Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tiffany VIII


"It's cold" Dusting his hair and rubbing his nose at his father

splashing him with a snow ball, "you started it" was big brother

Daniel additionally for revenge chasing their father. As one

laughing her side to pain at her family, at thinking what a

difference a day make, how just yesterday it seemed as though

all was lost, just last night her very special husband Bradford

Ean was crying in her breast, nearly frighten to death.

Although now here they were, the three of them building a

snow man and having snow ball fights, it was truly beginning

to look a lot like Christmas, not actually the one they'd planned,

but still a very special one indeed. Family and friends were to-

gether, all of them were there except Matthew at Erica's reminder

was she now as one becoming rather close to this Monroe guy

who wasn't far from getting her it seemed.

Knowing Erica drew men did Barbara also know her to be

rather the flirt, here hoping this Matthew guy knew what he

was doing trusting his heart to such an unrestrained person.

Comprehending Erica and her whorish ways well, she is the

one who literally prevented Barbara and Bradford's marriage.

Trying her best to come between them, her all out purpose to

marry at lease one of the Coogan boys and possibly seduce the

others.Naturally with a fleeing Jason wrapping his cold, wet

hands about her legs at alerting Barbara back into the now,

screaming he was and trying to hide from his big brother did

a playful Barbara Ann snatch him up and run into the house,

up the stairs laughing and screaming at both Daniel and Brad-

ford giving chase.

"They gonna sleep good tonight," laughing and heading

toward the kitchen to check on the fancy dinner she was pre-

paring even to Susan this was all amazing. They'd all been

brought together, the tragic circumstances under which they'd

been forced there was nothing to be celebrated but being there

together with lovers, friends and family would make what could

have truly been tragic livable. They would get what they wanted

for Christmas and the new year, to spend it together with loved

ones and friends, indeed was a grateful Susan thinking who could

ask for more than that? Things have been and could be a lot worse.

“You wouldn’t be following me now would you?” “Of course,”

leaping into a seat upon the kitchen counter “you see Sissy I’m

your bodyguard,” “hence I get to go wherever you go.” “So

they’re not allowed to guard my body huh?” Fitting her stylish

frame between his thighs into a biting smooch of this lovely

husband to be “that’s exactly what I mean.” “So what’s

smelling so good, ahhhh,” shaking a wooden spoon playfully

after him, “it’s not me after all it’s my cooking pot you want.”

“I admit your cooking is good,” organizing himself a valueless

suitor to her neck, that edible ear, spoor “but not that good, not

good as you I mean.” “I love you Mr. Syefan Coogan, where

did you get that name anyway?” “While,” hurdling himself again

a seat to that counter “father always told me my name was to

originally be Stefan but mother made a misprint and thought

it was clever,” “as so was Bradford name to be Ronald but at

the last minute she named him after a close deceased friend and

their you have it.” “You guys Sye never speak of her,” stirring in

a pinch of salt, pepper, as so other flavor enhancements “almost

like you never had a mother only a father” “I know,” visibly acti-

vating standing teardrops to each eye spilling over momentarily

“things with my Mother Sissy are complicated,” wiping, sniffing,

as so brushing a ready nostril like so “perhaps one day they won’t

be and I’ll talk to you about,” as one debating whether he’s to say

her name “her.”


Standing in a sizable study crying at Dexter Leon confirming her

deepest regrets Corronda wouldn't see or speak with her. With Dexter's

voice trembling by an emotional breakdown unto a cracking throat

flexed skyward {{{"she doesn't want nothing to do with us, especially

with you and your friends" this was horrible, his indisputable wreckage

alone was so insensitive. "She's holding, she doesn't Tiffany know what

she's saying it's the pain talking, she's leaving Tiffany," at adding insult

to misery had these events really tore him up "going home to Jamaica,

she's insisting her life here is, you know, I'm sorry Tiffany," Dexter

Leon was, he was sorry, he was more sorry than mere words could say

"but you of all people know heart wounds heal in time and that's what

our Ronda need, time."}}}

Replacing the phone into an array of dramatic sensitivity igniting an

Explosion squealing and knocking everything from that desk top

crashing to the floor. "What the hell was that?" At a time like this they

all were alarmed, eventually bringing them her way at discovering

Tiffany Ann as one totally distressed, combustible even. "Tip?" Moving

in cautiously at the sight of Tiffany with blood all over her hands, what's

wrong?" "She blame me!" Was this the attempted suicide Susan feared,

had Tiffany intently maimed herself? "Who honey blame you?"

"Ronda!" Hollering necessarily, all the more startling Susan Faye "who

the hell else!" "Ok" a motherly Susan warrant to calm her "I'm sorry

about that honey but you're bleeding, lets get you cleaned, “nobody

freaking touch me!" With a look, an explosion wholly intimidating

"nobody!" "Tip?" Seeming they were in a dance together, a square

dance for your life, soul "you're bleeding pretty bad, come on now,"

was Erica Lynn joining this estrange carousal "let us help you." "I'm

warning you!"

This was it, growling and biting at them with an abjection enough at

slaying them where they stood, this was that side seldom seen "you stay

the hell away!" “Tiffany,” with a caring Nicholas Edin approaching it

was as though Tiffany Ann had cut a vein she was bleeding so heavily,

"Tiffany you’re bleeding pretty bad" now as one securing this deranged

hardship his direction was Tiffany pointing and despising his claims of

merrymaking "you stay the hell away from me, all of you!" "Now baby

you know I can't do that," inducing himself upon the vision of toil she

apparently was, "let me help you," "no!" grabbing a letter opener as

she’s to ready a weapon at mapping a place to run, to escape did a pene

trating Nicholas Edin see her strategy well at running with her, catching

her and wrestling her to the floor. “Argggggggggggggg!” Kicking and

screaming at him, even trying to bite him “let –me-go-damn it!” Did it

take the rest of them at subduing her. With a trauma as this cutting her

pretty deep, seemingly even a vein was there a sharp glass object that

broke when her hand descended upon it. “Something tell me Sye this

has Corronda written all over it,” washing and drying her hands as he’s

to ready his was Tiffany more settled. “I told you Sissy how her friend

Dexter came after me, when things this bad happen people have to

blame someone, why not us?” “Especially Sissy Tiffany since she was

their primary target.” “That doesn’t even sound real, that Tiffany is

some mobster drug cartel target for assassination, my god what is this

world coming to?” “We’re gonna get pass this, “hey,” touching and

folding her into a pleasant, safe hug of himself “it’s all gonna work out

you’ll see, it has too,” setting a worried look apart from her all around

the room “it just has too.”


