baby, well I'm broke,"

"so that's your excuse," at pinching him really hard, "ouch woman," wrestling her down

into a sensuous kiss were they becoming themselves this sweet couple. "While Tip?"

"While I'm going to bid you all a goodnight, ah come on!" Not believing this into a lend

upon her elbows, unto actually fussing at her "there's only minutes before the count

down, happy new year everybody, happy new year to you Tiffany should I walk you up,

“no," at keeping that aloofness between them as though it was something they needed,

clarifying even "well goodnight all" taking off, evanescing by the stairs up and away

Nicholas didn't know what he'd done to cause such a bitter friction between them.

Certainly he wasn't at all comfortable with the way his explanation of things concerning

Stephanie went, having no intention of insinuating that since they'd both suffered so

tragically and so painfully they should thus be together. "Damn it!" Despising his foolish

breakdown, that was exactly what he'd done, that and the dreaded reality Tiffany would

never trust him apart from this Stephanie situation was alone heart rupturing. "Well

goodnight guys, you know she's going to lay up there and cry herself asleep," raising into

her elbows additionally did Erica know and despise Tiffany’s torments well, "it's all she

has done since Mike's death," observing Nicholas at taking a glance up the staircase and a

glance at Matthew pretending to mind his business. "Yes well happy New Year to you

both," as one getting up the stairs as well Nicholas wasn't kidding about one thing, he did

want Tiffany to be his wife. Of course Tiffany's feelings concerning such things were

critically disconcerted as she was right at that moment laying in bed crying, crying like

she did most nights not remembering when she's to miss Michael so, thanking god she'd

survived the dreaded holidays. "You sure you want to be meddling in Tip's affairs like

that?" Cuddling her into his bosom close, "Tips affairs are mine as well, she's very dear to

me Matt." "I know we have our differences but she is really hurting now, more so since

this thing with her and Ronda."

This time had been especially hard, that and the wedding which was suppose to be

hers. Ah god this was out of her control, she didn't want to feel this way, she had no

desire to spend her nights dying unto a dead lover, though that was exactly what she was

doing, not choosing life or death but horribly choosing both.

"Anyway Nickie really care gravely about her but she can't tell because she's so busy

praising the, don't you think that is still for Tip to decide?" "I mean I know you mean

good but still Erica we're only suspicious characters standing on the outside looking in,

neither of us have any ideal what she must be feeling still, we're only assuming." "I mean

to loose your love so tragically is one thing, to know someone maliciously murdered

them is totally another." "What manner of havoc is played with that persons' physic?" "I

know," resting a chin into his bosom at rolling those stunning blues up to him, "I've

thought about that" "I guess I just want things to be better for her like right now this

instant." "They will get better, no matter how horrible the hour it too with time babe will

pass," with a stunning as this Matthew drawing her ever so close at an adorable kiss did

she snuggle intimately into this her perpetual lover at really appreciating him.


"What's on your mind?" Cuddling all the more into a distant Susan Faye dreaming away

despite their amazing espousal of flesh and blood, "I was just thinking how we and

especially Tip have been through a lot this passed year" "we can only Sissy hope the

hardest part is over still." "I mean we all have a lot to get behind us, how do you do that

Sye, you know when someone take it upon themselves to rip your heart and life apart?"

"Truly Sissy I feel sympathetic for her but Tip is being prevailed upon by one of the most

wonderfully, compassionate men in the world, I hope she let him catch her and support

her." "I know Sye," loving his especial bosom to death do part them did she cuddle in

like so "all of us want that for them, but they have to want it as well." "I think they're

both very much in love with dead issues, yeah, I think you're right." “So what do we

do?” “I think babe we just did it,” with passionate lips of his smashed into her edible

hairline at loving her to death, “we just took possibly one of the worse trials we’re by

gods’ help ever to endure and mold it Sissy into a vow of matrimonial bliss, how amazing

is that especially to them?” “My word Sye I hadn’t even considered, I was so impressed

that regardless of all of the above the dear man I love was keeping his promise I didn’t

consider how promising this must be for us all.” “So you see honey we’ve already made

this gigantic leap, now the ball so to speak is in either one their courts.” “My god Sye

how did this happen?” “What?” “You, me, this couldn’t be more perfect Sye if I’d

planned it from birth, perhaps Sissy there’s one, only one that has done exactly that.”