Insisting their mother read them a before dinner story did Daniel and

Jason have the hardest time choosing between the two books. Daniel

wanted to hear about the brave soldier boy, while Jason wanted to hear

his favorite cat in the hat story. Well since Jason always heard the cat in

the hat story, Barbara decided to read about The Brave Solder Boy, a

book by Thaddaus Wilson, seemingly it wasn't long before they were

both in agreement.

"What else is going to happen?" Coming onto a silent porch, into a

perilous Nicholas Edin, "don't know" inhaling into a play of uneasy

palms, nerves. "I want to take her away from all of this Erica but I am

afraid we're running out of places to go, you really love her don't you?"

"Yes," glancing a once worrisome appearing her way into a thick

swallow "I know you didn't think I noticed, “no" finding himself a

party to snow stunning whiteness all around them "I guess I didn't."

"Well people tend to think I'm this irresponsible air head but I'm not"

"I" giving Erica Lynn quite an astonishing woman herself a superb look

"never thought that about you, any of you," fanning those to die for

eyes again into this majestic scene. "I know people have a different way

of looking at the world, I know Erica they fashion their lives and

reactions accordingly, while" finding herself as one supremely

impressed "that's a really nice way to put it." "So have you told Tip how

you feel?" "Yes!" lessening into a still vision of those hands, an ob-

structed appropriateness, "yes Erica I have, it only seem to embitter her

the more." "All that's horse pucky," prankishly launching into him

"Tiffany love you as well, excuse me" attending a frolicsome

Erica Lynn, her debatable indictment with great extremes. Truly the

delectable human being he indeed was "I said Tiffany love, I heard

that, I mean she haven't admitted that to me," coming to himself at

wishing she indeed would "have she said something to you?" "She

doesn't have too, I know, you know?" With an agreeing smile high-

lighting the cutest dimples was Nicholas Edin Coogan magnanimous

in every way but loose "you're not alone," consoling his resting hand

straight into her get away, "you'll see Mr. Coogan, “you’re not alone

at all.”


"Ummm," adorably sniffing and peeping around Susan's dinner,

"something smell delicious, what is, don't stick your fingers in my

sauce" whipping him with a now prevailing spoon "ouch, you're

dangerous Sis." "You want to go and see if Tip will come down for

dinner?" "Send me" unusually playful did Nicholas need a reason to go

knocking after her "go on she might listen to you, yeah, yeah if she bite

my head off you're the first to be hunted." "Tiffany? Knocking, moving

in uninvited, researching was the only light that shinning in from a

passing day thus the room was twilight. “Are you sleep?“ Soon kneeling to this lonesome

beauty cuddled into an adorable rocking chair fast asleep, sidling

closer, trying not to awaken her just yet. "Hey," smiling into her

eyes opening to him did startling her cause a petrified Tiffany Ann to

literally knock him to the floor. "Ah god you frighten the hell out of

me" displaying herself unhappy that Nicholas knew wasn't good. "I'm

sorry" hurriedly explaining himself, pointing back "I knocked several

times, dinner, Sissy, it's almost, it's." "I don't want any dinner!" Sitting

additionally at angrily yanking her covers tighter, "nor do I want to go

out into the damn snow, nor do I want anything to drink!" "I want to be

left the hell alone!" "What?" With an eloquent Nicholas Edin standing

his ground, a shaky ground at that "just what is it Mr. Coogan you

think you can do for me?" "If you let me I will love you forever,

what?" Again fumbling with those covers at thinking truly what an

incredible creature god hath made for her. "Do you know how insane

you are?" "Just come" holding his vacant hand to her hand, readily

declining as did she. "I'm going" backing the humanitarian he was

out "but I'm missing you Tiffany and that's really ashamed seeing you

are here with me." "You won't tell any one right?" Leaping into the

door after him, catching him just above the stairs, "I mean" moving

closer shamefully at coming all the more out of that door "that can spoil

of, no" giving her that genuine look as only he could "of course not."

"You don't hate me for that right?" "I was" blinking and clearing at

avoiding nearing emotions did she find herself amused instead. "I was

kinda saving it for marriage, although you did propose about a hundred

times." "Yeah," as to strike a precious, even intimate memory at coming

back close "I really Tiffany couldn't help myself, you was such a

rapacious discovery." "So you're managing?" "Yes" spinning a lone-

some tear along her cheek at making this distance "I just didn't know it

would be so, so, painful" helping her with this literally obscene de-

scription. "Even though Nicholas at that additional performance just as

amazing, it was like heaven and I'm not simply saying that because

heaven is suppose to be abundantly above anything we're to think or

believe, but because that description and that alone can explain how

and what I felt." "You sure you won't, I figure" as one all the more

moving back into her refined quarters, again heartening him along "if

not Mike then who else to marry?" "Please don't" finding that remark

unexplainably this literally succulent decline "don't ask."

Taking off toward the nearest window in view of another horrible

day arriving at it's fruition Tiffany Ann Saurus stood completely smitten

of this man. Wanting to run, was she instead thinking here was her

white lover, her other lovers always something dark, their hair, eyes,

their skin, that her father's evil bigotry may be satisfied of the man she

would choose to marry.

Hearing this near to be superman, did she also hear him spill

himself, his purpose for her so passionately. It almost flattered her

although Tiffany thought what a person want, promises and what they

give, get is always something all together diverse.

"Tiffany?" "Good night Nicholas" roughly swallowing that bitter

denial did he not make this his end at bringing himself, this momentous

proposal all the more in, as in directly to her. "I love you, I promised

myself, you, I promised you that I wouldn't say that, then you must for

give me, forgive what?" Cutting nearing eyes into spilling over at

sweeping her cheeks, her nose, away from him "forgive me, for loving

you and treasuring you the way I do." "Please Tiffany," attentively,

graciously taking her hand, this wistful disposition they both found

themselves in “marry me, lets make this forever." "It never should’ve

happen," slicing through this priceless reunion like a sword at making

space Tiffany Ann wasn’t nearly as convinced “don’t you see that my

god Nicholas!” “I lay awake all day and into the night imagining a

way, that there’s some phenomenon, miraculous formula by which I'm

to undo what we did that night" noticeably, additionally sweeping both

cheeks. "I know who it is Nicholas I love, I know who I want to spend

this life with." "I know that is what I thought with Mike, and, and?"

"And it isn't me" indeed one of the most terrific human beings she'd ever

met, ever fallen this heads over hill in love with "I don't mean to hurt

you, no," but he was hurt, visibly wrought clear through to the heart

hurt. "I can't Tiffany make you love me, but that has always been the

problem with us haven't it?" "If what happen between us," with nothing

else to be said at getting himself out, "that marriage bed is to make you

so miserable then laying all my selfish parley aside I'm sorry and I

release you to your own will." “Nicholas,” at softening this blow was

she running to that door after him, “you’re right, let’s make the best of

the time we do have, I don’t Tiffany want your sympathy, while

Nicholas I just decided I want yours, give me fifteen. “Are you sure

about this?” “You knowing who you love and, I’m sure ok, then I’ll

wait for you down stairs, thank you.”


Awaking the next morning to a strange bedroom Tiffany could see

the shower which made for tempting comfort. Feeling so tire, physi-

cally ambushed sort of, but it had been a long night, they'd stayed up

most of it watching movies, Nicholas face being the last she saw as he

walked her back to her room. How long would her life be like this?

Both this beauty and this beast, filled of both sorrows and gladness, so

filled with disappointment and shame, how long?

Undressing herself at stepping into the shower did the hot waters

flirting with her perfumed soap bring a valley of spring floral

dancing right in. An exhilarating oscillation pleasuring every touch

of her appetizing skin into despoiling all tense places so close to

her and yet so far away. Even those bringing her into memory of

Michael Day and the last time they were to make love as it too was a

moment like this one, one whereas under hot shower waters was she in

deep dreaming of him when suddenly a breeze fell upon her and just as

suddenly her excessive lover.

Wasting no time did Michael Day began an urgent ascent upon her,

pushing his tongue deep into her warm breath, whispers were she could

not only feel but taste his sensational lust and over mastering purpose

after her. Allowing this steaming form of him upon her breast, unto her

stomach and navel, then against her thighs, alluring and soon firing her

private places, enhancing an imagination that if she’s to escape this

emphasizing, truly irresistible seduction she’s to as a cat woman climb

the walls..

Indeed with his black mane wrapped in the fingers of her violent

bellowing, it was then she began to feel his warm breath against her

private wetness, his tantalizing tongue teasing her sweetness, it was

maddening, and she was screaming inside, blaring insanely he was

kissing her there. Tearing away all composure, all reason by this

excruciating invasion was she as one pleading with him to stop killing

her, this steaming desperation to her entire being and he, Michael Day

this massive, expert "Ti-fa-nyyyy," as usual messing in her things was

Erica Lynn after her for breakfast, "you're ok?" Fixing that attention

toward a now still shower "hey breakfast is done, everybody is

wondering after you," at cutting off the steaming waters, sniffing and

shutting off those riotous dreams, yes coming out. "Sorry to disturb you

but I knocked, I guess you couldn't here me, anybody ever tell you Erica

what great timing you have," snatching her things from her grasp as was

very usual. "Only Matt," teasing her as she often did at discovering

other goodies of Tiffany Anns, you know at that critical moment."

"That's cute Erica" in a timely manner taking and concealing those

privates things away from her inquiring hands "why is everybody so

damn concern about me," draping herself with a dry towel, her head

likewise. "Believe me I've been asking myself that for years, get out of

my room," rushing a conceited, relatively tickled Erica Lynn to that exit

"get the hell out, what if I say I'm sorry?" "You'll be lying, just go," not

believing this as though it's the first time was Tiffany Ann putting her

out, "don't make me come back up here!"


"May I help?" "Sure" moving aside to her, handing her a bowl "I

used to help my grandmother peel apples, pick berries and what have

you." "I've missed you, you haven't pestered me for days, yeah

Tiffany I thought I would lay off of the pestering." "I'd been saving

myself Nicholas for marriage for as long as I can remember, I didn't

mean to hurt you, I was just so disappointed at myself, I mean I had it

all figure now what?" "You could always you know, marry me." "That

woman Nicholas, that day you and Brad left to get Barb, if you don't

mind me asking, who was she?" With his thoughts rewinding to that

night he and Tiffany made love, Tiffany Ann was 5'7, 115 .lbs of shear

beauty gloriously perfected and Nicholas Edin was speechless. Her

bronze tint bareness glistening in the lust now embracing her riveting

over-burning she was frightening for Nicholas' pure words, rendering

this lover wordless. "Nicholas?" "Her name is Stephanie, Stephanie

Lecross, she was my fiancée, your" showing herself intensely marveled

not having one clue. "After I proposed and she accepted, then after all

the rehearsals and engagement parties, indeed after we'd spent boo-

coos of money, any way she called me the night before, the rest is

obvious." "The day you saw her was the first I'd seen or heard from Stef

in three years" peeling and cutting apples, picking berries all for Susan's

pies. "Everything went black after that night, my days, my nights"