Being one who'd been sitting out at the bank of the frozen river for some time here

Nicholas Edin was peeping up surprisingly, suddenly to see who it was touching his

shoulders at massaging him into realizing it was Tiffany Ann finding him, even joining

him. "So what are you thinking about?" Inhaling and exhaling such a wondrous past time

as this in at coming down to him, "nothing and everything," announcing into long, well

deserved stretch, even yawn into his stand, “as to Tiffany how you made such the

splendid exit last night.” "So what is waiting Nicholas Coogan once all this is over?" As

to take notice of him additionally, witnessing he was such an excruciatingly handsome

man, perhaps that superb soap opera star that got away. How about that next impeccable

super male model escaping away still. "Are you kidding?" Loving to toss rocks it seem

was he bending down at getting at it again "tons and tons of paper work, ah and those

cases that nobody want." "It's strange," readying herself a toss of a rock most skillful, did

they seem to slide for miles across the frozen pond "but that's everybody's answer "tre-

mendous work await that they can't help getting their hands on" as one in better spirits as

was obvious, especially better than the night prior "Well it won't be long now," "you say

that as though you’re certain," "well Nicholas I've been prayerful," coming into an

additonal seat side him at wondering what would become of them "I believe the supreme

accordingly." "Prayerful" showing himself as one unconvinced, truly what good had

prayer been in all of this? "My mother Nicholas always told me if you're not going to

believe the supreme for that you pray after then it is best not to pray, that it's a waste of

your breath and his ear, this she would say." "I would Tiffany pretty much like to meet

your mother one day, so shall it be" rocking and nudging him into a smile was Tiffany

again her most friendly, even playful, "so shall it one day be." "Breakfast is ready"

remembering the hour, as so her reason for coming out to him at dusting herself off into a

stand away "I was down for coffee and Sissy said to get out here and tell you, will you be

eating?" Asking back into her leave, knowing she seldom joined them for meals "every-

thing smell so delicious, I think I will, so you're coming?" "Yes" getting himself up, after

the fresh, glorious spring of life Tiffany was at present "I'm coming."


“Spirit is to tell me you have a love interest?” Witnessed upon as one coming onto a

chilled porch to him quite dressed for the weather “There is someone Nadia who is dear

to me although I wouldn’t call her a love interest,” “not romantically anyway.” Though

Tiffany wasn't present, hadn't been for a while could Christian feel her deep in his heart

and that deep feeling told him she was safe though sad. “So what is her name?” “So

Spirit didn’t tell you?” “Yes, but I want to hear from you.” Additionally it had been

weeks, but in her rather perilous predicament he didn't know when he would see her,

even when he would touch her and rest in her sensational bounty that alone was literally

breathtaking. “Nadia to Christian Cros,” teasing him but had he gone off dreaming at

convincing her there was more to this mystery woman than he was letting on. “That

Nadia would be Tifny Ann Saurus, she’s a fashion designer, as a matter of fact she and

two other acquaintance plan to open their own fashion center soon.” “I think Nadia

besides your college courses it’ll be nice for you, me?” As to gleefully contact herself “a

model, my god Neigl would never, ever let me hear the end, Niegl being your brother

may influence you Nadia here and there but he isn’t the boss of you, especially the free

will of you, no one is, no one Nadia but yourself.” “Wow you have changed, who are

you and where is my stuck up in all these things brother?” Off again at envisioning the

sheer beauty Tiffany Ann was, not it's outward excellence that fades, no the beauty of her

heart, that melts away all his uncertainty and disgrace rendering him the same as she is in

all her splendid glory. “It’s not Nadia like I’m telling you to go and sell your soul to the

devil, there are may ways, even sincere ways to please the world, but only one way to

please the supreme, by being faithful in all we do and that, that doing be done in a way

Nadia he’s to get the glory.” “Altough let anyone, even the Holy Spirits suppress your

living, free will and grantee you and that person are to be enemies for life.” Did Christian

also count himself at knowing although Tiffany hadn’t come out and confessed it did she

care deeply for him, again were they this kinship, even regardless of what he’d confide to

Nadia were they at all limits this romantic novel radiating from every beat of their in-

valuable heart. “Which Cross is why the supreme Christ first of all surrendered his

will, yes, exactly, although modeling would be a good, fun addition to your curriculum

outside of the boundaries of your studies is all I’m saying.” “You know you’re beautiful

enough, but are you Nadia as hearted, for that is the primary thing you’re to admire about

Tifny Ann, how heartily she is in all things spirit and human being.”