passing into a perilous awareness, fastly blinking weary eyes. "My

heart, it was a long time Tiffany, a very long time before I saw light

again." "I didn't know" displaying herself as one genuinely sorry, but

was this the last thing she expected to hear "I had no ideal, how

could you know?" "We were Tiffany living in two completely different

worlds." "Had you two dated for long?" Forever remembering the way

Tiffany's deep breathing caused her voluptuous breast to rise and fall,

each riveting one enhanced by glamour molds. As one embracing her

into his manly bosom, consoling her broken spirit "my heaven I so want

you," at designing and molding himself an eternal party to every specific

particle of this astonishing creature, dangerously but necessarily vexing

himself clear through. Flexing him her way, fashioning them this un-

forgettable wed-lock neither of them could deny it no longer, they were

falling in love. "Nicholas did you date for long?" "Nearly four years,

long enough one would say, four years?" Getting her part to the sink,

thinking that was a marriage, hurting that Nicholas had actually been

this close to another "my god that's a life time." As one wolf-howling a

petrifying, truly horrendous organism from every auxiliarating bone,

blood of him, laying his masterful art work into her shoulders, inhaling

this one deep, forever. So deep that it may reach the torn places in both

their hearts and began it's healing. "It wasn't meant to be" non-

suspiciously wanting Tiffany to rethink her decision that she and he are

this unforgiveable mistake. "What does that mean?" Now washing and

cleaning both of their part, "I mean how can you Nicholas put that much

time, trust and faith in one human being and once it goes south now

clearly it wasn't meant to be?" "I'm going to go to bed" Thinking Tiffany

Ann was an angel, this mystical being, this luscious interloper who

knew his heart, his very blood so passionately. "It's a long, impossible

story and I, you trust me?" "Yes" without hesitation at modeling a

stunning Nicholas Coogan her way "tell me is that why you found

me, us so vulnerable that night?" "I Tiffany love you" designing a

relaxation into fold arms, legs arched so handsomely into the door jam

"I have since the first day I saw you." "I'd allowed you Tiffany to slip

from my grasp a million times it seems but not this time, not that night"

designing himself instead into the soft hairs on her neck, a darling, quite

easy part of her ear, "I can't talk about this now" was this a mammoth

summation capable at stinging her very blood boil instead getting itself

right out. “Goodnight, yeah,” regretfully, even disappointedly seeing

he’s to make this end, even this exit, “goodnight.”


Why want you talk about it?” “For the final time I don’t want, that

was Niegl ok,” only seven A. M. at being up for hours was Spirit and

himself starting on their third pile of fire wood. “He and Nadia have

been in touch with Camilla, yes Spirit,” knowing he’s to be abounding

with new, additional inquiries as surely as he is “my distant,”

“estranged, wife.” “It would seem visiting relatives brought them back

into acquaintance with her.” “And that Christian make you angry?”

Surely you must., not so much that Spirit, but the fact she could be with

them as they’re to arrive here in only days.” “With them?” “My senti-

ments exactly,” resting a long perch upon a once busy ax handle “isn’t

that to be some coincidence, but you know Spirit what I told you

about that, that I don’t believe in those,” getting back to work did

Christian all the more have this ax to grind. “That there’s too many

seducing spirits working in the heavens, on the earth and beneath it

for their to be coincidences.” “Then it’s meant to be?” Not at all

surprised but was this just like Niegl, often finding him as one always

hurting Christian, seemingly purposely because it was so often. “Now

that Spirit seem to be the expert inquiry, what is truly meant to be and

how do we really know?” “I believe Christian it’s as you said last

night, how we’re to remain faithful to vows until death itself part us,

surely and truly this is where the supreme can interject so preciously his

divine intervention.” Not really knowing how to feel about Camilla’s

return and why but was Spirit very concern at the thought she was

attempting to come back into Christian's life. “That he’s faithful Spirit to

our faithfulness, yes, indeed.” “How long Christian has it’s been?”

“You’re Spirit to consider the fact little Rebecca has been deceased for

over seven years, seven months and seventeen days, that’s how long it’s

been.” “While is her coming definite or is it Neigl contemplating such

things out loud?” “It would seem Camilla is the real-estate agent that’s

to handle the sell of the Artelon property, so she’s coming to share those

plans personally, so Niegl says.” “You don’t trust him, you Spirit as

while as I know that out of us all Niegl sadly is more like Papa, trying

Christian as your Americans would say, at getting water from this turnip

even if he’s to supply it like so.” "I sense you are afraid?" "A little,"

lessening into a weary far away soul as this at what’s he’s to do for or

about Camilla’s return. "I just don't know what's gonna happen, I think

I'm even afraid of being rejected all over again how insane is that?"

"You are the wisest of us all," laying a comforting hand over Christian

hands at consoling him, even at being a dear friend to him "you’ll know

exactly what to do." "Camilla has Christian become a ghost of your

past, now she'll become flesh, I guess there's reason to fear.” "You

know what I really Christian think?" Coming a perch upon that broad

shoulder, that looking off of his as to consider "I think once people taste

one another's blood they will always be a part of each other, even until

death do part them." "Of course Christian even then we're always

hunted by their spirits and by our memories of them, kinda like the

seasons that come and go," "because Christian they're gone doesn't

mean they won't return, and they're remembered for the good or bad

until time warrants their reentry." "Yeah," at his own rest into Spirit’s

valid, even hospitable nearness was Spirit now the wise one, “there’s

Spirit as you illustrated bits and pieces of us scattered throughout this

world." "In peoples hearts," as to remember Tiffany Ann most of all and

the need to be aquatinted with her like so. "On their mind, hopefully in

their prayers,” “even Spirit in their dreams.” “Also Christian we’re in

their memories and words whenever they speak of us,” as one in love

with his big brother and this stunning view overlooking a fabulous snow

covered landscape “there like a vapor of smoke we both appear and dis-

appear as people rethink our existing worth.” “To have never done this

before Spirit you’re pretty good,” jamming his ax into a seat, a breather

at removing his gloves could Christian easily see Miss Martha

summoning them to breakfast. “We better go,” with a hand along his

shoulder at convincing him along was this indeed Christians honorable

appreciation of his little brother “if you want to see the ugly side of

Miss Martha let one of her meals Spirit go cold, just one.”


While So’le is Ron pretty much grown I don’t know how you’re to

stop him, not so grown Desrek he no longer listen to mama and papa,

ok, whatever, “just so you know I warn you.” “What is going on with

him now, scholarships, even an NBA offer, you’re serious, he’s that

good.” “He’s Ronda that good, you know I could call the parlor here,

have them come up and do your nails for you.” “No,” easing down into

bed was she putting her nail kit away, I really don’t want to be bothered

with strangers right now.” “What you think, you think he should

accept an NBA offer?” “That’s a trick question right?” “It’ll destroy

him, the physical and mental abuse alone Ronda would ruin him for

life.” “Knowing you, you actually told him that, no, although I should,

but he haven’t asked me, probably Mr. party pooper because he

already know what you’re going to say.” “You’re way too strict on

him, me?” “You the one won’t let him come to New York to see you.”

“I don’t know Desrek if I can stand him seeing me like this, it isn’t

Desrek something you flaunt around like it’s a trophy, don’t sell So’le

short, he know Ron exactly what this is, he’s a really wise kid, one

of the wisest I know don’t under sell him so.” “What about Mr. big

Stuff, what’s going on with him?” Witnessed upon as one kicking his

feet up into a lay upon a comforting sofa “what’s Germany like really?”

“Its about people Ronda, rich people, poor people, hurting people and

people pretending they’re not hurting atoll.” “You know me Ron I don’t

believe I live in a house but on a street, not just a city but a state and

justly so an entire earth.” “There’s only one, one man both male and

female,” two types, yeah I know, believers and unbelievers.” “What I

hear in that Desrek is that you’re still saving yourself for that one that

got away, you heard that really?” “So how is May actually?” “I’m not

talking to her or was that Desrek a reminder?” “Yeah,” snuggling in all

the more comfortably was he releasing a long, strenuous, tear jerking

yawn, “and what am I to read behind that, whatever Desrek you feel



Cuddling comfortably in front of the set were twin couples Bradford

and Barbara, Susan and Syefan, Erica with Matthew joining, "Mat-

thew?” Suspending a merited double take at wondering is this what all t

he commotion was about the night earlier, indeed when did he get there?

Not joining them as yet at silently sneaking out upon Nicholas who was

sitting outside in the cold snow. “I’ve been looking for you” easing

down into a seat along the tree with him “I don’t know why I’m telling

you this Tiffany but for the last three days I feel as though I’m fading

back into that darkness.” “That darkness Nicholas is fear surely you

must know that, what are you so afraid of?” “I don’t Tiffany want to

fall out of love with you,” clearing his leaking face, nose to his shoulder,

“I don’t want what happen to Stef and I, to millions of others to happen

to me, to us, this gigantic contagion infecting the heart, mind and faith-

fulness of masses.” “I want to love you forever” arching this unspeak-

able limpidity, this ineffable attachment her way “when I’m on my death

bed I want my last will, breath and testament to be faithful to that I

love.” "You remember when you told me how frighten you were, how

all you wanted to do Nicholas was climb into that frightening you the

most and get lost there?” “While I’m missing you and that’s ashamed

seeing you’re here with me, I know” stretching his painful throat back at

spinning new tears down his awesome face “but I can’t, I keep asking

myself why?” “What?” When?” “Whatever it is Tiffany, however it is

I don’t want it, I don’t want it affecting me, make that us, I don’t want it

affecting you.” “What you want Nicholas is impossible to achieve

unless you abide by faith, faith is supreme sightlessness and weightless-

ness.” “You’re saying I had no faith in Stef, in our nearly four year

relationship?” “Of course not, if you’d not Nicholas had faith this

betrayal would not have taken you so unaware, that surprising you was

the faithfulness you had in her which said party not this faithfulness

Nicholas failed.” “I know Tiffany what you’re asking me, but what

you’re implying it is that horrifying me the most.” “So you’re saying I

horrify you, what we must have?” “Not being able to discover you

as gluttonous and as giving of your wedlock, you’re Tiffany such a

wondrous creature, more so now than ever, anxious, collectable in all

places you’re woman, wife.” “Nicholas” blinking her own nearing eyes,

nostrils at coming a chin into his broad shoulder, “what you and I have

found is something far greater than darkness, something more out-

standing than just light.” “I like to think it’s a divine heartedness, a

heavenly wisdom instructing and directing us in ways, along paths of

myriad dreaming.” “Although except you believe that this darkness

remain, this contagion as you described whereas you’re regretfully both

it’s disease and it’s cure. ” “Although isn’t that Nicholas the perfection

in all of this called mankind, isn’t what we’re to discover as fulfillment

in all reality a faultless god-ship, a textbook beauty and regretfully

but necessarily a flawless beast?” That only as we’re to acknowledge

this manner of wisdom are we truly in every aspect of existence made

free?” “Now it’s freezing out here,” coming into her physically resistant

stand was Tiffany Ann this paradox much more to behold “I’ll be with

the others. “What Tiffany we’ve found?” Propelling, indeed piercing an

admirably cognizance into her “yes Nicholas, you and I., it’s what you

just described isn’t it, this unforeseen ever by mankind most pheno-

menon selves absolution?” “Yes,” ingesting sensibly, even unas-

sumingly “Nicholas I believe it is.” “It’s Tiffany where and how

Christian Cros fit so perfectly into all of this,” raising, dusting himself

into her get away with her what a form of issuing revelation “right again

Mr. Coogan,” smiling amiably was Nicholas Edin finally getting the

concept of those fallen in love “right again.” Like the night we spend together, that amazing, wondrous night, I described it as being like heaven for both it’s misery and it’s triump, truly Nicholas Edin unless we’re to suffer there can be no true purifucation.


"Where you guys keep disappearing too?" Coming at just the nick

of time with Nicholas following close enough to help rest Tiffany’s

coat "if you Sye have to ask Sissy has a lot of splaining to do," tickling

the others was this Bradford Elam style. “Ok” shaking a positive

finger his way, amusement, “you got me that time.” "So where's Tip?"

Glancing around suddenly at bringing him up into this fervent inquiry

“that’s strange I thought she was right behind me.” As one hearing them

laughing and jostling did Tiffany slip instead into the kitchen, into a

sizable sink of dishes, how standing stable washing plates always help

her with mediation, even she thought divine manifestation. "Hey you

need some help?” Slithering into her hopefully unnoticed would

Nicholas join this two man party “I don’t know, you think there’s

enough wisdom getting here for the both of us, I think so” reaching

a drying towel, a readied dish. “So what are they watching?” Hearing

Syefan and the others laughing aloud it was apparent they where

enjoying themselves, “Walk Like A Man if I’m not mistaking, that

make sense” hearing them burst into another laughter, did this to Tiffany

make all the sense “that movie is hilarious.” Thinking about how truly

sexual she looked in a pair of his silken PJ's , especially being this close

to him, “aunt Tiffany” little Jason with Daniel not that far behind was

finding her, handing her a pad, pencil “will you draw us some animals?”