"We found this on Lucky Tontellini," handing a suspicious video tape to Syefan

Coogan did he know without question it was that one that got away, "there's enough

evidence there to bury the Chiselels and the Saurucilet forever, a falling out among

thieves? "Exactly Coogan, exactly." "If Tontellini and Saurucilet thought Papa Chiselel

had a hit out how do you think they would have chosen to die?" "Right," churning

Syefan's suspicions the more at several of the mob bosses wise guys meeting with strange

deaths. "Look Coogan," was this to Syefan bordering on the grounds of a warning, a

signal to run "whoever lift this piece of art from Papa Chiselel was in deep, real deep,

he's not taking any chances, he's instead cleaning house." "So he's gone," spiraling into a

range of thought at standing with his brothers Bradford and Nicholas at his side, the wind

and roar of the helicopter unbending, did one person in particular come to mind "dis-

appeared without a trace is more like it, his children, grands, great, everything gone,

somebody really did a number on him." "So what are you telling me?" Handling the

questionable video back did Syefan have a good ideal where it’d come from and who was

the conspirator in all of this "it's safe to go home?" "You give us a week to tie up a few

loose strings and you and yours can go home, how long still?" Asking at a certainty was

Nicholas Edin to hear him correctly, a leaning into them ear of Bradford Elam "give us

that week.” “That sissy was the police commissioner and William Calvenal, they say

Sissy they've seen nothing like it, that the station was filled up of all kind of villains

seeking protection.” “Well why this sudden panic, I mean I’m glad, maybe we can get

back to normal, but whose the fire, what’s the fire?” “I heard Nickie and Brad talking

about how some Papa Chiselel and Tontiletti had packed up their remaining family

and they'd disappeared without a trace. That Sissy and how Lucky Tontiletti two oldest

sons had apparently committed suicide.” “Even more mysterious the punks that attacked

Miss Aggart turn on each other New Year's eve and they were also dead, that to be honest

at softening his voice, his eyes at this strange admission did all these matters have

Michael Day Harmon written all over them, especially that detailed video tape.” “Is this

right Sye?” Coming aside him standing that balcony to starring these puzzling events

indefinitely into the heavens away at wondering just who could have gotten that close to

Chiselel and Papa Saurcilet drug and money laundering Cartel. Certainly not the

Tontiletti brothers nor Papa Saurcilet who had even more to lose than the Chiselel. “Is

this that manner of looking a gifted horse in the mouth, a gifted horse Sissy indeed, one

seeming of various colors having these obtuse angles if you know what I mean.” “You’re

shivering,” taking her hands into a blow of his warm breath at just as soon leading her in

“I don’t know how any of this happen, but we know it wasn’t Mike, actually those hits

Sissy could have come from one of a million places, a lot of people had it out for Papa

Chiselel and if they really want to find out what happen they have to stand in line behind

a lengthy list of usual suspects, including some inside Chiselels' own cartel.” “The good

thing Sissy is that we’re going home and not into some witness protection program, I

guess that’s the miracle in all of this as well.”


"So how did you do it?" Coming in behind Tiffany who was preparing coffee into

filling the dishwasher "how did you get to Papa," "the Chiselels," "and the Tontiletti's

Huh?" With fold arms into crossed legs at enforcing a lean into that sink to her had

Syefan Erin suspected her for some time, "three of the most notorious gang families of

the 20th century." "I don't know what the hell you're talking about," continuing her well

sort purpose at finishing her morning chores was Tiffany her most repellent "was it the

tape, that was it wasn't it?" "But how did you plant it, how did you get that freaking close

huh Tip?" "Look" as one who wasn't backing down as expected, suspecting instead that

she’s one of the most clever women he’s to meet, and thusly the most dangerous, "maybe

you been in this hell hole, don't damn it!" Rushing a point of a keen, daring finger

in her face at startling her, "don't you, what is this?" Noticing instantly there was a

horrible tension, even a brawl between them. "She's not telling us everything Nickie,"

moving off at Nicholas' intimidation but was Syefan adamantly this detective, "she know

a lot more than she's letting on." "You know Mike was trying to tell me, are you trying to

say I had something to do with Mike's death?" Turning upon Syefan with a black, mena-

cing look at cutting him to his heart "wait a minute," getting in between them at giving

the time out signal, "this doesn't make sense, yes Nickie it does, it make all the sense in

the world, I just can't figure how she did it." "Right back I said" unknowingly coming in

on this heated conversation stopping her in her tracks "how do you fit into all this mess?”