“Ah honey,” drying her hand that she’s assist them at keeling down to

him them both “there was a time I could draw but I’m much better at

writing now, uncle Nick,?” “I tell you what” kneeling patiently along

her at satisfying his nephews “let uncle Nick finish helping aunt

Tiffany and I’ll give it a try.” “They’re simply fantastic aren’t they”

“fantastic Tiffany and wishing they were years older so they could

take you from me.” “I can’t Tiffany forget what we discussed earlier,

you said you missed me, when Tiffany did you ever miss me and indeed

for how long?” Seeing her discomfort, that dissimilarity at determining

mightily how she’s to answer him “you don’t believe me?” “Do you

know the many nights I laid awake in my bed imaging if only she knew

how dearly I treasure her, how I long for her in ways Tiffany literally

by Supreme entities unforgivable.” “You never came to me,” as one

displaying himself disappointed at actually blaming her, at casting his

hands off into a rough drying to even consider his exit “and I never

understood why.” “I mean although Tiffany we were acquainted this

acquaintance Tiffany consisted of an estrange, quite distant fellowship.”

“You’re right” apparently as one bruised at the head, the heart did

Tiffany reconsider deeply where Nicholas was coming from, even how

she was the last to make a claim how she missed him. “You were

right at the hospital the night Mike died and you were right Tiffany

on that balcony the other night, I don’t know you, but we’ve never

spent this manner of time together.” “I’ve loved and needed you for

so long that even this special occasion is scary, you’re” from a touch of

a moist hand to him at halting this indecorous escape. “You’re blaming

me?” “Yes” was he an eye-catching creature giving her allegation

meaningful trust, “yes Tiffany I’m blaming you, but why?” Setting the

glorious beauty she was his way, was she such the benumbing without

words creature “you never Nicholas told me how you felt, didn’t I

Tiffany, as one making ready that he’s to storm off viciously bitter and

disappointed at her “didn’t I from the first moment I saw you tell you

how I felt?”


"What is it?” Attending anxiously a look pass Tiffany Ann to an

awfully distraught Syefan Erin easing sickly along the staircase into a

midway seat, "the commissioner just called, and?” Yawning, stretching

was Nicholas at Tiffany’s disturbance sitting right up, "and he said Matt

there is quite a dilemma performing itself in the lab.” “Come on Syefan

man,” as one on his elbows at getting to the bottom of Syefan’s mighty

worrisome mystery “you're frightening the hell, he said the specialist

says there is no logical or technical reason that bomb didn't ignite as

soon as he turn the key.” “What?” Baffling Matthew did said

disturbance await Erica Lynn, Susan, as so the others. "The car

should’ve exploded Matt as soon as Leon turn the key," easing into an

ailing seat upon the stairs at locking eyes with a disturbed as herself

Syefan Erin "they're calling it an unbelievable circumstance,” “ah

what?" “A miracle Matt " whispering at him into a stand apart, that

leave did Nicholas give a speeding off Tiffany Ann immediate chase.

"I keep thinking those poor babies," shaking her head into tightly fold

arms at prancing back and forth along the kitchen floor easily at panic

"my god” piercing involved eyes, throat into the ceiling, striking a

tingling nose, yes hearing an intruder. “What kind of monsters are

they?" "The worse kind," designing his way along a tabletop seat, into

reassuring her “the babies are fine Tiffany, we're all fine, they felled,

this time Nicholas" exacting a menacing certainty into making her way

up the backstairs though turning back along their edge at this stinging

inquiry . "So does Nicholas Coogan believe in miracles?" “He Tiffany

does now, goodnight, good night,” as one inhaling into a bitter digestion

quite chilling to his very blood flow were they all, Tiffany and the others

suppose to be dead, not even severely maimed, but horribly deceased.


Turning over in bed was Susan Faye disappointedly finding

Syefan missing but not that far away, he was reading that my-

sterious letter again. You know that one that took him away

from her, from this place supposedly cementing their hearts as

one and there are no secrets unto a place of sadness and un-

certainty. Readily Susan knew these things, these tell, tell signs

because they were written all over his face, plus whenever he

sensed her about him he would hurry and put this peculiar ske-

leton away. "Good morning my lover" wrapping her arms about

his neck into an intimate dance upon his lap, "good morning to

you," "so you're hungry?" Leaping up, off as to prepare coffee,

breakfast "no not really, ”I think Sissy I'll sit on the porch for a

spell, think about some things." "Anything Sye you care to talk

about?” Bending just as soon into a penny spilled onto the floor

at de- signing his palm with said bribery was Susan being her

most sexiest. “I mean I have one penny and I’ll Sye give it to

you if you give me your thoughts." "They're not worth even a

penny," yanking her playfully into a seat, into a sizzling whisper

to her ear, neck, “you’re so damn hot,” involving and thrilling her

mouth, that delectable tongue was Syefan Erin an erotic tease ig-

niting a just as flattered Susan Faye at biting, unbuttoning and

wiping the covers from this muscular stud. “Ahhh god Sye that

feel so good,” showing herself a piping lust at digging right into

her yummy fellow was she a long, deep ingestion thrilling his fluid

of life. “Sissy?” Torching his vibrating places at touching and

kissing his neck, “Shhhhhh Sissy?” Although with an above normal

Syefan Erin in their most involving ejaculation catching himself of

Susan Faye dramatic attachment did he push off roughly "not now ok,

what you, shhhhhhh you trust me?" “Ah god Sye I want you.” De-

signing those hot advances again into this disinclined playboy , that

desperate look at binding these frantics, yes undressing him, "shhhh

baby, baby,” as to awkwardly kiss her cheek, her ear at dulling the

flames, “I really need to think, I can’t do this now.” "Why won't you

make love to me Sye, what is it I've done?" "Come on babe" feeling and

playing in her soft red strands, those to die for emerald eyes "what kind

of a question is that?" "How about one that need an answer," spinning

off into the sink, filling the coffee pot at not comprehending this in-

timate funk "it's been over a week, why won't you at least talk to me,

“tell me, not now Sissy ok?" "No!” Unusually rugged was she

splashing water everywhere "it's not freaking ok Sye, it's that damn

letter isn't it?" Accusing him directly, that now overt betrayal "you're

paying more attention to some mysterious letter than you are to me!”

"Please,” as one cradling her lovely, concerning face into his own

face at greatly needing her understanding “baby I don't want to do

this now, please, I’ll explain later." "I love you so much," as to again

caress her his way was a stirred as this Susan Faye getting out in huff

"the hell Sye you do" "come on Sissy!” Needlessly giving her chase

was she locking herself speedily in that connecting bath "don't get,"

"don't get angry!” "Why don't you just tell me?" Angrily spilling new

tears down her cheeks at hollering into that door , "Sissy,” “go have

your freaking quiet time!” "Sissy?” “Just leave me alone Sye ok?”

“What the hell?” That just as Syefan’s to free the door was he

peeping down, wiping into a ruin for now shirt, ruin that is by one

of Bradford’s snow balls. "So what the hell you gonna do?" That

he’s to ready another at not taking no for an answer “I don't feel

like playing, ah come on serious Sye, isn’t that what they called

you in college, serious Sye?” “No man I'm serious?” At dodging another

snowball was Syefan more than tempted at getting revenge, more than

baited "watcha gonna do huh, huh?” As one immensely enticed by Brad-

ford Elam did an irritable Syefan take off down the stairs after him.

I don't understand," more curious than ever at Erica bringing her as to

measure her for the Maaseiah wedding dress, "why is the dress even

here?" "You know Tip, she wanted to make sure she had something

to do, plus leaving it unattended in her car wasn’t wise." "Ah come

on Sissy it's boring, we want to measure you and make some adjust-

ments." "I really Erica don't feel like it, ah stop being a sour puss,

hell I don't know if there's going to be a wedding, let’s just do it.”

“Ok what’s the rush huh?" "I really didn't see anything wrong with the

dress, yeah like you and Tip have identical figures." "What about

Sye?” “All he's out playing with Nickie, Nickie is playing?" Talking

about a sizable double-take at even trying to picture such a thing as

man about Town Nicholas Coogan play-acting "yeah, now that I would

love to see," "plus Barb is watching for him," "we just got a little stir

crazy, needed something to do." As one standing Susan in the window

for better light at measuring her could she see Syefan running and

playing with the kids, thinking how he loved those boys was Susan

also thinking she and Syefan could be starting their own family soon.

"Ouch!” "sorry," "I'm no damn pin cushion, I said I'm sorry, Uh," well

knock her over with a feather, that’s a switch, Nicholas really was out

playing. As one fading Erica’s fussing over her into the distance at

gazing pass them, soon catching a glimpse of the frozen pond it was so

gorgeous there, so serene. The house itself was also this lovely

quietness, the trees and ground were all covered in white bliss

additionally causing this urgent escape from the norm at being a

pleasant home away from home, as so this stunning Christmas Eve

yet here she was so sadden.


"You guys have gotta see this!” Rushing in, pulling them all her way

was Barbara Ann more than excited, "see what Barb?" "Come on" again

persuading them along did Susan suddenly remember the gown, "I can’t

tell you, you gotta see it, ah no," as one backing right up as there was no

way Syefan would see her in that dress. "Not in this, Sissy, you gotta see

this I promise, it's Sye and the boys and what they’re doing you gotta

see." "O god" truly contemplating Barbara’s wild illustration at a touch

of her faint heart "can he see me?" "No!” “Now come on,” as one

grabbing her hand at bringing her alone was Barbara Ann this serious.

Justly with the beautiful Maaseiah dress crinkling and noising about a

curious Susan Faye took the stairs after them, cautiously yet non-

suspiciously lead and signaled Barbara’s way was Susan Faye looking

to be marveled by Syefan and the boys when suddenly the lights flew on

and everybody that was there yelled "SURPRISE!” When just as soon

were they signaling the pianist in Bradford Elam at the wedding hymn

beginning that apparently through a screaming elation like themselves

did an ambushed as this Susan pour tears like a stream down her face.

Clearly in front of her stood them all, laughing, clapping and cheering

when ahead of them stood a well dressed Syefan and the priest, while

the priest was a recent legalized Dr. Matthew Hymm. Now With

Nicholas Edin lending his arm, asking may I, that he was pretty sure her

father wouldn’t mine, was Susan Faye Wellness as of the 24th day of

December 1991 becoming Mrs. Syefan Erin Coogan. “There’s a

wedding going on inside, yeah I thought I heard something like that,

they look wonderful together don’t they, perfect" finding a rock in the

snow, at tossing it away was Nicholas Edin yet his most beleaguering.

"So what was so important that she's to see you after three years?"

Coming into that vacant seat to him was she and Nicholas quite cozy

"you don’t know this Tiffany but when I was in the twelfth grade I’d

just turn sixteen. God!” “How I wished I was seventeen, it was always

that way, always wishing I was a year older." "Anyway I decided right

then and there who the girl was I would take to the prom, over a

delicious banana split I would ask her and she would say yes."

"Then Tiffany doing the prom while we danced at our favorite song

I would ask her to marry me, marry you?" "Again she would say yes

and we would spend the rest of our lives together." "I remember when

I told Syefan my plan he laughed me to scorn, that was better than

Bradford’s response, he told me to get my head examined." "I

remember when I worked up enough nerves to go to her house, to

ask her father," again finding as to toss a cold stone away pretty far.

"A tall, rowdy man answered the door, told me his daughter wasn’t

allowed to court, that meant dating, and I wasn’t to ever come there

again." "My,” displaying herself compassionate at his admission “that

was harsh." "That girl Tiffany was you, what you mean it was me?"