"What’s happening?" "Ask your roommate," visibly as one making this an exit as he

didn’t want to upset the wife/best friend "she just did Sissy in three days what legal giants

have been trying to do for decades." "What is Sye talking about?" "He actually believe

Tiffany is responsible for the Chiselel going down, Tip?" Disbelieving this as it was

preposterous at literally laughing out loud "this Tiffany?" "I know how it sound," with a

crossed Syefan Erin hearing Susan come in directly behind him, did he stand fire at his

belief "but despite how ludicrous it sound it's true." "Sye?" Displaying herself careful did

she perceive he'd taken his power stance, arms fold inward, eyes keen, positive, shaking

his head. "Just what it is you think Tip is capable of?" "My god Sye I know she can seem

scary, even mysterious at times but she is not a hit woman, that’s not what I'm saying,

it's what you're insinuating think about it?" "What the hell just happen back there?"

Rushing his own absurdities in Nicholas most of all couldn’t believe Syefan was being

this harsh with Tiffany Ann, this accusatory "three days Nickie," with three sure fingers

pushed into his face was Syefan Erin this incontestable “that’s all it took her." "Even if

there's some truth to that Sye and god knows this is quite insane, “quite" agreeably Susan

fold her own obtuse arms at Syefan injurious allegation, "this mean these guys are off of,

no Nickie, this mean that, that innocent young thing in there that you've become so taken

with is one of the most dangerous women in this world, Bella Mafia." "That all of this

could've even been a run signal for someone she's in bed with." "We are talking about

the same person here right?" Growing gravely impatient at brother Syefan’s tirade of

blame, "Tiffany Ann Saurus, if that's even her real name." “Ok,” giving that time out

signal additionally at cutting those stunning blues at him, "ok Sye I see were this is

going, when you say legal institutions that has failed does that include your own?"

"What damn it?" Tearing explosively into his little brother that they’re to actually duke

this out "you think I'm on some type of guilt trip, that I'm envious?" "My god

Nickie Mike could be dead because of her," "hell all of us!” "Sye please"

trafficking this alarm right in between the both of them at preventing them. "You're

really frightening us, really, none of this make sense, I mean you're talking about Tip

here not some notorious mobster, please baby," as one rubbing his back at laying her

cheek so tenderly to his, a just as soothing whisper to his ear "please come back, please.”

“This is still our honey-moon, can’t we let this go for now, Nickie, huh, please?”


"All this crape the other night about me not knowing you," as one explosively

bringing said allegations again her way "what was that about?" "What's wrong Nickie,

not so sure about whether you love me or not?" "What in the devil is happening here?"

Tearing into her blatant foolishness at spinning her around directly to him, "didn't you

hear? “Your brother think I'm a hit woman," taking her hot cup into a seat at the kitchen

table to get into her morning read "perhaps my name is Little Moma!" "You think this is

some joke while my brother seem to be losing his mind over matters he's never wrong

about, that's Tiffany never?" "You was almost insane that night trying to convince me

that I knew you worth a damn," yanking that paper, that manner of inflexibility from her

down to the table as though she had some explaining to do "what was that about?"

"I mean are you just as surprised as all of us about the sudden turn of evil events or were

you expecting this very thing?” As one whispering in as they were in the most visited

portion of the house, the kitchen where just anyone could walk in "Tiffany?" As

unfriendly as ever was Nicholas Edin withstanding her arrogance into pulling her from

the eating table, dragging her to a place were they could talk. "Now you talk to me damn

it!" "Should I raise my right hand?" As one yet joking with him at making him all the

more a festering anger "should I swear on a bible?" "My god Nicholas perhaps your Sye

is never wrong except this one time, this one time Nicholas." "Will you for once stop and

think about the probability here, that I did in three days what legal giants couldn't

do in three decades?" "Me!" "Twenty three year old Tiffany Ann Saurus fashion

designer." "So you had nothing to do with this?" Was an impending as ever Nicholas

Edin all the more untrusting "Tiffany?" Piercing instant, coercive eyes at her additionally

a witness that she’s to playfully raise her right hand to say "I had nothing to do with it"

with this parley somewhat taunting him, herself into a manageable laugh, at both

grabbing her and hugging her as she was his undying love.