"I didn't see you again until years later, at a pub one night, you was even

more stunning." "I figured not one man on this earth deserved you,

"that you was as miraculous inside as you were outwardly and Tiffany,

as to design that audacious awareness of his her way, you are." "Syefan

always told me you was out of my league, out of my reach, that chasing

you was a waste of my time." "After a while Tiffany I started believing

that and made sure I went far away for college." "I doubt Nicholas if

that was my father answering the door, father never answered the

door, he always had John, John, or big Mike to do that for him."

"Stephanie came to tell me about an affair, about her three year old son,

a three year old son, your son? According to her yes" wanting to see

how Tiffany would respond, needing to see, "that we should try and

make a go of it because of him.” Studying her reflection in a passing

mirror at their getting into warmer climates Tiffany couldn't help

thinking what would become of her and her life. Recently as one

realizing it didn't matter how she'd planned, nothing was absolute,

nothing perfect. How even as they celebrated something as right-

eous as this marriage their lives were threaten by evil men who

wouldn't hesitate for a moment at killing either of them. "Tiffany?”

“A child?" Bringing herself back as this itself was such the scandal

"now that changes everything, yeah only he’s not my child, how

can you be so sure?" "I just Tiffany know that’s all." "He was

probably fathered by this other guy, you know this fling she had."

"Of course Nicholas he could very well be your son" witness upon

as one denying this possibility at escaping to a wondrous fire burning,

cracking. "I mean you can't pretend as though this child isn’t yours,"

"have him tested, prove it or you're be permanently looking over your

shoulder not only after him but after her, after her?" Displaying an in-

escapable distaste at her insinuation "I totally disagree, you made love

to her so recently Nicholas what make you so certain?" "What are you

talking about?" "Did you not Nicholas attempt to find a sexual culmi-

nation with her when you found me?" "No!" Aiming a dire look her way

as a sword, a menacing finger at dancing off horribly challenged by her,

"no!” "I found you and only you, I've never Tiffany found anything like

that before," ingesting this bitter reality into a scratchy throat at spilling

his deepest heart felt "I found you." "I admit I was mortified over losing

her,” organizing nearing eyes into resilient flames, that shattered

resolve, “I thought I loved her, I thought she was my life, I died inside

but that death Tiffany has allowed me to rise up a new man." "A

Tiffany new beginning and that beginning is you, I know I blamed

myself" having to admit, visualize how tremendously wrought through

this whole thing had made him "and I despised her for a very long time

perhaps that Tiffany is the part of her you felt in me." "Although that

wasn't me attempting to find her but release her and find something,

someone much more eternal, you.” “What do you want me to say

Nicholas?" Was this a substantial confession unreachable even for

Tiffany Ann "that I would never hurt you this way?" "I doubt

very seriously that was her intention, don't ok," spinning off furiously

at accusing her that she’s to defend this damaging betrayal "don't

freaking make excuses for her." "I’m sorry but I don't think people

Nicholas that love us actually set out to hurt us, I know," as to be her

most heart-abiding, approachable even unto him "I know that's not what

you want to hear." "I don't, you don't think," bringing a sicken by these

confessions Nicholas Edin to the point of boiling over "and you're

saying what," "that Stef wrenching my freaking heart out wasn't

intentional?" Reaching her goal had she made him as troubled as her-

self, "my god" falling back into a seat, a damaged head into his

hand, his lap, "she was everything to me!" "Thus the reason for your

apology to me right?" As unforgiving as he’d witnessed had his sweet

Tiffany become her most inflexible "right?" "I can't breathe" he

couldn’t, Nicholas Edin who was pulling at his collar, who was

seriously and visibly panicking, couldn’tbreath. "Nicholas?" Falling

down to him at grabbing his face to hers "Nicholas?" "I can't breath"

getting up past her, past these unacceptable truths "ah my god Nicholas

you got to forgive, no!” Profusely shaking his head into the fire place

was he this maze of misconception "Nicholas I’m" instead catching

a nearing Tiffany Ann, wrapping her, this splendid fascination about his

breaking self at preventing her, these stinging allegations. "I just want

to hold you," tightly closing watering eyes, that throbbing heart about

her all to heal him, to directly help him "please just hold me, I'm holding

you" laying a head to his pillow bosom at being this intimate with him

"Nicholas?" "No Tiffany ok, no it’s, hey you guys" bursting in on them,

noticing how they broke away suddenly, cautiously, “they’re about to

cut the cake,” pointing and explaining back was Nicholas and

Tiffany missing the party they’d more than planned "we'll be right

there" "Is everything ok?" Witnessing a thinner, cowering Nicholas Edin

at this frightening distance away "fine," was Tiffany Ann defending

them both, explaining them both "we are Barb right behind you."


“And where Barb have my wife gone off too?” “I’m sorry honey it’s

just that I walked in on Nickie and Tip and I just don’t know what it is I

saw.” “That’s a strange statement Barb, strange and concerning, what

you think you saw?” “It’s just that Nickie appeared so crushed you

know, even Brad frightfully so.” “I know you guys think Tip is the best

thing to happen since the parting of the red sea but I don’t always

agree.” “So you’re saying you think she’s hurting him?” “Something

was Brad and it wasn’t pretty, not at all.” “Of course it could be just this

manner of flirting with disaster which I believe she is and he’s to realize

this early on.” “I don’t Barb know what you saw, or what you thought

you saw but I don’t think it’s as dramatic as all of that.” “I agree with

Sye, I think Tip’s the best thing to happen to him, for him, that she’s

like an answer to his prayers.” “What you saw Barb was possibly more

about Stephanie than Tip, you know she’s back in town, met with

Nickie, tried to put some illegitimate child off on him.” “Please tell me

Brad you’re kidding,” witnessed upon as one raising his right hand into

swearing that he wasn’t at all kidding “I Barb kid you not, a three year

old. Although she was unfaithful Brad suppose it’s their child.” “Nall,

Tip at that time Barb was possibly being that shoulder to cry to on he

needed having to deal with all of that.” “My lord Brad knock me over

with a feather why don’t, no, so what did Nickie decide?” “He didn’t,

said he walked out as she was suggesting they get married,” “ah my

god, after what she did, that was desperate wasn’t it?” “That’s Brad even

more concerning because you have to ask yourself what made her that

desperate, I never thought about that, that was a form of desperation

wasn’t it?”


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