“Don’t look at me like that I tried to tell you,” “and in so many ways Sole so did she.”

“I try not to imagine how terrified she was,” “how Sole so extremely close to a horrific
death she was,” “the torture and torment aside but was she Sole also violated in ways no

one want to imagine.” “I’m tired of Ronda treating me like I’m some kid,” displaying

himself immensely disappointed that his sister Corronda simply refuse to see him, was the

hospital waiting area pretty crowded. “I’m going to go and,” “and freshen up,” “call

Kassel and I don’t know catch a nap or something,” “will you talk to her?” “I have Sole

talked to her,” “that was the warning I was giving you at the airport that this talk didn’t go

so well for either of us.” “Then let her know I’m not leaving without seeing her,” “that

my life,” “it’s pending career will all be on hold until she see me,” “I’m not a freaking kid

anymore,” contacting his brother at bringing tear glistening eyes directly to his, a rub of

nearing nostril. “I know that Sole,” “I told her that,” “you did,” brushing a leaking nose

like so, did tempted eyes ready themselves as well “you told her that,” “yes.” “Look

you’re right,” “you’ve been up all night,” “go to my place,” “get some sleep and I’ll call

you if things here change.” “This is all Sole going to pass you know this,” laying a com-

forting hand of reassurance to his shoulder was Soledad Maurice everything Desrek had

earlier described to Corranda and more, no longer this snooty nose kid but an ingenious

man. “I can’t ask you Ron what’s wrong with you because it’s so obvious,” “it’s like

being deadly ill and refusing to medicate oneself with your loving family watching pain-

fully, helplessly.” “All don’t be so damn text book,” “I told him not to come,” “so did

mom and dad,” “he should’ve listen.” “You brag Desrek about how mature he is yet he

comes off as a hard headed kid.” “We’ll this hard headed kid as you say told me to tell

you and I quote he’s not going anywhere until you see him,” “that his career,” “his life is

on hold until you do.” “You’re lying,” “he doesn’t understand Ron how it is you think

you can trust me with this tragic episode and not him,” “and he’s pretty damn hurt because

of it.” “You think you’re hiding the dark side of the world from him, protecting him

maybe,” “Sole remain this close to the supreme Ronda because he is so familiar with that

world,” “there’s something else,” “Sole is talking to me not only as a man in love,” “but a

man Ron on the verge of marriage,” “marriage?” “I maybe off the beaten by Christ’s Cross

path here but perhaps these are things he want to discuss with his big sister.” “I know

Ron how hard this is not by experience but because you’ve allowed me a front-side view

now if only you’re” “our baby brother is a man now,” sweeping moisture from both eyes

at realizing she could no longer deny Soledad his responsibilities in these things despite

how horrid they were. “So where is he, tell him of course I’ll see him, he went to my

place for a little R and R but I’ll tell him, you’re doing the right thing, yes, I realize

that Desrek,” that she’s to as well consider her ill treatment of Dexter Leon, even Tiffany

Ann, that she was blaming everything and everybody but the true miscreants “thanks,”

that Desrek Allum is to make his own get away, “sure Ron, any time.”


“What’s this?” That after collecting all his belongings from Nicholas place was

Bradford Elam saying his good-byes as it was here they hugged each other confessing

they were glad to get back to living again, that it felt really good all with Nicholas

noticing a box of letters on his desk. "Ah Calvenal drop those off, said they collected

them doing the investigation, all these letters?" "Yeah, some insufficient letters that's

been piling up over the years." "Some are from the theft at Syefan's place, old letters?"

"Investigators" as one reminding Nicholas into that leave had they seemingly got away

scotch free but not at all blameless. "I got mine, some are yours, like I said some are

Sye's, I better go," as one glancing into his watch was he running late for a noon

appointment “yeah Brad" opening one of the letters, not noticing it's addresser at

exhaling into a read, “see you later.” ‘Dear love, I can't begin to tell you how I've missed

you and how I long to be with you, “what?” Puzzledly turning the letter to see it was

instead addressed to his brother Syefan did he breath a sigh of relief. Whoa!" Catching

his heart was Nicholas Edin more than glad this wasn’t about him "that scared me," when

as one suddenly realizing something very familiar about the hand writing at fanning a

curious aware-ness down the parchment at realizing who'd endorsed the letter. ‘Love

always Stef.’ "Stephanie?" Baffled still at thinking, wondering why would Stephanie be

writing his brother a love letter? Frowning into this affirmation at backing into a seat,

reading the letter likewise as this had to be a mistake, that the letter was perhaps a

forgotten letter of his own. ‘Dear love, I

can't begin to tell you how I've missed you and how I long to be with you,

I arrived in

Australia only two days ago and your sweet kiss is still wet upon my lips,

upon my yet

aroused bosom and I'm going nuts without you.’ Did the fiery words began

to fade into

that silent distance at activating near to tear eyes evenly at Nicholas growing even more

mystified into
checking the addressee once again for clarity. Falling as one fainting into

an awaiting

seat at continuing his read that denial is to set in, it couldn't be, his own

brother? That it was he that’d betrayed him, he

that had an affair with his wife to be?

"Nall!" Shaking into an amusement, a clear breath,

thought at thinking the investors had

crossed reference the letters somehow, perhaps this letter was

actually addressed to him.

"Oh god!" Displaying such a sickness deep within the pit of

his belly at both startling and

anguishing his heart at spinning him literally erupting into the nearest

waste basket as he

was the single one breaking the seal just now. Although it couldn’t be, rubbing his nose


a sniff at blinking nearing eyes did he feel that eruption in his stomach once more only

this time he spilled himself horribly so. "This can't be," tearing Kleenexes out at wiping his

mouth into the warm

to cold tears tightening into his stretch toward the ceiling throat.

"Calm down" as

one cautiously managing and consoling himself as this had to be a

mistake although the letter itself was

evidence that it indeed could be so, that it indeed

was so.

From what Nicholas could tell the letter was old, dated three years prior and he


it was a mistake that it had fallen in the lot with the rest. He would kill him, that's

all he knew he would find him and kill him, scattering his blood

and spirit. Thinning out

his very soul to the four winds of evil forgetfulness as his foul

betrayal had so punished his

eternal existence.

That the more Nicholas read the letter, the more he realized how deep and how long


thoughtless treachery. This obtrusive treason of both the woman he loved and the


he trusted and would have gladly given his life for. As one devastated into a

manner of

insanity, into a soundless breaking apart, out of menacing tears all glancing this


breach of faith. Soon the phone sat ringing, the answering machine talking and


Edin sat dying, indeed sat as one being pounded to death by the two people he


trusted in this world.

"Leave me alone damn it!" Screaming, sobbing and throwing at a yet ringing


obviously not wanting to speak to any one, see anyone. Understandably right then he just

wanted to

die, though it was Tiffany desiring to know if they were still on for that night,

that with

this manner of outrage digesting itself at twisting his heart, that stomach into

knots, into pinning his arms over

his head at crashing him to his knees all with that now

unmasked letter feather tailing to the

floor. Soon witness upon as one pulling the trash

pale close was a distraught Nicholas laying there

on the floor until the day turned to

darkness and the darkness to an early morn.


“I told you Sye the last I saw him was when I cleared my things from his place

yesterday,” displaying themselves fairly concern after Tiffany told them she'd been calling

Nicholas all through the day and night and now the morning and he wasn't answering his

pager, or his phone, that she got nothing. “He didn’t have any out of town dates he didn’t

tell us about did he?” With Bradford instructing Syefan

he would meet him at Nicholas’s

place where they as so an adjoining Tiffany Ann making the elevator up to his place. That

clearly after what they'd just survived they couldn’t simply leave this to reason as there

wasn’t any.

“You know Nickie Sye he would never leave without first informing us,”

“plus he and Tiffany had a date planned.” When just like the phone Nicholas wouldn't

answer the door but they could hear him

screaming "Go The Hell away!" "Nicholas this is

me,” “Tiffany," moving compassionately into

a stubborn door what indeed could have him

this rattled? "You're scaring us," "Nicholas please you're frightening me," "please


the door," "tell us what’s," "go away!" Literally crippled by this unveiling was he as a

mad man quite savage "damn

it!" "I don't need any of you!" "Nickie this is Sye," testing

the door as to make an entry did he fit a key in likewise

"I have a key," "I'm coming" "no!"

launching in as to block their access "no you don't

damn it," "you can't" that as a raging
lunatic did a viral Nicholas Edin at first strike catch

Syefan about his throat, attacking that

very life, breath accordingly, slamming him into

the wall, screaming how he should kill

him. "What the hell is going on here?" Charging

in, wrestling with them both, trying to

break Nicholas incredible hold, his delirious ability

to kill Syefan Erin where he stood.

"You stay there damn it!" finally breaking between

them, obviously spiraling a consoling

hand at Syefan who was still choking to death. "I

Want Him Out!" to say Nicholas Edin

was a mad man was an understatement, he was a

murderer, a man slaughterer "OUT!”

“get the" "what has gotten into you?" That if Bradford

Elam wasn't seeing this for himself,

sparring and battling at this unprecedented exploding purpose to kill Syefan Erin most of

all he would never believe it. "What’s this Nickie?" Fixing this viperous manner

of brother

into the nearest wall "you ask him," through a violent reprisal trying to get

to Syefan still,

trying to get one more hand around his neck, about that one life-span,

trying to kill him.

"You ask that cheating bastard!" "Damn it!" "He know" "ask him

about he and Stef,"

dotting tense fingers into his broad chest. "He and my fiancée!"

"Ask him," crying and

responding uncontrollably what manner of outlandish accusations were these? "What the

hell is he talking about?"

"I don't know" bending, grunting out of a massage of his throat,

soon ducking and

dodging at a quickly evaporating Nicholas Edin taking another swing at

him. "You

damn freaking liar!" "You are the one she was seeing," "damn it!" "it's all


raising the crumbled letter to eye level at brawling and mangling with Bradford at

moreover taking off again after Syefan Erin. "I'm warning you," that he’s to battle

Bradford Elam as well "get him the hell out of my house," "her too damn it!" With

steamed, unmerited tears designing the mad house he apparently was, was

Tiffany herself

activated to a heightening remorse. "You calm the hell down," holding a
more irrational

than ever Nicholas Edin at an arms length, a strong arm at that. "All of you

get out!"

Sparring uselessly with that arm, getting to and tossing a chair instead, really


at his place, "we are going to go," piercing a finger like a sword his way at cutting

eyes of disapproval at him, yes assisting a yet cripple Syefan Erin. "You calm the hell

down before you

blow a damn gasket" as one as well supporting Tiffany with this exit did

Bradford know it was best they all left, get him calm. "I don't need any of

you!" Slamming

the door shut in their faces was Nicholas Edin yet throwing quite

the tantrum at aggres-

sively tearing his place apart.


"My god,” easing into that seat, into a vexing stir of her cup at husband Bradford’s

detailed portrait of Nicholas’ maniacal rupture and all out purpose to kill Syefan

Erin “what Sissy

must be thinking." Having to admit he had his suspicions Bradford

didn’t know, something he'd seen, heard,

although Bradford had hoped that's all they were

suspicions. "I remember Nickie Barb after he lost Stef," "I thought he would

die," shaking

his head at not believing this, at not believing his witness for a

second. Especially the ideal

that Nicholas had become that wrathful, that there was a time he was going to choke

Syefan to death, that if he hadn't

been there he probably would have. “You know Barb do

something bad to himself,” “it was far more than an affair," seeing his dinner was possibly

spoiled for now but was eating the last thing on Bradford’s mind "Sye

was suppose to

meet her in Australia were he'd promised to marry her," "now that is crazy"

jolting a head

of astonishment at the very thought how could this get any worse? "Apparently their affair

was on

and off for years," "while she and Nickie were engaged and while he was dating

"My god was he insane?" "I don't know Barb," "but a plea of insanity is about the


thing that's gonna help both Sissy and Nickie understand this one." "I just can't be-


it,” glancing his wife own appalling uncertainty into pushing that now chilled plate

away, "it's bad Barb," "really bad." "I know,"

consoling him with a passionate rub into his

back, here contemplating his now cold

supper table, whether she’s to toss it or warm it.

"We don't even know where he is," "his office says he out of town," "it's

been two

weeks." "The god awful way he's treating Tip," "it's like he blame her as

well," "Brad

please baby you got to calm down," "I know you're right" "it's just he re

fuse to talk to

any of us," "Sye's nothing better." "Look!" taking his cold plate as to

warm it would she

try and bring just the littlest normalcy back into their calm surroundings "let me warm your

dinner and check on the boys" "you let this go," "it's going

to work out." "Everything

Barb was working out until this," "it's crazy,” out of a

shivering utterance of what would

become of he and his brothers, especially Nicholas and Syefan Erin, even to the promise

they’d made their dying father "just crazy.”

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